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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Culture Shock Edition:

When was the last time you or someone else roleplayed out the vast cultural differences that can happen between a character and their environment, or even the cultural differences between characters? Have you ever roleplayed ethnic differences, or even stereotypes?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Avowed Playtest 1:
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might previews:
Part 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/
Part 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pyLq03W2ju58PcKOUq5YXoFowf_weBNzuWtjCMdINXk/edit
Part 3: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-LAt9Ti5pcnvHY4KnFRuItCjqtGM-YJC5r_0zXiKKUk/edit

Old Thread: >>51535058

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Wasn't there going to be new avowed stuff this week, did it drop without any big announcement? What was the new stuff supposed to even be? I sure hope there was more subpacts, especially for Self Pact.

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2nd for guns r bad.

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Because Anon
Players will never survive if you actually put your back to it as GM to kill them

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I'm playing in a game where the DM is giving us a free gestalted prestige class of our choice. I'm playing an Oracle, and for my prestige class I chose Evangelist- that means I get Aligned Class, but there's no point in taking it with Oracle because I'm taking Oracle levels side-by-side with Evangelist. So I needed to take a single level dip in another class or else I'd be wasting the Aligned Class feature, and I picked Sorcerer.

So we just reached 2nd level, and I'm taking my Sorc level. When we reach level 6, the Evangelist-gestalt will kick in, and the level after that Aligned Class will start going. But until then, I'll only have one Sorc level, which means just two 1st level spells known (on the Sorc side). I know one of them will be Color Spray, but do you guys have a suggestion for what the other one should be? At the moment I'm thinking either Charm Person or Grease, but am open to other ideas. I offer swanky-looking rings in exchange for advice.

My current Oracle spells are Cure Light Wounds, Murderous Command, and Bless, FYI.

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But I'm not a particularly good DM!

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That just means you have even bigger risk of outright killing them by going too hard on them

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But in this module I've been running they've only had one seriously challenging encounter! There's like no tension!

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I played an elf that was adopted by dwarves. For the most part, he was a walking dwarven stereotype, but except that, you know... he was an elf. I didn't get to play him long enough to really get into the ethnic stuff, but it was a lot of fun and all the other players liked him a lot.

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last campaign I was in I tried, but everyone kinda just rolled their eyes, ignored it, and focused on "boohoo my wife is missing" all the time.

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Did your players choose easy mode by making their characters so strong?

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Guys! Guys!

Who do you think is going to have the biggest culture shock out of the Rise of the Jade Regent characters when they go to the Land of the Linnorm Kings? Tian Xia?

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I don't understand the "a bloo bloo bloo, my character might die" attitude after level 4-5 or so. Once you reach those levels you have the money to afford resurrection by some means. People get offended that their character might be in any form of actual danger. Heck even at low levels the only real issue is just how fragile you are.

I understand that attitude in other systems, but in Pathfinder I just can't fathom it. If you want to play with no character death then why play D&D or one of its derivatives.

People will argue "I should only be able to die at points of high drama". Honestly that fucking sense of entitlement is one of the major reasons I stopped GMing for randoms.

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>Once you reach those levels you have the money to afford resurrection by some means

I don't even like resurrection at those levels, I just love the gravitas that comes with your character getting bloody murdered after becoming so close to the party after months of gaming.

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In two games I ran I removed death as a meaningful consequence and it turned out pretty well.

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I'll do least shocked instead.

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>mfw Corwin shows everyone the sights in Kalsgard
>mfw Onryou in Japan
>mfw Seht goes to the Land of Horse Archers and discovers he's a prodigy even there

And hey, if they go to Magnimar Valeriya could show the gang around!

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why is that anime girl so shit?

>> No.51542710

I don't think I've ever seen an opinion so objectively WRONG.

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I don't even know what that anime girl is, or what show she's from, just that that gif loop looks moronic and like something straight out of a CSI episode about weaboos

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Kobeni is best girl.
... well okay best girl after Yukikaze.

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>Fluffy closes this sunday
>one trap
>one titty monster
>one small to medium girl
>one non trap guy
Whos getting in?

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Who are the cutest Celestials?

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...huh. Did Seht come off as a prodigy? I wasn't going for that, the horsemanship and archery was supposed to be a Shoanti trait.

>> No.51542817


Seht's going to be level 12 when the party stumbles into Hongal, that makes him a better horse archer than 99% of the people in Hongal.

Also, gestalt.

>> No.51542819

Nobody. Whole thing was bait from start to finish.

>> No.51542826

Just saying, but Sorcerer is kind of a waste, since action economy issues will prevent you from taking full advantage of it.

You'd be better off with, say, Magician Bard and taking the Harmonic Spell feat, and then you can use the spell-boosting Magician Bard benefits and your Oracle spells at the same time.

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Why is Transformative Familiar a mythic ability? It seems like it would be perfectly fine as a feat.

>> No.51542871

The same could be said for half of the things that end up being labeled mythic.

>> No.51542877

Right, but the leveling is a result of experience, not inborn talent. He's supposed to be a spiritual prodigy, what with being touched by Desna, but not a physical one.

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Stop tearing my compliment apart, you silly goober.

>> No.51542969

Character Advancement is abstraction
Character growth can be anything you want

>> No.51543025

Stop making me doubt how well I can convey thoughts over text!

>> No.51543030

Last session.

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Kotomi is best girl. Always kotomi.

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Any good programs or apps for managing characters and spells?

>> No.51543106

>managing characters
PCGen. It doesn't have all of the latest books (think it's like a year delayed) but it's good for basics.

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Lyrakien azata

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I mean, what exactly are you trying to do?

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Are the non-PbP RotJR games voiced or text only? Are they going to be recorded for our enjoyment?

>> No.51543177

If you're willing to pay money, take a look at Hero Lab. They license the books from Paizo so stuff includes the full text and original names, and they're generally up to date to about a month or less within the current books.

>> No.51543182

Keep track of gear and remaining spell usage.

>> No.51543186

text over IRC, maps over roll20

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I wish I could share my voice with the lovely people in my party, anon.


>Hating voice


>> No.51543224

>say the game is over text
>this means I hate voice

The GM wanted to do a game over IRC. And?

>> No.51543235

I might just make an Excel spreadsheet.

>> No.51543307

>assuming I'm lovely
>assuminh I'm not actually a dog on the internet

>> No.51543311

I imagine most anons are ashamed of their voice or, like me, don't have mics.


Link related. This anon hated the way his voice sounds on vocaroo. Imagine hearing this describing how they brutally eviscerate the goblin with their +1 Longsword of Maiming and Extreme Murder Holy Shit Like Serious This is Serial Killer Stuff Like You're Just Chopping Up the Body Parts Now For No Mechanical BenefitS Other Then Your Sick Perverse Pleasure What's Wrong With You.

>> No.51543341

What's so bad abou-

>> No.51543375

That or all the anons that pretend they're girls - and I don't mean their characters - and then you see balding beardy mc'adamsapple on the webcam and you're reminded "identifying as" is bull.

>> No.51543394

>lewd game

>> No.51543444

I think some of the people on here honestly do not understand...

>> No.51543464

Does anyone have the list of stuff Paizo talked about for Starfinder?

>> No.51543518

I was in an RL game with this big turbobeardguy once, and he came out as trans. I tried REALLY REALLY HARD to not be unsettled, but when this guy the size of two of you shows up with a padded bra and doing his best falsetto it's just... oy.

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>Aranha knows nothing except about her home town.

>> No.51543571

I fucking know, right?

It's like I say: scribble Real Ferrari all you want on the hood, that shit's still an '86 Lada.

>> No.51543590

So! Who all's excited for the weekend? Any big plans, game-related or otherwise?

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>> No.51543641


That's tomorrow bitches!

Who else comfy hype?

>> No.51543646

It's like I say, you can't tell what's under the hood from the color of the paint.
Also; don't talk about shit you don't understand, and especially not if you're going to make a stupid analogy to do so.

>> No.51543648

>mfw someone just submitted an application that uses the same gestalt build I was planning on using
>mfw it is uncannily similar
>mfw I can't blame applicant for stealing it because he didn't steal it, my idea just wasn't original enough
>mfw my application is dead in the water before even submitting it

I want to be mad at him but I can't even blame him for applying. He's got good taste.

>> No.51543669

>don't say what build or game
Anon plz

>> No.51543675

>literally pointless comfy for the sake of comfy
>started an even more retarded wave of /pfg/ games
I'm not.

>> No.51543712

You're just an autist who can't appreciate gaming for the sake of gaming. I bet you rage quit games if anyone deals more damage in a round then you.

Tell me more about your high DPR ratio.

>> No.51543725

What part exactly did we not understand?
That some big guy with more beard than I've ever managed to grow expects us to keep a straight face when he tells us he's always been a woman?

>> No.51543739

>tfw wondering if I'm that someone
I'm sorry anon. Maybe we can work something out? Be siblings, maybe?

>> No.51543751

>wanting something more than the vague and tenebrous concept of "muh comfy" means you only care about combat

>> No.51543763

Okay. I deal more damage in one round than the rest of my party does in two. Doesn't matter because we understand how narrative structure works and that doing nothing but jerking each other off about how cute we all are would get boring after one session.

>> No.51543784

Let me guess. You're one of the six symbiote slayers for assassins game who got buttmad when DHB applied.

>> No.51543799

Let me guess. You're that guy that keeps slobbing his knob?

>> No.51543822


This, which is ironic since plenty of viable comfy campaign concepts have been posted around here.

>> No.51543834

Sure, concepts.

Name five that were anything more then just "concepts."

>> No.51543837




>> No.51543843

The fact that people got buttmad when someone applied first with the same class combo is asinine.

>> No.51543865


The party are a gang of hedge knights traveling from tourney to tourney in the hopes of winning glory and, more importantly, a liege lord.

>> No.51543909

Ok who had that list of pfg games

>> No.51543938

None of them are worth joining.

Don't bother.

>> No.51543954

A mediocre game is better than no game.

>> No.51544010

You poor, poor soul.

Do not go down the path I went.

Let my suffering be the lesson for you.

/pfg/ games are not worth it.

Yes, a mediocre game is better than no game.

But no game is better then a /pfg/ game.

Do not let my suffering be in vain, anon.

>> No.51544018

I was going to make a young man of high prestige that moonlights as a pretty dancer and secretly does good deeds and lewd things. A rebellious follower of Desna, Black Butterfly, and Arshea. I was working on a Warlord/Bard or Warlord/Vigilante for Wrath of the Raunchy but I spent way too much time searching for pictures and trying to figure out the details of the build.

Nope, but I might try that game next with something not-so-lewd.

>> No.51544036

Then every new locale shall be a wondrous new adventure for little spooder.

>> No.51544147

>no game is better than a /pfg/ game
You heard it here, folks, /pfg/ games are the best!

>> No.51544394

Literally the opposite is true

>> No.51544405

No game is better than a bad game. A mediocre game is about equal with no game. Anything above mediocre is better than no game.

>> No.51544539

>mfw I just want to play in a game
>mfw I never get picked in any of the games posted in /pfg/
I'm pretty much to the point that if I don't get picked for any of the games currently recruiting, I'm just going to leave /tg/.

>> No.51544570

Ehh, don't worry about it. I accidentally stole someone's character archetype and someone else's roll20 user name because I deliberated between 3 different builds. Just go for the vig/warlord build and differentiate it with less punching or something.

>> No.51544662

Running a non degenerate game with my friends on Saturday, gonna be lit

>> No.51544718

>mfw tonight comes and goes, and there isn't a session for RotJR

>> No.51544728

I have been in the "honorable mentions" for every game I applied to. It makes me sad.

>> No.51544785

Run your own game faggot

>> No.51544839

Well you got that going for you though. People like you, your characters or your designs. The feel obligated to mention you, even if you don;t make the selection.

Of the games I've applied to, not a single one has even remotely mentioned me. Which makes me think that my style or genre of character isn't popular, appreciated or desired in the games posted around here.

But I can't play in a game I GM. How new are you?

>> No.51544974

Not a witchhunt, merely friendly memery.

How would you rate DHB's characters out of 10, which do you think is the best? The worst? We have:
>Old Spy
>Punch Fattery
>Gun Monkey
>Moon Hopper
>Weird Triplets

Which has the most meme potential? Who are the best written? Punch Fatty top tier in my opinion, NToRacle bottom tier.

>> No.51544993


I don't give a fuck because DHB is just one player out of many.

>> No.51545024

What character do you want to talk about anon? Lets talk about them.

>> No.51545043



>> No.51545082

What player do you find interesting? We as a thread can look over people's sheets and back stories.

>> No.51545142


Now is not the time or place to start memeing another person!

>> No.51545183

Let's just meme the same guy then!

>> No.51545192


No! Stop! Don't meme anyone!

>> No.51545225

But memes are fun.

>> No.51545236

It's too late. I'm memeing you in the past tense right now.

>> No.51545242


No, fun is fun. And fun is a buzzword. Stop saying things are "fun" so you need to do them.

Exfoliate yourself.

>> No.51545245

My character is a tiny pixie oracle. I was wondering if it was possible to combine Ant Haul and Lighten Object to carry my comrades.

>> No.51545314

People aren't objects unless they are corpses

>> No.51545339

As >>51545314 said a living creature is not an object. Items they carry still are objects however.

>> No.51545458

>tfw my first and least polished app is the most likely to get in
God damn it, I've come up with such better ideas.

>> No.51545472


Clearly this idea is your best, if it gets in!

>> No.51545512

Incorrect logic, the games had different premises, different players, different level of competition.

>> No.51545561

I do all my stuff on a google sheet

>> No.51545571


Youre incorrect logic.

>> No.51545572

Polish it up further then.

>> No.51545604

>Polish it up further then.

But anon, the character isn't from Brevoy!

>> No.51545632

Is there a spell I could nab a wand of that would let me carry my other players?

That's what I plan to do.

>> No.51545642

So I'm designing a character for the Crusaders Game. I decided upon a Lion Blade agent. However being an exposed vigilante as a Lion Blade seems kind of odd. Though I guess it doesn't matter too much.

I decided upon:
>Sanguine Medic
>Fortune Thief Exposed Vigilante

Now someone who is level 9 and Gestalt is a pretty big fucking deal. What level of experience/deeds would you expect out of someone who is level 9 gestalt. Note that we get free leadership.

Mine I am using for a Oppara Shadow School that my character personally founded. Would Does that seem a bit too much?

>> No.51545645

The only advantage Onryou has is she speaks the language. Probably a heavily accented version of it too.

She's going to be just as lost. And forget about colloquialisms

>> No.51545687

There's really nothing to polish before I know who my teammates are.

It's a skeleton that can be stretched out between every other plot hook the other players can come up with. So, you know, it's good in that way, but it doesn't have any meat to it.

>> No.51545699

Except for the fact that her instinctual oni nature is a large part of her character. Who would be /less/ shocked?

>> No.51545711

I am taking the fact that Dominicus Rell, Master of the Shadow Schools and head of the Lion Blades is Bard 3 / Rogue 3 / Lion Blade 3.

Meaning my character fairly easily outpaces him in talent (level 9 vs level 9 gestalt).

>> No.51545747


You do realize she's going to be a panting, fuck-hungry glutton by the time she gets into Minkai, right?

>> No.51545793

On the bright side, you're also applying alongside a bunch of overly verbose autists who made mary sues

>> No.51545803

Verbose != Mary Sue

>> No.51545815


>> No.51545835

(Verbose != Mary Sue) != (Verbose = !Mary Sue)

>> No.51545839

What game.

>> No.51545841

That's when she commissions a chastity belt from Casimir

>> No.51545858

>insultng the DM likely to pick me

>> No.51545874


>> No.51545881

Next you're going to say that a cult trying to make a god and a paladin orphanage is nothing but snowflake territory

>> No.51545908


>mfw the belt has some special enchantments and modifications

>> No.51545962

True, but you can be a mary sue at any background length.

>> No.51545966

>Not realizing you got FAKE GAME'd

GM has been absent, yo.

>> No.51546006

So what is a good codename for my Lion Blade?

For some reason I got into my head to call him "Lucky Monday", but think that sounds pretty bad. Agent Monday would be what he is called, or just Monday. However the issue is Monday doesn't fucking exist in golarion. Also the name is bad.

For a guy who steals the luck/vitality of his enemies in unarmed combat what do you think would stick? He's essentially weirdly vampiric.

>> No.51546024

Not to mention the "emergency meditation techniques" she developed. Granted you do NOT want to see the "Emergency Meditation Techniques"

>> No.51546026


Head's Up.

>> No.51546140

That's an interesting idea, doubly so since I was originally planning on playing a Bard but changed to an Oracle. I'm a little surprised the idea never occurred to me, actually.

I'm not certain about Magician; I don't like giving up Inspire Courage for Dweomercraft. Dweomercraft isn't useless though, and most everything else from that archetype is very nice. I certainly have to strongly consider the idea of taking Bard instead, and figuring out whether I use a Bard archetype is a secondary decision.

What two Bard spells would you suggest rolling with if they're the only Bard spells I'll get until 7th level? Color Spray isn't available to Bards, but Charm Person and Grease are both Bard spells so I'd probably take those unless I find something better. Both are good spells that aren't terribly hurt by the low caster level I'd have to deal with.

>> No.51546504

Anyone got a copy or know where to find Bloodforge for free?

>> No.51546538

>too lazy to look in the trove
And no, there doesn't seem to be the updated version available yet for poorfags.

>> No.51546556

You can't just say that and not explain yourself

>> No.51546575

>Finally have the prison scenario figured out
>One of the PCs on the "rescue" team has fallen ill and can't make it to the game
Well, fuck.

>> No.51546584


It involves multiple long, thick rods.

>> No.51546645

Replace them with an NPC who oddly dies as soon as the session is over.

>> No.51546829

Hey /pfg/,
I have this idea of a Charisma mainly-monodependant character.
Venerable half-elf synesthesist X/Lunar Oracle (Prophetic Armor)/Paladin 2
So begins game with Cha 23 (18 + 2 race + 3 age), and uses its modCha for CA and Saves.
Do you know a feature that could enable me to attack using Charisma with or instead of Strengh?

>> No.51546911

It's terrible. Unobjectively, terrible. Please consider another way forward.

>> No.51546945

Self flagellation. .with acid tipped barbs

>> No.51546983

There's a Starknife thing for Desna which does it.

>> No.51547037

A cult trying to make a god and a paladin orphanage is nothing but snowflake territory!


>> No.51547058

I understand your pain. I've applied to quite a few games, to the point where I'm trying to run a second /pfg/ gamed now.

>> No.51547062

Are there any good third party APs that aren't Way of the Wicked?

>> No.51547114

If /pfg/ made an AP, what would it be about and where would it be set? Don't say lewds because that's the icing on top, not the cake itself.

>> No.51547142

Well, Land of the Linnorm Kings has never had more than a quick stop off in its territory. Perhaps it's time to have a whole AP about raiding, wrassling, and slaying dragons?

>> No.51547229

DHB is apparently making one that is the fantasy bolshevik revolution.

>> No.51547248

an AP about a crew of thieves pulling off heists and getting progressively richer/more powerful, while possibly getting wrapped up in matters of larger scope as the campaign progresses

not sure which locales would be the best place to set it in, unless we wanted to just invent our own city

>> No.51547270

RIP LotLK game

>> No.51547341


Ending the Endless Revolution of Galt

>> No.51547353


I want to marry a France!

>> No.51547415

France would indeed be a wonderful setting for an AP.

I wish it were real.

>> No.51547455


Isn't Golarion's France supposed to be Rahadoum?

>> No.51547467

Probably another Mythic Adventure. Maybe into that permanent Hurricane. I dunno. I think they need to do another Mythic one though.

>> No.51547511

Frog God Games have some quality shit.

>> No.51547513

Your party is charged in taking and capturing an enemy citadel.

The citadel is on the back of a particularly large Mu Spore:

It's approximately 500ft long and carries a fortress of hardened and protected wood on its back. The fortress employs a number of magic defenses such as teleport traps into the Mu Spore's stomach, False Vision shielding the entire place from scrying, guardian constructs and an occupying force, a planeshift & greater teleport the Mu Spore can use in emergencies, hardened and layered outside walls to prevent disintegration (using the decanter defense), and numerous magical cannons under the command of a competent siege engineer..

>> No.51547519

Nah, Galt. Guillotines, agitators, Robespierre motherfuckers, even got a Scarlet Pimpernel analogue when Ultimate Intrigue came out.

>> No.51547637

Rahadoum is not!facist spain.

>> No.51547670

Scarlet Pimpernel plus Batman.



>> No.51547681

If I had the skill...

>Building Azlant, UNDA DA SEA Edition
>Welcome to the Antarkos, Enjoy Your Penguins
>Welcome to the Elemental Planes, Have Fun
>Guys Where'd We Put The Thing In Our Shared Dream?
>Were We Supposed To Invade The First World or the Worst World?

>> No.51547683

I thought Taldor was not!Spain.

>> No.51547709


They're already doing the first one.

>> No.51547721


Taldor is Europe Land with prominent French and Byzantine influences.

>> No.51547742

Why is it terrible?
Thank you!

>> No.51547820

How do I into Protean Prowler? It seems to be just directly worse than Symbiotic Slayer.

>> No.51547828

>> No.51547886

I saw the Spherewalker Prestige Class, it is nice but the bonus of charisma applied to attack rolls is unfortunately limited to a few times per day.
Thanks nevertheless, this Desna goddess seens very nice.

>> No.51547905

I'm running a campaign that takes place in the Land of the Linnorm Kings IRL, and may try to polish it up a bit to put out online when it's finished.

But it's also not the Land of the Linnorm Kings AP that /pfg/ would want, I think. It doesn't take really take advantage of the features of the setting. My players aren't fighting linnorms and looking to become kings/queens, they're fighting the cult of a nascent demon lord seeking to ascend to true divinity. That's what they think they're doing, anyway.

>> No.51547911

>kill a few CR1/2 goblins
>get railroaded into being heroes


>> No.51547931

Nah, there's a Divine Fighting Technique for Desna, that lets you use your charisma for attack and damage instead of Strength.


It's the Way of the Shooting Star in here.

>> No.51547936


>> No.51547972

Those are the fleshlights with wings, right?

>> No.51547982


Hey! Hey! Have you seen a goblin? Nasty creatures!

>> No.51548008


>> No.51548015


How is killing a goblin raiding party and becoming temporary village celebrities in a very sleepy, very gossip-starved town "railroaded."

>> No.51548035

Wait for that moment in which you realize how fucking terrible goblins can be even if they seem to be pathetic goofballs.

>> No.51548049

They're like children.

And children can be really fucked up.

>> No.51548065


>> No.51548067

I don't know of any children which would end biting the face off from a father trying to defend his son[/spoiler ]

>> No.51548068

I only trust children as far as I can throw them, but goblins are bouncy so I don't know if I can say the same of them.

>> No.51548078

Fuck I remember reading somewhere that goblin blood tastes so terrible as an adaptation because otherwise the babies would chew their way out of their mother's like a goddamn chest burster.

Or maybe that was some shit my GM made up.

>> No.51548099


I don't like that sidequest, it's way too depressing. The alternate fate of the guy (he's just dying instead of dead) is far better.

>> No.51548118

That is made up.
Goblins breed like bunnies and usually are awful parents which put their children into cages because they are hyper active as fuark.
When there are too many they even do rooster fights.

>> No.51548127

No, that sounds familiar to me too.

>> No.51548131

I had the goblin gnaw off his leg while the guy was dying. It does help you deflate the heroes' ego and esteem, because the guy is still crippled.

>> No.51548163

I kinda like it. Not sure though.

Anyone else have an idea? Maybe something lion theme'd as well?

>> No.51548199

I made the wife go full Nualia at later points of the AP

>> No.51548259


They also love pickles!

They fucking love pickles!

>> No.51548311 [SPOILER] 

This is always an excellent meme

>> No.51548371

Is like crack cocaine for them.

>> No.51548379

Who is this OOC guy and how can he manage to irritate the GMs of every single game up right now?

>> No.51548436

I dunno, that sounds awfully out of character for him, maybe he's just trying to rile you up?

>> No.51548457



>> No.51548480

Ranged touch attacks add dex and regular touch attacks add str, but can you use them with finesse?

>> No.51548569

It's a mystery to me

>> No.51548672

RoTJR is habbening!!

>> No.51548722


>> No.51548738

can you at least wait until they finish the session to shitpost about it?

>> No.51548770 [DELETED] 


Im not even playing and im excited

>> No.51548923

Just like refluff bows and ignore autists

>> No.51549001


>tfw I really dont have a problem doing this

>> No.51549033

You should have gone with something that is not a caster, if you want to gestalt caster you would be better going into mystic theruge, and taking more levels of your other class, I would say paladin would be a better choice for cha synergy.

>> No.51549069

Guns can be good, the problem is cost, but once you can make as many alchemical rounds as you need to they become much better, guns have access to, fifteen foot sprays, touch attacks, and dex to damage with sufficient levels, the only issue is the stupid cost inflation, but if you use the rules to make guns cheaper it will tend to make them far more viable.

>> No.51549105

With one game out of the way, vote on who gets into this one.


>> No.51549168

What is the best place in Golarion to play a bunch of Russian freelance mercenaries wandering a blasted hellscape collecting artifacts spat out of body-misting anomalies?

>> No.51549186

Yes, I see. Too bad it asks for high dex, as I want to dump dex as a relevant score (as I intend to go huge with my eidolon and the Oracle 1 revelation replace Dex by Cha in CA).
Still, it can make a pretty strong character with a high CA (eidolon natural armor + modcha + armor spell) while being huge and a high STR score, plus modcha on all Saves thanks to paladin 2.
You think it is terrible, I would like to know why. Seems good from my point of view.

>> No.51549195

>assassins game
Who gives a shit?

>> No.51549198

Are you the GM?

>> No.51549228


Why does that wolf have two pairs of ears?

>> No.51549233


>> No.51549239

>gore fetish character has the most votes
a fucking joke

>> No.51549261

Mutant scum. Beware the under hives citizen.

>> No.51549433

>first time GMing
>making the entire campaign from scratch
how fucked am I?

>> No.51549435


But she's so cuuute~!

>> No.51549463

Ideas guys I need confirmation

>Game in which everyone is a member of a royal tiefling clan in a tiefling society in one of the lower planes and weird bird creatures that walk on two legs have invaded your PRIVATE PROPERTY and you have to find out WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW before things get worse

>You wake up in a strange chamber (a la the intro to RAGE by Id Software but with elves!) thousands of years after a disaster and must get familiar with the world outside

>Everyone is some kind of Path of War gestalt and you're on a crusade to FIGHT FOR YOUR GOD so that you can win ETERNAL HONOR AND GLORY.

>> No.51549464

It's really not that hard. The only thing you may really have a problem with is getting a feel for encounter design.

>> No.51549485

1 sounds like the most interesting idea.

>> No.51549494

Y, Y, N

The last is N because not enough info.

>> No.51549527

What's the most mechanically interesting Path of War build you've ever seen or played? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A7Z4broE0WE9eb_1rua640cwdUqMzWUsu4g_HBGyVrY/edit This one is probably the coolest I've seen yet.

>> No.51549532

Fight For Honor?!?

>> No.51549537



I really, really like properly done Crusades. Especially if it seamlessly moves from conquest to kingdom politics!

>> No.51549538

I cant wait for the Justice Friends to start bashing butts

>> No.51549548

Basically: crusades!

>> No.51549587



>> No.51549620

See, it always bugs me, but stuff like that never really strikes me as PoW-like in any way. That's just what normal combat is abstracted from.

>> No.51549653

For some godforsaken reason .webms won't load. You got a youtube link to that or something?

>> No.51549654

Not like /pfg/ has had a thing against mutants for the most part.

>> No.51549660

Aiiii, fuck that PtP shit though. Hope it doesn't ruin shit.

>> No.51549667

Pretty sure the only things he discussed is infusion use with familiars and how to fix ships.

>> No.51549677


>> No.51549690

Depends on your players and how well you deal with the feeling of "Oh FUCK, I did NOT plan for that to happen."

>> No.51549698




It's PoW-like *and* abstracted combat, personally.

>> No.51549709



>> No.51549711

Gliche x seht when?

>> No.51549737

Yeah, PoW always strikes me as more... anime. Moves being more discrete things rather than just FIGHTING.

>> No.51549741

There was going to be, but I've been delayed by a combination of massively increased work hours and a puker virus of some sort.

We've got a large update coming for both A1 and A2, as well as a preview of tech stuff, but they're not /quite/ ready yet.

>> No.51549750

Jolly, I see you working on the SoM 3 document right now. Would it be inappropriate to send you an e-mail? I have suggestions for the playtest which are more far-reaching than any one section, and I was hoping I could talk to you 1v1 about them. (Talore Valfrid on docs, critiquer of every other damn line of text here.)

>> No.51549758

So is the reason people say to stay away from Pathfinder all the extra material being messy thematically? I think the mechanics are fine...

>> No.51549763

>Yeah, PoW always strikes me as more... anime

Really? Because when I think PoW I think of Dark Souls boss fights.

Ornstein for example is nothing but Piercing Thunder and Elemental Flux.

>> No.51549769

People think splats are unbalanced because of other games when in truth the further you get from 3.PF core, the more balanced the game gets.

>> No.51549776

Not really. The setting's a mess thematically too. Hell, the mechanics cover less ground than the setting does.

People say to stay away from pathfinder because it's complex. But some people don't mind that at all.

>> No.51549785

Keep on doing what you're doing, you glorious group of trees you. I'll drink one in your honor.

>> No.51549816

Seht x mori when?

>> No.51549829

Oh jesus is this really what we're coming to?

>> No.51549839


Caster Supremacy (Full Casters can do way more cool and useful things in and out of combat, and later on completely break the game. See: Wizard, Druid, Cleric, Arcanist, Master Summoner).

The skill system is fucked up.

It's fucking complicated and crunch heavy.

Before d20pfsrd, you had to sift through so much shit to make your viable.

Rogue sucks.

>> No.51549849

Yeah, Dark Souls as well, just doesn't strike me as PoW-like at all.

It's all the nitty-gritty stuff of combat, no flamboyant special moves or somesuch. At least not as standard.

And as for Ornstein, I always thought he worked better as a Mageknight or Elementalist.

And his Spear is also a Destruction Spherestaff. Maybe a Wand too, explaining why the Chosen Undead can use it to shoot lightning as well.

>> No.51549853

Why would you care now that Slayer is a thing.

>> No.51549867


Mori X Queen Culdranth.

>> No.51549876


>> No.51549881

It's where we've always been heading, anon.

>> No.51549884

Slayers are shit though.

>> No.51549899


>> No.51549904

>watching Paragon getting nerfed in real time
This is surreal.

>> No.51549929

Sorry but everything they do is bad, a similarly built rogue can achieve the exact same thing without the fuss and x per day abilities are a trap 9 times out of 10

>> No.51549949


I don't care overly much. You're right that Slayer pretty much fills the same role, and seems to be a great starting class.

Just saying, it's evidence that suggests the founding design philosophy Pathfinder came from was garbage, and will continue to influence the overall game in SOME way, no matter what.

>> No.51549951

>and x per day abilities are a trap 9 times out of 10

That's a big stinky lie and you know it, Slayer is better than the Rogue.

>> No.51549955

Slayer's kinda... butts. It kills dudes but doesn't really have anything interesting.

Rogue can at least pretend to be interesting. And then unchained ones can be killy too with their Dex to damage better than Deadly Agility can get you.

>> No.51549976

>but doesn't really have anything interesting.

>Ranger/Rogue talents are not interesting
>Full BAB and medium armor is not interesting
>Track is not interesting
>Sneak attack is not interesting
>Quarry and Advance and stuff are not interesting

Slayer can be designed as anything from an assassin to a woodsman, and everything in-between.

>> No.51549997

I'd rather play a core ranger if I wanted to pull off a jungle ninja. Sorry, but cmon show me one thing about the slayer that makes it worth the space in the srd.

>> No.51550011

I've seen some bait in my day. but this takes the cake.

>> No.51550014


Hoping the game gets off the ground this weekend. Looking forward to playing my country girl musket slinging witch.

>> No.51550028


It's a class with strong mechanical, martial and narrative power.

>> No.51550043

Last minute notice that I got picked for an only war game so thats something.

Wish I could start working on my WotR app though but maybe I'll do that on monday.

>> No.51550063

Ranger combat styles are just feats.

It's ability to get rogue talents is HARSHLY limited to a turbo-shit whitelist that nobody ever adds anything to.

And the list of Slayer Talents is fucking anemic to a hilarious degree. And what it does have isn't really all that impressive.

Oh boy. Be still my beating heart.

>> No.51550065

Its literally a class designed for npcs.

>> No.51550085


You better delet this right now or I'm gonna give you a butt slapping, you big mean jerk!

>> No.51550102


Please don't fall for the bait, anon. These guys are desperate. Just ignore, and m-maybe we couldb animepost together sometime?

>> No.51550111

>as well as a preview of the tech stuff

>> No.51550122


>Just ignore, and m-maybe we couldb animepost together sometime?

That would be lovely!

>> No.51550135

Guys the naziposting is making Jolly not want to lurk or post here. It needs to stop for good.

>> No.51550156

the fuck are you even talking about.
there's not one nazi girl in this thread.

are you even on the right board?

>> No.51550158

I'm not saying Slayers are bad!

They're one of, if not THE best class for strength-based TWF.

They're just... not really impressive. They were better in a fightan sense than rogues, but then there's Unchained Rogue which brings it back up to contend.

And then the amount of Slayer Talents there is to pick from is just... sad. And how many of them are actually unique in any way?

>> No.51550175

"Oh boy I can't wait to ride Ranger's and Rogue's coattails while offering none of my own unique flavor. Why, even bloodrager has something unique about it!"

>> No.51550178

There is none right now but we've had naziposters for a few days now shitting up /pfg/.

>> No.51550185

Well it cant be DISproven. Lookit that face. That's the face of a slut!

>> No.51550207

Too true. And each in a different mood of sluttiness.

>> No.51550214

>tfw Aisha didn't get in, therefore Marduk didn't get in
>no bullying her 1000 year old son for still being single when he has a cute elf waifu
>no big titted elf black smith waiting for the dragon d
God damn it SwimmingEagle

>> No.51550219

>Oh boy I can't wait to ride Ranger's and Rogue's coattails while offering none of my own unique flavor







>> No.51550229


>> No.51550242

What are you on about?
Pretty sure a sap master rogue can achieve the exact same thing but better in every conceivable way that matters.

I'll say it again, all its features are so vestigial that you may as well be that axe guy from runelords that spent his few skills on craft(masonry) and profession(siegebuilding).

Its like you burn 4 years in college and squander it in a useless degree like philosophy or some shit.

>> No.51550259

So basically an alchemist without cool shit?

>> No.51550270

They can be all of that. So can Rogue. So can Ranger. Slayer doesn't add anything unique to this.

Woo, you got studied target. Oh wait no, so does Investigator. Guess you gotta share your single new thing.

>> No.51550287

>Investigator and Slayer having the same thing

except they aren't mechanically the same besides "I study a dude for bonuses"

>> No.51550296

Oh it will happen, it just will happen with the names changed to avoid copyright

>> No.51550320

That's such a fucking dick move though

Seriously, who the fuck randomly chooses their players?

>> No.51550343

Slayers have the advantage of being able to bypass the dex prereqs for TWF. They also have Studied Target for extra static bonuses to attack and damage.

Also, Nonlethal runs into some issues from time to time.

>> No.51550352

Perfectly acceptable when its a toss up. Which it seemed like it was.

>> No.51550383

>Seriously, who the fuck randomly chooses their players?

Someone who has multiple apps of the same quality that can't decide between them.

>> No.51550392

Those are some pretty big implications and assumptions anon.

>> No.51550417

how is that even single.

>> No.51550454

no kids, too busy with treasure hunting and jolly cooperation.

He was a really good NPC for the game and the tone

>> No.51550560

Ya hangin' in there, /pfg/?

>> No.51550588

This isn't your safe space.

>> No.51550602

The reason m not going to use him is because you seem pretty adverse to me using him

>> No.51550605

Well, I've got some awkward anticipation for Fluffy decision, because sunday I'm day tripping, and then monday-wednesday I'm on a business trip

got a comfy game going though. Play by posts are nice.

>> No.51550623

Which is worse, losing the good will of someone who creates good content, or losing some random dude who feels the need to be edgy by going "imma nazi deal with it"?

>> No.51550631

I am.

>> No.51550653

It's also not a place for attentionwhoring.

>> No.51550664

What's wrong with having a guro fetish, anon?

>> No.51550682

I've come to terms with and accepted my impending early demise if that's what you're wondering.

Oh. You mean game-wise.

Well, we seem to be on hiatus but otherwise things are fine. Maybe I'll try homebrewing a race or building NPC's or something.

>> No.51550710

If the content creators stop coming here, we don't get content.

I mean, if you had guests over, would you just leave your uneaten pizza crusts all over the floor in the open?

>> No.51550727

That's some nice proof you got there bud.

>> No.51550761

I get what you're saying and agree, but try to define what nazi posting is. The people picking nazi-anon out of the crowd and jabbing at them?

>> No.51550772

If their skin isn't thick enough to handle anime girls in nazi uniforms what the fuck are they doing here in the first place?

>> No.51550787

Can't exactly make everyone happy.

Thank you for your wonderful ideas. You're very inspiring.

>> No.51550792

And this isn't a political board, meaning Any kind of political talk is a no go.
This includes flag waving of any kind.

>> No.51550796

Same thing all devs have done here, try to sell us a product by making us think they're one of us.

>> No.51550800

If I collected nazi memorabilia I'm not going to put it away because someone might get offended.

>> No.51550831

The guy who, every time he's shown up, has made a big thing of "IMMA NAZI". Practically a tripfag.

It wouldn't be so bad if he was just avatarfagging with his anime girls, but then when somebody recognizes him he starts bitching about how it's okay to be a nazi, and "stop getting triggered, it's triggering me."

>> No.51550833

If the topic at hand is how the cheliax empire has comparisons to nazis then it's on topic, no? It's not flag-waving or political advocation for fascism. Nazis were stylish and organized, and cute anime girls in nazi uniforms.

>> No.51550836

You know that kissing his ass like that after rejecting him by chance is just rubbing salt in the wound, right?

>> No.51550848

I have nothing against Jolly but the board shouldn't have to cater to one persons delicate sensibilities.

>> No.51550866

/pfg/ has always been this way about devs, though. I still remember people harassing random anons for calling Gareth the piece of shit that he was.

>> No.51550872

>Implying it's only one person

I want it gone too.

If you wanna gas about being a nazi, take it to /pol/. Don't bring it up here.

>Us and them mentality

Y'know this is a load of shit, right? 4chan isn't some fucking cabal.

>> No.51550891

Bullshit! If Cheliax is the Nazis, then where are my cute u-boat girls?

>> No.51550892

You dont have to be a nazi to notice that a hidden jew is trying to kike out a few bucks out of your family.

It may be a retarded family that you hate but its still your family.

>> No.51550904

Then stick to discussing Cheliax, what happens There, and the in game lore surrounding It.

I personally don't give have a shit, but I like some of the "hey I part of *blank* and is having a play test, tell me what ya think".
Especially after finding out piazo doesn't give to shits about Legitimate criticism and their play test are in name only.

>> No.51550928

>Y'know this is a load of shit, right? 4chan isn't some fucking cabal.
No, but we're a bunch of potential customers.

>> No.51550931

>peer into thread while in the middle of shit
>it's another "I'mma use a dev name to justify shitposting" episode

this isn't being excellent, this isn't being excellent at ALL!

>> No.51550947

/pfg/ hasn't been excellent in... ever?

>> No.51550949

I'm making a Paladin sect that's comprised entirely out of tieflings for my game, but given that it's a really unoriginal concept I figured I'd come here and ask: is there already one in Golarion that I should just pick up and use?

>> No.51550959

This is a notable decline in the existing level of excellence.

>> No.51550975

Patrolling the waters to prevent those dirty southerners from using their strait without paying the proper tolls.

And I don't care bout it either way except this isn't fucking tumblr and we shouldn't have to worry about triggering sensitive little flowers.

>> No.51550995

>implying you can go lower than -infinity

>> No.51550996

where do people find all these gestalt giving dms?

>> No.51551002

Okay, I'll give you that at least.

But really, where did Jolly actually say he didn't want to come here because of nazishithead?

>> No.51551004

Torpedoing dirty Shackles pirates!

>> No.51551013

Well rather than worrying about upsetting 'sensitive little flowers', you worry about creating a fucking cancerous mass that nobody wants to hang out in.

>> No.51551025

>Patrolling the waters to prevent those dirty southerners from using their strait without paying the proper tolls.

How couldn't they stop White Estrid from entering the Arch?

>> No.51551036

See for yourself in the recent Spheres of Might preview 3 comments.
>N. Jolly
>I'm not going back to PFG until they get over whatever nazi kick they're on.
>6:52 PM Today

>> No.51551040

I'd normally side with being polite here, but I honestly think that naziposter didn't do anything wrong. The only time they ever mentioned politics in any way was "Hey, man, I share your views, but take it to /pol/". Maybe I'm thinking about a different naziposter?

>> No.51551060

I'm talking about all of it. All of them. I don't care what his political views are as long as he doesn't talk about them.

Also, y'know racism is actually also against GR3.

>> No.51551064

Ah, I don't look through the comments much because there's way too fucking many now, it's a slog to go through.

>> No.51551065

Well I agree with freedom of speech, this is not a board for political discussion, this is for the discussion of rpgs, so Nazi posting is off topic.

>> No.51551066

4chan has always been filled with cancer. Trying to cater to any group and control what is and isn't cancer goes against the freedom of posting. I bet you'd like the janitors to monitor and delete any off topic posting eh? /pfg/ should strictly be pathfinder! All off-topic discussion now bannable offense!

who's the nazi now?

>> No.51551072

A thing i have started.

I need help.


>> No.51551097

You're using infinity wrong.

You can only approach it, and you can always approach faster.

>> No.51551102

There's a difference between a benign cancer that just sits there and a malignant one which kills you fucking dead.

>> No.51551103

do I have to post about nazi's too to get a (you) here?

>> No.51551109

They find them right here, Anon.

There's like seven gestalt campaigns open for apps RIGHT NOW. One is closing in four hours and the GM said they have an open slot still.

>> No.51551112

I don't know what case the other anon was talking about when it comes to naziposting but the last naziposting I saw was nothing more than posting cute anime girls in nazi uniforms. No more off topic or advocating naziism than lewdposting or talking about onryou's bust.

>> No.51551121

Nothing. There's nothing wrong with it, just don't tell anyone.

>> No.51551130

>implying a little naziposting is going to kill /pfg/

/pfg/'s existence isn't tied to jolly or other devs. You're just being about shit you don't like and complaining it's going to end the world just like those people that hate Kitsune or lewdposting.

>> No.51551133


given the size of the bust in question there's a lot to talk about.

>> No.51551146

>just like those people that hate Kitsune or lewdposting.
But anon, those are shit, and have dragged the general down further.

>> No.51551160

>implying the occasional cute or lewd doesn't invigorate /pfg/ and keep it alive in the face of no-fun autists like yourself

>> No.51551164

Won't kill it outright but it makes the place actively fucking worse.

Seriously, Kitsune are annoying. Nazism is an actual thing advocating that potential visitors here should be killed or are at least inferior. They're not at all the same, it's actual racism.

>> No.51551165

not sure what you mean by here. I dont see any links nor emails. I guess this must have become very common while I was away. I recall gestalt having some infamy, for good reason. I have some builds that would benefit from gestalt myself. I am more concerned about rule interpretations than gestalt though. I might apply if its at the right time and I have an idea where I am supposed to go to do this. I have this disheartening feeling i'll be directed to roll20 though.

>> No.51551167

Submarine girls are cute! CUTE!

>> No.51551169

>mfw our Kingmaker session ended with signs of a serial killer in our capital
>mfw I think the DM is using the guy from Hell's Rebels

>> No.51551181


A few others if anyone has them!

>> No.51551183

>pancake fags trying to ruin the thread


>> No.51551207

So how did session 1 of RotJR go?

>> No.51551214

What are you even talking about? Sensitive flowers like yourself only see the racism in naziism and don't realize you don't have to be a racist or nazi to appreciate a bureaucratic government that could almost certainly perfectly convey what lawful evil looks like. As well as swank uniforms.

>> No.51551219

Oh, what was the deal with Gareth?

>> No.51551222

Well, think of it this way; She's got one extra hole compared to a regular loli.

>> No.51551241

Fuck off with this shit. It's like going on about how you're a member of fucking Al-Qaeda.

>> No.51551242

All I know at this point is I'm going to post anime girls in nazi style uniform whenever I see jolly, while promoting discussion of the glory of the Cheliax empire and the House of Thrune.

>> No.51551254

Yes dumbass, but there is no way you can combat that racism. if you expunge it through shit posting, they will either shit post more if they are stubborn, leave if they are not, and be replaced by trolls who realize how easy we are to milk lulz from. They will see us as nothing more than screaming libruls or whatever derranged stereotype instead of other people. If we accept them for who they are we will confirm their biases even if we where all secretly black guys with no father who didn't do nuffin, they'd think we where white. You basically can't win, the only thing you can do is be petty. The only unlikely outcome for victory of rationalism over racism is to befriend the nazi poster and reveal your blackness/jewery, and hope they aren't so deluded they'll abandon a friendship over being confronted by their failures and generalizations. But that's never going to happen at all if you kick them out. only shit posting happens then. Same thing with MLP. as soon as people started screaming, the trolls went wild.

>> No.51551272


>> No.51551287


I don't know, dude.

>> No.51551298

Wroooong. But even examining their terrorist doctrine could be useful in the study and understanding of resistance fighters. Too bad they're monkeys in caves and don't have swank uniforms and sexy anime girls.

>> No.51551311

Still ongoing

>> No.51551317

So is this a no, there are NO groups of tiefling Paladins in Golarion?

>> No.51551326

I think what he's trying to say is, "the ideology might suck, but a few cute girls in nazi uniforms shouldn't bother anyone". Cute girls shouldn't bother anyone ever regardless of what they're wearing, really!

Remember; the biggest market for modern reproductions of nazi uniforms is Israel. Fashion never dies!

>> No.51551329

>implying all nazi posters are racist or /pol/tards

>> No.51551351

I didn't want to answer this because of the current discussion, but... here you go. No, there are no race-exclusive Good-aligned organizations because in Golarion segregating based on race makes you neutral or evil automatically.

>> No.51551364

Anyone who talks about triggering should be reported and banned. Enough with the fucking doublespeak already.

>> No.51551374

theyre either racist, poltards, or jews
they are the biggest consumers of nazi porn.

>> No.51551376

The racist idealogy sucks but not that form of government itself. If it wasn't ran by some madman obsessed with Jews it wouldn't be reviled to the same extent. Unfortunately that system of government is vulnerable to unfit leaders.

>> No.51551392

Not anymore, anon! Nazi pornography was banned in Israel!

>> No.51551394

On another note, And you'll all hate me for this, but new thread!

>> No.51551396

Point is, people are getting pissy and whiny about how people don't think like them. On both sides. They are equally as fucking annoying.

>> No.51551404

Or historians/anyone else who enjoy the aesthetic of the nazi regime. The leather uniforms, the strict military doctrine, the organization. It's a bureaucrat's wet dream.

>> No.51551406

Not being allowed to mention that something exists is what lead to them holocaust deniers. "some vague thing we're not allowed to talk about because it offends people but we're not allowed to NOT believe it happened because those people are offended by it just believe it take it at their face and have faith". That's how that happens.

It's also how history repeats itself. People who want all subjects they don't like banned from all conversation are BEGGING (or deliberately planning; do consider that) for it to happen again sooner rather than later.

>> No.51551417

Yeah, just like Communism. It was all unfit leaders.

>> No.51551424

dude bread lmao

>> No.51551434

Oh. I guess that's consistent if nothing else.

>> No.51551466

>X would be great if it werent for the inherent shittyness of people
the whole point of government is that it is shit unless it can function well with a total asshat on the throne because you aren't ever going to find someone who isn't. Take hitler, he wasn't some madman obsessed with jews. if you knew anything about the cultural literature that preceded the nazi idea of aryian you'd understand that hitler just capitalized on what the public wanted. if he didn't do it, someone else would have simply done what he didn't and gotten more people riled up. Racial tensions, the idea of racial superiority, and fuck, once darwin's book came out, they weren't long before inventing the pseudo science of social Darwinism. that was all well in place generations before hitler came to power. before even the first world war. Fascism fails because dictatorships are shit. period. If you don't understand why, watch this.


>> No.51551470

All authoritarian governments are vulnerable to overuse of authority and violation of human rights.

America is leaning authoritarian right now

>> No.51551513

There's plenty to like, stylistically, yeah.

Theoretical communism is pretty much what they have in Star Trek's UFP.

The big difference is, of course, that they're post-scarcity for the most part, so the more materialistic forms of greed need no trampling of others to be fulfilled.

In reality, yeah. It's the leaders - or rather the governments entirely. In theory, it can work damn well. BUT, some of the many many jobs of the state is regulating things like the laws, the distribution of resources, production priorities...

Makes it ridiculously easy for anyone anywhere in the chain of command to fuck everything up if they start to skim or let that power to their heads.

Communism has never been properly tried. That's not false.
The problem is that anyone we put in charge of doing so will never want to try it either.

MAYBE if we can make an AI without any back-doors or nasty subroutines... wouldn't want yet-another-skynet or matrix-machines, especially since those obviously were working exactly as intended. It's not a bug when it's a programmed 'feature'...

>> No.51551526

not so much "tower of piza" leaning as "cliff-diving"

>> No.51551530

All governments beyond the small scale are shit because we evolved as small social groups and the only way to get along with others is by interbreeding and tying the benefit of our own tribes with that of others through marriage and trade. I'm not really disagreeing with you, though.

>> No.51551545

>In autosage again

I need one more player for a discord play by post lewd game. Bloodborne crossed with CoC (both, no furries)

If you're interested, either post your discord contact or go poking around the pfg discord server for me.

>> No.51551592

That's not wrong. One thing you notice looking at various systems of society is that the number of people we're able to TRULY care about is quite limited. It's increased a little bit, but basically from "small handful" to "large handful", while the civilizations have exploded from "handfuls" to "zerg rush"

Outside of that very small circle of the family you like and your close friends, it's extremely tempting and actually relatively guilt-free to start fucking the other groups over. After all, anything NOT in your inner circle is unrelated to you at best, competition most of the time, and a threat at worst.

>> No.51551624

We were on page 5, you shithead.

>> No.51551626

That's why a lot of the big scammers and the like, like what you see on american greed, are never, ever repentant, and sorry only they got caught. They didn't give a fuck about "those other suckers." and never will. They were even a great example of how bullshit trying to use a polygraph as 'proof' can be, because they can run circles around the thing by the simple fact that they don't give a fuck.

>> No.51551627

There's a pfg discord?

>> No.51551650

Isolationism doesn't really work anymore in the global economy but people want it so badly because of that us-vs-them mentality leftover from our evolutionary development.

>> No.51551668

They likely wanted to cut the discussion short, and it's as good a method as any.

>> No.51551680

There is

It's quiet.

>> No.51551681

I'm...somewhat interested but don't wanna use discord.

>> No.51551689

and yet the idea of having less children never occurs to anyone en masse.

>> No.51551690

leading to the insanity we're stuck with nowadays.
and it will get worse.

>> No.51551701

That's because many of them are sociopaths, anon.

I am immune to polygraphs too. It can even be trained, given time.

>> No.51551743

That's not true at all.
The more advanced a place the less kids they tend to have. Hell, certain first-world countries have negative population growth and a dangerously aging population.

What does keep having a lot of children are places that are in extremely bad shape; YES there's less resources to share between 7 kids than 1... but 1 won't sustain the population and there's a pretty high likelihood that illness, war, etc will kill the 1 like it would kill 5 of the 7 to begin with, leaving you with nothing.

Usually, the main balancing factor to the shrinking of population growth is religion. There's of course an angle there; more people with less resources = more worshipers asking less and less questions = more soldiers+taxes for and from your wars. A clergy has basically everything to gain from making sure people breed as much as they can.

>> No.51551762

The game has already started, we lost a player to unknown attrition, so we're not changing method. Sorry.

>> No.51551791

Give me the /pfg/ main discord yo. I'm not sure about no play by post lewd because my idea of lewd will not match yours, but I'd be into a discorde.

>> No.51551849


>> No.51552115

>less kids
this isn't anywhere near enough "less"

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