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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Have you ever played a Small-sized tiefling before? What were they like? What were they like proportionally? Pic related?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Avowed Playtest 1:
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might previews:
Part 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/
Part 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pyLq03W2ju58PcKOUq5YXoFowf_weBNzuWtjCMdINXk/edit
Part 3: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-LAt9Ti5pcnvHY4KnFRuItCjqtGM-YJC5r_0zXiKKUk/edit

Old Thread: >>51512046

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Hope people don't mind me repeating my rules clarification here in the new thread.

Regarding Diplomacy:
>Succeed- If you succeed, the character’s attitude toward you is improved by one step. For every 5 by which your check result exceeds the DC, the character’s attitude toward you increases by one additional step. A creature’s attitude cannot be shifted more than two steps up in this way, although the GM can override this rule in some situations."

Does this mean if you exceed by 10 you move 3 steps total?

One for the original roll and then two steps for exceeding by 5.

Basically I'm wondering if: "cannot be shifted more than two steps up in this way"
Refers to the diplomacy roll as a whole, or exceeding by 5.

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>>51518287I was under the impression that the Small and Large size rules were pretty broken.

I'd actually like to play a Large creature some day.

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yeah, but we're rating his music.

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>Have you ever played a Small-sized tiefling before? What were they like? What were they like proportionally? Pic related?
I played one who was the product of a family who have been cursed by a Dretch. Physically he was similar to that of a Dretch (pic related). He had the same physique but a more human skintone and face. He was however born with the characteristic claws and feat.

His life was pretty bad.

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Can we get a post of all the pfg games currently open?

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Dual welding or two-handed weapon for slayer?

>> No.51518330

What are those majestic creatures and where can I get one?

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I'd be inclined to say it refers to the latter. Otherwise, you'd think it wouldn't bother mentioning that it can increase by one step for every 5. It would be much more natural to say, "if your check result exceeds the DC by 5, attitude increases an additional step."

That's how I'd read it; but, I could very well be wrong. I suppose it could be worded the way it is solely for the purpose of clarifying that the GM could increase the limit.

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I think it's more Draph.

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That means that you shift attitude to the maximum of two steps, unless GM says you could actually move it three steps in that case.

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I'm they're popular bands, but not bad.

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Mine are cuter.

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Small isn't, since it's functionally just a couple different bonuses and penalties.

Large introduces more problems than small (like fitting into a hallway), so it's usually harder to justify.

Neither's broken, per se.

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That was my thinking as well, 'for every 5' seems irrelevant if only the first five even matters.

It's evidently not clear enough that I would need to run it by the GM.

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That fuck is this bullshit. Tieflings are supposed to be cute/sexy.

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How do you build a bard?

What if he's a halfling?

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The penalties for being Small are far outweighed by the benefits for casters, and the penalties for being Large are far outweighed by the benefits for martials.

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Pretty sure that >>51518367 is just an actual dretch. A dretch-born tiefling would likely be kind of ugly-cute.

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DC: One step
DC+5: Two steps
DC+10: Two steps (unless another ability lets you do more steps)
DC+15: Two steps (unless another ability lets you do more steps)

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>all this talk of Smoll characters
>still want to try that homebrew Felyne race to make a throating slitting sneaky Felyne.
>afraid if I ask a GM to allow it I'll either be jokingly called "Puss in Boots" by the rest of the group or be called a furry.

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See >>51518410. Some abilities specifically let you do more than two steps.

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Yeah, that works, I just shouldn't need to look for specialist items/traits to exceed two steps.

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I'll do my best, Anon


Really, you can just search roll20 for text only pathfinder games with mature content.

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>I shouldn't need to do anything but invest skill points to be able to mind control everything with diplomacy!

fuck off

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You made my day. I wrote that felyne race

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Thanks for writing it. One day I'll play it in a game.

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Catfolk made catpeople normal and not furry
Khajiits are normal

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>fuck off

I meant to find clarification on how the rules should work.

Chill out.

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See the Diabolical Negotiator feat. Hail Asmodeus!

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I honestly miss Arena-era Khajiit.

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May I please have help compiling a work list of all the things I need to do so I can improve Spheres of Power with homebrew changes?

Right now number 1 is I'm looking into what makes Destruction so strong. Next is examining how to make Life less monotonous.

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I never played Arena. Just Morrowind. Were they much different in Arena?

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Thank you!

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I was already planning on being an Asmodean Advocate, but damn.

No upper limit on step increases?

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Make Fast Divinations a free talent. It shouldn't take 10 minutes to divine without a spell point.

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>I shouldn't have to look for specialist items/traits to exceed two steps

>I-I was just looking for a rules clarification

diplomancers go and stay go

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For Life, move or copy some of the plant life growth/control stuff from Nature into it.

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Mix up two phrases you're thinking about at the same time and one guy freaks out.

Not going anywhere.

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Pretty great, ain't it?

>diplomacy users are bad
>but charm person all the time is fine

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>Pathfinder General /pfg/
You just wanted to post granblue did you not
The best source of anime shortstacks

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They were "feline-descended" and wore masks/face paint. Stat-wise, I think they were mostly similar, later retconned to be just one of the subraces.

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Can you be a good diplomat/intimidate even with low charisma?

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Is polymorph any object the only means to permanently polymorph one's self?

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Yes, but it'll take a while. Eventually skill ranks and magic item bonuses are more important for most skills than just your ability scores, but at low levels it's a significant difference.

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>tfw you'll never play as one of a cute tiefling adventuring family who go on awesome adventures together.

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A family can't be two moms!

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>that chest

I feel bad for her. That race must have some real intense growth spurts in early puberty, and even without a major height change that's never really pleasant.

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>implying it's not three sisters
And why can't a family have two moms?!

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So is it like Shadowrun, where any two races could have a child of any race? Or more like Elder Scrolls, where you're always your mother's race?
Or are there hybrids like D&D?

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So what classes have a mechanic like the Symbiotic Slayer where something, a spirirt, creature, other personality, etc. "takes over". I like the mechanic the Symbiotic Slayer has where you can voluntarily give control for a big temporary power boost.

Does anyone know other classes that do that?

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Dont forget to look at the destruction handbook talents. There are some gems in there.

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B-because that's far too impure!

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The Diabolic Negotiator moves diplomacy to int/wis, whichever is higher.

Asmodean Advocate lets you make bluff/diplo checks as a profession(barrister)

Conversion Inquisition moves Bluff, Diplo and Intimidate to Wisdom.
Heresy Inquisition moves Bluff and Intimidate to Wisdom and allows rerolls.
Heretic Archetype lets them add Wisdom to Bluff.

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Hellknights can also use intimidate for diplomacy

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Haunted archetype for Spiritualist.

>> No.51518667

Is there such a thing as an initiating archetype for the paizo vigilante?

>> No.51518682

One has a Will save. The other has a retarded DC that barely scales and is easy as all hell to pump through the roof, so anyone who's willing to listen for a minute automatically becomes the diplomancer's good pal.

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I have plans for one, but it's mostly just silly shit.
>Kobold tiefling
>Boost str to absurd heights now that there's not the -4
>Small horns, reddish scales, sharp teeth, tail are all perfectly normal kobold features
>Take the 'pass for human' equivalent if needed
>Stack up virtual (not actual) size increases as much as possible
>Insists that he's a perfectly normal kobold while beating an ogre with another ogre
>As Voiced By Joe Pesci
>If You Make Another Short Joke I Will Break Your Legs

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>not adopting a cute tiefling orphan to take on adventures with you and your sister.

>> No.51518726

It's obviously three sisters.

When I'm done with them, THEN it will be three moms.

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I'll join your tiefling adventuring family if I get to be the estranged uncle who always comes by on the holidays with the coolest gifts.

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See the Fool's Gambit playtest doc.

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I don't follow.

>> No.51518772

Well this is pfg
We allow power fantasies here

>> No.51518777

Maybe this handy visual guide will help you understand?

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>yfw you're the guy who made the knocking-all-three-up comment and your first thought seeing that image was pic..

>> No.51518886

goddamn homeschooling....

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Which are the most useful skills?

>> No.51518931

Alright Shirou, let me put this in terms you can understand.

>> No.51518934

You lost me...

>> No.51518946

Sense Motive

>> No.51518963

Perception--See who you're fighting before they see you, get a surprise round if you can, and keep them from getting one.

Knowledge (Arcana, Dungeoneering, Local, Nature, Planes, Religion)--Know what you're fighting and what its weaknesses are. Which of these you need most varies by campaign, but chances are you should go for one that either covers multiple creature types like Arcana, or one with a broad creature type like Planes or Religion.

Use Magic Device--Get access to any spell you have a wand for. Be an emergency medic if your cleric falls. Get a familiar and let it be your wand caddy.

>> No.51518970

Perception, Stealth, Monster Identifying Knowledges, UMD, Spellcraft

>> No.51518977

Ugh, just go take Saber and talk to Gil, I'm sure he'll be glad to show you.

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Why do people seem to hate the idea of good tieflings so much?

Or of mottos.

Right now I am playing a Devil-blooded Tiefling with the Incorruptible Racial trait and Legalistic Oracle Curse. A phrase he has used three times now I believe has been something along the lines of "I cast off my chains, for I am free.".

Everyone in my play group seems to hate it.

>> No.51519046


>A phrase he has used three times now I believe has been something along the lines of "I cast off my chains, for I am free.".

Are you roleplaying as a chuuni

>> No.51519053

You got R-type on the brain...

>> No.51519062

Are you sure you are not just annoying

>> No.51519066

>says a chunni line
>plays the chunni race

>> No.51519070

Is archery viable? Which classes makes the best archers? What should be your stats to be a good archer?

>> No.51519085

Because tieflings defined by being "one of the good ones" are too easy, it's like taking an aasimar and saying "naw fuck that gonna be evil, nobody likes a goody two shoes."

Though to be fair, that line does sound rehearsed.

>> No.51519094

>is archery viable
Yes, archery can be a very powerful option. Archer paladin builds are great because once you get into your rapid shot and so on fun, you can get smite damage multiple times a round.

>> No.51519095

Composite (or rather, adaptive) longbows are the strongest ranged weapon in the game.

At high levels they outdamage even an actual siege cannon shot-for-shot... except then the longbow gets another 6 fucking shots that round and isn't spending the next two reloading.

>> No.51519099

Was it three times in the same session? Or spread out across multiple sessions?

Why, in-universe, is he saying that? Is it the motto of an organization or religion, or something he was taught? Because it sounds like it should be, rather than something he came up with on the spot.

>> No.51519136

It was 3 times over the course of ~20 sessions.

>Because tieflings defined by being "one of the good ones" are too easy, it's like taking an aasimar and saying "naw fuck that gonna be evil, nobody likes a goody two shoes."
Being good was not as much his defining personality trait as one of him. His main characteristics were more tied to being a private detective.

>Though to be fair, that line does sound rehearsed.
I said it when I felt appropriate. Once shortly after meeting the party. Once when killing a devil who was directly related to the one that sired the line that lead to my character. Once after coming out of a dominate person the party had not known about but had been affecting me for 2 sessions. Though I agree to a degree.

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>Right now number 1 is I'm looking into what makes Destruction so strong.
Destruction isn't strong, it's just that people aren't use to seeing an effective blaster without resorting to conductive shotgun bullshit.

>> No.51519164

Zen Archer master race.

>> No.51519169

Archery sounds like a great thing to specialize in on paper, but in practice every single combat you'll ever be in will be a knife fight in a phone booth.

>> No.51519177


What stas and feats would you recommend?

>> No.51519180

That's what Precise Shot is for.

>> No.51519193


Well...can you switch between archery and close combat then?

>> No.51519197

Which does you no good when you get grappled because the enemies are always either in charging range or closer when they appear, and there's nowhere to move to in narrow corridors.

>> No.51519198

Zen archer is so good, it makes monk viable.

>> No.51519201

Not without sacrificing your capabilities in both.

>> No.51519248

Or you have no sense of balance

>> No.51519270

Well then, piggyback on the tank.

>> No.51519277

This is why extreme ranges aren't a problem and anything past the 2nd increment of a rifle (so, 160ft) is no longer an issue. But you still get to fire a full volley when anyone not a pouncer will be limited to at most charging you with one attack - and you can avoid the majority of the deadlier versions of those by flying.

Archery is one of the easiest things to "complete" in a build; in fact, the thing with bows that really unbalances them with other ranged weapons is the fact that every other ranged weapon NEEDS a huge chunk of your build (think of your total available levels, stats, race, feats and money as resources basically) to even work. Like crossbows and guns require special classes, special class abilities, a few extra feats of their own, AND all that IN ADDITION to the regular ranged feats that a bow needs... the bow needs only those last parts.

Bow optimization:
Point-Blank and Precise Shot (they're prereqs after all but precise avoids the -4 for shooting into melee. Your friends will be in melee. So that helps. Guns need it less they're touch)

Deadly Aim: It's power attack for ranged weapons. No bigger bonus if 2h though. But still the -1 for +2 scaling

Rapid Shot: An extra attack per turn.
Manyshot: A bow exclusive: ANOTHER extra attack per turn, more or less.

Improved Criticals: more crits more damage.

Other good stuff:
Regional Trait: Storm Pilot

a source of haste: bonus to hit, bonus to AC, AND AN EXTRA ATTACK PER TURN AGAIN.

Dexterity and Strength: Dex is your to-hit stat, Strength is your damage stat. There... ARE alternatives - like a soulbow PRC uses wisdom, but by the time you notice those you'll be understanding the system plenty enough to figure them out on your own. EVERY ATTACK in your volley gets strength to damage; this multiplication is the d20 system's biggest factor in damage dealing, and why that piddling "just the damage dice x4 for 3 feats" vital strike is a pathetic shadow of a laughable ability.

>> No.51519291


Destruction legit isn't a strong sphere.

>> No.51519292

This is where high initiative, freedom of movement, flight, displacement, and everything else come in, because EVERY SINGLE OTHER CHARACTER OTHER THAN ACTUAL GRAPPLER BUILDS HAVE TO TAKE DEFENSES AGAINST THIS TOO, NOT ONLY ARCHERS.

>> No.51519295

I fail to see how this doesn't apply to melee too.

>> No.51519302


Poor, Poor Guns. They even require the GM to be using a SPECIFIC variant of the gun rules if you plan to use guns reasonably as primitive firearms are junk.

>> No.51519306


To do viable damage it requires even more build than the average blaster, and has even been successfully (THANK THE FUCK) surpassed by the Avowed and Spellburst Savant... And even by newer kineticist archetypes.

Destruction CAN hit quite heavily with VERY high optimization, however it WILL be expending spell points (x/day resource) in order to do so, and even also requires heavy WBL expenditures for the staves and all that stuff.

>> No.51519318

There are bypasses, mostly 3pp unless you can create constructs. But they do exist.

One that's often been mentioned here is the Tech Warsoul; where the no-need-to-ever-reload factor of a soulknife gets applied to firearms (all of them, the category actually includes all those energy weapons in numeria that are otherwise complete and utter shit)

Spheres Armourist: well it's shit so you may as well get a minigun with infinite ammo out of it.

Call Weaponry builds (a wide variety of psionics including psy-warriors and sleeping goddess initiators)

and several others.

>> No.51519322

What CL penalty would you give the Avowed to count all of its abilities as supernatural abilities?

>> No.51519328


Oh yeah but that's getting into 3rd party stuff. I was mostly talking the pain of trying to Paizo guns.

>> No.51519333


People just have a knee jerk reaction to good Des builds because 2hu posted about it. If 2hu came on here and made an Avowed or Spell Burst people would probably be whipping out pitchforks at that too.

Destruction can be damn viable, but you're going to expending resources to deal acceptable damage for a primary Damage dealer role even with an Incanter/Sorc/Elementalist combo.

Seriously, your feat investment is high(compared to pretty much every other caster type). You WBL investment is high. Your talent investment is sky high.

>> No.51519340

No sane gm allows awoved to their REAL games

>> No.51519341

None? Abilities counting as Su is almost entirely a strict downgrade.

>> No.51519343


>> No.51519348

The Avowed's abilities are all (Sp) to start with, anon. (Su) from there is an upgrade, since it means no SR, no dispelling, and no concentration checks, even if they otherwise work identically.

>> No.51519358


Oh god no, warlocks! With their all day spider climbs!

>> No.51519362

Then I'd give a -4 CL

>> No.51519367

Avowed's not even that damaging. It's an example there as proof that destruction sphere's not that impressive. Archers still do more, as do initiators. Great fun for a class though. Good utilities, a real, true-blue descendent of the old warlock we all loved.

Spellburst Turbo can keep up with initiator/martial parties; so it's top-of-the-line. The regular version is closer to a non-weapon avowed in combat power, which is fine for pairing up with regular paizo tier 3-4s that aren't optimized to the gills with 3pp of their own.

Neither class can hold up to the output of the true damage dealers in the game, however. But they can hold their own. Viable, but much lower ceiling than even real martials.

>> No.51519373

Would you disallow a Zen Archer?

>> No.51519382


Gunwitch Spellburst Savant can get better on that front. But then, it's entire thing is trading some of your versatility for more damage via guns.

It's ability to no-sell counters/emergency force spheres is kinda fantastic.

>> No.51519389

Hmm, now I kind of want to make an Avowed//Spellburst Savant. I wonder how well they'd go together for gestalt.

>> No.51519402

Certainly. Lots of classes make great archers

Alchemist with craft:arrows + discoveries makes a great poisoner, debuffer, support (Splash Arrows normally carry holy water, though its not against any rules to use alchemist fire or bombs. Syringe Arrows normally deal 1 damage but deliver poison, there is no reason you can't use potions with syringe arrows)

Paladin and Inquisitor archers need not much explanation for how good their DPS is.

Hexcrafter Eldritch Archer Magus is absolutely broken as fuck with Bestow Curse Ranged Spellstrike + Slumber Hex

Rogue/Slayer/Ninja with Sneak Attack + Assassinate is decent, but not as powerful.

Avoid Fighter, Monk and Ranger. Vanilla archery that grants no means to go through damage reduction, concealment, cover, etc. is shit, especially if your DM is the type to make sure you don't have the benefit of dropping cheap full-attacks as an archer.

>> No.51519405

I assume not very well.
But I could be wrong

>> No.51519417

Badly, actually. You can make it work with gunwitch and aether-rounds however, but otherwise there's a lot of either overlap or direct conflict in your actions particularly in combat. Spell-likes having their own actions and whatnot.

Gunwitch//Avowed however, THAT will combine spectacularly.

>> No.51519419


The spellburst Savant's big trick wouldn't help your avowed abilities as they are not actually spells and the fundementals have a lot of overlap with basic blasting from Avowed.

On the other hand: You'd end up with a character with a staggering amount of versatility and options. Especially if you went Magpie Mage for easy shuffling of spells available.

My bet would be Gunwitch + Ranged Weapon Avowed options. so you can buff your spell firing pistols with blast damage.

>> No.51519423

>At high levels they outdamage even an actual siege cannon shot-for-shot... except then the longbow gets another 6 fucking shots that round and isn't spending the next two reloading.

Siege Mage wizard + Construct Rider alchemist says hi! I can fire nuclear-tier siege cannons. bitch.

>> No.51519444

How do you dungeon crawl Sir Siege Weapon?

>> No.51519447

Interesting, thanks for the tip.

>> No.51519450

Explode the dungeon, loot the burning wreckage.

>> No.51519453

The same mechanics that lets me equip cannons on my mechanical mount is the same mechanics thats lets me equip it with crossbows or firearms.

>> No.51519458

I think nuclear tier goes to Aegis/Techsoul.

That's when the Graviton Cannon gets virtusized to GBE parameters.

>> No.51519475


Dammit. 12 seconds faster than me.

>> No.51519477

that's when I start calling bullshit.

any normal fantasy campaign doesn't have tech weapons in them, where the fuck did you get your weapon schematics from?

>> No.51519490


The base pathfinder setting has tech weapons in it. Not everywhere but it does have them.

>> No.51519499

Coming from 3.5, is the +3 bonus to Class skills the only bonus to it? There are no limits in how many ranks can be put into it (other than class level) or anything like that?

>> No.51519528

Golarion has them. Numerians with tech use (I'd suggest requiring technologist to generate those to be fair) would have access to at least the regular-elemental ones. It could even be arguable for Alkenstar if one were to field more 'early/steampunk' versions (lightning cannons instead of arc cannons, same fucking thing).

Balancewise it's preferable to applying these abilities to regular guns: x2 crit instead of x4, elemental damage won't work with clustered shots (and is harder to ignore than the majority of DRs, with DR/- being significantly lower instead).

If you want 1pp only in fact you just turn any of those weapons into a construct so it won't run out of power. A 1hd robot with shit mental stats is amply enough already.

Fluffwise, if you'd rather avoid those large chunks of the planet... I may not agree but I do understand. However in that case it's easy to refluff as supernatural elemental beams (grav does force anyhow) anyways or some magic-blaster.

Honestly? It's a LOT of build-expense and work for pretty much purely a flavor/theme; you're coming out weaker than if you'd used a regular gun type instead, both of which are weaker still than if you applied all that size and ability fuckery to a regular longbow and gone that way for less effort.

>> No.51519533

That's right. It was Paizo's attempt at balancing the skill system

>> No.51519559

I prefer that a lot. Much more streamlined and no pesky half points.

>> No.51519569

Yeah I gotta give'em that much. They did clean up that part of the skill system at least.

>> No.51519623

On the other hand, stuff like Traits and so forth, all the bonus class skills and "add X ability to Y skill instead of Z ability" kinda made room to break it again.

So, like, three steps forward, one step back?

>> No.51519631

well yes.

>> No.51520046

Is 14 strenght acceptable for a slayer, or should I increase it up to 16 or 17?

>> No.51520071

Are you using Weapon Finesse?

If yes, 12 is fine. If not, you need 17.

>> No.51520105

As a feat, or as a home rule that it applies to all finesse weapons?

>> No.51520108

Well, either way you're going to have to decide on strength or dexterity. If you get Weapon Finesse for free, then it's almost a nobrainer to go dex.

>> No.51520122

Coitus of Power [Metamagic]
Benefit: This is a way to transfer some power from onearcane caster to the other through a consenting sexual act.Both participants have to be willing to participate in sex,but only you need to be aware of its magicalconsequences. You can choose whether you will be ongiving or reciving side. After the act, the giver casterbecomes unable to cast the spells of his highest level for anumber of days equal to his level divided by three. Thereciver gains an aditional single spell-slot of that level forthe same duration. If receiver is unable to casts the spellsof giver's highest level she gains a slot in her highest spelllevel. If you attempt to use this feat on another characterwith a same feat he automaticaly recognises the attemptbefore it takes effect. He can then choose to disengagefrom sex. You can use this feat only once per day withany individual character. If you are using it with morethen one character you can gain only one extra slot perspell level you are able to cast. This feat is a reason why powerfull spell casters tend tobe wary abut engaging in sex.

Rape of Power [Metamagic]
Prerequitisites: Coitus of Power
Works as a "Coitus of Power" feat except that you haveto be the reciver and that sex can be unconsentual. This feat could explain why many a wizard could "earn"a stay of execution when captured by a (particularilynasty) villan

>> No.51520206

How the fuck can you be a nazi and this motherfucking degenerate at the same time?

Not the most egregious thing I've seen out of this general though.

>> No.51520208


Is it better two weapons fighting or two-handed?

>> No.51520218

That is both broken and heinous.

Also, might want to get that spacebar checked.

>> No.51520234

Just copy pasting out of the book. Had a person apply to one of my games wanting this. Just thought you'd get a kick out of it.

All spelling errors and lack of spaces are in character for the .pdf if that gives you an idea of its quality.

>> No.51520238

Golarion is not Krynn, biatch.
Beyond Alkenstar and Numeria you have places like Aballon which is No-Cybertron and Eox which is a dead world full of high tech and technomantic gear.

>> No.51520251


You accepted the player immediately, right?

>> No.51520270

Mmmhmm sure thing, Heinrich.

Freaky ass fascist bastard.

>> No.51520279

Should I?

His fate is in your hands. Would he be better off in my game?

Himmler-san~ Sweep me off my feet~

>> No.51520281

We when full JonTron in this general.

>> No.51520284

And you'd be wrong. It's explicitly in the setting, there are entire adventure paths around it.

There are also aliens (not just extraplanars, actual other aliens, in fact most of the star system is inhabited) and a budding AI turned Machine-God.

It's to the point where because they wanted to keep the same universe, for Starfinder, they put some spatial cataclysm in the backstory where gorlaion specifically disappeared and everyone's memories altered to protect it because somehow we were supposed to all know about that place and care that much when we live halfway across the galaxy.

So, by 1pp setting data, that also means that Golarion's one of the more backwards worlds BECAUSE the tech it has is not so globally integrated; technically the rest of the fucking galaxy is flying around in starships like those that crashed in Numeria.

>> No.51520294


Depends what the character is. Is the character a trap that reveals this right before performing the dreaded rape of power?

>> No.51520298

>Would he be better off in my game?

I don't know. How much suffering can you inflict on him? How much without you or the other players suffering instead?

>> No.51520331

Yeah, you guys probably deserve each other.

>> No.51520359

Would you be surprised if I said yes?

Unfortunately, you have to be on the receiving end for Rape of Power to work. Which doesn't make much sense to me, but that's the rules as written. I'll have to correct his sheet.

You can bet he'll need those extra spell slots, Q. Count on it.

>> No.51520377


Then yes, and please post updates on his adventures. I hope he also prepared a bunch of special spells too, like tears to wine.

>> No.51520387

I think it'd be the other way around.

You're suppose to sweep Hime-sempai off HIS feet...

>> No.51520389

Kitchen sink settings are always meant to be used in selective clusters
You exclude out all the elements which are not relevant at that moment

>> No.51520390

Anyone mind hooking me up with the N.Jolly stuff?

>> No.51520396

Truth be told, I don't know why I have these on my drive. Or why these exist in the first place. But there you go. I'm gonna go hang myself now...

>> No.51520414

I'll see if he shows up to the first session.

Scandalous~ Mixing my pure Aryan blood with brown hair and brown eyes? I wouldn't think of it.

>> No.51520421

Can we cut the nazi shit?

>> No.51520426

If you are using finesse light one handed for piranha strike.

>> No.51520456

Is nazi shit better or worse then the monster girl waifu shit that gets posted?

>> No.51520458

You know what they say.

The purer something is, the more pleasurable it is to corrupt.

>> No.51520464

Tough Question

>> No.51520465

Don't look at me, they brought it up this time.

Oh, and it turns out the crazy bastards have the .pdf publicly available.


>> No.51520471

Overall 2handed fighting with high strength is king. On top of it's higher, more consistent damage, it's cheaper because you're buying and upgrading one weapon instead of two.

Sneak attack favors Two-Weapon Fighting, but Slayers don't rely on their sneak attack very much.

>> No.51520478

It's worse.

Waifu posting can get annoying, but this nazi shit heads into 'This is actually really uncomfortable"

Please stop.

>> No.51520491


"How to define the size or capacity of an orifice, wang, or wang-like object"

>> No.51520494

Is it okay to play a CN zenko kitsune hunter who wears a Demon Mother's Mask and gets intimate with their animal companion?

>> No.51520495

>"Don't do this, its uncomfortable"
>posts on 4chan

Do you realize where you are?

>> No.51520499

>being this triggered
Just call em a fag when they get uppity. I'll demonstrate

>> No.51520510

>but this nazi shit heads into 'This is actually really uncomfortable"
Let's talk about kids getting put into situations that are guaranteed to be fatal.

>> No.51520523

How the fuck is that blob even managing to move through the hallway lmao

>> No.51520529

But anon-san, I can't dirty my bloodline~! It's all I have~! What would I do if the very children I bear have brown hair!?

It's not normally a thing I bring up, yo. There's better places for that.

That being said, you should never, ever tell anyone your weaknesses. They'll gouge you.

>> No.51520553

>le 4chan maymay

Do you realize you're a shitstain?

>> No.51520554

Nah let's talk about kids killing themselves, after all, nothing is as bad as the fucking NAT-ZEEEEEEES!

>> No.51520565


>> No.51520571

No, seriously.
You're on 4chan. The likes of /pol/tards and /b/ abound.

If a little nazi posting gets to you, you're going to have a bad time.

>> No.51520575

>wang-like object

>> No.51520579

That knot wouldn't kill anyone.

>> No.51520585

I would knot say so.

>> No.51520590

You could still die by strangulation, a much slower and far more painful death.

>> No.51520607

Seriously it's been over half a century by this point, people need to get the fuck over it already.

>> No.51520620

Well that and refusing to discuss or talk on it is most likely what has lead to people becoming Holocaust deniers.
That is a common thread I have found about them is they all think because you can't speak out against it, it is obviously someone lieing. You need to disprove stupid statements and arguments not ban them.

>> No.51520625


How important is dext? How high should it be?

>> No.51520723

Keep in mind that that makes it impossible to use Meta-SLAs with those abilities, so it's a pretty fucking huge nerf.

>> No.51520740

With a high strength Slayer, you should be fine with 14 dexterity. 12 is acceptable if you cannot afford 14.

>> No.51520751

I can never think of a time when discussing or talking about it has ever been some sort of taboo or forbidden thing. Not here and not at school and not on tv.

Maybe certain specific websites, but it should be obvious you wouldn't talk about it on those.

>> No.51520776

What's the one class that gives you psychic arms?

>> No.51520780


I guess 16 is overkill then, even if I want some bonuses for non-combat stuff, unless I go to the weapon finesse route.

>> No.51520793

Spheres of power Symbiat archetype. Hetakonthcherkeirsheres.

>> No.51520800

Kineticist can, kinetic fist.

>> No.51520815

Str is not so essential if you dont two hand

>> No.51520852

Posting this crap again, a merchant class I've been playing with. Still trying to fill out the guilds, idea been coming slow but anyone got opinions on whats already there?


>> No.51520902

Our DM is starting a Psionic-only campaign soon. I wanted to look at the Occult-Psionic Archetypes that were made in "Psionics Augmented: Occult", but I don't see them in the Trove. Are they just not available, or am I looking in the wrong place?

>> No.51520927

The whole point of doublespeak was that by removing possible conversation - including by banning certain words but progressively by redefining the vocabulary people will even get to learn - you completely alter the available concepts and ideas for people.

Just like people in the distant past had no concept of, say, a smartphone, REMOVING all such terminology can eliminate the concept once more within a generation.

This "even mentioning it is tabooo REEEEEE" with the holocaust is likely what led to it becoming incrasingly seen as fake in places affected by these taboos the longest. It's also a lesson the SJW crowd learned and applies; as the real goal of anyone organizing such political correctness IS to remove the ability to understand. Sounds like a good thing to the trannies at first glance, but eventually will make things even worse for them.

It's also why you never hear a politician admit to things like corruption. "we don't use these words" helps reduce how many people think those words. They'll say "there were discrepancies" or "mistakes" or any other number of words, all of which - WE RIGHT NOW - understand are thinly veiled euphemisms... but our grandchildren... will not.

>> No.51520969

I want to plow a Small Tiefling's round yet firm butt!

>> No.51520978

Anyone get that healer's handbook yet?

>> No.51520980

>our grandchildren
>implying anyone in these threads will have children

>> No.51520986

I have two, don't you?

>> No.51520992

Do tieflings have periods, or breeding seasons?

>> No.51521018

>have to pause the adventure cause the tiefling ranger went into heat and is humping everything that will stand still long enough.

>> No.51521057


>> No.51521073

Our Aasimar always says hokey shit. I reckon it's 'cause he watched his momma die though. He's a helpful enough feller, but he gets real moody sometimes.

>> No.51521074


Join the club.

>> No.51521079


Breeding seasons sounds like something more in tune with elves and other bestial races. Tieflings should be horny all the time, like succubus.

>> No.51521083

Nah, you're good. Your group are just being unfun.

>> No.51521094

Except if we need to every generation argue and conclude each moral sin is wrong that past generation already knew, we will be forever stuck still

>> No.51521099

>ywn play a cute Small tiefling Archer that rides the party Paladin every fight and every night

Why even adventure?

>> No.51521109

>Every 20 years the elven druid enters her unavoidable mating season
>There is no hope of evading her tracking abilities

>> No.51521124

>spend all the time fuming and obsessing over rules in ruleset
>then just make games where nobody fights and people only masturbate to fanfic
Bizarre general

>> No.51521147

Is this a list for toy figures?
Or what does it collect?

>> No.51521148

Yes, we will
And some people greatly benefit from this, on a personal, malicious level.

>> No.51521159

Many Tieflings are constantly horny

>> No.51521168


The more I read the more treasure I find in this book. Seduce undead, seems self-explanatory except it also deals 1d6 damage to the undead each time the caster has an orgasm and it lasts 24 hours. There's a monstrous mouse that will make its home inside people then tear apart penises that enter. It feels like I should be disgusted at this material, but I can't help but wonder how a dm with no boundaries would use this stuff in a serious game.

The Rod of Pillows is surprisingly clean and comfy though, as it can create comfy pillows and a bed covered in pillows.

>> No.51521169

>your Ekujae waifu will never rape you during her breeding season

I can't justify living

>> No.51521186

Fuck, seriously? So you can just fuck shadows and wraiths to death?

>> No.51521190

Wait, before you kys, do you know where this pic is from? I've definitely seen it before somewhere, I just can't tell where.

>> No.51521191

Those are all characters from Granblue Fantasy, mobile game. Stylized, of course. It focuses on draphs who are all stacked, horned and short. Except for men, they are huge and horned.

>> No.51521194

And thus a specialized sect of paladins are born.

>> No.51521229


Well I mean, depends on how many orgasms you can have in a day but I'm sure there's a spell that helps with that too. Seduce is also a level 1 spell and can affect multiple undead, but only after the 9th caster level for god knows what reason. It also doesnt list what damage type so I assume it just bypasses everything.


I wonder if there's a way to use smite evil while having sex.

>> No.51521234

So if I use an X to Y trait and benefit from a Y boosting effect like tears to wine do I get the benefit into my modified skill?

>> No.51521236

What kind of cultural names (for places and people) would a race of mountaineering, ascetic moth people have? They are incapable of human speech, so these names would either have to be thought up by the humans trying to identify with them, or through their own writings. Generally their culture resembles a cross between american frontiersmen and zen buddhists.

>> No.51521243

Cervix bashing?

>> No.51521245

Isn't it a Swift Action? Just means you can't change your Sex Style on the same round.

>> No.51521266

What's an interesting class for a character that's a talented musician and scimitar fighter with an affluent upbringing but not particularly sociable?

>> No.51521295


>> No.51521339

Anyone with background skills

>> No.51521364

Ok so mechanically speaking, how much will it gimp my character if I skip companion to the lonely?

This is assuming of course that cha is at negative mods.

>> No.51521399

Which kingdom's courts or empires have better use for tiefling slayers specialized either in assassination or boumty hunting?

>> No.51521413

It's not a fucking lynchpin, you'll be fine.

>> No.51521420

None. Tieflings primarily specialize in Booty Hunting

>> No.51521447

More vigilante shit, Is 14 str and 18 dex at level 5 after racials but before gear decent for a Lethal grace avenger or should I go Stalker to augment my damage with hidden strike?

>> No.51521468

Is there a way to get more sneak attack as a slayer or do I have to go rogue/vivisectionist?

>> No.51521493


This feat gets you an extra dice.

>> No.51521531


Hmm probably better than going straight rogue.

>> No.51521544

Let me make this more complete at the expense of discretion. I'm basically going for an alchemist/agathiel with a lot of emphasis on gathering intel and scouting for the party via heavy use of disguises.

At the moment, I'm on the fence when it comes to keeping my bombs for utility or trading it for sneak attack with the promise of crippling strike later on if the game lasts long enough. Discoveries will be plentiful either way due to my favored class.

>> No.51521593

Does anyone know any ways of adding metamagic to other people's spells? Handing out free metamagic to empower someone else? I vaguely recall seeing a spell or possibly a feat for that.

>> No.51521603

Oh don't worry anon. If you're lonely, I'll be your companion...

>> No.51521728

What are some 1pp methods to increase sexual stamina to allow vigorous breeding of more than one partner on the same night?

>> No.51521743

Better Con

A drug named Allnight.

>> No.51521746

Are there any deific obediences that help ranged combat?

>> No.51521845

Is it viable to take the Ranger's Natural Weapons Combat Style for a Tiefling with Claws or Maws?

>> No.51521855

What about ALL DAY?

>> No.51521860

What is it that makes the rogue so bad in pathfinder?

>> No.51521873


All it has going for it are skill points and situational bonus damage.

>> No.51521879

Allnight also works all day! Each doses only last 8 hours, though.

>> No.51521889

It's only one extra die though.

>> No.51521895

Middle right pic looks like a joint upper body, i thought its a toy series.

>> No.51521904

The rogue's main damage output is his sneak attack. The only way to get that is usually a stealth check that can go poorly (everyone puts points into perception) and even then, that only works 1/combat.

Or you can flank. Which generally means you either have an ally in the middle of the group of enemies, or you are. Neither are a good option.

The other problem is that some enemies which get a lot more common at the end of the game, are just IMMUNE to your extra damage.

>> No.51521906


If you go slayer you would need to take 4 over 20 levels. So you get all the slayer stuff minus 4 feats and I am pretty sure you can take that feat as one of your talents.

>> No.51521922

You can only take the feat once, anon. If you could take it multiple times, it would say it.

>> No.51521947

Which are the bests skillmonkeys? Which are the best partyvoices?

>> No.51521958


Of course that would be the case. Just when I think I find something nice. I forgot I was playing a martial.

>> No.51521970


>> No.51521989

Investigator is the best skill monkey. With the Orator feat or some traits, you can do a decent job of party facing, too.

>> No.51522010


>> No.51522083

Most of them are just trying to get a rise. There's one ethno-nationalist, but what he has to stop doing is avatar-fagging, or at least put on a name/trip so people can filter him.

>> No.51522113

Flighty stuff full of imagery that sounds as if it's been translated. Things like "Mountain Rain", or "Tranquil Gloam", or "Broken Blade"

>> No.51522153


True, I've seen women take bigger knots before.

>> No.51522205


Taldor, Cheliax, Andoran.

Mostly Cheliax.

>> No.51522229

No, there's at least one other legit Nazi in this general but I don't think he would spam anime grill images.

At least he doesn't drag his shit into the general though, that's one good thing I will say.

>> No.51522271


Most Nazis and "insufferable racist types," tend to be quite friendly, I've found.

I can't say the same about the saccharine sweet "all we need is love" bleeding hearts.

>> No.51522299

Really? The (admittedly few) ones I've met have been insufferable at best. Kind of like those people who say "Yeah, I'm a bitch/asshole" and actually act like one because they told you, so if you don't like it it's your fault and not theirs for being an asshole.

>> No.51522314

Well yeah, if you're a Nazi and an asshole you're sort of stuck in shit creek without a paddle.

Have to balance things out one way or another.

>> No.51522321

Like it. had been considering native american cliche stuff like speaks-with-crows and shit, but this sounds more to the point. Can also work better with place names.

>> No.51522371


Really, the people I've met with the harder views tend to only express them well after I've grown to know them as people, and by then I can excuse their views because I'm not an asshole who's going to throw away a friendship because my friend has shitty views.

Kinda like I wouldn't turn my back on a friend who came out to me, eh?

>> No.51522390

You be saying?
Not the Nazi guy, though, just a civic nationalist passing by.
Slayer maybe?

>> No.51522392

Ah, so you've interacted more with the people who don't spout their shit at the first provocation. I, unfortunately, haven't.

>> No.51522426

>tfw you imagine what next bottom /pfg/ will reach

>> No.51522427

Okay so hol up
What is all this Nazi business and what do nazis have to do with a stupid erotic roleplay ruleset

>> No.51522446

>What is all this Nazi business
Triggered progressives
>what do nazis have to do with a stupid erotic roleplay ruleset
As the adage goes, I would rather fuck someone dressed as a nazi then someone dressed as a hippie

>> No.51522447



>> No.51522449

>Most Nazis and "insufferable racist types," tend to be quite friendly, I've found.
Most struck me as kinda cuntish but then again, I'm "untermenschen" so I probably have a bias.

>> No.51522463

The future is in progressive dogmatism

>> No.51522469

Some anon who keeps posting pictures of anime nazi girls has a player (or possible player) in their game who wants to use a stupid erotic roleplay ruleset.

>> No.51522470


>> No.51522471

It all started when Nazi-Anon commented on another's story about getting kicked out of a game for their political beliefs.

"I'm a card carrying Nazi, and even I would never do something like that in my games."

This stirred up a lot of discussion. Nazi-Anon was already an established member of this board, so that helped to keep it going this far. At this point, Nazi-Anon just needs to post and people bring Nazis up.

>> No.51522476

Oh. So why does anyone pay attention to this in any capacity?

>> No.51522478


Positive dialogue open goodthink, bigot unperson doublehitler.

>> No.51522480

Say what you want but Nazi uniforms are sexy.

>> No.51522493

Ask yourself why you've posted at least once asking about Nazis and drawing more attention to it.

>> No.51522506

There's a difference between being a nazi and enjoying the nazi aesthetic though. They were stylish motherfuckers.

>> No.51522512

Because I thought that maybe someone had gone on a neo-nazi tyrade about jews or some such. What's been described seems really fucking tame and insignificant

>> No.51522525

Welcome to 4chan!

>> No.51522666

Well, they were designed by Hugo Boss after all.
pic related

>> No.51522701

What should I use to generate NPC adventurers and gladiators for my players to fight? Any websites?

>> No.51522730


Well, there's the NPC codex.

>> No.51522740

Wonder if DSP will make something like this for PoW like they did with Psionics Embodied?

>> No.51522746

So when did the sniper slayer get turned into hot garbage and why?

>> No.51522749

Only TWO MORE days until Sleeping Goddess picks it's players!

>> No.51522757

Npc Codex, Monster Codex, or Villain Codex

>> No.51522771

If they pick any.

>> No.51522788

They got literally a dozen to choose from! A DOZEN!

>> No.51522796

I'm thinking of writing a guide to spell selection, because the current ones are not giving me what I want.

>Designed around maximizing versatility for a spontaneous caster, giving spells "groups" and having several of the "take 1, and only 1 of these spells" lists.
>give some basic useful information on the spells, such as "touch SoD targeting REF that keeps them alive". Spells are very complicated and this would keep you from needing to spend literally hours to pick your spells for a character.
>have several "default lists" that you could choose to use.

Is there anything I'm missing?

>> No.51522825

I dunno....I kinda have no faith in degenerate dm.

>> No.51522829

I wonder if DSP will ever fucking make anything anymore.

>> No.51522857


Something that would be useful for those various classes that get access to another classes spells (Anyone getting a domain or a Magpie Mage/Samsarans/Spontainous Spellcasters using rings of spell knowledge) would be a part for spells that turn up notably early on various spell lists.

Also useful for helping people pick out the spells on their list that are notable to grab because they turn up at an odd level (Like a summoner knowing he gets Gate as a 6th level spell so it's basically always the best choice)

>> No.51522872

Color code them by source
Extended 1pp aka the 100 player companions and so
Risky 3pp

>> No.51522881

I find your lack of faith uncomfy.

>> No.51522919

>Because I thought that maybe someone had gone on a neo-nazi tyrade about jews or some such
You can go to /pol/ at any time and find this happening

>> No.51522921

Npc folio if you want your pcs to feel tough, optimize them a little if you want a challenge for both yourself and your players.
>My inexperienced GM sends the mage hunter ranger against my lvl 15 sorc.
Good times

>> No.51522923


>> No.51522925

Obviously, but that doesn't happen as often on /tg/

>> No.51522929

I must have missed it, being as comfy as I am in my blanket.

What happened?

>> No.51522935

I wonder why that guy flipped shit about being uncomfortable though
It was literally just anime girl pictures

>> No.51522939

Same thing that'll happen with Sleeping Goddess, RotJR....

>> No.51522961

He didn't get a trigger warning, so his safespace was violated.

>> No.51522977


>> No.51523018

New thread


>> No.51523028


They're called Doraph and from my experience, they're popular race in a series of hentai manga called Gran Blue Fantasy.

>> No.51523030


>> No.51523052

What do those people even do once they leave their parents basement or their community college and have to deal with randoms daily in real life?

Break down?
Kill themselves?
Sue everyone and everything?

Please tell me it's the second one?

>> No.51523055

Lad we're on page 4

>> No.51523060

So, stealth:
> It's impossible to use Stealth while attacking, running, or charging.

>Action: Usually none. Normally, you make a Stealth check as part of movement, so it doesn't take a separate action.

If you used a fool's errand strike like Windmill Waltz Flurry:
>After each attack, you may move up to 5 feet without provoking attacks of opportunity
And also had a hide in plain sight ability, would you be able to stealth in between every attack?

>> No.51523066

It's usually the third.
Sometimes they grow up and realize people will disagree with your arguments and sometimes even your fundamental values.

>> No.51523168

I would rule that a 5-foot-step is its own action and doesn't count as movement for the purpose of stealthing or drawing/sheathing weapons

>> No.51523248

Yes but the feat tax is really bad on good hips, and bad hips is highly situational.

>> No.51523249


Molthune DM complained about being sick on the day of the first session, which was cut short because he needed to sleep.

Ever since that day (two weeks ago) the DM has been completely silent, not even logging in. After numerous attempts to contact him, the party gave up and left the Discord.

So ends one of the great campaigns.

>> No.51523264

You are not entirely wrong...

>> No.51523266


>> No.51523358

Misconception. Produced by Hugo Boss, designed by Karl Diebitsch and Walter Heck.

>> No.51523724

Why not be a yokai zenko kitsune and be an animal in the first place?

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