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>Drive straight
>Conserve gas
>And never, ever forget your seat belt and helmet

Wheelman Edition
Tell us about your yertzed out ride. Do you prefer speed or muscle? What tunes are you bumping as the street sammy returns fire from your passenger side?

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Is it just me, or do all your non-driver characters end up with motorcycles? It seems like every time I finish building out the character, I always have enough for a decent bike with some necessary mods (like spoofing) but no real car.

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Dodge Scoot with metahuman customisation, so my loltroll can ride it around inside buildings like a circus muderclown on a miniature bicycle. He carries it on his back when he has to walk.

Will look into upgrading to Realistic Features so he can pretend it's a little pony.

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"Oh sweet, the stripper's here!"

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You're gonna have to elaborate a bit more because I don't see how that's possible.

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My pistol adept has a motorcycle. It's not great, but it gets me from point A to point B, and it's easy to fire from.

I also made a rigger that has a pickup truck with a truly absurd amount of armor (for a pickup truck).

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I would like to know more too.

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sometimes, all you can afford is a scootypuff

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My face couldn't afford one at character gen. But he has points in pilot ground craft 'cause he will definitely branch out into it. It'll be as an AR adept too thanks to that delicious Improved Reflexes 3.
>gotta talk fast and eventually drive fast

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(moving to the new thread, apparently)

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You take Pilot Origins, Designer and the other such qualities at chargen. Get into an argument with your GM about whether or not Pilot Origins is based on vehicle class or locomotion method. Get into an argument about whether you can stack drone armour mods and regular-person armour. Buy all the appropriate autosofts you'll need with karma.

Once you're in career mode, scrimp and save the 50 Karma for Exceptional Entity, then scrimp and save the 75 Karma for Depth 7 and 8. At that point, assuming you haven't already been hacked and/or are in a new game because no Shadowrun game makes it past a hundred karma, you've got a tolerable Chappie.

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OK, that makes more sense. Saving up 125 karma is gonna suck but it's doable.

You can't stack drone armor with something like an armor jacket, but I'd let an anthroform drone wear a helmet and use securetech PPP kits and shields.

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So does anyone actually use any of that Court of Shadows stuff?

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One of my characters uses a theme park style mascot costume from a 'Forest Friends Pizza Village' that he's refitted with armor and stuff to conceal his identity during runs.

I'm having a hard time picking a good name for the mascot character that his suit is based on, though, other than that it's a bear. Any suggestions on what to call a child-friendly bear mascot in the sixth world?

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Duckling Jones.
Bear Arms.
Mr. Fluffy.
Cottom Death.
Forest Friend.

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>Wheelman Edition
>Tell us about your yertzed out ride. Do you prefer speed or muscle? What tunes are you bumping as the street sammy returns fire from your passenger side?
I am the streetsam, but I do have a nice ride. It's a GMC Phoenix with +2 Handling, +2 concealed armor, Anti-theft 3, metahuman adjustment, increased seating, spoof chip, morphing license plate and high quality run flat tires. Before I'm done with it, I'll add a disguised heavy weapon mount with a heavy machine gun (disguised as a supercharger), a rank 4 nanobot repair system, luxury accomodations and Yerzed Out 4. For the record, the last two will mean the following and then some:
>ourborous hubcaps
>green scale paintjob
>viper head design on "supercharger"
>"hissing" carhorn
>real snakeskin leather for all the upholstery
>Sangre del Diablo wood for all the panels

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Can I get some opinions from y'all? I've built an aug'd-to-the-gills infiltrator, a master thief who can change her face basically at will - along with her skin tone, height, cup size, and with some slight rules lawyering her apparent metatype (retractable casemodded fangs for tusks, and a regular disguise kit for ear pointing).

Her backstory is pretty simple; she grew up as a street kid in the barrens who had to steal to eat. She was good at it. So when she had enough to eat, she stole for things to fence to make money. She used that money to get chrome so she could steal better, which led to better chrome, which led to better heists, ad nauseum.

I find myself in need of a negative quality or two to finish the build off, and can't decide what to take. I'm toying with the following ideas, but am open to suggestions:
Blank Slate: This is a bit of a refluff - rather than abusing personasofts, she's played so many characters over the years during her heists, and while laying low afterward, that she really doesn't have much of a personality of her own anymore.
Compulsive (Kleptomania): She steals based on instinct sometimes. Fortunately, she's got the chops to get away with it.
Code of Honor (Does not kill metahumans): She's a thief, not a murderer.

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Barrens Rat and Faceless (both in Hard Targets 191)

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Don't forget the external trid projectors to make it look like there are snakes gathering around your ride.

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Well faceless was exactly what I was looking for, but I can't fit Barrens Rat in without dropping something. I currently have Biocompatability (Cyberware), which is required for all my augmentations. I also have Alibi, Erased, and Innocuous, and I suppose I could drop any one of those for Barrens Rat - but is it worth it if I have smuggling compartments built in?

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No, concealability is easy enough to jank out that barrens rat is never worth it for anyone.

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>but is it worth it if I have smuggling compartments built in?

Its not terribly necessary, no. Its easily replaced by a couple concealed pockets in your armor/clothing.

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Gotcha. Then she's pretty much done.

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What books should I tackle next now that I've finally worked my way through the rulebook a couple times?

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One of my players' rivals is a decker who's used his ill gotten gains to yertz the drek out of an Esprit Watcher.

The runners know it as the swag wagon, the frag wagon, and the pussymobile.

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Are you GMing or playing?
If playing, what kind of character?

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Depends on what interests you. Want to learn more about magic? Street Grimoire

Cybertechnology? Chrome Flesh

Guns and Gear? Run and Gun

Metasapients? Run Faster

So on and so forth. But if you are looking for something more definitive? Sixth World Almanac.

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Depends on what you want to do:
basically anything: Run Faster
Street Samurai: Run and Gun, Chrome Flesh
Adept: Run and Gun, Street Grimoire
Magician: Street Grimoire
Decker: Data Trails
Rigger: Rigger 5.0
Infiltrator: Cutting Aces and Hard Targets
Technomancer: hahaha fuck you

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Thanks guys, I'll be GMing. I'll try Run Faster and Run & Gun first.

I feel like I'm not going to get a handle on the matrix rules until I play with a decker a few times, but nobody wants to play a decker because of the crazy rules.

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Mr. Johnson left us high and dry tonight, holding the proverbial bag after a pretty fucking disastrous run. Nothing tops off a night of burning SINs and losing your team van quite like the Mr. Johnson not actually showing up to the meet.

We're stuck playing babysitter with the ghoul kid we extracted from a Universal Omitech lab now, and we have good reason to suspect Universal Omnitech is going to be pretty adamant about getting him back. Is it worth trying to find another buyer to sell the kid off to while Omnitech is gunning for us in hopes of getting SOME sort of payday out of this mess, or should we just hand him off to one of the ghoul gangs operating out of the barrens and let them deal with whatever comes afterwards?

We have no idea why he was important enough to extract which is going to make finding a buyer another pain in the ass, but Johnson promised upwards of 10k nuyen each upon successful completion of the run and we need to start the "replace the team van" fund.

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Pro-tip: Ban deckers. Keep them as NPCs. If you or your players insist on using deckers, scrap the matrix rules entirely and make hacking a simple pass/fail skill-based test to do whatever (hack doors, decrypt data, etc).

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Honestly I've never had a problem with 5e's decking rules. They've simplified things enough at this point that they're not too hard to get your head around and a matrix run doesn't even eat up a lot of time anymore unless cybercombat breaks out.

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At least Howling Shadows finally got around to 'fixing' drakes.

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Killfuck Extreme
Bob the EOD Bear
Grizzly 'I'm behind 50 armour' Bear
Bear Grills

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Whats a good excuse for non Japanese players to be working with the Yakuza?

I got my players in San Francisco after the Ares take over and I want them to have an chance to pick what gang they are with. Every flavor of gang is mentioned to have some slice of the pie including the Triads, the Ancients, the Mafia, Seoulpa Rings and the Yakuza.

I just cant figure out a reason why they would accept outsiders into their ranks.

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On the base level, just being really good at being runners. Sure, a closer relationship does make a group of runners a bit less useful as deniable assets, but if you use them for things where you want it 'known' but not known that you're behind it, that's now a good thing.

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>Whats a good excuse for non Japanese players to be working with the Yakuza?

>> No.51518422

Yaks wouldn't accept non-Japanese into their ranks, but criminal organizations are practical and runners are cheap and expendable.

>> No.51518460


I meant more the name of the bear mascot BEFORE the runner stole it and turned it into a power-armored fursuit, but thanks for the input.

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For what it's worth my team is mostly split, leaning towards suggesting we dump the kid off in the barrens, but our Fixer says he should be able to find a buyer if we give him a few days to pull some strings and learn a bit about the facility we pulled him from.

Given that this is Shadowrun we're almost definitely going to have to deal with people sent to fuck him up though so I'm honestly hoping you guys can help me weigh in the cost-benefit analysis here.

Keep the weird ghoul kid and hope our Fixer can figure out what he was important for so we can try to get some money? Dump the kid and be done with it?

>> No.51518557

Consider getting some Breaking and Entering tools like an Autopicker/Lockpick Set and a Sequencer. Maybe even splurge for some specialized gear like a Cellular Glover Molder and Keycard Copier. Also a Grappling Gun, Climbing Gear, and a pocket full of C-Squared to tool up for the whole master infiltrator/thief thing. Consider hunting down a Catsuit with some Voidblack Coating once play starts.

>> No.51518598

Dumping the kid wouldn't necessarily get the counter-runner teams off your back. They will come looking for the kid and will probably kill you for your knowledge of their project regardless of if he is actually there or not. You might as well keep the ghoul until you find a buyer because you are already in too deep to not turn a profit from your bullshit run.

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On the yerzed-out ride, my group has an elf who doesn't need a car because his skimmers let him travel above the legal speed limit (assuming 50 mph). As a gang of people who all do this exact same thing, is this a horrible idea?

>> No.51518662

Its a neat gimmick, being able to flee quickly and maneuver like an anime mecha, but vehicles are incredibly handy when you or your crew have to transport heavy cargo or travel long distances. Not to mention, the plan goes to shit if one of the runners is downed in combat and can't escape on their own legs.

>> No.51518681

So basically they would never become part of the Yakuza itself, but could be hired as runners for them and develop a positive relationship with them. Thanks guys.

Also reading up about these organizations irl is super interesting.

Is there any major differences between modern Yakuza and the Shadowrun Yakuza besides power?

>> No.51518785

More power, Goddamn Wizards, they've moved into the whole Futurecrimes of Shadowrun (hacking, organlegging, talislegging, Bunraku parlors), and one of the megacorps was a Yakuza front that ended up being super-profitable, so they can expect a few rare favors now and then.

>> No.51518799

Yakuza in SR are a "guild" as much as a criminal organization. They aren't a very secret society and operate openly within their communities. Like Japanocorps they maintain a sense of decorum and honor, at least publicly. And while they aren't afraid to get their hands dirty with the typical crimes you'd expect from Yakuza, they aren't as self-destructive as common gangers, nor are they as parasitic to the communities they lord over as megacorps. Shoot straight with the Yakuza and they will usually shoot straight with you which is more than can be said about a lot of underworld organizations.

>> No.51518863

I'm hunting for media to represent augmented physical capacity. Like the Point Man is good for someone with a huge combat sense/ranged defense pool, for example. Anyone with a huge agi/rea would be good.

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>> No.51518987

i had a character who ended up the default driver because he was the only one with a car. (we're all idiots.) i lost 4 jackrabbits on 4 consecutive runs. eventually got an armored van thingy which we promptly painted to look like the A-team van. (as i said, we're all idiots.)

>> No.51519024

Should have covered it in more jackrabbits. You know, ablative armour.

>> No.51519038

SHIT! you're right!

>> No.51519067

in case anyone is interested, in order of occurrence: smashed by gangers, machine gunned by lonestar, swept away in a tide of fire fighting foam, abandoned at sea-tac as we escaped in another car. (no way was i paying the fines on that thing, it was stolen anyway.)

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>> No.51519151

you ain't wrong, brother.

>> No.51519202

Next up: Pay a group of hobos to drive around and commit crimes in a jackrabbit. Rig it to explode so you don't need to pay them. Tell them they're Shadowrunners now. Might take the heat off your group.

>> No.51519329

So I'm considering a character who is involved with the Vory, and I'm curious about what kind of skillset or archetype that kind of character would fall under. I was thinking along the lines of Street Sam/Face, but what kind of skills/knowledge skill would someone else with the Vory have? What about positive/negative qualities? Contacts?

>> No.51519483

I guess my next question would be their position on metahumans.

I understand that the Yakuza are often right wing and japan has a history of anti metahumanism, but they are often for the people too. Now without yomi island metas are now part of that equation. Just a mater of perspective.

>> No.51519503

There are a few who take them, but any Yak who happens to be female or a meta is ten times as good as their male counterparts because they had to be. Mostly, it's a case of 'fuck off'.

>> No.51519508

If they are at least half-Japanese they stand a shot. Yakuza are just as racist as the rest of the JIS, but they are also more pragmatic. Japanese metas stand a decent chance of earning their way into the Yakuza, but chances are slim that they will achieve any meaningful rank within the hierarchy.

>> No.51519613

>Shoot straight with the Yakuza and they will usually shoot straight with you which is more than can be said about a lot of underworld organizations.
Sorta true, but you have to stick to their perspective and way of doing things for that to be true, and that means no fucking up, and remembering that everything positive that results from what they do for you is another straw to the pile of debt they're going to make sure you remember you owe them.

Also, a lot of the new way Yaks don't really follow the old way guidelines - more opportunities for employing metas and women, but fewer restrictions on fucking you over because repaying the debt you bring them gets too heavy to handle.

>> No.51519641

Vice is available through the OP, and covers all kinds of organised crime.

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>> No.51520632

So I'm workshopping a character concept that's basically an American-Irish domestic terrorist. You know the kind, the guys who claim "real Irish" watch soccer, hate England, only drink Irish whisky, and even if that's not what it's like in fucking Ireland, then they're not real Irish. Anyway, enamored with his fairytale version of 70-90s Ireland and the Cause, he decides he's going to join an organization of likeminded individuals looking to overthrow Tir Tairngire and "return the power to the people from the oppressive monarchy".

So basically, IRA fanboys waging a war against imperialistic monarchy, just like the bad ol' days. To fund the Cause, he took up shadowrunning as a way to procure finances, underworld contacts and illegal hardware.

Now, I know there's anti-Tir Na Nog organizations with branches in the US who base themselves on the IRA (ironic considering the IRA was folded into the Noggian government and the country has become wholly Catholic), but are there any existing groups of a similar kind opposed to Tir Tairngire? I know it used to be Amerindian turf, so I'm thinking they could possibly have some backing there.

>> No.51520937


even the 4th edition matrix rules were understandable. The 3rd ones were undestandable too. They were just plain tedious.

>> No.51520954


Rinelle Ke'tesrae. Look it up.

>> No.51520972

Thanks, dude!

>> No.51521028

Did you really

Why is her essence 0? Is that a chummer5 thing?

I feel like she could have at least one 'supply'/fence contact? Her skill set seems hardveering between 'usefuless' and 'terrifyingly good', depending on if she has time to build her way out of situations with all those mechanical/armorer/chemistry skills, so actually getting her hands on raw material via a contact might be a good idea.

Long Haul addiction is fun. Workaholic?

Why Clean Metabolism?
>has learned how to build or fix everything that a person could possibly use or have inserted inside them
Oh, nevermind.

Solid 8/10.

>> No.51521116

I would suggest at least 2 ranks in intimidate, but more is always better, even if your charisma is shit, your armed gangster f(r)iends can help you pretty easily.
Then intimidate the enemy in best slav manner.
Also buy an Ares rapid transit.

>> No.51521896

I was actually advised away from them before, on the basis that my locksmith and hardware are high enough to crack locks, while the B/E gear tends to have a lower dice pool - it's more for a dedicated face who lacks locksmith and hardware.

>> No.51521998

Where are the stats for the carsuit?

>> No.51522070

Have you ever thought about how pants-shittingly terrifying encounters with your runners must be for the average wageslave?

>be wageslave in Hong Kong
>work in accounting department on second floor
>it sucks but it's a living
>working along one day when you hear the window in the hallway open
>then there is a sound like a large infiltrator tactically rolling in through the window
>you and two of your coworkers get up from your desks and leave your cubicles to investigate, but when you look there's nothing there
>decide it was just the floor creaking in a funny manner for no discernible reason, return to cubicle and get back to work
>suddenly there's a big hand over your mouth and a machete at your throat as you're pulled back from your desk
>oh god it wasn't the floor creaking
>feel the ork's hot breath as he whispers into your ear with with his Aztlan accent
>"Well hello there, wouldn't it be a shame if you died today. I know there's a technomancer in this building. Where is he?"
>oh god he's speaking English and not Cantonese
>English was your worst subject in school
>you didn't even know there was a technomancer here
>he removes his hand from your mouth, allowing you to speak
>"Guh...news to me....probably in development."
>hand goes back over your mouth
>he stabs the machete into your desk and puts you into a sleeper hold
>everything goes black

>> No.51522116

I fail to see how things that can bypass security or things that will give you bonus to your limit and dicepool(if switched wireless) are not for you.
Tell the one who have told you to not get them to shoot himself in the foot.

>> No.51522124

The latest Chummer version seems to have some issues when I try to make an insect spirit, it crashes before I can okay them. Any of the older versions work for this?

>> No.51522134

Unlikely, I only recently re-added the critter functions. I'll take a look.

>> No.51522143

Worse yet would probably be the sneaky breeki social runner.

Imagine being the poor sod in reception who let the strange new "transfer" group into the building. Next thing you know there's gunfire coming from management.

Somebody is gonna be the fall guy.

>> No.51522149

Can't replicate it with any of the insect spirits. What's the error message?

>> No.51522166

Very likely the character won't be magical. I was probably going to go with something like D,A,E,B,C.

Any suggestions s where my main focus on skillset should be? Was probably going to put my group points in firearms and call it a day, but what else? Face skills? Investigation? Athletics?

Doing some research into the Vory, they seem to like their cyber crime, but I'm not sure if that's just their generic statement they slap on to every criminal organization. Maybe go for a bit of a "Merc/operator" type of character with some Decking skills and driving?

>> No.51522183


Yeah. Even for security.

>Work night shift at warehouse.
>Joking with Dan how he's tasked to watch over the basement alone because he's a troll and how that's racist.
>Tell me he's going for a smoke break at 3am
>five minutes later, no news from him.
>Take commlink
>"Hey, Danny, you dead, man?"
>Suddenly the security room door explode, and a chick with a FUCKING CLAYMORE enter the room and start hammering my face with the handle.
>everything fades to black
>Wake up in the morning, the warehouse is fucking gone, everything that's left are ashes. All ten security coworkers are lain down everywhere around me, faces covered with bruises.
>Ho god does my face hurt.
>What the fuck happened.

>> No.51522209

I like to thing i look terrifying also to other runners.
>be me
>ork street sammy, currently working protection
>nicely dressed with a custom suit, coat and ballistic mask
>have well kept ares alpha over your shoulder
>elf assassin jumps out of nowhere and tries surprise attack
>not surprised, also high on jazz
>one punch the fucker with my cyberarm
>second elf out of nowhere panics at shoot at me with ares desert strike
>hit lands square in the chest
>no damage
>look at him and send command for the ballistic eye's to flare red
> Don't Fear the Reaper playing in my headphones

>> No.51522213 [DELETED] 

Sorry about that, it seems to work now after I restarted my computer. I sent the crash report anyway.

>> No.51522227

Crash followup id = 52719fec-3842-426c-9fbe-989b5b1d6a28
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I was making a worker ant spirit force 6.

>> No.51522312

Seems like it has some trouble with bugs.

>> No.51522351

Actually Drones can wear Armor, the only point in question is whether you can stack it on top of your regular drone Armor or have it work exclusively if you use it.

>> No.51522534

Yeah, looks like at some point the code got changed to prevent metavariants from just being a layer on top of their base metatype, so none of the data was coded to contain their attributes. Fixed it by having the data null-coalesce back to the metatype's stats, like it should have been done in the first place. Anyway, it's compiling now, should be pushed to the nightlies in a minute or two.

>> No.51522596

Don't worry, I got it.

>> No.51522725

Is there a good way to mount melee weapons on a vehicle? The drone rules for weapon mounts only allow reach 0 melee (ie a knife), and the only other possibility I can imagine is a full cyberarm, also using drone rules (the primitive one comes with a -2 limit penalty on weapon use).

I want to build a swordcycle, but I can't see a way to do it other than using the drone rules instead of the vechile mod rules altogether. Also, any recommendations on a bike for autonomous automassacres?

>> No.51522918

Well the issue is this; consider a maglock keypad.

To unlock it without a sequencer, you first need to make a Locksmith + Agility [Physical] (Maglock Rating x2, 1 combat turn) extended test to remove the casing. If it has an anti-tamper system, a second locksmith test must be made against a threshold equal to it's rating, which is 1 to 4.

After it's open, you have to rewire the keypad, which requires the exact same test as opening the case. And if you want to put it back together and hide evidence of your tampering, you make that test a third time.

Now obviously this takes time, and can't be done in combat (easily), and anyone watching you knows instantly that you're tampering with it (unless you're in a maintenance uniform and make a good con test). You COULD use a sequencer, but then your dicepool is the sequencer's rating, which at chargen can be up to 4. I don't really relish making a test with a dicepool of 4.

>> No.51523087

Still get a crash whenever I okay the spirit With the latest build. Giving the same reason too.

>> No.51523125

I consider it. And unless you are primer runner from char gen you would most likely brake key pads of average rating 2. Meaning easy and quick to break with a sequencer. There also can be cases where you need to get in right now and have no time to wait in which case the sequencer would come in handy.
Now what if the its a card reader instead of keypad. Or print based or what not. With the gear you can produce legit ways for your team to get in.
What you do by ignoring the whole section and limiting your available plans of action. Backups of your backups is the way to survive and prosper.

>> No.51523151

Actually, print readers and key cards are the exact same as a keypad; extended test to brute force, or rating v. rating to quickly unlock.

However, I accept your point. I can probably squeeze in some rating 4 B/E gear.

>> No.51523272

I know. The idea was that with fake cards you can walk in with your whole team and walk through the whole facility.
Also autopicker is a must since it gives you its rating to your limit for picking locks and if you turn it wireless to your limit. Max is 6 and you can get it at chargen meaning free +6 dices to locksmith.

>> No.51523399


>Did you really

Couldn't help myself. I was tempted to buy a water vehicle to legitimize it, but to hell with it.

>Why is her essence 0? Is that a chummer5 thing?

Yeah, it's a bug. She only dipped into about half an Essence point.

>I feel like she could have at least one 'supply'/fence contact? Her skill set seems hardveering between 'usefuless' and 'terrifyingly good', depending on if she has time to build her way out of situations with all those mechanical/armorer/chemistry skills, so actually getting her hands on raw material via a contact might be a good idea.

That is definitely a good idea. I was considering buying or borrowing materials from her workplace at the university, but that is a much better plan.

>Long Haul addiction is fun. Workaholic?

Definitely. Sleep is for the dead!

>Why Clean Metabolism?

Stopping to use the bathroom also cuts into valuable work/study time.

>> No.51524037

My first 5e runner after playing 4e forever. Human mundane face made using the Sum to 10 rules.


>> No.51524161

>Ares Antioch


Why the Skinlink, it only works with Instruments.
Pretty useless.

Grab a Comlink with the highest Rating possible at Chargen and a few 100 Nuyen Burner Comlinks.

Grab a Armored Jacket for when you know that shit hits the fan.
You can store it in the car
You want some sort of gasmask

Alphaware plastic bonelacing is better than Orthoskin.

>> No.51524286

His go-to weapon would be the custom Warhawk, the nade launcher, uzi and silenced pistol are all for specific situations because it pays to be prepared sometimes.
Touch link is mostly for character fluff, allows for physical interaction with AR. Also allows him to record physical sensations for his day job of reviewing parties/events for a newspaper.
Bonelacing maybe, +1 bod +1 armor is functionally the same as +2 armor but the bod can be used elsewhere yeah.

>> No.51524461

How reasonable is it to substitute Survival in the place of First Aid, given the justification that it's basic wound dressing in the field?

>> No.51524526

Survival is more about where to find food, water and shelter. Field dressing of wounds is, you guesed it, First Aid!

>> No.51524638

Were there any attempts at full body cyborgization in Shadowrun or is it allnot instant drop to 0 essence and Death?

>> No.51524705

More than you know. They've all failed.

>> No.51524751

Full-body cyborgs exist in the form of Jarheads, but they don't tend to live longer than a couple of years at most.

>> No.51525292

> there any major differences between modern Yakuza and the Shadowrun Yakuza besides power?

IRL the Yakuza in Japan is made up of about 20% ethnic Koreans. They're significantly more welcoming to outsiders than the country they're in (though they mistrust westerners, mostly because they fucking should).

>> No.51526144

They existed in fourth ed, but there's no mention of them anywhere in 5e, so perhaps they've been retconned. Or CGL just forgot about them, either way they weren't playable as a standard starting Character.

>> No.51526187

Remember that the +1 body from bone lacing is only for soak rolls, it doesn't help you resist addiction or disease.

>> No.51526248

It's pretty simple conceptually to create a full body cyber limb cyborg. You just need to go above standard grade or involve cybermancy, otherwise the essence costs become prohibitive.

I wouldn't expect either, before saying they've been saved for a later splat pdf.

>> No.51526363

So I just finished the bonus episode of Hong Kong, and boy was it sub-par. So much railroading and such sloppy writing. What's that? You're forced to rat the triads out even though your character knows they do horrible shit for much less, AND has seen what lying scumbags corps are firsthand? Why? Also, enjoy choosing one of three endings that don't make sense from a logical point of view in a series that otherwise generally lets you at least shape the outcome of a given situation somewhat. I mean, just off the top of my head, I would've liked if there was a way for me to remain SINless and Duncan not that didn't involve shitting all over the Yellow Lotus. Like maybe convincing Cheng that having a cop with familial ties to her main shadowrunner would be beneficial, especially now that they're actually heading to Seattle.

Dragonfall did way better on that point, actually giving you nuanced options that didn't boil down to "Kill everyone for no reason" or "Fuck over your extremely powerful and vindictive employer".

>> No.51526385

Maybe they are being saved, they can put them in with Cyberzombies which STILL have no actual rules in 5e.

>> No.51526405

To be fair, cyberzombies are clear and away NPC-only territory. Hatchetman might have been the best there was, but deep down we all know there will never be another like him again.

>> No.51526501

Don't kid yourself. After hatchetman, the corps started rolling out braincase cyborgs and cyberzombies into high security positions.

They might be NPC only in your games or head canon, but they also work as end of campaign / high powered content.

>> No.51526513

And that's the best possible scenario:
>Work night shift at warehouse
>Joking with Dan how he's tasked to watch over the basement alone because he's a troll and how that's racist.
>Tell me he's going for a smoke break at 3am
>five minutes later, no news from him.
>Cameras are blank
>Suddenly security door busts open and an ork 90% covered in chrome jacked up on Kamikaze wielding a monofilament chainsaw busts in
>She's wearing Dan's hat and is smeared with blood
>She howls maniacally
>Oh god
>Throw weapon on the ground and surrender
>She says no witnesses
>Next thing I know I'm down one arm and all I can think of is how Ares doesn't even give me insurance

>> No.51527011

Cranial Bombs as a plot device: Too railroady?

>> No.51527079

It was too railroady for a movie, dude.

>> No.51527306

Wasn't nearly as bad as people made it out to be. In fact it was everything I figured it would be. The Avengers except for anti-heroes and a competent movie that was the very definition of "Summer Blockbuster". Made enough money that I'm sure we'll see a sequel or three before DC reboots all its properties again.

As far as shadowrun goes, cranial bombs are a good motivator to get heavily-armed psychos to do what you want. However it does get in the way of that pesky player agency which is important to some people. However if your players are okay with it then you can do worse for plothooks. The devices are pretty much only useful for plothooks anyway.

>> No.51527428

Only when there's a guy with a detonator giving an explicit message of 'do this or I'll blow you the fuck up'.

Now a cranial-bomb whose trigger is unknown, or a cranial bomb attached to a target with valuable information, that could be fun.

>> No.51527473

Cyberguns: Are the advantages worth the drawbacks?

>> No.51527511

Yes, if you get the Custom Cyberguns. An Implanted Guardian or Warhawk is a favorite of mine.

>> No.51527512

Drawbacks? What drawbacks?

>> No.51527534

With the exception of custom models, cyberguns tend to have mediocre stats and having a gun you can't get rid of could cause some trouble if discovered.

>> No.51527563

> competent movie

That's some serious shit you been smoking dude.

>> No.51527596

Its a dumb fun action movie, not high art. Just because normies like something doesn't mean its inherently terrible.

>> No.51527604

>competent movie

>> No.51527619

That's the thing. It wasn't even very fun. I was drunk and high when I saw it and I still thought it was a mess. Not even the good kind.

>> No.51527672

If I get a Guardian or any other Cybergun that uses external magazines, will I have to pay for an External Clip Port as well?

>> No.51527715

>"this is a competent movie"
>"this isn't a competent movie"
>"you're just angry it isn't some Jean Luc Godard movie you can jack off to you fucking hipster"

This is you. This is what you sound like.

>> No.51527770

When something sets out to be something and it turns out to be exactly that, then I'd say it was competently made. And forgive me for assuming why others hate it when all they will say is "shit sucked".

>> No.51527812

I rule at my table that if it's a magazine fed gun it uses the same internal magazine ammo count as the Standard Cyberguns. An external clip port expands it to its standard ammo count. For Revolvers I'm not quite sure.

>> No.51527857


True, but this only proves you can 'competently make' an incompetent and unsatisfying product.

>> No.51528111

Can someone explain chummer to me? Why do I have -140 karma after increasing one stat to max?

>> No.51528129

Alright let's get into why the movie's bad:

Part 1: Editing. The movie is poorly edited. It's edited to look "cool" more than it is to actually work to the audience's benefit. Shots are erratically cut together with seemingly no rhyme or reason except to fit a rhythm the editor hears in their temp music. They don't flow together, and they often break continuity. It's classic trailer house editing, especially with how much goddamn licensed music is in it, and how ridiculously on-the-nose each one is.

Part 2: Structure. The movie is so slow because of its reliance on Flashback in the first half. The problem is that even though there are so many Flashbacks you still don't get them for some characters, who are just fucked. The joker flashbacks are pointless and further serve to cut into the parts of the film that actually matter, the story itself. These should have been addressed at the writing stage but Ayer only had 6 weeks to write the thing.

Part 3: Acting. It was fine. Actors basically just need to show up and be charismatic in a movie like this. Joel Kinnaman is like a fucking negative space in this movie though. I don't think Jared Leto's joker was Leto's fault. He didn't have anywhere close to the amount of space that character would need to breathe, since pretty much everything ended up on the cutting room floor, but he comes off poorly.

>> No.51528145

Take it back to >>/co/, at least stupid as they are the previous shouting matches in this thread have had something to do with SHadowrun

>> No.51528152

You're in priority and you've increased your karma points instead of base points.
Watch this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdclQDjRHew

>> No.51528261

I'll concede those points. All the same I enjoyed it.

In the spirit of >>51528145 I'll get back to the thread at hand.

>> No.51528337


Now let's do the same for Avengers, since it's a similar movie:

Part 1: Editing. It's boring. This is a boringly edited movie. It's safe, inoffensive, never gets in the way of the action. The biggest risk taken was in adding some shaky stuff in the heavy action scenes, but even that was done in post so they could get exactly the amount of shake they wanted. The only really interesting shots are things like the upside-down long-take tracking shot of the scepter while everyone's arguing and some uses key uses of dutch angles.

Part 2: Structure. It has a normal three act structure that doesn't get bogged down with flashbacks to explain each character (having given each their own movie to establish them). It doesn't even really slow down to introduce them, even pushing back introducing Thor to late in the first act. It has a super weak transition into the third act when everyone kinda just fucks about and then comes together (especially for Thor, who basically got shafted as a character this movie).

Part 3: Acting: The acting has some really charismatic actors saying funny stuff (assuming you can deal with whedonesque writing). Minus Scarlet Johansson who's a wet rag.

Sorry dad.

>> No.51528693

>Tell us about your yertzed out ride.
My Decker vomited in the back of the Rigger's Hyundai from the aftereffects of a gas-grenade, so now everyone else rides in his fancy car (High Amenities and all) while I'm tailing behind on my Dodge Scoot.

Montpelier's a very rainy city in the sixth world.

>> No.51528826

So is there any way to drive around or even into the Ork Underground, or is all foot traffic down there?

>> No.51528881

Get the implanted flamethrower
I always assumed if you didn't have an external port, you couldn't reload it without disassembling your arm..

>> No.51528962

>I always assumed if you didn't have an external port, you couldn't reload it without disassembling your arm..

You assume wrong.
No external port = small internal mag into which you have to load the bullets one-by-one

>> No.51529003

>vomit in someone's car
>they don't just make you clean it and call it square

You have a shit team and shittier friends, chummer.

>> No.51529041

Is there a way to break skill groups?
I have 5 in firearms, but I'd like to bump pistols to 6.

>> No.51529157

Pretty much exclusively foot traffic.
Only with karma.

>> No.51529194

Nobody ever said Shadowrunners made for good friends. No doubt he'd unlock the door for my Decker if it was life-or-death, but I can't entirely blame him for wanting to set an example to anyone who might think about messing up the car he put an unhealthy amount of time and love into.

I'm waiting for the day he pushes someone out his car while doing 75 down a freeway because they bled on his upholstery.

>> No.51529391

Dunno seems unhealthy habit for a runner.
Last time I played rigger was in a prime level game. Didnt care if they would bleed on the leather seats of my dodge goliath. In fact that was a given since we were getting shot quite a lot. The fact that I've also used the goliath as battering ram to enter the second floor of a mansion after making a jump at top speed from pile of rubbel.
Last time I vomited in fellow runner's car I just paid his cleaning bill and we were fine.

>> No.51529464

No doubt that the Rigger's fixation with keeping his rides clean can be annoying, but that's just one of the quirks that runners come with sometimes. He's competent enough at what he does that I'm willing to look over how anal he is about tidiness, and considering what he's done with people who intentionally vandalized his cars and drones, I feel like I've came off lucky.

>> No.51529755


Funnily enough, I play in a group where I must always work so that security workers can see another night shift, and where said ork with monofilament chainsaw insists that we leave no witnesses. Karma really is a bitch.

>> No.51530020

>Last time I vomited in fellow runner's car I just paid his cleaning bill and we were fine.
Clearly we need a custom vomit-disposal modification. Or just keep a bucket in the back seats.

>only going 75mph

>> No.51530232

I was in the Ancap thread where the discussion made me think of Shadowrun.

How do you guys use the government in your version of the world?

I treat it as Mexico tier, not as powerful as the US government, but still present enough that 'Runners and Corporations try to look clean so they don't get investigated.

>> No.51530325

I imagine the UCAS to be equal to a AAA Corp in power and influence. If the UCAS government wanted to, they could resist for example Renraku influence and start a National-Corporate conflict, and a winner wouldn't be clear from the start. However, the power of multiple AAAs or even the Council is enough to bully most nations into line.

>> No.51530460


Dumping the kid might be a good idea. Corps are motivated by money. If going after your team will get the megas their profits back, that's what they're gonna do.

And obviously they can't do this if, surprise surprise, you odn't have the kid anymore.

That's the beauty of being a deniable asset but then again -- can you look yourself in the mirror afterward?

>> No.51530502

>Tell us about your yertzed out ride.
A pickup truck (Gopher) heavily modded into a APC/Command Center. Truckbed is enclosed and has seating for 4. Front cab is half rigger cocoon, half miniature house. Two drone bays.

Was thinking about getting a MothershipLTAV and going airborne with it. But modifications to make the Truck NOT a metal deathtrap, and to make the LTAV NOT a sitting duck would require ~200,000-300,000 nuyen. Don't think I'll be getting that far.

>> No.51530505

Riggers and Hackers are quirky almost by definition. Over the course of a 2 year game, I've had:

1) Agorophobic technomancer who was incredibly shy and withdrawn in person, but an outgoing socialite idoru socialite over the matrix
2) Conspiracy Theorist paranoiac who thought that the local Nacho Mama was putting something in the special sauce to turn the frogs gay
3) Crossdressing trap who had a 'stage magician' theme to their drones and machines, using a lot of smoke, ruthenium polymer, and hologram projectors.
4) Joyboy with a cyberdick who's was crammed full of headware and a commlink with high-rating hacking programs and is slowly figuring out his abilities.

Something about the role seems to attract eccentrics.

>> No.51530528

If you want to make a sniper/marksman/infiltrator, what do you need?

If you want to make a Claymore Mine, how do you do it?

>> No.51530536

Stupid as fuck question here, /srg/ but hopefully you can help me out.

If everything is done digitally, how much use is this skill? Are paper documents still in use?
Or would a common example of using Forgery be something like Edit + Computer with the max amount of hits possible capped by your Forgery?

Examples of when you've used Forgery in your games?

>> No.51530599

You can still forge electronic documents. SINs and licences would be useful.

>> No.51530603

Longarms, specialise in Snipers.
Take a shitload of AGI, take a little bit of any skill you think you might need to get to a better vantage point, such as Con, Etiquette, Climbing, etc. Take the appropriate gear for these skills.
It's never a bad idea to meddle in some Electronic Warfare, to hopefully remain hidden while you work.
Invest in different types of bullets and learn what they do, be able to switch them out depending on your target. If you don't think you can finish it in one shot and theres a chance they could get away, tracker rounds are your friend.

and always have a weapon for back up, in case you get snuck up on by a troll twice your size, gripping a battleaxe.

>> No.51530685

Did 5e ever get a statline for subsonic ammo?
I remember it got mentioned in a book early on but without stats.

>> No.51530773

Hard Targets, page 189

-1 to Perception tests to locate someone firing them, -2 if they're using a silencer/sound suppressor, and increase all range penalties by 1.

>> No.51530778

How much is leonization again? Can't find it.

>> No.51530802

Oh, and DV -1, AP -, Rating 8F, and 40 nuyen for 10 of them.

>> No.51530826

Chrome Flesh page 156, 2 million nuyen and 0.5 essence a pop.

>> No.51530847

So what's the best shotgun to use APDS in as a replacement for a assault cannon?

>> No.51530848

Is the price of ammo per bullet?

>> No.51530895

The listed price of ammo is always for 10 bullets, as far as I know.

>> No.51530922

Any of the 13p shotguns. The GH3 is great if you're willing to be a dirty munchkin, and the AA-16 is the best shotgun overall IIRC, but that's a career mode pickup.
Also, handloaded EX-EX or bust.

>> No.51530958

The GH3 Krime shotgun*

>> No.51530982

Yeah, the characters are preparing for a particularly hardcore run but the Johnson gave us some cash to tool up, so I'll probably go with the AA-16. I just wanted to check if there was a better alternative I missed.

>> No.51531004

What's the quickest way to fuck yourself over as a runner?

>> No.51531037

be a runner

>> No.51531045

Publicly declare your status as a blood mage.

>> No.51531046


Edgelords tend to be drawn to Sams, magicians and Adepts. It's superficially harder to edge up a guy who hacks computers or pilots drones (though Rigger X got a mild dose of edge in his write-up).

>> No.51531063


>> No.51531068

Sensitive System quality and any implant that costs 3 Essence or more.

>> No.51531086

Used Wired Reflexes 3

>> No.51531100

Not shooting straight
Not conserving ammo
And cutting deals with dragons

>> No.51531117

Also don't watch your back. Why the fuck do so many people forget that one?

>> No.51531123

>Riggers and Hackers are quirky almost by definition.
Players need something to try and wash down the hacking rules. And the fact they need 3 complex actions to do anything interesting with the matrix.

>You can still forge electronic documents. SINs and licences would be useful.
You can try, but they're not very helpful.

>Data-based forgeries, like credsticks, documents, and SINs, don’t really hold up well to scrutiny, what with information being so readily available. They can appear almost identical to the original, but any attempt to get it to act like the original (transfer nuyen, pass a SIN check, etc.) reveals the forgery.

Actual fake SINs and licenses involve modifying the SIN databases, which is presumed to be such a highly-specialized task that only dedicated ID manufacturers do it, not runners who merely dabble.

>Not shooting straight
>ywn make a bullet-curving shadowrunner

>> No.51531135

It's not in the OP, probably.

>> No.51531148

>ywn make a bullet-curving shadowrunner
Is that an adept power? If not, why isn't it?

>> No.51531151

Records on File 10

>> No.51531184

and its supposed to be

>> No.51531218

How would that even happen to you?

>> No.51531225

Lots and lots of Cultured Bioware ?

>> No.51531235

An obscene number of extremely minor crimes against every corp ever?

>> No.51531238

I keep seeing the Anarchy book in my local shop.

I'm wondering if it's worth picking up.

I only really have experience with D&D 5E and Star Wars FFG RPGs, but I love the setting of Shadowrun.

I hear the game makes you use a lot of dice. Is this still present in 5th Edition?

>> No.51531254

Take prototype transhuman and say you were some kind of Corporate Court joint project?

>> No.51531255

>I hear the game makes you use a lot of dice

>> No.51531267

So then whats the point of Forgery?
If you can make something appear real, but holds up to absolutely no standard run of the mill tests?

>> No.51531272

Yes because the ruleset uses Attribute+Skill= dice pool (number of d6s rolled)

>> No.51531284

Could you give an example?

>> No.51531287

The entire 5e ruleset is free in the OP. Give it a shot.

>> No.51531299

It was something I noticed Ed when 5th Ed first came out. Forgery is basically a useless PC skill and can only be effectively utilised as a GM fiat narrative handwave given its current ruleset.

>> No.51531317

Adept Powers can't affect tings once they leave physical contact with your aura, and there's no way to apply constant centripetal force to a bullet.

>> No.51531318

Shooting a gun requires Agility (6) + Pistol Skill (6) = rolling 12 D6, and counting the number of 5s and 6s to determine how well you do.

>> No.51531331

Oh, that sounds similar to Dungeon World/The Sprawl/Tales from the Loop.

>> No.51531356

Additionally, you count the 1s. If you get greater than 1/2 your dicepool as 1s, it's a Glitch. This means bad, but minor, things happen. Clip falls out, you shoot a guy and he yells, that sort of shit. If you get more than 1/2 your dicepool as 1s, AND you get ZERO 5s or 6s, then it's a Critical Glitch.

A Critical Glitch is things like your bullet ricochets and hits you in the leg. You fumble drawing your gun and shoot yourself. Your gun catastrophically malfunctions and the entire mag blows up. A grenade goes off in your hand/very nearby.

>> No.51531358

The game works off opposed "net hits" or "target number thresholds" to determine success.

>> No.51531362

Its like Dungeon World, but much, much, much, much more complicated.

>> No.51531403

Well, then there should be mage powers that let you do it. I want to be a gunwitch.

>> No.51531404

Isn't it half+1 your total dicepoll to determine glitch/CRIT glitch? If I recall 5th Ed made it harder to glitch, but the effects more severe. That's the feeling I've gotten.

In 4th it just used to be more 1s than hits right?

>> No.51531428

Greater than half, yes.

>> No.51531429

I could dig it. Maybe something like:

>Bullet Curving
>free action
>cost 0.5PP
>when using a ranged weapon to attack a target behind cover or around a corner, as a free action you can make a simple MAG+AGI(1) test to make your projectile "curve" around the obstacle, ignoring it completely

>why is forgery useless
The point is that the writers flip without warning between "this is unrealistic so fuck you for even trying" and "I don't care that it doesn't make sense it's a game just have fun" and do so seemingly without rhyme or reason. It's obvious that people writing different rules sections were not even talking to each other.

>> No.51531435

I can't read and Ares has nice guns.

>> No.51531442

It's always been >1/2

>> No.51531460

That's way to powerful for a .5PP power. I would make it ignore one point of armour granted by cover per point you put I to it instead of flatly ignoring cover.

>> No.51531516

Gins are a coward's weapon.

>> No.51531533

Tell that to corpsec as they mow you down as you try to fistfight them. Honour is honour, but don't be stupid.

>> No.51531536

>fighting with alcohol

>> No.51531554

Gin is best alcohol. You can go fuck yourself.

>> No.51531584

You are literally getting yourself drunk so that you don't piss yourself when you're fighting KE. It's for cowards.
Gin is shit and so are you.
The only 'stupid' thing here is people that use filthy, noisy guns instead of beautiful, elegant katanas.

>> No.51531637

>piece of shit metal brutishly hammered into a vague curve and sharpened to cut down unarmed peasantry
>versus a precision machined, craftfully designed firearm
Choke on a bullet weeb

>> No.51531703

>t. uncultured American with an inferiority complex
I only spare you from the feeling of the cold steel of my blade because I pity you

>> No.51531707

How about this:

>Bullet Curving
>free action
>cost 0.5PP/level
>when using a ranged weapon to attack a target behind cover, as a free action you may use this technique to cause your projectile's trajectory to "curve" around the obstacle in a spectacular violation of the laws of physics. For the purposes of this attack, your target's defense bonuses from cover and shields are reduced one point per level of the power, to a minimum of zero.
>additionally, using this power allows you attack enemies around corners, albeit at a penalty equal to (6 - your levels in this power), minimum zero. This supersedes the normal blind fire penalty, provided you are aware of the target's position.

>> No.51531766

Smartlinks already give the last power. Remove that, double the bonus.

>> No.51531767

I'd limit it to SA or SS pistols only. Full-auto bullet curving would be a touch silly. Also bullet curving suppression fire

>> No.51531771

Shit, I meant
>defense bonuses from cover, and armor bonuses from equipped shields

>> No.51531798

Go back to bed, Kairo.

>> No.51531873

>Smartlinks already let you shoot around corners
If you poke your gun around the corner. Someone with bullet curving could shoot a target standing in an alleyway down the street, with no line of sight, provided he was aware of the target's location. Doubling the bonus could work regardless since it's cruel to expect people to dump 3PP into this.

>Also bullet curving suppression fire
I would include such a restriction, but bedtime's coming up and I gotta wageslave for my megacorporate overlords. That would be fuckin awesome though. You're free to make a third draft if you want.

>> No.51531967

Can Technomancers be riggers? If so how do you do it?

>> No.51531984

I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be what's called, an alternative. Instead of using Nuyen or Essence on a smart link setup, you could just get a 0.5PP power. Seems reasonable, Although the "6- your level" is pretty weak... maybe 3 or 4?

>> No.51532012

I fucking wish. I suppose technically you could "hack" drones, but you'd be fucking shit at it, since you're doing so without any bonuses or skills. Technomancers are shit anyways.

>> No.51532042

There's an Echo that allows you to be a jumped-in rigger, drone rigger is just buy an RCC and stick sprites into everything.

>> No.51532132

Technomancers are technically the best riggers.
Buying the MMI echo three times is an essence free control rig.

>> No.51532200

Not to mention Face work. Sprites ready to reinforce your on-the-fly-filthy-lies? Yes! So much easier than the normal Shadowrunner answer of buckshot in the face to anyone who calls you on your bullshit.

>> No.51532669

As someone who loves Anarchy, I urge you to pick it up. It's faster to play, easier to understand and has a fucking SHIT TON of adventure ideas. Shit ton.

Even if you end up with 5e, the adventure ideias alone is worth the price of entry.

>> No.51532941

I have a player interested in playing an AI face. Aside from getting a realistic features Anthroform drone to live in, what are the steps we should take to make this happen?

>> No.51532994

The drone should not be his 'home' system. Buy him a fairlight caliban or something and stick it somewhere the fuck else.

>> No.51533105

Is it possible to do so at chargen? If not what is the best possible strategy? Summon sprites & drop them into drones? What will be limited? I dont have much experience with riggers

>> No.51533137

Is there anything like a Skinlink in 5th edition, or is there a reason everything has to be wireless?

>> No.51533142

Someone unbalanced character that grew up as a child soldier in the Lagos area, with violence and deceit basically being his life. Awakened at an early age during a Mana Storm, got exploited by a warlord due to their talents. Fairly broken person, sees combat as their reason for living, purposely takes less-useful options as an attempt to make things "fair" or "honorable", but when it comes down to it, they're a ruthless, remorseless killer.

Eventually, their group got wiped out in Lagos, and the character went "Oh shit they're all dead. Well, time to jack that stash of funds we had and get the fuck out.", and ends up hopping around the world basically doing minor runs until eventually landing in Seattle.


>> No.51533155

Grodnards, REEEEEE, and because of retarded ideas about """balance""" by people who don't understand the word at all.

Nope, there's literally zero reason at all, and everything being wirelsss is the most commonly ignored bit of stupidity.

>> No.51533231

I mean I would buy a Skinlink on just about every item I have, if it was there. I'll speak to the GM.

Does this have anything to do with the return of Deckers? Because it seems at odds with the whole "Wireless EVERYWHERE!!11!!1!" thing they've got going on.

>> No.51533253


As a ruthless remorseless killer, why would they care if they were being "fair" or 'honourable' this seems silly. Everything else is your pretty standard murderhobo. I'd honestly suggest injecting some personality into the character so it's not just some...I don't know Raiden clone.

>> No.51533343

Deckers got added back literally because forum grognards yelled hard enough that CGL went "Shit man I don't know, they want keyboards and shit" and someone was dumb enough to listen.

>> No.51533379

It's tangentially related, it's an attempt to make deckers relevant to combat by giving them an outlet to use their hacking skills to inhibit the enemy. However it has just led to retarded shit (how the fuck does an internet connection improve my hydraulic jacks?) and dosen't really work as the enhanced lethality of 5e's combat means it's still easier to just shoot the fuckers.

>> No.51533385

I never understood why someone would carry around a skateboard sized tool of illicit use when not fucking three years prior, they had cellphones that did the same thing.

>> No.51533396

Because it's supposed to be cyberpunk, actual 80s cyberpunk with pink mohawks and black trenchcoats, which has cyberdecks as a key piece.

>> No.51533419

But it doesn't make sense, in universe why someone would go from the cellphone to the skateboard. Other then like...Shitty decking hipsters or something stupid. I just always thought it was a dumb premise.

>> No.51533434

Pretty sure the in universe explanation is improved security protocols that require more grunt to work through.

>> No.51533471

The whole change over to """"WIRELESS"""" wasn't done anywhere close to organically enough to make it a reasonable step. It just seemed like a really odd direction to take is all.

>> No.51533492

I like deck hacking way more than commlink hacking as an idea, but the sudden flip was pretty dumb.

>> No.51533610

In 5th edition cyberdecks are ipads

>> No.51533627

>tfw best boy doesn't like you

>> No.51533707

I think that would be "Internal Router"?

>> No.51533746

Skinlink worked for gear, an internal router only affects cyberware, on a case by case basis

>> No.51533799

Would it not be better to optimize the drone to increase it's handling (typically pretty shitty)?

Also, a couple other questions:
Can an AI even inhabit a vehicle or drone without the Pilot Origins quality? The section seems kind of ambiguous.
When jacked in to (or inhabiting) a drone, an AI uses Depth + Skill (or autosoft, if it has Pilot Origins) for any physical test, correct?
Running an advanced program (say, WATLAM) automatically gives you an overwatch score, which then ticks up over time, correct? Is it even worth using?

>> No.51533865

Ahhh shit. Well if anything the most retarded part is that it needs "wireless" despite the tech being INSIDE OF YOU.
>hurr I need a wireless connection to something I'm physically connected to
I always though that (as long as it doesn't move) gear could be attached via universal cable.

>> No.51533903

Maybe he thinks you're trying too hard with your dumb street name and your rude, condescending and arrogant attitude, Viper.

>> No.51533919

So what does P mean in terms of speed code?

>> No.51533930

>being a dick to the person who gives you your jobs
If this wasn't the 6th world, you'd be fired in an instant.

>> No.51533935

Depends on the piece of gear. As an example, take the smartlink: The normal bonus is +2 accuracy, which is achieved either by a cable connected to the relevant piece of gear, or a wireless connection to a DNI. The wireless bonus is a dicepool bonus and the ability to eject a clip or change fire modes as a free action; personally, I'd let you eject a clip or change fire modes if it was connected by cable, but the fluff reason for the dicepool bonus is using distributed computing (via the matrix) as well as up-to-the-second weather data to provide predictive targeting data. Or something.

tl;dr: you can manipulate your gun via cable but you don't get bonus dice. Ask your GM.

>> No.51534067

Right, like there are a few items that require outside intelligence like atmosphere conditions. But shit like, an arm slide, you should just be able to connect with a cable that's always under your armor, and the slide doesn't move or require any knowledge other than "extend" and "retract". While things like, a grenade, would obviously require a wireless connection.

>> No.51534107


>> No.51534132

Exactly. Unfortunately, common sense is outside the purview of the rulebook and falls into Ask Your GM territory.

>> No.51534183

Read: Bull and 'Pat' the freelancers-cum-actual-authors.

>> No.51534190

Rate my Québequadcopter rigger.

>> No.51534192

John Wick, may not be futuristic, but its a good example of gun adept bullshit wrapped in a shadowrun esc modern setting

>> No.51534237

Man, where the fuck are the thrown weapons in Chummer?

>> No.51534240

A caliban is 8k. It's a DR 7 item, and an AI is probably going to have the capacity for spare cash. This gives him a nice, safe, portable home device. If you don't, yeah, trick out the drone..

I'm assuming you're running 5e - what is the actual edition?

>> No.51534306

Anyone know if there are any implants - aside from the chameleon one, which is terrible - that do the Ruthenium armour upgrade?

>> No.51534323

Here are something you will want to clarify, because as a Player I will exploit it.
Does it work with Bows?
Can I do it with Heavy Weapons, Hunting rifles, flame throwers, tank cannons, guided missiles?
Can I do it on full auto?
Does it work with blind fire?
Can I use it with thrown weapons?

>> No.51534341

I am running 5e. The Caliban is also availability 14, which makes it a no-go at chargen.

>> No.51534353

Black Market quality. Sorry, thought I'd mentioned it.

>> No.51534383

Qualities seem to be a premium for AIs. Would it really hurt that much to just get an Avalon (DR6) instead?

>> No.51534399

Not at all. If you're not taking that quality, consider the DR 5 one - that way you can get something else at DR6.

Keep in mind that really traditional Johnsons might be a bit weird about the drone as a meeting device, so make sure to spend the extra on making it look really, really human. Like, Jarhead grade.

>> No.51534424

We're thinking either a few ratings of realistic features with improved synthskin added on (a houserule), or just use AR to teleconference with Johnsons if they'll allow it.

>> No.51534460

The daily life of someone who bought wired reflexes/synaptic boosters that didn't have an off switch. But with less grenades and murder, slightly more "FOR THE LOVE OF FUCKING GOD WALK FASTER"

>> No.51534544

Wait, can you do this at chargen?

>> No.51534548

>Looking for thrown weapons

>> No.51534558

Yeah anon! Do it!

>> No.51534562

>Not using the party samurai dwarf as a projectile weapon

>> No.51534608

Have you seen the shinanigans you can pull with thrown adepts. I had one that had a vest filled with bottle caps he would use to murder people.

>> No.51534696

What's the adept power that does that shit?

>> No.51534713

Just so you know anon, used Wired Reflexes 3 puts you under 6 essence.

>> No.51534791


Missile Mastery

>> No.51534866

Is there a good Mac equivalent of Chummer?

>> No.51534897

HAH! No.

>> No.51534905


No, but you might be able to run it on a Mac with Mono or WINE.

>> No.51534917

Technomancer Echo (or an induction reciever attached to your comlink, but that is a lot more limited)

>> No.51534924

So what's the deal with the Sixth World Tarot? I assume it's a divinatory focus if they ever complete the set, but my cursory reading of Court of Shadows leaves me with no information aside from "everyone wants the cards".

>> No.51534950

Will Chummer ever be on Mac?

>> No.51534951

You can already shoot through cover for -1DV and some other effects.

>> No.51535031

>Tolerable because you are the best at your job.

>> No.51535049

I'm going to still go with "No."

>> No.51535066


Will Chummer ever be Linux?

>> No.51535088

Chummer is barely windows, you practically need to screech the 1's and 0's yourself. Any other OS would involve Loren and Jason stopping their non-stop coke and embezzlement schedule.

>> No.51535096

Probably not, but at least it's more likely than

>> No.51535138

What do you have against

>> No.51535510

Emphasis on "cum"

>> No.51535594

>If everything is done digitally, how much use is this skill?
It's useful for anything that doesn't have a file to examine, like ancient artefacts (requires skilled artificer w/ access to an ancient artefact to copy the astral signature), antique paintings, etc.

Good for scams, requires a lot of work to cover up deficiencies in any other usage. A hacker will do better on digital documents, fake SINs, and licenses.

>> No.51535626

Why the hell is getting a tac-net for your team so god damn expencive. Is there any good reason to drop half a mill on something that is only useful?

>> No.51535641

No. It's gear meant to make dangerous enemies even more dangerous.

>> No.51536051

I understand why. It's because there's no end to the summer of new anons who think 2075 cyberdecks are skateboards with keyboards.

>> No.51536060

That's what data jacks are for.

>> No.51536074

P means error between keyboard and chair.

>> No.51536097

You're an AI.

>> No.51536597

There's a few images of cyberdecks, and they're basically iPads with bigger screens.

>> No.51536951

Shut up, Viper is a great street name.

>> No.51536995

It's pretty good at letting people know ahead of time that you're a fucking dweeb, yeah.

>> No.51537018


>> No.51537074

You'll cowards don't even smoke Jazz.

>> No.51537116



Pfft, the cool kids do Tempo. You wanna be cool, right?

>> No.51537124

It's less 'be cool' and more 'be a spirit slut'.

>> No.51537166

No, that's what the local hougan is for.

>> No.51537187

It should run in wine with winetools. I have zero interest in supporting it beyond that. >>51534237
Grenades and such are Gear items, for a bunch of boring legacy reasons.

>> No.51537202

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Aztlan commandos, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on AAA corporations, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in antigorilla warfare and I’m the top streetsam in my fixer's entire contact list. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with excessive gunfire the likes of which has never been seen before in the Sixth World, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Matrix? Think again, trog. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of deckers across Seattle and your persona is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, gordo. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, gringo. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the David Cartel and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, chummer.

>> No.51537227


Literally applicable for an Aztlaner.

>> No.51537348

Chameleon suit giving bonuses to sneak when wireless is on is the pinnacle of that idiotic design decision. What's the fucking point of being slightly more physically invisible when the corpsec can just see where you are in AR because you're a fucking dumbass who plugged in his EVO+ account while on a run?

>> No.51537475

>What's the fucking point of being slightly more physically invisible when the corpsec can just see where you are in AR
Ah, #5 in the big list of stupid things people who haven't read the book think.

Without marks and a trace action, your accuracy in locating an icon is "100 metres, y/n?" and probably no better than 120° arc in the general direction. Marks and tracing improves this (4e gave a 50m zone, 5e is non-specific), while a bug scanner pinpoints the icon's location, but only has a 20m range. Running Silent is still an option, too, and that will slow down any attempts to locate your chameleon suit.

Unless you're beyond retarded and set your chameleon suit to be an Augmented Reality Object, which outputs GPS data constantly ... but then it's entirely on you being a total idiot.

>> No.51537525


>> No.51537575

Yes, if you're not running silent (this is different from wireless on, and for anything not a commlink, RCC, or deck there's no real penalty to running silent) they can see your icon.

To find your physical location, they need to succeed at a Trace Icon action.

>> No.51537616

And why would you even give them your icon on a silver platter in the first place?

>> No.51537667

You generally wouldn't. But you can get wireless bonuses and still run silent. Like I said, for anything not a commlink, RCC, deck, or modded to run a persona (but that's generally a WHY kinda thing if the answer's not excessive style), there's no penalty to running silent. You're not exactly going to be using your sneaking suit to query Hyperbing, after all.

More importantly, if you're dealing with somebody that doesn't know much about the Matrix (so probably not on a corp run, but in other cases), because you're parking your persona and icons somewhere that you're not.

And either a trap or an ambush is waiting for the person that homes in on the persona/icon without verifying.

>> No.51537717

So how does replacing all your limbs, torso and head compare to just using your stats with muscle replacement and bone lacing/muscle augmentation, toner, and bone density in 5e?

>> No.51537733

>So how does replacing all your limbs, torso and head
Are you trying to play a cyberzombie?

>> No.51537760

At the high end, one die less for the limbs, but more resistance, toughness, and options.

In an actual start, likely three or four dice and not as much resistance.

It's possible to do as long as you get something to reduce the essence costs. Higher grades, adapsin, biocompatability, or a bundle.

>> No.51537817

This still doesn't address how connecting to the internet makes you quieter, do you distract guards by spamming cat gifs?

>> No.51537846

That's not entirely implausible.

>> No.51537864

Nah, it allows the suit to complement the info gotten from the in-built sensors with info gotten from the Matrix and chameleon better.

>> No.51537869

Cyberfuture DRM.
That, or it's the like the internet of things, in that everything's terrible but you got to connect it to the internet or it at best just kinda works and most of the time doesn't work at all.

>> No.51537891

you run into issues with availability with the torso and head, and cost if you go the path of retardation and insist on cyber-torsos having custom stats. (If you insist the head needs customised stats please end yourself). Partial cyber-skull is cheaper in nuyen and essence, availability is within reach of a starting character, and has the same capacity as a full cyber-skull.

>> No.51537919

Ah the internet of things, the most awful slogan ever coined. Seriously what braindead weasel thought that sounded at all good.

>> No.51537924

Running Silent mode is basically a much lower intake and output mode for matrix connections.

For something without a Sleaze rating (most things) and not PANned or WANned to something with a Sleaze rating, it's not too hard to find. Excepting 'wared-up genetic anomalies, you're looking as six dice max to resist a probable average of at least 6 dice. More if the Spider's not inside the host.

But modding in some Sleaze to a commlink or using the decker's deck as the master means that it's suddenly an average person's got 5 or 6 dice to hide.

What if I wanted to give the strongest headbutts around?

>> No.51537928

Very possible.

>> No.51538012

Dongles are fucking stupid.

>> No.51538107


I've played a dude who was dependant to cybers, dude had 0.00125 essence and was still browsing the stores to find that cybernose replacement that costed only 0.001.

The man was basically a brain in a jar at that point.

>> No.51538134

>dude had 0.00125 essence and was still browsing the stores to find that cybernose replacement that costed only 0.001.
Incredible. You're the guy that 0.02 Essence streetsams look at and think to themselves "hey, at least I'm not that guy".

>> No.51538152

Just go and modify things with parts, which I what I was thinking of for reasons of budget. Or buy the Radioshack deck, which is legal to own because it's so weak, and mod and program it up for extra Sleaze. (Admittedly, the shack-deck is only DR 1, so that's only three devices you're covering. It's more an emergency measure where you need to cover a small amount of things really well than general use. If you're going to go on in expensive-like, get the Emissary and set-up for more Sleaze. Then rest confidant in that high firewall that you're not going to be traced easily.)

>> No.51538157

What does all this about running silent have to do with the question posed, what can connecting to the internet do to alter the optic or auditory properties of the suit that will make you less detectable?

>> No.51538226

Your sprites can't jump in when you're in a drone. But you can still summon them and have them assist you in the matrix when you're jumped in.

You can't submerge at chargen unless your GM allows it iirc.

>> No.51538250

The sneaking suit's wireless bonus is +2 dice to sneaking. It's explained as the suit, when connected to the matrix, is able to get more information about your surroundings and better replicate them.

Running Silent is how you keep people from noticing your sneaking suit's icon and thus start looking. (They still need to track you to find your location by matrix, which means hacking you a few times if they're successful every time, but why make things easier on the other side.)

>> No.51538270


Yeah pretty much. Man was an experiment to create new firefighters, so he didn't even have wired reflexes. He just had fuckhuge everything , was jacked with gadgets and gizmos and was the strongest elf motherfucker to ever walk this face of earth. Dude kinda lost it when the corpos wanted him down because appearantly , people with cyberpsychosis made for poor lifesavers and firefighters. It was a hard and dark helter skelter from there.

And it also made for really fun roleplaying when his sister tried to help him get back into a functionning society member. By that time, dude was drinking more whisky and taking more immuno-depressing pills than he was eating. But in the meantime, he still was able to german-suplex combat choppers and elbow-drop buildings. Truly a magnificent bastard.

>> No.51538365

>This still doesn't address how connecting to the internet makes you quieter
Just because you present an idea in bad faith doesn't mean that's actually what's involved. Chameleon Suits make you harder to see, and the more computing power available to the suit, the better the quality of images displayed.

>> No.51538373

Dongles. Commlinks.

>> No.51538397

>appearantly , people with cyberpsychosis made for poor lifesavers and firefighters
That's why the next experiment was probably a prototype transhuman using mostly bioware, desu.

>> No.51538426

question is however: They worked without matrix access before
why not now?

>> No.51538449

My toaster worked without internet access before, but now that I've got an internet of things toaster, it doesn't. This is the future and everything is terrible.

>> No.51538483

And I was saying how to go about it without using dongles.

The simplistic answer would be to say that modern matrix-enabled sensors and eyeware would be able to outperform an older, non-matrix using suit.

For why making it so binary is because I don't think anyone would want to try and do everything off of a simple binary state.

>> No.51538494

>outperform an older, non-matrix using suit.
but does it actually outperfom it?

>> No.51538580

You're talking about cyberdecks. Cyberdecks are not something that uses a dongle.

>> No.51538750

I haven't played shadowrun 5e in years, so I have a few questions

>Is summoning still overly powerful?
>Is possesion summoning to buff a powerful street sam or adept still just straight up worse than just summoning a powerful spirit?
>have they figured out how to make edit books competently?
>what happened to that rules light shadowrun version?

>> No.51538751

Mechanically, yes, as it wouldn't get the +2 dice bonus (also limits are now a thing, and dice rolling works quite different in different editions, and so on down the line).

In other senses. We just have to take their word on it like any speculative fiction.

I was talking about both. It's just that if you need more than a point or two of Sleaze, hardware modifications won't get you that.

But if all you need is a few extra dice to hide with, modifying a commlink is far more affordable than getting a dongle or deck to hide stuff with.

>> No.51538772

I'm new to this, is having a street sammie whose melee focus is hand-to-hand manageable? He's going to have cyberlimbs and guns, of course.

>> No.51538827

>Is summoning still overly powerful?
It's not as ridiculous as before. It's still pretty good, though. Spellcasting got a lot less rewarding with the drain code change from 4.
>Is possesion summoning to buff a powerful street sam or adept still just straight up worse than just summoning a powerful spirit?
Yeah, pretty much. There's a metamagic now to help, but, well, metamagic, street sam. Doesn't mix.
>have they figured out how to make edit books competently?
Nope. Soon as the embezzlement thing hit, they stopped caring.
>what happened to that rules light shadowrun version?

>> No.51538831

In short order: yes, yes, no, no.

>> No.51538852

Hand to hand is more of a bioadept thing. Especially with that armour piercing unarmed power. If you're just talking about melee combat instead of unarmed.. well, it's okay, but not fabulous.

>> No.51538868

It wasn't that they wanted keyboards and shit, it's that people didn't like a key archetype of Shadowrun, a pillar of cyberpunk, and one-third of the important stuff being replaced with 'everyone runs an agent on their smartphone, it's fine.'

Some people missed decks, but everyone with half a brain saw how 4e shit the bed when it came to deckers and techomancers.

>> No.51538888

I see. The whole backstory I have for this guy is that he's a wannabe toku nerd, the kind who'd make shit like pic related. Bio-adepts don't use cybe shit I'm assuming?

>> No.51538909

They sacrifice a little of their magical potential to take on some bioware that boosts their punch-fu tremendously.

>> No.51538923

thanks for the answers

>> No.51538928

There's a new fiction book that just came out about it. Tldr is it's a combo between an actual tarot deck and a Deck of Many Things.

>> No.51538953

It's just to ensure you lose minimal magic. I'm not going to get into reading a backstory, but it's certainly workable. You'll want bone lacing - aluminium - or bone density augs. The density will cost a lot less essence, but comes with slightly less armour boosts. You can get rating 3 at char creation for 15k. That'll give you str+2 damage for hand to hand.

>> No.51539147

>Mechanically, yes
I was talking compared to the previous editions
because it may be better if you have wireless on, but if the 5e Chameleon suit with wireless is as good as the 4e Chameleon suit without wireless, then the suit hasn't become better, the baseline has just gotten worse

>> No.51539187

>trying to compare mechanics off systems with different mechanics


It's like saying that because limits got introduced, everyone in the planet got terrible.

>> No.51539875

If you want to go Cyberlimbs, just pump your limb up to 9 and get a Spur and a Shock Hand in there. That puts your Spur at 12p 3ap which is respectable but not the best. You can actually reach a higher peak using fleshlimbs. 10 STR + 2 Striking Callouses + Bone Density 4/Bone Lacing Titanitum = 14p

>> No.51540613

New thread when?

>> No.51541106

Provided you have high str, agi, init and maybe cyber implant weapons (hand razors, spurs, whatever) you'll do ok.

But guns will most likely be more useful to you.

>> No.51541191

If you don't have super high STR, grab Shock Gloves.
You'll also want to have some Martial Art that allows you to grab and throw people.

>> No.51541910

New thread Chummers.

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