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can we get a medieval armor/inspiration thread goin?

bonus points for cute girls in armor, or beautiful girls in armor.

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oh right i lost pretty much everything but my fs/n stuff. that's why i wanted to make this thread.

there used to be rars someone linked me to that had a bunch of portraits, but everytime I try and find it again i hit dead ends.

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I've got an astonishing number of pictures of women in armor.

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Though I'm sorta multitasking now, so I might be a bit inconsistent in posting them.

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>bonus points for cute girls in armor, or beautiful girls in armor
>posts saber

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I think Saber is cute, in a platonic way.

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This is excellent. More like this if anyone has them.

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I'll stop there for now.

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I love Saber's armor. It's so sleek and beautiful. I especially love the how the tassets are just a dress. I think it's incredibly creative and beautiful.

Lilly and Alter are my favorites. Lilly because her armor is so flowing, and Alter for having such a dark take on Saber's outfit.

I really just love armor. Saber as a character was ok. Favorite girl in the series because i like knight girls. Never been into casters.

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thanks for the dump, Anon.

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Sure thing. And I may post more in a bit. Also I might as well post one more now, I guess.

In the meantime, if anyone has any dashing salt-and-pepper men they can post, I'd be much obliged.

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Men who are fantasy adventurers, I mean. I can find plenty of dashing salt-and-pepper men through other means.

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Patrician tastes, fellow anons.

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>That functionality.

I love boobplate and the chain-kini, I'll admit. But that is sexy in an entirely different way.

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I'm getting pretty sleepy, so I'll just post like 5-10 more and then go to bed.

I don't like chainkinis. If I'm playing a lady warrior I want to feel mighty, not exposed.

Boob plate bothers me a bit less.

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All right, now I'm done.

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I'll flick out a few. One of my favorites here; when all the men go off to war, its only reasonable to conclude that some women find themselves in the local militia, maybe not too well armored or too well armed, but even the mightiest general can be brought low by the vulgar thrust of a peon's spear.

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Realistic warrior nuns, not often does this concept get used. Although instead of hammers and maces (the unwieldiest of weapons) they'd use spears, crossbows, and muskets, stuff their twiggy little girl arms can wield properly.

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Fat elven scout. Probably ventures out alone because the lithe members of the elven ranger guard tease her.

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Nice pic, reminds me of the evil clerics from Eye of the Beholder II

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Musou games. Mediocre series with some of the best armor designs.

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>twiggy little girl arms
I mean for the average present-day woman, that assumption makes sense, but dedicated warriors would be more than capable of wielding a warhammer or mace effectively. That seems odd unless you're specifically going for a "and they were rescued by the striking, muscular young soldier, and there was much heaving of bosoms" vibe. In which case you may carry on.

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Yeah, okay, I think that is what you're doing. Carry on, then. Wipe up when you're done.

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Armor thread, but cloth armor is still armor.

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Female ranger in light armor is pretty overdone, but I like this one.

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Another "female conscript militia" one. Looks like a galloper or a runner, probably a suitable (and safe) role women could play in combat.

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That's a very cute eowyn.

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>knight halfling woman spiked mace pigtails.jpg

That's Poppy from League of Legends, which I guess is fitting with the rest of the thread, but I prefer her redesign.

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That said, though an athletic woman is still weaker than an athletic man, the man's head will crumple like any other if she swings a mace down on it.

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Eowyn was always supposed to be cute!

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Might aswell dump. I never use all my folders for anything, so here you go lads.

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Please stop, my boner can't take these fairly reasonable fantasy armors.

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sorry senpai
I'm nearly out of reasonable armours though, you'll be free soon

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Saber was a terrible king.

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spooky dullahans

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Thats more or less the point of her story.

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Dude, this would make a great cleric. The totally unphased look on her face would be great for a cleric that just walks forward, brains people with her mace, then just keeps going.

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"Got to go save these bastards again"

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I fuckin love it. Welp, i have my next character i guess.

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Godspeed, Anon.

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One of my favorite pics. Meaty thighs and a large sword.

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And then we're at image 101.
I'll sit and leave it up to other anons to fill up the rest of the thread
unless no one does, then i'll return to do my duty

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Naah, I think that anon is exaggerating for the sake of a--for lack of a better term--savior fantasy. Big strong man saves weak little woman.

And to be fair, I've got my own. Except they typically revolve around the strapping muscular fighter helping me keep warm in a snow cave during a blizzard. I'm more accustomed to the city, you see. In fact, back in the Capital where we met, I got in the habit of teasing him whenever he needed my help with something that came naturally to me--finding his way around, getting attacked by robbers wandering around at night.

But then we have to leave the Capital--right in the dead of winter, no less--and now he's the one protecting me. I can't start a fire or pitch a tent.

So just based off the "twiggy little girl arms" and the fact that I'm assuming it's the same person who posted "the lithe members of the elven ranger guard tease her", that's what I think's going on.

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>Posts Rin, a girl who fell in love with Saber, lezzed out with her, and made her into part of her polyamorous threesome in one end.

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Julie Dillon - Last Stand

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This is one of my favorites.

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Seiba is shit and nasu is a fucking faggot

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You're retarded. Pic related is cloth armour.

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>unprotected thighs and belly

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>Armor thread
>It's just a bunch of weebshit 'cute girls' in final-fantasy tier armor

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m8 practically every pic in this thread is retarded and can be nitpicked to hell. There's more to suits of armor than simply covering skin.

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>There's more to suits of armor than simply covering skin.
There really isn't. Enjoy bleeding out

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And here's where you reveal your stupidity.

You think the only purpose of fictional armour is fantasy artwork is to provide a realistic level of protection. And that is amazingly dumb.

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Where the fuck do you think we are?

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If you don't like it, post your own. What you're doing helps no one and serves no purpose but letting you think you're better than anyone.

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I really like the design of that weapon, what's it called?

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I dunno. Some kind of poleaxe? I'm not a polearm expert.

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I'm here to help!

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More later, maybe

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OP here. Please do. I just genuinely enjoy armor. I was just severely lacking in cute armored girls before.

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Saber is SHIT

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More renaissance but I'm ALWAYS down for more Hussars

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>medieval armor inspiration thread
>filled with fictional shit and jap shit

Absolutely disgusting, but fear not, I will save this thread, make another, and it will be better.

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This thread is nothing but a good example of why almost anything involving women in plate armor looks absolutely retarded.

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Fuck off. Stop posting ugly, old fashioned shit and post some things which are actually fun.

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I know I cropped this from something to use as a character portrait, but can't seem to find the original

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That's not fun, that's a kind of retarded that only a troglodyte such as yourself shitposting with utter disgraces such as that image on this vietnamese knitting board.

Not only does this look fucking gorgeous, but it is the real deal, not some fictional garbage. The exoskeleton guarding the lives of some of Europe's greatest for over two hundred years.

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What the fuck is wrong with people who can't enjoy fiction in fantasy?

Preference is one thing, but this shit is ridiculous.

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If you are going to be autistic, at least go full autist and post painted plate armor. They weren't bare metal back in the day.

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>If you are going to be autistic, at least go full autist and post painted plate armor. They weren't bare metal back in the day.
No shit sherlock, and that's why there are almost no surviving examples. Although curiously, much of period art does not show any painted armor, but hued from quenching temperatures.

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What kind of retard designs shit like this? The chest isn't even offered full protection by the big fucking boob window, leaving it vulnerable to crossbows, lance strikes, polearms, war picks, and even fucking arrows. Her hair isn't rolled up or otherwise pinned inside the helmet, and instead hanging out like a retarded fashion so any-old person could simply seize it and thus disable her from the pain. The visor is stupid as fuck and she wouldn't even be able to see out of it. In fact, the whole helmet design is completely retarded. She also is either so skinny her proportions are physically impossible for anybody who isn't a holocaust prisoner, or she can't breathe.

0/10 Mentally retarded.

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The kind of person who isn't so utterly obsessed with 'realism' that they can put it aside when it isn't relevant.

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I-t's fantasy! Nothing to do with the fact I can't draw!

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To be fair, it was just to trigger you at this point.

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You aren't familiar with the subject matter, that's the problem. Your eye hasn't gotten so used to something and so used to judging it that anything lower than absolute perfection will look like mired shit. Fantasy shit like that picture is exactly that, it doesn't look sexy. It looks offensive to the eyes, like if somebody took a shit right in front of you and called it art.

Fantasy armor need not look realistic such as Chaos Warriors, but one should be able to move in it effectively and it must provide protection with little to no downsides to its use. It's for this reason why Berserk and Witcher are some of the better fantasy universes.

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So basically you believe your opinion is objective fact, which makes you a moron who isn't worth listening to.

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My opinion is objective fact because it's based upon plausible function, of which there isn't subjectivity.

>> No.51440599


Except the idea that plausible function is of innate value in all contexts is an opinion, and one which some people don't share.

Liking ridiculous fantasy armour doesn't mean you aren't aware of how real armour works. I've worn armour a few times, I've learned enough about it to be able to spot if it'd actually provide decent protection or not.

And you know what? In a fantasy setting, I don't give a flying fuck about any of those things.

Having different preferences is fine. Telling everyone else they're wrong because they don't share your preference just makes you a dick.

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You have shit taste. Wanna post retarded anime armor? Go to /c/. You're in the wrong neighborhood.

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Given its overwhelming popularity on /tg/ that seems like very wishful thinking on your part.

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in his defense, it's a little hard to roleplay where you swing your sword and stab someone if you need to purposely aim for something that ISN'T a weakpoint just to make the fight follow the atmosphere.

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HP and 'hits' in combats are almost always an abstraction anyway, and in the systems with enough granularity/detail for that to be a problem you probably aren't going to see people in sexy armour anyway.

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When fantasy adheres to realism, it can focus its content on drawing you into a world that is truly fantastical.

This is why the LotR films are so beloved. You will never see weapons or armour in the LotR films that look unreasonable or silly. Even Sauron's big bad evil armour and mace looks somewhat functional.

This helps make the fantastical elements seem more real. The orcs in LotR look real, like they could walk off the screen and shank you in the gut. The orcs in WoW: The Movie look like chewing-gum-golems using American-LARP gear.

Same goes for fantasy armour for girls. By giving a female hero some armour that looks reasonable, you can tell something about the world. A middle-eastern girl wearing plate must have travelled to some west-european nation, or perhaps she's from a story where the middle-eastern smithing guilds never managed to lobby plate armour out of their lands (because it would cost a lot of metal workers their jobs, no more making mail rings or lammelar plates).
If you gave her just some typical fantasy WoW armour, no one would have wondered about her armour, because it is just some generic fantasy garbage.

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This is just a slightly wordier 'My opinion is superior' argument.

Sure, you feel that way. From the sheer amount of fantasy cheesecake out there, it's clear other people do not.

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>A middle-eastern girl wearing plate must have travelled to some west-european nation, or perhaps she's from a story where the middle-eastern smithing guilds never managed to lobby plate armour out of their lands (because it would cost a lot of metal workers their jobs, no more making mail rings or lammelar plates).

No-one would have wondered about this, either, because as much as you worldbuilding obsessives like to claim otherwise, literally nobody gives a shit about details like that.

Also lol at Lord of the fucking Rings adhering to realism. That's a film series that depicts gigantic cities and fortresses existing in the middle of featureless open plains, instead of surrounded by the miles of farmland that such settlements would need in reality.

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>You will never see weapons or armour in the LotR films that look unreasonable or silly

Witch-king's flail

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