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How have you addressed the anxieties that your players have felt about the danger that the Trump administration presents to everyone?

How have you helped to not normalise Trump at your gaming table?

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Fuck off, with thse bait threads, go trigger people on /pol/.

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Reminder to sage and report.

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My group is all pro-T

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Barron, we all know it's you. Quit stirring shit up.

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Why even bothe false flagging if you're going to make it this obvious?

Return to /pol/.

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Dis a sexy orc gurl thread now!

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>orc fetishists

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I'm europoor, and our "crew" has literal (neo)nazi /k/unt (works as bouncer), immigrant student (whom we feed bacon on regular to make sure he doesn't go radical) and gay brony lawyer that makes more than the rest of us combined and always pays for booze. And three slavs. Our diverse group gets along just fine on three simple principles:
- Free booze.
- "There being so many other fuckers to gas that you lot might as well die of old age for all I care."
- Our mutual hatred of the blight that is gypsy.

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This is now a thread for sharing our bait folders.

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I love these!

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>impying that Barron gets on the internet for anything but Minecraft

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This is actually an important and interesting question. I had an extended discussion with one of our student "collegue" that we invited on the regular and we realized he was pro Trump, thought jews were ruling the world, that women are not a lot more than objects to use, etc. Everything at the same time (like it often seems it is?).

We don't invite him anymore. Being ok with Trump means that human life is not what matters above all for you. This is unacceptable. Plus what would happen if somebody that doesn't conform to what his ideaa

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(fail, cont)... Plus what would happen if somebody that doesn't conform to what his idea of a human being is joined our table?

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Why do the mods prune the replies to this bait thread, but not the thread itself?

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Go back to r/the_donald and ask for some better bait, fag.

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This prehaps, the saddest attempt at bait ive ever seen

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You are either op tooting his own horn, or a troll capitalizing on the thread. Either way you are full of shit.

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Saged, reported, hidden, etc

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How likely am I to be banned for reporting /pol/ bait threads?

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10/10 group, would play with

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I based a lawful good paladin off Donald Trump.

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>Being ok with Trump means that human life is not what matters above all for you.
I didn't know Trump was Pro-Choice

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Anyone who attempts to discuss politics in this thread is a complete retard.

Actually, 99% of people who discuss politics are complete retards in general. I wish democracy wasn't a thing because I'm sick and tired of shitposting morons with terrible opinions telling me about them like they're somehow important.

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This is the 3rd or so thread. That Tomaru guy can't stop posting turnip

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I do it whenever I see 'em, no ban yet.

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You're a sore loser. Shut the fuck up.

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>It would be extremely shameful

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You're a wig guy

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>For you

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There are still people who don't love Trump?

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>tfw live in california
>tfw live in san francisco
Man I don't even care, not like I'm a democratic either. Such is the life of an anarchocommunist.

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yeah, hypocrites.

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post yfw da iggles win da superb owl.

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People have healthy family values & don't deny their daughters their cock.

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Whoops, forgot my pic!

It's my Okcupid profile picture. Stay mad Drumpfkins

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I'm not sure what it says that this is my favorite thread right now, but I can't imagine it's anything good.

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>anarchocommunism is the fedora political leaning
That's libertarianism bucko

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>dating pic
>not smiling
Why do people do this to themselves

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This thread is bait but it's not empty of truth. The week of Trump's victory, my DM canceled her session because she was too triggered.

Oh, well.

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No offense, but your dm is kinda pathetic.

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I'm neither OP, nor baiting.

You're allowed to let other people decide for you, but please don't think everybody is the same.

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No matter your political affiliation. If an election triggers you too much to go about your daily life, you shouldn't be called an adult.

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I found it quite gay, too. But what can you do!

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Assuming you aren't lying, you've had more kool-aid than the drumpfs

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>what would happen is somebody that doesn't conform to what his ideaa
nothing, because they're there to play a game retard.

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Perhaps to emphasize he's looking for serious relationship.

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>anti trump thread
>56 posts
>pro trump thread
>deleted and op is banned

Great work mods

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You're right, you're something so cancerous that it breaks the mind to conjure up an image to mock your likeness with

I suppose living with the fact that communism is officially deader than disco after dying with a whimper and your edgy political aspirations will /never/ be realised is torment enough

...all while posting this on a privately owned image board using internet provided by a privately owned ISP using technology bought and paid for in a store

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>female DM

That's what you fucking get.

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>I wish democracy wasn't a thing
we're trying our best you know.

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What anxieties?
What players?

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Find a dm who isn't a child? Expand your social circle?

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Took me a moment, but thank you for that.

Maybe mods are asleep? Or the pro-Trump thread didn't have enough sick memes to be totally /tg/ related.

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>tfw I got out of 2 days of classes because all of my 'educators' were too triggered to teach
I live down the block from the local Hillary Campaign Headquarters, I spent two days getting shitfaced and laughing with my mouth full in front of it.

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Have some baits from the Infinity thread.

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>Things I wish I was old enough to do

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>my DM canceled her session because she was too triggered.
>because muh candidate didn't win
I can't imagine what it must be like being such a dysfunctional human being.

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Also this.

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Hmmmm I will say this: you are one lucky man that you did not do this where I could have seen you because you'd be a few teeth lighter and a few broken bones heavier

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Lucky git. I had to spend half a week listening to all the pussy little bitches whining all day every day. Class was held but nothing was learned because nothing happened but autistic screeching and crying faggots.

>> No.51419996

Also I've marked this thread for future harvesting of baitpics.

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But anon, bones don't get heavier when they're broken!

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>tfw half the party doesn't like Trump
>tfw half the party does
>tfw don't bring it up politics at the table because we're all mature adults who can put politics on hold
Feels good being superior to /pol/.

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...please tell me that comic is parody.

>> No.51420029


/tg/ can't help it, we're all autists here.

>> No.51420031

What makes you think the reverse wouldn't have happened?

>> No.51420050


Nope. Welcome to tumblr and the modern age friend. This is where the world is going. Cry for your children.

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>All I want is unchecked scientific and tech growth
>I dont care who is in office as long as we can do that
>First thing he does is gag order scientists
>God damn it

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Oh really? I don't follow American news I just came here to laugh. What happened?

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Everyone is the same, there are 3 groups of people:

>people who spent time studying politics and have developed opinions through careful discourse with proper theoretical backing
>people who think they understand politics, but hate feeling stupid, so they refuse to admit their grasp is tenuous at best, and thus they respond to any given buzzword with vitriol for hours on end
>people who couldn't give a shit either way, but are contrarians who love to argue

The first category is the fabled 1% of people I'm talking about. The second category is about 75% of people. The final category is 24% of people, but they account for the VAST majority of anything ever posted online. Listening to any of those idiots is a recipe for disaster. The least they could do is read a fucking book.

No, you're really not. The entire discourse about "job creation" is such an obvious lie that I don't see how anyone can unironically believe any of it.

To compound things, the percentage of people who don't vote is almost great enough to elect an apathy party with a majorit- oh wait, bipartisan politics are a thing in your stupid country.

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>retards do retarded shit
>Urr durr, better act like a retard and mock them !
>But anon, you act like a retard !

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Iirc he threatend to defund federally funded research groups who say climate change is real or something

>> No.51420119

>That comic
I hope Trump gases these authors.

>> No.51420123

I'm gonna need a source before I believe that's genuine. It literally couldn't be any more satirical without derpy expressions and frequent hurrrrs.

In this, we are brothers.

>> No.51420136

I didn't vote for trump but told my group I did to rustle jimmies.

>> No.51420137

>wanting to gas people you disagree with
Go on, tell me more about how you guys are so reasonable and normal.

>> No.51420144

Literally nothing.

>> No.51420154

He stopped Sponsoring bullshit “science“ will probably work out a new deal to have actual science still on the budget but keep shit like gender studies unfunded
Best move of the century

>> No.51420158


>Literally called Strong Female Protagonist

Can't make this shit up.


>> No.51420166

>Go on, tell me more about how you guys are so reasonable and normal.
I'm on a traditional games board on 4chan, I'm hardly a paragon of normality.

>> No.51420186

>implying that the disagreement is the important part
Jesus man

>> No.51420195

>taking hyperbole literally
Do you also think every dismissive remark is a literal exhortation to contort your penis into your own shithole?

>> No.51420200

Hi /pol/
Bye /pol/

>> No.51420210

If you were in the 1%, you would know you need to source that kind of stats.
I'm pretty sure me and my debate partners are not that rare.
... Well I'm being picky, but I definitely agree with you, although I think your %s are a bit off.

>> No.51420223

The only thing I heard was some science-ish agency narrowing its public output to its dedicated relations department or something, I think followed by an immediate retraction and claim the memo was not authorized. And a national park service telling Trump to stuff it, I think? If I thought anyone else could be bothered to spend 30 seconds googling this shit I wouldn't have bothered opening my mouth.

The only defunding thing I've heard about is Trump threatening to withhold federal funds from "sanctuary cities," eg cities with laws or policies on the books protecting illegals in some form.

>> No.51420231

People who try to have political discussions with anonymous strangers are fucking idiots. Full stop, no exceptions.

>> No.51420233

Looks like the group is a side story to a superheroine plot... so there's that.

>> No.51420250

>This is where the world is going. Cry for your children.
That shit is partly why I'm not having children.

>> No.51420255


Guys. Seriously.

Trump is a danger to the USA and the world.

>> No.51420259

>implying it's not just because you're poor and/or can't get any

>> No.51420262

Didn't know /tg/ was /pol/. Dissapointed. Respected this board mostly.

>> No.51420266


>Grab the first result on google



>in b4 hurr durr Washington Post

"New EPA administration has asked that all contract and grant awards be temporarily suspended, effective immediately,” read the email, which was shared with The Washington Post.

“Until we receive further clarification, which we hope to have soon, please construe this to include task orders and work assignments."

>> No.51420269

Rhetorical hyperbole anon. We're in the age of post-truth where actuality is secondary to a good narrative.

Ask yourself this question:
>What percentage people do you honestly think understand "gerrymandering" has nothing to do with salamanders or Seinfeld?

>> No.51420287

It's always been this way. MAGA.

>> No.51420288

1% is 1 in every 100 people. That's already pretty generous.

>> No.51420301

It's one baiter that managed to make enough threads to trigger a shitstorm. We have plenty of people from all boards, /pol/ includes. Unfortunately that's just enough diversity of opinions to perpetuate this thread.

>> No.51420305

>dip your head into a thread designed to bait /pol/fags
>surprised when it's full of baited /pol/fags

>> No.51420308

Would you please explain why?
I learnt a lot of stuff this way. I changed my mind on some subjects and made other people change their mind on some subjects. Overall it's a really interesting experience.
Obviously, it never happened to be interesting on 4chan, but it is in general.

>> No.51420321

I am legitimately curious, is this some serious ironic shitposting or did some fucking redditor/tumbrite actually come to 4chan expecting people to agree with their bullshit?
Remember, sage still exists.

>> No.51420327

So am I. On the other hand there are probably tons of nerds here that don't go outside much, which would explain why they understand nothing on the world/are afraid of women and anybody different

>> No.51420339

Since /r/TheDonald directed their forces over here to flood every board with their boosterism, the entirely of 4chan has been screwed.

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>> No.51420347

Did you even read your own link?

>Myron Ebell, who ran the agency during Mr Trump's transition, confirmed the freeze, but noted that was not out of the ordinary for a new administration.

>"They’re trying to freeze things to make sure nothing happens they don’t want to have happen," he said, "so any regulations going forward, contracts, grants, hires, they want to make sure to look at them first."

>> No.51420349

Stop projecting hebe

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>> No.51420384

I guess being from an educated background and regularly meeting with scholars make me disconnected with how much retarded is the common folk.
I try to think the uneducated dude is not retarded and know stuff I don't in other areas (my english, woodworking and singing skills suck for example), but there are always people saying "no most people are retarded period" so idk what to think

Trump winning sure goes toward the people are retarded rhethoric.

>> No.51420395

Stop being a limp dick faggot. If you want pussy, you have to stop being a pussy.

>> No.51420404

My image is baitposting and I must concern.jpg

So I'm lazy AND slow. Oh well.

This is concerning, but calling him "a danger" over it sounds like he's going to defeat Superman and crash the moon into the Earth.

I'm not sure why you would do that, so I can't really say why you'd stop.

>> No.51420412


Considering he made like three pro-Trump threads, immediately before this one, I don't think so
My question is where'd the damn mod who deleted those go?

>> No.51420448 [SPOILER] 

Sage in some fields?

>> No.51420450

>Trump winning sure goes toward the people are retarded rhetoric.
How would you have felt had it gone the other way?

>> No.51420469

Vast and beautiful fields of sage.

>> No.51420471

This is an anti-Trump thread. Totally acceptable, on-topic and in no way shitposting.

>> No.51420472

You do realize reddit's quality is orders of magnitude higher than 4chan's nowadays right?
Apart maybe from some tg threads.
The good times are over.

>> No.51420473

In all fields

>> No.51420482

This is the Traditional Games board, you're not gonna trigger anyone here faggot, we actually get shit done on this board, we're not autistic like you.

Return to whatever board or site you came from and never come back.

>> No.51420493

Go back and stay there, then.

>> No.51420497

Just for you, anons.

I'm out of bait and 4chan is growing increasingly suspicious that I'm a robot anyway.

>> No.51420507

Even scholars can be absolute retards when it comes to politics, particularly if they haven't studied it whatsoever, but have a degree is something irrelevant, like Engineering, or Economics.

In general, everyone's entitled to their opinion. Some opinions are just stupider than others. Lately, the stupid opinions seem to be disproportionately popular on both sides. Think if it this way, why in the fuck was either candidate nominated? I wouldn't trust a 60 year old to drive a car, let alone run a country. Yet, latent tribalism and buzzwords lured a bunch of idiots into taking this incredible farce seriously. I blame pseudo-intellectuals the most for saying snappy substance-less phrases that trendy people like to parrot to seem smart.

>> No.51420514

>tg gets shit done

Not in at least a few years, bud.

>> No.51420519

Eh, we still have a wiki so that counts for something.

>> No.51420520

That's what I do now. I only come for porn, tg and some /sci/ stuff.
I wonder if there are originalfags left.

>> No.51420523

>You do realize reddit's quality is orders of magnitude higher than 4chan's nowadays right?
I don't care how many of those ignorant asshats come over thinking that they can shit the place up with their uncultured selves, this place is better. More than half the boards are better than any subreddit just for lack of circle jerk.

>> No.51420550

Objectively false.

Here, someone will read your post and may or may not take you seriously depending on the content. There, the inherent circlejerk dominates so much that nothing productive happens, outside of gigantic attention whores contributing to the circlejerk.

>> No.51420552

Does /tg/ even have mods anymore?

>> No.51420555

>> No.51420556

I hope that you aren't referring to the mess that is 1d4chan

>> No.51420562

Of all the silliness of this being an attempt at a warm, normal family photo, I think the most 'what the fuck' part is the two toy limos.
That's more off-kilter to me than all the rest of the wanna-be Versailles stuff. One, sure, maybe the kid wants that. But two and nothing else? Not even a sports car, or zany hotwheels design, or anything, just a beige limo and a black limo?

>> No.51420563

I never comment on Reddit, it's always cheeky cunts trying to get the most upvotes in the comments.

Also, good luck having an opinion on Reddit, you'll get downvoted and comments deleted for having one of those.

>> No.51420580

>we actually get shit done on this board
Such as? I'd love for it to be so, but it doesn't feel like it.

I also lied about being out of bait. NOW I'm out of bait.

>> No.51420581

>implying I don't use both
Why limit yourself because of the whims of strangers passing like ships in the night?

>> No.51420585

It's a mess, but I've found it to be one of the better 4chan wiki's.

>> No.51420586

I wonder where our mods are.
Do we have to go bother them on IRC every time this guy slips his ban?

>> No.51420587

>good luck having an opinion on Reddit
I'm sure it's great if your opinion is the board-designated correct one.

>> No.51420592

>Even scholars can be absolute retards when it comes to politics, particularly if they haven't studied it whatsoever,

Everybody is a retard in subjects he haven't studied. The difference for smart people is they know they don't know anything about stuff they didn't study.

Obviously studying something that is not politics does not improve your understand, but it usually better your critical thinking and fact checking skills - there are retarded know-it-all in the academic field, but they are not the majority.

>> No.51420599

I'll dump WHY's

>> No.51420611

People posting bait images

Anyone got the Inferno Cop, one?

I reformatted and lost it.

>> No.51420617

>> No.51420619

See what if OP just wanted bait pictures pictures but did not want to strait up ask for them?

>> No.51420630


Well the krieg fags are getting shit done, depending on your given value for getting things done. Regardless of what we may think of it they wanted something and they are doing it. That's getting shit done. If you dispair over the state of the board, the go do something about it rather than just whine about it.

>> No.51420631

>> No.51420635

Is English your second language?

>> No.51420637

Even if it is the board designated correct one, people will still get triggered over the smallest things. Some subreddits are better than others, but almost all the comment sections are people trying to get the most upvotes they can

>> No.51420644

I guess you never saw reddit in your life, but like I care. I only read it for threads about Paradox games and strategiest in them.

>> No.51420651

>> No.51420661


>> No.51420672

>> No.51420673

I'm not trying to argue. English is my second language, too. I just want to know.

>> No.51420683

>> No.51420686

>The difference for smart people is they know they don't know anything about stuff they didn't study.
Ideally, but it's pretty human to fall into that trap regardless, especially in an era of ubiquitous social networking.

And then there are the assholes who misrepresent experience in one field of study to try to push junk science in another, which is straight-up them thinking they know better and trying to manipulate perception of their opinions.

>> No.51420689

As if we weren't flooded by Stormfront members first

>> No.51420695

>> No.51420711

Not gonna lie, I lost a lot of respect for Neil DeGrasse Tyson after I found out his Twitter is 5% actual science and 95% fedora-tier whinging about inconsequential bullshit.

>> No.51420712

>> No.51420736

Bait thread, but either way:

I'm mad about politics. I don't care which side of the line you're on anymore, I just wish people would stop talking about it, everywhere I go, online or off. I cannot get away from people crowing over Trump's victory and the great future ahead, or lamenting every pen he shifts on his desk in the White House and how it's going to ruin everything.

I go to my game table to get away from the real world, and if this 'refuge' from reality is thus breached, I don't know what I'd do. I really just hope all this bullshit doesn't last much longer.

>> No.51420739

>> No.51420741

A good chunk of the_donald came from /pol/ and [censored]chan to begin with.
You're probably not wrong that it caused some kind of a feedback loop, but it's still barely different now than how things already were.

>> No.51420753

>The difference for smart people is they know they don't know anything about stuff they didn't study.
Socrates is a dick. Understanding your lack of knowledge doesn't make you smart, it makes you humble. Researching something comprehensively on both sides of an argument to understand it before you decide on your opinion makes you smart.

In terms of politics, a stupid person and a smart person may have the same opinion, but it becomes very clear who's a charlatan and who isn't by the reasoning behind their position. For example, if you ask where the democrats and republicans fall on the global political spectrum the answer is right, and far right. Nothing in either party's platform is traditionally "left", but if you ask anyone in the united states, suddenly every democrat is a left wing communist because they aren't extremely far right, which shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the concept in general.

>> No.51420759

>> No.51420772


I concur. I have to deal with that shit all the time at school and work, I wish I didn't have to hear about it with my gaming groups.

>> No.51420778

>> No.51420789

>or can't get any
That's the second part.

>> No.51420791

>The difference for smart people is they know they don't know anything about stuff they didn't study.
See, you'd think that, but there's certainly no dearth of pop-culture scientists who spout political drivel completely unrelated to the work they do, as if their labcoat gives their opinion any more weight than the next guy.

>> No.51420792

I agree. I literally don't give a fuck if my country turns into a totalitarian/authoritarian hell hole, I just want people to shut up about things they don't understand then get on with their lives, living with the consequences of their actions.

>> No.51420794

>> No.51420812

>> No.51420833

>political spectrum = left or right

>> No.51420835


Did you not see the wargame thing fa/tg/uys developed over the last month or so, Fading Embers? It's pretty sweet, unlike this smelly thread.

>> No.51420836

>I really just hope all this bullshit doesn't last much longer.

>> No.51420852

Who the hell starts it at your table? Cause its the GM's job to put a stop to that shit unless its in character and even then he should try and stop most in-character political talk if it can be directly extrapolated to real world events.
Yep. Best part are super clear fallacies. I want to have a legitimate discussion over what should and should not be called a slippery slope by this point because I honestly don't know anymore

>> No.51420858

Go on, elaborate. Tell me about this mystical Z axis no one apart from yourself has ever heard of.

>> No.51420876

>> No.51420879

>left and right are two different axes

>> No.51420887


>> No.51420895

>> No.51420903


I am uncertain what thus hand motion is meant to convey. I mean I understand that your post iwant t communicate derision, but what do the hands actually mean?

>> No.51420908

>> No.51420919

Come on anon, don't be dense. You have internal policy relative to governance of your own people, and external policy relative to foreign relations.

But, you're shitposting anime girls with no pants, so there's no hope of any semblance of discussion.

>> No.51420926

>I am a fragile flower poorly adapted to the world
>why won't people respect my weakness
Suicide is probably your best option

>> No.51420935

>> No.51420948


>> No.51420954

>internal policy relative to governance of your own people consists of a single axis

>> No.51420955

>> No.51420966


>> No.51420969

I'm out of WHYs

>> No.51420975

Okay anon, now you're just making things up.

>> No.51420979

Politics is pretty much just understanding where all the money goes. Trace the money and you find out what's going on most of the time. That's the most important thing a pleb could know.

>> No.51420982

Well I already knew that. But the methods of suicide that I find most agreeable are difficult to obtain right now.

>> No.51420997

Yes. Btw feel free to correct my errors, I'd love to get better.

>Socrates is a dick
The first step to research for more knowledge is knowing you need to do it though
Also you nailed it on american politics. This is well-known in my country but americans seem oblivious to it, this is weird.

As I work in the academic field, I mostly know "real" scientists and don't follow vulgarisation stuff. Is this phenomenom so massive?

SMBC nailed it (pic related)

>> No.51421003


>> No.51421005


>> No.51421012

Most of my players dislike him, and the one who didn't only voted for him because Bernie lost. They've all been critical of him.

I went out of my way to avoid discussing it.

>> No.51421016

>being too weak to kill yourself

>> No.51421026

Well sorry for talking about important stuff. You know, the stuff people's lives depends on.

>> No.51421046

Talk about it in an appropriate forum; e.g. not /tg/ or the gaming table.

>> No.51421052

1) I'm sad this thread had to exist.
2) I'll be even more sad when we reach image bump limit.

>> No.51421056

>I, a foreigner, understand american politics better than those stupid rubes who live there

>> No.51421062

You didn't even label the middle axis you mong, and it still only has an x and a y axis.

It is important, but the people discussing it are wholly unqualified to do so, and completely ignorant of this fact. I'm sure black holes are important stuff people's lives depend on, doesn't mean you should discuss them in the same place as Modern General.

>> No.51421067

What about a library?

>> No.51421070

But then how the nerds will know what's happening if we don't talk about it during the only time they're leaving their house ?

>> No.51421072

Ran outta orc women. Now posting oni women.

>> No.51421085

Keep up that belligerent holier than thou attitude anon, you're doing God's work

>> No.51421086

>I, as an american, am completely ignorant of the stupidity of my own population, despite having a region literally referred to as "the bible belt"

>> No.51421089


Important stuff is good to talk about. I don't mind discussing it at work or at school, it's appropriate there, but I go to game to relax and unwind. To have a good time. Politics are important, but relaxation is also important, and I fell they should be kept apart. If someone in my group wants to talk politics I'm cool with it, just not at the table. Wait until after the session and then when we've had are fun and settled in to talk and consume refreshments, then you can bring up the heavy shit.

>> No.51421092

Yes. DNC and GOP are right and far-right parties according to European standards.

Being a foreigner doesn't matter or maybe make it easier to realize as we tend to be interested in both our politic and USA's politic.

>> No.51421095

>I can't read

>> No.51421100

She's my favorite oni.

>> No.51421107

>go to the movies
>as you're getting a ticket, the employee tries to talk politics
>some treatment at the snack bar
>guy taps you on the shoulder in the theater, but instead of telling you to turn off your phone, he wants to talk about Trump and the effect his new legislation may have on that oil pipeline
>try to tell him no you just want to watch your damn movie
>"but your life depends on this knowledge"

>> No.51421113

hey. Hey. HEY!

>> No.51421121

A little something for the macro-fags out there!

>> No.51421135

Which makes European parties left and far-left by American standards, and since you guys are a by-word for rape, porous borders and imminent break-up that recommends moving even further away from you.

>> No.51421138

>complains about Americans treating """""right""""" and """""far-right""""" as left and right of center
>is a European who treats far-left and left as left and right of center
It's like pottery.

>> No.51421144

>Trump winning sure goes toward the people are retarded rhethoric.
Hillary won the Popular vote though, but I guess that doesn't disprove tour statement about people being retarded

>> No.51421148

>Hurr durr it's not real science because I don't agree with it
The thing about facts is, they are true whether or not you agree with them

>> No.51421150

As long as you do realize that people will die because of Trump's investiture and that those deaths would have been avoided with a Democrat, I'll sleep well.

(refugees/mexicans stuff, ACA repeal, women forced to have back street abortions, and later climate change)

>> No.51421169

>you know what helps me sleep at night? Winning arguments on the internet
wew leftists

>> No.51421172

I'll acknowledge kriegshit is indeed shit that is getting done. Haven't heard of Burning Embers, and there doesn't seem to be a thread for it at the moment.

>I want to have a legitimate discussion over what should and should not be called a slippery slope by this point because I honestly don't know anymore
As with everything else, it's a matter of backing your shit up. Slippery Slope can be a legitimate argument or a logical fallacy depending on usage.

The basic idea of a slippery slope is that we shouldn't do something not on its own merits, but because it will result in other things being done, and we should not do those. It's often commandeered for the argument that we SHOULD do things we should not do because it'd be inconsistent/unfair/etc not to, which is a different argument in the same format.

An example of the proper form would be:
>Once we raise taxes to pay for our shit once, we'll do it next time we need the cash too, and won't stop until it's a crushing burden on every one and thing

An example of the hijacked, actually-saying-it's-bad-in-principle version would be:
>Once we outlaw reality TV for being trashy, what's next, outlawing dumb scifi flicks for being dumb?!

The fallacy version occurs when you fail to sufficiently explain WHY this is the case. Examples:
>Once we raise taxes once, we'll never stop!
>Once we outlaw reality TV, scifi is next!

This has been another exciting episode of This Is Totally /tg/ Related Guys I Swear.

>> No.51421193

It doesn't work this way. "European" standards are everybody that know a little about politics's standard. Left and right are well defined, as socialism is for example. People misunderstanding nomenclatura (or worse, redefining terms as it suits them) are hard to debate with.

>> No.51421198

The lives of foreign nationals weigh nothing on my conscience.

(I'll grant the bit about back street abortions; I support abortion in principle; but for me it's outweighed by other issues.)

>> No.51421201

Holy fuck who is his interior designer? They're the ones who really deserve to be waterboarded

>> No.51421202

The proof people are retarded is that it ever got to this point.

>> No.51421205

Did conservatives cry this much when Obama was elected?
My facebook feed has been flooded by liberal circlejerking and crying. It's basically unusable.

I hope this isn't an indication of every new president in the facebook era.

>> No.51421208


Not that anon, but you do realize people would still be dying under a democratic right? Maybe different people, for different reasons, but there would still be people dying because of the presidents actions. And half the examples you mentioned are of people dying for their own poor choices. I feel no sympathy. You're just parting retoric.

>> No.51421214

>that those deaths would have been avoided with a Democrat
No they wouldn't, they would just come from a global war with russia because lol noflyzone.

>> No.51421223

>"European" standards are everybody that know a little about politics's standard
>European politics are a disaster that can't even sustain itself

>> No.51421224


FE is having a bit of a rocky period at the moment, hopefully we'll be able to get it back on its feet.

>> No.51421227

I'm aware of vague philosophical concepts slapped haphazardly at the top and bottom of a graph, but what are they describing? The polar opposite of an authoritarian state is a totalitarian state, not a "libertarian" state, and ironically, most proponents of authoritarian regimes are also "libertarians" who believe in small government.

>> No.51421228

... Seriously why?
You do realize you're the definition of evil? Why are foreign humans not humans to your eye?
You do know people have families, hobbies, joys outside of the United States right?

>> No.51421232

It was much, MUCH worse, because shock and terror, he's black

As far as in 2010, there were still survivalist groups forming, because "a nigger is ruling our country"

>> No.51421243

>He thinks voting a hawk into office will save lives.

>> No.51421245

>socialism on the table at all

>> No.51421251

>You do know people have families, hobbies, joys outside of the United States right?
And they can have them all they want outside of america

>> No.51421252

>Implying American gerrymanding electors-do-it-for-you, rural-areas-count-more bullshit works at all

>> No.51421255

What the fuck are you talking about. At least in Western Europe the President is the guy people voted for, not that "more people voted for somebody else but I'm the POTUS" bullshit

>> No.51421261


I call bullshit. I mean yeah, there were a few crazies, but we didn't have rioting and widespread protests like we do now, and you fucking know it.

>> No.51421268

Why I have a feeling the chick on right was a guy few panels ago?

>> No.51421274

>As far as in 2010
I had a facebook by then and I wasn't being overrun with anti-obama rhetoric (though it certainly appeared from one friend or another from time to time).
So maybe this'll cool down eventually too.
Who am I kidding, most of my facebook friends are from NoVA. I'm fucked.

>> No.51421281

>whoops we're losing one of the pillars of the eu with more to follow
>but at least we're not america!

>> No.51421282

>I wouldn't trust a 60 year old to drive a car, let alone run a country.
My father in law is over 60 and is missing his lower right leg and I trust him to drive circles around your punk ass and probably anyone you know.
Also, he'd probably do a better job of President than any of the candidates we saw this last year.
Just saying, 60 ain't senile and feeble.

>Understanding your lack of knowledge doesn't make you smart, it makes you humble. Researching something comprehensively on both sides of an argument to understand it before you decide on your opinion makes you smart.
>INT vs. WIS
Thank you Waldo.

>> No.51421287

You're the source this world's problems. Yes, voting for somebody that will not take life insurance out of more than 20 million people would have saved lives.

>> No.51421289

>Didn't have rioting
Check again
>No widespread protests
True, because it was rednecks arming themselves to the teeth, rather than bunch of liberals throwing a tantrum in the public

>> No.51421298

>people arguing about Trump
>Forgetting that Hillary is just as evil, and even more conniving and a constant liar
>not realizing this country will end regardless of which of those two assholes were elected
>not realizing that so far both parties have either been wrong or outright deceptive in regards to climate change.
>not understanding that the 2010s was just the 70s all over again, and the 2020s will be a repeat of the 80s
>not noticing that both parties are current shallow husks and parodies of their former selves completely raped by both media influence and the out dated Two Party system
>not knowing humanity is long overdue for a depopulation event to occur to wipe the slate clean
>not realizing there is nothing new under the sun
I for one await a natural apocalypse to occur

>> No.51421299


Actually not caring about people outside of your in group is perfectly natural for humans. The concept of caring for others and the human family is a relatively new social construct. Not that it's a bad thing that we try to give a shit now, it's just that it's understandable that not everyone does. It doesn't make them evil, just human. And unenlightened, but enlightenment is overrated.

>> No.51421306

You don't get it, do you?

It wasn't about inefficient libtard protesting, it was about sweatly buying as much AR rifles as possible, because "a nazi nigger gonna disarm this God-given country!"
Different people, different ways of overreacting

>> No.51421307

It was bad for about a week but it was kept in real life and after that week most everyone but the tea partiers went back to work. Since most liberals are upper-middle class and college aged, they don't work so they bitch 24/7 in real life and online.

>> No.51421308

>B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but Hillary!
Literally irrelevant, stopped reading there

>> No.51421309

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The polar opposite of an authoritarian state is a totalitarian state

>> No.51421310

We had a widespread, grassroots political organization that cropped up nationwide, though.

If there was any lesson to learn from the Tea Party, it's that organization wins elections, not riots.

>> No.51421322

>women forced to have back street abortions
Noone is ever forced to have an abortion. Abstinence is always an option. If you have sex, you have implicitly accepted the possibility of pregnancy. If you need to be certain, get your tubes tied.

Anyone using your reasoning as an excuse is only insulting themselves, since they're all but saying outright that they're too weak to make their own decisions without someone handing them an easy out, and demanding they not be shamed for taking the coward's route.

All that said, personally I don't think abortion should be illegal, because I don't think government has any place enforcing subjective morality. I find the practice detestable and the practitioners thereof to be disgusting, but my emotions aren't a basis for legislation. In my view it should be punished on the social level.

>> No.51421323

Dear lord you're so fucking retarded. A no-fly zone has never implied war with Russia. You'll never find a source for that. Besides, letting Russia bombard civilians isn't saving lives.

>> No.51421325

>The concept of caring for others and the human family is a relatively new social construct
>Relatively new social construct

It's around since first Bronze Age countries formed, you dumb fuck.

>> No.51421328

Anon, disasters should not be sustaining themselves, they should break down and dissolve.
I didn't work for Merkel, I can tell you that much. But I'm also not enough of a nationalistic crusader to just go shoot her. Just give it time.

>> No.51421331

>one group commits mass vandalism and makes a public nuisance of itself
>the other stimulates the american economy
Gosh when you put it like that I hate liberals now!

>> No.51421338

Kills phantasmal dragon

>> No.51421346

>he doesn't understand his own graph
You literally posted a graph where economics is separate from social policy. If you posted a better graph, I'd understand, but you didn't.

>> No.51421349

Now to the real questions: Why is Illya so lewd?

>> No.51421351


>> No.51421358

>A no-fly zone has never implied war with Russia
Yes it does. It means one of three things:
1) Russia backs down from defending its interests in Syria (Not going to happen)
2) We start shooting down Russian jets
3) Russia calls our bluff and we look even weaker than before.

>> No.51421362


Bullshit you uneducated fucker. Read your damn history.

>> No.51421366

>not caring about people outside of your in group is perfectly natural for humans.

No it isn't. Society always developed thanks to cooperation of people that didn't know each other well.
See, you're the very own definition of somebody that don't know what he's talking about.
You're only saying that everybody is like you to hide from yourself that you're a monster.

>> No.51421378


OP is a faggot who will never be as successful as Donald Trump. Sad!

>> No.51421384

>Telling Russia they can't give air support to their ally
>not an act of war
Good thing we're getting you people out of Washington

>> No.51421394

No, voting for someone who would have pushed for war with russia would not have saved lives.
Goes without saying that commies scarcely count as human. Same with gypsies.
Are you retarded? Do you suppose that enforcing a no-fly zone is as clean and simple as telling them "no"? You dumb fuck, fighters will have to come into direct contact with each other. There's this thing called an escalation ratchet where if one country makes an aggressive action towards another the only options for the responder are to back down and lose shit tons of face, something that no international power ever wants to do, or crank it up even more.
>bombing civilians
Terrorists aren't civilians. Russia assists the states because its in their interest to prevent this bullshit from reaching its boarders. The US funds ISIS because lol.

>> No.51421398

>not take life insurance out of more than 20 million people would have saved lives.
Save or die spells and effects suck.

>> No.51421403

>If I say this is not true, the reality will re-align itself
Unfortunately for you, life is not a speech made by Trump

>> No.51421404

>/tg/ actually fell for OP's bait.
To think that bait spamming and funposting was the only thing keeping this thread from being total garbage.

>> No.51421406

If you had sex, you'd know accidents happen (mishandling the condom, forgetting your pill). And if a child is unwanted, he better not exist because he will ruin the lives of everybody involved included his own. Abortion is not about abstinence.

>> No.51421415

>I don't know what authoritarian and libertarian mean

>> No.51421420

Personally I consider it the job of foreign governments to care about foreign people. Frankly, implying that they have any rights at all under my country's laws is an affront to their own nation's sovereignty. Our laws stop at our borders, and human rights are a construct bound up in the contract of law. If they have the same rights, that would logically mean they have the same duties and expectations. By such reasoning, everyone on earth should pay my country taxes, which is of course ridiculous.

>> No.51421422

>the percentage of people who don't vote is almost great enough to elect an apathy party with a majority
Finally a party that represents my interests.

>> No.51421423

Thread has been reported multiple times and every post should have been saged. Only reason this thread is still up is because mods do nothing about it.

>> No.51421424

Well done, soldier. You've made /tg/ a better place, insofar as this half-shitposting half-meme thread can improve /tg/.

Cheesecake/waifu threads usually annoy me, but under the circumstances you're doing good work.

>> No.51421429

>And if a child is unwanted, he better not exist because he will ruin the lives of everybody involved included his own.
Wew was that you said about how death is something that should be avoided?

>> No.51421433

Here ya go pal

>> No.51421444

>I don't know what authoritarian and libertarian mean because they refer to socio-economic concepts, yet are separated on an entirely different axis

>> No.51421452


The Tea Party failed, though. The movement got people elected, but those politicians backed out on their promises as soon as they reached Washington.

If anything Trump is actually working double time on the agenda he campaigned on, right away, whether you agree with him or not, which makes him a better man than 95% of politicians.

>> No.51421457

I don't allow discussion of politics, religion, celeb drama, or identity politics bullshit at my table.

Also being from Reddit, NeoGaf, or RPG.net is an automatic ban.

This solves all my problems.

>> No.51421467

I think the mods are asleep. There's a /tg/ thread that's been hanging around on /sp/.

They'll probably wake up in a jiffy though if someone mentions that they do it FOR FREE, and they buy hotpockets with their good boy points.

>> No.51421468

Turks shot down a russian military aircraft two months ago for violating their air space. Where is the turko-russian war ?
You guys have to be seriously delusional to think two nuclear powers will do anything on a larger scale than a proxy war.

>Syria civilians are terrorists
It's sad people like you didn't live in Aleppo.

>> No.51421483

Legalism was a mistake.

>> No.51421485

Kebab have been groveling to the Kremlin for months now to repair relations with Russia, especially after the ambassador got killed. Where have you been?

>> No.51421495

A bunch of cells without a brain is not a human life, anon. Your epithelial intestine cells live only for 20 minutes. Do you think you should bury every single one of them?

>> No.51421497

>I've fellated the single-axis delusion so hard it's stuck in my throat


>> No.51421500

Yes. And my point is that if you are so unprepared that such an accident would be impossible to compensate for, you shouldn't be sexually active. Sex and pregnancy are fundamentally linked, and there's nothing you can do about that.

Further, an at-fault accident such as your examples (as opposed to a no-fault accident, such as taking the pill but becoming pregnant anyway) is worth no sympathy. Your circumstances are the result of your own mistake, and you need to live with it.

>> No.51421501

>Russia assists the states because its in their interest to prevent this bullshit from reaching its boarders
They do it because they lost a lot of arms business to the Arab Spring and Syria is one of their last arms buyers left, and one of their oldest too.

>> No.51421512

It's literally Murphy's Law:
The longer something is going, the bigger chance of a failure to happen.

Hence this thread, the longer it was going, the less funposting was involved and the more actual /pol/ shit spilled

>> No.51421513

Do my epithelial intestine cells have a potential to develop into a human being?

>> No.51421514

>The only defunding thing I've heard about is Trump threatening to withhold federal funds from "sanctuary cities," eg cities with laws or policies on the books protecting illegals in some form.

Why does America have cities that encourage illegal immigrants?

>> No.51421517

Yes, but that has nothing to do with my post, and you have yet to post this graph with an extra axis.

>> No.51421521

As a party apparatus? Absolutely. But it also clearly paved a way for Trump by establishing the first organizational articulations of reactionary discontent with the status quo.

>> No.51421533

From the drawthread

>> No.51421539

Is this your map of Aleppo?

>> No.51421546

>for violating their air space
Erdogan is more of a powertripping wannabe Fuhrer than the whole bloodline of Kim's combined.

>> No.51421551

Potentially, given enough research into stem cell generation sans-fetus.

Despite our best efforts, what defines 'human' is about to become incredibly vague.

>> No.51421559

If you want to be perfectly literal about it, yes. Extremely specific cases of microchimerism can result in spontaneous pregnancies from non-egg cells, although the likelihood of a viable fetus being produced by such a means is vanishingly small.

>> No.51421562

>Turks shot down a russian military aircraft two months ago for violating their air space.
And russia responed by posting AAA there to make sure any fighters in the area that aren't theirs get shot the fuck down. Escalation ratchet you dumb motherfucker. Russia has been forced into a position where any hostile actions against them in that area will lead to more conflict and nobody is going to back down.
>no terrorists live in Aleppo
>no terrorists use 'civilians' as cover

>> No.51421563

So the answer is no, intestine cells are a poor analogue for fetuses.

>> No.51421567

But there is no turko-russian war, right?

>> No.51421572

>Illegally stealing and deleting documents she did not have the authority to do so with
>Lied about previous historical stance on gay rights and birth control
>Stealing documents from the whitehouse after Bill's administration ended
>claims to support women's rights while taking funding from nations under Sharia Law
>been caught for tax fraud numerous times
>lives off of the money of donations to a fake charity foundation
>actively lies about previous interviews and statements
>brags about using political connections to get rapists and molesters out of arrest
>pedophile island
>has been recorded by secret service to actively threaten harm and death on people, including Bill

Trump may be a stereotypical cyberpunk Megacorp villain, but Hillary is Starscream levels of cartoonishly outright evil.

>> No.51421587

Because of said groveling and the possibility of NATO intervention. If america is picking a fight then Russia has made it clear for decades they're going to hit the button immediately.

>> No.51421593

>I still can't read

>> No.51421598

1) Yes. Every single one of your cells an be turned back to a stem cell. That's what happen when you get cancer and why it's so hard to cure. We can do that in a lab now btw (do you want the paper?)

2) Every single spermatozoid has potential to develop into a human being. I hope you never masturbated, you genocidal freak.

>> No.51421606

So what your saying is it would've been morally acceptable to have killed you in the womb.

>> No.51421617

No, he's saying it was mandatory

>> No.51421627

So you agree the human being is potential? So the cells are not a human being?
Therefore it's not murder.

When you kill someone, you're not judged for murdering the dozens of children he could have had.

>> No.51421630


>> No.51421631


>> No.51421646

Those are the regions CONTROLLED by those groups. The people living in it are civilians. Do you think every single French in 1943 was a german nazi because of Occupation?

>> No.51421648

Classical liberalism

>> No.51421651

A freak occurrence layered on top of another freak occurrence does not compare with the regularity of embryos becoming babies, I'm sorry but it just doesn't.
If you cause a miscarriage through assault you are on hook for murder though

>> No.51421658


>> No.51421667


Honestly the whole "joy of life" argument is fucking dumb. I work manual labor for eight hours a day and spend the rest of my time shitposting and watching anime. What worth does my life have? What the hell is so fucking special? I didn't ask to be born. Nobody gave me the gift receipt for my conception.

>> No.51421682

There are a lot of words on that graph that the author doesn't quite understand. Next time, anime poster, you shouldn't argue with autists unless you know what you're talking about.

>> No.51421683

Pulled it off the internet to illustrate a point, man. If you feel it's too skewed then have this instead. If you feel I skewed it the wrong way then use your imagination.

>> No.51421692

"live and let live" thing?

>> No.51421701

what the fuck even is this trying to convey

>> No.51421705

That's still not central, though.

>> No.51421708

>rebel side is absolutely nothing but civilians
>regime side absolutely nothing but soldiers
Anon you seem to have missed the point of the map.

Somehow I doubt hospitals pop up and vanish from the aether based on which side controls the block at that instant.

>> No.51421710

>Look guys, I'm wrong, but I've spent my whole anime girl folder trying to argue, so I can't give up now.
Classic 4chan. At least you tried.

>> No.51421729

But I don't have an anime folder.

I just want to ride this garbage bait thread to page 10 since the mods evidently don't give a fuck.

>> No.51421734

Of course it is acceptable to eliminate something that isn't a human being, compared to kill a human being.

>Having spermatozoids not fertilising an egg is a freak occurence
You didn't answer to 2). Also cancer is not a freak occurence, if you're a man, it's already developing in your prostate (if it's not, you're too young to post on this website).

>> No.51421735

Their new fixer is based off Milo Yiannopoulos. It's going breddy gud so far.

>> No.51421748

>not a human life, anon.
It possess rudimentary capability for homeostasis, is it's own genetically unique entity that is undeniably a member of Homo sapiens, is capable of growth and development of the same level and kind as any other human being without cancerous mutation, and is produced as a unique organism by the procreation of humans that is also capable of displaying basic responses to stimuli as well as developing human level sapience through its own growth and development

That entity is a Human Being, even as much as a newly born human infant. It possess just about all the same natural sapient capabilities as you do, and I won't have you devaluing human life.

Nearly every human culture on this planet has understood the moral responsibility of caring for the unborn, I'm sorry that toy are too sociopathic to also realize the importance as well.

Now go back to murdering tribal groups you despise and alienating your fellow humans, since toy have clearly shown a lacking basic empathy for human life.

>> No.51421749

Yeah, civilians live in every warzone. We still bomb it. In fact its better to do so now with bombing becoming an exact science rather than a "blanket and pray" deal. Reduces soldier casualties and since you're hitting them at a specific time any 'civilians' who get in the way are acceptable casualties on the international scale as they could very well be terrorists themselves or supporters with any degree of investigation.
The crowd in this scene aren't civilians when gunshots start going off and they don't clear out or duck down.

>> No.51421756

This is essentially the first election that's got a serious hold on the internet. Some of the Obama elections got a little net coverage, but that was relatively small compared to Trump and Clinton. It was like they were using net things for swaying people in real life now and again, a few jokes or rants. But with Trump and Clinton, it spewed onto the net almost the moment people learned who was running. Memes for fucking everybody, people got up on internet soapboxes to fight for their favorite candidates.

>> No.51421766

To be fair, I'm in the same boat. Today sucked, tomorrow will only be worse. Maybe the next day will be better.

>> No.51421782

Well now it's three freak occurrences layered on top of one another since now it's intestine cells reverting to viable stem cells via cancer and traveling to the womb to make a stem cell baby in my manuterus. And it's still not comparable to embryos on the what is life question.

>> No.51421793

Liberalism is the center position on almost all political axis charts.

>> No.51421811

I know that the electoral college was put in place because otherwise larger, more populated states would dominate smaller, less populous states in every election.

>> No.51421822

>rudimentary capability for homeostasis
Almost every single cell does. Every bacteria does. That has absolutely nothing to do with being a human being.

>undeniably a member of Homo sapiens
No, Homo sapiens is the whole animal, not a single cell.

>capable of growth and development of the same level and kind as any other human being without cancerous mutation
No. If it's not in the womb, it dies.

>produced as a unique organism by the procreation of humans

>also capable of displaying basic responses to stimuli
Every cell does. It doesn't have a brain though.

>> No.51421824

Since when?

Did some cock knuckle decide the ol' Hobbes and Locke/Rousseau paradigm isn't a thing anymore?

>> No.51421826

Actually an embryo can implant anywhere in the body. In fact, the uterus is one of the least hospitable places for an egg to develop. This ensures that only strong eggs survive long enough to implant.

>> No.51421850

>the electoral collage was put in place because it was funnier if a redneck vote was 3 times as strong as a californian vote

(it's the real number, feel free to do the math)

>> No.51421872

Have you considered that your own experience and myopic mindset is not indicative of the whole, and considering humanity hated lasted thus far with nearly every single culture and religion to have ever existed to pit emphasis of the beauty of life and existence of the conscious self (except arguable Buddhism, but that is complicated and debatable), your mindset may intact be an irregularity and/or indicative to a cultivated ignorance and unwillingness to actively seek to answer the existential pursuits of understanding and purpose that define us, and have instead chosen to will own in your own misery and self pity, seeking some vestige of schadenfreude from projecting your own insecurities on humanity?

This would be the part where I would post a picture of Soren Kierkegaard, but sadly almost all the images seem to have been lost from my phone

>> No.51421886

>the electoral college was put in place because dumbfuck leftists in california can't understand that they don't actually produce any goods of worth so their vote shouldn't actually mean shit

>> No.51421897

Exactly, the smaller states aren't overwhelmed by the larger ones.
You figured it out!

>> No.51421902

How cute, some hick thinks he understands economics. What do you think about all the jobs that pipeline is going to create, champ?

>> No.51421906


>> No.51421909

except the part where they have to actually make money to pay for the massive debt of the bible belt.

It's really weird how the hippies somehow are making more money than the conservatives.

>> No.51421917

So by your definition of the requirements of being an organism, creature that are multi cellular but lack cephalization or true brains/ganglia, cannot be considered organisms

You sir, are an idiot, and probably not even a biologist

>> No.51421923

>I never learned about the French Revolution
Letting the cities dominate your government is a surefire way to wind up starving once the rural population revolts.

Or, in their specific case, to wind up starving after you executed all the rural folk for violating all the impossible laws you passed without the slightest understanding of life outside a city.

>> No.51421950

It's actually worked very well for Alaska, further with the incentives it has created for managing the land the pipe runs through, it has morbidly created jobs up there, but has also granted greater amounts of funding for wildlife biologists and natural resource managers to ensure ecological stability in the regions

>> No.51421958

>by your definition of the requirements of being an organism
Not that anon but:
Organism =/= human

>> No.51421974

No, I'm merely pointing out that the "you're destroying future joy" argument cuts both ways, since you're also destroying future pain. While people in my situation are not the norm, the sort of people who seek abortions are not well aligned with the statistical average and are generally in circumstances that increase the probability of having unsuccessful kids, such as being poor, underage and unprepared, or lacking a stable family.

>> No.51421983

>this buzzword filled non-answer with no substance
23 new permanent full time positions. That's all this pipeline will create. Sure, lots of part time ones will briefly be available, but that has little to do with anything you said.

>> No.51421988

Is a PhD enough for you? (studying prostate cancer if you didn't guess)
And >>51421958 got it right. Everything you said apply to every organism, so none of it specifically defines human life.

>> No.51421997

Anyone who posts on 4chan with a PhD is a liar, an idiot, or maybe both.

>t. some guy with a masters in bullshit

>> No.51422012

The rust belt is in debt because of the collapse of an economic paradigm, which is hardly their fault.

Further,the majority of California is not economicly productive. It's just that a few areas are very much so.

Also, the greatest net contributer to national funding is Texas, so there's that too.

>> No.51422024

>I'm bitter because I didn't get one
What's your field btw

>> No.51422041

Which totally explains Cali's legendary debt, right?

>> No.51422047

Remember that this was a system put in place when the largest cities in America were still nowhere near approaching the population centers of Europe at the time, and at first only white, educated men could vote (I think Andrew Jackson opened it up to all white men, and then most people know when suffrage and the civil rights movement happened).

>> No.51422051

Emergency Management and Business Continuity. Completely irrelevant to my undergrad, but that happens sometimes.

I'm actually not jealous at all, since I'm a small time assistant manager, and if I had the same job with a PhD I'd probably kill myself with mountains of paperwork.

>> No.51422056

>definition of the requirements of being an organism
Definition of the requirements of being a *human life*, dumbass. When the fuck did being an "organism" give you rights? Are the police about to kick my door in for the burger I had yesterday?

>> No.51422087

Repeat after me:





>> No.51422102

I feel you. Sometimes I envy technicians that leave at 5 pm while I'm staying in the lab lol
Anyway have a nice day/night

>> No.51422123

Since just after the Napoleonic wars.

>> No.51422128

Yet answer me how you can see an entity that fulfills all the requirements of being an genetically unique organism of the species homo sapiens having all the distinctions of being a unique organism in terms of both genetics and physicality, and thus not a mere offscouring of a concurrent entity, as not a human life.

In my field of Wildlife Biology (as in the guys actually trying to maintain the ability of our planet to acruarsupport multiple forms of life) one does not distinguish a fetal organism as being wholesale different from any other member of its species. Find a dead Pronghorn that was pregnant, cut it open, and look as the during embryo inside, and you would not consider it to not be a member of its species, nor do you discount it's death as being less impactful on the population growth and mortality of the local pronghorn population.

Humans are no different in this regard, and to attempt to split hairs in the same manner you do does nothing more than dehumanize and attempt to assign a philogenetically wrong label to what is beyond a doubt a human entity, no less than a ostrich egg still being for all intents and purposes an ostrich itself.

>> No.51422251

>Voice of majority
>American democracy
>Random rollercoaster of gerrymending and votes of different value depending on location

>> No.51422253

>all this trying to shim a foetus toward either side of inherently contrived demarcations of "human life"
I just think it should be okay to kill unwanted foetuses for the same reason it should be okay to use lethal force against someone breaking into your house.

>> No.51422385

>I just think it should be okay to kill unwanted foetuses for the same reason it should be okay to use lethal force against someone breaking into your house.
Oh shit that's good.

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