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Couldn't you just blue feather any version of Usagi from a past jump, then buy Nomanisan Island from Incredibles?

That way all your inactive companions don't have to be stuck in a pod or wherever it is companions go when they're not in use?

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>he's never baked on a grill with a dutch oven
I am so sorry, anon. You're missing out on a real experience.

>> No.51404588 [SPOILER] 

Jumpers. What are some settings you want to try to fix or improve? Despite how impossible it may be.

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So I have a dumb question but one that's been bugging me for a bit, how do you figure out how durable you are? Especially with stacking. I know the answer is going to be eyeball it to some extent. however if you have 3 perks that make you immune to small arms fire and 4 that means they need an anti-material rifle to hurt you how tough are you?

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I am...Kamen Rider Genm...Level Ten.

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Do you have any countermeasures againts amnesia?

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Alright, so. From where we last left off...
>Adjusted the language of old perks so they retain some of their old functions. You're welcome.
>Items are a bit lackluster, but I added an OC item of note for those who missed having a Book of Darkness option without a scenario. Was part of Ancilla's old WIP ideas.
>Scenarios need fleshing out and fluffing up, but are otherwise playable and come with rewards/in-depth drawbacks to flesh out your story in Nanohaland.

Things I may add later:
>More items
>Scenario floof.

Enjoy your magical lesbians, /jc/.

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For yourself or others?

>> No.51404613

RWBY, Worm.

>> No.51404616

I'm going to buy Youtube and try to resolve it's current issues with Copyright when I get to that point.
Also, I'm going to try and Fix Madoka when I reach that Jump, but that seems a bit too obvious.

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Gurren Lagann; I want to save Kamina... however if I do that everyone will die to to Simon not growing up enough to take down the Anti-spiral.

>> No.51404655

Total recall from SCP jump should work.

>> No.51404659

>You're welcome.
I suppose this is probably the best it'll get. Thank you, Heavens.

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Drawback or non-drawback? Because that's a pretty important detail.

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I read that as if you were admonishing him for never giving a girl a Dutch oven under the bedcover

>> No.51404689

non drawback

>> No.51404700

I keep a semi loose running total for strength, just so I can figure some things out on the fly. You could so something similar. How detailed it would be depending on how granular you got. If you went with newtons of the like it'd be relatively easy or you could make up your own system where small arms equal X, anti-armor equals Xn and so on.

It's really about how you intend to use it. Without knowing that I wouldn't recommend moving ahead. Once you've got an idea of why, you can work on what and how.

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Just started reading the LN for campione. Erica is... Interesting.

Social manip perk for the knights?

>> No.51404709

Same problem here. I have no idea what to do about that. I'm thinking about just taking Kamina's body and then just reviving him when all's said and done. But I'm taking the Gurren Lagann endjump scenario if I do have to do an endjump, so...I mean I can just say that I'll come back with a revived Kamina and come back with him when I do the endjump scenario after I leave Gurren Lagann

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There anything that lets you fake your death other than actually dying and coming back?

>> No.51404718

You aren't the only one, anon.

>> No.51404736

It'll do.

>> No.51404737

It is both unfortunate and fortuitous that a fantastic culinary tool, ala the dutch oven, has another completely different and wholly malevolent meaning.

>> No.51404746

So come back and deal with them yourself.

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I also want to unfuck the Nasuverse when I know more about it but I highly doubt I can even do it post-spark. I also want to unfuck Creation, unfucking Creation seems slightly easier than unfucking the nasuverse.

>> No.51404767

Nasuverse multiverse needs an infinite source of resources. That should help it out or completely hyper fuck it.

>> No.51404775

Can you buy Blood of Kings more than once?

Also what happened with the Saint's Cradle? You used to be able to buy that with the Lost Logia item.

Other than that it looks good.

>> No.51404776

I think there's a perk similar to a 1-up in one of the super hero jumps that does something like that. Might have been a Marvel jump because I think Doom-Bots were referenced.

Other than that for some reason Sherlock Holmes springs to mind, but I can't recall why.

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Eh, I guess it's better, but you're clearly not keen on restoring Adult Mode's full function. Other than that, it looks good.

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Easiest option for some settings is just a mass evacuation into a universe that doesn't actively hate it's inhabitants.

>> No.51404798

Why is GH on there? Not as a puritan, but I don't recall it having a STR option.

>> No.51404802

What on earth do you think is still missing?

>> No.51404808

fake his death and have a reunion after the jump is over? I have only seen a few episodes though and with how crazy Gurren Lagen is he may come back a mentor ghost for all I know.

>> No.51404810

I think you're going to need to ascend much, much further than being a planeswalker to unfuck the Nasuverse. That's beyond even an oldwalker. Frankly, I'm not sure it can be done at all, short of tearing it down and rebuilding it.

The Nasuverse is the Leaning Tower of Pisa of universes. It's a crooked house built on a crooked foundation, as it's been built up it's gotten more skewed, and frankly it's a miracle the damn thing hasn't imploded on itself yet.

>> No.51404814

Assassin's Creed:

Pseudocide (600CP, Discount Templar): Whether a body double or a doombot
or whatever. You can fake your death, totally, in the middle of battle or
the quiet of your home, twice a year. Useful for lying low or spying on
your funeral. As a side bonus, your death will be totally convincing for
up to a month, provided you don't do anything ridiculous.

>> No.51404825

>Blood of Kings
No. Wasn't the intent of the perk, anyways.
>Saint's Cradle
Since the Scenario reward was there, it felt weird to put it back in as an item. I will say there's no fiat wall if you want to devise a crazy scheme to steal or reverse-engineer the canon one, though.

>Adult Mode
Current text:
>You may now spend a small amount of mana to change into an ‘adult form’, which reflects your physical body in its prime in terms of age (or the nearest ‘adult’ equivalent), which will let you use said abilities without fear of a diminutive form holding you back. Even outside of this ‘adult form’, your physical and mental abilities still function as though you were in said prime, which can create quite a shock for someone who thought arm-wrestling a child was a good idea, and lets you retain abilities that would be lost with young or old age.

>and lets you retain abilities that would be lost with young or old age.

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Would Cazadores make good first circle Demons? There are some worlds I don't like.

>> No.51404853

Sure. Give them back their parasitic spawning method first though. The people of the Wasteland have it too good, frankly. They just have highly aggressive, deadly poisonous giant wasps. They don't get injected with wasp larva that go all Alien on them.

>> No.51404858

The monster and monster lord options are pretty open ended.

>> No.51404876

Can you at least have the decency not to brag about using banned jumps?

>> No.51404882

Thats true. Also, ed edd and eddy has a STR option thats fairly good.

>> No.51404884

sounds about right.

>> No.51404888

No, but they're a fun alternative to pizza. You need to make sure that the dough is good, though. You want crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. I like to sauce the outside of mine, but that's not necessary.

>> No.51404889

Well, for one thing, there was an "overuse" clause, which is still missing. For another, your powers retaining their full strength at "young or old age" is not the same thing as them not decreasing with aging. Young and old age are indicative of physical development, and are entirely relevant to the species in question. It wouldn't really apply to immortals, and they would still "fade with age" because they're not a function of you getting "older", rather their decline is more related to them decreasing in power based on how long they've been had or used instead of anything to do with being "young" or "old".

Tldr; "not fading with age or overuse" is not the same as having them regardless of "young or "old" age

>> No.51404902

That seems more like you were abusing the wording to use it for something other then what it was obviously intended for now.

>> No.51404908

I do have the island. I didn't think it could be used as swap space for pod people though. I just wanted an island attached to my warehouse to go relax on.

>> No.51404920

First off, your manufactured outrage is adorable. Do you clutch your purse and or your pearls when scary people walk past you?

Secondly, I was answering Ravenloftanons question. I legit forgot that GH was on there and had I caught it earlier I would have hidden that row.

My only other mention of it was to answer a question about why it was on there. That's hardly bragging.

In point of fact, dowageranon, you're the one who is keeping this going.

>> No.51404929

Why should powers that fade with overuse be kept by it? It really doesn't make much sense. As for the immortal "problem" just roll with the ludicrously obvious intent that it stops power from being affected by aging.

tl;dr Stop being anal about this.

>> No.51404936

Are there any powers in jumpchain that decrease with age?

>> No.51404938

Well to be fair, with their poison taking about four seconds to kill you, I doubt the parasitic larva would be a a thing you would generally worry about.

>> No.51404952

It's the majority opinion for a reason.
Not enough insults for that, but you sure do seem upset about being called out.

>> No.51404954

>Associating Calzones with Cazadores
Such Blasphemy!

>> No.51404956

40k, ungrimdarking that setting has been my goal since the original 40k jump was announced.

Also Worm, RWBY, Geneforge

>> No.51404958

>magical lesbians
We seem to be getting a lot of those, lately. Not that I disapprove.

>> No.51404962

Has anyone actually taken the No Spell Card Rules drawback in Touhou?

>> No.51404967

thank you I do that for strength as well. I guess I can try to measure in newtons that might work.
I don't know they are strange about reviving people there at the end. I am not saying to not do it but your going to have to reassure people this will not cause the spiral nemesis... then likely have to do it a bunch more times for other people.
Maybe though I hate to just leave things to... I'll come back after my spark and fix it. Hence why I left a gift for Commorragh
Two problems with that, one I don't see Kamina going along with it, two he has to kind of has to be dead to help Simon escape that fake world the Anti-spiral put him in. Those may not be insurmountable but they are problems.

>> No.51404976

If only I could help you through the delicious power of potato casseroles, I do wish to ungrimdark 40k as well.

>> No.51404977

>abusing the wording
Right. Or maybe, it offered benefits that it no longer does.

They shouldn't, so it is a justified nerf.

Maybe? It's just explicit protection against a common trope that can easily be said to apply to your Spark or other things. "Decay" as in LotR and Dark Souls.

>> No.51404997

Yeah...especially since I'm going to reconcile both the Spiral Nemesis and the Spiral Races, and overall the theme of Gurren Lagann's second half is "responsibility" since that's the reason Simon didn't use Spiral Power to bring back Nia.

>> No.51405010

Rolled 8 (1d8)

Right! Time to stop being lazy as fuck and do more Stalwart Tiger. Which I haven't done in weeks, jesus christ.

As a Recap-
Infernal Chain-Name:Stalwart Tiger of the Sagacious Dawn.
Concept-Infernals Native Chain- A king who was defeated and broken by a Solar, who then made a deal with the Yozi to become an Infernal,
utterly convinced in his RIGHT to rule all he surveys. Good to those who kneel to him, but will crush any dissent.

Companions- The Blossom, Almanthien, Sweet Silence of the Howling Hurricane, Blade of Despair, Katerina Dupois, Father Alexander,
Friar Carl, Duchess Utarefson, Amaterasu(Okami, Podded ), Raven, Smart AI, Zelda

Last time:He went to Zelda Minish Cap where NOTHING HAPPENED, then he went to Berserk and fought shit-tons of Demons due to the Brand

1.Dragon Age
2.Kamen Rider Showa Part 2
3.Pokemon Conquest
5.The Skullman
6.Tomb Raider
7.Akame ga Kill
8.Captain Planet

Gonna need a replacement if it doesn't land on Kamen Rider.

>> No.51405016

That seems like a really bad idea for everyone anon.

>> No.51405022

Oi, NikaMoth, question. For Fall of the Silver Millennium, after Beryl has been defeated, would there be any opposition to a Dark Kingdom defector courting Princess Serenity? Just for the sake of story purposes.

First off, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Secondly, updated Nanoha.

>> No.51405024

Dankest dungeon

>> No.51405045

The people of the Silver Millennium were open-minded folk in my personal headcanon.

>> No.51405046

Medaka Box. Iirc, that was also one of the main thread uses of Adult Mode, since the jump had this really overt instance of interjump balance in that any powers copied or replicated would fade with use at adulthood.

>> No.51405049

>Captain Planet
>With Stalwart Tiger of the Sagacious Dawn
Oh this is just hilarious. Should I go with that idea from before to make Theion-To? (Or whatever the original version of Vitriol is named, I forget).


...I'll consider putting it into the reserved list. Not sure how I want to handle Gauntlets due to Exalted being his native universe, on one hand losing the abilities from his home world doesn't make sense, on the other hand keeping them breaks the spirit of Gauntlets.

>> No.51405062

Does dragon age have waifus?

>> No.51405063

This >>51404655 is a flat out immunity to the concept of forgetting. You'll never forget anything, ever again.
But that's actually a really bad thing in the SCP universe.
There are things there that can break your brain if you can't forget them.
Like this:
And I'm positive I read somewhere that there's also an anti-memetic grub that lives every-fucking-where on Earth in that setting. Animals –including humans– regularly eat them unknowingly because of how amazing forgettable they are. They could be just laying on your food, and not only would you not see them, you wouldn't taste or feel them in your mouth either.

On the plus side, you'll finally know what the hell SCP-055 is. Yay?

>> No.51405069

It's the benefactor testing him?

>> No.51405075

Why would this one perk bypass the fiat block on powers?

>> No.51405103

Morrigan is pretty top tier.

More like fucking with him, and his expectations.
This is why the benefactor sometimes lets Amaterasu spend some of Tiger's CP, and in the case of Zelda ALL of it, or make drawback choices.

>Pic semi related, she spent some of his CP to get imported to a sci-fi setting and learned to hack

>> No.51405109

Of what evolutionary advantage is this to the grub?

>> No.51405136


Bodacious Babes

>> No.51405165

No predators, save for the accidents from their prodigous breeding overflow.
Nothing intentionally hunts them down to eat. Ever.
It only happens accidentally because they're just that fucking successful. They eat wherever, breed wherever. So they're literally everywhere. On your countertops. On your food, in your car. In your bed. In your hair, presumably. You'd never notice.

But for the life of me, I cannot find it's number on the site. Maybe it was just a Foundation Tale? They all start to blur together after a while.

>> No.51405171

because of people wanting to shit on Tovam hard.

>> No.51405198

DAO has Leliana and Morrigan.

DA2 has Bethany Hawke, who is easily the bestest waifu in the series.

Inquisition . . . well, lets just not talk about that.

>> No.51405201

Logically something should've evolved to be able to ignore their defense by now.

>> No.51405214

What do you base the initial values off of? Inukami's, for example, only tells you that it's truck-level. Looking up truck weights just give you a whole bunch of different amounts, how did you get the 6600 figure?

>> No.51405220

Lamark go and stay go.

>> No.51405224

>Fucking your sister

>> No.51405230

Bethany is cute, but she loses points for the shear resentment she shows Hawke if she ends up in the Wardens.

>> No.51405236

Will we be able to companion canon characters in the GoH jump? Ox King best girl.

>> No.51405261

Maybe. I don't know. I'm not a scientist. But logic doesn't really apply to a world that has a chocolate fountain that eats people.

>> No.51405266

Protip: You aren't Hawke

I disagree but I get what you're saying

>> No.51405290

Being a Warden sucks, to be fair.

>> No.51405296

Easy solution, don't send her to the wardens. Don't even bring her to the caves in the first place.
Also, while I kinda agree with you, I can understand her thinking considering the constant nightmares one can suffer as a Warden which is also an unending job that separates her almost permanently from what family she has left and is straight up told "you have 20 years to live at best before going mad".

>> No.51405298

The Hawke is my spirit animal.

>> No.51405302

Its been proven that a gay elf has the most amount of choices for romance in DA: Inquisition, but at least straight guys got the best waifu in the game.

>> No.51405308

Where? Is she behind that burly square-jawed man?

>> No.51405310

The Commander Shepard is mine

>> No.51405318

That castle looks pretty waifu-tier to be fair

>> No.51405319

I understand why she doesn't like being a Warden, but she insists on going into the caves with you almost as much as Carver does. Blaming Hawke for it is bullshit.

>> No.51405324

Have you lived up to him by joining the navy and fucking weird women?

>> No.51405335

False. No one was allowed to get the best waifu.

>> No.51405346

Good to know, thanks.

>> No.51405351

Semi-bullshit. If I recall, she was prepared to die rather than just live out a short life away from her family.

>> No.51405364

Inukami's was set to 6600 that's got its nose into the GVWR of 2a light duty trucks. So it's enough of truck to be considered a truck, but it's not a giant ass delivery truck and its not a fucking semi.

Infamous was done largely the same way, pick a solid car but nothing outlandish.

For max human I used an average of a few olympic lift records and call it a day.

The others are just largely pull from canon sources.

>> No.51405373

Just to make sure everyone knows Nanoha is aplace where canon bullying of titlets happens.

>Vita: I'm saying the bigger your breasts get, the smaller your heart becomes! You boob demon!
>Signum: Boob?! Why you little! Know your place! I'll soak Laevatein with your blood!
>Vita: What was that!? You want to be turned into a stubborn stain on Graf Eisen huh!?

>> No.51405380

Not really. Evolution is more that if something is born with mutations that give it advantages it has a larger chance of breeding and passing on it's mutations to it's offspring. It's not really a guided thing. If there was something toxic spilled into the environment of a species and future generations could deal with it easily it'd be because the ones that could survive it passed their genes on rather than active adaptation. Evolution is less a species adapting to something and more the members of the species that can deal with it better surviving and passing on the things that made them survive to their descendant.

Sure if something was born with the hereditary ability to see the grubs it'd definitely get passed on because it's a pretty big advantage but it's still a very rare chance that they'll be born with that ability.

>> No.51405387

Do boats count?

>> No.51405394

So Jumpers would be right at home, basically.

>> No.51405396

/u/ boats?

>> No.51405397


>> No.51405401

I never said she wanted to join the Wardens, just that she wanted to go down into the Deep Roads.

>> No.51405408

Stop trying to force your fetish into everything. I swear, you're the absolute worst fetishists in existence.

>> No.51405412

Shepard can't fuck EDI so boats are strictly forbidden.

>> No.51405416

I'm not calling you bullshit, I'm stating her reaction to Hawke is only semi-bullshit.

>> No.51405417

Well all the titlets grow up to be bodacious except one.
>Outside Visual Range combat
I'm so fucking horny right now

>> No.51405427

Fair enough.

>> No.51405433

I don't know. Shepard can screw both EDI and Joker by keeping them from forming a relationship if they want.

>> No.51405448

Reminder that SCP Humans once ruled a galactic empire and in fact created creatures capable of creating planets for habitation before they got wiped out by something called a Pattern Screamer.

Reminder that the Foundation contacted them and now they know we're here. And now the creations are coming to Earth so that mankind can rule the galaxy once more.

>> No.51405454

Thank you!

>> No.51405479

>Well all the titlets grow up to be bodacious except one
Even better.

>> No.51405485

And in SCP grimdork fashion, it'll turn out they were corrupted by space gribblies/developed hostile intelligence on their own.

>> No.51405513

Can you do anything in SCP without getting dragged into all the crazy bullshit?

>> No.51405514

Captain Planet- What.
Planeteer, rolled for 11- Is she anything like the Primordial?
Alternate Element, Theion-to- OOC talk here, I know this is kinda bending(if not outright breaking) the rules. But it's a fun idea someone has suggested before, so I'm running with it. The 6th Element, just like Theion always wanted.
Free Earthly Education
Discount Reduce Reuse Recycle
Discount The Power Is Yours!
Heart Is An Awesome Power
Elemental Aegis- Working with Vitriol is dangerous, I hesitate to consider what the pure version is like.
Strong as Steel
Mastered Material Engineering
Free Connections
Discount Power Ring

Hitler Hate Beams+300- So let me get this straight. Some Mortal wants to conqurer the world before I do, and he enhances negative emotions. You do realize I mostly run on Rage right?
Competence+200-...Thank you for not surrounding me with morons.
Invocation+100- Stealth is for Scourges anyway.

Read the filename

>> No.51405522

>So I have a dumb question but one that's been bugging me for a bit, how do you figure out how durable you are?
Power testing. Incremental attacks against you in a controlled environment until they begin to get through your durability and you start to get hurt. Having a a supply of Dial-a-Nukes with adjustable yield might be useful here, but are not offered in restocking versions by any jump.

Something like the Games power might also tell you how durable by looking at your full profile or observing yourself.

>> No.51405539

Sure, just have it not happen. Technically, nothing ever happens in SCP, because it's just supposed to be a wiki with all of this crazy bullshit in it. There's no real story.

>> No.51405560

Doesn't SCPvers have dozens of different alternate version for how everything started, and an infinite number of alternate universes with different histories to account for all the fanfiction and conflicting articles?

>> No.51405572

Pretty much, yeah. I just like the idea of there being cosmic beings somewhere out there that actually like mankind.

>> No.51405579

SCPverse is basically an infinite multiverse that accepts new additions as long as the addition in question is creepypasta enough.

>> No.51405617

Not him, but straight-up copy-pasting the old sentence would have been better than botching the current one.

>> No.51405620

Rolled 3 (1d8)

1.Dragon Age
2.Kamen Rider Showa Part 2
3.Pokemon Conquest
5.The Skullman
6.Tomb Raider
7.Akame ga Kill

Gonna need another replacement, unless it's Kamen Rider.

>> No.51405626

Make anti-screamers.

>> No.51405630


>> No.51405632

>Sengoku Jidai Pokemans
Yay? I guess?

>> No.51405655

Sure why not.

>> No.51405662

Not what you meant, but there's apparently an alternate dimension where the locals were hunted by the clients of some company, and the Foundation came and drove them off. When they came and studied the creatures later, they found that not only had the locals made cave paintings of this, they had started to worship a certain symbol as a sign of their gods. They sacrificed stuff to it, they inscribed it on their creations, and so on.

It was the Foundation emblem.

>> No.51405705

He hasn't botched it at all.
The current perk is better fitted to the actual power and the old perk was frankly not as well written.

>> No.51405725

Someone is just using it to attack Heavens basically. You can see it with how he keeps going on about using it to bypass a fiat power loss.

>> No.51405732

>countermeasures againts amnesia
>non drawback
Pretty much any "total-recall" or "you don't forget" actual _Perk_ should do this by fiat against any non-drawback memory loss (which would be you forgetting a memory) regardless of source EXCEPT time-travel related "you never actually experienced this memory in the first place" stuff.

And a couple of the memory perks actually do cover that also.

>> No.51405746

I'm saying that the clause is out-of-place where it currently is in the sentence. It's only understandable to someone who has knowledge of the current situation.

>> No.51405784

>Stalwart Tiger
Someone was doing a martial arts jump, is this it?
>Infernal Chain
Apparently not. Whatever happened to the 'Jumper has to take every jump as a martial artist, to best extent possible allowed by the jump' jumpchain?

>> No.51405817

Pokemon Conquest- I repeat, what.
Charmander- This flaming lizard-beast, it pleases me.
Free Elemental Focus(Fighting and Fire)
Free Leadership
Discount Elemental Mastery
Discount Logistics
Discount Motivate
Strategic Thought

Ambitions Realized+300- I've faced bigger threats.
Nobunaga's War+200- Actual Warfare? Soldiers, Supplies, Strategy and Tactics? Now this this is familiar.

Not much to say here, this jump is just kinda weird.

Think that was just an anon. And I have no idea what happened to it, sorry.

>> No.51405828

Hey, you know what, buddy? Fuck off.

I haven't been in this conversation since >>51404977 and not once have I tried to use it to bypass a fiat power loss. Frankly, I think it's more likely that you and the person who posted that (probably the same person) are the shitposter springboarding off of this conversation. It's not a fiat power-loss I was worried about, it's fucking "entropy" for lack of a better term. You know, like how Morgoth got weaker as time went on and he "overused" his power and how elves will eventually burn their power down to nothing, or how Eidolon inexplicably (from his point of view) got weaker. Of course, you wouldn't read my posts because you're just trying to stir shit up.

>> No.51405928


Funny, I was just thinking about this. I want to do the same thing but unless you're already way stronger than the setting powerlevel it seems hopeless.

Taking the Geneforge 1 drawback seems like the best bet, assuming it doesn't just get you killed, but trying to reform the Shapers from the inside almost certainly won't work and the alternative is helping the BBEG wage a brutal continent-wide war against them. So I dunno.

>> No.51405970

This one.

>> No.51405976

Reforming from the inside won't work just because you don't have enough time, if you had enough time to get on the Counsel, and were charismatic, you could probably do something. But the only drawback for time in the universe involves both sides escalating like crazy.

>> No.51405986

Eidolon lost his powers because his shard was dying. His use of it just sped the process up.

>> No.51406085

Do you think Lucy would want to be saved? I feel like she would never be able to forgive/trust herself even if your could make her human and remove her murderous instincts.

>> No.51406099

Yes, but it's one of the best (seeing) examples of powers fading from "overuse" and from "age" Dark Souls is also another great example (decay is inevitable, and your age is irrelevant, fire will be extinguished). The examples illustrate a concept besides trying to get past a fiat wall (how the fuck Adult Mode prevented that, no one knows). It's a legitimate concern, because there are no hard and fast rules stating that CP purchases can't be suppressed, lost, or lessened.

>> No.51406110

Wouldn't Drain No work?

>> No.51406122

Pretty sure witches in Strike Witches lose their magic when they hit their 20s.

>> No.51406144

I wasn't talking about Elfen Lied. Although it would probably also be on my list

>> No.51406150

That's kind of a weird gray area that falls into how folks interpret their chains differently. And comparing the two texts, I don't think that was the intent of the perk from the get-go.

Look, if you still want to interpret Adult Mode working the way it did before (which it apparently doesn't anymore?), I'm not going to stop you or complain about it. CP purchases fading or being subject to entropy from age or otherwise is a plot device likely outside of the chain, and not something I can address using Nanoha canon.

The most I can say about CP purchases not working as written due to age, entropy, plot, etc. is that it's your story, so write what seems appropriate for you. If you don't want to deal with that shite and assume Jump-chan gave you a big stamp of perma-approval, that's fine. If you want to add drama or tension by having things not work or risk fading away, that's also fine.

It's your story, man. Write it how you want. If you don't want it to be a problem, then it doesn't have to be.

That's the most I'm willing to say on the matter.

>> No.51406152

Probably not. It makes the user immune to any attempts to drain, weaken, or suppress those powers. Something like that is not only passive, but it's internal, and it's not draining so much as radiating.

>> No.51406181

>tfw, just now realizing you meant real life.

>> No.51406212


Bodacious Babes

>> No.51406269

Heavens, about the Book of Dawning Sky. If I grab it and take the 'Consumed by Darkness' scenario, can I complete it? Also, would I be able to transfer the magic and spells from the Book of Darkness to the Book of Dawning Sky? Can I also transfer the Wolkenritter? Thus allowing me to have an incredibly powerful book with a huge amount of spells and magic (which I can add to) with powerful guardians, without it needing energy from others or me all the time? Also, speaking of the book, I presume the thing has some kind of way to fight back against me if I try and get rid of it? How hard would it be to get Nanoha and her gang to help me get rid of it?

>> No.51406273

Gracious Gazongas

>> No.51406288

Alright, fair enough. Though I don't really know how one could interpret "overuse" besides, well, the powers themselves fading from overuse as in my examples. You could interpret it as not needing mana and other energy to activate abilities, but that's obviously the wankiest and worst interpretation. Though I will suggest that, if you're not willing to deal with "bullshit" for whatever reason, you just... step away. The thread will be there when you get back.

So long, and thanks for all the jumps. G'night, man.

>> No.51406293

Mesmerizing Mammaries

>> No.51406301

What was your Shtick in Axe Cop?

>> No.51406315

Okay that's so too big for my tastes, I can't even think of any aliteration as a result

>> No.51406319

Bewitching Buttocks

>> No.51406342

My plan is very clear. Imma fix dragon ball by fighting goku all through adolescence and my goal is to zenkai boost him so much that he's already ssj2 by the time Raditz rolls around. Failing that, use the Dragon Balls to elevate a Saibaman to Broly's level. But that's less fixing and more so dicking around.

>> No.51406346

You'd still have to resolve the canon baggage with the Book, but yes, it is possible to salvage what is contained in the Book of Darkness using the other Book. I believe that was the original reward of the Scenario. I originally took it out just since the Book of Dawn wasn't in the item section at the time, but I can put it back in, now.

I think it also gives you the Wolkenritter for free as Guardian Knight program companions. Yup. The whole Wolkenritter. I'll add the details back in to a later update.

That said, fixing the program and its baggage will need a combination of magical tinkering, experimenting, and keeping the Bureau off your back, particularly the general who REALLY wants you sealed. It can be done, but how much of the old Book of Darkness you can salvage is up to how much you personally can pull off.

Maybe even Reinforce Eins, if you're willing to shoot for the moon.

I'd suggest consulting canon and fanwanking responsibly. Willpower perks help for staying in control, too.

I think the original idea was that the Wolkenritter immediately became your companion Guardian Programs as a result

>> No.51406350

>so too big for my tastes
You are entitled to your wrong opinion. More seriously, I already used up the images I usually use earlier, and so that was pretty much the only one I had left.

>> No.51406375


Hey Heavens sorry to bother ou over something so trivial but do you have an image of how that derelict cruiser looks or an image of an cruiser from the show looks at all, I can't nothing but a tiny screenshot of one

>> No.51406380

>fixing the program and its baggage
Wait, does the Book itself have a personality? Is it possible to redeem it? If so, maybe I could transfer it into the Book of Dawn, so that way it doesn't have to be such a hostile being by its very nature (due to needing to absorb energy).

I know very little about Nanoha, but I make a habit out of redeeming villains/enemies when I can.

>> No.51406394

>I make a habit out of redeeming villains/enemies when I can.
Suit yourself.

>> No.51406404

Here's a picture of the Asura, which is featured in the earlier parts of the series. Most of the ships follow a similar aesthetic.
VERY long story. I'm close to turning in for the night, so here's some wiki links.

If I remember right, she isn't so much a villain as a self-contradicting program. She's painfully aware of it, too. Still probably one of the most powerful canon entities ever, though.

>> No.51406441

Huh. Well, I'll have to figure something out, then. Thanks, Heavens.

>> No.51406506

Hey, is the anon who made Mob Psycho 100 here? If you took Change+Natural Esper, could you boost Esper resistance to similar heights as your magic resistance?

>> No.51406513

Reinforce (pic related) is the Book. She's the master program of the book and is sapient with a personality. The reason the Book is absorbing energy is due to mages tampering with it and damaging the self defence program causing it to take control of parts of the book and causing all the problems. Fixing/destroying the self defence program will fix the book.

>> No.51406532

Its aight my responces were on a whim and i realized i had zero images on the public folder so i just improvised

>> No.51406554

>Here's a picture of the Asura, which is featured in the earlier parts of the series. Most of the ships follow a similar aesthetic.

Thanks Heavens,

And I hope you have a better day than yesterday was for you bro

>> No.51406582

>Fixing/destroying the self defense program will fix the book
...I can work with that. I've got plenty of stuff for that. Thanks, anon.

>> No.51406601

Here's the Saint Cradle as a bonus reference, has a nice background for getting a feel of the scale.

>> No.51406859

That city is as cramped as an Imperial Hive world.

>> No.51406883

Gundam, particularly Universal Century and Cosmic Era. People are way too eager to use giant space lasers in those settings, even if those laser wind up smashed by the protagonists it still causes a lot of suffering, first.

>> No.51406915

It's the TSAB home world, it's got some pretty built up cities.

>> No.51407068

Sailor Moon
> Origin: Villain [-200CP]
> Not This Again [Get a Freebie!]
> Energy Draining Devices [Get a Freebie!]
> Daimon Egg Production (x2) [-200CP]
> Nimble Paws [-200CP]
> Space Time Distortion Sense [-200CP]
> Dream Mirror Extraction [-200CP]
> Daimon Eggs [Get a Freebie!]
> Book of Curses [Get a Freebie!]
> Silver Millenium Technology [-600CP]
> Subspace Dimension: Seperate [-400CP]
> Crybaby [+100CP]
> Klutz [+200CP]
> A Cat [+200CP]
> Earth Empathy [+200CP]
> Servant of Evil [+300CP]

"But how can you be a villain with earth empathy?"

Introducing the Star Dream Co.!
We here at Star Dream seek to make the world a safer and happier place by whatever means necessary!
With a seemingly unlimited budget, Star Dream provides exciting job opportunities in defense and entertainment! Delight at our myriad distractions! Be protected by our robotic defense force! Wonder as Star Dream r̶e̶p̶r̶o̶g̶r̶a̶REVITALIZES YOUR WORLD! All overseen by the towering monolith that is the Star Dream Company Office Building!
Star Dream! Taking your dreams -- beyond the stars!

> "You know, it's wonderful to work in a perfectly controlled environment. But that's something you'd never understand."

Sales pitch aside, though, I'm going to take over and transform this world into a safe and whimsical utopia, with sparkly lights, distractions, and large swaths of nature, protected by my army of enforcer robots. It'll be great! And everybody will ow ow OW OW OW

>> No.51407079

So apparently the Sailor Scouts weren't very enthused with my plan. And while they did appreciate my help in fending off the likes of Beryl and other antagonists, eventually they chose to storm my fortress. And, while I made a valiant effort to get rid of them, I didn't really want to KILL THEM, on account of they're important to protecting the earth and destiny or some crap like that.
It's a shame, but I didn't even get to do a final battle! I had this big hologram monster all set up! But then Rei found the curtain in the back of the room I was hiding behind, and I was all "NO DON'T LOOK BEHIND THE CURTAIN" and then she looked behind the curtain, and found me there and picked me up by the neck and then I started crying.

Then I had to promise not to take over the world anymore and I spent most of the rest of the jump living with Ami, on account of they decided someone should keep an eye on me.
The plot mostly went the same after that, except the Scouts all had a sudden windfall of financial backing after that. They bizarrely didn't abuse this. Well. Except Serena tried, but the other Scouts yelled at her and Luna made me cut her off.

I don't actually know who got hit by corruption. I'm bad at these things. I rolled a dice and it wasn't Sylvee or the Dees, but was instead probably one of the slots that gets cycled out a lot.
I probably asked Serena for help, if I'm honest.
N-not that I care or anything. Baka. AMI DON'T KISS MY FOREHEAD NOOO

>> No.51407087

Work on Tellius jump is underway.

Here's a preview so far of one perk.

Rise To Your Station (200 CP, Discount Drop-In)
If you find yourself in any sort of leadership position or role that you aren’t suited for just yet, most people will have faith in your ability to carry it out, even if you aren’t able to fulfill it at this time. Not everyone, but most people. You will also discover that you carry a talent in this role and your development in skills involving this role will become faster and easier.

And a 200 CP undiscounted Soren-flavored perk

Healthy Cynicism (200 CP)
You carry with you, some would say, the power of common sense. Your skill when it comes to assessing how you can take on a favor is increased. With this, you'll never bite off more than you can chew when it comes to helping others. You also keep a clear head when it comes to feelings are unable to let them sway your decisions should you allow it. Your overall demeanor is unaffected and you can choose to toggle this perk on and off.

Expect a 600 CP Discounted Aether Capstone for merc tree, btw.

>> No.51407155

What exactly does this line mean?

>Big Eater (+100 CP)
>Perks or modifications that will help with this will not work.

Because that's potentially a loooooot of perks. Willpower perks, knowledge perks, intelligence perks, cooking perks, training perks, etc. Also, exactly how much sugar are you eating? Because that's potentially fatal if you only have a human metabolism to protect against it.

>> No.51407175

Jump #198 SCP Foundation
Starting location: Site-O6-3
Background: SCP (200)
Gender: Female

*Telepathic Skill Leaching (0)
*Personal Pocket Dimension (100, Discount)
*Genre Savvy (100)
*Murphy's Law (100)
*Eagle Eye (100)

SCP 458 (200)

*My own foundation (600)

*Numbers game (+100) I don't even know what this SCP foundation is, so it doesn't hurt me
*Die Monster! (+300) Too bad I am already stuck away in a cage

(So as per standard procedure I know nothing.)
So while it’s never particularly fun being a prisoner, particularly when most of the staff is your friends and family. I must admit I drew some enjoyment at frustrating those whose job it was to contain me (none of my companions would and my wives were trying to get me declared safe… something I would sadly screw up).

Inevitably something would happen, hell would break lose I would escape from my cage, saving people with new abilities seeming at random and then be escorted peacefully back to my cell.

This carried on for a bit until somehow the facility was overrun by the GOC looking for me. My companions and I saved ever other worker from them and the ensuing breakout of just about every SCP of note there. Because we had saved everyone’s life, all video and audio logs of that day mysteriously vanished and it was only me fighting in any of the reports. It was strange how that happened.

(to be continued)

>> No.51407183

One day they came to me because some monster they had contained in another facility had broken out. Apparently the thing was from another dimension, it was unkillable it just regenerated and adapted to everything thrown at it and it looked like it might get away. They offered me the moon but I agreed to go for free.

I won’t lie the damn thing was hard as hell to put down. It didn’t mind losing limbs or being blown in half, it just really pissed if off. I think everything really pissed it off. What made it worse is I could understand it; it could speak but all it said was death threats and how much it was going to enjoy ripping me apart. Eventually I tricked I nailed it with a sphere of Ultimate Destruction. I would love to say I obliterated it completely but… some bits had splattered from earlier and apparently It could grow back from that… anyways after that the declared me safe.

We all knew it was an entirely B.S designation but you save enough important people enough times and they become willing to sweep the fact you’re a potential life wiper under the rug. Though I was warned I would be watched closely and there were certain memetic things I was never to go near.

>> No.51407219

I meant in terms of physical metabolism. If you have sufficient willpower you can resist the stuff the drawback gives you.

Also you won't eat enough sugar to fatal levels, but you'll definably be out of shape easily and you could get sick a lot. That's why it's +100 CP because it's more of an inconvenience than anything else.

>> No.51407256

Alright, thanks. Just wasn't sure because the drawback already specifies that your metabolism is like that of a normal human's, and perks can't usually directly negate drawbacks anyway.

>> No.51407307

Omg...that's such an entertaining writeup. I loved reading that so much!

>> No.51407500

I shouldn't even be conscious at this hour being sick suuuuuucks.

Besides a few of the obvious, Warhammer 40k, Elfin Lied, 1984, I really want to give the underworld of Black Lagoon a firm, hard, scrubbing. I know the grittiness of the series is half the reason it's a good show, but there are several characters I feel compelled to save.

I also feel like the DC verse at large could benefit from having a permanent solution to certain problems on both the small and large scale. Not necessarily lethal force, maybe just a stern dose or three from Jumper-baked befriending and purifying perks. Joker is getting two in the face. I love the villain but Batman seriously needs to stop sending people back to Arkham and just hoping they'll get better. I'm going to feel really bad about it if he's got Mark Hamill's voice though.

That was really amusing and I could almost see it happening in the real show.

>> No.51407594

Is this a good example of an infernal using Third Circles for combat?

I really wish there was an update of the One Piece jump to get all of these new fruits

>> No.51407596

T-thanks. It makes me really happy when people like the stuff I write.

>> No.51407603

I'm pretty sure that one's impossible unless you secondary canon people into responsibility or fuck with the worlds metaphysics a lot.
It doesn't really matter if you're beefy enough to kick the cast around when the world could collapse in on everyone at any time. The barrier is kind of fragile all things considered and that's not even counting that Reimu's death is a very real possibility even with Fantasy Heaven wank.

>> No.51407609

Holy crap how do so many updates happen when I'm asleep?

Also, Mana Khernia seemed to have a few perks missing last I checked but does anyone know if Ciel Nosurge and Mob Psycho are ready to be jumped?

[Sailor Moon]

Drawbacks: Foe of Chaos, Moon Mentor, Old Foe (2000)

Scenario: Fall of the Silver Millenium (3000)

Villain (2800)

Not This Again (Free)
Energy Draining Devices (Free)
Revivification (2700)
Energy Absorbtion (2500)
Power Granting Deal (2300)
Dream Mirror Extraction (2100)
Last Chance Fusion (1800)
Star Seed Extraction (1500)
Daimon Eggs (Free)
Book of Curses (Free)
Powerful Companion: Sailor Galaxia (1100)
Subspace Dimension (+400, 1100)
Staff of Power (1000)
Scrying Pool (700)
Ultimate Ability (100)
Fellow Senshi (0):
-Elodie: Sailor Sol, Catch that Daimon! (Free), Flying Leap (Free), Ultimate Ability (300), Power Up (0), Dazzling Crystal (+200, 0)
-Karin: Sailor Io, Catch that Daimon! (Free), Catch that Daimon! (Free), Flying Leap (Free), Ultimate Ability (300), Power Up (0), Dazzling Crystal (+200, 0)

Something's...different. This world. This timeline. It's not how I remembered it.

And I can't PROVE that it's the fault of MAGICAL GIRL SAILOR NYARLATHOTEP out there. But it could not be more obvious.

I'm...basically the Silver Milennium's Zelretch?

Anyway. My senshi training involves lots of magical obstacle courses for her to run through in order to realise how hard it is to fight evil in a miniskirt and high heels.

See senshi run. Run, senshi, run. Jumper sees senshi run over the demon projectors, do a triple-toe summersault through the hellfire loops, powerslide under the plasmid storms-and trip on a cunningly disguised banana peel.

Aaaand now she's crying about being useless again. Great.

..fine, Serenity. Your Jackie Chan-training has reached an adequate level. Behold as I use my cosmic powers to create tea and cakes from nothing!


>> No.51407633

So I have burned through the jumps on my list again and I need only one suggestion for a jump to take this time. If people want to give any more I'll put them in reserve and take them after jump # 200 anyways here is the jumps I have already taken.http://pastebin.com/MR60FhSt

>> No.51407634

Silver Millennium Technology (200)
Companion Crystals (0)

Anyway. As you might imagine I didn't have a lot of friends in the Silver Millennium. Nobody, not even me, ever figured out how I came to work for Queen Serenity. Some say I was an aspect of Chaos personifying the self-defeating nature of evil summoned and bound by destiny as a guardian spirit. Others say I was a traitor from the Dark Kingdom seeking asylum after a failed coup. Personally, I call some kind of time shenanigans that made all these pasts true somehow. But either way, when someone named the Lord of Heaven's Fall who owns a dark dimension comes walking down

Serenity herself looked up to Elodie as a big sister of sorts. She gave all the girl advice feel good peptalks I was really not the right person for at this time. I later found out we kinda gave her the exact opposite advice when it came to boys (Elodie gave her some tips to dazzle on the first date, I taught her how to conceal a taser in subspace). They braided each others' hair, bitched about boys and chatted about ruling countries together. I was more the the scary genie mentor Serenity lived to show up, but we were both proud of each other when she finally got the hang of things.

Anyway, I did meet ONE kindred spirit: Sailor Galaxia! Magical girl Angron and I were pretty much the only ones who really saw eye to eye on most things-except I could empirically demonstrate what, exactly, was the big deal about bonds and emotions and all that stuff. Being available a second patron to resist Chaos' influence also helped.

I ended up fighting most of the villains through Sailor Galaxia's body. And yes, there was one battle with Nyarlathotep that devolved into a slapfight with hairpulling.

I really liked it too!

Sadly not; DTs haven't canonically appeared in Exalted's timeline and combat summoning doesn't get a lot of attention

>> No.51407645

Just want to not DESTROY Worm for once. Or cause massive collateral through giant Endbringer level Witches.

>> No.51407672

>But either way, when someone named the Lord of Heaven's Fall who owns a dark dimension comes walking downtown to buy more senshi training dummies, people generally avoid personal questions anyway

Dresden Files

>> No.51407677

Gravity Falls!
Everyone should visit there at least once.

>> No.51407704

sorry I already went there, perhaps my list is getting a little big and unmanageable. Still thank you for the suggestion.

Very well, thank you for the suggestion.

>> No.51407796

Pacific Rim
Dark Souls
Generic Post Apocalypse JumpChain
Generic Parenting

>> No.51407825

I don't know why the image wasn't uploaded.

Stupid phone-posting.

>> No.51407830

Eh, could just be my overmultitasking and inability to search for words on Safari making me miss things. I mean look, I somehow mistyped "Look Out!" as "Ultimate Ability" in my build up there.

...what am I looking at here?

>> No.51407856

Mama's ability allows her to uplift anything and control their lives on a conceptual level as long as she stuffs part of her soul into them.

>> No.51407904

Alright, all added to the reserve list... well except one might turn out to be my 200th jump, haven't decided, anyways thanks for the suggestions.

>> No.51407972

I mentioned this before but I'm really having trouble deciding when to take the Infinite Stratos Jump. I decided to take it later on so I could use Warframe, Dark Eldar, Imperium (40K), Forerunner, and now Lyrical Nanoha tech to enhance it. The look on Tabane's face would be so satisfying. But now I'm thinking to take it even later on after the Inferals jump and me becoming a Devil-Tiger. If I do that I can enhance even further with essence tech making it something like a pseudo Warstrider.

Plus if I wait until after I become a Devil-Tiger I can simulate an alien/demonic invasion with the help of a few of my Third Circles and the army building tech I've gained. I would be leading the fight against the invaders in addition to supplying humanity with more advanced IS which of course be way more primitive then my own.

But on the other hand by that time I wouldn't be getting that much use out of my super IS because by that time I'm almost done with my chain. I could instead take the jump somewhat early on so not only would I gain the One in a Trillion perk early when it has the most value but I the IS system would be a constant companion throughout my journey. I can of course just continuously upgrade it throughout my chain.

However, if I take the Jump early on then I won't really be able to one up Tabane plus I wont have the ability to turn the entire IS academy into my personal harem.

Decisions decisions.

And if your wonder as to why I care so much about the IS system its because its a key component to manufacturing my own analog to exaltations.

>> No.51407989

Big Mom can steal people lifespan and use it to animate different beings.

She is similar to Moriah, but she animates things that were not alive before. She can also use her own lifespan/soul to animate beings with her own power.

She uses the Sun, Prometheus, to create large firestorms, and the cloud, Zeus, to create thunderstorms. It's not clear what the hat does aside from communications.

>> No.51408020

... Is that the actual Sun, or some sort of fire animated into a sun-like shape?

>> No.51408069

Could very well be neither. The whole place runs off of a strange candy and snacks theme. Even the start of that sound jokes about strawberry jam and how it might just be "someone's blood"

>that image
I'm amused that he called it Totland.

>> No.51408091

Well have you considered switching up a few jumps you take earlier? It seems like if you just stack a couple of Genius perks and a couple harem perks you can get anything you want. It may be worth having a slightly rougher time early on in order to get everything you want out of the jump while it's still useful.

>> No.51408098

Probably not the real sun considering that it turns into a 'fire mass' when used offensively.

>> No.51408123

Seeing as my question was misinterpreted last thread, I'll try and re-word it here.

Jumpers, post spark (or if you end your chain early and return to Earth) will you take fictional companions (actual characters from fiction like Iron Man, Naruto, Harry Potter, etc.) to meet their real life creators/actors?

Will you take real companions (Yogscast&TB from Magicka, Youtubers from Youtube, etc.) to meet the originals or visit their graves (if you companioned a historical figure) from this Earth?

>> No.51408146

I imagine some of them would find learning about their "canon" fate to be pretty disturbing.

>> No.51408173

No, but I plan to create my own school of libriomancy to bring out living beings from fanfics to hunt their creators.

>> No.51408192

Probably not. That feels like that would be kinda weird. I mean, I wouldn't stop anyone of my Companions who wanted to go do that, but I wouldn't make a point of doing it.

Honestly, this reality is just one more slice of an infinite pie and the "truths" here aren't necessarily any more valid in the grand scheme of things. Unless you prescribe to the Storyteller's Theory of the Multiverse, but that's a whole different theory entirely.

>> No.51408257

Where could I get the power to animate objects like that?

>> No.51408270

Adventure Time's life giving magus could probably pull something like that off.

Or just use the quest item in One Piece to get a similar devil fruit to what she has, but that's probably too much of a cheese tactic

>> No.51408287

Fix the Avernum jump pls. Look at the pdf on the drive, it's all messed up.

>> No.51408307

Honestly, if you want to get any non-listed fruit, you either get yourself or a companion the Yami Yami and go into hunting.

>> No.51408317

Animating isn't really the issue. There are many forms of magic which utilize the principle of giving motion to inanimate objects and whatnot. The main issue is that Mama kinda uplifts them as well, so depending on how you see it, it goes beyond simple animation into life creation. You could probably mix several powers together if you have perks that let you modify the nature of magic, or more freeform abilities. Grabbing Mama's Fruit is definitely the quickest way though.

>> No.51408331

If you mean that gif then there's a perk in Kingdom Heart's that's literally that Merlin's magic, plus some other Disney magic. With that and the evil magic perk you might be able to pull off something like the enchantment on the Beast's castle and staff, which would get them moving and aware. Empowering them would likely need another sort of magic though.

>> No.51408338

>Mama's fruit + immortal companion
How broken would that be?

>> No.51408410

Not that broken? Synthesis abilities generally aren't a matter of broken or not. Yeah Mama's fruit runs off of lifespan for sure, and she could extract a massive amount of lifeforce out of an immortal, but realistically what keeps her crew together is both a fear of Mama as well as a mad devotion to her cause.

It's almost a case where the character complements the power just as well as the power complements the character. The jumper often doesn't have that going for them though, because of a difference in motivation or mindset. Even thinking about it right now, I think out of twelve running jumpers, I'd only have one where that ability combination meshes well.

A person that animates things randomly is just that, it's what you do with the animated beings that actually matters in the end. If you make hundreds upon hundreds of uplifted beings with your immortal life force, sure, you have an army of whatever, but then what do you end up doing with it?

>> No.51408427

ASOIAF. Innistrad. Worm.

Right now I'm jumping Nechronica. Is there any way to turn undead into living beings?

>> No.51408448

I seem to remember some kind of cure from the Supernatural jump, but otherwise it's resurrection spells or making them living bodies and then transferring their souls over or something.

>> No.51408451

How powerful would God Hand EX be?

>> No.51408454

magika Has good Resurrection.

>> No.51408458

I think the Sims has something for that.

>> No.51408461

...Maaaybe the Waters of Life from Five Star Stories (I think)? That or True Resurrection from any DnD jump? The latter may just kill them, I forget.

>> No.51408483

Thanks everyone! Will check those out. I have a bunch of holy resurrection powers, would that work?

>> No.51408485

Why are you so obsessed with God Hand. It's literally an NP Herc only got because he was summoned into one of his shittiest classes possible.

>> No.51408490

oh and if you need reincarnation control stuff the best is in Lord of light.

>> No.51408501

>A person that animates things randomly is just that, it's what you do with the animated beings that actually matters in the end. If you make hundreds upon hundreds of uplifted beings with your immortal life force, sure, you have an army of whatever, but then what do you end up doing with it?
You make a parade.

>> No.51408507

Most people don't know that many distinctive noble phantasms, and God Hand is about as meme as Knight of Honour has gotten.

>> No.51408522

I've done that before, it doesn't really end well, not for the people watching the parade or the things participating in the parade. Heck there's even a jump where that parade idea is explained as "haha nope"

>> No.51408532

Inferior Parade detected. Deploying superior version.

>> No.51408543

You might want to check into the source of the exact type of holy powers you're using to see if it has any limits.

For example I know for a fact D&D resurrection magic can't be used directly on an undead, the corpse has to be "dead" not "undead". So you have to put the zombie(/doll etc) down before they can be brought back to life. But other magic systems might not have this limitation.

>> No.51408617


that was a knockoff, here is the even more superior original.


>> No.51408627

On that note...
Sims 3 has a spell called the Sunlight Charm, which cures a number of things ranging from soreness and overheating to being a zombie. Yeah, you can just 'cure' being a zombie. Makes it easier to revive someone by reviving them as a zombie (another Sims 3 spell) and then curing them of being a zombie than any other method in the game, unless you have the phone to death or some Abrosia on hand already.

If the charm can't do it already go to Terraria or Overlord (series) and pick up a perk to let you overcharge magic, and maybe something like I Cheat from Justice League Dark to manage the effects and cure their undead status even if it normally shouldn't work.

>> No.51408646

I'd say that the theme of Paprika's parade is distinctive enough to differ it from Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights, especially if you follow the standard interpretation for the latter, since the former deals with some very critical issues that had popped up in Japan at the time. Just that if you don't understand the Japanese dialogue that's going on in the parade at the time and don't understand the significance of what the parade goers are saying, all of those issues are probably entirely lost on you.

>> No.51408691

>I'd say that the theme of Paprika's parade is distinctive enough to differ it from Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights, especially if you follow the standard interpretation for the latter, since the former deals with some very critical issues that had popped up in Japan at the time. Just that if you don't understand the Japanese dialogue that's going on in the parade at the time and don't understand the significance of what the parade goers are saying, all of those issues are probably entirely lost on you.

oh I Completely agree that it's a better parade, but,>>51408501 is a reinterpretation of the Garden of earthly delights as a parade , but I do think the Garden of earthly delights is a much better painting than that parade was a animated segment. Of course I'm biased because it is pretty much my second favorite painting First, if you're only counting triptych. I haven't really seen he rest of Paprika except for the parade scene so I cannot make a judgment on it, it may very well be a significantly better movie then the Garden of earthly delights was a painting.

>> No.51408717

Just go straight Diplomancer in Fallen London and grab that sweet Light of the Empire blessing. You get to make animals and object have human like sentience and eat the glory of your rival's works to power it, what's not to like?

>> No.51408784

The parade isn't a core element, it's a motif. But because it's a notable and recurring motif, the uploader cut the scene out and made a youtube video out of it. It's not really a matter of which one is better, it's just a different piece of work used for a different purpose. The Parade and most of the movie really is a reflection of Japanese social issues at the time, the Garden of Heavenly Delights is a bit of a "warning message" against temptation. If you call one an imitation strictly because of similarities in the appearance and presentation, then you're neglecting the other half, which is the message that is conveyed.

>> No.51408895

Jumpchain how the fuck do you know so much about parades? First the nuclear energy thing, now this.

>> No.51409077

Are there any perks that let you pull off hypnosis or mind control via breasts?

>> No.51409095

Charisma and shapeshifting.

>> No.51409102

The nice chest perk from Twilight, plus a mind control perk and the power combinations perk from Young Justice.

>> No.51409162

oh I wasn't talking about meta-themes. I was referring to the fact that>>51408501 Literally steals several character designs from the garden Of earthly delights

>> No.51409245

Inquisition seemed to go way out of its way to make sure that every sexual orientation & gender is represented. Iron Bull is the Omnisexual, Khem is a FtM Transexual, Seras is a lesbian, Solas is an elfsexual which makes sense seeing how he's truly the trickster god and pro-elf , Cassandra is a preop tranny, Dorian is gay, Blackwall & Varric are either asexual/non-romantic. Well with Varric its because he has a stalker crush on someone.

They brought back some the waifus from before. However they're not waifuable anymore. There's only one good waifu and >>51405335 said it.

Lace was a great character. Too bad she wasn't a companion, she had very few lines, her romance was only in form of flirts. Even with DLC you can't really waifu her like you could a companion.

DA games seem to have a lack of Dwarf companions, and lack of Female Dwarf NPCs of note. I mean who wouldn't want a DA Dwarf waifu? They don't have beards, they're not walking barrels, plus they seem way more interesting than most the surface races.

Dropped opportunities all around. I mean look at this Bodacious Babe.

>> No.51409250

Can First Magic create life?

>> No.51409265

Doesn't it literally give an example of that in the description?
Although create might be the wrong word for it, actualize is probably more accurate.

>> No.51409269

The First Magic can create literally anything, given enough skill and experience with it.

>> No.51409290

Okay thanks. I made the right choice then.

>> No.51409307

The description mentions you can, and also all but directly states that it's much harder than creating non-living things.

Can is different than should, however, and I'm not sure it's morally right to do so. Like, with sufficient mastery, you could summon a waifu out of thin air for some quick handholding, but what happens to her after you're done?

>> No.51409316

That's what the fourth is for

>> No.51409326

I've been meaning to ask about that. Does First Magic count as creating things so that they are automatically companions, or is it just summoning and thus stuck in the world they were summoned in?

You're a monster.

>> No.51409347

Not sacrifcing her to as fuel for the Third

How wasteful. Apart from the magical energy, that way there's still a possibility to recall her if you ever get nostalgic. Then, you can do everything all over again.

>> No.51409449

>Jumper is having a nightmare
>A real bad one too, tossing and turning
>Can't wake up
>Jumper subconsciously and accidentally uses the First Magic
>Jumper summons something that helps them calm down, and drifts into a peaceful sleep

>Jumper wake up the next day
>Jumper realizes there's someone in bed with them
>They're woken up by Jumper's stirring
>They smile and say good morning
>Jumper realizes they accidentally conjured up someone to cuddle with
That's a winner among companion introduction stories.

>> No.51409465

>not sleeping on a bed of waifus everynight
How plebeian.

>> No.51409491

>not sleeping on the bunk bed from symphogear filled with waifus every night
Do you even comfy?

>> No.51409520

>Not turning the Universe's Comfiest Couch from Invader Zim into a wall to wall bed and sleeping with your waifus in a giant dog pile.
It's like I'm the only sane man in this joint.

>> No.51409532

Summoning, your just creating matter with the First Magic and can summon what you can create anywhere, but technically none of the things you make are companions unless you use a pod.

If you made items though, then you could just store them in the warehouse.

>> No.51409564

Sapient things made by you can become companions under the whole Quicksilver not wanting to touch jumper kid rulings.
It's not explicitly stated, but several people roll it like that.

>> No.51409591

Makes sense to me.

>> No.51409622

The central issue here is whether First Magic is "creating" something, or just "summoning" it. That distinction is what people are discussing, and it doesn't help that True Magic explicitly doesn't make any sense.

I personally think that sapient beings created by First Magic should count as companions because they have permanence and, while you're technically summoning them, they didn't actually exist until you summoned them.

>> No.51409632

>Cazadores as First Circle Demons.
Horrifying, but Exalted Demons have precedent for giant insects with the Demon-Wasps and Demon Spiders.

So yeah, that works fine.

Dunno. There's not really a canon example.

Because that'd require them to be Essence 8 and at the very /least/ 250 years old (if they're steaming ahead at a ludicrous pace). Infernals have only existed for 4 years in canon.

It looks a little eh though, so probably not?

Well, my Shtick was Rock.

I was Rock Cop.

I threw rocks at people. And rocked out with a guitar.

...Still one of the less silly things there.

The appearance perk in Skulduggery Pleasant?

There's also Keijo, but the jump was never really finished.


>> No.51409648

This is amazing. I'm doing this. No one can stop me now.

>> No.51409750

>Jumper having nightmares
>Not having complete control over the dreamscape

>> No.51409811

I hope this is some poor attempt at humor.

>> No.51409814

> Not using your nightmares as fuel for ideas to new magic and scientific horizons.
Pfah! Weakness!

No, Neet, I don't want to go to sleep, I have experiments to do, research to perform.
These aren't bags, my eyes are just naturally like that.
I am not just making excuses.
It's not like I have a problem sleeping. I have a perfectly fine bed in the Warehouse. It's dark, quiet, and best of all, alone.
Yes, Neet, I just said I'm not tired.

Geez, fine.
If you're going to keep nagging me about it, I guess I'll take a nap right here in front of my computer.
I don't mind that it's so bright.
Yeah, fine, you can stay here if you want. It's not like you aren't around all the time anyway.
... d-dork.

>> No.51409852

Jacket Cop, I even imported my jacket as the perfect jacket,number Four on the post spark to do list is to retrieve it from the ocean depths in one piece.

>> No.51409881

Oh thank god, I thought I was going crazy back while people were talking about True Magics all the time, all I could think about was how lewd all of them are

For what it's worth, the Kara no Kyoukai pamphlet reveals that the creation of Ether clumps (an attempt at materialising magical energy which combines with the other elements to act as a conduit to magecraft) is part of the First Magic's process.

And Touko's suitcase puppet, Cornelius' slime familiars and the hormunculus Leysritt are all apparently created through it, so at least there's precedent for unique characters being brought into existence by a phenomena associated with the First.

>Jumper pits all his nightmares and fondest dreams together in a cage fight
>For science


Wait shit, isn't this how Luna was made?

>> No.51409906

That's absolutely adorable.

I'll bet you wake up covered with a blanket every time.

>> No.51409958

>not having experimented on yourself to allow lightning and deranged laughter to substitute for sleep
What kind of mad scientist are you?

>> No.51409986

The kind who uses sleep as just another avenue for SCIENCE!


>> No.51410270

I appear to be fighting Adorjan in Fallen London.

Folks, we may now know what's in space out there. But between the spiders that reproduce by stealing eyeballs, the frozen mathematics that break reality and now the wind that fucks up your personal timeline I think it's safe to say it makes Nasuverse space look sane and orderly.

>> No.51410385

How bad an idea would it be to summon EMIYA Alter?

>> No.51410406

>Folks, we may now know what's in space out there. But between the spiders that reproduce by stealing eyeballs, the frozen mathematics that break reality and now the wind that fucks up your personal timeline I think it's safe to say it makes Nasuverse space look sane and orderly.

it's pretty much the same Just replace, Gaia's reality marble with stars singing correspondence

>> No.51410507

Depends on how edgy you feel like being?

>> No.51410552

I was wondering how bad it would be for Alter! EMIYA, EMIYA and Shirou to be in the same room.

>> No.51410679

How does UBW compare to Dark Slayer style from DMC?

>> No.51410687

Clearly, you need to add Lily! EMIYA to that list to be on Shirou's side of the argument that'll result.

>> No.51410703

Dark Slayer has a lot less arbitrary limitations, and can probably copy weapons with souls in them, considering that's basically what a Devil Arm is.

>> No.51410735

thats what demiservant is for

>> No.51410974

All the swords in the game that Dark Slayer projects are energy copies of Sparda.

>> No.51411036

Oh you mean as a swap space.

I actually don't know if the island can be used for that.

>> No.51411037


How would that work?

>> No.51411054

You basically get Shirou but older, I imagine.

>> No.51411055

A version that managed to somehow become a legit Heroic Spirit?

>> No.51411097

I imagine it's either just contracted CG EMIYA who doesn't regret his contract yet or Actual Heroic Spirit Shirou Emiya.

>> No.51411139

Damnit, forgot the pic I'd wanted to add.

>> No.51411163

How strong are ghouls in Tokyo ghoul?

>> No.51411206

pretty broad they range from barely above human to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lrl5uesS9w
yes that thing is a ghoul

>> No.51411211

Depends on the type and RC levels, but they can probably rip a normal person apart with relative ease.

What does the Correspondence in Fallen London actually do when read? "Bend" the laws of reality seems pretty vague

>> No.51411251

>She made Toon Town from Roger Rabbit
That is fucking amazing.

I want someone to replace it with a better version, because I'm a shit jump maker. So no.

>Not getting Alter!Shirou and Lily!Shirou in on the action too

It's not EMIYA unless he's a CG. Then it's just Shirou

>> No.51411263

It's literally messed up. The same paragraphs are pasted half a dozen times. Just take a look at it.

>> No.51411279

They do die if their brains get smashed yeah?

>> No.51411285

I don't even have the original PDF anymore.

>> No.51411302

Don't be a lazy Lucy.

>> No.51411320

Lazy is my middle name.

>> No.51411345

Yes, and? The version you buy isn't limited to that. And considering Sparda was imbued with demonic power and is just about the most powerful weapon in the series, only making copies of it isn't really indicative of anything. Still doesn't change the fact that UBW is saddled with a bunch of arbitrary limitations, both specific to it and general to the Nasuverse.

>> No.51411378

most do yes but the perk about surviving having your head cut off is based on a canon example.

also they are quite a bit more durable than people think at first. the reason their enemies use quiche is simply that almost nothing else even penetrates their skin.
Kaneki in one of the very first chapters(1. or 2. ep) finds out that he is now knifeproof for example. internal bleeding and tearing is another thing they excel at surviving. or having 103 of their bones broken(another canon example)

>> No.51411388

Here you go.

>> No.51411416

You rock.
Uh, even in this version there's some weird duplicates.

>> No.51411453

How likely would a Lily version of pic related be less crazy compared to the normal version or a hypothetical Alter version?

>> No.51411460


oh another fun canon example was kaneki having a giant centipede shoved into his skull. the description of him feeling it wriggle around in his head was quite lovely

see pic

>> No.51411479

okay I should handle myself pretty well then, even without any of my outside powers

>> No.51411494

Are you giving permission for someone to make a new Avernum Jump? Not that I'm offering to pick it up, but I just want to clarify.

>> No.51411506

Fine, what the fuck ever.
Here's my piece of shit jump without the repeats.
You fucking happy now? I didn't want to fucking touch this piece of crap and would rather someone else fucking remake it as I've said repeatedly.

>> No.51411517

I've given permission multiple fucking times for over a god damn year. For Avernum and Farcry.
Someone else already redid Eragon.

>> No.51411521

Thank you.

>> No.51411593

Looks nice!

>> No.51411627

What are the best intangibility perks in the chain?

>> No.51411662

oh yeah I had forgotten that her family is bullshit in some timelines

deathnote has the best one
there is also danny phantom(half ghost get it free) and martian density manipulation in young justice

>> No.51411674

Don't get mad Justiceanon
Now the only thing you have to do is put it in the upload folder <3

>> No.51411686

I just gave Death a scythe and the ability to stop time.

Why do I feel like I have made a horrible mistake?

>> No.51411716

You wanna waifu her that hard?

>> No.51411720

I'm pretty sure That wasn't anything she couldn't do already

>> No.51411722

>A scythe
Not a big deal

>Ability to stop time
A bigger deal, since the Endless experience Time the same way Mortals do.

>> No.51411771

Speaking of Death, wasn't someone doing Let It Die?

>> No.51411773

What's a fun thing to do in Shadowrun? I'm not inspired.

>> No.51411784

Make a deal with a dragon.

>> No.51411795

Actually kill Harlequin.

>> No.51411798

What if I'm a dragon?

>> No.51411807

I think technically she might be my mom, and she was free.

...I can hear the mad cackles now.

>> No.51411830

Make deals with people.

>> No.51411863

Wait really? They're bound to linear time?

You know the companion version doesn't have any powers?

Also, why would she be cackling?

>> No.51411892

>Wait really? They're bound to linear time?
That's why Death has to have "avatars", for lack of a better term, who deal with the vast majority of deaths.

Mind you this is just my understanding of the Endless, and it could have been retconned at some point.

>> No.51411929

>oh yeah I had forgotten that her family is bullshit in some timelines
Yeah Nanoha comes from a lineage of ninjas who can block automatic gunfire with swords and run up walls. Now they run a cake shop.
The best part is that's still implied to be canon by her backstory and the sound stages.

>> No.51411938

I get the feeling you probably haven't read Sandman.

Death has or had a scythe already. She comments that the whole skeleton with scythe thing didn't really serve anything.

She also probably wouldn't use the time stop thing. She's already got tonnes of time, seems resolved to the fact that she's going to be there at the end of the universe but doesn't seem to get much joy out of it.

Can't really imagine her cackling either.

The only thing she ever seems to really want is to be alive and human which she gets one day in every century.

>> No.51411941

What jumps have good reverse engineering perks?

>> No.51411950

Endless are bound to linear time.
It's why they can make mistakes and bad decisions.

>> No.51411968

Would using a gate spell that leads to the bottom of the ocean make for a good weapon?

Goblin Slayer jump when?

>> No.51411972

Already asked a few threads ago. Check the archives. 4plebs has a decent search function.

>> No.51411990

What are some good jumps for starship imports?

>> No.51411997

They're bound to linear time, but since they're incredibly fast, can exist in multiple places at once, and have some limited degree of precognition, it isn't usually that much of a problem. The main issue it poses is that when they do screw up despite all their advantages, they can't fix it. Death doesn't really screw up, though, she's too busy doing her job to get involved in the antics the other Endless do that wind up backfiring on them.

>> No.51412019

I don't think that's right.

Death doesn't so much have to deal with anything as be something. She can be in more places than one at a time because Death already is in more than one place at a time. She handles the whole multiverse.

The psychopomp thing is largely irrelevant and more or less kicks in to bring people to a specific afterlives. People pretty much get what they expect when they die in DC and it's because of that that sometimes it's not Death directly dealing with the deceased rather than because Death has her plate full with one guy at a time.

>> No.51412043

Worm take a shot , Hive Queen Quest, Warframe, off the top of my head.

>> No.51412209

If it's Death the Endless, not at all. She already has a scythe, she just doesn't carry it or wear the robe anymore. She outgrew her edgy phase.

As for the timestop, she's close to that as well. When her brother is in a funk, she takes him around as she does her job. The reaps a series of individuals in succession, but there's no real passage of time as such. So she's got something similar already. As >>51411722 stated, she's not completely divorced from Time, part of her job involves working with it and within it. She mainly seems to experience it or not as she needs to for her job.

But she's super friendly, so she's not going to snub you or your gifts. She'd probably prefer a hotdog or a trinket, something fun and or tasty.

>> No.51412274

Just don't waifu Death. The nature of the Endless is that any mortal they fall in love with is doomed to suffering. Granted, a Jumper might not count as a mortal anymore by the "Ancient Rules" that govern the Endless, but given what's happened to all of Dream's girlfriends I wouldn't want to risk it.

>> No.51412310

Aside from GUNNM and Heroes, what are some good methods of memory manipulation?

Aside from Maoyuu, are there perks for translating technology into magical spells?

>> No.51412326

Remember Me is a good place for memory manipulation

>> No.51412339

True, but you can totes be friends with them. Death made Hob immortal so Dream would always have a friend and a human perspective. So it stands to reason that you can befriend them, not like that, just fine.

The only two I'd be leery of would be Despair and Delirium. I can't think of a favorable outcome any mortal, or anyone who isn't the Endless, has had with them.

>> No.51412349

>Just don't waifu Death

Desire is also a MASSIVE cunt.

>> No.51412396

>Desire is also a MASSIVE cunt
Well, I mean - that's SOMEONE'S fetish, right?

>> No.51412433

Not what I meant and you know it. Desire is a cruel, petty, and vindictive asshole.

>> No.51412435

She can be, I'll give you that. But he's also been a key factor in several great stories, so it's hard for me to be that hard on her. Having said that, he probably occupies a special space in between the Whoa-Tier Endless and the Bro-Tier Endless. That placement makes sense, given her nature as Desire.

>> No.51412471

High level D&D wizards can do that easily. The spell is, fittingly enough, called Mindrape.
It doesn't just add, modify or remove memories either, it works equally well on personality traits.
It's also all but unbreakable short of divine intervention (Wish/Miracle).

>> No.51412596

[Mob Psycho 100]

Drawbacks: Manipulative Sidekick, Counterparts, ONE Interesting Style...again..., ??? Form (1900)

Claw member, age 30

Teamwork (Free)
Place at the Top (1800)
Claw Tech (1500)
Scarred (1200)
Natural Esper (600)
Emotional Charge (0)
Paycheck (Free)

I had that hallucination again. That really stupid one where I'm this bullshit god made of universes. The one where my heatbeat is the creation and destruction of countless worlds. It's like that one anime character nobody likes but everyone keeps talking about.

At least that caped baldy's always around to give me a hand up. He always seems to have come back from a really intense workout. Likes talking about fighting. Nice guy, must be one of those crossfit types.

Maybe it's the stress. A week ago someone called "E" leaked a ton of incriminating evidence about my organization on the web, and forwarded me a link. What struck me was how /incompetant/ they showed the higher-ups to be. One guy everyone was scared of turned out to be basically an angry manletchild.

I don't consider myself a particularly nice man-but I am a professional, dammit. I can't keep working with this outfit after that stunt where one of our field agents narrowly escaped with his life from a small child. I'm going to round up anyone halfway competant, found my OWN esper organization and make sure we do something more profitable than "world domination". Fucking hell, these powers can do damn near ANYTHING and we're wasting time breaking the law?! Look at Blizzard of Hell; I'd do anything to work with her. She's miles better than every goober here other than me and the manlet.

Wait. Another email from E-

-it's a kid. Holy shit, their priority target is some friendless wimp of a /kid/. What the fuck. This isn't supervillainy, it's SUB-PAR villainy.

Fuck it, we're all going to be heroes right after I blow the whistle on this shithole. Let's see how our delusional bosses like dealing with social security's paperwork.

>> No.51412646

Does anyone know what the progress on Fate/Zero is like?

>> No.51412679


>> No.51412692

A few days ago, it was due to be out in a few days.


>> No.51412727

In that case, where can I find an item for infinite hot dogs?

>> No.51412751

Cooking skills. Make them yourself, you lazy fuck.

>> No.51412759

>infinite hot dogs
It's like you don't even get the point of Death and why she does what she does.

>> No.51412778

Waifu-fags are universally retarded.

>> No.51412829

>it's another Bladethulhu Doesn't Get Theme in Narrative and Keeps Fucking Things UP episode

>> No.51412840

We have those? What was the previous one about?

>> No.51412884

Plenty. The episodes are formatted as his jumps and his discussion of them.

>> No.51412890

The new Madoka jump has a perk you can purchase twice to create infinite food.

>> No.51412911

Whoops, ignore Place at the Top-no idea how that extra 100 CP got in there.

[Ciel Nosurge]

Drawbacks: Save Bezel Project, Hostile Fourth Wall Being (1800)

Ra Ciel Inhabitant, Incarnate, age 24 (1600)

Vocal Emission Range (Free)
Magical Languages (1500)
Combination Manufacturing (1300)
Synchronization (1000)
Imperial Vocal Chords (400)
Planetary Model (Free)
Basic Cielnotron (Free)
Interdimend Program Notes (0)

Oh hey, it's the Anomaly! HI ANOMALY! I guess you finally got tired of Undertale huh? Just going to ignore me in search of that Xbox achievement? Well alright, you do you.

I'm just gonna be over here with a couple old acquintances, tinkering with the song through the power of YOZI METAL CONCERTS. it's taken a good couple of centuries, but Malfeas has FINALLY found something productive he can do: Headbang the crap out of some solar flares until the sun is intimidated into not being incontinent anymore. With the power of perpetual dance energy harnessed by my advanced dance technology, we can keep this sun shining just fine as long as Szoreny takes over every now and then to stabilise the sun.

Oh dear, Anomaly appears to have killed a few important NPCs already. Guess I'll just have to invent my own humanoid platform to dimensionally control and grief him until he deicdes to do his achievement less destructively.

I'll bring a whole raid, in fact. I'll call up some of my True Fae minions, round up a couple Daedra and summon some of the more warlike 3CDs like an entire guild about to grief some scrub.

All to set up my REAL plan to protect this world: Use the program notes to invent interdimensional shitposting, and grief the Anomaly until it ragequits.

>> No.51413074

>A bigger deal, since the Endless experience Time the same way Mortals do.

Not entirely true.

They experience 'Time', because its their father and are bound by it, but they don't have the same sense of time.

Specially Dream while in the Dream (can travel through time), Death is omnipresent and has some kind of time stop and Destiny can sense some branchings in the timeline.

>> No.51413214

...why does Time looks like drugs?

>> No.51413277

What's with that ending?

>> No.51413281

He has discovered that one of his sons is gay and transexual.

>> No.51413320

Desire was always intersex, anon.

>> No.51413345

It's a flashback.

>> No.51413365

I need jumps where I can create loyal custom companions.

Does anyone has a list? I have Death Note, Overlord, Dark Knight and Worm.

Any others?

>> No.51413374

To be fair Desire probably predates sex as a concept

>> No.51413406

In a setting where one gender is dominant over the other do you jumpers shake the boat or keep the status quo?

In Infinite Stratos first thing I did was reverse engineer the mechs so both genders could use them. Who is the smart one now rabbit ear lady?!

>> No.51413441

Alright, while I probably want to update it later with some more unique items, Nanoha is on the drive now.

That just leaves Ryuki and the often-delayed Disgaea DLC, along with possible updates in the future.

>> No.51413452

Sweet. I'm looking forward to Ryuki.

>> No.51413457

Depends on which gender I am at the moment, and which one I spend most of my time as.

Last chain I was mostly female, but this one i'm mostly male. So, probably fix IS to be gender equal like you did.

>> No.51413473

If you do not bodacious, you will not babe.

>> No.51413474

>the often-delayed Disgaea DLC
Bodacious Babes.

>> No.51413496

Honestly, just the ability to make IS cores is going to shake things up a lot more than enabling non-protagonist men to use them. Those things are in very limited supply, Tabane isn't making any more and no one else can figure out the technology.

>> No.51413499

Bodacious things possibly of the babe nature?

>> No.51413501

I just ignore it entirely.

>> No.51413515



>> No.51413546

What's Nanoha? what is it about?

>> No.51413559

>having one sex and one sexuality
Holy shit, dude. Have you never read any of the comics or are you just really mentally challenged? If you're slow, it's cool, I can explain things to you. If you're just lazy, though, you're a shit.

>> No.51413589

Lesbian Magical Girls Who are Also Mechas That Make Friends With Each Other Using LAser Beams

>> No.51413633


>> No.51413640

How many Exalted Jumpchains are there anyway? I've seen Infernal, Sidereal, Dragonblooded and Mortal Gauntlet.

>> No.51413653


>> No.51413684

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is a...well, not quite subversion of magical girl tropes, but it does play with the expected. It's pretty good, has fun characters and interesting plots, and some really awesome fight scenes. The plot starts off somewhat stock, with the titular Nanoha finding a magic wand and becoming a magical girl to fight evil, but goes into interesting territory when she learns that her magic wand is actually an ancient magitech deathray from another dimension, and her magical girl outfit is just its onboard AI's attempt to suit its protective uniform to her tastes. So she gets swept up in a plot about working for the Time Space Administration Bureau to keep extradimensional invaders from conquering parallel worlds in order to retrieve and exploit other ancient magitech. All the while she makes friends by blasting them with ridiculously high-powered lasers, having a degree of "defeat means friendship" far in excess of any shonen protagonist.

>> No.51413693

But no seriously
Pic related is the official manga

It's a millitary sci-fi mecha show but for some reason all the mechs are little girls.

>> No.51413698

You're not Kaufman, anon. The fact that people don't get your "joke," isn't a measure of how smart you are. It's a manifestation of your inability to craft and deliver a good joke.

But here's a gif for your trouble.

>> No.51413699

That implies there was a joke to go over our heads in the first place. It's not that we didn't get your "joke", it's that we were rejecting your shitty attempt at humor.

>> No.51413739

That's it so far iirc! Marky is working on Lunars and possibly Autocton? Someone is working on Solars but I have no idea who.

>> No.51413743

How hungry do you get jumpers?

>> No.51413756

How I eat in front of people

>> No.51413830

Right, so I'm adding two things to the drive version.
>The Book of Dawn now contains a 'blank' Reinforce-style AI that works similarly to the Guardian Knights.
>Clarified that the Sagebrecht bloodline doesn't weaken your own persistent buffs. No spontaneous nudity via Barrier Jacket loss.


>> No.51413833

well I integrated a dark star generator into myself with fusion Boomer, so technically once I ate an entire universe

>> No.51413850

Wukong's on Solars, but that's behind the rest of his backlog.

There was also an anon who wanted to do Abyssals.

>> No.51413851

You alright Justice? You seem a little angry.

>> No.51413913

I guess that old jump triggers his self-loathing which manifests as anger. It's okay Justice. The jump's not bad, it's just basic.

>> No.51413933


But remember heavens the truth of Bodacious Babes that anon teaches

>> No.51413959

Hi Heavens! Another exquisite document.

Wonderful. Ths book in general, too. Oof.

Doesn't seem to be changed...?

>> No.51413973

oh yeah heavens,

kotoranon asked if he could go to the anime timeline in Elfenlied. whats your ruling on that?

>> No.51413984

Lack of sleep, combined with hating that jump, combined with the guy pushing on it despite me telling him no.

>> No.51413988

Ah, "hostile or unwelcome", question withdrawn.

Build in progress!~

>> No.51414002

A thousand years of isolated meditation has reveled to me this one profound truth. Even Boy's can be Bodacious if they're cute enough.

>> No.51414021

Have fun, anon! You actually posted that seconds before I replied. You ninja, you.

>> No.51414024

Dark Knight for a Butler, Rosaro + Vampire, VtMB's Ghoul, Paramours from Overlord the game, NPCs from Overlord the LN

>> No.51414054

>Old text implied it eroded all persistent effects, Barrier Jacket included.
Aye, wouldn't that be an interesting flaw to the ability... Protects from everything, even your clothes!

>Hope ya enjoy the jump, anon!
>Have fun, anon!
Already am!

I swear, one of these days I WILL change my name to something that DOESN'T just fly by your peoples' subconscious. This is getting stupid. Jesus Christ.

>> No.51414056


>> No.51414074


Also Heavens don't forget man stay motivated and everything is going to work out


Wrong because boys aren't Babes and the only type of trap that can be Bodacious are Reverse traps

>> No.51414080

...holy crap, you really are a ninja.



>> No.51414093

Bodacious Boys

>> No.51414099

Ah, alright then.

>> No.51414108

On the other hand, would that really be a flaw, with all those appearance perks a jumper has? Bless the world with your gross incandescence!

>> No.51414115

Reverse traps are one the best. They're often ladettes so its like having a bro that's also a sexy chick.

>> No.51414136


Now you dare try to pervert my teachings with your corrupted ways.


You are on the true path to Bodacious Babe enlightenment anon.

>> No.51414146

was there a perk that let you keep improving your body as long as you put work into doing so? I seem to remember one, but don't remember where it is

>> No.51414179

>Pic related
Nin nin, motherfucker.

If I am going for the sun mode, I am doing it on my own terms, anon.

>> No.51414180

>Now you dare try to pervert my teachings with your corrupted ways.
What if I told you this was all a lie, all part of my plan to worm them into your hearts... Traps aren't bodacious. Traps are justice!

>> No.51414187

What's a good race to import as one's people in the Civilization jump?

>> No.51414193

What kind of uniform do your followers wear Jumper?

>> No.51414208

Gamer's Body (and Mind) from the Gamer and Soft Cap from Elona are pretty good ones.

>> No.51414213

In order of effectiveness, check out Xianxia, Obsidian Tower, Elona and Strongest Disciple Kenichi.

>> No.51414237

cool, ty

>> No.51414239

Apparently you forgot how to use apostrophes during your thousand years of meditation.

>> No.51414241

OK, pal

>> No.51414263

I don't exactly have a dress code but if I did they'd look something like the outfit on the left with colorful frills everywhere.

>> No.51414266

It's not a perk, but if you take Ki User from Anima, one of the ability lines are Inhuman and Zen, which let you improve your stats beyond human limits. Inhumanity lets you get up to 13 in the Anima system, while Zen lets you get up to 20 (which lets you life arbitrarily high amounts).

>> No.51414276

No armband, though.

>> No.51414280

NGE Angels

>> No.51414283

>which lets you life arbitrarily high amounts

>> No.51414284

How big of a boost to your mana pool is the Book of Darkness? How hard would it be to overcome the fact that it fucks your control? Would Sagebrecht help?

>> No.51414291


>What if I told you this was all a lie, all part of my plan to worm them into your hearts... Traps aren't bodacious. Traps are justice!

Then you would be wasting your time because Reverse Traps are already in my heart and that I already know Reverse Traps and Tomboys and Muscle Girls etc because I would be listing all day about Bodacious Babes

>> No.51414311

Fuck time to meditate on basic grammar and punctuation I guess.

>> No.51414315

Lift, not life, sorry, phone is doing typical phone auto correct shenanigans.

>> No.51414317

Technically, anyone in Anima can get Inhuman and Zen. Every class gets at least some Martial Knowledge points with each level up, and wizards don't really have anything else worth spending MK on. Might as well save it up to put it into Zen.

>> No.51414341

For fun: Prismatic Dragons (Forgotten Realms), Digimon, or Mimics (Dark Souls/any other jump with them)

For strength: >>51414280, Roidmudes (Kamen Rider Drive), Xenomorphs (Alien), Kryptonians (DC)

>> No.51414342

We've already got a futa jumper, we don't need any more. He she? doesn't spam the thread, and is typically pretty cool when she posts.

Take your memetic heresy back to /a/ where it belongs.

>> No.51414344

Anyone else have trouble justifying the development of a happy relationship, even in their wildest fantasies (aka jumpchain), or is it just me?

>> No.51414345


>> No.51414351

Some of the top suggests for this are things like Pillar Men from JoJo, or other races that exist in some jumps but don't actually allow you to be one, or that you couldn't afford or you bought something else.

Personally I went with Gria from Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced. I had asked the jump maker back when he was around if I could also import a male only race, as the Gria are a female only race, but I ultimately forgot to do so. It was a good thing that I had already been to jumps where I had acquired solutions to the problem of not having any men. Namely Vandread, and some jumps with genetic manipulation.

>> No.51414360

Some people can accept their own fictional happiness, Rimmer.

>> No.51414361

Yep. I just can't see myself being an emotionally satisfying partner, and since it's real me imagining fictional me's relationships, I can't see him being a good partner, either.

>> No.51414364

Traps aren't futa, anon. And I'm pretty sure there's more than one futa jumper.

>> No.51414368

>which lets you life arbitrarily high amounts
Haha what? Seriously?

Could you lift that infinitely heavy book Superman and Shazam lifted?

>> No.51414395

>posters: 100
Woah. When did that happen? Last I saw, we were hanging around low 70s on average.

>> No.51414401

HeavensAnon, as a person who frequents SB I'd just like to thank you for you hard work and apologize for Alex Corvin's idiotic comments. He's basically our Bancho, only the rules don't allow us to properly call him a shithead like he deserves.

>> No.51414405

I happens occasionally, no idea why.
I think the highest I ever saw was 130.

>> No.51414407

Potentially. Zen doesn't actually give you any increase in ability, it just removes the caps on development. How it works is that checks above a certain difficulty can't be reached no matter how high you roll, unless you have Inhuman or Zen. Inhuman raises the limit, Zen removes it completely. But you still need to make the roll. Zen makes it theoretically possible to do anything, but the practicality is still up to you.

>> No.51414412

my Army's combat uniforms look kind of like this except the helmets Are not face obscuring and the great kilt is a toga

>> No.51414429

Traps aren't futa.
Traps are just very very pretty men.

>> No.51414443


113 years in, and my jumper only got laid once. And that was a set up so another person could take photos to blackmail my jumper with.

>> No.51414450


No, yeah, I totally understand what you're talking about. My most recent chain is unique specifically because I'm forcing myself into happy situations. People telling me I did a good job on work, getting into healthy relationships, saving the day without fucking something up fierce. Even then it just feels so WRONG.

. . . .Getting used to it though, and it's nice. I don't like putting myself through hell all the time even if it feels deserved or expected.

>> No.51414453

No worries. You're welcome, mystery space anon.
Pretty big boost, though I couldn't give you an exact measurement off the top of my head.

Hard, but not impossible - there is a canonical way to fix it. But if you want to save Reinforce Eins you need to work extra hard for it.


>> No.51414470

>>anonymous Doesn't know who Rimmer is

>> No.51414478

Non-Ki Users get them really slowly though. Level 11 IIRC, is when they have enough to buy Zen? Ki Users can have it at like, level 2 or 3. But point taken, statement could be re-worded as "Visit Anima."

For reference: Zen Riding checks, if succeeded, allow you to ride around light. Like, literal, ordinary, light. With a Ride check. Not by using magic, not because light is actually solid, but because you are JUST THAT GOOD at riding. So... yes. But it's just a cap-breaker, so you actually have to git gud yourself. The ability just means that you're allowed to git that gud, instead of running into a point where reality goes, "Haha, that's stupid, no."

>> No.51414483

And speaking of big power -

can one import The Book of Dawning Sky as a Device? You mention it functions as a Unison Device, so...

>> No.51414484

Yeah, I've seen a couple episodes of Red Dwarf, but I didn't see how it related.

>> No.51414486

A "man".
I was specifically referencing the episode "Better than Life" in which he managed to make his life a living hell, while inside of a video game designed to fulfil all your fantasies, because he was too neurotic and paranoid to believe anything good could happen to him.

>> No.51414509

It's actually a complete Device already, and the AI that's now part of it does most of the work. You can use it as a battery for the other Device, but I'm gonna say no on importing it as another Device.

You can still use another Device with it in tandem. I, uh...don't know what will happen if you try using two Unison Devices at once. Or worse, Unite with both at the same time.

Tread carefully.

>> No.51414531

are those lost planet dudes?

>> No.51414605

Where do I go to get my wishes granted pre-spark?

>> No.51414632


>> No.51414637

>in which he managed to make his life a living hell, while inside of a video game designed to fulfil all your fantasies, because he was too neurotic and paranoid to believe anything good could happen to him.
Yeah, that sounds remarkably accurate.

>> No.51414640

Disney Princess?

>> No.51414720

I thought there's just the one that posts the news thing with the funny headlines.

Did we get more?

Yeah, but they're men. Man, they're not gonna have bodacious boobs or heavenly hips.

>> No.51414797

>No Limiter Can Hold Me [200cp]
>attempts from an ally organization or someone you’re working for to limit your powers or magic in any capacity just don’t seem to take
>ally organization or someone you’re working for
This seems arbitrary. Like the same limiting collar by someone calling you an enemy works, but when placed by someone called an 'ally' (real allies don't power block friends)
Also noticed you raised the price...
Since you did, how about just making it work without the qualifier?

>> No.51414807

I only have one companion, she wears whatever is sexy. However, when in combat she prefers armor. Her job is to be the tank. She is a Pokewaifu so she's use to being in that role.

For an army, I really don't have one. I just use my charm, music, and magic to entrance others to fight for me. Why would I need an army when I can make the opposing army tear itself to pieces? Illusion magic is powerful thing.

>> No.51414871

Without that limit,it's worth a lot more then 200cp.

>> No.51414921


>Ryuki is coming soon


>> No.51414928

It's based on something in setting, it's not arbitrary.

>> No.51414955

Standard Adventurer Clothing, with much better equipment? Or nothing out of the ordinary, because it's a conspiracy. Either way, very casual.

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