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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Have you ever had any undersea adventures with mermaids and all before? When will we have an undersea adventure Roll20 game set in the Elemental Plane of Water?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Avowed Playtest 1:
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing
Malefex Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3LrE8WyIxxYRr8d9dHsWioeUk_-HZaSMqVWRnzc9Fc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might previews:
Part 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/
Part 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pyLq03W2ju58PcKOUq5YXoFowf_weBNzuWtjCMdINXk/edit

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>Some Devil bitch-boy
>Better than a self-made Superpaladin Ultragoddess of Justice and Valor

A valiant effort, my Infernal friends, but a fruitless one.

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The fuck even is that, some kinda mashup of a kitsune and whatever the fuck Ursula was?

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>got her powers from a magic rock
>not even through discipline
Fucking disgusting.

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>got his power from avoiding fun
>not getting his power from his own desire for an endless life of fun

How droll

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>got her powers from stuffing her face
>not from being a whiny autist

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Which is better for having a pet robot: construct rider alchemist, or promethean alchemist?

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Calm down, my dear, and fetch me another spit-roasted kitsune, would you? I'm still feeling a bit peckish.

>> No.51401523

I'd like to stuff her face with my dick!

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>pet robot
>Promethean Alchemist

Construct Rider is probably an overall better archetype, Promemethean relies too much on Summoning Shenanigans or hoping your homunculus's immunities let you facetank traps to turn them off.

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>touch fluffy tentacle

>> No.51401584

>that second spoiler

what did he mean by this

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Can someone help motivate me to actually make that character for Wrath of the Righteous?

>> No.51401600

Construct Rider if you want an Animal Companion
Promethean Alchemist if you want a bio-punk/summoner shenanigans
Tinkerer if you want a familiar

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Entirely wrong

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Etan is a cute! CUTE!

>> No.51401632

What is that even?

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You get to be a demigod?
You might get to meet read: bone your godly parent?

>> No.51401642

Wait, you get to fugg Iomedae even though you're her kid?


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A scylla. An actual scylla--Japanese media started turning it into octopus-girls because somehow, don't ask me how, they decided snarling wolf-legs weren't cute.

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>But anooooon, I just want to sack Qadira, I don't give a shit about Osirion...

The sacking comes later, when you're higher level! The best types of war campaigns are always the ones where you start on the losing side, desperately fighting against a foe with infinite manpower and resources!

Osirion also gives you brown boys and girls.

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Technically that's Scylla

>> No.51401671


Those are good. Those are right...

... But what about the current list of applicants? A good party is a good campaign, and I'm not sure about the list of current applicants that this will be fun!

>> No.51401678

>they decided snarling wolf-legs weren't cute.

And we didn't get moe puppy limbs?! Way to low ball it, Japan.

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>tfw no qt Osiriani boy to enjoy in that lazy part of the afternoon when it's too hot to go out and about the city

Why even live?

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>a monster with four eyes and six long necks equipped with grisly heads, each of which contained three rows of sharp teeth. Her body consisted of 12 tentacle-like legs and a cat's tail, while four to six dog-heads ringed her waist. In this form, she attacked the ships of passing sailors, seizing one of the crew with each of her heads.

Yeah, apparently this is how she was described in the Odyssey

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that was a good vore doujin

>> No.51401731

But what does it mean, and why do I hope it happens?

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We all rolled for birthday.

At least two of them were born on holidays.

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Clearly, but at the same time, does it really?

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What games are currently taking apps where I can be a cute, flirty girl that is more focused on adventuring than sucking dick? I feel like there's no middle ground in the pfg games right now.

>> No.51401872


What were the roll results?

>> No.51401880

That was a while ago anon

save the updates for interesting stuff so people don't get too tired of them

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>/pfg/ games

Found your fucking problem m7

>> No.51401900


Yes, But have Onryou and Elsbeth Faced off Boob to boob yet?

>> No.51401928

There's nothing better in game finder nor the roll20 lfg

>> No.51401939

Sign up for this game, Anon. Applications are ending soon!


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>> No.51401948


I'm in a campaign that's currently looking for another player.

It's level 4, 25 PB and 1pp only, built around Celtic legends and myth.

>> No.51401964

Contact details?

Can I still be an anime cutie?

>> No.51401976

What's the new /pfg/ game people are creating characters for?

>> No.51401994


Scurvy Pervies; Sly Sky Pantaloon Pirates

>> No.51402004

>Can I still be an anime cutie?

The fact you asked that makes me hesitant on giving you more details.

It's voiced, by the way.

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Sky Pirates, Furry Tails 2, and Wrath of the Righteous I believe.

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>1pp only
But why? Also that was a different anon, not the original poster.

>> No.51402033

How do I fugg this woman?

>> No.51402046

Already did. I'm hedging my bets because I'm worried that even if I get in, it'll be a bit of a trainwreck. Kitsune aren't really my thing anyways.

>> No.51402053


Them's the rules, senpai.

>> No.51402070

Bully the mechanic simulator 2k17

>> No.51402074


3PP Attracts degenerates

>> No.51402082

Maybe that sky pirate game?

>> No.51402090

I don't want to play in One Piece, especially when the DM is drip feeding his clusterfuck of a setting.

>> No.51402096

Does Golarion have ice skating? I know it has martial arts, but what about ice skating?

>> No.51402116

You might be a good fit for the skypirates.


>> No.51402121


What do you think Irriseni nobles get up to during those long, cold winters?

>> No.51402131

Which race, subrace, or ethnicities have the ripest booties on the respective continents of Golarion? I'm talking Grade-A, life goals-tier Booty, Top Shelf Booty. Booty Queens, nay, Booty Empresses of Golarion!

>> No.51402146

Gross, incestuous couplings

>> No.51402154

But wincest is bestcest.

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>> No.51402200

Guess that answers that question!

Just two bros going ice skating, nothing weird going on here.

>> No.51402238

I'm sure.

>> No.51402259

I'm not the biggest fan of the plucky CG themed campaigns. That kinda sucks for me.

>> No.51402273

Try sky pirates

>> No.51402279

Was it ever conclusively determined whether or not it was gay if he turned into a cute girl?

On topic, is it worth it to grab hirelings for lowish to mid levels (3+)? I'm thinking we may want help carrying stuff and managing our camp, and, if they're cute, maybe the relationship can become more than strictly business.

>> No.51402300

Speaking of plucky barbarian merfolks...

How did the second HV game go? It should have gone yesterday, right? Someone repost the transcript?

>> No.51402301

Got a link?

>> No.51402327

>Have you ever had any undersea adventures with mermaids and all before? When will we have an undersea adventure Roll20 game set in the Elemental Plane of Water?
I did a 4 session game involving a war between a sea elf city and the nearby Sahuagin once. It was fun getting everyone to think in three dimensions for scouting and troop movements, and the added bit of having two players be Malenti without telling the party, or eachother for some extra drama and cold war shenanigans.

>> No.51402328

What do you hope for in the next big /pfg/ campaign?

>> No.51402337

Gay Vampires

>> No.51402347

For a guy who is so sure of his masculinity, for some reason he always dresses up whenever Ryoga is in town

>> No.51402381

If you had the ability to change into a cute gril, wouldn't you want to wear cute clothes too?

>> No.51402406

Alright fools.

Time to sack the shit out of Qadira and take those delicious brown babes for ourselves.

Who's with me? https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/67597/crusaders-n-shit

>> No.51402419

Of course. But I'm not the one who claims otherwise

>> No.51402435

>Everyone keeps telling me sky pirates
God damn it, but how do I play cute tiefling twins in a setting where the divine realm is a hard no go beuracracy?

>> No.51402442

Pretty sure in Satrapy delicious brown babes are taking you, yes?

>> No.51402467

Did the GM already say no go to tieflings specifically? Maybe he can help you design them to fit the setting.

>> No.51402483

I want to have unprotected sex with cute tiefling twins!

>> No.51402493

I bring up Ranma because one part of /pfg/'s big homo ship happens to have that power

>> No.51402497

I want something more interesting than lol-booty call

>> No.51402537

Dude, I told you that Demons and Angels come down from time to time for daliances with mortals. I'm sorry your character can't have been the focus of a cult trying to make a fake god, but forgive me for saying this, but that came out a bit snowflakey.

I'm not sure what you're going for where you can't just have that work.

That's how tieflings are made in canon Paizo, bruh. The "booty call" was not necessarily literal, in as much as it was a "Yes, angels/demons do have kids with mortals some times."

>> No.51402539


You better be ready to take responsibility!

>> No.51402562

>Yes, angels/demons do have kids with mortals some times

The direct result of someone finishing inside an angel or getting cocksleeved by a demon is a half-celestial or half-fiend.

Tielfings and Aasimar are the great-great-grandchildren of those unions.

>> No.51402565

So you want to make tiefling twins, but you don't want their history to be "booty call! lulz!"

So what DO you want their history to be?

>> No.51402578

Not when you're the masculine army conquering their matriarchal society! Then it's pretty much like your Orc on Kingdom Ruled By a Wise Queen H-Doujins.

>> No.51402596

Or just the result of dad spending a lot of time around angels. Turns his nads celestial.

Do tieflings breed true?

>> No.51402604

>Do tieflings breed true?

Yes, Tieflings fucking Tieflings produce Tieflings.

>> No.51402610

>That's how tieflings are made in canon Paizo, bruh.
The vastly more common way is from pacts for power.

Reproduction is the exception, not the rule.

>> No.51402617

By Erastil, it'll get done! Gonna be the hardest workin' farmkids this side of the Andoshen!
I reckon me and their mommas can raise them up right, just as long as those girls don't go fighting each other over me. Reckon Old Deadeye's blessin' lets me hit my mark every time, so they should have nuthin' to complain about.
Reckon it helps me put more than just arrows in butts too, if yer partial to my diction.

>> No.51402621

Still coloring these last two piece for the project before I can get down to business.

>> No.51402634

>implying you won't just get stabbed to death by Sarenite commandos in your sleep

No escape for infidels

>> No.51402636


Are you going to draw the RotJR parties?

>> No.51402638

Can we have the spoder acting as judge?

>> No.51402652

Dammit man, you know what I meant.

Angels and Demons have kids with mortals, and those half whatevers have Aasimar/Tieflings a few generations out.

That's fine too. A mortal dude visiting heaven, hung out with the Angels and smoked the dank kush (this is not literal, just an example of what you can do in heaven) would work.

Wait, really? I thought that was just 5e Tieflings.

If that's the case, go ahead and have parent/cult/whatever have made a pact with [Insert preferred thematic dickass outsider here] for power, and my apologies for the misunderstanding. I thought they only came from unions.

>> No.51402656


>30 PB
>level 9


>> No.51402658

>Post game that is nothing more than "pirates with airships"
>Provide basically no setting information whatsoever
>People have to pull your damn teeth over firearms rules
>Provide no information about the plot of the game, what there's to do in your setting, ANYTHING
>Complain about a snowflaky build having a snowflaky background
Nigger what are you doing.

Provide some real fucking setting information so people can make their characters appropriately.

>> No.51402666

>Implying the commandos aren't all pregnant with our superior Taldan children.
>Yes, even the men.

>> No.51402673


This is what happens when people think the premise of SKY PIRATES is enough to hold up a campaign.

It's also why I try to leave a campaign when it devolves into sky piracy or airship shenanigans.

>> No.51402677

Pacts make sense. Heck, think of Outsiders generally.
From personal experience, tell me how often women will fuck a hideously obese monstrosity that belches noxious vapors and despises all life with a burning hate?

>> No.51402682

Yet Paizo has more degeneracy than both DSP and DDS combined!
And Paizo hired Augunas!

>> No.51402694

>tell me how often women will fuck a hideously obese monstrosity that belches noxious vapors and despises all life with a burning hate?

Does the hideously obese monstrosity that belches noxious vapors and despises all life with a burning hate have money and an assertive personality?

>> No.51402696

Nice try, Asmodeus, but your kingdom is falling. If Taldor is to be your refuge, then it shall fall as well.

>> No.51402707

I figured it mostly came from lonely wizards with succubi or lonely witches with incubi.

>> No.51402716

No, he's got a smaller, not quite as obese servant that helps him carry his CR-appropriate loot in the form of shitty gemstones and masterworked weapons no one wants.

>> No.51402719


>Lonely witches want the demon of violent rape

>> No.51402720


What's wrong with sky piracy?

>> No.51402726

Is the listed hour planned gametime or just application deadline?

>> No.51402740

Now, we have a trait for Wisdom for Diplomacy.

Why does Charisma have to take whole feats and class level dips to have anything nice, while Intelligence has Student of Philosophy for a trait and Wisdom now has Empathic Diplomat for a trait?

>> No.51402742


It's bland and vapid "entertainment" built around the novelty and preconceived notions of what being a "sky pirate" means.

>> No.51402744

>account just made today

>> No.51402746

Just the deadline.

>> No.51402758


Oh shush, a trait to get Wisdom for Diplomacy means martials can *actually* become faces now.

>> No.51402762

But the Succubi and Incubi could do so much better, Anon. They could have their choice of the finest honeys and fellas, not some second-rate mage losers.

>> No.51402766

And yet people are literally salivating over a game that's nothing but LOL CRUSADES.

>> No.51402771

Because when Charisma get's nice things it's combat shit like saves, skills, initiative, Hp, damage.

When Int and Wis get nice things, it's just skills.

>> No.51402783

Alter Self is a low-level spell!

>> No.51402784

>-Must be a Son (Or Daughter pretending to be a Son) of Taldor

So I can't be a woman who ISN'T a reverse trap? What gives? I'm, like, 100% sure there are women in Taldor's military.

>-Spheres of Power, Spheres of Might, Path of War, Avowed.

I'm confused. Does this mean our classes HAVE to be one of those? I can't be a regular wizard or anything?

>-Everyone gets a Taldan Regional Trait for Free.

Can we still take another regional trait? Does Unorthodox Method count as Taldan?

>> No.51402787

Yeah, to wrongs don't make a right. People have shit taste.

>> No.51402805

You seem to be under the impression they had a choice in the matter.

>> No.51402810

Which you have to dip levels for.

Levels are a huuuuuuuuuge opportunity cost.


Please, you know that the starknife build is dogshit for damage, right? It doesn't even stack with Smite.

>> No.51402814

You need dips out the ass to make Charisma worthwhile outside of "it's your spellcasting modifier", while Int and Wis based classes get benefits while spending nothing.

>> No.51402831

>They could have their choice of the finest honeys and fellas, not some second-rate mage losers.

Mages are desperate, anon.

>> No.51402833


Because paizo developers are really good at going "well, hey, I can imagine a smart guy doing social stuff" and assuming that has nothing to do with their company's throbbing boner for the alchemist and wizard.


Frankly I consider that a penance for Charisma doing fucking nothing by itself.

You use it as a casting stat or to make a few skill checks, many of which might not even come up much in heavy dungeon-crawly games, and ALL of which can be stolen by Intelligence with barely any investment.

>> No.51402840

>So I can't be a woman who ISN'T a reverse trap? What gives? I'm, like, 100% sure there are women in Taldor's military.

Nope, we're goin' full patriarchy my man. Menfolk only in the military (with a pass to womenfolk who put in the effort to look like a man and can carry their weight).

>I'm confused. Does this mean our classes HAVE to be one of those? I can't be a regular wizard or anything?

No, sorry, that's just the allowed 3PP.

>Can we still take another regional trait? Does Unorthodox Method count as Taldan?

>(including a second regional, if desired)

>> No.51402843

The benefits for Int and Wis are just skills.

Come talk to me when Int to fort saves is a feat.

>> No.51402857

How does one make the greatest hunk of a Kurgess gladiator to grace the land?

Steelfist Commando || Avowed (Self?)

>> No.51402870

>Wis are just skills.
Can't here over this here phat will save.

>> No.51402876

Come talk to me when Cha to fort saves is a feat.

>> No.51402881

Well, given that I've clearly poisoned the sky well.

I guess I'm waiting to put the tiefling twins in the next campaign (not crusades because no girls apparently)

>> No.51402892

>just skills
>when Charisma is LITERALLY just skills
>Intelligence gives MORE skills and dictates knowledge skills
>Perception and Sense Motive, along with Will saves
>"but I can spend a couple feats to get Cha in place of Con!"

wow, amazing trade there

>> No.51402911

Divine protection
>sees errata

>> No.51402930


Paizo has a very "scorched earth" approach to Errata.

They similarly nerfed the fuck out of Steadfast Personality, despite the fact that the original version was strictly worse than Iron Will if you didn't have 16+ CHA.

>> No.51402952

>he thought Divine Protection was still a thing
>he also didn't point out that it was for ALL SAVES, and required you to be a divine spellcaster


Steadfast Personality nerf was fucking bullshit, but I have yet to play a build where I'd want to take it so I have yet to ask any GMs about the old version.

>> No.51402969

Stoic apparently also provided it but it was nuked.

>> No.51402972

>try playing in a /pfg/ approved game
>can't even apply because everybody else are pros who've made a ton of sheets and you're just a scrub
O-oh well

>> No.51403004


I actually kind of liked the old Steadfast Personality, even if it was highly unlikely a non-caster would have the kind of CHA for most of their career to make it better than Iron Will. The post-nerf version fucking sucks and I have NO IDEA why it got nerfed.

The original steadfast personality as a free bonus feat for Swashbucklers would probably have been better overall than CHARMED LIFE. But then, I am still mad as fuck the Swashbuckler, a hybrid of TWO CLASSES WITH STRONG FORT SAVES, doesn't have a good fort save.

>> No.51403012


Starknife build doesn't add cha to hit twice. It still adds paladin level to damage.

>> No.51403014

>can't make a sheet
Maybe get that down first, fuccboi.

>> No.51403017


You'll be rejected by 100% of the games you never apply to. Now start making that character, you doofy little defeatist.

>> No.51403032

You weren't rejected. You never applied. I don't get the fucking "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take" meme. You never took a fucking shot precisely because you knew you were gonna miss.

>> No.51403034

Dude, I just discovered the Lashunta race. Why did nobody ever tell me about this gem?!

>Sexual Dimorphism: Male and female lashunta have very different body and personality types, more so than most humanoid species. Male lashunta are muscular (+2 Strength) and often brash and unobservant (–2 Wisdom). Female lashunta, though beautiful and commanding (+2 Charisma), lack the males' rugged builds (–2 Constitution).

>> No.51403039

"poisoned the sky well"?

>> No.51403047

You never know.

I may or may not need an additional reference or two.

>> No.51403058

>We finally get the Glory to Taldor campaign we've been yearning for
>It's overtly lewd n' one-sided n' stuff

I'm kinda disappointed.

>> No.51403070


Did anyone tell you you're a real sweetie? Because you are.

>> No.51403071

>we've been yearning for
Speak for yourself, nerd.

>> No.51403073


You're posting an awful lot of pictures featuring Elsbeth getting hammered, are you sure she's okay?

Is she just building up the courage to do something on-camera?

>> No.51403076

>implying /pfg/ cared about glory to taldor as much as RAH RAH GONNA MURDER AND RAPE THOSE BROWN GIRLS AND SHOW THEM WHO'S REALLY IN CHARGE

>> No.51403083

Yeah, alright, time to fail.

>> No.51403086


Maybe you would have hit it. But it's pointless to speculate because you never tried, you doofy little defeatist.

>> No.51403090


>+2 Strength, -2 Wisdom

I know most people are smarter than that, but just seeing that bonus/penalty combination makes me instinctively think of fighters that might as well start wearing wrapping paper and a pretty bow when they hear they're hunting an enchantress or a vampire.

>> No.51403094

Pissed off the Sky Pirate DM

>> No.51403107

>You never know.

Oh gosh, are there any RotJR characters you want to draw?

>> No.51403118

dude, just commission him like a regular person

>> No.51403125

But anon she already did

>> No.51403126

>Menfolk only in the military (with a pass to womenfolk who put in the effort to look like a man and can carry their weight).

Are you high? The Lion Blades have both men and women.

The sample Lion Blade picture in Inner Sea Intrigue shows a woman.

Seriously, why no women even in the Lion Blades?

>> No.51403144

What about menfolk who look like womenfolk?

>> No.51403146

What's yo comm page my dude

>> No.51403147

>Seriously, why no women even in the Lion Blades?

Because clearly women don't want to get involved in grabbing cute Qadiran boys or girls.

>> No.51403151

he answered the question the sentence before that

>> No.51403154

The guy who said "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take," was Wayne Gretzky, who holds the all time NHL scoring record. If you know you're going to miss you don't shoot. But if it's 50/50? Shoot. Take the shot every time you might get it in. Sometimes you're going to miss, but what's the penalty for missing? In Gretzky's case it was barely anything. He and his team were 10 times as good as anyone on the ice. When applying for a game? Just time. You lose practically nothing, and have a chance to gain everything. There are situations where this isn't your best practice, but this isn't one of them. Be Gretzky. You're not guaranteed to miss, so there's no reason not to shoot.

>> No.51403157

>TFW you'll never play a Taldan Paladin who only speaks the phrase "GET SOME!"

>> No.51403158

So /pfg/, what would you make in this hypothetical scenario: single-class gestalt, meaning you effectively get double your class features. So you can trade out all your class features for archetypes and still keep the ones you traded out, or combine archetypes that wouldn't work normally because they share class features.

>> No.51403161

I'm busy working on it.

>> No.51403171

Is there such a thing as being 'too late' to apply for a campaign?

When was the latest you ever applied to one and got accepted? A week? Two days?

>> No.51403174

Hm... Probably fighter, get all the cool archetypes and keep all of my feats anyway.

>> No.51403181

>When applying for a game? Just time.
You mean the one thing you can never get back?

>> No.51403192


Bah! What does it matter who's involved! Let us fight like men!

And ladies!

And ladies who dress like men!

And possibly, probably, knowing this bunch, men who dress like ladies!

>> No.51403199

Probably some kind of kineticist.

Cerebral Gambler or Corpse Puppeteer.

>> No.51403202

>taking longer than 15 minutes to write up a sheet, get some basic characteristics down, and type it all up

>> No.51403204

Question is literally answered in the sentence beforehand.

You can if you don't mind getting mocked mercilessly for it.

>> No.51403207

>Just time.
Just time? Just?
That's the one thing that's incredibly important. When you know for certain you'll have a 100% failure rate, does it really make sense to waste effort?

>> No.51403210

There are other things you can never get back though. Thing about time is that if you're wasting it you should waste it on something that might bring you happiness, i.e. a game, rather than whining about how you have no chance of getting into a game.

>> No.51403214

Do you know you'll have a 100% failure rate, though?

>> No.51403220

"Patriarchy" doesn't mean "no women even in the spy agency."

Shit, Taldor isn't even THAT much of a patriarchy. Are you just riding on /pfg/ memes instead of actual canon?

>> No.51403221

You don't know for certain that you'll have a 100% failure rate, and if you spent the time you did shitposting here building a character you'd have a much better chance of success.

>> No.51403232

Or I could just play vidya instead of wasting time and effort on something I'm never going to succeed at and getting hyped up over a character that will never be played.

>> No.51403249

I'm 100% confident because I've failed before, and I know exactly why I failed, and why I will continue to fail: I quite simply don't have the experience necessary to live up to /pfg/'s standards.

This guy gets it.

>> No.51403255

Not necessarily. You can make an alright character, put a ton of effort into it, and still get passed over for some dumbshit.

It's better to just not try or not put any effort into anything.

>> No.51403256

I miss the old Viz sound effects.

>> No.51403261

Okay guys, I'm kinda hyped up at the moment so this might sound like stream of consciousness so bear with me.

You know how gods aren't statted, right? Like, they don't got statblocks or nothing.

So what if you played a campaign where the *player* was the god. Like, NPCs might pray to you or ask for guidance and your words guide their actions, not you speaking through a PC.

And you'd have a PC, of course! Some sort of avatar of your will that is in some way (whether through infusion, resurrection or good ole fashioned conception) your child!

>> No.51403270

You make a fair point. REVISIONS, HOOO!!!!

>> No.51403271

But you're not doing that. You're here posting on 4chan, wasting time and effort on convincing people who have gotten into multiple games that they have no chance of getting into a game.

I played a oneshot of Pathfinder before I applied. I have gotten into two /pfg/ games.
Enjoy, I guess?

>> No.51403274

You mean a rules-light game, which would be way better than PF and much more conducive to the kind of shenanigans they go after?

>> No.51403277

Besides, not only were women historically quite active in "patriarchies", with many important roles (including outright running things in the name of their husband), but the smart ones were usually in charge behind the throne as well.

It's not just daughters that got sold, after all. The son being married off to the girl sometimes had no idea what he was even getting paired with, and was usually just as stuck with their partner as well.

Imagine discovering the thing waiting for you at the altar is a Trigglypuff, and you're expected to make babby with it too.

>> No.51403287

I love how you think it's only addressed at the small handful of people like you.

>> No.51403288

If I'm an eldritch scoundrel|wizard, how does my spellbook work? Do I have, like, TWO spellbooks?

>> No.51403297

>You're here posting on 4chan, wasting time and effort on convincing people who have gotten into multiple games that they have no chance of getting into a game.
No, If you got into a game good on you. You're either lucky or talented. Two things that really can't be developed.

>> No.51403301


I don't even know, maybe? It would ultimately translate into a high-powered mythic game with your Avatar while the DM would occasionally pull you aside because a Hero halfway across the continent is praying to you for advice, or a Cathedral in your name is opening up down in Not!France and they just *got* to have you do some special light show.

>> No.51403302

Funposting's no waste of time.

>> No.51403310

There is no difference between me and you other than attitude. You already believe you will not succeed, and that is why you will not succeed.

Whining that you have 0% chance of getting into a game isn't fun for anyone.

>> No.51403313


>> No.51403315

>There is no difference between me and you other than attitude.
I doubt that.

>> No.51403333

Nah, it's fun for me. Helps others see the light. You're lucky, plain and simple. You got lucky by getting into the first game, and that built on your rep to help you get into the next game.

>> No.51403334

Because you cast from the Wizard List on both sides, no, you'd have one. Get one bonus spell in it each level for having both sides supporting it.

>> No.51403343


Shit, it's even more tragic since the anon from last thread posted a kind of interesting take on the Qadiran Invasion idea.

Qadira's been wanting to reconquer Osirion for DECADES, that being the proxy war which starts the Grand Campaign v.2 is exactly my kind of jam.

>> No.51403363

Nice quads, and thanks for dismissing any effort I put into it with "No, you're just lucky."

>> No.51403378

>"No, you're just lucky."

Odds on him being a Marxist?

>> No.51403384

I want Zyphus posters to leave.

Seriously, you fuccbois sound like you'd be a drag on a game anyway.

Didn't get in? GM was probably a faggy Nancy boy anyway and doesn't deserve your presence in the first place. Move on and show some other fucker the light. Shelve the concept for something else.

>> No.51403387

Sweet, that's gonna be a ton of slots.

Are you doing the Blood Money/Sacred Geometry ban or are you one of those guys who are fine with it?

I think the Molthune GM was fine with Blood Money, LIKED it, even, but he was kind of weird.

>> No.51403401

Blood money yes, Sacred Geometry fuck the hell no.

>> No.51403403

Fuck off. People like you saying anyone can get in, when you've basically got a slot guaranteed, need to shut the fuck up.

>> No.51403424

>Blood money yes

Shit's gonna be cray cray.

>> No.51403425

People like you saying you can't get in when more than half of the applicants to RotJR got in to a game need to shut the fuck up.

>> No.51403428

look at it this way, bro

even fucking touhoufag gets into games

>> No.51403439

>All this whining about not even getting in because of all these excuses
>All before the final results are even called.

Who else here's a happy saltminer?

>> No.51403449

Ballpark thing:

But y'all're gonna need to wait until my work for Bloodforge is done.

>> No.51403450

Guess what? A lot of them didn't. I didn't even try because I knew I'd be like them. Now shut the fuck up.

Even? Even? You stupid fucking retard, look at what I said early on. It has all to do with experience in spamming sheets, and if there is one single thing 2hufag is good at, it's spamming sheets like no tomorrow.

>> No.51403464

So yesterday my character died.

>be in Hell's Vengeance game
>1pp only, no full casters
>elite array, no traits, because the GM wanted us to "be just like the NPCs," it's been suffering but I've managed

>be qt3.14 half-elf bard

>near the start of book 4, level 10, at a baroness's fancy gala

>bard went to a spa and salon beforehand
>bard left behind her weapons and armor, now dressed in a 15 pound royal outfit and a shit ton of jewelry and gaudy makeup, long hair up in a bun
>complains about being in such a stuffy dress and crinoline, hates the hair in a bun, but goes along with it anyway

>middle of the soiree, everything going well so far
>party's unchained rogue suddenly decides that now would be a GREAT time to kill me
>sneak attack full attack, all hit and kill me

>turns out he was really, REALLY mad about my character turning down his romantic advances
>GM allowed it anyway
>sit there fuming in rage
>rest of the session is about the rogue's daring escape (dunno why he had to do it in public) and the party trying to catch him (he got away)
>so basically we're now down 2 PCs

But the story doesn't end there.

>GM hits me up a few hours after the session
>he has an idea
>my character fulfills the exact prereqs for becoming a greater banshee
>apparently I can play a CR 15 greater banshee for the rest of the game?
>sounds broken as fuck but I'll do it

>but she'll always be stuck in a ghostly version of that 15 pound royal outfit and a shit ton of jewelry and gaudy makeup, long hair up in a bun, with none of the weapons and armor she loved
>it's too late to get Ghost Touch on them

So what am I in for here, /pfg/?

>> No.51403467

>lucky or talented
>nah just lucky
>guaranteed a slot

I liked it better when we were Ranmaposting, at least then I could have a giggle about the implications of it. The salt on display here is low grade stuff, not even fit to clear the ice on the road.

>> No.51403479

You have issues, anon.
That's not an insult, that's a genuinely unhealthy way of thinking and I hope you learn to look at yourself objectively and overcome it.

You're only hurting yourself by not trying.

>> No.51403483

No. You had a 50/50 shot just like everyone else. There's a mix in these games of people with experience and people without, but you won't believe that because it would interrupt your pity party. You can leave if that hurts your feelings too much.

>> No.51403488

Oh shit, I forgot you were doing DSP stuff.
So, would a full party full body be $40, or would it be that much per character?

>> No.51403495

I don't have much in the way of picture references outside of this, which is only a headshot. I got her description though.

Aranha is a combination of human and arachnid, with four eyes and an extra two pairs of arms with only four digits on each hand. She has a tough exoskeleton, but is fluffy around the head and particularly the neck.

She is unassuming in the chest, but with somewhat wider hips to help accommodate her abdomen.

She often wears a brown hooded short cloak that comes down to just below her waist, a white sleeveless shirt, and long pants. She usually only wears the hood at night or in inclement weather. She wears her scabbard and pistol holster on her belt.

I mean I think that's a good enough description?

>> No.51403502

Is this copypasta now?

>> No.51403503

Maybe you should just shut the hell up then, worthless tool.

The only one with issues is the idiot not understanding probability.

You can go leave to play in one of your precious games if you can't handle the truth.

>> No.51403504

>No. You had a 50/50 shot just like everyone else
No, you did not because the GM already had stated a preference towards certain characters way before char-gen even began.

Like to say you had no chance is ludicrous, but to say you have 50/50 is also fucking stupid.

>> No.51403524

The last game I played in (as a player) was several years ago.

Two games I DMed for years died last year.

I feel so alone.

>> No.51403532

J-Just apply bro! You'll totally make it!!!

>> No.51403534

Hey /pfg/, I want to make a support character, but not a singing-disney-princess style, more like the Battle Meditation of Bastila in KotoR. I struggle to find how to fit it in Pathfinder. How would you do it?

>> No.51403543

Fuck me, applications. I meant applications.
Why be salty over something you didn't even try.

Like putting in a lot of work and not seeing any pay off is one thing. I get that. I really do. But not doing shit and still bitching is retarded.

>> No.51403550


She's basically muffet from undertale but cuter.

>> No.51403551

You sound like a salaryman wage slave who has never done anything productive with his life because your parents called you a worthless shit your whole childhood

>> No.51403557

Nah, I don't have games on Wednesday. I'll definitely not be on /pfg/ tomorrow night though, you can be salty without me then!
Yeah, that's not true, and even if it was, 44 applications, 23 acceptances. Maybe no particular applicant had 50/50, but on average there was a 50/50 chance to get in.

>> No.51403565

Not even mad bro! This is the truth.

>> No.51403567

I'd tell you everything is going to be okay, but it's not.

Instead, I'll tell you this - if you're going to embrace despair, drag as many down with you as you can. Misery loves company, and maybe the schadenfreude will lift your spirits a little.

>> No.51403569

So I've been cooking up a character concept that I could use some help with. General idea is a natural attacker that's focused on a theme of using their own 'bones' as weapons, loosely based on Kimimaro from Naruto pic relevant. Uses spells like Bone Fist and Wall of Bones and so on. My biggest issue is trying to get bite, claw, and gore on the same character. Bite and claw have a myriad of ways but I don't know any ways to get Gore attacks.

So suggestions on how to set this up would be wonderful. Race isn't set in place, and as far as class goes due to the spells I'd like to use I'd prefer keeping it mostly Cleric.

>> No.51403570

Kotor's in my backlog, who are you talking about?

>> No.51403581

Also with a bit more pronounced of an exoskeleton, and one less eye.

And a ruff of fluff.

>> No.51403593

The viscera element from KOP 2 was literally designed off of this kind of character, I'd suggest checking it out.

>> No.51403599

>23 acceptances
All in the same game?

>> No.51403606

Two main, two PbP.

>> No.51403617

>Yeah, that's not true, and even if it was
Yes it was. Corwin, Etan, Shizuka, and Onryou. He displayed interest in those guys like a month before shit kicked off.

Not to mentioning pushing for a Sonja clone at the end there.

>> No.51403622

I'm so sorry for them

>> No.51403623

Golden Lion, bro.

>> No.51403633

So who's going to apply to Mana Wastes Steel Ball Run as a totally normal guy with good luck and a mascot that just cheers them on?

>> No.51403674

>Normal guy

>> No.51403676

>He displayed interest in those guys like a month before shit kicked off.

He displayed interest in basically all of the Meme Team members.

>> No.51403681

>Not even mad bro!
Considering you've done nothing but angry post and curse out anons instead of actually providing a solid reasoning to your argument other than "no shut up I'm useless and it's the TRUTH" without any evidence to back tour claim, I find this to be highly circumspect.

Seriously, you are doing nothing but complaining about a situation that has an easy fix to it, but refusing to do so merely because you have some bizarre predeterminist mindset that prevents you from ever doing anything. You've committed existential suicide, andnhave denied your own capability of agency over instead a form of self defeating fatalism fueled by ignorance.

Further, all your whining does is make you look like a whiny edgelord middleschooler with a fedora who thinks that entry level cynicism and poorly misunderstood/straw nihilism is the only truth in the world

Stop wilting from the vinegar pot, and learn to realize that vinegar is supposed to be sour, and you might as well enjoy it and use it to make some bitchin pickles

>> No.51403685

please respond

>> No.51403698


Too late? Never.

I've applied two days before the application deadline and got in.

>> No.51403699

It all makes sense.

>> No.51403706


>Three philosophers

Do you just have that at the ready China Anon?

>> No.51403716

>Mana Wastes Steel Ball Run
Wait what? Where?

>> No.51403730

Those were some of the first PCs who got made. One of them outright stated he wasn't expecting to get in and only made the character because it was fun. You know what else the GM said? He had too many good choices and ended up doing two groups so he'd get to pick more apps.

Also, "a literal prostitute" got in, as did "two lolis: the character" and "magic blind guy". Literally anybody and they were the ones who got in.

>> No.51403735

>implying that that's not the appropriate response to the existence of Qadira.

>> No.51403743

Got some posting a while back. The GM might have been scared off by some suggested imbalance issues, but I hope he comes back!

>> No.51403755

Just have the pic on why phone
It was either that, and tie in a fun metaphor, or just post a pic of Kierkegaard

Plus I just enjoy the parable of the Three philosophers,mostly because out of the Three of them I prefer Taoism, though Confucianism does have its place

>> No.51403761

Taking a look at it now. I like the thematics, but are there any supplementary books I should look at? That add feats or traits that help manage, say, burn or other such things. What little I know of Kineticist from 1p is that burn is one of the biggest issues it has mechanically.

>> No.51403772

>all of that hope
How do you do it, anon?

>> No.51403788

KOP 3 is pretty helpful, as is KOP 4, but you don't NEED either of those for this, as viscera works well enough with just KOP 2.

As for the burn issue, I'd suggest waiting until Legendary Kineticists 2 is released (in about a month or so), which will come with the legendary/unchained kineticist, something that helps with the whole burn issue. You can survive it even without the revised version, but Legendary > normal when it comes to kineticists.

>> No.51403806

So would a Witch with Lipstitch make for a good expy of Hotpants? Or how about some kind of either JollyKineticist or Alchemist to make Oyecomova?

Then again, Tubular Bells is an underrated stand, and I'd love to try something like that

>> No.51403811

Looks like I have a campaign to apply to later...

>> No.51403822


He already told you with the vinegar story, anon. The closest English analogue would be "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

Appreciate things for what they are, and if you don't get into something than simply learn your mistakes for the next one.

>> No.51403895

What mistakes are there to even learn from. You got no feedback. No grade. Maybe it was timing that fucked you. Maybe it was the DM's own subjective taste. Maybe it was just luck.

There's nothing to fucking learn from this experience aside from "don't apply to high profile games".

>> No.51403897


>Wanting Bastila in your party


>> No.51403903

'Hey GM, do you mind letting me know why I didn't make the grade? Thanks'

>> No.51403914

Qadira GM, Qadira GM, how do opposition schools work if I'm eldritch scoundrel|wizard?

Am I opposed on both sides?

>> No.51403929


What is the current word on stacking the exposed vigilante and the outrageous lyricist, if I might inquire?

>> No.51403953


>> No.51403960

then stop reposting it

>> No.51403969

Batlle Meditation boost the fighting spirit and morale of your allies, and hinders your enemies'. Bastila Shan in KotoR shows this faculty, as a very rare Force technique.

In an other way, I like to see it as a kind of very loose telepathic-proto-hive-mind, like your friend spot a threat from afar, you feel it too, or if your friend try to get in the orc's back, you feel it and you can divert the orc's attention. It is a more powerful version imho but it could be fun to play.

Seems cool. I'm totally ignorant concerning maneuvers, which kind of class can learn them?

Yikes? Do you think it is bad character concept for Pathfinder?

>> No.51403972

Why is that picture so familiar?

>> No.51403988


It's been posted around here as the basis for multiple characters!

>> No.51403991


No, she's just a very unpleasant person.

>> No.51404003

Nah, you're only opposed on one side.

Call your wizard side your proper magic training, your rogue side the tricks you've picked up along the way.

>> No.51404014

Basically any of the Path of War classes (check to make sure your class can get Golden Lion, or trait/tradition into it), and most martial classes have an archetype that lets them into maneuver. More info here: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/path-of-war

>> No.51404024

And hey guess what, Corwin and Shizuka both didn't get into the game.

Your logic is flawed from the very start, now stop bitching like a baby.

>> No.51404027

Okay, now that I'm more awake, this is my official ruling on it; it's being cross posted over on Paizo for reference:

Ruling on stacking Exposed Vigilante with Outrageous Lyricist
You can, gaining skill focus (any) in place of vibrant transformation and retaining unshakable.

I thought about giving another social talent, but 3 at first was too many, and vibrant transformation is a throw in ability. I thought about making it SK (performance) but I decided against that.

As for Powerful Transformation, since you no longer need to replace it, there's no reason to give something else in place of it, meaning you just get it back.

That's my ruling on this, although if you want to give a feat instead of powerful performance, that works for me.

>> No.51404032

Symbiats from Spheres of Power get a loose sorta psychic field they can do stuff with.

They also get the Mind and Telekinesis spheres for free, so they're not bad at being force-users at all really.

>> No.51404035

It's just weird; I feel like it was a picture that got meme'd about like... I want to say 6 months ago?

>> No.51404047

I view tabletop as a fun hobby, nothing more. While I would enjoy to play often, I nevertheless am happy and satisfied with my current group and schedule, and as such I learn to let go of my worrying and accept the how's in life that come to me.
I prioritize my life towards worthwhile goals and pursuits, such as working on my Biology degree, doing volunteer work, engaging in personal research, ornhelpong on the family ranch. I learn to find pride and accomplishment in my hard work, whilst continuing to seek improvement and pursuing greater heights still.
I maintain a long term and eternal perspective. Live is not a single line segment filled with events, but rather a process of refinement, following after a worthy goal disposition and mindset that, even if it be not attainable in this life I will still be better still for my effort than had I not placed the goal. And who knows, perhaps there may be a chance to reach that goal and disposition in this life, or perhaps the next if such a thing truly does exist.
Exercise and constantly review the existential commitments you've made. Find a means to regularly reevaluate your choices and leaps of faith, and internalize through action and discussion with others seeking their path. I do this with going to church mostly, but other people can find their own ways that may or may not involve religion or spiritual commitment.
Be excellent. Not just to others, but to especially yourself. Develop an internal sense of excellence, self-respect, tempered with humility. When you treat yourself excellently, you soon realize that the world is full of individuals who have an equal ability of agency and action as you. You place your own existence in perspective, and develop a sense of empathy for the other dudes on this Earth, since in the grand scheme of things everyone has around the same average potential and ability to effect the world through agency and choice. Thus you will act excellent to others

>> No.51404055

I thought Corwin did and Shizuka didn't ONLY because of scheduling issues.

>> No.51404065


Which is odd because the only time it was memed was in December, when it was being used for the ambitious Dwarven lass.

>> No.51404078

>ywn be a ghost
>ywn haunt the living
>ywn poltergeist up a giant mansion and make everything inside move on its own

Why even unlive?

>> No.51404080

R8 my shit. I've been working on it off and on for 8ish years. Rock Lee is my boy.

>> No.51404081

I thought it was a Skinwalker?

>> No.51404085

And if I've got Fast Study, am I Fast Studying on both sides or one side?

>> No.51404114


Oh, that was memed a *year* ago, not six months! It was a Witchwolf Skinwalker for that Land of the Linnorm Kings campaign.

>> No.51404136

Just Wizard (unless you can take Fast Study as a rogue talent?).

>> No.51404146

Man I wish I could do that shit. But I'm dumb and basically have no self control, always taking the path of least resistance which is very quickly putting me in a bad place.

Well, not bad, I guess. Just somewhere I don't want to be.

>> No.51404172

3.5 related, but perhaps you pathfinder folks can help me out.

We're a group of level 8 who will soon be up against a strong Mindflayer. We already got a taste of the mindblast and it fucked us up. We would like to find a way to cure or prevent stun.

>> No.51404204

Why did Paizo go out of their way to make the kineticist suck?

>> No.51404205

Say, can we used legendary rogue instead of unchained rogue?

I'll swap out equivalent abilities as an Eldritch Scoundrel/Hidden Blade.

That okay with you?

Legendary Rogue here: https://mega.nz/#F!9tQmBSbL!tbmlmKB_IsgDtzzrlXkVVQ!IoBwXIJC

>> No.51404224

If you're gonna bitch without trying, you're weak and don't deserve to get into a game. That's what you wanted to hear, right?

>> No.51404255

The hell is SK (performance)?

>> No.51404256

Yeah, boy, legendary rogues seems fine, go ahead.

>> No.51404263

Easiest way to cure stunning is with the Quick Recovery feat; lets you make an attempt at removing that condition (as well as dazed) every turn that you're stuck in it. If you've got anyone with the [Shapechanger] subtype or who can otherwise change forms under the listed limitations, the Warshaper PrC gives you complete immunity to Stun.

>> No.51404265

>worthwhile pursuits

If only I could believe that. Not about you, mind, but about the pursuits. You carry on, pal.

Let me guess, when it's time to actually act you feel like anything besides the path of least resistance is just wasting more effort only to get the same big wad of nothing out of it?

To get back on what passes as a vague excuse for a topic - mind tellin' me about crafting them there Golems?

>> No.51404284

Honesty about ones situation is a virtue, and shows a certain level of wisdom to view ones issue in an objective light.

In instances where the self is weak, it is not unwise to open oneself to someone close for aid and support, to help strengthen your resolve and spirit through the bonds of mutual trust, appreciation, and obligation.
It's all about finding someone you trust and believe in to help carry you and pick you up when you falter. Someone whom being with makes you want to be better for their sakes, who will stoke the heat of ambition in your heart. For some people, it may be a family member or significant other, for others a close friend or mentor, and others still see that person in the divinities they worship. Just remember there is no shame in exercising humility in allowing yourself to get by with a little help from your friends. And who knows, perhaps you in turn may in your own way grant the same strength and drive in them as well.

>> No.51404310

>is just wasting more effort only to get the same big wad of nothing out of it?
Or is just gonna end up fucking shit up more
They kinda suck. You're better off with animated objects. It's pretty lame.

>> No.51404325

One of these fairies is not like the others.

Tell me about the last time you had to root out an Infernal, Daemonic, or Abyssal infiltrator, /pfg/!

>> No.51404351

>Someone whom being with makes you want to be better for their sakes, who will stoke the heat of ambition in your heart
Yeah, I pretty much don't have anyone like that anymore.

>> No.51404353

I have gestalt questions.

1) If you have a gestalt party, should all the enemies be gestalt as well?

2) If you have a non-gestalt party, would it be a dick move to have one or two villains (like the BBEG and maybe his trusted lieutenant) be gestalt?

3) Is gestalt really necessary? It seems like nearly every advertised game is gestalt.

>> No.51404366

>golems are bad

Aw, what? C'mon Paizo, I need this.

Narcissist Wizards who craft Golems in their own likenesses! Lazy Wizards who use Golems to do all the work for them - and for everyone else if they'll accept the help! Would-be Pygmalions! That one guy who just woke up one day and decided "I'm going to kill my enemies with a giant golem made of bread!"

It's a minor concern, sure, but it's disappointing.

Pic related for either the first example (if the Wizard is female and looks like this) or the third (if this is his would-be Galatea).

>> No.51404382

>>1) If you have a gestalt party, should all the enemies be gestalt as well?
No, generally you don't build encounters using PC rules.

>2) If you have a non-gestalt party, would it be a dick move to have one or two villains (like the BBEG and maybe his trusted lieutenant) be gestalt?
See #1

>3) Is gestalt really necessary? It seems like nearly every advertised game is gestalt.
Necessary? Not even close. It's just popular. It provides the ability to fulfill more niche concepts while also being an actual competent character. Or... it lets you snap the game over your leg, but that's pretty easy gestalt or no.

>> No.51404409

A memory, and an obligation to which, can be just as compelling as a living person, so long as said memory isn't twisted to selfish means.

Plus sometimes life requires whiping your own slate clean, to make room for new change. When a wildfire burns through a prairie, it is not seen as wholly destructive, for it makes way for the sprouting of new growth and seeds, who would've been locked away without room being made for them to push free from the soil.

>> No.51404411


Something that has been bugging me about Golems.

They're clearly designed to be the anti-caster monster of choice, what with Spell Immunity and all.

Why are their saving throws so low, then? I get that you need to use Conjuration to cast spells on 'em most of the time, but it seems bizarre to me that the entire Create Pit family of spells is a much better idea than having your swordsmen square up with a thing that has reach, DR, and hits like a goddamn truck.

>> No.51404422


>> No.51404446

Except most of the time anyone you open yourself up to about your weaknesses will either blow them into the open, purge you from their lives, or use it to further harm you while you're down.

Next thing you know you're being told by your boss that your performance has dropped too much and they're going to have to let you go - because *someone* decided to blab to your coworkers that the reason she was dumping you was because you'd begun to take treatment for a heart condition - even though you'd managed to keep your performance and productivity at least as high as before despite the great costs to yourself.

Even your friends stop calling you, because they'd become her friends for quite some time as well now.

>> No.51404453

I was thinking more about bringing her ability to Pathfinder than her personality.

Yeah, I discover a new nice thing here. I thought more about a behind-the-front booster than a at-the-front booster, but the effects of soms maneuver are really what I had in mind.

I'll see that, but I presume not all GM will accept to use the Spheres magic.
By the way, are maneuvers widely accepted or is it a kind-of-DLC stuff that a lot of GM will refuse to include in their game? Same for Spheres magic.

>> No.51404473

It's not widely accepted as a given.

Gotta ask. It's just that /pfg/ is so used to 3pp-laden games that it forgets that people ever play without them.

>> No.51404503


Really kind of varies. There are a lot of people that really like Spheres and Maneuvers and try to include them as often as possible, and some people that are really against any third party content.

Spheres is more commonly accepted overall, or at least it seems to be. PoW seems to be a tougher pill to swallow, from what I've observed.

>> No.51404510

I see, thanks.
So, if I want to make my Battle Meditation character using only the non-3pp sources, am I stuck to bardic disney singing?

>> No.51404523

Hey Qadira GM, if you're doing feat taxes and I'm an unchained rogue, do I get a free feat instead of Weapon Finesse if I already get Weapon Finesse free?

>> No.51404536

You could always do badass hivemind singing instead!


>> No.51404541

You know, that makes me wonder. We've all been burned by someone or something at one time or another. What is it that makes some of us better at handling loss than others? It's not just a function of maturity, I've seen these differences in kids.

Are some men just doomed to grow bitter toward themselves and the world?

This leads into a PF question, don't worry - are Tieflings, Dhampirs, Half-Orcs, and other "bad" halfbreeds genetically predisposed towards cynicism and bitterness, or is it only their usual treatment that causes this?

By the same token, what makes Halflings so constantly jolly? Are Aasimar naturally resistant to depression? Are Grippli more like Kermit or more like Pepe?

Even assuming they're real people and not just sockpuppets for our escapism, do our PC's literally have less agency than we do?

>> No.51404542

>Except most of the time anyone you open yourself up to about your weaknesses will either blow them into the open, purge you from their lives, or use it to further harm you while you're down.
Did you miss the part where it must be someone that you have actual trust and proper faith in?

Also, I have personally never seen this happen, has almost never happened to anyone I've known, and my moat people usually have at least one person or conceptual person in their lives they can turn to, unless that person is really bad at judging others and choosing friends and life goals, in which case there is a vast score of professional counseling that can help with that.

Further, moat people have learned and figured a lot of this stuff after figuring it out the hard way in school, since really part of the whole reason for school is to learn those life lessons and figure out your desires and goals in life in a controlled environment where they can make these mistakes and learn from them with minimal problem and potentially a solid support network

Then, this is just my own experience from living in 4 different states and moving most of my life, so what do I know?

>> No.51404553

Not at all! Go reread the bard, you don't have to sing! You can dance, give a rousing speech, tell jokes, any type of performance you can think of!

>> No.51404561

Well it doesn't have to be disney-singing. It could be dancing. It could be valiant command-giving.

>> No.51404575

Let me answer this honestly; the class isn't understood by most of the people who design for it. It was overdesigned to avoid breaking, and in doing so, managed to lose the sense of freedom that choosing an element/wild talents should give.

Its floor and ceiling are so painfully close that it makes it feel like the class doesn't have a lot of moving parts to it while it actually has a ton, making it needlessly deceptive.

The complexity of the class causes those who work with it to only focus on singular parts of it, meaning that it just doesn't work well with most designers; I honestly can't tell you why it clicked for me.

As for content; adding new content for the kineticist in the ways of wild talents is difficult because they all demand their own section, and that's not always feasible for each book, causing the dearth of talents we have now.

There's a lot of issues that have lead to this class not doing as well as it could have, and while I've done my best, I'm only one 3p writer. Here's hoping I get picked up to main roster eventually.

Sorry, meant Skill Focus/SF

>> No.51404595

Different anon - could a Bard or Skald scream at their teammates like a raid leader?


>> No.51404601

So each new level, I get 5 spells?

2 from wizard, 2 from eldritch scoundrel, 1 bonus?

>> No.51404602

Go fucking nuts ,m8

>> No.51404619


I like the idea that it is a nurture thing, not a nature thing.

Homebrewing, at least, I've tended to have Half-Orcs usually be integrated into human society because Orcs and humans were allies instead of enemies, but Tieflings and Dhampir tend to vary by community. Tieflings that grow up being treated like people tend to be pretty well-adjusted and like humans might be optimistic or cynical with a lot of variation. Ones that grew up treated badly tend to take more after their fiendish sides.

I tend to go by the assumption that while there are some broad strokes to each race, the stereotypes about each one are exactly that.

>> No.51404627

Is this fucking badass song from a video game? Damn!

Yes... so, to be in the "Meditation" fluff, it could be something like this:
Yes, could works.

>> No.51404635

In my opinion here is no solid answer to this. Every single human life consists of an innumerable amount of factors, many of which cannot feasibly be measured reliably by human hands, that ots near impossible to determine what exactly causes differences in response to similar traumas and troubles, and whether the various near incalculable chemical parts are based purely on genetics or environmental alteration to phenotypcial expression.

While from a literary standpoint, many races and characters feel do come across as lacking in agency this is because that being constructs of the human consciousness, they are ultimately flawed and limited in scope to the perceptive and contemplative stylings and restraints of that one person.

Really, the only real answer we can get for this, even in an in character manner is "depends, we don't know enough"

Granted, as sapient beings we tend to not want to accept that kind of answer, which is were religion, philosophy, culture, psychology, and sociology come in to play as am attempt to construct models and answers for this question, even if those answers will never be a perfect representation.

>> No.51404665

>qt3.14 half-elf bard
>...betrayed and killed by party rogue
>...gm turns you into banshee
I've seen this exact thing happen in the past posted right here on /tg/.

>> No.51404696

Sure is! The Ar tonelico series might not be the best but fucking hell if it doesn't knock the music right out of the park.


>> No.51404703

/pfg/, tell me, why must it be fluffy tails forever?
What of scaly tails, like lizard girls? Or, dare I suggest it, dragon girls? I say that as somebody who's willing to downgrade my standards to wyverns!

>> No.51404704

there are not enough erect penes in the world for what I am feeling right now

because what i'm feeling is a tentacle

>> No.51404716

What exactly is appropriate for a PC that uses CHA to AC?

I'm taking Prescient Defense from SoP on my Ninja to get some AC out of a good charisma score, but I'm just thinking about what that looks like.

With INT and WIS, I imagine there's some analytical dodging/anticipating and reacting to your enemy's moves, but what's the CHA equivalent to that? Sheer dumb luck? Psyching your opponent out before they attack? Being so goddamn sexy they hesitate to mar perfection?

>> No.51404743

This is the anon who was doing the Kimimaro inspired character further up. I'd like to give my honest props for how awesome the content in KoP is. I read through KoP2 and am going to go through the others. Like the Viscera element has such cool versatility. The telepathy cyst, the disguise potential, eidolon evolutions. So much of it speaks to the twisted and weird stuff I can only barely scratch the surface of with 1p Alchemist and Necromancy based spells. Seriously, thank you for your hard work.

>> No.51404745



>> No.51404756

The only purpose for these threads is to post pictures of cute foxgirls (and occasionally catgirls).
Sadly, it has not been serving its purpose very well, relying too much on the obfuscating text used to hide its nature instead of actually doing what it needs to do.
For shame.

>> No.51404759

Do you advise me to begin with the first, or directly to the 2?

The most appropriate stuff for my character is definitely the symbiat. I doubt the GM will accept 3pp spurces, sadly.
I'll create nevertheless a character with this class, I'll perhaps have the occasion to play it.
Thanks for the infos dudes!

>> No.51404762

There was a dragongirls game but you missed the boat on that one.

>> No.51404783

It's usually either luck or confidence. In the case of Ninjas, they use charisma for Ki, so it could be fluffed as just being some Ki trick.

>> No.51404796

Think of it like Defensive Feinting or drunken fighting. They think you're going one way because you bluffed them, but you weave another at the last second and dodge their attack.

>> No.51404811

You can skip 1 (it's even more average than the others, even if it does have best girl) without missing anything. 2 is the best of the three but the translation is pretty bad (literal untranslated japanese text in places bad) and 3 is really awful, just download the soundtrack instead.

>> No.51404816


>> No.51404823

*without missing too much. 2 is a direct sequel but they do a pretty good job of catching you up to speed in-game.

>> No.51404835

Well, discussing philosophy has been fun, never really expected this from a night on /pfg/, but I guess its time to hit the hay.

Good night fellow anons. May you strive to be excellent

>> No.51404838

No problem; it was an element I really enjoyed doing, and something I love myself. It's probably my favorite of the elements I created. I'm glad it works for your concept, that's the best thing to hear for a designer.

>> No.51404874

>Charisma measures a character's personality, personal magnetism, ability to lead, and appearance. - from the d20PFSRD

I honestly like describing it like this: Charisma is usually the force of ones personality, so it can be like Dio where you exude such a force of personality it causes people to waver and miss you. Or you can be so beautiful that even the hardest of souls would find it difficult to want to hurt you.

>> No.51404875

PFG! What's the most asinine philosophy that wizards could come up with and teach that would actually get a few converts to form a cult?

>> No.51404925

"PoW is too strong"

>> No.51404926

'time is an illusion; lunchtime doubly so'.

>> No.51404931


Idiot Kobold Wizards that philosophize from the long, flowing locks of the elves and the carefully cultivated beards of the dwarves and the humans doing both as it suits them that all creatures with hair are the enemies of scalykind. And that their hair is the secret to their power, and must be removed by the shadowy hand of their cabal for the kobolds to attain dominance.

Call them the Kabalds.

>> No.51404933

"Don't bother applying, you were just going to fail anyway."

>> No.51404968

The hell is this?

>> No.51404981

Do tell, which was it? Was the Dragon one really that self-explanatory?

>> No.51404985

A group of them would be a cabal of kabalds

>> No.51405003

Pretty much, though it's less dragongirls and more actual dragons who happen to be female and a thick-butted kobold

>> No.51405007


>> No.51405013

Ah. Yeah, not really what I was aiming after, I'm sure you get what I mean.

>> No.51405029

that's just what the final roster turned out to be, anon. you could have applied with a dragongirl if you wanted to. Most of the dragon characters have a cute waifu form anyway.

>> No.51405042

I hate being a special snowflake though, so I would've changed it around even if I did get in.

>> No.51405071

How good is the TK sphere if you wanna throw a shit ton of junk at people?

>> No.51405083



>> No.51405093

Out of what? 10?

>> No.51405187

While some people are borderline depressive to begin with, I'd say a lot of it is probably consistency.

Bad things happen to anyone occasionally, but for some people it's more often than others. It can be as simple as knowing one or two more utter assholes than the next guy, but everytime something happens you also get kicked while you're down.

Take one guy I know in his late 50s. About ten years ago he gets a nasty fall at work. The fall, being caused by safety regulation breaches (the equipment he was told to use was not maintained at all, only kept clean) went undocumented as a workplace accident. He was unconscious for several days, no accident reports were ever filled, and they used the fact that he's nervous and easily intimidated to pin the entire thing on him when he woke up.

Couple of weeks later, he gets the medical bills, as since HE'D ignored safety and used inappropriate equipment "despite being warned repeatedly not to use those harnesses" (that was true technically, but only in that the boss believed they shouldn't have to splurge such luxuries when people should know their own damn job), insurance wasn't covering it. The company then steps in and graciously offers to pay the ambulance bill that had already been covered which they wanted him to pay back, and "in return" he wouldn't "have" to go to court about the incident.

They then started fucking around with his shifts (a 12h here that ends after the busses do; he couldn't drive anymore after all, a 4am start when there's no public transport instead of 6am like everyone else on the team there) and fired him for consistently not showing up to work.

He spent a year trying to get either welfare or disability, as each was bouncing him to the other.
>You didn't stop working due to an accident that didn't happen, therefore you don't qualify.
>You can't work due to injury, that's got nothing to do with us, go to disability

He's now on welfare, subsisting on ramen and pain pills.

>> No.51405217

Potion of Giant Growth, and a fuckton of bonus CHA.

>> No.51405219

I think it's a dragongirl harem anime. One of them's a short guy and the rest of them are all big girls.

"Nee-san paradise" or something.

>> No.51405273

No, 3 spells, that go into a book that can be used by both classes.

>> No.51405285

>Gold is the best metal.
>Clearly we should turn EVERYTHING to gold.

>> No.51405348

Please respond >>51404523

>> No.51405383

Take Deadly Agility at level 1. Keep the Dex to Damage training, though, because it lets you 1.5*DEX when two handing a finesse weapon.

>> No.51405414

And what if I was planning to TWF? Do I just get nothing out of the level 1 free Weapon Finesse?

That's what I don't like about these free feat tax rules, they kind of don't take into account the classes that get free versions of the feats anyway...

>> No.51405467

New thread

>> No.51405470

Still, there appear to have been some dramatic oversights.Attempting to use your blast in melee provokes two different AoOs? You have to cast defensively while lacking a caster level so can't take feats that increase your bonus for that?

>> No.51405501

Too late fuck boy


Made mine first

>> No.51405503

You are Batman. Your steely gaze tells evildoers that they are smalltime.

>> No.51405510

No, you get Deadly Agility, and the rogue finesse training. Options, man, options. Especially if you grab Spear Dancing Style with an Elven Branch Spear - 1.5 on your main hand, 1 on your off hand.

>> No.51405535

Well, times check out. Looks like Primitive Edition actually wins out this time over Elemental Planes Edition!

>> No.51405546

You forgot to put the title in the title, numbnuts.

Fuckboi wins, even if he is a dirty little fuckboi.

>> No.51405566

It still has /pfg/ pathfinder general in it, you can still ctrl F it

>> No.51405581

>no subject line

You had one job, fucker.

>> No.51405586

No, but they can't filter it.

>> No.51405714

>Yes it was. Corwin, Etan, Shizuka, and Onryou. He displayed interest in those guys like a month before shit kicked off.

As Corwin's player, I'd like to state that:

A. If the GM was playing favorites in any way/shape/form, it was never mentioned to me. I was 100% sure Corwin had a snowball's chance in hell.

1. Corwin did make it into the campaign.

>> No.51405756

>1. Corwin did make it into the campaign.
That's what he said.

>> No.51406578

Is the updated Crimson Throne in the trove, or is it still the old one?

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