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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Unique Styles Edition. When was the last time your character used a nonstandard combat-style or martial art? How effective was it? How would you do it again if you could?

>FRIENDLY REMINDER: If you need help with a build or character creation, mention what 1st and 3rd-party sources you're allowed! You can't complain if we offer Path of War or Spheres of Power if you never said that you were limited to 1st-party, after all!

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Avowed Playtest 1:
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing
Malefex Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3LrE8WyIxxYRr8d9dHsWioeUk_-HZaSMqVWRnzc9Fc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might previews:
Part 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/
Part 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pyLq03W2ju58PcKOUq5YXoFowf_weBNzuWtjCMdINXk/edit

Old Thread: >>51367286 (Cross-thread)

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We were on page 5, you dolt.

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With all due respect commissioner there are still 2hus, witch hunters and ERP fanatics in abundance, mine is an eternal vigil. Whenever there is a circlejerk, I will be there, whenever there is a stake being pitched, I will be there and whenever there is too much cute being posted. I will be there.

You can have your new thread, but I will be watching.

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We all have our vigils.

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How would you stat DHB?

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Yeah that sounds about right.

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Outside of Pathfinder? I used a Shadowrun physad built entirely around throwing coins. They were approximately as damaging as howitzers. Would do again.

In Pathfinder? I'm currently in the process of building a venerable Brute/Scrollmaster. I can't imagine it'll be too effective.

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While you're here, check my strawpoll.


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Autism cursed oracle with natural divination.

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>you will never bully the rat

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Only in games with houserules in effect, honestly. The exception is some unarmed UCMonk / Brawler builds if those even count as nonstandard.

Not quite these /pfg/ ones but something similar in my last game gave unique benefits for some shitty styles, an approach I greatly prefer to ones that just try to have them catch up by acquiring THF benefits with investment.

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I need suggestions for a wizard that tends to build castles in his free time. Whenever the party stops, I'm planning to build an ever expanding fortress, and leave it there once we leave. We're 13th level and mostly first party.

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Lads! I've got two questions!

1. Is there any way I can get proficiency in Dueling Swords as a human without spending a feat? I couldn't find a trait that does it, but is there a Human alternate racial?

2. How do weapon enchantments work? Does a +1 keen weapon do the same amount of attack and damage as a +2 weapon (since keen is a +1 bonus, making the effective weapon bonus +2?)

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Dude just spend the feat. It's not like having one less is gonna make you less of a man.

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>There's a human ART that replaces the bonus feat (I think) and lets you get MULTIPLE Exotic Weapon Proficiencies, go look at the human page and ctrl+f it faggot
>The Keen property takes the place of one of the flat +1's, but it's priced as a +2 weapon, meaning you get +1 to attack and damage and the keen effect instead of just +2 to attack and damage
>insert spoon here

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But I've got sooo much to take as-is, that feat could be better spent on something like Lightning Reflexes or Greater Weapon Focus!

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You'd need fabricate, but it's not exactly fast. To make a fortress it'll probably take a couple casts, which will be a problem unless you hugely leveled.

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Woah wait hold on a sec boyos, I'm looking st Dueling Mastery and it says I need "weapon proficiency (dueling swords,)" NOT "exotic weapon proficiency (dueling swords.)"

Does this mean I don't even need the EWP?

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Get a cracked version of these.
1.5k for proficiency in anything, as long as you already have martial proficiency.

>Greater Weapon Focus
Literally why. I thought you said your feats were valuable, anon.

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You are getting weapon proficiency with an exotic weapon you dumb fag

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I'm looking at using a lot of casts of wall of stone and stoneshape.

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Cracked Opalescent White Pyramid Ioun Stone.
There is no "Martial Weapon Proficiency (Dueling Swords)" because the Dueling Sword is an exotic weapon. Stop being a dummy.

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Lyre of Building

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2hu's a decently fun person to play with, though. One of those kinds of autistic people who has an easier time interacting with others in a fictional setting.

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I can't imagine that, to be honest. I don't hate 2hu and I don't think he ruins all the games ever, but I've had conversations with him and he definitely lacks social awareness.

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So, I've seen DHB talk a few times the last few threads about setting shit. How is his setting? Is it at least interesting?

I don't know, I'm wary of custom settings.

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>custom settings
What does that even mean?

>> No.51378250

>I'm wary of custom settings

so you're not a fan of Golarion, then?

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Do you think DHB is fun to play with?

>> No.51378272

Sorry I should clarify. Non-standard settings without standard races make me wary. Especially with non-standard tech.

I remember him saying it's like 1800s tech and no pathfinder races.

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I'm not being a dumb dumb, I'm just being pedantic.


Ooh, I'm gonna have to get that and jam it in a wayfinder.

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Storytime from those who've played with 2hu?

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>Non-standard settings without standard races make me wary. Especially with non-standard tech.

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>without standard races
>it has humans in it

what did he mean by this

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They're cool when well done, but hard to pull off.

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I don't know but I want you to have this.

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Humans are the only pathfinder race in it I thought?

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No, you're still being a dummy. The proper way to get Dueling Mastery is Order of the Cockatrice Daring Champion into the Swordlord PrC at level 6.

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Is the next Knights session tonight, or later?

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So in your setting how rare are people with PCs class levels?

PC class levels and above level 5?

Level 10? 15? 20?

What about people with a PrC?

Or people with mythic ranks?

To combine them all, how rare is a level 20 PC with 10 level in a PrC and Mythic Rank 10?

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Seriously though, I mostly agree that they are kinda fun to play with. They have their patterns like shota traps or wealthy, influential kids and can behave in abrasive, inconsiderate and obstinate way but I guess that's what you get for having autism. Really, as long as the system you are playing isn't too broken it can be fun.

I just wish for them to let Pathfinder go. This isn't really a game for them in many ways.

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>lot of people have issues with shota PCs
>no one seems to mind bunnygirl PCs

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I want to play an architect/artisan gestalt but I don't want it to be dorf.
Which races are good options for this? Or I should go for human?

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> They have their patterns like shota traps or wealthy, influential kids and can behave in abrasive, inconsiderate and obstinate way but I guess that's what you get for having autism.
Who DOESN'T have their patterns and "ticks" with RPGs.

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Shota traps with abrasive personalities is a 'tick' I would consider rather egregious.

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>people whine about lewdposting getting in the way of discussion
>this asshole whining about spoonfeeding when someone asks an on-topic question

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>To combine them all, how rare is a level 20 PC with 10 level in a PrC and Mythic Rank 10?
Assuming you mean level 30 characters, there are 37 of them in my game. If you mean 10 levels in base/core+10 prestige, there are only 8.

Each is a named and created character with a purpose and place in the world.

there are also about 175 gestalt characters, of which 25 have mythic tiers. The are the ruling nobility of a specific kingdom where they are literally smarter, stronger, and more powerful, truly ruling by "divine" right.

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Not very. Overall something like 1/4 of the population has class levels of some kind, whether it's a few levels in fighter for the guard captain or a Wizard 5 court mage. Above level 5 they have to have class levels, usually mixed in with some NPC class levels. Very rarely do people have a PrC, it's mostly organizational, like how the Planar Border Control NPCs have some people with the Riftwarden PrC. No one in my setting has mythic ranks.

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People like bunnies.

>> No.51378540


Human! Go for Human!

Or anything that gets a bonus to Intelligence, really.

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Where the hell are you guys even playing with 2hu anyway?

>> No.51378548

Well yeah, when this is some shit that you can find on the magic weapons page of the srd then maybe you should have spent the time used writing up your question looking for yourself instead.

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I've asked this before, never got any responses. I guess I'll try again.

Requesting a comprehensive list of Witch Spells, [NO 3PP], that would be useful and advisable for a campaign with lots of expected undead (Mummy's Mask AP) please no spoilers.
Playing an archetype that can make use of melee touch spells as if they were ranged, keep that in mind if it bumps some otherwise bad spells into being good.

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That's a very cute fox!

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I'd rather hear the thread confirm it than act like it's true.

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>nobody can ask questions because with sufficient looking and thinking you can find the answer yourself
So if this thread isn't for ontopic discussion of pathfinder then clearly other topics are free game.

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Autism is a strange illness. For people with high and moderately functioning autism(2hu is high function) social interaction can be easier with a 'barrier' between them and their partner.

There was a famous mathematician who literally could not speak to people directly. You had to sit coincidentally near him and voice your ideas to thin air and he might respond. Maybe. Perhaps dungeons and dragons back then would have advanced mathematics if he had access to it.

2hu plays a lot, actually. It's not too unusual.

>> No.51378591

Healing spells harm undead. Figments affect undead normally, even though they are illusions, sospells like Minor Image, Major Image, and Programmed Illusions work on them. Undead have eyes so Mudball, Blind/Deafen, and other spells of that sort are good. Force effects harm incorporeal undead normally, as do positive (such as healing spells) and negative energy spells. Protection from X/Circle of protection from X is critical for use agaisnt undead with touch attacks.

>> No.51378603

I'd strongly recommend playing a gravewalker, it completely solves your undead problem while still letting you use melee touch spells as if ranged, within your aura of desecration.

>> No.51378614

Strengthening your enemies is bad form, anon.

>> No.51378620

>basic ass functions of the system, which the anon answered anyway
>bitching because the post implied spoonfeeding of extremely basic aspects of the system

>> No.51378635

So you lack reading comprehension, got it.
Some rules are vague, have clarifying errata, etc. If you have that sort of question feel free to come here. When the answer is nine sentences into the page on magic weapons "Special abilities count as additional bonuses for determining the market value of the item, but do not modify attack or damage bonuses (except where specifically noted)." then maybe you should try reading.

>> No.51378646

Going to introduce an annoying NPC as the main objective for a rescue and escort mission. The template is going to be this guy:

I'll made him a halfling called Issou Lachankla but I am thinking on take his levels in commoner and make him have actual character class.

>> No.51378670

Make him a witch.

>> No.51378675

/pfg/ plays so heavily homebrew version of the pathfinder anyway that it is impossible to talk about the system in it

>> No.51378680

What is a class that you've never played that you'd like to try sometime?

>> No.51378686

What did he mean by this?

>> No.51378701

this post is correct

>> No.51378702

When nothing's on topic, everything's off topic.

>> No.51378704

Witch. I just want to Slumber Hex some fools.

>> No.51378722

Kill yourself

>> No.51378727

I'll go human then because of that sweet sweet extra feat.
I hope my PC doesn't wreck the campaign since the GM told me that she does agree on the idea that can use the artisan ability to give +x to an item on the architect towers.

>> No.51378734

None. Very few classes actual capture my interest. I think in terms of "I want a character that can do X while being Y" and work from there.

>> No.51378741

>slumber hex
Why not apply to the Sleeping Goddess then? lvl 16 starting lvl, 40pb, 1 million starting gold. Just need to gestalt witch with something else sleepytimes related.

Oooh, oooh! A Witch/Gunslinger gestalt so you can shoot people with tranq darts or put them to sleep with hexes!

>> No.51378748

Too damn many, but:
>Avowed, Str Self Pact 2gud
>Inquisitor, Sanctified Slayer mainly
>Magus, preferably with some way to bypass the shocking grasp bullshittery
>Vigilante, at least three different archetypes alone
>Sorcerer, for longer than a oneshot session with "the enchantment build"

>> No.51378771

Because that game is the perfect combination of shitty attributes that it's obviously going to be garbage.

It has literally no redeeming qualities.

"rules lite level 16 gestalt, 1 million gp"

Like god damn, if the characters so far weren't in indication I don't know what is.

>> No.51378774

Honestly Sleepy Goddess doesn't sound very interesting to me. Yeah, you've got a lot of stuff to start off with, but the premise doesn't hook me at all.

>> No.51378803

Sleeping Goddess looks, sounds, and feels bad. I can't find anything about it remotely interesting or redeemable.

>> No.51378812

You are a genius.
This will allow me to use tracks of his laugh every time that uses cackle for boost fortune hex.

>> No.51378836

What's a character that can do X while being Y that you've never played, but would like to try sometime?

>> No.51378878

How does /pfg/ feel about RP voice? In either live group RP sessions or voice chat RP sessions. Would you prefer it if players used an RP voice when speaking as/for their characters or would you rather they not?

>> No.51378885

Why would anyone go out of their way for Dueling Mastery? It's not even worth a feat, let alone a special build to obtain the feat.

>> No.51378891

What does 2hu play and where?
If 2hu plays a lot then why does he need /pfg/ games?

>> No.51378910

Red Mantis Assassin

>> No.51378916

roll20. He's the reason that Legacy of Flames and Blood RP went the way of Shin-Ra. He autismo'd so hard the GM went "fuck this" and blew the whole thing up.

>> No.51378920

Yes, but they wanted EWP with a Dueling Sword to get Dueling Mastery, so I explained that they should do something else. When someone says "How should I get Dueling Mastery?" technically the answer is "Don't." but more helpful is "Daring Champion Order of the Cockatrice Cavalier into Aldori Swordlord."

>> No.51378926

Am I stupid or is grappling stupid good? So many monsters have no defense against it.

>> No.51378929

Depends how good they are at it. A friend of mine actually did some voice acting for a while and can do a lot of cool voices. Another friend is grating even in his normal voice.

>> No.51378932

I prefer voice DESU, it makes stuff go along far, far smoother.

>> No.51378958

I prefer voice with minor RP going on in text in the background.

>> No.51378983

So how necessary is having Animus for someone looking to sink their teeth into Elemental Flux? Should I prioritize getting Tap Animus ASAP, since it can reasonably be used every turn?

>> No.51378986

Grappling is decent, but at best it shuts down most of your actions in exchange for the actions of one enemy.

>> No.51378989

What did 2hu do to make the GM quit?

>> No.51379023


I prefer Voice, I tend to roleplay significantly better when I can actually vocalize what I'm saying.


What's wrong with Dueling Mastery? +2 Initiative +2 AC is nothing to sneeze at.

>> No.51379034

Is picaroon any good?

>> No.51379048

>I tend to roleplay significantly better
Roleplay roleplay or...

Erotic roleplay?

>> No.51379051

So I'm finding it harder and harder to believe that DHB isn't just fucking with us.

He claims to not want to make a fetish character yet lets look at this:
massive diplo score, planned on romancing everyone
massive diplo score, planned on romancing Ameiko
>Old Spy
massive diplo score, had a fucking hoard of kids
>Punch Fatty
literally a faceless bald man

Now his custom setting:
>race of otherworldly beautiful all female fish people
>red light district with freaky body warped prostitutes

He has to be fucking with us.

>> No.51379054

Voice to speed things along, text for actual roleplaying.

>> No.51379060


How would you feel about a level 16 gestalt with 1 million starting gold and 40 PB if the premise was stopping the demonic invasion of Avistan after the Worldwound begins to expand, unchecked?

>> No.51379064

Nothing >>51375108
>No, 2hu didn't kill the game.

>> No.51379087


As I've discovered in my roleplay roleplay campaign, both.

>> No.51379090

+2 Initiative +2 AC is not even worth a sneeze.

>> No.51379098

A good deal better honestly.

Gives me a chance to break out one of a few level 16 gestalt builds I have squirreled away.

One is called "Ultra Destiny", the others "Nevermore" and "This One Time At Bard Camp"I have terrible naming sense.

>> No.51379116

Psychic 16//Arcanist 16 gogogo

>> No.51379126

Yeah, that'd be better. Make everyone the paragon of a deity looking to stop the progression of the Worldwound. Maybe cut out gestalt and make it Mythic, I dunno, but it's better than 'lol, comfy' as a premise.
Comfy is something that's nice to have as part of a game, a sense that stakes are typically pretty low. It allows you to relax rather than have your feet to the fire constantly, but it's not something you can build a game around.

>> No.51379131

Ultra Destiny was an exercise in how high I could get saves. Ended up in the +50 range for each.

>> No.51379170

Why are you on such a personal crusade against comfy, anon? Who hurt you?

Don't bother responding. Fallout 4 just finished downloading Nuka-World so I'm doing something better with my time.

>> No.51379190

>Comfy is something that's nice to have as part of a game
>Why are you on such a personal crusade against comfy
I don't think Fallout is going to make you more literate.

>> No.51379200

A psychic wizard that takes sphere talents with his FCB has access to every subsystem. There's no need to gestalt 2 casters aside from maybe stamina.

>> No.51379210


Okay then, what would you suggest I take if I want to make a level 10 lightly armored swordsman who floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee? I'm genuinely curious because I just see a +1 AC feat and go "hehe, more AC!"

So far the build is [Warder (ZS) 6 / Landsknecht 4 || Fighter (Weapon Master) 8 / Duelist 2, which means the only feats I have to get is Quick Draw.

Power Attack (free), Furious Focus, Quick Draw, Shield Focus, Improved Initiative, Defensive Expertise, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Weapon Finesse and Dueling Mastery are what I've got so far...

>> No.51379216

To be fair, "beautiful fish people" isn't exactly new.

>> No.51379220

Actually, second question: How many "pool point" features is too many? I ask because taking Animus, while very helpful, would put me at three point pools to juggle, and I don't know how I should feel about this. I'm gonna need to figure out and make a spreadsheet of abilities at this rate.

>Spell Points (spherecasting), Inspiration, and Animus if I grab Tap Animus
>Spell points double as my Arcane Pool, and could also double as a Panache Pool if I want to hurt myself

>> No.51379224

Honestly it's because "comfy" just doesn't make for good campaign. It makes for circle jerking and "tee hee" level gameplay and pacing slower than molasses. You need something enticing besides "comfy". Because from what it sounds like sleepy goddess is a bunch of unconnected drivel to try and support 'totally not ERP'. I want some kind of stakes with my game.

>that spoiler
Have fun fa/tg/uy

>> No.51379229


>> No.51379237

Just as bad, the creation rules are the main problem, not the shitty theme of the game.

>> No.51379243

And this is based off of a myth, not like DHB just made it up.

>> No.51379251

Why not join this game?


>> No.51379259


But I want to float MORE.

Sting MORE.

I want to be the stabbiest swordsman in the whole wide world.

The campaign is explicitly Wuxia and I'm trying to make a Game of Thrones style "Water Dancer."

>> No.51379263

Really I have more problem with the theme than the creation rules. I enjoy high level high optimization games.

Because I am almost positive this is furry ERP. If it isn't please correct me.

>> No.51379270

>Fallout 4
Nah, you can have more fun shit posting here. I guarantee.

>> No.51379333

It is. They'll tell you it's not because it's not explicitly furry ERP, but it's furry ERP.

Then go into the Scarlet Throne feats. Also, Shield Focus doesn't work like that as far as I can tell. You have a shield bonus, not a shield, and it's only treated as a shield bonus for purposes of performing a shield bash.

>> No.51379342

Consider Riven Hourglass then!

>> No.51379349

Jesus christ.

>Shield Focus
+1 AC is never worth a feat.

>Defensive Expertise
Sort of okay but only if you've really got nothing better.

>Weapon Focus
+1 to hit is never worth a feat.

>Weapon Specialization,
Neither is +2 damage when you have maneuvers.

>Weapon Finesse
...Why do you have this and not deadly agility?

Better things to spend your feats on:
>Advanced Study
>Extra readied maneuver
>Any of the fighter's advanced weapon training stuff
>Powerful Mark
>Some of the PoW:E style feats
>Whatever else you want

>> No.51379354

You can't take a prestige class on both sides of a gestalt on the same level.

>> No.51379370

>I enjoy high level high optimization games
I enjoy growing into it, not start at it. Plus if there's more apps than slots that can be a lot of time invested for something you might not even play.

>> No.51379371

>It is. They'll tell you it's not because it's not explicitly furry ERP, but it's furry ERP.
What I wanted is pretty fey court politics. What I got was Furry ERP.

>> No.51379401


The DM already allowed it!


I was taking Shield Focus to *get* Defensive Expertise, but I can sort of see where you're going here. I'm just trying to pump my AC (both touch and standard) while making this guy hit *hard.*


Ooh, forgot about that! I'm getting the Scarlet Throne style chain as well, so add Scarlet Throne Style and Scarlet Throne Dignity to that list.


Riven Hourglass sounds right up my alley, I'll have to check it out! Thanks!

>> No.51379413


Also, Lunge, for your float/sting stuff.
Mixed Combat if you're going into Mithral Current.

Discipline Focus is already +2 damage and also +2 to maneuver DCs, if you use any of those. This blows Weapon Specialization out the water.
Martial Charge for more mobility.

>> No.51379451

>Also, Lunge, for your float/sting stuff.

>Extra +5 to range
>My dueling sword would have a 15 foot range and 20 foot AoO

Jesus Christ.

>> No.51379463

>There will be lewds! Your foxgirl can go topless and rub her tits on a cute daoine sidhe wolfboy, but if you want sex, take it somewhat private, kay? You can post an F-List profile in your app if you want! Keep in mind this is a kemonomimi game, not a furry game.

NOT a furry game.

>> No.51379476

Would you then have to move to make the AoO, or is it just assumed you can hit them and step back into your space?

Or is that up to the GM?

>> No.51379477

>NOT a furry game.
Like anyone believes that.

>> No.51379496

>not furry

>> No.51379501

>or is it just assumed you can hit them and step back into your space?

I'd assume it's this, which will get quite interesting to visualize if it's full of spins, pirouettes and feints.

>> No.51379504

Keep in mind that Lunge doesn't apply to AoOs because you lose the reach at the end of your turn.
However it's still pretty good if you have Landsknekt's 10ft reach, because it means if the enemy only has 5ft reach, you could smash them from 15ft away and then they'd HAVE to provoke an AoO to get you in their range.

>> No.51379525

What about gestalting three casters? Are there any base classes that get two casting types?

>> No.51379544

Like this isn't furry.

>game asks for an F-List
No fucking thank you.

>> No.51379565

Pic related is furry. As in it's covered in fur and clearly animalistic. Kemonomimi means "Animal Ears", which is catgirls etc.

>> No.51379567

Well, yes, kemonomimi isn't furry. /d/ is quite clear on this

>> No.51379576

Yeah, I don't give a shit what /d/ says. Even if it isn't furry it's 'lol kitsune shota" erp.

>> No.51379599

Oh, it's definitely that. It's just not furry.

>> No.51379613

The Occult Sadist Warpath follower inquisitor gets access to pact magic, pow and vancian magic.

There are a fuckload of classes that get their basic casting type and either PoW or Pact Magic. The inquisitor is the only one that I know of having 2 other subsystem archetypes stack.

The psychic mage triggers Gareth every time we mention it, but it is quite powerful and has access to both psionics and vancian casting.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

>> No.51379649

Does Spell Combat count as a "full attack action" for the sake of PoW strikes that specify making a full attack? There's an FAQ that says Spell Combat is "considered a full attack for purposes of haste and other effects", but I'd assume it's not supposed to work with something like Raging Hunter Pounce, as much as I'd love if it did.

>> No.51379652

Does Advanced Study give a character access to 7th level and higher maneuvers if they're one of the martial Archetypes (Silver Fist), or is it still limited to 6th and below?

>> No.51379670

But none of the characters are furry. It's explicitly neko.

>> No.51379692

Am I reading this right? Temporal Body Adjustment is a flat "you don't get a negative condition?"

How is that even allowed?

>> No.51379725

>This functions much like two-weapon fighting, but the off-hand weapon is a spell that is being cast.

You have to full attack in the first place to use two-weapon fighting, so it's obviously full attacks.

>> No.51379733

Because DSP thought that bringing back Iron Heart Surge, but even more retarded was a good idea.

>> No.51379737

Also lets you get stuff early, ie if you're a level 5 silver fist you could use it to get level 3 maneuvers.

I would think the ruling by RAW no, but it's up for interpretation.
Very much depends on whether your DM thinks it qualifies for 'and other effects'.

>> No.51379739

So you're a bitter old twat, got it.
Get over yourself, the guy was just asking a simple question.
You must be a fuckin BLAST to play with.

>> No.51379750

Because they also thought God of the Hourglass stance was a good idea.

>> No.51379752


>> No.51379759

I actually am, because I don't have to ask which die to roll for my skill check every time.

>> No.51379764

Anon, I always expect things like this to not work how I want them to, because this system has trained me not to expect nice things. Ergo, even if it's objectively shittier than using any other strike, I'd expect it to not work.

I guess I'll just have to ask my DM and cross my fingers.
Magus||Stalker was a mistake

>> No.51379774

Oh, that is fantastic to hear. Thanks.

>> No.51379780

Riven Hourglass is very strong, but in my opinion TBA is the only one that steps over the line.
It's unhealthy for encounter design when the only way to meaningfully hinder a PC is to knock them unconscious, because any status condition is instantly negated.

>> No.51379804

About as good as Obsidian Sidestep or Sanguine Perseverance, except that those two also work against hp damage effects and stuff that instakills you. OTOH with Temporal Body Adjustment you don't spend the immediate if you roll high on your save, and works against no-save effects.

>> No.51379814

The main problem that seems to be ignored here is that it only works once; you can't really spam it unless all you do for each turn is recover maneuvers, and all that does is make you tank status ailments. If multiple enemies throw them at you in a single turn you can't use it against all of them.

>> No.51379845


Can all spam manevers now. Action free recovery as anything but a 1 day/encounter thing was a mistake.

>> No.51379888

I see both of those as less offensive.
There's still a chance of failing the skill roll, and most importantly, you must make the choice to use it before you roll the saving throw and before you know what the consequences of failing are.

Temporal Body Adjustment needs no roll, it's an auto succeed, and most importantly, you can make the choice /after/ you fail and see what happens.

>Enemy casts a spell at you, you think it will be something relatively harmless like fort save or fall prone, but then you fail the save and become paralyzed for 1 minute instead

Obsidian Sidestep/Sanguine Perseverance:
>Goddamn it that was a bad call I should have used my counter

>No big deal, I retcon it because this counter works retroactively.

>> No.51379892

Half of the initiating classes recover maneuvers as a swift action.

The only problem is you can only do it every other turn. However that's hardly a fucking problem.

>> No.51379901

Riven Hourglass has a few maneuvers so good there's no reason NOT to take it, I hate that disciplines like e.flux and r.hourglass exist next to piercing thunder.

>> No.51379904

I've got two characters with three each.

Inspiration, Stamina, and then one has Grit/Panache while the other has Spell Points.

It's not so bad really. You don't use Inspiration too much in combat compared to the other two.

It's also cute as heck.

>> No.51379908

Crane Style chain or Swordplay Style (do not follow that one's chain), use with Weapon Trick (an actually cost-effective feat). You're using PoW though, so don't you just have some Nope counter maneuvers to avoid attacks anyway? You might consider using your feats to broaden your character instead of pumping AC.

>> No.51379930

the bigger problem is with piercing thunder, anon

half of it is a huge mediocrity of wasted potential

>> No.51379939

Yeah I know, piercing thunder makes me sad

>> No.51379940

>I'm not furry at all guys

>> No.51379943

>Failing the skill roll
You can easily pump up the Sense Motive mod beyond 20 by the time you get Sanguine Perseverance, and then it's autopass, since it doesn't nat 1 fail.

>> No.51379949

That just leads to bad encounter design

>> No.51379957

Yes that's why I said it was the less important shortcoming compared to the fact you only have one chance to make the call.

>> No.51379979

Anyone that lets their autism leak into the real world is retarded, not just furries.

>> No.51379991

And if you use the same "throw multiple debilitating status" encounters on any other party members then they are very much extremely dead.

At best you're singling out one party member for targeting in a way that often doesn't make narrative sense. At best to try and kill him you TPK the party.

It's simply bad design.

>> No.51380010

Hey, if that were a cute girl or a cute boi that would be fine.

>> No.51380026

People just treat Pathfinder like a video game when they start using PoW

>> No.51380062

It lets people either play super casually since it's hard to fuck up initiators, or it lets them inflate numbers since it provides enough stuff to break combat over your knees with. Honestly, it looks fun, but I seriously hope the spheres system hits a better middleground between "giving martials nice things" and "anyone who doesn't have this system is fucked in combat"

>> No.51380063

What do you mean?

>> No.51380096


He's a NEET who inherited shitloads of money or some shit.

He has no actual life.

>> No.51380112

People usually stop all effort to describe combat actions atleast somewhat
I don't really ask for much. You charge the orc and hit him in the head with your axe. That is something.
But when people get maneuvers, people drop even the smallest things. Things just become "I use [maneuver] on that guy" or akin to that.

>> No.51380120

People excuse or dismiss Pathfinder's bad design as a tabletop game when they insist that sort of stuff doesn't matter.

>> No.51380131

I honestly see the opposite effect and either way describing what you do every fucking time gets annoying. After a certain point you can imagine what goes on when you do X anyway.

>> No.51380135


Why didn't he get a basket for all that stuff?

>> No.51380140

Shit, you play with bad players.
Maneuvers are packed with flavor and I write two or three sentences each time I use one - there's way more stuff you can do with them compared to just saying 'I quickly stab them with my sword' ten times a battle.

>> No.51380154


Gonna be honest, if I inherited enough money to live easy and jobless I'd shitpost around here too.

Beats getting a gold digger girlfriend or hooked on drugs.

>> No.51380159

That's your players, not PoW.

>> No.51380177

I can see how it would happen.

When it's just an attack, you might feel inclined to fluff it up a little. But then with PoW, it's already fluffed up, so there's less inclination.

>> No.51380189

I never understood why "like a video-game" is an inherently bad statement. There are plenty of nice games.

>> No.51380192


Weeping Scarlet Razor and Impaling Strike are SO MUCH FUN to describe!

>> No.51380195

It's the classic "I'm only here to get one thing" situation where you then remember all the shit you are running out of while in the store.

>> No.51380206

It implies certain detachment from the game.
You are not fully immersing into the roleplaying if you are just piloting like it is video game

>> No.51380207

Hey /tg/,

Would a creature with more than two pairs of arms get a bonus on it's CMB for grappling?

Could you point me to the rules on this matter?

>> No.51380214

Sir, this is /tg/. If you want to like video games you'll need to head on over to /v/.

>> No.51380216

Ok, gonna be honest, the fuck do people say besides "I full attack". Do they describe all 3-5 attacks they do?

If your players aren't doing descriptions with PoW opposed to full attacking they are literally retarded.

>> No.51380231

>You are not fully immersing into the roleplaying if you are just piloting like it is video game
I've been fully immersed in games before.

>> No.51380236


Since when does /v/ like video games?

>> No.51380241


Usually I say I take a stab follows by a swing, or a series of jabs, or any number of things.

>> No.51380242

You don't by default, no.

But having four arms DOES mean you can use two to grapple without a penalty, while still using a twohanded weapon.

>> No.51380243

Also it's essentially a nonsense statement. When you ask people to define "like a video game" 99% of the time they flounder.

>> No.51380260


Since 2016, it's been a very good year for gaming.

>> No.51380269

Yeah that's some boring fucking description. I don't care you describe "I do a series of jabs" for six fucking rounds.

>> No.51380289

If we talking about pen and paper vs video game rpg here, there is obvious distinction there tho

>> No.51380318

If an Avowed uses an Aether Blade to do combat maneuvers like trip or disarm, do you target some sort of touch-CMD or their normal CMD?

Is there any precedent for this?

>> No.51380340

Ok, explain to me how PoW is like a video game.

>> No.51380341

This debate is obnoxious yet it's still a marked improvement over our discussions a month ago.

>> No.51380345

>So in your setting how rare are people with PCs class levels?
Fairly common. Unless someone is just a random farmhand or shopkeeper, there's a pretty good chance that he has PC levels. But that might be a skewed way of looking at it. If someone is interesting(or I just expect the PCs to interact with him) enough for me to stat him, there's a very good chance that he'll end up with PC levels. If someone ISN'T interesting, he won't have stats in the first place, so theoretically he might be statted with either PC or NPC class, so there isn't really a good way to gauge the ratio of PC classes to NPC classes.

>PC class levels and above level 5?
In a fair-sized town of a couple thousand people, maybe a couple dozen. In a sleepy village of a hundred people, probably none.

>Level 10? 15? 20?
Getting rare. In a realm, there's probably only few people with double-digit levels. 15 and above are practically unheard of. It's generally a fairly low-level setting.

>What about people with a PrC?
In theory, maybe a few percent of the people who could potentially qualify for them(by the virtue of being level 6 or higher). So not very common at all.

>Or people with mythic ranks?
No mythic in my games. I use gestalt rules occasionally.

>To combine them all, how rare is a level 20 PC with 10 level in a PrC and Mythic Rank 10?
Replacing mythic with gestalt(see above)... none, actually. The only (statted) level 20 character doesn't have PrC levels at all.

>> No.51380348


I thought that usually made /v/ hate them even more.

>> No.51380351

You'd be genuinely surprised. Shit from Dwarf Fortress to Dragon Quest describe attacks in some amount of detail.

Using "like a video-game" comes off as both ignorant of how video-games work and an attempt to sound sophisticated.

>> No.51380396

That one anon made a good point which I would mirror
Prebaked flavor allows people to skip coming up with their own flavor through imagination, kinda starting a spiral where they make less and less effort.
Is the character merely an avatar you control, or do you put the effort to become the character you made?

>> No.51380416


Not really, you'll see people bashing stuff like Titanfall 2 or Dark Souls 3 but it's the same kind of banter you'd have with the lads.

Check out a Mass Effect Andromeda thread and compare it to a Dark Souls 3 thread.

>> No.51380432

The sort of player who would use prebaked flavor as a crutch to lean on and not a stepping stone to reach somewhere higher is the sort of player who wouldn't bother describing their normal actions anyway.

>> No.51380439

>Prebaked flavor allows people to skip coming up with their own flavor through imagination, kinda starting a spiral where they make less and less effort.
You mean like literally every spell?

>> No.51380460

Not just fucking spells. The fucking Trip combat maneuver has as much flavor as some strikes.

>> No.51380477

Without indulging them, you can encourage them to get more immersed which usually increases their enthusiasm to roleplay more
Not even close as much PoW does

>> No.51380483

Even assuming that what you say is true(it isn't, monster CMD scales far faster than your CMB does unless you sink all your resources into it), grappling is still pretty bad. It's a crowd control that stops you from doing much else, targets a single creature, and doesn't actually stop it from using its natural attacks to full-attack you to death unless you manage to pin it. If it had 100% success rate, it would STILL be a mediocre combat strategy unless you're fighting a single enemy.

>> No.51380501

That's a problem on the part of the player then; a character shouldn't be solely flavored based on their mechanics, and indeed some of the best characterization comes from things that have nothing to do with the mechanics of a character.

Take, for instance, a prince that is on the run from assassins, a romantic that feels choked by how often he must move around, eventually falling into a depressive, alchoholic wreck before being brought back up to his feet with the help of his friends and a woman he knows is his true love, returning to his kingdom and his beloved citizens to defeat the one who hired the assassins and restore order to the land! What class is he, what feats did he take, for that matter what's his race? None of that has anything to do with the CHARACTER underneath. He could be a wizard or a paladin or an oracle or a brawler or anything in-between; what matters is that he is well-written and memorable.

>> No.51380505

>Not even close as much PoW does
Ok, explain to me how spells have less flavor than PoW maneuvers.

>> No.51380515

>Without indulging them, you can encourage them to get more immersed which usually increases their enthusiasm to roleplay more
...And what stops you from doing this with PoW?

>Not even close as much PoW does
You're cherrypicking so hard right now.
List some maneuvers you think have "too much flavor".

>> No.51380524

I really don't have time because I wanna go to sleep
Some spells have almost as much prebaked flavor, like black tentacles, which some like magic missile can be just about anything

>> No.51380537

>Without indulging them, you can encourage them to get more immersed which usually increases their enthusiasm to roleplay more
>PoW makes you unable to roleplay
This is some weird fucking Stormwind faggotry.

>> No.51380546

There's gotta be a way to make up for how shitty the Buccaneer archetype is, right? Maybe take it for 3/5 levels and then do something like Savage Technologist or Trench Fighter (maybe take Drunken Rager with the former for more boozey shenanigans)?

>> No.51380558

>I really don't have time because I wanna go to sleep

>> No.51380569

soon midnight, work tomorrow, normal deal

>> No.51380570

In-general, any gun build does much better by taking 3-5 levels of Savage Technologist or Trench Fighter alongside anything else; in some cases, simply taking 3-5 levels of "anything else" and then the rest of your career being one of those two options ends up working best.

>> No.51380588


>> No.51380601

>Some spells have almost as much prebaked flavor, like black tentacles, which some like magic missile can be just about anything
Guess what

>> No.51380608

>I can't defend my shit point, so I'll just pussy out and go to sleep.

>> No.51380618


Go to bed, Ahmed.

>> No.51380632

That's what I was thinking. Because really, the appeal to Buccaneers are Grog points. The fact that you don't get Gun Training until 12 in exchange for a familiar at 5 is ridiculous. Hell, I could get a familiar through Carnivalist or Alchemist faster than that. So really it'd probably be better to dip Bucc for 2 levels and then Savage Technologist or Trench Fighter the rest.

>> No.51380655

Or 3 levels actually, forgot about deeds.

>> No.51380686

How do i keep my dm from getting super upset when i use burrow, dimension door, and fly to completely ignore his traps and puzzles.

>> No.51380707

Man, why can't we have a big-ass high powered adventure saving Avistan from demons n' dragons n' shit, we all know the high levels are where things get exciting and the smut gets legendary.

>> No.51380715

Are you in a party?

>> No.51380742

There's that WotR game accepting applicants

>> No.51380743

Tell him to step up his puzzle design.

>> No.51380822


>> No.51380862

So, what would /pfg/ WANT out of a /pfg/ aimed campaign?

>> No.51380863

Burrow and DD are self only so, rest of the party still gets to deal with all the traps and such. DM will be fiiiine.

>> No.51380872

A literal suicide pact.

>> No.51380883

Not a /pfg/ aimed campaign. Just run a PF that doesn't shill to people.

>> No.51380897

DD isn't actually self-only. It just has a limit to the number of people you can take with you that depends on your level.

>> No.51380899

More lewd to upset butthurt fags.

>> No.51380952

The one thing no game can do.

>> No.51380956

Personally this is what I most enjoy from campaigns:
>some form of intrigue, my favorite being criminal intrigue, but courtly and political intrigue are also fun
>optimization is welcomes and encouraged, but exploitation is not (exploitation such as blood money abuse, paragon surge, planar binding abuse, etc.)
>emphasis is put on some kind of management system, I like managing organizations and the planning that goes with it
>fairly high lethality, I find character death to be both interesting and often entertaining, the feeling of constantly being on the edge is exciting
>more serious subject matter, I do not particularly enjoy the lighter of light hearted games

>> No.51380958

Ah shit you're right. Still, I'm sure the DM will be able to deal.

>> No.51380961


Either an extremely detailed region where all the action occurs, or a whole bunch of alternating settings we visit for a while before moving on.

High PB, high level. I love you guys, but I need my level 11 or 9 start.


A premise built around something utterly unrelated to a world-shattering threat. For example, I would prefer a campaign where we play gladiators, or partners starting up a business and/or estate.

>> No.51381002

>Either an extremely detailed region where all the action occurs, or a whole bunch of alternating settings we visit for a while before moving on.
What settings aren't that? It seems like that's just proper use of locations.

>> No.51381012

First timer here /pfg/.
My friends and I are doing our first campaign and I was wondering about setting a simple trip wire using a rope anchored with pitons in the walls. From what I've seen there aren't a lot of rules about this sort of thing but I did find this spell which is similar on the wiki.

Do you think this setup would work if I just made the perception check a bit easier, and maybe rolled for the crafting of it?

>> No.51381023

why am i always so sad /pfg/?

>> No.51381031

3rd party spell, ask your DM if it's cool to use.

>> No.51381032


Pathfinder tried to do this with Sandpoint, Magnimar and Korvosa before giving up.

>> No.51381048


Because you use us as your source of entertainment and socialization when we're anything but.

>> No.51381076

Don't forget Absalom which no one cares about.

>> No.51381084

but everyone else sucks.

>> No.51381117

What do you do when you realize you're the "Neil" to some group of friends who probably think you're suicidal, aren't actually your real friends, and are not that interested in your game underneath the facade?

>> No.51381137

We suck too, Anon. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can begin to expand.

>> No.51381154

How about run a regular PF game that doesn't pander to degenerate neckbeards who just want to play pretend-sex with other neckbeards.

>> No.51381168

Because you determine your self worth based on the number of people with status above yours, rather than your percentile. Your perception of social standing evolved in an environment where you could live your whole life and only meet 100 people. In that society having 50 people better than you meant you were average, while 100 people better than you meant you were bottom of the barrel. Now you can see 100 people who have lives better than yours every day, so your internal evaluation is stuck on the lowest position.

>> No.51381208

Well first off you scare yourself away from suicide by realizing that the torments which await us all beyond the veil of Death are more terrible and more agonizing than anything one can experience in Life. Our very souls will be flayed upon the altar of misery, from which there will be no escape and no solace save for the screaming, in which our noneuclidean captors will revel.

Then you make them tell you what they think of you to your face.

>> No.51381244

I'm not suicidal, and that would just make me look like a fucking psycho.

>> No.51381250


Degeneracy is king.

>> No.51381260

Frankly, sitting down with your players and going "alright guys, I get the feeling you're not really enjoying the game. what's up?" should help fix things.

you know, communication like a normal person.

>> No.51381287

>normal person
Pick at most one.

>> No.51381289

Yeah. I don't know awaits after death, but it's nothing good for me.

If there is an afterlife I'm not a good enough person to get a great lot.

My one option is to try and find happiness while alive and preserve my life as long as possible.

>> No.51381301

That's very different from "make them tell you what they think of you to your face", anon.

>> No.51381313

I said "like" a normal person, not that he actually was one. subtle, but important difference.

>> No.51381333

Nah, not really. I just said it more diplomatically than the other guy. Communication and manipulation of circumstances is all in the presentation of things.

>> No.51381470

You take your pills and relax (anti-anxiety prescription or just vitamin B, take your pick), and realize that by far the most likely reason people act friendly toward you is because they genuinely feel that way.

You want proof, look at their dogshit characters. These people can't roleplay for shit and you think they're capable of pulling off coordinated acting and deception just for you? You know better.

>> No.51381546

>you're the "Neil"
The what now? Is this some sort of reference I'm missing?

>> No.51381575

So my GM has approved that I can make my own custom class based off this comic. If I can make it good enough he may approve it. Can /pfg/ help me out with with creating it?

>> No.51381606

>Can /pfg/ help me out with with creating it?

>> No.51381624

Sorry to ask this, but does anyone have the update to Bloodforge?

>> No.51381652

Google image search does wonders friend. I just used it to find he's talking about the character Neil from Community.

>> No.51381657


It's a name associated with something, like Chad or Stacy or Tyrone.

>> No.51381671


There's like a trillion B vitamins, anon.

>> No.51381676

The only one of those that I associate with anything is Chad.

>> No.51381719

Get any B-100 supplement, it'll have the important ones.

>> No.51381764


Stacy is the female version of Chad!

And Tyrone is black.

>> No.51381915

Pretty much all of them. Nonstandard characters I've built include:
>a poison user
>an actual Tower Shield user
>a Kineticist/Fighter/Monk that can mow down a line of enemies by running into them
>a Monk that fights in wombo-combo
>a Rogue/Fighter that specialized in Cleave
>a Monk that was basically a Dungeoncrasher
>Senator Armstrong
>a character that has a 130-foot radius reach and can actually break combat using soley 1pp materials
>a character that optimized for carrying capacity that can use whole cities as a projectile
I'm only going to burn out when I stop thinking of ways to fuck with my players.

>> No.51381929

Watch episode 14 of this and get cultured.
This is seriously the normie exposure to our hobby in the current day.

>> No.51382014

>ywn get to play a cute qlippoth tiefling girl with tentacles
>ywn get to play a halfing-origin qlippoth tiefling who is a tiny squid
>ywn squid

>> No.51382024


Make one for that Wrath of the Righteous campaign!

>> No.51382085

>Senator Armstrong
Tell me more!

>> No.51382092

>the D&D episode.
You know what, I'll take it.

>most normies only know of furries through that one CSI: Las Vegas episode: Fur and Loathing, S4E5.

>> No.51382107


Don't forget that D&D episode on The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon and Amy go to Sheldon's room and ERP.

>> No.51382109

To be fair, I don't think that there's any way to play a monk other than Guilty Gear.

>> No.51382119

Let's not go that far please

>> No.51382139

Not mine, but we have a brawler who keeps chucking the oracle buddy of his around and using him as a weapon

>> No.51382144


What, you don't want to watch the scene?


>> No.51382149

>>a character that has a 130-foot radius reach and can actually break combat using soley 1pp materials
What the fuck. How?

>> No.51382155

>Big Bang Theory
Kill yourself.


>> No.51382176

Shotas are little boys, and if you're calling them Shotas, they're sexualized, effeminate little boys.

So you have pedophile, sissy, faggot (if male)/fujoshi (if female), and magical realm, which is bad civ even before adding the weebery.

Bunnygirls have Fran from FFXII covering for them, foxgirls are a splat race (very few people remember Kitsune are full furry), catgirls are one of those weeb things non-weebs know and the cat noises are fucking annoying even if the player isn't touching themselves to making them.

>> No.51382186


What? I'm simply discussing the richness of The Big Bang Theory Universe (the BBTU, as it were.)

>> No.51382202

Sensei Monk of the Healing Hand that sits in the back and dimension doors allies around. And when he hits level 20, he "betrays" the party to join the BBEG and uses his capstone to erase the BBEG from existence.

Because the Monk of the Healing Hand's capstone is a ki power, which is subject to the Sensei's Mystic Wisdom.

High level Alchemist buffed to the gills. Massive strength, huge damage resistance, innate fast healing every turn, and when he died his Elixir of Life kicked in for 200% health.

>> No.51382210



>> No.51382216 [SPOILER] 

How big on war were you?

>> No.51382237

For you.

>> No.51382262

Huge Size with a whip, Combat Patrol, Long Arm, Lunge, Fluid Form, and the Stamina use for Improved Whip Mastery. I think the bonuses added up to 130 feet, though since the order matters it's a bit iffy depending on how you do the math.

>> No.51382279

Does a kind Anon feel like posting the Xhamen Dor stat blog and article from the latest Strange Aeons?

>> No.51382293


Well I don't know about him, but I think we should give war a chance!

>> No.51382371

>there's a huge-ass god corpse in the First World
>mfw you don't gain Mythic from consuming his flesh
>mfw there isn't even lore of a creature becoming a god by consuming another god

What's a man gotta do to be Aldrich around here?

>> No.51382378

He was part of a subplot involving possible war between the Five Kings Mountains and Andoran. Subplot because I literally just jammed him, the four winds, Bladewolf, and EXCELUS in the middle of an AP as a break from Book 3 of RoW: the dungeons of femininity

>> No.51382386

I have a bag of holding 4. They all fit.

>> No.51382429

>being the guy who spends his gold on party resources
good man

>> No.51382446

I too would like to know this.

>> No.51382469

If it counts I played a drunken master in 3.5
Best fucking character ever, I miss chopstick darts.

>> No.51382478

Well the dm is pissed. I think he probably spent irl hours making these elaborate traps and now i just bypass them trivially.

I feel like I'm killing his fun.

>> No.51382501

You're just not consuming the right part of the God.

And there is lore of that. Lamashtu ate Curchanus.

>> No.51382516

So what would a base class look like that gets arcane spells, divine spells, psychic spells, powers, maneuvers, pact binding, and veils?

>> No.51382524

a mess

>> No.51382525

Time to eat Jubilex.

>> No.51382560

If you know what I mean, wink wink, nudge nudge?

>> No.51382570


Lamasthu did not eat Curchanus, she merely stole his stuff and killed him.

I doubt Paizo is clever enough to consider god eating.

>> No.51382573

Either catastrophically overpowered with minimal effort or worthlessly underpowered once fully optimized.

And it's one or the other. No middle ground at all.

>> No.51382584

Yar. What say ye, /pfg/ for a game of pirates on world broken into fragments long ago by the ancient magics, where yea can sail the High Blue, the Deep Blue, or even the Black if ye be adventurous... once ye deal with the pickle yer treacherous old Cap'n, Barbados Slim, got in exchange for his retirement plan?


>> No.51382651

And then created the demon lord of scavengers from his corpse. Do the math, just because it doesn't say she ate him doesn't mean the implication isn't there.

>> No.51382656

It could probably work as a Blue Mage sort of thing. You can use any ability that's been used against you in the last ~48 hours, but with half BAB and some fraction of spell slots.

Can only be comboed to death and back if you can take the abilities from your party members and you know what, team synergies can be stronger than normal.

Maybe have archetypes based around increasing your spell slots by removing things you can copy, like, extra spells if you can't copy divine spells, just arcane ones.

>> No.51382660

Are we talking about the void here or do you mean some kind of sexual euphemism thing when you say black?

>> No.51382663

Fuck yes


>> No.51382713


No, it has to be described!

>> No.51382717

It's genuinely his failing, with a bit from the system. "Reach location" puzzles aren't the only type of puzzle in existence, and they NEED to be interspersed with other types at level 5+. After 7th level they should represent a very small proportion of puzzle and trap types.

>> No.51382719

Aye cap'n, t'would be somethin' I'd be interested in!

>> No.51382722

I'm talking about taking ye airship out beyond the HIGH BLUE, which be where the shards orbit Davy Jones' Locker, and out into THE BLACK, the empty space between worlds.

Also known as SPACE

>> No.51382736

How very uncreatively named.

>> No.51382739


>That image

She could make me stand to attention without saying a word!

>> No.51382758

>Barbados Slim

>> No.51382779

Where's the water flow? Are there rivers that stream through the sky like that one Mario Galaxy world, which shipless people can surf from fragment to fragment?

>> No.51382791

Are hook-hands a weapon that exists in Pathfinder?

Could you take a drawback that takes away the use of one of your hands?

>> No.51382803

That depends on scheduling and chargen rules.

>> No.51382804


Yes on both accounts.

>> No.51382805

>video and voice
Aside from that, it sounds AMAZING though.

>> No.51382842

... Well it's not like it can't be done, but the pathfinder vehicle rules are kinda trash. Interested but what have you in mind?

>> No.51382845

>the right part of the God.
What are you trying to imply? I don't think I like it.

>> No.51382868

>Video and Voice

>> No.51382873

I know what I'm making.

Time to be an Oracle VMC Cleric for water domain. I FUCKING LOVE WATER.

>> No.51382884


You eat the god's heart.

>> No.51382888

Well, there be the HIGH BLUE, which is the Seven Skies ye pirates will be sailing, and the DEEP BLUE, the dark depths beneath the shards where be Sky Monsters and, at the center of the world, 'tis said, be Davy Jones' Locker. THE BLACK felt the next logical step.

Well, ye see, thar be a natural water cycle where the rivers fall off the edge of the shards in great waterfalls, becomin' a mist of things. Then, the water vapors be carried up by heat currents and the fact that it be lighter than tha normal air, until it touches upon the dust and smoke to become clouds, wherefor it falls upon the shards or the Deep Blue as Rain or Snow.

That be flexible, but I be on the East Coast of the Americas, so keep that in mind.

Yar, that should be text. I'll correct it in a jiffy.

>> No.51382908

>Total Players Needed: 7


>> No.51382916

Six, anon. The GM is one of them.

>> No.51382959

>bladed dash is transmutation

what the fuck?

>> No.51382961

Yar, I be confident enough in my GMing skills to handle 7 players, so long as ye scallywags know your characters and have your actions ready.

I be winging it, mostly. I figure getting ye a sky schooner and maybe rescuing the old crew from the penal colony is a good enough start.

>> No.51382967

Ah. Cannot do them hours.
Ah well.

>> No.51382977

It's for bards and maguses, what do they even care about the school?

>> No.51382982

Yar, tha should be 6 players, not seven, I don't know what madness has taken me.

>> No.51382991

I've shat out better vehicle rules than that. Most of us have.

Then we all wiped our asses, stood up, put the lid down, flushed, washed our hands, and left the bathroom without ever realizing we'd shat out better vehicle rules than pathfinder in that minute.

>> No.51383016


>Putting the lid down
>Wiping before you stand up

What kind of savage are you?

>> No.51383047

I was just looking at it to see how to ask about transferring it to spheres, but I don't really know sphere it would go with.

>Can't use Spellstrike with Energy Leap
Kill me

>> No.51383059

What else would it be? Evocation?

>> No.51383124

Don't suppose you have a link to Legendary Vigilantes?

>> No.51383129

Some people are thin/flexible enough to wipe while sitting.

Also it's common courtesy to put the lid down if you shit in someone else's toilet. Don't wanna be a rude guest and have everyone smelling that.

>> No.51383141

Never mind we're sky pirates.

Current Plan:

>Wind Oracle w/ Powerless Prophesy
>Stormborn Cleric Eldritch Heritage
>VMC Cleric for Storm Subdomain

Is this sky pirate enough?

>> No.51383177

What's the best unarmed vigilante?

>> No.51383196

Me personally, I'd say that's Dynamic Striker.

>> No.51383208

Storm Step, a spell you'd THINK would be Evocation, is Conjuration, so I don't even know what it should be.

>> No.51383218

Sure. May as well.

>> No.51383262

Well this sounds promising.

>> No.51383291

A wizard can do all of that but psychic spells and divine spells, but he'll have access to all those subsystems.

Psychic mage can get that power that forms an astral suit, with which they get veils and pow and can get the spell bind spirits 1-5. And lastly by using FCBs you can get sphere talents.

>> No.51383304

Yar, it be in the trove.

>> No.51383318

Do you have the rules for Exposed Vigilante available?

>> No.51383370

+1 Skill point each level.
+1 Social Talent at level 1.
Always considered to be in their social identity for social talents.
Can't get any talent that needs 2 identities to work, or talents that grant additional identities.
Loses dual identity and seemless guise.

>> No.51383371

What is the Oak Island of Golarion?

>> No.51383458

... There are people who don't wipe while sitting? I thought that was the standard.

>> No.51383489

If you're fat/notflexbile you can't, lol

>> No.51383493

Pick any island from the Shackles.

>> No.51383499

So here is a question. I want to ask if I can use 3.5 Vow of Poverty for flavor reasons, but it seems like we start without gear and I don't want to seem like a power gamer.

>> No.51383541

> I want to ask if I can use 3.5 Vow of Poverty for flavor reasons, but it seems like we start without gear and I don't want to seem like a power gamer.

>vow of poverty
>sky pirate
>thinking vow of poverty is powergaming

pick 1
Vow of Poverty is trash, and also is terrible for a pirate to have.

>> No.51383575

3.5 vow of poverty

I'm the ship's healer, religious fanatic, voodoo witch doctor, and extremely unlikeable fellow.

>> No.51383599

My ultimate goal with any build is to surprise my GM and fellow players. I like the moments when my character pulls something strange out of his bag of tricks that no one expected.

That's why I fucking love oracles and love eldritch heritage.

>> No.51383626


Who are the Knights Templar of Golarion?

>> No.51383700

Yar, I be advising against it thematically, lad. Ye be a sky pirate! Booty and lucre should be yer goal in life, not something ye eschew fer religious purposes.

>> No.51383713

.... just how fat do you have to BE?
How can people not reach their own ass?????


>> No.51383725


How much booty could we expect?

>> No.51383736

New thread!


>> No.51383738

I have a plan for where the funs go. I feed the great void with my share! Praise be to the void between worlds! May it consume us all!

>> No.51383741

Druma's Mercenary League for the money part, Low Templars as an organization of self righteous pricks (as far as I can remember, they are basically pricks who are in on the crusades for nothing but personal glory and money)

>> No.51383754

Why is there no good way to play a werewolf in Pathfinder? No, skinwalkers are not a good way.

>> No.51383784

>not Orc Barbarian
>not flying radioactive Orc Barbarian pirate

>> No.51383821

Because werewolves are kind of a huge hassle to deal with.

Namely lycanthropy shouldn't work during a not full moon.

>> No.51383847

Yar, ye kin expect all manner of booty, from the buried treasure gold dubloons kind to the well shaped peasant kind (but all tha' will be fade ta black, we be pirates, not degenerates!). There will be mountains of booty fer ye of all shapes and sizes, depending on where ye go and what ye find...

Nay lad, that wouldn't work! Dumpin' yer booty off the side of the boat jus' be givin' it to Davy Jones!

>> No.51383862


Same reason blood mages do not work.

>inb4 someone thinks willy wonka is a good source for a blood mage

>> No.51383917

Would he be the Fat Man or the Little Boy?

>> No.51383954

Isn't the full moon just an involuntary shift that has no bearing on voluntary shifts?

>> No.51384001

>Giving it to Davey Jones

M8, that's what we call bribery. It's totally the sort of religious practice that could arise in a setting such as this.

>> No.51384046

I guess what I'm really saying is that lycanthropy is done wrong in PF and DnD.

It should be like the Frenzied Beserker.
Granting powerful benefits but making you a detriment to those with you.

>> No.51384071

You'd be surrounded by pirates who would gladly take that bribe from Davy Jones.

>> No.51384072

Issue is that 'be a detriment to those around you' is a fucking terrible design decision.

It's one of the reasons that Brute Vigilantes fucking suck.

>> No.51384129

It's the right design decision because lycanthropy is a curse/disease. It's not a good thing to have unless you don't care about killing everything around you.

>> No.51384155

>I wanna play a werewolf
>But being a werewolf should fucking suck

>> No.51384205

>I wanna play a werewolf

>that's not actually a werewolf and gets along with everyone like a good boy! who's a good boy! me! *raises paw* *pants*

>> No.51384227

>I want to play a character that fucks over my party
>In a team-based game

>> No.51384254

>I wanna play a character concept that is characterised by uncontrollable murder, infection, insanity and generally fucks over everyone around them
>I want to do this in a team based game and furthermore I don't want any of these drawbacks that characterise this character design to impede me and my team

>> No.51384290

Well I'd say it still counts as "generally" if the party is conveniently excluded.

>> No.51384319

>I want to play a character concept that is 'normal human' outside of approximately one night per MONTH, during which I am unable to control my character.

>> No.51384372

>out of hundreds if not thousands of examples of werewolves in fiction, I only accept the handful that conform to my own very narrow sense of no-fun-ness.

I bet you don't allow dhampir to cross flowing water in your games either.

>> No.51384377

>I want to play a normal human, except 1 night per month my character goes crazily out of control
I don't see why you can't just ask your GM to NPC you as a monster once every few sessions and have the party accidentally kill you.

>> No.51384427

Why complain about there being no good way to play a werewolf then? Be a skinwalker and shut the fuck up, lol.

>> No.51384435

>BBEG is a werewolf who tries to Piccolo the moon

>> No.51384481

Player wants to be a werewolf, acknowledges that skinwalkers blow

>wah, werewolves are mindless killing machines just like in my stories

Anon points out that there are plenty of non mindless killing machines werewolves in fiction

>lol why don't you just play a skinwalker then?

>> No.51384512

So, what exactly do you want? A twilight sparkling werewolf who turns bishie in the full moon, coat of fur turning into diamond like spines and cock engorging and puffing out its knot so it can fuck all the girls, and the only reason why there are stories about why werewolves are bestial in the full moon is because it makes them like a fucking beast in bed?

>> No.51384574

>Anon points out that there are plenty of non mindless killing machines werewolves in fiction

Like Scooby-Doo?

>> No.51384581

People are also pointing out that it would be retarded design sense to make it.

Since, if you NEEEED your 'muh full moon' then you are 'normal human' for all but one fucking night per month.

>> No.51384646

>Isn't the full moon just an involuntary shift that has no bearing on voluntary shifts?

>> No.51384675

I want to change into a damned werewolf like a barbarian rages and turn into a damned direwolf like a druid wildshapes. That's it. Not exactly overpowering shit, here.

>> No.51384702

The idea of a voluntary shift kinda makes lycanthropy a not disease/curse.

Might as well just play Druid/Hunter or something that can wildshape/polymorph/synthesize into unstoppable beast at any time they like without the risk of killing their friends.

>> No.51384734

So just fluff a barbarian rage/druid as that then.

And have the GM NPC you once a month to try and murder your allies.

>> No.51384736

Yes, historically, a werewolf did not have control over their transformations. That's what made it a CURSE.



>> No.51384750

>acknowledges that skinwalkers blow

What? When was this the consensus? I thought people liked them, what the fuck changed your minds?

>> No.51384761

Skinwalkers are great, it's just someone bitching that them transforming isn't some superpower, just something you stay in all the time unless someone's being racist at you.

>> No.51384816

They're just 3.5 shifters. The're a way to play lycanthropes if you don't think lycanthropes should have animal forms.

>> No.51384928

Well... they often didn't.

The point of being a werewolf is that you're a wolfman.

Not that you turn into an actual wolf. Wolfman.

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