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>Medieval Fantasy battle
>DM starts playing electronic music

Faux pas?

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Step up, bitch:

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Actually, the entire track, because it's that fucking good

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>DM starts playing music

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>Not playing horror games with dark ambient in the background, so all the normies are spooped

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If your GM doesn't know how to use music to enhance his games, I feel sorry for you.

It's like watching a movie without a soundtrack.

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There are movies without soundtracks, but they usually also come with extremely good storytelling qualities, which I doubt is the case with his GM.

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Depends on the music i guess. Silk Road soundtrack by Kitaro could go well with some historical games for example.

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Kitaro and both Jarres fit pretty much anything you want them to fit, just like early Enya (even if shit GMs will rather pick her late works for "extra fantasy feel")

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>there are movies without soundtracks

That could be improved with soundtracks.

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What is this weird elf thing with horns and why is it sleeping in a box? I've seen it a dozen times over the last week and no one ever even seems to acknowledge it.

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That's Ribbon.

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Those are not horns, she just has this weird messy hairstyle. She is old meme, /tg/ "OC", much like Cultist-chan, just somewhat less notorious. Name's Ribbon.

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I respectfully disagree. I love adding music to games, and I love when my GM does it. Though, my usual GM is an audiophile and he makes playlists for encounters, dialogue scenes, locations and it's usually stuff I've never heard before.

By now, I can't imagine infiltrating a Nightclub without EDM blaring... only to be turned down to a dull, electric whisper when we move into the VIP room to make our contact.

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She's an elf with double ahoge that plays games and is stupid but hangs out with a busty succubus so she's cool.

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Depends on how trashy and 80s it sounds. I still use combat music from the Birthright video game for my d&d.

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Absolutely not. Berserk had a pretty realistic fantasy setting in the original anime, and don't tell me this shit doesn't get your rocks off. That's some serious fucking sword fighting music, though I do have a strong appreciation for late 80's-early 90's movie soundtracks.


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>An artistic choice fitting the story told in a movie would be improved if a soundtrac was added
I'm not sure you understand how stupid you sound

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Miura is on record for saying that Susumu Hirasawa's music was an inspiration for the manga.
It's pretty awesome to have been able to get him to do the soundtrack for the original series,

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>a pretty realistic fantasy setting

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>I'm sure this troll will see the error of his ways if I just give him one reply

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>Medieval Fantasy battle
>DM plays this

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Really? I didn't know that, but as soon as you said it, it made perfect sense. I knew the music fit way too fucking well for an ordinary show, particularly that Silver Fins song in the ending credits. Like holy shit, after that depressing ass ending, the melancholy was palpable.

Yes, the original Beserk anime had a pretty realistic fantasy setting before the very end when the God Hand shows up. Guts was just a lowly knight participating in a bildungsroman narrative, until his lady is turbo demon-raped and he gets his arm eaten by a crazy dragon while all his friends die.

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I could see electronic music working in many cases, but how far can we go with other kinds of music? Jazz? Southern rock? Bluegrass? Polka? Hip hop? R&B

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Silence for some scenes may make sense, but no soundtrack whatsoever is artsy-fartsy bullshit. Even a subtle soundtrack can help add new layers of depth to a scene.

If a director tells me that he didn't include a soundtrack because of stylistic reasons, my immediate response is "So, you don't know how to use music."

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I'm not sure you understand.
There is no such thing like "realistic fantasy setting". And it only sounds more ridiculous when you add adjective like "pretty", incidating there is some sort of scale when it comes to realistic fantasy settings and this particular one is relatively high on that scale.

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ambient =/= music

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>no soundtrack whatsoever is artsy-fartsy bullshit
>I am American and I'm retarded

Yeah, I've noticed. You've just implied that lack of soundtrack can't add to a film. Because fuck logic, right?

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Oh, look, a normie showed up. Go google dark ambient and get the fuck out of my face

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I'm not sure you understand what "realistic" actually means anon

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>Le artistic choices are shit meme coming in
>Le being stupid is good meme hitting right after it
You forgot to add a frog

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Then enlighten us all what the FUCK "a pretty realistic fantasy setting" is. Define it, rather than using term that contradicts itself on most basic level.

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Have you ever considered the option that lack of soundtrack might add to the scene just as much as applying one?
Using that /tv/ scale, it's like you were watching flicks all your miserable life and then pretend that everything above them, including even movies, is just some sort of insufferable and pretentious mess.

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Yes, because a well structured political narrative that was also touching on the ascent to aristocracy from the under class has nothing to do with "realism".

Kindly, fuck off. You seem to be intent on arguing about nothing, and it's not really important. The key facts are, electronic music was fitting for a relatively "realistic" fantasy setting. In this context, realistic fantasy setting refers to a high concept philosophical setting with mundane characters who have realistic and practical limitations, compared to a more pulp-fantasy setting. Again, this is applicable to berserk, until the god hand shows up.

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>There is no such thing like "realistic fantasy setting"

Yes, actually. It's basically where a faulty definition of "high" and "low" fantasy breaks apart. One definition of the difference between the two is that "high" fantasy simply doesn't take place on earth. This definition doesn't really mean anything, because whether you say it takes place on Earth or not has really very little bearing on the overall feel of the work.

You can have a setting that is nigh-identical to historical Earth, call it something like Notearth, with Notfrance and NotEngland, and while it looks and feels like more of a historical documentary than a fantasy story, it still falls into the category of fantasy despite having no magic or obviously fantastical elements. I'm more than willing to call that "realistic fantasy."

And, as an aside, you can have world-bending wizards and dragons fighting in England on Earth and even call it the "true history", and it's kind of silly to call that "low" fantasy in comparison.

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a genre of imaginative fiction involving magic and adventure, especially in a setting other than the real world that is representing familiar things in a way that is accurate or true to life

Look, I copy pasted relevant definitions for you

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Fantasy = different proper nouns, geography, species and/or rules than reality
Realistic = similar rules to reality

These can overlap easily

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I like hip hop or R&B in early modern settings

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Art for the sake of art is dumb and circular.

>Have you ever considered the option that lack of soundtrack might add to the scene just as much as applying one?

It can add to a scene, but not every scene. If your entire movie doesn't have any tonal shifts, even subtle ones, it sounds like you're missing some basic understanding of movies. Even silence obtains a more significant impact is the rest of the scenes are scored.

Music can be heavy-handed and lead the audience too much at times, and it can conflict with a vision of trying to "recreate reality as closely as possible", but that's what separates a good soundtrack from a masterful one.

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>All those autist defending a random guy talking shit

And for your record, you either have realism or fantasy. Even magic realism is part of fantasy genre, you cunts. It's basic fucking literature theory. You've skipped high school or what?

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So like I was saying, you are heavily underexposed to cinema and insecure about it. Nice knowing.

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>"realistic" is absolute

Trip up. You're too dumb to not be warning people not to pay attention to anything you say.

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There is literally no film that would be better with zero soundtrack outside of films that already ruined themselves by sticking their head deep inside their own anus

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>implying realism isn't a gradient relative to the inclusion of established tropes in a particular genre
Step it up anon.

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>underexposed to cinema

Name a film that couldn't be improved with a soundtrack.
Likely, you're going to name something boring and artsy-fartsy and is some director's attempt to communicate a subtle failing of the human condition through some everyman characters going through non-incidents laced with metaphor, but even those could be improved with a musician who understands subtlety.

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>Spend hours listening to music, picking out the right songs for each possible scenario, and basically crafting the mood of the games
>Session rolls around, don't play music at all out of fear of being judged for my taste
If I do play music it's usually for myself at a 5% volume to help me DM. My mind flows better when there's ambiance.

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You're clearly not interested in answers.

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Were you just about to name something boring and artsy-fartsy and some director's attempt to communicate a subtle failing of the human condition through some everyman characters going through non-incidents laced with metaphor?

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Great Gatsby was a good movie (thats not early modern though, but its an example of anachronistic music)

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To be fair, he's not wrong. The only reason to have absolutely no soundtrack, instead of a minimalist ambient soundtrack, is if you want to jerk off over how pretentious you are.

It's the same as a movie that cuts to white at the end. Yes, blah blah pseudo-intelectual prattle about breaking the fourth-wall and self awareness, but 99% of the time it's pretentious bullshit with little substance.

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>Normal physical battle
>Classic orchestra, expected
>Low-level wizard/Spellblade approaches
>Orchestra with light synth starts to play
>BBEG Wizard approaches, rune-sigil covered robes warping colors as it floats gracefully as magic warps through his hands and his head is coated in ethereal flame

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>GMing DnD 5e with a prepared playlist
>first session
>generic goblin infested old paladin tomb
>at the end the warlock opens a coffin to loot it, against the paladin's advice
>play this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8XVio5g5LY
>a single specter appears, nothing too hard right?
>players collectively shit their pants and run as fast as they can

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>Run most of the dark fantasy game with ominous and somewhat oppressive ambient music for the wilds, gentler music for towns etc
>Except for inns, taverns and other areas of revelry

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My players had to fight a giant skeleton that peers out of a massive dark chasm

I wanted a song that was violent and dark to showcase how dangerous their enemy was, so I put this


I had already put modern songs in the campaign so I didn't think too much after it

I dunno if I did good

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>medieval fantasy campaign
>DM plays appropriate ambient noises, songs from Elder Scrolls, LOTR, etc.
>five sessions in, at the end of a perilous dungeon
>players come across three ancient sarcophagi
>they open one
>this starts playing

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>implying medieval fantasy battle wouldn't involve uncovering the ruins of an ancient civilization far more advanced than the modern age


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What a sad person you are.

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Joke's on you, I'm running a Drakengard game.

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I prefer to play a loop of 19 hz

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people can't hear under 25hz

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I know. Infrasound is often attributed as being a cause of a haunting. People exposed to it have reported feelings of dread and nausea.

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Oh... Ohhh!

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>Roll20 no longer supports soundcloud
Picking out the music for encounters was my favorite part of DMing. Fuck.

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Not too long ago someone drew Ribbon sleeping in a box, asking what she was dreaming. Then people started to fill in what she was dreaming.

It was a silly and fun thread, and I wish there were more like it.

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Maybe people will git gud and start using IceCast servers or literally anything that isn't the copyright hell of SoundCloud.

There is hope yet!

>> No.51389549

I dare you guys to read a copypasta while listening to 19 hz frequency.

Also, does the volume have to be at a certain volume for it to work, or can I have it full volume with headphones?

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>Medieval Fantasy battle
>DM starts playing Eurobeat

Faux pas?

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Or with the wrong soundtrack.


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...what do columbians have to do with this?

>> No.51389881

hmm not sure, what kinda setting was it

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It works best with very loud speakers.
The vibration doesn't affect your hearing directly, but your whole body. It vibrates your inner ear without registering a sound directly. It vibrates the liquids on your body. including inside your eyes, which may cause visual hallucinations such as shifting shadows.

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What do you guys do when the theme song you've picked out for a particular encounter ends? Do you loop it, play something else, or let silence reign?

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Well, that depends.

Had you been in this place before?

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No, but the story takes place in the closing years of the century.

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>Picking out the music for encounters was my favorite part of DMing. Fuck.

Fanburst my nigga

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Modern fantasy mostly, Ghibli inspired architecture, other music was either low-fi, chillhop, or ambiental

that's why choosing something as industrial as death grips felt as a good choice of contrast to me

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>Medieval Fantasy battle
>DM plays this

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So, uhh, anyone got some good examples of tunes to play in the background?

Maybe something like this: https://esteren.bandcamp.com/album/dearg

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So one of the players was Rance and the rest of you played his harem?

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>There are movies without soundtracks
I'm sure 50% of those that you're thinking of do have soundtracks but work so well with the narrative that you don't notice.

>> No.51394573

Blair Witch?

>> No.51394633

No Country for Old Men?

>> No.51394764

Higher on the street?

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>Playing L5R
>The soundtrack is hip-hop instrumentals

>> No.51395389

Funny, because that's actually an example of "Movies you thought didn't have a soundtrack but had very subtle music cues."

>> No.51395569

Sometimes I loop it, other times I just change it to an ambient track.

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I'm gonna mix all sorts of genres now with wildly inappropriate music that still somehow fits, and no one can stop me.

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> long and fun campaign is done
> DM tells us what happens afterwards, what our characters are doing in times of peace, etc.
> this song starts playing


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I've always been looking for an excuse to use this song. There's just something about the mood that makes me want to shoehorn it in.

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>Pathfinder game.
>play music from Shin Megami Tensei.
Fuck I love Shoji Meguro so much.

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