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>What do YOU purge with fire?


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Love you, Rag.

Did you ever get that fireperson race you were after?

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So my roommate made a ranger for our old session that, as the story unfolded, ended up being more of a lawyer-ey type than anything else and barely, if ever, used his spells.

That campaign is over now, but we're thinking of starting it up a sort of "season 2" and our DM has agreed to let us reboot our characters should we so desire, and I'm trying to think of ideas as to what we could make that would fit that sort of character, and no that one Cleric archetype is not on the table.

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I purge the party's dinner with fire since I'm the cook!

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But now it's a Human Avowed // Soul Weaver, so all our reasons for guessing are invalid

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So how do you guys think DHB is feeling right now that he has batted 0 for 4 in /pfg/ games?

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>Did you ever get that fireperson race you were after?


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Considering he's going to run his own game, probably relieved that he doesn't have to suddenly cancel it due to scheduling.

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Is there any word on that game? What is it about?

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You know, I saw that and was like "Are we maybe finally getting a blaster cleric?"

I was so excited, and then read it. fucking DAZZLED of all things? That's not even an appreciable debuff.

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If I were DHB at this point I'd make a new account and apply for a few games with characters different from my usual style but ones I'd still enjoy playing.

Then I'd be able to see if it was the bad press holding me back.

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Russian stuff in a revolution, I think. He's not given many other details other than the races, which are all honestly kind of cool. Treeman could use some buffing, but the rest are neat to play.

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Why are you being mean?

And, I've already been rejected from 2 games. It feels pretty bad.

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Here you go man.


I feel like I wanna go back and do up those feats a little bit more. Maybe add another one to jack Fireball up a bit more.

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There's always another chance in another one of /pfg/'s games!


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Didn't Fluffy 2 close?

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I'd consider it, but I've already got a monday game.

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If you need fire people art, just steal MTG's Kindling art

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>want to ask /pfg/'s help on building a setting and/or campaign
>can't because I'll probably be recruiting from /pfg/

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I didnt realize this was still open. What characters have been submitted so far?

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Ah, the eternal dilemma.

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Flamekin. You mean Flamekin.

(Or their dark forms, Cinders)

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I dunno, I forgot the name

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I was hoping for a summary. Roll20 is blocked at work.

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I know. I'm making an oriental setting and know next to nothing aboit the subject matter except what ive seen in anime.

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Any help boiyos?

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>Here's what my final picks will be:

>#1: Cute trap.
>#2: Big titty girl.
>#3: Small/medium titty girl, maybe another big titty girl if she's really compelling.
>#4: Flex slot. Ideally I'd want a non-trap guy for this one, but I'd also settle for another trap or girl.

>I'll be picking party members based on this, but which ones get in are less about their lewd potential, more about actual character.

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i purge my life with fire

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What, a lawyer character?

What do you want?

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We're thinking of perhaps a bard, but really the main crux of what we're looking for is someone who's good with RP-style rolls like Diplomacy while also being good at investigative work. Does the Investigator class actually live up to its name in that regard?

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The dream will never happen

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If you're not going to use your spells try Skirmisher Ranger. Our do something like Slayer with the Underhanded Ranger Style.

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>START at Level 16
>START with 40 Point Buy
>START with One Million Starting GP
>YES to Gestalt

>I intend to run this game fairly rules light.

The hell does a rules lite game with these chargen rules look like?

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>purging with fire
I was the parties tiefling inquisitor, should have taken up that role easily.
I didn't, at all.
Somehow became the voice of reason, caution, and non-lethality in that campaign.
I'm still not quite sure how that happened.

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What part about them in particular do you think is weak? Their defense, offense, or utility? I would love to address it.


Link for reference.

Tomorrow I will likely be drawing a detailed city map for Desmon, the location the Revolution at Corkheel Square is taking place in.

As well I'd like to list out the races:
Large tree people, based off of eastern european nature spirits.
Amphibian humanoids based off of eastern european water spirits, often called 'grandfather'
Beautiful human like females based off a eastern european myth involving drowned maidens.
Small hairy humanoid house spirits who help humans.
Harmful house spirits that are said to kill of humans via strangulation.

Any particular races pique your interest?

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I kinda wish PF had one of those half-dragon races.
They make more sense to me than dragon mystery, dragon bloodline, dragon alchemist, dragon monk, etc etc.

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Give me some time, I'm working on it.

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Well, dragons are hella powerful, of course mortals would try to emulate them.Though I agree,a well-done draconic race wouldn't be bad... and I say this as a big spellscale and dragonborn hater.

I wish the draconic race versions existed and dragon disciples turned into actual half-dragons in the end. I could even see myself losing a spell level for that.

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Kobolds are a thing, you know.

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I don't know how they make more sense

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The exposed vigilante and outrageous lyricist archetypes are compatible, yet the latter confers identity-dependent options.

What becomes of:

1. The vibrant transformation class feature.

2. The powerful transformation class feature.

In the case of a vigilante who is both an exposed vigilante and an outrageous lyricist?

As well, what is the "Tactical Research talent" mentioned in Legendary Villains: Vigilantes? It refers to a seemingly nonexistent supplement, "Intrigue Archetypes."

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They don't strike me as particularly impressive, honestly. If they had Powerful Build, since mythologically they were fairly large, then I think they'd be cooler.

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Do you hate dragonborn as a concept or as an execution?

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That makes a good deal of sense.

Out of the races which do you believe is the strongest?

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>"Intrigue Archetypes."

Might mean archetypes from Ultimate Intrigue


REMOVE SCALY remove scaly

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Not that anon, but I hate the way they tend to get played.
> Haha, I am mighty dragon guy! None can stand in my...
> What do you mean I rolled for shit?

It's like a thing they all do. They assume bcause 'dragon' was written on their race line at least in part that they're suddenly demi-gods and throw hissy fits when I don't let that shit fly.

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>I wish dragon disciples turned into actual half-dragons


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Half-dragons are shit like half-angels and half-demons, attempt to try to be more special snowflake from the get go than others

Lizardman and Dragonman are both humanoid lizard people, but the connotation is completely different. Other is savage and crude, the other is noble and great.

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You'd lose access to both unless you took the masked identity feat, so they're basically null, but they also can be regained with a feat.

And Intrigue Archetypes is a future book that should be coming out this or next month. It's relating to the talented tactician archetype, but remember that LV, LV:V, the mercurial duelist, and the archetypes in Intrigue Archetypes (as well as a few archetypes from the eventual Horror Archetypes on which I'm working) were a part of the same doc originally.

I'm looking over LK 2 playtest stuff, honestly you can remove that from the next OP, because it's about to be finished off. It's going into final checks at the moment.

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Add Scaly Add Scaly

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I want to make a courtier who fights with fighting fans,using only 1pp and with little or no magic. Is it worth going into brawler for the close weapons damage and the lulz, or should I try something else like vigilante, slayer, rogue/ninja or, cthulhu help me, swashbuckler/daring champion?

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Honestly the main thing I am worried about is that /pfg/ does not have much interest playing in a game without pathfinder's normal races.

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Original anon. I don't like the concept much, to be honest. I don't know why, but WotC selling them as "hey,do you want to play a dragon" just annoys me. I like a draconic influence on a character or eventually becoming a dragon,but the dragonborn are.. meh.

The execution is decent, it doesn't capture my imagination like some other races but I am okay with it.

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Rusalka most definitely; they don't have the same speed or time limitations for water-travel as the Vodyanoy, they're better at grappling than Kimimora, and overall they simply have better stats for anything except for the fact that they've got a positive to two mental scores and a negative to Constitution; both of these can be worked around, however.

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In general I don't like playing homebrew races at all because there's not usually much to go on.
And then the DM can just add shit to MY backstory as they decide to flesh out their race.

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I feel like without the contrast of humans and at least one other race (probably elves or dwarves, in order to draw parallels between other races), the new races just feel hard to relate to or compare against.

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Ehn Ehn Ehn, you contradicted yourself!
You gave a different answer last time!

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It all depends how the races are established

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Those are the kinds of people that are inherently immature and are probably hopeless regardless of what they'd be playing. No need to bring down the species just because of a variation of "That guy" tends to play them.

The reason I asked is because I'm the guy who ported the species to PF with my friends, and I've been DM-ing a session with all of them playing one of the color variants you can find here: http://pastebin.com/Z1Nfp5DF

My backstory for the species is that essentially a long time ago a bunch of dragons from across the board got together and were like "Maybe we can make a type of dragon that won't just be almost guaranteed to be one personality just because of its coloration". Experimentation abounded until eventually they were forced to bring in some humanoid magic users to shape the species more in that direction, since it seems that humanoids for whatever reason seem to have a bit more freedom to be what they want as opposed to strictly what they're born as.

As a result of essentially being a test tube species, Dragonborn in my session are relatively rare and are mostly relegated to the region in which they were first made.

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Humans are around at the very least. I have considered inserting one other primary pathfinder race, but have hemmed and hawed over it.

I am having problems over who of the classic really fit in among the more russian folklore races. In a way Domovoi are similar to halflings, but that's the only current parallel I can see.

Others I have considered is adding a Dhampir variety around russian vampire legends and only allowing that kind, and allowing Witchwolf Skinwalkers with tweaks to liken them to Russian/Eastern European legends.

I can see this as an issue that would present itself. However generally when this content gets made it gets set in stone before people have to make characters. That's why I am finishing things before opening up any applications and the like. As well it is the reason I am going to put together the setting book beforehand.

I can defiantly see your concerns.

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i want /pfg/ to love my characters

then maybe by proximity theyll love me

>> No.51319289

Skinwalkers and Dhampirs would be good substitutes, yes!

>> No.51319295

I see. What are you looking for in a race to consider them established?

>> No.51319299

Looks like I did, I'm 30% here right now so that's not shocking. I should just say they shouldn't stack at this point, but really, this is just going to be a sticky wicket no matter how I rule it.

I probably shouldn't even be awake now, really.

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Quick look in there and saw this bit:
>Sharp Claws
>BaB+1, Dragonborn
>Your Natural Claw Attacks increase to 1d6 damage, and you may add full str bonus with the offhand attack

Natural attacks don't work that way. You probably meant to declare that you can make a claw attack as a Primary natural attack even when making a full attack with a main hand weapon.

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Looking through Dhampir both the Moroi-Born and Nosferatu-Born already connect themselves to Eastern European myth. As for Skinwalkers likely the Witchwolves would be where I would take from.

Now the issue here mainly is using a small number of standard races, particularly single varieties of standard races with multiple varieties and banning the other kinds. A Jiang-Shi-born does not exactly fit the overall theme.

Previously I did this by simply saying "Human + These races", but it feels like a slippery slope from here on out.

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If vibrant transformation and powerful transformation are both social talents, then would the logical answer not simply be that an exposed vigilante/outrageous lyricist cashes in vibrant transformation for another extra social talent, and powerful transformation for yet another extra social talent?

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Her name is Kinu. KINU!

>> No.51319358

Go with unchained rogue if it's allowed. Otherwise stick with ninja.

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W-why the garter? What is this. I swear the garter takes this image from cute to lewd.

>> No.51319367

That'd probably be the best, although powerful transformation is a feat.

That's a silly high amount of social talents, but hey. I figure if I did do something official for that, at least one of them would have to be renown.

>> No.51319382

That's a very good question.

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>> No.51319386

How they integrate to the society
Relations with other races

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>Each offensive against the Wall by the oni leads to deeper and deeper incursions, bringing their taint with them. The Emperor knows almost nothing of what happens beyond the walls of his palace. While the Light of Heaven is distracted by his harem, the Shogunate moves to consolidate its own power. Replacing Imperial troops with his Shinsengumi, the Shogun embarks on a terrible plan to save the Jade Empire. Believing that humans are being infected by oni taint because they aren't sufficiently pure enough, he embarks on a campaign of slaughter. So that humanity will be able to stand against the hordes, he attempts to force demihumans from the empire, kill put down the offspring from a union of human and demihuman, and anywhere he judges the "infestation" too deep is "cleansed" leaving no survivors.

>The players will oppose the Shogun, fighting shogunate forces and eventually hopefully destroying the superweapon. Later, there will be courtly intrigue in the emperor's palace and finally as the empire fractures, the party will nees to choose a faction or factions to back in order to restore peace. All throughout these events, there is a seemingly endless sea of oni that are just waiting for the opportune time to strike.

I apologize for poor wording. I'm phoneposting which doesnt lend itself well to editing on the fly. Would /pfg/ be interested in playing this game? Are you bad enough dudes (or dudettes) to save the fluffy tails?

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Ah. I already have most of this planned out for the setting and will be detailing it in the setting book.

To summarize Vodyanoy and Rusalka have had a bitter rivalry and dislike of one another since before either race had recorded history, mainly due to issues of needing similar territory. During the industrial revolution the Vodyanoy became in many places the foundation for organized crime due to their societal structure while Rusalka due to their relative few numbers and powers of persuasion became attached to the dominant race of each region as courtiers and the like.

Both Domovoi and Kikimora are intricately tied to humans, each species having had their societies grow with humanity's. Domovoi in a positive manner and Kikimora in a negative. In the industrial revolution both races were the subject of exploitation, but Domovoi eventually moved past this largely into their earlier symbiotic role while Kikimora now often live in urban ghettos.

Borovoi being a race that naturally prefers rural life do not congregate often in the now urban centric society. Many were employed in completing transcontinental railroads.

All of this will go into more detail between each of the races and how they regard one another, examples of nations where each race is a racial majority, and particularly their cultural standing in Denihein and Desmon, the nation and city the campaign takes place in.

I have been doing district planning, particularly of the poorer districts.

Hog's Heart is one of the poorest areas and Desmon's Kikimora ghetto, it borders Torque Town, the poorer and racier of the citys two red light districts (also the one that caters to the more depraved), then Canker Harbor and the Swill. The Swill is a regularly flooded district that plays home to the working Vodyanoy of the city and due to its constant draining and filling state also conceals enormous amounts of crime. I have more in notes. Post length cut me off.

>> No.51319500

I know it hasn't been that long since it was released, but does anyone have the Healer's Handbook pdf to share?

>> No.51319513


I think unchained rogue will be fine. I wanted something with more fighting skill, though - what do you think of the vigilante?

>> No.51319514

What's wrong with them?

>> No.51319526

>the garter takes this image from cute to lewd.

>> No.51319537


>That'd probably be the best, although powerful transformation is a feat.

And apparently, one feat equals one social talent, judging from the Extra Social Talent feat.

Have you considered, by the way, that allowing Extra Social Talent (Many Guises) to grant the benefits of Dual Identity and Seamless Guise would single-handedly obsolete much of the vigilante class? With that one feat, a character can maintain any number of "mundane" personas with all the benefits of Dual Identity and Seamless Guise, one of which can simulate a social identity anyway. It is absurd.

>> No.51319548

The existence of Extra feats is in NO WAY evidence of them being flatly equivalent.

>> No.51319552

What would be the best Golarion city or cities in which to set a campaign where the PCs are a crew of thieves?

>> No.51319561


By this logic, then, an outrageous lyricist receives the benefit of a bonus social talent at 1st level and a bonus *feat* at 3rd level, which is even better than simply receiving two bonus social talents at 1st and 3rd.

>> No.51319568

It's called class features you goomba.

And fixed shit is worth less than free-picked shit.

>> No.51319573

The abilities are in the context of the class/archetype as a whole. Don't be faggot about it.

>> No.51319581

Never really been too fond of the vigilante, even if the DM removes the social identity thing, to me it still looks like a worse slayer. Speaking of which, what about a slayer? It's roguelike, it has some decent skills, can get trapfinding and TWF with his slayer talents without prereq. It's also more combat oriented woth d10 and full bab.

>> No.51319588


An odd way to consider it. The exposed vigilante loses Dual Identity and Seamless Guise, which are collectively worth less than a feat if Extra Social Talent (Many Guises) is any indication, in exchange for an extra skill point per level, a free social talent, and the freedom to use their social and vigilante talents interchangeably.

By this logic, the exposed vigilante is vastly superior to the regular vigilante, and I would be inclined to agree in all scenarios save for a game that is specifically tailored to a vigilante's identity shifting.

>> No.51319594

You're overthinking it.

>> No.51319600

Man, slayers are kinda butts compared to Vigilantes. Vigilante talents are GREAT.

>> No.51319623

>tfw not in a party with the oni punch girl
>tfw probably never going to be
Well, at least the party setups look balanced. Hope she gets someone to treat her right.

>> No.51319624



Extra Social Talent, a single feat, can grant any 5th-level character Many Guises, along with the Dual Identity and Seamless Guise class features. The character can use Many Guises to be their everyday "faux social identity," a household servant, a courtier, or whatever ordinary person suits the occasion.

Therefore, Dual Identity and Seamless Guise are worth less than a feat.

The exposed vigilante sacrifices Dual Identity and Seamless Guise for an extra social talent (free picks are superior to locked-in choices, remember?), another skill point per level, and many restrictions lifted on social and vigilante talents.

By this metric, then, the exposed vigilante is nearly straight upgrade to the vigilante. (But of course, it cannot gain Extra Social Talent [Many Guises]).

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>> No.51319661

As I understand it there aren't really restrictions on vigilante talents aside from the RP issue of blowing your cover by doing vigilante shit in social mode.

>> No.51319673

Is it possible to use mithril current strike maneuvers on top of Sword Saint's Iaijutsu once you get to level 10 and it becomes a standard action, or no?

>> No.51319678


Depends on the flavor you want the adventure to have. Katapesh or Sothis for praying on a merchant empire with exotic goods and items, Caliphas or Whitethrone for sharing the night with things that go bump, Westcrown for an oppressive city secretly ruled by thieves, and Egorian as the rich,decadent capital of an oppressive government which you will have to deal with or avoid.

I am not sure if there is any city that is particularly like the one in Thief. It would probably be a mix of Absalom and Starfall - the size and hidden depths of the first and the focus of technology of the latter.

>> No.51319679

Why would you ask to recruit from PFG? We're all terrible.

>> No.51319683

What is the best way to get around blindness? Can't get rid of it at all, can't take specific class levels, but anything first party, PoW and psionics is allowed, and things that got nerfed by erratas are considered unnerfed. Money and levels are not an issue.

>> No.51319688


>blowing your cover by doing vigilante shit in social mode

Certainly, it would be better to have no such restriction at all.

As well, some social talents are usable only in social identity. The exposed vigilante eliminates that restriction, a fair trade for having their talent list slightly restricted.

If you wish to toy around with disguises and identities, wait for 5th-level and take Extra Social Talent (Many Guises).

>> No.51319754

Check out the empiricist archetype for investigator. That's what I would use. Take bruising intellect and pragmatic activator to be a competent face and magic user as well.

>> No.51319804

I feel ya there. I kinda hoped I'd get in with most of the people who ended up in the second party to be announced, but I'm just going to count my lucky stars that I got in at all.

>> No.51319845

I think I convinced Ssalarn to make a Blacksmith achetype that build custom weapons that do special stuff when the blacksmith wields them.

>> No.51319860

Cursed Razor level 5 stance gives Blindsight 60ft.

>> No.51319946

I would be interested, anon! My only question is: voice or text?

>> No.51319985

Haven't decided yet. Leaning towards text in case players decide to go full turbolewds.

>> No.51320104

I try to purge many things with fire, but our druid just firestorms and I never get to use my flint and tinder to set anything ablaze. Being a martial is pain for a pyromaniac.

>> No.51320152

Why is the rest of /tg/ making fun of /pfg/? >>51297221 >>51319881

>> No.51320209

Bad Wrong Fun. It's what /tg/ is best at. If it's not their cup of tea they need to spit in it. It's not my cup of tea either, but I will only scowl at it behind a thick scarf and let people who enjoy it enjoy it.

>> No.51320269

...you seriously have to ask?

>> No.51320298

Not /pfg/, just the one guy who decided to make it obvious he was choosing PCs based on whether they could play to his fetishes.

Fluffy game wouldn't look half as bad if there was at least the illusion of impartiality.

>> No.51320326

people that cringe over these trivial things don't belong on 4chan, and I say it a someone who never put/had magical realm in a game

>> No.51320338

>whether they could play to his fetishes

But it's not being based on fetishes?

>> No.51320339

Whats the most powerful class/archetype? I want to see how strong it is compared to other optimized builds I see.

>> No.51320374


>> No.51320396

>Falchion instead of Falcata
He was doing so good too

>> No.51320397

Most of the power comes from the WBL, not being a fighter.

You could slap the same WBL on some other chassis and it'd be tons better.

>> No.51320405

But you don't get cut/slash or the sheer feats required

>> No.51320430

Heh. I'd love to see what XS would come up with.

The last time I saw her do one of those was an ancient 16th level elan Egotist Psionicist+16th level Psychic Warrior who had maxed every stat possible and looked 16-17. And that was in 3.5. Might not have been broken rulewise, but she has a fucking talent for strategy and inferring things the GM planned that drove the GM more nuts than any scry-and-die wizard ever could. And with a 36 Int she could actually claim it was because her character was that smart.

>> No.51320450

You don't really need them, and if you do, there's always Arsenal Chaplain.

>> No.51320467

You do if you want to become virtually untouchable.

>> No.51320504

It's pretty much overkill and wasted opportunity costs if your saves and AC are already that high.

>> No.51320549

Hey /pfg/, who wants to join a Way of the Wicked game?


Let's all sign up!

>> No.51320560

What are ways to insert armored Wis to AC anyway? Ideally I need a way that doesnt involved dipping

>> No.51320599

>I want something that doesn't involve dipping

Easy, just play straight sohei monk. No dipping involved.

>> No.51320619

Uh, I am playing a Mystic and I cant use Aurora Soul for my build. Playing that would involve dipping

Are there any feats or something?

>> No.51320628

Some archetypes will do it. Depends on what class you have.

Rogues can get it if Spheres of Power is allowed, thanks to Prescient Dodger.

>> No.51320629

Hey /tg/ I wanted to ask about mythic stuff considering someone just posted a Way of the Wicked thing.

Was mythic really lackluster because despite a shit ton of other products paizo puts out I haven't heard anyone speak of mythic again. What were the general thoughts?

>> No.51320650

>Uh, I am playing a Mystic and I cant use Aurora Soul for my build. Playing that would involve dipping

And this is why, when posting a question like that, you need to give us some fucking details, idiot.

>> No.51320664

Man, looking at all these crazy high power games makes me feel like it'd be impossible to end up giving you people too much power.

About actual mythic... It makes the game pointless mechanics wise. There's no way to meaningfully challenge a mythic party.

>> No.51320680

>me and a couple friends been looking for a group where one of us doesn't have to dm
>different friend from back home up north with a toddler and a newborn's girlfriend says she wants to long-distance dm over skype
How do I let her down gently?

>> No.51320684


>2hu in game

>> No.51320697

Yeah my bad. Is there a solution or do I just haveto live with it or consider changing my build? Making an Aurora Soul work with non monk/unarmed melee fighting feels clunky

>> No.51320703


For some reason this post makes me want to see a mythic commoner vs a wizard. Wizard goes "How the hell did you become mythic?"

>> No.51320724


>> No.51320761

>Let's all sign up
>one open slot

>> No.51320765

What, not even a punchline?

>> No.51320780

Looks like you'll have to fight hard for it!

>> No.51320846

Hullo, /pfg/

When my schedule clears up a bit, I'm pondering running a smut/lewd dungeon crawl. Could anyone offer advice on my campaign page thus far? I haven't run ERP campaigns before, so likely missing some needed bits.

tinyurl com /h4jn798

>> No.51320864

I find mythic useful in other ways.
>>51320664 is not correct. There are many ways to challenge a mythic group - but they require mythic ranks for monsters and an acute awareness of the PC weaknesses and strengths - just like normal PF.

>> No.51320872

Pathfinder does high level poorly so I rarely see the point

>> No.51320875

W-Will there be kitsune?

>> No.51320882

Then you are without imagination and drive, and shouldn't be playing PF at all, much less any D&D derivative.

>> No.51320885

kitsune are within the permitted materials. inside the dungeon itself; maybe

>> No.51320887

I don't know what my imagination how to do with how poor mythic/epic rules are

>> No.51320891

Touchsight from Psionics. Anything else is a poor replication.

>> No.51320899

Can I play a big titty sthein (DSP Bloodforge naga) girl?

>> No.51320910

provided the race is balanced or you're willing to change it if not, it is within the permitted materials

>> No.51320924

No full casters?

Then Hexcrafter Magus+Unchained Monk (no my dad wasn't named Kenshiro or Rei why do you ask), most likely, though gifted Soulknife+Alchemist (I don't want to be in this plane of existence any more mommy) was fun. The other alternative was Esoteric Magus+Mesmerist/Arcane Archer (because if you can't shoot it to death, or hit it to death, give it looks that kill it to death).

>> No.51320930

Uh, nothing?

>> No.51320935


This is my favorite punchgirl yet

>> No.51320945

>8am GMT
What day?
>4 traits and 1 drawback
So, 5 traits and 1 drawback or 3 traits, and if you take a drawback you can get 4?

Ew. Why not roll20?

Isn't showing up on mobile, alas.

I think you might need to set the tone a bit better and railroad the player start some - dungeon ERP can range from light-hearted (sphinx asking the riddle of "What does my cock taste like) to dark (cannibal rapist bad ends). Are you going to put in Bad End scenarios on defeat and how would you put new characters in? Are you going to be putting lewd in combat or is combat just going to be murder-time?

What reason has everyone got to take down the evil archlord?

>> No.51320948

Who the hell is XS?

>> No.51320972

Here. Her and all her friends.

>> No.51321014

Xiombarg's Storyteller. Once a regular /wst/ contributor and current QM.

>> No.51321019

Day TBD, based on the group
-4 traits and an optional drawback for a fifth
-I find roll20 clunky and awkward. I'm growing to quite like maptool.
-Google 'oglaf battledress'
-There should be a paragraph talking about tone, and extreme kinks. Probably some bad end scenarios, limited by player discomfort, if a pc manages to die/be dragged off by enemies keen on quick execution. New characters would likely be prior or new entrants stumbled across; I'm pondering includinf some decently-sized slave builder race encampments inside, like towns. Murder-time, with an erotic layer.
-Reward/loot, worried about threat to the world, worried about/experienced threat to them and their family personally, divine mission, etc

I would remind everyone that this is a strictly hypothetical game, intangible lest my schedule open up.

>> No.51321024

Is this a typical /pfg/ party?

>> No.51321028

Maptool is actually I think the best rpg software there is if
if only

>> No.51321065


>Token little girl
>Two Tieflings
>Two Kitsune


>> No.51321130

While I began with maptools I found the greatest issue being connection problems making start sessions suck and always being plagued with technical issues down the line.

There were also issues when moving to new computers and setting up, and logging in particular is terrible (though not an issue if using Skype - I used irc as a main tool myself).

I really would like a proper dungeoncrawl, and a lewd one is all the more fun - while I would have liked to see a bit more 3pp options it's a good looking premise.

Is there going to be any sort of corruption involved, or are you going to let the players handle that? One fun thing to note is the characters in oglaf_dungeon.png may very well have just picked up all that fetish stuff because it was +3 fetish gear they needed to survive and equip.

>> No.51321136

It is the java shit that causes all those problems
Shame because it is really powerful software

>> No.51321143

>Aranha, Fighter||Vigilante
>Casimir Aldori, Warder||Artisan
>Corwin Brin, Warlord/Barbarian||Bard
>Onryou Kaijitsu, Monk||Warpriest
>Valeriya Deverin, Warder||Beguiler
>Seht and Mori, Hunter||Warder

Begin the shipping! begin yhe crack shipping!!

>> No.51321168

Typical Pixiv Fantasia party maybe. More anima based I think.

>> No.51321171

Anima is Korean MMO art not anime art.

>> No.51321172

Oh boy I sure can't wait for the meme team to get memed and shitposted about constantly!

>> No.51321203

Mmm; my groups have started using Hamachi, and while that makes the set up a tad slower at first, so far it's run fine.

Corruption would be up to the players. Whether the dungeon itself gets kinkier and more extreme as per Oglaf will similarly depend on the players, as per something that should be written in the document.

Heh, given their preference for 'murderfucking' I do suggest some corruption. But regardless, definitely going to include the 'gear they needed to survive and equip'. There was a good thread on /tg/ the other day talking about applying various sex-themed penalties and hindrances to players, either as penalty or as required to use items and keys.

>> No.51321212


Oh please, those memes are stale! We both know the spiciest memes are with Sweettooth and Etan & Rubio!

>> No.51321233

What should I make for this, /pfg/?

>> No.51321246


>> No.51321270

But what spicy memes? Memes like "how long will it take before they fug"?

>> No.51321290

I'm pulling for Onryou x Seht--they'd make a really cute couple.
Plus Mori is the best equipped in the party to help him satisfy her growing urges.

>> No.51321296

>I finally know who/what to filter now
Enjoy the game you bastards.

>> No.51321301

One of the main technical problems other than magical disconnection land (it's so damn random) is the ever-present memory leak.

It's mostly just less an issue because our computers are like 4 generations newer than back when the problem first appeared...

>> No.51321306


Not at all, friend! You're looking at a potential shipping war when you could be relishing the endless HIGH ADVENTURE that can come from the delightful mixture of old dogs and young pups, eager to take the roads less traveled on their journey to Minkai!

>> No.51321335

Anima, the RPG.

>> No.51321340

I know.

>> No.51321349


>> No.51321373

Running a session of a tian xia setting campaign there heading to large town soon, thinking of encounters they could run into and I thought about a bunch of delinquents. Wondering how I would build them. Party is lvl 4

>> No.51321395


I find mythic to seem kinda lack luster if i'm honest. However, I somewhat wonder how well would martials fare if only they could get mythical ranks while spellcasters were unable to gain them. Does that seem like it'll lead to an interesting time or doom for failure?

>> No.51321415

Delinquents? If you don't have the villain codex, or the NPC codex, take the monkey swarm from Bestiary 3 and you would be fine. Comes complete with theft.

>> No.51321425

I find it helps out Martials immensely, though I did change the wording for the Spell Sunder Champion ability to use their BAB as the caster level of the dispel.

>> No.51321426 [DELETED] 

Well fuck me filters don't seem to be working

>> No.51321437

What's the party?

>> No.51321501

A wizard, Unchained Monk, Incanter and a Mageknight

>> No.51321550

What materials are you using?

How "dangerous" do you want these guys to be? Mook tier only? Boss and minions?

>> No.51321559

A caster would definitely have to be better at strategy and thinking on their feet. Things like resistances against or mitigation of non-mythic effects certainly helps at least even the odds, at least a little.

It'd be interesting, but mythic martials are, in the end, still limited by things like equipment dependency (legendary items aside) and action economy, whereas casters can summon, use most of their best abilities independently of gear, and manipulate the field in a lot more ways.

>> No.51321580

Just a minor encounter not designed to kill, doing nonlethal. Mook Tier

>> No.51321624

We need to fully explore the concept of Onryou x Aranha

>> No.51321635

Webbing would make for good bondage gear

>> No.51321666

all this fanfiction talk makes me picture pfg as full of gay chubby women

>> No.51321706

I can't disagree with you there, Satan.

>> No.51321714

>old dogs and young pups

Who are the old dogs, and who are the young pups? Can someone be a young pup if they're a century old?

>> No.51321719

well, you're 2/3 right...

>> No.51321741

Well im not gay

>> No.51321744

What if it's old pups and young dogs?

>> No.51321802

Most of the women on /tg/ are pretty shapely, or rail thin. And gay as well, weirdly.

>> No.51321804


We're a bunch of chatty old bats sharing gossip in our knitting class!

>> No.51321838


Now when you say shapely...

>> No.51321875

>yfw the PC who's youngest relative to maximum age is still the oldest in terms of actual years

>> No.51321914

Nicely shaped, as in not too fat or thin.

Photographic evidence of RawkLawbstar indicates she was in fact female and very shapely.

On the other hand Xiombarg's Storyteller is an emaciated twig. The few times we've had 'post your photo' threads, there were no real hambeasts on /tg/, but those were ages ago.

>> No.51321945

Elves aand half outsiders are weird.

Elan get kind of bizarre too. when you've lived through your second generation of elves, your world view is understandably warped to an extreme.

>> No.51322022

I'm picturing that one anime where that French girl is raised as a boy. That's what I imagine Aranha's human form is like.

>> No.51322032

You mean Les Mis?

>> No.51322062


Rose of Versailles

>> No.51322064

You mean every anime?

>> No.51322066


Cosette was never raised as a boy though?

>> No.51322075

Man, France sounds like an awesome campaign setting. I wish it were real.

>> No.51322097

>tainting yourself with Tokyo manga

>> No.51322107


>> No.51322115


>tfw France is not in Golarion
>tfw the only thing vaguely French is the shittiest, most boring part of their history


>> No.51322125


Galt suuuuuuuuuucks.

>> No.51322171


Worth joining?

>> No.51322178

>cute trap
Not happening
>big titty girl
>small/medium titty girl
Still a negative
>flex slot. non-trap guy
Well fuck. My odds aren't great.

>> No.51322230


New campaign idea, end the endless revolution

>> No.51322232

What are some good Kaer Maga plots? My main plot involves an ancient Thassilonian artifact hidden in the Prison Level, and an unspeakable ritual conducted in the Still Place to use the inhabitants of the city as necromantic fuel to give someone a spark of dark divinity.
I'm working towards a subplot involving the Freemen getting rambunctious and a small-scale civil war, but otherwise it's pretty flexible.

>> No.51322259


If i'm one hundred percent honest. It might be because I don't believe it too well to be true. I don't generally see shapely tabletop ..umm nerds.Skinny eh yeah. Fat not so much if'm honest.

>> No.51322286


And then conquer the River Kingdoms to form a Galtian Empire?

>> No.51322328

>tfw realized that my game has become incredibly sandboxy and not an actual campaign

>> No.51322338

Is that so bad? Just start throwing radiant quests at your players.

"There's a settlement in need of our help. I'll mark it on your map."

>> No.51322357

i mean they all tell me that they have fun and look forward to saturday nights, so i guess it's not a problem

it got so sidetracked from the story i wanted to tell, i'll have to work out a way to still tell it without railroading them

>> No.51322362

Kaer Maga is best for low level small adventures because of its size.
it is the kind of urban environment where you do not have to worry about there being some god dragon governing everything or CR 10 guards around. It is small hellhole, ruled by petty mafia families and misfits.

One party (who I asked all to have connections to the Ardoc families) woke up naked in the zombie chop shop in Ankar-Te, drugged up.

They had to get out of that situation, somehow piece together what they can no longer remember of the last whole week.

Eventually they find they were all sold to be mind sucked by one secret Caulborn located deep under the caverns of the city, who they convinced to disclose who sold them out and then they took petty revenge.

And then they took over the business

>> No.51322378

Hey /pfg/, I'm thinking of writing a new setting for a campaign (possibly over roll20). I've been GM a few times in the past, but so far I've only run adventure paths. Aside from hitting the books and worldbuilding, what other things should I keep in mind to make this as solid as possible?

>> No.51322382

Starting at 1st level sucks balls.

Starting at 1st level in prison sucks even worse.

>> No.51322386


Read a bit about Eberron and see what they did right - don't copy wholesale, mind you, but if it works it's worth looking into why it works.

>> No.51322391

But anon, level 1 is a magical time where hilarity can occur!

>> No.51322417

Not when you're naked in a dungeon.

Literally sackcloth and that's it. And /[fg/ doesn't do coordinated teamwork, like, at all.

>> No.51322438

It worked for Oblivion!

>> No.51322445

Tell you what, you join, and enjoy.

I did, and I had a good, teamworky party, and it still sucked balls.

>> No.51322461

I sense someone who got mad he got curbed by a rat in the first level.

>> No.51322464

What could make starting at 1st work?
And failing that, what level is best to start at?

>> No.51322485

Well, clearly not starting at lvl 1 could make starting at lvl 1 work.

As to best level...

Maybe lvl 16, with a million starting GP and 40PB? That seems fair and balanced, especially if we make it "rules lite."

>> No.51322498


Normie pls go and stay go.

Really, though you seriously can't even stomach playing as a girl? I can play as a guy whenever, I just don't do it often.

>> No.51322502

Tinkering with some homebrew metamagic feats. How does this read? I put it together when I realised how few mobility spells are actually able to be affected by Widen Spell.

Wayfinder Spell (Metamagic)
You have mastered your understanding of the ley lines of the world. By flowing your magic along these lines, you can travel distances safely that few others could manage.
Prerequisites: Knowledge(Geography) 3 ranks.
Benefit: If a spell would transport a creature, you may double or halve the maximum distance that it transports them. In addition, a wayfinding spell treats all locations as 2 degrees of familiarity more familiar.
Level Increase: +2 (A Wayfinder spell uses up a spell slot 2 higher than the spell’s actual level)

>> No.51322518

It was 6 zombies, and a single bad roll.

>> No.51322533

Not starting in prison would make it work.

>> No.51322551


>two vampire apps, back to back
>both have shapeshifting fetishes

>> No.51322555

So you are making teleport into godmode, removing the threats of shadowalk, and making dimension door work for miles?

>> No.51322621


>So you are making teleport into godmode

If you prepare it at the same level as Greater Teleport, yes.

>making dimension door work for miles

As a 6th level spell, yeah. Teleport is 5th level.

It's a feat that's focused almost entirely on a specific subset of spells, it should make them safer/better. Are there any spells that seem particularly troublesome with it?

>> No.51322693

So, now that RotJR has closed, how's everyone doing? The suffering will fade if you didn't make it in

Any games other than that sleepy goddess thing and WotR?

>> No.51322715

If the spells it effects are already existent (telport=>greater teleport, dimension door=>greater teleport) why even bother? Even the spells that it could help (abundant step, transposition) are effected by enlarge/reach spells, so those are already covered by feats that work on other spells as well.

>> No.51322733

I almost made it in, but couldn't due to scheduling. It feels kinda bad, but I'm also just sorta not caring? Like it would have been nice to get in, but knowing that I almost did is pretty okay by me.

God, I am never applying to another /pfg/ meme game.

>> No.51322752


In a pfg game, running a pfg game. One of my long running games is scheduled for an all day finale.

Life is great!

>> No.51322766


I might need to knock it down to +1 in order to make it worthwhile. The idea was for a spell to help those various classes that don't have unlimited spells known, as well as to help stuff like Plane Shift that have an unreliability factor. I really liked the old 3.5 teleport-based prestige class but it's too specific for a prestige class.

>> No.51322770

I'm left with a combination of relief and disappointment.
Relief in that I won't need to worry if I made a doa build or have to worry about something coming up and needing to drop.
Disappointment in that I won't get to rp with the other fun characters people made.

I mostly wanted a reason to actually learn how an irc works. Also getting to fuck around with people that aren't my irl group would have been nice.

>> No.51322773


2nd game I've been rejected from! Feels pretty bad! Much less confidence! Patiently awaiting further rejection!

How about you?

Hopefully someone runs a Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced inspired game where you play as a clan or guild that does a wide range of odd jobs. I bet it could be a good balance of comfy and adventure.

Go out, kill monsters, come back and have hot chocolate with clanmates. It would be like Pendragon Institute kinda, but in a timeslot I can actually do!

>> No.51322823

>How about you?
Still riding the salt wave from Dragon Game
>tarot cards

>> No.51322847

Even though I got in, I'm still considering bringing an idea of my own to /pfg/. Going to need to wait a little longer to see if I can swing a three-games-a-week schedule, including one with an IRL group.

>> No.51322853

>Still riding the salt wave from Dragon Game

There's still salt over the Dragons campaign?

>> No.51322864


Salt is my major import

>> No.51322867

>Any games other than that sleepy goddess thing and WotR?

Am I the only one that's relieved those two aren't getting a fraction of the attention RotJR or Dragons got? Golly, I'm probably going to apply to both of them, but I couldn't take another month of people here tossing their OCs in the spotlight.

>> No.51322874

Maybe if you had come up with actual reasons to pick who you picked

>> No.51322878

Why? It was a homebrew political campaign in which sexual elements could easily end dominating the narrative.
If I wanted to play Game of Thrones I wouldn't be in /pfg/.

>> No.51322904

All in all. Meh? I guess?
Like I'm not really upset, Just kinda disappointed I won't get to play JR and that the work I put into the character will most likely go to waste.

Now that it's out of the way, /pfg/ can hopefully begin to normalize somewhat.

>> No.51322941

I feel tempted to open a game named Land of Rejects in which only people who pitched a character for those two campaigns could join.
It will be weird fantasy and not lewd at all though.

>> No.51322949

So the Raiders Quest as an adventure.

>> No.51322969

I expected nothing and instead got TWO WHOLE CAKES. I think I should feel good about this, but instead I feel terror.

Now it's time to actually learn how to use PoW/SoP

>> No.51322972

I'm gonna apply to this game I found on roll20, supposed to start with the party on an airship bound for a Bloodbourne type area.

>> No.51323021


Were the tarot cards real? Sorry about the butthurt people, but I'm curious.

>> No.51323039


Is that that voice only game?

>> No.51323056

I hate text, so I only go for games that use voice for RP and whatnot and only use the chat log for rolls.

>> No.51323098

You'll probably make it in. Bar's set pretty low. Plenty of thirsty vamp poon to go around, too.

>> No.51323107

Vocaroo us your RP voice!

>> No.51323122

Would rejects from HV get in too?

>> No.51323135

Which one? There were two.

>> No.51323146

I'm playing a monk/draconic bloodrager gestalt with the intent of taking the dragon disciple prestige class.

It's a lot of fun.

>> No.51323193


>> No.51323201


More power to you, I can't stand voice. How am I supposed to be a cute girl when I have this manly, resonant and glorious voice of mine?

>> No.51323222

I don't think it's very good (and my mic is pretty shitty), but this is my monk mourning the fact that he failed to knock someone out and killed him instead.


>> No.51323224


I think the main draw of "lewd" is that we get to acknowledge sexuality without everyone freaking the fuck out.

Like, do I get to make innuendo without everyone sperging out?

>> No.51323292


>> No.51323296

I agree here.
Even when no lewd is happening at all, lewd games have a very chill, friendly and open atmosphere.

>> No.51323312

Post some quotes from your game that still make you laugh out of context.

>"it's not like it rained fucking gemstones!"
>"It depends on how you define "ass"."
>"I'm a dumb motherfucker made of meatballs!"
>"These backwater, no dock having motherfuckers..."

>> No.51323336


>> No.51323517

please be in london

>> No.51323638


They're saying they're entranced by your voice and hope you're in London, so guys can fug

>> No.51323654

I think I like Red, Blonde, and Edgy the most!

>> No.51323669


My decision process was, sort applications by role, check for cool concept, consult possible party dynamic, trim fat, make possible group lists. Choose list impartially at random.

>> No.51323675

No, I live in America and I'm not one to be fug'd by guys.

>> No.51323682

An Aurora Soul is designed to just be "Qinggong Monk on Steroids", with all that it entails. Trying to get it to work with non-monk/unarmed/unarmored styles just feels counter-intuitive; what makes you want to use it if you don't want to go with Monk-like?

>> No.51323701


Do you have the autism?

>> No.51323706


>> No.51323720

I don't think so.

Only thing I've ever been diagnosed with is ADD.

>> No.51323773

>vampires keep applying to comfy game

But vampires aren't comfy!

>> No.51323793

Honestly, I designed both my HV character and my RotJR character to not be lewd, so that'd be fine by me.

>> No.51323817

Comfy isn't a term that means ANYTHING! It's fucking nonsense talk at this point.

>> No.51323818

Yeah, I would be happy to app for a game where direct lewd doesn't happen but innuendo and implications are fine.

>> No.51323819

Half the reason I dropped from the running.

>> No.51323861

I was going to apply but now I'm like... ehhhhh.

>> No.51323897

Nah that wasn't real. I actually just drew a list of potential parties from a hat.

I made like twelve potential groups to choose from

>> No.51323901

ive been questioning on whether i can actually make good character concepts or not because of /pfg/.

i mean even when i was in the running for one game nobody talked about my character.

so iunno.

>> No.51323919

>applying or not because of other applicants
I don't fucking understand this mentality. It's not like they got accepted. If people who you don't want to play with get accepted along with you then just decline the invitation.

>> No.51323990

So why don't you apply then.

>> No.51323996


They've got cold, soft thighs!

Make a guy with huge CON and offer them your body for food, and in exchange they give you their body for the night!

>> No.51324032


There needs to be team names for all the groups of pfg games.

Team Harem for dragons
Team Tank for RoTJR group A
Team Murder for RoTJR group 1

>> No.51324054

I'm sure they're all bi, so you could make a girl with huge con BONUSES, and offer them your body for the night, and in exchange they'll let you use their body for the night.

>implying they won't all be too busy sucking off the big tittied futa cleric

>> No.51324064

I think you have the RotJR teams mixed up, though that might be part of the joke. It should be "Hero Team" and "Meme Team" anyway, desu.

>> No.51324185


Speaking of this campaign, are there any races that are particularly cervine in appearance?

You know, stag-like. I want to make a dude with antlers, or maybe hooved feet and fuzzy legs! Maybe something Satyr-esque.

I'm assuming Div-Blooded Tiefling is my closest bet? Is there anything DSP released that might work (since it's got that whole 3pp races supported thing!)

>> No.51324190

Vampires are totally comfy. Especially vampire lolis.

>> No.51324201

I'd say Agathion-Blooded Aasimar is probably closer, considering there are actual cervine agathions.

>> No.51324301

I haven't decided if my big titty cleric will be futa or not. I don't know which way the Degenerate DM leans and they didn't even know who Uno Makoto was! Horrible.

>> No.51324303


Please apply! I'd be very sad if I was any part of the reason you don't wanna give it a try. Thea is supposed to be a friendly, sleepy vampire who's job literally includes making people feel welcome.

>> No.51324338

But the futa is supposed to have small tits so she can fuck big titty girls and make their udders bounce.

>> No.51324343

Make her futa.

>> No.51324382

>all these people shitposting about fat tits and futa
>I'm sitting here realizing I now have to pick a second stance and the rest of my maneuvers
>still have to figure out I'm doing for sphere talents
>all this shit to do to mesh effectively two active classes together

I did not think this through, but I'm in too deep to pussy out now.

>> No.51324388

Don't fret. It wasn't your fault. Okay? I still think your char is cute, but I think it'd be better if I withdrew from this one.

>> No.51324416

>Bloodforge still doesn't have foxtaurs

Oh well...

>> No.51324421

Because I don't like 'comfy' because it's a shit meme. Also 'rules lite' with level 16 gestalt sounds like a massive fucking red flag. I'm not applying because of the game not because of other applicants. The game sounds garbage.

>> No.51324429

Thicc girls with small tits are the worst.The whole point of her is to be thicc.

>> No.51324436

Back out. It isn't worth it.

I know better than to try in the first place. I have uncomfy fetishes.

>> No.51324442

Well if she's thicc, she shouldn't have a dick.

She should get fucked by a DFC with a dick!

>> No.51324462

Which is why I'm caught between wanting her female and wanting her futa! I could easily concept up 10 characters but I'm restricting myself to these two.

>> No.51324484

So? Your uncomfy could be someone else's comfy.

So make her female, and your short stack DFC gobbo gril the futa.

>> No.51324499

>back out
>implying I'm trying to apply for any of those games

Nigga I ain't touching that fetish-filled mess, I've just still got to finish shit for something else. My lack of experience with these subsystems led to me putting off making a lot of choices.
I also have no idea how to into flight with Spheres, and this bothers me more than it should.

>> No.51324511


Or maybe you could... I don't know, wait for a guy to apply, or realize you will be servicing male deities of all shapes and sizes?

>> No.51324521

Alteration or Telekinesis would be your best options.

>> No.51324524

Telekinesis or Alteration are your best bets for flight, with Alteration being better.

>> No.51324545

>Applications closing in about 2 weeks
>Only 2 people from my actual group have applied
>Bunch of randoms have
I think my players think they're getting a guaranteed spot.

>> No.51324546


Which campaign is this for? Give us the breakdown on your character and available disciplines, and we could help figure out a second stance and way to mesh the classes!

>> No.51324553

Still no updated Bloodforge post, no idea what's in it.

>> No.51324558

I'll probably stick with both as female, at this point.

>> No.51324578

There was one guy, but his post has been deleted. Mod drama? GM drama?

>> No.51324608

I want to roll a character with the personality of Arthur Schopenhauer.
Which class I should make him be?

>> No.51324615

That's why I keep it simple with the stuff I'm more familiar with.

>> No.51324651


Bard (Negotiator.)

>> No.51324664

No drama.

Just felt that my character would detract more then he added to the story.

>> No.51324768

I haven't seen absolutely anything that suggests the new Bloodforge update is even out, was the person a couple threads ago just lying?

>> No.51324807

Maybe you should tell them then?

>> No.51324825

It just has am updated format, adds some new art, and changes some of the stuff for a few of the books races.

When I get an opportunity I'll post some comparisons.

>> No.51324869

Corwin x Aranha
Casimir x Valeriya
Seht x Onryou

Fight me.

>> No.51324879

Got a game tonight at 8, wish me luck!

>> No.51324884

We don't care though

>> No.51324903

Someone was asking like it was on drivethrurpg so I was assuming it had been released.

>> No.51324910

Any other party members to ship?

>> No.51324913

Who are these people

Who the fuck cares

>> No.51324921

>Mori x Onryou

>> No.51324957

G'luck anon. Hope you score with a big tittied futa cleric or something.

>> No.51324961

Apparently you do, otherwise you'd just ignore it.
I dunno, don't know enough about the NPCs.
Pic related.

>> No.51324974

How's your view on Etan x Rubio?

>> No.51325002

Can you keep this in an OOC chat or will you and your group continue to be fucking completely obnoxious for weeks to come as you have been for the past few months?

>> No.51325026

I've tried before, I'll try again.

It is possible they just don't have the heart to tell me they can't make the time.

>> No.51325027

I'm not even in the group, but I like talking about it. Pissing you off is just icing.

>> No.51325052

But anon, these threads ARE the OOC chats.

>> No.51325062


This general is in truly dark times. Go ahead then, I can't stop you.

>> No.51325080

It never ends. Hold me.

>> No.51325081

No anon there is something you can do.

>> No.51325113

As far as the initiating goes, Level 3 Vigilante (Bushi/Stalker) that swapped stuff around until I ended up with: Scarlet Throne, Mithral Current, Elemental Flux, Veiled Moon, Riven Hourglass, Thrashing Dragon, Primal Fury.

I might just go for the simplest things possible for the most part. Have Scarlet Einhander for my first stance, and I'm debating taking Rapid Strike for my first level 2 strike, and Minute Hand for a boost.
The wait for Elemental Flux Stance is going to be suffering.

Sometimes you gotta throw yourself into something new so you can become more familiar.

>> No.51325125

What, report it? There aren't mods on /tg/, at least none that care. Even so, it's best this cesspool of incredibly annoying people is contained in a single thread instead of spread across the board. It's a necessary evil.

>> No.51325126

Always your types who are the biggest drama queens.

>> No.51325130

>Shifting Disguise


>> No.51325145

What is 'your types' supposed to mean?

>> No.51325171

That. It doesn't always work, but the mods will stomp on these fuckers throats if they get obnoxious at least 50% of the time. It takes like 5 seconds.

Also filters

I filtered every character name that got confirmed bar Sweetooth (since it's a common phrase).

Together. We can make a better /pfg/, or at least better ignore the scum and degenerates.

>> No.51325191

Guys, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna apply to sleepy. My character will have 80 scrolls of Daylight.

>> No.51325238

Always lamenting that the general isn't going the way you want it to, whining that the occasional thread is dominated by users with different interests.

>> No.51325251


I'm not a degenerate!

>> No.51325263

It really doesn't help when you make the rest of us in those games look worse because you can't keep it in your pants on other channels.

>> No.51325268


>> No.51325269


You're literally lying right now. And oh please, 'different interests'. What a way to put it. I know you're deluded but come on.

>> No.51325270

>thinking anything worth caring about happens after bump limit

bump limit is when the shitposting floodgates are opened.

>> No.51325287

Pretty sure you are...

Otherwise, you wouldn't be here, right?


>> No.51325289


I'd love to shitpost, but I don't have many reaction images!

>> No.51325312


No? If everyone is a degenerate than everyone will get ignored! We'll be like a room full of deaf and blind people yelling at nothing!

>> No.51325332

>being this new
It's only like every 2nd or 3rd thread that gets like this, and in fact when you whine about it this hard it just makes it all the more fun.

I don't know what you're talking about.

>> No.51325347

It's all's grades and tiers of degeneracy, dearest anon-kun. Some degenerates are on a higher tier than others.

He's saying you acting like a sloot on other discord channels makes his char look bad by comparison, a comparison that exists in his mind only.

>> No.51325362

You get off on being irritating to those around you? That's all I need to know.

>> No.51325368


People talk about characters on the discord channels?

There's a discord channel?

>> No.51325384


We made our memes out of dreams

>> No.51325406

Check the IRC, #pfg, ya nerd. It's in the topic.

>> No.51325409

Is there was a meme team DHB would be on it.

>> No.51325410

Why do you actively have to make the rest of the RotJR/HV/literally-anywhere-else players look worse by you always making new threads, always shitposting, always trying to be "coy" and "cute"? You're just bringing down what could be good into making others assume it's shit.

You are the problem. You need to leave.

>> No.51325417

There's always a discord, dearest, sweetest anon-kun. And you are almost always the main topic of conversation.

Of course I josh. There's a discord, yes. but the topic of conversation varies from moment to moment. Still, did it not excite you, if only for a second, to think that others spoke of you in either lewd or derisive terms on a regular basis?

>> No.51325429


That's an IRC, not a discord you dork! Totally different!

I'll get on tonight.

>> No.51325432

Onryou X Jade Regent

It makes all the sense

>> No.51325456


It did! It really did!

Which characters have been talked about the most?

>> No.51325469


He's an attention-whore, obviously.

>> No.51325478

Aren't we all, though? I mean, why else apply to the games that crop up, if not to attention whore ourselves.

>> No.51325501

Maybe because they want to play the game. Not everyone is a shameless little whore for attention, no matter how much you delude yourself into thinking so.

>> No.51325503

I don't even use discord. I've never talked to anyone on discord. So that's really not my problem that you're bringing your issues into the general.

>> No.51325504


That better be a regal goddamn stallion. Fucking thoroughbred with a royal demeanor

>> No.51325517

I just want to play Pathfinder man.

>> No.51325529 [DELETED] 

have some tits lads

>> No.51325533

Me too.

But only people who spam their char in the threads or people who post animu girls get picked.

>> No.51325538


This, I like to talk shop about my character or others, even if that discussion is group dynamics... But trying to force a conversation about nothing is no bueno.

>> No.51325547

Is Onryou even with any noble types?
I can't double check the characters because the listing is gone for anyone that didn't make the cut.

>> No.51325548

>there's only one lewdposter.
Heh...I've never even started a thread. I've never shitposted in or about RotJR or HV. Hell, my character app for HV was -sensible- and was in the top ten.

>> No.51325558 [DELETED] 

>Fake tits
git gud

>> No.51325569


Not sure. Closest is Cassie. I guess ill just have to hit on the final boss

>> No.51325574

As much as I would like to grab my torch and pitchfork with you, there's an issue with that.

Sweetooth, Corwin, the Twins, and Aranha weren't spammed.

Granted the GM had shown an interest in Corwin way before apps even officially opened. So there probably was bias there, but would you REALLY want to play with someone like that anyway.

>> No.51325596 [DELETED] 


>> No.51325606

So I ended up instead of deciding to include vampires got carried away with the idea of Moroi being a playable race and am not sure about skinwalkers.

Now however I am looking into the core races to try and bring in someone who isn't human. However I am almost decided on just Human + the custom races because even if I put in dwarves it would not be pathfinder's dwarves regardless.

Now I'm doing city design. Starting with the ghettos and moving outwards from there.

>> No.51325609

>#pfg is invite only
Anon why would you do this to me.

>> No.51325610

For someone who's "never shitposted", you sure like doing it right now.

>> No.51325632

If that's the case
maybe backup gm wanted Onryou all to himself, bastard.

I wanted to carry her of he feet!

>> No.51325641

What? Just go onto Rizon, click "join a channel", and type #pfg. It's open to anyone, as long as you don't shitpost.

>> No.51325650


I don't see it in the topic!

>> No.51325657

Except I'm only responding to the shitposters that whine and whine endlessly about their hangups. Seriously, talk about mechanics and shit if you want but if the general is moving slowly and some people are bored and discussing their interests why fucking whine about it? It's not like there's a limited amount of posts you can make.

>> No.51325662

I know. I know.

But it also means that my app wasn't picked because it wasn't up to snuff. That's depressing. That's hella depressing. It makes me not want to apply to other games. If it (my app, my char, my concept, my whatever) wasn't good enough for those games, what makes me think it'd be good enough for these new games?

You see where I'm coming from, right?

>> No.51325687

>no shelynposting

>> No.51325689

Huh, musta got deleted

>> No.51325696


That's stupid self defeating rhetoric. Youget bbetter from failures if you recognize what you did wrong or where you can improve

>> No.51325707

Weird, musta been my client. Thanks senpai.

>> No.51325710


>> No.51325714


Which is a better trait for a Warder; Reactionary (+2 Init) or Clever Wordplay (Switch Diplomacy to Intelligence.)

>> No.51325718

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - The guy who made the most shots.

>> No.51325741

Val and Casimir are both aristocratic at the very least.

>> No.51325745

You got discouraged, and I can see that.
As someone that didn't make the cut or even mentioned to a degree, it sucks.
But the best thing for you to do is keep trying, a lot of people get stuck in the "losers fallacy" and stop trying. You just weren't what the gm wanted at that moment.

That's it man.

>> No.51325760

That implies he did anything wrong.

His schedule may not have meshed well.

Maybe the DM just didn't like his concept, since that's pretty fucking subjective.

There's no way of really knowing unless he goes back and asks why, but I honestly wouldn't sweat it because I'd say pretty much 90% of the apps posted were pretty good. Everyone who wasn't clearly a roll20 random did fine for the most part.

>> No.51325779

I guess.
But eh, I think the gm wants to do the naughty stuff with Onryou

selfish bastard

>> No.51325786

is that a realdoll

>> No.51325795

Val is the mayor's daughter. Casimir has a noble line. Onryou is royalty.

Corwin is a warlord's son.

Aranha's a farmer's daughter. Seht is a random tribesman.

>> No.51325798


>t. realdoll owner

>> No.51325817

>mfw I create a small sidequest for the party and suddenly I find myself having to design 4 hours more content to it because they got stuck in the most inconsequential bits

>> No.51325846

Tsk. Guess a little areola is a bit too much.

I'd go with reactionary if I wasn't party face.

>> No.51325847

I feel your pain, friend.
But I'm sure there's a fun tiefling brawler out there for every man.

>> No.51325867

Which would probably make Seht the best--the sweet country guy being the most princely and fun of them all is a great dynamic.

>> No.51325878

She's an Ex-Hero-Farmer's Daughter.

>> No.51325890


Thanks, anon! Ooh, would Diplomacy matter if I was trying to mentor or train another character? Or is that totally a Knowledge check and rolls on their end?

>> No.51325891

but will they also be a precious cinnamon bun...?

...but will they?

>> No.51325920

Well you don't need to roll to make them friendlier to you if you're already their mentor. If you want them to love you, you need diplomacy.

>> No.51325923

Depends on the angle you're going for.

My group usually goes with profession (soldier) in the case of more generic training

>> No.51325945

I have faith, anon. There'll be other games, and GMs willing to throw us a bone.
Insert pun about boning here

>> No.51325965

>post yfw you'll never get to play wrassle with a spunky merfolk barbarian grappler and teach them secret advanced techniques like mutual hugging, kissing with eyes closed, and holding hands

>> No.51325966


The mayor is also the daughter of a famous noble family (I think they're new money) from Magnimar. In other words, Val is one child and sustained wealth away from being "old money."

Casimir is not just a noble, he's of the bloodline of Sirian Aldori. He's not just *an* Aldori, he's *the* Aldori, and if I remember my Golarion history Sirian Aldori was the founder of Restov and by extension Rostland, making him royalty and potentially able to press a claim for Brevoy itself.

>> No.51325999


I'm looking to be a dueling instructor type, wooden weighted swords and all that!

>> No.51326071

it's both funny and frustrating how many iches Onryou scratched on me. Like I try to not make any hard ties or become to interested in a character, because I how likely it is for 1 or none or us to get in.

but Fuck it get me.
even the inverted nips hit an ich, like wtf man

>> No.51326096 [DELETED] 

Any 3pp stuff available or piazo(1pp) only?

>> No.51326151

Go with a few ranks profession (soldier) and Knowledge (Martial/Local) and you can fit that part of the character no prob.

>> No.51326208

>dat red
>dem horns
>dem sclerae
>boisterous, fun-loving
>knows when to serious the fuck up
Almost makes a man want to be so shitty as to ask GM to re-shuffle the parties.

>> No.51326260

Okay, so I'm thinking of going Pact Wizard for a game, and I'm having trouble picking a curse on the grounds that any spells they'd add would come in way too late to be useful. Anybody care to weigh in?

>> No.51326281

What 3.5 books would you like to see ported to PF?

>> No.51326290

Nice to know I'm not the only shit bag when it came wanting Onryou.
At least you got into the game man, I'm sure there's fun to be had.

Tell me, my memory's shit, who was All of group M.A.?

>> No.51326300

Complete Divine.

OP as it is, I still honestly do miss the fluff of Rainbow Servant. Coatls barely get any attention.

>> No.51326306

Tome of Magic, ported and fixed.
Gimme my Binders, Shadowcasters and Truenamers bro.

>> No.51326323

I know that feel brother

>> No.51326335

Your a Wizard
You can afford a small trade like that.
Just pick what you'll miss the less and you're good.

>> No.51326340

Lords of Madness and Draconomicon, gotta love abominations and flying death lizards.

>> No.51326347

Return of the Jedi Remastered: Aster (and Tia), Etan, Rubio, Quinn, Saboten, Sweettooth

Rising of the Jade Revengeance: Aranha, Casimir, Corwin, Onryou, Seht, Valeriya

>> No.51326379

The one with Master of Many Forms.

It wouldn't be as OP in pathfinder and I like the fluff and transformations.

>> No.51326413

That's right
I was kinda shocked to see two Avowed in group MA. Also, Etan is the fox that wants to be a hero right?

Give 'em he'll you LITERAL HERO

>> No.51326441

Heroes of Horror, for the Dread Necromancer class.

>> No.51326499

Miniatures for Marshal goodness.

>> No.51326555

Tome of Weeaboo Fightan magic

>> No.51326587


>Inverted nipples

Wait, what?

>> No.51326615

What's a good way to modify the point buy system for a Pathfinder game with one less ability score?

I'm thinking just drop it to PB 20.

>> No.51326626

One avowed is betrothed and the other is aspirant - I think there will be a world of difference there.

More importantly, group 1 also three stalkers.

And the second group has three warders.

It'll be something.

>> No.51326629

But Path of War is already that.

>> No.51326639

I think that was more the thread's idea.
Wouldn't put it past SwimmingEagle to have decided that though.

>> No.51326643

That is the joke!

>> No.51326658


I'd suggest 23 or 22, actually!

>> No.51326675

Explain your logic, mortal!

>> No.51326694

I am dying to play her.

But I am deeply saddened that Shizuka couldn't be with me.

>> No.51326708

What ability score are you getting rid of?

25 gives you the highest average score of about 13.5. With only 5 ability scores and 20pb you have an average of 13.4. Almost the same. So what ever.

>> No.51326734

As a GM, what's the best way to stat steam powered mech enemy encounters?

What about steam powered mechs as player pilotable equipment?

>> No.51326748


25 PB, most people invest in a 12 or 13.

22 or 23 keeps them from doing that!

>t. Guy who is horrible at explanation

>> No.51326761


Power Armor exists, its in the Technology Guide.


Onryou is cute!

But Amalthea was lovely!

>> No.51326767

I mean she has the largest chest of all the female by sheer size.

Inverted nipples simply had to happen

>> No.51326781

Have fun!
Be sure to bring back some stories, at least, 'kay?

>> No.51326786

What's wrong with having a 12 or 13?

>> No.51326813

How can I build a character around the idea of bad luck?

>> No.51326840

3.5 had Hexblade.

>> No.51326852


I mean, she could've also had big fat puffy nips.

>> No.51326870


>> No.51326879


The attribute he's removing is probably the one most people would put the 12 or 13 into!

>> No.51326897


Yeah, Shizuka and Onryou would have been a lot of fun to hear about.

Don't forget to have fun.
and give them one hell of a Raging Demon for me.

- with love, The Knight of the Wind

>> No.51326931


Everyone is a zombie! Constitution rolls into Charisma!

>> No.51326969

But puffy nips are generally inverted

>> No.51326974

I have been summoned, what do you want?

>> No.51327007

>page 10


>> No.51327072

I wasn't aware of the Technology Guide. I'll look over that book, Thanks anon.

>> No.51327099

Tis the end, anon. Let's hold hands, as we disappear into the immaterial.

>> No.51327124


So they'll get all big and pronounced when she's in the right mood?

Damn, hope she isn't wearing her leotard when that happens.

>> No.51327130

New Thread


>> No.51327194

... prepare to be disappointed.
And also to think "everything's twice the price it ought to be".

And to be told that power armor's an artifact and a 2d6 fire damage laser rifle is 20 000gp and costs about 500gp every other round it fires, or for every two autofire line attacks it does.

>> No.51327394


who are you

>> No.51327438

XS, would you be interested in playing in a Pathfinder game?

>> No.51327637

Can't, that's when I run my vigilantes of Cheliax game in tabletop normally.

But it's an interesting premise, and so much potential fun to cause. It's even text, which is a bonus.

I really think I'd be interested in the Hexblade Magus||Eyebiter Mesmerist/Arcane Archer VMC Monk were I to do such a thing.

>> No.51327666

Pendragon Institute doesn't have a finalized timeslot, bruh!

>> No.51327673

A Bad Thing.

>> No.51327791

There's also this!

>> No.51327815

More stories with Pillory?

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