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>> No.51291361

Jumpers! Have you ever created sapient life?
How did it turn out?

>> No.51291378

Oh, you know. Not bad.

>> No.51291392

I create the occasional AI.
Usually with them doing their Job, or moving into an artistic field.

>> No.51291425

How do you like to introduce yourself to the main characters in a setting when you do so?

>> No.51291481

>Incredible Durability from The Incredibles jump only applies to kinetic impacts
Wait, what? Didn't Mr. Incredible stand right next to lava without getting baked? He also walked through it while it was inches from his face. I mean, it doesn't even say explicitly that it only works on kinetic impacts. It's reasonable to assume that you can withstand heat, as well.

>> No.51291511

Not yet, which is surprising considering how much of my magic centers around the funneling, use, and even creation of souls. Especially after diving heavily into Alphys' research in Undertale.

I mean, I've created Golems before with Raven's help and infused them with souls I've called from the space between life and death, but that's not really the same thing. That's just moving them, not creating them wholesale.

I guess I should, someday. Maybe I'll use the SOUL of Forgiveness I created.

Honestly, that's so conditional that it's hard to give you a good answer. It depends if I like the main characters or not, if the story needs to be derailed, if certain main characters would be better off/happier doing something else... a whole set of variables.

>> No.51291537

I fall out of the sky/through the roof whenever I feel like I can get away with it.

Usually justify it as a teleporter accident, getting dropped by a giant bird (or closest setting equivalent), etc.

Guess it's mostly to see how they'll react. Try not to do it more than once a jump though as otherwise people might get suspicious.

>> No.51291577

Where did these new jumps in the upload folder come from? Some are new updates of jumps discussed in the thread, but I don't remember seeing Ark Survival or the Arsene Lupin before.

>> No.51291629

Jumpers, how did you overcome the "Last Avenger" drawback in A:EMH? Did you combine it with other drawbacks?

>> No.51291635

Generic Hentai has an addictive sex perk.

>> No.51291660

Hey, if you jump the original Madoka timeline, and you're not strong enough to just fix all that shit yourself... butterflying Madoka out of becoming Madokami would be really bad, right? I should just go Drop-In and get the fuck out of Mitakihara so that doesn't happen, right?

>> No.51291663

A few quick searches on 4plebs shows that Brancho made a build for Ark - Survival Evolved on the 17th, but I can't find a post containing it in the previous few threads and he didn't link to it.

Arsene Lupin hasn't been posted either and contains a number of basic spelling and grammatical errors that would have been caught by a simple spellcheck.

Both should no longer be there.

>> No.51291724

You can, if you want to be absolutely sure.
But chances are Homura will just timeloop until you stop fucking up, so unless you have something that screws with her timeloops the risk should be minor. As long as you don't die of course. I don't think the timelooping fixes jumper-death, but i may be wrong.
Unless you manage to fuck up enough to get Homura to die/witch out before looping back, anyway. Don't do that.

So yeah, maybe you should just get out of there if you think you might fuck up to that degree, but you'd actually have to try to fuck up that bad or really really suck imo.

>> No.51291741

They've both been posted in thread. Don't know if they were accepted though.

>> No.51291758

Pretty sure ARK was posted before, twice actually. The first time there were some major issues that disqualified it from the drive and the second time it was much better (or at least fixed the unacceptable parts).

Not sure if it was ever truly accepted by the thread though.

>> No.51291775

They thread accepted it just as much as they did the Night Angel update.

>> No.51291784

Arsene Lupin was posted by Skull Slime.

Apparently, it was a "shitty first draft". So that should go to WIPs if anywhere on the drive at all.

>> No.51291799

My mistake then. I couldn't find either on 4plebs after trying to search a few different ways.
Lupin really needs some proofreading before it hits the drive though.

>> No.51291805

I have been working on the Elric jump. I will be out of town this weekend so will not get much done, but expect a basic WIP in the next couple of weeks.

>> No.51291809


I see. Thanks.

Another thing I was wondering- I know Kyubey's got multiple bodies, so are there a bunch of him all over the planet doing Incubator stuff, or does he just operate in one place at a time?

>> No.51291874

You got my name wrong, but here's the final version of the jump which I did not make.

it did get posted to the thread. I don't know why it didn't make it onto the drive.

>> No.51291893

Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen 1.1

+ Literally just edited this to look better. That is all.

Just plopping it down here before I toss it back at the drive.

>> No.51291894

You need to work on your Search-Fu. It is weak.

No but seriously, I just searched for "Ark jump" and "Arsene Lupin" and found them. What'd you try?

>> No.51291927

I don't know about him, but my search literally never works. I always get totally unrelated stuff. I've given up at this point and just search through the folders every time.

>> No.51291950

your specifying Jumpchain in the subject under filters right?

>> No.51291963

My Search-Fu is indeed in desperate need of training. I apologize for that failing.
4plebs has a habit of either working extremely well for me or not at all.
I typed in "Ark - Survival" and "Arsene Lupin" and came up with nothing.

>> No.51292000

To any fickle jumperso out there

What was your worst case of buyers remorse you've had in your chain?

>> No.51292001

> Ark - Survival
>not Ark:Survival

when you add a dash like that. It tells the search engine to exclude results that include the thing after the "–"

>> No.51292041

So does this mean Ark Survival and Arsene Lupin can be added to the drive?

>> No.51292055

it's not technically buyers remorse but in command and conquer: red alert I stole all of the coats in the Soviet Union. in the end I just wound up using let's give it a boost on them roughly equally until I was down to four, then combining those Four into one super coat.

>> No.51292061


Fuck do I got some stories to tell.

There was this one time I made a private force of golden golems (more like high quality robots with a golem aesthetic) with mutant plant cores that linked up with their robotic brains. They didn't have much personality outside of kinda being sun bros and treating plants with a lot more respect (or seriousness, if one was their "enemy"), so all in all a funny bunch. That was one of the good times.

One of the bad times was when I tried making an item of power, a gem grown from my magic and blood and a whole bunch of other fun stuff. Took a couple hundred years to get it right, then when I tried to cut and polish it, it transformed into a psychic abomination that beat me up, escaped the lab and destroyed an island before we took it down. It took like three or four tries to make that project work, turned out I needed the crystals under a stability field which I can't remember how I constructed.

There was also this time I made some companions that were kinda like that Jumper's children after everything was said and done with that chain. They were nice, took a life of their own beyond what was expected.

>> No.51292064

I guess so for Ark.

But not really for Arsene Lupin, except maybe the WIP folder.

>> No.51292076

Ark: Survival evolved is finished posted in the thread and updated for criticism so I would say yes,Arsene Lupin is a WIP and goes in the WIP section

>> No.51292242

So, do we have any shapeshifting or other perks in the chain that would let me transform into a cloud of butterflies? Or do I need to wait for Lunars?

>> No.51292265

So here's the v0.3 of Ciel Nosurge Jumpchain for your viewing pleasure.

I'll be available for questions and comments for about 5 hours after posting this.


V0.3: Added and fixed some bits and pieces of text.
Renamed to Ciel Nosurge Jumpchain.
Added Wave Physics Primer, Crafting resources Crate, Tz-Wave Conversion Apparatus, High-Grade Cielnotron, Gaming Console, Interdimend Program Notes, Costume Selection, Hobby Supply Stash and Personal Shop Items.
Sorted the items together by background.
Changed some formatting for easier reading.

>> No.51292310

Nightmare Before Christmas and the new Fate jump have Worm-that-Walks styled options you could use.

>> No.51292329

Wonder what a good IC reason to have those as an Uzumaki would be. Jiraiya actually being a half decent godfather and teaching it to jumper?

>> No.51292340

Well, I made artificial dragons, from dinosaur dna, Eclipse Phase uplift stuff, and various magic sources I could splice in...

It didn't go so well. Mostly because they were kinda cumbersome and impractical... But they were cool, so people liked them. When they didn't run screaming.

Usually with a "Hey", before taking a seat next to them.

Or by shooting lasers at the current monster of the week.


Mostly, I get that when I enter a jump. And realise I'm stuck with these horrible drawbacks for 10 years, just for a fancy sword I'm probably never going to use.

>> No.51292364

Omega Self Monecular Manipulation from X-Men Movies should do it.

>> No.51292389

Gunnerkrigg Court could probably do it.

>> No.51292395

That was actually a big project of mine in one of my previous chains where I was focused on creating things. It started off as a project to make really advanced androids and then kind of spiraled off from there.

They ended up being pretty much indistinguishable from humans appearance wise, I even figured out a way to give them souls. Since I hadn't figured out a way to let them reproduce naturally, I had to set up a factory that could pump them out as necessary on any world I placed them. They didn't require any outside energy, as their bodily processes were powered entirely by their own soul.

The piece de resistance was the sheer power I gave them. Using magitech perks, as well as the Amazo data from Young Justice, I gave them as much power as I could without them being too powerful for the setting they were in. They honestly didn't need my help defending themselves. I also sometimes offered to the humans that I really liked the chance to be transferred into one of these powerful, artificial bodies.

Funny thing is, I never actually came up with a good name for their species. Nothing seemed to really fit.

>> No.51292418

>Jiraiya actually being a half decent godfather and teaching it to jumper?
Probably not. Afaik he stays away to not draw the attention of his enemies to Naruto.
If "jumpchain fiat" isn't enough you might have a problem, because a fresh genin orphan having a non-village kinjutsu doesn't really have a good explanation.
Having a summon contract might be able to explain it, but then you'd have to explain where you got the contract.
Saw a ninja summon something and copied the handsigns? I'm not sure if "being summoned to the realm of the species most suitable if you're not contracted" is fanon or canon.

>> No.51292458

>I'm not sure if "being summoned to the realm of the species most suitable if you're not contracted" is fanon or canon.
It's "canon", in that it happens in the anime but is never addressed in the manga.

>> No.51292471

Hm, those look interesting.

Especially the Nightmare Before Christmas one, since the Fate perk mentions them twisting into obviously supernatural/monstrous versions.

Do those allow me to function as multiple butterflies though? All the examples seem to still be one being/form.

>> No.51292484

I think Gunnerkrigg Court is pretty broad. Lets you turn into darkness and fire and shit. Butterflies probably wouldn't be a problem.

>> No.51292514

Well, there's still the fanfiction drawback if that's not enough for you. It's still pretty flimsy though.
The way i see it there really isn't a good explanation for a newly graduated orphan having a kinjutsu technique.
Especially not one that would satisfy a paranoid ninja village, and especially not from someone close to the village jinchuriki.
Best bet is probably keeping it secret until you get some mission time under your belt and can pretend to learn it legitimately.

I'm not the jumpmaker, but OSMM lets you transform into a cloud of mist as one of the examples given, so a cloud of butterflies should be doable.

>> No.51292543

Konan goes to konoha to do recon, meets naruto's twin sister(the jumper), not realizing that there are two uzumaki kids, and upon seeing that the sister isn't a jinchuuriki, promptly runs into protagonist levels of charisma and teaches her the technique?

Because lets be honest, naruto IS that outgoing, and he really would. Making the jumper do it isnt that unbelievable, especially if they are his sister.

>> No.51292622 [DELETED] 

It should be able to, yes. It lets you turn into things like a cloud of mist and other stuff things. There's no rule saying your molecules have to be contiguous.

>> No.51292633

It's not dumber than what happens in canon, for what it's worth.
I mean logically you'd still rate a trip to T&I to check if you're compromised (sister of the jinchuriki), but i can see it not happening in canon.
You'll have to fanwank how it plays out in your chain, but as a jumper you really really don't want to get mind-scanned by a Yamanaka, which could happen even for a "just in case" check if you've had contact with an infiltrator.
At least expect uncomfortable questions, but you could probably get through that if you have perks to conceal body language and such that would give you away (ninja are freakishly good at recognizing those).

The problem with using Naruto as a blueprint is that he gets away with a hell of a lot of things that he shouldn't, probably because of sentimentality and his jinchuriki status. I wouldn't expect the same leeway, but as his sister you might. Depending on your character/previous behavior, because you can bet the village will have a psych profile on you as a person of interest. If you're similar to Naruto and have a good relationship to the third it sounds doable, especially if you refrain from suspicious (jumper) shenanigans for a while afterward, because they'll probably keep an eye on you.

>> No.51292644

It should be able to, yes. It lets you turn into things like a cloud of mist and other stuff. There's no rule saying your molecules have to be contiguous.

>> No.51292645

Hey Yoro! Great jump!

Just wondering - does this have anything to do with a game called Tactics Ogre?

>> No.51292690

Thanks Annette! Glad you like it.

This Jump doesn't have anything to do with Tactics Ogre, though the two are part of the same series of games. I never got a chance to play it and I didn't want to lock anything out, so this Jump strictly covers The March of the Black Queen. The other two games are wide open if someone wants to make them.

>> No.51292693

Not Yoro, but: They're part of the same franchise, Ogre Battle is the fifth installment while Tactics Ogre is the seventh. Despite that, they were actually the first and second games made in the series, it's some weird non-linear storytelling thing.

>> No.51292721

I'm having an incredibly hard time trying to figure out what build I want to go for. You shoved so many perks in here that I want.

Great job but oh god the pain.

>> No.51292727

Nah, see, all this happens in the backstory.

>> No.51292769

Okay, that works then.
I can see the benefactor nudging things that way even if it wouldn't play out that way normally as long as it's not too big a departure from canon behaviour.

>> No.51292771

Very first jump, I rolled Orre. It said you needed a transport out. So I bought the motorcycle.
I ended up taking the ferry out of the port, and hardly used the cycle for the next 10 years.
Wouldn't be so terrible, except for the drawbacks I took to pay for it. Worst expenditure of CP ever.

>> No.51292774

I'd agree with that. What you can get away with is really proportional to how important you are to the village. If you've got the Rinnegan, for example, then I think it's safe to say that you can do fucking anything and nobody but the Hokage can punish you for it. And even then he's unlikely to do anything to upset you too much due to political pressure even if you do something insane like steal the Scroll of Seals.

>> No.51292836

I plan on taking pinprick reserves (and then sidestepping it with OOJ powers), so being able to psuedo-telepathicaly control fuinjutsu is kina awesome.

>> No.51292839

Senpai noticed me!
I am fairly proud at having produced something that couldn't be built for with just a single glance.
Thank you Worm.

>> No.51292877

First off, this is looking really good so far, I like how everything looks. Secondly, I don't suppose you would be willing to raise the drawback limit to 800cp on the condition of taking the Save Bezel Project? Because I want a lot of things here and I'm going to need 800cp extra to get it all.

>> No.51292888

That one might get you into trouble with anyone who can sense or see chakra.
If some of your techniques don't have/use chakra expect questions.
Not that you should need to use much OOJ stuff if you fight smart. That's what fuinjutsu is for after all, and Sakura does pretty well with small reserves iirc. Once she starts taking it seriously anyway.

>> No.51292890

Jumpers! How often do you conquer settings and declare yourself King?

>> No.51292907

Ok, listen you little shit, you need to fucking stop, right now, and get your act together.

What you are doing is absolute poison for the thread. As I write this, the two jumps you complained about are removed from the drive apparently.

Because for one, you acted like an ignorant turd and spoke false hoods about a jump that had been posted in this thread twice, but is still removed because of you, and another you had spelling problems with.

You deleted a perfectly complete jump because you did not like the spelling errors. That is YOUR fucking problem. Other people just don't give a shit and want a workable jump, which that was.

But you decided for everyone that a few spelling issues were more important than the work some had put into making us a jump. F U C K Y O U

That CANNOT be how the thread works, black balling a jump because you dislike something about it. The only thing that should be a disqualification is not sharing it here at all. But once you act like the threads approval is needed, then that one shitposter (in this case, YOU) can say he does not like can say in thread it and remove it from the drive. And then we are done. Like people have been trying to do you years.

A jump maker cannot be FORCED to conform to every persons standards, or everything gets blackballed. They have the give the thread a chance to give feedback, and listen to it, but that does not mean every complaint (or any complaint) raised about a jump in actually valid. If you do not convince them to change it, you are not allowed to hold them hostage.

>> No.51292921

Like I do not like how Cenanon did his jumps, with having the 4th origin always cost 150 CP. It went against the current standard of non super race origins being free, and messed up some if the builds I wanted to do. I hated him having all those crappy 800 CP perks and items in what were unpowered jumps.

I did NOT say it went against the threads rules and delete them from the drive until they were redone to suit me. Because that would make me a massive twat.

Now you are a jumpmaker. And thank you for your jump. But you just tried to take away two jump. Ideally you will stop this shit and we will have 3 jumpmakers. But right now, you are a net negative in terms of value added.

Also, if we are being pedantic, your jump does not have a header image, So I removed it from the drive. Because if format issues like spelling can keep a jump from the drive, then the lack of a pretty picture should as well.

>> No.51292932

What's your favorite pet jumpers?

>> No.51292936

I think you need to calm down, man.

>> No.51292957


>> No.51292959

Only in Overlord, and only for the local scenario reward.
I'm way too lazy an irresponsible to bother otherwise. I'm not enough of an asshole to not do it right when i commit to it though, so ruling was way too much work for my tastes when i can usually just do whatever and ignore whatever official authority exists as it suits me.

>> No.51292961

God you're a faggot.

>> No.51292981

The Darkings from Tortall. They're nice.

>> No.51292982

You seem upset.

>> No.51292989

Not him, but I can understand his reaction. All the stupidity in this thread gets to me as well sometimes.

>> No.51292996

Thanks. Really means a lot.
For the raised drawback limit with Save Bezel Project, that's a good point and I'll probably add it for V0.4 (probably just corrections, etc)

>> No.51293002

So I just did Quest for Glory which got me thinking

What jumps do you classify as/take early in your chain and for what reason?

>> No.51293015

So the best way to combat the stupidity is by adding more stupidity and acting like a gigantic asshole to one of the least antagonistic jumpmakers we have around here? All because he wanted a spellcheck done?

>> No.51293017

Very rarely. I don't like the responsibility or the work required for it.

I do tend to pull a Marcone and bring criminal underworlds to heel, though. Being a king of thieves or a pirate lord is pretty fun.

>> No.51293034

Did you not see the part where I apologized for my rash actions? If I had the Jumps on hand to re-upload, I would have done so myself. I only initially removed them because I could not find any evidence of them having been posted for review in the past.

I still believe Lupin needs another posting for review in the thread as well as some proofreading before hitting the drive, but I did not even suggest the Jumps be "black balled" at all, nor any of the other accusations you just tossed out in my direction.

And deleting my Jump off the Drive as retaliation is an incredibly petty act.

So, in case you're still confused about my stance on the matter, I'm sorry I deleted the Jumps off the Drive. I would have put them back up immediately if I had been capable of it. That's twice now I've apologized. I expect this to be the end of the matter.

Psuedodragons from Dungeons and Dragons. I have four. They're extremely cute, but have a bad habit of playing a little too rough with each other.

>> No.51293040

I did so in Star Wars, creating a race of NGE angels. Using stuff from Macross and other jumps, they were able to breathe in space, as well as open wormholes by themselves. Their songs could touch the hearts of other, and they were tough enough to handle most land based threats. By the Clone Wars, they were actually doing very well for themselves, using the brilliant minds I have them to make their own technology, and even earn membership in the Republic. I spoke to the senator representing my children (who had come to me known as the Seraphim) for awhile, and he was a good lad. Very bright future ahead for him. You should have seen his face when I revealed who I was, though.

Depends, but usually with a smile and handshake. I...might have asked for a picture with Superman.

There was that one time in RWBY when I helped form a kingdom and protect people from the Grimm. Does that count?

Looking forward to it, even if you're a monster for making me want so many things. That Player capstone especially will help for teaching Song Science in future jumps. At least, I think it will.

>> No.51293048

Not at all. I make a much better advisor.

>> No.51293050

Look, Yoro. Dude's a dick. But he kind of has a point. This is why we leave managing the Drive to Brutus.

>> No.51293062

Ah crap, just realized there may be a problem with leftover CP if someone were to take the 300CP item of their origin.

Do I just put the same 100/200/400/600 scheme for the items instead of 100/200/300/400 or add some 50 CP items and if the second (most likely the one I'll choose) do you have some simple suggestions?

>> No.51293085

in Cape settings I show up at their Secret headquarters with a cake saying "pleased to meet you {insert their actual first name} let's get along!

>> No.51293094

Chronicles of Narnia, because control of your age, immunity to time shenanigans and Heart of a Child.

Kingdom Hearts, because it just has tons of good stuff. Memory perks, mental defense, some decent magic, good combat perks, a weapon you can't lose that also picks locks with the always useful keyblade, summons and a good outfit.
It's covers so many bases that you'd otherwise have to take multiple jumps for.

X-Men Movies for that powerful regeneration. Not dying is always great when dying ends your chain, and if you don't overload on drawbacks the jump is easily survivable with just that. And you can even pick up an additional power if you want.

The Sims 3 for never having to go to the bathroom again. That's basically it. Quality of life stuff right there.

>> No.51293107

My pack of great wolves from dark souls 3
they'd probably take offense to being called pets but they turn into giant furry puddles when they get ear scratches or belly rubs

>> No.51293115

I'd say the latter, if only because I want more of those items. For 50cp items, a copy of the game, a music box, figurines of the cast, and a model of the planet.

>> No.51293145

>a copy of the game, a music box, figurines of the cast, and a model of the planet.
I.....Those are all very good ideas, thanks. Added for next version.

>> No.51293153

First of all, Amaterasu is best dog god. Secondly, my favorite pet would be my little Met from Megaman.

>> No.51293157

eh, I never take the narnian perk tree
my choices there boil down to starborn outsider line

>> No.51293161

Some jumpmakers have added 50 CP items for each origin, so there were more 50 CP small stuff.

Or add a 50 CP drawback and raise the drawback limit by 50 CP.

>> No.51293186

Meh, I'll just add some little 50CP items like the previous anon suggested.

>> No.51293301

Ah, welcome back.

>EVERYTHING Cielnotron related
This reminds me - you should probably make a remark on the fact that Cielnotrons can not and will not work without Nelo. I think that's how it worked on Ra Ciela? That might be a problem, no?

>Interdimend Program Notes
What do you intend to become possible with this? Because Interdimend is scary.

> this jump doesn’t extend up to Ar Nosurge (unless you take the appropriate drawback)
I am guessing you deleted the drawback, but not this line?

Consider the following - what's the difference between two Synchronized beings and two beings that work together very well? What are you offering with this capstone that can not be achieved with trust and training? The jump does not explain that

Just so we're clear on this point - you do know what people will do with this particular option?

>Exterior Help
People WILL be asking you exactly how good this training is, so you might want to get that out of the way early.


That's about everything I could find at the present moment. Pretty nice read, all around!

>> No.51293309

If that's what you prefer.
Personally i want something like Heart of a Child asap. I want to enjoy my trip after all.
The Preservation of Man is also pretty cool for that.
Narnian Time isn't something you want immediately, but picking up time-travel protection is something you'll want to do sometime anyway, and controlling your age is helpful if you happen to roll a really annoying age in a jump but can't afford the CP to change it. Starting somewhere as an eleven year old if you could be 16 instead is just annoying.
The Clock of Ages is also pretty useful (and discounted for drop ins).
The one out-of-origin thing i always pick up is endless tea. Because not having to worry about drinks is helpful in some settings, and always having really good tea is just great.

Sure, the other options are useful. But they're generally also stuff you can pick up otherwise, while things like Heart of a Child and Preservation of Man are a lot rarer. As are time dilation options, most of which appear in vastly more dangerous settings.

>> No.51293339

Went it is more convenient for me to do so i.e. The West Wing CYOA in which you have to stay apart of politics for ten years. In a situation like that making yourself THE SUPER UBER GODKING OF EVERYTHING is perfectly acceptable.

>> No.51293387

Pic Related. Fashionable combat gear, scarves, and luxurious flowing hair is always a favorite where appropriate.

I effectively raised the Nanoswarm from VA-11 HALL-A into a support daughteru.

I've got a jetfighter of a Titan, most of my entrances involve showing up and curb stomping the opposition in a fight to endear myself to the main cast.

>> No.51293522

>EVERYTHING Cielnotron related
Note added to say that CP-bought Cielnotron have the Jump-Fiat Warranty Seal and will continue working normally, unlike non-CP-bought ones.

>Interdimend Program Notes
Mainly intended to enable you to eventually reconstruct an Ar Nosurge tube (something that draws energy from interdimensional connections).


It enable power-sharing, varying with the 'depth' of the Synchronization and is always temporary, unless...

I assume you mean fuse with a super-powerful entity? If that's what you mean, then the notes already mention the fact that A. attaining the level of Solipsis in the first place is going to be very hard and B. if the power difference is too big, then it ill mean chain end (by too powerful, I intend to say something along the lines of 'If you would gain a substantial permanent power boost from it, assume it will trigger the failure condition'

>Exterior Help
Will add a note explaining it better.

In general, thanks for the feedback.

>> No.51293530

Always. Angelroids a best.

>> No.51293537

Where did the Narnia jump go? I can't find it on the drive.
I looked in both the imaged and non-imaged folders.
Am I just not seeing it?

>> No.51293563

It's in the A-M unimaged folder, for me?

>> No.51293571

Chronicles of Narnia, under non-imaged A-M.
Right between Chrono Trigger and Chroma Squad.

>> No.51293585

I'm glad that you took the feedback about scaling this back to be about the one property as opposed to a couple.

I like 50 point items and would love to see some.

>> No.51293637

Glad to be of service, anon.

>> No.51293640

No problem, I realized I was a little over my head with trying to do something that covered both. That and I'm eagerly waiting the Ar Nosurge jump another anon has expressed a possible interest in taking.

Already added the suggestions from >>51293115.

>> No.51293656

PS238 for Teacher and the A+ Work.
> It seems like no matter what you’re teaching them or what kind of limitations or setbacks they may have, you can help your students transcend their limitations and grow to your level of knowledge and strength.
Combined with strength/durability/speed/etc powers, I can eventually train anyone to my level of strength. Being Literally Charles Atlas just sounds awesome. And there is perk in that very jump that makes you a physical powerhouse. This is something that can apply for your entire jump, and is non obvious in the beginning. Like get your friends/family in a new jump to exercise with you, no one notices they go from be harder to bruise to being harder to harm with a bullet until it is relevant.

Also, stuff like "Hello there Steven Hawking, what this I hear about 'degenerative condition'? Pffffft, come over here and lets limber you up any way, I am awesome like that!"

>> No.51293664

Shit. Thanks, man. Please enjoy this old man snuggling with his fox.

>> No.51293685

My Police Model Mk. III Cyberhound from Fallout, nicknamed K-9. He's the toughest German Shepherd you'll ever meet, having survived active duty during the pre-war riots, lived through the Great War and two centuries in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Then got an upgrade in Fallout 4 to toughen him up and the ability to speak, meaning he can be a snarky little shit when he feels like it. But it comes from a good place and he's really a wellspring of experience so I love em anyway.

He also loves belly rubs.

>> No.51293692

Thanks and thanks.

You're a good jump maker, Heavens. Thanks.

You are a horrible jumper, though. Like, near Tera-tier.

>> No.51293697

>Note added to say that CP-bought Cielnotron have the Jump-Fiat Warranty
Alright. Still, Genometrics Expert gives you knowledge for building Cielnotrons. Doesn't that become useless as well?

>Mainly intended to enable you to eventually reconstruct an Ar Nosurge tube
Yikes. Never liked that thing.

>It enable power-sharing, varying with the 'depth' of the Synchronization and is always temporary
I mean - what use is that temporary sharing if two people glued together would accomplish a similar amount of work? A drop of absurd on my part, but the example is clear enough. What do people stand to gain from the capstone? Maybe I am just being the weird one here.

>I assume you mean fuse with a super-powerful entity?
More in the vein of - what's to stop a Jumper from achieving Solipsism again, and again, and again, with beings weaker than themselves, consuming the other half every time? I mean, I am quite aware what difficult roads are required to achieve even step 2 of the process, but that won't stop the unaware people from claiming they succeeded nonetheless.

>the Ar Nosurge jump another anon has expressed a possible interest in taking
>another anon
Oi. Am right here!~

>> No.51293706

Oh shit, I didn't know you were the one working on Ar Nosurge, Annette. Extra hyped now.

>> No.51293718

Thanks, anon! I'm glad you enjoy-
...oh. Uh, wow. Okay.

>> No.51293740



>> No.51293741

So I didn't see much more than a conversation on time travel and no one reposted my work in progress like I asked but here it is. Got about an hour or two before I gotta start in on my at home work. Any comments on what's already here or opinions to fill in the blanks?

>> No.51293752

>still no Brunhild
Why do you do this to us?

>> No.51293753

I just...kinda took over Gunsmoke on accident.

Wasn't an "official" ruler or anything but when people saw what I was doing, with results, I became pretty damn influential. (Although the water companies weren't pleased with me handing out free water. But I feel that since water is a necessity to life and since life is a right that people should have, they should be able to afford necessities to keep living). Never really used this power for anything except to make red tape easier for me to deal with and to chase out the water companies.

When you're literally terraforming the planet people live on to be a better place, you become pretty popular.

>> No.51293757

Right. So, basically, my current chain is the story of the laziest creator god in the history of everything. So my 10th jump was Xianxia and I used it to train nonstop in the First and Fourth Magics for 24 hours a day every day within a hyperbolic time chamber where I ultimately gained the equivalent of 5.22^107 years or the equivalent lifespan of around 50,000,000 universes. Since I also had Leaky Limiter and Final Casting as well as Dragonheart from Fate I blew my magic load all over everything once a day for all of that time, meaning that I basically had enough magical power by the end to destroy a multiverse with nothing but power. So I was essentially God.

Now, being an omnipotent God with the power to create literally everything, including entire multiverses, basically with a snap of my fingers, I proceeded to do... basically nothing. Because after spending tens of millions of googols of time training nonstop I had about had it with effort in general and refused to do anything. It took a godlike amounts of willpower just to get out of bed in the morning. Basically I turned into an omnipotent hikkikomori addicted to the Internet. I was God but had nothing to use my power on since I'd lost all motivation after such a ridiculous amount of time doing nothing but nonstop training in a white void. So I basically stumbled through the plots of most settings I found myself in and applied my powers to comical ends while spending as little effort as possible. I basically became a hikki-NEET joke character ala Saitama from One Punch Man.

So now that you know this, my jumper creates sapient life constantly. He creates things to do things for him. He creates people to go pick up remote controls that are out of his reach. He creates gods to create things for him because he can't be assed to create them himself. When he stubs his toe on a door he screams and destroys the universe and recreates it without that door. This became the everyday life of my jumper.

>> No.51293760

Don't get me wrong, I love your write-ups. They're fun as hell to read. However, your jumpers routinely do shit that makes me shake my head.

>pic related
However, potatoes aside, I would totally be the grumpy pragmatic jumper-next door to you. Just stay the fuck off my lawn.

>> No.51293761

Who's at the top of your list then?

>> No.51293765

Working? Hah! Still need to finish my current project (granted, it's in a tuning stages now), AND finish Ar nosurge proper (as in, the game). That said, I do look forward to trying my hand at that thing.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, though!~

The anon lies. Possibly also a spider. But definitely lies.

>> No.51293801

If it means anything, I think your work is pretty high quality.

>implying being a spider is a bad thing
It's called the Web for a reason.

>> No.51293803

sounds pretty cool
what's next in his character arc? him learning to care about something? love~~?

>> No.51293817

>Doesn't that become useless as well?
Assume that the part about 'the relevant infrastructure' include something to that effect.

>What do people stand to gain from the capstone?
It's meant to enable power-sharing like I said. For example, if you had a summoned being thatwould have difficulty communicating with you or expressing its power, Synchronization would help with that.
The canon example is Humans and Genoms: the first can speak and sing but can't do Song Magic (because their soul isn't structured coorectly for that) and the second have souls that can compose Song Magic but they don't have the necessary vocal chords to actually sing them.

I've addedin the notes that Solipsis can only be attained once.

>another anon
>Oi. Am right here!~
Oops! Really sorry, just that my brain saw a name field beginning with 'An', no tripcode and automatically assumed Anonymous.

>> No.51293826

Tera is both continuum and a line of demarcation. There are gradations of Tera-Speed, but so far only Tera has fully ventured into that range. It is possible to approach the Speed of Tera without breaking it. However, the closer you get to Tera-Speed the more shit just starts to break down.

The science of Tera is not to be undertaken lightly. I've been studying it for a few years now, and I am rapidly approaching complete SAN loss.

>> No.51293829

The bully is strong with this one.

He probably learned that skill in one of your jumps. . .

>> No.51293845

Mostly because I'm not a fan of handing out absolute powers. Brynhildr only has one power, to destroy any seal, but it's an absolute.
If you really want it, I guess you'll just have to join the Rebel side as the Hero of Light and save the world, won't you?
Either that or doom the world by grabbing it before the Rebels can.

>> No.51293862

The relevant infrastructure has the seal, or we need the stuff post-jump for that?

>> No.51293865

White whale holy grail

>> No.51293884

>The bully is strong with this one.
Wait. . . Is Heavens a titlet? I wasn't /planning/ on bullying him, but if he's a titlet then I am contractually obligated to bully him.

>> No.51293896

What's your current project?

>> No.51293901

Sorry, i mean that the 'knowledge on how to build and program Cielnotrons and the relevant infrastructure' bit include something to circumvent that problem. Maybe how to work out an alternate power source, maybe something else entirely. For this one I'll say fanwank responsibly.

>> No.51293903

Do traps with cat ears count as titlets?

>> No.51293905

His character arcs mostly consist of roaming the multiverse and slowly regaining his humanity back, yes. It starts as a parody of the average powerwanker becoming God through broken Jumpchain mechanics and then turns into Jump-chan trying to rehabilitate him as a human being by sending him to various universes. The whole chain is basically a romantic comedy between him and Jump-chan.

>> No.51293906

in fairy tail, how bullshit is that dragon drawback?
I gather by the description and the whole shounen genre that a single dragon slave spell isnt going to solve the problem.

>> No.51293921

Well, since they're traps, they don't have tits at all.

>> No.51293922

No no i mean who is the best jumper in your opinion?

>> No.51293963

Hold up, this is getting serious now.

Mr. Anon. Are you now or have you ever been a Titlet of the Jumpchain Thread?

>> No.51293965

Nobody knows. All we know so far is that Acnologia (the dragon in question) has curbstomped everyone and everything that ever went up against him. While holding back.
The Black Mage Zeref (an infamous legend in setting) has been building an empire with a gigantic army and a cadre of super-powerful mages for the explicit purpose of killing said dragon, for hundreds of years. He still hasn't moved against him yet and is trying to get even more power because he knows it's not enough.

>> No.51293974


>> No.51293981

They can have little tiny ones. I'd post pictures to demonstrate, but this is a blue board.

>> No.51293984

Rolled 8 (1d8)

Fair enough. I tend to find impulsive idiots are really fun to write. I take a lot of inspiration from Konosuba when I write Jumpers, mostly because I got sick of wish fulfillment characters not long before I arrived here. Ironically enough. Speak of, let's get this trainwreck back on the road!

>Last time on Dragon Ball Z
"You think Anon might be going crazy?"
"Nah, he's fine."
>This time on Dragon Ball Z

Jump 20: Kerbal Space Program
Background: Engineer [900]
This, Actually, Is Rocket Science
Speak English, Dammit!
Some Old Friends
Espirit de Kerbal
Kerbal Biology - I immediately regret this.
Aerospace Engineering makes things go fast
They're Like Legos, Right? [800]
This Is How I Want It [600]
In A Junkyard, with a Box of Scraps [300]

Mechjeb [275]
Kerbal Attachment System [250]
KSP Interstellar [200]
B9 Aerospace and KW Rocketry [150]
Orbit Portal Technology Space Plane Parts [125]
Thunder Aerospace Blah Blah Life Support [100]
Kerbal Planetary Base Systems [75]
Hooligan Labs Aerostat Development [50]
Umbra Space Stuff [0]


...this is different. I mean, I'm a tiny green man now and-OH GOD I'M ACTUALLY SHORTER THAN NYMPH!
>"Not funny."
Ah, well. I might have failed physics in the past, but I've now got a lot of parts to work with and knowledge of space travel. My fellow Kerbals clearly want to go into the celestial marvel that is space, and by God, we will go to space!
>"You're...actually fired up about this?"
Are you kidding! Space is love. Space is life. WE MUST ACHIEVE PEAK SPACE.
>"Anon you're scaring me."

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender
2. Girl-Chan in Paradise!
3. Generic Sugar Bowl
4. The Sims
5. Megaman Classic
6. Jojo
7. Generic Children's Television
8. Drakengard

You mean one of the few times I've actually gender-swapped?
I actually don't know.

>> No.51294011

>I actually don't know.
If had tits you would have noticed, titlet confirmed!

>> No.51294014


>> No.51294015

I'll give this a read through.

I like that Gaunlet guy, just love the cut of his jib is all I guess. /sarcasm
Nah that guy can fucking die in a ditch for all I care. /Joke

>> No.51294035

Well, I'm disappointed, but I can't disagree with your reasoning. Magpie it is.

>> No.51294041


>> No.51294043

Mr. Heavens. This body is not interested in either your antics or your deflections. So, I ask again:

Are you now. Or have you ever been. A titlet of the Jumpchain Thread?

>> No.51294075


>> No.51294199

Jump 21: Drakengard - Okay, no. That's it.

This is where I draw the line. I know what you're thinking.

You can throw me around an eclectic collection of worlds and think I'll be quiet and well-behaved, and you can even compensate me with superpowers and free stuff. I'll even run around like a sitcom character and flail my arms about for your entertainment. But this? Taking a huge amount of kids without homes - yes, I know they've been in stasis for all the dangerous parts - into Drakengard? By Yoko ‘I wonder how I can murder random children in fiction today’ Taro? No. I'm not doing it. I'm not even buying anything. I'm going to sit down, fold my arms, and be as boring as fuck for the entire decade if you try to milk this.

Keep giving me the silent treatment, but I'm not going anything unless I know they're going to be safe.


I can do this all day. Maybe even for ten ye-
>"OKAY GEEZ! For crying out loud, you can just keep them in stasis! What do you take me for? I want entertainment, not a snuff film!"
>"The whole reason I wasn't talking until now was to teach you some self-reliance! Apparently, that's too much to ask for! The inactive companion button has always worked to this point, hasn't it?!"

...considering I go for 'practical' over 'vain'? Probably average. So I am neither titlet nor tit dinosaur. I am...'plain bagel'.

>> No.51294239

>"But oh no, the big bad Jump-chan is gonna make you take all the Dolls into Drakengard! She OBVIOUSLY wants to watch them get murdered or for you to suffer-buddy, more than half of your suffering is self-inflicted by you being a total idiot! Did you think you didn't have to work for what you wanted out of this?"
...I, uh, sorry.
>"You're lucky I'm a lot more patient than my sister. She would have just blown up your Earth by now out of spite."
...right. I'm sorry. I was just...frustrated. It's been a long road.
>"Tell you what. If you're REALLY wanting to go home, then you can after this jump. I just wanted you to go to Undertale to cheer up, and then Infernals to grow some fucking backbone. But if you wanna throw in the towel? There's no reason to keep this up."
So I don't have to jump Drakengard?
>"Oh hell yes you do."

Era: Drakengard 1 - Fine. Let's get this over with.
Origin: Knight [900]
Age: 19
Intimidating Manner
Grand Wheel [750]
Slaughterism [450]
Colorful Backgrounds
That'll Leave A Mark [50]

Gold [0]

Clunky Controls [650]

>> No.51294257

Time for bullying!

There is no such thing, you are either a titlet or someone with proper cowtits!

>> No.51294308

RIP Heavens.

>> No.51294312

I heard there was cruelty against the titlets happening around here? Point me towards them so I may show them a truly bodacious babe.

>> No.51294321

Rolled 442 (1d1000)

I'm just gonna roll a thing here.

>> No.51294333

That anon speaks only lies and wishes to spread discord, under the guise of a reasonable person. I love your write-ups.

>> No.51294352

This way >>51294321, my bodacious friend.

>> No.51294366

Good heavens, look at the time!

>> No.51294375

I'm concerned for you Heavens.

>> No.51294385

I Would say they are in the same ballpark but not the same thing

>> No.51294401


Wait, I'm back home?! What happened?! Did I die? Did I lose? Is it over?

>"Well, uh...funny story about that."
What happened and why can't I remember it?
>"See, you didn't so much -lose- as there wasn't a universe for you to jump to anymore."
...but how did-the demon babies, right?"
>"Yyyyyup. It just kinda...broke after a while when that started. And I knew you were just gonna hide behind the forcewall after that, so..."
So...it's over?"
>"Yeah. At least until I pick up a different you or a new Jumper."
Wait, what?
>"Anyways! Nymph, Astraea, and the Dolls should all find their own lives here. You'll be running into them shortly. Don't worry, I made sure they all got what they wanted."
...I guess you really were a lot nicer than I thought.
>"Hey, being omnipotent is no reason to be a jackass. Anyways...it was fun. Take care, anon."
But wait, what was supposed t-she's gone. Huh. Well, I've got a bunch of super gadgets, a motorcycle, and a working knowledge of FTL.

What do I do now...?

...I guess I can hit the road and see where everyone ended up. Right! No time like the present! I wanna see if I can market my stuff to NASA, anyways. Maybe make a buck off of what I found.

So concludes this little experiment. Running a gauntlet of my own jumps in order resulted in a PTSD-laden but fairly capable superhero with an assortment of gear and Disgaea levels of bullshit trained in a half-assed way due to safety concerns.

I hope yall enjoyed this. I'll be doing a different chain later.

>> No.51294424

Did the Dolls get human bodies? Being zombies in our world would make them targets REAL quick.

>> No.51294449

They do by default after the Nechronica jump. It's on a page near the end.

I think this is the first chain I've made that didn't end in tragedy or a Spark.

>> No.51294457

>In isn’t your world
This isn't your world

If Lemurian is not supposed to have lower level perks, just the big one, you might want to drop the background cost to zero and make further Inspiration discounted for them. In effect making Inspiration a Lemurian perk.

Foundation of Self discovery is clearer now, yes.

Still need to find yourself some more items. It least a 600 CP one for the other two origins so they all have an item, like Little Lemuria and Da Vinci's Notebooks mentioned last thread.

>The timeline as a kind
The timeline acts as a kind

Using Mania fueled time travel and trying to make waves allows in the Bardo of the Guardians of Forever even in other jumps, and you will be hit with the various plots of Time Travel 'B' movies until you either deal with the guardians, stop making waves, stop using time travel, or start using a better method of time travel.

Independent of the Guardians, the the timeline has a rut it wants to fall into you will have to work around to really change stuff using Mania Time Travel. (Perks that negate fate or pre-destiny can deal with this.)

In this jump this applies no matter the method of Time Travel used as part of the setting, but in different jumps you can use an alternate method of Time Travel to side step it.

(Not sure about the killing grandmother making you poof out of existence rather then becoming an orphaned temporal artifact, possibly in a new timeline. Is that an existing part of the setting or something? Maybe add a new Lemurian Perk for that, because of their philosophy that they are legitimate and if reality disagrees, then reality is wrong. 'A Reasonable Exemption from Causality' or something?)

>> No.51294479

I know I suggest a lot of things, but a drawback where all your inventions, not just the Wonders created by Inspiration, cause Havoc, would be pretty interesting.

>> No.51294530

Maybe you could give Lemurians some minion perks? Since they're more likely to make Beholden and/or Abominations of Science, it would be nice to have some perks for that. Like something that makes any “improvements” on your minions better, or a perk like Shaper's Authority so you're less likely to die screaming “But I am your creator!”.

>> No.51294566

>that gif
...was the guy okay afterwards?

>> No.51294574


There's more after the ending options in the Nechronica Jump, gotta scroll down all the way to see it though.

>> No.51294579

> Lemurian Perks
I'm gonna suggest a perk that lets you get along better with insane people or conflicting viewpoints. Because that's kindof the Lemurian's whole deal. They all have wildly conflicting viewpoints, and are patently insane, yet believe they are all "right" and somehow get along with and function together as an organization.

>> No.51294582

Broken ribs and concussion, likely. Maybe some hearing damage.
He's fine.

>> No.51294596

Huh. I've never seen that before. Neat.

>> No.51294614

He probably did better than some folk.

>> No.51294632

what the fuck

>> No.51294635

there are three star trek jumps, right?

Two old ones and nutrek?

>> No.51294642

That looks like something out of a cartoon. Jesus.

>> No.51294673

Whats the status of puzzle and dragon?

>> No.51294734

The status is unfinished. I know, it's a-mazing how long it's taken. Maybe if you ask around the jump maker might show. Though likely as not he'd try to wyrm out of any complaints levied against him.

>> No.51294737

What was your lewdest jump?

>> No.51294740

It was a dirge jump, so probably dead.

>> No.51294742

I thought dirge picked it back up.

>> No.51294745

I was gonna ask if it's up for adoption...?

>> No.51294755

All jumps are lewd.

>> No.51294761

>pic related
DC. Definitely DC.

>> No.51294769

Well, I had to reboot my chain recently because I lost my notes and stuff, but probably sherlock.

Both me and my companion took the most wanted drawback, so we fucked off into some mystcraft books and, well, fucked.

Not for all ten years, but clothes became slightly optional when it was literally just us.

>> No.51294771

I once dropkicked a burglar while naked with my dong erect.

>> No.51294783

The one in the WIP Folder or dirge's?

>> No.51294798

Star Wars. Zeltrons are a hell of a drug, man.

>> No.51294806

>Spellcheck fails
Hah I'll get on it.
They are meant to have more than just the Unmada Field, Just haven't ever played one before and thus the archetype is basically unexplored for me.
Thanks again for these ideas!
>The timeline
Meant has a kind.
>Time Travel explanation
This is solid, can I use it?

Thank you for the feedback moth-shped-person I'll work on it.

A minion perk would be solidly in the 200 to 400 area, depending on stregth (Beholden Unto Me for it's name maybe?) That latter part though... where's the fun in that?

Solidly the 100 pointer thanks! Then you devolve into nonsense about them not being right, which they are I mean have you seen what their Unmada Fields do? Joking aside thanks for the feedback!

Who is she? I don't know this character... my DC is bad I guess? Also is the whole Kyrptonians Laser Eyes tied to lust still a thing?

>> No.51294808


Trigun. What? Me and Vash were dating and wandering around the desert alone a lot.

>> No.51294820

Sexy times in a desert. Harsh.

>> No.51294835

I bet you learned to hate sand, with how coarse and rough it is, and how it got everywhere.

>> No.51294840

> Girls Und Panzer
> Took "No Yuri For You!"
> Absolutely everyone gets into a relationship.
> They're all head over heels in love.
> Everyone but me.
> But that's okay.
> Because I put cameras inside all their rooms.

I recorded so much consensual handholding.

>> No.51294842

Anakin go and stay go.

>> No.51294843

>Who is she? I don't know this character
She is Power Girl, and you should be ashamed to have to ask that.

>Also is the whole Kyrptonians Laser Eyes tied to lust still a thing?
Only if you jumped Smallville for some horrible reason.

>> No.51294849

>This is solid, can I use it?

>> No.51294850


>> No.51294857

We had a tent for that you fools.

>> No.51294859

League of Legends. Skins.. Pool parties.. Healsluts..

>> No.51294864

Archer. Hands down. Pam is the definition of insatiable.


>> No.51294866

All over the fourth panel.

>> No.51294877

Bah, I meant that for >>51294850

>> No.51294879

...Dragon-Blooded, probably.

Apparently, being the only living Dragons with pure breeding means you're very valuable for revitalizing the Dynasty.

>> No.51294893

Is there any way to do prana transfer that doesn't involve sexytimes? Was thinking of having my servant drink my blood but that sounds gross and counterproductive.

>> No.51294901


>> No.51294905

>fourth panel
¿que es eso?

>> No.51294937

We have a Smallville Jump!?

Thank you!

Mucus membrane, blood, any liquid stored in your body, the best conduit would actually likely be spinal fluid. That is if Nasu hasn't changed things since the last LN.

>> No.51294949

It might be gross, but I believe prana transfer by blood works fine?

Also, the only reason you'd need sexytimes or blood would be if you took the drawback. It's not normally needed for non-shitty Masters, since they just transfer prana to their Servant through the bond or whatever.

>> No.51294955

The best liquids are either blood or semen. It's magic/tantric shit, so it'd probably go for traditionally arcane over scientific as to whats most important.

>> No.51294960

>We have a Smallville Jump!?

>> No.51294965

Giving naturally Prana infused body fluids to the servant works so technically you could just have them drink your semen. However all masters should naturally share prana through the bond formed by the command spells.

>> No.51294972

If val is here, what exactly does the witchcraft skill do? I mean, I see the daikai thing, and I googled it, but I have no idea what i'm looking at.

>> No.51294984

Wait, THAT'S how you solve the No Natural Mana Replenishment drawback?!

...I might have to revise my build.

>> No.51294989

Did that dude just get fucking struck by lightning?

>> No.51294990

It's just another magic system skill.

>> No.51295004

It lets you make Witches out of whatever you find in a Hobby Lobby.

>> No.51295026

>Mucus membrane, blood, any liquid stored in your body,
> tfw you can restore prana just by making out for an hour

... how do I get really good at kissing?

>> No.51295041

>I bet you learned to hate sand, with how coarse and rough it is, and how it got everywhere.
Someone did not take that "just like you stepped out of the shower" option in Body Mod.
That is what is there for, so even at your most powerless, you do not have to worry about sand in your anything, it is just magically *poofed* away as soon as it happens.

>> No.51295043

What are the other ones? And is there any point to having multiple, do you know?

>> No.51295049

Misc. Meta

>> No.51295056


>> No.51295065

EX rank Kissing Demon from the servant supplement.

>> No.51295069

HSDW, Magecraft, Runes. Only ones I know. I guess they'd let you use multiple systems?

>> No.51295076

I don't think so, the semen and blood thing is due to some concept, like the semen and how it can help create life and blood as it is life or something like that. Not too sure saliva can be used.

>> No.51295078

Weirdly Specific Martial Art from Ranma 1/2 should work.
Or practice. Lots of practice. One of those options is more fun than the other.

When your powerless you probably have more urgent concerns than fucking in the desert/on the beach. Just saying.

>> No.51295086

Supergirl is better.

>> No.51295092

taking companions are mandatory yes?

>> No.51295123


Kiss Maniac: B
Chloe, a Servant who unexpectedly manifested without a Master, constantly desires prana.
As a simple and easy method that does not involves a contract, she favors prana supply by means of contact of the mucous membrane.
She end up becoming a tanned imp who pushes in a kiss scene at any given opportunity, causing the entire living room to freeze.

>> No.51295128

You underestimate sand's power.

>> No.51295129

All of a magi's fluid contains prana. Saliva works and is incredibly common in spinoffs for obvious reasons, it's not not as efficient.

>> No.51295143

True true, but then again it's Nasu so scientific might be the way to go also.

Ah I thought you meant we could go there through a single Jump. I would love to do that just to pick up the rainbow of kryptonite that one can find there just to troll the comics Superman, dudes great at points annoying at others but almost universally seems to need more 5th Dimensional Imps in his life.

See >>51295049 and >>51295078 and>>51295065 also I have a suggestion. Someone make pic related

>> No.51295162

I see. Well then if it works, then it works.

>> No.51295170


>> No.51295179

Cats has ruled that you can go to any DC IP with the DC jump, so you could go to Smallville with DC if you choose.

>> No.51295181

No I do not, but perk fiat FTW. I mean why else would you spend 100 CP for that perk, when you could spend it on Captain America level physique instead.

Because the morale boost of never having to loose against sand ever again, among other things.

>> No.51295189

>Your head

>> No.51295193

It's over? I don't understand what happened with that last jump? The world ended before you got there?

>> No.51295197

That reads like something out of the Hero BBS manga. I can completely see Student giving that advice.

>> No.51295220

Basically, the worst possible ending of Drakengard happened and demon babies destroyed the world. It happened during the jump and Anon didn't do a good job in stopping it from happening.

>> No.51295238

How about a perk that has people more likely to ignore some of your more evil deeds, so long as it's not against them. The Peerage seem to be fine with the Lemurians making and selling Larva, and don't bother with trying to stop them for the most part.

>> No.51295274

Witchcraft is a specific magical system that specializes in boons, curses, contracts, and subtler magical effects which fall under "witchcraft." There are a few different kinds of witchcraft, generally split into eastern and western schools. Tamamo no Mae, for example, uses Dakini witchcraft. You could curse a person with bad luck, for example, or cause them to suffer if they perform a certain act or fall under specific circumstances. You could make someone preternaturally successful with business or romance. In general Witchcraft isn't really specialized in the "swords and sorcery" style like many others, it's no good at throwing around fireballs or shooting beams of energy. What it does is create influence upon things based upon exchanges of power, the simplest of which is magical energy. It's much subtler than most other forms of magic and specializes in the enforcement of contracts and magical curses.

At least that's what I think it does if I'm remembering correctly.

>> No.51295277

I wonder, what are the odds of someone being able to replicate what Ollerus could do in The Indexverse? Or if its possible to actually become a Majin? I mean so far with what Im seeing on the wiki, to be a Majin you really have to git gud at a specific type of magic and essentially do a ritual that results in your death only to ascend to Majin status.
Anyone with more knowledge on the subject mind giving their view on the proposed idea of a jumper attempting to become a Majin or at least Ollerus-tier?

>> No.51295285

Dying ends your chain senpai.

>> No.51295290

Ah, my condolences. 442 out of a thousand... I thought you'd get an in-between result, not the worst.

Anyway, thanks for the story - I always like reading about your adventures!

>> No.51295301

Not if you've got a one-up.

>> No.51295306

I should probably have added that we should assume this jumper had an extra life perk of some-sort.

>> No.51295320

>worst possible ending of Drakengard

>> No.51295339

I imagine the 1up would counteract the death equals ascension bit.

>> No.51295351

Every ending except for that one is the "Good" ending, since they don't result in Nier's universe being destroyed. In every timeline except Ending F, the Shadowlord is just some burly single dad raising his daughter, and there's no drama at all. I call that a good ending.

>> No.51295370

>Raids graveyards for corpse parts in broad daylight.
Random passerby. "He's just eccentric"

>Pulls over school bus, 'improves' children with steampunk implants
"Still just eccentric"

Joking aside, this stuff is already sort of covered by the Lemurians capstone, because a Lemurian does not see his actions as evil, and after a few days under "I AM RIGHT" you wont see anything wring with either

>> No.51295378

Use the one from Generic Universal Monster that lets your chain not end on a death once per jump but requires you find your own method of actually reviving.

>> No.51295384


>> No.51295387

Uh, why? That doesn't make any sense. Especially with some one-ups which are just there to allow death not to count as chain-end.

>> No.51295395

I suppose that would depend on the way the revive perk works. Generic Universal Monster kinda leaves the way you revive open ended, you could argue if one actually managed the whole Majin ritual and killed themselves, they'd die but would later come back due to the perk and come back as a Majin.

>> No.51295398

What are the best options for bone manipulation in chain? I currently have the one from Naruto, but I want to replace it/take less drawbacks, so I'm looking for alternatives.

>> No.51295445

>Pulls over school bus, 'improves' children with steampunk implants
He is truly the hero we need, but don't deserve.

>> No.51295456

Shouldn't that be covered by most of the better shapeshifting perks?

>> No.51295462

No, you can decline something if it is free. Or put them in stasis at the warehouse without activating a new companion.

>> No.51295479

That'd be cool but then you'd get in to fact that the last season kinda turned it up to 11.

1/2 Prince is a funny trip and Lolidragon, the chick giving the advice, is a total troll.

Fools! I Will Take Over the World! Ask Me How! [200]
Perhaps it's the crazed out of control nature of your rants or maybe its just raw charisma but most folks don't mind you saying stuff, you just don't seem 'real'. Actions that go against the persons morals will still set them off if you rub their faces in it, or they are just really strictly adhering to their moral ideals like some Genii do, but for the most part only your most overt plans draw the eye of the common person as long as you don't bother them. Granted you'll likely have to deal with a few Science Heroes, or their rough equivalent in Jumps after this, who will challenge your dastardly plots. Remember to ham it up, it doesn't help but it is heartily recommended! This perk can be activated at will.

>Crafts a massive fission reactor with 'magnetic containment fields' in his back yard
>Replaces the moon with a orbital defense platform
"Still just eccentric"
>Joking aside
True so I threw in a hero bait to challenge you! I know that it's hard to write some things when you don't have proper opponents but don't want drawback opponents.

Nice pic.

Whelp next lesson is in half an hour. See you crazy folks later, I'm pretty sure I'll have some free time to work on Genius soon. Thanks again!

>> No.51295493

Right, not the jump maker so this shouldn't in any way be construed as some kind of passive-aggressive ruling. It was an interesting question and I just wanted to weigh in. That said, here's why I said what I did.

The one-up would work as functioned, if there was some question about whether or not I was saying that rule that out. The one-up would do what oen-ups do.

However, if the ritual is like any other ritual of this type, ones about death and rebirth, then the ritual requires your death so it can resurrect you in a new form. In short, by using the one-up mechanic you don't give the ritual time to do what it needs to do in order to transform you. Consider the 1-up some sort of disease immunity and the ritual working like classic vampirism. Classic vamps drain you and feed you and after death you're transformed. Well, if you have some kind of immunity to diseases then that transformation wouldn't work.

Another way to look at it would be to think of it as a chemical reaction. The transformation generates energy that changes your molecular structure, but if your 1-up is working then it kicks on as soon as you go cold. The ritual doesn't have the ability to generate that energy because your 1-up Bunsen burner turned the heat back on.

Does that make sense? That's how I'd approach it at least.

That one might work better, but again from a mechanical perspective it'd be the perk resurrecting you and not the ritual.

Again, this is just how I'd run with it.

>> No.51295495

No clue because the author apparently had a schizophrenic breakdown when describing how Majins work. Originally just having a ton of magical knowledge and power could make you a Majin which was part of the reason they sealed Index's power. Then apparently there's a certain time period it can happen in and there could only be one, because Othinus "stole" Ollerus' chance to become one because he was busy saving a kitten or something. But then Othinus was apparently already a Majin because she's tens of thousands of years old. Buy them there's a whole group of them.


>> No.51295519


Right, this is mine now.

>> No.51295520

Isn't it just that the characters explaining it don't have the full story themselves? So we're not even getting the real truth until later on.

>> No.51295528

Probably, but unless I'm mistaken most of the better ones have a hard limit on the size aspect, so I wouldn't be able to create a giant field of bones like we see Kimimaro do.

>> No.51295531

Watching you try to do the tone of a lovecraft jump is going to be a hilarious trainwreck.

>> No.51295536

You would be right of we weren't talking about Index.

>> No.51295545

You know you can turn your trip on, right? We don't mind you being here.

>> No.51295546

The thing about Back from the Grave is that it, by itself, doesn't necessarily bring you back.

It has a bunch of generic horror movie monster revival techniques built into it, sure, but you're still expected to put in work yourself in order to revive in any reasonable amount of time.

So, if coming back to life through the ritual is part of how you become a Majin in the first place, all you need to do is tell your Companions to put the resurrection magic away and stop performing dread rituals in your name so the 1-up itself doesn't fuck things up.

>> No.51295574

Index is a clusterfuck of a setting it seems like. Kinda wish we would start 10 years before all this crap goes down. Seeing how there's the Majin which are so powerful, then you have another group or so stronger than them, and a group stronger than the previous guys, then whatever is in Imagine Breaker's hand.

>> No.51295580

I have a name but not a trip, and I don't namefag unless I'm talking about my own jumps.

You know what? That seems pretty solid. I'd be willing to run with that were I inclined to build for that. Thanks for fleshing that out for me, anon.

>> No.51295597

I expect the obligatory old man Henderson reference.

>> No.51295599

>and I don't namefag anymore unless I'm talking about my own jumps.

>> No.51295600

Oh. Never mind, thought you were someone else. Sorry.

>> No.51295603

The same would probably work with a Horcrux.
You die but then still have the piece of you in the world that counts to stop chain end.

>> No.51295624

No problem. Who did you think I was?

>> No.51295671

>which was part of the reason they sealed Index's power

Oh really? She could potentially be a Majin? Thats pretty interesting.

I'll admit Majins are strong but Im pretty interested in what Ollerus did, where he doesn't have the 50/50 issue that true Magic Gods have by using some lolnope attack that can't be comprehended.

I'll also admit of I could somehow attain inmense power in this setting I just want to look like Heaven Ascension Dio, and you know, not get wiped out by some one eyed loli.

Maybe even try and be to this setting what Constantine is to DC's setting, except you know, not being a source of misfortune or whatever.

>> No.51295712

Wait wait wait. So Majins are supposed to be uber powerful, right? Would becoming one automatically make you that powerful, or is there a process or what? I mean, I get that you to start out with enough power and knowledge for the ritual, but depending on how much that is, that could be a massive power boost.

>> No.51295752

They also have a 50/50 chance to completely fuck up everything like >>51295671 said.

>> No.51295758

Lemurian Capstone would it allow me to turn a city into Gotham? Like aesthetics wise. You have a kind of 1920s feel, but alongside modern day technology. Also it's always dark and gloomy, even during the day. Plus gothic architecture everywhere.

>> No.51295765

Yikes. So you either become a magic god or "whoops, there goes the universe", basically?

>> No.51295783

Othinus had a way to get around it using her Gungnir.

>> No.51295794

No, that's what happens when you become a magic god. Each spell or action you cast has a 50/50 chance.

>In essence, the Majin has an equal chance of attaining the possibility of succeeding as well as failing, making everything relating to the Majin's magic a 50/50 shot. This comes from the principle of the Omnipotence Paradox, which asks "if an omnipotent being can do anything, can it deny itself?"; i.e: could an omnipotent being create a rock it can't lift?

>> No.51295798

It's only mandatory if it says mandatory.

> Snake Kiss
You know what's a good perk for that?
"Lick", from Imawabi no Dakini.
Gives you something like a three foot, prehensile tongue.

The titular Skullgirl of Skullgirls has pretty good bone control. But that's got pretty severe intrinsic drawbacks you would have to wank super hard to get over.
You can also mimic bone attacks with Undertale magic.

After that, I think anything that allows for a combat theme would work. Actually! A more benign version of the Skullgirl power would be to just take the Themed Powers perk from the Skullgirls jump, and key it towards "Skulls & Skeletons". Because the Skullgirl perk itself mentions doing that, like, taking it just gives you Themed Powers with that setup for free. So, technically, you could LOOK just like the Skullgirl but not actually have all her powers and drawbacks.
That would probably be really scary shit for people native to that world. Imagine people thinking there are two Skullgirls now.

>> No.51295830

Ollerus doesn't have the Omnipotence Paradox because he's not a real Majin, he's immensely less powerful.

>> No.51295842

...everytime? Jesus Christ.

>> No.51295843

So use something like Scarlett Destiny.

>> No.51295871

Just be aware that Majins are not the most powerful beings in setting, and being one may or may not make you a target of someone who is quite possibly stronger than a group of them.

>> No.51295905

...oh dear.

>> No.51295920

>Kinda wish we would start 10 years before all this crap goes down.
Jumps with crazy escalation need to start early enough that you leave before the shit starts to get crazy unless you take a drawback or something.

In this jumps defense, I think it was made before it really went crazy. That is another problem, jumping into time periods which are still being written.

About the only just that takes that into account is the Dresden Files.

>> No.51295922

Is Index even survivable by a pre-spark jumper? Or Railgun for that matter.

>> No.51295937

...What happens in Dresden Files, and when into the jump does it happen?

>> No.51295952

Normal people do so just fine, just need to avoid toughing anything.

>> No.51295986

That's problem with a lot of Jumps. They can be perfectly good jumps, but the setting has a sudden escalation. Your slice of life anime turns into an interdimensional drama filled with death robots and space gods. All in the span of a few chapters.

Kinda like Toriko Jump. It's a wonderful Jump, and before TorikoAnon pushed back the start date. The differences between beginning, middle, and end of the manga is pretty vast. At least Toriko had a somewhat power curve, instead of a power edge.

>> No.51296013

Fairy Tail too. Without the relevant drawback you get to leave just as shit starts really happening.
Of course 7 years of that have most of the titular guild stuck in magical stasis, so if you want to interact with them you'll have to change that. Which won't be easy.

The trick is to avoid drawing the attention of beings that can crush you like a bug.
Few of those settings have all life wiped out. Just avoid the plot like the plague.

>> No.51296014

Yeah I was reading how Crowley fucked them over in their own dimension, what the fuck is that guys damage? Also what the fuck is that "Archetype Controller", seriously that dude is pretty cool.

I just want to be the fucking stronk and help people.

>> No.51296019

>Lemurian Capstone would it allow me to turn a city into Gotham?
It almost has to be a genre filter to work. so possibly. Remember it makes the surroundings fit to your ideal. So if that it fits your aesthetic. But if your Aesthetic is more Mad Max, the perk by itself does not let turn the knob on the genre filter over to Gotham by itself. That would require to change your aesthetic by modifying yourself (how you see the world), or some Perk modifying ability.

>> No.51296051

So for those of you who took the Abyssal semblance in RWBY, what kind of Grimm have you created besides the ones in the series?

>> No.51296081

>what the fuck is that guys damage?
Apparently they caused the death of his wife a long ass time ago, he has since dedicated his life to being strong enough to stand on their throats.

All signs point to him succeeding so far.

>> No.51296082

God damn it 4chan could you cooperate with me any day.

Forgot the pic.

>> No.51296102

It is set so you leave a bit after the end lf the most recent book (skin games)
Staying for the whole series, even the unwritten stuff is a pretty big drawback called "The Whole Apocalyptic Trilogy" on the assumption that there a going to be a just a bit of escalation there at the end, boyo.

(Because of hints the author has dropped over the years.)

>> No.51296121

I created Grimm based off of the Owlman, along with various other Grimm Cryptids. I tend to focus on quality over quantity, so every one Owlman was worth dozens of Beowulfs.

>> No.51296177

Every time, unless you're a failed Majin or you cheat like >>51295783 did. Even then, >>51295871 is proof that you may be further ahead just not doing it.

>> No.51296272

I'd say the last part isn't particularly hard, seeing as it looks like Beowulves and the two-legged short fuckers are basically the Grimm's cannonfodder.

How many Huntsmen could you say one of your Owlmen is able to take on in one fight?

>> No.51296277

It's finished, just that it got put up in the drive under WIP or something. Dirge never had a claim on it unlike what >>51294740 and >>51294742 are trying to force.

>> No.51296288

Did anyone become La Persona Superiora A Dio, Aka The Person Above God, in Index?

>> No.51296314

>It's finished
Proof please.

>> No.51296351

>No Jojo Jump Update with optional Eyes of Heaven scenario where you have to fight Over Heaven DIO

feels bad man

>> No.51296357

Depends on the level of experience and skill. A team like Volume 1 RWBY would be stomped into the ground, where as someone like Qrow, Ironwood, or any of the teachers would take it on with little to no problems.

>> No.51296359

I'm a fan of 190 proof.

>> No.51296371

Considering Eyes of Heaven falls outside of the JoJo jump's purview, it can honestly be made into it's own jump.

>> No.51296378

It has all of the basic jump components, it's imaged, and even when it was posted the first time back in the 900s, people already gave it critique. What else do we need for it to be complete?

>> No.51296391

Blame Tera and the other shitheads that drove off the jump maker.

>> No.51296455

>forgetting that it was the entirety of the thread and IRC that drove JoJo off.

Take responsibility for your own actions once in awhile. I know that's difficult in these threads but jesus christ.

>> No.51296485

Maybe if they hadn't been such a shit jumpmaker, they wouldn't have been driven off.

>> No.51296547

Is this the same thing you say for every jumpmaker you've driven off?

>> No.51296621

Butcher's said outright he's ending it with an apocalyptic trilogy.

>> No.51296844

The final three books are going to be known as "The Big Apocalyptic Trilogy". Their names are going to be "Stars and Stones", "Hell's Bells", and "Empty Night". Some shit is probably going to go down.

>> No.51296873

Like it or not, this thread isn't a hivemind. Some people in the thread are responsible, some aren't.

>> No.51296892

Couple Exalted things.
Gaunlet, Mortals Gauntlet does not have a start time. Is starting in RY 7521(0 years before the beginning of the Dragon blooded jump) alright?

Wukong, Thaumaturgy is 50 CP, but options ending in 50 CP are sparse in the jump. There is:
1: Choosing your age
2: Educated (Heptagram) + Emerald Circle combo
3: Thaumaturgy
4: Import only 2,4, or 6 companions instead of 8.
Could you drop choice of location from 100 to 50 CP, and look into adding a few 50 CP minor items?

Also, at the end you say
>Ban on custom essence 6+ charms, this extends to podded companions and those whom are celestial tier are capped at essence 5.
Now that other Exalted jumps for Celestial Exalted have been written and Celestial Essence was not capped, just Custom essence 6+ charms, you might want to remove that last part about capped essence for celestial tier.

>> No.51296894

Professor Paradox: can Plumbers import a companion as their free partner?

Also, any idea on how the back story for a Galvanic Metamorph Tennyson Anodite would work out?

>> No.51296957

Speaking of Dresden files, how does one fix the bullshit mind whammy nemesis does to people? Specifically want to fix the summer and winter maidens.

>> No.51297051

>Gaunlet, Mortals Gauntlet does not have a start time. Is starting in RY 752(10 years before the beginning of the Dragon blooded jump) alright?
I'm not Gaunlet, but considering it mentions Solars and Abyssals, it can't be earlier than RY 764.

>> No.51297130

>It's finished
There are other jumps in the WIP that are finished also, but got tossed there because they kept the version number where it was instead of skipping some versions to go to 1.0

Home Improvement and Red were in the thread, and it sounded like the jump maker considered them finished, but they got tossed into WIP because of the version number.

Captain Brutus, are you there?

Also The Generic Video Game developer needs deleted from the Up for Adoption folder, it was finished a while ago and on the drive now.

Myrmidont, Agreppo of Blue Steel is v1.6 and in WIP, does that also belong in the regular jump folder?

>> No.51297136

In Fate/, Could I build something to remove Magic Circuits from people without killing or mutilating them with EX Item Creation?
Could I make something that generates prana or mana?

>> No.51297148

Probably. Probably.

>> No.51297175

Puzzle and Dragons wasn't pushed for drive inclusion because dirge wanted the other guy who had a WIP to finish his.

>> No.51297184

Arpeggio of Blue Steel is in WIP because myrmidont has been planning to rehaul it due to a lot of negative feedback on how it's balanced right now.

Course, that was ages ago. I dunno if he remembers.

>> No.51297201

That would be the 'hints' I mentioned.

We know the book names Hell's Bells, Stars and Stones, and Empty Night, and know from those phrases in setting it is probably about the Outside, but he has not actually told us the plot or anything.

>> No.51297229

Kill the nemesis. Maybe with EX ranked MEoDP.

>> No.51297250

It only 'has' to be at least RY 764 if you take a complication or drawback that involves/mentions Solars/Abyssals. But what if you don't?

>> No.51297292

How many Generic Jumps do we have? I want to cut loose but don't want to step on any toes, I'm still low level.

>> No.51297307

Speaking of ascending to Godhood, how hard would be to hijack's Sinbad's ascension and become a god yourself in Magi?

>> No.51297334


God that jump is so bad.

>> No.51297361

From the Dresden Files Jump Itself, Outsider Perk line, Stars and Stones looks like it could free them form the compulsion of Nemesis.

'Breaker of Chains' from Bartimaeus Sequence and a perk lending ability definitely would.

>> No.51297384

Go eat dinner, Timmy. You're cranky.

>> No.51297394

hatred gauntlet

>> No.51297396

Being a Majin would actually be worthless outside of ToAru because they manipulate Filters, whxih don't exist in other settings.

>> No.51297407

You can use Galvanization to get mana from Lightning Bolts. That's what Tesla does.

>> No.51297417

The only Puzzle and Dragons jump we have is from that anon. Whatever dirge has made won't be for this drive, so it won't count.

>> No.51297426

>lel shitposter meme

have you even looked at that jump? It's like the jumpmaker didn't give a remote shit about the setting they were trying to depict.

>> No.51297431

So any magic/supernatural ability stops working outside of ToAru if you picked it up there? Pretty sure it's fair enough to count phases/filters as carrying over, in the same way chakra or shinsoo carries over.

>> No.51297433

Kind of like how Jedi lose their powers outside of Star Wars, amirite?

>> No.51297453

You know how we know it's you? Because you're trying to stir up shit about a Jump that's been on the drive for years. Get new material.

>> No.51297482

>tfw Magi jump's so outdated and yet no update at all incoming

>> No.51297498

I'm not him and I agree with him. That Jump is shit.

>> No.51297515

Shouldn't have driven away the author.

>> No.51297580

Then what have I been putting in my fish tank?

>> No.51297584

No Magic works on different principles. Actual Majins directly overlay Filters. Besides, you paid for the magic with CP.

If you just injected midiclorians in your ass without paying for it or getting it for free from KOTOR then yeah, probably.

>> No.51297590

He posted it before he left.

>> No.51297607

Pretty sure none of the supernatural shit is possible without those filters mate.

>> No.51297619

> "My ass is force sensitive!"
The mental image of that is hilarious.

>> No.51297645

It's maintained by the "benefactor". Very few things work without access to local paraphysics but purchasing with CP allows them to continue to work by fiat.

>> No.51297646

So, for Index, can someone give me some feats for what Saints can do? Trying to decide between it and being an Electromaster.

>> No.51297658

Aren't midiclorians just indicators you have the force?

>> No.51297674

It was even more incomplete and barely had anything in it compared to the jump that we do have, so it isn't even in the running. Even if it is finished, it won't be accepted onto the drive.

>> No.51297677

And the benefactor is maintaining it by bringing over the necessary metaphysics for it to work.

>> No.51297723

Jump 24: Slime Rancher

Origin: Slime Scientist
Location: The Moss Blanket

>Equipment Engineer (Free)
>Micro-Storage Design (100 CP)
>Plortonomics (100 CP)
>Slime Geneticist (200 CP)
>So Many Slimes (200 CP)
>Plort Converter (200 CP)
>Slime Fusion (300 CP)

General Items
>Basic Vacpack
>Starter Ranch
>Slime Environmental Suit (Free)
>Ranch Hands (400 CP)

Drawbacks (+500 CP)
>+100 All Alone
>+200 Attack of the Tarrs
>+200 A Fool And His Newbucks

>> No.51297730

Only if you pay for it by standard Jumpchain rules, I think.

>> No.51297750


Vash the Stampede (600 CP)
Origin: Slime Scientist
>Equipment Engineer (Free)
>Slime Environmental Suit (Free)
>Vacpack Ace (200 CP)
Was very good at putting this perk to good use for personal use. Spent the entire jump fucking off and doing cool tricks with his vacpac instead of doing actual work.
>Dash Boots (100 CP)
Was just a matter of course. Now he’s faster than before. Zoom zoom.
>Slime Generation Chamber (300 CP)

Colress (600 CP)
Origin: Slime Scientist
>Equipment Engineer (Free)
>Slime Environmental Suit (Free)
>Slime Geneticist (200 CP)
>Slime Fusion (300 CP)
>Slime Lab (100 CP)

Vyers (600 CP)
Origin: Slime Scientist
>Equipment Engineer (Free)
>Slime Environmental Suit (Free)
>Actual Farming (100 CP)
Vyers threw a fit about farming when he's "ABOVE such drudgery" until he saw a tabby slime.
>Slimy Survivalist (100 CP)
That suit isn’t going to be able to contain Vyers when he transforms into a big scary monster.
>Plortonomics (100 CP)
He was an Overlord and is going to act as my advisor and voice of reason.
>Slime Fusion (300 CP)
Now by fusing with a plort he can become a monster

Grail-Kun (600 CP)
Origin: Slime Scientist
>Actual Farming (100 CP)
>Slime Sea Worthy Vessel (200 CP)
Importing the Ark with this item.
>Slime Fusion (300 CP)
He can now spew slime everywhere. Good for him!
Domon Kasshu (600 CP)
Origin: Actual Farmer
>Actual Farming (Free)
>Stash of Seeds (Free)
>Vacpack Ace (100 CP)
>VacPack Combat Module (400 CP)
>Dash Boots (100 CP)

Katsumi (600 CP)
Origin: Actual Farmer
>Actual Farming (Free)
>Stash of Seeds (Free)
>Vacpack Ace (100 CP)
>VacPack Combat Module (400 CP)
>Dash Boots (100 CP)

Jeanne (600 CP)
Origin: Actual Farmer
>Actual Farming (Free)
>Stash of Seeds (Free)
>Vacpack Ace (100 CP)
>Self-Sustaining (200 CP)
>Home on the Far, Far Range (300 CP)

George De Sand (600 CP)
Origin: Actual Farmer
>Actual Farming (Free)
>Stash of Seeds (Free)
>Vacpack Ace (100 CP)
>VacPack Combat Module (400 CP)
>Dash Boots (100 CP)

>> No.51297763

I've paid for the supernatural abilities that need that stuff to even work at all, so other abilities that rely on that same stuff yet have not been paid for also work, because the stuff needed has been brought over.

I'd much rather the interpretation that doesn't closely limit you to just what you buy and allows you a bit more freedom in pursuing stuff in setting. Especially since neither are iron clad rules.

>> No.51297776

The thread has agreed that since he's left, all of dirge's jumps are filed under the same category as DD's jumps. It doesn't matter whether he posted it or not, they're still banned.

>> No.51297780

Yes, he did. Anon must've missed or misunderstood the words "physical trauma".

>> No.51297793

They are not banned. What are you even talking about?

>> No.51297800

He is saying the filter that you already have by nature of the jump allows Majin stuff to work.

Because you are pretty much guaranteed to have Esper &/or magic powers by the nature of the jump unless you go out of your way to not have them. And the Benefactor support that allows them to work in other jump ALSO allows Majiin stuff to work, because it is all powered by the same thing.

>> No.51297813

Fuck off furfag, no one cares.

>> No.51297815

It's bait.

>> No.51297873

I wonder where that guy saying I'm as bad as you is now, considering you basically stole my views to shitpost with and further magnify.

>> No.51297874

Ignoring the shitposters attempt at shitstirring.

Anyone seen who made this jump? It's kinda terribly balanced. Not only do I know jack shit about the setting this game apparently takes place in. But it really heavily relies on rolling. Drop-in gets shat on, Dragon Tamer gets practically everything, and Monster is kinda ok.

Looks nice though.
If you're the one who made this thing speak up we'd love to discuss how you can fix it. You just kinda posted it said you where going to fix it but just went poof.

>> No.51297883

A random anon who posted it once.

>> No.51297898

If you bring up any jump he's made, it's asking for a shitstorm now. It's the same thing with DDanon's jumps. We can't really ban any jump anyways.

>> No.51297918

Only because you fucks get baited easier than fucking catfish.

>> No.51297924

Why do you keep trying to associate him with yourself?

>> No.51298016

Monster Musume

>> No.51298038

From what I know, it was his first time at jumpmaking, so honestly I don't see that many problems with it. A first time jumpmaker usually doesn't know jack shit about balance, and taking Puzzle and Dragons as a first jump to make is like trying to learn calculus as a five year old. The game has updated significantly since then, making plenty of things in here obsolete. But as an entry jump it works fine.

The story of the core game has never been properly translated, Dirge had an advantage there because he knows Japanese to begin with. It wasn't until after this jump had been posted that a full anime came out, and by then the thread had probably spooked the jumpmaker away.

I actually prefer this version over Dirge's WIP, since that WIP was ridiculously complex, with monster creation, his special item options, and the custom companions that generally gets overlooked anyways. This jump is nice and easy to use, especially for people who don't know squat about the setting. A 8 page jump is much easier to digest than an 80+ page jump. That and it looks nice, as you said. I don't think you're ever going to get those balance issues fixed, but I don't think it cripples the jump either. We've had worse for sure.

>> No.51298043


"Grail-Kun! Those gordos are in my way and their hunger is insatiable! What should I do?"

"I have a solution! THE GORDO-SLAYING KNIFE!!!!"


"Be careful not to get any slime on you when you stab them!"

Anyways, Domon kept getting knocked around by slimes all the time during the jump. It was pretty funny to watch him get up and start charging at them, only to get shoved back by the slimes. Jeanne loved the slimes and would spend all her time at the ranch raising the slimes and holding them. Vyers adopted a Tabby Slime, of which Kuroneko made fast friends with.

Also it just occured to me with Slime Fusion that Grail-Kun could eat a Rad Plort and spew nuclear waste everywhere. This is a disaster waiting to happen on my god. I better be careful what plorts I put in him. On the other hand, I have a potential superweapon on my hands. I hope I won't be forced to use him. Destroying the environment is a big nono. Better put other plorts in him.

Also made mint mango gelato and it was a fucking success. It's so delicious, holy shit. Also Honey Plort, Cuberry, and other kinds of gelato. It was so good.

>> No.51298064

I don't think an argument that relies mostly on "It was his first jump" to excuse the majority of problems is a very good one. No ones expecting him to make some 60 page masterpiece but that doesn't mean the problems aren't there and shouldn't be worked at.

>> No.51298097

I haven't been to RWBY yet in my latest chain, but my plan is to make my own orochi.

I just need to figure out how to let it generate its own minions, grimm or otherwise.

>> No.51298140

>I just need to figure out how to let it generate its own minions, grimm or otherwise.
End of Season... 3 I believe? There's the dragon who releases droplets of Grimm ooze that coalesce into other Grimm.

Figure out how to recreate that incident and you should be good.

>> No.51298170

That's an option, I meant ways without reverse engineering a dragon Grimm.

Then again that's basically what I'm doing with that kind of aura in the first place so whatever. Plan reacquired. Thanks anon.

>> No.51298257

>Figure out how to recreate that incident and you should be good.
Ask Salem.

>> No.51298264

It doesn't matter if you or I think it's good or not. Fact of the matter is, no one cares about this setting or this jump. It's been sitting in WIP for over three hundred threads now, and just today it got brought up again, maybe just to shitpost because people wanted to stir shit up with dirge again. As a jump it's serviceable, and there are plenty of jumps in the drive that aren't balanced or have problems, but they've been accepted regardless.

If the original author isn't here anyways there's no point, unless somebody else wants to take the claim.

>> No.51298275

That's not proof.

>> No.51298278

Waifu her?

>> No.51298312

That works too.

>> No.51298323 [SPOILER] 

That is also an option.

>> No.51298328

Oh christ I remember you now. The miserable guy who wants everyone to accept everything as is, even if it's bad, just because. Didn't you try arguing that people should just accept some other poor jump fairly recently too?

>> No.51298341

In which settings would the Deplorable Word be totally justified?

>> No.51298354

I would, but one of my companions made her into a vegetable.

Well, not really. But anyone who giggles and calls my companion "Washington Sempai" is probably not going to be of much help.

>> No.51298373 [SPOILER] 


>> No.51298385

So I was thinking. If you become a D&D god in another jump, then go to the Forgotten Realms, do you auto fail?

>> No.51298406

None. Anything you'd want to use it on probably doesn't qualify as mortal, so it doesn't reliably work on them.
I just can't see any setting where muggle genocide is justified. Usually it's all the other stuff you want to kill.

>> No.51298431

Who knows. Maintaining a high enough rank to matter between jumps isnt feasable anyways, but if you did you could just vent it out and get it back later. Being a d&d god kind of sucks though.

>> No.51298432

I have no clue what witchhunt you're trying to start now, but you're the one who decided to dredge up some jump people have been ignoring for several hundred threads now to criticize it for no apparent reason. The only thing that seems to make sense is that you're pulling some sort of stunt trying to get people to point out all the flaws, take jabs at a jumpmaker that may well be already gone, before proving you can make it better.

If you want to make the jump that badly you don't need to pull a stunt like this, just go and make the jump. Even if somebody else like Dirge finishes his jump in the end and posts it here, we won't accept it if you finish yours first, so the sooner you get started the better.

>> No.51298433 [SPOILER] 

Salem is best witch.

>> No.51298519

I am loving her skin!~ definite 9/10 for appearance

>> No.51298570

Commoragh. Kill the Deldar and put their billions of tortured slaves out of their mercy.

If the Deplorable Word works on the entire universe, then even better!

>> No.51298603

We don't know much about her as a character so far. We've gotten a little bit, but not an in-depth look. We know that she's surprisingly good to her minions, and commands their genuine loyalty. Hell, one outright worships her. She does have limits on her patience, however, and lying to her can arouse her fury (the one time she gets angry is when she suspects that Cinder lied to her about killing Ozpin). We also know she prefers to work in the shadows, and holds a very cynical view of the world, though that probably comes from being created by the God of Darkness and Destruction.

>> No.51298609

Well now she's ruined.

>> No.51298620

You're aware that that kind of thing would probably pull the personal attention of the chaos gods?
Because that doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

>> No.51298621

> totally
You'd have to find an approximating mundane setting where absolutely everyone deserves to die or is better off dead, from random hobos to newborn babes, and even all the little puppies. The Deplorable Word makes sure everyone dies. Everyone.

Actually, all those elves would get a one way trip to Slaanesh, who would in turn get a considerable power boost for the effort.

>> No.51298654

Congratulations, you just gave Slaanesh a massive power boost! I'm sure she'll be really grateful, and by grateful I mean you gonna get raped.

Actually, it did sort of work on the entire universe in Narnia. The White Witch is apparently from an alternate universe, and when she used the word, it damaged the universe to the point that when she left, it collapsed in on itself.

>> No.51298675

>it damaged the universe to the point that when she left, it collapsed in on itself.
That's bullshit.
Some kids visited there, you dingus.

>> No.51298683

I this but with coal black skin what an SMT Tyrant looks like?

>> No.51298696

It might not kill the Dark Eldar, I mean the perk does say only mortal creatures are guaranteed to be vulnerable. The Eldar aren't mortal, they just have a constant drain on their soul from Slaanesh that does effectively age them.

Though using it to just kill all of the mortals in Commoragh may well be a 'good' thing.

>> No.51298706

Generic Western
Generic Virtual World
Generic Zombie Apocalypse
Generic Creepypasta
Great Detective
Horror Movies (technically it's all horror movies mashed together in whichever way you please, but still)
Generic Post-Apocalypse (technically finished, author wants to revamp it or something)
Generic Children's Television
Generic Dungeon Builder
Generic Magical Girl
Generic Parenting
Hollywood (technically)
9 to 5 (technically)
Generic Medical Drama
Slice of Life

>> No.51298716

Well you obviously have some method of trapping the souls when you do it. Don't let that shit go to waste.

Even if it doesn't, who gives a shit? 40K needs to be destroyed anyway.

>> No.51298737

Given this is jumpchain, where we insert ourselves into other people's stories, basically any setting where you Fucked Up and got Everyone Else killed by the Big Bad?

However, if the Deplorable Word is limited to a planet rather than a universe, then:

1. Mars in Terra Formars, before the first mission arrives and the Roaches spread to Earth.

2. The planet in the first Alien movie that had the crashed ship with the facehugger pods, before the colonists arrive.

3. Any other situation involving an otherwise unstoppable biological infestation. Tyranids, Zerg, Xenomorphs, etc. So basically it becomes an Exterminatus option.

If you have any perks that allow you to precisely alter the Area Of Effect of your magic, it becomes even more useful against biological threats.

>> No.51298777

Do it Y9, D364, 23:59:59. And hope it's not leap year.

>> No.51298781

>that awful feeling when your jump doesn't make the list

>> No.51298793

>Actually, all those elves would get a one way trip to Slaanesh, who would in turn get a considerable power boost for the effort.
I think he is assuming the warp is not a separate universe, just a different/higher state of the physical world, since the one was able to pollute the other, and this would also reset the warp to the blank slate it used be by killing everything and everything.

>> No.51298813

Sorry, anon.
Which one did I miss?

>> No.51298817

When she was still there, you dingus.

>> No.51298823

>Some kids visited there, you dingus.
And she left with them, at which point the empty universe collapsed. Last one out turn off the lights, and all that.

>> No.51298826

More like this, actually.

She was still there, though.

>> No.51298838

What generic are we missing? Speak up, it's not self-promotion if it's a list.

>> No.51298860

generic video game developer

>> No.51298874

Would Omega Telepathy be enough to at least match comics Xavier and maybe be a Phoenix host?

>> No.51298889

Generic Videogame developer.
(you can get some really good related skills there.).
Generic Universal Monsters

>> No.51298899

Holy shit, I missed two.
You'd think I'd be good at this by now.

>> No.51298912

>Generic Videogame Developer
That reminds me: Jumpers! What games did you make/help make in GVD?

>> No.51298914

Really? Because it says:

>Your visage is that of man with skin like coal and three black wings on their left and one majestic and fluffy angelic wing on their right.

>> No.51298941

Weird. That sounds like a mix of the two forms, then. So I guess combine the two forms? I mean, you still wouldn't look exactly like that because that's Lucifer's form and you REALLY don't want people to think you're him. Demons will get pissed at you impersonating their beloved boss and the angels will get pissed because you look like him.

>> No.51298957

Honestly I DID write that before your message popped up.

>> No.51298974

That's what I get for trying to correct someone on something I read about two decades ago, I guess.

>> No.51298999

It's cool anon, we all forget sometimes.

>> No.51299045

>force feeding grail-kun slime shit

>> No.51299062

Well fuck. I guess Salem is anathema now.
Fucking Tera

>> No.51299079

It's actually perfect for Marvel.

>> No.51299102

What I liked about old games/programs was how small they were in size.
I made 32 bit late era SNES/Playstation Rpg's... and bundled them free with an operating system to shut down the Windows chokehold.

Like the games were really popular and addictive, and integrated into an operating system. Or the game had it's own OS mini game, if you want to look at it that way.

I loaded up on drawbacks to have several of the capstone booster perks, and basically needed could only survive by donation from the hardcore fans/cult we had, because even though the code was uncrackable by anyone else in the world, be would not add any DRM, because it was a labor of love.

>> No.51299123

since we were talking about the wip folder whats up with vanquish? did the anon disappear or what?

>> No.51299177

The Devil's Manor from ActRaiser is really good for that.
They don't get consumed by Slaanesh. Instead, they burn in literal Hell for eternity to power your shindigs! Everybody wins! Except Slaanesh. And the Deldar.

>> No.51299183

>tfw Tera is lusting for a character that shares some similarities to your jumper

>> No.51299188

If absorbing 11 quintillion Eldar souls wasn't enough to put Slaanesh on par with Khorne, who was birthed from the death of millions, then there is no way in hell that absorbing a few trillion psychically gimped Eldar will noticeably improve her power at all.

>> No.51299233

Besides, whenever any one of the chaos gods gets too uppity, the others band together against them.

>> No.51299234

And this is another reason why no potatoes.

>> No.51299249

My condolences.

>> No.51299256

Doesn't that only hold 999^4? I mean sure, it would be filled to the brim and the manor would be fucking glorious, but there's still trillions of souls left over isn't there?

>> No.51299272

You could probably use that one perk from Minecraft to copy the Hell and hook the second one up to the manor as well.

>> No.51299281

Maybe Soul Gathering from Demon Souls could help pick up the remainder?

>> No.51299310

Would somebody explain this to me? I feel like there was a thread that spawned a cultural movement that I somehow missed. And now I'm that old guy who doesn't get maymays.

That's a good question: When was the last time your jumper was old. Not an illusion, or a temporary transformation, but actually old.

>> No.51299321

Yes. But you can use Sinful Sommelier from the same jump to mix and bottle the souls. So you can have one bottle of wine that contains 999^4 souls. You can then store this bottle of wine.

>> No.51299334

Someone posted a supplement that was supposedly for Multiplayer, but was actually a recipe for potato salad.

>> No.51299347

Potatoes was brought up in thread 100 to 200 or something for multiplayer, it might just be before your time entirely.

>> No.51299355

Potatoes is multiplayer.

>> No.51299357

Epicureanon, when he started attending /jc/, created a Multiplayer Supplement.

It was actually a recipe for potato casserole, and in one fell swoop he trolled a whole fucking community.

>> No.51299366

Old in-joke. Someone (I believe it was Epicureanon, but don't quote me on that) posted a "multiplayer supplement" that was actually a recipe for potato casserole. So now "potato" means "multiplayer".

>> No.51299381

Sounds like a tasty bottle of wine. Btw, is the spiritual energy gained from the wine permenant? Because the spiritual energy of a trillion souls is quite a bit, and I might need to change my build if that's the case.

>> No.51299391

It is basically one trillion souls in hell and one trillion souls in purgatory.
It's counterpart holds 1 trillion in heaven and another 1 trillion in purgatory.
Having both would let you hold 4 trillion souls in total, and probably mess with the ratio in each.

Wouldnt some perk in Hellsing let you absorb all the evil ones directly without issue. And how many good souls are there in WH40K anyway, probably less than a trillion.

>> No.51299398

Thank you, kind anons. That was indeed before my time in /jc/.

>> No.51299425

If everything I've heard about the setting is true, good souls in 40k is a contradictory.

>> No.51299450


>> No.51299455

I have no idea. It'd be some real tasty wine, though.
And really, the spiritual power is secondary. What kind of demon lord are you if you're not drinking wine wrought from a trillion screaming souls while sneering down at the demon peasants?

>> No.51299463

Have you ever been named godfather/mother, jumpers? The traditional definition of the word, not the criminal godfather.

>> No.51299475

I'm actually an Angelic Advisor. I was going to purify it of the souls first and drink it later

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