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My favorite setting is semi-near future after climate change has shaken up the global balance of nations. Third-world USA, palm trees in London, stuff like that.

So imagine how happy I was today to find that some artists made a bunch of images of what London could look like in the future. I've never been, but it looks pretty neat.

Anyway, got any recommendations for books (either RPGs or serious literature) about said coming problems?

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Based on that photo, global warming seems pretty fine.

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Blue Planet is mostly based around another planet, but they don't describe earth

Not an RPG, but the setting for the book"The Water Knife" would make for a great noir/hard boiled campaign setting

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Global warming is a hoax perpetrated by the government and mainstream media, and the world's actually becoming colder. That said, that's a nice picture.

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I've had some "Worst Case Scenario" ideas

Namely that the thing that fucks everyone over isn't the sea level rise but the increasing desertification of prime crop producing regions. So half the population takes to the newly expanded and more temperate seas in floating mega-structures while the rest herd into haphazardly constructed arcologies inland.

Just need to cram it into a suitably cyberpunky system and I should be able to run a game for it.

My group has a person working on a doctorate in Oceanography, one guy with a masters in Agri-science, and myself being another grad student in geology so I might be pandering to the audience a little in this setting instead of going on hard realism

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but I thought the majority of the gubment was saying it wasn't real lmao

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Thanks, I was meaning to read that.

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>he thinks England won't be the new Iceland

The only thing saving your island is the thermohaline current. You'd be a frozen hell hole at your latitude if the poles warm up.

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It's real. The hoax part is that we can do anything about it short of mass genocide to reduce the amount of resources needed to sustain modern society.

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The pleasant beach-goers are there to provide dissonance. You're supposed to notice the ocean is reduced to algae slime.

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Fuck off /pol/. Scientific evidence backs it up, and even if you disregard damage being done to the climate and biosphere you should want clean, renewable energy anyway because it's more efficient, doesn't put poison in your nation's air, and makes it so your nation doesn't have to pay the Middle East, or God forbid pay Canada, just to make your infrastructure work.

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It's real. The hoax part is that we can do anything about it short of mass genocide to reduce the amount of resources needed to sustain modern society.


Apocalypse World, though without all the weird mutants and such from radiation, you lose out most of the point of running it over GURPs.

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Then why am I wearing a t-shirt in the wintertime, when 10 years ago I wore a jacket all winter?

Global warming is so self evident it's spooky.

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Apocalypse World would be a fairly obvious choice.

I would have assumed that Fantasy Flight's "The End of the World" rpg series would include a The Road/Children of Men/Mad Mad scenario, but maybe ecological collapse doesn't sell as well as another Zombie setting.

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I honestly assumed it was cabbages.

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>The hoax part is that we can do anything about it short of mass genocide to reduce the amount of resources needed to sustain modern society.

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>mass genocide
It's going way too slow.
We need the killing to go faster my dudes.

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>So imagine how happy I was today to find that some artists made a bunch of images of what London could look like in the future
So, who is this artist you talk about?

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Apparently the algae is non abrasive so what's the problem

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>Believing in climate hoax

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>your sci-fi setting is BAD WRONG fun

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dem asses tho

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Algae is very great for animal feed.
Full of protein and minerals.
Not even a joke.

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Where is this?

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The Windup Girl by the same author is also a great post-global warming setting. Also fairly grim-dark.

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Even blue boards are 18+, sorry.

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Algal blooms can be Very Bad Things, however, as they can rapidly deplete water of oxygen or introduce toxic chemicals to fisheries, or simply get all over everything and kill fish by covering gills in slime.

Ironically, algal blooms are also one of the more serious "quick fix" ideas for high atmospheric CO2 levels. Iron starved areas of the ocean could be easily seeded with ferrous dust to create massive blooms, absorbing and sequestering carbon as the dead algal blooms sink into the deep ocean.

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Instead of going off your feels how about you actually look up the historical temperatures of your area for the past 10 years?

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Any proof of this? Seriously you Americunts are infuriating with your die hard beliefs

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>Global warming denier telling others to look at the evidence


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Honestly, it's really dumb to think the government would lie about something like that. They have nothing to gain from it. The only people that stand to gain anything from lying about climate change are the corporate fatcats at Big Oil. They fucking love it when dumbass Americans deny climate change because they'll do anything to keep in business until the last drop of petroleum is sucked out of the last well.

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So, you're saying that algae is part of the Earth's natural immune system?

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What about a pathological apocalypse RPG now that the first anti-biotic resistant superbug has gone viral.

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An aggressive, destructive immune system. Using algae blooms to fix global warming would irrevocably fuck up the feeding patterns of pretty much all migratory sea species, and most would die.

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I dunno, an ecosystem collapse ensuring human extinction within 10,000 years due to the extinction of lifeforms that support human agriculture doesn't sound fun.

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I think it's that one abandoned Japanese mining town on an island.

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Thats not London in the future, thats Rio De Janeiro on january.

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Filename, bro.

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Yeah, unless climate change involves some serious fucking geological upheaval, that's nothing like London whatsoever. Those mountains, jeez.

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Algae can very easily become an oceanic form of Leukemia.

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Isn't the hoax part that this world, or any other, could possibly be saved at all?

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2 edgy 4 me

Pop growth is now people living longer. Greatest warming is from farming and industrial emmissions. Therefore if we ate a more vegetable based (inb4 vegan, meat weekly is fine, that'd cut huge amounts) and bought less products, used more renewables, replanted we would be on the road to ok.

Instead we have Americans...

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Because people consume fewer resources as they age...

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It's bloody fanastic. The sheep look up" is also essential envirokino literature

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Hard to notice anything but those choice butt cheeks.

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Already my favorite novel.

Were you in the thread a couple months ago where I posted a copy of "LA 2017"?

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>any of those worst case scenarios
The real worst case scenario is a frozen wasteland.

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I haven't seen it but I'd love to see it m8

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Actualy hey, I'm curious seeing as you like The Sheep Look Up and I think there's like 12 of us that have read the damn novel. Are you belonging to the school of thought where EVERYBODY FUCKING DIES at the end? Or do you imagine that man found a way out of this Enviornmental collapse, US Collapse, Trainites killing everyone, clusterfuck

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>I haven't seen it but I'd love to see it m8


I probably should have shrank the filename before uploading but whatever

I assumed when they said on live TV that we needed to reduce the population of the US by 250 million RIGHT FUCKING NOW, that's what happened.

Just full-on Purge Planet.

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Post more of those images.

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Just google "Postcards from the future"

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Honestly, as far as photomanipulation goes, that looks kind of lazy.

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>>It's real. The hoax part is that we can do anything about it short of mass genocide to reduce the amount of resources needed to sustain modern society.

Climate change might solve its self then.

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I hear Pathfinder is popular among the kids for dealing with fantasy problems like climate change

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Daily Reminder: global warming is not caused by humans

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Read a book senpai, earth has gone through rhythmic periods of hearing and cooling before

Also global warming scientists get caught fabricating data that's later published All. The. Fucking. Time. It's all political

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Yes we know about the rhythms. It's not supposed to happen for another several thousand years though so thanks.

>fabricating data
Something something 9/11 we get it

You want people altering the weather?
Look at fucking CHINA. They don't even have sunlight anymore in some areas for fucks sake.

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Yeah speaking of The Sheep Look Up China looks like if somebody read that book and said "okay lets try and get as close to this as possible"

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You sound like /pol/ needs to be contained more.

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Do you have any proof of such occurrences?

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>"something something 9/11"

Kek one of the most blatant straw man's I have seen on 4chan in recent memory. Bless your little heart

>climate scientists don't form conspire to exclude data that contradicts the narrative from being published while simultaneously fabricating data to further their narrative


You sound salty as all hell

Yes senpai

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> Implying i guve a shit about 5 billion niggers, sand niggers, indians and chink dead.
most of temperate europe, canada and australia will be better than ever for humans. and we actually already have the technology to not care about bees

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Sorry OP, you can't talk about this because /pol/ will show up and start doing tinfoil hat bullshit.

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Yeah it was a big deal a couple of years ago f a m. Oh how easily we seem to forget


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This. North Europe will be just warm enough and most subhumans will die.
Climatehoax would literraly the best thing ever if true

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So much this

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Holy shit. Look up Chinese artificial pollination, you fucking ignorant piece of shit.

>> No.51285976

But that article says that investigations showed that was bullshit.
Did you even read that?

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This was an inherently political thread, you should be condemning OP for inviting political discussions.

I'm sorry you got triggered maybe 4chan is not for you sweetheart :*(

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Canadian Utopia, sans TO and Vancouver?

So Best Canadian Utopia?

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wow you know they are 1.7 billion and this cant even save 20% of them right ?

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>the scientific consensus is political because I want to play conspiracy theorist
>Also I am unable to discuss a prompt in a matter befitting /tg/ with worldbuilding and shit

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>millions of tons of algae raining down awakens slumbering deep sea horrors

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There is no technology to replace pollinators, you brain-dead animal.

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>As indicated by my nearby bio, I am a Heartland Senior Fellow, one of several affiliations I have with free-market think tanks and advocacy groups.

Real objective analysis there.

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>global warming turns London into a warm city straight out of a Ghibli movie

>> No.51286050

He very openly disclosed it though?

Not going to debate the merits of the article? I think we're done here then

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> technology to not care about bees.

No we really don''t, on a small scale you may be right but bees are so important to so many ecosystems it's not funny.

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I love Shadowrun but I think they've really missed out by not explicitly doing much in the setting with global warming.

Like, imagine a future Dubai where the augmented Emiratis can survive the oppressive heat just fine, but the kafala workers and SINless are crammed into air conditioned domes, where an insurgency by eco-Islamists is brewing.

Or imagine a half-sunken Miami with Jacques Cousteau style underwater habitats and speargun fights. Yeah, Miami Vice was cool and all, but I'd just use Havana for that shit.

Or even, imagine a corporate resource rush in a frontier West Antarctic. You could tie it in with the warmer Fourth World climate indicated by the Piri Reis map from Dawn of the Artifacts, do some artifact runs as well. Would these not be cool?

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Fuck bees

We'll all be dead or elderly before any of this matters anyway so who cares

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algae is literraly the best thing. it even reduce methane emission of cow by 99% if you feed them with.
not even fake

>> No.51286093

>bees are so important for 6 billions shitskin on the planet

well bad luck, I'm in finland and will most welcome even +10°

>> No.51286114

you really want mosquitos to breed year round?

>> No.51286123

they wont due in country where there are actual humans tho. Nobody cares about niggers and chink.
Most of north europe and canada actually have more bees each year.
sorry shitskin

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>"Hey guys, the institute at which I am an senior fellow is cool and good!"

What else would he say?

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Needing some UV shock-lamp around the house is a very minor inconvenience i will accept without hesitation.

>> No.51286140

You are literally the cancer of society, this outlook of it won't effect me because i'll be dead is literally the definition or short sighted.

Thing is, the rest of the world dies and you'll be finnished.

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> You know it's almost like-
> Climate change triggers mass migrations.
> Be a real shame if the BILLIONS effected by climate change noticed that alleged utopia you guys had there.

>> No.51286195

Canada here

the only use for shock-lamps is mood-lighting against these helicopters.

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Did we know about climate change in the 80s?
I remember nobody really knowing about or caring about climate science. We were all to occupied on other things.

>> No.51286247

No because there were less retard libcucks to fall for such shit back in the 80s so (((they))) didnt bother to push it back then.

>> No.51286255

the internet makes it easy to scare a lot more people at once.

>> No.51286281

nah, I think we were just busy looking radical. More important than thinking about stuff.

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Yeah, those mountains...

>> No.51286317

The rise of reddit is in direct correlation with """""science"""""journals based around global warming. Really gets my noggin joggin.

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It's a neat idea, altough I do prefer the idea of a future world with no people. Modern ruins look so cool.

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Well, it will solve itself, but that might not be a good thing for us.
People that are worried about climate are actually worried about us.
As George Carlin used to say "The planet is fine. We are fucked"

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Global warming isn't really deniable. Last few times itt happened it was driven by meteor strikes, volcanic eruptions, and the black plague, but the effects are documented

What's impossible to judge with 100% accuracy is how much and how fast we're really affecting the planet, but projections aren't good. That being said a DEGREE of global warming is actually good for us and is what supports our mass agriculture, but what the future looks like will be different. Coastal regions will move or vanish. In some ways it's maybe inevitable, it was always stupid of us to build in certain areas affected by hurricanes and flooding, having those areas submerged may just be poetic justice. Increases in algar may be good for us as we can use it for food and fuel.

I think humanity and civilization will survive just fine as long as we keep pushing our technology to adapt to the changing conditions. Some animal species may be lost forever and that's a shame but, that's life.

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I, for one, am keeping a supply of bees.
Once this shit stabilizes I can repopulate in the newly adapted environment, with transplanted clover seed if need be.

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>> No.51286533

>as long as we keep pushing technology
Good luck keeping technology advanced enough when the world's largest economy is controlled by a nation of lazy imbiciles who can't imagine the world will ever change because an ancient book written by sandniggers says so.

>> No.51286541

Can we at least have a mass dying of humans in this scenario? Specially on the most densely populated areas.

>> No.51286577

That is admittedly likely

Maybe we'll get lucky and Africa will experience mass die offs and it will need to be recolonized

Then the rest of us can actually put its huge supply of resources to use without politics and civil war getting in the way

>> No.51286579


How many millions of years would it take for those buildings to erode away completely and nothing but forest to remain?

>> No.51286584

I don't think the Bible says anywhere that climate change isn't real. Just that God won't kill ALL of humanity with a flood again.


Some is still OK. Even most. Just not all

>> No.51286599


Modern infrastructure is not built to last without maintenance. Most of it would be gone in decades.

>> No.51286638

Booty. Bootybootybooty AHHHHH

If this was supposed to scare me about the future it FAILED

It's so bright I gotta wear shades

>> No.51286650

Americans have mastered the art of taking an ancient sandnigger story that already dosen't make sense and interpreting it to be even dumber. For fucks sake, the people in the Middle Ages were able to understand a lot of the bible is allegorical, but the fuck ups of the most prosperous, well developed country in the world can't. How the fuck did those children wrest control of the world anyway?

>> No.51286666

They didn't, their parents did.
We've been riding the wave of the WW2 generation from 60 odd years now, but it's going to be gone sooner or later.

>> No.51286705

Thank Christ. The world wouldn't be in nearly as bad a place if the British Empire still controlled the globe. Fucking upstart monkeys.

>> No.51286726


people tend to forget that our immune system often actively and deliberately kill us when we get too sick

>> No.51286730

>Better than ever for humans
The tropics are nice to visit, but not to live in. The sweltering heat is unbearable, as are the parasites and pests.

>> No.51286738

75 in fucking January already. It's within our lifetimes.

>> No.51286787

You do realize that the extreme diversity of growing habits inherent in the plants necessary to have adequate nutrition in a vegan diet are part of the farming practices killing the planet? Meat-based protein is not the problem. The problem, for meat at least, is mainly raising cows on land that's not suited for it.

>> No.51286800

>frozen wasteland
>not the best case scenario

>> No.51286833

Goes back further than even the boomers amigos

Remember who founded America?

Merchant adventurists and religious zealots who weren't welcome anywhere else

America was founded by the Quaker version of ISIS and venture capitalists. Hardly auspicious beginnings. Frankly it's a miracle we got as far as we did

>> No.51286864

This. Winter is vital fumigation.

>> No.51286865


>there is no reason to doubt scientific consensus

>> No.51286871

>most subhumans will die
No, they'll actually invade your lands and your bleeding heart governments will let them, so YOU'LL die.

It's never the peaceful, settled peoples who survive these kinds of things.

>> No.51286898

My homeland would be entirely underwater, so I think it'd be boring. No east coast US at all.

>> No.51286950

>The colonies were a mistake.

>> No.51287080

>rhythmic periods
Yes, but there's a difference between a rhythm and an explosion.

>> No.51287111

>number one global city
>nobody thinks throw up a couple levies
Artists with political motives sure do get melodramatic.

>> No.51287121

>best thing
>causes eutrophication and anoxia

>> No.51287149

The setting for the game Brink is pretty good. That's about all that is good from it though

>> No.51287193

>number one global city
Number one global garbage dump desu.

>> No.51287283

London is waning terribly, and reeks to high hell, but it's still a big deal in the global economy.

>> No.51287302

Britain seems to hate London and is aiming for a Hard Brexit to punish it.

By the time the flood waters come, the city might already be abandoned.

>> No.51287386

That can only be a good thing. London isn't really British at this point.

>> No.51287426

>Implying the worst case scenario isn't the oceans boiling, causing a runaway greenhouse effect which gives the earth a climate comparable to Venus because water vapor is a very powerful greenhouse gas.

>> No.51287474

>Read a book senpai, earth has gone through rhythmic periods of hearing and cooling before
It took thousands of years for the earth's temperature to fluctuate by the same amount its changed in just the last century, but in the past its been a very gradual curve while its currently showing no sign of slowing down.

>Also global warming scientists get caught fabricating data that's later published All. The. Fucking. Time. It's all political
Global warming isn't considered a political issue in any country besides the US, and it only is there because of lobbying by oil companies run by sociopaths with a "fuck the planet, I'll be dead by then" mentality. This is no different from when big tobacco companies who tried to hide the health hazards of their products, and we know how that turned out.

>> No.51287547

They do.

>> No.51287747

It's fake. You're mentally defective. There is no such thing as AGW. Not a single goddamn claim made about the effects of "climate change" are actually happening. The sole purpose of the scam is the genocide of the Western world.


>> No.51287753

The Earth cooled over the last century. Holy shit, learn how to count. Zero actual data supports your delusional lies, and the UN itself has admitted it's a scam. The planet is currently undergoing the fastest cooling period in recorded history.

>> No.51287764

Thanks for explaining you don't know anything about US history, start to finish, or about western theology.

>> No.51287767

>My homeland would be entirely underwater, so I think it'd be boring. No east coast US at all.

>> No.51287772

Everyday of my life I wonder how people think that pumping tons of gasses into the atmosphere magically does nothing.

>> No.51287776

We're talking about in Shadowrun, babe.

>> No.51287789 [DELETED] 

Fuck off nigger. America is in such dire intellectual straits because we lowered standards for blacks to get by. Go back and ruin Africa.

>> No.51287797

>lol strawman wow lol
Try fucking harder. Come back when you know literally anything about the topic at hand, kiddo. We've proven CO2 has a NEGATIVE asymptotic effect on temperature beyond 40 PPM. We've proven that CO2 increases LAG temperature increases. We've proven that vegetation only grows larger with increases of CO2, even up to 900 PPM (beyond the "HURR WE VENUS BECAUSE I SAY SO HURR" bullshit pushed by the paid shill crowd). The rate of sea level rise has never been SLOWER in the last 11,000 years. It's rising at 1.6mm per year, so says fucking NOAA. There will be no flooding. There's no temperature increase in the last century, so say NOAA and NASA. Look at the goddamn data with your own eyes. Not charts–go to their FTP servers, get the data for yourself, and plug it the fuck into a spreadsheet on your own. You're being lied to and I've proven it.

>> No.51287806

Weather events haven't been LESS extreme in modern recorded history. Fewer hurricanes and tornadoes than ever. Cooler summers, weaker monsoons. Greenery is exploding all over the planet. We're nearing record HIGHS of Antarctic and Arctic ice.
>posts statement of fact irrelevant to the topic at hand
>doesn't refute what I said
Not sure what you planned to achieve there, sport.

>> No.51287811


>> No.51287821

The disgusting thing is that he's proselytizing off subject. OP didn't even require it to be real (Which it is), just the discussion of media and settings involving it for their setting.

>> No.51287826

>no temperature increase in the last century

>> No.51287829

You have no argument, motherfucker. You've been proven wrong. Fuck off if you don't have anything meaningful or truthful to add.


>> No.51287837

That's a pretty unlikely scenario.

>> No.51287838

The anti-science crowd only survives by relentlessly shoving their bullshit out at every location until they drown out what's right. They can't let any display of true information threaten their worlview, so they trigger into action and try to create a safe space for their factually wrong worldview by driving everyone off.

>> No.51287842

I think water is one of the things they don't do at all in that setting.

>> No.51287846

>which it is
Proven false, dipshit. It's perfectly fine to treat higher sea level worlds and ruined, flooded infrastructure as a fantasy world as long as you acknowledge it is not happening and cannot happen. All you're doing is shitposting lies.
Thanks for admitting you didn't read what I wrote or do what I said. Plug in the goddamn data on your own, kid.
Yes, that's EXACTLY what you're doing. Thanks for having at least some self awareness. Your lies have been proven.

>> No.51287848

>We're nearing record HIGHS of Antarctic and Arctic ice.


>> No.51287876

>The sole purpose of the scam is the genocide of the Western world.
>Reducing pollution and switching from fossil fuels to renewable and nuclear energy somehow equals "genocide of the western world"
I really hope that you're just some paid shill, for your sake.

>> No.51287880

Could you maybe read the fucking posts before replying? STOP POSTING YOUR BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA GRAPHS AND GO TO THE ACTUAL GODDAMN DATA.


For fuck's sake. It's not that hard to stop sucking the cocks of people who have publicly admitted they want you to be DEAD and to do your own research. https://realclimatescience.com

>> No.51287891

>AGW = reducing pollution
We're not discussion pollution, you illiterate pile of shit. We're discussing human warming of the planet, which has been soundly proven false. Environmentalilsm has FUCK ALL to do with "global warming".
>reducing the population of a specific region and ethnicity by force
>not genocide
Oh, hey, would you look at that. You're a definitional lunatic.

>> No.51287916

>die in a couple dozen years
>leave no descendants
If the future wants me to care then they'd better time-travel back here with their life-extending technology.

>> No.51287920

They're not genociding you by cleaning up pollution. They're doing it by importing a fuck ton of foreigners. That happens regardless of how much smog you have.

>> No.51287929

>>reducing the population of a specific region and ethnicity by force
Please, "redpill" us as to how global warming relates to reducing the population of anything, this is sure to be a treat

>> No.51287942

Oh, certainly, but that differs from the stated plan to legitimately reduce the total global population (which is also genocide) often repeated by the AGW lunatics.

Seems odd they'd want to replace the only race that actually cares about the environment with those that never have, too... Almost as though they're not really environmentalists.

>> No.51287948

>expects an answer
If you can't read, don't bother replying. It's all right there in words and numbers simple enough for a child. I'm sorry you're incapable of reading, but I don't have to put up with your shit if you can't.

>> No.51287949

I have looked at the data. Here it is: http://nsidc.org/data/nsidc-0081

Hell, the NSIDC has its own data plotter, the wipneus plotter is convenient because it takes stock of both arctic, greenland and antartic ice.

>> No.51287968

Oops, your organization faked its data.
Sorry, but the ice didn't magically stop existing.

>> No.51287973

Why do these blogs always look like they're Geocities websites from 2002? Paying a web designer would go a long way to make these nutcases appear more legitimate.

>> No.51287987

China has started trying to clean up too.

Look. It's oil moguls who are spreading this bullshit that climate change isn't real. They're not your friends. They're part of the oligarchy pushing to fill your home full of cheap slave labor and marginalize you.

>> No.51287999

I bet you think the FTP servers on the NOAA site are fake data, too. Motherfucking retard. You don't have a single fucking thing to shitpost but your fallacies, do you? You certainly have no refutation to the content.

>> No.51288008

>perfidious Albion being any better of an option

>> No.51288009



I guess they're in on the conspiracy.

I suppose it makes sense, really. Starving undergrads and established PhDs are so desperate to get funding for their projects that they have no trouble accepting bribes from Big Renewable through the zionist controlled National Science Foundation which filters the money through the liberal university system - which in turn muddle up these transactions by faking high competition between project proposals.

What's altering some satellite data here or there? NASA has always been in on it, ever since the moon landings.

>> No.51288014

This thread is shit but the booty keeps calling me back

>> No.51288020

>I think water is one of the things they don't do at all in that setting.
There are a few underwater habitats, biggest being the "Underwater Living" 25 square km domed city Renraku built in 2065. Being Renraku you can guess how that turned out.

>> No.51288023

>china has started to clean
Not by any metric released by anyone anywhere. They explicitly have a free pass to pollute universally, by international treaty. And again, THE LIE OF ANTHROPOGENIC GLOBAL WARMING HAS ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING TO DO WITH ENVIRONMENTALISM. They're COMPLETELY SEPARATE TOPICS, the latter of which has been hijacked by shills for the former
No, it's 80% of meteorologists and over half of the climate scientists on the planet who say it's not happening, because it's not happening, because every single point of data from every single source proves it.
>in before some faggot says HURRRRRR MUH NINNEY SEBBEN PERZEND
1. Appeal to majority fallacy.
2. The majority DOESN'T think that.

>> No.51288025

I'm not trying to refute your content. I think it's wrong, but I don't really want to argue with you about it.

All I'm saying is every single anti-establishment conspiracy theory site looks like it was made by a spastic idiot in Dreamweaver or something. Presentation MATTERS. A fucking ton. Presentation is how you convince people you're not a nutjob. Presentation is how you make your media look like it's worth paying attention to.

And yet every single anti-vaxx, chemtrails, anti global warming, etc blog looks like geocities bullshit. Lift your game, guys. Web design is cheap as fuck these days.

>> No.51288034

I'm pretty sure this is because the ocean has become a giant fucking MANA pool because of all the life in it, plus a sea dragon lives underwater and basically fucks up anyone who fucks with her domain

So literally seamonsters keep people out of the ocean in shadowrun

>> No.51288035

Not an argument, dipshit, but you know that. You just can't refute a single fucking thing posted, so you fall back to your fallacies. Specifically strawmen and arguments from incredulity.

>> No.51288036

That would require anyone except spastic idiots to believe those things though.

>> No.51288037


Right, because no one in your country uses electricity that is derived from fossil fuels. Or drives a car. Or makes use of products created using industrial processes, such as electronics. No one in your country wears mass produced clothing. Clearly it's all america's fault, we are the only nation in the world who makes use of practices that harm the environment. It's not like there aren't a whole host of other first world and developing countries who pump carbon into the atmosphere as well.

>> No.51288047

>I'm not trying to refute your content.
Then stop responding.
>I think it's wrong
Then prove it.
>but I don't really want to argue with you about it.
Then stop responding.
>>>51287999 (You) #
I'm not trying to refute your content. I think it's wrong, but I don't really want to argue with you about it.

All I'm saying is every single anti-establishment conspiracy theory site looks like it was made by a spastic idiot in Dreamweaver or something.
Obvious falsehood, and also false about this specific instance.
>Presentation MATTERS.
Being a faggot, however, doesn't. FACT IS FACT NO MATTER HOW IT LOOKS, DIPSHIT.
>Presentation is how you convince people you're not a nutjob.
Irrefutable fact does that, you irredeemable fuckwit.
>Presentation is how you make your media look like it's worth paying attention to.
Fact is how you ACTUALLY make people pay attention to it.
>And yet every single anti-vaxx, chemtrails, anti global warming, etc
Nice fallacy of association.

>> No.51288050

Which kinda fits what I was saying, there'd be no eastern US at all, so my homeland wouldn't exist and thus it'd be boring for me. Don't want to hang out in shitty west virginia with the inbreds or great plains with yankees.

>> No.51288053

This is the most hilariously accurate image I've seen in a while. Thanks anon.

>> No.51288054

Not looking at this beta cuck bullshit site

>> No.51288058

Can we focus on the real issues?

In 1884, meridian time personnel met
in Washington to change Earth time.
First words said was that only 1 day
could be used on Earth to not change
the 1 day bible. So they applied the 1
day and ignored the other 3 days.
The bible time was wrong then and it
proved wrong today. This a major lie
has so much evil feed from it's wrong.
No man on Earth has no belly-button,
it proves every believer on Earth a liar.

>> No.51288067

Stupid tablet fucking up my copying/formatting...
I genuinely cannot tell if you are making a joke about the URL or behaving like liberals actually do. Successful use of Poe's Law, I guess.

>> No.51288068

>genocide of the Western world
You say that as if it was a bad thing

>> No.51288078

6 edgy 12 me; fuck off, kid.

>> No.51288079

Time is icosahedral you dumbfuck.

>> No.51288082

I think he's a fact-denying moron, but really, it kinda is. Unless you're down with Allah.

>> No.51288083

Sounds like you don't know what you're talking about and is unable to explain it yourself.

>> No.51288088

>Irrefutable fact does that, you irredeemable fuckwit.
It actually doesn't do a very good job of it if it isn't presented well.

This is why you nutjobs never make any political gains. You don't move out of being a fringe movement when you're so alienating and unwilling to make moves to attract people.

>> No.51288090

You're absolutely right, I can't refute you.

If your position is the notion that this data isn't and can't be factual, because for the past 30 years the scientific community has widely been participant in some kind of conspiracy to promote an environmentalist agenda for, shit your pick of either feel good or monetary reasons, then there is no way to discuss the topic: ultimately all your arguments will boil down to "the numbers are lying" or "the scientists are lying" or "*you* are lying", which is of course unprovable. Well, maybe not.

Which scientists are trustworthy, and why? Which data is trustworthy, and why? You'll have to start singling out who is and who isn't into this conspiracy, each case being backed by proper evidence, in order to be able to hold discourse.

>> No.51288096

The fact the "Underwater Living" city project was destroyed by Haley's Comet is something that pisses me off about Shadowrun. If I was in that setting I'd be doing everything I could go get into space and as far away from all the stupid random magical crap as I could.

>> No.51288100

Peer reviewed source plz.

>> No.51288102

So what do (((THE JEEEEWS))) get out of pushing global warming anyway?

Don't they own all the corporations that anti-emission policy would restrict? Why cut into their own profits? Just for a laugh?

>> No.51288110

It seems like everyone in this thread wants to genocide someone. Pro-Global Warming wants to use it to genocide the third world and Anti-Global Warming wants to use preventative measures to genocide the Western World.

Is there a "let's not murder millions of people" camp anywhere inbetween?

>> No.51288111

>largest refugee wave in history
>global economical collapse
>decimation of foreign markets and loss of cheap foreign workforce
>somehow a good thing for europe

>> No.51288113

Earth has 4 simultaneous Days
within only 1 rotation. Losing 3
Days in each Earth rotation has
retarded your mentality to stupid
and an education of Evil. You do
not have the mind or education
to envision Nature's Time Cube.

>> No.51288117

U mad bro?

>> No.51288118

Now son, you are on 4chan.

>> No.51288127

That's me, the second person you're quoting. Again, global warming is real, there's an effort to demographically replace the west, BUT these are unrelated. The climate data is what it is regardless of how it gets used for politics. No desire from me to see anyone genocided. That's why the other guy, first one you replied to, is an idiot.

>> No.51288128

1. http://www.populartechnology.net/2009/10/peer-reviewed-papers-supporting.html
2. Peer review = 'HURR SUB 4 SUB' like on YouTube. There is no actual review.
Real data is trustworthy. Learn what the scientific method is and you'll know what data is real.
I don't give a fuck about scientists, because they're people and can (and are, proven to) be bribed. They don't matter. Data matters. And I've proven the fraud.

>> No.51288132

They changed the dataset they were generating images from.

This is not indicative of "faked" data, nor that they were performed comparisons between the old datasets and new datasets to draw conclusions.

>> No.51288133

This is just somebody raving about a secret conspiracy to create a new socialist global order.

>> No.51288138

Could've sworn there was a rule about shitposting memes outside of /b/… Maybe look to that before picking up the shattered pieces of your ass and your "argument". Careful not to mix them up; they're quite similar looking.

>> No.51288139

No, but there is lets kill everyone camp.

>> No.51288141

That is literally what all his links are.

>> No.51288148

Eh, it's a fair cop.

>> No.51288149

>literally the head of climate bullshit at the UN
So maybe you should listen when someone involved in said conspiracy explicitly tells you what is happening, you illiterate fucknugget.
Try reading them, you worthless fucking dipshit. You have no argument against the content itself.

>> No.51288154

It's not possible to review 1350+ papers, and if I picked some to look at you'd cry fraud, so why don't you pick three or four of them for us to look at and judge their scholarship.

>> No.51288156

>"let's not murder millions of people"
You don't have to murder people in order to get rid of them.
Playing the long game works best.

>> No.51288160

Global warming has been proven not to be real. Learn how to read.
>it's not possible
1. It is. Shove your Gish gallop claim up your ass.
2. SY

>> No.51288163

You are asking them to think.
That doesn't work my dude.

>> No.51288165

People get up in arms when you try sterilization, too, so.

>> No.51288168

After three fakes on your part, I stopped reading 'em.

>> No.51288170


I'm ignorant and can't recognize real data, but I'll accept your word on it.

Can you answer me this question?

If there has been no warming for the past century, and Antarctic and Greenland ice are reporting record highs, why is there sea level rise at all?

>> No.51288174

Guys guys please

Only Cubic Harmonics can save
humanity. Cubic Harmonics
will pacify all religions.

96-hour Cubic Day
debunks 1-day unnatural god.
96-hour Cubic Day
debunks 1-day as witchcraft.

96-hour day willdisprove disunity
god. Academians are teaching -

Worshipping a Word God
will destroy the USA.

>> No.51288175

>1. It is. Shove your Gish gallop claim up your ass.
It certainly isn't in this thread. Pick some.

>> No.51288176

2. How about YOU go do YOUR own research and prove literally any of them false? Shouldn't be too hard, since they're all obviously lying, right? I mean, what do actual climatologists know, compared to cooking stove sociologists who were counted in the "97%"?

>> No.51288182

Anon, if he did his own research and proved them wrong, he would become a nationally famous scientist, rich, and influential.

WHY would he want that?

>> No.51288188

Because it has been rising since the end of the last ice age. Even Wikipedia admits it, for fuck's sake. It has never risen more SLOWLY at any time in the last 11,000 years.

>> No.51288189

So where did you study climate science? Do you have a bachelor's, a master's, or a doctorate? I'm curious because forming conclusions from raw data requires knowledge of how to interpret it. Honest question here, where did you get the education and training to interpret it?

>> No.51288190

>Reducing pollution and switching from fossil fuels to renewable and nuclear energy
Environmentalists oppose nuclear power because it kills 0.2 people per year and wind power because it spoils the view outside their windows. Most would prefer us to keep burning coal just as long as we feel guilty about it.

>> No.51288196

fuck that, I require constant nuclear power across the entire world pumped directly into my dick at all times.

>> No.51288197

The opposition to nuclear power is some retarded fucking shit, especially in largely stable places like western europe or the eastern us.

>> No.51288206

My question is *why* is it rising? If there has been no warming over the past hundred years, then it should be stable, right? Or what is causing it to increase in volume?

>> No.51288207

It is kind of funny the only places to adopt nuclear power are the places.most likely to have cataclysmic meltdown because of an earthquake or tsunami

>> No.51288210

Now here's a fantasy world that has some real promise. Instead of claiming bullshit like AGW is real, why not just run a time cube game where you won't have anyone try to shove their paid shilling into the discussion?
1. Appeal to authority fallacy; literally the first and stupidest mistake you could possibly be making
2. If you're really so naive that you think you have to be nursemaided and told this "complex" and "confusing" data by others instead of doing some of your own research, then are you really even college material? Middle school science projects are no more complex than the datasets you have to read and interpret here. There are plenty of resources even posted in this thread that can show you how to do it.

>> No.51288211

Sure is. Nuclear power is best power. I'm hoping for fusion soon, but you know. 20 years away lol.

>> No.51288213

Pretty sure the people who agree global warming is a problem and want to work to prevent it don't want to genocide anyone, but that doesn't fit /pol/'s strawman about how leftists are horrible babyeating monsters who hate white people

>> No.51288221

Solar irradiance varies year to year. NASA has known for decades that the world's ice coverage is directly related to sunspots. There's talk that we're even entering a new Maunder Minimum as the sunspot cycles have been dying off for the last 5 or so.

>> No.51288229

fuck off jew

>> No.51288233

It was a good novel. Though it was kinda wierd how the AI was personified as a black kid considering his 'parents' was an old Japanese dude and a white(?) chick

>> No.51288234

>lol I'm sure of it just ignore that it has been proven by the very people pushing the lie lol i said I'm sure that means it's true lol wow
Try harder. Try at all, really.

>> No.51288235

Fusion is the tomorrow of energy sources. Its always a day away.

Generally because they have little choice with their inflated population numbers.

>> No.51288245

No need for that either. People are actually "choosing" not to reproduce.
Unfortunatelly it does not work very well in poor countries, but we are working on that.

>> No.51288246

AI's favorite musician and was named after Ray Charles.

>> No.51288250

Meh, I believe in global warming and I'm not a leftist. At least not in our current sense. It's just fucking stupid to deny outright facts because of politics.

>> No.51288252

Yeah that was the joke fusion scientists always use. 20 years away, 20 years ago.

>> No.51288257

Ahh that makes sense thanks

>> No.51288272

Fusion/Dippin' Dots conspiracy, anyone? Seriously, though, things like ITER have at least a little promise. I'm a staunch environmentalist, which is why I fight the AGW bullshit at every turn. It obfuscates real environmentalism and actual science.

>> No.51288276


So, land ice levels that account for this increase in sea water volume?

>> No.51288278

At least we can confidently say we're closer now than we have been. Progress is being made, even if it's slower than anyone wants. Eventually the twenty years away guess will hit the mark, and it's got a good chance of being within a century.

>> No.51288283

By "choosing" you mean "are having social and economic conditions artificially forced upon them such that it is impossible to marry and reproduce within healthy bodily timeframes and healthy raising conditions," right?

>> No.51288299

>Seriously, though, things like ITER have at least a little promise
And Greenpeace are already campaigning to shut it down.

>> No.51288307

Are you baked?

>> No.51288313

So none of the above then? Self-taught wunderkind?

>> No.51288316

Even the left think Greenpeace are nutjob assholes.

>> No.51288326

That is the good way of lowering the numbers.
There is also the weirder ones like causing people to "give up" or to refuse their own sexual drives, be it sexually or socially. Not everyone agrees with those ones.

None of them are 100% but they are working well enough.

>> No.51288330

And now I'll tell you to look at global birth rate, birth age, inflation, domestic income, and sexual partner statistics ranging from 1930 to today. Because no one is legitimately choosing to have fewer children. They're forced into it.
Still not an argument, boyo. I see no refutation of the data and nothing relevant posted.

>> No.51288331

why are you so upset?

>> No.51288335

But anon, ensuring that the lower and middle classes have enough time and money to raise a family would require taking money from the obscenely wealthy! Clearly we should support the people who want to reduce taxes on the rich and reduce social programs for the poor, I'm sure the wealth will start trickling down any day now!

>> No.51288336


Sorry, *so land ice is what accounts for this increase in sea water volume?

And, if it's reliant on solar cycles, then we should be expecting a sea level drop soon?

>> No.51288343

Can we get back on topic
Post apocolyptic water world booty

>> No.51288345

Does /tg/ even have mods, this thread should have been nuked form orbit.

>> No.51288350


>> No.51288351


>> No.51288359


>> No.51288360

>no one is legitimately choosing to have fewer children

>> No.51288365


>> No.51288372

There is no hope for us.

>> No.51288376


>> No.51288380

If you could comprehend my post, you'd know that I was asking a question, not making any sort of argument. Hence the "honest question" part. Anyway, Ethos is an important part of persuasion and shouldn't be discarded out of hand. Establish your credibility please. If not being trained in climate science, what related fields are you trained in? Have you taken a statistics course at least?

>> No.51288383


>> No.51288386 [DELETED] 

There's a genocide being committed against my people and my government sees fit to lie about blatantly provable scientific fact to promote it. So why not go fuck yourself until you have something meaningful to add?
1. Fuck your socialism with a chainsaw.
2. Stop fucking conflating entirely disparate ideologies. Capitalism has fucking nothing to do with declining birth rates. Environmentalism has fucking nothing to do with AGW.
Fuck off if you can't keep up.
Okay, thanks for playing. You know nothing.
If we do get a new Maunder Minimum, expect the Thames to freeze over for a while, crop yields to plummet (despite atmospheric CO2 still being high, up to 3ºC of cooling globally, and yeah, more sea ice at the poles, which will probably arrest sea level.

Remember that during the Medieval Warm Period that sea level was miles further inland than it is today. There are formerly shoreline castles in England that are surrounded by grassland now.

>> No.51288399

I see no argument. The key word is legitimately.

>> No.51288406


>> No.51288418

What does global warming have to do with white genocide?

>> No.51288423

What makes earlier historical choices legitimate and current choices to have few children illegitimate?

>> No.51288425

This isn't /pol/. Go back there and you could probably find more fags to validate your dumbass opinions

>> No.51288429


>> No.51288439


>> No.51288445

It's really hard to find images of cities after climate changes that are still functional.
Most images are of abandoned cities.

>> No.51288446


>> No.51288448

Nothing. This guy is a loony.

>> No.51288455

Humans have too much experience surviving I'm all kinds of shitty places not to survive global warming, not to mention there is a shit load of land in Canada and Russia that may become livable if they were warmer.

The question becomes, to what extent does quality of life decrease, and to what extremes will we go to secure what remains? Can technology save us? Will war end it all before mass extinctions get a chance?

>> No.51288468

Sure, why don't you start with yourself? I'll go next-- promise.

>> No.51288482

>If we do get a new Maunder Minimum, expect the Thames to freeze over for a while, crop yields to plummet (despite atmospheric CO2 still being high, up to 3ºC of cooling globally, and yeah, more sea ice at the poles, which will probably arrest sea level.
>Remember that during the Medieval Warm Period that sea level was miles further inland than it is today. There are formerly shoreline castles in England that are surrounded by grassland now.

Alright, setting that aside for a moment, if solar activity is currently causing ice to melt, which is what accounts for sea level rise, then shouldn't the planet be warming?

I mean, it takes energy to turn ice into water (and keep it like that). Shouldn't that be raising the net global temperature, or what happens to that energy so that the net is zero warming.

>> No.51288487

>> No.51288505

But even if we survive, we are still fucked, specially the not so rich ones.

>> No.51288511

I have trust issues, I insist that you go first B^)

>> No.51288529

>> No.51288543

Something like this?

>> No.51288559

>> No.51288569

>Remember that during the Medieval Warm Period that sea level was miles further inland than it is today
This is insanity. Even an extreme case like Harlech Castle, the distance from old sea line to new sea line is less than a single mile. And that's in a place where post glacial rebound has caused the land to raise unrelated to the sea level.

>> No.51288580


>> No.51288603

>> No.51288672

Better version of half that image

>> No.51288699

So, what kind of game would be played in this setting

>> No.51288843

Whether I agree with you or not is irrelevant, this entire thread is off topic, it's /pol/ on /tg/. If I was interested in those threads I'd go to /pol/.

>> No.51288878

I'll pulled the Climate Sensitivity articles from post-1990 from Science or AGU journals. The IPCC estimate is a climate sensitivity estimate of 3K+/-1.5K.

>Heat capacity, time constant, and sensitivity of Earth's climate system, Schwartz, JGR, +0.9-2.9 °C
This response to the comments reaches a conclusion of 1.9K +/- 1K, which is not inconsistent with the IPCC.

>Aerosol radiative forcing and climate sensitivity deduced from the Last Glacial Maximum to Holocene transition, Chylek et al, GRL, +1.3-2.3 °C
The authors write in their response to comments that their results may be an underestimate. The discrepancy is largely due to differences estimates of aerosol forcing during the ice ages. I have not followed what further research has shown.

>Climate Sensitivity Estimated from Temperature Reconstructions of the Last Glacial Maximum, Schmittner et al, Science, +1.7-2.6 °C
The authors write in their response to the comments that their updated analysis "tentatively supports the conclusion in (1) that structural model uncertainties (in particular, formulations of atmospheric heat transport) may have led to systematic underestimation of ECS2xC in (2)."

>Improved constraints on 21st-century warming derived using 160 years of temperature observations, N. P. Gillett et al, GRL, +1.3-1.8 °C
The authors explicitly say they are estimating TCR (transient climate response) rather than ECS (equilibrium climate sensitivity), so the comparison doesn't fly in the first place. This does not contradict the IPCC results.

Technically there's a disclaimer saying that "climate sensitivity estimates where the mean does not exceed 2°C (low end of the IPCC range) or the high end of the range does not exceed 3°C (the IPCC mean) are considered to support skeptical arguments for a low climate sensitivity" so that articles listed here need not contradict the IPCC at all, in which case one wonders what skeptical arguments are actually being bolstered by these articles.

>> No.51288933

>> No.51289009

Someone save that dog!

>> No.51289017

>> No.51289084

>> No.51289091

IIRC there was that "CATastrophe" homebrew some anons were working on a few years ago was focused on comfy underwater exploring with animu catgirls, could do something like that I suppose.
You could also do some sort of Road Warrior/Mad Max/Fallout kind of thing just with a vastly different setting

>> No.51289246

Huh, no we already close the border for even swede fags.
You now, not all goverment are as cucked as yours

>> No.51289303

CATastrophe became stupid because they were trying to make it something other than 'cute girls do cute things' as it was originally conceptualized.

>> No.51289455

There was research about possible effects during the 80s, I know that much from looking up journal articles.

>> No.51289477

yeah, but nobody cared. It takes a while for people to pay attention to shit that isn't their leg warmers.
Like, the dinosaur feather thing took 30 years.

>> No.51289537


Gunkanjima I think. Mitsubishi opened a mine there in 1890, by 1960 the coal had run out so it was abandoned. It used to be the most densely populated place on earth with 6000 people living on it.

>> No.51289617

Under 200 years.

Watch life after people on YouTube

>> No.51289732

CATastrophe ain't dead

>> No.51290011

ExxonMobil did.

>> No.51290025

You know, I find this post hilarious because I was persuaded that you were talking about america before you dropped sandniggers

>> No.51290089

Are you a man or lusty ape, anon?

>> No.51290262

He could still be talking about America. Book written by sandpeople=Bible written by ancient Hebrews.

>> No.51290301


Oh please, as if London would get that crowded. They'd ship everyone off up North. FUCK YOU PANSY-SHANDY-DRINKING-POOFTERS

Sorry, bit of Northern Bias there. Northing more to see, move along

>> No.51290344

>implying London won't lose its riches when the Brexit is done

>> No.51290486

OP here

I forgot that /pol/tards shit up everything these days, sorry guys.

>> No.51290652

And now they're in the White House...
Your setting is about to become too real.

>> No.51291162

To be fair, if somebody wanted to make a setting with white genocide having happened I'm sure it'd been shitposted to death too.

>> No.51293781

Blastoff with a "Fuck You"-series Orion drive.

>> No.51294003

There actually is a setting about a white genocide in progress. Might have been one of Varg's. It gets shitposted because he's incapable of making an interesting setting or painting people as actual people (like if you think someone is being used by the villain to fuck you over, that doesn't mean HE is innately a monster with no other qualities.)

>> No.51294181

That's nice.

>> No.51294636

It's unlikely, but it's just about the worst thing that could happen to earth short of the sun turning into a red giant in 5 billion years. Like holy fuck that's scary.

Even an asteroid wouldn't be this bad. Maybe a gamma ray burst if it was close enough.

>> No.51294869

But Fallout told me that buildings will still be standing after two hundred years of neglect!

>> No.51294886

The goal isn't purely profit
Its in killing off opposition

>> No.51295034

My first rule of /tg/: read books recommended by /tg/. Got recommended to mistborn and it was great. Who wrote Blue Planet? Can't find it on my e-book shop

>> No.51295074


What do you expect would happen when you asked murderhobos to solve the problem?

>> No.51295563

My current DnD campaign is dealing with climate change, as it happens. Winter is late, and the PCs have been sent to find out why.

>> No.51296418

Sure there is, just hire a gorillion Chinese people on the cheap!

>> No.51298480


A bunch of Frenchmen as Blue Planet is an RPG sourcebook, while the Water Knife and The Sheep Look Up are novels. The PDF is somewhere on Mega

>> No.51298626


I would fuck that ass so hard she'd wish, she'd wish I would no fuck it so hard

>> No.51298741

>Instead we have Americans...
Try China, you stupid fuck. Every province of China has a higher population than most European countries.

They open 3 more power stations every week, while building ludicrously expensive wind turbines and solar panels for gullible westerners. Fortunately they might run out of water and have to stop expanding.

The same is true of India, but somehow we should let them industrialize because the west already did it (on a massively fucking smaller scale) 200 years ago.

>> No.51298930

The main problem with nuclear power is that sites wear out super fast, like under 20 years or so, and decommissioning them is fucking expensive.

>> No.51298991

>Russians, Chinks and Arabs sell up all the empty properties they've been using to bank embezzled money
>city becomes liveable again
Sounds like a dream

>> No.51299094

Remember to report and ignore the /x/ /pol/ cancer. One day those schizophrenic cocksuckers will get reported enough for the mods to permaban them, just like Jim Profit got permabanned.

>> No.51299311

they ban evade, anon.
If they didn't, this problem would be solved already.

>> No.51300535

If "below sea-level" meant "underwater", New York wouldn't have subways.

>> No.51300697

Wealth redistribution, greater government control, forcing prosperous nations into poverty to get more people into debt and dependent on government welfare handouts, consolidation of nations first into unions and later into a central super state.

>> No.51300838

That benefits the illuminati, not the jews.
Entirely different groups, dummy.

>> No.51302221

I know some problems humanity is facing. You can look into them on your own:
* Nuclear proliferation. This is something much of the world would rather do without, but our president for life elect has advocated for it. His BFF, Putin has done the same.
* Disease.
** Bacteria are unpleasantly likely to have resistance to antibiotics, in part because of mankind's irresponsible use of them (such as using them as steroids in the food industry). I've read some things about answers to this problem, one of which is phage therapy that uses a phage that targets the pumps that bacteria use to expel antibiotics. The disease will then be faced with 2 evolutionary pressures. 1 get rid of the pumps to adapt to the phage. 2 keep or acquire pumps to deal with antibiotics. With no way of winning, the infection is defeated.
** We can travel across the world at remarkable speed, and we bring pathogens with us. Also we sometimes bring invasive species.
* Over-fishing
* Medical knowledge- this is a double edged sword. The benefits of medicine are obvious. However advanced medical knowledge could be used to facilitate very powerful biological warfare.
*Ocean acidification- CO2 dissolves into sea water making it more acidic. This allows it to dissolve more solvents (of a certain kinds at least) before becoming saturated. One of these solvents is what coral make their skeletons out of.

*Fun* consequence of carbon pollution you might not be aware of. Allergies! We are dealing with more pollen every year because we have more CO2 in the air. I don't remember if it's the CO2 itself or if it's the change of the climate, but if you have allergies and you feel like its getting worse every year, you're right!

>> No.51302240

I'm less worried about nuclear proliferation than I am nuclear war, which your BFF, Clinton, has advocated for.

>> No.51304273

Citation needed.

Also, one of the reasons people aren't a fan of nuclear proliferation is that they believe it will increase the chance of a nuclear war.

>> No.51304290

You can go look at all the threats your waifu threw towards Russia during the election, and talking about war and military action against them. What do you think happens if we do that, anon?

>> No.51304437

Hi /pol/
Bye /pol/

>> No.51305043

That isn't my area expertise. But MAD did arguably keep the USSR and the USA from going to war for decades. I'm under the impression Putin wants us to become isolationists so we aren't in his way when Russian interests conflict with those of the USA's. I'm also not under the impression that Putin is suicidal. That said I did read that an antagonist relationship with Putin's Russia wouldn't just be Cold War, part 2.

tl;dr I think I know what will happen if we don't, and it's not something I'm comfortable with. I'm less certain of the outcome of if we do.

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