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sociology n shit

>editfag is a god among writefags
>Horus is absolutely based
>More normal peopleeeeeeeeeeee
>Lasguns are not just meme weapons
>Slice of life stuff is comfy and nice
>Still need moar Apostasy Era battles
>Still need more Crone Eldar
>Still need more Orkz

has interest been lost?

I will be writing up the Horus fluff into some writefaggatory once I get home.

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Bump with some odd music that might fir into the Unification Wars.

Also the pic that started all this.

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I'm still around, was gonna do the emperor pic today.

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Looking forward to it.

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Well, on the "more normal people" front, we could do the famous Guard planets.
IIRC, we've already done Krieg, Tallern, Cadia, and I think Armageddon. So lots of options for interesting people + planetary histories, like the Mordian Iron Guard or Catachans.

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Catachans would be good.

A bunch of nutters with their old deep forest gods.

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>Every god is an asshole who kills you with various flora if you fuck up
>Catachans worship them by going to church once a week and just fucking screaming at the alters cursing them out

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The Galactic pantheon so far
Isha- Embodied in the eldar Macha, the all-mother and Eternal Empress of the Imperial dominion. Millennia ago she was the fertility goddess of the eldar pantheon, she opposed khaine and in the fall did all she could to save the eldar people, though she was herself taken captive by Nurgle. Through theses valiant efforts and the rule of ages hence the Matron goddess is said to have gained a regality and might that surpasses her old self. She is much occupied by the maintenance of spiritual health at the widest level for the imperium, vying against Slaanesh for eldar souls, and affording the imperium's peoples a dominion within the realm of souls somewhat more hospitable than the wilds of the warp.

Cegorach- The laughing god of the eldar, also survivor of the fall, now endless jester of the galactic court and master of the dark carnival. An involved player of the great game, he is supposedly an invaluable asset to the imperium in the intrigues of immortal beings. To all the worlds of the imperium he is a figure of myth and folktale, and any real deed is indistinguishable from pure fabrication.

The Void Dragon- At some point this was a self aware expression of nested complexity, or perhaps a very long bolt of lightning, but in the millions of years since then it has gained first an indomitable body of living femto-machines, and now a significant warp presence. It is curious, and eccentric, and it wants to experiment with the warp on a grand scale. It seems to have some appreciation of beings more finite and fragile than it, but it is infinite and hard, and it remains to be seen what god it wishes to be. It it also the Omnissiah, and it is fond of its cult, and finds it a perfect instrument.

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The Nightbringer- This one wishes to be death. It has slain countless species, for ages, across light-centuries. It has done so by stellar radiation and by scythe, and it found that as it killed it's legend and spite proceeded it, until it's own lifeless visage was so known and feared that it cast the Nightbringer own perfect double in the warp. The great murderer withstood even the full and unilateral hatred of the Necron Star Empire and came away not in shards, but as a great battered husk and accompanying splinters. Now awakened, the reaper wishes to regain his mighty warp presence and to restore his form. To this end he embeds lesser shards in mortal hosts, saddled with mortal personas to better domineer them to his will, and sets them to sow death in his image.

The Deceiver- As consumate a player of games as Cegorach, the liesmith, avatar of duplicity, reveled in the peak of the Necron empire's golden age, happ among the chrome aristocrats and toasted as the diplomat of living gods. He is reviled by the Necrons now, and shattered beyond assembly, but the warp presence persists despite itself. Its incoherent shards still long for subtlety, for veils of words, and find themselves in the flesh of mortals of high stature as best they can. What plot the Deceiver pursues is unknown, perhaps unknowable, but its shards are of a conspiratorial and avaricious sort, with no favor among the living.

Gork & Mork- The supreme brutes might be thought unchanged in the eons of their long lives. Not so, for unlike the weaklings of material, with each blow to the head they become more clever.

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There is also Khine.

He is still alive after a fashion and the eldar Aspect Warriors live by his creed and dedicate themselves to him as do a small but not negligible population of humans in the Imperium. Some of the old families of the Imperial Army, many of the Temple Assassins and some of the Space Marine Chapters hold him in varying degrees of reverence.

These are just the gold-like beings that are extant and active in the Imperium, it has oddly not that much to do with the religious nature and makeup of the Imperium.

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Slaanesh- The Prince of Pleasure was originally conceived to be the god of joy, and of beauty, but its birth, the fall of the eldar, demonstrated the already fallen nature of the eldar empire. The prince now rules the Brass Palace in the warp, attended by daemons and horrors, and for a long while it eagerly feasted on the souls of the eldar. The great mistress of Shah-Dome has since turned to more complex, extended, and varied predilections. While young and weak as a warp presence, Slaanesh maintains a vast physical empire and cult within the eye of terror, intent on shaping the state of the materium for greater power within the warp. The dark prince and its cabal of faithful cenobites wish to see Slaanesh as master of the warp, with all other gods bound before its throne. The Slaaneshi cult is particularly interested in fulfilling the domination of the eldar pantheon, hoping to angle its personal enmity with the unified empire into a claim to arch-deamonhood and luciferian mastery of all temptation.

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And what of Ynnead?

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Not around yet.

There is something going on in the Infinity Circuits and World Spirit Clouds but nobody is quite sure what. Is that Ynnead being born from shared emotion of the inhabitants or Ynnead's effect as it pushes upwards from the deep warp and born from the much bigger pool of all the galaxies inhabitants?

Also It's possible that the Impossible Child will be it's body and act like a spiritual lightning rod and draw the finished god-soul into it so they can both be complete.

All that is known is that Ynnead is not here yet. Everything else is up in the air.

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Tzeentch- created alongside Malal, he was an early warp god of boundless creativity, writing new rules of sorcery and new beings of thought into existence as quickly as Malal could deny them. In the original duality, formed from and shaped by the Old Ones, the warp and sorcery were ultimately manageable and illuminating forces. In subsequent eons this order has changed, Tzeentch has changed, and sorcery has become a bleak art of insane rituals and hateful acts. Where once he sung a song of creation, he is now a delirious, deceptive crow of plots. Tzeench maintains power bases across the galaxy, as he has since time immemorial, but the true might of his cult is in the twisting redoubts of the webway, in colleges and orders of fell and maddening arts.

Malal- Originally the 'destroyer' of the warp, be he denial or the thought of mortality, Malal swept up the multifarious gibbering creations of tzeentch and met them with their nullifying opposites, or talked them apart with what they weren't. He was supplanted by Khorne after the War in Heaven, and it seemed like impassioned, honorable, involved destruction would better suit the minds of the galaxy than Malal's own nihilistic void of denial.

Nurgle- In the spring of the galaxy Nurgle was created between Tzeentch and Malal, to me maintainer, shaper, and preserver, until such time as Malal might rightly end a story or thought or thing. In the wake of the War in Heaven, as the triumvirate adjusted to the new galactic order, Nurgle began the slow slide into malignance that also afflicted Tzeentch. Nurgle still ultimately serves his role as preserver, but where once in his garden he strove to safeguard against Khorne and temper Tzeentch he now maintains a landfill. His servants can be found on caustic wasteland planets and in the gutters of rookeries, but the foremost among them are the attendants of Isha, seeking to return her to the garden 'for her own safety', and the Astartes of Sisigmund.

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Khorne- Born in the heat of the War in Heaven, he may be the psychic reverberation of that bloody event, but it has been posited that he coalesced on the battlefield around some great weapon of the Old Ones, prototype to eldar and ork alike. His relationship to Khine is unclear, but they were alike in aspect, and he has taken up much of the old eldar empire's military caste in his immortal service. He has much love for the great game, and it was in the wake of Nurgle's horrible loss that Khorne championed the usurpation of the Orks. The Blood God is the great power in the warp as of the 41st millennium, commanding the fiercest core of crone eldar and fallen angel warbands and retaining his Ork auxiliaries with greatest ease. His catalysing role in the War of the Beast, drawing slaanesh's lust for Isha and Tzeentch's will for change to push Nurgle's corruption en-masse of the orks, such that he might incite them to a direct and purposeful war, has emboldened him to name himself lord of the immaterium. The Blood God arrays his armies before the Skull throne in him immaterial domain, and there they drill, and march, and war, and stage interminable invasions of the real. Khorne is said to retain Malal, in some form, as advisor, or weapon, but the diminished god's status in the court of murder is unknown.

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The exact birth date of Horus are not easy to pin down as the calendar used by the Void Born of Sol was one used by no one else and didn’t recognize the Earth Year as the basic measure of time. And in any case the particular calendar used by Tribe Lupercal fell out of use with in a few generation of the death of Abaddon the Last and the disbanding of the Void Born as a unified nation.

What is that by the final days of the Earth Unification Wars Horus Lupercal was a man of renown and considerable accomplishment. His age was always difficult to judge as up until the extremes of old age he remain spry and lively and remarkable well preserved. When the Warlord first made contact with him he was described as late prime to very early middle years in age. In appearance he was much like all void born; freakishly tall, thin, pale and with big eyes and pianist hands. His face was much accustomed to smiling, his mouth contained three gold teeth and he generally put people in mind of a second hand star ship salesman.

The Void Born were not in those ancient days a unified people, although they were more cooperative amongst their own kind than baseline humanity ever was. This they attributed to the constant exposure to the bottomless depths of the inky blackness. Space is wide and good friends are too few. They would swindle and cheat and engage in cutthroat business practices but never to the point of death and of the branches of humanity theirs was the only one willing in those days to ply the starry sea. How Horus, son of Maherpa, of the Lunar Lagrange Point rose from a humble bulk haulage transporter to represent the Void Born as a unified people is the stuff of legends amongst the Merchant Navy and the early Rogue Trader dynasties and like legends almost certainly mostly bullshit.

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What ever the case not long before the final defeat of Ursh Horus found himself in a support harness on the surface of Old Earth unsteadily approaching the Warlord’s tent a few miles behind the front lines. Exactly what they discussed that day is not recorded and was witnessed by only a few, Sigillite Malcador and Lord Guilliman among them, but beer was drunk and hands were shook and Horus returned to his people and the blessed lightness of empty space.

The nation of Ursh was brought to an end the next day for all that their underground resistance persisted for nigh on twenty years.

The Warlord now Steward appointed his twenty greatest the rank of Primarch and in their ranks was counted Horus who soon after was crowned King of Empty Space by the unanimous vote of the great matriarchs and patriarchs of his people.

It was revealed some time after the King’s death from archived audio records that the Olympus Mons Priesthood of Mars had offered him vassalage at not unreasonable terms some days after the deal with the Warlord was made;

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>so you're saying you'd rather be vassal to the terrawatt appostates' flesh smith than master of our every ship for perpetuity?
>you scorn the shipwrights of your forefathers!
>you scorn the smiths of time immemorial!
>what nerve you have, lord-admiral, what-

>Nerve, is it.
>Certainly, it is nerve, magos.
>He promised me a partnership, as fruitful and even as the bargain you propose.
>He'd have me be his indispensable confederate, until the end of my days, and lord or my people.
>I made sure he stood as I knelt to throne, and swore no oath he had not.
>I set the terms of my service, and I chose my mandate.
>the gilt conqueror has amassed the treasures of man's eldest ruin, and he dotes mightily upon his subjects.
>more than that, he is unabashedly greedy.
>Oh yes, his greed for self possessed statesmen and commanders is vast, his appetite for men wiser than he insatiable.
>I am the admiral of my ships, and of his ships, and all ships he might gain henceforth, and of his navy just as my own.
>He is steward of my people, and he is bound to them, each and every, not just for as long as I hold them as one, but in perpetuity, so long as his empire stands.

And so was brought to some bitterness an older arrangement between the Void Born and the Mechanicum as each felt betrayed by the other. It was maybe not such a heavy burden and sadness on the Primarch’s heart as it might have been. He had never dealt with the Olympus Mons Brotherhood and so felt no real loyalty to them. In the days of his youth and in his father’s service they had dealt with lesser and less arrogant brotherhoods and the Olympus Mons Brotherhood had subjugated them and felt they were entitled to take on their obligations and owed loyalties but Horus had shook no hands with them.

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The great ships of the Migrant Fleets now stood with the Steward whose eyes were fixed upon the waring states of the Far-Orbit colonies on the moons of Neptune and Uranus and the Jovian and Saturnine nations and the settlements of the asteroids belt and the kuiper belt and the ultimately to the distant stars. And suddenly those stars seemed maybe not so distant.

And it would be Horus’ people who would take them there. His formidable ships would be at the forefront of the frontier, at the bleeding edge where the Imperium met wilderness space. At the place where profit, fame and fortune could be made and legends forged. In every way his people were going to make a killing off of this deal.

The Void Born, though master sailors of the starry seas, were poor soldiers. Upon their ships were placed bondsmen of the Imperial Army and the fearsome and awe inspiring astartes pattern Space Marines. In essence Horus now had his own Legion and was a necessary participant in the operation of all the other Legions as he was the one with the ships. There was not a war he didn’t have a hand in, not a victory his people not accredited with having done their part.

But of these victories, he would claim, none were a grand as those that came to the Imperium willingly as he had. Deals were to be made, trade could flow, riches could be shared and increased and all the petty little worlds had to do was reach out a hand. Of all the Primarch only Lorgar managed to get more worlds to join the Imperium bloodlessly.

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Time wore on and the borders were pushed back. More ships were made, more wars were fought to victory, more trade flowed, more deals made, more riches flowing, more fame and fortune and stories and glories than even Horus could have dreamed of in that far away and long ago tent on some forgotten battlefield. It was a golden age after the ten thousand years of the Long Night. It was in this golden age that Abaddon, nephew of Horus, was born.

Horus had no children (that he knew about) and so took the young Void Born as his heir and protégé and tried to instil in the child the skills that had lead him down the road to kingship and riches. But Abaddon turned into more of a Admiral than a salesman to Horus’ mixed shame and pride. It is not to say that he didn’t learn much from Horus, quite the opposite. Abaddon was no poor diplomat and could play the part of the blunt but lovable old soldier to his advantage and manipulate an Administratum requisitions committee as well as any royal court. It was just as well. There weren’t enough Void Born to fill the Navy by that time and hadn’t been for decades if truth be known. The Imperium was growing fast and it could produce ships faster than his people could fill them. It became needed for baseline humans to fill the berths. Horus was Void Born to the marrow and had grown up in another time and it was a time all but gone now, Abaddon would be the sort to inherit Empty Space. His people were now more military than migrant and it made him feel oddly old.

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Horus had dreamed of a day when the Void Born would rule. Humans suited to their environment, adapted and moulded to it and Space was the thing that linked the worlds it was only natural that, as abhumanisn became more prevalent, his people would raise to the top of large-scale society. It was a dream he didn’t let go of, but as the Imperium grew he got a glimpse of the hundred thousand year time scale it would take for this to be accomplished by natural trends and knew that, although it was inevitable, it wasn’t on a timescale that would even notice him.

As the forces of the Void Wolves, as his forces had collectively become known by that point, were at the edge of Imperial Space it was they that were first alerted to the arrival of The Beast.

The Beast’s forces, raised across a thousand star systems and launched simultaneously and with unorky precision, swatted aside hundreds of ships in a matter of hours across a front twenty thousand light years long. After that it was known that his people would need no incitement to vengeance, they would need no rhetoric or Warlords or Stewards or hypothetical Emperors. Blood had been spilled in Empty Space. Since the days of the first space pirates it was known that only one thing could wash away the debt of blood; more blood.

Void Born had a natural affinity for three-dimensional battlefields, an innate skill only matched by the Autarchs of the eldar. With this affinity and the oath bound soldiers and super soldiers of the Steward they made the orks pay and pay and pay and cut and cut and cut until they found the puppet masters at the end of long barbed strings.

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The people of the Void Born were not as numerous as the baseline humans and for a time it looked as though by throwing their lot in with the Imperium Horus had doomed them to extinction. But Horus, and the wise admirals under his command, could be all too sure of one thing. Chaos would have come for them in time, Imperium of no. The War needed to be over quickly. It needed to be over before his people left the stars forever.

The King of Empty Space went to the Steward and proposed a plan. A desperate and needed plan. He would by misdirection and feigned weakness funnel the forces of the Beast to Old Earth. Orkish psychology would demand that The Beast himself be at the head of the incursion and there, deep in Imperial territory they would close the trap and decapitate the WAAAGH!!! Of The Beast. Without their leader the orks would fall apart and fight each other and the Chaos Eldar without their meat shields would flee.

Horus was not on the surface of Old Earth to witness the death of the Angel-Primarch. He knew that none of the other primarchs knew of his plan to force the end of the war. He knew that they would blame him. He could tell them that the war needed to be ended, a war of attrition against orks was a slaw walk into the grave and as relentless as a gravity well. He could have told them that this had been the only hope of victory. HE knew it all to be true. Maybe they would agree. Maybe they would not. Maybe it didn’t matter in the face of victory, but it was a bitter victory given the cost and the ruins the Imperium was in. The Golden Age was over and it seemed that Long Night had never really left.

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The Merchant Navy was in those rebuilding times as instrumental in the rebuilding of the Imperium as the forces of the Imperial Army. Broken and scared worlds looked to the heavens and the Pale Men of the stars with pleading and love and maybe it healed some the heart of Horus in those times to help but now he was old and he was broken inside.

Void Born are fragile creatures by nature. Their bodies can’t deal with alchemy in the blood well and it is easy to overdose on drugs. The rejuvenant drugs that kept him in some manner of youth had to be of lower dosage and now they were starting to fail altogether and his body was too fail for longevity treatments designed for baseline humans. Age took him quickly in the end but he went into the Long Sleep knowing that he had served his people and the Imperium well and that a good man would take up his burdens.

>So. Any good or should I burn it all and start again?

>I tried to make him more of a business man than a general. Sort of a really charismatic C.M.O.T Dibbler with a space ship type flavor.

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Ynnead is supposed to be the Starchild, all grown up. At least, in some prophecies. Kind of poetic that the first "new" god born into the galaxy turns out to be the one of death and rebirth, heralding the end of the old age and the beginning of a new pantheon.

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does he have cancer?

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Sort of good, but missing two things.

1) Horus was not "Void Born above all". He was "transhumanism is the wave of the future". Horus saw any attempt at trying to impose one government and one body type on the vast diversity of the galaxy as kind of ridiculous. Instead he was more of the mindset of a vast "Star Union", with a thousand worlds all joined together as equals in mutual friendship forging their own path. This is the reason there was so much friction between Horus and the Steward, but because their ideas were more similar than different and Horus thought that humanity would diverge into a thousand branching paths naturally regardless of how hard the Steward tried to hold them together, so he kept his opinons to himself and followed the Steward. He thought he would be proven right in the end. Thread 9b discusses it better than I could.

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No. He's just a Void Born with a shaved head.

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Oh sweet Jesus you're right. Thanks.

It's going to have to have some work done before it gets to the 1d4chan.

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2) Horus actually considered sitting out the War of the Beast. His forces could have rushed back to Earth, but Horus saw this as what was naturally going to happen if you make one world the center of the galaxy: you make it a target. Then Chaos Gods came to Horus and made him an offer of power if he stayed out of the WotB, and Horus realized that if he did so there would be so much bad blood between the factions of the Imperium that he would be essentially throwing his dream of a "Union of the Stars" under a bus. Horus flipped off the Chaos Gods with something along the lines of...

"Your offer sounds interesting. But you forget one thing. I am a captain of the migrant fleet and a businessman. In this place, I am the one who proposes the deals. Now, get off my ship."

Horus and his fleet rushes to Earth, but the efforts of the Chaos Gods stalled him long enough that he arrived late to the battle. As a result, people were suspicious of the loyalty of the Void Wolves following the WotB. What really got a lot of people nervous was that Horus was the only primarch aside from Sanguinius to really get along with (or at least be respected by) nearly all of the other primarchs, and so if Horus wanted to go rogue he could really do a lot of damage. As an anon in a previous thread stated "Everyone in the Imperium high society was expecting Horus to try and grab the Throne. They waited for nearly 300 years for the betrayal, never came". Horus personally probably thought their nervousness was hilarious.

>I tried to make him more of a business man than a general. Sort of a really charismatic C.M.O.T Dibbler with a space ship type flavor.

Perfect mindset for Horus right here, maybe with a little bit of Venetian merchant prince in terms of the military angle.

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You know, thinking back to the idea we had a few threads ago about Be'lakor being the last of the Old Ones, I just realized that we don't need to make Be'lakor a proto-Old One in order to make him work. Instead, Be'lakor could just as easily be an early experiment by the Old Ones into warp entities, the apotheosis of a single, psychically powerful individual as opposed to the embodiment of a concept or the merger of many entities.

That's why Be'lakor is so hateful of the Chaos Gods. In his mind, the ascension of an Old One should result in a full blown warp god, not "merely" a daemon prince. He's incensed at being forced to serve what are in his mind either natural phenomena or experiments blown out of proportion. It would be as if a human who achieved apotheosis was forced to serve a bunch of A.I.s who, by virtue of being created later with more advanced technology, happened to be stronger than you.

>Nurgle is basically a hoarder
Love it.

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Wasn't able to post a reply in the last thread before it crashed, but there another possible way in which the Void Born could have Space Marines.

Oscar designed the Astartes geneseed using humans from Earth as a template of "average humans" for compatibility. Therefore, there are two factors which determine how compatible a given individual is with the Astartes geneseed: how close they are to Earth and how far their population in other respects has deviated from "mainstream" humanity.

Populations that have been isolated from Earth extremely long periods of time (e.g., even before the Age of Strife) would be unlikely to be able to produce Space Marines due to genetic drift alone, even if they looked otherwise human. By the same token most abhumans have undergone strong enough selection that gene-seed does not work on them.

But the Voidborn merchant fleet of Sol is a special case. The merchant fleet remained in contact with the other nations of the Solar System throughout the Age of Strife, and gene flow has continued to occur between these populations. Therefore, even though they are technically abhumans, the Sol merchant fleet (as well as others in nearby systems) might be genetically similar enough to Earthborn humanity that some members of the population are gene-seed compatible. There probably would be a lot of them, and so you would probably get a situation like the Raven Guard where you have a lot of non-Astartes individuals in an Astartes organization, but you probably could get some Voidborn Space Marines out of them.

>> No.51264762

I was kinda thinking we had already made the transhuman tech in the imperium pretty flexible, so it wouldn't be much of a leap to say they bridged this gap. We already have the fenrisian experiment with the canis-helix pattern astartes, so its really shouldn't be a problem.

>> No.51264797

There is also the problem of physical robustness. Void Born are fair fragile.

>> No.51264802

any opinion on Khorne? We hadn't really touched on his followers yet and he seems pretty close to canon but I wanted to slot him into the adapted mythology and make him a notable opponent.

>> No.51264812

Extra cybernetics?

>> No.51264993


One of the first implants they give Space Marines in canon boosts muscle and bone growth. As long as this is done under normal planetary gravity, this should easily reverse the effects of living in space for the first decade or two of one's life.

>> No.51265318

In a previous thread, we discussed the idea that even though Horus is dead, his casket is empty. I had a thought that might expand on that idea.

Horus did die, but his remains were never interred in the casket most consider his tomb. His ashes were scattered to the void, the only burial he would ever consider as a true Voidborn. Horus, ever the politician, intended the site of his cenotaph not to be a memorial but a statement. Horus was extremely pro-transhuman, even at the end of his life. If his casket were ever opened and the supposed resting place of his body ever discovered to be empty, as if Horus himself had simply got up and walked out of his grave, it would make people wonder: what else is possible for humanity?

>> No.51265614

Woah, shit, we have a drawfag?

>> No.51265700

reposting retirement/abdication end to horus story.
An entirely plausible story held as true by the Sons of Horus and official Imperial history. They forward this unusual reaction to rejuveants as an explaination of the Lord-Admiral's recorded vigor and mental acuity even unto the last years of his life, as well as his ceremonious abdication to prince Abaddon several years before his death. It has been relegated to obscure tomes that the Lord-Admiral spent those years assembling an entourage of notable captains as he flitted between the systems of the imperium. It is sure that in this time he threw his considerable clout into numerous ambitious projects, and was often present in the orbits of Old Earth, Mars, and Jupiter, as well as the systems of Chthonia and Prospero. Of all his works in these last decades he is recorded to have shown great interest in the creation of an imperial capital upon the Chthonian ring, in the work of the martian explorator fleets, and in the collaborations of Fulgrim and Ferrus Mannus. This is acknowledged to have laid the groundwork for much of the imperial navy's own capacity for independent sustenance and development. As well, the order that would become the Sons of Horus has its roots in this period, intended to see his vision of a humanity truly suited to interstellar civilization into the future. Horus died nineteen years after his abdication, and was entombed on his personal warship. This tomb has never been opened.

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>> No.51268522

Anything different with the Navigators in this timeline?

I can’t think of too much that would be different, to be honest. The only thing I can think of is rather than being an obvious piece of Imperial hypocrisy, Navigators are desperately trying to keep the fact that they are mutants rather than abhumans under wraps. Abhumans are relatively accepted within the Imperium, mutants are looked at with either disgust or pity. Disgust if your mutations are voluntarily chosen as a result of worshipping the Dark Gods, or pity if your mutations are accidental results of warp exposure or something similar. As a result, the Navigators are trying to spin things as them being abhumans (being intentionally engineered and all), despite technically being mutants that undergo further mutations with age. But that just ends up with the Navigators still doing the same things as in vanilla. I guess maybe some things do stay the same, no matter the universe?

And did we ever resolve the issue of why the Astronomican needs psykers to power it if in vanilla Big E was able to power and direct it all by himself during the Great Crusade?

>> No.51268667

One thing about the current state of the galaxy is that it means that even Isha might have to get involved in the war. Although Isha prefers to be a "silk hiding steel" kind of person, the sheer scale of the war may mean she may be forced to take a more active role. And although she may be a fertility goddess, that could mean things get scary.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, think of Demeter in Greek Mythology. Think of what happened when she got pissed off.

>> No.51270238

I'm thinking about the Navigators, but I don't know enough about their history. Something about them feeling threatened by the webway, and feeling uncertainty about that.

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>> No.51272368

I'm pretty sure Navigators are abhumans rather than mutants due to the way that they predictably breed true. It's just that they aren't very stable and are prone to additional mutations. Or that's a result of warp exposure.

Also I think that there was some mention of them having abandoned Earth and taken up residence on the Jovian orbitals.

>> No.51272960

Given that Ishtar was the ye olde goddess of love, sex, fertility and war I think we can safely assume that Isha was always at least slightly dangerous to be around. Ishtar killed or left broken just about everything she touched and threatened to start the zombie apocalypse on at least 2 occasions.

Also in one of the previous threads some anon made the joke that she had to be married to Oscar becasue he was the only person left who could survive having sex with her. Whilst it was an immature sex joke there could be some level of truth to it.

Maybe Eldrad looked to the changed future after her return and saw the creation of Sacrifice Cults of young lovers and the trail of bodies she would leave behind. To prevent this loss of life and Isha being associated with ritual suicide, that could have bled back across into the warp and poisoned her from the roots upwards, he married her off to the one being he knew that would survive her affections.

Also after an eternity in Nurgle's company her temperament will not have improved. In much the same way that Ishtar was pissed when she got out of the world of the dead.

>> No.51273624

Oh wow I have so much rewriting to do. Like holy shit I missed out so much.

>> No.51273789

Horusfag, i think there's something else you are forgetting. If memory serves right, in a previous thread it was said that Horus was entombed deep into a Blackstone Fortress that served as the capitol ship of the Void Wolves. Might be interesting to add that, especially because it would be fun to see how a transhumanist spess merchant would see using xeno tech and allying with Eldar. Just trowing this out, otherwise good job!

>> No.51274131

I think that the flagship of the Sons of Horus was incorporated into the Blackstone Fortress at a later date. Or that's what I'm getting from rereading the old threads.

>> No.51274502


Yeah, IIRC the blackstone fortress was either discovered or a gift from somewhere.

>> No.51274865


The monastic order known as the Sons of Horus found it at a later date. They somehow knew what it was but couldn't figure out how to get it to switch on. Eventually went to the eldar for help.

Eldar set up camp on it alongside the void born and figured out how to activate and control the short range weapons.

>> No.51275154

Wasn't there two of them? What happened to the other?

Also, would anyone be averse to some of the information in previous threads being uploaded to the 1d4chan page as crappy pseudo-greentext, so we can get as much information as we can in one place without having to dig through the old threads?

>> No.51275514

There were more than two but only two have been found.

The other found one was found much later than the one that holds the tomb of Horus and was found by Lady Malys, or at least by someone in her employ.

>> No.51276825


>> No.51277861

I think it was stated earlier that Erebus has the other one (who is not necessarily aligned with Malys)

>> No.51278497

It could be that Erebus is trying to carve out a Chaos Imperium or convert the Imperium to Chaos but have it be very, very pro chaos human. This affords him lots of loyalty from the Fallen because most of the old veterans who run that shit are ancient Dark Angels who back in the day thought that the Imperium's eldar allies need to go to the death camps.

The younger generations of Fallen generally hold the original Fallen in high regard and obey even if they don't hold their xenophobic views.

Erebus and the old Fallen are allied with Lady Malys because they believe they can steer her into doing their will. Lady Malys thinks this notion is hilariously quaint but keeps it to herself so long as the dipshits keep doing what she wants.

>> No.51279229

I don't think Erebus is that oblivious, in fact I think he is supposed to be extremely cunning as he's the one who kicks off the entire canon Horus Heresy. More likely is that any cooperation with Malys is out of convenience but ultimately temporary, and I think it works better if Erebus and Malys are both scheming and playing off each other. The nature of Chaos is ultimately self serving, so I'm sure he is plotting for power struggle once the Imperium falls. Internal struggles could also explain how Chaos has been disorganized for 10 millennia.

>> No.51280643

Ok. I think I've fixed or at least slightly unfucked it.

I can't do any more, I haven't the skill to do more than acceptable on a good day.

It's probably going to need more editing by better hands some time afterwards.

Given that it might need to be edited should I post it here or dump it into the Horus section of the 1d4chan page?

>> No.51280851 [DELETED] 

>Fuck it I'm doing it anyway. It's late and I have work tomorrow.

The exact birth date of Horus are not easy to pin down as the calendar used by the Void Born of Sol was one used by no one else and didn’t recognize the Earth Year as the basic measure of time. And in any case the particular calendar used by Tribe Lupercal fell out of use with in a few generation of the death of Abaddon the Last and the disbanding of the Void Born as a unified nation.

What is that by the final days of the Earth Unification Wars Horus Lupercal was a man of renown and considerable accomplishment. His age was always difficult to judge as up until the extremes of old age he remain spry and lively and remarkable well preserved. When the Warlord first made contact with him he was described as late prime to very early middle years in age. In appearance he was much like all void born; freakishly tall, thin, pale and with big eyes and pianist hands. His face was much accustomed to smiling, his mouth contained three gold teeth and he generally put people in mind of a second hand star ship salesman.

The Void Born were not in those ancient days a unified people, although they were more cooperative amongst their own kind than baseline humanity ever was. This they attributed to the constant exposure to the bottomless depths of the inky blackness. Space is wide and good friends are too few. They would swindle and cheat and engage in cutthroat business practices but never to the point of death and of the branches of humanity theirs was the only one willing in those days to ply the starry sea. How Horus, son of Maherpa, of the Lunar Lagrange Point rose from a humble bulk haulage transporter to represent the Void Born as a unified people is the stuff of legends amongst the Merchant Navy and the early Rogue Trader dynasties and like legends almost certainly mostly bullshit.

>> No.51280884

Fuck it I'm doing it anyway. It's late and I have work tomorrow.

It's going on the 1d4chan page.

>> No.51283797


>> No.51285328

Khanfag here. In the interest of keeping the thread bumped, I thought I’d post a few ideas I had written down for Jaghatai that I never posted to the thread, in the interest of not swamping it. Most of these ideas concern not only Jaghatai, but also how his policy affected the modern-day White Scars, which is something that hasn’t been discussed for most of the canon loyalist legions.

In contrast to most other groups of Space Marines, many members of the White Scars and their related chapters are literal rather than spiritual descendants of Jaghatai Khan. Like his ancestor Genghis Khan, Jaghatai has a large number of descendants running around the 31st century. However, because Jaghatai never conquered half of Eurasia, this large number of descendants simply comes from the nature of time and the ridiculously large population of the Imperium (Jaghatai has a lot of descendants, but percentage-wise is nowhere near Genghis), as well as non-direct descendants from his brothers, sisters, uncles, and aunts. Many White Scars claim to be directly related to Jaghatai Khan in some way, and try to join the White Scars in an attempt to try and recapitulate their ancestor's glory.

Jaghatai only had a few actual children. His first born son ended up becoming a rank-and-file Ultramarine. Jaghatai didn’t know whether to be proud or a little bit disappointed over this.

>> No.51285468

Like all of the other nation-states on Terra, the Khanate was essentially destroyed by the WotB. It was kind of difficult to maintain cultural distinctiveness when 60% of Earth’s population were killed in the fighting (the remainder surviving by hiding in the Golden Palace) and 70% of the land surface had to be rebuilt. Although Earth had already been undergoing hyper-urbanization during the Great Crusade, this was the point where Earth went from a bunch of unified, but culturally distinct, nation-states to the singular spiritual, political, and psychic hub the people of M41 think of today. This was essentially the point where Earth became Old Earth, in many ways.

>> No.51285829

Finally finished Emperor Oscar Steward

>> No.51285843

And I forgot the image

>> No.51285846

Khan had two major flaws. The first of these was his temper. Much like Magnus and his anti-sociality, this is something Khan got better about over the course of his life. Though I can imagine there must have been some debacle when Ursh fell, with Khan demanding retribution and the Warlord probably stepping in and saying that all Khan wanted was revenge, not justice, and if he did that then all it would look like is a monster killing a monster and not justice being delivered to a tyrant. That probably shut Khan right up (see point two). Khan's temper is a lot different from Angron or Russ, in that he's single-minded and you don't see it coming before it hits you.

Khan’s other major issue was he always felt like he had to make up for what he did while he served the Despot of Ursh, to a degree that would be considered unhealthy. He really doesn't like to be reminded of his past. There was an incident while passing through Ursh, where he enjoyed watching some children play a game where they recited a rhyme about how they had to act good or else the goblin king would send his goblins to take them. Then he realized that the "goblins" they were referring to were his people, and got real quiet.

>> No.51285867

Nice, though doesn't Big E have black hair?

And nice touch with the golden eyes, I had forgotten that was a thing until I re-read Malcador's log

>> No.51286072

Unlike canon, where Khan could just fuck off to Chogoris or the front lines any time the other primarchs annoyed him, here Khan actually had to interact with people to get things done and so more people were aware of him being the “pragmatic, reasonable one” among the primarchs. Don’t get me wrong, Khan is still the speedfreak who often likes to go off and do his own thing (and given the general competence boost among the primarchs being “level-headed” is no longer that noteworthy), just that he wasn’t as much of an outsider as in canon. Khan got along with a lot more of the primarchs than in canon (though not to Sanguinius or Horus levels), with the notable exceptions of Morty, Curze, and (surprisingly enough) Corax (at least at first).

Corax is kind of understandable in retrospect. He came from Sino-Japan, a territory which for years had been controlled by Ursh using the steppe nomads as enforcers. It makes sense that Corax would balk at the inclusion of what he considered a bunch of animals pretending to be human beings into the Imperium. Khan, for his part, did not feel the same way (see Khan's second flaw). He even made it a huge point to either discipline or execute those who committed particularly heinous war crimes under the Despot of Ursh, to try to make reparations between the Khanate and the other “Children of Ursh” and to show that such behavior would not be tolerated anymore. However, Corax was still rather skeptical of Khan. Khan and Corax would eventually come to an understanding, the two seeing they were more alike than different, but this did not happen until well into the Great Crusade.

>> No.51286098

>>51286072 (forgot name)
Magnus and Khan both probably tried to reach out to Morty and Curze, as both knew what it was like to be forced to play the monster.

Morty probably called Magnus some psyker slur and stormed out. Curze was always in a foul mood and claimed Magnus gave him a headache. Magnus wrote them both off at that point.

Khan sympathized with them but questioned why they hadn't tried to build a life beyond what happened to them. Morty replied why was Khan so quick to try and bury his past, while Curze said Khan "wouldn't understand". Khan remained more open to helping them than Magnus (though Morty probably pissed him the hell off), but understood they would probably never come around.

>> No.51286161 [DELETED] 

Made his hair darker

>> No.51286194 [DELETED] 

Made the hair darker. Any suggestions for the next one?

>> No.51286215

Made the hair darker. Any suggestions for the next one?

>> No.51287000


>> No.51287558

Emperor Oscar Steward, the good King of the Imperium and its people uncounted, Consort of the All-Mother and her most favored champion, protector of the Tarellian realm, protector of the Tau Dominion, and protector of the dominion of Ultramar, Presiding Justice of the many confederated legal unions of stars, Imperator of the Imperial Grand Army, Navy Superiora, and all Astartes Chapters, Inquisitor Primus of all Ordos, and the high chancellor of the Schola Telepathica. Oscar the Golden Man, first emperor and founder of the imperium as some histories, even entire worlds, in the hinterlands of his vast dominion are taught, is certainly the first of his name. So too, it is the unknown hope of all the galaxy that he is the last of his kind.

>> No.51287582

Shouldn't she have pointed ears?

>> No.51287617

Nice. Looks regal without looking like he's trying to compensate like in the Vanilla. Also looks militaristic without looking like a warmonger.

>> No.51287721

The Emperor was born without a name, in a palatial laboratory on the Circlet of Chrhonia, not long before the Fall of the Eldar. In this place, beneath the endless cities and gardens and festivals of technicolor humanity, great work was done. Bold explorers of the black pyramids had recovered shards of living metal bone, long a thing of wonder. Through the eyes of iron Minds, with costly, lengthy study, the minute fractal bone bore fruit. The growing femtomechanical facsimiles of cells, then the scintillating organs, the invisible bones of adamant, the ineffable golden brain tissue, all patterned, so the iron Minds said, upon the human muses they had before them. Macro-soul psychic engines trawled deep within the warp, and through instruments of machine-soul-though shaped raw human-esque spirits from the immaterium. In Chthonian in those days each gala saw the debut of a demi-god, these shining, lively creatures, unique and beautiful, intelligent beyond the Iron Minds, and so mighty in sorcery as raise the stature of the empire in the eyes of the Elder Folk. The golden children of Chthonia were never idle, in revelry, or in work, and they produced wonders. They made themselves mighty. They went about the empire, in close confidence with the Iron Minds, and even among the Elder Folk, and were soon quite taken with the pleasures of the galaxy. Oscar related to the Sigilite that he was to his knowledge only some few days alive, and did not know his siblings, though he has some vision of the grandeur before the age of strife, of their grandeur foremost, and of what unfolded in orbit of Chthonia. He was among the spires and ships of the ring, and saw the eye of terror, first a crying slit of stars, then winking open, an opalescent gash, at the center an infinite speck, from which trillions of souls grasped and groped in lust. The eye widened, abyssal pupil, florid hellfire iris, eyelid of night peeling beck from the singularity.

>> No.51287805

I like the start. It make the Men of Gold more akin to genuine children and work of art from godlike A.I. rather than an industrial product.

Not too keen on the second half.

It had already been established that Oscar was utterly empty when Malcador fished him out of the jar. Unless that's changed.

>> No.51287961

The Golden Man watched his siblings running down the ships of Chthonia, slaying world killing picketts and carving their hulls, until they bored and bloodied themselves in their holds. Excesses of rape and madness and vile godhead filled the golden crown of the Chthonian system, acts neurotic and personal and acts so grand as to taint continent wide domains, acts upon the delirious humans and the incestuos Golden Ones. They broke the golden ring, and those that remained left its shattered pieces to hang around the pale Chthonian star. Oscar, as night had fallen on the galaxy, was induced to inactivity by remaining Iron Mind protocols, though the abominable intelligence(s) succumbed to the grievous damage it(they) sustained in the breaking of the ring before they could make use of the incomplete Golden Man. The Others, those whose leaden corpses do not lie cratered in the circlet or lost in its debris fields, hopefully met fitting ends in the age of strife. Some are said to have made out across the old empire and have put the scourge of their rule to it in regimes long dead, others to the beautiful world of pleasure they saw gleam in the eye, and others into the intergalactic sea. Whatever fate has befallen them, no inquiry made by the illuminated few of those illustrious orders that go unnamed cannot tell, and Chaos has made no sign. One leaden body has been recovered, and though there is pressure to move it to Ganymede, its finders are reluctant, preferring their own workshops far from Sol. These matters, and the obvious concerns they pose to Imperial High Command, have been a consistent impediment to the age old Chthonian project, thought so too have they been a reason to fund such ventures.

>> No.51288077

we had psychic AI as a necessity for coding souls since the first time its come up, I was thinking that Malcador finds him tabula rasa, soul active and functional but unwritten and inhuman. Malcador finds an ambulatory being that picks up language, and develops a self as a child would, but the sigillite neither coded the Emperor's soul nor switched on the psychic AI that could.

>> No.51288087

Why is he crying and holding a soulstone?

>> No.51289823


>> No.51289991

You poor fool...

This pic ain't the emperor with Isha. I'll give y'all a clue; "I like horses."

>> No.51292170


Agreed. Oscar being tabula rasa is very important for the overall state of the setting.

Oscar's story is essentially the triumph of nurture over nature. Here is a being who started with literally nothing, not even the few instincts humans have when they were born, and yet chose to be a good person and ended up greatly changing the galaxy for the better. Not because he was programmed to. But because he wanted to.

This greatly shows off at least part of the essence of nobledark: the idea that at their core people are fundamentally good, even though evil is rampant in the world and people are often highly flawed beings.

>> No.51292303

>>51292170 (cont.)

Something else I find funny (and great) is that based on the writing so far in this timeline Oscar's biggest flaw is that he often fails to realize he is a person as well. Malcador probably treated him like a son, but Oscar was still made aware of his artificial nature from the start, which probably shaped some of his worldview.

Oscar is a genuinely nice guy, and the type of person who knows exactly what he needs to say to help others solve their problems, but he often utterly forgets about his own needs as a person. He sees the way things work, but utterly forgets he is a part of the equation.

When Eldrad said Oscar owed him a favor after the WotB, Oscar said "name it", thinking it was going to be something like another great raid on Chaos or some other impossible task.

He never expected Eldrad wanted him to get married, because he forgot he was a player in the first place.

Same with the Golden Throne. Oscar constantly did not want to take official charge of the Imperium, because he saw himself as an artificial lifeform that was unfit to rule.

The encounter with Sebastian Thor was essentially the Imperium's referendum on what they thought of Oscar. The Imperium had spoken on who they wanted as a leader, and they chose Oscar. Oscar had proved himself time and again an effective leader who at the same time would not abuse his power. So what if Oscar was not born naturally, many in the Imperium were born in-vitro or through other means. It did not matter that Oscar claimed to not be a real person, in their minds he had proven himself as a person, in the only way they felt mattered.

>> No.51292322

Prospero: The Lost Crown Jewel of the Imperium

Prospero was first settled by mankind in M23, shortly before the Age of Strife. Its original colonists were primarily composed of psyker refugees, fleeing from the persecution and witch-hunts of psykers that had gripped the rest of the galaxy. Prospero was chosen because of its isolated location. Although it was relatively close to Old Earth in terms of realspace, Prospero was an arid planet with little water or arable land that was relatively off the beaten path in terms of warp currents, making it ideal for people that did not wish to be noticed. The psykers of Prospero pooled together what little knowledge they had and were soon progressing in psychic technology by leaps and bounds, inventing such things as psychic-assisted medicine and crystals that dampened psychic powers allowing psyker children to learn how to control their abilities without the threat of daemonic possession. For a scant few centuries, Prospero was a paradise for psykers.

Unfortunately, along with the Age of Strife came Warp Storms and psychic predators. Prospero became host to one particularly nasty form of psychic predator called the Psychneuein, who were attracted to the planet by its large population of psykers. The Psychneuein were an insectoid species which reproduced by laying their eggs inside a psyker’s brain, which would later burst out of the psyker’s head to produce more Psychneuein. On a planet full of psykers, one Psychneuein could rapidly turn into a plague, and many times the inhabitants of Prospero were nearly wiped out. Only the fortress-city of Tizca, situated on a central plateau between the three highest mountains on the planet, was naturally well-defended enough to reliably fend off attacks from the Psychneuein. Over time, the depredations of the Psychneuein would wax and wane and the people of Prospero would try to recolonize the wastes once more, but were always beaten back to the walls of Tizca by the Psychneuein.

>> No.51292332

>>51292322 (cont.)
To the inhabitants of Prospero, the appearance of the nascent Imperium in their skies in 935.M30 must have seemed like a godsend. At this point in time the inhabitants of Prospero had once more been forced back to the safety of the walls of Tizca by the Psychneuein, and this time its inhabitants were not sure the walls would hold. Although the Imperium was unable to completely destroy the Psychneuein, as seen by their presence on planets like Mara later in Imperial history, they were able to eradicate the threat of the Psychneuein to the people of Prospero.

The discovery of Prospero was a boon for the Imperium as well. Here was a society possessing all sorts of psychic technology and knowledge the Imperium desperately needed, either saved from what little was known of psykers during the Dark Age of Technology or created de novo on Prospero itself. What's more, this knowledge was specifically tailored to human psykers, as opposed to the advice the Imperium had previously only recieved from the Eldar who had to figure out what aspects of Eldar psychic abilities did or did not apply to human psykers. Prospero was of special interest to the Thousand Sons, who as a legion of psykers were interested in any way to better hone and control their gifts. In particular Ahzek Ahriman, although Terran-born on Achaemenidia, rapidly rose to prominence in Prosperan society as a teacher and eventually came to consider the planet a second home.

>> No.51292347

>>51292332 (cont.)

With the help of the Imperium, Prospero was rebuilt as never before. With the destruction of the Psychneuein, cities once again spread across the planet’s surface, reflective plated obelisks and hive-pyramids gleaming in the sunlight. Tizca itself particularly prospered, with the greater reaches of the city expanding off the plateau of the city center all the way to the sea. The sheer size of the city and extent of gleaming hive-pyramids on Tizca eventually led to the city being referred to as the City of Life. Psychic research also continued on Prospero, its inhabitants always interested in ways to refine their powers, only this time with the resources of the Imperium at its back. The Great Library of Lexandra was said to be the greatest repository of psychic knowledge in the entire Materium, second only to the Eldar Black Library hidden in the Webway. At its peak, Prospero was the prime center for the psychic arts and biggest exporter of psykers in the galaxy, eclipsing even Old Earth. The planet had gone from pariah to one of the crown jewels of the Imperium.

>> No.51292357

Unfortunately, this wealth of psychic knowledge made Prospero an ideal target for the Fourth Black Crusade (late M33). If the Black Crusade could reach Prospero, it would cripple the Imperium's ability to train new psykers, possibly even interfering with the maintenance of the Astronomican itself. The people of Prospero and the Imperium fought valiantly, but the forces of Chaos steadily gained ground, until eventually the two factions were fighting in orbit around Prospero itself, nuclear weapons bombarding the planet’s surface.

It was at this point, in an act of desperation, that a small cabal of sorcerers led by Ahzek Ahriman cast what would later be known as the Rubric of Ahriman. Ahriman’s intention was to seal the populace of Prospero away in a pocket dimension, keeping them safe until such time as the Black Crusade could be beaten back. Although the forces of Chaos might be able to claim the soil of Prospero, they would be unable to harm its people. However, something went horribly wrong. Instead of neatly transporting Prospero and its inhabitants into a pocket dimension, the planet’s inhabitants were violently torn between dimensions, disappearing in a torrent of ash and smoke.

>> No.51292396

Worse yet, the counterspell to the ritual did not seem to work. Although Ahriman and his cabal had created the ritual, they only had a limited idea of how it actually worked, having created it in haste from incomplete, limited sorcerous knowledge in the Great Library due to the impending threat of the Black Crusade. Like much of the rest of the Imperium, Prosperans looked down on sorcery as extremely dangerous (doubly so since the planet was full of psykers), and it was only desperation that led Ahriman to resort to using it in the first place. Ahriman was devastated by the loss of his adopted home, and vowed to undo the effects of the Rubric, even if it cost him his own life. Those few who survived the burning of Prospero, mostly aboard refugee ships, primarily emigrated to Old Earth. Old Earth was the biggest cultivator of the psychic arts in the Imperium now that Prospero was gone, and the remaining Prosperans wanted to be amongst their own kind.
Today, Prospero is a quiet world, the only movement on its surface being the fall of crumbling masonry, its only sound being that of the wind blowing through the canyons. However, Prospero might not be as dead as people think. Some visitors to Prospero claim they can sometimes still see the city of Tizca, the glory of the City of Light glowing on the horizon like a mirage. Many in the Imperium say that the blasted surface of Prospero is cursed, that the ghosts of the dead still haunt the half-destroyed ruins. However, others point out that these rumors are almost always started by looters and grave robbers, and that many have visited Prospero to pay their respects and have returned unmolested.

The people of Prospero may be gone, but their ghosts might not rest easy.

Wanted to write up all the cool Prospero stuff that was discussed in older threads so it didn't get lost. Left out the Rubric leading to the Legion of the Damned because that is an entry in its own right

>> No.51292905

Oh fuck. And it was such a nice pic.

>> No.51293450

>Rubric succeeded at shoving the populace and cities just under the surface of the warp
>too shallow to be easily detected from either the real or immaterium, as if it floats in the surf of the imperrian sea
>Ahriman gets distracted, possibly forever, in the Black Library
>Prodigal Daemon Breakers too busy playing King Solomon, but still intending to fix prospero.
>yeah, when Ahriman returns from the library, we'll do it
>Bloody Magpies (quoth Trayzn the Infinite) chase Trayzn to the ruins of prospero
>doing battle with skeleton Doom in the ruins of Tizca
>Fight through Trayzn's doubles and forces, modified necron soldiers and levies from his domain
>One band of the sneaky psychic transhuman saboteurs find him, a psyker from his realm, and his cryptek
>Heavily guarded by Necron forces, and even some of Trayzn's knockoff Custodes he made after stealing a working Astartes S pattern
>Trayzn drapes psyker with unfamiliar wraithbone cloak
>The psyker and cryptek go about the complex work completing the rubric
>Altered with Necron technology strip the unmoored souls and mirage glories of Prospero and array them in a bottled webway pocket
>While they work, Trayzn departs into the mirage to survey his newest treasure, by way of a long, suddenly hazy hall
>the forward squad calls in their discovery, but does not advise the interruption of the ritual
>then proceed to pursue Trayzn into the mirage

>> No.51293825

Choice of pic indicates excellent taste.

Also I love the implication that Trayzn is king of a small living kingdom.

>> No.51293947

someone wrote about his kingdom in the last few threads

>> No.51294628

I like this.

He was taught by Malcador that the Men of Gold were created to serve humanity, not to rule it.

He was also taught most of his early world view by Malcador so came out quite similar to him. Thankfully Malcador was a sort of kindly old father figure whose worst trait seems to be that his views on gender roles was slightly old fashioned. Hence no female primarchs.

If your taking suggestions I wouldn't mind seeing Magnus the Red.

In this continuity he is supposed to be a sort of animal skin wearing shaman. During his stay in the Haunted Mountains of Himalayzia he received red tattoos of some sort of script over much of his body. After that he got one of his eyes bitten out and lots of scar tissue around the empty socket.

>> No.51295834

So it appears that there is only Dorn and Lion left in the primarchs for there to be some write faggatory about. Even if it's only a draft as the Horus section seems to be.

>> No.51296468

Oh. Oh damn it.
Can we get an edit?

>> No.51296605

I'm finishing the colors for a deco Astartes ATM, next I'd want to choose between Sanguinious, Magnus, or Jubblowski

>> No.51296778

I'm sure whatever you do will be most welcome.

>> No.51297112

It would require her being slightly shorter. The Emperor was 2.5 merers (8'.2"ish) and Macha in the Vanilla fluff is "only" 7'2"

Also red hair and the red stripe face tattoos. It was mentioned in one of the early threads that the priesthood often but not always adopt the tattoos as a mark of identification, so unless outright stated otherwise this is still a thing.

Also it was mentioned that Mach was "blessed" with a more curvy body to denote her status as avatar and high priestess. The picture that usually get posted is of ridiculously exaggerated proportions so I don't fucking know id the wretched picture above is an improvement or not.

>> No.51297469

What is his kingdom like?

>> No.51297849 [DELETED] 

Deco Astartes, of some angle obsessed chapter

>> No.51297888

Deco Astartes, of some angel loving chapter. I'm leaning towards Jubblowski in court atire, unless I see a strong desire otherwise

>> No.51298149

Will try to post it to 1d4chan tonight but basically...Space Hollywood Transylvania as run by Kleptomaniac Dr. Doom.

>> No.51298274

In all fairness it looks a lot better than anything I could do. My only criticism of the design is the lips on the helmet. A blank featureless surface would look better.

My only criticism in the actual execution of the picture is the perspective on the arms. They look odd.

But as I say I couldn't do better and some time tomorrow I will figure out how to put these pictures onto the 1d4chan page.

As for Jubblowski. I wouldn't mind seeing a picture of her for this AU.

But please keep in mind that she is not a porn star in universe. She has a highly desirable body but she is closer to a priestess than a whore. She is held in reverence at least as much as an object of lust.

>> No.51298571

As I said, courtly attire, so something akin to Oscar's level of fancy dress, if less golden.

And I guess I'm fulgrimfag too, so I might eventually get around to that. My main roadblock there is being unsure where the expeditionary force should be in europe, and thus what future primarch Fulgrim and Luscious will end up opponent commanders too. I think he would just lose to dudes like perturabo, dorn, and guilliman, so maybe he and Colonel lucius could go pit Merikan artillery crawlers and Fulgrim's Doe family workshop up against a young lion and the knights of franj. I'm decent at writing scifi characters and space engagements, but land wars are hard for me.

>> No.51298686

>the perspective on the arms
and, if I may,I think it comes from trying to the articulation of the armor's joints alongside the foreshortening

>> No.51300379

I agree with the lips thing. It's too uncanny valley.

If a featureless face looks too weird, you could do the mouth similar to the "angry face" of the Mark V armor, but change it to look more like the radiator grill of a train to keep with the sleek strong lines of the art deco look.

>> No.51300465

If it helps, looking at the map of Old Earth before/during the Unification, it looks like the easiest way for Merika to launch an invasion of the Old World would be to either conquer New Atlantis (to keep the Imperium from sabotaging the supply lines) or the Nord Afrik conclaves.

So Fulgrim wouldn't necessarily be fighting Perturabo or Guilliman. He might be fighting Angron or Russ. Of course, that all depends on how long it takes for the Imperium to notice and call the other heavy hitters in.

Dorn wouldn't be part of the Imperium by this point, since Fulgrim is the one who convinces Dorn to revolt along with his revolution.

>> No.51300584

>Rubric succeeded at shoving the populace and cities just under the surface of the warp
>too shallow to be easily detected from either the real or immaterium, as if it floats in the surf of the imperrian sea

This is basically what the previous threads suggested for the Legion of the Damned. They're IG and Astartes that were caught in the Rubric of Ahriman and trapped between dimensions as quantum science ghosts, between the Materium and Immaterium, between life and death. And they hate Chaos for it.

>Ahriman gets distracted, possibly forever, in the Black Library
>Prodigal Daemon Breakers too busy playing King Solomon, but still intending to fix prospero.

Some of the stuff from previoius threads suggests Ahriman may have gotten out of the Black Library, at least temporarily. I was going to try to write on Ahriman rather than Prospero but couldn't satisfactorily compile the stuff we had on him. It was suggested in a previous thread that Ahriman rubriced himself into his armor (possibly by figuring out how the Phoenix Warriors work), which is why he has been able to survive to M41, something I thought was a cool idea. Knowing Ahriman, he probably did it to make sure he would still be around to undo his greatest mistake and like in canon he might believe that he may have to sacrifice himself to restore Prospero.

>> No.51300678

There's a basic outline for Lion (though not actual writefaggotry) in thread 8b if anyone wants to tackle it.

Same for Dorn in thread 9b, though that mostly considers his relationship with Perturabo and has a little bit of writefaggotry with it.

Angron also needs a write-up.

>He was taught by Malcador that the Men of Gold were created to serve humanity, not to rule it.

Malcador probably tried to treat Oscar like a person as much as possible, but he wasn't completely able to keep the Man of Gold rhetoric from seeping through. It would be like if the Kents knew that Clark was a Kryptonian when they raised him. They would try to treat him as an individual as much as possible but they can't help but try to hammer in as much moral restraint as they could because they know how much destruction he could cause if he wanted to and are a little afraid of it.

>> No.51300842

Wait, when was the Dorn revolt thing decided? Dorn is a Mk I Astartes, and if Fulgrim stole the Mk II schematics to augment himself then Dorn already should have received the augment and be part of the Imperium, unless someone thinks of a clever way to make that work.

>> No.51301993

Since the third thread, at least. I just typed in "Dorn" into the search engine and see what comes up.

According to the previous threads, the Imperium responded to the Merican invasion by conquering Calbi first, then going after Merica. That's why Dorn was a Mark I (possibly one of the last they suggested) and Fulgrim a mark II, and could be why Dorn got absorbed into the Imperium whereas Fulgrim nearly got executed.

I remember it being mentioned repeatedly that the Emperor was unable to finalize one of the Astartes designs until he had the backing of the Merican "gene-hippies". Does anyone remember if that was Mark II or Mark III?

>> No.51302027

Mark II, Mark III was completed with the help of Jemanic genesmiths.

>> No.51302378

You're lucky I'm not a bitchy drawfag

>> No.51302416

Trying to get a feel for general timeline of "discovery order" of primarchs.

- General flow of events seems to be unify Europe>spread south into Africa>go into Asia>defeat Ursh and pan-Pacific>Merica freaks out>defeat Merica
- Russ and Magnus first? Skand close to Terrawatt and Warlord said to approach Skand in "scholar's robes" as opposed to at the head of an army, suggests may have been first. Magnus said to have joined at same time as Russ.
- Morty, Sangy, Lion, and Guilliman, or at least the countries they inhabited, probably next, Sangy possibly first of these
- Then Angron and Perty, since Nord Afrik borders Europia and Macedonia south of rest of Europe
- Then Vulkan, for obvious reasons
- Lorgar said to have struck the finishing blow on Despot of Ursh, so has to be before Khan, Corax, etc. but probably after above
- Then Khan, since he helped Warlord forces enter Ursh
- Corax and Kurze join up during fall of Ursh/PPE
- Horus said to have met Warlord a day before final fall of Ursh
- Then New World primarchs, Dorn first then Fulgrim
- No clue about Ferrus. Ferrus mentioned to have fought in Ursh, but not clear if in actual war or mopping up resistance
- Who knows about A&O

>> No.51302832

The way I see it, a bigger factor in determining the timeline is each Primarch's augmentation as this determines when in the unification they had to have joined, with geography being a somewhat secondary factor. I think your overall flow seems close, though I always saw Ursh as the second to last to fall and the "final boss" of the Unification.

As a bit of detail, Sangy and Duscht Jemanic join during the late Unification because the Mark III augments are completed by the Jemanic genesmiths. The justification is that at that point Duscht Jemanic was contained as a threat by the combined Europa-Franj, but was too well fortified and would have drawn too many troops away from the other fronts. The Warlord is more than willing to wait and only sent his armies to Duscht Jemanic once Ursh was crippled.

>> No.51303170

Please someone, just make a damn edit where the woman with the rainbow hair has pointy elf ears please; >>51287000

>> No.51303762

Angron would have been first as he was early Thunder Warrior. Nord Afrika had a sea border and if the Nordyc allowed free travel to Clan Terrawatt then there is no reason why Nord Afrika couldn't be the first lands permanently occupied.

Considering Guilliman had just given it a hard rodgering it probably wasn't up to resisting occupation. During this time Malcador negotiates with the chiefs of Skand for peaceful integration.

>> No.51304085

I hope this thread is still alive this afternoon.

>> No.51304227

>emerges from library
>finds out the souls of prospero have been saved from the rubric
>now the world in a bottle just has to be stolen back from an insane skeleton man

>> No.51305274

bobs yer uncle

>> No.51307117

There's also the fact that even though the country might have joined the Imperium at this tims, the Primarch might not have been born yet or be on the radar militarily. E.g., Morty started out as a two-bit grunt in the Imperial Army, Lion was probably just a kid when Luther became an Astartes, etc.

>> No.51308288

Is this thread going down? Do we need to archive it?

>> No.51308431


Also it doesn't need to follow that Warlord was only conquering/absorbing nations on his direct border in to the fledgling Imperium.

>> No.51309034

True, but it would make things a lot easier. Getting Skand rather than Nord Afrik on your side first means that you don't have to worry about the logistics of transporting supplies across hostile or unallied territory, and you don't have to deal with the Nordyc disrupting your supply lines.

How common is airpower during the Age of Strife? Could the Warlord just zip across the planet whenever he'd like? Was he leading multiple fronts simultaneously?

>> No.51309275

We've already stated that the Unification Wars took between 20 and 25 years so he would have to have been operating on several fronts at once. But it's not to say all fronts were wars, some nations joined of their own volition.

>> No.51309576

Wait, where? I thought the timeline had it taking the better part of a millenium to unify Earth. Not that I'm complaining, a few decades seems a lot more reasonable given many of the primarchs need to be young enough to be given augmentations.

>> No.51309622

The Terrawatt clan is confirmed to have a working starship somewhere in orbit, and they were a minor but technology savy power. I'd say Ursh ought to have around a dozen nearly derelict battle ships, not suitable for warp travel if their drives function at all, powers like Merica and the Pan Pacific Empire around half that, maybe in slightly better condition, and Hy Brazil has a sturdy five ship defense force in orbit. All of these nations air assets were usually tied up servicing the space assets, and the Warlord (also translated Warmaster) could fly around the world with ease so long as his flight path avoided major citadels' airspace. Minor powers could maintain some light spacecraft and aircraft, but were incosiquential in real military engagements. Generally unification war era air engagements were jet dogfights between major powers or cavalry-esque raids by holdout forces.

>> No.51309723

Two (?) threads back I think.

We came to this approximate time span based on grudge holding, average life spans, age of fathers handing down shoulder chips and other things.

We count Unification from Warlord's first diplomatic meetings with his neighbours to the final victory over Ursh.

Shit like Guilliman's military career, the start of the feud between Skand and Franj (that was passed on to Russ and Lion), Magnus' career under Ursh, the death of Khan's dad and Angron being shoved into a slave pen were all pre-Unification.

>> No.51310843

Given the placement of the Terrawatt clan and Uralia I can't now imagine Malcador without him wearing a thermal coat and ushanka rather than the Vanilla depicted monk like habit.

>> No.51311409

I can see him wearing a long robe-like thermal coat and ushanka, kind of halfway between "leader of a technocracy" and "techno-barbarian out in the middle of the Russian wilderness.

Imagine the bitching Oscar must have had to endure from his old, adopted dad when they went to places like Nord Afrik.

>> No.51312368

>a slaw walk

>> No.51312437


Have I done it right? Will it update as the thread does? I am not good with computers.

>> No.51312848


>> No.51313311

Madam Jubblowski and her attendant

>> No.51313593


>> No.51315203

>the less edgy John Blanche

>> No.51316624

Who should be next?

>> No.51316669

Is there any known drawing of Macha?

>> No.51316703

sororitas a cute

>> No.51317540

Was working on a summary of some of the differences between the Space Marines in this timeline and vanilla, specifically the reason why the legions split apart in this timeline. I put the summary on the 1d4chan page, since a lot of what's in it was already stated in the threads and I didn't want to bog the the thread down. If anyone wants to could they take a look at the 1d4chan page and see if it looks okay?

A couple things I wasn't able to resolve. First, it was suggested that Sanguinus’ son Belarius took up command of the Blood Angels after Sanguinus died, but I’m not sure this was ever confirmed. Is this still canon?

Additionally, the summary of Fulgrim’s incident needs some work. We probably need a better description of why the event with the Big Wyrd screwed up Fulgrim so much, and why a chapter structure would have worked better than a legion. It’s easy to see why Fulgrim trying to micro-manage while being spread too thin would have screwed him. It’s not immediately obvious why one Big Wyrd would have done the same (though the idea’s good, just needs more explanation). Additionally, we probably need a catchy name for the incident to replace the term “Iron Cage”.

>> No.51317851

Also, here is a blurb about the age of augmentation (explaining the changed preferred age of recruitment in this timeline).

“The ideal age for Astartes augmentation is somewhere between 19 and 25 years of age. At this point, the individual is young enough that their body can recover from the trauma of the procedure, but old enough that it is clear that it is worth giving them the enhancements. In theory, older individuals could undergo Astartes augmentation, but the risk of complication is so high that it is essentially not worth it. By the same token, younger individuals might be able to handle the stress of Astartes augmentations better than older individuals, but at this age the augmentations might affect their mental development. Ironically, earlier, less stable versions of Astartes augmentation, such as Thunder Warrior and Canis Helix augmentations, are successful for a much wider range of ages than standard Astartes augmentations, in part because they are less invasive.”

[spoilers]The in-universe reason I was trying to give here (as opposed to “avoiding grimdark child soldiers”) is that 19-25 is the preferred age because they are young enough to go through the procedure, but old enough that they are mature enough to make the decision and possibly have enough of a record to show the Imperium they are Space Marine material. The implication for the difference in age is that in canon the Imperium is picking younger people because it’s easier to indoctrinate them. Plus it seems kind of silly to pick a tough-as-nails child if you’re just going to pave over their mind anyway, you could just grow children in-vitro and get the same result. Because the Imperium is not an intentional shithole and Astartes candidates are often picked for their willpower in the first place, the Soul Drinker problem isn’t as pronounced. Some mental conditioning is present, but more for learning military maneuvers and Chaos resistance than indoctrination.[/spoiler]

>> No.51318676

Only this one.

Also what is know of Dorm and am I going to have to wait till after the Fulgrim is finished so as not to contradict?

>> No.51320410

I would assume that it's still canon. There weren't any objections when it was brought up in Thread 9b, but then again the idea itself never made it further than that.

>> No.51320773

What's wrong with his faaaace?!?

>> No.51321237

To summarize what we have so far

- Kalbi (Canadian) born
- Somehow involved with Fulgrim. Dorn was apparently a Merican military governor of the annexed Calibi. Fulgrim apparently knew Dorn and convinced him to rebel at the same time he did.
- Early model (early Mark I?) Astartes. Desensitization problems leading to a slight case of masochism
- Kind of like SPESS Churchill or SPESS Patton, absolutely no tact and blunt as a sledgehammer, but somehow still had a talent for leading people despite often being socially offensive
- Like these two, Dorn was highly quotable
- Instead of hating Perturabo, in this timeline Dorn was about the only friend Perturabo had. By the same token, Perty was one of the only people who appreciated his bluntness. The two of them had a very argumentative friendship, and would often play strategy games and plan fortresses together. Some of this is already pre-written.
- Died manning the battlements of Cadia during the 1st Black Crusade, bitching at the guy who tried to drag him off the battlefield for leaving his post

Everything we have on Dorn up 'til now is posted in the attached pic.

>> No.51321355

Having been in thread 9b when we were talking about Dorn, one thing I was going to suggest but never got around to is that after his death someone compiled all of Dorn's sayings into a "Book of Dornisms" or something like "De Omnibus Dorni" (I cannot into Latin).

Along with things like the Codex Astartes and the Book of Lorgar, it's considered required reading for anyone interested in the history of the Imperium.

Military commanders sometimes like to quote it in the same vein as the Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries in Schlock Mercenary.

>> No.51321416

On the nature of the augmentation of the orders Militant of the Adepta Sororitas.

The militants are supposed to be largely drawn from women who would have been good space marines had they been born men as said in previous thread.

Why not make gene-seed that works on women? Because the only people who knew enough about how that shit was made were on Old Earth when The Beast landed and that was the end of that. Presumably Oscar could have commissioned the Adeptus Biologicus to get to work on it and had it done from the start again but that would have taken centuries and the AdBio have no shortage of work with all the mutations to stabilize and illness to cure. Also Oscar inherited Malcador's old fashioned views on women in the military.

The augmentations used by the Sororitas vary from one patch of the Imperium to another but typically they follow this.

Skeletal reinforcement via plasteel and hyperdiamond struts inlaid into the bones. Bones are also broken for slight lengthening for the implementation of later stage muscular augmentation.

During the bone lengthening some of the major muscles are carefully cut and a derivative of the Biscopea is introduced just besides the liver and abdominal aorta. This feeds strange alchemy into the blood to promote muscle growth.

The skin has a high tensile fiber sown through much of it with the exception of the groin, face and palms of the hands.

The genetic modifications are added via programmed virus. The alterations slightly increase the rate at which the recipient heals from minor injuries, grants immunity to many forms of contagion as well as speeding up the recovery time of the illnesses it doesn't grant immunity for. There has been some discussion among the adeptus that the genetic alterations seem to increase aggression slightly but it is impossible to tell if this is a result of the alterations or because they are encouraged to aggression as part of their duties.

These are the basics found in all orders.

>> No.51321509

Other orders sometimes add to this additional augmentations biological or technological. Such common ones are poison glands not to dissimilar to the Betcher's Glands of the Astartes, artificial eyes and ears and various organs that generate and release combat stimulants.

A frowned upon practice is the implementation of "upgrades" that release narcotics upon the act of killing. Although there has been no actual decree from the Throne denouncing the practice the high ups in the Inquisition have denounced the practice and will execute any adept performing it. There were once records as to why they have reached this conclusion but they are either expunged or restricted.

There are a few fringe orders that refuse to allow any augmentation at all and merely rely on discipline, training and gear to claim victories.

Some orders allow psykers, some do not. Some are willing to use sanctioned xeno-tech, most are not. None have willingly used the weapons of the enemy save in the most dire of situations.

>> No.51321521

imho, SoBs wouldn't really have too much in the way of augmentation, since that'd make them too close to SMs - or at least, too distant from baseline humans - for them to be able to properly fulfil their roles as Imperial IA, so to speak. Say, if some Securitas Inquisitor is poking around and decides to go (relatively) incognito, a regular non-rogue trader would be far more likely to have regular humans as guards rather than giant amazonian godesses magical realm notwithstanding

The SoBs WOULD have been good space marines, but since punching warbosses in the face isn't really their jurisdiction (not that they aren't capable or willing), they don't need that super OPplsnerf toughness that the MANLY MEN get plus interservice rivalry along the lines of perty/dorn's "the angriest friendship in the history of the imperium" is cute as shit

>> No.51321563

I liked the idea suggested in the previous thread that part of why the Astartes augments didn't work on women is that some of the implants were reverse-engineered based on what little could be gleaned from Oscar's physiology, and it was difficult to separate what parts coded for the organs they wanted and what parts were gender-influenced. If a Woman of Gold had survived we might be having a very different conversation. Oscar, with his rather traditional views on gender (especially at that time), didn't see it as that big of a problem and tasked the Biologicus with other problem at hand than trying to fix something that in his mind wasn't broken.

A couple of other suggestions

- Average height of an SoB is between 6' and a little over 7' tall. Short enough that most people write them off as within the typical amount of human variation (especially given how height can vary on other worlds), but big enough that they can take on two or three average Guardsmen and win.
- There are sometimes side effects to this procedure, such as heightened aggression (or at least in the ambiguous form mentioned by >>51321416) and bleaching of hair pigmentation, but compared to the kinds of mutations Space Marines can have this is considered pretty minor, and so the Biologicus waved it through.

>> No.51321573

They can pass as pure human even when naked.

Typically they are on average a couple of inches taller than the average height of women from their recruitment stock and look slightly but not freakishly muscular. I should have chosen different pictures in retrospect.

>> No.51321903

Whoops, this guy >>51321563 here, screwed up. I suggested the 6-7 feet range to fit with the previous suggestions of the SoBs being an "army of SPARTANs/Captain Americas, but I flubbed the numbers. I was under the impressiom that the average Space Marine was nine feet tall, which they aren't, and that SPARTANs were seven feet tall, which is only true in armor. Out of armor, they range from like 6'4 to 6'11.

So just a little bit taller like >>51321573 suggested would probably be better. Maybe more than a few inches (average height of women in first world countries is on average about 5'5"), but not huge. Any height that is beyond that would probably be in-armor height.

>> No.51322325 [DELETED] 

You're in luck, because I'm finishing Fulgrim today

>> No.51322350

You're in luck, I'm finishing Fulgrim today.

>> No.51322379

Looking forward to it.

>> No.51322827


>> No.51323137

Don't know. Taken from /tg/.

>> No.51324048


>> No.51325518

First, wrote this out for consistency's sake, best timeline I can make of the unification war from reading the primarch backstories
>Malcador tutors/raises Oscar while working to broker the union of skand and western europe, respectively, then pull them into a loose alliance
>Warlord Oscar engages in diplomacy and minor wars in eastern europe and africa, building powerbase in the shadow of Ursh, not yet under imperial banner (Terrawatt still probably)
>Secures support of Antarctic Mechanichus, deems it time to declare Imperium, war with Ursh begins as Great Tyrant cannot suffer a rival
>Imperium through Europe, Achemenidina and Northern africa fighting major wars with Ursh, Oscar managing that front as well as extending powerbase to southeast asia, beginning to undermine his foes in the Pan-Pacific Empire and Ydonesian bloc
>Imperium wins western front, Pacific Empire and Ursh allied, Merika readying for war with Imperium, Hy Braseal readying to withstand eternal siege, both in diplomatic contact with Imperium and refusing advances
>Pacific empire crippled by Sino rebellion, shortly after Ursh is crippled by the Khanate mutiny, Merikan governor of Kalbi declares independence
>Imperium busy sorting out Urshian heartland, colonies, Ydonesian bloc, and Oceania, Hy Braseal seizes landbridge, Merika succeeding at suppressing Kalbi begins to amass forces on new atlantis
>Merika engages in air and naval assault on Europe and Africa, has some success before Imperium can bring its power to the new front, seems to stalemate the Imperium with beachhead in Europe
>Brief cold war, Kalbi revolt gets out of hand again, and soon Imperial forces are marching down from Beringa
>Merika brought down by internal coup, new government firmly in the grip of the alpha legion, Hy Braseal fortifies panama and the landbridge with intensity to match Dorn and Perturbo together, and wins by being the last sovereign nation, for the next few hundred years at least.

>> No.51325576

Artist is aka6. He did a bunch of those way back when XCOM: Enemy Within released. Here's another

>> No.51326005

This looks breddygud, although I feel like Ursh are formidable enough that even the fledgling Imperium would have a tough time making any headway until they were a serious power.

Personal headcanon based on what I can remember:
>Cycles through Europe roughly anticlockwise >>Starting from Skand
>>Patching up the pieces of Gredbritton (morty)
>>Through the relatively civilised Franj (Gulliman) all the way to the southern border(ish)
>>Turn east, come across Tharkia just in time to relieve Perty's Last Stand, and give the Despot a bloody nose.
>Still don't really have the resources to challenge Ursh on a large scale, instead doubles back and heads south off the back of Gulliman's previous victories on that front.
>Eventually opens up another front and becomes aware of Hy Braseal/Antarctic Mechanicus situation
>Eventually undermines Pan Pacific and Ursh
>Eventually ??? Merika ??? Dorn ???
>That's about it
>Goddamn I feel so old and slow

>> No.51327090

Yeah, that sounds about right, but as some other anon said Nord Afrik was the probably the first country they invaded, seeing as Angron has the earliest augments. It was also probably a good test run for Terrawatt's armies and Oscar's leadership since they were vulnerable after getting BTFO by Guilliman.

>> No.51327170

As in the first one that got merged into the IoM full stop, or the first that got outright invaded instead of being smooth-talked by Oscar?

>> No.51327501

According to the map on the 1d4chan Terrawatt and Uralia enter into an alliance. It also states that Terrawatt is fairly high tech but Uralia has more industrial capabilities.

So it would appear that this alliance might be the first rumble of the dream of Imperium. Next would be asking the Nordycs of Skand for permission to march across land to sea and also could we rent some boats please.

Use rented boats to invade Nordic Afrik remnants whilst Malcador negotiates more closer and permanent alliance with High King Thengir.

With the inclusion of Skand and Nord Afrik into the Terrawatt-Uralia alliance shit starts to gather momentum. Europa and Franj are already by this point one nation in all but name, Oscar goes to negotiate with their Senate in person. This is the first time Oscar wears the title Warlord

>> No.51329263

Ursh and Pan-Pacific fell before Merica was invaded. Merica's freak out was because the upstart Imperium actually won against one of the resident superpowers of the day (Ursh).

Franj and maybe Gredbriton probably joined before Nord Afrik. Guilliman was too old for any augments by the time Franj/Europia was admitted, and you'd think he'd have been made a Thunder Warrior if possible.

Morty seems to have been living under Imperial rule for at least 20 or so years before becoming a TW. Something must have happened to the Tyrant of Gredbriton we don't know about.

Nord Afrik was probably the first country the Imperium had to fight to control, but by that point they had the weight of Franj, Terrawatt-Uralia, Gredbriton, and Skand behind them.

>> No.51329381

Double-checked 1d4chan, Sino was mostly Ursh controlled (it was the country's breadbasket), with minor, if any, PPE holdings on the coast. Maybe a 1984 situation with Japan switching hands.

It might not be possible to go through Beringia. First you have to go through Sibar, then you have to deal with the fact that Beringia itself is radioactive.

>> No.51331918

Bump for the bump god. Fluff for the fluff throne.

>> No.51332090

got pulled away to real life stuff, couldn't get much writing done, but I'll continue now. Posting new edition of the last section I had for better clarity and continued story.
Furis and his mechanists, notably cherry picked from Doe production runs, returned from the wastes with technological bounty and only a handful fewer men and tech priests than they set off with. At this time Ursh was all but fallen, the Pan-Pacific empire was on the defensive, Kalbi was in revolt under Military Governor Dorn, and Merikan high command contemplated alliance with Hy Brasil, though the prospect was unlikely. Fulgrim famously wowed the capital as he fired some of his more militarily applicable discoveries over the marching grounds, and excited the officers in the audience with promises of strategic archeotech and superhuman advancements to rival the power in europe, but in truth the director was unmoored from the war effort as much as the rest of terrestrial reality. Between the unnerving horrors of the wastes, the gross violations he saw authored by the great Merikan industrial core, and the Dark Age technologies Fulgrim tried to meddle with he had driven cracks through his pretty world. Fulgrim had long nursed a love for hedonism, and as he enjoyed his fame in the capital his old neuroses as MoTon's prodigy layered into his drug clouded state. In something of a haze Fulgrim began to lay down his own base of influence, and seeking military office he needed to advance, attached his tinkerers and forces to the command of one honorable Major Lucious Doe, bound for the expeditionary force to engage the Imperium. The air assets long maintained by the Merikan high command as defense against Urshian invasion were to be fitted for offensive war launched from forward air bases built up on New Atlantis. Major and Dr. Doe, respectively, were to force the Brasealian and Afrique forces from the island, and ensure the readiness of the Merikan air forces and drop troops.

>> No.51333126

Tried to do a bit of write-up on the Adeptus Biologicus, since they are so much different in this timeline due to being descendants of the Terran genesmiths and gene-hippies

Without metal man is a beast. Without flesh man is a tool.

Despite being seen as just another branch of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Adeptus Biologicus actually has very different origins from the rest of the Mechanicus. Instead of being derived from the Martian Mechanicum, the Biologicus were originally formed from the various geneticists and biotechnologists living in the territories that the Warlord conquered, including the gene-hippie conclaves of western Merika, the genesmiths of Ducht Jemanic, and the genewrights of Luna. The Biologicus were eventually folded into the Mechanicus proper, and centuries of cultural and philosophical exchange have greatly reduced the differences between the two, but the group still retains its own unique quirks.

Today, the Adeptus Biologicus performs a multitude of services throughout the Imperium. They travel to newly pacified worlds to make catalogs and studies of native flora and fauna. They study diseases and synthesize new medications to constantly try to beat back the plagues of Nurgle. They try to engineer more efficient versions of crops to feed the burgeoning Imperium. They often oversee augmentations of Space Marines and Sisters of Battle.

>> No.51333142

>>51333126 (cont.)
Perhaps the biggest difference between the Adeptus Biologicus and most other divisions of the Adeptus Mechanicus is their stance on innovation. According to the Biologicus, the Mechanicus’ prohibition on invention and innovation only applies to technology, not nature, a loophole the Biologicus are happy to exploit. As a result, the Adeptus Biologicus are much more willing to try new techniques than the Mechanicus proper, which is one reason why things like rejuvenant drugs and augmentation have improved over the centuries, even if it is only at a glacial pace. Of course, given that all of their equipment comes from the Mechanicus proper, the Biologicus are often unable to build the kind of equipment they would like to use.

Another major difference between the Biologicus and the rest of the Mechanicus involve physical augmentations. The Biologicus are just as augment-happy as their brethren within the AdMech, but tend to prefer artificially engineered organs and genetically modified tissues over cybernetic implants. Even those Magos Biologicus who do have mechanical implants often strive for a balance between flesh and metal, seeking to perfect the flesh before they involve the machine.

>> No.51333191

Like virtually every organization in the Imperium, the Adeptus Biologicus can be broken up into a number of factions. The old rivalry between the gene-hippies and genesmiths is still there, only under different names. The Emergentists believe that artificial biological designs must be “balanced” as part of an integrated whole much like natural designs, and that the greatest parts of a design often emerge via interactions that are not forseen. By contrast, the Utilitarians believe the body is analogous to a machine, and must be treated as such. Any deviation from the perceived purity of a design is something not to be tolerated.

The Mechanicum, that is, the actual Mars-based organization who make up the majority of the Adeptus Mechanicus and primarily work with technology, do not like the Adeptus Biologicus very much. They see the Adeptus Biologicus as pretenders who do not even deserve the red robes they dress in. They see the aversion of the Biologicus to cybernetic augmentations as an affront to the Credo Omnissiah. Nevertheless, they begrudgingly the Biologicus despite seeing them as lesser, much in the way scholars of the “hard sciences” looked down on biology prior to the Age of Strife.

>> No.51333265

>>51333126 (cont.)
>>51333142 (cont.)
>>51333191 (cont.)

After action report: Had a real hard time trying to figure out how the Earth geneticists could fit within the Mechanicus while trying to keep the Biologicus from being in a position where they can just fix everything.

The problem is there are several good reasons both in and out of universe as to why the Adeptus Biologicus would not necessarily hold themselves to the same standards as the rest of the AdMech.

First, the Adeptus Biologicus was originally formed out of groups that did not hold the same beliefs as the Mechanicum (Merikan gene-hippies, Ducht Jermanic genesmiths), and would probably resist any attempt at the Mechanicum coming in and trying to tell them what to do.

Secondly, if the Mechanicum held the biological sciences to the same standard that they do engineering, then a lot of the advances since the Age of Strife just plain couldn’t happen. Necromundan eco-engineering, improved rejuvenant drugs, Thunder Warriors, even Space Marines would all be declared tech-heresy, as under strict AdMech logic someone already “invented” all of these organisms during the Dark Age of Technology. Biology and bio-chemistry seems to be held to a much looser standard than applied sciences in vanilla 40k anyway (see: Cursed Founding, Afriel Strain).

Third, the Adeptus Biologicus cannot afford to be as conservative as the other branches of the AdMech out of simple pragmatism. Nurgle is constantly cooking up new diseases and sending them into the Imperium. If the Biologicus took the same tact as other members of the AdMech and just waited for an STC for penicillin or a comparable medicine to show up, half the Imperium would be dead before a cure could actually be produced.

>> No.51333326

>>51333265 (cont.)

The best I could come up with is that the Biologicus are by far one of the more radical branches of the AdMech, in part because they came from a group that didn't really follow the beliefs of the Mechanicum in the first place. As with many things in 40k, the Biologicus get away with what they do through clever use of loopholes. They claim that although machines and technology are considered holy by the Cult Mechanicum, no such prohibitions are present on biological sciences. Perhaps they take the same view that many natural philosophers used to, saying that studying nature gives an insight into the mind of God. In Biologicus logic, they aren’t creating new things, they’re just playing with toys that the “Omnissiah” left lying around.

However, there are several factors that keep the Biologicus from Getting Shit Done. First, the Biologicus spend much of their time maintaining status quo combating disease and maintaining crop yield, which leaves them little time to actually try to innovate. Secondly, the Biologicus are dependent on the rest of the AdMech for their lab equipment. Although they would like to have certain technologies that would make their life easier, the AdMech doesn’t have the designs for them and obviously isn’t willing to make them from scratch. Third, the Biologicus tend to be easily distracted by cataloging novel biological phenomena, whereas other branches tend to focus on more easily applied sciences. Finally, although the Imperium is more favorably inclined towards biological than technological research, it’s does not approve of the Biologicus experimenting around willy-nilly. As a result, although the Biologicus tend to work much faster than other divisions of the AdMech, they would still be considered to be going at a glacial pace by 21st century standards. They aren’t going to be reinventing Panacea anytime soon.

>> No.51333381

>>51333326 (cont.)
Any suggestions for improvement (particularly regarding how genesmith and gene-hippie philosophy could mesh with Mechanicum beliefs) would be greatly appreciated. A few final notes.

We need a formal name for the gene-hippies. “Gene-hippy” is a good slang term, but I doubt that is what they would call themselves.

Are the gene-wrights of Luna still a thing? I can see them existing in this timeline, the descendants of a bunch of scientists still bunkered down in the old research labs of their forefathers. Of course, in this timeline, the Emperor did not need the Lunar gene-wrights to create the Primarchs, and so their role was much reduced compared to canon.

>> No.51334875


>> No.51335794

Don't forget their Ogryn project.

>> No.51336486

Ah yes, the Ogryn.

Imperium starts to spread out during the Great Crusade and soon discovers additional abhuman strains in addition to the Void Born and Navigators they already know about. Most are fine. Ratlings, Felinids, Nightsiders and others all get integrated into the Imperium as any other long lost island of humanity in the sea of ohgodwat.

It's not a problem for the Steward. He's already got 1 abhuman primarch, 1 gene-spliced primarch of nonstandard human design and he himself is strictly human only skin deep.

But then the Ogryn are discovered. And the Beastmen.

They he can't leave alone. The other human branches are human levels of intelligent. Beastmen are subhuman intelligence, prone to additional unstable mutations and are ruled by their instincts. Ogryn are clinically very retarded and generally resemble some sort of shaved Gorilla.

Steward invites the head of the AdBio for a meeting to discuss this shit. AdBio suggests either killing them off and settling the worlds with less shit stock or sterilizing them all and settling the world with less shit stock in 60 years.

Steward makes it abundantly clear that the threat of genocide on a world under his aegis is grounds for immediate execution without appeal. Those are humans. Afflicted and damaged humans but humans all the same. Their ancestors left Earth same as many but were dealt a shit hand that just got shittier as time passed through no fault of their own.

AdBio and Steward reach an agreement. Adepts will release carefully tailored mutations into the afflicted gene-pools over the course of thousands of years and the Beastmen and Ogryn will gradually become less fucked up to the point that they can be considered real people again.

>> No.51336593

As of 999M41 Ogryn and Beastmen are now Split into two broad categories. Primeval and Nova.

Primeval are the ones just recently discovered by the Imperium and therefore completely in their shitty state. Basically the same as their Vanilla counterparts.

Nova are varying degrees down the Shit --> Human slope.

Nova Ogryn are not as fucking super tard strength as their Primeval cousins but can count past potato. Add to that the Bone 'Ead treatment and they have their own officers of human intelligence. They look like the not greened up orcs from the Warcraft film.

Beastmen are getting the greatest benefit because of how fucked up they were to start with. They may have been the long term result of gene-splicing during the Golden Age. With the collapse of society there was no method of correcting the glitches and mutations that cropped up over time, 10,000+ years and the cumulative effects made them hard to recognize as human.

The Nova Beastmen may have had their instincts kept a little too in check. They are typically dour and solemn but they know how far they have climbed and how deep the pit they were lifted out of was. Their sense of duty and debt is second only to Krieg, but thankfully they aren't as suicidal.

I'm imagining that they look somewhat like the Qunari from Dragon Age 2 and 3.

The Beastmen weren't quite as stupid as the Ogryn and so are now of human intelligence. Also due to their tendency to mutate at the slightest provocation the more stable genes introduced by the AdBio became prevalent traits very quickly. Overall the Nova Beastmen have been a resounding success. Any Primeval Beastmen encountered in the 999M41 are from very recently discovered worlds.

>> No.51338527


>> No.51339783

I'm trying to imagine a DA2 Qunari with flack armour and a laser rifle.

It's oddly badass although good luck finding a helmet.

Also promethian cult for some reason feels right for them.

>> No.51341102

I like this idea, though it seems like the Utilitarians (genesmiths) would be of the "burn it down and start it over again" mindset. The Emergentists (gene-hippies maybe Harmonists is a better term) would feel more about pushing them towards biological "harmony" (stability) and would jump at the Steward's suggestion.

The idea of the refined beastmen being Qunari-like pleases me.

How exactly would the beastmen tend to be Prometheans? The only thing I remember about the religion is they see the Emperor as the perfect human, but as all mortals still flawed.

>> No.51341325

It also promotes self sufficiency and community above individuality.

The ideal is a bunch of people capable of surviving independently bound together in brotherhood and mutual respect.

On the grander scale every planet should be capable of existing in isolation indefinitely but willing to assist it's neighbours.

Also they see themselves as flawed and the Emperor as about as perfect as a mortal can be. Baseline humanity are only slightly above Nova Beastmen on the scale of things. Primeval Beastmen are way down the chain. They have come far.

>> No.51342566

But the thing about planets being self sufficient couldn't work though. No matter how high tech you are you're simply not going to be able to feed the 50 billion citizens of a hive world with the surface area of one planet, you need an intricate supply line to ship in supplies from off world.

Trade and reliance on others isn't a bad thing, specialization is how you create more utility and if anything should bind disparate societies together more tightly.

>> No.51343106

>But the thing about planets being self sufficient couldn't work though.

It is not about achieving but attempting and gaining respect for self and enlightenment in the process.

>Trade and reliance on others isn't a bad thing, specialization is how you create more utility and if anything should bind disparate societies together more tightly.

That is the counter philosophy put forth by Horus and, to a lesser extent, Guilliman.

Why do so many of the Nova Beastmen become Prometheans? Nobody is quite sure. They aren't getting it from the AdBio because they're all Omnissiah worshipers, albeit of their own special brand.

Perhaps because Prometheanism encourages, even demands, high levels of discipline. Nova Beastmen still have heightened emotions deep down. The successful societies they build all do their best to suppress this as if they don't they chimp out. Result is that Promethean missionaries already have half the work done.

>> No.51344906

bump with random click pic

>> No.51345879


Ogryn Project is important enough to warrant its own codex entry. Wrote up the previous posts above in a codex format on pastebin. If it sounds okay with everyone, I can put it on 1d4chan.


Also, does Prospero and the Biologis need to go up?

>> No.51346095


What kind of governmental structure do Beastmen have? I can see Ogryn having kind of a clannish structure, given the average Ogryn is kind of early Homo-like in intelligence (smart enough to be human-like but at the same time dumb enough to clearly not be a normal human).

Brahmas - Leaders of Beastman society.
Aurochs - Big-ass warriors, about the size and strength of Space Marines. The warrior-champions of Beastman society. However, in general they are much less effective than Space Marines because

1) They make up a small percentage of the Beastman population and can't be reliably mass-produced
2) Lack all the extra goodies that make Space Marines so lethal besides being stronk
3) Can't use standardized equipment (helmet often can't go over horns, and even normal Beastman helmets too small)

>> No.51346118

That is more than ok. It's fucking great.

Also I apologize if this was presumptuous but I just slapped that bad bitch onto the 1d4chan page under The Imperium: Now section.

If you feel like doing the same for Prospero and AdBio then please do.

>> No.51346403

Nova Orgryn are more intelligent than most people expect but they are still not as inteligent as most people. The officers with the BONE 'Ead implants can converse in High Gothic about all manner of matters both practical and philosophical and are invariably literate. But that's because they were already the brightest of the bright and then had the biocrystalline Cortex Technology jammed into their grey matter to exaggerate their intelligence.

The average Ogyrn can learn to maintain an extra sized laser rifle by route, can understand contractual obligations (although they will sign said contract with an X) and has enough brains to follow orders and even understand quite complex strategy provided it's explained slowly with small words and you get them to repeat it back to you just to make sure. On the positive side this is a fuck huge improvement on being a drooling hyper tard and they are fiercely loyal. It's a bloody strange day when an Ogryn beaks their word.

There are maybe dozens of worlds whose inhabitants come under the broad categorization of Ogryn and each world can have a thousand different tribal groups with their own set of traditions.

However most common are a leading Patriarch, some paternal ancestor of a large proportion of the tribe. Usually then there is the Wise Woman. Sometimes it's the chiefs mother, sometimes his wife, sometimes it's not a woman but just someone with good judgement. A priest/shaman for matters of spiritual significance and dealing with supernatural crap (usually the method of dealing with it is leave it the fuck alone and tell a Red Robe Man). Sometimes the tribe might be blessed/cursed with a Witch/Warlock who has psychic powers.

Psychic Ogryn are a thing. They used to be rarer than in the baseline human gene pool. Now they have the same level of incidence as the rest of humanity. It's probably an unintended side effect of the increased brain power activating previously dormant abilities.

>> No.51346599

>Also I apologize if this was presumptuous but I just slapped that bad bitch onto the 1d4chan page under The Imperium: Now section.
Wow, I feel honored.

Yeah, 40k Wiki said that in many ways Ogryn aren't necessarily dumber than humans, it's just they tend to be more concerned about survival matters than philosophical stuff, even in situations where survival isn't an issue.

Though I wasn't sure to throw that in because it might sound like it's going too far. It could be the reason the Ogryn aren't "fixed" as easily as the Biologis want. The problem isn't that they're dumb, its that their brains have different priorities than baselines despite being the same size.

>> No.51346631

Nova Beastmen, the ones at the high end of the scale (most of them now), tend to form into rigid military type hierarchies when left to themselves for more than a few years. This is not to say that they do this more readily than baseline humans but that any society that doesn't encourage iron hard discipline usually implodes within ten years at the most.

Beastmen are still BEASTmen. Their inner animal is very close to the surface and the increased cognitive faculties haven't tamed it in the slightest. The extra brain juice has, however, made them realize that there are better ways.

Typically their leader is one who exemplifies all that the Beast is not. A wise and solemn scholar king. More of a High Judge than a war chief. An individual that will not give in to base desires and passions.

This makes them hard for outsiders to mingle with. They seldom smile and their mind is ideally on their duty and their debt. The Imperium raised them up from darkness and so long as the war continues then they will fight it. They live and breathe the war effort.

They aren't quite as hardy and vicious as their wretched ancestors (they don't breed as fast either) but they are still quite hardy and their mindless aggression is replaced with single minded determination.

>> No.51347089

Huh, was thinking of Brahmins being philosopher-kings/queens, but wasn't sure if that tread on the toes of the Tau too much.

>> No.51347349

Tau are all about many diverse people coming together to form a whole greater than the sum of parts, each a small cog in a big machine.

Beastman Scholar Kings teach that each should try to stand independent and only rely on others in times of great need.

I don't think they would get along with the Tau.

>> No.51347883

More that the Tau were ruled by philosopher-kings (Ethereals), and Beastmen are ruled by philosopher-kings. Although the philosophies themselves may be radically different, the system of government isn't.

>> No.51350099


>> No.51350312

What is going on with these threads? It used to be that these threads could survive on its own steam most of a day, maybe bumped once at most. Now it often has to be bumped multiple times a day even during peak hours just to keep from falling off the board. It can't be that fewer people are posting, because similar numbes of people are posting here at about the same rate. Its like the rest of /tg/ is moving so fast it's almost impossible to keep this thread from slipping to the back pages.

>> No.51350497

Fall of Cadia, Rise of Shitposters, there's just been a lot of new shit lately

>> No.51352460

I just realized something. Primeval and Nova Beastmen and Ogryn are yet another apsect of the contrast between civilization and barbarism that we have been pushing as a theme throughout this project.

In any other setting, the Primeval Beastmen and Ogryn would be looked up to by their Nova counterparts, being seen as having retained some level of spiritual purity due to being closer to nature that the Nova struggle to attain.

Here, it's the exact opposite. The Nova see what their Primeval cousins are, and want none of it. A Nova Beastman sees a Primeval as a savage at best and a monster at worst, not something to look up to. There may be some benefits to communing with nature, but in the Nova's minds (as well as many other groups in the Imperium, e.g., Exodites, the White Scars and Vlka Fenryka, Saim-Hamm, some AdBio, some followers of Isha) this is something that can be done just as well within the bounds of society, without rejecting civilization. Being in touch with the wild does not mean being savages.

>> No.51353354

Exactly. It is another triumph of man over an uncaring and sometimes outright cruel universe.

Universe brings people low. Civilization rises them up high.

>> No.51354744

Novas look down on Primevals because they are clinically retarded, rut like dogs, roll around in their own shit, contribute nothing and are almost incapable of contributing anything.

You can romanticize all that hippie shit about oneness with nature all you want but the truth of the matter is that it was the lowest point in the histories of their peoples.

These are people who are legitimate descendants of Earth colonists. What happened to them as a people was horrific.

>> No.51356017 [DELETED] 


Was this character ever given a name and can she be part of the Skitarii in this AU?

Or is this pushing it one dumb reference too far?

>> No.51356024


Was this character ever given a name and can she be part of the Skitarii in this AU?

Or is this pushing it one dumb reference too far?

>> No.51357293

I would probably say the latter. These threads have already had a couple issues with waifu-ing and a bit over the top references that don't fit in universe. They didn't get through to be sure, but it has been there.

>> No.51357583

Damn that's cute.

I haz a question.

Is there and Ordo Xenos in this Noble Dark Imperium's Inquisition?

If so does it police the Xeno allies discreetly?
Presumably it still specializes in killing the unfriendlies but are Imperial Xenos allowed to join?

Are there elder Inquisitors?

>> No.51357896

Ordo Xenos are probably more concerned with hostile alien infiltrators, like genestealers, the slaugth, the Barghesi, etc. Not sure about member races.

Not sure if there would be Eldar Inqusitors, but it should be noted in canon the Eldar considered the Inquisition to be the only good idea the Imperium ever had. So they might be open to it.

>> No.51358044

It makes you wonder what is the Eldar equivalent of

>A broken clock can still be right twice a day

>> No.51359099

>Who should be next?

Future human-eldar ambassador Lofn with her parents?

>> No.51359125

>Juvblowski's attendant

"Ugh have to deal with so many pleb dimwits who wish to fornicate with Madam Jubblowski. Damn it why does mister Eldrad keep sending letters wanting to fuck her!? We said no already!"

>> No.51360099

Being Juvblowski's attendant must be a very disheartening job. Everyone world always compare you to her. None would prefer you.

On the positive side you get invited to all the best parties, the pay is good and Revered Mother Juvblowski is usually good company.

>> No.51362335

Page 9 bumpin

>> No.51362772

>selected for your distinguished career among the Sisters Hospitalar
>young enough age to seem more like a nurse than an old nun, as Madam Jubblowski prefers her doctors
>on expensive juveants while in her service, as its a custom of the madam's order at this point
> and Madam Jubblowski is a randy four hundred year old MILF that seems to have a thing for nuns
doesn't sound that bad

>> No.51363106

I don't think Jubblowski has previously been hinted at being bisexual.

Not sure if she would work better as her mildly exasperated occasional lover or as a long suffering best friend like a sister.

Boner is telling me to write it up as occasional lover but Boner has made some astonishingly bad decisions in the past

>> No.51364050

Speaking of discreetly policing the allies, whose job is it to deal with the Rememer, No Low Gothic incidents? I mean, sure, on a local level it'd be planetary police or maybe arbites, but who investigates overall? Xenos, or would that be more of a Securitas department?

>> No.51364226

Could come under either depending on who, where and who arrives on the scene first.

Of course if it turns out to be eldar that are responsible then that adds the craftworlders into the mix also.

The conflicting jurisdictions, slightly incompatible laws and uncooperative attitudes are the reason such atrocities have and probably always will take place.

>> No.51364323

I mean unless they find evidence of foreign xenos interference the first to jump on to the investigation would be the local law enforcement, then Arbitrators, and eventually Securitus. If there is evidence of foreign xenos interference then the case should be handled by Ordo Xenos. If there is evidence of the perpetrator(s) being separatist, renegades, traitors, or corrupt officials the case should be handed over to the Internus Sororitas.

>> No.51364987

This begs the question what do the craftworlds have for law enforcement?

Is there a Path of the Policeman?

>> No.51365233

This actually sounds kinda cool - something something enemy from within is just as dangerous as that from without, and far less visible

>> No.51366206

I would imagine something like 'Path of the Enforcer' the Eldar who live and train to enforce law and order.

>> No.51367348

This. Given the Arbites wouldn't necessarily be fascistic authoritarians in a nobledark setting, I can see them having a different role. The primary job of the Arbites is probably to train local law enforcement to make sure they're up to the Imperium's standards, as well as handle threats that local law enforcement wouldn't be expected to handle. At the same time, since most law enforcement tends to be restricted to one world, the Arbites often handle criminal cases that cross planetary lines (like a system-spanning crime ring). Kind of like commissars for local law enforcement combined with Interpol/FBI. More Robocop than Judge Dredd in behavior. As in canon, they always hail from a different planet than the one they are assigned to, as their job is to smooth the cracks to make sure the Imperium functions as a whole rather than cater to local interests (much easier for a local to be corrupt than a foreigner).

Then once the Arbites gather enough evidence to figure out who it is, they pass the information on to the Securitas and you have a bunch of angry Sisters of Battle knocking down of the poor bastards responsible. Or Dire Avengers, if the perpetrators turn out to be Eldar and the Eldar decide to handle the issue personally.

Like the name "Path of the Enforcer". How do Eldar enforce law in canon?

>> No.51368939

Don't think it's ever touched upon, but I think the implication is that the Eldar are too restrained/civilized/endangered to have internal crime post Fall

>> No.51370198

Looked at Lexicanum, says many on the Path of the Outcast are criminals that have been sentenced to banishment for one reason or another.

There's also crime amongst the Exodites, but it tends to be solved in a more Conan-the-Barbarian-esque manner.

So Eldar criminals do exist. Though it does raise the question as to how law and order is dispensed in the first place. If you have an unrepentant Eldar criminal who has been sentenced to exile, you can't just say "you're being kicked off the craftworld, please escort yourself to the nearest exit." Especially when all Eldar have some degree of military training. Do they just get the nearest aspect warrior to do it?

>> No.51371663


>> No.51372529

Here's a little write-shit to bump


"Good morning Imperial Citizens, I'm Oliver Fletcher and you're listening to Astral News, here with the latest and most recent headlines and stories across the Imperium and its allies from the Eldar and Tau.

Top story for today; Warlock-Ambassador Lofn Ulthwe; age 15, will be travelling to the Feudal World designation: Shichi 42P in efforts to win the hearts and minds of the people inhabiting that world, including reports of Exodite Eldar in the planet. According to reports from officials and correspondents from Biel-Tan. This will be Lofn Ulthwe's sixth Hearts and Minds operation that she will be involved, as according to Colonel-Farseer Taldeer herself she believes and I quote her; "If my daughter has been successful in helping to spread peace in three previous Hive Worlds that underwent chaotic anarchy. And two rouge Craftworlds to join and be fully integrated into the Alliance of Eldar and Men, then she can be successful in having Shichi 42P under our banner. Considering that she is basically a teenager, she has already done an excellent job in uniting millions of people together under this alliance, despite death threats and even poorly made rape threats against her." End quote.

Though ofcourse there are still a matter of security details involving her trip to-"

Just then the reporter Oliver Fletcher paused as he pressed something against his right ear which was a comms device. He listened.

"Why yes what is it, I'm the middle of reporting a headline. What? No way... You're serious ...Oh my god... Ladies and gentlemen, we will interrupt all current channels for an important breaking news."

The bottom news tickers first disappeared from the bottom of the screen and were replaced by red news alert tickers talking about a terrorist attack on a space port.

"To all Imperial Citizens, we interrupt your daily scheduled programs for a news alert. There has been a terrorist attack on a space port."

>may continue later

>> No.51372739

Keep in mind that the "current" date is 999M41.

This would have to be taking place in 015M42.

Or someone has been picking up radio transmissions for the future.

>> No.51373145

Whilst I have no problem with Revered Mother Jubblowski finding emotional support in the only person who she is probably ever going to form a lasting bond with I'm not sure if we should have them be lovers as it would look like fanservice pandering for cheap lewds.

Also if it's still the same attendant that the Inquisition assigned her when they first realized her value then she is a Magi of the AdBio rather than a nun.

Attendant is basically the most overqualified midwife in the Imperium. 400 years of experience and a more or less complete understanding of every biological process in the body of a human woman and how to maintain said body in good health.

Did we ever give the attendant a name?

Also what is Jubblowskie's first name?

>> No.51375309

Bumping for future writefagging.

>> No.51376290

I'm imagining what would happen if, whilst out inspecting the border worlds, Isha encountered Nurgle cultists.

Maybe it's an ambush orchestrated and spearheaded by the Nurgle Eldar. Their mission is to take Isha back to the husband that "deserves her more" or some such sentiment.

There would be at least a moment of Nam Dog. An eternity of horror and abuse only capable of being inflicted on and inflicted by a god. Time doesn't work right in the Warp. It literally was an eternity. Some nights she is still there again.

Then the screaming starts. Then the mad sprint into the ranks of her most wretched and unforgivable children and for a moment they might think that she has come home to them in joy. But only for a moment because then the first one get punched so hard their head practically disintegrates on impact.

When Imperia forces finally catch up to her she's kneeling in the paste that was once her attempted abductors, her white dress is torn and red and she won't say a word until the Emperor comes to take her home.

>> No.51376601

I propose Meredith for one of them, though can't decide which.
Isha will probably be the next thing I draw in this AU, but I'm definitely thinking about how to do Lofn & parents.

>> No.51377467

Just think of this as some time skip thing, not really considerably "canon" for this fanon. May continue again later...

>> No.51378148

Meredith sounds nice although more for the attendant.

Maybe it's because her name ends in ski and I'm an uneducated plebiscite but I always assumed her name was something Slavic.

>> No.51380088


>> No.51381580

My eyes grow dim. My strength is spent. My rage is quenched. My blade is clean.

I was born in poverty, I think. Simple eyes of a child do not see clearly. Was it poverty? We weren’t unhappy. At lest I don’t think we were.

I can’t remember their faces any more. That’s a lie. I can remember their faces. I always will. Mother. Father. Sister. Brother. Grandmother. Uncle. We all lived together in one small home above the bakers shop. I think that’s what my parents were. Bakers. Not warlords. Not priests. Not great warriors or adepts or wizards. I wanted to be like them. I should have been like them.

I don’t remember what happened to them. That’s a lie. I do. I do. Oh God I do. I don’t want to. If I do I am that screaming, weeping child again. No more. No more. Never again.

I was weak and tried to run. Better if I had run back into the burning home. Better to have ended there.

When the Warlord found me it was at the head of army like no other. All I had know of armies were cyber-flagellants and howling marauders spurned on by men with whips. But not these. They marched with eerie harmony and brought death with precision. No berserker charge, no frenzy, no bloodlust just the steady unstoppable wave pouring into Carthisisa.

I was a pit fighter. I murdered people for the entertainment of other people. They gave men the pick of the slave pens for my troubles. They expected me to indulge base urges. They wanted me to fall like them. Be a Not-Person. I picked for the sake of pity and charity of the most wretched and hopeless.

>> No.51381601

One of the giants came to my door and I stood before him, my adopted children behind me. I was big but he was a two head taller than me at the least and clad in armour like a tank. Expressionless eye lenses swept over me and mine and I prepared to sell myself dear. I don’t know how but I knew he met my eye through that helmet and he looked away and moved on.

Scholars like I am not sometimes say that history goes in circles. That things happen because they have happened. One tragedy only needing one just like it as cause for more. In that moment I felt the hateful wheel of fate wobble. I was still alive. My family were not enslaved, out masters were dead, we were free.

At the head of this army was the man who I would spend most of my life serving. I would give my life for the sake of my sons and daughters. I killed for him. I lead his soldiers. I became like the monsters he had set upon my masters. I gave my health and my sanity for him.

Why? Because he didn’t ask that I kneel. He demanded that I stand. That I never again bow my head to unworthy men.

I lived longer than I should have. Longer than I was expected. I watched my children grow up and become mothers and fathers and grandparents and eventually die. A few even managed to die peaceful. It seems a novel way to go. I will soon go that way, to no ones surprise more than my own. All bar one of my children are gone, one way or the other. I am told I have many descendants but I have not met them. They are distant to me but I wish them only goodness, to be and to have. Kharn is still with me. I remember when he was a snotty nosed child with scabby knees. He has grown and I am proud.

He is a new type of soldier for a new era. I am a relic of an old one.

>> No.51381681

I feel it now. I sit in my chair and I know that I have seen my last sun rise. My heart slows. My bones grow cold, but I feel warm. Though I am filled with darkness the light will lift me away.

I have regrets. I have lived too long not to. Few will mourn my passing.

I will not see the sunrise and that is good.

+++ Data-slate entry attributed to Angron the Red Angel, Primarch of the Warhounds +++

+++ Property of Carthisisa National Museum of Posterity +++

~~~ Those Nails you carried in your heart should never have been yours to carry. We will carry your name but those nails have been laid to rest ~~~

> "Nails" Addendum made by unknown hand several years after acquisition of the Data-slate. Meaning has been of much speculation down the years but no conclusive answers of who or why has been gathered.

>> No.51382192

This is good stuff homie, keep it up

>> No.51382620

I may have something with Perty brewing but it will be tomorrow mourning after at least 5 hours sleep and a cup of tea because work is a bitch and that piece of shit took up all my coherent brain juice believe it or not.

That might not be so much of an option ow. You can't get lost in the sea of stars because you are an Imperial Citizen and those aren't Mon'Keigh stars anymore. They are your stars.

Sending out someone with predatory bloodlust into the Imperium knowingly and armed would get you a visit from the Sisters knocking down your door to "ask" you some serious "questions" if they find out you armed them before setting them loose.

For the benefit of the profitable Eldar - Human alliance there would almost certainly have to be a Path of the Judge.

Perhaps if an eldar takes up the Path of Awakening and then does some time in an Aspect Temple hey could qualify for inclusion into this hybrid path.

Pointed out all craftworld eldar are basically a semi-monastic society and all exodites are semi-monastic space Amish so it's not like their would actually need to be that many of them per head of the population.

In Eldar society their primary job would probably be watching out for Dark Eldar infiltrators and dragging them into the light for Judgement.

If you are imagining a fucked up cross between Elrond (or more likely his batshit sons) and Judge Dredd then I am relieved because so am I and I don't want to be the only one.

Give the rarity of the Judgement Path (due to the prerequisites) there would be no Phoenix Lord and there would be only one Exarch. I'm just going to say Sam Vimes for the character of that Exarch and hope enough people know what the fuck I'm wittering about because it's late.

>> No.51383737

It's not so much that Eldar can't unleash their criminals on the galaxy anymore (though they obviously can't), it's there had to be some body to determine that the Eldar in question had broken the law and someone to kick them off the Craftworld in the first place. So there must have been some framework beforehand, even if its not obvious from what's written about the Eldar in canon.

Imagine an Eldar path devoted entirely to the contemplation and understanding of law. This path probably always existed to solve legalistic disputes within and between Craftworlds, but became much more important when the Eldar joined the Imperium. When the Eldar, always rather jumpy and concerned with any potential allies stabbing them in the back, started negotiating with the wider Imperium, these philosophers of law were crucial in make sure the Eldar got the best end of the deal possible, and more importantly the mon-keigh didn't screw them over. Imagine a two-thousand year old lawyer who literally knows every trick and loophole in the book. Ye gods.

There are two main schools within this path. One is the school of those who actually enforces the laws. These are the people who work in day to day application of law as well as capturing criminals. Few Eldar actually get lost of this path, but some do and become a terrifying source of knowledge of law and criminality. An Eldar Judge Dredd. The other is the school of the study of the nature of law itself. One might refer to them as "Eldar lawyers" or "law-seers", but they're closer to ancient Greek legal philosophers than anything else. Most Enforcers who get too old to serve or are veering from path tend to end up here.

I doubt it would be an Aspect shrine, since most of those are Khaine-derivatives, and Khaine is all about breaking laws and social taboos (though some do tend to focus on the "honorable warrior" side of things than the "murder" side of things.

>> No.51386873

Bampin again

>> No.51388711

Radio transmissions from the future actually could be a cool plot point.

>> No.51390282

So long as it's sufficiently rare as not to invalidate the job of Farseer.

Maybe it's just the one radio that's stored in the Ganymede vaults.

>> No.51390305

It could be apocalyptic type stuff. Also could be a conspiracy by Tzeentch to play heisenberg messenger and muck things up.

>> No.51391486

That's why it's kept in a deep hole on Ganymede.

Who built the radio? Unknown
What planet is it broadcasting from? Unknown
Who are the voices on it? Unknown

Until the Lofn mentioned nobody even knew ho far in the future it was.

>> No.51392437

I swear I'm doing Perty Writefaggy stuff. Just need this one bump I promise.

>> No.51393441

“He refuses to eat or drink and so far as we can tell he hasn’t slept in nearly a week” The serving maid said, refusing to lift her eyes from the floor. It did not make Oscar happy, neither the news or the means of it’s delivery. Humans should not look down in shame or apology to him. He was a Man of Gold; created to serve.

“Thank you, I will speak with him”. They had been walking thought the fortress of Štip-Isar to the eastern wing of residence. Each of the Steward’s mighty strides was equal to more than two of the serving maids such was his inhuman stature. He bade her farewell as they approached the door of the eastern wing and her pace was much increased as she left. The Steward couldn’t help but notice her fearful glances at the old wooden door that he approached.

Although the Fortress Palace of Štip-Isar was a vast and ancient rambling structure the Steward didn’t need any superhuman abilities to determine which room his Primarch would be found in. True to form Perturabo, son of long dead King Nikola, had taken up residence in his old room and childhood refuge. The Steward Oscar paused at the door but before he could knock a low rumble of a voice informed him curtly that it wasn’t locked. Oscar knew that was as close to a polite invitation as he was ever going to get.

The room was fairly spacious but mostly austere. It contained a set of draws, a closet, a bookshelf, a writing desk and a bed. It was all neatly placed. Every book was arranged alphabetically, pens arranged according to colour, bed made to a razor crease. Bar the thick layer of dust surrounding everything it was inhumanly neat.

Perturabo was standing at parade rest with his back to the door looking out over the east of the ancient Macedonian countryside. It was not a pretty sight. The Beast and it’s minions had burned it to the bedrock. Vast tracts of land were still irradiated, ash still fluttered on the breeze like some parody of snow.

>> No.51393646

“I don’t know why you are here. I am in disgrace. I have failed. I can be of no more use”. Everyone assumed the monotone was a sad result of the augmentations he had endured but it was not. All the Thunder Warrior alterations had done was drop it from tenor to a deep baritone with a hint of shingle beach.

“Disgrace? Maybe. Failure? No, not a failure. Far from it in fact”. Responded the Man of Gold as he stood besides the Iron Warrior, adopting a similar stance and watching the sun start to crest the horizon.

“Don’t try and comfort me. It’s wasted effort, we both know it and lying for the sake of comfort demeans us both”. The Iron Warrior turned to face the Steward. There wasn’t that much difference in height between them, at least compared to baseline humanity. To the casual observer they were far more alike than they were different.

The Steward looked into that impassive face and those dead grey eyes. Human minds tended to be open to him. He could read them with the most passive ability of his nature and know their intentions and meaning. Not so with Perturabo. Seeing into Perturabo ended at those grey eyes. He had once upon their first meeting seen a little further than that before the great steel wall slammed up. He had no intention of ever seeing that again. It was a mind that was outwardly sane but constructed entirely of insane parts.

“As you say; I wouldn’t subject you to empty platitudes. Your career as head of my fourth Legion has been one of great success. Not unqualified success, that’s for damn sure, but you did many great things and whether they will admit it or not the people of the Imperium owe you a great debt”.

>> No.51393805

The disgraced primarch gave a grunt of disapproval. “I didn’t do it for the Imperium. I did it for my people. So long as they were surrounded by a strong and friendly super nation the people of the Tharkian Empire should have been safe. But they weren’t. I didn’t prepare hard enough. They are all dead”.

“Not all”.

“Estimated casualties put the death toll of my nation at approximately ninety-five percent. It’s as close to a total failure as makes no difference. Kings have hanged for far, far lesser forms of incompetence. I was the Prince of Macedonia, it was my duty to protect them. MINE! I failed”. Those eyes remained unreadable but Oscar could all to easily imagine the horrors scrolling behind them.

“And would one of your brother primarchs have done better?”

“Irrelevant. It was not their task”.

“It’s possible to do nothing wrong and still fail”.

“Irrelevant. Words are empty. Deeds matter. No man was made a primarch for acceptable ability”. The word acceptable was said with as near to a sneer as Perturabo was capable of. “Only results matter. A lasting empire can’t be built on empty rhetoric and failed intentions. You know why I was removed from active service?”


“Good. Then you know that my usefulness is over. I am broken. I am not the head of a Legion. I am not a General. I have been relieved of my sad justification for living. All that remains for me is to contemplate my folly and die quietly without doing more harm on the way out”. His voice was as dead and flat as always, his age worn and war broken face impassive but he turned again to face the horizon, the first rays of the new day bathing the ash in gold as if it the nation was aflame again.

“You are still my primarch. My ‘Mad Architect’”. Your Warsmith council don’t have the authority to take that title from you or those responsibilities. I gave you that title, only I can relieve you of it”.

>> No.51393904

“Then I know why you are here. Issue my discharge papers and let me finally die. It is the last thing I shall be doing”. In another man that might have been some residual spark of humour shining through. In the case of Perturabo not so much.

Oscar’s golden eyes for a moment went as cold and hard as the Iron Warriors.

“You will be relieved of your duties at my choosing, not before. My homeworld is broken and in ruins. I need an Architect of inhuman skill to rebuild it. Mad, sane or total raving lunatic; I don’t care. I have people orchestrating repairs and trying to repair but they can’t deal with the scope of the problems. Even the most gifted of my servants can’t deal with something bigger than half a continent before it breaks their comprehension threshold. I need someone who can organize the world into a cohesive whole. The list of people I know that have a hope of doing that starts and ends at you”. Oscar could remember the first time he had seen this view. Despite the ruination before him it still looked so much better that it had then. It was amazing how an army of Urshite’s could detract from an evening. Outnumbered hundreds to one Prince Perturabo of Macedonia had held out impossibly long and brought low the most feared horde on Old Earth with one barely coherent nation only nominally under his influence.

“Find someone else”.

“I can’t. There is absolutely nobody else, trust me I’ve looked”.

There was a long, long moment of silence.

“I’ll give it some thought”.

>> No.51393965

“I expect nothing less”.

As the Steward closed the door his hear was gladdened. The Iron Warrior was turning away from the light of a bleak dawn towards his writing desk. On that desk had been written the breaking of Ursh.

Oscar walked back along the old fortress. His mad old Primarch would live. He would not be happy, but that was never an option and something’s not even he could fix. Not happy but content. He had a problem before him and that was something for his self-destructive mind to focus on and survive a little longer. It was not a mind that was whole unless it was breaking something, itself or someone's army it did not matter. Or indeed breaking someone elses victory. Earth was intentionally broken and he would makes sure that their satisfaction was temporary. His victory would out last them. A victory by attrition was very much his way. Iron Within, Iron Without, War Eternal.

Oscar could give him nothing in thanks that would be worth his centuries of service. The nearest he could come close was to make sure that his name was sung with praise.

>In retrospect that probably wasn't worth the wait.

>> No.51395207

My writefaggatory was so bad it killed the thread. Damn I'm bad at this.

>> No.51395315

For what it's worth, I like it.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

>> No.51395741

I enjoyed, but the thread is close to dead anyway. Someone should make a new one

>> No.51397695

So in this AU how indoctrinated are Space Marines and can they father families?

Also is this actually a deamon of Ceggers?

In the Vanilla Tzneetch fluff someone got through the Labyrinth. It was a little girl and her pet dog. I can definitely see Ceggers disguising himself as a littel girl if it meant having an excuse to wear a pretty dress. Was this pretending to be a dog?

>> No.51398427

Less indoctrinated than in canon. They're given hypnotic training to help learn new battle maneuvers and give them a knee-jerk anti-Chaos reflex, but their previous personalities are not paved over and indoctrinated to NONE PURER levels.

Oscar, being less of a jerk in this timeline, would be very keen to make sure Space Marines remember they are enhanced humans, not a completely separate race of supermen.

We have a few mentions of some of the Space Marine primarchs having actual children. I imagine that Space Marines with families are possible, though rare, since chem-gelding means they aren't as interested in sexual relationships.

Think of canon. You have Space Wolves at one extreme and Grey Knights at the other.

Or, to put it another way, think of that GW post about Space Marines and Stormcast Eternals. How vanilla Space Marines are seen as child soldiers who are forever trapped in a pre-pubescent mindset, and Eternals are old men and women who've seen the horrors of war and pick up weapons again anyway to protect their loved ones. Nobledark Space Marines choose to lose any hope of a normal life out of duty and desire to protect others, despite the horrors they know lie ahead. Like WWI/WWII recruitment on steroids. However, some actually do manage to build a semblance of a life, even if it's in a form no one would have expected.

>> No.51398631

So resurrecting old fluff about the Salamanders having families is yes or no?

Given that Vulkan was first High Patriarch of the Promethean Creed they could be trying to emulate him. If Vulkan settled down to raise a family and lived among the people then they might also.

It also would probably develop that they become the nobility of the seven sanctuary cities given the prestige having an astartes as head of the household would bring.

If nothing else it would make the world stable politically.

>> No.51399761

Of all the primarchs whose family life hasn’t been discussed so far, Vulkan would by far be the most likely to have children.

Many of the primarchs seem like the type of people who would be too wrapped up in their work to ever consider having a family. For them, having a family would be a distraction, not a benefit. Perty, Morty, Curze, Magnus, Ferrus, Lorgar, and Fulgrim all fall into this category.

Khan had a wife and three kids. Russ had wives and many children (all daughters). Sanguinus had at least one kid (which begs the question, who’s the lucky girl who bagged the angel?). Guilliman had kids, though he wasn’t a Space Marine in this timeline. Angron never married, but had his own adopted family. Corax had a family; they died at the hands of Ursh. Horus never had kids, but his nephew Abbadon was basically treated like his son.

Who the fuck knows about Alpharius and Omegon.

That leaves Vulkan, Lion, and Dorn. Lion, given his namesake and personality, might have been asexual or gay. Or just falls into the “workaholic” camp like the others. Rogal is a mystery, in vanilla Dorn seemed like a bit of a family man (he held his adoptive grandfather in really high regard, and had a close bond with his gene-sons), but here it is unclear. Vulkan would have definitely had a family given the opportunity.

I think the Salamanders being at least associated with their families in the "cool old uncle with tons of war stories" was a go at the very least.

>> No.51399777

>>51399761 (cont.)
The only thing I would probably add is that the Emperor would probably freak out at the idea of Astartes holding any direct measure of political power. In his mind the Astartes were duty-bound to serve humanity, not lord over it, much like himself. The Chapters are allowed to be in charge of their “homeworlds”, but that is more because they are like military bases than anything else. I don’t know if we considered this canon, but in the little bit that was mentioned about Huron Blackheart it was suggested that the Imperium brought the pain train because he and the other Maelstrom chapters decided to carve out their own little petty Imperium and take political control of several worlds.

>> No.51401802

I liked it, I just wasn't in a place where I could post a response.

>> No.51403999


>> No.51405105

I meant the minor nobility of their home world, prominent families within their respective cities rather than anything larger scale.

>> No.51405494


The voice of the news reporter was starting to break into a more nervous tone compared to earlier which was more optimistic.

"...There has been a confirmed terrorist attack at a space port in the Imperial Paradise world that is Drao M89... Reports say that the attack was either the work of a human supremacist terrorist-separatist group, or an elder-supremacist separatist-terrorist organization, and there have been about four suspects who have orchestrated this attack."

Then surveillance footage from the space port in which the attack took place is shown.

"What you are about to see is surveillance footage of the space port in which the attack took place. Be warned however, as in accordance with the New Galactic Media Laws, the footage is graphic and violent. Viewer discretion is advised…”

Again, the news anchor’s voice was clearly breaking, and just as he said it. That footage being gray and grainy showed what appeared to be four individuals, three out of four have their faces concealed, three of them armed with assault weapons and dressed in full military fatigues and combat gear. And only one of the four terrorists was dressed in a western long coat and had a bandana covering half of the terrorist’s face and a wide brimmed hat covering the top half of said person’s face and was armed with two revolvers.

Then the footage shows the terrorists opening fire to the unsuspecting crowd of civilians and to the security personnel; through their futile attempts to stop the terrorists, then the terrorists walk down further to the terminal, till the one who was essentially dressed as a cowboy looked onto the camera and shot at it. The reporter spoke in an even more fearful tone and nervous manner.

“…There has been a confirmed report of… Oh god, one hundred and fifty. One hundred and fifty people, innocent civilians have been killed in the gruesome massacre.” The reporter’s voice was slowly starting to break into tears.

>> No.51405715

>Remember, no High-Tongue

>> No.51407979

Does the Imperium even have a news network in places like Ultramar or other areas with a high standard of living? I was under the impression they were dependent on astropaths to communicate between worlds, and any information that couldn't be relayed through them had to be delivered face to face.

Also the "Remember, No High Tongue/Gothic" incident happened as a direct reaction to the Age of Apostasy, so it would have been in M36.

>> No.51410166

Bumpan cause I may post later today

>> No.51411759

It would not be interstellar bar the message boats.

>> No.51412789

I imagine that the Imperium has an official institution of proclamation. It's job is more to carefully spread word of the big shit going down and the word of Law from Earth. It would be via Navigator sprint courier. If their is any interstellar news sheets then it's going to be highly monitored by agents of the Throne.

Astropaths are reserved for military, inquisition and other high priority shit. They are rare, their work is hard and their time limited.

More prosperous worlds would have global/system broadcasting of news but it would be monitored carefully.

>> No.51413241


>>51413230 new thread

>> No.51413269

>new thread

But its still in 200+ cant we let this thread hit the max first?

>> No.51413372


>direct reaction to the Age of Apostasy
This is the first I've heard of this, care to elaborate? The only real possible Eldar reasoning behind some kind of "Remember, No Low Gothic" thing is back at the end of WotB, when Eldrad decided to get the Eldar stuck in proper, cementing the alliance but getting a lot of spess ehlves killed in the process - and even that'd only be loud angry dissent on the most conservative craftworlds

>> No.51413573

>And only one of the four terrorists was dressed in a western long coat and had a bandana covering half of the terrorist’s face and a wide brimmed hat covering the top half of said person’s face and was armed with two revolvers
>essentially dressed as a cowboy or Wild West-Westerner

So one of the terrorists who did a Remember, No Russian on a paradise world cosplayed as Mccree?

Also let me guess, the reporter, Oliver Fletcher's gonna start bursting in tears because he has a relative/loved one at that space port at that Paradise World. And is essentially worried sick and paranoid about the face said loved one might have been killed, am I correct?

>> No.51413682

Emperor Vandire was no friend to the Eldar citizenry on majority human worlds, the craftworlds, the harlequins or any of the other xeno allies of the Imperium.

He could never abide by being compared to the Steward. Among the regular human plebs of the Imperium it wasn't too bad because barely anyone had actually met good old Oscar and after the first hundred years most of them had died of old age.

Per head of the population more eldar had met the Steward than humans due to how long they lived.

Also Isha wasn't married to him and the vast majority of the sane eldar either worshiped or greatly venerated Isha and Oscar as her badass Husband.

They would follow Gorge Vandire as a representative of Isha and Oscar's Imperium, but they would not follow him because he was Emperor.

Some eldar took advantage of this and tried to steer him in advantageous, to them, directions. Most retreated into their own enclaves, worlds and craftworlds.

Either way animosity was fermented.

Some eldar would massacre to direct his madness towards other eldar they had a personal grudge against. Some were doing it in response to human on eldar violence of a similar nature.

When Oscar the Steward finally got his Warlord back on the eldar were more than half ready to fucking walk out of the Imperium, but Oscar had always been a friend to them and Isha was still by his side.

It was one more reason why Inquisitor Thor demanded that he take the throne for himself. The eldar would not trust another human to lead the Imperium after this shit storm.

>> No.51415286

Do the AdBio have a "homeworld"?

AdMech have Mars. Should the AdBio have their own playground?

Maybe they decided to camp out on Cthonia after it got retaken after the WotB and their progenitor orders amalgamated. It could be their showcase. They have brought life to lifelessness and terraformed the world.

>> No.51415308

The Eldar have always been kind of jumpy. Despite being the largest minority in the Imperium (the Eldar are stated to be more numerous than the Tau in vanilla, and that’s with millennia of slow attrition), the Eldar are still a minority, and the Eldar are well aware of that fact. The Eldar are very concerned about the preservation of their species, and some of them are nervous that given the opportunity the humans would turn on them given the chance. It doesn’t help that every once in a while you get a human general saying politically incorrect things like confiscating the maiden worlds and the Eldar get their hackles up, despite more level heads saying things like “you want us to conquer our own worlds. Do you know how stupid that sounds?”

Then came Goge Vandire. Complete nutjob and more importantly: human. The Eldar see this as definitive proof that humans cannot be trusted with absolute power. Additionally, the nomination of Vandire to the throne brought up another issue for the Eldar: even if Vandire turned out to be a decent Emperor, he would probably be dead in less than a millennium and there would be another Emperor to deal with. How is there supposed to be any stability if you have Emperors turning over all the time?

>> No.51415351

>>51415308 (cont.)
The Steward probably tried for years to find a candidate for Emperor that would be fair to both humanity and the Eldar. Sanguinius was the obvious choice, just about everyone loved him and he loved them back. He was also a Mark III S Astartes and could live for millennia, avoiding the age isssue. Of course, the War of the Beast put an end to that plan. Pre-Apostasy Vandire was probably pretty nice to the Eldar, given the Emperor thought he was the right guy for the job (which means he had to have been acceptable to the Eldar) and he showed little anti-Eldar discrimination even after going crazy. After the Apostasy, there were probably several tolerable choices for Emperor to the Eldar but only one acceptable one: the Steward. Not only had the Steward’s actions shown time and again that he would be fair to the Eldar, putting the Steward on the throne meant putting the Steward+Isha on the throne, meaning the Eldar always had a big say in Imperial politics. Also, biologically immortal, so no constant succession crises.

It was never stated what led to the rise in human separatism, but it could be the previously suggested idea that several Eldar Craftworlds outright supported Vandire during the Age of Apostasy. The rogue Craftworlds say they were trying to save people curb Vandire’s influence. The other Craftworlds and many humans say they were just trying to save their asses by throwing in who they saw as the winning team, even if it was fucking Space Stalin.

Also it’s been suggested that Dorhai was intentionally promoting these false flag incidents at the time, to further drive a wedge between Eldar and humans.

Vandire would have had to have been at least decent to the Eldar prior to his madness if for no other reason than the Steward knew he'd piss them off if he discriminated against them. After going nuts, yeah, I can see that feeding into his inferiority complex.

>> No.51415369

>>51415351 (cont.)
The timeline of human-Eldar relationships probably goes something like this.

Pre-WotB – Eldar not part of Imperium. Relationship between humanity and Eldar isn’t probably that much different than in vanilla except that the two groups have better diplomatic ties, pull less dickery on each other, and have a greater degree of mutual respect.
WotB – Eldrad pulls a Leonidas to save the Steward. Humanity loves the Eldar for this, Eldar grumble at Eldrad going off the reservation.
Early Rebuilding – Eldar officially integrated into the Imperium on individual basis with marriage of Steward and Isha. Eldar still relatively aloof.
Late Rebuilding-M35 – Eldar become increasingly more integrated with the Imperium and the Eldar find that the mon-keigh aren’t so bad.
M36 – Everything goes to shit. Age of Apostasy. Humans freak out. Eldar freak out. Separatism is at an all-time high.
M37-M41 – Tensions settle down. Eldar and Humans have trouble remembering a time when the two races weren’t allies. It helps that by this time lot of the older, more conservative Eldar going “I told you those mon-keigh were no good” have since passed on.

>> No.51415505

Cthonia is a shithole. All of the planet's natural and biological resources are gone, and the only resource worth extracting from the planet is the archaeotech left over from the DaoT. It is, in many ways, the ur-hive.

Cthonia also got fucked up during the WotB. The AdMech had a good program going with cataloging the old archaeotech, and then it got ruined by the Dark Eldar.

Cthonia is also important to humans for political reasons. Cthonia was the capital of DaoT humanity, and there are several camps who wish to restore the planet to its former glory (*cough*Illuminati and AdMech*cough*). They probably wouldn't take it kindly if the AdBio tries to plant a bunch of trees all over the planet.

Maybe the AdBio do have a "homeworld", since they're the AdMech's unwanted cousin twice removed. Though I would recommend a different planet that Cthonia. How about Molech? The place is about as far from Earth as Cthonia but is crawling with biodiversity and megafauna, perfect study subjects and raw materials for the AdBio.

>> No.51415621

All correct, except that so far Cthonia seems to have been described as a ringworld.

>> No.51416106

Gorge Vandire, Scribble Master of the Administratum, might have been a really nice guy.

Then a combination of being out of his depth in a new role and having a creeping, slow and cumulative madness that became ore pronounced with time. Not usually a problem as most humans fall apart after 80 years or so, but with the extra centuries to fester it all went to shit.

All right Molech instead.

Can we assume that in this AU there is no Gate to Hell for gold plated dipshits to blunder into for Faustian Bargains? Please?

This time it was just a planet really rich in biodiversity that the precursor orders of the AdBio had sizable detachments studying because holy shit so many new things. Also friendly locals who have been waiting for Earth to come and bring them back to the stars. Discovered and brought back into the fold by Horus. Horus already knew where it was because the Void Born who traveled that patch of space let him have a copy of their maps.

Then WotB. Planet gets brought to ruin. Biodiversity lost. Friendly locals almost exterminated bar about 1,000 maybe 1,500

Not long after the WotB AdMech goes through reforms. During that time the Dark Mechanicus came out of the woodwork and there was at least a little fighting on every forgeworld, even Mars nearly fell. And whats worse the Dragon nearly got out of it's box. Reforms in place to make that shit harder.

It is decided, by mutual consent, that the splice-hippies, genesmiths, bloodcutters and the gene-wrights (and others) will be folded into the Reformed Mechanicum. They are all integrated into cohesive and more importantly accountable orders. In return the biological tinkerers get decent funding, better equipment and lab space.

>> No.51416206

Just sticking my nose in here, with a few tweaks to the earlier half of that timeline from what I can remember of earlier threads:

>First Contact
Eldar not part of Imperium, effectively vanilla relations

>Early GC
Oscar, starting to encounter more and more chaos-ridden planets (which, being a construct instead of a Shaman Suicide Compilation Album, he has no idea how to deal with), and after exhausting the fledgling IoM's "experts", turns to the only other ayylmaos even on nodding terms with humanity: Eldar

>Alliance Begins
Eldrad provides knowledge on the Warp - Magnus was highly skilled in his own right, enough to impress the Farseer, but mostly worked by instinct and innate talent, with glaring holes in the technical side of things (such as not knowing that the Chaos Gods are actual, distinct beings). With his expertise, the GKs turn from elite SMs taught by 1k Sons not to put their dicks in the daemonettes into lean mean purging machines. In return, Oscar agrees to provide the brawn for the raid on nurgle's mansion

>Post-Panty Raid
A very loose "alliance" remains; both sides have held up their side of the bargain, and things are decidedly cool.

This is the watershed moment; the point when Eldrad is finally forced to either let his "allies" crumple or to step in. He decides to just in time, as his Deus Ex Aeldari is what saves Terra at the very last moment. Many other craftworlds followed his lead; ironically, the smaller ones were far more zealous in aiding the Imperium, as unlike the likes of Biel-Tan or Alaitoc they knew full well they needed all the allies they could get - but they also suffered more for it, as the undefended craftworlds are ripe targets for Chaos and Dark Eldar raiders. This then cements the Eldar/IoM alliance, but also starts to spread cracks in Eldrad's de facto leadership (since he blames himself just as much as anyone else does)

Haha whoops this is far longer than I expected

>> No.51416349

Once they are folded into the Mechanicus is when the problems start to arise. On theological and cultural levels there is a much bigger gap between the AdBio brotherhoods and the AdMech brotherhoods than there are between the different AdMech Brotherhoods. And that's saying something considering how bad tempered and fractious AdMech factions can be.

It is quickly decided that it's time for the AdBio to get a HQ of their own. Preferably not in Sol.

AdBio return to Molech and begin the work of rebuilding it as their home.

By 999M41 Molech has the largest number of "indigenous" Earth/Xeno, Xeno/Totally unrelated Xeno and generally fucked up batshit genetic chimera hybrid organisms found anywhere in the galaxy. It is the AdBio showcase. It's main exports are drugs (medicinal and recreational), vaccines, bio-weapons, tailored organisms and strange genetically and surgically modified adepts of various biological disciplines.

The AdBio do worship the Omnissiah, in their way. Although with them he is less likely to be depicted as something mechanical and more as the Tree of Knowledge with a small god-fruit on every branch and humanity sheltered under the branches.

They are as active and busy as their Mars siblings, despite the Mars adepts calling them a bunch of hippies that need to get a real job and stop being dirty heretics.

I'm imagining that at some point they adopted green robes to differentiate themselves from the Martian Priesthoods.

>> No.51416774


The tragedy of Vandire is that he probably would have been an excellent Emperor, except he went insane from the pressure. He was so worried about what everyone else thought of him, yet he overlooked the fact that the greatest hero of mankind thought he had the skill and personality for the job. If he actually put his skills to use, rather than ruminate, the Imperium might be talking about Vandire the Great right now and Oscar would finally get to try one of these "pina colada" things he's heard so much about.

>Can we assume that in this AU there is no Gate to Hell for gold plated dipshits to blunder into for Faustian Bargains? Please?

There may have been a hellgate on Molech, but if there were the Imperium would have, to quote TTS, "kink-shamed the shit out of it with melta torpedos". The AdBio would be especially vehement about getting rid of any hellgate, since they don't want Chaos tampering with their experiments.


Molech after the WotB is a miracle of bio-engineering. The ecosystem of the planet is completely artificial, though you wouldn't know it at first glance. Many of the old beasties that inhabited Molech were restored through cloning and/or careful breeding programs (a point of pride for the AdBio), though the native wildlife is restricted to a much smaller area to make room for the AdMech's new pets.

Though, to keep the "dark" part of grimdark, I'd like to suggest the Panacea wars go sort of as in canon. The AdBio flips out at the opportunity to get a hold of a cure for literally everything, but despite the Imperium pulling out all the stops Chaos seizes the STC and hauls it off. It is unclear if Malys is just keeping the STC as a trophy of her dickishness or if she is doing something worse with it.

>> No.51416886

Oh, of course she's doing something worse with it. How do you think the bastard half-breed child of the End Times is going to come about? And I don't mean Lofn

>> No.51416932

Did the Dark Eldar raid Craftworlds at this time? I thought it was just the Cronedar, and the DEldar turned on the Exodites and Craftworlders when they asked "hey maybe please don't conduct slave raids on our allies".

>With his expertise, the GKs turn from elite SMs taught by 1k Sons not to put their dicks in the daemonettes into lean mean purging machines.

I thought GKs were a post-WotB thing, a joint effort between Magnus, Russ (the two of whom had mended their bridges, though Russ disappeared soon after), Eldrad, Malcador, just about everyone who had pertinent knowledge to turn them into the ultimate daemon shredding machines.

It would also explain why the Panty Raid wasn't just all Grey Knights on one side.

>> No.51417057

I imagine that the Craftworlders asked the DEldar not to side with Chaos-scum and not to raid the humans during the WotB. I imagine the rift has only widened since.

GKs are post WotB because fuck deamons.

>> No.51417222

No idea about the Eldar thing, although I'd personally hc'd it as that the DEldar shadowed the Croneworlders, keeping Chaos at arm's length while getting off on all the suffering they left behind. Maybe they just did the raids to stick it to Eldrad. Dunno.

OOC, at the time we were looking for the actual impetus for the alliance forming in the first place - everyone always assumed the Raid was enough, but given how pragmatic Oscar generally is, "you make some space elf friends" wasn't really much of an incentive. GKs had literally no fluff at the time (apart from that they used an elite but expensive and risky augmentation process), so I filled in with some of the fluff. Since Malcador is just Oscar's father figure/supervisor here instead of SuperPsyker5000, the only person we really have who's good with the Warp is Magnus.

Since chaotic corruption was first discovered in the GC and SMs weren't trained against it, GKs (or something similar) were probably put forward by Magnus and/or Oscar when those worlds tainted by Chaos first became apparent, but at this point they were probably supposed to be primarily Chaos-proof rather than anti-Chaos.

Then along comes Eldrad who can - with time - provide the expertise to turn a regular psyker into a purging machine, WITHOUT needing to spend a lifetime growing up under the Despot of Ursh to acquire those abilities.

Nope, WotB was open season for DEldar raids too.

>> No.51418855

I thought the impetus for the Panty Raid was giving Chaos a black eye so the Great Crusade could have an easier time conquering Chaos-held worlds. Oscar wasn't necessarily looking to make friends, but the Imperium hated Chaos, the Eldar hated Chaos, and so a temporary alliance was beneficial to them both. The fact that neither side betrayed the other after everything was said and done only endeared both sides to each other.

Also wasn't the "payment" for the Panty Raid the Eldar upgrading the Astronomican? Or was that after they joined the Imperium?

IIRC, I though it was mentioned somewhere in canon that a lot of alien races went through the same shit due to Slaanesh's birth as humanity. As a result, despite being more reasonable the Imperium still had to do a lot of purging, as many of the Xenos it encountered had either devolved to Mad Max-levels of depravity or were outright Chaos worshippers whose patrons favored them to spread throughout the stars.

The Imperium probably divided Xenos during the Great Crusade into a several categories. There were the Xenos who didn't want anything to do with humanity, and the Xenos that coexisted with humanity, like the Colchian Eldar and the Kinebrach. The Imperium probably left them alone, seeing as their goal was unifying and strengthening humanity as opposed to purging Xenos, but not without an under-the-table warning from the Steward that if he ever found them antagonizing humanity they wouldn't have a planet anymore.

Then there were the Xenos that just plain couldn't be negotiated with. The Laer, the Nephilem, the Jovian Overlords. They got the warhammer.

>> No.51418871

This leads to the three modern classifications of aliens by the Imperium.

Xenos Familiaris – In this case, literally “Familiar Xenos”. Races that are a part of the Imperium. Include Eldar, Tau, Tarellans, Demiurg, and ironically enough humans (the term being used more as a general expression in the sense of “allied alien races” than a human-only term).

Xenos Independens – Xenos that are rational enough to negotiate with the Imperium, but for whatever reasaon are not part of it. Sometimes trade with the Imperium (though not often, Big E likes to use trade goodies as a selling point) have other times fought minor skirmishes with them but often sue for peace. Ordo Xenos Inquisitors like to monitor these species like a hawk for signs of being subverted by Chaos. The Q’orl and Jokaero fall into this category.

Xenos Horrificus – Hostile aliens. In addition to the usual suspects, races like the Nephilem, the Slaught, Laer, Barghesi, and Rak’Gol all fall in this category.

>> No.51419469

I was just thinking about how to describe this setting without the jargon heavy and self referential "40k but nobledark instead of grim dark". Ultimately our collective work seems like 40k if it had been written as a (mostly) serious story that intended to fit into the startrek reliant mode of humanist scifi. To elaborate on that, instead of shying away from the faults of early humanism/modernity the AU uses them in some part for its value in generating the core conflict. I suppose I mean to say that we're writing reneasence 40k, at least in broad themes, complete with Machiavelli/Castiglione style aristocratic dickery. It also has the inevitable postmodern anachronistic elements

>> No.51419509

You know, the War of the Beast was probably a very important moment in Magnus' life, and how we go from the guy who was okay with messing with Warp Stuff to someone who would go on to help found the Grey Knights.

Before the War of the Beast, Magnus had sworn to the Steward that he would never mess with beings from outside space and time again, but he probably saw it more as a measure of comfort for the Steward than anyone else. Magnus recognized the Warp was certainly dangerous, but thought that if one knew what they was doing it was much safer than most would expect. Back in the day the Warp was composed of five distinct groups, the four daemon courts of the Ruinous Powers as well as "warp ex-pats" like Furies and Enslavers who were unaligned and gradually being edged out by the Big Four. Magnus learned of all of these groups from his mother and how to play them off each other. Summon a Daemon of Khorne to beat a Daemon of Slaanesh. Summon a Daemon of Tzeentch to beat a Daemon of Nurgle. It seemed elementary.

The War of the Beast must have been a true shock for Magnus. Here were Khornate, Slaaneshi, Nurglite, and Tzeentchian daemons, marching together as one. It seemed as unnatural as if one were to watch dogs, cats, mice, and birds marching lock-step with one another to war. There was no way to play daemons against one another when all the forces of Chaos were united for once in a single purpose. When Magnus broke his word and unleashed his forbidden knowledge during the War of the Beast, it was mostly "Warp Ex-Pats" who answered his call.

After that, Magnus had a very different perspective on daemons. He saw that they were unpredictable, and that it was necessary for mankind to find its own psychic strength. Magnus taught Ahriman how to summon and bind daemons, but only because that knowledge might come in handy some day and only as an absolute last resort. Better for a psyker to depend on his own power than bargain with someone else for theirs.

>> No.51419823

Er...clarification please? I am not sure what you mean. I think I get what you mean, but I am not sure.

I always think of the setting as "if Tolkien had written 40k, but with less music".

>It also has the inevitable postmodern anachronistic elements

40k has always been anachronistic. The high concept for 40k has always been "nihilistic feudalism in space". This is true not only of the parts it got from its predecessor Fantasy Battle, but also of some of the unique aspects of the setting, like the tech-priests, Space Marines, government structure of the Imperium, how the Warp for various reasons makes feudalism mandatory. The creators of Warhammer were all huge history buffs and loved to insert thinly-veiled historical references everywhere.

>if it had been written as a (mostly) serious story

40k was supposedly originally created as a black comedy, but supposedly then became srs bsness along the way. I don't know if that was intentional by the authors or just the fanbase. Many threads have been written on this subject.

>> No.51421529


>> No.51421885

I may be overdosing on renaissance art history

>> No.51423457

>Since chaotic corruption was first discovered in the GC

Ursh, Gredbritton and Aegyptus all had heap big Chaos.

>> No.51423473

bump with pic of soldiers that can be passed off as IGs

>> No.51425413

how did you know that was the outcome? You a psychic or someshit 'nonny?


The reporter; Oliver Fletcher, was continuing in giving out the report but often kept pausing, trying to contain himself from crying for some reason.

"-Officials are still at the process of gathering the dead and... Identifying them, officials also just said that there are atleast 50 survivors-"

Then he stopped as he answered another call to his ear piece. “What is it now? Speak in a normal tone??? Why am I sobbing!? Alright, ALRIGHT! IT’S MY DAUGHTER, OKAY!? MY DAUGHTER WAS IN DRAO M89 TO VISIT RELATIVES AND I HAVE NO IDEA IF SHE’S INJURED, ALIVE OR WORSE!” The news anchor was already crying at this point and bitterly inquired to the person he’s talking through his ear piece. “PLEASE TELL ME, IS THERE PERSON, A FEMALE NAMED ELIZA FLETHCER THERE!? –WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN’T TELL!? I THOUGHT YOU WERE WORKING WITH FUCKING FARSEERS!?!? I NEED TO KNOW IF MY DAUGHTER IS ALIVE-”

Just then the channel feed cuts off to show a please-standby screen along with the technical difficulties messages. This lasted for about three minutes until the news broadcast resumed, this time featuring another news anchor for the channel.

“Hello ladies and gentlemen. I’m Karla Alvarez, and you are watching and listening to Astral News. Astral News would like to apologize for earlier, as Oliver Fletcher’s daughter; Eliza Fletcher was indeed bound in a trip to Planet Drao M89. The good news is she is alive and has survived the horrendous attack at the space port which the terror act took place, but unfortunately she was caught in the sights of the terrorists and shot at, but lucky to survive. Mister Fletcher will continue to report news live for Astral News. As for the terror act, Imperial and Eldar officials have yet to release full information, in the meantime we will all have to wait till any further updates. So stay tuned.

>the end

>> No.51426823

Plus the numerous Chaos-infested human colonies they encountered, plus the races like the Laer. Eldrad and Interex just confirmed to Emperor that he wasn't going crazy, there was a bigger pattern going on.

>> No.51428560

Page 10 bump

>> No.51429363

>spot the Tanith

>> No.51430219

Speaking of Vulkan, was going through the old threads, and I found that we left out a post about what happened to Vulkan post-WotB. It was pretty good, but it needs to be changed a bit since we decided that Vulkan was one of the three primarchs who lived to see Oscar take the throne and lived until something like M38 (in part to show just how durable the Mark III S are).

Also, does anyone else find it hilarious that the two Primarchs who ended up living the longest were the two who would absolutely hate each other's guts? Vulkan and Ferrus never liked each other even in vanilla, and here the two were even more diametrically opposed, with Ferrus being "the weak serve the strong" and Vulkan being "the strong protect the weak" (there was a little bit of overlap, though the two would refuse to admit it). Not to mention the Antarctic Mechanicum were close enough to the Afrik League that the two nations could have clashed in the past.

>> No.51430270

Do you feel like doing the updating?

>> No.51431308

I don't mind it, but I'd like to know what Vulkan's post-WotB history is. It says he went for a walk around the far worlds of the Imperium and just disappeared. But that would be post-Age of Apostasy now. What was Vulkan doing in-between that time?

>> No.51431317

The Mechanicum Kingdoms of Antarctica were underground bunkers with huge tracts of sweet fuck all but ice and rock between the parts above ground. Or at least that's the impression intro from the thread about the Gorgon and the maps on the 1d4chan page.

Add to that an ocean in the way and the possibility that they might not have had a port on that coast.

The Gorgon and the Promethean's people would probably never have met until after Unification.

Their differences would have been built from ideological and personal rather than historical reasons. Also that Ferrus Manus made little secret of being more loyal to the Mechanicum over the Imperium as a whole and that passed off many of the primaries, especially Vulkan.

>> No.51431555

Participated in the rebuilding of the Imperium immediately after the WotB and brought back many worlds that had strayed from the flock.

Broke Legion into chapters to cover multiple smaller fronts.

Participated in many defensive wars from assholes taking advantage of the beat up state of the Imperium.

Fought against a few Black Crusades.

Held the line in a couple of Great Armageddon Wars.

Travelled many worlds to set up recruitment stations and enact reforms to their PDF training techniques and organization.

Eventually grew old. Even a Mk III S Astartes will grow old with time. Retired to Nocturne eventually to become a Philosopher-King and much respected patriarch of the Promethean Creed.

200 year gap in the records. At the start of the gap he is High Patriarch of Nocturne. At the end there is a triumvirate ruling the planet and by extension Chapter and had been for long enough for it to be considered normal.

What happened to Vulkan? Nobody knows for sure. It's suspected that he died of old age because holy shit he was old.

>> No.51431860

Yeah, but didn't the Mechanicum like to pick fights with its neighbors? Hy Braseal was the primary target of their aggression during Unification, but they could have gone after the Afrique League back when they were a bigger power and a percievable threat.

I definitely agree that ideological reasons rather than historical grudges would be the primary cause of their friction though. Vulkan was always the type to put ideology over bad blood anyway.

I had an idea I kind of liked that Vulkan got this reputation as "Vulkan the Undefeatable" over time due to the sheer number of victories against ridiculous odds he racked up due to his immense age (and in reference to the Emerald Knight and Perpetual thing in Vanilla), though I thought that might tread too much on the toes of "Mortarion the Unkillable". I won't put that in if you guys don't like it.

>> No.51432008

It sounds good. Nobody became a primarch for lack of tenacity.

Also I forgot to put in last post a possible reason for the 200 years of silence could be that it took him that long to die. The augmentations would have kept him going but he would have faded away a bit at a time.

Enough time to set up the Triumvirate, put affairs in order, tie up the loose ends, say goodbye to old friends and fade away peacefully.

Which fits into his legend of being undefeatable. He would have known how the Imperium viewed him. The people need their legends. The Emerald Knight can't just fade away and die in bed peacefully. The Emerald Knight either dies in a blaze of glory to light up the night for a hundred thousand years to come or *mysteriously* vanishes so that he might one dark day return.

His last orders would have been a purge of the records of his last years.

>> No.51432341

Okay, one question. How does Vulkan end up on Nocturne? A lot of the primarchs in this timeline either aren't associated with their homeworld or get their via different means. Fenris becomes Russ' adoptive home because he did his super-soldier experiments there. Prospero was never really Magnus' home, but the Ksons made it as their own because of all the psychic stuff there. The Lion was involved with Caliban, but it was never his home. Nostramo was Kurze's thesis that his methods could work. Lorgar, Khan, Corax, Ferrus Manus, Guilliman, Angron, Mortarion, and Fulgrim were never really involved with their canon homeworlds.

>Which fits into his legend of being undefeatable. He would have known how the Imperium viewed him. The people need their legends

This is exactly what I was thinking of.

>> No.51432687

Vulkan was head of the Promethean Creed, it's greatest missionary and, given how long he had been influencing it, probably the greatest factor in shaping it.

Nocturne embraced the Creed completely and with great enthusiasm. By the time Vulkan started to feel old more or less 100% of the population ascribed to the Creed in one form or another. By both % and raw numbers it was the greatest hub of the faith.

It had become their Holy Land, eclipsing even the old lands of Africa.

It was also a fruitful recruitment world for the Salamander Legion and the one the Salamander Chapter held on to after the dividing of the Legion.

There was also secondary reasons like it being politically stable, nice central location, major travel lanes nearby, economically not too bad off, self sufficient in food and technologically and industrially fair sophisticated.

It was just a more practical place for him to settle down.

>> No.51433243

Okay, will try to type up.

>> No.51433288

It's just suggestions, don't feel bound to anything.

>> No.51433540

Yes, but they're good suggestions. Makes sense.

>> No.51436137

Not him, but it does kinda seem that helping with the GKs fits super nicely with what we have for the time period.

>giving Chaos a black eye
It would be painfully obvious to those in-setting, regardless of experience, that this is almost certainly a Really Bad Idea(TM) - the Age of Strife is what happened when the Warp sat up and took notice of humanity, so trying to beat it up without even cursory expertise is probably a bad idea.

>upgrading the Astronomican
That was later, post-formal alliance iirc

>Xenos classifications.
Yes, yes yes yes yes. Only question is where the line between abhuman and Familiaris is.

I kek'd

>> No.51436888

>the Age of Strife is what happened when the Warp sat up and took notice of humanity, so trying to beat it up without even cursory expertise is probably a bad idea.

Age of Strife was when humanity got hit with the floatsam from the afterbirth of Slaanesh and their A.I.s were dumb enough to be trawling the waters in the middle of a hurricane. Warp wasn't even aware of humanity and that point, it was just a side effect.

>Only question is where the line between abhuman and Familiaris is.

Are you a terragenic lifeform descended from H. sapiens sapiens? Abhuman. Non-terragenic? Familiaris. Uplifted Terran life is a non-issue since I don't think any is around in vanilla.

>> No.51436977

>Warp wasn't even aware of humanity
Still proves the point why attacking chaos to stave off chaos is a bit of a dumb idea, though

>> No.51437840

As far as Oscar was concerned all those failed societies and twisted mockeries of life, all the shit done by Ursh, Gredbritton and Aegyptus and its equivalents on thousands of other worlds was Chaos throwing the first punch. War was already declared.

Taking Ish from Chaos would weaken Chaos long term. Oscar was all about doing that.

The fact that it would an ally and make a closer alliance was a nice side effect.

>> No.51441166

It started with filk so let it end with filk

post 310


It's been fun.

lots to update on 1d4chan page.

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