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Tau = Tomb Kings edition
Robute Girlyman sexually identifies as a Storm Talon sub-edition
I sexually identify as a Vendetta sub-sub-edition
sub-sub-subway edition

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First for the words of Lorgar!

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Anyone based in edinburgh / been to?
whats this group http://www.edinburghleagueofgamers.co.uk/ like? I'm trying to find out a place I can play

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Am I scum for using Eldar? I really like them

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What's this? Two 40k gens? Well this one actually has a title.

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I live inAberdeenSo no

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man that did not work

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There there anon, you're from aberdeen so you're basically just retarded.

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If you dig space elves, then yes, you are xenos-loving filth. Other than that, so long as you're not a cunt and don't make other players' experiences in games awful, keep on keeping on, dude.

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Eldar are delicious, they're my favorite really.

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So, the other night I was going across websites and ordered some sets of slave girls for my slaaneshi chaos warband, and as I was looking through 3rd party websites for good models of naked girls I found quite a few elven naked girls.

So, this brings up the question to me of what would happen if an eldar was taken captive by a chaos warband? I figured in a Slaaneshi warband the eldar captives would be sacrificed to slaaneshi demons/ slaanesh itself quite quickly- Or would they work hard to keep their hyper empathetic slave alive so they could torture and enjoy it the way the demons and slaanesh want to?

I tried searching for some answers, but all I can find is people talking about what happens to prisoners the eldar take, not what happens to eldar who are taken prisoner themselves.

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Yes, but it's not your fault that you're scum, it's GW's fault. The best you can do is try your hardest not to be scum, but 100% of the time you're going to end up as scum regardless. Even if you take 120 Storm Guardians.

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Xenology isn't cannon, but it's about the best you're going to get. When one was captured by the Inquisition, he locked up and barely interacted with anyone or anything. Just sat there, meditating, eating occasionally when food was provided. Never spoke. Since they're in the hands of a Slaaneshi warband, my guess is that they're going to neck themselves first chance they get if they aren't sacrificed quickly. The nature of soulstones isn't common knowledge unless you yourself are a Craftworld Eldar, so that's their best opportunity.

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Dear god, someone else from this depressing grey shithole posts on here.

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>playing Eldar
>not making others' experiences awful

Pick one. I mean unless you give all your opponents a beer and a blowjob, then I guess you could pick both.

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>tfw edincucked

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Aeldari are OP in general, but avoid Wraith and Scatbike spam and you avoid most of it.

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What's the best way to field a Slaaneshi Daemon Prince?
I plan on converting the new Celestine model into one and I'd like some tips beforehand.

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My apologies for not yet reading the codex but what is required of the reclaimation legion formation for necrons? GW is trying to shove a monolith in a box set deal and I don't recall needing one.

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0-3 Monolith

>> No.51254373

That box set is exactly the same cost as buy the individual pieces separately btw.

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Does the canon even matter in 40k? Im sure all the biology aspects of it are accurate. Its canon enough that everyone references it.

So, probably not on the Eldar slave girl, at least not for long. If stripped upon capture they'd attempt to get their soulstone back and then neck themselves upon getting it?

What if the eldar in question was from Cammorragh?

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Aberdonians what is the low down on the GW shop in the city, is it decent or shit?
Can i bring my vajello paints and have them not freak out?

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>Xenology isn't cannon

It is canon but the text in it is dubious because it's written by an in-verse lunatic. Goddamnit people.

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From my experience its decent. They don't have any problems with conversions with different companies parts so I'm sure they won't care about what paint you use, although I've never painted in shop.

The Manager Scott is pretty nice guy who tends to give you free stuff from time to time. Really friendly and you can have a discussion about anything. Rich is also a nice guy whose pretty chill and will give decent advice about painting and army building.

They used to have a couple of dickheads as staff but they've left over the last few years. I'd recommend avoiding it on the weekend as its generally packed with kids. They have late night gaming on Thursdays as well.

But yeah, its a nice shop that I've been going to on and off for about a decade now. Never had a problem with Scott.

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is there any other alternative in aberdeen to the GW shop?

>> No.51254594

Not to my knowledge. All the other places I know have shut down over the years.

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There are multiple cases of slaaneshis collecting or even eating soulstones.

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Cadians step off, the new Imperial Guard are here

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I have a better question, what would the Dark Eldar do if they captured some Craftworld cousins

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rate this shit tier list

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Daemon or CSM version?

In my mono slaanesh Daemon army I've use him/her as a livining daemon spawning battery with 3 charges flying around trying to get some summons or cursed earths off to boost the horde of daemons running across the board. if you got the points pop a greater gift and get the lash for the 2d6 S user shooting, it's not the best in the world unless you go for Iron arm.

If you have CSM allies or a CSM army it's much the same, but instead of the lash you get the BBoS flamer which is hella fun to play around with. biggest plus is you get the spell famliar which makes him a beast, well worth the needed roll on the god table to get.

Both versions will cost you an arse load though, atleast 300+ points or so, I include mine for fluff reasons but it has a nasty habit of getting blown the hell out of the sky by Vendetta spam or flyrants so be warned.

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/k/ pls go

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>tating, eating occasionally when food was provided. Never spoke. Since they're in the hands of a Slaaneshi warband, my guess is that they're going to neck themselves first chance they get if they aren't sacrificed quickly. The nature of soulstones isn't common knowledge unless you yourself are a Craftworld Eldar,
There's a short story in Treacheries of the Space Marines that deals with an Iron Warrior who captures a bunch of soulstones and holds a story-telling competition between a bunch of other traitor legionnaires to see who gets them.

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>hurrr muh operators
can you stop

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High speed, low drag, and Newton's first law of motion means that no, no, he can't stop.

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Same as they treat DE prisoners. All eldar still see eldar as people and everyone else as animals.

Of course, being DE, they might very well torture, rape and/or murder them because that's like saying 'hello' in Commorragh. But probably not enslave them, because I don't think they keep their own kind as slaves.

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>There there anon, you're from aberdeen so you're basically just retarded.

>be me
>live most of my life in england
>move to aberdeen for PhD
>get called retarded


i kinda like it, the granite is cool, and the cairngorms give me a boner
Is nick the young loud one, 'cos he's a dick

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Is there a specific reason you've taken a Lord Commissar over a Company Command Squad? Just curious is all.

I wouldn't recommend mixing the special weapons on the Veterans. I would also only take 2 weapons as you can only fire 2 from the Chimera. If you are going to use Plasma guns I'd also take Carapace armour too to make them slightly more survivable and also to help with Gets Hot!

The heavy weapon in your Platoon Command Squad is rarely going to fire if its in a Chimera. Its going to be snapshotting.

You could combine your infantry squads into one massive one. Means you'd only have to take one vox caster. You can add a commissar and make them stubborn or a priest to make them fearless and you could potentially add autocannons to make them a gun line. Could also add a Psyker with Prescience.

I would also not recommend mixed special weapons on the Tempestus Command Squad.

>> No.51254755

For the main detachment-
lose the flamers and nade launchers, take melta - put the heavy weapons team in a normal squad that isn't going to be in a chimera and doesn't need to be mobile and giving orders.
Lose all the vox casters, its totally pointless since you only have one person who can give orders, and he can't even give senior orders (the commissar cant give orders)
Don't take recovery gears, take dozer blades, they are much better at preventing immobilization and not taking that glance; recovery gears are far more niche
With the veterans don't mix special weapons - don't mix special weapons in any squad if you can help it.
It might be very worth your while either squeezing in a vanq, or a proper HQ (perhaps lose the platoon command chimera)

For the hellrain brigade, I'm not familar with what you have to take, but remember you have deepstrike with all these guys, so you might not need the taurox, also careful about mixing guns here. You'll find that commissar has little value with tempestus, so consider giving him some toy like a powerfist or plasma pistol

>> No.51254765

wait... i thought the craftworld eldar were different because of the soulstone nonsense, and the deldar don't have soulstones?
Does this mean its possible to corrupt a craftworld eldar to a pleasure-pain obsessed deldar?

>> No.51254774

I've not been there in a while Anon. I mostly dealt with Scott and Rich who are both decent.

I think I know who you're talking about and he mostly works on saturday where being loud is good for kids.

Last main dickhead I was dealing with was a miserable cunt with glasses that nearly stopped me from going.

>> No.51254799

>Is nick the young loud one, 'cos he's a dick
I know the guy you're taking about, he isn't a dick so much as a guy who probably does coke in the back room, and doesn't take his ADHD meds. He's a good painter but knows shit about the actual game.
It does make you wonder what they look for in GW employees

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After painting termagaunts i realize that painting anything between the legs of a mini is a pain in the ass

>> No.51254813

the mold lines on that one

>> No.51254825

Should i give all my platoon command squads a flamer and my company command a flamer?

Also, is a grenade launcher worth on a normal guardsmen squad?

>> No.51254842

>take melta

I disagree with this. Melta should be on specialized squads (Veterans, Command Squads). You don't want to waste lasgun fire getting a couple of BS3 melta gun shots in. Its not worth it for just one Melta.

I'd say if he wants to take special weapons that he should take Flamers if he wants them to assault and get close, Grenade Launchers if he's taking autocannons for it and wants a 5pt small boost to firepower. But yeah, for the most part the special weapons for regular guardsmen aren't great.

>> No.51254843

No and No

Nade launchers are rubbish, and flamers are very situational, and your command squads are better off in the back, sniping and kiting and giving orders (unless you buff it out for something specific)

>> No.51254851

>for the most part the special weapons for regular guardsmen aren't great.
yeah this is true, if you want a special weapons squad, shell out for another group of vets

>> No.51254880

>Can i bring my vajello paints and have them not freak out?
In general is it okay to bring 3rd party paints to an official GW store?

>> No.51254883

i see, thank you anon, any suggestion where i should spend those points on? Being two platoons and an heavy flamer its 20 points, or just 15 if i want to keep a simple flamer just in case someone decides to get too close my company command squad, also command squads cant be too much in the back, as the orders only have a reach of 12"

>> No.51254885

I have a healthy amount of respect for the humble grenade launcher.

I've lost a bloodthrister on the turn it deepstruck to those bastards massed.

He never even got to move... Fucking lawnchairs.

>> No.51254887

Adding flamers to PCS isn't a terrible idea. You can use them against hordes and as a counter attack unit. And its only 20 points.

I would never give flamers to a CCS. They should be out of combat for most of the time.

Grenade launchers are okay. Not great. Only useful if you want a small boost and are willing to pay 5 points. Not really worth it though.

>> No.51254892

what's your HQ have?

>> No.51254901

I'd probably just check before hand. For every good GW employee/manager there's likely 2 bad ones.

Most of the guys I've met are pretty chill but you never know.

>> No.51254909

Looks like a bunch of middle aged blokes chugging pints and Irn Bru. Would be worth at least tossing them a line and asking about 40k. I'm applying to do my MA up your ends so might follow on your tails in September anon

>> No.51254913

Normal company command with camo and carapace

>> No.51254915

>>51248247 (OP)
I can't bother to check all the links, so you're probably have it. But in case someone still not:

> https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B86if2YrXDKbajJudlBGYzYzd0k/view
fall of cadia pdf

>> No.51254919

I use grenade launchers for units with autocannons or missile launchers, since what other weapon can I get to them that syncs in any way with those two and doesn't cost 3 times as much?

>> No.51254931

Probably try and bring them around to the deldar way of thinking through elaborate psychological torture.

>> No.51254933


But nobody uses PDFs.

>> No.51254968

Every planet in the Imperium has one you dickweed

>> No.51254973

Cadia doesn't.

>> No.51254981

Thanks mate.


I'll be honest, I can't stand epubs.

>> No.51254982

tons of planets use PDF's

>> No.51254987

reboot when?

>> No.51254998

Yeah, but the Imperium's in technological regression. Soon they'll be all using Word documents. Ecclesiarchy already is.

>> No.51255017

Casual Slaaneshi List

>> No.51255019

the worst part about going from Blood Angels to nids is i now have tons of metalic paints i will never use along with blues and flesh tones

>> No.51255043

I would go camo or carapace, either one will likely give you a 4+

>> No.51255046

If the eldar was from Commoragh, you could potentially keep them indefinitely since they survive off pain. I'm sure there would be issues over time since you're keeping them out of the webway. They'd be looking to bail as soon as possible, of course; they're not fans of Slaanesh, and they'd rather not have their soul eaten.

>> No.51255059

The soul gets eaten upon death for a Dark Eldar anyway, doesn't it? They don't have soulstones.

>> No.51255075

What is armour?

>> No.51255086

Praise Slaanesh!

>> No.51255130

r8 and b8 m80s

>> No.51255138

Flamers on platoon command squads are good in a chimera. Don't waste the unit or the bs with company command squads. ccs is for plasma guns or a lascannon.

Grenade launchers are very okay. Take them in you have a small amount of points to spare. They pair nicely with autocannons or heavy bolters since they are all around the same strength and have the same ap.

>> No.51255200

not bad. for that many points though, you could've gotten 616 conscripts.

>> No.51255218

>He's a good painter but knows shit about the actual game.
yeah thats the guy. he recomemed putting eldard at the front of eldar units, becuase he has a 4++
>Last main dickhead I was dealing with was a miserable cunt with glasses that nearly stopped me from going.

jesus, what? is it story time?

>> No.51255222

Pretty good for an infantry based list, it might be worth it to break that into two platoons to get an extra order every turn, a second command squad would be another extra two orders as well. Could really help the infantry list, with no sergeant or vox caster you'd be shocked how hard it is to get an order off on a heavy weapon team.

>> No.51255231

It might be worth dropping one(and only one) of the las cannon teams down to autocannons: i have found tank hunter auto cannons are better for dealing wiht vechle squads (like other sentnles, dragoon etc), and they can pull double duty as anti-infantry

>> No.51255237

You will suffer vs guard:wyvens and heavy weapons squads basically counter everything you have here, and you have very little awnser to armour

>> No.51255242

It is too quiet we must make it loud

>> No.51255274

You should add your CCS to the vox network. I wouldn't take a medi-pack as they're going to be pretty fragile and will die to a stiff breeze. I like putting my CCS in a Chimera for a bit more survivability personally.

I take it the priest is either going with flamers combined squad or conscripts?

I take it you're going to be doing 2 combined squads for the infantry? One for flamers, one for grenade launchers? If that's the case I'd add some autocannons to the grenade launcher ones.

Your special weapons squad isn't legal. Rules say that they must take 3 special weapons.

I'm not a great fan of footslogging veterans. Seems like they'll die before making a difference. I'd definitely give them carapace to negate Gets Hot! and allow them to survive a bit more.

>> No.51255300

rate my list guys.

>> No.51255309


Can't take conscripts without infantry platoons

>> No.51255310


>> No.51255316 [SPOILER] 

low energy

>> No.51255323

ah, now that's the genius part. the commissar is the baneblade.

>> No.51255359

Truly, creed is in his element

>> No.51255454

is this what you wanted anon? is it?

>> No.51255463


Ironically, a craftworlder would probably be treated far better thn a non-Eldar prisoner.

Like, Dark Eldar see everyone but Eldar as animals. They at least acknowledge craftworlders as fellow Eldar.

>> No.51255472

No priest or enough commissars. Do you even IG?

>> No.51255480

Ew, Glasgow ftw

>> No.51255494


>> No.51255500

>add Coteaz
>take Castellans of the Imperium
>all Conscripts get 33% chance o respawn and ObSec


>> No.51255567

Its not a valid list.

>> No.51255587


>> No.51255593


>> No.51255595

I see, in this case, with the removal of command squads flamers and other stuff i have like 25 or more points left, where i should put them?

>> No.51255597

Yes Anon, now its legal.

>> No.51255606

What does your current list look like?

>> No.51255611

Do you have the castellans detachment? i dont think i saved it

>> No.51255612


Speaking of which, do DEldar believe in the Eldar mythology? Like, Rhana Dandra, Ynnead etc?

>> No.51255613

I assumed it was some unbound retarded bullshit

>> No.51255633

On my PC, not this laptop. Though Cadia is literally in the OP.

Can quickly sum it up though:

2-4 HQ (all generics from all Imperial Factions, Black Templar uniques and all other non-SM uniques allowed)

4+ Troops

0-6 of everything else

Get to re-roll Warlord trait.

Everything gets Hatred. Zealot if you max out your non-troop units (because anyone will ever do that).

Troops respawn identical to how they were originally deployed if you roll a 5+ when they die.

>> No.51255635


>> No.51255640


>> No.51255642

I needed the restrictions on what you can and can not take. But thank you for that.

>> No.51255649

The believe in Khaine for certain, so they probably believe in all the other gods. Whether or not they believe in prophecy as much as their craftworld kin is something I have no clue about.

>> No.51255654

Only things not available are things from the custom Space Marine codices, from Forgeworld or the Space Marine characters that aren't from the Black Templars, IIRC.

>> No.51255662

i have question

if i have a world eater butcher horde with a chaos warband as core and then lost and the damned as auxiliary, do they both get the 2d6 move at the start?

or just the warband? i assume both do?

>> No.51255675 [DELETED] 

Yeeeeah, thats the big weakness of the list. I wanted to stick within the Rupture Battalion for the drugs but also take cultists and daemons.... I wish Cultists could take missile launchers, if illiterate africans have them shouldn't cultists too?
Heres a more competetive list.

I think 5 blastmasters with spitfire would immediately end any threat from heavy weapon teams, especially from the safety of metal boxes. Still, you're definetly right, the list is super weak to armor. It relies on the demons and they don't cut it, blastmasters can do it but its optimal to use them on infantry.
Heres a more competetive less fun list where I took the demons and cultists out for something good.

>> No.51255680

to be fair, they've probably seen the avatar of khaine in action on raids on craftworlds if they're going badly for the craftworld. they know they're gonna get sacrificed to slaanesh if they go down to the DE, so they would probably use the avatar, and the avatar of khaine is a literal, physical manifestation of a god that they can perceive. so while they do see that the gods exist, they probably don't care much for them.

>> No.51255684

Is it not valid?

>> No.51255690

There you go.

Please remember you can only take shit in the list. So no terminator or bikes in Troops.

>> No.51255700

anyone knows if the tempestus are selling good?

>> No.51255716

its basically the IG version of the frankestein monster.
>Regular IG providing two platoons, a hellhound with multi-melta and a wyvern
>Death korps of krieg assault regiments providing breaching drill engineers with melta, objsec grenadiers with flamer and a quartermaster cadre for the mondatory hq,
>armored battlegroup for two company tanks (bs4 special ammo and lovely tank orders) and two objsec leman russ
>astropath from the psykana for the reserve reroll
>Valkyrie and officer of the fleet for grenadiers transportation, as few tournament fags told me that if i join the officer to a squad this squad can logically start inside the transport

if you want i can post the full list with all the details

>> No.51255728

Here you go

>> No.51255730

I don't know but I'd guess not good enough since they forced them into the Wrathful Crusade formation for pretty much no reason.

>> No.51255742


Yes, this is the annoying shit I like.

Just need a way to take care of any template weapons to make sure those Conscripts nevever ever get removed in time.

>> No.51255751

If its easy to post then yeah. I don't want you to spend a lot of time just so I can tell you where it would be good to have a measly 25pts.

>> No.51255759

>Tau aerial

>> No.51255768

Anyone based in London here? Where do you play?

>> No.51255770

Militarum Tempestus are slick as fuck, but it bothers me that they are shit unless you spam min number squads. I hate armies that do that.

>> No.51255781

So this is basically "tarpit the enemy and take the objectives": the army

>> No.51255788

At least they're a good "fuck you" to most Marine lists, being AP 3 and all that.

Saw several times that a 5-man Scion squad killed 10 Marines without losses.

>> No.51255789

Illegal cus no aux. Anon
Get a Chaos spawn.

Also flying daemon prince with 4xdrugs is almost unkillable (if you roll +2t and +2bs like me)

>> No.51255804

Awh, Im scrub, Ill delete it.

>> No.51255820

Things shall get loud soon
about to drop the bass at a local game

>> No.51255829

this looks like a gotesy

>> No.51255847

Wonder if I can get them a DT Vendetta or Valk in the troop choice

Something about a 5+ respawning flayer sounds nice

>> No.51255849

Hello /wh40kg/,

I'm a complete newbie to the hobby and had a few questions. I'm starting off building a Renegades & Heretics army (I know, probably not the best to start off with but modeling and painting are the parts of the hobby that interest me more so than the gameplay itself, though I'm going to be engaging in plenty of both) and I was wondering how you prime your vehicles? I have a chimera waiting to be assembled and was wondering if I should prime it on the sprue or assemble it and then prime it? Additionally, how might I go about making my guard vehicles look more chaosy now that the chaos vehicle accessory sprues are off of the GW webstore? I don't have any other sources for spiky bits outside of buying a new vehicle which is too expensive.

>> No.51255852

>5 blastmasters with spitfire would immediately end any threat from heavy weapon teams, especially from the safety of metal boxes

fair, can you fire the st5/ap4 mode on the move?

as for the more competative list, melta guns on normal marines, with no rhino, isnt the best. i go for the single plasma gun, and drop the power weapon, then you can use them to hold back feild objective.

>> No.51255865

I mean, if they can take a Dedicaed Transport that flies, then yeah, that should work.

>> No.51255878

would you be willing to play this/against this?

>> No.51255895

With a Salamanders list loaded to the brim with flamers, possibly.

Would actually make for a pretty fun match-up.

>> No.51255913

the goal becomes can you kill 300 obsec GEQ that respawn on 5+ before the end of the game

>> No.51255914

Maybe my MSU SoB could work. The sheer amount of flamers, meltas and ranged not! Meltas should be enough.

God I love T3 Imperium armies.

>> No.51255919

its ok m8, im using battlescribe anyway so:

++ Imperial Navy Section (Aeronautica Imperialis v2001) (155pts) ++

+ HQ (20pts) +
Officer of the Fleet (20pts)
+ Fast Attack (135pts) +
Valkyrie (135pts)
[2x Multiple Rocket Pods, Multi-laser]

++ Combined Arms Detachment armored battlegroup++

+ HQ (430pts) +
Company Command Tank Vanquisher (245pts)[Artificer Hull, Beast Hunter Shells, Camo Netting, Improved Comms, Lascannon]

Company Command battle Tank (185pts)
[Camo Netting, Heavy Bolter, Infernus Shells]

+ Troops (320pts) +
Battle Tank (150pts)

Exterminator (170pts)
[2x Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolter]

++ Combined Arms Detachment (Astra Militaru ++

+ HQ (70pts) +
Company Command Squad (70pts) [ Veteran w/ Heavy Flamer]

+ Troops (264pts) +

Infantry Platoon (132pts)
Infantry Squad
Sergeant [Bolter, Close Combat Weapon]

Infantry Platoon (132pts)
Infantry Squad
Sergeant [Bolter, Close Combat Weapon]

Platoon Command Squad

Infantry Platoon (132pts)
Infantry Squad
Sergeant [Bolter, Close Combat Weapon]

Infantry Platoon (132pts)
Infantry Squad
Sergeant [Bolter, Close Combat Weapon]

Platoon Command Squad

+ Fast Attack (135pts) +
Hellhound Squadron (135pts)

+ Heavy Support (65pts) +

Wyvern Battery (65pts)
[Heavy Flamer]

++ Allied Detachment- Death Korps of Krieg Assault Brigade++

+ HQ (75pts) +

Death Korps Quartermaster Cadre (75pts) [2x Medicae Servitor]

+ Elites (160pts) +

Death Korps Combat Engineer Squad (160pts) [Engineer with Meltagun, Hades Breaching Drill]

+ Troops (125pts) +

Death Korps Grenadier Storm Squad (125pts) [Grenadier with Flamer]

++ Psykana Division (Adeptus Astra Telepathica v2001) (25pts) ++

+ HQ (25pts) +

········Astropath (25pts) [CCW, Mastery Level 1]

>> No.51255923

Bring sister flamer spam. Have a (combi/heavy) flamer on literally every model you field

>> No.51255938

forgot to say that i have 26 points to use

>> No.51255939

>play this
>Paint that many conscripts

>> No.51255946

Fuck, I'd love to play a scenario like that now.

A platoon of SoB clearing a supposedly heretical world lead by an Inquisitor sounds like a fun thing. Have to clear the city before they lose control at the end of the game or something and need to resort to Exterminatus.

>> No.51255951

Play against it with a tsons warpflamer rubricae army. create immortal holy soldiers of the imperial guard, blessed by the emperor and tzeentch. win 40k.

>> No.51255964

Is there major differences between Imperial armour 1 and the second edition of it?

>> No.51255969

But anon you still have 2 Bolters.

Unless you use Dominion Squads with Flamers

BSS Combi-Flamer, Flamer, Heavy Flamer and 2x Bolter
DS Combi-Flamer and 4xflamers

But then again Dominion with flamers feels so wrong

>> No.51255977 [SPOILER] 


>> No.51255983

assemble then prime. as for how to make guard things more chaosy, add spikes.

>> No.51255991

Where would I go about getting chaosy spikes?

>> No.51255999

You can buy the renegade models from Forge World and the etched brass. You can also use greenstuff depending on the chaos faction you are going for.

>> No.51256006

A huge vehicle can be primed and painted on the sprue if you're a complete loonie.
It's easier to to build it then prime.

Check ebay/bits sellers for chaos vehicle stuff.

>> No.51256014

greenstuff, forgeworld upgrade kits, or if you were skilled enough use the edges of the sprues to carve out some spikes, they're not a difficult shape.

>> No.51256022

There is no planet called cadia

>> No.51256035

there is. it's just very small now. and there's several of them.

>> No.51256038

Guardsmen are fueled by Chaos now. Thanks FoC for that retarded scene

>> No.51256056

I have the Renegade Command Squad and a squad of Renegade Militia from FW built and primed. As for the brass stuff, how bendable is it? I was thinking about buying the sprue but I wanted to try applying some of those brass bits to angles and curved spots on my vehicles.
Thanks, I'll check out ebay.

>> No.51256124


>> No.51256129

How about this?

You can fire Str5 AP4 ignores cover on the move, but most games first turn they're all stationary- so 5 Str 8 Ap3 pinning ignores cover small blasts, that can all fire on different targets.

5 men units aren't going to hold objectives, I mostly just took those units because I had to, i always favor melta over plasma though. Doesnt matter in the end, list wasn't legal. In theory though, I favor the 5 man melta/power weapon squad over 5 man plasmagun powerweaponless squad.

If I had the points Id make them both 10 man units and give them a banner of excess and extra meltaguns, though. Oh, and probably stick them in a rhino.

>> No.51256140

thats pretty unlikely
>5 man= 10 shot at 9"
>2/3 hit, 1/3 wound, (2/9 total)
>5+ cover like 90% of the time
thats not going to happen m8

>> No.51256161

What does corteaz do for your respawning?

>> No.51256169

Your prince is going to die like a bitch.
With no save out side of a 4++ jink, and a 5++ invun, he is going to be in some trouble.

you also might want to give him the drug relic. that or the deamon weapon: either boost his def or his off

your warpsmith also needs the mark of slanesh to be legal

>> No.51256171

how many power fists or chainfists are there in a box of chaos terminators?

>> No.51256172

IA Coteaz gives everyone Objective Secure. Basically everything but your vehicle can capture shit

>> No.51256174

His Special Rule gives ObSec to all infantry in his detachment.

>> No.51256181

1 chain 3 power

>> No.51256186

he didnt specifcy over a single turn but still yeah they arnt really supposed to survive after the first turn of shooting, the idea is they drop in, burn some fucker down and then die or survive long enough to flip an objective for a while

the main power from the scions just comes from being able to mass deepstrike double flamers, double meltas and the HQ units

hq takes 4 plasma guns and a plasma pistol, gives themselves preferred enemy on 9 S7 ap2 shots, rerolling gets hot and failed wounds against most stuff is insanely effective

add this into the new formation where your entire army becomes a pseudo hellrain brigade, 7 tauroxes and 7 scion units reappearing next turn on a 5+ if they die should make for some reasonable constant threats

what book/page is this on, the new imperial agents?

>> No.51256187

Not that much from what I can remember. A few stats here and there and the armoured battlegroup changed a bit.

The first edition has a lot more fluff though.

>> No.51256193

Yeah, it's his new Imperial Agents ruling.

>> No.51256206

From what I can see your list is fairly spot on.

You could shove some autocannons into the infantry squads or take a master of ordinance or something.

You don't desperately need anything i can think of.

>> No.51256208

can he also take servo skulls? right now along side 2 scion command units im taking 2 ordo-xenos for 6 servo skulls and a slightly less shit warlord than a T3 with 4+ who holds a plasma weapon

>> No.51256211

Do they have scatterless deepstrike, i forget

>> No.51256217

Need a 5+ to wound though
And the Marine might be in cover
I wonder if making there hotshots wound on 4s naturally would make them OP as hell
Or if They give them an assault 3 str 3 ap- alternate fire. I would like that
T. Storm Trooper player

>> No.51256219

its not scatterless but they have move through cover, so any dangerous terrain from landing in buildings is entirely negated

I'm taking servo skulls to reduce the scatter to 1d6" though and to fuck with enemy infiltrators

>> No.51256234

No, but you can take the old Inquisition codex for some servo-skulls

Yes they make a reference to IA, I and AS codex for this formation.

Enjoy the clusterfuck

>> No.51256235

Nah, no Servo Skulls. Does have a rule that allows him to immediately shoot anything coming in from reserves withing 12", however. No idea if he had that before, never read his old rules.

>> No.51256249

the porblem is getting them close enough to rapid fire, without landing ON the op and getting a mishap. sound dangrous. servo skuls should do it though. man thats nasty

>> No.51256254

Your warpsmith forgot his mos. He doesn't use it very often apparently.

>> No.51256264

Rets or celestians with heavy flamers and a combi-flamer superior is an option

>> No.51256283

ah rip, i might have to give up a 9 shot plasma team for him (or i can just bring a 2nd detatchment to move the 2nd xenos inquisitor into)

also fucking hell you wern't kidding, he even gives my command scions obsec aswell, unfortunately the taurox primes dont get it but thats more than enough, thanks anon

> never read his old rules.

yep that was there before

go hard or go home, thats why im switching from tau to scions because when the deepstrike fuckery works its amazing

>> No.51256288

So what's actually better.

A Skitarii Maniple with a attached Dominus Maniple as their Warlord

A pure Skitarii Maniple.

Or a Skitarii CAD with Cawl as the Warlord.

>> No.51256313

I would recommend asking this on the WIP thread. But what I do, and what I find most folks do, is assemble first, but not all the way. I'll leave off things that get in the way, and do final assembly after painting. But I usually try to assemble as much as possible first, and I often wind up with three or four couple sections depending on the model.

No ideas on conversion, mate, sorry - maybe look at some of the Warhammer Fantasy stuff? There are loads of bits In Some of those kits that you could use if not cost prohibitive. Again, I'd check WIP. Hope that helps

>> No.51256323

Well alpha legion cultists are pink horrors in disguise and guardsmen lose their fate if the pylons turn celestines powers down.

>> No.51256328

Each has their benefits.

Pure Skitarii is good for having a mega-Killy plasma squad with preferred enemy.

With the dominus maniple you get a chance at both a plasma squad and a crab tank rerolling hits, but you have to put the dominus closeby.

Cawl is cool for Obsec Skitarii, which is something that's good and I'm honesty they should (since literally all their fluff leans toward it) have had access to base.

>> No.51256350

>Well alpha legion cultists are pink horrors in disguise
honestly, i really like how this works with alpha legion. it really FEELS like you have this escalting force, and that there is too many bodies

>TFW your cultists out swarm gaunts, whilst out shooting them

>> No.51256382

Yeah i only saw it once but it was great. They infiltrated in front of the enemys line, acted as a roadbump against thunderwolves, died and respawned to tarpit some long fangs.

But plague zombies got a buff to with the latest faq they still get the +1 attack from pistol+ccw. They just can't shoot.

>> No.51256388

Well you can use the old Acolyte squad, atach him to the squad. Since Both IA and I Inquisition shit are the same faction.

Enjoy mix and matching shit at will

>> No.51256398

oh sure comp wise a bajlion zombies are probs better, but as a AL player, it makes me feel all warm and mushy inside when i get to double team the enemy from both side with what use to be a single squad.

they are that strange and rarely seen creature on tg: Fun

>> No.51256419


>> No.51256424

Isn't that going to be FAQ'd out of existence?

>> No.51256428


>> No.51256430

New Eldar rune
Broyead confirmed!
Quick everyone go make a Youtube video.

>> No.51256436


>> No.51256464


>> No.51256473

So how exactly did the Imperium stop Mars' fleets if the AdMech had the best technologies available?

>> No.51256477

Why would it? its claerly RAI, seeing as its the ONLY way to feild cultists in the AL detachment. There is no otherway to get them, so i cna only conclude, its working as intended.

also, it really fits fom the 'cut one head off, and two other rise it its place' thing

AND its only a 25% chance to make 2 from one

>> No.51256479

If I want to gunboat my Kabalites, I should give them a Shredder and Splinter Cannon, and the Raider a Dark Lance, right?

>> No.51256482

The Emperor.

>> No.51256491

Because on Facebook it was confirmed as not rules as intended by the design team and pending FAQ

>> No.51256492

why is everonye interested in admech these days

>> No.51256499


>> No.51256501

robots are cool

>> No.51256505

Have your (you) and move along

>> No.51256528

take war walkers and those dudes that use jump packs. then you wont be scum because you and the other player will actually have a fun game

>> No.51256535

Armies you plan to build, damn the competitiveness!

This one is my personal favorite: Warlord Psyker Defiler (which is henceforth called Crabthedral), and supporting elements. Respawning bubblewrap, summoners to add pressure/pop Cursed Earth, Fiends for popping Shields, and a Herald to pop Divination on a Fiend each turn.

>> No.51256538

Actually other way around. It was confirmed that indeed, two 4+ rolls will happen due both the DoF and Formations rules proccing.

>> No.51256543

so bequin in the eisenhorn omnibus saga is an untouchable. most people dont seem to like her aura. however, it is not as horrible as stated in the general fluff for untouchables. why is that?

>> No.51256550

Why FAQ when you can just forge a narrative!

After all you just play with friends and not random people!

>> No.51256554

interesting fluff and place in the Imperium, don't have retarded armour design like mehreens and walkers are fun vehicles.

>> No.51256574

yeah that was what i was going to go for, but in the end i just dropped 1 taurox for him and swapped some weapons about

>> No.51256579

Because Untouchables are lesser versions of Blanks. Like psykers, Pariahs also have lesser or greater degrees of power.

>> No.51256616


Pray for me, anons. I'm actually going to run a 10-man Hellion unit.

>> No.51256662


>> No.51256674

New Cadians you say?

>> No.51256691


>> No.51256696

How to fix Terminators:

Terminator armor now gives +1 Wound and its armor save is increased to 1+ (a roll of 1 is still a fail).

>> No.51256705

powerlevels. in the ciaphas cain books, jurgen is a blank, which is more powerful than an untouchable, and that is stated as causing a revulsion for a reason you can't place. when you get more powerful, you get worse effects, down to the black pariah, which kills anyone with a psychic signature in the vicinity, no matter how small it is.

>> No.51256715

Are ork warbikers worth it?

>> No.51256724


So make it immune to it's hard counter, and vastly nerf taking them down with massed fire?

Fuck off.

>> No.51256732

gunna need a screen shot of that friendo

>> No.51256735

>and its armor save is increased to 1+ (a roll of 1 is still a fail).
Dumbest thing I've read today. Congratz.

>> No.51256737

Better than paying 35 point for a pile of shit

>> No.51256738

Nope just new tallarn desert raiders

>> No.51256740

we don't need to fix terminators, they're alright already

>> No.51256748


How come 90% of retarded unit change ideas come from Imperial players?

>> No.51256749

>2+ armor save
>Pile of shit

>> No.51256750

oh good I always wanted to play an imperial guard regiment solely comprised of mall ninjas.

>> No.51256751

Not him, but it sounds just like a 1+ save in WHFB: smae chane of stopping a wound as a 2+, but harder to take away (as only AP 1 stops it, not AP 2)

>> No.51256753

But can't Psykers overwhelm a Blank?
Thought I read a fluff blurb of a Culexus Assassin dying from overstraining his "blankness" against a strong psyker

>Can blanks commit ritual suicide to form a gestalt, an Anti-Emperor if you will?

>> No.51256755

Yeah, it's not that they're bad and need a buff it's that good formations don't need them.
If they had the ability to carry grav weapons people would probably take them more but they don't so no one cares too much.
35 points is fine for a marine with +2 armour and a power fist

>> No.51256764

Yes, obviously?

>> No.51256765

>thinking the enemy wont have droves of ap2 or melta to hand

>> No.51256774

What's wrong with that? It's anti armor you fucknut.... For taking out armor.

>> No.51256777

1+ armour would still fail on a roll of 1 and it's make AP1 weapons have a use other than extra help in taking out vehicles.

You could, at the same time, remove the Inv. save from them.

>> No.51256784

>AP2 is rare

>> No.51256785

Well that's not dumb.
It gives an actual reason to take termie armor over artificer armor, and makes things like deathwing slightly more viable in anything but casual play

>> No.51256787

why pay a premium for armor that will get ignored in the match anyway

if said armor also had access to better weapons, then thats different

>> No.51256795

Nah, they're null entities, trying to kill a blank with psychic powers is like trying to punch a hologram. it doesn't work.

>Gestalt, Anti-emperor
An Empress?

>> No.51256797

>implying ap 2 isn't common as fuck.

>> No.51256801

If people didn't stop jerking off their codicies with rending and ap2, and didn't have a tonne of ways to bypass av values, then almost every unit in the sm codex would be perfectly balanced.

Its not the units faults, its the metas.
That isn't even coming from an imperium player

>> No.51256805

because not everything is ap2, which is the time when it's useful.

>> No.51256816

1+ armor save wouldn't chance a thing against non AP2 weapons

>> No.51256817


Except the hard counter to terminators has always been plasma weaponry.

What AP is plasma?

Now leave.

>> No.51256819

Holy shit you fucking cry baby. It's armor. If it's not worth it to you, don't buy it.


>> No.51256833

relying on your opponant using the wrong tools for the job is a bit far fetched anon

if you are buying the armor for formation bonuses, or weapons that it can carry, then cool i have no objection, but spending 35 points for a T4 model with 2+, just because its 2+ is a little wasteful

how does a logical thought make me a cry baby? im not whining at anything im explaining why its just wasted points if you buy it soley for the 2+ armor

>> No.51256835

>Take suit for plasma generator's maintenance and convert it for military usage
>Plasma weaponry is its hard counter

>> No.51256843

>hard counter to terminators has always been plasma weaponry.

I'm sure RT and 2e would think different.

Besides, things change.

>> No.51256845

You want them to remove a counter to something. That makes you a cry baby, dude.

>> No.51256852

>take armor that was designed to withstand non-military system

>be surprised that the enemy make that system military and make it stronger

where did i say i wanted to remove a counter to something? im not the person you think i am anon

>> No.51256854

Sure the "No fun allowed"-FAQ will fix a lot of problems concerning neckbeards playing games and having fun instead of buying plastic and being sad 24/7

>> No.51256860


Especially a counter to something that's still alright anyway. 2+ still means it can weather a pretty damn good amount of small arms fire. But waaah why aren't my marines the best at everything.

>> No.51256864

Nobody said anything about removing anything. Plasma is still a counter to 2+ armour and gets the +1 on the damage chart.

>> No.51256866

You do realize how retarded what you just said is, right?
By that logic orks are in a fine position, because while most everything may be able to anhilate them, the opponent might not bring a decent list and thus give the ork player a fair chance
Or hell, a tau player might field only drones, so this means that any problems caused by stuff like the riptide is fine, because the a casual list will be fine when the opponent doesn't bring OP things.
gaunts are fine, as long as the opponent doesn't bring a good list that's when gaunts are useful.

You're an idiot.

>> No.51256870

Where the fuck are people getting this notion that literally every unit is ap2.
Every troop choice outside of eldar has access to 1 or 2 ap2 weapons, which nullifies the rest of the squads weapons, and troop choices are meant to be the jack of trade dudes.
In fact most units don't have ap2, but you guys only see the netlist fags and see constant rending on units.

Actually play some games with terminators and you'll find that they play as expected from a 35point unit, they are decent to good at range and good in combat as long as you don't have shitty enemy targets set for them.

Okay maybe grav weapons are way too prominent, but generally speaking these can be avoided by deepstriking them in as they will come in after you have time to deal with those units.

Seriously guys, if all you see in lists is waac, maybe you should stop trying to have
> muh optimised fluff lists
or maybe you should just play what you want and not care about how viable they are in the meta that generally changes from lgs to lgs.

If I call this bait does that mean that I auto win the argument?
It's not b8

>> No.51256877

>termie armor is fine
>the plethora of AP2 only affects loyalist scum
You're wrong.

t. CSM player

>> No.51256880

>termie armor is fine
>the plethora of AP2 only affects loyalist scum
You're wrong, I don't have ap2.

t. Ork player

>> No.51256881

>Where the fuck are people getting this notion that literally every unit is ap2.

you are confusing what people mean

the point people are making is that people will have ap2 in thier armies and they will just dedicate that to the 2+ armor units, because thats how being smart works

>> No.51256886

by that logic, every model without an invuln save is bad, because your opponent might kill it.

>> No.51256888

>There are armies who lose their armour save against basic S4AP5 shooting and get wounded on 3+ by it
>Marine players want their 2+ units to be even more durable

>> No.51256901

Any fluff on the black pariah?

>> No.51256906

No, I get the feeling that some people actually believe that termies are weak to every unit.

I love the argument that spamming small arms fire kills termies as if they're meant to be invincible and still be balanced

>> No.51256907

Not saying they're always a smart choice to take, but you're also paying for a powerfist. If you took PFs on a VV squad, you would rack up points too. The difference is that VVs have better options to do their job with. Terminators with guns just aren't shooty enough, and their guns cost a bit of a heap for non vehicles and nontwinlinking.

It also hurts that AP2 and AP1 is everywhere, and that makes vehicles and high armor alike not that useful, unless you have some surgical tool to remove it all and reduce risk.

>> No.51256910

Deff cannons and Kustom mega-weapons

>> No.51256915

>oh noes, one of my 3pts. dudes died

>> No.51256916

this logic is reasonable for expensive units, take the stormsurge for example where its almost a requirement to buy the shield gen

>> No.51256919

SoB here. What is AP2?

AP- AP5 AP4 and AP1

Anyway this discussion is stupid. We can just forge the narrative and ignore the AP. Like GW did on their stream

>> No.51256921

a very small amount, it's the most powerful blank in the universe, it kills everything around it passively in a black hole, and when one is born is generally dies of starvation as a baby because it killed its parents and anyone who tries to pick it up. One of them was made, I think and sent to kill Horus, but then was corrupted and something happened.

>> No.51256926

The real irony here is that tournament-winning lists don't even take plasma. All their AP2 comes from elsewhere.

>> No.51256929

> kustom mega guns
>1:2 chance of killing yourself vs killing the enemy.
> Deff kannon
> Taking a stompa
no thanks.

I know this is bait I'm just a cunt

>> No.51256932

more like 23 points for a 4+ save

t. scion player

>> No.51256937

> t. special snowflake
t. harlequin player

>> No.51256946

AP5 doesn't negate 4+ armour.

>> No.51256950

4's would break them vs MEQ
18" Assault 2 S3 AP3 would at least give MEQs a chance to break Stormtrooper faces in CC

>> No.51256958

I actually dont really care about my guys dying, 80% of my army automatically respawns on a 5+ anyway so fuck buying armor for them even if i could

>ap4 is rare

>> No.51256959

Gaunts are only fine if your opponent doesn't being a list since they die to a stiff breeze.

>> No.51256960

>every model without an invuln save is bad, because your opponent might kill it.
Except that's not by the same logic at all.
There is a fuckton of AP2 right now, and this makes things like termies rather weak units. Not horrible, but not great.

Invul saves currently have few things that ignore them, making invul saves fine.
A better comparison would be something else that has a ton of things that counter it:
Like saying vehicles are shit because of how much anti-armor is in the game

>> No.51256966

14 for no save? In a T3 melee model with no easy way to actually get to Melee?

>> No.51256981

Like how rhinos are """"""bad"""""" because autocannons exist in almost every army specifically to fuck their shit up.

>> No.51256990


>There is a fuckton of AP2 right now

How many armies have a basic troop weapon that negates a 2+ save?

Now how many have a basic troop weapon that negates a 5+ save?

>> No.51256991


>> No.51256996

If I have a unit that has Feel No Pain, and there's someone else that grants Feel No Pain, how do I resolve it? Do I roll again if I fail the first one?

>> No.51257004

am i just lazy or is it a pain to play horde armies?

i played a game where i had 80models on 1500pts and it was tiring as fuck moving all those little dudes every turn.

>> No.51257005

Autocannons are great.

>> No.51257006

More like how land raiders are bad because you pay a fuck ton of points for something that will maybe survive one or two turns against anything but the worst armies in the game

>> No.51257009

>How many armies have a basic troop weapon that negates a 2+ save?

if your argument has to rely on banning people buying options, you probably shouldn't make the argument

>> No.51257010

You only get one. Pick the better one

>> No.51257011

> orks
> ap6
Not a melee race
Not a shooting race
Not fast so they can't run a race
Barely count as a 40k race

>> No.51257012


Mind you, cover saves are very easy to get so 5+ saves are often pointless in comparison to the 5+ cover save.

>> No.51257021

>doesn't read what's being written, but has to join in

>> No.51257030

What if one of the characters is independent and given Feel No Pain by a piece of equipment?

>> No.51257033


Their argument hinges on there being "loads" of AP2. I was demonstrating there isn't "loads".

>> No.51257038

What do you people think of Admech? I quit 40k around the time they were released, so I never heard of them in-game.

>> No.51257042

>doesn't realise that he admitted to shitposting in the first post

>> No.51257043

you cant improve the save like that unless it says you can.

>> No.51257044

SM and Eldar are the only major problems with 2+, because grav completely shits on it and Eldar gets AP2 everywhere for free. If it was just plasma killing terminators they wouldn't be nearly as shit.

Rhinos have a good chance of protecting their cargo from stray shots and driving it halfway where it needs to go by the time they get popped. Most terminators that die have achieved nothing.

>> No.51257049

Stacking feel no pain is generally specifically stated as stacking.

>> No.51257051


>> No.51257055

Lets make cover saves universally equal to the armour save of the model receiving it. There, problem solves.

>> No.51257067

>twas merely an act

>> No.51257072

The issue that I have with Rhinos is that they only really work when you spam them, which makes it really awkward for them to be the default transport for elite armies like Marines.

>> No.51257082

No you can't exept when it says so. So normally only for Iron Hands and their childhood friends the Emperors Children.

>> No.51257088

>How many armies have a basic troop weapon that negates a 2+ save?
How many armies can buy AP2 for a basic troop choice for less than 20 points?

>> No.51257090

All who are whining about terminators are 2+, and every unit in the game is ap2. They have fucking 5++ for some reason, they can take ap2 and ap1 hits.

>> No.51257092


Do you by any chance play Orks?

Ork FNP doesn't stack because: Fuck you
~Love, Games workshop.

>> No.51257098

How many troop choices will that fuck up all their other weapon synergy with?

>> No.51257099

Goddamn, I really need that as a model now

>> No.51257100

Nearly all of them.

>> No.51257105

5++ isnt enough.

thats why storms shield termos are the only good termos.

>> No.51257107

Did you ever throw frag grenades on guardsmen?

>> No.51257112


SOB can get AP1 meltaguns for...15 iirc.

>> No.51257118

So my gaunts get a 6+ in and out of cover... great

>> No.51257128

Just finished reading Fall of Cadia. Is it wrong to be excited?

>> No.51257130

Very few, and irrelevant either way.
"""Fucking up their synergy"""" doesn't negate the fact that practically everyone can put AP2 onto their basic troops.

>> No.51257133

>5++ save on a 35pts. model
>worth a damn

>> No.51257137

10 points for one 12" AP1 shot at BS 4.
There's cheaper troops that can have rapid fire plasma at BS 4 at twice the range, and then there's grav guns that are in the middle range-wise but salvo 2/3.

Of course let's not talk about grav cannons. Yes they're costly, but they can also take a 2+ armour unit out from halfway across the board with just one model.

>> No.51257139

Should be 10 normally.

>> No.51257146

For fucks sakes every troop choice can get av, yes, just as most of them can get anti infantry, because they are meant to be the jack of all trades core of an army.

Why the fuck aren't you guys complaining that sm flamers kill metric fucktons of guardsmen above their point cost?
Oh thats right because its sm players jerking eachother off over how "muh objectively better space marines aren't specialised enough to kill everything".

>> No.51257147

Better than getting no armour save from all those AP6 weapons, no?

>> No.51257153


>5++ isnt enough.

Every Eldar, Ork, Dark Eldar, Tyranid, Guard and AdMech player is now laughing at you.

Fucking spoiled marines, I swear to god.

>5++ isn't enough!
>Literally armies whose armour save is 5+

>> No.51257161

monofiliment, rending orders, most large blasts, MCs, grav, melta, plasma, lance, a commonish amount of power melee weapons

its not exactly uncommon

>> No.51257167

Ork player here, what does ++ mean?

>> No.51257169

>literally hiding behind your armor

well it makes sense

>> No.51257171

>6 hours into converting Genestealer Cult epub into PDF
>find the codex PDF in my files
>could have used all this time to convert the Imperial Agents codex

Well fuck my life.

>> No.51257177

How much are you paying for that 5+?

You get 5+ on conscripts and they're THREE fuckin' points a piece.

>> No.51257184

When you put it like that...
I kek'd

>> No.51257191

what the hell are you talking about. Unless i mistook what you said you want to make it where my cover save is equal to my armor. Which is just a huge pain in the ass

>> No.51257195

I can't hear you over the sound of them not being able to take meltas or hit things more than 50% of the time

>> No.51257197


There are Eldar units who pay upward of 10pts for it.

>> No.51257200

>wot iz kustom force field?

>> No.51257208

>5++ on 35 point models is in anyway comparable to 5++ on 3 point models, except that both have the statically same chance of negating a wound

>> No.51257211

If you bought conscripts to hit things with you did something wrong.

>> No.51257212

you would get 6+ cover at minimum, that wouldnt override the better 4+ from ruins, for example

>> No.51257215

Except a guardsman is 4 points. And most Eldar troops that get anywhere around the cost of a terminator has either better survivability, better and stronger shooting or a combination of both, or is just a lot cheaper and can still rape armour.

5++ is a very baseline defense for a model that costs about 40 points and doesn't do shit outside of a melee, and even then only at I1 so say hello to MCs eating your face in handfuls.

Terminators also have that problem where they move 6" and don't have guns worth shit except for combi-weapons, which are only good for termicide and only if you're lucky with deep striking, but why do that when you can do the same with Sternguard on drop pods and pretty much eliminate the problem of scatter and deep strike mishaps?

Terminators have been left almost untouched since the Rogue Trader era, but their point cost and outfit options haven't adapted to the changes in meta.

Cry all you want, but don't be surprised when you're called a retard for not understanding this.

>> No.51257217

Invulnerable save. You can get a 5++ against shooting from a Big Mek Kustom Force Field and Kaptin Badrukk has a 5++ as well.

>> No.51257220

You could get almost 6 ork boys vs 1 terminator
I haven't done the math but I think orks have an higher chance to win here

>> No.51257231

There isn't a single unit in the Skitarii or Ad Mech codexes with a 5+.

>> No.51257237

> implying you would take a mek over a painboy
Counter argument: vehicles
> Implying that AV10 won't explode because it might be able to deflect a bolter shot

>> No.51257243

>> No.51257249

They are one of the few Ork units that are actually worth it. But as many as you can afford, then suck dicks for money to buy even more.

>> No.51257253

When they get the charge they will win. But if they can't kill him in the first turn, they will run away.

>> No.51257259

alright lets say no charges
6*3(1/2*1/3*1/6) = 0.5 wounds from orks
2(1/2*5/6) = 0.8333
yeah get fucked

>> No.51257300

>0.5 wounds from orks
that's 50% of the unit
>0.833 wounds to orks
that's 14% of the unit

>> No.51257306

>grav is not a thing: the post!

>> No.51257338

Yes it is?

It's what YOU use in fact.

>> No.51257360

I wish I had grav... instead Grav Marines wreck my Terminators...

>I wish I had grav
That's a lie, I wish grav wasn't so flipping broken

>> No.51257365

Does anyone have the dimensions for blast templates and such? gonna make my own.

>> No.51257373


>> No.51257377

> implying they won't run away or kill themselves more.

>> No.51257379

Grav literally ruined the game.

3" the small one, 5" the large one.

>> No.51257385

>everyone who has terminator armor has grav

>> No.51257413

radius or diameter and what about flamer?


>> No.51257421

>tfw chaos
>tfw no land raider redeemers

>> No.51257433

>Grav literally ruined the game.
Yup, my only consolidation is my other army is Daemons.
So before I take my models out I look at their list. And if they Grav'd out to cheese my Terminators and I brought Daemons, I get to watch them squirm as their special snowflake guns get to wound on a 6.

>> No.51257437

The flamer is about 8" long? Could be 9, but I'm certain that the tip has a 3" diameter as well. As a matter of fact, you can use the circle on the tip as a small blast template if you don't have one handy.

>> No.51257440

Why should we reedem? Death to the false emperor

>> No.51257459

>wants redeemers

Go bug your AdMech to make a Landraider Hellrider with Baleflamer sponsons

>> No.51257461

>The flamer is about 8" long? Could be 9

There's a few mm difference between the clear and the green flame templates.

>> No.51257464

So forgefiends...autocannons or plasma? And if plasma, 2 or 3?

>> No.51257474

>Chaos gets a redeemer with Torrent sponsons
Loyalist shitposting would crash the board.

>> No.51257489

>CSM accusing anyone else of shitposting

>> No.51257497

Oh right, people use the chaos codex.

Most people around here just use chaos models as codex:space marine "renegades" lol

>> No.51257511

>Chaos gets unique Land Raider with Chaos specific weaponry as a reward for falling to Chaos

The Loyalists should of thought before going on "muh loyality is its own reward"

>> No.51257514

Guys, a shit ton of ork boyz, or warbikers?
I've got a shit ton of buggies and deffkoptas so I'm learning twords da boyz, but i'm fine with warbikers too.
(Also, Since i'm poor as shit i've been converting matchbox cars and using chromlech bits for my ork bikers)

>> No.51257518

>Oh right, people use the chaos codex.
And SW.
And GK.
And techincally the inquistion.

>> No.51257522

I'm now imagining ork bikers surfing on matchbox cars

>> No.51257523

In terms of the ratio of legitimate grievances to shitposting, Loyalistfags are rivaled only by Taufags.

>> No.51257545

>loyality is its own reward

It seem to be, seeing that loyalists are getting all the 30k stuff while CSM can go fuck themselves.

>> No.51257548

They're not the right size, sadly.
I use matchbox and hotwheel motorcycles and ATVs.

>> No.51257562

Not even close to true.
We still see CSM shitposting, even though they are a solidly midtier army.
And even back when they were low tier, there shitposting far exceeded the other low tier armies, most of whom have more legitimate things to bitch about

>> No.51257567


>Do I want AP or not?

Well, it's up to you, but it's pretty cut and dry.

>> No.51257576

A minority of the legions are solidly mid-tier. Many are still bottom tier.

>> No.51257586

when someone gets corrupted by chaos do they just blindly turn against everyone non-chaos or do they remain partly "human"?

>> No.51257592

Oi'm just hoping the orks get some love when 8e rolls around.

>> No.51257603

And most loyalist units are solidly mid tier, held up by amazing formations, grav and some amazing units.
Every codex except eldar has units that are shit, doesn't mean that a codex isn't capable of fielding a good army.

>> No.51257616

That actually brings up an amusing question:

What would Marine armies look like if they lost Grav and Gladius. They would go back to 5e "Bikes and more Bikes" armies all over again, because there would be no reason to ever field Tacticals again.

>> No.51257627

Depends on what you mean. What part of Chaos corrupted them. Who they were. The extent of the corruption. Aka depends entirely on the narrative being forged

>Slaanesh corrupts human. Human craves new experiences. Starts to crave meeting new unique xenos
>Slaanesh corrupts human. Human starts to get obsessed with human perfection. Starts to murder off anyone not in his definition of a perfect human

>> No.51257632

Sure you will get plenty of love you get to be the first codex of the new edition again :^)

>> No.51257636

Some mixture of Bikes and supplemental Drop Pod units.

>> No.51257646

So ive got 300 bucks saved up and have been wanting to get into wh40k tg any idea what army would be best (aside from eldar)

>> No.51257656

>What would Marine armies look like if they lost Grav and Gladius.
Mid tier, lots of bikes like you said, maybe the occasional sternpod list. The only chapter tactics ever used are white scars.

Despite this, they remain the number one seller, because that's around the place marines have been for most of the games history

>> No.51257685

what chu lookin for in a army senpai?

>> No.51257687

>army would be best
Best is relative.
Pick the army you like.
Check the metas / environments of what you'd be playing in
>If it's casual then no army will be bad
>If it's competitive, then you might need to balance between an army you like and effective armies

>> No.51257728

Okay, what's the quickest way to convert the heels off of Inquisitor Greyfax? Can't stand looking at them.

>> No.51257756


>> No.51257759

I've got dark eldar i'm trying to hock.
300$ of models and a codex, i'll let you buy it for 125 plus shipping.

>> No.51257768

really depends on your liking as there is no "best" army. usually people pick armies because they like their design and fluff (and stick with them).

most accessible armies are space marines (also easiest to paint) and imperial guard. look into the start collecting! boxes, they usually have a nice discount.

you need a codex and a rule book. the codex of your army lists all the special rules and data facts for your units. a quick reference sheet is always enough. the codex contains a lot of fluff and pictures.

as for painting: buy a priming spray and thin your paints (no seriously do that its not just a meme). you do not need to purchase citadel paints, vallejo is good as well. watch duncan on warhammer tv.

>> No.51257773



Would leave her on tip toes.

>> No.51257794

Give her cat ears and a tail.

>> No.51257816

t. Corvus Belli designer

>> No.51257888

Im not really sure ive been liking the lore a lot and I for the most part have been really enjoying most of the army types however something easy for a noob would be nice
>>51257687 I dont really know what you mean by metas environment but since im just getting started an easier to play army to get acclimated to the gameplay might be better
Eldar types so far are the only ones ive really not been interested in despite being told they are incredibly powerful I just havent liked what ive seen of the units so far.
I didnt mean best army for power wise I just meant an easily accessible army to one who isnt very familiar with the game itself just the lore really. However I would love any tips and tricks for painting and would love anyones opinions on the subject since im especially looking forward to painting units.

Also thanks for helping everyone so as far as armies going I dont actually know that much about many of the space marine chapters since their are so many of them but armies I have read about and been liking a lot include Orks, Skiitari, Tyranids, Tau, Necrons, Nurgle and Space Marines (the few I know) and Noise Marines looked super nifty. Any suggestions on Space Marine chapters to look into or armies in general and why?

>> No.51257920

>Autism: The post!

>> No.51257935

Watch this. You don't want this to happen to you.

>> No.51258005

Mine would look exactly the same. Dreadnoughts in drop pods with, scouts in skimmers, predators and a techmarine.

Because dreadnoughts are bae.

>> No.51258031

Jesus christ thanks gonna hafta remember to thin paints when i get some speaking of I read not only you but others saying citadel paints aren't necessary so what paints do you suggest?

>> No.51258043

In terms of painting tips I'd like to refer you to the WIP general. The people there are very talented and actually give you constructive feedback. Don't be shy to post your first models, they'll tell you how to improve.

>> No.51258056

I would trade all my grav if I could take assault cannons as heavy weapons choices.

>> No.51258070

Link me please and im glad to know you guys are here to help so much cause as much asI am looking forward to painting models I feel a certain level of dread over painting as well

>> No.51258071

Pick what you like / available

For me it's citadel, since that's what's sold near me. Otherwise I'd have to order.

I do use vallejo paint for my airbrush over GW, due to the dropper bottles are cultch over GW pot

>> No.51258090

Deathwatch Terminators can.
Not that it's much of a consolation.

>> No.51258098


Assault cannons are inferior.

>> No.51258101

>dreadnoughts are bae
>love boxnoughts
>have literally zero boxnoughts across 3 Marine armies

I must commit sudoku for this shamefur dispray.

>> No.51258119

What do you mean by cultch? (never heard the terminology before) Also still havent decided on an army yet still pretty hung up on what to choose

>> No.51258167

Yea, if the Marines are in Cover then scions are kinda fucked, because then they're only slightly better off than basic lasguns. And Marines are vastly deadlier in melee.

I once had a 2500 point game against Scions, where I had Reserve Fuckery(His first reserve roll is on a 7+, further reserves on 4+, literally told him to pick a unit, it's not coming on the board). All my space marines moved to snag objectives on turn 1 while he null-deployed.

His scions came on the board, but the entirety of his 1200(less than half came on) point scions army only killed 3 space marines, because 2+ cover saves from Shrouded. On my turn all my marines used Frag Grenades+Bolt Pistols and charged. Because all his scions were in DS Formation, each squad lost like 2 scions to the frag grenade alone. Then my tactical marines all charged, and tabled all 1200 points worth of scions, just to consolidate right back into cover.

Then the remaining 900(lol, another 400 points not coming on the board) points worth of scions dropped in on bottom of T2. Just rinse and repeat the entire game until he's tabled on Turn 4.

>> No.51258253

he means that the vallejo bottles are designed to extract a single drop of paint. with citadel paints you use your brush to get the paint out of the bottle.

pick your two most favored armies. toss a coin. heads is army z and tails is army x.

whatever you wish for in the second the coin is in the air is the one you should pick

>> No.51258279

>2500 points of scions
100% Stupid.
Also, I thought the point of Tempestus Scions was to deliver 2 special weapons per squad via DS

>> No.51258294

>>51258253 Are the paint types/quality comparible otherwise cause Id think id prefer the Vallejo single drops honestly.
Im really dead locked between Orks, Space Marine Skiitari and Tau currently. (though slightly leaning Ork due to some of the designs)

>> No.51258387

search for WIP in the catalog. they always have a general up

also apply wash to your miniatures

>> No.51258388

From what I can tell, Scions aren't really viable as the sole point of your army. They're like a one-trick pony that can drop in and kill something hard on turn 1, but they have no real ability to stay on the board if they don't do their job right.

They're so much better off as allies to another army so they can fill their niche of being a scalpel, while tougher units sit on the board to snag objectives. Like an Armoured Company could use scions with meltaguns to absolutely trash the hardest targets on the board.

>> No.51258414


That's the intention for them. They show up, spunk a load of AP3 and some special weapons on something, then the opponent either needs to divert fire to take them out or let them roam around the backfield.

>> No.51258446

Is there a list somewhere of all the currently-legal books?
I just learned that my army has units and formations outside of its main codex. How do I know which ones are legal?

>> No.51258465

have you ever tried painting a minitaure?
best way to start the hobby is to grab a box of Start collecting! orks, buy a couple of bottles, a primer spray and try it out.
if you dont want to pay for a box just buy orkboyz

>> No.51258504

By the way you do not need the GW glue. Don't know where you're from but I use the UHU Special Plast Plastikkleber for 3€ and it's working as intended

>> No.51258524

No completely new to the hobby but I have been really considering grabbing that box. So I'll look up primer spray, do you happen to know how many points the box is, like ive said im pretty new to the game so i dont know too much yet. So ive not got a GW close to me nearest one is like 2-3 hour drive or so I thi,nk so is their website the best place to get models?

>> No.51258545

One thing I want to try to build for 1850 or so is:
>Imperial Castellans
>Scions, and Purifiers
>Chapter Ancients formation, 3-4 Librarian Dreads.

Purifiers are WC batteries and "horde control", Librarian Dreads do Fulmination so they sling stuff around the map, or Electrodisplace against DS Scions.

Something goofy like that, which could "almost work" were it not for the insane interdependency of the units involved.

>> No.51258547

Usa, Washington state. So i'll look into alternative glues then too cause I keep hearing that gw has made their paints and glues quite expensive.

>> No.51258580

But they look cool. What else is important?

>> No.51258589

Reserves automatically succeed on a 6.

>> No.51258631

And this is where you are dead fuckin' wrong, read the rulebook. A roll of 1 automatically fails, but a roll of 6 does not automatically succeed.

>> No.51258655

As an alternate to what that guy said, you can find boyz on eBay pretty cheap. A mob of 10, depending on how many toys you give them, is 60pts for melee weapons and 70pts for shootas. Thing is, you're gonna want more than 10 on the tabletop.

>> No.51258682

with the list builder you can track your points and organize your army. GW's item description will tell you what the box contains

>> No.51258738

well fug

>> No.51258748

Can orks take several relics on a one guy?

Like can i take that nice shoota and the lukky stikk on my warboss?

>> No.51258758

Minigun>sci-fi cheese cannon.

>> No.51258763

Gifts of Gork and Mork
A model can take one of the following

>> No.51258773

Shhh, it's ok. Let the boxiness consume you.

>> No.51258800

Also, here's a fun little set.
> Lias Issodon: 175 points
- 1 to enemy reserves
> Land Raider Proteus w/explorator Neuroweb: 250 points
- 1 to enemy reserves
> Mastodon with Command Vox Relay: 750 points
- 1 to enemy reserves
> Callidus Assassin: 145 points
- 3 to first enemy reserve roll

And the worst of them all
> Astropath
- 1 to enemy reserve rolls... BUT, makes them auto-pass on 6+, making him useless to combine with other reserve shennanigans.

Are there any other sources of Reserve Fuckery in this game? What's the cheapest way to make enemy reserves go on a 7+?

>> No.51258801

Never actually used ebay before remember family getting ripped off a couple times few years back. Any tips on getting boyz (or units for armies in general) off of Ebay?

>> No.51258832

"Only one of each of the following artefacts may be chosen per army – there is only one of each of these items in the galaxy!"

thats what it says in my book.

>> No.51258849

D99 drop troops have a Long-Range Scanner that is another -1. Also denies Infiltration on a 4+.

>> No.51258882

This makes Elysian Company Command Squads so juicy. Build your army with massive pod/valkyrie alpha and then add ECCS with 4x Long Range Scanners. Suddenly your opponent has -4 to his reserve rolls. Kinda hard to succeed on those 7+ rolls now. They also fuck up Genestealer Cult royally by preventing infiltrate on deployment on 4x4+ rolls. You'd need 16 units to get single off. And then you'll either face the brunt of Elysians alpha or start in reservers and roll against 6+ for multiple turns.

>> No.51258894

Elysians also have them. And you can have four per command squads. Their effects do stack.

>> No.51258943

We're an at impasse then

>> No.51258952

> Long Range Scanners stack with themselves, unlike all other reserve fuckery
Oh my god that's beautiful. How hard is it to take out their LRS's? My god it would be hilarious to table Null Deployment armies purely because they literally can't get off any of their reserves, and end turn 2 with no models on the table.

>> No.51259005

New general here!

>> No.51259007

would anyone here ever want to try a different ruleset than the current one? even if it wasnt written by the high lords of GW?

>> No.51259012

Well 5 T3 guys so not hard at all. You can shove them into Bastion so they are much harder to kill.

Also doesnt work against autoreserve stuff like Drop Pod Assault of marines and Combat Drop of Elysians.

>> No.51259013

well not really. if you got one thing saying a and one thing saying b then you go with what most codexes got

and thats only one relic so i assume orks only get 1 relic

>> No.51259077

I'd buy off if somebody who looks like they sell miniatures or hobby related stuff often (lots of reviews, dividing units up into lots, "seller's other items" includes lots of other stuff, etc)

That being said, ~$1 per Ork boy is decent, much higher and you're better off getting the box for all the extra bits and ability to pose the models as you see fit.

>> No.51259269

Is the "rules don't apply while you're in a transport" liable to fuck you up if this happens?

>> No.51259298

I don't think you can take GK in a Castellans list. A cheap alternative is an assload of Astropaths from Imperial Agents. 25 points per warp charge and the chance to get invisibility in a few places. Plus they help with reserves.

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