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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Around an Elf, watch yourself Edition
Have you ever played an Elf? Ever built one? What do we know about Golarion Elves and how they fit into the setting? How do you prefer to make your elves in your setting? Aside from chocolate, you perv

>Remember to keep all kitsuneposting, fetishposting, DHB witch hunting, overPoWered shitposting, and other forms of shitposting to a minimum, otherwise you aren't being excellent to each other.

If you want build advice make sure to say what 3pp you can use, if any.

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/JTj1yEmU

Avowed Playtest 1:
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing
Malefex Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3LrE8WyIxxYRr8d9dHsWioeUk_-HZaSMqVWRnzc9Fc/edit?usp=sharing
Legendary Kineticists II Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11_w1o5dSef2tzu2GDLnJKElHY3uyETzuzFHDAjI6P6k/edit?usp=sharing
Spheres of Might preview: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/

Old Thread: >>51158399

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My most recent Elf was a Cleric of Desna.
Before that, was an Elven Sandman (Bard) in a Dragon Age / PF campaign.

In previous editions, there was the Drow Cleric of Eilistraee, and the Elven Fighter who was going to become a Bladesinger.

I haven't been following Elves in Golarion.

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I am making a monk designed to grapple and pin cute things. What are my best options for limiting the opponents actions on their turn so I can guarantee that I can pin them on the turn after I grapple them?

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>chocolate elf shota trap
Behold. The trifecta!

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Why not just get Greater Grapple and then pin them on the same turn?

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>writing a murder mystery campaign
>Speak with Dead is a third-level spell for Knowledge or Repose divine casters
>Problem solved, series over
All I can think of is making SWD give literal Magic 8-Ball answers, because level 1 PCs would probably just go ask an NPC with that spell and banning divine casters doesn't seem right. Wat do?

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Because you can't pin unless you are maintaining a grapple, which doesn't happen until your next round no matter what.

I have improve, greater, and rapid grappeler, as well as dimensional agility to use with abundant step. I also have a CMB and CMD that a cutie will never resist.

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Speak with dead necessitates the body or at least the head be in some kind of intact condition.

Just mash the skull and speak with dead doesn't work.

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Considering joining the Pendragon game.

Here is the real question. Which of these should I go for?

>Gunsmoke Mystic
>Fiendbound Marauder/Ordained Defender Warder
>Brutal Slayer/Bushi Stalker

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Have the soul be unavailable to be spoken with for some reason.

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The dead don't actually know who killed them

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needs a working jawbone. Taking the jaw and later raising the target as an undead are great ways to keep Resurrection and speak with dead from working.

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>Speak with Dead
>"Hey, who killed you?"
>"Dunno, didn't see them."

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Speak with dead both needs the body to be in tact and the murdered to know who killed them. Someone wearing a mask or if the murdered didn't see anything the information is useless.

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>The corpse's knowledge is limited to what it knew during life, including the languages it spoke. Answers are brief, cryptic, or repetitive, especially if the creature would have opposed you in life.
>f the dead creature's alignment was different from yours, the corpse gets a Will save to resist the spell as if it were alive. If successful, the corpse can refuse to answer your questions or attempt to deceive you, using Bluff. The soul can only speak about what it knew in life. It cannot answer any questions that pertain to events that occurred after its death.

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For anybody that missed it last night, here's the details that were provided on Starfinder from yesterday's Paizo stream.

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What is your favorite spell, /pfg/? Not necessarily the most useful one, but the one you like the most.

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>You grant the semblance of life to a corpse, allowing it to answer questions. You may ask one question per two caster levels. The corpse's knowledge is limited to what it knew during life, including the languages it spoke. Answers are brief, cryptic, or repetitive, especially if the creature would have opposed you in life.

>If the dead creature's alignment was different from yours, the corpse gets a Will save to resist the spell as if it were alive. If successful, the corpse can refuse to answer your questions or attempt to deceive you, using Bluff. The soul can only speak about what it knew in life. It cannot answer any questions that pertain to events that occurred after its death.

>If the corpse has been subject to speak with dead within the past week, the new spell fails. You can cast this spell on a corpse that has been deceased for any amount of time, but the body must be mostly intact to be able to respond. A damaged corpse may be able to give partial answers or partially correct answers, but it must at least have a mouth in order to speak at all. This spell does not affect a corpse that has been turned into an undead creature.

The corpse might not have seen the murderer, he may not want to answer (especially if its a different alignment), and the murderer could have removed its tongue.

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Why would they necessarily know/remember who killed them? Odds are they didn't even see the killer's face.

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Fabricate because I hate myself.

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>you can't pin unless you are maintaining a grapple, which doesn't happen until your next round no matter what
since when? Greater Grapple reduces the action to maintain a grapple to a move action. Thus, you can initiate a grapple as a standard, and maintain (which lets you damage, move or pin) as a move.

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The victim was murdered by blood choke so the killer could resurrect her as his corpse bride. He literally went out of his way to ensure that the body wouldn't be damaged. The alternative I thought of was post-mortem magical tattoos on the corpse to prevent soul communication, but I don't think that's an actual spell outside of DM fiat.

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>something other than dungeon/hex crawl

Found your problem. If you want to run a murder mystery, you're better off using a game suited for solving mysteries.

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>corpse bride
Tim Burton, get out of here!

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You don't get to "maintain" a grapple until it is called for. You can't just maintain one if you feel like it.

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Have it so the guy didn't show his face when he did it. A mask would work.

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Can Mediums work out as casters or are they doomed to channel Champion and go into melee?

>Crafting focused Medium
>Divine and arcane spells for items ahoy

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Not going to lie, I'm liking what I'm hearing about this stuff for the most part. I really hope it turns out well.

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Because my group is too stubborn/busy to learn a system that doesn't suck. "Have you not tried playing D&D?" doesn't work with them.

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Then ditch them.

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The first iteration of my favorite character to play was a Grey Elf Spellsword in 3.5e. I played him up as your stereotypical casual, harmless racist.
He said insensitive, dismissive things about the other races; he praised the fighter for being skilled, despite being a half-breed; and just generally doing casually insensitive things. In addition, he was direct, foot-in-mouth, and probably partially autistic now that I think of it. He was fun to play.

Now, I mostly GM, but my current iteration of the character is a Half-Elf. I use him as a decently important NPC from time to time.

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go back and read greater grapple again. It specifically says you can make two grapple checks a round.

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>Soul Bind (9th level cleric / wizard)
>There's no spirit to ask questions

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The book of Artifacts & Legends has neat rituals to destroy each artifact.

Help me come up with a ritual to destroy this lesser artifact from The Midnight Mirror module

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Still though, the issue here is there are many ways one can obscure the information. The women both needs to see who killed her, be able to describe him accurately (or name him if she recognized him), have an intact head, have an available soul, and be dead for less than a week old.

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you initiate a grapple on the first round. There is nothing to maintain.

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Considering she was ambushed and strangled from behind, she wouldn't get a look at the killer. That's actually a good suggestion, thanks anon(s).

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Yeah, then she knows she was strangled, but anyone who could make a heal check would know. The only information she could give is what she was doing before she was strangled and the fact it was hands vs a garrote (which also could be gleaned with a heal check).

Really you don't get any more information from speak with dead in this case except clarification on what she was doing up until the time of death.

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Sure there is. As a move action, you strengthen the grapple you just initiated. You just don't get the +5 bonus until subsequent rounds. Hell, with Rapid Grappler you can do it a total of three times in a round.

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Should a paladin/synth summoner take feats for augment summoning and evolution points, or weapon specialization? Assume the eidolon is going to be fighting with a big magic sword not infinite tentacles

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Read: http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2szz4&page=2?Grapple-pin-and-tied-in-one-round

And anyways: lets say it doesnt' mater. For some reason I can't pin them on the first round, what can I do to ensure the cutie doesn't escape so I can pin them on the second?

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That thread refers to the Unchained action economy, which is a variant rule system. Even then, it only says you must spend at least one action to maintain the grapple each round, not that you can't spend more actions to grapple them harder.

That said, to minimize the chances of them escaping, you want a high CMD. If they try to escape, it's vs your CMD. If they manage to escape, they have to either 5-foot step (which won't get them far) or make a move action, which lets you trip them as an AoO and spoil their movement. If they want to try and move without provoking, they can attempt to use acrobatics, but again, this is vs. your CMD.

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Thanks! I'm thinking that the cuties might be spellcasters. Are there any special steps I should take to ensure they can't escape bullying?

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Friendly reminder that muscles are NOT cute and no self-respecting boy should have them!

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Prompto is cute as fuck you liar.

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Never talk to me or my swim team ever again.

>> No.51168549

>Hellknights are still around

Oh shit yeah.

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Building a Paladin/Bloodrager for the ROTJR.

Character is a female demon-blooded Tiefling, descended from Succubutts, but only wants to purge all evil from the face of Golarion.

Does an abyssal bloodline work here?

I'm not sure what bloodline to use.

>> No.51168585

Friendly reminder that you're a faggot

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>no self-respecting boy should have them!
That's fine, 'cause I'm no boy
I'm a man!

>> No.51168619

>descended from Succubutts
Don't fucking do this. Descend from something interesting.

Or heck, do one of the other routes to becoming a tiefling instead of having an ancestor mate with a fiend. Fucking NO ONE ever has the fiendish taint come from a deal with a demon.

Fucking christ.

>> No.51168627

Just grappling is probably enough. Grappled creatures can't cast -any- spells with somatic components, even with a concentration check. And verbal-only spells still receive a concentration check. Grabbing Style might be worth looking into if you need to grapple two at once, or require a free hand or whatnot.

In all of these scenarios, having reach would be tremendously useful.

>> No.51168638

I'd recommend Destined Bloodrager because your saves aren't high enough yet.

>> No.51168660

I had an idea that the character was a crusader transformed into a tiefling by a treacherous Glabrezu, but it seemed a little....

Mary Sue?


>> No.51168700

Seems fine.

>> No.51168760

Would an angelic bloodline be too much?

>> No.51168790

Could just be like the Necromongers from Riddick, but more interested in space-law and warfare. Probably still tied to Asmodeus as well. Huge gothic style battleships like 40k. I'm excite.

>> No.51168829

Prompto is cute, but Gladio is best boy.
He's just so photogenic
No! You can't catch me gay thoughts!

>> No.51168898


Men are pigs, why would you possibly want to be a man?

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Question for all y'all.
There's a wall of force. Players are standing adjacent to it. Can a wizard on the other side of the wall then cast, say, acid pit under the wall and drop them into it?

>> No.51168939


Anon here >>51168619 is just butthurt you're making an attractive character, I think a demon-blooded is just fine!

Ooh, what if you went Paladin/Lunar Oracle? Remember there is a huge colony of succubus-descended fiends on the moon that, every New Moon, descend onto Golarion to reap and reave. You might be the daughter of one such half-fiend, and as a result you have an odd connection to the moon and heavens (Heavens Mystery is pretty good, too.)

>> No.51168963


If it's a conjuration spell, and he's conjuring a pit of acid beneath them, I'd say yes. Unless there's specific ruling that says you can't cast through it.

Something like a cone or ray or line, however, would not be able to pass through the wall of force.

>> No.51168972

No I'm angry about "descended from succubus". I don't care if he is attractive. Succubus heritage is cancer.

>> No.51168992

>Breath weapons and spells cannot pass through a wall of force in either direction, although dimension door, teleport, and similar effects can bypass the barrier.
Is the actual text. My first reason for why I thought it might be viable is that its casting UNDER the wall, not through it, and the second reason was that dimensional magic seemed to be an exception, and what's the Create Pit derivatives but just that?

>> No.51169007


Why? Succubi are the most likely to have kids with a mortal, or taint one with their fiendish essence.

You're butthurt about nothing, let it go.

>> No.51169008

That being said, considering the nature of succubutts, their tieflings should be the most common, other than maybe incubuses.

>> No.51169010


>> No.51169060

Lunar Oracle.....

I do fucking love that mystery, very tempting

>> No.51169105

No, you need line of effect and walls block it even if they're transparent force. Least as far as I recall.

>> No.51169140

Ah, under it kind of. My dm unfortunately ruled against being able to. Said something about needing line of effect to all squares affected. Couldn't tell if he just didn't want me doing it or was his genuine interpretation.

>> No.51169162

I'm gonna assume that it's because it's cliched and limits the character concept too much.

And really, it's kind of true that succubi are overdone--I've been pining for, just once, the evil manipulator to be a glabrezu tempting people with power instead of sex.

>> No.51169197

Not any of those anons but I love unusual bloodlines from tieflings. Progeny of the rape from other species. Harvester Devils, Glabrezu, Gelugons, etc

>> No.51169199


Then make one yourself or give solid reasons why that's better than succubus.

Don't just whine and insult people, bullying is not nice!

>> No.51169220

Here's the sheet I have so far for the Paladin/Bloodrager/Succubutt-Glabrezu person.


Any thoughts on how to go from here?

>> No.51169225


What if she's descended from a Misogyny Demon?

>> No.51169289

Both the cliche and my previous experience with players any time any of them mention succubi

>> No.51169391


Personal experiences with something is a horrible way to base your opinion, it should be built on expert judgement and what the right and proper thing to do is.

>> No.51169405

I'm not any of those anons, but for curiosity's sake let's say that you had to make such a character yourself. How would you do it while avoiding all the traditional pitfalls?

>> No.51169442

Then she's gonna internalize that misogyny.

>> No.51169447

I've actually made a Glabrezu-descended tiefling before. she was a buff alchemist type.

>> No.51169483

Decided on Glabrezu treachery/magic as my source of demon blood, for the Paladin.

That doesnt mean it can't be succubus blood.

Also considering making an Orc Alchemist, The Hulk sort of character.

Would that be welcome in ROTJR?

>> No.51169560


>Orc Alchemist
>Nerdy Orcish man that hulks out



>> No.51169575

Maybe he turns normal human colors when hulking out.

>> No.51169592

Prestige into Master Chymist.

>> No.51169708

t 12th level, a monk of the four winds can use his ki to slow time or quicken his movements, depending on the observer. As a swift action, the monk can expend 6 ki points to gain three standard actions during his turn instead of just one. The monk can use these actions to do the following: take a melee attack action, use a skill, use an extraordinary ability, or take a move action. The monk cannot use these actions to cast spells or use spell-like abilities, and cannot combine them to take full-attack actions. Any move actions the monk makes this turn do not provoke attacks of opportunity. This ability replaces abundant step.

Think about this for next campaign. Any suggestions on how to make the most of it?

>> No.51169828

>A melee attack action

Vital Strike?

>> No.51169829

Is a player allowed to look at how much damage they did on their turn and go "I only want to deal this much, instead of ALL of that"? Mostly asking due to nonlethal. It seems like if I build a nonlethal character, I could quickly become incapable of NOT killing the poor schmucks I'm trying to disable, via just doing way too much nonlethal damage.

>> No.51169866

Nonlethal doesn't kill..

>> No.51169876

My DM's giving me a choice between these two for alcohol rules:



Which is better for a Drunken Brute(or Rager) Barbarian dip? The former nets me more rounds for certain while the latter gives me fewer although it gives me a boost to STR/CON after failing a save (after which I probably shouldn't drink more to avoid "Stage 2").

>> No.51169894

>If a creature's nonlethal damage is equal to his total maximum hit points (not his current hit points), all further nonlethal damage is treated as lethal damage. This does not apply to creatures with regeneration. Such creatures simply accrue additional nonlethal damage, increasing the amount of time they remain unconscious.
It can, if you deal 2*HP+Con.

>> No.51169936

See >>51169894
If a creature has 30 HP and I hit it with 80 nonlethal somehow, that poor sap is going to straight up die. This gets harder and harder down the line, but it's still something that makes me wonder how to go about this.

>> No.51169951

Then use other methods, like kraken style or something, to force enemies unconcious.

>> No.51169954

Slow time for 3 big hits sounds pretty cool

>> No.51169977

Who in Dragon game has the biggest boobs? Who' got the best booty?

>> No.51170000

If you're that concerned, there's Golden Legion's Stayed Blade.

It lets you adjust any damage you deal at all ever to only be able to reduce people to a stable -1

Also, you can make attacks in a full attack one at a time and just opt to not take the rest of them once you drop someone.

>> No.51170038

Can I seriously not just pull my punch/punches once I slap someone unconscious as a general rule? That seems like it'd be a really easy thing to do, but I guess this is pai-"you need four feats to scratch your ass"-zo.

>> No.51170044

Who else is [HYPE] for RotJR apps closing this weekend?

>> No.51170072

You can stop hitting people once they're down. Unless you are doing 80 damage in 1 hit, then you just hit them with one or two of your iteratives.

If you're using fireball or something you can just lower the caster level.

>> No.51170074

would I be cancer if I asked to play one of DHB's home brew in a /pfg/ game? what about his initiator?Would I be underpowered compared to initiators?

>> No.51170075

I'm hype, but I'm also nervous as hell.

>> No.51170088

Just make your full attack one at a time, it's not that hard.

>> No.51170130

I'm more [HYPE] for CritiqueAnon to finish his backlog

>> No.51170131

My first elf was in a gestalt game, a Savage Technologist||Stalker, using a pistol in one hand and a flail in the other. She was the sheriff of the starting town!

>> No.51170139

I want the general to be free of this autism, so i'm pretty excited.

>> No.51170140


Culdranth on both accounts.

>> No.51170145

Thinking about crossclassing gunslinger and kineticist. Any good feat recommendations? Maybe a archtype I can tie in on one of the classes?

>> No.51170150

I don't have much hope for getting in. I gave up a while ago.

>> No.51170152

Use your fist instead to limit your weapon dice. If you're fighting an enemy with that low health you can probably afford to not knock it out in one turn.

>> No.51170164


Still kinda butthurt nobody used any of that guy's art for their character, but I'm super hyped for Rise of the Jade Regent!

Who do you think will get in?

>> No.51170176

Make the dead person's alignment different from the caster; most NPCs would be True Neutral, and most divine casters would have SOME sort of Alignment component. Plus, just have the murderer attack them from behind or out of sight, and now the corpse doesn't know anything.

>> No.51170184

Neverever anon. I might do one more breakdown to show people how to do it for themselves, but I've got too much other stuff on my plate.

>> No.51170189

Help. The last question is my biggest one.

>> No.51170210

>dearth of solid manly characters for fluffy2
>it's mentioned in thread
>overnight two proper brave manly types show up to show all the cutsey traps how it's done

That's more like it!

>> No.51170213

Is Ragechemist viable?

I'm wanting to put together this Hulk style Orc Alchemist for ROTJR, but I dunno if I should go all the way down that rabbit hole.

Also, what multiclass would go well with this?

>> No.51170217

>you need four feats to scratch your ass
Now I'm curious as to how that's the case. Is ass-scratching not free?

>> No.51170221


>Taldor, the Empire that conquered Avistan
>Their flag is a shitty green/blue with a crown and lion

>> No.51170238

Does that mean that compare/contrast of Etan and Rubio you were working on is dead in the water? Because I was looking forward to that one.

Or is this the OTHER critiqueanon?

>> No.51170248




>> No.51170260

I'm nervous too anon, but we have to be strong!

I would be too, except that he's a bit too busy for it now.

Anything is possible anon, you just gotta believe.

Didn't seem right for my character, but I do like me some Blazbaros.

>who do you think will get in?
Some you'd expect, and some you wouldn't have. I wager we'll all be surprised.

>> No.51170287

Maybe a Maralith then? You'd have a focus of war, a talent with weapons, be a charismatic leader, and passionate about your goals... while also being descended from snake-ladies!

>> No.51170291

Yeah, I've been working on it and it keeps coming out wrong. Sorry.

>> No.51170301

I wanna say there's a Slayer talent that lets you know. There's also Deathwatch.

>> No.51170305

>tfw keep asking
>never get an answer

>> No.51170324

It's been less than 20 minutes. Calm your tits.

>> No.51170339

Just checked, it's Blood Reader.

> While able to see a studied target, a slayer with this talent knows exactly how many hit points his opponent has remaining. This only works against living targets.

>> No.51170345

I've not actually looked at his initiator, got a link to it?
As for his other martials... in general, you'll be able to stand your ground with Alchemists or Vigilantes. You'll probably piss off Magi because you do their job better than them (IE Deal Damage), but your utility is still hampered because all you've got are bigger numbers on skills rather than doing something Actually Different (tm).

>> No.51170361

Well, can't be helped. It was fun while it lasted, and hopefully things start going better for you in the meantime. Maybe someone else will take up the mantle, but I put that as being about as likely as me both having time and getting into RotJR

>> No.51170367

Nigga just keep asking. I've been asking questions about drinking rules and I haven't gotten an answer either. It happens, you just gotta wait.

>> No.51170385

UC fighter has some cool different stuff it can do. The AETs have some neat stuff like "make a sense motive check to figure out where a guy keeps his valuables".

>> No.51170396

It's true, mariliths get jack shit compared to other demons. It's like nobody remembers ol' Kary

>> No.51170403

Ooof, you couldn't have chosen worse classes to blend.

If you want to use a gun AND be a kineticist, AND if you're limited to 1st-party, you'll want to play as a normal unarchetyped Kineticist and as soon as you can purchase a Conductive Musket (for range and damage) or Conductive Blunderbuss (for the amazing benefit of "your blast is now a cone"). Good elements for that would be Earth and Air since they're fairly reliable in damage and in utility talents; Fire is more iconic, but it's also much more easily resisted.

>> No.51170443


Bruh, Gil and Rubio are fun characters.

The DM is picking six people, I'm confident you'll be one of them!

>> No.51170460

Didn't say I was either. I'm just more worried about whether something will come up and force me to drop out than whether or not I'll get in.

>> No.51170464

Can you take a look at Anathema Brightheart?

My paladin.

I could use some helpful criticism

>> No.51170672

Hey there friend. Out of combat is a big concern for the unchained fighter, for them it is addressed with Advanced Equipment Training.

I would generally classify the Advanced Equipment Trainings into a few categories. I'll list them out there:

>"Combat" abilities
Equipment Trick
Efficient Packing

These come up both in combat and out. So they're kind of the hybrid for the AETs.

>Skill + Thing
Master Blacksmith
Versatile Training
Man in Uniform
Soldier’s Assurance
Friends in Low Places
Battlefield Medic

Some of these are just pure skill boosters, while others add some unique stuff. Man in Uniform adds a fame mechanic like the celebrity bard, Friends in Low Places gives you money off services, etc.

>Unique Abilities
Long Haul
Forty Winks
Soldier’s Intuition
War Hero
Camp Builder
Fortification Expertise
Mercenary’s Intuition
Mend the Broken

These do a bunch of weird stuff, and while some of them may be based off skills (like mercenary's intuition) they don't give bonuses to skills.

As for comparison between you and an initiator I think the comparison is a difficult one. Initiation is very strong and versatile. The UC fighter is less "interactive" in combat due to not having counters/strikes/etc. However the new AWT and AAT mean your defenses will be very high, one of the design goals of the UC fighter (the defensive of the three broken shackles martials), and you have a but more to play with in combat (makes combat maneuvers easier and adds some extra stuff).

Hope that helps.

>> No.51170680


"Something" could come up for anybody, that's why the DM asks for availability.

You're nervous! That's normal! Anxiety is a common thing to feel when these sorts of decisions come up. You're going to do fine.

Which character is yours?

>> No.51170690

I need a 2nd class to go with my hulk-style Orc Alchemist.

He's starting at 20 strength, going to 24 in mutagen, and using enlarge person for another boost to 26. I want something that will capitalize on having bat shit crazy strength, in interesting ways other than smashing face.

>> No.51170725

I really need to finish my fucking character.

>> No.51170739


You've got tonight and tomorrow to really pump him or her out!

Is there any way we can help streamline the process?

>> No.51170741

Brutal Slayer Stalker.

>> No.51170753

hop to it anon, time's running out!

>> No.51170772

I havent run POW yet, is it easy to learn?

>> No.51170781

Not really, I just really need to finish the backstory. I have the arc and stuff in my head it's just committing it all to paper. It's just that I know with almost certantity I won't get in so why even bother, you know?

>> No.51170795

It's a lot easier if you take it bit by bit. Don't even look at maneuvers yet, just figure out the class abilities that don't touch those. Then you can look into what disciplines and maneuvers you have.

>> No.51170820

will do

>> No.51170824

What does autism fighter look like physically?


How do you convey someone at these kinds of stats in description?

>> No.51170845

Anyone want to weigh in?

>> No.51170858


Nobody cares because autism fighter will never be in a game.

>It's just that I know with almost certantity I won't get in so why even bother, you know?

Don't say that! I'm sure your character has a story worth telling, and if you can sell that story to the DM you'll get in.

>> No.51170872

>Nobody cares because autism fighter will never be in a game.
I was gonna use him as a villain.

>> No.51170885

Is there something solid to gestalt with a wizard that wont make me seem like a minmaxer and isnt alchemist?

>> No.51170920

>I'm sure your character has a story worth telling, and if you can sell that story to the DM you'll get in.
Well there's just the trouble. I'm not really sure if I can really *sell* this.

>> No.51170921

Masculinity is overrated.

>> No.51170934

>I'm not really sure if I can really *sell* this.

Sell me the concept, right now.

Use pictures!

>> No.51170935

UC Rogue? Hidden Blade or otherwise. Maybe Slayer?

>> No.51170947

Do you even pose, bro?

>> No.51170959

Investigator that gives up alchemy (Sleuth).


>> No.51170977


I find it funny how people say things like this, and then learn nothing when women gush over muscular men.

>> No.51170982

No, because Gestalt pretty much unilaterally only benefits martial people unless you cheese something.

That being said Aegis is always nice.

>> No.51171014


Hmm. I like slayer. I could do something like that.

Does the vigilante archetypes use int at all?


I dont mind if it benefits martial classes. I just like wizards and witches.

>> No.51171022


>> No.51171027

You're half wizard. Basically anything you do will be solid enough.

I personally would say:

Wizard 5 -> Bloatmage 10 - > Brewkeeper 5
Gunslinger 5 -> Slueth Investigator 4 -> Sleepless Detective 4 -> Shadowdancer 1 -> Sleepless Detective 10

Being the gun tooting flying shadowying fat man of the night

>> No.51171045

>You're half wizard. Basically anything you do will be solid enough.
That's only really true if you go all out with a Wizard, which is pretty annoying/hard to actually put into practice.

>> No.51171067

Yes, exactly. The most masculine. Just like glorious ancient Greece.

>> No.51171154

>guy applies to text only game
>app is filled with grammar errors

>> No.51171173

>some people aren't English majors

>> No.51171177 [SPOILER] 

>implying best boy isn't Iris.

>> No.51171198

these aren't esoteric mistakes. This is "how I speak the english good?"

It's the new dragon game app, Ronald, that I'm talking about

>> No.51171231

>reconsidering my app for RotJR
>can only come up with depressing ideas for characters
>realize I only design either depressing or over detailed characters, or both
I don't think I'll ever be welcome in /pfg/'s games.

>> No.51171246

I'm thinking about maybe starting a roll20 game on tuesdays.

Would anyone join?

>> No.51171254



I just want to play pathfinder

>> No.51171256

At least you have the guts to apply. As a first timer I don't think anyone would want me in their game.

>> No.51171271


How depressing are we talking about, anon?

>> No.51171272


Totally would. Post it and open up some apps!

>> No.51171273


>Implying /pfg/ doesn't have its share of weirdos who get off on tragedy and depression

>> No.51171278

Probably. What's it about? Where's it set? How many players do you want? Is it lewd?

What's your idea anon? A little depressing is probably fine!

>> No.51171288

DHB please.

>> No.51171303

I'd probably be picking between carrion crown, rotrl, giantslayer, hell's vengeance, hell's rebels.

I prefer giantslayer.

4-5 players probably, might allow lewd

>> No.51171334

Couldn't hurt to set up a Roll20 page once you've got it all figured out, and see how many applications you get.

>> No.51171346

>Anxious about actually getting picked

Eh. No skin off my back if I don't make it. There'll be more chances after this, and even more after that. The availability thing is what bugs me, because I don't want to find out I applied for/got a job that expects me to work during the hours I thought I could put aside for a game.
Speaking of "nothing to lose", yea this was Etan's player.

Post a pitch for setting/plot, general time, and chargen rules, and maybe.

>> No.51171399

I've given up on that. 2D is better anyway.

>> No.51171463

>party nearly die in the licktoad village
>have to jump off the walls and run into the marsh to escape the goblin arrows
level 1 is amazing

>> No.51171480


>> No.51171535

Everyday we drift further from God's Light.

>> No.51171551


Gladio - Sworn Protector (Warder)
Ignis - Polymath (Alchemist)
Prompto - Desperado

Cor - Brutal Slayer Bushi (Stalker)
Aranea - Warlord
Iris - Stalker

>> No.51171573

H-how could you have possibly found out about my chocolate addiction?!

>> No.51171592


>> No.51171613

Then we must find a god in the darkness.

>> No.51171631

Whenever I watch porn with very dark skinned women (often), I pretend they're drow.

I'm such a lewd mess.

>> No.51171636

>google image search
>from something called Sid story
>got magical girl powers to help slaves escape
>powers give her nightmares
>she's a Darkness type unit

>> No.51171690

Whoa whoa whoa, buddy.
Let's not get *too* crazy now.
Milk chocolate only, my man. Maybe coffee, but that's as far as I'll go.

>> No.51171691

>Get curb stomped by a hypnotoad wannabe from the Darklands
>Get downed by a bunch of gremlins as they die to laughing with a pierced lung
>Carry 7 corpses, 2 unconcious people and a staggered skald through a mold infested cave, into a pond and across the town to the temple through the market place at high noon

Level 1 is magical.

>> No.51171734

>Milk chocolate only, my man. Maybe coffee
Both of those things are still pretty fucking dark.

>> No.51171741

I just checked Xvideos.

There's more movies for "dark elf" than there is for "drow."

>> No.51171748

I like my coffee cuban style.

Dark and THICC.

>> No.51171769

Milk Chocolate ranges up to the cappuccino/mocha levels, and the Coffee has to be tastefully brown.
It's a delicate balance.

>> No.51171784

Wait, I thought cuban style was embargo'd and full of child prostitutes?

>> No.51171788

>dat spoiler

>> No.51171806

>they don't like their coffee the same way they like their women
>warm, white, weak and sweet.

>> No.51171815

>What is /pfg/'s understanding of Drow?

>> No.51171827

>Coffee has to be tastefully brown.
If you're a little bitch, maybe.

Like fuck who you want to fuck, but you take your Coffee black. Otherwise call it for what is, a desert drink.

>> No.51171833

Of course blue is the biggest slut.

>> No.51171841

Weak is very good. Sweet is also very good.

>he doesn't have a splash of milk with his coffee
Barbarians, the lot of you.

>> No.51171846

So it begins...

The Giantslayer game has been created.


>> No.51171854

Personally I like my women like I like my tea.
Chinese, aged, and with a long history involving opium addiction.

>> No.51171862

>N O T A U T H O R I Z E D

>> No.51171868


Wrong link, you need the LFG one

>> No.51171871

Oh there's a splash of milk, it just takes about an hour.

>> No.51171885

>Not Authorized

>> No.51171896

you da bes

>> No.51171911


>> No.51171915


Is this the giantslayer AP?

>> No.51171928

It is indeed the Giantslayer AP, see >>51171911

>> No.51171938

Don't use the join link! Make the game LFG!

>> No.51171975

I would argue against it because Giantslayer is really bad. Good encounter design, bad everything else.

>> No.51171995

Not the joinlink, silly, just give a link to the LFG, so we can look without necessarily joining!

>> No.51171998

And you can't even play to the encounter design because you're doing it gestalt, which means you need to change all the encounters. You're basically shitting on the one good thing it has.

>> No.51172011

/pfg/, is grappling effective? How can you properly use it on a martial?

Can my spunky fighter girl be suited for grappling, or should I roll a brawler instead?

>> No.51172021

Well that would be whatever you can find from paheal.rule34 under the tag "drow"

>> No.51172041

If you do go that route, I hope you're prepared to Get potentially counter-grappled, pinned, and tied up

>> No.51172057

>tfw all I want is a slutty, provocative character applying for RotJR

Closest is Osanna and she's not even a whore anymore!

I think.

>> No.51172080


Ok, I'm removing everyone who already joined.

If you want to join, go through here.

>> No.51172081

Brawler. You get bonuses on manuevers over weapons in that and you don't have to drop what you are carrying to pin people

>> No.51172088

>trying to get your tiny pecker wet with help from anons

>> No.51172134

While I thought the idea was a little dumb as a whole, the more I hear about this the more on board I become.

>> No.51172143

>Voice Only
Is that a mistake, oooorrrr...?

>> No.51172161

>...she's not even a whore anymore!
>I think.

There's only one way to find out anon.

>> No.51172167

It depends on the campaign setting.


They don't sound that much different than Faerun Drow.

>> No.51172180

>level 1 start
>PoW/SoP, AND gestalt

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Like an anon before said, you're dropping one of the biggest advantages of the AP, which was that it had premade encounter design down. You'll need so many changes that you might as well run something like Hell's Rebels. Unless you have some magical way to spice the campaign up so the plot becomes engaging.

>> No.51172187



Voice if possible, but text otherwise.

>> No.51172214


>Giving your party members money for favors

You deserve to hemorrhage money!

>> No.51172235

How do I build it 'properly', though, and will it be more effective than just one-punching people? I love the idea of just taking someone down, but I don't want to be a gimmicky dead weight.

Trust me anon I know the risks and I fully accept them

>> No.51172236

I removed Gestalt.

Voice isnt required.

I am planning on mixing books a bit, depending on what the players want.

>> No.51172239


Why do you guys hate Voice? Roleplaying is so much easier when you can voice!

>> No.51172248

No it's not.

>> No.51172278

Some people find it hard to vocally voice themselves in RP.

>> No.51172291

I don't hate voice, I just don't want to bother with voice in a game with /pfg/. Hell, with ANY strangers on the internet. Voice is for meatspace or games with friends.

also >voice in a game with lewd

>> No.51172296

The real question is, how long will your party let the bandits play with their tied up hostage before rescuing you ?

>> No.51172307

Ok cool. Just to warn you though, Gaintslayer's story is pretty dry.

Overall it is a pretty weak AP. I wish it wasn't because I love giants.

I can give you a personal rundown on good and bad APs.

>> No.51172316


Some people are shy! And easily intimidated!

>> No.51172319

I really just don't want to listen to anon's shitty mic while people/animals/children in the background make distracting noises.

I could also make the argument that anon doesn't sound like his [insert character here] and that it takes me out of the game, but for me personally it's only a slight problem.

>> No.51172344

Party members probably get a pretty decent discount, what with the sharing treasure and all.

>> No.51172356

My apartment is right next to a major road and homeless are around my apartment building. I don't want people to have to listen to a homeless man shout "I HATE NIGGERS" out in front of my apartment.

>> No.51172357

Most people arent actors, anon.

Nor is rping the opposite gender easy over voice. Doubly so if people are trying to lewd about.

>> No.51172358

I also have hell's V and R, rotrl, carrion crown

if people prefer those

>> No.51172374

You get improved grapple and the other feat that allows you to deal damage while grappling. You also want to be able to reposition and bull rush so you can get prime targets for a good old fashioned gang bang betwixt your party members. Disruptive is also good and any other anti-caster feats if you need to give that mean old wizard a good hug.

>> No.51172379


I'm a bigger bully in text than voice! I'd make you feel confident!

>> No.51172385

Any of those would be better, yeah.

>> No.51172389

Hell's Vengeance, RotRL, and Carrion Crown are all better in my opinion. RotRL particularly.

>> No.51172390

>I have

What, the books? You poor bastard.

>> No.51172397

Gestalt is less of an issue for me than having both PoW and SoP on the table, honestly, but to each his own.

I want to play a gestalt 1pp + Jolly + Forrest + other 3pp on case by case, no Initiating. But the wait for a game like that is excruciating.

>> No.51172414


Want me to send you other APs? I have all of them in PDF.


>> No.51172418


You can't beat obnoxious players upside the head with a PDF, anon.

>> No.51172425

I have the trove too.

I just prefer going from paper, myself.

>> No.51172455


How do you feel about undead from your players? Like this http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?353181-Dread-Necromancer-Pathfinder-update-(WIP)

Or other 3pp like the beguiler?

>> No.51172510

Thank you, I'll try my best!
I'm the only party member! Oh no!

>> No.51172522

Can't beat them upside the head over the internet either.

>> No.51172541

undead are a tool

An evil (usually) tool, but a tool.

>> No.51172543

RotRL or HV would be pretty cool to try!

>> No.51172552

Make one to convert people away from PoW you slut.

>> No.51172561


Oh you are so precious!

>> No.51172564

Ok then we're picking between HV, HR, or ROTRL

/pfg/ VOTE!

>> No.51172570

Little mixup there buddy.
And it sounds like you'll have quite a bit of fun with that build! (tilde)

>> No.51172579

Hell's Vengeance

Bring Gestalt Back.

I have a build ready.

I shall become war.

>> No.51172584


>> No.51172586

Me personally, I'd like to see 1pp+Jolly/Forrest+SoP, I'd really like to start weening people off of PoW, especially with SoM on the horizon.

Ideally, the future of 3p games will be Jolly/Forest+SoM/P.

>> No.51172588


Hell's Rebels!

Let's go full SJW; no twists, no subversions, just trigger warnings and diversity as far as the eye can see!

>> No.51172599

Not really! It's Gestalt, so I can go whatever I darn well please. I just want to grab things and deal damage! I just didn't know what certain sides should be, so!

I think you're pretty cool too, anon!

>> No.51172600

If you're going to switch from giantslayer and are confident in your ability to tweak encounters, could probably get away with putting gestalt back on.

Also, a strawpoll would probably be better, but for the record Hell's Vengeance

>> No.51172604

Why not set up a straw poll rather than this random jank voting?

>> No.51172620

Whatever you do, be sure to not take any ranks in escape artist.
Spunky cuties don't need to get out of bindings, it's just unnecessary.

>> No.51172624


Blake is a mangy [email protected] and her mother is hotter!

>> No.51172627

Are all these the people who didn't get into the last Hell's Vengance game?

>> No.51172637

Didn't want to be in the last HV game because it was lewd.

>> No.51172640

I didn't even apply to the last one!

>> No.51172687


>Solo campaign turns into a mindbreak endurance run with the girl gradually earning the bandit gang's trust, going from the gang's fucktoy to trusted leader

>> No.51172688


Im still going to apply!

>> No.51172711


>> No.51172713

I don't know about trusted leader, but she could probably get some pretty good treatment after enough loyal service.

>> No.51172728

Hell's Vengeance!
Was interested, but didn't apply due to time reasons.

>> No.51172760

G-gosh anons, you're so lewd.

>> No.51172783


She could get knocked up by the bandit leader and make him take responsibility!

>> No.51172798

>play spunky female grappler that by design needs to get real physical with her foes
>doesn't expect the lewd

How would they be able to tell whose kid it is?

>> No.51172815

They can keep trying until all of them have a kid that looks like them! Then all of them can take responsibility!

>> No.51172840

I was thinking of applying, but there was already a Futa Lamashtan and I wasn't sure about the time slot. I probably wouldn't make that if I do apply for this one, though.

A Calistrian, though...

>> No.51172868

Wouldn't have it any other way.

>> No.51172873


What if the bandit leader was an Orc? If the kid's got the tusks, then... Well, we know whose she is.

>> No.51172887

A team mom does command quite a bit of respect...
How swollen would her breasts get after that much hormonal change and constant breastfeeding?

A good point, anon.

Cute girls are for rope!
Or is it the other way around? I can't remember.

>> No.51172892

Hell's Vengeance confirmed and defined!
Gestalt allowed.
Text w/ voice if possible

3pp allowed, Lewd allowed w/in reason.

>> No.51172908

Wrong link.

>> No.51172914

You did it again. You want the lfg link.

>> No.51172924


I changed the title from Giantslayer.

>> No.51172948

I am literally a retard, holy shit.


>> No.51172964


But anon, there could be dozens of men in the gang!

>> No.51172974

I remember that doujin.

[Odd] Orc Musume wa Ikemen ga Osuki | Orc girls love handsome guys (COMIC Anthurium 2016-12) [English]

>> No.51172978

I agree, anon.

>> No.51172980

Anon, the link will still say giantslayer, but the actual campaign title is Hell's Vengeance. If the link thing bugs you, you'll just have to can it and make an entirely new lobby.

>> No.51172996

Why is Press To The Wall considered on the bad list?

>> No.51173014

>taking coffee black

At that point you're only doing it for a caffeine high. There's nothing "manly" about choking down bitter viscous slime when you could take a little time to season to taste.


>> No.51173017


Now, open up applications and suggest what you want to see in the applications! Want sheets? Want good backstories? Want promises from your players?

What time is your game going to be? How many players are going to be taken?

>> No.51173018

old meme where a PFS player actually made a thread bitching about how OP it was

>> No.51173021

Ooh, I might have my spunky grappler person!

What timezone is everyone?

What even IS Hell's Vengeance?

>> No.51173023

Some anon posted a list of free feats they gave their players each game. That included choices between skill focus / deific obedience and things like that, does anyone have the list per chance?

>> No.51173055


This, teens and tryhards insist you should drink black coffee, in the real world nobody fucking cares how much cream you put in your coffee.

>> No.51173059

Ooh, I might be able to have fun with your spunky grappler!

>> No.51173082


Everyone can have fun with the spunky grappler!

We'll put the "spunk" in spunky!

>> No.51173083

But anon, I also intend to play something with an animal companion and make sure that companion can take Transformation for the Anthropomorphic Form!

Not really. At this point it's just me being a hardcore memelord, and realizing that I have yet to play a character without a dick. I also have yet to have any motivation to play a character without a dick.

>> No.51173138

I'm starting to think my Two-Handed Fighter should dip in something like Sanctified Slayer instead of Barbarian. Or maybe I'll just go Barbarian after I hit 7 and say "fuck it" to alcohol...

>> No.51173150

>at work
>see my coworker put sugar and like 3 ounces of creamer into his mug, then pours his coffee
>next day tell HR he's creepy and probably a pedophile and he's let go from the company after they search his desk and find pictures of a little girl there.

>> No.51173160

I've never applied to a Roll20 game before! Where do I start?

>> No.51173177


>> No.51173208

Spunky grapplers are for lewd!

>> No.51173211

>here's nothing "manly" about choking down bitter viscous slime when you could take a little time to season to taste.
That's what adulthood is all about though.

>> No.51173224

Wow, haven't they ever heard of take your CP to work day?

>> No.51173233

You guys are my best buddies now.
I'd stuff a spunky grappler with you all any day.

>> No.51173318


Is that before or after penis inspection day?

>> No.51173399

I'd like to app for some of the D20 games, but honestly I don't even know how to go about Chargen. Like what books are needed, etc etc.

That's the issue with learning a new system, the initial chargen is overwhelming.

>> No.51173442

That's the only book you need.

>> No.51173447

What is VOIP?

>> No.51173490

Voice-Over-IP. Internet voice chat.

>> No.51173492

I've never played a Barbarian before... may as well go for it! Brutal Pugilist, spunky bardbarian!

>> No.51173503

Voice Over IP

Voice chat programs like TeamSpeak3, Mumble, or Discord.

>> No.51173505


But there's three of you and only one of her!

>> No.51173509

You might have trouble raging with the onahole-induced exhaustion, love.

>> No.51173527

Can someone link me to the meme app with the fedora cleric with revolvers or whatever it was?

>> No.51173541


One for each opening

>> No.51173571

Start here.
Don't buy the dice. Use http://www.d20srd.org/extras/d20dicebag/ if you want to practice.

Use http://www.myth-weavers.com/ for character sheet creation.

Assume 25 point buy.

Carry on from there. I would suggest asking a friend for help - find some buddies from a gamefinder to walk you through the rest of the way.

>> No.51173578


>Assume 25 point buy

>> No.51173592


No! Stop! Lewd!


That said, barbarians *are* known for their toughness, she could take a couple hard ones to the face and keep going!

>> No.51173604

This anon already said it!

She'll take some hard ones alright.

>> No.51173609

+4 Constitution means she's always ready to go!

S-stop being lewd, anons, jeez...!!!

>> No.51173620

Oh, her face won't be the only place to take some hard ones, if you know what I mean.

>> No.51173621


Alternatively, roll 3d6 straight down the line. Please note your first character is for demonstration purposes only and you should create characters specifically for campaigns rather than changing a character to fit campaign rules.

>> No.51173633

I actually had a female barbarian once and someone tried to make her his fetish and wouldn't take no for an answer. The GM's policy on PvP was "let them sort it out". I ended up killing his character.

Apparently he had not realized I was a raging cannibal and never paid attention to my full attacks.

Rip and tear.

I took his gear too and sold it off. The player in question was buttmad enough that he left a few session later after having a second character get killed by me.

>> No.51173640

Get heart of the fields. Half your level as a bonus to profession courtesan, and the ability to ignore a fatigue/exhaust effect once a day!

>> No.51173663

Coincidentally, I have no idea what races would compliment a Bardbarian, and I don't know which ones are allowed.

I would go Merfolk but those might not be cute or fast enough. Anyone able to help me find some races with STR/CHA or CON/CHA bonuses? Maybe a Tiefling.

>> No.51173676

Rakshasa-born tiefling!

>> No.51173682

+4 con will only keep you up for so long, love. Spitroasting tends to thoroughly tire folks out.

>delicious tiefling tats getting counter grappled and tied up
You're doing things to me anon, that you can't even understand.

>> No.51173686

>heart of the fields
Is that because the character is born to be plowed?

Tiefling variants works with literally any build!

>> No.51173692

>Merfolk aren't cute


>> No.51173696

no wait, Kyton was the one with the Con bonus, fuck. Demon was Str/Cha, so I'm a double retard.

>> No.51173702


Pitborn Tieflings are STR/CHA and have amazing butts!

Also 2d10+con!

>> No.51173703

Timezone TBD, evil campaign in Cheliax.

>> No.51173709

The best Barbarian race is the Ragebred Skinwalker.

Str/Con and fantastic rage powers. Plus extra nat attacks.

A level 3 Ragebred skinwalker can have 6 natural attacks.

>> No.51173725


>That spoiler

No, it's because she's a country-raised village girl who was stolen from home, used and abused by a bandit gang, and then freed through her own abilities!

Such abilities include rage, musical talent, and out-fucking her opponents.

>> No.51173726

>telling someone no
>not being an onahole
No anon! You were wrong!

>> No.51173727

>check the character sheet of one guy in fluffytails
>it's literally a furry
>check the f-list of another guy
>loves: gorean fetishes

I'm considering withdrawing my app from this game.

>> No.51173729

doesnt it automatically allow apps?

5-6 players will be accepted at max

Sheets and backstories are prefered, of course.

>> No.51173730

Merfolk are plenty cute! Plus they get natural armor, a swim speed, and being a Barbarian means that their movement speed isn't actually THAT bad!

>> No.51173749

My pleasure, anon!

I'll check them out. Thank you kindly!
Well, still! There's options, and their ability bonuses wouldn't hurt!


Tempting, highly tempting!

>> No.51173758


Ooh, people taking issue with your fictional character or wanting to fuck them without permission is always a delight to work out.

Was fun killing him, was it? It was fun when I killed a twat that thought my noble Cavalier was a monster and deserved to die. Because his name had "Sir" in front of it.

>> No.51173762


Ignore the giantslayer in the link.

Games on Tuesdays, Gestalt, 25pb, most 3pp allowed.

Join in!

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>being a Calistrian


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>Not aiming for air-tight


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I'm making a Pitborn Tiefling Rogue (Knife Master)/Ranger for it, stay tuned.

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In order to open up applications, you would need to create a topic much like a messageboard.

Suggested topics to open would be:
"Application thread"
"Character rules"
"What I'm looking for in players/characters"
"What do you want to see in the game?"

Have a look at https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/65297/the-pendragon-institute and see what's there, if I were you.

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New Thread:

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The best part was when his second character arrived I was still eating his first character.

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What's the lewdest way to make an arcanist?

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Pounding your sorceress lover against a tree until you finish inside her, repeat the process until she's knocked up.

Raise the baby, love them, and when the time comes send them off to a magical academy where they learn how to be an Arcanist.

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You're forgetting the part where you knock her up over and over until you get a kid with good enough pointbuy for a good casting stat.

>> No.51173927


>Knock her up over and over

Unless she's a race that has litters, like certain Skinwalkers and Tieflings and Aasimar.

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Or hobgoblins. A hobgoblin with a lot of kids he puts into education/military service. Why has no one thought of this before?

>> No.51173975

What do you mean unless?

ESPECIALLY if she has litters.

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