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ITT: /tg/ related humor.

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>it's a 'Star Trek TOS was pretty racist guys' thread

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I suppose that makes sense. Baiting people on /tg/ for laughs is in many ways "/tg/ related humor"

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>Hyper diverse cast

I hate it

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This is an unfunny ripoff of a meme. The you and the artist deserve each other.

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This is shit.

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>not sucking orc dick
You gink.

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This, I have absolutely no problem with having diversity in a cast, but diversity for diversity's sake is garbage and really tickles my meritocratic autism.

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>shitty Nat 20 humor is parroted by 4chan
>it is caught by leddit and 9gag
>from there it goes to facebook
>an artist of yet another "original and witty diverse cast webcomic" decides to expand upon a joke to make 4 or 5 pages of a comic with numerous panels when the original joke is literally 3 or 4 sentences

This is, like, the definition of anti-funny. It's like "ironic" postpostpostmodernism met this joke, raped it and left it bleeding on the street.

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>"diverse" cast of nigger and mudslime
>equal distribution of males and females
>homosexual romance prominently featured
More like cringe. Jesus christ.

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What makes you say that this is diversity just for its own sake?

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Actually, apparently it's based on the author's actual group.

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>4 or 5 pages of a comic
If only it was that short.

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>apparently it's based on the author's actual group.
And I'm literally resurrected Hitler who owns a brothel of gay dolphins bent on world domination. What's your point?

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>I have no problem with diversity except when I do

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>equal split of females and males
Considering that the actual demographic is tabletop gaming is LARGELY nerdy white guys, how can you say this is not diversity just for it's own sake? There's nothing wrong with minorities in the hobby, and there definitely are minorities in the tabletop gaming community for sure, but to show a group that so perfectly checks off all the boxes for diversity, in a hobby that honestly isn't very diverse in reality, stretches the bounds of probability too far.
Yeah, there's a slim possibility of anyone's house being obliterated by a meteor, but if you write a story/joke/whatever with that as a plot point and expect to be taken 100% seriously as if it's a true story, nobody's going to believe you.

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I'm sure the author also said that this event actually happened, even though it was circulating Facebook as a short and simple image macro for years before this comic was made.

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This comic is fucking horrendous

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>drinking beer with a straw
what the actual fuck?

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>why aren't demographics being followed like a law
Maybe the dude wanted to practice drawing hijabs instead f hair, assuming that we know what the author did something for is silly.

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Its not like the Muslim woman praised Allah when something good happened or the women congratulated the Gaylord on being so progressive. You're literally getting triggered because the author decided not to make everyone white.

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>Why can't we just have media that represents normal AVERAGE humans?!?! you know a bunch of young white attractive middle-class Christians, because people who are just like me totally represent the average human

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Maybe the author did that for that reason, I don't care, but they did it and now the comic is even worse than it would have been if it had just been a shitty overdone retelling of a really old Facebook joke.

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>You're literally getting triggered because the author decided not to make everyone white.
There's no point using logic with you people.

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> but they did it and now the comic is even worse
Why though, nothing about the meaning of the joke, literally nothing changed except the tone of skin that was used for 3 characters.

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Or 20-somethings able to rent a large apartment in a city while working a minimum wage job

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>This happened I promise

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>Its not like the Muslim woman praised Allah

of course not, none of these hyper-progessive types want to imply their muslim characters are religious, but they still put them all in hijabs

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>In New York, right next to Central Park.

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So, Big Bad Bazinga?

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Kill yourself tumblroid

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Man so much butthurt over the SJW boogyman, I love it

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And I love you

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Because it's a redrawn of a comics from late 90s. Frame by fucking frame, not couning the finale.

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this is fantastic!

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Sorry you're so triggered by your own minority status :^)

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So how much for an hour with a dolphin?

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>A girl order beer with raspberry syrup
>Straw comes gratis even if to just stir it
Have you actually be in a bar at least once in your life?

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>A series of bad rolls makes my character gay
>A natural 20 Charisma check makes any NPC regardless of sexuality, situation, or motivation fall in love with me
>This is what normies actually believe

Would have dropped that group harder than Skrillex drops the bass desu senpai

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No, it's based on old-ass stick figure comics (no, not order of a stick, it's much older). And this is just a "muh diversity" remake.

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>Implying the SJW drama queen who draw it ever played D&D in her dyke life
Anon... Why the hell you think it looks like taken out of Warcraft?

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This film reminded me my first GM, who was always making THE pulpiest possible shit imaginable, where things like Barrier Peaks were pretty tamed compared to the rest of his mega-dungeons.

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I find the depiction of the players to be quite contrary to reality:
An asian, a latino, a black woman and a terrorist.

Only the asian is likely to even try RPGs

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That's fine, we'll just make them all black. I mean, you just don't like other races right? Just diversity.

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First hour free, if you're on the bottom. You can buy the next hours by sacrificing a single Jew per hour.

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The original post of this was on Tumblr, I believe, so the depiction might not be too far off.

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Not him, but I'm perfectly fine with that.
>b-but muh diversity!
Look, Boondocks, for example, were great, despite not featuring a single white character. So was Afro Samurai. Because they had meaning behind their choice of race. Their characters behaved like actual human beings.
In this particular case about the comic, there is no actual reason for a diverse cast. So I agree with that guy. Diversity for the sake of diversity is shite.

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A tabletop game-based comedy with a cast of black dudes would be pretty funny, though.

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muslims use RPGs all the time, I don't know what you're talking about.

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what kind of faggot shit is this, these are absolutely the opposite types of people i see play RPGs

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I guess ISIS is a kind of LARPer who are reacting the spread of Isalm, 7th century style with a twist...

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You guys whining about OP's comic, whether too diverse or not, are all a bunch of cocksucking wads of faggoty filth that should quit the internet.

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Not him but it feels needlessly unnatural now. It's worse because now it's not just a regular overused joke, it's someone taking an already existing joke, injecting his perfectly diverse utopia fantasies in and then when people express discomfort at how weird it looks they're labeled racists. They don't have to all be white dudes but this person clearly had motives beyond "I wanted to draw a hijab", especially if they really did claim this actually happened.

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People order beer with flavored syrups in it? What the fuck?

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>people shouldn't express their opinions
>people shouldn't debate
>people shouldn't criticize each other
>instead they should be stuck in echo chambers, their opinions unopposed as they grow into narcissistic "I'm being oppressed" faggots incapable of handling a different opinion
Yeah, nah.

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We were having a good debate til you showed up. Maybe there's a nice LOL thread you could post in:

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Always love these.

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Did you miss the >Girl

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i don't want to go full /pol/ but i think i can't stop it

so jew, nigger, arab and a chink plays some warcraft spinnof (i like how writer just dood some 'fantasy' in google and called it a day for research) and it ends in two players falling in gay love romance, also woman a DM.
Yeah, this is fucking hilarious. Who reads this trash?

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>Posts comic full of /tg/ things for /tg/ to rage about
>Most of the rage is /pol/pinions because some of the characters in the comic have different colored skin
>/tg/ is dead

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The thread title is /tg related humor not: "hi /pol please be offended at this slightly humorous comic strip" even though that clearly was what the OP wanted.

So maybe there is a thread on /pol you can post in Anon

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how new are you? you lost boy?

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A bunch of black dudes are more likely to hang out together and play tabletops than the fucking college pamphlet the OP comic is trying to use. People, especially people with relatively few friends like tabletop dorks, tend to hang out with people similar to them. What, do your friends look like that group? Oh, they're primarily white? Wow what are the odds?

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Correction - black woman is a DM. I had black players, I had a black GM, I had fuckload of black chicks playing.
Black female GM? Not a chance. And over a fucking decade. This is not even about /pol/ bullshit, it's about how the entire composition of the group is so forced on being diverse it feels just artificial.
And I'm living in a pretty big metropolitan area, while spend few years attending the RPG club in nearby university, with fuckload of exchange students attending it too (both the club and the university).

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You think spouting "kill yourself tumblroid" isn't fueling that?

>> No.51167331

>People, especially people with relatively few friends like tabletop dorks, tend to hang out with people similar to them.
That's not always what I've found in my experience. Granted, I'm from California, but you can find collections of people on college campuses that pretty much match what's shown there.

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>Posts a re-draw of really old comics that inserts muh diversity for no real sake on it
>Surprised people familiar with the original are pissed
>Implying it's just /pol/ sperging

There is a difference between drawing a diverse player group and going into absurdity. This comics literally lacks a Native American and a GM girlfriend with big. colourful tatoo on her arm.

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My tabletop game has a Mexican dude, an Asian dude, and a black dude. The color composition isn't farfetched if it takes place in a part of a big city with a lot of diversity in it, like Chicago or somewhere in the Southwest. My big complaint is about how the story is so obviously fake, in a way that things like Knights of the Dinner Table were smart enough to avoid.

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I've never said that.

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People order drinks called fuzzy navels, gorilla farts, and they order a glass of beer with a smaller glass of whiskey inside it.

People order vodka and tomatoe juice with hto pepper seeds mixed into it.

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Wow you're so triggered.
The poorly rolled attacks made for a silly situation which the players and dm decided to roll with and have *gasp* "fun"!
Meanwhile you'd be sperging out telling everyone else that they're having bad wrong fun and demanding they be super serial about muh games of imagination.

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I spend my whole time playing RPGs in Uni, got a great mix of Europans and one asian.
Never anyone else, the indians, arabs and blacks would not even be seen anywhere near an RPG group.

>> No.51167370

Because the race stuff gets the most disagreement. Nobody will want to disagree with "Why the fuck does a critical failure turn you gay?" or "Why the fuck does a single nat 20 defeat the BBEG?"

>> No.51167371

Not even the campus group was this diverse. Said that, it was predominately black weeb-bros and lesbians.

>> No.51167376

n-no you don't exist
you're making it up all game groups must be one race each and as few feeeeemales as possible

>> No.51167388

source on movie?

>> No.51167391

I will admit that I haven't ever seen a girl play pen&paper. Most of the girls in my FLGS prefer to play board games, and the one or two girls I've managed to invite to come over for a oneshot preferred to watch.

>> No.51167395

>reading too much into a single statement

>> No.51167396

Kung Fury

>> No.51167401

You miscegenating scum, don't you realize we have to protect the purity of the neckbeard race!?

>> No.51167409

I find a sort of schadenfreude in seeing our older jokes horribly mutilated.

>> No.51167417

Roll up with my homies

Enemy normy rolls to seduce


>Dick explodes in a shower of cute little orc babies

If you wanna girl to join your dnd game, bang her first. She'll be more amenable.

>> No.51167432

King furry

>> No.51167443

For the record, nobody in my roleplay group is white. We're a bunch of slavs and a single sandnigger. We make him eat bacon to make sure he doesn't go radical.

>> No.51167457

Like I said, you apparently never visited a bar. The order is so normal and natural that your surprise just looks bizzare for comparison.
What next? You will be amazed people order drinks rather than straight booze?

It's called U-Boot where I come from and it's vodka rather than whiskey.

>> No.51167458

>not white

>> No.51167476

Don't bother, /pol/ meme

>> No.51167479

>> No.51167486

>We make him eat bacon to make sure he doesn't go radical.

lol, fuck off.

Still funny tho

>> No.51167496

/pol/ and other /int/-derived memers have this weird on-again-off-again definition of "white" that includes Indians, Italians and Slavs when their accomplishments are good, but they are considered "not white" when trying to discredit them.

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Oh go fuck yourself. I was just saying most groups are mostly a single race, and I was done when someone said "nah my group is diverse" because there was no need to go on about the average diversity of most game communities with someone in a more diverse place than most people. You're intentionally going out of your way to cause more disagreements.

also he didn't confirm any women :^)

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From where I come from, U-boat is when you cut off telephone, Internet and TV, cover all your windows and lock yourself up for a week in your appartment with a box of vodka.

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Is it a good or bad thing that after reading OP's comic I just thought that it was a shit comic, didnt even think about the players colour. Not even once.

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>> No.51167526

Almost certainly a good thing, unless you're trying to fit in with some national socialist friends.

>> No.51167534

Also thanks for not continuing the shitstorm. Sorry about the tone of
assuming that was also you.

>> No.51167538

Had a Muslim classmate that ate traditional Swedish Christmas ham during the school lunch and refused to believe that it was Pig because he liked it.

>> No.51167541

My first group from highschool had a girl as a DM (surprisingly good considering literally none of us had PnP experience) and a trans girl as a dwarven paladin we rolled across a bridge to check it for traps. Everyone was pretty good at stuff.

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>> No.51167564

Normie leave REEEEEEEEE

nope it just means that you are normal

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>> No.51167596

My group is made up of a Brazilian, a Russian, a (white) Muslim and a (white) lesbian, and two of the above are Jews (guess which). I myself have a physical disability.

Life's more tolerant than fantasy.

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>> No.51167602

Might have just pretended he didn't believe so that he could still enjoy it, it's not a sin if they aren't aware they're eating pork.

>> No.51167618

I've been to a bar, people order mixed drinks all the time sure, but no one orders a beer with anything mixed into it. Hell, there are plenty of beers available with fruits or spices brewed into them. Why you would want to ruin the flavor of a perfectly made beer with a squirt of sugar and artificial flavor is beyond me.

Then again I live in a city with literally several dozens of breweries, most of them unique to the area, that is kind of a destination for beer enthusiasts from around the country.

Yes I'm talking about Asheville.

>> No.51167624

Not him, but you are confusing Boot with Boat, which are two totally different things - one is a fortified drink, the other being what you;ve just described.
Semantics are great

>> No.51167625

Hi, this is 4chan, I understand you're new here but perhaps you'd be better suited to someplace like Tumblr, perhaps?

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>> No.51167650

You know what are the probabilities of such group existing outside college, right?

>> No.51167661

>Checking for traps.
I kek'd

>> No.51167666

>> No.51167674

I've known the Brazilian and the lesbian from elementary school, the Brazilian knows the Russian from work, and the Muslim kind of tagged on once and never left.

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>> No.51167697

Best nat 20 humor

>> No.51167722

Pretty high if you live in certain cities. I'm in NYC and I could find all of those in like two seconds.

>> No.51167724

>> No.51167733

>I'm a beer-fag hipster, here, let me wank about local micro-breweries

Also, are you at least aware normal bars serve normal beer, which means the most popular brands of that country/region? The evil, industrial-tier beer that doesn't come with nutty flavour, doesn't use 5 different types of hops and uses a single type of yeast that had been patented 50 years ago rather than allowing them to show up naturally and spontanously.
In short - people go to bar to buy a beer. If they want to change it's flavour with a bit of syrup, be it raspberry or the even more popular ginger one, it's their fucking choice and conscious decision.
And they usually don't wank about it.

Also, a clue for you - American beer is just water, so your claims sound even more pretentious than they should

>> No.51167740

>> No.51167755

>Muslim kind of tagged on once and never left
That's what they do.
- t. Europoor

>> No.51167761

>tfw gonna make my skitarii army with 3x plasma cavaliers per squad

>> No.51167766

I live in New Jersey.

>> No.51167776

Wow you guys really care about what the imaginary comic people look like.

>> No.51167778

Legit happened, though. The rogue was temporarily incapacitated (slipped HARD on some ice the dragonborn had made as a trap for monsters chasing us), so we figured "chuck the guy with the highest AC across, see what happens." Dwarves are pretty spherical, so we rolled her across.

>> No.51167792

>Pretty high
>Makes a conscious effort to even further narrow down the areas.
Outside large, metropolitan areas and big university campus with fuckload of foreigners, such group can't exist. In fact, outside America, having Jews playing TTRPG is already close to impossible.
So go fucking figure.

>> No.51167793

Sounds like a guy at work.
Muslim dude who had a pizza with ham on it.

So we told him he wasn't supposed to eat it.
He told us to "shut up, it tastes great." and went on eating haram pizza like a boss.

>> No.51167799


>> No.51167811

>Surprised people are pissed for yet another misrepresentation of the hobby
It's a thing since 80s D&D scare, you moron. How new are you to TTRPG?

>> No.51167815

>I live in New Jersey.
How it is to live in hell?

>> No.51167823

>> No.51167827

>outside America, having Jews playing TTRPG is already close to impossible
I find it hard to believe. Israel has a pretty large TTRPG community, for once, so that's already plenty of Jews. And since they tend to be all over the nerdy side of things, wouldn't it make sense?

>> No.51167837

Wow its almost like >>51167792
The majority of the population>>51167792
lives in fucking cities>>51167792

>> No.51167839

That's more /v/, innit? Or am I missing a well-known thread?

>yet another misrepresentation of the hobby
They're not getting upset over "muh nat 20s/nat 1s", though, they're claiming that it's impossible for diverse groups to exist.

>> No.51167840

Judging by your reactions, next thing you will do is being amazed that there was this Catholic guy who didn't fast in Friday.

>> No.51167844

Not as bad as TV makes it look. At least the housing is cheap.

>> No.51167856

>> No.51167860

>There are those two countries in the world
>That means everywhere you have Jews playing
Are you at least aware Jewish population in Europe is counted in thousands?

>> No.51167866

Israeli Jews aren't really Jews.

>> No.51167875

Dude that's literally europe rotated 90 degrees

>> No.51167877

>moving goalposts this hard
You said outside of college, I brought up cities. Hell, I even said chances are high IF you live in a city, so you just look like a retard now don't you?

>> No.51167880

> Female DM

>> No.51167886

>There is no difference between 20 million metropolitan area and 20k city
Now that's just stupidity

>> No.51167887

I've had 5 total

>> No.51167888

>American beer is just water, so your claims sound even more pretentious than they should

This is objectively false and you would know that if you had spent any amount of time in America at all/knew anything at all about American beer culture that isn't Eurofags circle-jerking about how much better their beer is because they tried a Bud Lite once.

Regardless, I kind of just realized this is a really dumb thing to be arguing about in the first place. People can drink beer however they want, even if it seems pants-on-head retarded to me.

As for microbreweries, don't knock it till you try it.

>> No.51167890

>> No.51167897

>all these people sperging over a conic
Just post more elves getting spanked

>> No.51167903

Yeah, but there are Jews everywhere. In terms of pure statistics, that gives you a fair number. Obviously there wouldn't be millions of them in TTRPGs because there are like 10 million on the PLANET, but I think if you were to check you'd find a far higher percentage of Jews play TTRPGs than, say, Muslims.

>> No.51167913


>> No.51167917

Sorry that was the only elf spanking image I have

>> No.51167931

Yeah, that's the point. You must be new here.

>> No.51167932

It's literally a shit meme made into a comic.

>> No.51167936

>I brought NCY
Here, ftfy.

I'm living in a 600k pop city. There is a SINGLE Asian in it, running a lumber warehouse, and literally a handful of blacks. Other minorities literally doesn't exist in it.
Are you saying this is not a city, because it's not diverse enough?

>> No.51167942

I just found out a couple days ago there are Jews in China, Japan and Korea. In China, they've apparently even had a community going for centuries now. Shit's nuts.

>> No.51167947

Reminds me of this:

>> No.51167960

And besides, even if it's not Jews, the original point we're all sperging out over is that diverse groups do exist in real life. So replace the jews with something else and it's still true.

>> No.51167964

Jew here. Honey-cured ham tastes great, cheeseburgers are amazing, cream of crab soup is delicious.
Turns out most people you'll probably interact with don't follow their religion to the letter.

The woman DMs I've played with or have had friends who've played with tend to be better at handling players going off the rails.

>> No.51167983

female dms are great as long as you find one who's interested in doing enough worldbuilding and not being a rapey power-dictator.

So, you know, same problems as male dms, just 30% fewer of 'em interested in the hobby, so 30% fewer chance of a good one.

We have good beer if you dump that budweiser shit in the toilet

got ur bak broh

>> No.51167984

You did good anon

>> No.51167986

you never heard the ''lvl1 guard tries to stop lvl 10 PC'' joke??

>> No.51167996

What's really hilarious is that Japan and Korea are among the most antisemitic countries in the world yet LOVE Jews more than almost any other.

Turns out people's definitions of antisemitism isn't quite nuanced enough. The gooks are all over the Protocols of the Elders of Zion - it's just that THEY REGARD THEM ALL AS GOOD THINGS. They admire Jewish cunning and ruthlessness. They think of them as role models for business and academics.

>> No.51167997

Not him, but microbreweries is literally the most hipsterish thing in existence and "beer" produced in them tastes like piss, but costs 5 times as much as normal, regular beer.

And American beer really kind of sucks, I've spend a year in exchange in Denmark and their worst, cheapest beer was what passes for "good quality" back home.

>> No.51168009

>Dude that's literally europe rotated 90 degrees
There is some differences, actually. Spain is jammed into France, Greece have been mutilated and there is some weird shit going in the Black Sea. Those changes would actually serious implications in development of european civilization and the climate of the continent, defeating the point of the joke, though.

>> No.51168020

Oh, my bad, I assumed the NO DAMAGE guy was the guard and I had missed some epic tale.

>> No.51168054

I agree that the joke is garbage, but that's obviously not what people in this thread are angry about.
Also if you're gonna argue at least post some pictures while you do.

>> No.51168059

>Still missing the point this hard
Not even the original guy, but why are you so fucking autistic? There are 4k Jews in my country, for population of 10,5 million.
Do you seriously think it's easy to meet a Jew in the first place, not to mention one playing role-playing games?

So it literally doesn't matter if there are Jews around or not. Thus stop projecting American situation, where 15% of entire population claims being Jewish or having Jewish ancestory on the rest of the world.

>> No.51168071

>actually serious
*actually have serious

>> No.51168074

No they don't
>the jews fear the samurai

>> No.51168076


>> No.51168082

>Other girls my age

>> No.51168083

Yup, you're retarded. I'm not sure how you got any of that from my post, but it's an impressive feat of stupidity. Higher chances != all cities of all sizes are automatically diverse.

Oh yeah, the Kaifeng jews. Pretty interesting stuff.

>> No.51168084


Another fun fact: the Japanese Empire offered its protection to Jews fleeing Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia during WWII... because they thought having a big Jewish population of their own would bring them in on all that world domination they had going. Like, "THE BOOKS SAY THESE GUYS CONTROL THE WORLD, BETTER GET ON THEIR GOOD SIDE."

Wonder how this turned out.

>> No.51168119

>Wonder how this turned out.
Well, according to wikipedia there are 2,000 Jews in Japan or so. That's more than many European countries.

>> No.51168121

You would argue that in a fictional setting geography, climate and history would dictate the development of civilizations?

>> No.51168124

I literally googled "spanked elf"

>> No.51168133

Let's think.
There is bunch of Jews on the nearby campus. None of them plays TTRPGs.
There is even more Muslim exchange students. So many play TTRPGs, we had to find another resident GM to accomodate.

But sure, pretend Jews are as common around the world and especially in Europe as they are in States. Apparently you never heard about such thing like Holocaust.

>> No.51168141

These are normal drinks. Adding syrups to beer is not normal.

>> No.51168150

The look of pure despair on tzeentch's face...

>> No.51168178

>Adding syrups to beer is not normal
Where do you live? Or this is some sort of "No true Scotsman"?

>> No.51168199

That's because they shot themselves in the leg with the law that gives all Jews automatic citizenships. It helped them collect all the Holocaust survivors - and then refugees from wherever there was a civil war at the moment started claiming Jewish ancestry and coming over. Now they got whole refugee camps full of starving Ethiopians in the desert they don't know what to do with, because they'll look like hypocrites if they send them away but can't afford to house and feed all of them. Being Israelis, though, they don't let it get to them like some Europeans might've. They're just perfectly content with letting the Ethiopians starve outside their doors.

>> No.51168216

Adding anything to beer is heresy. The only thing you should mix with beer is more beer.

>> No.51168247 [SPOILER] 

I didn't notice nor care about the cast diversity, never saw the original, and genuinely thought it was pretty funny.

>> No.51168269

>> No.51168284

The main problem I think most people here have with the joke is that we've all seen it done better a long while ago and yet people keep making the same joke.

>> No.51168286

>not mixing bailey's and Jameson with your beer at least once a year
Bro do you even Celt?

>> No.51168288

me too

>> No.51168292


>> No.51168295

Oh, so no true Scotsman.

Go to a bar then. Either you will calm your tits or commit suicide. Either is good.

>> No.51168302

>> No.51168305

>You would argue that in a fictional setting geography, climate and history would dictate the development of civilizations?
...Yes? The image is a joke about worldbuilding, by using a modified map of Europe and putting remarks that a person critizing the map for being cliche and unrealistic would say. However such alteration of the european continent would dramatically alter the continet would develop in a very fundamental way in the first place.

>> No.51168328

I want Vahlen to dominate me while we both dominate a snayyk.

>> No.51168334

Clamato/tomato juice with beer is pretty good

>> No.51168337

>There's no point using logic with you people.
To be fair, you ARE getting triggered by the author's decision to not to make everyone white.

You're also getting upset in a blatant bait thread, so that's two strikes against you right off the bat.

>> No.51168344

>> No.51168352

You mean snek?

>> No.51168367

>all this people butthurt
Just replace the group by neckbeard, the fighter and the orc by a catgirl and a drow and you have your average /tg/ green text story.

>> No.51168380

>Look, Boondocks, for example, were great, despite not featuring a single white character

>> No.51168382

i want to fug a snek

>> No.51168398

No. In a fictional setting the fucking author decides what dictates what and how much. It is a fucking fictional setting after all...

>> No.51168420

>Posts mixed race character instead of her white mother
>Or any of the other white characters from the show

So close.

>> No.51168422

>> No.51168423

Jasmine's half white, though.

The Wunclers, on the other hand, aren't.
tfw you realize their name is a play on that of the rapacious businessman from The Lorax, the Once-Ler.

>> No.51168429


Half-breeds aren't white.

>> No.51168437

>no true scotsman
What the fuck are you talking about

>> No.51168438

T. Nigger

>> No.51168455

>> No.51168468

I am not this guy: >>51168178

I live in the US. We drop hard liquors in beer all the time, but I have never heard of or seen syrups added to beer.

>> No.51168472

>No. In a fictional setting the fucking author decides what dictates what and how much. It is a fucking fictional setting after all...
And? Just because the author decides that doesn't mean it is good worldbuildng. It is like saying that bad movie should be bad because it because it the director dictates so.

>> No.51168501

>> No.51168595

It's an Ayy snek
So it's a snayyk

>> No.51168611

>And? Just because the author decides that doesn't mean it is good worldbuildng. It is like saying that bad movie should be bad because it because it the director dictates so.
You do understand that almost every work of fiction has bad worldbuilding because they always create the story first and then add on it the background as some accessory. That of course usually leaves gaping holes that are mostly impossible to fill.

>> No.51168626

You seem to have completely misunderstood my post, I wasn't amazed at all.
There are plenty of people who don't follow religions too strictly and even more who try to use loophole bullshit to pretend they're still good muslims/christians/whatever. Like those "good" christian girls who are so holy and virginal saving themselves for marriage yet they take dick in every hole but their pussy because technically it doesn't count based on some convoluted logic.

>> No.51168629

Not him, but it's a term to describe specific logical fallacy that tries to generalise some sort of statement, as in "No true Scotsman adds syrup to beer", thus the person claiming otherwise is described as non-Scotsman and thus their opinion is invalidated in the eyes of "true Scotsmen".

In short - it's about being a cunt

>> No.51168669

>You do understand that almost every work of fiction has bad worldbuilding because they always create the story first and then add on it the background as some accessory
Yes. I also understand that most works of fiction don't focus on the world itself, which is not the case from worldbuilding threads and the like, which have worldbuilding was they whole point.

>> No.51168683

My first group was all female except for me. It was alright. Lots of stereotypes, but it was only one session, so it didn't last long enough to grate or, hopefully, fully develop as interesting characters.

>> No.51168694


>> No.51168750

Oh god that must have been agony. Don't have any woman hatred but being the only dude in a group of chick's isn't good, they just expect you to be the entertainment

>> No.51168755

>worldbuilding threads
And their never ending critics on everything

>> No.51168766

>of course not, none of these hyper-progessive types want to imply their muslim characters are religious, but they still put them all in hijabs

People sometimes choose to observe cultural traditions even without being militant fundamentalists. It's actually fairly common.

>> No.51168787


>> No.51168805

>Boot and Boat
>Two totally different things

The joys of being monolingual.

>> No.51168815

Gee, maybe because the point of a story is, well, the story, and not the setting it's taking place in?

>> No.51168828

>> No.51168839

>Missing the point

The joys of being autistic

>> No.51168864

>> No.51168887

>In this picture: People seriously thinking everyone watched Star Trek and is familiar with the characters
I'm not sure Star Trek was even aired in my country, ever. Any of it. I know about Kirk solely because of TV Tropes.

>> No.51168908

Ofc. But believe it or not there are epic faggots here who can lament for years how in book X the author is an absolute retard because, in their opinion, social/economic thing Y would not exist for another 100 years in the said setting.

>> No.51168936

LOL XD XD Haha us nerds amirite

>> No.51168946

How can such an inoffensive comic inspire so much loathing from me? Is the artist a wizard?

>> No.51168964

If Obama is black, Jaz is white.

>> No.51168980


I'm in the UK, I have never been to a *single* establishment that offers beer with stuff added, beyond maybe blackcurrant juice, never mind someone actually ordering it. I've been to well over 100 bars/clubs and a few beer festivals.

Not to say you're wrong just pointing out that your "have you even BEEN to bar?" attitude is unwarranted as clearly lots of places don't do this.

>> No.51169005

>black currant juice
Fucking Saxons

>> No.51169026

It's beer, the flavor comes pre-ruined.

>> No.51169066


>> No.51169081

You sick bastard. This sounds worse than sex in the missionary position

>> No.51169160

Newsflash the majority of people in tg hobbies doesn't look like Fathima from Somalia or Joshandell from copton you libtard

>> No.51169181

Is this a video game joke

The only Fourth Age that I know is Earthdawn.

>> No.51169191

>countess shitpost about how is has been done before
>no one posted old comic/joke

>> No.51169200

It's a LotR joke, you uneducated peasant.
Don't worry, I've never finished reading LotR or Silmarillion either.

>> No.51169215

Ive never seen blackcurrant juice in anything but cider or guiness, neither of which are beer. Lager and lime is a thing, only if you dont own a penis though

>> No.51169235

Kill yourself. I'm an adult living in a mostly white town yet my group consists of.

Autistic white manchild
Stupidly attractive stoner guy
Sikh shitskin
Cocky Cuban manlet
Uncle Tom negro (me)
Med student female

Having a diverse group is totally plausible in almost every place in the world so stop being a fuckwit.

>> No.51169253

America YES

>> No.51169295

She's a damn mulatto and you know it.

Why didn't you post her mom?

>> No.51169300

But companies that own your hobbies want to include them, or at least appear so.... because y'know.... profits.

It's 2017 and people here still can't grasp the idea that their precious hobbies need to have positive balance on someone's end year report.

>> No.51169315

>Tries to make a joke about semantics
>Someone responds
>Doesn't get it
>Quick push the name-calling button!
>Call them autistic
>On /tg/
>While responding to a response about semantics being great.

I take it you're not that big on irony.

>> No.51169319

Pretty sure most people complaining about the diversity of the group are /pol/tard crossposter who never played any /tg/ related stuff.

>> No.51169338

Imagine if they all flipped out every time someone used magic.

>> No.51169356

>> No.51169394


How's that Vagina treating you?

>> No.51169409

I'm not afraid of Muslims in general, but no person who actually likes Swedish christmas hams can be right in the head.

>> No.51169428

To be fair, he has a point.
Beer, while not innately shit, is EXTREMELY hard to pull off just right. It is easier to drink other kinds of alcohol, because literally very few companies are capable of pulling off beer just right.

>> No.51169440

I read them all, didn't really retain any of it other than Gothmog was a funny name because moogles.

>> No.51169446

Real men drink vodka, faggot.

>> No.51169455

>Why didn't you post her mom?
Because a large part of Jazmine's character development is her coming to terms with her own racial identity

and she used to insist she was white

>> No.51169458

What color is the stoner guy, Tom?

>> No.51169486

Yes, but even you know it.

>> No.51169494

But anon...

I am a National Socialist.

>> No.51169506

I'm bloody Swedish. We usually only get those muslims who are too extremist to join IS.

>> No.51169526


>> No.51169532

I'm bloody Swedish. We usually only get those muslims who are too extremist to join IS.

>> No.51169537

My man.

>> No.51169562

Poo in the loos were never white.
White owned at one point, but never white.

>> No.51169569

I'm bloody IS, we usually send those crazy guys that are too radical even for us to Sweden.

>> No.51169571

NOOO the evil sjws are STEALING what rightfully belongs to us and us alone just how they steal everything from white people!!!!

>> No.51169594

This is really good

>> No.51169595


>> No.51169606

Slav here, I'll happily give up on being white if it had to mean Pajeet and his 12 cousins are white too.

>> No.51169619

>ebin trap joke, right guys

>> No.51169620

>But companies that own your hobbies want to include them, or at least appear so
Not if it drives away a bigger audience than it attracts. Which presumably is what would happen here, if the premise is true that people are attracted to an activity relative to the representation of their own race within its marketing.

Of course, what actually happens is people are just attracted to what their peers are doing, which means every single group that forms naturally is going to be homogeneous, which is why "diverse" groups appear so disingenuous. They're almost always artificial. As in the case of the picture in the OP, where the author took the experiences of a genuine group and co-opted it for their shallow simulacrum of it, making it appear insincere and hollow.

>> No.51169646

"lmao so funny xDDD le ebin trap joke"

Seriously, where did it all go so wrong?

>> No.51169654

No true white.

>> No.51169677

>Seriously, where did it all go so wrong?
It was never right, you just didn't notice or care until now.

>> No.51169692

>/pol/ thinking they are in charge
he's right, /tg/ is dead

>> No.51169728

It's not about people stealing what belongs to us, it's about people I don't like having fun.

>> No.51169780


>> No.51169800

>Nigger DM
>Suicide bomber Player

As. Fucking. If.
The Virtue Signalling in this shit is cringy.

>> No.51169885

>> No.51169911

How is a chess game an appropriate situation to say that? That image doesn't make any sense.

>> No.51169925

>using /a/ memes on /tg/

>> No.51169944

You really don't see AT ALL how the diversity in the comic feels forced? My group has a lesbian, a half black guy, and two straight white chicks in it and I think this comic feels forced.

It's like in those video game or beer commercials when the young, attractive 20 somethings have fun together and there's 1 white guy, 1 black guy, 1 asian girl, and 1 white girl. I don't have a problem with diversity, it just feels and looks phony.

I'll give the author the benefit of the doubt: maybe she does have a super diverse group and she's just drawing her friends.

>> No.51169964

>Not if it drives away a bigger audience than it attracts
Unfortunately for your argument, the average /pol/fag is not representative of the average consumer.

Obviously though, you know more about marketing than the people who market products for a living. If only those idiots who run the world would consult you for everything. They're so stupid!

>> No.51169976

it's just the underage boy's angry face

>> No.51169980

Anyone happen to have sauce on that OP image in this guy's image?

>> No.51169983

this. I have zero problems with any race, I hate how all the boards I frequent (/g/ the most imo) trend into the /pol/ direction and yet the diversity feels extremly forced here

>> No.51170073


Also why the fuck isn't "tie" a tag when virtually every other article of clothing is?

>> No.51170080

>Weird, jagged coastline. Who designed this, an alien?
I understand that reference

>> No.51170082

You all meet after responding to the same ad from the classifieds...

>> No.51170094

Tabletop RPG's were invented and developed solely by white men. They come from a tradition of tabletop wargaming for more than 2 and a half centuries the domain of white men, traced all the way back in its modern form to Prussia. Stop appropriating our culture, commie scum.

>> No.51170097


>> No.51170098

Except for Penny, everyone in Bazinga has a good job.

Think Friends, which is the biggest example of this.

>> No.51170103

No clue. The tags people put on some images and leave out are weird

Thanks anon

>> No.51170125

because it's a necktie you insufferable lala homo man

>> No.51170234

>> No.51170249

>thinking missionary position isn't the greatest position
>not wanting your lover face to face
Stop watching porn

>> No.51170267

Ok Tom, genuine question- do you not think the diversity in the comic feels forced in any way?

I wrote this reply:

On one hand, if that's actually drawings of her group, that's all fine and good. But on the other, if I was in her group and she changed me to an asian, a muslim chick, or a black chick, I'd be pretty pissed off. Not because I have any problem with any race or gender, but because you're deleting me from the story to show off how progressive and accepting you are.

>> No.51170280

>stupidly attractive stoner guy
You got something you'd like to share dude?

>> No.51170290

i'd just like to point out that the person who drew this comic took a picture with her gaming group and it is literally the same as the people you're looking at. So like. Holy shit, calm your 'tism, son.

>> No.51170319

Why do tumblrtards always use this as if it makes any sense? You're not allowed to draw exceptions now?

>violence is wrong except in self-defense
>">I have no problem with violence except when I do." Ha ha, Gotcha!

>> No.51170322

>you insufferable lala homo man
Lori worst idol.

>> No.51170338

Holy fuck anon how new are you

>> No.51170341

better, yet, it's necktie_between_breasts

>> No.51170350

Mediocre humor

>> No.51170354

I don't disagree.

Cinderella Girls best idols.

>> No.51170368

Pretty dubious that her group even exists in the first place. The story is based off an old ass pic that circulated among normies on facebook.

>> No.51170374

Since the great /pol/ migration this became tooo common.


>> No.51170409

When it was /qst/, virt or even further back years ago when people ignored the trolls and autists and only cared about fun?

>> No.51170410

>/pol/ migration
Lad the only migration anywhere was from reddit to 4chan, /tg/ has always been like this.

>> No.51170429

Okay, real talk, how common is getting things without receipt / bill and pay them without tax?
Because it's very common thing in my country.

>> No.51170441

Post the picture then you nigger loving faggot.

>> No.51170444

>Beer, while not innately shit, is EXTREMELY hard to pull off just right
you just have to remember not to drink big company beer with some exceptions like stouts or weizens

>> No.51170446

There was no migration.
There's only constant, slow intermingling.

>> No.51170451

S3 vs S3
Its not a joke just an excellent manual on killing orks

>> No.51170454

>implying pol doesn't represent the majority of 4chan
I've been around gamers my whole life and most of them have pol approved world views. I think it goes hand in hand with being a social outcast

>> No.51170458

prove it

>> No.51170466

Blacks nig nogging, yea. Imagine if they made a basketball movie or a prison movie or a crack dealing movie and they were all white. That's what you're looking at here. Tabletops are made by white people and played by white people. I don't goto a Bollywood film and demand white representation. Diversity is respecting other's cultures, not destroying them in multicultural utopia (a distinctly white, Protestant vision FYI).

Though a comic of niggers playing D&D would be a quite enjoyable comedic setup for its inherent absurdity, just like a cracka who can jump dem hoopz

>> No.51170492

Been browsing for 6-7 years and I'm not getting your point

>> No.51170526

You sir are an idiot, and I hate niggers too, but you're just downright autismo

>> No.51170539

Fuck... In 8 months I'll hit 10 years...

>reddit to 4chan
True but back in the day derailments where fun and you never knew where a 350 reply thread would end up... now it ends up on /pol/

>> No.51170560

Quite uncommon in western countries, we keep track of most things

>> No.51170568

>> No.51170585

Fuck, about twice as long as me but I haven't been around much for the last 2 years.

>> No.51170592

There was no point, I was just exacerbating a minor issue in order to get a rise out of you.

I feel remorse for my actions and I am sorry.

>> No.51170612

Mah nigga

>> No.51170619

I felt you forgot some things

>> No.51170623

Oh, very well then.

>> No.51170624

It was not a funny joke.
The joke is about how including women into RPG's means the story turns into the girly RPG that is all about sex instead of adventure and glory.
It is not funny, because we all know that it is true that a girl DM will derail everything into sex jokes.

>> No.51170688

monks are not a character or do people not play monks?

>> No.51170701

Bad, you've got full insight. The talk of race is misleading, it extends beyond that to simple characterization. Do another reading of the Muslim and She-Nigger in particular, the smugness is absurd and entirely unjustified except for the fact of their diversity points. The entire plot is intentionally angled to put the cis male in both a sexually uncomfortable position, mocking him for his straightness, and also just keep him the butt of the joke.

It's not innocent diversity crap used to prop up a shitty comic, it's propaganda. Whether or not you agree with the ideology it works to promote is irrelevant to your ability to recognize it for what it is, and being proud of the inability is certainly very fucking stupid at best, virtue signaling on anonymous imageboard at worst.

>> No.51170721

>that pic

I don't get it.

>> No.51170755

Put your blinkers back on then?

>> No.51170758

>> No.51170848

Jesus Christ the autism. Just because some ass blasted tumblrina drew a comic to try and shit on white guys doesn't make it Fucking propaganda that's trying to suppress heterosexual white males, I'm sure you think George soros funded it too! The reason no one takes you clowns serious is because everythng has to have a deeper meaning with you. You have minimal practical knowledge of the world so you substitute pseudo knowledge and then walk around acting like your above everyone else for "knowing how things really are". If you spent even half the time you do being a retard, and tried to learn something practical, you'd be a lot happier in life.

>> No.51170849

Good Sir a gentleman is allowed a tantrum now and then.

pic related to topic

>> No.51171060

Stop getting your progaganda from click bait. Asians study Jewish tribalism and suprematism as it's obviously effective in reaching high positions of financial and political power, especially in foreign markets - e.g. China are known as being the new Jews of Africa. They also study Mein Kampf as a motivational biography of a highly charismatic and erudite man who won the love and respect of his people, designed a nation and accomplished serious achievements despite the opposition. This doesn't mean Chinese or Indians love Germans. They just study an important text from its history and people.

Also important to note it's a division in their culture, forgoing their own tradition and identity in an effort to modernize - not in blanket imitation of the west as was tried in the past, but a bricolage of its most despicable elements. They are in fact "antisemitic" or what /pol/ would call red pilled on the jews, no one would bat an eye at identifying them as parasites or in an obscene level of control over the US in China, understanding that certain elements of their culture are worth imitating doesn't change that.

>> No.51171066

pic related

>> No.51171079

I dropped pathfinder and everything associated to it like a bad habit a long time ago as soon as I realized that I was making characters based around mechanical builds rather than vice versa, and that nobody who played it knew how half the rules actually worked even after fucking years of playing nothing but 3.5 & Pathfinder. But I'm kinda curious to hear how they managed to fuck monks even worse with the revision.

>> No.51171080

>Half-Orc Bards.jpeg

>> No.51171128

What has humanity wrought?

>> No.51171132


>> No.51171143

No, it means moving the goalposts basically. No Scotsman would wear green on a Sunday. You see one wearing green on a Sunday. Well, no TRUE Scotsman would.

It doesn't mean you can't make any statement on how something should rightly be done. You can disagree why it's right or wrong, but pulling out no true Scotsman to stop any critical discussion is just some newfag hugbox meme from the same sort that cry out every time you make any general statement without prefacing each sentence with IMO as if it's the most grievous sin.

People wonder why /tg/ is more hostile these days. It's because we have deal with your fucking cancer day in and day out. IMO.

>> No.51171146

Unchained monks are pretty decent, actually. They're still not great(because Paizo can't make a great martial except by a fluke), but they're miles ahead of a non-archetyped monk.

>> No.51171174

It works one way, retard. Don't blame me, genetics decided it. Black genes are dominant, both physical and in IQ etc.

>> No.51171279

I was being a little shitbird but basically what >>51171146 said is true. The Unchained Monk has much better potential but at the expense of some of the features that made it feel like a Monk imo

>> No.51171282

>praised Allah
That makes no sense if she's speaking English. "Allah" is just the Arabic word for "God".

It's like saying Catholics worship Dios, because a majority of Catholics speak Spanish.

A meteor large enough to cause property damage hits the earth once every couple hundred years, on average. There are dozens of groups that diverse in existence at this very moment. That's not really an accurate comparison.

>> No.51171309

The real question is what kind of unholy cancer your diverse cast plays. Diverse tables tend to always gravitate to PF, ERP, story game etc kind of garbage, not to mention their general autism and lack of hygiene

Maybe I'm moving the goal posts, but you'll never see anyone but white men in classic Traveller or OD&D for example. I don't know how WH40k is but I imagine it's similar. i say that but it's not true, since I surround my table with girls when I play bc I fucking like it. OD&D is surprisingly accessible, its complexity scales elegantly. I don't think it counts because they don't care about TTRPGs, they're just around for my game and would likely never run into it again if I stopped

>> No.51171385

Average /pol/ views are just average views of even liberals in the 70s. Majority of tabletop fans of that generation are still heavily invested in the community and scene today, they're the ones developing your games. It might be true that tabletop games were largely commercialized and expanded to a wider mainstream, younger audience with very different views (read: dumbed down and Marxist) on how it should be, but it's pretty fucking arrogant to suggest they're just not relevant anymore. You're the intruder, not them.

>> No.51171396

We play Mage: The Awakening. The Brazilian plays a homeless prophet Obrimos, the Russian plays an Adamantine Arrow Moros magical hitman, the lesbian plays an alcoholic artist Mastigos who uses inebriation and art to try and transcend physical space, and the Muslim plays an ex-soldier Thyrsus Silver Ladder who specializes in shapeshifting.

>> No.51171472

You still haven't said which of the above were the two Jews. It's obviously not the Muslim, so that leaves the Brazilian, Russian and lesbian.

>> No.51171501

Who cares? Any reason OP's comic can't be college kids?

>> No.51171555

And you're a newfag. bite me.

Your spergout was unnecessary, propaganda doesn't mean it has to come from the state or paragov channels. It's an arm of ideology.

>some ass blasted tumblrina drew a comic to try and shit on white guys doesn't make it Fucking propaganda
Yes it does, Shes using her work to subtly advance her ideology and worldview. Assblasted Wyatt Man drawing cartoons that make niggers look like thugs is propaganda too.

Now that we've cleared that up, are you going to find another excuse for hysterics or just admit it's because you're uncomfortable recognizing a POV that threatens you? Welcome to 4chan

>> No.51171578

Be less salty, tumblr

>> No.51171703

That's too ambiguous to decide if it's cancer. You tell me, rate it on a scale of autism if you want to, though recall autism goes down to -10, past -5 it enters a realm of good again (see: twilight imperium)

>> No.51171728

>can't make a judgement about whether behavior fits or doesn't fit their system of values, requires numbers instead
>accuses other people of autism

>> No.51172369

6 white people living in an cosmopolitan city, with virtually no coloured people in any episode apart from extras. I think there a few jews in it as recurring characters. Thats about as diverse as Friends ever got. And honestly, it was more realistic for it

>> No.51172408

Jesus christ man, you need to lurk more.
Also cowgirl, deepstick.

>> No.51172536


>> No.51172621

Fighter Vs Mage

>> No.51172676

Interesting point. You forget that I despise muslims, SJW's and any form of political correctness equallyand would consider any kind of signalling on a anonymous Taiwanese fishermans forum rather pointless, in your reply however.

>> No.51172872

I want Barbarianna to take me away and make me hers.

>> No.51172885

Thank you for posting /tg/ humor instead of ranting about the OP's image.

>> No.51172907

The bard tries to hit on the farmer's daughter

>> No.51172977


>> No.51173002

Not trying to be caustic or disagree with you, but personally I think it's fucking weird. Wearing the headscarf while also wearing makeup and cute clothes to me just makes 0 sense. It's following the word of the tradition thoughtlessly without considering the purpose, and doesn't really -do- anything but give you some sort of awkward moral high ground, I guess? It's like a step beyond pointless, it's willful obstinance.

Which comes free if you're American, I suppose.

>> No.51173039

I've been to a lot of bars with a lot of girls. They typically get vodka with a mixer, or a beer. I have never in my life heard of beer with fucking syrup in it.

>> No.51173118


I have to say, all those pro-diversity people are idiots. (I say this as a Chinese.)

America is a white nation. It was white yesterday, it is white today, and god-willing it is white tomorrow. The average American is white, male and god-fearing.

Your country already tried diversity, and it was a clusterfuck. That's why the people when "Yeah, you know what? Fuck 8 more years of this" and elected Trump, the whitest, malest motherfucker you could possibly find.

This is because - What does anyone actually get out of diversity? You're basically eroding away your own advantage. If you're white, the only sensible solution is to make sure the whites are always on top. Do you think that China is ever going to favor a population that isn't Han Chinese? Or Japan is ever going to become a Japanese-minority country?

I don't get why you Westerners seem to think that diluting your numbers and eroding your prominence is a good thing.

>> No.51173134


The really weird thing is that Western depictions of Muslims, like Ms. Marvel, are actually extremely offensive to Muslims because they don't behave like ACTUAL Muslims at all. Strangely, the comic is beginning to lose its popularity all of a sudden.

>> No.51173205

That kind of thinking is one of the many reasons why your country is such a shit hole and so many of your educated people move to the US

>> No.51173394


Your mistake is to allow that.

>> No.51173453

Why would we not want more doctors, lawyers, etc? Immigration is beneficial especially when the immigrants are skilled labor. Your poorly thought out tribalist the mindset is pretty typical for someone from a shit hole though so no point in arguing

>> No.51173484


I'm no bleeding-heart, but I don't think diversity is a bad thing as long as there is some sort of universal agreement within the multiple cultures. The problem with this is that different cultures develop diffrerently, so what would make sense in winter wonderland would not make sense in tropical island place. There should be some mutual respect with the native culture and the foreign ones, with the native culture having more influence.

The benefits of diversity is that in the long run it gives a culture more access to different opinions and ideas. I don't believe in the hippie "every culture is beautiful" shit, but I believe that almost every culture has something to utilize. Frankly I think "cultural appropriation" is not a bad thing, although knowing its context could be helpful in fully utilizing an idea or thing.

Of course, we shouldn't just take anything that is exotic. We need to have discourse and thought on what we are accepting into our own culture.

Diversity for the sake of diversity, however, is constraining, not unlike forced homogeneity. People should, with reasonable prudence, step outside their zones of familiarity and explore other ideas and opinions, but don't go out of your way to make yourself "unique"

>> No.51173562

Diversity is fine as long as everyone assimilates into the culture properly. At least by the second generation.

Diversity starts to be a problem is people refuse to assimilate, start living in "Little <insert foreign culture here>" communities and expect their culture to take precedence over that of the others. That's where conflict comes from.

>> No.51173610


Rising nationalism in America, Britain and Europe proves me right. People don't want to lose their advantage. Your color, your race and creed define you, and resisting this is simply a contrarian urge.

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You shut your whore mouth. Mustard grilled ham is the best thing on that table.

>> No.51173868

You know you're in for a fun campaign when the DM is a nigress and your playing with two chads and a blonde redskin

>> No.51173990

That's probably because they're Muslim just so they can say they have a Muslim character. A main character that actually behaved according to Muslim values would be a bit alien to a general audience. That's why most main characters are blank slate fish out of water. A lot easier to relate to than some super specific culture.

>> No.51174043

America is 48% male, ya stupid yellow bastard. And you could feed all the pure white Americans with about 10 pounds of beans and have leftovers. We beat you in the Olympics because we're willing to mix and let the successful rise, rather than just those born in good circumstance. Hybrid vigor, nigger. Our only mistake was stopping at North Korea, we should have pushed into China like MacArthur wanted.

>> No.51174192


And look at where you are, now. Your new President has risen to power on a platform of nationalism and race hatred. As it turns out, he's what your country wants, not false visions of a multicultural utopia - which, by the way, crumbled when Merkel imported a million savage headchoppers to rape the women of Europe.

If 2016 isn't proof that diversity doesn't work, I don't know what is. The liberal order is, no exaggeration, literally falling apart before your eyes.

We Asians already know this, but you guys are beginning to acknowledge it now, too. You picked Trump over the female diversity messiah, and we laughed the entire time.

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