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I fucked up edition

>previous thread

>List builder with nice pictures and shitty point values STOP FUCKING ASKING

>Freshest Rules in Epub (Use Readium for PC or Kobo on Android)

>Not always current PDFs:

>Up to date FAQs

>40K 7th Edition Quick Reference Sheets:

>Forge World Book Index:

>The Black Library (don't tell the clowns we found our way back in here)

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You did the right thing.

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Second for OP isn't a fag edition
And for FW isn't any more broken than GW these days so stop bitching about it poorfags

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How do we make Tyranids more of a threat similar to Chaos? I think they need to go a sort of Lovecraftian route of just general ancient madness and sense of worthlessness compared to the hive mind. Maybe flesh out the hive mind a bit more about how horrifying it actually is...

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Nth for Webway war and more Eldar models

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How big are Kataphron bases compared to ogryns/bullgryns? I want to use my Breacher spare parts to convert some legged servitors for a Holy Requisitioner, and I don't know whether I need to get/make different bases.

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g e t h y p e
Hoping the rumors from a while back are new and we get that bitching Wraithknightesque thing as a PEQ and FUCKING NEW GUARDIANS HOLY SHIT.

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Let them summon riptides

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You just make them not a total joke on the tabletop.

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Forgeworld is fucking shit and here's why, you just pop a squat right there and let me break it down for you:

Forgeworld is over priced garbage trash and has 0 playtesting as opposed to 40k where the guys in the studio tell upper management that "yeah we play tested it, it's great" nobz in a naut

Take a look at the image I posted there, look at those numbers, those are active warhammer 40k products for forgeworld, take a look at the numbers excluding astra militarum (imperial guard) and tell me what you see.

I'll tell you what you see: SPACE MARINES 277 + (numbers for yiffs and shit), TAU 38, ELDAR 29

There's also a ton of CSM but we'll get back to that in a moment

NOW, lets take a look at what's going on here, the unarguably BEST codices (sm, eldar, tau, I don't care what order you put them in) have HUGE presence on forgeworld, so all the best codices just get better. They get more options, more toys, and these are for codexes which really don't need more options, or more toys.

SECONDLY, you say that forgeworld is more accessible but that is straight up a lie.

Forgeworld is only sold and shipped out of the UK by one company. And it's HELLA EXPENSIVE, now I'm all find and dandy for telling poorfags to fuck off but when you have models which are $200++ for a SINGLE MODEL well you can fuck right off then. I've owned cars that I didn't spend that much money on.

NOW, CHAOS, you might say "hurr durr chaos has presence but that's not op" and I'm here to say FUCK YOU FUCK THAT YOU'RE RETARDED. Most of the "chaos" forgeworld shit is 30k shit which is only legal in 40k as loyalist options a la angels of death, which guess what, loyalists don't need all that fucking shit, and before you say dreadclaw I say fuck you 62 pounds plus shipping for a drop pod which eats your overcosted marines.

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If you actually look at the space marines stuff on FW, 80% of it is just 30k shit that can be used in 40k or legion upgrade kits carried over from 30k.

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I am well aware that there isn't 277 things for forgeworld, and that there is like 12 contemptors and then all the contemptor arms

BUT even past that there's still and extreme amount of support for space marines. In short fuck you for schilling forgeworld.

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>There's also a ton of CSM but we'll get back to that in a moment

Chaos FW is Trash, it's all 30k shit and most of that is just shoulderpads and helmets

The only thing i can think of that's unique to csm in 40k and 40k alone is the Decimator and Plague hulk-grinder

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show me on the doll where the dreadclaw touched you.

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>he thinks the studio making more and more shit for the factions that are popular/they like is FW-exclusive
Here's the same catalog from GW, notice how the numbers look similar? Not counting how those numbers you posted include all the 30k shit which apparently doesn't count for some reason.

>SECONDLY, you say that forgeworld is more accessible but that is straight up a lie.
I didn't say this at all. What the fuck are you on about?

>the Chaos rant
Sorry if faction-specific kits of common units aren't good enough to sate your autism, even though a significant number of the items you included in your Marine itemcount includes legion variants of the same shit, and legion/chapter conversion packs.

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Also, for Tau, over 50% of that is bundles of existing models or weapon options for the models.

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1. Most of that shit is cosmetic upgrades
2. Your main complaint is that it's expensive which says nothing about how it actually plays
3. Forgeworld stuff doesn't usually work in formations which is one of the biggest issues with Eldar, Tau, and other factions and is therefore inherently worse
4. Just because there are more options doesn't mean they're broken or as a usable. Obviously more popular armies get more shit, that's economics.

Are you a poor teenager who's buttmad over not being able to afford a single dreadclaw and are crying when your opponent rolls up with a full MKII Space Marine army?

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The new Admech things are making me reconsider Torsion Cannon Kataphron Breachers. With Cawl, they can have BS5 or 6 for the turn they really need to hit something, and the new relic on an attached character, maybe a cheap termie Inquisitor for a Warlord trait and psyker can give them Skyfire or Tank Hunter to specialise. I think they're proper contenders now.

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>has 0 playtesting
and somehow still manages to end up with superior balance

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I'm not saying GW isn't shit for how they support their factions (ork codex fucking when, probably mid 8th edition holy fucking shit) but I'm saying:

Allowing forgeworld doesn't solve any problems in 40k
It just exacerbates them
It over complicates the game (a game which has armies pulled regularly from 3 or more codexes) by adding even more hardback rulebooks (which are only sold and shipped from England) and units which most people didn't know existed (like the ork blitzabomba hue)

Expensive and under costed, just like cawl and celestine.

I don't give a fuck what your meta is where you all have four hundred pounds of special tanks and titans blah blah blah, fuck you. Enjoy the game how you want to, but don't get mad because people hate forgeworld, because people should hate foregworld.

Recently in threads people were talking about how bad exclusivity is, how bad it is to retreat into a niche arrogant shell for the hobby. The hobby needs new blood to survive and you know what scares away new blood?

"Oh yeah just buy these fifty pound rulebooks and this two hundred pound model to play this dice game, yeah you gotta order it all from england"

Forgeworld is just exclusive, masturbatory garbage

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Any games you've planned or played recently /tg/? I played a 2500pt game yesterday against some Heretical Blood Angels and my Guardsmen managed to kick their asses abd hold the line.

And what should I name my Commissar? He killed both Dreadnoughts in pic related with melta bombs.
And If you have any game pics it would be great to see too anons.

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I can't. The Commissar said it would be heresy.

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>Maybe flesh out the hive mind a bit more about how horrifying it actually is...

And ruin it with shitty writing.
The Hivemind works because it is so alien and unknowable. It didn't evolve in our galaxy. It is just so different.

By "fleshing out the hive mind" you make it knowable.

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Honestly, the vast majority of armies that are using FW are not going to be overpowered, just different. People like to see different things.

What, exactly, is the unfair shit that's causing you problems? The only lists in there that are actually abusive are Imperial Guard super artillery spam and some of the Renegades and Heretics shit. Everything else is pretty much average.

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This, it's exactly the reason why the Swarmlord concept is garbage and another excuse to neck Cruddace.

>> No.51165790

Planning to wander over to the GW early on Saturday and buy a Triumvirate box to split with my Lamenters friend, since he wants Celestine and I want Cawl, and it might make him less salty about Cawl's near invulnerability, too. Don't know what he's complaining about, his main army is Nurgle Chaos and he has poison, T nerfs and ID out the ass anyway.

Probably going to get a game then, I'll try to remember to actually take pictures after deployment, unlike last time.

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>Allowing forgeworld doesn't solve any problems in 40k
>It just exacerbates them
40k is FUBAR, may as well ride the wave to 8th if you still can.

>It over complicates the game
Like 40k didn't have a gorillion sourcebooks anyway, I mean besides all the Warzone: Fuckfest books that are out now you have shit like the IA codex which WORKS ALONGSIDE EVERY BOOK THAT HAS SHIT IN IT. Imperial Armor isn't that much more to add to the pile since most armies will only need one, two or three at most if you're fielding allies or are Marines. That's nothing compared to all the GW supplements you could have to bring to a game.

>which are only sold and shipped from England
Read OP, retard.

>Expensive and under costed, just like cawl and celestine
Pretty much all FW Tyranid shit that isn't the Dimachaeron is overcosted by a factor of 2. Just like GW, FW have no fucking clue what they're doing balancewise but GW has had so many editions to fuck up the game that they're pretty much on the same level. See point 1.

>Oh yeah just buy these fifty pound rulebooks and this two hundred pound model to play this dice game, yeah you gotta order it all from england
40k is a L U X U R Y P R O D U C T and FW is a luxury on top of even that.

>> No.51165798

Dumb phoneposter.

>> No.51165829

>40k is shit!
>so spend 10 times as much on products that will make it even shittier
>What? Don't want to pay that much?
And this is why we ban forgeworld.

>> No.51165841


The only actual OP Units Forgeworld has put out are something based on GW's Wraithknight and things based on GW's Riptide. The problem in that regard lies with GW, not Forgeworld.

>> No.51165847

If you don't want to pay for it, then don't pay for it. You can build perfectly fine lists with nothing but GW products that can table even the most finely refined FW cheese, and there isn't even that much of it.

How does playing against a player who has a FW unit force you to buy anything?

>> No.51165865

some of us like knowing the rules

>> No.51165868

That blini cat is cute.
But there are no blinis.
Is it a wurst cat?

>> No.51165879

I'd still take the gw variant over the fw versions from a pure power gaming point of view.

Fw variants don't work with formations.

>> No.51165881

Now you can

>> No.51165888

Some of us like seeing new things.

I doubt you've memorized every codex and supplement anyway. There's always going to be shit you don't know.

>> No.51165892

What units are you talking about that are so overpowered that you NEED Forgeworld to play against Forgeworld?
Have you actually played against it or are you parroting grognards?

I'm genuinely curious because I have not played against any FW stuff that I couldn't deal with with just the regular codex. I'm not talking about fucking warhound titans, that shots for Apocalypse. I'm talking Eldar Corsairs, Chaos IA stuff, Renegades and Heretics, fancy IG tanks, etc.

I welcome the fucking variance in opposition over lol 3 riptides or scatbike spam or gravspam.

>> No.51165898

>ork codex fucking when
How bout we update the codexes that are still in 6th first? Also whats with your hate boner from england?

>> No.51165905

Word Bearers anon, where is the "Betrayals of the Space Marines" story? I have to know what happens to Marduk.

>> No.51165907


I'd agree for the Rip variants, but the Skathach is really damn good and you generally take an Eldar CAD anyway for the obsec bikes.

>> No.51165914

I'm just saying show it's effects on regular guys, making them absolutely crazy and mad. You don't have to explain the hive mind, just show the effects of how horrifying it is and why it's such a major threat

>> No.51165917

>I'm not talking about fucking warhound titans, that shots for Apocalypse
These are a meme. Any Titan that isn't the Warlord or MAYBE the Phantom will get stomped by its points in tailored cheese, and yes, said cheese can be pure GW and do just fine.

>> No.51165918

i hope he keeps making them larger to fuck with you

>> No.51165921

Mate, I not going to break the law and pirate every single fucking book just so I know how much of a fucking I'm in for when some fat prick puts down his overpriced toys.

I'm not going to play against armies containing anything forgeworld, feel free to play against someone else but if you've come to my store I should warn you everyone feels the same way.

>> No.51165932

Is the skathach the one with the melta guns or the one with the 7 inch rend net?

>> No.51165934

>and pirate every single fucking book
So did you pirate every single GW book, or did you buy them all?

>> No.51165937

Will they actually have them in on Saturday? I thought the first batch was completely gone, and my local GW manager seems uncertain.

I phoned up yesterday and asked him to reserve one for me, and his response was "It depends on if we get them in or not."

>> No.51165940

>scared of pirating
What are you 12?

>> No.51165955

If you don't know what something does then fucking ASK you beta faglord. ASK YOUR OPPONENT TO TALK YOU THROUGH HIS ARMY AND WHAT IT DOES.

>if you've come to my store I should warn you everyone feels the same way.
>my meta is the only meta!
Nice generalization, also I'm British anyway which is why I don't give a fuck about FW so I highly doubt I have ever or will ever visit you. I'll have fun with my FW-accepting group, thanks.

>> No.51165959

>breaking the law is cool and adult!
*tips fedora*

>> No.51165960

OOPS, sorry, it's called

TREACHERIES OF THE SPACE MARINES is a collection of short stories


It's in Anthologies

>> No.51165979

>Not understanding how copy right laws work
>Thinks having those digital book is piracy

What else GW has reasonable prices?

>> No.51165982

>ahahah I live in england so it's neither overpriced and I can walk in and purchase it

>but you should all bend over backwards and accept me

fuck right off then ya jobber cunt

you can feel free to buy whatever you want but that doesn't mean anyone has an obligation to play with you

>> No.51165992

You could refuse to play against Harlequins because you don't have the codex and haven't read it, and that would be 100% your right as an individual, but it doesn't mean we won't think you're retarded.

>> No.51165996

Rend Net/Hellstorm

>> No.51166014

It can choose either.

>> No.51166024

Well feel free to think I and my entire store is retarded but if it means keeping away people like you let me be the first to say we're PROUD to be retarded!

Fuck you!
Fuck forgeworld!
Fuck off!

>> No.51166030

Thanks, man.

>> No.51166034

What actually is your deal? Why is FW any different from some GW shit?
>it's broken!
Not any more than GW
>I don't have the rules!
Are you telling me you own every GW codex?
>it's too expensive and this factors in to the gameplay somehow!
Then don't buy it? Just because you don't want to pay doesn't mean you should despise anyone who does.

>> No.51166039

Your store sounds fucking awful.
Do you all own each codex and each data sheet (even the ones only printed in products) or do you refuse to play against opponents who play armies that you haven't bought and memorized the codex to?

You sound like a help group for people suffering from brain damage.

>> No.51166040

>Implying England and Britain are the same thing
>Implying things aren't overprice in GB in the wake of Brexit
>Not simply asking someone about their army

Fucking sperglord Ameritard detected.

>> No.51166069

Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.

>> No.51166072

It's neither cool or adult but if someone charging me out the ass for a book. Ill take a digital copy illegally any fucking day.

>> No.51166074

> let me be the first to say we're PROUD to be retarded!
Holy fuck I'm laughing so hard

10/10 bait. I at least hope this is bait because I dread to think players like you exist.

>> No.51166096

Well that makes you a criminal and you didn't even break the law over something respectable you broke the law over children's toys.

Your parents must be so proud of you!

>> No.51166098


You shouldn't be proud you fucking sperglord baby. I bet if I walked into "your" store and called you a retard, all your "friends" would agree.

You're just the kind of self-deluded tard who believes everyone who thinly veils their ire likes you when nothing could be further from the truth.

You are fucking backwards, have fun with that.

>> No.51166113

Oh no anon are you going to get me arrested? My parents are already dissapointed in me about other things so i dont really give a shiet

>> No.51166136

I have no idea, but its worth a shot I guess. Need to grab a couple paints anyway. Gojng to need a second Cawl for converting, but that can wait until the eBay prices are down somewhat.

>> No.51166154

You have no idea how copy rights works or what makes something piracy do you?

You are going to tell me making a photocopy of a book is illegal now?

>> No.51166169

...Do you even know where you are?
My parents would be more ashamed for me being on 4chan or me owning thousands of dollars worth of miniatures than me pirating expensive books. Not that they are ashamed mind you.

Also, who over 18 gives a flying fuck about being embarassing to their parents? Especially regarding their hobbies. If your parents would be ashamed you have shit parents fuckboy

my dad plays Orks and he uses the archive here to pirate all the codices :^)

>> No.51166172

Stop white-knighting for a company run into the ground by shareholders who don't give a fuck about you.

Here's the horrifying truth, spaghetti pockets, fucking nobody really likes you, everyone does illegal shit, and there isn't enough fucking money in the world.

Where I live letting your dog shit on the pavement and not cleaning it up is illegal, but people still fucking do it. You know why? Because they don't give a shit, the police don't give a shit, the government sure as fuck don't give a shit.

You are not going to get arrested for keeping your codex as an illegal PDF on your phone, so stop whining and wasting your time.

>> No.51166176

well, it technically is unless the book notes that you're allowed to make copies for personal use

>> No.51166192

>may as well ride the wave to 8th if you still can.
This past year has been great for GW. 8th edition isn't going to be a massive rules shake-up.

>> No.51166200

Fuck you, you dont know me or my friends you friendless loser.

We are the kind of group that does everything together.
We play games together.
We take the bus together.
We go for walks together.
Sometimes we share a bed together and give each other cummies and milkies.
We're all avid Tau players (except that one eldar guy but he's not a real friend) so we even collect armies together!

And then some internet loser comes at me demanding we introduce forge world for no reason.

>> No.51166208

>Stop white-knighting for a company run into the ground by shareholders who don't give a fuck about you.

>one side of the arugment says fuck forgeworld they're overpriced garbage
>the other side is white-knighting forgeworld because it adds "variety" to the game

somehow you're calling the side which is flipping off GW and shitting on their business practices white knights.

>> No.51166223


>> No.51166230

Yep, you have no idea how it works

Fair use works pretty much the same everywhere. Since it is a UK product. You photocopy it, print the digital copy and be fine.
It would be only illegal if you sell those digital copies or the photocopies.

Hell some places don't even care if the sold copies just cover the copy cost.

>> No.51166235

Top fucking kek

This is the most surreal 40kg we've had in a while

>> No.51166242

Can you explain why you hate that all it comes from england?

>> No.51166245

Holy Requisitioner Breachers with Cawl and the Memento Mortifex to let them armor bane flesh bane monster hunter and sky fire after deepstrike is fucking sex

>> No.51166269

>Hell some places don't even care if the sold copies just cover the copy cost.


>Yep, you have no idea how it works

>> No.51166274

You know what is worst. I'm not even sure if he is trolling.

>> No.51166286

I'm calling the side which is telling me I'm a criminal for downloading a pdf of a codex retarded, because they are.

>> No.51166298

Alright 40kg, what have you been painting lately?

>> No.51166299

Yeah well fuck you for being so lucky.

I live in an ethnic neighborhood in a violent, near third world country where people of my race get shot by the police for even looking at them sideways, I'm lucky I'm even allowed to collect 40k at all.
If they found out I pirated books they would castrate me.

And now that trump has been elected it's going to get even worse, fuck I hate Detroit.

>> No.51166302


>> No.51166304

Me neither. Poe's law.

Could very easily be a child. Especially to be so butt devestated about expensive things and piracy.

>> No.51166314

Don't think Fleshbane is on the list, but that's still nice. If I attach a deepstriking character to one of the Breacher units, can be deepstrike in with them? Cawl can't carry the relic.

What size are Ogryn/Bullgryn bases?

>> No.51166316


>> No.51166318

>I'm not sure if the guy claiming to be part of an exclusively Tau-playing cohabiting sex club is trolling

>> No.51166327

Specially if he doesn't understand copy right laws

And laughs at people explaining that the world is bigger and countries have different laws.

>> No.51166328

I wouldn't put anything past a Tau player anymore.

>> No.51166341

My little termagaunts. They looks so cute

>> No.51166351

I'm an old fart, I've seen a lot of strange things. People going full cultist around a companies product would not even surprise me.

Specially in /tg/ related things. I've seen some shit anon.

>> No.51166358

Get your shit together and get out of their senpai. Do well in highschool, get a scholarship or something and then fuck off to a better part of the country. Find work in a place that isn't Michigan in a city that isn't a murder pit.

>> No.51166369

So is Cawl worth taking to buff a Warlord Titan, or do diminishing returns apply here?

>> No.51166385

>Implying that was the same idiot

>> No.51166390

Dude I don't discount the fact that being black in Detroit is fucking awful, but good lord why are you playing the race card in an argument about warhammer?

It's really transparent

>> No.51166392

Thinking of switching Khârn out for a Lord with the 3" extra movement artifact, and giving the 2nd Lord a Warp Talon retinue instead of Raptors. Decent or awful ideas?

>> No.51166395

I've finally finished my mandatory Ranger squad for WarConvo (still need to do another 3 with Arc Rifles, but that's it) and now I'm doing a Son of Horus for my Knight's base decoration, which is the first Marine I've ever done. They're really damn easy.

>> No.51166403

The eldar codex is more broken than anything made by forgeworld

>> No.51166410

I'm retarded

>> No.51166414

BS7 or 4++ Warlord is nice, presuming you have max canticles from the rest of your army.

>> No.51166429

You are literally the least convincing troll on /tg/ right now.

Fuck, if it was so fucking bad around Detroit, you'd get lynched just for typing it online.
Come back when you have a more convincing story faggot.

Even if its true, which it isn't, I don't give a fuck about you or your feelings. How fucking dare you try to make me feel sympathetic for you! What the fuck were you hoping to gain? A pat on the fucking back? Fuck no!

>> No.51166453

Fair point, but you could still take Cawl in your main force and have a generic dominus with it in the requisitioner. Dominus are never a bad choice

>> No.51166457

post 'em

>> No.51166459

>Its another "forgeworld is bad because im poor :(" episode

>> No.51166469

So in the new imperial detachment, what constitutes a unit being completely destroyed for the purposes of returning? If I have a 10-man tactical squad arriving in a drop pod, and the 10 marines die, what happens? Do they just walk on the board edge? Do they get another drop pod that they purchased for the unit? Do i have to wait for their original drop pod to be destroyed, then they all come back in?

What about 5 lightning claw terminators in a DT land raider?

>> No.51166472

post 'em

>> No.51166483

Fuck you, don't even talk to be about "races".
I haven't been able to walk since some trump supporting fucks broke off both my legs.

Apologize by telling me what you think about mixing melta guns and combi-plasmas.

You think I can make it? People keep telling me do what you love and since I love models I've been trying to get in to modeling.

Pic related, it's me (It's old picture, I'm a bit more tan now living in Detroit and all).

>> No.51166488

i dont have a picture or a camera on me at all right now sorry

>> No.51166493

>It's another "Tau players cohabiting sex club: Live from Detroit" Episode.

>> No.51166497

I wish ALL the rules were made by forgeworld, then maybe the game would be fucking bearable

>> No.51166498

Meh. I only contact forgeworld for transfer sheets anyways.

>> No.51166519

South America here. Man up. Trump is a sweet heart compared to the crap the USA and Soviets made to the countries in SA

Fuck off, go and stay go.

>> No.51166537

Dude. Move out of that shithole. I live on the other side of the glove and even I know that Detroit sucks balls.

Whew. Makes me feel a bit good being born into probably the most best country in the world (finland).

>> No.51166549

Units and their transports are not one unit. They are two units that occupy one force organization slot.

>> No.51166561

30k is pretty fun. Although GW fucked it up a bit with the new faq. You could just ignore it however.

>> No.51166569

Probably going to do that, since the Dominus can fix the Kataphron units. I really do like having a Warlord who is tough, though. Never used Kataphron Breachers before, I do like the idea of proper Haywire weaponry skyfiring. My local meta has a lot of Stormravens and Heldrakes that my Icarus Onager can't easily deal with.

>> No.51166595

>Apologize by telling me what you think about mixing melta guns and combi-plasmas.
Other anon here.

Depends on the unit but overall.. no. Plasma is anti TEQ and meltas are anti TEQ/heavyarmor. Mostly you'll end up shooting meltas at heavy armor and plasma wont do much against it.

>> No.51166597

Only troop choice get the respawn, learn to read.

Second DT for Troop choices just use the same slot, but they are different units. Unless both die, the transport will respawn empty or the dudes without a transport.

Also stay pleb deepstriking Scion and Torquemada es obvious choice. Respawning, Deepstriking with Objective Secure is the logical choice.

>> No.51166603

>all of these ass-mad Hillary supporters
Glory to the immortal Emperor.

>> No.51166647

Theoretically should be strong. The Memento fixes most of the problems with the torsion cannon honestly, I'm fairly shocked how well it works out. They're actually competitive with grav kataphrons now, even if it is only one unit. And you still have to take Cawl to get it but you can slot him in a Dominus maniple and build off there since you aren't going warconvo.

>> No.51166670

Oh so you need more megabytes? I'll try to get as many as possible for you anon. I know you need as many details as possible.

>> No.51166674

Why did you add me? I'm from South America. Your elections where a joke. Hope you stop trying to be a third world country and act like a first world country

>> No.51166675

I downloaded a car.

>> No.51166682


I am so T R I G G E R E D by all the 30k shit is in the 40k CSM section. Absolutely it has no place there the vast majority of it. FW needs to at least add a filter to filter out all the 30k garbage from that section.

>> No.51166698

Thanks to 3D printing you can also download a gun.

>> No.51166709

Cool anon bro what army do you play?
Make sure to have as many megabytes as you can. The anons love them.

>> No.51166711


Are you the same brown argentinian from a few generals ago?

>> No.51166718

but will it fire? Also on the note of 3D printing would 3D printed terrain look good?

>> No.51166743

This thread sucks.

More than usual.

>> No.51166758

The memento mortifex is compulsory now, it seems

>> No.51166760

I need all the blurry shaky shitty megabytes

only if you sand it to remove the layered look 3d printed crap has

>> No.51166762

Trump it LITERALLY Hitler, how could anyone vote for him?
To put it in 40k terms... If he played an army it would be the imperium, fuck the imperium they're all nazi assholes.

They've got space marine rhinos full of blue marines going around the hive worlds shooting guys and calling it self defense over their religion. Even CHAOS is better than them.

Man I'd love to I really would but I tried to escape I think I would be shot.
I was force to move to detroit after a job gone bad, I thought a stint with the CIA would be great but it turned out to be total shit.
THey took me... to Detriot.

>> No.51166765

I have a rules question regarding Cawl: Can you take him instead of the Dominus in a Dominus Maniple?
I suppose you can, but the formation isn't in the Codex proper.

>> No.51166766

Nop, I know some Argentinas that play 40k but usually just the white rich.

In Chile we are mixed bag. The rich the poor, the one black dude, the white, the brown, the yellow, etc.
Chile /tg/ related crap is very heterogeneous.

>> No.51166770

>but will it fire?
Once, yes. There are blueprints and models out fhere for disposable one-use guns.

>> No.51166788

>we're sorry to hear your complaint anon, please circle any problems which are annoying you

>chaos fags whining
>tau fags posting
>imperial fags whining
>xenos whining about cawl/celestine
>forgworld whining
>the eldar codex

thank you for your input, we're constantly striving to improve your posting experience

>> No.51166810

>If he played an army it would be the imperium

And this is a bad thing? The Imperium is huge. The Imperium is going to be great again. The Imperium of man has a (fire) wall to keep the Tau out.

>It's like you want a President that plays Tau.

>> No.51166811

Guess its time to make a gun to fucking shoot myself

>> No.51166817

>Not listing the /pol/ shit

>> No.51166818

It's too good to leave behind, yeah. The flexibility that gives you is insane. It's literally pick one unit and make it great against everything

>> No.51166829

I don't think anyone has taken a picture of that specific rule yet. So we will have to wait until we have the exact wording to be sure(Maybe longer if it is ambiguous).

>> No.51166834

You absolutely can 3D print a working gun, however you can't really 3D print good firing pins, so you need to source your own (some designs use nails).

Printed AR-15 lowers (which is tge part of tge gun that is legally considered to be the hun) are also a thing.

>> No.51166844

we haven't gotten autistic about tranny cock, we usually just say "yeah, she has a dick but there are worse videos on youtube"

>> No.51166846

Thanks for ruining the thread along with the FW moaners and the Tau homosexual gangbang.

Side note when someone says Trump is Hitler I really hope he turns the USA into a dictatorship so you know what it means to live in one. As you asshole love to put in other countries during the Cold War.

Please die before having kids. We do not need more retards like you

>> No.51166849

Iirc, over 87% of police and elected officials in Detroit are black.

>> No.51166853

Just buy the real thing on credit you fucking pussy. You afraid the debt collectors will catch you in hell?

>> No.51166884

Army/game pics? A batrep would be nice too anons so tell me about your games!
I know I posted this one before I just want to see what all of you anons are up to. Instead of just arguing about Forgeworld.

>> No.51166906

Admech, with a little Inquisition support. Was thinking of branching out a bit after I finish the WarConvo and add some more Vanguard and Breachers, either into 30k Mechanicum of Guard. Probably 30k, but a couple Russes and Valks would not go amiss. Warning, shitty models alert, since I only recently discovered Saint Duncan.

>> No.51166908

Re size the images please is not hard even with a phone.

>> No.51166917


I was wondering where you were. Please save this thread.

>> No.51166921

I`ve started my first army, painting a CCS for IG now. It was my first time painting, and people on the thread were suprsingly positive about them. Probably becasue of the great Dunc helping me out.

>> No.51166925

This is what communists actually believe.

Granted, I really wish you were right. Hitler did literally nothing wrong.

>> No.51166936

Oh there was that one company that used industrial 3d printers to print all of the parts of a 1911 and assembled them into a working gun.

>> No.51166960


>> No.51166972

No, thank you, You guys have been a great audience!

I bet you strumpettes (more liek TRUMPettes) would love to turn the US in to a dictatorship and force all 40k armies to take at least 25%, wouldn't you?

Well, what I've learned from 40k is that the only thing that can fix it is a 40k end times like what happened to fantasy.
We could space sigmarines as an army fighting off the forces of chaos, wouldn't that be fun?
AoS has a 100% superior aesthetic to 40k anyway so I'm sure the same touch would greatly improve 40k.

>> No.51166974

Not sure what that Mark of Khorne on the raptors is gonna do for you, unless you plan on them living to make a second charge.

>> No.51166989

This. Had WW2 and the jew business not happened, he would have been remembered as one of the greatest men to have ever lived, and that's just weird.

Two Nobel Peace prizes and Vogue's Man of the Year.

>> No.51166998


And I get beaten and possibly shot for walking on the wrong side of town because I'm white. Fuck off, understand that it's a cause and effect situation and not a "it's literally just my skin tone that they hate" situation.

>> No.51167005

>literally shaking so much he fucks up the link
Trump WILL make the Imperium real, heretic.

>> No.51167015

>the jew business
Nice euphemism asshole

>> No.51167025

Man I don't know much about Xenos but tau food is fucking delicious! Just don't ever show me that Tauco Bell bullshit because that stuffs heresy no matter where your from. If I want cheap food that inf cts my soul with nurgles rot, I'll visit McMalcador's!

>> No.51167029

Killing the disabled and the like is also shitty. And he wouldn't of gained power if it wern't for racism- it was his key was of organizing germany. Standard us Vs them.

>> No.51167031


Oh, I probably should have worded that better, looking at it now.

>> No.51167046

>step out of /pol/
>walk into 40k gen
>it's still /pol/

I'm conflicted

>> No.51167047

The holocaust didn't happen, though.

But it should have.

>> No.51167051

I just want to talk about overpriced plastic figures and listen to people yelling at me for being a bad painter anon. If was living in the US of A I`d vote Trump all day, especially if he was agianst Hillary. But please keep /pol/ in /pol/. Thanks

>> No.51167058

I'll try my best anon. I could dump some more pics if people would be interested. I played two games yesterday so I have a bunch.

>> No.51167069

True enough, though at the time most political parties other than the German bolsheviks were against the Jews, as they made an unfortunate scapegoat in regards to their monetary problems.

This. Let's get back on topic, please.

>> No.51167073

That gaurdsman looks like he will turn to khorne at any moment.

>> No.51167074


That would be great

>> No.51167092



>> No.51167098

I only have one question why the fuck does GW charge for a tracking number? Specially when their shipping is rather expensive and they just send the shit I a normal box.

I was honestly surprise by this.

>> No.51167109

Don't project your heresy faggot

>> No.51167113

fuck you, you're worse than foregworld and trump combined

>> No.51167126

Dont you ever talk shit about McMalcador`s agian you piece of nurgle`s ass. Its where the REAL guardsmen eat, not your punny ass xeno fast foods like Webway or some other gross shit.

>> No.51167129

>This. Let's get back on topic, please
That Celestine. She sure is fat right?

>> No.51167138

>I only have one question why the fuck does GW charge for a tracking number?

Because its not part of the standard service and it costs extra????

>> No.51167140

Its the look of a guardsman who is ready to give his life for the Emperor when it will be needed, you chaos scum.

>> No.51167150

Nah senpai, he rebuilt a war-torn, debt-enslaved Germany using debt-free money and paying people to build the homes they would use and the land they would work on.

He even paid the kikes to leave for Palestine (Havaara accord) but then Judea declared war on germany and they refused to leave, instead choosing to boycott all german institution. Thus the government put them in work camps.

>> No.51167156

She is just a thicc girl that likes to eat. No bully.

>> No.51167160

/pol/ pls go

>> No.51167161


>> No.51167169

They don't. At least not in the US. I believe that in the UK default shipping may be via their Postal service and not have tracking as a result.

It's not so much that they charge for tracking specifucally, but rather that the different shipping speeds are on different services.

>> No.51167174

>be me
>live in Poland
>visit the camps
>read about them
>see this shit

>> No.51167186


>> No.51167188

What are some things besides scatbike spam and wraithknights I need to stay away from to keep friends and play eldar?

>> No.51167202

codex: eldar

>> No.51167207

Not an argument. But I digress, let's not derail the thread any further.

>> No.51167215

Warp Spiders

Wraithguard aren't that bad considering their price point but people will still hate you.

>> No.51167219

casting invisibility on everything, but besides that, you all good bro.

>> No.51167238

Post cute Sisters.

>> No.51167240

These "people"

>> No.51167241

Well first game was against a Nurgle Blood Angel warband at 500pts. I brought some veterans in Chimeras with a CCS. I ended up getting first turn i moved up my Chimeras and then wiffed in the Psychic phase with my Astropath who tried to make a Chimera invisible. Multilaser fire killed one plague marine and the Master of Ordinance was a little shit who missed everything with his bombardment.

>> No.51167242

>not an argument
You're a nazi faggot and Hitler was a useless twat. How's that for an argument?

>> No.51167254

Choke on my dick nigger

>> No.51167260

Celestine is the living Saint of Ass, Tits and T H I C C

That orbital strike rule? It's just her sweat squirting between her thicc tights.

>> No.51167263

I think it's mandatory in the World Eaters detachment.

>> No.51167269






>> No.51167277

Still no argument, my triggered friend.

>> No.51167278

Can I post graceful sisters?

>> No.51167281

/tg/ is literally the easiest board on 4chan to troll.

They always take the bait and never stop replying.

>> No.51167294

Anons, how are Daemon Princes treated in the Word Bearers legion/offshoot warbands of them?

I'm genuinely curious about this, thye worship the gods, and I assume greater daemons like Bloodthirsters and such, but what of Daemon Princes? What's their position in the Word Bearers?

>> No.51167298

Your list kind of sounds like the one I am using on 500pts. Care to post it here?
Any sister make my heart of a loyal guardsman at peace.

>> No.51167312

On his turn 1 he moved up both his Plague Marine squads. And this being a GGA picture at least one model had to be drunk. And he tried shooting at a Chimera with Plasma Guns but kept rolling ones and ended up killing another Plague Marine.

>> No.51167314

I just placed an order for some nobz and flash gitz. Have I made a mistake?

>> No.51167315

>Nurgle Blood Angel warband
Whoa, that's spooky.

I'm doing a blood angel renegade chapter and I'm also using loads of mixed blood angel and chaos bits.

>> No.51167321

you're a goddamn nigger loving shit fuck, stupid fucking retard amerifat

can't even use his iphone with his fat sausage tube fingers

fuck you

>> No.51167326

Not really. Nobz are dead killy and flash gitz can give you some unexpected shooting potential.

If you hit something, that is.

>> No.51167327

>wanting to fuck a tranny in power armor
Why do you think they ALWAYS turn to Slaneesh?

>> No.51167329

Dumb phoneposter.

>> No.51167332


>> No.51167333

I love you anon. You're my biggest fan.

>> No.51167336

>thic =/= fat


>> No.51167344 [DELETED] 

no one denies the camps existed, but there's no way to tell how many died, who was in them and whether it was an attempted genocide or just a place ofr political prisoners. That's why the holocaust gets such focus even though the Russians killed more in gulags because it seems especially evil if it was mechanized mass murder and not just shit conditions. What's more we don't know how many nazis or other non jews claimed to be jewish. There's only around 400-600k bodies of jews/prisoners relating to nazi activities that have been found.

>> No.51167352

>fucking the sisters
What are you, a fucking heretic? Also, what makes them trannies?

>> No.51167353

yeah GGA is one stupid phoneposter

>> No.51167361

She ain't thicc it's just her armor.

She's probably some flat trap like the rest of the SoB.

>> No.51167374

>you'll never lick the washboard abs of a sister after she returns sweaty from her most recent victory
>you'll never have your faith to the Emperor protected by your SoB waifu when the commissar questions it
>your SoB waifu will never leap into the middle of combat to save your pitiful Guardsman ass from a CSM
>You and your SoB waifu will never kick said CSM's ass together


>> No.51167378

Assemble the flashgitz first, you can use the leftover bits to make some neat looking freeboota nobz.

>> No.51167381

Just look at the manfaces. Clearly crossdressing faggots.

>> No.51167384

>sob beating CSMs


>> No.51167386

I`ve been to /pol/ enough times to see people say that holocasut didnt happen, but yes, the numbers are overblown to a fuckton. They also act like it was only them got killed in there, meanwhile Polish and Ukranian people died in droves too. But its aint a talk for that board.

>> No.51167392

She's fat, OBESE, FAT.

She and her sidekicks are fat like flying pigs.

Abaddon comes to cadia expecting real warriors to fight him and she flies out the sky like "Oink oink oink!"

She is F A T

>> No.51167393

I believe they're basically considered favored sons. They are certainly not worshipped in their own right. Word Bearers are very concerned with worshipping "true" divinity.

>> No.51167406

Anyone got scans on the Thousand Sons rules yet?

>> No.51167408

Well...you smell funny!

>> No.51167413

abby ran away not because he was beaten, he was too disgusted by her fat to fight

>> No.51167415

I don't believe in the Holohoax either but let's go back to talking about overpriced toy soldiers please.

>> No.51167434

>SoB beating CSM
I want some of whatever you're smoking.

>> No.51167438

they're usually granted leadership of parts of the legion or indoctrinated into the inner circles of worship

being granted daemonhood and by extension immortality is what all wordbearers strive for, that their pilgrimage and holiness would lead them to be blessed by their gods and elevated into positions of eternal servitude and worship (and also fucking up the goddamn shitty imperium)

>> No.51167444

>implyinh the Sisters love anyone that isnt the Emprah
>implying she wouldnt burn you for heresy if you even TRIED to touch her
Look man, I like them too, but we, as guardsmen, have no chance of hanging out with them if its not involving a heretic attack or lots of fire. They aint ours, Emperor claimed them.

>> No.51167451

Abaddon got his spine stab by a wounded and powerless woman.

Stay bad Chaosfag.

>> No.51167453

>Celestine charges and fights Abaddon.
>Her two holy bodyguards join her in battling Abaddon
>Despite their blessings and them outnumbering Abaddon, they struggle against him

Justify this, /tg/

>> No.51167464

I bet there are some Khornate ex-sisters.

>> No.51167466

Something something plot armor.

>> No.51167481

I ran two Veteran squads with the grenadier doctrine in Chimeras. One squad had three plasma guns. The other squad had three melta guns. I attached a Commissar with plasma pistol +power sword to one and attached a Priest to the other in case they were charged. With a CCS with a Grenade Launcher,Vox ,Astropath and Master of Ordinance.

Then on my turn two I finally managed to make one Chimera invisible (not this one) and moved them both up to get the Veterans in range. Rapid-firing lasguns and Melta guns from this Chimera managed to fry most of this Plague Marine squad. And Command Squad tried using a frag grenade plus the bombardment on his other squad but hilariously they both scattered off 12 inches so nothing happened.

>> No.51167482

I had planned to build them both at the same time and kitbash them together anyway

>> No.51167483

Nurgle blood angels? What the actual fuck was the justification for this?
>I want T5 Marines but I don't want to buy the models or collect the army


>> No.51167485

SoB can and do kick Renegade ass. That doesn't mean they're wiping the floor with the Black Legion.

>> No.51167489

Women can't fight.

Also Ap2 vs Ap3.

>> No.51167491

Their swords are ap3, none of them had the sense to bring a power axe.

>> No.51167503

Daily reminder that Abbadon currently wields a Daemon in the form of a sword that was supposedly powerful enough to kill the Emperor of Mankind himself in a fight, and it empowers him.

>> No.51167512

There are indeed!

AP3 versus a 2+, as well as Abbaddon having a higher WS.

>> No.51167518

Oh, I see. I run something diffrent, two Granadiers Vets with 2 meltas each, and a CCS with 2 meltas, all of them packed up in Chimeras and added vox caster becasue all my squads had them modelled.

>> No.51167524

Cain novels would like to disagree with you.

SoB love the manly IG, one momento they are over religious fanatic killing left and right. Battle is over. Look at those cute Guardsmen!

Did you forgot that beside the Superior most SoB have between 16 to 30 the ones in actual power armour are mostly likely to be around 20 or older.

Most of the Imperium forces are just kids with guns.

And Chaos Space Marine have trouble dealing with them

>> No.51167528

Also not a bad idea.
If you're new to orcs, get a loota box.
Put a burna head onto a nob body, give the nob a circular saw or a harpoon arm and boom, you have a painboy.
Put a mek's head onto a nob body and boom, you have a big mek. Kitbash a kustom force field out of whatever you please. I've use kff bits and vox casters to make MKFFs

>> No.51167531

You impotently fantasize like cucks about power armored whores who view you as less that filth.

Come join the ranks of the Lost and show these whores of the Corpse-God how REAL power looks like.

>> No.51167532

He already beaten her at that point......with a single bitchslap. Both Abaddon and Celestine lost their godly powers putting them on a supposedly equal level. Celestine fell down like a flimsy house of cards. What happened to the SoB super training and holy battle armor?

If Creed and the Cadians didn't charge Abaddon in an attempt to save her, Abaddon would have finished her. Creed lost his arm and dear friend to save Celestine. Thank him.

>> No.51167540

-4 str

>> No.51167548

Which races in 40k would be the most national socialist? Genestealer cults seem a contender what with family values, working hard and dedication to the patriarch. In fact pretty much any patriarchal society seems to fit them, islam for example.

>> No.51167562

Then on his turn he used Gift of Contagion on my Command Squad which reduced them to T2 and S2. And he put Curse of the Leper on himself to bring his toughness up to 6. He tried shooting at my invisble Chimera with his plasma guns but scored no hits but on the other side of the table he rapid fired and brought my Chimera down to one hull point.

>> No.51167570

Daily reminder that black library is shit and gets ignored.

>> No.51167584

B-but you guys also have no sexy chicks who we can bang. Slaaneshi chicks dont count, they drain your soul. Plus I`d have to risk dealing with the commissar, and that guy is a fucking asshole. No thanks, I`d rather jack off to pictures of Sister on the cogitor.

>> No.51167589

Daily reminder that ADB is in charge of writing Black Legion and Abaddon lore. Nothing of his is going get ignored because he is going to write it!

>> No.51167593

>sob can beat guadsmen

good moving goalposts

>> No.51167594

Abbadon is watched over by four fucking GODS.

Who else can say the same? Ghazkhull has maybe two gods attention, but most are lucky to have one.

>> No.51167597

Fall of Cadia pdf when?

>> No.51167599

We went over this the other day. In 1v1 datasheet Battle.
No estra shit just what it is inside the dateasheet for Abaddon and Celestine

Celestine won almost every time just by attrition alone. Abaddon needed really lucky rolls constantly to even dent Celestine. While Celestine just need to wait for Abaddon to auto kill himself or fail his 2+ save.

Celestine just H&R till Abaddon die

>> No.51167603

I fully agree with you that Black Library is shit, but you can't consciously ignore BL because it's shit and then proceed to accept core GW fluff as canon, they've been absolutely terrible as of the past edition in basically every fluff aspect, from pacing to character-narrative quality to keeping consistent within their own setting.

GW's business practices may be improving, but the current ring of fluff writers is pretty bad.

>> No.51167607

I dont know really, most factions ethier dont give a fuck about civies or are tau, and those guys are commies.

>> No.51167610

Dornian Heresy?

>> No.51167617

you're a fucking shit person and a liar, you said you would resize your fucking blurry garbage photos

you're too stupid to do the most basic image resize

I can't believe you manage to remember to breathe

>> No.51167629

He does not write Campain books and codexes :P. So he will be ignored.

>> No.51167630

Give me THREE examples of shit GW fluff from three different sources.

>> No.51167635

GW writing. FoC is basically Tau writing for Chaos The Imperium going full retarded and/or weak for no reason.

I wanted a chaos victory that made sense not this Tau plot armour "victory"

>> No.51167638

codex: tau
codex: eldar
codex: space marines

>> No.51167641


Also, I wish that Beard of EVIL Lorgar was canon.

>> No.51167653

You gitz need ta' try grotznob!

>> No.51167663

He does. He wrote the new Index Astartes and was offered to write the Black Legion supplement but he declined since he was busy writing BL novels so he instead edited the supplement.

Also ADB wrote the Abaddon speech in the Fall of Cadia trailer

>> No.51167667

No anon, Renegades. Jackoffs like these Blood Gorgons.

>> No.51167673

>Warzone Damocles: Kauyon/Mont'ka, all of it
>Fall of Cadia, almost all of it
>Half of the new batch of 'let's beat every other faction at their speciality to prove our superiority' Codexes
>Codex: Tyranids

>> No.51167680

Tau, Grey Knights, Fall of Cadia.

5th edition was the last edition to have at least mediocre fluff. It just went down hill after that.

>> No.51167683

Specific examples.

>> No.51167696

He got inspiration from the Dornian Heresy where all of the loyalists turned to worshipping Chaos and apparently the Blood Angels got Nurgle.
On my turn I once again made a Chimera Invisible because why not and disembarked my Melta Veterans into cover to possibly charge next turn and see if stabbing with bayonets would kill him. He made all of his saves against my Melta Veterans and on the other side of the table I only managed to kill one Plague Marine with a stray lasgun shot because my plasma guns couldn't hit for shit.

>> No.51167725

Tau out-adapting Tyranids of all fucking things

Wrath of Magnus in general, though especially the Power of Fenris existing and the way they had Magnus lose

Fall of Cadia: Losing access to the warp hurts the Imperium more than Chaos.

>> No.51167749

Young Farsight cracking the Codex Astartes just by reviewing how the Hammers of Dorn were fighting him and his forces, identifying progenoid glands and the importance of Apothecaries, then 360-noscoping a marine who was sneaking up on him.

>> No.51167752

5th edition, Codex SM, Grey Knights, Tyranids,

>> No.51167764

kill yourself, you're an embarrassment to the hobby

>> No.51167771

>daily reminder that CSM will always be worse than imperial anything

this and other news at six

>> No.51167775

>Being a phonecuck

>> No.51167786

>Blood Angels
>Nurgle and not Slaanesh

The fuck

>> No.51167801

>>Fall of Cadia
>Every Sorcerer, Possessed, Chaos Psyker, Warp-based mutation and pretty much everything Warp, which the entire veteran Chaos military is either reliant or very intertwined with, is gone, also Celestine doesn't have wings anymore, obviously this means that Chaos has the advantage
>Black Templars willingly working alongside radicals and Xenos because they're obviously the kind of chapter to do that

>Warzone Damocles
>>Stormsurge tanking more firepower than most Titans could with its shields alone easily, while also firing a weapon decried as 'more powerful than a starship weapon;, which are, in turn, more powerful than the entire arsenal of a full-scale Warlord Titan per battery
>>Raven Guard falling for obvious bait despite being Raven Guard, which brings me to the Bubble of Stupidity in that Imperials act completely OOC when fighting Tau in order to give the Tau the advantage
>>Shadowsun beating a Callidus Assassin and Khan, on separate occasions, in a close-range engagement

>Tyranid Codex/Secondary Fluff
>>Be most adaptable Hive Fleet from most adaptable faction in the setting who's entire shtick is adaptability, be out-adapted by Tau
>>Be the most biotech-oriented faction in the setting, also be the undisputed masters of biological sciences, be beaten in biowarfare by Tau

There's a lot, lot more if you want some other problems pointed out.

>> No.51167806

>B-but you guys also have no sexy chicks who we can bang
That is your weakness speaking for you. Mindless promiscuity is a pointless circle only benefiting of those who wish to escape the reality of their own impotence. Besides there are traitor Guardswomen too..

>Slaaneshi chicks dont count, they drain your soul.
Speak not of the whores of the Youngest God.

>Plus I`d have to risk dealing with the commissar, and that guy is a fucking asshole
Then take his skull. No one other than yourself should be in charge of your fate. Prove your supremacy by slaughtering him in single combat.

>No thanks, I`d rather jack off to pictures of Sister on the cogitator
It doesn't matter. The moment the climax is over, the feelings of worthlessness will come back to you, distractions only work for so long.

I suggest you think about it, lest you die afraid and full of regrets.

>> No.51167822

Kataphrons are on 60mm and it looks like Ogryns are on 32, but I'm not too sure

>> No.51167826

Pretty sure we were discussing fluff here.

>> No.51167847

The White Scars got Slaanesh

yes, really

>> No.51167851

>grey guard anon is literally a phonecuck who is too stupid to resize his images

>> No.51167874

He once again put Gift of Contagion on my Command Squad abd brought them down to S1 and T1 (which didn't really matter because I wasn't going to charge him anyway). He scored a few hits on my Invisible Chimera but did no damage to it and his some remaining Plague Marine killed one Melta Veteran with his rapid-fire plasma gun. Then onto the assault phase he succeeded against my Invisible Chimera but wasn't able to do any damage against it. And against my Veterans he made his charge but my lads managed to make all of their armor saves and with the Priest letting them reroll all of their Wound rolls managed to bring the Marine down in close combat.

>> No.51167904

I made a reference to the AP3 guys.

I'm going to pretend Abaddon Zerg rushed Cadia with his planet killer. That it. It is like the only way to keep chaos dignity after the most retardad plot armour since Tau Aura of Stupidity that affect anyone facing Tau.

>> No.51167915

Something something bikes going fast? It's not inconceivable to think that most people would go for them immediately as the Slaaneshis, it only gets more muddled when you consider it from a more fluff-educated perspective.

>> No.51167919

You just sound butthurt about the Imperium losing to anything.

That or you're one of those rabid anti-Tau spergs who think they should always lose.

>> No.51167943

But Bikes are the modern equivalent of heavy cavalry, which is an extremely Khornate theme. Not to mention their head-taking practices.

>> No.51167951

Losing to plot armour is shit. Winning with plot armour is shit.

>> No.51167956

ban all phoneposters they're fucking stupid

>> No.51167959

Can I get some more pinups like this one? I need some nose art for my Vendettas.

>> No.51167962

if orks call humans 'umies what do they call the other races?

>> No.51167967

gw will probably only release it in epub form

>> No.51167969


>> No.51167980

stoopid gits

>> No.51167981

>You just sound butthurt about the Imperium losing to anything.

And how does that refute any of the examples I posted?

>That or you're one of those rabid anti-Tau spergs who think they should always lose.

Nah, I, like many others, thought the Tau were interesting in 5th Edition and previous, before they became the best faction with the best tech and best commanders and best tactics and best soldiers and best training and best support and best philosophy and best social skills and best industry and best fleet and best Empire and best defences.

>> No.51167987

Space Yiffs got Khorne. Considering there is an actual Khornate Warband in the fluff that are suspected Wolves sucessors, it makes sense.

>> No.51167998

You know Wolves are the ones that get Khorne. There's really no escaping that.

>> No.51168006

all the pdfs are russians converting epubs or scanning books, has been for awhile

>> No.51168026

>be a Guard
>life is hard, your friends die in droves
>you almost died to a stray shot from a bolter or a slugga multiple times
>you are more often then not used as glorified cover for the tanks
>such is life in the Guard
>but at least you get to chillax in the barracks when its over
>maybe chat with that chick that you...
>oh wait
>she died last assault
>try to talk to SoBs, your dick feels like it could explode
>damn she pretty
>she smell good
>try to smalltalk
>she almost fucking strangles you
>calls you a heretic
>the cunt would please corn or whatever whas his name with that rage
>decide its too much
>talk with the few mates that are still alive
>stab the commissar in the back and take his shit
>run away
>join the renegades
>your last friends also die in droves
>you still feel your heart pounding when you hear the sounds of bolter
>still a glorified cover, this time for daemons
>the daemons are thier ugly, smell like shit, are fucking angry like your commissar or want to suck your soul by your dick
>everyone is batshit insane
>your enforcer kicks you for nothing
>you cant even play cards with the m8
>you cant even peek on the guardswomen becasue the chaos ones have tentacles growing out of thier cunts
>your dick will never feel the same after that time
>the enforcer took your classy commissar hat and he is now wearing it
>everything is worse
>also the food is somehow shittier
Renegades were a mistake

>> No.51168056

Furfaggotry is a Slaneeshi theme. Don't lump those wierdos with us.

>> No.51168063

>her most recent victory

>> No.51168085

Let's be perfectly honest, by the time you go with Chaos the least you have to worry about is furfaggotry, shit gets trippy and weird for all Chaos worshippers really, really fast, at least from an in-character perspective.

>> No.51168089

Nothing Slaaneshi about the Wolves

>> No.51168097

>Not wanting to fuck a tentacle cunt
What are you some kind of faggot

>> No.51168102

>Creed lost his arm
You're acting like Trazyn won't regrow Creed's arm, so he can have a mint condition Creed.

>> No.51168103

OK then. Would probably look a bit off to have them on 32mm or 60mm as is. Probably going to need to add some bits to the 60mm base to fill it up a bit.

>> No.51168110

>Trump it LITERALLY Hitler
Okay, NOW you're trolling.

>> No.51168126

With only one squad of Plague Marines remaining I disembarked all of Plasma Veterans and lined up my Chimera to hit as many Marines as possible with It's flamer. I didn't even put Invisibility on the Chimera I just used FRSR on the Veterans and with the help of the Chimera and all of my Plasma Guns managed to finally wipe them out and win the game. I managed to hold the line pretty well and lost only two lads through the course of the game which oddly enough gave me a better kill ratio then the Plague Marines. And if you guys have any batreps I'd be honored to hear about them too.

>> No.51168131

So I want to make an infantry-heavy Skitarii army, and I want to equip all of my units with the maximum number of plasma calivers because I suck at judging odds, statistical likelyhood or even basic understanding of risk/reward.

Problem obviously is that you only get one per box of ten Skitarii.

Is there anywhere you can reliably buy cheap bits that you guys know of? Not fussed if they're knock-off castings or whatever, but most of the major bitz sites just seem to be sold out of everything decent.

>> No.51168138


>> No.51168149

That is hatespeech and you should be in prison.

>> No.51168158

How do you plan to do it? Transfer or free painting?

If you want more make a SoB thread give some images and ask for pin up there.

Mind you pin-up is kind of a lost art

>> No.51168162

Magnus, the song:

>> No.51168169

He strikes me as more of a Stalin. I'm waiting for the purges of the alphabet agencies to start.

>> No.51168174

I want more Guardsmen x Sisters art. Lewd, cute, whatever, I just need that in my life.

>> No.51168187

spikey gitz

>> No.51168203

Well do you have any pics anon? If you could give us an obviously superior computer batrep my life would be improved by 10000000%.

>> No.51168207


TRIGGER WARNING: huge image.

This outrage over the size of posted images raises some legit questions for me. I intended to at some point post battle reports and stuff in these 40k generals, but in order to do so and have the game make sense I either have to

a) post large pictures that cover multiple turn phases, or

b) post a lot of small pictures that spam up the board

In a), the photos would have to be large enough to make out what is happening on the board and include several shots of the board, but each report would only take 7 posts (1 for deployment, 1 per turn for 6 turns). Pic related in an example of one turn.

In b), I could post smaller images but would probably need at least 4 per turn - end of shoot and end of assault for each player each turn. That's at least 24 posts.

I guess the third option is just to not post any at all. What's your guys' opinion on this?

>> No.51168214


Eldar are Elfdar

>> No.51168239

Don't worry anon it's just one guy with really shitty internet who complains when it takes more than one second to load an image.

>> No.51168253

Just because the video is unavailable? Thats cruel

>> No.51168258

>wake up
>see this
what do?

>> No.51168262

I like that format even if it is big. Work was put into it and it looks clear enough.

>> No.51168265

No. They are Panzees. Marines are Beakies.

>> No.51168275

>Affix bayonets

>> No.51168280

Fix bayonets and charge

>> No.51168293


I like this template.
I'll use this after my 6k-a-side black crusade battle I'm having soon.

>> No.51168299



>> No.51168307


>> No.51168309

>not challenging and killing the commissar in single combat
>not taking his skull and lifting it high towards the sky in front of everyone while screaming praises to Khorne
>not drinking the fear of your fellow guardsmen as they watch you pulse with the power of chaos as Khorne rewards you for your bravery with superhuman speed and strenght
>not declaring to be in charge now as you pledge your regiment to the Blood Pact, becoming an enforcer yourself
>not cucking your subordinates out of their hats knowing that the only way for them to get rid of you without incurring the wrath of the Blood God is to challenge you to a duel they can't possibly win
>not dueling and killing the other enforcers as you grow stronger and stronger with each skull pledged to the Bloodfather and eventually take control of the whole warband
>not becoming a Chaos Lord and launching your own Blood Crusades to bring death to the servants of the Corpse-God for the everlasting glory of Chaos
Loyalists were a mistake.

>> No.51168314


Tank shock in my Rhino.

>> No.51168318

Large images aren't bad. It is large images that are blurry or have no reason to be large other than that the poster couldn't be bothered to resize

If it is a large photo that is well focused with tons of detail or has a lot in it that is fine

If it a large out of focus shot of a thick painted guardsman that is uncool

>> No.51168347

>six images
>six megabytes

holy fuck when GGA posts six images he clears 32 megs


we've already said that you:


/tg/ loves EFFORT above all else

we hate unpainted miniatures (0 effort)
shitty lazy airbrushing (low effort)
giant blurry five megabyte camera photos (no effort)

GGA combines no effort and low effort with such astounding faggotry that it turns out, the only one replying to him are anons calling him a fucking SHITTY FAGGOT RETARD WHO CAN'T TAKE TEN SECONDS TO RESIZE THE PHOTO ON HIS PHONE


>> No.51168348




>> No.51168355

slap your shit for being an upstart

>> No.51168363

But all I wanted was to score some chicks. And have a nice hat. And play some cards with my mates.

>> No.51168373

Those are clearly kitbashed combos of CSM and BA kits, you shitposting fuck. Why don't you open your eyes next time instead of wasting our time with your worthless mewling?

>> No.51168394

I mean, why not worship slaanesh, you're guaranteed to put your penis inside something

She has crab claws
You're not sure what her vagina is
You'll catch the tentacle aids

It'll feel really good
Like really good
You don't even know how good this feels

Holy fuck that felt so good I will do anything to feel like that again



>> No.51168396

Please don't bully the orks they have had it rough

>> No.51168410

But that's entirely false. Abaddon will crush her 9/10.
>inb4 hurr Abaddon doesn't have access to his turbo-Hatred that he will literally always have access to in game

>> No.51168411

orks aren't even an upstart, they're more like hilarious cockroaches

>> No.51168412

Kill it with a mech that actually has arms.

>> No.51168417

i cant tell if it slipped on the trukk or if its stepping on the trukk

>> No.51168425


>> No.51168430

but how else are we gonna train the guardians? we can't put our precious living in actual harms way

>> No.51168441

>having such little ambition
After you bask in the glory of war such feeble mortal concerns will be a thing of the past, I assure you.

>> No.51168450

>training guardians
>anyone does anywork beyond the warlocks, bikers, or the one dead twin whose soul powers a wraithknight

fuck off you potter, your whole family are farmers

>> No.51168451

The trooper found posting on this website while using his cogitor time has been executed for spreading heresy. Stay safe imperial citizens

~Commissar Marcelo, 8th Autherian Regiment

>> No.51168461

>not wanting to be a daemon prince who revels in fucking things

once you become a monstrous creature (or even a greater monstrous creature) you can FUCK BUILDINGS TO DEATH

>> No.51168467

wait & see...

"Two reborn... descendants of Isha and Kurnous have returned to unify the remains of the eldar race."

>> No.51168485

Reasons not to go with slaanesh.
>Vagina dentata
nuff said

>> No.51168491

I'd rather revel in combat, Slaneeshi whore.

>> No.51168497

Where is she getting H&R from? She doesn't have that rule innately.

>> No.51168505

Oh god the chaos marines are going to start fighting

>> No.51168514

How do you motivate yourself to paint a lot in a short amount of time?
I have a game on Saturday morning, and pic-related is a procrastination nightmare.

>> No.51168516

>having any other ambition then serving the Emperor
>not wanting to give your life for him

My commissar is not monitoring the cogitor usage help

>> No.51168524

niggah you high or something ?

>> No.51168531

meanwhile Abbadon also has to worry about Spawning or Princing himself.

>> No.51168542

Yes she does

>> No.51168555

How's the size on this anon? And I've been spending all day resizing my images from this game so hopefully they'll be acceptable.

>> No.51168570

Both relatively unlikely results, especially if we assume a real game situation where he's going to be rolling twice and picking results.

>> No.51168576

And of course it didn't resize. Fuck me. I'm gonna have to redo them all now.

>> No.51168577

Nope. I was just thinking of her old rules. Never mind, carry on.

>> No.51168579

you call it combat, I call it "rough sex"

>> No.51168583

I love you GGA, keep up the good work your the one who made me get back into painting models

>> No.51168587

He's going to be winning a challenge in every combat, so it's not as unlikely as it seems.

Chances for Abby to fuck up are really high in general though.

>> No.51168602

a raiding party has been sent to your location, in order to ensure your survival we recommend that you remove your clothing and butcher your friends and loved ones after the sirens announce our arrival

>> No.51168604

>(5.84 MB, 4096x2294

>> No.51168613

Okay fixed it. Is this size okay anons?

>> No.51168622

yeah because you could roll your models in housepaint and they'd look better than his

>> No.51168632

The only way out is to challenge and defeat your commissar. By pledging his skull to Khorne you will earn his attention, you may then ask for the power to destroy the remaining leaders of your platoon.

>> No.51168641

We are not assuming a real situation. We are having a thoeryhammer situation.

Datasheet vs Datasheet that's it.

If SoB would just Exorcist the fuck out of Abaddon. But then Chaos would bring some Knight and so on so on for ever.

In this DS vs DS Celestine win. In a normal game with all the other shit Abaddon would have the upper hand due to not having an old as balls codex.

>> No.51168642

Yes, that is much better

>> No.51168645

but even her old rules had it.

>> No.51168649

Except it takes more than 6 game turns, barring early spawndom/princedom

So it's a stalemate

>Except Celestine is cheaper. So she wins by tarpitting the more expensive model

>> No.51168653

that's much, much, much better GGA, thank you for listening, if anything you could make it a little bigger but this particular picture is quite blurry so this smaller size is fine.

here's a tutorial to help you too

>> No.51168655

It was all a ruse all along! Your raiding party will be slaughtered in the name of the Emperor by our Hydras and Basilisks. Get baited heretic scum.

>> No.51168662

That's disgusting, but I will not take the bait.

>> No.51168681

>celestine is newer. so she wins by having newer rules


just you wait for abaddon's new model to come when he gets the statline of a primarch

>> No.51168703

>renegade blood isn't tainted

enjoy your scorched earth which births demons, you dumb imperials fell for OUR ruse, cadia sends its regards

>> No.51168709

Exactly. In a 1v1, Celestine can just kite Abaddon to death.

In game the Chaos player will just have Abaddon ignore Celestine and punch some tanks n' shit

>> No.51168711

>learn to read
Tactical marines are troops.
LC terminators are a troop unit if you bring Tyberos. Excuse me for not specifying chapter tactics.

>> No.51168718

Depends on which old rules you look at.

I STILL have crap from 3rd edition floating back to the front of my brain now and then.

>> No.51168723


You mean like Kharn when he got his new model?

>> No.51168735

>cadia sends it regards
Come on man, too soon. It was a low blow, even for Chaos.

>> No.51168737

So Cawl has some really nice buffs. In a War Convocation, that's glorious 4++ Skitarii, BS 6 Kataphron Destroyers, 3 IWND rolls on a Knight as well as what is essentially a 12". Bubble of horrible vehicle and IC/small squad rape.
Celestine has a fuckton of cool relics and toys, and will never die unless she gets slammed by two Skitarii Vanguard plasma squads or something, and even then she gets back up.
What does Greyfax really do? She just seems like a Coteaz that is worse in pretty much every way.

>> No.51168744

I mean if she tarpitts abby for the whole game shes doing nothing for her side either so its a useless tactic since abby is considered to be not that good even amongst the CSM

>> No.51168759

I can barely free paint words on the right scale. Transfers all day erry day.

I have a few ideas. The first one involves packing tape, if that goes badly I'll try mod podge. I've done it with wood with some success, I dunno about plastic though.

>> No.51168765

Not that anon but Kharn was never rumored to be getting sized bump to Gullyman levels. Also he's a LOW isn't he? He really could stand to be a scary block of cheddar over just a meme.

>> No.51168782


I finished painting all of this in one week, anon

Download some audiobooks or get netflix and paint while you do something else. Do five models at a time and pretty soon you get very efficient at it.

>> No.51168785

I'm sorry, I just get so ANGRY ever since I left the warm embrace of the emperor. Daemons have a very warm embrace too but it's not the same, you can't actually hug anyone, Tim lost an eye last time we tried to hug.

>> No.51168791

Wouldn't those be out in this formation? Because it give a list of what can be in each choice you twat.

>> No.51168796

Ooooh her doubley old rules, fair enough.
Can't blame you mixing up rules
I still mix shit up from other wargames i play, and i thought melta's were heavy until recently since i've only used multimelta 'till now

>> No.51168806

Worse Coteaz, yes.

>> No.51168817

Did the newest box sets include any formations?
If so, I'd be interested in the trukk boy one.

>> No.51168819

>newer. so she wins by having newer rules

New models are so op. It's Thousand Sons is new cheese with Rubric and Scarab Terminators and Deathguard are bottom

>oh wait...

>> No.51168822

I would suggest 'ardcoat and/or lahmian medium instead of mod podge since I'm assuming you'd be doing detail work

secondly I'd suggest trawling pintrest for pin-ups

they won't be extremely 40k themed but if they're scaled down to go on chimeras/rhinos etc they'll look proper anyways

>> No.51168823

Stop cheating. Teminators are not in the list for troops.

>> No.51168832

I understand heresy bro, here in the regiment you also cant hug anyone. The commissars say its Slaanesh worship and you get flogged for it. You cant even hold hands with female gaurds.Such is life in Autherian 8th Regiment.

>> No.51168833

I've been playing Sisters since C:WH and 40k in general during 3rd (skipped 4th) and then from 5th until now.

I'm lucky I know how to do anything in the game without getting confused about old rules.

>> No.51168844


>> No.51168854

They didnt.

>> No.51168855

Especially if you take C:AI Coteaz who gives all your non-vehicle models ObSec.

>> No.51168859

That knights not painted your a lair anon :^)

>> No.51168860

in the grim dark future, there are no hugs, only war...

>> No.51168862

But she turns say a 1500 game to a 1300 (Imp) vs 1250 (CSM)

Giving her side a small advantage

>assuming Abaddon is 250pts

>> No.51168870

so how dumb is this?

>> No.51168879

IIrc, Tzeentch actually wanted the Yiffs if he couldn't have the TS in canon. Mutations and all that.

>> No.51168886

I play against a dude that's just like you.
The looks i get from him sometimes when i correct him on rules for 7th, i just know he's calling me a cheater or something in his mind.

feels bad man.

>> No.51168888

Being playing since second, 3rd is when 40k started to be 40k

Do you remember when all the armies where inside the one rule book? Even assassins.

Personally 3rd, 4th and maybe 5th where the golden age of 40k. Even considering bad rules

>> No.51168890


>> No.51168897

Not really. It's a 500pt list.

>> No.51168930

I have to stop and look at the rulebook when I get all turned around so I can refresh my brain.

Remember? I own the 2nd Ed rulebooks! Never played but I think I have a little Trazyn in me since I obsessively collect this stuff.

IIRC there was a Daemon Hunters vs Daemons rule that gave the Daemons player free replacement units when they died. Might have been a mission.

>> No.51168949

Celestine is damn tough in a 1v1 battle, but on a full game she will die somewhat faster just from volume of fire. One 10-man Vanguard squad will kill both the Geminae and then she can be bursted down. Cawl is probably tougher thanks to what are essentially 1.45+/2.75++ saves, and self-repair, since T3 will have the sisters suffering from weight of lasgun wounds soon enough.

Cawl dies to AP2 ID weaponry, which is pretty much Chaos' domain AFAIK. Celestine can tank heavy weapons better, but I suspect Cawl will prove tougher in a full battle.

>> No.51168961

For me the best edition was 2e, the heroes are a little overpowered, but it is by far the most played edition in my group

>> No.51168984

But honestly 2nd was not 40k it was a role playing game with miniatures

3rd was when 40k was born

>> No.51168998

About space marine colours.

If BA veterans have hold helmets does that mean their terminators have gold?

>> No.51169001

celestine is a tad tougher since she comes back from the dead along with her girls easily

>> No.51169012

Vanguard squad of 3 plasma, bs5 and warlord will kill her geminae and cause 4,95 wounds to Celestine.

Sooo close...

>> No.51169018


Watch your mouth when you address HWT Anon, u cheeky shit.

>> No.51169027

Slight modification to an older list now incorporating the Finkin' Cap to make better use of the cards.

>> No.51169029

>celestine is toughness 3


>> No.51169040

I have never seen a BA termie with a gold helmet always with red; so Imma say no.

>> No.51169047


And people wonder why Orks lose so much.

>> No.51169051

>Eternal Warrior
>Comes back from the dead

Like she cares.

>> No.51169071


>> No.51169074

The image you have is a good way of doing it.

>> No.51169084


>9 wounds
>Auto regens 2 every turn

>> No.51169095

This is the same GW who charges Space Marines out of Rhinos because their rules are fucking shi....I mean "narrative reasons"...not once, but twice.

>> No.51169101

No. You could argue that 2nd Ed. was a skirmish game masquerading as a pitched battle wargame, but it was certainly not a role playing game.

>> No.51169103

how long does 9 T3 wounds last guard anons?

>> No.51169116

Abaddon! The Despoiler! S4... T4

Till this encarnation Celestin was just a SoB that found cool gear. Now is a SoB with cool gear and warp power? Honestly FoC is such a clusterfuk regarding fluff I wanted to be at least mediocre

>> No.51169119

since BTs got rolled back, retconned and pretty much squatted

>> No.51169126


A decent amount of time considering they have good saves.

>> No.51169132

They're all 2+/4++. Guard isn't even a remotely relevant comparison.

>> No.51169139

1e If it was more of a role-playing like game, I even needed a game master.
2e was a big change from 1a
From 2e to 3e there were big changes, but not as many as from 1e to 2e

>> No.51169141

30k is a golf country club. Not interested in marines? Fuck off with you then. There are 6 elitist shit heads here playing 30k. Know what happened when someone showed up with 30k mechanicus and started pushing their shit in? They got together, told him gw made a mistake, and they wouldnt play him anymore. But I guess just like china with its one accepted race, its easy for everyone to get along, as long as you are the same.

>> No.51169148

It quite clearly says her jump pack gives her hit and run in those rules though.

I hate to break it to you anon, but you may just be illiterate

>> No.51169153

Geminae are 3+

>> No.51169179

>cast forewarning on a 20 man guard blob with a priest and psyker in it every turn
>literally holds up a D thirster for the rest of the game
It was like a mother fucking JoJo reference.

>> No.51169183


>> No.51169186


True, but that's a situation that can be handled much the same as the first one. Skitarii Vanguard, bolter blobs, plasma spam, hell, Thousand Sons are good at something for once.

I'd prefer 20 Vanilla vanguard for that, honestly. 50 hits at BS5, 33.33 wounds, 12 absorbed by Geminae, 3.5 wounds on Celestine, and then that's two scrubby troop squads with no easy Warlord kill sitting around.

Alternatively, Cawl-boosted BS5 KatD, 6 of them. 36 shots, 30 hits, 20 wounds, dead with a good margin of error. Admittedly, that costs a bit more than her, but it's not like that would be they're only job.

>> No.51169193

tfw i have to find another hardcore fringe chapter now

>> No.51169206

5 wounds, eternal warrior, 2+/4++, and any wounds she DOES suffer go to her respawning bodyguards first.

Which by the way means THEY can't be instant death'd either because since SHE'S taking the wound, her eternal warrior rule effects it.

With that kind of damage mitigation AND hit n run Celestine can honestly give some primarchs a run for their money.

>> No.51169211

Especially if you can keep doing the Emperor Protects for your battle hymns.

>> No.51169224

good thing strength D obliterates celestine and her twins immediately

>> No.51169228

Doing good work, son.

>> No.51169229

I almost just want to stick her with a Sisters Command Squad, put a Hospitaller in it with some heavy bolters, and stick them behind an Aegis line.

Gemini meatshields rezzing all day, FnP, and Celestine using that BS 7 on a quad-gun.

Might be a bit of a waste of her melee skills, but I like the idea of just an unkillable backline.

>> No.51169231

Maybe I'm just going senile then.

>> No.51169240

If you give them 2+/4++, auto-regeneration, and hit n run? Quite a long damn time.

>> No.51169247

just keep your templars but use them as khorne daemon kin who are really angry about psykers and xenos

>> No.51169248


>> No.51169284

Carcharodons Astra.

She doesn't have EW.

And she definitely can't give Primarchs a run for their money. Not even Lorgar.

>> No.51169294

Hey guys, what do you think about my pre game deployment? I had to re size the image did not know so many people used their phones to browse /tg/.

>> No.51169311


>She doesn't have EW
>Being this wrong

>> No.51169312

>Space Sharks
>Not the glorious CLEAVED.

>> No.51169318

new celestine has EW

her twins do not, her twins get gimped by S6

>> No.51169325


It doesn't.

Strength D allocates a Destroyer wound to a model.

That wound is allocated to the gemini, destroying it, while other excess wounds suffered are lost.

>> No.51169326

Newfag question; what do you use to make these lists?

>> No.51169328

>unkillable backline
Just run a full-strength artillery carriage battery behind an Aegis line. Plop a Commissar (or better yet a Primaris psyker) in there so they don't run. Toughness 7, 50-something wounds, 2+ g2g save, maybe even a 4++ with some luck.

And they can shell the whole board, too.

>> No.51169350

to DIE

Add the FW dreadnought - 225

>> No.51169353

looks good on my end.

>> No.51169355

Whoops, sorry. It's the Twins (they were!) who don't.

>> No.51169360

Nope. D doesn't carry over

>> No.51169365

no the D wounds are allocated to CELESTINE, celestine suffers 6+D6 wounds (min 7, S10 for ID purposes) which means she can put 2 wounds onto her twins (which id them) then she suffers 5 wounds and dies

>> No.51169367

ill have to check them out, thanks lads
rip templars :^(

>> No.51169370

Giving her thicc thighs the D is still a good way to get her on her back.

>> No.51169376

Only if you directly shoot them. Otherwise expect Celestine to facetank everything, eat s6 wounds, ignore their multi wound effect with EW, then pawn off the resulting single wound onto one of the Twins.

D shots also don't work, either because of
Or because she can LoS! on a 2+.

>> No.51169386

read >>51169365

>> No.51169389

>not just LoSing the hit in the first place

>> No.51169395


>> No.51169403


Not him but carcharodons just got a novel. I personally expect them to get their moment in the sun at some point. In the novel its apparently its void void void like wolf wolf wolf. I haven't read it an no one has leaked it so I cannot confirm.

>> No.51169413

>falling for the chaos meme
heretics to the corner please

>> No.51169414

it is in the op

>> No.51169420

>no one leaked it
>it's literally up for pre-order

you're impatient

>> No.51169435

There's a short story too by the same dude.

>> No.51169470

Regardless of whether she can pawn off the entire stack or not, the individual wounds from a destroyed weapon don't inflict ID, because it's CELESTINE tanking them, and she has EW.

>> No.51169471


Space Sharks harvest entire planets of loyal Imperial reasons because



>> No.51169480

Ah sorry, should have checked before. Thanks.

>> No.51169495

Lets be realistic. You are never going to field that.

>> No.51169496

if she puts a wound onto her geminae then the model gets ID'd

>> No.51169503

Destroyer weapon. Fucking autocorrect.

>> No.51169509

This detachment isn't a formation, is it?

? Cool? Terminators aren't troops in a CAD from Codex: Space marines, either. Tyberos the Red Wake has a special rule that supersedes that.

>The Red Brethren: Any army which includes Tyberos may take a single Terminator Assault squad entirely armed with lightning claws as a Troops choice. (IA: Volume 10)

I can take troops units, so I can take a unit of LC terminators.

>> No.51169514

her twins don't have EW, they get ID'd by even S6 if she puts a wound onto them

>> No.51169522

Does Feel No Pain get used in addition to an armour save or instead of it? The rulebook is confusingly worded.

>> No.51169531

you can only take units listed in >>51166469 in the formation

>> No.51169533

Do you count Tranquility as loyal? Otherwise wut.

>> No.51169534

FNP comes after saves.

>> No.51169546

>Celestine to facetank everything,
Except she cannot
The player doesn't have the option to not resolve hits against the Twins.
If a Twin is alive and Celestine takes a WOUND. It automatically goes to the nearest living Twin. With her 3+, 4++, non EW self the player has no choice in the matter

>> No.51169554

FnP isn't a save, it's a roll after a model suffers a wound, you suffer wounds after you fail saves

>> No.51169574

Even if it were to work the way anon said the model would still be taking a s6 or higher wound

>> No.51169601

You can't have both. Depending on how the rule interacts with order of operations the Geminae Superia rule either activates before or after the D wound's effects are resolved. In the latter case, SHE tanks the wound and the resulting multiple wounds are gimped by EW (can't influct instant death on an EW model) and then applied to the Twins (SHE IS the target) or in the latter case the entire Destroyer wound is pawned off like a LoS! Roll, in which case the twin is vaporized but Celestine is unhurt.

>> No.51169615

>FnP isn't a save, it's a roll after a model suffers an UNSAVED wound, you suffer wounds after your opponent passes their To Wound rolls, Wounds become UNSAVED Wounds when you fail a save

ftfy. Not trying to be a dick. But some rules come into affect when a model suffers a wound and others when a model suffers an unsaved wound.

>> No.51169627

Not to mention that in EITHER case Celestine can LoS! a Destroyer hit anyway.

>> No.51169632

>But some rules come into affect when a model suffers a wound and others when a model suffers an unsaved wound.

you what? are you fucking dumb?

>> No.51169648

>destroyed weapon don't inflict ID, because it's CELESTINE tanking them, and she has EW.

Except D weapons don't have ID. They do
On a 2-5 d3 Wounds and on a 6 6+d6 wounds no saves

Eternal Warrior does nothing to stop the D.

>> No.51169652

Stop trying to cheat. You can only use shit listed in there, for the formation.

Are you a retardad or English is your 4th language or something? It's my 5th and I'm not having problems understanding it.

>> No.51169657

except you do get both because celestine has shit rules

the wounds go onto her 6+D6 (min 7) and then HER rules deflect them one at a time, which means the first one goes onto a twin, oops it ID'd a twin, then celestine puts another wound onto a twin, oops twin gets ID'd

then celestine has to "facetank" 5 wounds which kill her, EW or not

>> No.51169658

EW doesn't gimp a six on the D chart.

>> No.51169675

There's a 1/6 chance you fail your LoS as an IC and a 1/6 chance that they roll a 6 on the D chart in the first place.

If somebody wants to fire an average of ~thirty-six~ destroyer shots at Celestine, they can have her.

>> No.51169681

can someone post celestines rules pls

>> No.51169687

you're thinking stomp chart, D weapons aren't ID, they are S10 for ID purposes, ergo celestine's EW does protect her.

She still dies to a stomp though, stomp is RFP, D is just a shitload of wounds

>> No.51169689

i think it's
1 roll to hit
2 roll to wound
3 look out sir
4 roll celestine's save
5 roll any non-save mitigation like fnp
6 remaining unsaved wounds go directly onto gemini first, not interacting with gemini saves or non-save mitigation

>> No.51169695

it's ok she dies to strong winds because toughness 3

>> No.51169697


>> No.51169718

Can melee guard work? Vets with meltas, flamers, and shotguns?

>> No.51169719

Why the hell is celestine only t3? shes litterally a SoB daemon conjured by the emperor how is she not atleast t4

>> No.51169727

Correct! But that's not what I was arguing. I was pointing out that Destroyer hits also count as S10 for ID purposes. In Celestine's case this means the twins wouldn't be affected by that because the wounds are resolved against Celearine, then assigned to the twins. Note the rule doesn't specify UNSAVED wounds, while Instant Death and Destroyer weapons do.

In effect, as long as Celestine is the target, the twins have EW and 2+/4++ too.

A 6 would still kill her 50% of the time because that's 9 wounds, of course. Unless she LoS!'d it.

>> No.51169749

GW thinks girls are gross. Reason why Greyfax is a shittier and expensier Coeteaz

>> No.51169751

Never fear, the Omnissiah shall facetank thine enemy's weapons for you. Cawl can survive D 55% of the time thanks to rerollable FnP on a T6 model, since it doesn't count as a save. Or am I missing something?

>> No.51169756

>fall of cadia features black templars, dark angels and space wolves prominently

>dark angels and space wolves can't be used in the crusade formation


>> No.51169760

No, but apparently you are.

Chaos Daemon
Exalted Gift - Souleater
>At the end of any assault phase in which the Daemon caused one or more unsaved Wounds...

Chaos Daemon
>Units that take Wounds from this attack take a Toughness Test...

Souleater only happens when Unsaved Wounds occur

Warpflame happen if the Daemon player passes his To Wound roll. Even if the opponent passes their save roll

>> No.51169772

D weapons specifically don't allow FnP. Or FnP specifically doesn't work on the D. Forget which.

>> No.51169773

fnp rules say they don't work on destroyer hits

rest in buckets of bolts, cawl

>> No.51169778

For razorbacks, Lascannons or Assault Cannons?

>> No.51169805

Anon who is making the next thread?

>> No.51169816

Do the Assault Cannons have Rending? Not a space marine player, I forget.

Otherwise lascannons.

>> No.51169817

Ah well, same with Celestine. Throw 36 D shots at a 200pt HQ and I'm happy, since most I fight only have the 4 from a Surge.

Cawl can tank pretty much anything other than a 6 on the nose, though. N

>> No.51169820

FnP specifically DOES work on D weapons


D weapons are NOT instant death by default, but they ARE STRENGTH 10 for purposes of calculating instant death

EW would allow FnP

>> No.51169822

Melta vets with shotguns might be decent. The only thing is most things will hit harder and before you if you charge. But it would be very effective against Orks

>> No.51169826


>> No.51169830

Yes, Rending. Both are Twin-linked.

>> No.51169840

Defenders of the Imperium:

- Black Templars, lead by Marshal Amalrich
- Imperial Fists
- Crimson Fists
- Dark Angles lead by Master Korahael
- Angels of Absolution
- Consecrators
- Angels of Redemption
- Space Wolves
- Doom Eagles
- Exorcists
- Angels Sanguine
- Angels of Vigilance
- Blood Angels
- Hawk Lords
- Aurora Chapter
- Iron Knights
- Marines Exemplar
- Black Guard
- Revilers
- Subjugators
- Storm Warriors
- White Consuls
- Destroyers
- Iron Hands Clan Raukaan
- Raven Guard
- Salamanders, released from the stasis vaults of Solemnace
- White Scars
- Iron Snakes
- Sons of Orar
- Novamarines
- Genesis Chapter
- Brazen Claws
- Death Spectres
- Storm Lords
- Howling Griffons
- Ultramarines (2nd Company)

- The Legion of the Damned

- Deathwatch

- Mechanicum Forces of Mars
- Mechanicum Forces of Lucius
- Mechanicum Forces of Stygies VIII
- Mechanicum Forces of Ryza
- Knights of House Raven
- Knights of House Taranis

- Imperial Guard and Militarum Tempestus, including Vostroyans

And yet almost none of them get any mention.

>> No.51169841

heavy bolters to minimize spending costs

lascannons for cheap anti tank (assuming the razorbacks are free)

las-plas if you want cheap anti tank and maybe cheap anti-infantry

autocannons? uh if you really want them

>> No.51169844

too bad cawl doesnt have Eternal warrior

>> No.51169845

EW still means ID denies FnP, though. T6, however means he's not ID'd in the first place.

>> No.51169865

wait BA were there cool

>> No.51169875

Skitarii forces of Agripinaa, too. Somehow these were all swept aside by a mere few millions of warriors. Fuck off, if you want a Chaos victory don't have them be incapable of winning it from any logical perspective.

>> No.51169889

No it doesn't. Check the D entry again
No FNP vs the D

>> No.51169899

FnP specifically states it cannot be taken against D

>> No.51169902

She still has EW with a 2+/4++ with 5 wounds, 2 bullet sponges, and a resurrection on a Leadership check of 10. 200 points for all of that is dirty man.

Even if the twins only absorb one shot each due to no EW she has 7 wounds effectively, with 1 coming back every turn and 5 more wounds if she passes her ressurection.

I wish i could say I'm not going to use her, but i will

>> No.51169905

check the FAQ >>51169899

>> No.51169909

What if I clench my ass really hard?

>> No.51169924

it's ok anyone who uses her can face my riptides and wraithknight, with PLENTY of scatter lasers to back them up

>> No.51169947

Cawl isn't an IC. He cant join a unit to Los to.

>> No.51169975

i kinda wish she would have to atleast roll a 3+ to revive her twins and ill probaby play that way with my friends.

>> No.51169986


Yes he is
>think I figured out why tg never actually plays 40k.

>> No.51169993

But she's a girl anon,she was trained to take the D so what makes you think she can't handle your Wraithknight?

>> No.51170011

Quite plainly says Independent Character in the rules section. He's hiding in Breachers or Destroyers all day.

>> No.51170015

because the wraithknight isn't fighting her unless it needs to stomp her

she'll be drowned under scat

>> No.51170034

If the Assault Cannon gets more than 3 shots it's a winner. Rending is great and on S5 can perform like a Lascannon against most targets.

OTOH if you want reliable anti-tank the lascannon is the way to go.

Have you considered magnets?

>> No.51170036

Jesus, calm the fuck down. I've asked several times to specify if this thing is a formation or its own detachment like a CAD. I'm not trying to cheat, just understand a vague rules interaction.

I'm playing space sharks for heaven's sake. Its not like I'm some power hungry munchkin, I just want hatred for my troops without chaplains like everyone else.

>> No.51170042

Weird. I just looked at that to double check and totally missed the line somehow.

>> No.51170063

plasma scions

>> No.51170087

It's stort of like a CAD in that it has "slots" but it's more like a formation in that it calls out the specific units allowed and even the codex they have to come from. It's worded specifically to avoid force org chart shenanigans. So far the only real "trick" with Castellan is using Coteaz to turn the whole detachment ObSec.

>> No.51170099

Which FAQ?

Are they doing a new one?

>> No.51170105

Think thread will get up to 600 replies anons?

>> No.51170122

New bread where?

>> No.51170126

She has hit and run. A Wraithknight has to get pretty lucky if Celestine doesn't want to fight it.

>> No.51170127

Ok, thank you. The fact that the formation uses that many open force org slots made it seem like a standard detachment.

>> No.51170172


>> No.51170178

Yeah. We really don't need Castellan giving us respawning, hit and run, ObSec, White Scars bikers for example.

>> No.51170181

>celestine can survive scatter lasers


>> No.51170275

nothing there that changes it. you still can't take FNP against D

>> No.51170340

Windriders can't survive Celestine either, she deep strikes with a unit of five flamers.

>> No.51170437

>4x S3 flamers
>One(1) heavy flamer
Statistically they should MAYBE kill ONE squad IF every one of them can hit all three bikes (if each shot hits all three bikes, which is difficult to do because you cannot shoot a flamer through friendly models), but Windriders are good because they are spammable MSU. Did you really thing the full cheese Eldar player would only take one?

>> No.51170501

I emailed GW, they said that works.

>> No.51170671

So, looking at the castellens of the Imperuim detachment, if I take, a company command squad and say space marines, Can't they give orders to them? like, fire on my target to a Dev. Squad?

>> No.51170715

No because orders can only be issued to infantry models with the Imperial Guard faction.

>> No.51171179

This is wrong. A 6 on the destroyed chart inflicts ONE unsaved wound that removes 6+d6 wounds instead of 1. its still just "1 wound" for rules purposes.

>> No.51171453

Because you have enough snowflake shit already?

>> No.51171496

if you do the math, twin linked autocannons out pen lascannons on av 14.

>> No.51171756

only three of the models have templates, if you deep strike with the right number of models you can get them all off

that said i'm not gonna argue that seraphim can fight scatterbikes, that's a losing fight

i will just take solace in the fact that castellans of the imperium can take up to six units of wyverns if they want

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