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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Landmarks Edition

Have you ever fought a battle so memorable, that the scholars and kings of that realm write about your exploits for the years to come?

If you want build advice make sure to say what 3pp you can use, if any.

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/JTj1yEmU (embed)

Avowed Playtest 1:
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing
Malefex Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3LrE8WyIxxYRr8d9dHsWioeUk_-HZaSMqVWRnzc9Fc/edit?usp=sharing
Legendary Kineticists II Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11_w1o5dSef2tzu2GDLnJKElHY3uyETzuzFHDAjI6P6k/edit?usp=sharing
Spheres of Might preview: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/

Old Thread: >>51153205

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For someone who's only played D&D and Dark Heresy, how's Pathfinder compare?

Any groups looking for new players?

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Most of the big, climactic battles my group's characters go on are either covert missions from whatever kingdom they work for or personal battles with people that aren't exactly widely known, even if they are big threats.

The fact that so few of us play bards also probably has something to do with that...

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There are a few games that are very close to closing applications.


If you've played 3.5, Pathfinder is like that with some of the clutter reduced. If 3.5 is your comfy messy room, Pathfinder is when you've got company coming so you shove all your stuff in the closet.

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You are presented with the following situations, how do you react?

>your GM tells you that the arrangement of several birds in a tree, cracks in the wall and an old man sitting form a perfect representation of the golden ratio. You are suddenly overcome with powerful nausea and need to make a will save. On a successful save you take 1 wisdom damage.

>At night while looking at the stars you are suddenly overcome with the realization of how cold and distant they are. A terrible dread overcomes you. You need to make a will save, on a successful save you take 1 wisdom damage.

>while bathing you begin hearing a distant scream. You realize that no matter what direction you face the screaming is always behind you.

>while alone in a room you hear a tapping from the mirror, there are smudges in the shape on a picture of stick figure at the height a child would draw

>the ogre midsetence begin babbling in tongues and vomits a pile of papers, shredded but covered in words. Reading them you realize they are from your own diary several days from now. They a recursive story of finding the diary from several days onward, you are trapped in the narrative and go unconscious for 1d4 days.

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So if anybody here uses Hero Lab, I've got a first pass of the Medic and Spellburst Savant put together. They still have some bugs I haven't fixed yet, though, so I'd appreciate any help with HL wizardry:


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What are we going to do, lads?

What are we going to do when these campaigns are over, and the General is met with silence?

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I added a few things to Reina's application that discuss her motivation abit, but I am worried they seem like after thoughts now. Not sure how I should intertwine those better.

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Spheres of power: you get one sphere and two talents?

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I tell him that this isn't Call of Cthulhu, and that I offered to play that, but he refused to learn anything but Pathfinder.

No. When you gain spellcasting as a class feature you get two talents, which can be spent on a sphere or on things within that sphere.

>> No.51158534

What do you mean?

Opening a sphere costs one talent and gets you the base abilities.

You get two bonus talents when you first get Casting.

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>If 3.5 is your comfy messy room, Pathfinder is when you've got company coming so you shove all your stuff in the closet.
I like this description. You should get a raise, wherever you work at.

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I tell him that stealing the plot from groundhog day is pretty funny

>> No.51158579

I mark off nothing on my sheet, remind him for the tenth time this month that no I'm not cheating, my aegis suit provides stalwart, and that stars are giant fusion explosions utterly devoid of "being cold", and that for the tenth fucking time blue light does not fucking freeze you.

Also we need to find the asshole using ventriloquism magic on us before I start to look for it more violently.

>that last one is obviously some cinematic fuckery since there's not even a save and we're used to time travel by now, he forgot it's not real armor he can steal - again - and I'll reform it - again - when I wake up.

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>golden ratio

>> No.51158608

>With Kraft Mac and Cheese depending on the type of noodle it is normally within the range of 1/7 cup of milk and a maybe half a spoon of whipped butter combined with the full packet of cheese against warm pasta.

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Reposting for the new thread, sorry if that's a bad.

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>old man sitting form a perfect representation of the golden ratio
Fucking run from the old man. Fuck the golden ratio and its bullshit. Fuck this.

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NEET lyfe.
Actually got a job interview coming up. I'm hopeful.

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If I'm using phalanx lancer stance, do I gain 1.5x strength to damage rolls? I ask this, because I still gain the bonus damage from power attack as though I'm wielding the weapon in two hands.

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>You will never fall in love with a slutty bandit lass
>You will never make her embarrassed of her past, and try to be the exclusive girlfriend she thinks you deserve

>> No.51158723

It is too late, you have already been trapped in the old man's rotation.
I hope you remember The Lessons

>> No.51158761

Who would you seat on the throne of Minkai instead of Ameiko?

For me it's Song Lilin!

>> No.51158784

>tfw you'll never have a bandit leader lass fall in love with you
>tfw you'll never see her send waves of her own men to their deaths just to find some bauble to please you, to make your work easier, or just because she thinks it'd look good on you while you're plowing her.

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Why can't I have games with this is the word of an enemy stando! moments?

>> No.51158816

>or just because she thinks it'd look good on you while you're plowing her.

>mfw it's a necklace with a minor Enlarge Person enhancement

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Best of luck to you, anon.

By the by, /pfg/, what is your favorite spell? Not necessarily the most useful one, but one that you just really, really like.

>> No.51158830

>The Spin
>A Stand
Someone tell this anon to eat shit.

>> No.51158834

>You will never live in a shitty anime designed to fulfill your shitty fantasies.

>> No.51158855


How could a bandit leader lass possibly maintain a healthy sexual relationship with an adventurer?

Is she purposefully losing to him in battle and then offer herself as a reward?

>> No.51158880

The only difference between an bandit an an adventurer is the bounty on their heads

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Tell him yourself!

>> No.51158911


Eat shit asshole! Fall out of your chair!

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If I'm married to the idea of a non-initiator martial class--say, Cavalier--for its support abilities or synergy with another class, how many Martial Training feats would I really need?

I'm considering just going in for two to gain Raging Hunter Pounce, but is that enough, or should I plan to invest more feats?

>> No.51158949

I'm hungry but it's late at night.

What could I make that would be super easy and super delicious?

PS I drank a little.

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Thats where youre wrong kiddo

>> No.51158975

So how did the Starfinder livestream go?

>> No.51158976

if I recall, some homebrewer here made an initiating template for Cavaliers and Samurai

>> No.51158996


>you will never adventure with a reformed bandit lass trying to get on the straight and narrow


>> No.51158997

Grilled cheese.

Gives up Challenge Benefit and level 2 Order Ability.

>> No.51159024


but she is trying to get off on it too!

>> No.51159035

You shag on the weekends, agree to stay out of each other turfs on the weekdays.

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>the paladin calls his great sword "The Straight and Narrow
>he also calls his "sword" "The straight and Narrow"

So confusing sometimes

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Quesadillas are easy
Alright, you need
>2 tortilla
>some refried beans
>shredded cheese
>Tortilla chips
>maybe some chopped onions and jalapeno slices if you have those ready
>some sliced chicken or turkey

Take a tortilla, and spread the beans on it. Then spread a little cheese, then the veggies or meat, then the tortilla chips, your other veggies or meat if you have it, then spread some cheese. Then take your other tortilla, spread the refried beans on it, and slap it on top.

Then throw that shit in the microwave for 30-45 seconds

Take out and enjoy your ghetto quesadilla, maybe cut it in slices if you want

>> No.51159066

If you're getting together tortilla, refried beans, shredded cheese, tortilla chips, chopped onions, jalapeno slices, and sliced chicken, is it really that hard to put it in a pan?

>> No.51159069


>She intentionally seduces the dutiful Lawful character just to feel what it's like to fuck a guardsman.

>> No.51159088


Have some respect! He was an inquisitor!

>> No.51159091

It's a two-handed weapon, and therefore gains 1.5x bonus to damage regardless of its handedness. This doesn't mean a large character can use two-weapon fighting with medium greatswords to get 1.5x damage on damage rolls with both weapons, since the rules state in this case they are treated as one handed weapons.

This is the key difference between Pikeman's Training and Phalanx Lancer Stance, because Pikeman's training treats it as a one-handed weapon, while Phalanx Lancer Stance has no such wording. This rule also applies to wielding a lance on horseback, because you are wielding it in one hand, but not treating it as a one-handed weapon.

This is a common misconception that makes people think piercing thunder is way shittier than it actually is. Really it's quite strong.

>> No.51159111

>put it in a pan?
You don't, you just put that shit together on a paper towel or plate, put it in the microwave, then take it out. No pans or grilling involved, all microwaved, since you are just using shredded cheese.

Its just like putting a sandwich together, except its a floppy tortilla instead of bread

>> No.51159151

whoops, misread what you meant.

The appeal of the microwave quesadilla is that its fact, you don't need to bother with the stove, and its just quick and easy finger food, so you can take it out of the microwave and take it immediately to your computer so you can eat while posting on 4chan

>> No.51159153

Right, but I'm saying is it really worth the minute you save if you're ending up with a microwaved tortilla instead of something more evenly heated?

>> No.51159174

generally, i find unless you have a complete shit microwave, the 45 seconds in the nuker heats it evenly enough

>> No.51159196

That's actually pretty good--losing the challenge is gonna hurt bad, but it doesn't clash with my other archetype. Thanks.

>> No.51159200

Also, because I don't always feel like getting a pan dirty and doing dishes afterwords, when a microwave and a paper towel do just fine.

Mostly because I'm the one in the house who has to do the dishes each morning, and I'd rather not add to my own workload while everyone else piles the sink up

>> No.51159221

Wait FUCK it requires a mount.

>> No.51159249

>Tfw you eat all your food at your computer

I am scum.

>> No.51159310


>Half-orc Inquisitor seduced by the Elvish bandit

>> No.51159330

Gotta ask, is losing Challenge really worth it?

>> No.51159355

You don't lose challenge, you just lose the order specific benefit of your challenge. So Order of the Dragon Cavalier doesn't give a bonus on attack rolls to his allies.

>> No.51159374

Seems like this homebrew is a little...let's say "lopsided". Adding a mount-specific thing while allowing for the removal of a mount--how would that work if you've taken an archetype that replaces the mount?

>> No.51159379

You don't lose All of your challenge, you still have your extra damage, from the challenge itself, you just lose the adjustment to Challenge your Order provides.

Well, its doesn't quite "require" Mount by RAW, its just a few of its abilities will just not work without it. You still get the Initiating though

>> No.51159402

S'kinda poor design m8

>> No.51159405

So would Mounted Maneuver Expertise then work with just any horse or other mount you get your hands on?

>> No.51159410

>how would that work if you've taken an archetype that replaces the mount?
The mount based ability just wouldn't activate unless you get a mount from a different source. You still get essentially all the other things though

Considering most of the archetypes that remove Mount aren't that great and tend to be combat based, I'd say still getting the initiating is still a gain.

>> No.51159425

It's still shit design. Dont give dead abilities.

>> No.51159429

>So would Mounted Maneuver Expertise then work with just any horse or other mount you get your hands on?
That does not seem to be the intention, but I'd allow it.

>> No.51159487

So I was asking my DM about how he's handling drinking rules (since eventually I'll dip in Drunken Brute or Drunken Rager) and he gave me a choice between these two.



The first rules he's stated I'll immediately get sickened if I go over that cap, and the second rules I won't get a Dex benefit from "Stage 1".

So which do I go with? I mean originally I was just going to drink to mitigate having so few rounds of rage, but now I can get much more from it...

>> No.51159554


Seneschal guy here. Thank you for the criticism and comments. I have entered a sidebar type thing into the document to address this issue.

If you think this is stupid, please tell me so right now, and please give me any other ideas you have for it.

PLease keep in mind I designed the template to be an on-interferance as I could so it could be compatible with many archetypes such as the Luring Cavalier and Beast Rider. If this was a dumb decision as well, please tell me that too.

>> No.51159555

what do you boys think of the last minute rotjr apps?

>> No.51159578

They run the gamut from interesting enough that I wish they'd had time to be memed to making me feel annoyed.

>> No.51159619

>dragon game will never be memed as hard as RotJR

>> No.51159624

You say that like it's a bad thing.

>> No.51159626

would it be too much to ask which apps invoked which opinion?

>> No.51159627

Because rotjr had like what four months to dragongame's one?

>> No.51159636

Eh, i say its had a healthy enough amount of meme

>> No.51159638

>scrolling through listings
>find that colt .45 wielding, gas mask wearing medic guy applying to a bunch of games
oh lord

>> No.51159642

We obviously need to fix that problem then.
Who's the most memeable character from dragongame?

>> No.51159653


Holy SHIT that's a lot of last minute applicants!

Time to finish mine up, fuck!

>> No.51159654

It really would, I think

>> No.51159655

>Want to app
>Too afraid my app won't get accepted due to inferior writing/backstory/not making a waifu

>> No.51159686


Fear is the mind-killer.

You must always go into writing an app thinking you're better than at least half of the bastards applying.

>> No.51159688

I think one of them is an Arcanist||Cleric with 8 wis.

>> No.51159726

You're right. I'll counter the walls of text with my lack of walls.

>> No.51159735


>int for arcanist spellcasting
>cha for arcanist and cleric class features

no room for wis

>> No.51159752

Transplant Visage. You literally rip somebody's face off and steal their appearance to use for yourself.

>> No.51159762

Then don't
with cleric?

>> No.51159774

>Class features
What class features could possibly more important than your spells?

>> No.51159783


>increased BAB
>increased fort save
>channel energy
>some bullshit domain powers

It's not like arcanist gets weaker by gestalting with cleric

>> No.51159799

Except you have no Wisdom to cast the spells that are the strongest aspect of being a cleric. Why not try Paladin instead? It gets channel energy, and it can put your Charisma to better use.

>> No.51159813


Arcanist isn't lacking in power. Arcanist/commoner gestalt is fine. Who cares?

>> No.51159814

Just use Oracle. You get Cleric casting off of Charisma, and you still get increased BAB, channel energy and some other crazy bullshit if you wanna be OP as hell.

>> No.51159816

>class features
What the nani?!

>> No.51159849

Okay, there's "I'd rather not order the steak because that's not what I like", where you don't want to play a spellcaster/initiator/whatever and then there's "I've ordered this expensive lobster and now I'm going to throw it in the trash because fuck you."

Guess which one your choice sounds like.

>> No.51159853

probably the dragon maid

>> No.51159868

How many apps is RotJR up to now?

>> No.51159874

34, unless I miscounted.

>> No.51159900

So why didn't you apply to RotJR with an Arcanist||ZS Warder?

>> No.51159919


>> No.51159946


>> No.51160009

You're the "I wanna be a lady using occcult" guy from /x/, aren't you?

>> No.51160020

Why not just do some bullshit like alchemist if you just wanted better saves and some bullshit side features. Or the Int-quisitor with the spellbook. Hell, if you want Cha-based stuff, take a Fractured Mind Spiritualist, you get a ghost buddy.

>> No.51160055

Hell, expanding on Fractured Mind, ask if you could stack it with Onmyoji. They both alter casting, but they do it in different ways.

>> No.51160077

"How dare you gestalt what you want, you're doing this to spite me specifically! "

>> No.51160109

One day the rest of Strange Aeons will be added to the trove.

One day...

>> No.51160253

How would you guys feel if non-pfg posters were the ones to get selected to RotJR? There isn't really a good way to tell them apart.

>> No.51160307

What the hell's so important to you about cleric, specifically, that you'd give up on full casting just for flavor? All you're getting, in essence, is channel energy and 10 dead levels.

>> No.51160317


Maybe they really want channel energy and some domains

>> No.51160320

>You're the "I wanna be a lady using occcult" guy from /x/, aren't you?
What the fuck? Good lord no, I don't even go to /x/! Why the hell would I ever go to a board of insane paranoid tinfoil-hatmancers who believe in real imaginary hug friends, when I have /tg/ instead? Plus I very much like have a penis and muttonchops thank you very much.

Seriously, where the fuck did that fucking non-sequitur come from? No, seriously, what in the bloody hell possessed you to even think that as a thing?

>> No.51160336

Sacred Servant, man. Offers all that and a way to actually cast without being deliberately gimped.

>> No.51160380

Which books are in the trove? Also what is the trove?

>> No.51160438

Book 2 labelled as book 1.
Book 3 labelled as book 2.

The trove is a bunch of pirated material. It's always linked in the OP.

>> No.51160490

Motivate me to write my backstory for Dragongame please pfg

>> No.51160535


>> No.51160537

You might be able to lewd a Kitsune if you do.

>> No.51160563


It's a female, so unless Reina is into chicks, that's not on the table.

>> No.51160598

Her F-List profile says it's on the table.

>> No.51160612


>> No.51160617

>Implying there isn't a kitsune to suit your tastes out there somewhere
>Implying all the kitsunein the world are female

It's like you don't want a Big, strong Huli Jang to sweep you off your feet and tear out your liver

>> No.51160625

That doesn't sound too pleasant, anon.

>> No.51160628

Wait, I was thinking of Kumiho, fuck. That'll teach me to shitpost at 2 AM

>> No.51160637

>tfw you love playing as edgelord characters who takes the time to find and kill adventurers/iconics

>> No.51160732


Pick one and only one.

>> No.51161323

Is anyone in the mood to critique my submission for dragongame? It's Araeli. Any feedback is welcome and much appreciated, even if you think it's shit.

>> No.51161440

Has anyone played DHB's wyvern rider? I want to ride a dragon and it seems like a way that isn't shit.

>> No.51161469

Does anyone have recreated jade regent maps for roll20? The ones in the PDF scale horribly and get ugly as fuck.

>> No.51161538

>Starfinder Livestream
A bit late to the party, but here's some details about what went down:
>Armor is divided into Kinetic AC and Energy AC
>Higher base damage numbers overall, but you also have a buffer called "Stamina" that acts like a shield for your real hit points
>Can take brief (about 10 minute) breaks to recover stamina
>Goblins are now basically vorcha; interstellar pests
>Magic is homogenized so there's no arcane/divine/occult divide, and none of the core classes get above 6th level spells (9th level are available, just not to core classes)
>Mechanic can overcharge gear and get a neat action economy tradeoff with their drone - either they take actions themselves, or they sacrifice actions so that the drone can take more than one action per turn. All Spellcasting is also spontaneous.
>Will include gravity rules, including 0G
>High tech armor and weapons are assumed to be the norm
>More Skill condensing, like what happened in the shift ffrom 3.5 to Pathfinder
>More Scaling, fewer set DCs
>Apparently there's Tyranids
>The Han will be an insectoid player race
>Basic Economy is Credits and UPB (Universal Polymer Base), one is standard and has no weight, being electronic, while the other is hard currency and can be used to craft things. Their prices are equivalent; 1 Cred = 1 UPB
>Crafting is Skill based, no feats required
>Option to upgrade old gear into new equipment if for some reason you're attached to a particular item
>Magic and enchanting is still a thing - nothing but cost stops you from having a +1 holy plasma cannon
>Antagonists include 'nids, pirates, corporations, evil religions, and more
>Alignment is still a thing
>Power armor and small mechs (like 40k Terminator armor) are core. Gundams to come later.
>Spaceships are assumed to be available to everybody. they don't work on the standard currency system.
>Space squids can grapple ships.
>Hellknights are still around.
>Archetypes apply to all classes

That's everything.

>> No.51161545

I think someone in the Dragon game made one. Don't know anything about it myself.

>> No.51161656

>Archetypes apply to all classes
What do you mean by this? All classes share a list of archetypes, or...?

>> No.51161667

Anyone know when Shalelu's parents died? Trying to make a RoTJR app, and I'm not sure if Shalelu could have a half elf sibling who's young enough for the AP

>> No.51161668

>Hellknights still exist
>Insectoid player race
>Homogenized magic

This feeling. Is it hope?

>> No.51161669

Every archetype applies to every class that meets a requirement. Sort of like feats, but applying to a class as a whole - one might have no requirements, one might require you to be a magic user, stuff like that.

>> No.51161682

So like Bushi and Polymath, or something completely different?

>> No.51161705

Class Templates are a good comparison, sure. But this is like if bushi applied to fighter, barbarian, warlord, warder, monk, ranger, paladin, and more. Only requirement would be to be a melee-oriented class.

>> No.51161711

You can probably afford to be vague about it--whether or not you're taking the Younger Sibling campaign trait for her, the trait's language gives you leeway to fit yourself into her timeline as long as you don't name dates, and failing that, you could just be adopted (by her, if not her parents).

>> No.51161717

That... feels like either the classes play very similarly to each other (so it's easy to replace things), or there's a LOT less classes and archetypes to deal with.

>> No.51161737

From what I saw during the livestream, it's the latter. Being fair here, the playtest characters were a Technomancer, a Mechanic, and a Solarion, so they were all rather different from each other from the outset. I don't know how different an Operative or Soldier will be from one another.

>> No.51161777

Also worth noting - Paizo is still complete and utter garbage at designing iconics.

>> No.51161791

Earlier, someone put forth a challenge to create the most powerful possible 5th-level initiator. Last time it was posted, there was confusion over how it worked, so I have revisited it.

It is important to note that DPR is not the goal. Alpha striking is. Kill all important enemies in the first two rounds of combat with Victorious Recovery, then mop up.

Level: 5th
Race: Dreige (Lords of the Mist update) or half-giant (Ultimate Psionics)
Classes: Warder (ordained defender, zweihander sentinel) 4/stalker (brutal slayer) 1
Domain/Inquisition: Conversion (use Wisdom in place of Charisma for Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate)
Martial Tradition: Stained Glass Champions

Ability Scores (25 point buy): Strength 17+2+1+2, Dexterity 12-2, Constitution 12, Intelligence 12, Wisdom 16+2+2, Charisma 7

• Combat: Practiced Initiator (stalker), +2 initiator level for stalker
• Race: Fey-Touched (Lords of the Mist), +2 trait bonus against compulsions and diseases, feyblood subtype
• Third Trait: Some method of gaining a +2 trait bonus to initiative checks, possibly through a campaign trait or Adopted
• Drawback: One of choice

• 1st-level: Altered Life (Bloodforge), use Wisdom modifier (+5) instead of Constitution modifier (+1) for hit points
• 3rd-level: Martial Charge, use a martial strike in place of a charge
• 5th-level: Victorious Recovery, once per encounter, recover initiator modifier (+5) upon reducing an opponent to zero or less hit points
• 5th-level (Stalker Art: Combat Art): Improved Initiative, +4 bonus to initiative checks

Custom Monk Weapon:
• +5 DP: Martial
• +3 DP: Two-Handed
• +3 DP: Additional Design Points
• +1 DP: Fragile (irrelevant once made masterwork)
• -3 DP: Improved Critical Threat Range
• -5 DP: Improved Damage
• -1 DP: Weapon Feature (Monk)
• -3 DP: Weapon Feature (Reach)
Final Result: Martial two-handed melee weapon, 50 gp, 2d6 damage as Medium, 19-20/×2, fragile (irrelevant once masterwork), monk, reach

>> No.51161797


Key Equipment:
• 4,000 gp: +2 Strength from belt or Combating Christmas Trees
• 4,000 gp: +2 Wisdom from headband or Combating Christmas Trees
• 2,000 gp: Masterwork full plate with masterwork armor spikes
• 400 gp: Masterwork Large-sized custom monk weapon

Warder Stances:
• Primal Fury 1: Running Hunter's Stance
• Silver Crane 1: Eyes of the Crane

Warder Maneuvers Readied:
• Golden Lion 1: Boost: Encouraging Roar
• Silver Crane 1: Strike: Enduring Crane Strike
• Golden Lion 2: Counter: Warning Roar
• Scarlet Throne 2: Strike: Rising Zenith Strike

Stalker Maneuvers Readied:
• Broken Blade 2: Bronze Knuckle
• Broken Blade 3: Strike: Steel Flurry Strike
• Riven Hourglass 3: Boost: Time Skitter
• Shattered Mirror 3: Boost: Reflected Blade Style

Stalker Stance:
• Primal Fury 3: Primal Warrior Stance

• Initiative Bonus: +11 = 5 Wisdom modifier + 2 trait + 4 Improved Initiative
• Attack Bonus with Martial Charge (Steel Flurry Strike) and Time Skitter: 4 BAB + 6 Strength modifier + 1 masterwork enhancement + 1 Time Skitter + 2 charging - 2 Steel Flurry Strike = +12, possibly against flat-footed AC
• Non-Critical Damage with Primal Warrior Stance and Steel Flurry Strike: 6d6 base weapon damage + 9 Strength modifier + 3d6 Steel Flurry Strike + 2 Broken Blade = 9d6+11 (average 42.5), and please remember that Steel Flurry Strike is three attacks

This character walks around with Time Skitter active nearly all the time, thanks to being able to recharge it as a standard action: https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/43652765/#43653434

In other words, the character is permanently Hasted and has 40-foot speed in heavy armor.

The character opens up combat with a very high initiative check, then charges 80 feet with Martial Charge, activating Steel Flurry Strike and Reflected Blade Style, probably targeting flat-footed AC.

>> No.51161811


Assuming there are no critical hits (which trigger Brutal Strikes) and no damage reduction for Reflected Blade Style + Steel Flurry Strike...
• One hit (42.5 damage): Enough damage to take down two CR 4s
• Two hits (85 damage): Two CR 7s
• Three hits (127.5 damage): Two CR 10s are most likely dead

Alternatively, instead of using Reflected Blade Style, the character can use Bronze Knuckle for +7 average damage with each hit.

Once again, assuming there are no critical hits (which trigger Brutal Strikes) and no damage reduction for Bronze Knuckle + Steel Flurry Strike...
• One hit (49.5 damage): Still enough to take down one CR 4, possibly a CR 5 with some luck
• Two hits (99 damage): One CR 8 dead
• Three hits (148.5 damage): One CR 11 dead

Then Victorious Recovery recharges essentially all maneuvers. The character repeats the routine and hopefully kills off other important enemies.

This a 5th-level character. Their other highlights include:
• Wisdom for hit points in place of Constitution.
• Wisdom for all Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks.
• Detect Evil and twice-rolled Perception from Eyes of the Crane.
• Scent from Running Hunter's stance.
• At-will noncombat healing from Enduring Crane Strike.
• Hasted most of the time, with Rising Zenith Strike as a backup enemy-exploder.

Should Weapon Master's Handbook custom weapons be banned, the character will have to settle for less damage with a sansetsukon.

Are there any questions or concerns regarding how this build works?

>> No.51161819

Deciding what to send an app for, for the ROTJR game.

Female Pit-born Tiefling Sword of Valor, self hating purger of all that is evil

Male Demodand-born Tiefling Bloatmage, worshiper of Uragathoa, absolute hedonist.

>> No.51161825


>> No.51161841

Do tell!

>> No.51161851

Their solarion had two attacks per round and some kind of ability that took a DC 13 Will Save to beat. I don't actually know what that ability did because every time it was used the enemy saved against it.

>> No.51161854

All you're doing is giving shitposters bait with a build that will never actually exist, you know that right?

>> No.51161865

>Every time it was used, it was saved against


>> No.51161877

You forgot the
>core classes can only get 6th lv spells, even though 9th exist.
This is more then hope, this is a chance.

>> No.51161904

I will point out that 7+ spells are going to be included in the core rulebook. this is primarily for converting old classes such as wizard or cleric to the new system though - none of the Core Starfinder classes are going to have 7+ spellcasting available.

>> No.51161931

>Should Weapon Master's Handbook custom weapons be banned, the character will have to settle for less damage with a sansetsukon.
How much less?

I also don't think your maneuver selections are valid. When you multiclass initiators together you don't get to skip prerequisites if you have it on the previous class, but have to build up the 'tree' from scratch. You've got six maneuvers from the first level of Stalker, all at Initiator Level 5 because of how you combined 4 levels of another class + Practiced Initiator. You need to take two Bronze Blade maneuvers (which you did), two Riven Hourglass maneuvers (one shown, one assumed), two Shattered Mirror maneuvers (one shown, one assumed) and a Primal Fury strike to meet the prerequisite for Primal Warrior Stance. You don't have enough maneuvers to do so.

Without multiclassing (and in particular, without the IL boost from Practiced Initiator) you won't be able to accrue this many third-level strikes at level 5 either; the trick falls off from this point forward as well due to the way the trait works. You can do something similar-ish to do this with Advanced Study but not as quickly, and it starts eating feat slots fast.

>> No.51161952

Think it's worth writing up a character for RotJR? The game idea seems interesting but six players and the potentially shifting time both concern me.

>> No.51161969

I saw, I still think it's something to take note of all things considered.

>> No.51161971

I'm applying, I desperately need a game.

>> No.51162020

Post about fetishes and how you tricked your group into entering your magical realm.

>> No.51162024


>How much less?
6d6 base damage goes down to 4d8 base damage, for 3 less damage on a hit.

>When you multiclass initiators together you don't get to skip prerequisites if you have it on the previous class, but have to build up the 'tree' from scratch.
I can find no such passage in the systems and use chapter: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/path-of-war/systems-and-use

Is there a certain passage I am missing concerning building up prerequisites from scratch?

>the trick falls off from this point forward as well due to the way the trait works
On the contrary, the character simply returns to taking warder levels. They are only 1 initiator level behind, and they have still gained an incredible deal from their one-level dip into stalker (brutal slayer).

>> No.51162035

*cough* https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/65297/the-pendragon-institute

>> No.51162047

I work at those times, mate.

>> No.51162048

Oh shit I forgot about this game. How much longer are the apps going?

>> No.51162051

I *believe* it's a FAQ answer but I'll look around, I can't source it right now.

>> No.51162062

Not sure, I'm not the DM, just someone who applied. My guess would be through this weekend, closing sometime early next week.

>> No.51162091

So what do we know of DHB's habits as a player? From both what he has said, what others who have played with it GM for him have said, and his characters this is what I got:
>predominately plays skill monkeys
>predominately plays casters
>higher end optimization but not obviously exploitative
>highly paranoid
>very detail oriented
>takes lots of notes
>very character goal oriented
>finicky about in character vs out of character
>apologizes a lot
>sometimes flaky due to health issues

>> No.51162143

oh, there's another thing I forgot to mention in this post that's kind of important.

Different items are going to have level requirements. not to use them, but to buy them - you'll get more and better vendors as you level up.

It's extremely meta and I'm not really a fan of it, but it's a thing.

>> No.51162154



>> No.51162181

So after reviewing some strong criticism and spending more time scouring for art, I've updated my RotJR application - Maybe it's slightly less shit, the ever-present fading dream promises. Bullying is allowed. https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/4446824/application-for-jan-mvashti

I'd like to thank Criticism-anon and the people in /pfg/ for making me actually fucking think about my app and how to present and put together an application.

>> No.51162250



I can find nothing here concerning building up prerequisites from scratch.

>> No.51162329

Initiation is like Spellcasting, basically. You have two initiating classes and they both have separate initiating ability tracks, similar to how if you multiclass Wizard / Sorcerer, both of the spell lists and spells-per-day are kept separate.

>> No.51162352

I am going to pitch an aasimar mime/oracle gestalt called Whispers-in-silk in the Dragon game.
I will pick a shitty feat, 'No Name', from the Arcana Anthology just for the sake of flavor.
My character is going go be unable to say shit but I like the idea of a tiddy monster hips for days info broker who is permanently silent and mysterious.

>> No.51162407

Me and a buddy and brewing up a pair of twin sisters. One Dex/Int the other Str/Cha. One a Fiendbound Maurader the other a Void Prophet. One sneaky and aloof and the other happy and outgoing.

>> No.51162427

Just a picture for you degenerates.

>> No.51162441


Well the applicants themselves havent been memed so much as The Queen herself.

For instance she has a Bong in her house the size of a standard windmill, and she changes out sexual partners almost yearly.

>> No.51162463


This is not quite the case, because:
>Multiclassing does not allow an initiator to have any individual stance or maneuver known or readied more than once.

If you multiclass as an initiator, your new class still pays attention to the maneuvers your first class knows and readies.

I can find no passage whatsoever denying a multiclassed initiator the ability to qualify for prerequisites using their original class's maneuvers. Again, is there a rule I am missing?

>> No.51162537

>4 days until RotJR apps close
>34 apps already, more to come

Wew, I don't envy the GM.

>> No.51162554

Does anyone here in this threat know what gestalt combination would best fit the main character and Gig from Soul Nomad?

>> No.51162580



>> No.51162587

Now that elf has some nice elves there, I'll tell you what.

>> No.51162594

Thread, not threat! It's a long day

>> No.51162617

Just nix the bad ones and roll the dice on the rest.

>> No.51162676

Who is this sperm succubus?

>> No.51162702

Nevermind, found the source.

>> No.51162707

I desire to fire spells from a gun. Fireball, magic missile, anti-magic field, don't care what the spell is. How are the best ways to go about this, whether it be through actual mechanics or just what you think might be good refluffing?

>> No.51162842

Oi, /pfg/

I forget, is the masterworking cost of something folded into the cost of enchanting it?

Like, for a +1 weapon, is the final cost the base price, the masterworking, AND the +1, or is it just the base price and the enchanting, or just the enchanting or what?

>> No.51162906

Eldritch Archer Magus.
Spell Slinger Wizard.

I'm sure there are a lot of other ways to do what you're looking for, but I'm lazy and tired.

>> No.51162984

Sorry, don't know much about Soul Nomad, was always more of a Disgaea/Phantom Brave kinda guy

>> No.51162988

It is. All magic items are masterworked and the cost of the masterworking is included in the +1 price.

>> No.51163017

At least you were honest anon. That's all I can ask of you.

That and I'm most definitely not experienced with trying to make magic gun/archer type character.

>> No.51163046


>don't care what the spell is

Eldritch Archer Magus is better for ranged touch attacks. Spellslinger Wizard is better for spells with DCs.

>> No.51163065

What's a fun class to play in a group with a paladin, rogue, witch, and alchemist already?

>> No.51163074

>One sneaky and aloof and the other happy and outgoing.

As the person applying to RotJR with Aster and Tia, I'm kinda starting to wonder whether this is the default/only way to design twins...

>> No.51163081

Because you're lazy writers?

>> No.51163092

No, but you wouldn't like the ones I design.

>> No.51163124


A crossbow-wielding kitsune?

>> No.51163146

Did the Molthune game finally teach us that a character's memes and /pfg/ popularity have NOTHING to do with chances of getting in?

Did it feel great when 2hu got BTFO?

>> No.51163149

Butt twins?

>> No.51163173


>> No.51163182

>this spider/human applicant for RotJR with no sheet

>> No.51163190


pls no bully I'm an ettercap inside

>> No.51163223

What's the problem, bridge troll?

>> No.51163224

Maybe. But the classics are also classics for a reason.

Of course, the 'real' way of designing twins is to just design two separate siblings and say they happen to be twins. But playing off the twin-ness seems to always invite the 'one is outgoing, the other is aloof/reserved' thing.

>> No.51163241

I have a Jade Regent game coming up tonight. Only 3 players. How much should I expect them to complete in a 2 hour session?

>> No.51163242

I prefer more of a catcher/pitcher dynamic

>> No.51163259

Depends on how fast you all go.

If it's the first session... expect some time to be spent sorting technical difficulties and finishing sheets. After that, it's just how long it takes people do things, especially in combat.

>> No.51163273

I expect them to want to explore the entire marsh, so I doubt they'll even get to the castle too quickly.

>> No.51163275


>> No.51163360 [DELETED] 

Hey /PFG/ How do you feel about hero points?
I've never seen it discussed here.

>> No.51163373

How does /PFG/ feel about hero points houserule, aas well as the Antihero 'suggestion' to not use it, from the APG?
I've never seen it discussed here.

>> No.51163390 [DELETED] 

Internet just shat itself, didn't mean to double post.

>> No.51163409

Delete post button is there for a reason, friend! Just tick the box on the left of anonymous, wait five minutes then click "delete" on the bottom right of the screen!

>> No.51163446

>Race: Human (Arguably)

>> No.51163512

Right, thanks. I usually use X.

>> No.51163555

>Armor is divided into Kinetic AC and Energy AC
>More Skill condensing
Wasn't it supposed to be compatible with PF? I'm sure there are sci-fi systems out there much better than Paizo could ever hope to write.

>> No.51163610

As someone who did not like the lack of variation in classprogression in dnd 5e My group wanted to try Pathfinder, because we liked the Prestigeclasses and the Talents which brought more diversity in the System.

We want to start Pathfinder which Books to Buy or torrent first?

>> No.51163629

How do you write if you can't read? There's a link right in the OP.

>> No.51163651

Prestige classes are generally a waste of time. Only a few even help; just use the thousands of archetypes.

Also, your group has terrible taste.

>> No.51163660

In fact yes. Absalom was invaded by aboleths. 'Cause, the party was a bit overshadowed by Acavna flying around dicing people up.

Upside of the whole misadventure is that my character ended up writing the holy text of her new religion. He editorialised heavily, making the OP kitsune seem even more idiotic, and playing up the useless halfling ninja as the most important member.

>> No.51163785

If we figured out the perfect recipe for a RotJR app a couple threads ago, what's the perfect recipe for a Fluffy Tails app?

>> No.51163807


Same as the RotJR recipe, only with more emphasis on appearance and a spicy picture for character art.

>> No.51163810

What's the perfect RotJR app?

>> No.51164237

Does Cornugon Smash trigger on every hit on a full attack, or only once?

>> No.51164544

You can theoretically use it on every hit.

>> No.51164574


>> No.51164581

1) Choose one of the four party roles the GM listed
2) Make an animetype character that is the epitome of that role

>> No.51164643

>1) Choose one of the four party roles the GM listed
What's this now?

>> No.51164718

>He doesn't know


>> No.51164728


He said he wants three big tittied girls and a boyish trap in the same post he used to whine about there being no "good hunks" applying to the campaign.

>> No.51164869

They THANKFUCKFULLY gave up on being a clean compatibility fairly early on as far as I can tell.

Which was required if it were to ever have a hope of mechanical integrity.

Either way this looks... less bad than I expected.

For now.

>> No.51164913

Cut me some slack it was late, okay?


>> No.51164994


>Posts the most weeb, ecchi anime bullshit outside of a literal ERP
>Gets indignant when all the characters are girls, traps or poorly designed men

What did he mean by this?

>> No.51165025

>TFW you will never play an Irriseni Changeling Soulknife|Vigilante in RotJR because you're already invested in the character you've already applied with
>TFW she will never take on a male vigilante identity to escape her hag mother's clutches, maintaining her vigilante persona pretty much 24/7
>TFW she will never flee her homeland and eventually settle in Sandpoint
>TFW she will never fall deeply in love with one of her male traveling companions and will never have to conceal both her feelings and her actual gender from him

>> No.51165115

He want one trap/shota, one big tits girl, one small/medium tits girl and one free slot which IDEALLY would be filled by one non-girly guy. If he doesn't get that then he will pick from what he gets. Jesus, people, learn to read.

>> No.51165116


You should totally do it, anon! What's your current character? You'd be posting at the 11th hour sure, but that just means you need to decide if you want to make her by tonight!

How will she handle the inevitable bathing scene where she sees her crush casually naked, and she's expected to join in?

>> No.51165127

>Gets indignant when all the characters are girls, traps or poorly designed men
It's not hard to make a good, sexy male character for an ERP game. Just throw together an adonis or a good natured less rapey Rance, and you're done. I'd do it myself if I wasn't already applying as one of the girls.

Currently we've got arrogant super thief, trap healslut, generic kitsune, cute blacksmith doggo, frail ill investigator sheep, dickass noble, BraveHorse (TM), and Literal Furry.

Out of those, your choices for hunklord are Literal Furry and dickass noble, neither of which quite fit the theme of cheerful cutsey fox-ears only game.

>> No.51165140

I'm doing this in Kingmaker but instead o being a changeling she's just crossdressing

>> No.51165210


>tfw I want to get into a comfy Kingmaker campaign so bad
>tfw just go Artisan and something else so I can forge the crown out of loot gold

>> No.51165229

I'm pretty sure one of you people have applied to my normie GM's game and his confusion amuses me greatly.

>> No.51165232


Oh of course, I've made plenty of well-received men in ERPs.

I'm saying the entire tone of the campaign is toxic to masculinity, it's like asking for a well-developed male lead in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

>> No.51165242

>Just throw together an adonis or a good natured less rapey Rance, and you're done
>not making a monster race like orc/lizardfolk/centaur/etc.

bitches love the monster dick

>> No.51165256

That is a pretty great concept, but if you're happier with your current character then stick with him.

I was going to suggest some non-cursed variation on a girdle of opposite gender (maybe on a gold chain or something), but I'm not even sure if that would work on an all female species.

Looks like he's talking about a Paizo changeling (hence the hag mother) not an Eberron changeling.

>> No.51165269

Is it the gasmask and Colt .45 combat medic?

>> No.51165287


Is he applying to multiple games with that?

>> No.51165322


Bitches do indeed love the monster dick, but are you expecting the characters currently posted to just raise their rumps and get plowed? I don't think so.

Monster dick is better for a campaign like Kingmaker or Reign of Winter, not "Kitsune courts and cute cuddles on a huge-ass fox."

>> No.51165341

Yes, regardless of theme, tone, setting, or tech level.

>> No.51165347

You know you have to link to his roll20 account so we can see these train wrecks, right?

>> No.51165356

I'm not sure I see the problem

>> No.51165365

>I'm saying the entire tone of the campaign is toxic to masculinity
That may be true, actually. The game is remarkably bright, saccharine and cutesy which fits girls and boys but men... I am not saying it can't be done, especially if you go the shounen/harem MC route but it is not something that comes to mind first.

>> No.51165373


Dunno if you can actually see the apps.

But the gist is he makes this colt .45 wielding medic and tries to insert it into whatever game it is.

>> No.51165394


Girdle of Opposite Gender sounds a bit expensive, if I was anon I would just wear tight, binding clothes (assuming she's got boobs big enough to be obvious) and work on her masculine voice.

>> No.51165404

the trick is to play the Party Dad

>> No.51165406

>Monster dick is better for a campaign like Kingmaker or Reign of Winter, not "Kitsune courts and cute cuddles on a huge-ass fox."
But this is a kingmaker campaign.

>> No.51165419


A fat-chested human Barbarian redhead getting fucked by a minotaur is hot.

A slender androgynous Kitsune girl getting fucked by a minotaur is not.

>> No.51165435

>A slender androgynous Kitsune girl getting fucked by a minotaur is not.
Why not a busty kitsune barbarian kitsune redhead?

The androgynous ones are traps.

>> No.51165439


>> No.51165443

As someone that applied I'm not sure I agree. Sure some of the characters are more cutesy and feminine but that just means all the more girls for them to inject their masculinity into. I don't think it's meant to be cheerful and bright so much as city-building, exploration, and fey-hijinks

>> No.51165461


Different setting, different tone.

The Lion King has the same themes and story as Hamlet, but you won't be expecting a Danish courtier to show up in the Serengeti, or Rosencranzt getting mauled by a lion.

>> No.51165476


>A fat-chested human Barbarian redhead getting fucked by a minotaur is hot

I've got art of that.

>> No.51165488

What would be fun is if someone applied with a Jeckel and Hyde character. I assume there's a barbarian/bloodrager type thing out there that includes transforming lycanthrope style as part of the rage

>> No.51165495

>Rosencranzt getting mauled by a lion
You can't say that Rozencranz getting mauled by a lion wouldn't have made Hamlet at least 15 times better. Hamlet could have demonstrated his bravery there, or pondered whether to let Rozencranz die in a freak lion attack and tip further towards the end justifying the mean.

Mrs Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

>> No.51165528

No, but after seeing a double performance of Hamlet and Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, I can't see those guys the same anymore.

>> No.51165544

>Mrs Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
I was about to say, no not necessary

But now I'm wondering if you meant a betrothed avowed?

>> No.51165600

Anon that's not uncommon.

>> No.51165622


Really? Because usually it's not a fat-chested redhead Barbarian, usually it's someone else.

>> No.51165683

The game advertises itself with pretty silly premise (Big Gold Fox? really?) and remarkably noblebright tones. It even uses the word "noblebright". That is pretty cute and bright, I would say.

>> No.51165702

Kumi-pumi's work?

>> No.51165739


Yup, girl really knows how to draw chesty chicks taking huge dicks.

>> No.51165755


Nobody likes playing the party dad, it's a shameless position!

>> No.51165792


I shamelessly play the DILF healer all the time.

>> No.51165810

The trick with that is completely unwanted dating and sexual advice.

>You know, the beach is where I discovered that my ideal size was like your mother's

>Don't be so showy. Nobody likes finding out that codpiece didn't have anything in it.

>You know, if she's looking that worried, you probably knocked her up. You didn't listen to my speech about anal did you.

>> No.51165817

Fey have stupid names. The Green Mother? That's just as stupid.

>> No.51165855

Still, the tone is very cheery and sweet. And the fact is that people prefer girls and shotas rather than hunks for this game.

>> No.51165869

>Count Ranalc, "The Traitor"
>The Green Mother, "The Feasting Flower"
>Imbrex, "The Twins"
>The Lantern King, "The Laughing Lie"
>The Lost Prince, "The Melancholy Lord"
>Magdh, "The Three"
>Ng, "The Hooded"
>Ragadahn, "The Water Lord"
>Shyka, "The Many"
>Grunk, "It means Lots in Troll language"

They are pretty dumb, aren't they?

>Big Gold, launching missiles! Fox 2!

>> No.51165889

They're starting a comic called Rowena the Barbarian looks like.

>> No.51165908

>Big Gold, launching missiles! Fox 2!
Fuck, now I want to make a cavalier or something that acts like a adrenaline-junkie fighter pilot.

>> No.51165938

>This is Vertigo-1 on approach to PTMC outer-rim station MIL-132. Requesting clearance to dock

>... but I was?

>> No.51165963

Fey are supposed to be mercurial, mostly cheerful but their cheer can take a dark turn eating your insides while cheerfully singing a tune

Not saying that this isn't a bright game but Fey can be difficult to read when it comes to such things.

I recommend the web story "The Gods are Bastards" for some interesting takes and displays on fey style behavior. Or I could spoil it with examples.

>> No.51165991


My main concern is that the first rules would let my character have 5 drinks (a day? hour? fuck if I know) before being sickened for at least an hour, while the other would let me have 2 drinks before I'd have to start making checks, granted it seems pretty beneficial to fail the check at first. Then again once I'm in "Stage 1" inebriation I'd probably be afraid to keep drinking for rage rounds, which defeats the whole purpose of going Drunken Brute or Rager to begin with (drinking for free rounds).

>> No.51166036

I know that but I am almost sure that game is supposed to be "animu whimsical fairy utopia" rather than "fae are bastards".

>> No.51166078

Well they are taking some inspiration from First World. I'm fine with it either way though.

>> No.51166079


>> No.51166089

>if you don't actually make OP builds than it's not OP!

That is a very well done build. You are a much better buildmaker than me.

I was wondering, if for the sake of winning arugments, you could make another similar build but with some different constraints and a diffferent ultimate objective?

Goal: pounce with the most damage possible.
no attribute below 8. No custom armor/weapons, one of the PHB races, 20PB, normal WBL and no retraining.

Do you think you could? Do you need any clarification?

>> No.51166108

PS: Beautiful build and you did an excellent job explaining it.

>> No.51166119

You have to say what level.

>> No.51166125

subject to sudden or unpredictable changes of mood or mind, or containing the element mercury?

>> No.51166128

My group has an Elven Arcanist that speaks in actual French whenever she wants to be speaking Elvish.

And I think we've had at least 20 guards say something like, "DO YOU SPEAK COMMON, MOTHERFUCKER?"

I want to take your idea and add that to her nonsense. A french elf and then a cavalier that thinks he's a pilot.

>> No.51166155

I did not say it is bad, exactly. Just that it promotes certain character concepts more than others.

>> No.51166177


Dads don't talk like that, you're thinking of the filthy uncle.


Oh shush, every character that feels like a Party Dad is gushed over here. Look at Casimir for RotJR, he's 32 and has 3x more romance prospects than the second most popular guy.

>> No.51166186

Which definition fits most in context of what I was saying? The former, though I'm reminded of the race from 3.5e that looked like solid mercury and were all mirrory.

>> No.51166194

Using only 1pp, what is the BIGGEST a PC could possibly get while keeping all of their equipment on them? How about permanent/at-will, or at least with enough time/uses that it may as well be permanent?

I was fucking around with Mercurial Duelist again. Damage dice scaling is such a shitty mechanic, and dex-duelists are a meme.

>> No.51166202


>Fox 2

>Fox One - Indicates launch of a semi-active radar-guided missile (such as the AIM-7 Sparrow).
>Fox Two - Indicates launch of an infrared-guided missile (such as the AIM-9 Sidewinder).
>Fox Three - Indicates launch of an active radar-guided missile (such as the AIM-120 AMRAAM and AIM-54 Phoenix).
>Fox Four - Historical term indicating air-to-air or air-to-surface cannon fire. The term in current usage is Guns, Guns, Guns.

>> No.51166224

I get what you're putting down, anon.

>> No.51166258

Technically? Colossal, since Polymorph Any Object only has DM limits on use. Otherwise probably Large for constant effects or Huge for more class-specific size increases.

>> No.51166278


I don't really see the issue. I mean, as he said: Someone put forward a challenge to make the most powerful 5th level initiator. He's just kinda fulfilling that challenge.

>> No.51166280

I assume by 'keeping all equipment' you mean stuff that doesn't polymorph you into some dragon or beast or whatever. Pretty sure in that case the answer is only Huge size (large size race, +1 size increase from a spell)

>> No.51166287

Level 12

>> No.51166291


>that acts like a adrenaline-junkie fighter pilot.

Literally everything Viper says in Titanfall 2 is pure gold for this


>You hitched your last ride, son. This is your stop.

>> No.51166295

> Enlarge Person doesn't stack with Demonic Bulk
That was a sad day for my Draconic/Abyssal/Aberrant Natural Attack Ragebred Bloodrager...

>> No.51166334

And are you considering pounce as only 'full attack on a charge' or can it be 'full round action that damages at the end of a charge'?

>> No.51166354

The goal is to have a somewhat simple build that shows the full offense capability that PoW is capable of, while also showing it's defense and being immune to criticisms like "lol +2 will" and similar things.

It's probably better to error on the side of just raw numbers, as while the situational powers you have in the build you showed are very impressive, they are not as good at just saying "look at this you fool and see how BIG IT IS!". Humans are dumb.

>> No.51166359

Gargantuan in that case with Mythic Enlarge person.

>> No.51166382

I'd launch a heat seeking fox towards your lusty bod any day, wingman!

>> No.51166389

it doesn't have to be a full attack. It just needs to have movement + delivered damage. It needs to be immune to the "well yea if they stand still you can hurt them" criticism. Pounce is how it's done usually with barbarians.

>> No.51166455


I receive your signal, five by five.

A-As long as that fox has good tone.

>> No.51166461

>Heat Seeking

Why not Heart Seeking anon?

>> No.51166495


Woah pervert. How about you take your shit to F-list or some other degenerate site you freak.

>> No.51166524

>It's a two-handed weapon, and therefore gains 1.5x bonus to damage regardless of its handedness.

You have that backwards. Weapons gain 1.5x strength to damage when wielded in two-hands, regardless of their handedness. Two-handed weapons wielded in one hand do not gain 1.5x strength to damage.

>> No.51166559

Don't make me come over there and hold your hand.

>> No.51166599


Im going to be sick

>> No.51166606


>Implying I won't just interlace my fingers with yours
>Implying I won't give your hand a squeeze

You gonna get eskimo kisses, girl.

>> No.51166646

This is cute and all but could you not?

>> No.51166693




>> No.51166705

>> No.51166717

Bladebound kensai magus, STR edition.

A veteran of battle and war, you have killed many with your magic and your sword. ...What level are you starting at? I have more depending.

>> No.51166725

Arcanist||ZS Warder.

>> No.51166727

Cheerful blacksmith/merchant by day, panty thief vigilante by night!

>> No.51166730


A saxophonist skald with religious beliefs that prevent him from wearing shirts.

>> No.51166777

A huge agathion aasimar with huge strength who dads everyone.

>> No.51166789


The fiend!

>> No.51166799

1000 year old alchemist has given himself a new, younger, kitsune body to continue his research. Also fucks bitches with aphrodisiacs

>> No.51166803

Someone pitched a Brutal Slayer/Bushi Stalker that used to be a mercenary before coming to the first world. A kitsune getting dangerously close to middle age. It got drowned out in other shitposting, so I guess that anon got discouraged. Either that or research is still underway.

I also recall hearing someone lament about how hard it was to find a strong looking kitsune image. Someone suggested catpeople.

>> No.51166815


But anon, Agathion are +Con +Cha.

Very hard to get 18 Strength with that!

>> No.51166857

[email protected] are trash and should be purged!

>> No.51166874


There are only two races you're allowed to play in Fluffy Tail; Daoine Sidhe and Kitsune!

>> No.51166888

>[email protected] are trash and should be purged!
Fix'd your post.

And besides, everyone knows that Lalafell are best.


>> No.51166901


>dat ASF tho

>> No.51166910

Dimensional Slide into Rising Zenith Strike.
>not *teleports behind u*

>> No.51166913

Honestly, crop out the waist down and you could probably have that image pass for a kitsune. Finding a strong looking kitsune dude, or at least one that doesn't look like a total twink, is a pain.

>> No.51166941

The neck beard is the bigger issue

>> No.51166944


Aw, don't be like that.

>> No.51166948


Aasimar get two floating +2s they can add to anything they want.

>18 14 16 11 13 16 after racials
>Agathion-blooded Aasimar wolf-dad would have 16 Appearance

Very silky coat! Healthy!

>> No.51166954

>potato race supremacists
Drink bleach monetarist scum.

Deadass, Lalafells are jews tho.

Also Gaius van Baelsar did nothing wrong and still lives!

>> No.51166956


Let's break this down.
First off, no sane GM would allow a custom weapon like that, especially with the Broken Blade potential.
The failure of the custom weapon rules is on Paizo.

Second, Broken Blade being nerfed soon is very public knowledge and this build's numbers will be obsolete when the errata comes.

The entire basis of your damage comes from two flawed concepts that either most GMs will reject, or will soon be archaic.

Third, you have nothing to counter difficult terrain, which you can't charge through. It generally has very little it can do to get around any obstacle that stops it from being able to charge, even if targets would be in range. This may include weaker enemies in the way of your alpha strike. Admittedly Reflected Blade Style is a good range extender here but is far from a fix-all.

>Wisdom for all Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks.
At five skill points per level. You can be a good face, but a skillmonkey you are not.
Assuming you also want maxed perception for Eyes of the Crane and Sense Motive for Rising Zenith Strike, you have zero other skill points to spend, apart from maybe FCBs.

>Should Weapon Master's Handbook custom weapons be banned, the character will have to settle for less damage with a sansetsukon.

This should be assumed to be the default rather than the exception.

>> No.51166982

>You might never get to live in an adventuring boarding house in Culdranth's Demesne
>Never get in epic arcana the assembling duels to settle who has to do chores
>Never have unsuspecting thieves break in thinking it's an easy score
>Never have comfy cooking/drinking scenes between missions

>> No.51167004

>when the errata comes.
You mean when Gareth stops bitching about how much his life sucks?


>> No.51167014

Fair enough. If I could find something even remotely similar to pic related, that'd be pretty nice. Unfortunately "gruff dude" and "kemonomimi" isn't something I tend to find very often.

>> No.51167016

>+con races
Useless trash :^)

For real though, why is there no +int aasimar, besides the int/cha one? Or more str/int races? Or /any/ con/int race?

>> No.51167022

>Broken Blade being nerfed soon
I've heard this before, and it has yet to happen.

It will never happen.

>difficult terrain
Fly exists, and yes no build is perfect, especially at level 5. The pouncing barbarian can't do shit if he starts the combat in a fog cloud.

If you think that making a lot of skills work off one stat and having 5 skillpoints per level doesn't make you a skillmonkey, I wonder if anything short of an empiricist is a skillmonkey to you.

But yea, he went a bit crazy with the custom weapon. But still: the potental is there, and even without the custom weapon that build is stupidly strong for LEVEL FUCKING 5.

>> No.51167043

>no CON/INT race

Human with Dual Talent, technically? Actual race with it never because of wizards, though.

>more Str/Int races
Fuck if I know, I like Ru-Shi Dhampir, but I'm getting sick of every single Str/Int build I think of automatically turning to them.

>> No.51167067

Hey can someone show me where the custom weapon rules are on the pfsrd20? I looked but I can't find them anywhere.

>> No.51167080

Male lashunta are str/int, but beyond them and ru-shi, I'm completely out of ideas. str magus will never be good.

>> No.51167104


>> No.51167148

Something like that? It's not cute, though. You have to be cute.

>> No.51167158

Str magus is better than dex magus if you have anything to spend your feats on.

Most people aren't fine with wasting 2 feats to get +1 ac, init, and atk/damage.

>> No.51167164

Creating New Weapons.

>> No.51167178

>Falling back on errata memes instead of engaging with the point that nobody thinks that broken blade is a metric you should measure PoW by

>If you think that making a lot of skills work off one stat and having 5 skillpoints per level doesn't make you a skillmonkey, I wonder if anything short of an empiricist is a skillmonkey to you.
Diplo/Bluff/Intimidate all fill very similar roles. A character can generally get by with only two of them, maybe even only one.

Sense Motive is to be expected of any WIS character, and Perception is a no-brainer for ANYTHING.

>But still: the potental is there, and even without the custom weapon that build is stupidly strong for LEVEL FUCKING 5.
Surprise: you're playing pathfinder.
The potential is /always/ there to pour all your resources into one task and be super good at it. No game of pathfinder functions without a gentleman's agreement to not break it over the knee.

It is a very strong build. But that's all: it doesn't make a point about path of war as a whole, and it's being presented as if it is.

>> No.51167182

Quick, make a triple-bladed katana.

>> No.51167189

>tfw no Dex replacer for Magi like with Oracles
>tfw no medium armor until 7th level, no heavy until fucking /13th/
>tfw there will never be an official unchained magus

I just want more variety. I love scimitars and shocking grasp, but I'm tired of everything else being inferior and/or a memebuild.

>+1 to ac, init, and atk/damage
>implying it isn't also allowing you to get more Con or Int

>> No.51167209

Furries aren't allowed, anon.

>> No.51167237

There are several disciplines with issues. Namely Broken Blade, Primal Fury, Scarlet Throne, and Black Seraph.

I have issues with some of the PoW:E disciplines as well.

>> No.51167252

>a big strong ex-merc who was looking to settle down and shed his human disguise
>only to get wrapped up in fey rulership selection after living life as a kitsune
>not being something with immense potential to be cute

what are you, some kind of fag?

>> No.51167257

>my level 5 build can out-damage an optimized level 12 barbarian pouncer
>"very strong"
Dude it fucking breaks the math of the game in half.

>posting overPoWered PoW content doesn't prove that PoW is overPoWered.

It's like i'm in the 90's again arguing with people about CODzilla...
>well yea but no one ever casts teleport and scry
>summoned monsters can only win combat like 6 times a day at most
>what do you mean 1 save or you die is a problem?

>> No.51167276

>2 feats to get +1 ac, init, and atk/damage.
It's easily more than +1, so I'm going to assume you're being facetious. The fact that it takes until 13th to get heavy armor, and medium is only at 7th, means that you have shit for AC until then or until spending spells/pool for it, which hurts your output over the course of the day. The 2h PA scimitar might be a bit better damage to help shore it up, but it doesn't change the fact that dex just clicks easier, earlier, and works with far more race options. It allows you to get more other stats like con or int, while also keeping up your attacks and defenses.

Either way Magus is woefully narrow in build options. ISG+scimitar+Hexcrafter+blackblade is cool, but goddamn do I wish that I could do something different.

I feel your pain, salty-magus-anon.

>> No.51167283


I've played that plenty, though!

Like, it just feels kind of "basic" to me, now.

>> No.51167301

Yea i was mainly talking the piss.

There really are like only 2 ways to build it aren't there?

>> No.51167304

>Using overPoWered

Thanks, I don't even need to say anything for people to realize they shouldn't take you seriously.

>> No.51167307

>It is a very strong build. But that's all: it doesn't make a point about path of war as a whole, and it's being presented as if it is.
I think it was less proving point and more answering requests coming from discussion about how PoW is too strong at early levels.

You are hairy and gross, not cute. Just kidding, I like grizzled veteran types but remember, Kon asked for cute pictures!

>> No.51167320

>ha ha you made a pun now i don't need to defend my shitty non-arguments!

>> No.51167349


>Kon asked for cute pictures
>He's also asking for hunks


>> No.51167422

There's probably like 3 "major" builds, each with a few sub-build options.

>str-melee with intensified shocking grasp + scimitar + power attack
>dex-melee with intensified shocking grasp + scimitar + dervish dance
>Eldritch archer with intensified snowball + archery

Sub options would be things like going the SF(evo)+Spell Perfection(shocking grasp/snowball) to frontload nova damage, taking hexcrafter for better per-day longevity, blackblade or kensai for melee flavor (though kensai really is a dex only thing imo)

Memebuilds are the ones like Spellslinger 1/Eldritch archer 19 for guns, the frostbite+rime+enforcer+cruel weapon meme.

>> No.51167439 [SPOILER] 

>Like, it just feels kind of "basic" to me, now.

That's the thing anon. It's so basic that it's something I still have yet to actually /play/. I've never gotten to use a concept that basic because I'm a filthy Dex/Int-builder.

>wants manly hunks
>insists on "cute" pictures

is something like >>51167014 or Helck somehow not good enough, because it starts to sound like "manly hunk" and "cute" are somehow disparate concepts

>> No.51167442

>No cute picture, no entry.
That's what he said! But you can be a dashing bishounen without being a shota/trap and without being a hairy muscled hunk.

>> No.51167446

>slinger magus
>not knowing about the hexcrafter trick that lets you reload dual pistols as a free action

>> No.51167470

>Pathfinder guns
>/not/ a memebuild

>> No.51167490

>It's so basic that it's something I still have yet to actually /play/.

>mfw I go big hunk strength builds that making another feels old hat
>mfw every time I make one it's like he's the only muscle in the party
>mfw I usually get the party fuck-slut interested, but I just feel dead inside

>> No.51167507

I was going to say that
>shocking grasp
were the two builds, because they actually play differently. Dex vs. Str doesn't actually change how you play the character, it just sorta changes how the numbers work.

Everything else is a meme build.

>> No.51167510

>not being a shota/trap
How do you live with yourself?

>> No.51167517

Again, look >>51167442 here. It is more about being a grown man insead of twinky fuccboi or molestable shota. Hairy bara is probably too much but dashing rogues like >>51167014 would probably be ok.

>> No.51167520

are you a soul knife
you better be

>> No.51167525


I don't know about a hexcrafter trick that lets me reload dual pistols as a free action-please, tell me!

>> No.51167530

watch this

>> No.51167558

Let my picture be an answer.

>> No.51167560

What is the lewed potential in playing an grapple monk?

>> No.51167565


>tfw masculinity is so rare on /pfg/ that being a normal-ass guy is seen as valuable

>> No.51167592


I prefer dashing men! Dashing, not feminine!

Tiefling shota learning how to please a woman with his lusty Human mistress is top shelf, though.

>> No.51167601

I'd actually disagree on the str and dex playing similarly. Str needs a few defensive buffs to match the early level survivability of dex. The frostbite thing is a memebuild because it requires the enemy to be:
1. not resistant to cold
2. not immune to non-lethal
3. not immune to mind affecting
Which heavily limits the creatures it can be used on.

Probably the white hair hex to use a second hand.

>> No.51167622

It isn't. A weapon or armor must be masterwork to be enchanted, but the MW cost isn't included in the enchantment price.

>> No.51167634

>1. not resistant to cold
>2. not immune to non-lethal
>3. not immune to mind affecting
Last time I went into the Monster Manual there wasn't much that actually had all of these immunities. The things that did tended to be the type that you could just bladed dash full attack down anyways.

>> No.51167637

well, technically it's just rapid reload (and alch. cartridges if early firearm) that lets you reload as a free action. The main thing is that you need a free hand to reload a pistol, but dual wielding means your hands are full. Thus, a hexcrafter takes Prehensile Hair, which allows him to have a third hand for the purposes of reloading. Then you just pass one gun to the hair (free action), reload both guns with your newly-free hand (free action, free action), pass the gun back (free action), and keep shooting, without interrupting your full attack.

>> No.51167660

guns are so fucking wonky.

>> No.51167672 [SPOILER] 

The constant demand of "cute! cute!" is why it's starting to just sound like a demand with no substance beyond "give me cute anime girls!". Though I suppose I do have at least ONE animal ear "bishie" in my folder that could pass for a Str-based build. No facial hair, but such is life.

>tfw the only time I did a Str build was with a Lunar Oracle
>tfw game died super quick, and I spent most fights entirely reliant on my tiger companion because I couldn't hit shit without spending a turn to buff myself
>tfw didn't get to feel like a hunk at all

>> No.51167730


>Strength build Lunar Oracle
>Surprised when it doesn't let you feel like a hunk

>Not going Strength build Paladin

>> No.51167747

The thing is, if it has either cold res or the non-lethal res, your debuff output is severely limited, if not completely walled. This is also not considering that it might just be better to kill the thing outright, rather than debuff it into the ground. I guess the frostbite build is efficient with spell slots since it is charge based, but it requires a lot of feats, and has the aforementioned issues. ISG still has some of these issues, but it's only walled by elec res.

>> No.51167763

Why would high Str require muscle mass? It's animu game, slim people can be as strong as they need to be.

>> No.51167769

Yea SG is better, I just think that the FrostBite isn't exactly "meme build" status.

>> No.51167780

meaning new thread

>> No.51167814

I fell for the "lmao oracles can do a martial's job" meme, and it was a 1-on-1 game back when I was still relatively new to the system

>why would being strong require muscle mass
>why would being strong require being strong-looking

Maybe I don't feel like being a skinny twink when I have a perfectly good reason to look toned and muscular?

>> No.51167834

I guess "memebuild" is a little subjective. frostbite /can/ work, but it just doesn't work as early or easier than just going SG. Similar comparison to the str or dex thing, but I wouldn't call that a memebuild, yet I would call the frostbite one.

>> No.51167868

That is an anime game. Anime has 12 year-olds lifting tons with no muscle mass involved, and that's jsut from training. Muscles are just for show and certain character archetypes.

>> No.51167884


But anon, muscles are aggressive and a clear sign you're trying to overcompensate! Everyone knows the hottest men are tall and slender with plaid button-ups and huge beards.

>> No.51168045

>I'm Str-based and don't want to play another twink

I don't think my 380 year old Brutal Slayer ex-merc is going to look like a skinny 12 year old in his normal human[oid] form, anon. Not unless he's explicitly using a disguising ability, which he very well could do.

>> No.51168099

the one thing i hate about DMing online?
making the roll20 sheets for NPCs

>> No.51168116

There is much middle ground between "twink" and "muscled".

>> No.51168186

Yes, and? "Is clearly muscular" is different from "bodybuilder right out of Jojo or FotNS".

>> No.51168244

Just stop whining and make what you want. Muscles may or may not be cute but whining definitely isn't.

>> No.51168475

this just looks like a case of autism causing two faggots to assume the other automatically jumped to an extreme, rather than whining

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