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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Tiny and Tinier Edition

Have you played or dealt with characters that are smaller than small? How was it?

If you want build advice make sure to say what 3pp you can use, if any.

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/JTj1yEmU (embed)

Avowed Playtest 1:
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing
Malefex Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3LrE8WyIxxYRr8d9dHsWioeUk_-HZaSMqVWRnzc9Fc/edit?usp=sharing
Legendary Kineticists II Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11_w1o5dSef2tzu2GDLnJKElHY3uyETzuzFHDAjI6P6k/edit?usp=sharing
Spheres of Might preview: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/

Old Thread: >>51149150

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Reminder that RotJR applications close soon, so get those apps in.

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>Have you played or dealt with characters that are smaller than small? How was it?

It was my fetish.

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character level * 2.5

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Hey friends!

I need your help, and we can have some fun doing it!

I need to flesh out a large list of officers for a mercenary company my party is a part of.

Here are the ranks that need to be filled:
>10 Sergeants
>4 Lieutenants
>3 Majors

The characteristics of them are the following:
level 3
level 4-5
level 5-6

Available races:

Available classes:
Any Paizo/DSP

So here is what I would love you all to do. Fill out the following "form":
>2 sentence description

Here is an example!

Carrug "Doughbelly" Un'got
Scarred Witch Doctor
>2 sentence description
An elderly fat orc who serves as the battalions primary physician. He is prone to foul surly moods, and blusters to hide a surprising amount of cunning for an orc.


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Take this table: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/rules-for-monsters/monster-creation

Take a monster of CR = (character level + 1), take its hit points, and divide it by 4

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So what, at level 10 you should be doing an average of 25 points of damage per round? That feels... really REALLY low, considering the average NPC fighter at that level (10d10+30 HP is around 89 HP) would take 4 of those turns to even drop. And that's a basic Fighter with nothing special other than 14 CON and +HP as their FCB.

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Wait, are you saying that a level 10 character should be doing 25 DPR? Even without optimizing any martial can easily be doing 50 at that level.

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It's probably more like ([Character Level] * 5)

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So /pfg/, what happened during your last game? Any fun times? Lewd times?

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new to 3.PF. Optimization question; are there feats or class options that a Magus could take to cancel or somehow circumvent elemental resistance? DM didn't tell me that we're fighting almost exclusively demons in the campaign and that they are almost always resistant to elemental damage before I went and picked a spell chucker.

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Resuming here. Changing up artists. Maybe randomize.

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A level 20 character only doing 100 DPR is pathetic.

it's an exponential scale.

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4 level 20 characters doing 100 DPR kills a "Challenging" opponent for level 20 in one round

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Re-posting from last thread

My party is about to go to a festival and am gonna have fair games going on, I have a few made but I need more ideas. Any suggestions?

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I will if I get into dragons.
I've never played a tiny before, and rarely even small halflings.

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Selfless plug here, but I actually helped with a flaming crab product about stuff like that, Letters from the Flaming Crab: County Faire.

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How about you tell us what you have?

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If I knew the GM for a lewdgame was into size difference, sure.

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Keep in mind that on average, one of those characters will not be attacking or doing damage, and in a 4 man party, one of the four will also be dealing less than usual.

The main damage dealer is NOT doing his job if he can't at least do half that thing's health with his full offensive turn.

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My level 8 character is averaging 75 DPR. I should hope that increases significantly when I get more iteratives.

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Still, it means a barbarian is doing 20 damage per hit.

A Barbarian with what I would consider "no" optimization will have 38-40 strength at level 20. Let's say 38 because it's easier.

Damage: 1d12 (greataxe) + 18 (power attack) + 21 (strength) + 5 (weapon) = 50 average damage per hit

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Give us a hunk!

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We killed a construct! Unfortunately, we thought he was the big cheese, and there was a dragon waiting for us in the hangar that cast Control Water, Heavy Water, and Hungry Darkness. We're in a shitload of trouble. Folks are drafting replacements in the likely case that some of us die.

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this is set in an tian xia setting so far Rock Paper Scissors: Best of 3,
Sour-Tongue: Six Balls of Candy, one is very sour eat it and your out. Last one standing wins.
Dunk the Oni: 3 balls to hit the target, win tokens based on how well you did
Arm Wrestle: A test of Strength.

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One of them might also get a crit, or do more damage than normal. Perhaps the one not making an attack is using an ability to strengthen his comrades or weaken the opponent.

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Not that anon but here ya go

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I don't have many male art that isn't femboys, traps, or whatnot. And even then they're NSFW.

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and will have 5 attacks if hasted. toss in crits and misses, and we're probably looking at 200.

That's a bit over half of the 370 median.
He's in the clear, though not particularly optimized since you're likely facing demon lords and shit "Because you guys are strong now and those are bosses not a CR20 your level"

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I believe there's a metamagic that lets you change the element of the spell. http://www.d20pfsrd.com/feats/metamagic-feats/elemental-spell-metamagic

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Let's assume, as a baseline to meet, is an unarchetyped human fighter 10, using a greatsword, and putting a 16(+2 racial for a total of 18) Strength at 1st level, and raising his STR for both stat-ups. He's got the WBL of a PC, so that means he's getting a +4 STR Belt too; that adds to a total of 24 STR. He's got Power Attack, Weapon Focus, and Weapon Specialization as a feat, a +3 sword, and just to be fair let's give him Gloves Of Dueling.
Damage would be 2d6 (Greatsword)+10 (Strength)+9 (Power Attack)+3 (Magic)+4 (Weapon Training + Gloves of Dueling)+2 (Weapon Specialization).

So grand total, that averages out to be 35 damage, which is ALREADY 10 higher than what supposedly is the "baseline" for what a martial character should be doing. And this is just a fighter; Rogues have sneak attack, Barbarians have rage, Vivisectionists have sneak attack AND mutagen, Investigator has Studied Target, Paladin as Smite Evil, so forth and so on.

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The game has an extremely low ball for optimizing numbers. Remember, the developers think crossbow + no vital strike is a viable build.

Left to their own devices, an unoptimized party will kill every enemy they come across with their damage. The optimization in Pathflounder is a matter of "can I do damage to my opponent?" which is stopped by various types of magical dohickies that the party (read: spellcasters) must prepare for and circumvent

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That assumes that each character is what one could be considered a "combatant" rather than primarily a spellcaster or primarily a utility/debuff-user (such as some alchemists, rogues, inquisitors, and the like; really only the Magus can safely be assumed to be a spellcaster AND a martial at all times).

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Still looking for decent Armorist Pics

>> No.51153662

Those harms are generally not damaging, and not the kind of thing that ensure higher damage. Mostly they hinder the return-fire, to avoid losing someone when you failed to take the target down. BAD when facing 4-5 "lieutenants", GOOD when dealing with the CR+6 big boss if you get through his saves.

DPR takes crits, boosts and the like into consideration. We're not saying "your floor must be this high" but rather "when everything is taken into account, the middle should be here".

Because circumstances and situationals will alter this further.

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Frankly, I'd love to play a tiny character for sneakiness shenanigans (or just the mental image of having a tiny fairy shooting an -huge- fireball, as spells aren't defined by the size of the caster...or even sneak attack damage), but there isn't much avaiability and the SRD rules for race creation do not seem to help much in that regard.
Would anyone know how to actually play a tiny character?

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What do you mean by armorist?

>> No.51153677

He also has an iterative.

>> No.51153683

On the flip-side of that question: have you ever played or deal with characters that are larger than large?

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You asked this question last thread, and I already answered it

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Armorists are weird because for the most part, they're just "I have a magic weapon". Mageknights and Fey Adepts are easier to find art for.

>> No.51153704

Seriously, how do you do this kind of stupid shit and not expect the DM to kick you out?

>> No.51153721

Actually no. A lot of APs do, but the game system in general, including the CR/encounter building system WILL TPK you fast if you have four guys firing crossbows who are not bolt-aces.

The developers do claim crossbow without vital strike is viable, but that fucker will get annihilated facing a pack of goblins the CR system says he should've literally eaten for breakfast when they jumped him in mid-piss.

ESPECIALLY where it comes to "damage output", Paizo is saying those things while snorting, snickering, and waiting to see how many people fall for it. Not incompetence but outright malice.

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I spent most of the last combat as a flying blue dildo

>> No.51153735

Right, you wanted to redo Armorist, right?

Man I wanted to do that too. Whatre your thoughts on it?

>> No.51153770


>/pfg/ is one person


>> No.51153784

That's fine too! I'll make another.

Ninnec Mormet
Ravenous Battle Oracle
>2 sentence description
Grew up poor as a thief, with a constant need to eat far more than his body should allow. Eventually became part of the military to fill his belly.

>> No.51153789

That's true, I forgot to account for an iterative attack that will, in all likelihood, hit because of a mix of high strength and "hey being a Fighter actually does great for my accuracy". So that's an average of 70 damage per turn, assuming no actual attempt at optimization other than "is an NPC fighter at 10th level". So 70 damage at 10th level is the BARE MINIMUM you can assume as your average DPR if you want to be considered competitive as a fully-martial character with no other frills attached; if you've got utility or extra potential then this number can and should be lower, but if all you've got is "I do damage every turn" a 70 should be your goal with every turn. Note how this still means you're taking 2 turns per average enemy at the CR to drop them, but this isn't so bad if you (rightfully) assume that a party will have two martials/high damage dealers at a time.

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I'm tired of Captchas.

>> No.51153823

They also have magic armor and shields too.
Their theme is less "I have a magic thing" and more "I can summon magic physical objects"

Easier access to nearly all Armor and weapon special qualities, ability to spend spell points to change and apply special qualities, utility based Arsenal Tricks, not retarded skill points, quicker access to faster summoning, more ways to creatively utalize Bound Equipment (will be taking FFXV for inspiration), and a new special quality for armor and weapons (which cannot be replicated by the armorist) that allows an Armorist to add a magic weapon or armor to their list of Bound Equipment (kinda like the Relics from FFXV)

Yes, I have been playing lots of FFXV lately.

>> No.51153826

Don't forget being Hasted by your Party Sorc.

>> No.51153876

I didn't get to use my first Magus Arcana, but that's alright!

>> No.51153922

How do you get a high str score? Besides the obvious magic items and tomes.

>> No.51153931

our fucking medic sold us out to the bandit king for 50k

>> No.51153934

Raging and Mutagens

>> No.51153950

Sure, I can throw my hat into this, you seem nice!

NAME: Ingrid Mjollsdottir
RACE: Dwarf
CLASS: Hunter
RANK: Lieutenant
DESCRIPTION: Stablemaster in the company, Ingrid comes is never seen far from her loyal Roc companion, who she has raised since it was an egg. She has a way with horses, dogs, lions, and other such beasts that borders on the legendary.

>> No.51153962

Well I'm intrigued.

I'll probably still go ahead with mine eventually, see what different angles bring.

>> No.51153965

VMC Orc Sorcerer
VMC Barbarian
VMC Alchemist

>> No.51153974


>I don't have male art that isn't sissy

Why not?

>> No.51153978

>I was accepted for Molthune, yay!
>I have to schedule for a social activity with people from /pfg/, yay!

>> No.51153979

At this point that can't be assumed to be a guarantee in a party; you might not have a caster with Haste to help out in that regard, and should be considered a buff rather than a standard.

>> No.51153992

>Ferb Fletcher
>Level 5
>Chief Technical Officer

With the ability to create firearms and any tool he needs out of thin air, Ferb not only maintains the company's siege section, but viciously defends their emplacements with endless barrages of lead and energy. The "rat-works" are looking more and more like some twisted metal nursery, leading to cleanliness complaints more from the occupants than the obsessively pristine materiel.

>> No.51153995


Surprise motherfucker!

>> No.51153996

get out while you still can.

>> No.51154007


I've been in three games with people from /pfg/, we're fun!

>> No.51154009

>tfw quickly losing motivation for my RotJR application.
I'm not gonna get in anyway. Why even try?

>> No.51154042

I felt that way too, but I got into Molthune despite not being popular in /pfg/! Believe in yourself, anon!

>> No.51154054

>Ferb Fletcher

>> No.51154072

>obviously tech warsoul
>working his kids as well
Warpstone everywhere. MOTHERFUCKING SKAVEN...

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>> No.51154094


As long as the advertisement is open, you have a chance.

Make that character, anon! You can do it, and I'll be rooting for him or her when they're posted!

>> No.51154113

I've been in like two, and one on roll20 with someone I later learned was a /pfg/ goer though it wasn't a /pfg/ game.

You get some 'tism but in general you guys seem okay. I think the fact that you aren't anons when you play curbs most of the most abrasive behavior. I can only think of like one "HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU" person.

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Orc Mutation Warrior Fighter VMC Barbarian Eldritch Heritage Orc Bloodline.

With only self buffing you hit 59 strength with only self buffing.

18 (base) + 4 (orc) + 6 (belt) + 6 (strength of the beast) + 6 (power of giants) + 6 (greater rage) + 8 (grand mutagen) + 5 (levels) = 59

You want more strength because we can go higher.

18 (base) + 4 (orc) + 6 (belt) + 6 (strength of the beast) + 6 (power of giants) + 6 (greater rage) + 8 (grand mutagen) + 5 (levels) + 6 (profane ascension) + 2 (demonic obedience Jezelda) = 67

that's for semi-permanent scores

>> No.51154136


Tell us about that anon, anon! What did he do?

>> No.51154142


Articus "Art" "Artillary" Rendev
Skinwalker (Bloodmarked)
Wizard - Evoker (Admixture)
>2 sentence description
Utterly loyal to his adoptive "colony" he makes ample use of his perception to pinpoint enemies and blast them away. He secretly delights in the bloodshed but tries to curtail it to not shame his comrades.

>> No.51154201

>repostan 15 minutes late because poorly-timed computer updates

Funny, I was considering a Life Oracle too at one point.

The Mythic versions of the Cure spells only seemed worth having because of the free ability score damage healing (not to say that isn't good enough to justify taking them but I dunno if I would have taken more than one of them as Mythic). Mythic Blessing of Fervor is sweet but strikes me as inferior to Mythic Haste and not worth having when someone else can cast the latter. I'll definitely be talking with the other Mythic casters in my party, since I feel we should coordinate on our Mythic spell choices.

At low levels, I think the most attractive Mythic spells on the arcane list are probably the Protection from Alignment spells, Enlarge Person, Web, and Color Spray. For divine casters, the best choices look like the Protection from Alignment spells (again), Murderous Command, and Bless. Special mention goes to Mythic Color Spray on a Heavens Oracle with Awesome Display, where I'm pretty sure you could literally keep using Mythic Color Spray for the entire game.

>> No.51154252

Let's build a baseline fighter, /pfg/

A standard, no optimization fighter (Although he's smart enough not to use crossbow without vital strike). No magic items, feats, archetypes, anything from any source other than CRB. He's built with the standard, expected stat array.

Here's what I've got in mind so far:

str 17 +3
dex 13 +1
con 14 +2
int 10 +0
wis 12 +1
cha 8 -1

1 - weapon focus (falchion)
1 - power attack
1 - step up
2 - dodge
3 - toughness
4 - weapon specialization (falchion)
5 - ?
6 - vital strike
7 - lunge
8 - greater weapon focus (falchion)
9 - critical focus
10 - ?
11 - improved vital strike
12 - greater weapon specialization (falchion)
13 - staggering critical
14 - sickening critical
15 - critical mastery
16 - greater vital strike
17 - stunning critical
18 - penetrating strike
19 - greater penetrating strike
20 - ?

>> No.51154264

Charles "The Man" Manchester
Slayer (Vanguard)
>2 sentence description
A mountain of a man in all but stature, he makes up for it with a projecting voice and plenty of confidence. Often remarked on the field as growing 6 feet and sprouting horns for his no nonsense and intimidating demeanor.

>> No.51154274

Might grab Furious Focus since you're Vital Striking.

>> No.51154285


That's from APG

>> No.51154292

Rhadia Itranos
Div-Born Tiefling
Ranger (Skirmisher/Dandy)
A smiling and helpful face hides a devious and cruel mind. Still, his social graces make Rhadia an asset to the company.

>> No.51154302


l8 - improved critical (falchion)
l9 - greater weapon focus (falchion)
l10 - critical focus

>> No.51154308

>Core Only
You best pray to every god you know that there aren't any Wizards in the party, otherwise kick your DM in the nads

>> No.51154317


How do you expect to kill something flying with no wizards in your party?

>> No.51154322

My character does 150 dpr at level 5...

>> No.51154327

It's a thought experiment, not an actual game.

>> No.51154328

>find out about trox
>suddenly get the urge to play one

How do you stop yourself from wanting to play other charaxters all of a sudden /pfg/?

>> No.51154337

>Implying it can be stopped.

>> No.51154349


Four days get hype.

>> No.51154358

Emerick Axebeard
>2 sentence description
Unusually easy going for a dwarf, he takes a certain pride in remembering everyone's names. Especially if he has stitched you up at one point.

>> No.51154391


>> No.51154400

How do I effectively play a 'country' of barbarians whose clans occasionally unite and cause mild inconveniences to their Lawful Neutral wizarding neighbours to the east? Does anyone have any suggestions about how a Chaotic Neutral barbarian 'country''s politics should even work?

>> No.51154419

Well, fuck.

>> No.51154429


Tribalistic where the occasional gathering to choose a leader goes right.

>> No.51154457

It does not fade, only grows. Welcome to the wild ride. Also, what game is letting you go Trox?

>> No.51154553

Sorry for the delay anon, still trying to figure out what i want to spend my 1.5 k on, my saves are real good because im a paladin with 20 cha, so ive got at least +9 in everything. I could drop my wand of clw and get back up to 2.25 k...

>> No.51154571

Jasj Doyak and Pride (Lion) (Im so bad at names)
>2 sentence description
An expert tracker, scout and plains runner, he enjoys spending all his time in the outdoors. Even though he prefers the company of his lion over others, he still makes a point to show his usefulness to the company.

>> No.51154579

>my saves are real good because im a paladin with 20 cha

>Sword of Valor Tiefling girl with 20 Charisma

Holy mackeral!

>> No.51154597

>Does anyone have any suggestions about how a Chaotic Neutral barbarian 'country''s politics should even work?

Steal from the Dothraki.

>> No.51154604


sword of valor doesn't get CHA to saves

>> No.51154606

>20 cha tiefling pally
How fat are your tats?

>> No.51154616



>> No.51154635

...but anon, what if we don't get in?

>> No.51154641


Tat fatness is determined by Constitution.

Charisma is for how firm and cute your tats are.

>> No.51154658

Then I'll run a PbP. 6 for Prime, 6 more for mine, that's 10 out of 30 applicants. We just need like, 3 more DMs.

>> No.51154665

Have them be united by some specific cultural norms and traditions, as well as some superstitions. Othewise, they are normally tribal, some nomadic and others holding specific coice places of land, with each tribe having a reputation for a specific thing.

Also, warrior societies and cross-clan brotherhooods work well, as do a priesthood divorced from the tribes that are holed up in a specific area of cultural/religious significance, whom all the tribes at least respect.

...Actually, would the Aeil from Wheel of Time be Chaotic, or just uniquely lawful due to their rigid adherence to strict tribal laws like Ji'eh'to?

>> No.51154684


I don't think you heard me, anon.


>> No.51154704

I mean, Pallies gotta have con too, so I figured it was a bit of a moot point.
Now that you mention it though, those are gonna be *real* perky. Perfect spheres.

>> No.51154711

>mfw the ride has only just begun
>mfw it will all either crash and burn or explode into sub-games
>mfw no matter what happens it will be absolutely delicious

I almost want to back out and wait for a non-PoW/SoP edition

>> No.51154716

Thanks friends!

>> No.51154722

>in today's /pfg/, I can't add

>> No.51154747


Oh please, if they get too round they just look fake!

The ideal tat is heavy, round, and with just enough sag to show off the heft and fit into a dress!

>> No.51154767

Post your top 10 for a PbP

>> No.51154788


>tfw I made half of those

Really, no one else has a bunch of unused, half formulated and partially completed character ideas they have never tried out?

Is it just me?

>> No.51154792


Wait, then how is >>51154553 getting a +9 to saves?

>> No.51154797

Is it full of stupid lewd nonsense because that shit is going to get real tiring for me.

>> No.51154804

>> No.51154811

I do, but not too many that would work as mercs.

>> No.51154821

>sad face when you're gonna have to hear about Molthune players doing stuff and you didn't quite make it in.

>> No.51154843

>7 witches
>1 rage demon
>bunch of random thralls roaming around
this dungeon is gonna be a toughie

>> No.51154845

>only two of the molthune 'knights' actually wear armor heavier than Light

git gud

>> No.51154849


Not really, the lewd levels were at a bare minimum beyond some side-channel shenanigans you get involved in after a lengthy OOC conversation that gradually broaches the subject.

>> No.51154853

I'm mobile and lazy.

>> No.51154871


>tfw I love wearing heavy armor
>tfw I love describing heavy armor
>tfw there are people out there that think heavy armor is a waste of time


>> No.51154874

One of them hardly ever takes his armor off though

>> No.51154881

Thanks, anons.

>> No.51154896

Who want a meme game? And when I say meme game I fucking mean meme game.

You are going to participate in a Holy Grail War set in Seattle, Washington. You will be using two characters. One character is level 11, a Heroic Spirit taking upon one of the seven archetypes. For those who do not know Heroic Spirit are either actual, fictional (but believed might be real like robin hood) or mythological figures who were invited to a sort of afterlife called The Throne of Heroes. The other is a summoner, your mage that controls the Heroic Spirit. They would be level 5.

The game would be PvP between the seven players fighting one another in the Holy Grail war. In addition to normal powers of a level 11 character you get a "Noble Phantasm", which can be a special unique artifact, a high power ability, etc. You would design and run the Noble Phantasm by me first.

Then it would be all out war. Both your heroic spirit and your summoner's goal is to kill the other heroic spirits so as to feed the Holy Grail, a nearly deific device that can grant true wishes. Defeat others, summon the grail, and grant your wish. I except the salt to flow from whoever dies first.

I would take on one of the seven heroic spirits as an third party to the players, and the other six would be controlled by you all.

>> No.51154906



>> No.51154927

Ace of taste.

>> No.51154944

>tfw heavy armor
>tfw Siegebreaker Fighter
>tfw Bulette Charge style

>> No.51154953

7/10 anime taste. First Order was shit.

>> No.51154992

Nah, outside of some occasional dirty jokes my /pfg/ games have never been remotely lewd.

>> No.51155011

First order was utter fucking garbage.

We would be playing a normal holy grail war rather than what ever the fuck happened in Grand Order.

>anything nasu
try 4/10, maybe

>> No.51155013

Wait what the fuck are you people talking about?

I have to actually ask to make sure I didn't completely cock this up.

I'm a human Vengeance Paladin/Synth Summoner Gestalt, level 3. Hence a paladin with no armor

>> No.51155016


>> No.51155017

This Could be fun
But I feel like it would work better with a group of good friends

>> No.51155026


Whoops! Mistook you for someone you aren't!

>> No.51155035


>> No.51155057

Idk man, a piece of me thinks this could be fun. The other piece feels this isn't the kind a thing pfg goers would really dig or enjoy. If only because all the power creep debates.

>> No.51155060

Houtengeki is a god.

I'd just play Cu, for the Gae Bolg instakill memes.

>> No.51155072


Anon stahp, now you're making me reminisce on the characters that never came to be.

Like a sweet older cleric woman who made a career of her faith and is only now settling down for a long-earned retirement, or a beautiful busty mute bard.

>> No.51155081

I agree. Whoever makes an alliance early on and gets stabbed in the back is gonna be saltier than the dead sea.

>> No.51155092

I wouldn't be the GM for that, I want to be the player in that!

Though admittedly I would be down for having no PoW, BUT still have SoP.

>> No.51155098

I stated Gae Bulg.

Heart Piercing spear that ignored all bonuses to armor besides Luck, Sacred, and Profane.


>> No.51155108

There's a few new apps up for RotJR; what do you anons think?

>> No.51155110

Someone REALLY should make that character, considering how little time there is left for either game she would go in.

>> No.51155121

Das da good shit.

>> No.51155122

>Houtengeki is a god.

That guy's got some damn good pieces on the Booru, most of his Elves look like they'd fit for Osanna or some other concepts.

>> No.51155130

The real question though: What's her badonk situation like?

>> No.51155148

>you will never be sandwiched by ahri and sona, their huge breasts trapping your head as you die between them

>> No.51155154

How many investigators (as in the class) should a party in a detective campaign have? There's 3 NPC investigators that will be working separately from the PCs, and I don't want to drag any potential combat down by making too many of the players use a non-combat class. I would allow Vigilantes, but the FLGS where I'll be running the campaign doesn't have Ultimate Intrigue.

>> No.51155161

So, is this major artifact too powerful or too weak for a CR21 final boss?

Major Artifact
Exotic Weapon (Firearm) 1-Hand
1d12 x4 (see text)
Range 120ft
Misifre 1
This +2 Distance Reliable (lesser) Flaming Burst M1911A1 was custom made for *NAME PENDING* back when they first started production. Around that time *NAME PENDING* also incorporated Numerian technology and magic enhancements into it, increasing barrel length, clip size and punching power. In addition to it's normal magics, it can reload itself once the clip is emptied from either a reservoir of magical ammunition, which all deal force damage, or from the wielder's own inventory as a free action. The weapon can do full-round actions to fire the entire clip (8) at a -2 to the first two shots and a -10 to the remaining 6. This stacks with quickshot, but not haste or similar effects. The clip can be ejected during a full-round action while firing the gun to switch ammunition mid action, but the ejected clip is completely destroyed in the process, if physical, or stops you from using the force bullets for 1d4+1 turns. The clip must be full to be able to be used in the gun this way.

In addition, a Numerian tech scope is attached to the pistol, giving it the ability to reduce the dice size by one step to increase the threat range all the way down to 1d4 15-20 x4. This ability can be used at a 1d4 intervals. This ability does not stack with keen or other similar effects. The scope can be removed from the gun with a DC50 Use Magic Device save

>> No.51155169

It would probably work best with a class that can modify natural rolls somehow. I know the croupier can, but is there an equivalent to diviner wizard in PF that can store rolls?

His pixiv actually has a good amount of stuff that boorus don't have, so I've got to recommend it.

>> No.51155176

One didn't read char gen rules, and is an Arcanist.

Other guy seems okay. No sheet.

>> No.51155181

Houtengeki's art is probably a little too on the lewd side though.


>> No.51155200

One is a single classed trap arcanist.

>> No.51155202

How would one actually go about statting up the actual King Arthur Pendragon anyway?

>> No.51155215


Oh shit, I was actually going to post that one as an example of alternate art Osanna's player could totally use.

>> No.51155226

Fate's Arthur?
Pally || Fighter, specced for shitloads of raw damage.

>> No.51155229


Hussar Warlord with an artifact sword and scabbard.

Heck, I'd go so far as to say he's a gestalt with Paladin.

>> No.51155281


That is literally too much ass, anon. Way too pear-shaped.

The booty would be fine, girl's been working her glutes most of her life, might have added a little padding since retirement though, and a lover might find a tattoo of her order's symbol on the inside of an ass cheek, something to let the men know who they're mounting.

>> No.51155285


Barbarians are dumb. Here's (generally) how every "barbarian" society works:

Step A)

1) You have a group of people who speak the same language. They wander around the earth looking for resources they need to survive.
2) These people hunt and gather for food (with much more gathering than hunting; and they're not exclusive - you gather while you hunt).
3) Positions of leadership are natural - you listen to your father and his father if they're still alive because they are experienced. Or you listen to the most

skilled in a task.
3) Resources are distributed equally. No one owns much.

Step B)

1) The group decides to settle down in one place for religious purposes, because of an abundance of resources in an area, or seasonally because the weather sucks

during the winter or summer and they've found a nice good place to hole up.
2) Unless they've developed farming, people are probably pastoralists. Women and children might be kept in one place (either year round or seasonally) or the group

might travel together during the good times and return to the same spot in bad times.
3) Resources are generally distributed equally. People do own some animals.

Step C)

1) Farming = population boom
2) Population boom = can't sustain permanently by gathering, hunting. Unless the land is very grassy, pastoralism takes a back seat too.
3) Farming = abundance of resources in good times.
4) Large population = deficiency in resources causes lots of death. Very bad.
5) To combat the points above, people begin pooling their resources together, storing grains and other things for when they are needed. Generally, someone is selected

to watch over the food surplus and decide when it should be distributed.
6) People still don't own much than some animals. And maybe a house.

>> No.51155288

I have a passing interest in role-playing games. Saw some pathfinder stuff on the humble bundle. Is it worth getting? And what reward tier?

Also skimmed the link compendium and didn't see anything that looked like a "complete retard's guide to this game" so hopefully the core rulebook and other stuff that comes included has that covered.

>> No.51155306


Step D)

1) Other communities in the area have developed with food surplus system.
2) When things are good, people trade food/animals/mates with their neighbors.
3) When things are bad, people take food/animals/mates from their neighbors.
4) Surplus watcher gets more power. His primary responsibility is still to redistribute goods to his community, and he's selected for his likeability and generosity.

Everyone in the community might try to one up another by giving him better things in ceremonies. The leader tries to one up his predecessors and detractors by giving

away more and more impressive gifts to his followers.But he needs people to guard the supplies and listen to him in times of war.
5) In general: The community follows the guy who provides the most for the community.
6) Some people own animals. Some people own weapons and armor. And those guys all listen to one guy as long as he's good for the community.

Step E)

1) At some point, a clique takes over. Usually this is a family who, over many generations, has acquired sufficient prestige and/or wealth and/or favors that they are

respected to lead the community.
2) Emphasis goes from "select a guy in our community to lead us" to "select a guy from this family to lead us" although these aren't permanent by any means: if the

family starts to fuck up, their reputation will tank.
3) At this point, long term alliances (read: marriages between important people) can finally start to take place between communities, binding them together.
4) After enough marriages, trade, colonization, and projection of force, communities start to merge together into a larger culture.

>> No.51155329


Step F)

1) At some point, the clique in charge formalizes some rules. Only they can lead the community and everyone else can BTFO. If the leading family fucks up, they might lose leadership, but their job is going to be taken over by a branch family or their lieutenants or something.

Step G)

1) Depending on how numerous the clique is, how many communities have joined together, etc. some of the communities might have very formalized rules, with each community getting a say on who leads over them all. For some cultures, a powerful family with a strong force behind them means everyone else is fucked. Most are generally balanced by favors and other forms of tit for tat. These are the beginnings of city states, proto feudalism, who knows what else.

>> No.51155342

Am I wrong though, or would it be 'too much'?

>> No.51155346

How do I obtain and maintain an NPC waifu when we're so busy killing monsters and defending the realm?

>> No.51155352

Human slayer 8
CE Medium humanoid (human)
Init +7
Perception +6
AC 17, touch 13, flat-footed 14 (+4 armor, +3 Dex)
HP 72 (8d10+24)
Fort +8, Ref +10, Will +4 (+2 vs. mind reading)
Speed 30 ft.
Melee +1 handaxe +13/+8 (1d6+4/×3)
Ranged handaxe +12/+7 (1d6+3/×3)
Special Attacks: sneak attack +2d6, studied target +2 (2nd, swift action)
Str 16, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 14
Base Atk +8; CMB +11; CMD24
Feats: Deceitful, Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Toughness, Weapon Focus (handaxe) Skills:
Acrobatics +14, Bluff +17, Climb +10, Disguise +17, Intimidate +13, Perception +6, Perform (comedy) +10, Stealth +14
Languages Common
SQ slayer talents (bleeding attack +2, foil scrutiny, slowing strike [DC 14], surprise attacks), stalker, track +4
Combat Gear: potion of invisibility;
OtherGear: +1 glamered studded leather, +1 handaxe, handaxes (2), cloak of resistance +1, disguise kit, entertainer’s outfit, 254 gp

>> No.51155368

Have her be a caster with emergency force sphere, and defend her with your life.

>> No.51155372

Letters by courier, the Sending spell, and trying to keep your work close (but not too close) to home.

>> No.51155380


Have you seen some of the art that's already been used as official? What you posted is fine - a little on the nose for subject matter, but it's nowhere near as fetishistic as it could be.

>> No.51155409

Is 34 too old to meet someone as a half-elf?

>> No.51155410


I'd recommend waifuing a priestess; they've got useful skills, are typically lovely (in fantasy, at least) and will always be found in places you need to visit often.

>> No.51155420


Name: Gisela Swordfist
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Barbarian/Cleric
Level: 5 (Barb1/Cleric4)
Rank: Lieutenant
Description: A tall, muscular half-orc woman with short-hewn blond hair, with a penchant for arm wrestling in the company hall. After nearly dying in battle, she was pulled from the brink by an ally. After her near-death experience, she began to wonder what her strength was for, and after much thinking and searching, she devoted her strength to (Whatever God of Strength and Protection and Brawlers is setting appropriate). She insists on being right in the fray with her troops, bolstering their morale and fighting strength however she can.

>> No.51155430


Enjoy being NTR'ed by her god when he decides to just turn into a fucking rape goose one day.

>> No.51155432

They're not even 'matured' enough to be called adults until they're twenty, and tend to live half again as long as humans, so I don't see why they would be.

>> No.51155433


Are you a man? Thirties is prime marriage age for a man, you're still lusty and virile but with the benefit of a stable job.

>> No.51155458

Absolutely not.
If it were a full elf, maybe.
As is, 34 is pretty apex given that she's still probably tight and toned.

>> No.51155462

What the fuck is this supposed to be?

>> No.51155482

He's a man with a stable job slaying the wicked.

Does Osirion have any cute princesses?

>> No.51155484


>tfw women in their thirties are at the plateau of experience and youth
>tfw everyone would rather play twenty somethings with perky tits and perky aspirations

>> No.51155497

The clown enemy from the Villain Codex. It was more original than the owlbear joke, and I thought it was funny that Paizo would stat up an official evil clown NPC.

>> No.51155499

>level 8
>17 AC
>+6 perception
o i m laffin

>> No.51155502

Depends how the tats on the twenties are.

>> No.51155503


The Ruby Prince has kids, twins. One boy, one girl.

From what I hear, the twins are extremely spunky and often sneak out to be with the common folk.

>> No.51155504

I'm not sure if being 'on the nose' to that degree is a good thing though.

>> No.51155507


The most typical form of greater "barbarian" community is around D and E. You have various communities who all speak the same language and exchange in marriage, trade, and raiding. Each community is lead by the person in the community with the most prestige/respect to do well by the community.

Through marriage, war, and good stewardship, he may be able to convince other communities that he is best able to lead them, too.

With the resources and might of his people behind him, he can then lead the various communities. He will generally retain this power as long as things are going well. He can organize better trading, he can organize raiding, he can organize big parties, he can organize building a new colony across the river, whatever it takes to distribute wealth and good fortune down to his people.

>> No.51155510

Our group's only three female characters are 30, 43, and ???. Only the last one is something weird; the other two are mortal as fuck, and all grizzled and worldly and shit.

>> No.51155518

Uh, no those eggs are getting old. Mid 30s is where things are starting to get bad down there for women. Early 20s is a lot healthier.

>> No.51155528

I'll make them spunky alright

>> No.51155533

>The concept still works even if the age on the app gets bumped up a little.
I've got to try to resist...

>> No.51155540

>actual King Arthur

>> No.51155543


The tats on a thirty year old will generally be as perky as the tits on a twenty something, maybe with a touch of sag.

Honestly the only reason you'd want a twenty something is if you want to pump out a lot of kids, or want someone with a bit less experience under her belt.

>> No.51155551

Where is the official /pfg/ pregnancy formula? Does it have race variations, or just ability scores as variables?

>> No.51155562

That heading's for my magical realm at maximum warp, friend.

>> No.51155563


What's the character? Depending on the girl I might be able to talk you into bumping it a bit more than ten years.

>> No.51155571

Does anyone have any cute Halfling pics?

>> No.51155577

Honestly, probably something like a full pally.
I wonder what Mordred would be.

>> No.51155589

only have two, but

>> No.51155597


>> No.51155601

Osanna, but then again, her somewhat 'younger' (relative) age does make a bit of sense with how her backstory is laid out.

>> No.51155608


>> No.51155612


We had one a while ago, I'd type it out but I'm phoneposting.

The gist was calling high or low on a d100, and then rolling with Con*2 used as the conception modifier (plus if called high, minus if called low) and men offer just their Con.

>> No.51155614

Pathfinder Vices effectively just has both partners roll a fort save, DC25, plus 5 per age category beyond regular adult.

>> No.51155618

Anyone have girls wearing big witch hats?

>> No.51155634

Anna from granblue fantasy
help yourself my dude

>> No.51155648


>> No.51155681

That's a gnome.

>> No.51155684


Remember, anon.

you get a +1 to mental stats in middle-age, with only a -1 to physical.

And a woman at 22 will have a wildly different view of love and romance than a girl at 32; the former will think she's still got a chance to get out of the business, the latter will think no man will want to marry her... Which makes an earnest suitor that much cuter!

And if you're worried about pregnancy, that's what religion is for, who's to say Shelyn does not bless you with Aasimar!

>> No.51155700


>> No.51155732


>> No.51155742


Compaired to TN. TN is 25+/- 5 per every 2 racial con bonus.
Humans 25, Dwarfs 30. ect.

Aim high or low. Low is 1-26 base, high is 76-100

Pregnancy +
1d100+ female con bonus x2. +/-10
Aim high or low, Same as above, however the Con mod is negitive if aiming low, Con mod is positive if aiming high.


Actual count of kids

1-80, single
81-99, double
100, triple.

1-75, single
76-90, double
91-99, triple
100, 1d4+3

1d100+Female Con bonus
1-75, single
76-90, double
91-99, triple
100, Your choice between 1 and 15

>> No.51155783

Just popping in to announce that the Humble Bundle's got a Pathfinder book bundle going.

Plus two free books, Iron Gods Player's Guide and Pathfinder Worldscape 1, if you give them your email.


Looks like the $25+ tier is phys bonus merch, but I still haven't gotten my Vampire the Masqerade phys merch so I'm skeptical of this one.

>> No.51155788

Thanks, saving this. Gotta roll for bastards later when I can look up the relevant CONs.

>> No.51155836


This one has all the variations. Except for the Con of the man.

1d100+ female con bonus x2 + Male con +/-10 misc
Aim high or low, Same as above, however the Con mod is negitive if aiming low, Con mod is positive if aiming high.

>> No.51155914

The Feast of Ravenmoor module has a festival with a few events

>> No.51155948

I tried to. I rolled a Large character and failed to go up a size category during the adventure.

>> No.51155953

Were those archetypes any good? I think the Ranger one was kind of ass, but the Fighter one was decent?

>> No.51155957

What's a good age for a Tiefling Fighter from the mean streets of Magnimar?

>> No.51156016


>> No.51156126

Besides Divine Interference, what is essential Cleric tech?

>> No.51156157

This count?

>> No.51156176

>the hat is so big it's a gateway to the Spirit Realm, and cannot be worn by a regular human head - requiring it to float behind her

Never thought I'd see the day.

>> No.51156211

Last time I did a Humble Bundle with Paizo phys merch, it took 6 months for the merch to show up.

>> No.51156213

So, is bladecaster still too disappointing to really work into a build?

>> No.51156231

I just figured the hat got bigger when she needs to summon her tres amigos.

>> No.51156243

>tfw no sick as fuck bladecasting mechanics, maintaining a shredding vortex of magic steel shards

>> No.51156251

Why do Witches always seem to have huge tits?

>> No.51156266

>they're actually the souls of her lost lovers
>men fall for her, and when they get killed, the join her
>maybe one day she'll be strong enough they'll stop dying on her...

>> No.51156277

Let's say you have magic. Some transmutation, maybe.

Would you not abuse the fuck out of that fact?

>> No.51156278

Mana storage.
Note that young witches that can draw magic from the atmosphere don't have tats most of the time.

>> No.51156293

Something about Hectate and having bother her Witchery aspect and her Maternal aspect.

That, and whores dressing up as slutty witches on halloween becoming culturally memetic

>> No.51156298

Probably because of the Odyssey or some shit

>> No.51156321

Both Calypso and Circe were super hot supposedly.

>> No.51156347


Magic = woman's ways
Tits = woman's goodies

>> No.51156379



>> No.51156403


Gotta love the way she polishes that rod

>> No.51156406


All I want to do is have a very promiscuous witch fall madly in love with my character and struggle to accept her feelings, is that too much to ask?

>> No.51156442

Yes, yes it is.
You're demanding the poor, innocent girl first turn into a slut before she'll be your type.

>> No.51156472


Witches are huge sluts, it comes with the territory.

>> No.51156511

>not being a Winter Witch
>not being so frigid nobody even gets close for fear of freezing solid

>> No.51156536


But anon, the first winter witch we meet in Reign of Winter had a boy toy!

>> No.51156561

>not being the winter queen from Oglaf

>> No.51156564

She lacks dedication. How are you supposed to advance the cause of Eternal Winter going on like that?

I swear someone's got to do some housecleaning in this department.

>> No.51156585


>> No.51156613

Eternal Winter is bad for the environment.
Hell, that thing is practically a mass extinction event.

>> No.51156626

Does she taste like bacon when you lick her burnt parts?

>> No.51156638


Only the strong should survive

>> No.51156654

Yes, probably.

>> No.51156672 [SPOILER] 

Well, duh.

Then you raise an army of the frozen dead.

>> No.51156687

What's the dark on her?

What's her story? Did someone want a medieval Hanakotaco?

>> No.51156701


The bacon taste is a result of the oils and juices released by cooking.

Licking her now would taste like scar tissue!

>> No.51156712

What would be a good class for a getleman adventurer exploring a desert?

>> No.51156722


>> No.51156735

It's been a while since I read the story behind her, but the one thing I can tell you for sure is that her 'staff' is actually an heirloom sword which is never sharpened.

>> No.51156736

Archeologist Bard? Investigator? Slayer? Ranger?

>> No.51156745

is that ken ashwood?

>> No.51156761

A lot of things
It depends on what you mean/want when you say "gentleman"

>> No.51156764

>a phrase spouted by idiots who don't know thing one about ecology
You aren't promoting the strong, you are forcing anthropogenic change unto an environment that it is historically illsuited for, thus destroy most of the niche variation and bio diversity for the purposes of propogating a very slim and particular type of environmental adaptation that itself would be considered weak and ill suited for other forms of ecotypes.

Further, by forcing an eternal winter, what you are doing is removing the season disturbance interval required for the recycling of important nutrients, such as nitrogen and phospherous, back into the ecosystem, then causing increased weakness and frailty in the system which will inevitable result in ecological collapse and a decreased capacity for the local environment to support any form of life.

Its essernitally the same why suppression of the natural fire regime of grasslands or heathland is also a terrible idea, except on a much greater scale.

Survival of the Fittest doesn't mean Strength or Toughness, it means that the species that are well suited for growth and reproduction, usually by exploiting a particular niche and resource allocation in their environment, and are just efficient enough at it are the ones who will breed, succeed, and push/keep other creatures out of their niche due to being more competitively advantaged.

I swear, this is why Witches shouldn't be allowed to play with weather, they have no bloody clue what they're doing and have not the education to even come close to understanding it.

>> No.51156775


Emi is best girl!


>> No.51156778

I'm looking to get maneuvers, and maybe a dash of divine casting.

A cultured man out to tame the savage wastes!

>> No.51156797

>A cultured man out to tame the savage wastes!

Cavalier (Musketeer!)

Be the Conquistador you were born to be!

>> No.51156801

Hm.... Knight Disciple Paladin, perhaps. For divine casting and maneuvers you have Warpath Follower Inquisitor/Warpriest, which are also good.

>> No.51156803

Ah, I see you too are a man of culture.

>> No.51156819

Who's your favorite Dragon Applicant?


>LG Human Knight Disciple Paladin // Unchained Monk(Scaled Fist)
>LN Tiefling Sorcerer // Unchained Monk(Scaled Fist)
>LN Kitsune Steelfist Commando Warlord // Elemental Asceticist Kineticist
>NG Dragon Royal // Draconic Hero Cavalier
>N Dragon Onslaught Kineticist // Draconic Exemplar
>LN Silver True Dragon // Battle Butler
>NE Dragon Mesmer // Draconic Exemplar
>CN Dragon Alchemist(Draconic Hero + Internal Alchemist) // Atomic Adept [first Chaotic entry: CN]
>CN Dragon Royalty(???) Draconic Disciple // Unchained-Monk(Scaled Fist) / Aberrant Aegis
>LN Human Fiendbound Marauder Warder // Aegis
>CE Human Unchained Rogue // Slayer. VMC Magus
>CN True Red Dragon // Incanter(SoP)
>CN Human Sorcerer // Shadow Assassin?
>NE Human Dragonrider(Harrier) // Cleric of Tiamat
>LN Kobold Alchemist // Unchained Hidden Blade Rogue
>LN Human Rough-Rider Myrmidon Fighter // Druid
>NG AND N Kobold Vigilante // Betrothed Avowed
>NG Human Paladin // Synth-Summoner
>CG Undine Undine-Adept Druid // Savage-Warrior Fighter
>CG Tiefling Unchained-Rogue // Sorrowsoul Bard
>N Titan Architect // Spell Sage Wizard
>N "Half Dragon Human" Two-Handed Fogjter Titan Mauler UCB

>> No.51156821


Bring him back

>> No.51156826

I see
So Rangers have an Initiator archetype for the maneuver bit, have a dash of divine casting, and can "tame the savage wild" pretty well.

>> No.51156833

That's a weird way to spell Lilly.

>> No.51156839


>he thinks survival of the fittest includes the living


>> No.51156854

Zev and Aisha

>> No.51156868

Undaed can never be fit anon. They don't have muscles.

>> No.51156871

Ambush Hunter replaces the Ranger's spells with Initiating.

>> No.51156875


Thats where youre wrong kiddo

>> No.51156876

would there be a way to play guy that draws cards and turns himself into the monster on the card temporarily?

>> No.51156892

Druid with a deck of cards.

>> No.51156912

could we not?

>> No.51156918


General! General!

Who do you want to see apply for the Dragons campaign?

>> No.51156923

Lupu is a cutie pie!

>> No.51156931

This is flawed since you're only listing their alignment and class. Nothing anout them or even a fucking name.

Git gud.

>> No.51156932


Lilly is sweet, but she's kind of the "basic" choice considering her route is more or less "you pop her cherry, she's great, but she has to move away!"

Emi has conflict! Emi has depth! Emi has realistic anal!

>> No.51156935

>used goods

>> No.51156940

Lamias! Grapple Build Lamias!

>> No.51156953

Nig... the link to their full applications is literally right there. You don't expect him to tl;dr their applications, do you?

>> No.51156969

Undead have a limit to how many of them can exist, there has to be life in the first place for undeath to propagate, so wiping out everyone is nothing but the inevitable end of times for everything, with the undead eventually fading away once they have nothing else to "live" off of.

>> No.51156980

Rolled 4 (1d6)

1) Warder
2) Stalker
3) Warlord
4) Zealot
5) Mystic
6) Harbinger

>> No.51156992

Yeas, because Undead are an ecological dead end, doubly so if you eliminate all forms of actual organic life since poaching off of them is their only means of continual replacement, meaning with no means of "species" (using the phrase liberally mind you) recruitment, this robs them of any form of actual species fitness in regards to population disturbance due to a complete lack of resilience, replacablility, and biodiversity to ensure actual success in the event of a mass die-off of the members with a particular set traits that leave the others with better suited traits so survive.

Survival of the fittest, by definition, require species success, which in turn requires a stable rate of recruitment and replacement in order to have a shifting population gradient capable of adapting to changes in conditions.

Undead have non of that, therefore they are the least fit entities in any form of "survival of the fittest" match. Hell, sapient golems even have them beat, since they can uually have a semi-reliable replacement rate due to the manufacture of more golems with raw materials. Undead however, once all life is dead and stuff starts to break down, cannotdo these things and are thus a dead end.

So congrats, in pursuit of physical immortality, you have sacrificed every last vestige of memetic immortality your kind once had, so once some plucky adventurer comes through and kill you all, there will be no legacy or continuance of the vestige of your existence left on this earth, because you suicided your own genetic/descendant meme.

Idiots. This is why necromancers are considered the dropouts of the magical community.

>> No.51157000

Rolled 1 (1d2)

1) Strength Fag
2) Dex Fag

>> No.51157005

Well it would certainly be better than just copying my listing of the alignments/races/classes which I'd only done after someone mentioned half the applicants were kineticists

>> No.51157014

Rolled 1 (1d3)

1) No Archetype
2) Discordant Crusade
3) Void Prophet

>> No.51157020

I respectfully disagree, and I hope that we can at least agree on the fact that Shizune is the worst.

>> No.51157030

See, this is why you don't freeze the world's moisture. That won't stop the end from coming.

No - what must be frozen is Time itself. If there is no Future, the End can never take place.

When everything is stopped in a single moment, then at last will all things be eternal.

>> No.51157033

Names, nigrus.

Names. The lack of them makes barfing out their classes pointless.

>> No.51157036


a synthesist and a deck of cards

>> No.51157045


>That spoiler


>> No.51157047

Rolled 2 (1d3)

1) Creation
2) Destruction
3) Protection

>> No.51157049


All things must come to and end in time.

>> No.51157055

well, I invite you to make one line summaries that don't screw up their pitch. And I'll copy paste that next time the thread is dying.

>> No.51157064


>> No.51157069

Caius Ballad pls, your waifu a shit

>> No.51157072

That... doesn't seem right. Freeze *something* in time, sure, as that keeps it eternal. Freeze time itself? Not so much.

>> No.51157076

Not everyone cares about the long term ecological viability of a species, anon.

Or wants to entirely replace a species with undead.

Quit generalizing you fuck.

>> No.51157082

Let's be honest with ourselves, and speak the truth.

Who do you think will get into Rise of the Jade Regent, and who do you think deserves to get in?

>> No.51157086

... first off, fuck you...

and second off...

fuck it, I am that bored, most of my clients are still on vacation and I've sat here staring at fucking nothing for six hours.

>> No.51157088

>/pfg/ - Katawa Shoujo Discussion

>> No.51157090


Emi best girl.

Hanako a shit.

>> No.51157096

Yeah, and you know the great thing about not being undead? As a living being, even when your inevitable end come, you are still memetically immortal through the act of continual reproduction, save for extinction events

>> No.51157104

Don't get the bundle, just go to d20pfsrd.com

If you really need a complete retard's guide, go to the pastebin at the top of the thread, go to one of the Mega troves, and download the Pathfinder Strategy Guide.

>> No.51157120

>deserves to get in
That's the wrong attitude anon. Too many people deserve to get into not enough spots. I think at least 20 people deserve to get in.

>> No.51157128


That's why I asked immediately after, "who do you think WILL get in?"

>> No.51157132

Thank you, this thread seems to go really fast and right past me at that

>> No.51157138


>everything has fallen to entropy
>but its okay because everything has fallen to entropy

>> No.51157141

>Or wants to entirely replace a species with undead.
Sorry, but>>51156839
Seemed to be very well strongly implying it, and continued his course when the inevitability of complete and total ecological collapse caused by eternal winter was made clear to him.

>> No.51157153

Hey guys, I need some help with a character build.

In this next campaign I'm going to be starting, I was thinking of playing something like pic related. Closest thing to that in my mind would be an Unchained Monk (unless someone else has a better alternative). Now my first character was a brawler so I got some idea of what to expect when it comes down to the basics. Overall I'm still learning the game.

What I'm asking for is some help in regards to an optimized monk build, tips and advice regarding the class itself. These guys got some nifty abilities going for them.

>> No.51157159

No one, and no one. It will be stillborn, and never actually happen.

>> No.51157163

Sorry, didn't see this. I actually wrote a beginner's guide on how to create characters if you're interested.


>> No.51157166

Don't forget the discussion of ecological collapse

>> No.51157168

>tfw took wondrous item crafting because I was gonna make polymorph masks to turn my martial buddies into cool things
>tfw finally at a level where I could begin crafting those masks
>tfw party doesn't actually even have anyone who could benefit from that anymore, since the martials either got swapped out or their player(s) left
>party besides me is now a summoner and a sorcerer, neither of whom would really benefit from having an ALL DAY alternate form

Well shit, this sucks. I guess I could still do it and tailor it more to fit them, but that's a lot more work and will require the GM to weigh in on it more.

>> No.51157179


My favorites are the kobold cuties.

I wonder if mine even stands out...

>> No.51157187



>> No.51157188

m8, I was being condescending because people shouldn't weigh in without reading the actual applications. Giving them one liners isn't going to jog their memory, people will just stop there and start shitposting.

That said, upgraded list

>LG Orin of the Silver Path | Human Knight Disciple Paladin // Unchained Monk(Scaled Fist)
>LN Kazuma Wyrmsson | Tiefling Sorcerer // Unchained Monk(Scaled Fist)
>LN Reina Traveler | Kitsune Steelfist Commando Warlord // Elemental Asceticist Kineticist
>NG Celisse de Avernon | Dragon Royal // Draconic Hero Cavalier
>N Spitfire Atolm | Dragon Onslaught Kineticist // Draconic Exemplar
>LN Zev | Silver True Dragon // Battle Butler
>NE Taninim | Dragon Mesmer // Draconic Exemplar
>CN Andus | Dragon Alchemist(Draconic Hero + Internal Alchemist) // Atomic Adept [first Chaotic entry: CN]
>CN Araeli | Dragon Royalty(???) Draconic Disciple // Unchained-Monk(Scaled Fist) / Aberrant Aegis
>LN Marshall Thorne | Human Fiendbound Marauder Warder // Aegis
>CE Kilroy | Human Unchained Rogue // Slayer. VMC Magus
>CN Minerva | True Red Dragon // Incanter(SoP)
>CN Atlas | Human Sorcerer // Shadow Assassin?
>NE Berrin & Sofia | Human Dragonrider(Harrier) // Cleric of Tiamat
>LN Lameeka | Kobold Alchemist // Unchained Hidden Blade Rogue
>LN Ifia Clytemnestra | Human Rough-Rider Myrmidon Fighter // Druid
>NG AND N Ozuul & Akaza | Kobold Vigilante // Betrothed Avowed
>NG Aisha Enkidu | Human Paladin // Synth-Summoner
>CG Alaya Swiftstream | Undine Undine-Adept Druid // Savage-Warrior Fighter
>CG Domeki | Tiefling Unchained-Rogue // Sorrowsoul Bard
>N Astarte | Titan Architect // Spell Sage Wizard
>N Ghyn Urrie | "Half Dragon Human" Two-Handed Fogjter Titan Mauler UCB

>> No.51157195

Better natural armor, flight, more limbs, smaller sizes, burrow speeds, climb speeds, wierd senses. Everyone wants that shit.

>> No.51157216

Bookmark all the things! Thanks. Character customisation seems amazing in this system

>> No.51157219

Yes, but then you said 'witches' and 'necromancers'.

That's generalization. You shitlord.

>> No.51157227

One of those kobolds is not a god damn kobold

>> No.51157250

>Its like he's trying to actually make a point, except he can't really so he just keeps repeating the same thing over and over again.
I understand you dropped out of magic college Mr. Necromancer, you don't have to pretend to be smug when you've completely run out of actual points in your argument.

Who knows, maybe if you'll take remedia lessons, you may understand how futile your attempts to escape your mortal frailty by hastening entropy are.


>> No.51157252

How does Pathfinder compare to other tabletops like D&D or Dark Heresy?

>> No.51157269

god damn, that was well said.

>> No.51157273

I'd honestly suggest Brawler more than Monk, it fits the "steal your style and use it against you" thing a bit more.

>> No.51157278


>he doesnt know what happens to your "memetic soul" in Golarion

Enjoy being bleached and recycled until Groetus eats the world

>> No.51157292

What race has the best butt?

>> No.51157312

We've been over this before. Pitborn Tiefling. +Str. +Cha. Hoofs for a good glute workout. Shackleborn come in a close second for +Con, +Cha.

>> No.51157333


>> No.51157335

Who don't you think deserves to get in then?

>> No.51157342

Does anyone have a link to that Brewmaster Class?

>> No.51157345


I want to bend her over and make her a woman!

>> No.51157374


>> No.51157377

This looks like it was traced from something by Houtengeki

>> No.51157398


>Hellknight signifier, get fucked

>> No.51157403

You. Oh, and the guy who said he wanted to play another person's character.

>> No.51157408

I want to bend you over and make you a woman!

>> No.51157415

I didn't save this the last time it was asked!

What are good magic items (and I guess also mundane items) to get starting at level 3?

I'm thinking of grabbing a handy haveersack and filling it up with this https://78462f86-a-abd8972e-s-sites.googlegroups.com/a/geekindustrialcomplex.com/www/downloads/files-page/handyhaversackpackv1.pdf?attachauth=ANoY7cr1DF6bJ4npC_st3CKlEaxZm5xACqoCG92G9MWAgqXxxQ3DkeJbPcILlLsLZRDpF9ZWVMKVakxZrZLGPtyQ8ksBhHQBJNpDxzKcfSPFHQcl1304KqJAaFtP10xO_xbyQrBYplWooDYj6xLPNuj2NurMDZKPMEIfM0KSyYy67WNwpm3qiI6l4J3-jgFiakaPcEWELmBdTQtK_iSIpzN5NbCf-1BOPkQUg5F4nEUEUkkaaiL2I3TUvBNq3Eb93CN5EtFq_UP4&attredirects=0 but maybe I should think this out more

>> No.51157433


M-Me? But I'm a filthy old hag, there are plenty of better women out there to claim as your own!

>> No.51157441


Oh God how embarrassing, it won't let me delete this post... fuck...

>> No.51157450

>level 3
>getting the handy haversack pack
It costs 3185 GP. You start with 3k.

It takes a minute before you can delete it.

>> No.51157452

But I'm not even applying!

>> No.51157463

Oh, you're filthy alright

>> No.51157465

Then you don't deserve to get in! Obviously!

>> No.51157498

what's a good title for a Pathfinder Youtube series?

>> No.51157504


Hmm, fighter 1/wizard 4/brewkeeper 5/eldritch knight 10 or fighter 1/wizard 4/brewkeeper 8/eldritch knight 7

>> No.51157511

what will it be about?

>> No.51157512

Yea, I guess, but I'd still have to sell the form to them. The other two PCs are female, so I'm doubting their players will go along with just anything. I guess since one's a Dhampir and the other's a Draconic Sorcerer, I /COULD/ just look into whether or not the DM will let me make something to augment their already-existing themes?

It was so much easier to think about when it was just "Hey, you know what would make your human barbarian/inquisitor better? If she was a motherfucking half-dragon!" or "How do you feel about being a harpy? You said you wanted flight, and people already hid their children from you to begin with, so it'll be fiiiiine!"

>> No.51157518


>> No.51157521


What's that supposed to mean?! You big d-d-dumbie!

>> No.51157532

Angel Wizard and BMX Biker

>> No.51157540

it's just people playing a campaign.
It's almost a podcast, really.
I finished editing the first handful of episodes and I realized I have no idea what to call it.

>> No.51157562


Also max starting wealth for the class.

Also! I can just take shit out.

>> No.51157568

Call it "A bunch of morons go adventuring"

>> No.51157597

What class are you?

>> No.51157607

"Pathflounder" like>>51157518 said is good
Another one would be "Dude, Where's my Path?"
Or "Muderhobos Anonymous"
"So You Start in a Tavern" also has a special charm to it
"Munchkin Finder" is also a bit cheeky

>> No.51157625

Aberrant Aegis. Natural attack build. Well, trying.

>> No.51157653

I really like Pathflounder and Dude, Where's my Path

>> No.51157656

There's only one right answer

>> No.51157697


"Wizards only." Or "Wizards only, Final Destination."

"OverPoWered predilections"
"Color Spray"
"3rd Party Party"
"Disparity: The Game: The Show."

I'm bad at this I give up. Sorry.

>> No.51157710

Do you think Reina Traveler has a chance? How does she stack up against the other applications?

>> No.51157719

I'll show you something big

>> No.51157765

A-anon! Do you mean you'll show me your Insect Collection?

>> No.51157786

Only if you're prepared for some good, old-fashioned buggery

>> No.51157798

Well, you chose good art, you explained where she came from, and how she got her levels.

But, you didn't answer why she cares. "bringing honor to her family by serving Culdranth" is the best you've got, and that's generally a pretty limp motivation. Not to mention a bit of a dearth of NPCs or plot hooks.

>> No.51157845


I really like Reina and I hope she gets in. My opinion is this anon's, though >>51157798

And thank you for making a concept related to the setting instead of "I'M FROM ELSEWHERE. But now... Here I am! For reasons!"

I don't think there will be more than one "foreigner" picked, but who knows?

>> No.51157892

How would you stat him, /pfg/?

Path of War and Psionics allowed.

>> No.51157909

I see what you mean now. I really hope I get in. GM said not to modify or edit the page, but should I add something for her motivation?

>> No.51157922

GM said what now?

>> No.51157936

I'm using the backgrounds words as much as possible; if something sounds bad, blame the entry itself. That includes my own.

>LG Human Knight Disciple Paladin // Unchained Monk(Scaled Fist)
Arrogant bullheaded(his words) belligerent sent to the demense as punishment for being a dickhead

>LN Tiefling Sorcerer // Unchained Monk(Scaled Fist)
Arrogant covetous drifter with rage issues who covets the demense

>LN Kitsune Steelfist Commando Warlord // Elemental Asceticist Kineticist
Unconventional fighter who longs to bring honor to her adoptive family behind the lines in battle

>NG Dragon Royal // Draconic Hero Cavalier
Overly-cheerful airhead dragging her husband around as she goes slumming 'cross the world

>N Dragon Onslaught Kineticist // Draconic Exemplar
Napoleonic runt trying to become Ace not just Rimmer in order to impress women

>LN Silver True Dragon // Battle Butler
OCD Nanny who wants to whip her charges into young women worthy of high society

>NE Dragon Mesmer // Draconic Exemplar
Smug Obnoxious opportunist who wants to claw his way to the top and lord it over everyone

>CN Dragon Alchemist(Draconic Hero + Internal Alchemist) // Atomic Adept
Bitter fallen breeding-experiment who wants to prove himself the favored son once more

>CN Dragon Royalty(???) Draconic Disciple // Unchained-Scaled Fist/Aberrant Aegis
Abrasive, brash and cheerful little princess that wants everything she wants into her horde or else she'll beat it out of you

>LN Human Fiendbound Marauder Warder // Aegis
Okay I'm not THAT fucking bored. Too fucking long, didn't fucking read.

>CE Human Unchained Rogue // Slayer. VMC Magus
Treacherous asshole psychopath that kills anyone if it can make him some profit so he can waste it all on the weekend

>> No.51157940

Eagle said that tweaks are all fine, but outright changing big things like gender or class is discouraged, IIRC

>> No.51157952

Dangalang Man/10

What mechanical advantages would playing with yourself at 100x normal gravity confer anyway?

Probably refluff a Hobgoblin or Male Lashunta and be some kind of dervish defender with E.Flux or some kind of Psychic Warrior/Stalker multi-class.

>> No.51157964

>CN True Red Dragon // Incanter(SoP)
Angry "the bride from kill bill" who's slaking both thirst for vengeance and for a replacement family with people in the demense

>CN Human Sorcerer // Shadow Assassin?
Linorm-raised combat slave who woke up free who apparently likes the demense because he's new and it hasn't rejected him yet

>NE Human Dragonrider(Harrier) // Cleric of Tiamat
Tiamat-worshiper who rides his actual-dragon somehow-twin-sister all over and vice-versa

>LN Kobold Alchemist // Unchained Hidden Blade Rogue
Trapmaker who turned to mutagens in hopes of emulating the giant lizards she admires so... except maybe their courage

>LN Human Rough-Rider Myrmidon Fighter // Druid
Ex dragonfucker wearing the rathalos armor her monster-hunter tribe made out of him, in hopes of redeeming his name

>NG AND N Kobold Vigilante // Betrothed Avowed
"Scaly" author (no really) whose lesbian lover wants to help become a real dragon

>NG Human Paladin // Synth-Summoner
Angry artifact hunter trying to make up for her dying father figure's wounds

>CG Undine Undine-Adept Druid // Savage-Warrior Fighter
Tourguide running errands when she's not having mood-swings from any quip about her looks

>CG Tiefling Unchained-Rogue // Sorrowsoul Bard
Orphan black-sheep who dug his way into the demense and found work and tolerance there.

>N Titan Architect // Spell Sage Wizard
Explorer that became so powerful she needs a special armor to contain her might until she can become a god

>N "Half Dragon Human" Two-Handed Fighter // Titan Mauler UCB
... painful to read. Grammar and syntax could easily tell two entirely different stories there. He does seem to be looking for a wife.

Note: some of those names,etc you've put there are the races, extra nicknames and the like.

>> No.51157968

Psychic Warrior of some kind, possibly the PoW archetype, but not necessary.
Race is hard to choose though, since its hard to find a good race with built in regeneration, the need for only water, and are asexual.

>> No.51157976

Looking back at it, I think I just misremembered what he said. I think I am going to add something about her looking to find a qt3.14 to continue the Traveler name with, but she wants a warrior. I need to think about it.

>> No.51158006

What has int as its initiating stat and isn't a full initiator?

>> No.51158027

Hidden Blade Rogue and an Aegis with the Initiating Customizations both come to mind

>> No.51158031

Hidden Blade
I think that's it. Kinda sucks there isn't a full BAB option.

>> No.51158038

Hidden Blade Rogue, Polymath, also a few of the homebrews that one anon made for Cavalier, Slayer, and Magus

>> No.51158044

Polymath, Hidden Blade, Aegis in its weird way.

>> No.51158046

Disregard that, I suck cocks. Aegis is the full BaB option though it's initiation is disappointing.

>> No.51158047

Got a link to the initiating Slayer?

>> No.51158085

Here, but its specifically for sniping.

>> No.51158086

>People using Dragon Royal

This just makes me happy. What do people think of the race, incidentally?

>> No.51158101

>Angry artifact hunter
More like spunky and amped up on reincarnation juice, the main gimmick of her story that you didn't even mention.

These one liners are incredibly diminishing to the point of insulting. So, thanks for proving my point.

>> No.51158129

The latter, being able to spend only a turn to create draughts is really good for on-the-fly potion buffing.

>> No.51158165

Went with Dude, Where's my Path.
1st ep is uploaded, and you can probably find it just by googling the title (thanks for the help on that).
Audio levels are a little fucked, but that'll be fixed by the second session (episode 7 or 8, I think).
Might play around with the format in the future too.

>> No.51158187

Most apps use the setting though. I think more than half?

>> No.51158210

Eelshire? Whatever, I'll just watch it anyway. Might be fun

>> No.51158246

it's a throwaway town that's probably going to get burned to the ground by the PCs anyway.

>> No.51158259

Tell me about your sluttiest character and whatever escapade caused them to earn that title!

>> No.51158260

More than half involve it, but a huge amount of them are foreigners.

>> No.51158279

Well, I will say that the opening narration was pretty good so far.

>> No.51158312

Haven't been on /tg/ in a long while, but I heard Hell's Vengeance has finished or at least I'm hoping. Would it be too troubling to ask for a pdf download?

>> No.51158390

Tired of 3.5 & also tired of no d&d. Spheres of power, worth asking a new DM about? Are they fun? Does the campaign have to be based around that system ?

>> No.51158403

New Thread:


>> No.51158432

Worth asking.

It's fun.

It doesnt need to be, but its better if it is.

>> No.51158436

Vancian Casting and SoP don't get along very well, because they tend to invalidate each other in certain areas.

>> No.51158562

Lots of things invalidate other things. Stop this meme.

>> No.51158607

>Angry "the bride from kill bill" who's slaking both thirst for vengeance and for a replacement family with people in the demense

Minerva poster here. She's had plenty of time to kill the bandits with her new magical power. She's looking to make more children to turn into magic on top of her legitimate son and the rape baby. Not sure what you mean by "slaking."

>> No.51158706

People will be able to get to certain options earlier than in vancian
But at the same time, everyone will be much more focused in a particular gimmick until very far into the game.

For example, its easier to start the game being able to raise very weak skeletons, but until mid game he will probably either be doing nothing but skeletons, or he'll try to do something else and his skeletons will stay weak.

The system incentivises specialization, which while it does make it much easier to balance around than Vancian, it can at times feel like a game of rock-paper-scissors

>> No.51158821

>to allay, relieve, such as slaking a thirst

>> No.51158907

>rage issues
That's a bit more charitable of an analysis than I'd expected.

>> No.51160164

mortem ex nusquam

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