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>Not!christians vs not!pagans
>Both factions are assholes.
>Dark Fantasy

What would be the best way to do it?

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Historical campaign?

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There is a manga (and anime) on the subject, called The Heroic Legend of Arislan (or Arslan)

NotPersians are snobby slavers who think their culture and everything is the greatest but cannot stop betraying and backstabbing to save their necks, and NotCrusaders preach well, but are either merciless murderous fanatics, or greedy cynical hypocrites

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On one side:
>Bishop-Princes rule with both divine and temporal power
>Merchant intrigue
>Dirty superstitious peasants
>Witch Burnings

On the other:
>Weird horse-stabbing rituals
>Duels considered reasonable for dispute solving
>Human sacrifices, not all the time, but certainly not never
>Murder over honour is A OK as long as you announce your intention, go away, then come back in a day's time before you kill someone.
>But then it's also A OK to declare a blood feud against you and your kin

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You do not need to be Christian to sniff out witches and. Burn them, though

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Since when are the Roman pagans?

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> Add a religious shism to the NotChristians over the finer details of their religion.

> One faction believes that the NotPope is NotGod's ultimate authority on earth and that he/she must be followed at all costs to the ends of the earth if need be, and they pray to NotSaints to deliver their messages to NotGod as mortals aren't pure enough to pray directly to NotGod.

> The other faction believes that NotGod speaks to the hearts of faithful mortals, telling them what to do directly, and that the NotPope is a misguided fool at best, and a blasphemous false prophet at worst, and refuse to follow him. They don't pray to the NotSaints, though they revere them as paragons of mortal faith, and they pray to NotGod directly, as they believe that true faith makes them pure enough to speak to NotGod.

> There's an enormous amount of tension between both sects, as they view each other as blasphemers who insult NotGod with their heresy.

> Both sects are united in their hatred of the NotPagans, who they believe are blasphemous demon worshipers who must be cleansed in NotGod's name at any cost.

> For the sake of purging the NotPagans, the sects have an uneasy truce, though there are occasional frontier skirmishes between fanatics with no NotPagans to cleanse.

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>Both factions are assholes
The pagans have weird shit like human sacrifices, rape cults etc.
The attitude of the christians is pretty much "dude, we're just trying to help you. We wouldn't have to torture you if you'd just renounce your baby raping ways!"

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