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KT Love Edition

The 40k format where you play with a few small squads of dudesmen and individual models. Post lists, talk shop, and don't be a faggot. GW official and HoR welcome, though it's polite clarify which one you're talking about.

Heralds of Ruin rules here:

It's been too damn long since we've had one of these.

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Just did a Tau v. SM game with 2 different lists. Won 1 Lost 1. 11 Drones and 5 Strikers went fairly well. 5 PF, 5 Strikers, and Stealth team went horribly awry.

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Tell me about your campaigns, /tg/. What forces were involved? What were their goals? Was there a storyline or did you just want to roll some dice?

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How do you use 11/11/10 2HP killakan without it exploding? Is it a beefy gun platform and thats it? WS2 melee is like a mockery.

I tried playing it and it just explodes to a single plasma marine that came out from outflanking. Gay. After seeing admech walker's +3` movement I'm officially jelly.

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Not so much a campaign, but I
ll talk a bit about my last HoR game.

It was 1v1v1 on a map with Space Hulk tiles. The objective was simple - recover the relic and take it to the exit. Said relic happened to be Trazyn, but nevermind that.

So obviously, one faction was necrons. They started from the far end of the map (closer to the heart of the hulk) and were closest to the relic, desperately trying to recover their lost leader. The second faction was Dark Angels, with several Deathwing terminators supported by plasma tacticals, and they started from the entrance/exit (so even if the necrons got to the relic first, they would have to fight their way through). Last was me, playing dark eldar. A succubus heard of the relic and sent an incubus team in under the guidance of a single trusted wych, because necron trinkets are best trinkets. I started near the middle, but furthest from the relic (which was in a corner between DA and necrons).

For me, the game went poorly but it was exceptional fun. Despite being furthest, I had a single beastmaster with dogs and he claimed the relic first. From there, everything fell apart as the necrons then caught up and trapped me, and I escaped them only to end up in the killzone of the plasma marines, who had the whole exit corridor fortified. I also made the fatal error of forgetting incubus Punisher halberds were only AP3 when I ambushed the deathwing termies in a pincer attack. 3 of them were ripped to shreds instantly by one termy.

But I said it was fun. The highlight was the deathwing teleporter that takes the user 2D6" in any direction. That worked amazingly on the spacehulk map and led to a lot of fun moments - including the eventual claiming of the relic and teleporting past the necron blockade directly into the room that opens the exit door. Also, despite my heavy losses, incubi gonna incubi as they passed 5 (F I V E) rout tests in a row. Yet the SM player, with the relic AT THE DOOR, failed his first rout test.

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Working on my Skitaari team, almost done with the basecoating for my Acolyte Dominus. Gonna try to get him done before the weekend. I got a game on saturday against 'nids and maybe another against Orks.

I'd really like to get some more heavy shit into my team but all the skitaari heavy minis cost an arm and a leg and I'm a poorfag. Gonna have to make do with rangers.

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What kind of twisted heresy is this?

Power armor torsos and heads with terminator arms and legs? The mechanicus will have a word with you, son...

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Vehicles will always be vulnerable to high power weapons. Yeah, you want that kan as a gun platform rather than a melee machine.

A way you might allow it to survive better is to bubblewrap it with boys so anyone going after it has to contend with being counter-charged or has to get through the cover save the boys might provide the walker. Basically, form a perimeter and keep infiltrators/outflankers off the heavy.

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Current planned primary list is:

>Skitarii [200]
Leader [50]
>Sicaran Infiltrator Princeps (45)
>Refractor Field (5)
Troops [90]
>Skitarii Vanguard x5 (45)
>Skitarii Vanguard x5 (45)
Special [60]
>Secutarii Peltast x5 (60)

I know it's better to have some Plasma Calivers in the Vanguard groups, but I like Peltasts and their own weapons seem to make up for the lack of special weapons on the team. Still, If I want neat guns I'd have to drop basically all of them and use those points for special guns, limiting the number of wounds I can put on the field.

Well, I could also downgrade the Infiltrator to a cheap Alpha, but I love the look of the Infiltrator and want a scary melee monster that can swoop in and assassinate specific enemy models or present a big hazard to anything that wants to mix it up with my troops.

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>He doesn't model his artificer armor with grey knight bling

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Do CSM get their free "Traitor-legions-Votlw" in kill team too?

also, is this list too small to work?

1x Noise Champion Votlw,Doom Siren
6x Noise Marines votlw, ccw, Sonic Blaster

1x Chaos Rhino

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Am putting together a Victory is Vengeance campaign for myself and five friends.
>The Inquisition arrives on a Forgeworld with a mysterious package
>After taking it to the vaults the Forgeworld suddenly go full lockdown, then loses power.
>A local Marine garrison arrives when Orks from the Ash plains of the forgeworld start sporadically attacking and breaching its defences
>Meanwhile Eldar pop out from a subterranean webway gate
>And a hidden Chaos Warband long awaiting this day puts their plan into action

The upkeep charts were tweaked a bit to suit 40k armies, but the hero tables and objectives are good as is.

All that's left is to figure out a simple campaign score system, since it's likely going to be a six-way slugfest with no allegiances.

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Thinking about starting one, but need to actually get my friends to make lists (and learn the rules properly). That and come up with a good premise for throwing Tyranids, Chaos, a bunch of Imperials and Orks into the mix together.

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>In hot pursuit of a Chaos Warband fleeing a warzone, things take a turn for the worse as combined Imperial forces chase their foe into the outer edges of the Octarius system.

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If you're talking about regular KT, that depends on the list you're building from. If you're building out of Traitor's Hate then I'd assume so.

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Imperials and Chaos want the planet for strategic and resource reasons, Nids want more biomass, and Orks heard there was a fight in the sector.

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What size boards do people play on? There's some talk on the HoR facebook page about people playing with 3x3 tables with shrunken deployment zones and how it makes the games quicker by cutting out turn 1 manoeuvring. I'm not sure that'd be a good thing myself, but what's everyone's experience with it?

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I've played on a 4ft diameter round table with LOS blocking terrain. Jump packs, bikes and beasts become absolute monsters and will dominate the board if they go first, and range armies have one tight chance to get into LOS and fire before they are charged. On a 3ft board there would be really no point in buying range weapons for distance, or getting relentless for a heavy weapon. It'd probably be great for crashing melee teams into each other, though.

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I've been playing HoR with a 3ft table and the battles definitely gravitate towards melee. Bolters are rarely out of range and turn 2 charges are a certainty unless someone is keeping all of their units back.

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Is it worth bringing Guardians along in HoR KT, or would I be better served by just taking Dire Avengers instead?

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Just borrow the premise from Dawn of War II, or something like the 40k campaign where basically all factions were fighting over one planet which was going to be consumed by a warp storm and everyone was scrambling to achieve their own aims.

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Guardians make cheap point filler for Core, but Dire Avengers are better at holding ground, which can be good at sitting on objectives.

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My Veteran Guardsmen scored a close victory recently against Veteran Cultists. We both went for an infantry push down the middle and ground through each others ranks. A very fun, very close fought game.

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Am I the only person struggling horribly to try and come up with a viable tyranid killteam that isn't just gaunt spam?

>> No.51146650

Deep Striking Stormtrooper ran the role of Assassin and targeted the Cultist Champion. Blasted him twice at point blank and he was still standing, so he charged in. The champion survived everything coming his way and put the Stormtrooper in the ground with one swing of his Power Sword.

>> No.51146783


There's GSC Genestealers, but otherwise Gaunts or Gargoyles are your go-to for the core of your list. Well, also Rippers if you want. Focus instead on what you want for the list's backbone out of the slightly larger Tyranids organisms like Warriors.

Is this HoR or GW KT? I'm not sure how GW KT handles it, probably poorly, but HoR seems to make Tyranids easier to work with, even giving those basic Gaunt squads some limited free refills in campaign.

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For these matches >>51146611 >>51146650 we play on a 4 x 2 because these are focused Skirmishes that randomly occur. Before each campaign mission, we roll a dice. One a 1, both sides forces encounter each other while on a expedition. Full casualty rules are in play, but the match only lasts three turns. So you can hide until it's over or try and inflict some damage to make the next mission sway more in your favour.

Outside that, we play on a 4x4 with plenty of terrain and varied elevation. We rarely go any bigger or smaller than that.

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They're almost 50% more expensive, but a 4+ save and 50% more range is pretty useful too.

I've seen some warrior heavy lists for HoR, but then you're permanently living in fear of krak missiles and melta weapons.

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My friend and I are plotting out a kill team campaign, my Tyranids against his Tau. The plan is for a slowly building story centered around a Nid outbreak on a world the Tau are investigating.

Right now, I'm sorting out how to best get across the stomp Nidzilla nature of my usual army in a smaller game like this.

>> No.51147101

I would do like >>51146783 said. The Tyranids sent some genestealers ahead of time to sow the seeds, and the Tau happened upon the world before the big bugs could get there. Then as the campaign goes on, the Nids accrue more and more biomass allowing them to get bigger and badder monsters, while the Tau step up their forces not wanting the Nids to take that planet then come for theirs.

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IIRC, don't the HoR Kill Team rules say that the rules are the same, except for what the rules themselves change? So DG would still have VotLW, Fearless, Relentless, and FnP, but HoR might change exactly what those rules do.

>> No.51147149

HoR had legion bonuses before Traitor's Hate, and I don't believe any changes have been made since the latter came out. In the current CSM sheet I believe that only the Black Legion gets free VotLW on its marines.

>> No.51147153

You could do a zoanthrope, 2 hive guard and 10 termagants or something.

>> No.51147180

What's a good list for Deathwatch? I've been debating between running 9 dudes or a rhino with some dudes in it

>> No.51147190

no wait, that's two elites

>> No.51147238

Sadly I don't think I'll be able to scrounge up enough genestealers for that.

I did pick up some Hive Guard lately, so that might actually work out well.

I think the main thing I need to do is just work on fluffing out the fleet's initial invasion plans with smaller organisms.

>> No.51147260

Traitor Legions, you mean. And I guess then it just comes down to which legion bonuses you and your opponent agree to. Seems like either "works".

>> No.51147298

Yeah. Given HoR is already in the realm of internet fan rules I think most people will be happy with some wiggle room.

>> No.51147300


HoR generally does its own thing, but defers to new material and models itself after official releases. Its Harlequin Codex is currently taking after the most recent one.

It's likely the CSM team is busy reformatting and rebuilding the Traitor Legion rules to better fit the released Traitor Legion supplement, although some of the Legion's staple rules are problematic to work with in Kill Team, like Alpha Legion's free Cultist refills and Iron Warrior's Obliterator troops. Also consider Word Bearers who have more reliable summons, something that is usually barred in HoR, how would you work them in without them getting the short end of the stick?

>> No.51147316

Raveners are another option for larger bugs. The problem of course is synapse, since for some fucking reason GW didn't feel the need to give tyranids an exemption.

>> No.51147336

Not him, but I'd think AL infiltrate and IW Havocs would more than make up for it. Word Bearers though, that's a bit of a toss up. Maybe something to do with mutations?

>> No.51147356


Word Bearers in HoR could take Possessed as Core, not that anyone would really want to.

Possessed just need to be better overall for that option to be tempting.

>> No.51147477

I think Raveners are my best option. I think there's an option to make them core, so I can go heavy on those and back them up with a Zoan and some hive guard.

May need to cut some of that out for extra synapse like you said, but I think it'll tide me over until we get to higher points where MCs can come in.

>> No.51147484

Lawlsy high risk high reward list

Damned Legionnaires x5
MM has sharp shooter
FNP on one
Dirty fighter

Every shot they have ignores cover because of flaming projectile rule

MM can move and shoot at full BS

All have a 3++

Some times it works, some times it does not.

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How do you feel about custom miniatures and rules for games? Would you only every proxy them as existing models, customize and try to balance their rules, or just make a bunch of strange miniatures for game encounters as NPC creatures or boons to one team or another?

I'd lean towards campaign encounters. Maybe a Mechanicus team goes heretical and dabbles in sarcosan wave technology, pitting their opponent against a tide of zombies rather than a team, or maybe a CSM team takes after Fabius Bile and makes their own abomination that runs rampant. Maybe there's native flora and fauna that'll fuck up the unwary, or maybe it's exactly the target of the mission for destruction or capture.

>> No.51149763

I just got into Kill-Team with my roommate and we're building lists. I'm on a budget so I decided to do a LotD list at 200.

1 Legionnaire Sargent
-Storm Bolter
6 Legionnaries
-Plasma Cannon

I plan to give the sarge reaping volley and the Plasma Cannon guy will probably be indomitable. My main attraction to the list is that I only have to build 7 dudes, but I'm worried when my roommate will be able to figure out that I can't Overwatch

>> No.51153780

that's blanchistu ?

>> No.51153819


I don't know. Certainly looks inspired by him. Looks like a take on the Lathe World Murder-Servitors from the description.

>> No.51154911

Definitely the sort of thing for a campaign/with a regulare group. For standard games I'd be happy with it Counting As something.

>> No.51155371

Dude that sounds awesome.

The only thing I attempted to lend some story telling to was this...

>Your team discovers an underground labyrinth
>Scout teams were sent in, but all contact has been lost.
>Find out what happened to them and if there are any hostiles, destroy them.
>6 tokens on the map that give special things to your squad: additional reinforcements or respawn of previously lost troops.
>NPC CSM guard these tokens in varying degrees of groups
>SM and Tau start on either side.

I went with a semi fluffy Tau kill team and tried using pathfinders. With no cover I saw the error of my ways. My brother's SM dispatched the CSM far more efficiently then I could manage. He breached my half of the labyrinth before I had completely taken out all of the CSM. From that point on he had the initiative as I desperately tried to avoid his assault marines and wither them down with long range fire.

I lost but it was really fun. We got down to 3 troops each, but LD checks lost me 2 of those. One Stealthsuit was locked in close combat with a SM for 3 turns before being violently stabbed by 2 assault marines jumping into the fray.

>> No.51157368

NPC missions sound like a lot of fun desu, I think I could try adding in a few missions of that at certain checkpoints.

And yeah, LD is really important. The Skitarii player flogs out 20pts for the Omniscient Mask on his Alpha every game after he lost a quarter of his team to Leadership last game.

>> No.51157409

I like the idea of including NPCs in a mission. Adds another layer to trying to take objectives if you've got to fight off some guys on it first.

>> No.51157541

Kill Team is so small that there's absolutely no problem keeping track of who's who. A converter worth his salt would also find a clear way to distinguish his upgrades, and there's no shame in clarifying repeatedly during a battle.

I'm comfortable with opponents basing their units on existing rules and extrapolating from there. I'd let custom rules slip if they make sense, but I'd probably ask for an equal leeway in game terms.

After you've played games against Grey plastic armless Knights and half-hull wave serpent spam, you'll be very glad to fight someone who puts the smallest shred of originality into their work.

>> No.51157828

Yeah, I need something like that.

I'm gonna polay with NPCs some more in later games. Or more bodies. Played a game with 11 drones and 5 strikers and shit my bros SM this death and when he tried to go for the objective I jumped all my drones in a line so he'd have to fight them to get through. It was fun.

>> No.51158015


Been thinking of building murder-servitors based on that kitbash to fluff out my own Skitarii Kill Team.

Normally, they once painted to my liking look very regal in white cloaks and black armor, hemmed and trimmed with white. But when they're backed into a corner or really angered, they unleash horrors of their own twisted and vindictive imagining onto their unfortunate aggressors.

They'd either be a bizarre units made as terror weapons and cannon fodder in offensive missions, or found stalking territory the AdMech control during defensive missions, infesting installation or ship corridors and dense terrain.

>> No.51159342

Would you start with kataphrons? What kind of stuff would you add?

>> No.51159709

That sounds awesome. I would like to have those just sprinked in a space hulk-esque KT with hidden horrors

>> No.51161057

Starting a Death Korps of Krieg Kill team.

Any recommendations? Should I roll with their own rules or just make them normal Imperial Guard?

>> No.51161064

Whats a good way to deal with 3 nurgle bikers, a chaos spacemarine and 10 cultists led by a nurgle chaos champ in terminator armor? Im running a deathwatch kill team with allied inquisition. Ive got a Sargeant with a power axe and plasma pistol, apothecary with a bolter, a standard deathwatch vet, and a vet with an infernus heavy bolter. My allies are an ordo xenos inquisitor in power armor with a force sword and bolt pistol and 9 acolytes (1 died in our campaign. This will be our 2nd game)

>> No.51161145

But killteam rules prohibit 2+save...

>> No.51161154

Sorry, I forgot to specify that it's Heralds of Ruin kill team

>> No.51161369


Nah, I'd run like the pics have them, WHFB ghoul bodies, Infiltrator/Ruststalker legs, plus arms and robot bits. Come to think of it they could just be proxy Ruststalkers for sticklers.


That's the plan for some scenarios. Space-hulk infestation for corridor patrol, or possibly as an offensive line to run up the board against defenders with barricades: cannon fodder to get the Skitarii proper in close enough to shoot them.


Well, Nurgle Bikers are hard to deal with unless you can park some guys at a vantage point and cut them down from where they can't reach you. You'll want high power weapons with good AP, so Plasma and Melta. Also Grav if you must be a shitter, because that fucks up 2+ and 3+ something fierce. The Cultists can be a problem in groups, so just cut those fuckers down with anything not focused on taking out the heavies.

>> No.51161422


Their own rules are pretty good. This HoR or GW, because I'm not sure GW would allow Forge World units. Standard IG work well as well.

Anyway, get someone who can bark orders and fill it with foot-sloggers backed by heavy weapons teams for a fluffy build. I recommend Commissar Leader for no other reason than DKK has some great Commissar models.

>> No.51162284

Thanks for the info bro. I play mostly GW but I've begun to dabble in HoR to help expand the gameplay a bit more with my friends.

>> No.51162592

I really like HoR, but you're going to miss each of your dudes being an individual target. On the other hand, individually moving 25-30 models a turn must be maddening.

>> No.51162768

Lol it is. My buddy plays imperial guard and ran a unit of penal troops. He had like 40 models on the table.

It got outrageous pretty quick.

>> No.51162853

Have a blog for inspiration. It feels like a bunch of fa/tg/uys are jumping on the Blanchitsu train now after The Pilgrym featured in WD.

>> No.51162891

You say that like it's a bad thing. A lot of the Imperium stuff coming out these days feels too clean and stale, and GW seems to like using pictures of miniatures over illustrations. Adeptus Mechanicus stuff keeps it weird, at least. It'll be interesting to see Cawl painted up in a Blanchesq colour scheme.

And man, even the unpainted conversions on that site are great.

>> No.51162978

Didn't mean it as a bad thing, it's bloody great. Conversions are one of the great joys in this hobby.

>> No.51163247

Hey anons, I want to bring I Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt in my HoR Kill Team.
I'm reading my is copy of Chapter Approved and he has no established cost because the Tanith 1st command staff HQ automatically includes Gaunt, Corbet, Dorden, Milo and Larkin.

My question to you is, how would you cost Gaunt to keep him a fair entry into the Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum Kill Team list.
I was thinking 60pts.
Pic related.

>> No.51163332

How does he compare to the standard Commissar, both in terms of stats and rules? Might be easier to generate a Commissar that's as close to him as possible and then adjust pts depending on what Gaunt has over it/lacks.

>> No.51163559

His stat line, equipment and loadout is pretty significantly better than the average Commissar. The main difference being, a regular commissar has access to carapace armour. This was countered in the Tanith 1st by having Dorden in the command staff which let you use his medic packs feel no pain on the first and second failed armour saves.

>> No.51163641

What gun do I equip killakan with if I'm mainly fighting marines?

>> No.51163759

That's a tough call then. I wouldn't have any complaints if you opponent wanted to field him for 60pts. A regular Commissar with a power sword is 40pts, and 20pts feels alright for the boosted stats and trade of Summary Execution for heroism antics.

>> No.51163848

He's 75pts in my 3e Guard codex, but I honestly don't know if he's worth that much.

>> No.51163863

I forgot to mention that the Gaunt in this dex is almost exactly the same, but he's fearless.

>> No.51163876

That was exactly my reasoning. I might eventually try the ghosts in a Chaffers Last Chancers sort of Kill Team. Stats and skills are on pages 13 - 19, I just couldn't be bothered taking more pictures.

Yeah his 3.5 entry is 75 points, but that includes Fearless and he can't be given additional equipment, whereas all leaders in HoR have access to the armoury.
Honestly, I think 60pts is jsut right.

>> No.51163899

Rokkit Launchas are a spitting laugh, no one ever expects Orks to shoot straight.

>> No.51163909


Kick the other player in the balls. Repeatedly.

>> No.51163934

I should have asked question in a more detailed way: rokkit launchers or kustom mega cannons

>> No.51164285

If it's GW killteam, you're paying more for an AP2 you don't need and you get the risk of Gets Hot.
I'm not an authoriy on HoR though, so I can't help you there.

>> No.51164980


Quick question lads, former player here. Finished up around 5e. I have a friend who really wants to get into Kill Team and I had a few questions if I am to join him.

1st, HoR looks very nice from what I've browsed so far. Does it have a fairly supportive community? Are there many purists who won't play HoR?

2nd, I don't know what they've done to stats in HoR/Vanilla KT, or what changes have come in recent codexes -- are Imperial Assasins able to be fielded (Vindicare, etc)? They're some of my favorite models so I'm very curious.

Thirdly, armor. I recall the older rulset had a total armor limit of 33 (when you add the sides up). Is this still the case?

Thanks guys!

>> No.51165068

Dunno about assassins in GW KT, but HoR has an Officio Assassinorum force list. I don't think they can be bolted onto another faction's list, however.

As for armour, the 33 limit is still there for both versions.

>> No.51165624

>Death Korps of Krieg Kill team.
Imperial Armour Krieg are lethal. Bring Engineers.

>> No.51165885

I got majorly fucked by those gas canisters once. He rolled 6/6 and then 6/6 for charge distance. I lost 4 Guardsmen to the canisters and then the 3 died to the Shotguns and the other 3 died to the I10 Charging Kriegers melee. I scored 4 snapshots, but it all pinged off their carapace armour. Life is cruel. Too cruel for me. Fuck Kriegers. Specifically their Enginer Corp.

>> No.51167640

Any suggestions for alternative Steel Legion troopers?

>> No.51168324

I think I may have ordered some engineers for fun. I also bought an autocannon, hvy bolter, and grenadier squad.

That sounds particularly nasty. I'll try them out and are how I like it.

>> No.51168403

Victoria miniatures or madrobotminiatures

Both have greatcoat minis and gasmasks, although madrobot gasmasks look more like the steel legions.

Both are a bit pricey.

>> No.51168633

There is a large Facebook group of Heralds of Ruin, plus lots of small subgroups for the development of the different factions.

As the other anon said, you have the assassinorum list, which I believe makes assassins less powerful (before upgrades) while at the same time reducing their points cost, allowing you to take more than one assassin in the standard 250pt game.

If this weren't good enough, you can always use the models as some funky dude from the Rogue Trader/Inquisition/Renegades lists

>> No.51169268

>4-way free for all king-of-the-hill styled game
>IG, Eldar, Tau and another IG
>Bring 2 vet squads with Carapace and toys
>Leader gets murdered by SMS Tau bullshit
>Get a handful of lads onto the capture zone
>Fellow IG player hoses most of them with a Chimera Flamer
>Burst his Chimera with a Heavy Bolter + Plasma specialist in revenge
>Break tests on my turn
>Every special weapon and Heavy Bolter flees, left with Plasma gunner and a handful of lasguns
>Plasma overheats twice, then flees
You can't make this shit up.

>> No.51169430


AV is specifically for Walkers, which are included in the KT Codices and generally limited to a total of AV 33.

However if you're playing with the transport rules then transport armor can total up to AV 34. Drop Pods are a noted exception and can be taken despite being a total of AV 36.

>> No.51171673

Never played 40k properly before. Picked up Skitarii codex a while back because I wanted to try it out and want to paint a nice Skitarii force.
A friend of mine is running a kill team campaign at my local store, if I took a unit of infiltrators would this be a good, cheap way to get a feel for the rules and how I want to play 40k?

>> No.51171742

How's this as a Dark Eldar KT?

>> No.51172034

Kriegers are tough as nails bastards. It's easy to mock guardsmen, but when they get good rolls they will mess you up.

>> No.51172234

I think it's a good starting point to get into the hobby for sure. It'll help get you a feel for the rules before taking the knot.

>> No.51172263

I don't even play the fucking game yet and I get that joke. 40kgeneral has ruined me.

>> No.51172287

So Just starting warhammer 40k and Just starting kill team tomorrow.

Currently have a painted Deldar force and wanted to go with 5 trueborn with 2 blasters and a upgraded decon on a venom and 3 reavers which total to 200 points.

Is this good enough? or should I go with more warriors, I also have scourges a raider and a archon.

>> No.51172325

Good amount of bodies and a skimmer to harass. Seems legit to me.

Best way to find out is by playing a game!

Yeah they are. I have wanted them since they first came out but I am now finally at a point in my life where I can afford them (a KT at least). Pretty fucking excited.

>> No.51172350


>one wrong shot from exploding all your kill team dreams

Its putting all your eggs in one basic, I mean its a Jinking shooty basket with a dark lance on it but still.

Also I would take the dark lance off the ship and instead equip the squad with two blasters.

>> No.51172467

They are a bit overly pricey. It might be worth looking into finding a chinaman.

>> No.51174845

Without knowing the rules for killteam that well.

Wouldn't a team of 5 necron wraiths wreck face?

>> No.51174868

The only 40k figures I have are 6 Tau vespid stingwings that I was gifted. Any thoughts on how they would fare as a kill team?

>> No.51175065

and I mean in like a 1 squad vs 1 squad game. I know these guys wont make up 200 points, but like how would they fare against one box worth of tactical marines?

>> No.51175499

Against a box of tactical marines, they might do rather well, as they get armor against the marine bolters, their guns ignore the marine's armor, and they can jump around pretty fast.

Kill teams are probably one of the better places for Vespids to shine.

>> No.51176329

I've never gotten into 40k over the years (I played Fantasy for a couple years, have about 3000pts of Empire), but lately Kill Team (and other skirmish systems like Rogue Stars) have got me buying minis again.

I picked up some roman veteran solders in lorici segmentata and I'm going to add mod some guns on them to make a space-romans guard/scions shield/breacher assaut kill team. Also picked up some American revolutionary war regulars and militia to kitbash into and more stealthy recon type unit.

>> No.51178285

Tempestua Scionsg any good given their lack of orders, deep strike, but ap3 everywhere?

>> No.51178940


You'll probably want more models. Low model count teams of tough cookies can be intimidating to face, but if they face a team that is stocked up on guns that can cut through their armor, or simply drowned in volume of light fire.


A few units shine well in Kill Team, mostly units who otherwise don't shine as well in other games, but there are some that are crap no matter what format they're in.

>> No.51178979

Thanks for the input. Glad to know these guys might not be 100% useful. I felt bad about them after hearing they suck in 40k and theres no point in putting them in a Tau army.

>> No.51178997

** I meant to say glad to know they are not 100% useLESS

>> No.51179022

There's no point in putting them into a Tau army, but that's partly because Tau don't really have any ways to encourage assault, being a shooty army, and as far as shooting options go, tend to have very strong shooting.

Overall, Vespid are decent as far as most Jump Assault Infantry goes. That's not saying much, but they're not useless.

>> No.51179085

Oh I get it, I heard the Tau were good at long range. Anyway getting a full 40k army seems like too much for me now but I had intrest in getting the Kill team Box. Especially since I could try to squeeze in my vespid with the Fire warrors and maybe get some jump dudes for the marines.

>> No.51179203

Kill team is a great option if you don't want to just dive in to full scale armies for whatever reason.

The kill team box is a pretty nice deal overall, and adding an assault squad for the marines should help even out the numbers.

>> No.51179380


They can be strong. A good basic gun that can cut through marine armor is a good start, weapons that can pump out more volume of shots and some good rules are good as well.

They do suffer from being mid-range, but they can make a decent sized team. If you're playing HoR, 2+ Sv can be a problem, but if you can avoid those units, pack weapons that ignore armor, or just try and get lucky, and you can pull through. Not every team can cover absolutely all its weaknesses, but a good team can make sure to mitigate them. Even better, force your opponent to answer your strengths instead.

>> No.51179412

yeah That sounds good. The "some reason" I have is that I dont want to put too much money into it and I also want short games to play, kill team is usually an hour or less right? Also If i wanted I could get a squad off of ebay from any other army for cheap and be able to play them too.

>> No.51179708


Actually HoR Kustom mega cannon is the same as normal equipment, STR8 AP2 gets hot. Only thing you could do is get a pocket mek to it and buy HoR specific upgrade "Moar dakka" for 25 pts cost in total (which is overpriced af for slugga boy who can't get heavy armour). Moar dakka allows a unit to skip shooting phase, but every firendly unit in 6` can reroll 1's in shooting phase.

>> No.51179752

HoR community is VERY supportive. In fact one of codex creators lives in the same town as I do - Saint-Petersburg and he is an awesome guy that will always answer a question, help out with a roster or houserule an arguable bit of rules. Small facebook groups are megacozy, HoR forum and site is kinda half-dead though, everyone discusses stuff in FB.

>> No.51179853

Who says I haven't already ;)

>> No.51179922

Once u learn the rules and unit stats yeah, about an hour.

>> No.51180107


Sounds good. Orks have access to budget bodies, so they can afford a few pricier specialists. a 25 point specialist with extra wargear is nothing compared to the specialists some factions shell out for.

>> No.51180402

Problem with ork specialists is that they are pricey while having 6+ armour save. Dok, Mek, Flashgitz suffer from this. I wonder if it'd be OP if you could get 4+ eavy armour for 4 pts on Doks and Flashgitz without any additional ruling...

>> No.51180417


Maybe, although you will probably want to just jam him behind the Kan for a serviceable cover save and hope they target the Kan or intervening models first.

>> No.51181126

You can't take 5 wraiths in KT, as beasts can't be specialists. You have to take a squad of flayed ones with them, as those are the only option that fill fit with points limit and squad sizes.

>> No.51182411

Does anyone here run necrons on KT: HOR? i´d like to hear some tips about building an army, since the weapons options the crons get are... bad, at best

>> No.51182929

Can someone redpill me on this?
5 assault marines
5 vanguard veterans (sergeant with a power sword)
and they are.... wait for it.... raven guard...

they got KRAK grenades
they can use their jumpack in movement and assault phase
the got +2 cover save for first turn
they can reroll their charge distance
they can reroll their hammer of wrath....

you can also make them RAPTORS legion and actually use camo

>> No.51183018

Might be cool. What do you have for busting power armour though, besides that single power sword? Against 4+ armour armies you'll probably be okay with some Krak spam, but with anything in PA you're going to want an upper hand in some way.

>> No.51184765


Crons don't have as many options available to them, but hey can still be intimidating in KT. High savs and strong guns make them a tough foe, plus the ability to reanimate.

If you are that disappointed in their rules and options, maybe talk to the HoR community and discuss what you'd like to see happen to them.

>> No.51186009

Speaking of necrons, I always have trouble thinking of fluff reasons for them to manifest in anything other than a full legion.

>> No.51186102

Can you do a list of triarch praetorians? I could see them going out as a kill team.

>> No.51186145


A Cryptarch on a mission for their own purposes, a shattered remnant of a dead dynasty, or perhaps just the first few Necrons who woke up, and are desperately trying to awaken their whole legion.

>> No.51189597

>> No.51189778

That's a good way to fluff out a necron kill team.

I did a tau drone team with pathfinders to make it seem like they were a scouting force ahead of the main army

>> No.51189957


You don't need to know why an entire faction might only send a small, elite squad to do some cloak and dagger work, just your dudes.

Maybe conditions are too tight and only small teams can actually reach these areas, or they themselves are fighting a shadow war and can't afford to attract any more attention, or maybe there's some other reason why they are not applying their full force. The Deathwatch itself just dispatches small teams in order to deal with specific threats and missions, and it's conceivable that other factions might operate in the same way.

Also consider that these might be small teams in the context of a greater conflict. A campaign might take place between scouting and saboteur forces, each a squad of specialists assigned an independent leader in order to complete a variety of "odd job" missions where more force can't be applied, either because it would take away much needed power from the front, is already too risky for more teams to undertake, or needs the stealth only a small team has.

>> No.51190007

Another possibility is that it's the remnants of a larger battle that took place earlier, say a handful of troops that all failed morale and retreated, only managing to regroup later as they grouped up to head for the command post, running into enemy patrols and groups in the same situation.

There's lots of ways to justify it, even for the armies that tend to go for massive clumps of soldiers.

>> No.51190800

Very true! I like kill team in this way. The story is the funnest part. You can of course do that for larger campaigns, but kill team gives a more intimate feeling.

HoR I think gives it a more dramatic level as well. Although they kind of self-stroke the "cinematic" play style a bit.

>> No.51192275

My lads iz thinkin dem other gits is mucking about, settin' up defences an waitin' fer ammo ta arrive an such. WAAAGH!

>> No.51192332

Is there a collection of cool Kill Team missions available? I'm getting kinda sick of the standard ones.

>> No.51192912


You can come up with your own; heist, defense, infiltration, boarding action... Hell, just dig up old Imperial Armor books and search through their missions, stealing everything neat about them or scaling down larger missions to fit the small teams. Including the planetary/weather conditions would also be great.

>> No.51196580

In the back of the killteam book it mentions missions like stop the hoard, kill the super heavy etc. Worth a look

>> No.51197845

>> No.51198084

Hey guys. Been getting back into 40K lately and my local GW is doing a 200-point narrative Kill Team campaign with the additional following rules.

-You must have an HQ unit worth no more than 150 points (separate from the 200 point limit). Standard Kill Team restrictions don't apply. HQ can't be a vehicle but can choose a Leader trait.
-Minimum 6 models.
-You may include one heavy unit
-Kill Team combined armor ruule does not apply.
-Wound restrictions do not apply.

There is also a specialist/mutation table for which I do not have specifics, but it does replace the regular specialist rules.

I'm planning to run an Emperor's Children Noise Marine list as follows:

HQ - Chaos Lord (65)
Mark of Slaanesh (15)
Terminator Armor (40)
Bolts of Ecstatic Vexation (15)
Chainfist (15)
Planning to use the Leader trait to give him the Eagle Eye skill to combo with the Bolts of Ecstatic Vexation

Noise Marine Squad
Noise Marines with Sonic Blaster X 6 (120)
Noise Marine with Blastmaster and CCW (48)
Noise Champ with Melta Bombs (32)

Given the changes in the rules I listed, do you think I should switch my list around? The blast functionality of the Blastmaster and Bolts of Ecstatic Vexation run the risk of scattering with single model targets but they might prove useful against vehicles.

>> No.51200036

Underrated post. This is absolutely brilliant.

If you are playing vanilla KT with those restricions, then your leader can't take termie armor AFAIK, no 2+ allowed.

I'd say that ruleset is going to make the game too hero focused, but come back to tell us how it went.

>> No.51201677

I'm into whatever the fuck this is. Xenos merc?

>> No.51201738

Hey guys, 40k veteran here, looking to get into a smaller scale type game and had a few questions about (standard) kill team.
> I built a 72x48 board so I wouldn't have to deal with children and neckbeards, what kind of terrain should I populate it with?
> How big are kill team games generally? (size not points wise)
> Are most units at least semi-viable?
> Was looking into stormboyz for this, as I love their models but can't get behind orks as much because of their (shit) rules. Are they a good choice?
> Are relics a thing? Should you homebrew some shit and reward it by missions?
> I have 4 people interested in playing it, how should I approach this in terms of narrative and should I just do 1v1s or are 2v2s viable in KT as well?
Any advice appreciated, if stormboyz are unsalvagable, would Vanguard vets be cool?
Cheers in advance.

>> No.51201915


2v2 are completely viable. And awesome if you have good synergy between the players.
Narrative campaign makes for interesting gamestyle and keeps up the freshness so you don't get bored with playing the same teams against eachother over and over.

You can throw in some nifty scenarios in a campaign like "monster-hunt" where you do asymmetrical teams with one player controlling maybe one or two big things and the others trying to bring them down.

As for terrain, urban setting is probably the best, lots of cover and los-blocking shit so its not a shooting range playground for the dakkaest(dakkiest?) team.

Don't know shit about orks so can't help you with that.

>> No.51201922


Also most people play at 200-250 pts in my experience. The official rules suggest 200 iirc.

>> No.51201954


Mutant centigor more like, maybe heretek shit? Awesome conversion regardless. 9/10 would gladly pay moneys for.

>> No.51202057

Thanks for that, any idea on what I should aim to get in terms of buildings?

I would like to keep it mostly GW stuff (because I dig that aesthetic) but any suggestions would be investigated.

What sized board do you play on?

What are the rules for transports as well or where could I find them, I saw some people mentioning it above but I couldn't find them in my book?

Are free for alls a reasonable thing or does that just lead to people teaming up on one another?

Thanks for that advice so far, I'll probably tool up a nob squad in a trukk or something along those lines

>> No.51202122


My group uses self-built terrain, mostly cardboard. GW:s gothic urban terrain is awesome but pricey. Maybe for centerpieces a chapel or something. Ebay always has a shitload of all kinds of terrain too, maybe look there.

We like to play on 6' x 4', most people play on 4' x 4' but imho it feels a bit claustrophobic. Its nice to have a bit of leeway for maneuvering.

GW:s official KT doesn't have dedicated transport rules afaik, but the Heralds of Ruin version of KT has its own rules for transports.

Just google Heralds of Ruin Kill Team.

>> No.51202727

GW's Imperial Sector range is fantastic, as is most of their 40k stuff. If you're in the USA then you can also look into the Gothic City sets by Pegasus Hobbies. Some bits are available in the UK too, but others have been out of stock everywhere for ages.

There's a load of really inspiring terrain projects on YouTube and elsewhere that use both sets, so go take a look.

>> No.51202918

Thinking about getting into killteam with the armoured assault set. A trukk for myself and the Cadian armoured fist for a friend. Is it a good idea, or should I get something else?

>> No.51202955

Sounds solid, especially if you're goingredients to be learning the rules. As long as your friend is up for playing as the Guard, anyway.

>> No.51202999

What that? He's pretty flighty when it comes to faction choice, but he's settled on the Guard for a bit so it's what he'll get.

>> No.51203476

Going to be. Phone autocorrect is garbage.

And if it's his choice then it's A-OK.

>> No.51204430

Im newbie in wh40k and have some questions about kill team mode. Can i use individual models of infantry or only squads as in normal? Can i use chaos terminators and terminator lord in this mode?

>> No.51204792

In GW KT, no to both questions. Heralds of Ruin will let you bring models individually, as well as those with 2+ saves.

>> No.51204858

So i must use like "raptor squad with upgrades and 2 units of single spawns"? And how good this will be?

>> No.51206415

Considering this for a GW KT. Any suggestions?

>> No.51207615

How good this will be for 1st time playing KT?

>> No.51207706

Yeah. You take units as permitted byou the KT force organisation chart, but every model is its own unit when playing.

>> No.51208739

I wish there was some artwork showing the effects of the Infiltrator's Neurostatic aura, that would be cool as fuck, just watching a load of Fire Warriors writing in pain on the floor with Infiltrators slowly walking forwards, systematically killing them off with their flechete blasters.
I wanna run an infiltrator kill team so bad now.

>> No.51208886

I'm interested in getting back into 40k via Killteam, but I'm at a loss as to what I should build. My preference leans towards Imperium, particularly Marines and Sisters, though I also love some of the DE models(Incubi, Jetbikes). I want something versatile enough to take all comers, but I'm torn between min-maxing to be competitive and being more casual.

I'd love input from people who have actually played it.

>> No.51209113


I'm going to use one as my HoR team's leader. Mostly so I can use him for threat spot-removal. Speedy, has a detrimental Aura, and synergizes will with Vanguard to just make things trying to close into melee worse. I also want to stick a Conversion Field to him so he has a chance of blinding his opponents on a successful Invulnerable save.

>> No.51209141

And i cant take HQ so no sorcerers for my Chaos?

>> No.51209240


Unfortunately. They'd also be a massive point sink, so perhaps better that way. HoR deals with this by taking HQ choices from a Codex and scaling them down for the format.

>> No.51209261

But in club in my town everyone plays only standart KT. I like terminators so much and cant even play with them

>> No.51209327

How do I into a Blood Angels kill team? Just GW, I don't think anyone at my shop plays HoR.

>> No.51209366

Tactical Squad in a Rhino, Flamer+Heavy Flamer combo and the Sergeant with a power weapon, one flamer gets shred, the other rending and if you have points to spare you could add a bare bones assault squad.

>> No.51210299


Personally I don't like them at all. They don't suck as badly as the Electro-Priests but they're just too frail for their cost. They're only T3 and get instant-killed by krak grenades. Since they're rushing in alone they tend to get singled out for plasma and melta fire too. The Sidonian Dragoon has served me much better, backed up by mass dakka (peltasts and vanguard give the best bangs for your bucks).

>so beta you can't persuade your friends to try HoR

Then you're out of luck. Stop whining.

>> No.51210334

I dont have friends playing WH

>> No.51212225

How good would a gaunt nid KT be? I want to make an Alien-themed list.

>> No.51212363


Warriors actually come into their own in this format. 'Nid spam can be a good strategy because boys>toys, but you do need ways to deal with harder targets and stake a claim to objectives.

>> No.51213417

7 Chaos Space Marines + IoE seems too expensive. Low model count & only 1 special weapon means you'll be outnumbered and outgunned if another player brings more units and packs more firepower. Even a 10 man squad is still too expensive and you won't have enough for an additional special/heavy weapon aside from a flamer.

An alternate build would be a squad of Cultists as fodder and replace the CSM with Noise Marines with Sonic Blasters & Blastmaster. You can also forgo the Blastmaster in exchange for a Rhino. Also, which Specialists are you aiming for?

>> No.51213985

Added some Vanguard Veterans to my Marines and am going to get some Assault Marines to go with them hopefully soon, but wanted to ask: are Vanguards/Assault Marines fluffy for Iron Hands? Figured the Feel No Pain would be handy for melee combat.

>> No.51213994

Any ideas for a decent HoR Dark Angels list without bikes? I don't have any bikes since i mainly collected Deathwing.

>> No.51214009

Sternguard are fluffier for Iron Hands.

>> No.51214783

They would likely have some. Most chapters do have assault marines, and at least some of the veterans would end up taking to close combat more readily.

>> No.51215148

Got wrecked in HoR tonight by nurgle. Got 13 RP to spend. Other armies in my campaign are grey knights, imperial guard and chaos space marines (nurgle)

Xenos inquisitor 30pts
Bolt pistol
Acolytes x 4 - 16 pts
Bolters 5pts
Acolytes x 3 - 12 pts
Bolters 5pts

Watch Sergeant 62 pts
Power axe 15
Plasma pistol 10
5++ 15
Apothecary 35 pts
Veteran 22 pts
Combi plasma 10pts
Veteran 22 pts
Infernus heavy bolter 20 pts

Im at 239/250 pts. My watch sergeant has +1BS from honors and I have 2 renown.

>> No.51216846


>Min-maxing to be competitive
>In Kill Team
>I'm a huge faggot please rape my face

>> No.51217209

Report to your local Commissar for summarily execution

>> No.51217431

Hey guys had a question about the (official) kill team roster and orks, namely, even though they are heavy support would it be okay to bring lootas or flashgitz?

> I say this because one of the artworks in the infiltrate the camp mission has lootas and I thought it may have been an oversight or overgeneralisation on GWs part.
Not that they're known for such things

>> No.51217660

Hey guys, first time player to 40k, trying to build a list of skitarii for Kill team and I'm finding it quite difficult settling in on a team.

I'd like the squad to be decently competitive, but I'm have no idea what to get because I've never played before and I am finding it hard to make comparisons. eg, should I take a dragoon or more vanguards? or Trying to decide which weapons to take as I have no idea what they do.

At the moment I have a Skitarii rangers/vanguards box and I'm thinking of making all 10 of them Vanguards as I've read that they are quite effective in Kill team.

I also want to try to plan the army and build it into a 200 point kill team as I go, so have something solid to work towards as I buy more pieces.

Also, the Secutarii Hoplites and Peltasts look really cool too so they are another option I've looked at but again they have only really confused me more and made it harder to decided on a 200point squad.

So basically I'm just overwhelmed with the number of options available and I'm finding it hard deciding on a 200point killteam.

>> No.51217833

How viable is a Kroot-centric KT using the GW rules? There's a league starting up and I'd like to bring the kroot, shaper, hounds, krootox, and knoarloc riders I have.

>> No.51218191


Pretty much the universal rule in KT is boys before toys, meaning that taking more cheap guys is better than taking fewer guys with more upgrades.

Then again skitaari is a pretty good team either way, I build firstly based on what I think is cool and secondly on what I happen to have available and find that I win pretty regularly.

Atm I'm going with a squad of rangers, a few vanguards, tech priest and a Kataphron Destroyer and I have more than enough dakka to deal with pretty much anything.

>> No.51218424

Combat specialist with berserk or killer instinct as guy with fist, weapon master with master crafted on plasma guy and dirty fighter with smth at bolter guy. I made this build cause i buyed 8 man csn squad at ebat with this options

>> No.51218433


>> No.51218830


alright. Managed to build something like this so far.

Skitarii Rangers x 4 - 84 points
Arc Rifle x 1
Transuranic Arquebus x 1

Skitarii Ranger Alpha Leader - 26 points
Refractor Field x 1

Skitarii Vanguards x 5 - 45 points

Sydonian Dragoon x 1 - 45 points

thinking the TA might be a bit overkill, also not sure if my weapons are good enough to deal with vehicles either.

what would you guys tweak for this Kill Team?

>> No.51218921

That's a hell of a lot of punch for 200 points, it seems kinda cheesy if I'm honest, but that might just be the ork in me speaking.

Looks perfect if you want to trounce everyone you play

>> No.51218963

Eventually I'll grab some sternguards, too. I hadn't done it yet tho because the Sternguard models do not fit the IH look.

I mean neither did the Vanguards, but Sternguards are worse at that.

>> No.51219008

Just get the death watch or iron hands upgrade packs and you'll be set.
Use just the bolters from the deathwatch pack if it wasn't obvious

>> No.51219075

I've had nothing but shit luck with the TA

>> No.51219144

Yeah the TA looks a bit out of place but when it hits it ought to do some serious work

It's a low risk investment in Kill Team because you can just sit him up the back where nothing can touch him and plink off a few important units.

>> No.51220154

Just got my hands on a new Legendary Weapon in HoR Kill Team. Taking name suggestions.

Assault 1
Master Crafted
Soul Blaze

>> No.51220399

Update on using Gaunts Ghosts in Kill Team.
Larking is a fucking killing machine. Granted, he's going to cost you 8RP, but you get a monstrous sniper in return.

>> No.51222033

Sundered Souls because it's high AP and it has Soul Blaze

>> No.51222349

Soul Raper

>> No.51222431

Can the deathwatch build a decent kill team?

>> No.51223103

They're literally in the original box set, aren't they? It's Deathwatch vs Tau...

>> No.51223449

Raven guard versus tau
And DW seem too elite to do well in KT anyway

>> No.51223480


i've got a greenwing type list. it is fluffy and fun because i love cool-equipping my veterans. you could substitute a terminator for a veteran or two. you could also swamp the company champion for a warden with a plasma pistol.

- company champion + combi plasma

- veteran w/ plasma pistol + chainsword
- veteran w/ storm bolter + chainsword
- veteran w/ storm bolter + bolt pistol

- tactical marine x8, 1 w/ plasma gun

>> No.51224251

Advice o how to build a proper guard platoon kill team? I just want to represent a good old list of underlassed guardsmen getting slaughtered and killing what they can.

>> No.51227116

Turns out stealth suits are really bloody good. I feel bad now for stomping.

>> No.51227249

So reading through the Assassin's gear list they have access to a grav-pack which turns the assassin into a Jump unit and allows them to roll 2d6 to move in any direction at the end of the assault phase (unless they are locked in melee)

Is this thing present in anywhere in 40k (game or lore) or did someone's fanfiction leak into the Assassin's list? Like I know about grav-chutes but this thing sounds no real

Does sound like something fun to put on a Vindicare tho

>> No.51227345


Fewer templates and heavy weapons with 3+ suits running around in near constant 2+ cover while packing Jetpacks and high volume mid-strength weapons, with option for Melta, plus Night Vision and immunity to Blind to boot?

Anon, Stealth Suits really come into their own in Kill Team. They're sub par to Crisis Suits in the main game, but turn into a domination machine in small scale. A lot of units get that boost in Kill Team. Units or options that are otherwise overlooked suddenly excellent, more appealing, lost their superior competitors, become good value for points, or are simply less bad in the small game format.

>> No.51227485

>not sure if my weapons are good enough to deal with vehicles either.

That Dragoon can move 9" and then charge with bonus range, and will be putting 3x S8 attacks on the rear armour of vehicles.

>> No.51227598

>did someone's fanfiction leak into the Assassin's list?

This happens in HoR a lot. Just look at the bullshit new Hrud list (Hrud canonically look like pic-related).

Sometimes it's done for decent gameplay reasons and is useful - I'd put the grav-pack in that group. It's not a wild lore heresy, we know the Assassins have all kinds of crazy tech not available to the wider Imperium. At other times though the innovations by HoR are useless fancruft, like the Eldar Shrine Keeper rules (Guardians with Hawk wings are particularly hilarious, having a 1/6 chance of faceplanting every time they use them).

>> No.51227646


Yeah, the Assassins really need shiny toys because on the TT they don't really have access to any upgrades, just the baseline stuff.

Which works fine for a TT game but less so for HoR where you are looking at a campaign generally.

>> No.51227832


Mass numbers and add a bit of plasma is usually the favoured route.

If you're playing HoR then Veteran squads with camo cloaks and plasma/melta make for a good core. Bring along an upgraded officer as your leader to give out orders. Add Sentinels or HWT, and pad with regular Guardsmen/Conscripts. Medics are quite good too.

>> No.51227866

Grot tanks are better.
Use the dread mob PDF

>> No.51228023


Honestly with Orks I would either just mass Ardboyz or Warbikes. The Kan is just a cludgy liability, you can't expect anything good from grots.

>> No.51228502

Yeah. I just wasn't expecting to not take a single wound and table him

>> No.51228568


Might be luck on your part, unless this was a loss in a not-dice related way.

>> No.51228645

He kept shooting.
I told him to assault. I kept my guys standing still, didn't JSJ at all. Lock me in combat and I'm probably screwed. I can't advance without losing real cover either.

He kept shooting from within 18" anyway.

>> No.51228716


Then I guess he kind of deserved it. Were it my Skitarii I'd at least try and go suit-hunting with the Infiltrator leader, or corner a suit with Vanguard for a toughness-reducing charge. Peltasts can potentially punch through armor, but they'd have to land a hit through a cover save and then wound, but at least they can try and stay outside Burst Cannon range with 30" on that profile.

>> No.51228861


I can't see any point in not using Flachette all the time with Peltasts. Fuck Hammershot, Flachette is 4 shots with Shred. The Vanguard radium carbine is nearly as good too. Just drown the SS in dice.

>> No.51229400


True enough. But the extra 6" makes them essentially Rangers with one better AP.

I'm honestly thinking of toning down their weapon profile for my HoR Kill Team, they can just drown things in dice. Maybe flechette shots reduce range to 18". Also thinking of just dropping the AP on the Vanguard's Radium Carbines to give Guardsmen a chance vs 3 S3 shots per model.

>> No.51232021

how does the brotherhood of psykers thing work? i know that the rules say it has no effect, but does that mean that grey knights loose any and all psychic abilities?

>> No.51232143


In HoR, they amend it a bit to make it work without breaking psykers. For Grey Knights, they change the rules so basically one model on the team can be an extra psyker. They do much the same for Pink Horrors for Chaos Daemons, but a little different. And Imperial Guard just make Wyrdvane Psykers a squad of three to simplify it.

>Psychic Conduit
Before deployment nominate one model with the Psychic Conduit special rule to gain a ‘conduit’ token. A model with a conduit token gains the Psyker (Mastery Level 1) special rule, and knows the Banishment and Hammerhand powers from the Daemonology (Sanctic) discipline. If the model is a Purifier it also knows the Cleansing Flame power and is Mastery Level 2 instead. If the model with the conduit token is removed as a casualty, nominate another applicable model to gain the token in the beginning of your next turn.

>> No.51232685

With the new Legion rules, how are DG and IW doing?

>> No.51232709

DG are top and IW are also very good iirc

>> No.51232728


Frankly HoR had the jump on those rules for a while already, although the team is working on making them more flush with the official rules.

Anyway, in GW Kill Team Iron Warriors are easily solid while Death Guard are, as usual, in the top tier for their durability.

>> No.51232850


Hey lads, two questions.

First, are you able to use DKoK models/rules in vanilla Kill Team? What about in HoR -- there is a regimental upgrade listed as available in the HoR army list -- does that just modify the basic statline they describe in the entries or do I need to reference the DKoK content from the FW books?

Also, would it seem reasonable to use DKoK Death Riders as Atillian for KT:HoR? I am just getting back into collecting and am not sure how tight-assed the community is these days.

>> No.51233016


HoR is already fan rules, so fuck it. The Astra Militarum miniDex has DKK rules for running them that way, which seems pretty DKK-ish, but you can also probably run them out like out of Imperial Armor and be fine as well. Just houserule it with your own playgroup and make sure it's okay. Same thing with Rough Riders.

HoR isn't exactly tight-assed because they're already off the book, and many mini-Codices are now including Forge World models in the standard as well. There's even a whole lot of leeway into making your own Legendary Heroes, although it seems not many people do that.

>> No.51233757


Thanks for the info, that's kind of what I imagined.

Very much looking forward to getting back into this a bit. Other players in our group will likely be a Tau and Marines.

It's a shame there aren't more affordable Rough Riders models. Deathriders are too attractive to pass up, regardless.

Here's the basic kind of list I'm envisioning for kill team, would love any advice.


Rough Rider Khan:
- 2x Adtl Lance
- Antax Carapace Armor
- Vostroyan Shotgun
- Cyber Steed

Infantry Squad with Flamer x 2

Veteran Heavy Weapons Squad with AC x 2

Rough Riders x4
- Carapace
- Atillan RR upgrade

Scout Sentinel
- Missile Launcher

This would bring me to around ~230 points. Does this seem like it would have reasonable success? Feel like I've a good spread of anti GEQ and anti MEQ firepower.

>> No.51233770


Also, the AdMil reference sheet makes reference to a Special Weapons upgrade choices. What exactly is that referencing? Where can I find that exact list of things?

>> No.51233971

Is this some demonic entity from warp? Looks metal as fuck.

>> No.51233972


Found the table, ignore my dumbness.

One last question for the night. Can you take multiple of the regimental choices for your kill team? As in, you can pay the cost and give DKoK to any of those models, an also take Cadian and give that to any of your Cadians?

>> No.51234008


Default Veteran troop with Boltgun, Krak and special ammo are enough to take on anyone. You can swap out for the shotgun for 0 points. They're cheap enough to get 9 models, seem okay.

>> No.51234011

Does formations for 200pts even exists?

>> No.51234469

Anyone know a decent fluffy list for HoR with Iron Hands?

>> No.51236084

ok, so i've run a 4 model thallax cohort in my last few games. I've won 2/3 of them, with 1 of them being one sided for me (against a guard player who was getting back in. I felt bad...)

I love the models, but always feel dirty running them because most people I play with have had bad experiences with people running FW stuff.

Should i keep running them with their rules, or use them as counts as, and if so what?

>> No.51236177

>He still plays HoR with armour saves of 2+ and 3+

>> No.51237507

You know, I understand HoR asking for an initiative check for jumping and climbing, but it really, really fucks orks over something horrid.

>> No.51237727

Homebrew it. HoR is a core rule set that was created with the intention of including player Augmentation. In my games, you can do what makes sense. Should a Callidus Assassin require an initiative check for jumping? Of course not. So they don't. Should a rampaging Ork need to consider jump off a ledge when he's trying to bury a cleaver in someones neck? No. So they don't.
Fun > "Muh rulebook says"
HoR can be boring if you don't augment it accordingly.

>> No.51237771

I may have to do that. Not my orks, but my friend who plays them was very disheartened when he was trying to get his boyz to leap down and krump stuff and they kept faceplanting.

>> No.51237838

I say go for it. I'm currently running a Gaunts Ghosts Kill Team and I had to cost and homebrew the entire faction for the sake of our games.
As long as you can clear it with your opponent or make necessary concessions, I say go for it and have fun.

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