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Who's hype for Jizz-band crew?

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Third for Roger roger.

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I'm guessing it might be a new crew or team upgrade, the C-ROC has a Team Slot. There are also only like four team cards, 3 of which are in Tantive IV the other is in imperial gozanti, despite the fact that the Raider has team slots.

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Wiki says Raider comes with three teams, same as the Tantive.

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Xth for my boyfriend

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C-ROC is [Crew x2][Hardpoint][Team][Cargo x3]

Merchant One adds one crew and one team slot, but loses a cargo. We already know it comes with Azmorigan, Vizago and Jabba cards, and the HLT is a hardpoint, and it's got at least one copy of two modification cards. It might come with x2 a Generic Crew, but also is likely to have x2 a new Team - unless it also has Ordinance Tubes. Since Scum only have one epic I suspect only x1 of the modifications though. Then it'll probably have a couple of cargo, some of which may be old. Cluster Bombs seems scummy, for instance.


Ah, okay. It was just first released in Tantive IV - I see. Their system could use a little clarification. I would wager then Scum are likely to get at least one on their own - maybe even a Scum Only to set them apart.

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Is flipping a dark side token to tell the players that their hyperdrive/fuel tank is damaged going too far?

>Implying TR-80R didn't survive

>> No.51134806


I mean, you only have so many. If you feel the need to make the dark side known in this way, I think it's fair game - I've done stuff like that before.

>> No.51134827

Depends,does it severely negatively effect the flow of the game? Is it in the middle of combat? that might be too much for some groups, though there's precedent for it in canon (Ex. You're running from the Imperial star destroyer and your hyperdrive fails)

I don't mind jar-jar, I just think he's made to appeal to a different age group and negatively effects the movie.

>> No.51134951

I mean, to essentially allow the players to jump to hyperspace, but fart them out earlier than they had planned.

>> No.51134958

I don't know why but I love no-names who come out of nowhere to slap your shit. TR-8R and Viper from Titanfall 2 captured my heart.

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>20 years between RotS and ANH
>in 20 years ARC fighters evolved into X-Wing
>in 20 years Actis fighters evolved into TIE fighters

>30 years between RotJ and TFA
>in 30 years X-Wings evolved into X-Wings
>in 30 years TIE fighters evolved into TIE fighters

Why were they so lazy with the designs? Should the galaxy have advanced beyond 30 year-old designs, given how radically they changed in just 20?

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They completely missed the point of the backslash against the prequels and stuck to old familiar designs to pander to fans. Next question.

>> No.51135147


Safety. Concept art from TFA shows they stretched some legs in the design standpoint then brought it back down for some recognizable visuals. We can but hope they try and stretch some legs in VIII and IX.

Also, the /FO and /SF are vast technological improvements slapped into the same frame shape (probably for symbolic reasons) and the T-70 is only like 15 or 20 years of development.

And in Legends they used X-Wings for like 40 years anyway, didn't even bother to say how they were cooler except StealthXs

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>Next question.
If it took the Galactic Empire 20 years to build the original Death Star, which was the size of a small moon, how did the exiled First Order create the much larger Starkiller Base in just 30?

It would have likely taken 30 years just to carve out the massive laser aperture, into which the original Death Star could have probably fit.

>> No.51135190

I guess if you want to come up with an in-universe justification for it there was less full-scale warfare going on to drive the development.

>> No.51135209

Even Bioware was more experimental with their rehashed take on the Old Republic era, JJ has no excuse.

There was no full-scale war during the 20 years of Imperial reign, either.

>> No.51135224

It's a commonly held belief that senseless escalation that eschews logic keeps an audience interested. Sadly, there seems to be some truth to this.

>> No.51135247

>ARCs evolved into X-Wings
No, Headhunters evolved into X-Wings. Headhunters were used by the Republic towards the end of the Clone Wars.

>Actis fighters evolved into TIE fighters
Just barely. The Empire needed a brand new type of fighter to suit a brand new sort of doctrine: longevity and pilot life isn't important, make them fast, cheap, and completely reliant on a host ship/base. They took a few nods from the Actis/V-Wing, but are otherwise a total new design; something that is demonstrably rare in the Starwars universe.

TIE fighters didn't really change from Empire to First Order, as the First Order was trying to emulate the Empire and attached ideas as much as possible. The Resistance/Republic didn't need to make any big change in ship usage, as the X-Wing (and derivatives) had at that point proven their quality of design as well had become a symbol of freedom.

>> No.51135250


>If it took the Galactic Empire 20 years to build the original Death Star

And it took them like 6 to build DS-II.

I assume once you get past R&D problems, the logistics of fucking around with a planet on a galactic scale are chump-change.

Plus I bet money the Star Forge will be a thing again, otherwise why the fuck did the TFA official map mention Rakata Prime?

>> No.51135253

A bigger budget- and thus a bigger economic risk taking -is JJ's excuse.

>> No.51135271

Probably because they ground the movie/vidya a bit. They show that the protagonist isn't always going to succeed, even if deep down we know they will.

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>> No.51135299


Also, Actis is made by KDS. So the Actis evolved into the RZ-1 A-Wing. Canonically I don't think we know what sort of fighters Sienar was involved in making prior to the Imperial period, other than the Scimitar.

>> No.51135301

It had never been done before, everything was being developed form the ground up.

As the other anon said, the DS-II took a fraction of that time.

It stands to reason that the First Order would have had access to some technical plans/knowledge to speed early development, but the sheer scale/new technology, as well as far fewer resources sort of justify the amount of time it took.

>> No.51135336

I think that somewhere it's mentioned that Seinar basically ripped off the Actis/V-Wing from KDS. Could be making shit up, could be misremembering, but I think that's what happened.

Really, the TIE series is the only famous ship that I can think of that was a 100% fresh design out of basically nowhere.

>> No.51135392


I don't know if it's explained, but if I had to guess SFS knew what the Empire wanted beforehand and was able to make the perfect bid design with the /LN, leaving KDS, Incom and Koensayr in the dust. And now they canonically improve on the design without much prompting, with the /IN appearing as just a natural evolution rather than a specific "We need to kill the X-Wing".

>> No.51135407


>There was no full-scale war during the 20 years of Imperial reign, either.
That was also the first 20 years of the Empire, which was a military powerhouse that ruled through fear and military numbers.

Plus the Resistance is using older T-70 X-Wings while the New Republic used T-85's.

>> No.51135419

>Incom would go on to produce the T-65 X-wing starfighter, the successor to the ARC-170.[1]

>The twin ion engine was a type of ion sublight drive used in starfighters. It was used in the Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor,[1] and then the Imperial TIE line.[2]

>Like their predecessors, TIE's employed two vertical wings similar in appearance to V-wing starfighters, however the Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor bore even more similarities with its central cockpit pod, twin ion engines and common weapons technology.[3]

get out fags

>And it took them like 6 to build DS-II.
They never finished DS2. There were three years between AotC (in which Sheev acquires the Death Star plans) and RotS, at the end of which the DS1 is shown to be about halfway to the DSII.

Starkiller Base had never been done before unless George added a scene where the Death Star sucked in a sun to launch a hyperspace laser across the galaxy to destroy five planets at once and broadcast the scene in the skies of other planets in other systems.

>> No.51135441


Speaking of which, I hope to god somebody has the heart or the brains to recannonize the TIE Hunter now that squints and Defender are pre-Yavin designs (even if the /D is just a prototype).

Because Strikers are cool and experimental, but they probably aren't coming back, so you're gonna need another cool enemy ship to be the serious business X-Wing killer when nuCanon finally moves past ANH.

>> No.51135448

That seems fine to me

>> No.51135462

T-70's are delicious

>> No.51135499


>Manufacturer Kuat Systems Engineering

>Manufacturer Kuat Systems Engineering

>Manufacturer Sienar Fleet Systems

What's this, you're STILL wrong?

>> No.51135554

>has to be manufactured by the same company to have had any relation
come on lad

>spoked window
>twin ion engines
>two laser cannons
>vertical solar panels on either side
>no shields
>no hyperdrive

TIE fighter
>spoked window
>twin ion engines
>two laser cannons
>vertical solar panels on either side
>no shields
>no hyperdrive

>> No.51135597

What's the source on that ARC comment? The EotE book (which is canon) says that the Headhunter was essentially the predecessor to the X-Wing.

>bearing similarities=descendant

Starkiller base probably shared many similar design features with the Death Star. Screech and screech all you want, it won't make your silly foibles any more valid.

>> No.51135604

That doesn't look like anywhere near enough buttons and monitors for a starfighter but I guess the Astromechs probably handle most minor operations.

>> No.51135606


I mean, we can agree that SFS clearly stole some ideas to make the LN, but it's not like it's intrinsically a direct successor product. The next product the company made was the A, which was not bought by the Empire.

Also, those are S-foils on the Actis to shed heat.

>> No.51135629


EoTE is not canon, FFG produced it before the canon split so it definitely would be discarded by that.

>> No.51135657

EotE is deliberately vague on both Canon and Legends

>> No.51135713

Strikers will probably be in Rebels. There's also one in the Poe Dameron comic in an Imperial shipyard that some former Imps use to jumpstart a group of Empire Remnants a year after the battle of Jakku.

Also there's some U-Wings at the Battle of Jakku.

>> No.51135747

TR-8R took a bowcaster to the heart that sent him head over heels. That armor made it worse because unlike Kylo's outfit, it probably stopped that plasma coated quarrel from just punching right through him, making it even worse

>> No.51135770


Eh, but the Striker is an experimental model - and depending on the direction of Rebels has no place in it. You literally have both the IN and sa models made and rigged, and now the Defender - unless you're going to do a rebels episode which is Hera's POV on Scarif there's no real purpose.

>> No.51135830


It's also said to be very sluggish out of atmosphere without something for the ailerons to interact with - it is not going to be the X-Wing killer.

But imagine a ship with FOUR Ailerons which can also have the weapon configuration of the /IN, and instead of ground-only Proton Bombs, you might field multirole Proton Torpedoes - all from a single elite pilot, no need for a back seater!

>> No.51135928

I provided links with citations.

Digging a trench that big in 30 years is ludicrous. Creating the whole base doubly so.

You cannot deny the Actis is intended to be a visual design predecessor to the TIE, canon minutia or not.

I wish they had been more creative is all.

>implying TR-8R won't have an arc
>VII: mortally wounded by a former friend
>VIII: kept alive by sheer hatred of the traitor, he is brought back with cybernetics, his purpose in life to hunt and kill FN-2187
>IX: joins the squad after Finn helps him realize the FO twisted his mind then his body, sacrifices himself ala Terminator 2
After he became a massive meme with multiple official shoutouts you'd be a fool to think the execs in charge won't order something like this.

>> No.51135991


>Digging a trench that big in 30 years is ludicrous. Creating the whole base doubly so.

In the grand scheme of things, no, no it's not.

These guys can generate enough power to blow up a planet in like, 5 minutes (okay, really longer but still less than 24 hours) - and have access to multiple inhabited planets worth of labor.

>> No.51135999

>> No.51136019

>These guys can generate enough power to blow up a planet in like, 5 minutes
Are you implying they sucked up another sun to power the construction equipment to build their sun-sucking machine?

Did they suck up a third sun to create the sun-sucker to create Starkiller Base?

>multiple inhabited planets worth of labor
If anything using people instead of droids makes it even worse.

>> No.51136061

Where did you get this picture of me

>> No.51136066

>Did they suck up a third sun to create the sun-sucker to create Starkiller Base?
Actually now that I think about that might be a better angle for the First Order. They have some kind of secret sun-sucking tech (an actual Star Destroyer) and just go around smothering stars to build their shit.

I don't see how else the galactic equivalent of Taiwan could do these kinds of things.

>> No.51136082

Sorry, should have posted the one with your mask.

>> No.51136108

Only arc FN-2199 has in the movies is the one his body travels when he's blasted off his feet

>> No.51136124

The point he was making is that in star wars massive industrial production is very much a possible thing.

As others pointed out we see DS 1 in RotS. So it took a lot less than 20 years for most of the gross production.

Being able to build something like starkiller base is in keeping with Star Wars, not a violation.
The problems with it are that it's not a creative story element

And seeing the beams splitting in another solar system, the whole are effected should look like a single star.

>> No.51136177

I can't wait for VIII and IX to recanonize Kyp Durron as a turncoat Jedi working for the First Order's R&D team

>> No.51136191

At least you didn't post the picture of me duelling Rey in the woods.

>> No.51136199


No, that's the power to blow up many planets across space. DS-I's reactors firing on all cylinders can trash one, or just fuck it's day up on a single reactor. This is an extant technology, it's just power - only the laser itself was the hard part.

What I'm saying is even if SW doesn't comment on it much, we're talking about a whole galaxy-spanning sci-fi here, with some CRAZY yields on power generation, labor, raw materials, etc. Y'know, in Harder Sci-Fi civilizations at this scale are building ringworlds and dyson spheres and other crazy bullshit, the First Order being able to build some giant mechanical components and sink them into a large moon or something really should not shock us.

>> No.51136200

The could always go full circle and use the starforge to explain their production capability

>> No.51136303


I'm hoping this is Kylo's new fighter, if the leakers are true.

>> No.51136325

What are some good and/or fun EPTs to put on your ace Protectorate/A-wing/TIE-In pilots that aren't Push the Limmit? It would be nice to use all of the maneuver dial on those ships occasionally.

>> No.51136328

>Being able to build something like starkiller base is in keeping with Star Wars, not a violation.
>the First Order being able to build some giant mechanical components and sink them into a large moon or something really should not shock us
Not really. I mean, nu-canon sure but not how I always conceptualized Star Wars (and I guess that's a fair argument, just not one I care about).

The massive construction projects that show up from time to time were always the work of hyper-advanced precursor civilizations that have long since become irrelevant, their millennia-old feats of engineering being the last, hidden testaments of ages long past, ages of as-yet-unsurpassed glory. Even Coruscant was originally built by the Gree.

The ONLY exception to this is the Death Star, and to me at least that kind of marked the apex of Coruscant-dominated galactic civilization. It marked (or would have marked) the ascension of Imperial civilization into the pantheon of great civilizations, perhaps the subject of another saga, thousands of years later.

The construction of such a thing was the badge of a truly advanced people in a galaxy of wondrous technology, the culmination of an entire civilization. Now it's just "eh, by hard sci-fi standards it should be possible" but Star Wars was never hard sci-fi, it is science fantasy and these things used to have grander implications than they do now.

So even if you're correct about nu-canon, I can also be of the opinion that this decision is in many ways a step down from Legends.

>> No.51136349

A heavily modified version of the Star Forge concept, maybe. As far as we know, Starkiller Base was a one-of-a-kind deal and its parts were far, far larger than anything the old Star Forge produced. The Star Forge was built for mass-producing large quantities of disposable, shitty infantry-scale droids and small starships, not custom-ordered parts for planet-sized installations.

>> No.51136377


>>Starforge = First Order Rebuild
>>Snoke: "Hey Kylo, here's a mask and a legend of a cool fallen Jedi 'for the greater good'!"
>> 'If we preform this ancient planet draining ritual of Dark Side, we'll have a new Starkiller in no time! No, my face wasn't always like this, why do you ask?'

>> No.51136416

>Yakovlev OKB and Lockheed Martin aren't the same company, that means the Yak-141 and F-35 are totally independent developments

>> No.51136419


Eclipse, Galaxy Gun, Darksaber, Sun Crusher, Eye of Palpatine, Conqueror, etc, etc.

>> No.51136450


The First Order is basically as plausible as the Empire of the Hand, or Dalla's miraculous return during the whole Caedus fiasco.

And hey, what if Thrawn survives to be part of the First Order's original hierarchy? Then it's a less-fan-fiction version of EotH. Then it feels like just a rehash, psycho-nazi Empire, rather than "we're the Empire *but soooo much cooler.* Like Fel? We got Fels! Like Thrawn? We gots Cloooones of Thrawn! Oh, and we have all better versions of the Empire's stuff, just all Chissy now (but better than Chiss, but only slightly!)

>> No.51136470

Lone Wolf
Snap Shot
Crack Shot

>> No.51136479



TWO Eclipses!

World Devastators were cool though.

Oh, Death Star Prototype! Ah.... those were the days.

>> No.51136510

iirc the reason in-universe for the X-Wings was that they were the surplus models that the Resistance was able to buy with the limited operating capacity they had. Hell the shuttle that Leia arrives in was using a B-Wing cockpit and other salvaged parts to make a transport, and looking at the wiki, the NR is flying the T-85 and did phase the T-70s out.

>> No.51136511


And poor Kylo stuck at PS 6.

>> No.51136528

That's a good start but I'd like to see something even wilder. I like the black paint job (because I guess that's the only thing the FO has to differentiate themselves) but I wish it said more about them as an organization.

If I were in charge I would portray the FO as being all about hatred/revenge. The Empire had all the prestigious trappings of the British Empire and the idea of bringing peace, order and civilization to the galaxy to fall back on. If I had to salvage the FO concept, I would say they're controlled by people who got massively fucked over by the destruction of the Empire/installation of the New Republic and they just really want to go nuclear.

So the Empire had very tidy, mass-produced ships made of basic shapes because they were all about order and structure, whereas the Rebels were pretty scrappy. I'd make the FO designs all about aggression through asymmetry, harsh angles (like Krennic's shuttle), contrasting colors and a generally rougher silhouette.

>"The biggest, most dangerous, most secret vessel of them all, a supership, a dreadnaught, a battlemoon. One the enemy wouldn't see coming until it was too late."
>Wook's Eye of Palps article
Most of those are just biggerer betterer stakes-raisers by 80s/90s hack authors, I don't care about them.

>> No.51136529

>And hey, what if Thrawn survives to be part of the First Order's original hierarchy
If Thrawn survived past Jakku, someone would have to answer the question of why Rae Sloane ended up as overall commander of the Imperial Navy instead of Stabby Blue.

>> No.51136541

What is the Resistance, exactly? Who or what are they resisting if they're more or less the people in power?

>> No.51136542


>> No.51136561


Yeah, honestly, taking like 30 years for them to make the next super weapon is a goddamn breath of fresh air.

Legends Sheev was like fucking Professor Farnsworth, he had a fucking closet full of doomsday devices in the the back.


Okay, so the argument is now just about your head canon feeling on the universe - which is irrelevant. I leave you to each his own, but we cannot argue if your subjective tonal opinion is better than my subjective tonal opinion.

>> No.51136578


Really, PS 6?

That's so sad... but makes so much sense. They might bump his skill for his new fighter, got flight training or some ship, but imagine:

>>Kylo, his sparkly new fighter from Ep8
>> 'The Dark Side is my serv-'
>> PS 7, Prototype pilot.
>> PS 9, Stannis Baratheon


>> No.51136590


There is precedent for not being stuck anywhere, look at Poe.

>> No.51136634


Well, this was also him in the Upsilon. If he's actually a good pilot in a snubfighter, I could imagine them readjusting his number, like how Poe went from PS8 to PS9. He also has the Elite slot (something Red, Gold and Gray leaders STILL don't have) so you can bump him to 8 with VI.


I know, I'm joking - because it's funny for Kylo. Even more funny when Leia is inevitably a pilot, and hopefully with a PS7. So All his family can be rated higher than him.

>> No.51136661

The actually in-power people didn't take the threat of the First Order seriously, so the resistance was a not-quite-in-power organisation formed by those that did, basically.

>> No.51136689

Another superweapon plot isn't a breath of fresh air at all.

>Okay, so the argument is now just about your head canon feeling on the universe - which is irrelevant. I leave you to each his own, but we cannot argue if your subjective tonal opinion is better than my subjective tonal opinion.
As I said, that's fair. I've always felt Star Wars had such a huge variety of material of such differing notability that it was one of the few franchises where you didn't have to take the bad with the good - from the time you bought your first action figures you were making your own Star Wars out of what you liked about it.

I guess that's why TFA disappoints me so much: it's high on the notability index but low on the cool new stuff index.

>> No.51136691

>Stannis Baratheon

What have I missed here?

>> No.51136753

I'd be very happy with Episode VIII if it was an Indiana Jones-esque hunt for the Star Forge.

>> No.51136774


One day, some bad spaze nazi dudes were causing trouble in their neighborhood.

Leia Organa said "that's not cool bro", and nobody in an elected office listened to her, because that's not how you get elected senator or Ord Mcbumfuck for the 15th time in a row.

So she went out to D'Qar, stood upon the tallest hill, and let out a mighty cry, like the song of a Valkyrie, and lo' did all the baddest dudes left with balls in the New Republic descend like angels upon wings of Xs to aid her, and punch space Hitler - because that is way cool.

>> No.51136795

For protectorates, Attani mind link is fun as hell.

>> No.51136926


Full C-ROC fan, for people interested, if you haven't seen it yet.

>> No.51136959

Is it a fair bet to expect another preview on this on monday? I wasn't around for the earlier Huge-reveals, I don't know how they usually go.

>> No.51136962

>that crappy ass gif
Here, a webm for (you)

>> No.51137018

Tell me about the rule of two under Palps. How does he reconcile Maul AND Dooku? Who do all the inquisitors not count? How many other red-sabre-toting baddies are there really?

>> No.51137030


Well, if it's anything like the regular previews, we probably will have to wait until it's closer to release for a proper preview. C-ROC is late Q1 this year, so that's March, it might be until Feb for a full preview.

>> No.51137081

Well, he thought Maul was dead, so he got Dooku instead.
The inquisitors don't count because they're not actually Sith, just dark side users.
Also he has purposely trained them wrong, as a joke

>> No.51137118

I'm really supposed to believe that Dooku was only trained for as long as Anakin was between 1 and 2?

>> No.51137137


Inkys are basically anti-Jedi canaries. If they croak, then they know to send the real shit. Otherwise they're good for killing old people and small children, and occasionally half-ass Jedi like Kanan (before Kanan became a fully assed Jedi).

Maul, being a proper Sith apprentice with like 20+ years of experience being MAD in him was too much for Inquisitors also.

>> No.51137146

He was a high level Jedi by that point remember

>> No.51137156

He wasn't a knight, and Dooku was almost a match for Yoda.

>> No.51137192

Well, yes. He was a member of the jedi order up till then. He quit after qui-gon died

>> No.51137217

>He wasn't a knight
You are technically correct. He was a master

>> No.51137232

Nevermind, I thought you were talking about Anakin.

>> No.51137315

Alright, so if we accept that Palps only ever had Maul, Dooku, then Vader one at a time, how was Dooku allowed to have Ventress, Savage Opress, and Vos as his own apprentices?

>> No.51137338

Cause backstabbing is the way of the Sith
Remember when Vader tried to get Luke to join him so they could kill the Emperor

>> No.51137385

Generally you're supposed to overthrow the previous sith master before taking on your apprentice in earnest, though. It's not like Vader intended to have Luke out hunting Jedi for years before turning on the emperor, like Dooku had Ventress doing.

>> No.51137636

In Legends, at least, it was handwaved by Dooku not sufficiently educating them in Sith doctrine for them to be considered Sith. Like the Inquisitors, they were merely Dark Jedi-tier in terms of Dark Side know-how.

>> No.51137641

Anyone got any good face picture of Sheev from Ep.III when he goes all prune-faced?

Trying to make a decent face comparison pic to show a friend how much Snoke looks like a older and more "decayed" Palpatine. Best face pic i could find was one before he went full dark side pruneface

>> No.51137697

If Snoke is Palpatine I'm going to be pretty fucking disappointed. What's next, they going to clone Tarkin and have him come back to replace ginger hitler?

>> No.51137710

No, not Tarkin, for his actor is dead. But there is another.

>> No.51137804

Didn't stop them in Rogue One and Wayne Pygram can totally pull it off.

>> No.51137822

You know, if the rent in his head is where his third eye used to be it could fit.
The jawline, mouth and nose kinda fits Snoke's within reasonable degrees of deviation on account of the decay/burning/whatever turned him strange

>> No.51137974

what if snoke is thrawn?

>> No.51137982

>I want to Believe

>> No.51138095


>> No.51138160

That is a completely different complaint than "it makes no sense that they could build something that big in that short of time."

>> No.51138163




>> No.51138183

>how was Dooku allowed to have Ventress, Savage Opress, and Vos as his own apprentices?

He wasn't. Palpatine himself tells Dooku to cut off the bullshit and get rid of Ventress lest he wishes to be considered a rival rather than an apprentice.

Savaj and Vos are both secret projects meant to replace Ventress.

>> No.51138247

Face it. They got lazy with the Big Bad design.

>> No.51138259

Yes, this

>> No.51138449

They got lazy with all the design, I think the only new thing I liked from Force Awakens is that one red smuggler/bounty hunter/whatever guy in the cantina

>> No.51138482

Nah Snoke's head is too round to be Thrawn. Thrawn's facial features are more in line with Tarkin than Snoke

>> No.51138509

What's your point? I can dislike more than one thing about it.

>> No.51138513

If dubs, Snoke is one of Palp's backup clones that he Force ghosted into.

>> No.51138530


I agree with you, but isn't that what we got? At least for the FO navy, the army's designs are dogshit.

It might be heretical, but I love pic related. It has most of what you said, aggression through asymmetry, harsh angles, and an extremely rough silhouette. It's a Star Destroyer that went deep, deep into uncharted territory, and came back all wrong. It's a vehicle that has been somehow corrupted by the unknown. The only thing I would have changed thematically, is making it smaller, and having two sister sister ships that look vastly different, to show that these things aren't made on an assembly line somewhere, that their almost born from conflict.

As for the TIE's sure they're identical, but you could easily chalk that up to the TIE being like the AK-47 of starfighters. Kylo's shuttle also mostly fits the aesthetic you describe, it's really only the FO army that fails aesthetically, I think.

>> No.51138535

>Implying I don't just want Darth Scorpius instead

>> No.51138579

Not today, Sheev

>> No.51138582

How the bloody fuck does the New Order make this shit? It doesn't control Corelia or Kuat.

>> No.51138589

Maybe we can get Ben Browder as a new dashing smuggler too.

>> No.51138653

Unknown Regions? That's the entire point of that region in the setting, it's been spitting out bullshit since Thrawn.

>> No.51138677



>pic related


Well, the new Sienar supposedly reorganized to get around trade restrictions, they're probably shuffling around, still just counting that empire money. The FO and SF is some of the easiest R&D phase they ever had to do, surely. Resurgent battlecruisers are made by another KDY spin-off called "Kuat-Entralla Engineering" - might be another Rothana Heavy Engineering situation? Outer Rim money is still money

>> No.51138714

At this point I'm sure it will either be some bullshit excuse to bring back the Sheevster or some other dumb bullshit like "he was a normal guy all along" or "he's actually really tiny XDDD"

The whole "no more Sith" thing peeved me enough.

Yeah, I like the Resurgent too. They could have done more, but it is what it is.

But I still think the TIE is a cop out. The EU showed so many ways to evolve that concept and they could have taken it in some really wild directions.

I could see shady corporate partnerships building THAT in 30 years. They only have one after all.

>> No.51138741

Makes sense, it was just annoying it wasn't really addressed in what I read/the frustratingly empty lore in the movie.

>> No.51138764

That one of the things you dislike about it makes no sense.
While everyone is basically agreeing with you that it wasn't creative, and superweapons are overdone, multiple people have shown that building something like starkiller base in a few decades fits well within the capacity for production shown in Star Wars.

If you don't like that capacity existing, you have a problem with the Star Wars universe, not just TFA.

>> No.51138787


Oh yeah, lore levels is balls in TFA. It's all very shallow and obvious parallels for all the mass market audiences. Ultimate Guides and shit are kinda-sorta filling some stuff in, but it's taking a while. But all the background shit for the OT wasn't written overnight either, I guess.

>> No.51138809 [SPOILER] 

Are you ready to have everything you thought you knew about a certain Jedi Master shattered?

>> No.51138819

He was a good friend.

>> No.51138857

Still better than constant exposition dumps.

A balance is better, but if you are going to err, do it on the side of moving shit forward.

>> No.51138881

>If you don't like that capacity existing, you have a problem with the Star Wars universe, not just TFA.
I don't have a problem with the good parts of Star Wars - I have a problem with hack writers diluting it.

>> No.51138905


>that elongated hull that makes it look even more daggerlike that a normal ISD
>that unsleek pouch in the center
>turrets everywhere

That thing would be perfect for the FO god damn


>But I still think the TIE is a cop out. The EU showed so many ways to evolve that concept and they could have taken it in some really wild directions.

Yeah, I agree. The best part about TIEs is they have such a modular, expandable design, it allows for so much creativity, its a damn shame they didn't take advantage of that at all

>> No.51138950

A little late for that

>> No.51138957


Ansel's Assertor is a thing of beauty.

>> No.51138974


Well here's hoping 8 awnsers all of our questions.

Oh who am I kidding, it's gonna be Empire Strikes Back part deux: Electric Boogaloo

>> No.51139014


Well, supposedly, the director said it's supposed to be lighter, still in line of the tone with ANH and TFA and not a "dark trilogy middle".

At the very least, hopefully Luke can tell Rey some shit - which will not be "from a certain point of view".

>> No.51139039

Politics, probably. Mr. Art School doesn't seem like the guy who makes friends very well with anyone who isn't on the same wavelength as his keikaku. It doesn't seem like it's easy to recover being disgraced in the Imperial military very easily anyways. One big enough fuck up and he might not be able to outcompete Sloane for command of the Navy

anons note: keikaku means plan

>> No.51139137

Also, the first order appeared to go more full fascist then the Empire so maybe thrawn was excluded from the FO simply because he was an alien.

>> No.51139150

You're looking for the word "pirate."

>> No.51139161

>simply because he was an alien
How does that explain Snoke, though? Thrawn looks more human than him, seeing as Chiss are human offshoots. Or is he confirmed as just a particularly disfigured human?

>> No.51139201


Snoke is fucked up by the dark side but I don't think he was human to begin with. He's supposedly like nine feet tall.

>> No.51139219

Is that what he is? I can't imagine a two man pirate crew being very effective though I suppose he could have left most of the crew on the ship.

>> No.51139254

I honestly have no idea about Snoke, and assumed him to be a disfigured human. To me he looks pretty much how I think the emperor would look if made using modern CG.

>> No.51139328

If you consider being able to build that fast "hack writing" it's not diluting star wars, it's part of the original mix.

Also, sci-fi, they can build as fast as the original premise states. Starkiller base is within those bounds.

>> No.51139420

Snake has the appearance of having taken two saber strikes to the face, so combining that with his vendetta against Luke & Co. I'd guess he had a hand in creating the revived order before he gets fucked up. Maybe he was an undercover Inquisitor looking to eventually undermine and kill Luke while taking over the younglings, but was found out. So cue battle, defeat and death presumption. Now he knew about Ben and his curiosity about his grandfather, and uses that to corrupt him; your uncle, father, and aunt unceremoniously MURDERED him and the emperor because of petty self reasons. So now you've got a kid whose training has only been on the Force, give him the knowledge of how to create a saber using Sith holocrons, give him grand aspirations to live up to his grandfather, etc.

Filler, filler, filler, and now you have the story so far

>> No.51139520

Snoke* autocorrect is a bitch.

Call in former empire generals and other sympathizers, twist them and their families to your cause of revenge, remind Sienar of the glory they had before the rebels took over, get that sweet sweet upgrade, stay on the fringes operating barely visible in the shadows, yadda yadda yadda First Order

>> No.51139525

Hey anons, I have a couple questions.

So I just found out about FFG having a Star Wars RPG. I know that it's D100, but is it good?

Also, which link has the book I need to read/play it?

>> No.51139589

>I know that it's D100, but is it good?
It isn't D100, it uses custom dice
And yes, it's good

>> No.51139621


If Ren could asspull surviving the bowcaster and Finn could survive getting his spine sliced open, so can Jango Fett III.

>> No.51139631

>I know that it's D100
Someone lied to you. It uses percentile dice on occasion, but also d6s and d8s for most of the heavy lifting. They weird symbols represent different effects (success, advantage, triumph, failure, threat, despair).

>but is it good?
Once you figure out how to read the runes (which will take some getting used to, but its not actually that complicated), it is very intuitive and fluid.

>> No.51139692

Really? Huh, I heard it was d100. Dang, I quite like d100. Ah well!

Still dunno what link I need though. If it's the mega one with only 1 book, then it's too big to open in-browser, maddeningly enough.

>> No.51139715

FFG made the 40k RPGs, which are percentile based.

>> No.51139776

It's good. It uses proprietary dice.
It's split into three lines like the 40K RPGs but unlike the 40K RPGs they're all designed to be interactive and work with each other.

>> No.51139821

Kylo took a shot angled downward to the side that looked like the quarrel had made a clean exit, Finn got a saber raked across his back, not very deep, but still possible that he's paralyzed until he gets cybernetic packages.

Jango will come back with a B1 head shoved in his neck, with his mummified body supported by other B1s while they are continuously screaming ROGER ROGER

>> No.51139826

Yeah, I just noticed that! Can you tell me the differences between the three? Just learning about them and want to decide on which I want to check out for myself without using up the limited space I have.

>> No.51139875

Edge of the Empire: Firefly-esque smugglers, scum and general outer-rim characcters

Age of Rebellion: Rebel strike team characters

Force and Destiny: Jedi/other force-user survivors

>> No.51139887

There are technically three core rulebooks (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny, but all operate on the same rules and are compatible with each other), so that might help you find it.

Bits and pieces of the FFG 40k rpg design peeks through (skills & talents, mostly, also the critical injury table which does use percentile dice).

Once you get used to it, it handles pulpy cinematics very well, and the "you can fail but still get a benefit or succeed and still get major problems) has provided some of the most fun non-combat challenges I've seen.

It feels like they took what they learned from 40k and applied it to this system (compatibility within the 3 brands from the start)

Edge of the Empire is for smugglers, bounty hunters, and other fringer scum

Age of Rebellion is for military operations and more specifically the Rebel Alliance (though there's a houserule chart to convert Rebel duty to Imperial)

Force and Destiny is Jedi School and fully integrates the Force whereas the other two have it more in the periphery.

>> No.51139909

Force and Destiny is about Force Users, its special rule is the morality system.

Age of Rebellion is about Rebel scum & other military sorts, its special rule is the duty system

Edge of the Empire is for playing criminals and scruffy Nerf-herders, its special rule is obligation.

>> No.51139917

>Son of a biotech corp genius who realized medicine and cybernetics will still someday fail him, and now uses an expensive droid army to try and find Sith secrets of immortality.
>Former Jedi who had a forbidden relationship with her master and believes the other woman's death to be a deliberate punishment from the Order, looks for power from her passions and trains new students to fight those she now hates.
>Slave gladiator who led a successful owner-killing revolt and has now spread that into an interplanetary crusade where anyone free is seen as an oppressor to be killed in the name of liberty.

Which one makes the best baddie, or should i use all three?

>> No.51139920


Jango will come back with a B1 head shoved in his neck, with his mummified body supported by other B1s while they are continuously screaming ROGER ROGER

That sounds like something that would have actually happened in legends

>> No.51139977

Ooh boy! Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion sound awesome.

>> No.51139988

The three lines are divided along the three 'themes' of star wars. They also each have a different narrative mechanic, but that can be interchanged and I've even had players with multiple ones:

Edge of the Empire: is about smugglers, bounty hunters and other types of scum. Their unique mechanic is Obligation, which must be periodically paid off.

Age of Rebellion: Is primarily military based, and the game likewise has a very strong martial bent. Their mechanic is Duty which is built up and then exchanged by player actions. Note: I haven't played AoR, but AoR characters have pretty seamlessly fit into my other games.

Force and Destiny: The line about jedi and force stuff, unique in that all characters start with a force die. Their mechanic is Morality which rises and falls based on the player actions.

>> No.51140039


The B1 always had a special place in my heart: they really have no business to be battle droids, with most of their programming specialized towards security, and they aren't even programmed with false confidence: they have the unfortunate situation of being sentient enough to realize their predicament, but expendable enough to be able to do nothing about it. And the worst part about the B1? It's not even any physical deficiency that causes them to be so ineffective; Mister Bones is proof that with proper software they're able to be as capable as any clone trooper on their current frames, and even Episode I shows that physically they're at least as strong as a Gungan warrior, being made of metal and all.

Would it really have killed the CIS to develop more sophisticated combat software and retroactively install it onto existing units? They wouldn't even have to change the way the B1s were assembled, and it would have been more effective than the B2.

>> No.51140104

wow, I made that image a long time ago... in a swg far away

Kylo losing his shit was hilarious, he's one of the more interesting characters from that movie in a sense that he didn't really roll up being a competent bad guy. He's just this fucked up, broken emo unit that kind of sucks in some ways and I like him mostly because of the huge, screaming flaws in his personality.

>> No.51140114

Wasn't that pretty much what the BX commandos were?

>> No.51140197

That's a sweet summary anon, thanks!

I'm probably not going to be able to play any of these for a while since my friends are doing a 5e campaign, though since we're having fun, I'm fine with it, though the urge to not play DnD always increases.

>> No.51140217

>Due to their resilient metallic construction, droids start the game with one rank in the Enduring talent
Every rank in Enduring gives you +1 soak. My GM is convinced that this is proof that droids, including humanoid ones, cannot wear any armor ever and that me purchasing some heavy clothing for $50 and renaming it "Light Droid Armor" for an addition +1 Soak is double dipping.
Is he being the shit here or am I?

>> No.51140294

There's nothing there that says they can't wear armor?

>> No.51140300


It's +1 Soak not Soak 1, it stacks.

It's a talent.

>> No.51140332

He is, considering that directly below that is a blurb on Droids and equipment, including a piece on armor.

>> No.51140373


Because it's not like >>51140114 wore Phase I armor or anything to do their jobs in infiltration.

>> No.51140431

>such gear is permissible to treat as
inherent to the droid's construction or to add
to the droid as an upgrade when the gear is

If he continues to suck his own dick, just wear armor externally like the BX commando droids who wear clone armor.

>> No.51140734

TFU had a dumb story but goddamn the costume design was on-point!

That is definitely wrong.

>> No.51140766

my PC is actually a reprogrammed battle droid, albeit with starbirds and racing stripes

due to the archaic programming language, they couldnt finish reprogramming it, and believes the rebel alliance are the separatists and the empire is the republic

to this day he is confused as to why the CIS employs so many core worlders and used so much republic equipment

>> No.51140780

He's probably going to need to get a page citation.

>> No.51140811

It's in a blurb right under what he posted titled "Droids and Equipment." Page 54 in AoR or 47 in EotE.

>> No.51140947

Sorry for the shitty noob question, but I just recently got in to Armada, and I was wondering if there was a decent source for purchasing upgrade cards as singles in the US. All of the links I've found on google are either dead, out of stock on everything, or European.

>> No.51140980


Holy shit I loved the costume design in TFU, a shame it was wasted on Sam Witwer's extremely plain face.

>> No.51141157

So what kind of fighters would the government of some random Outer Rim world use? Eg., a planet that isn't a total shit hole, but isn't important enough to have more than a token Imperial presence. I'm thinking Cloakshapes, or maybe old Headhunters?

>> No.51141180

I generally use Headhunters with the concussion missiles switched out for linked light ion cannons

>> No.51141243

Depends on their budget.
Old clone wars surplus or older fighters should be floating around in semi-huge quantities for the better off, if they're really skint they might opt for converted freighters with a couple of extra guns, stripped down of unnecessary junk (cargo, hyperdrive, consumables) bit better armour and call it a day.

Really rich motherfuckers sitting on a gold mine or two could probably hit up the corp-sec and get their own fighters rolled out for whatever specs they deem necessary

>> No.51141279

He's a bit of a generic good looking guy, but he's a pretty cool dude overall.

I did like how he explained the Ewoks, they were basically a chance to show Luke teaching the appearance lesson he learned from Yoda to the rest of the rebels.

>> No.51141307

the M3-A interceptor might pad their numbers a bit

>> No.51141328

I always wondered, is it pronounced "Sick," or "Skick?"

>> No.51141368

Sick, as in "Scyk cunt."

>> No.51141394


Oh, yeah, hes a really good guy in person, and hes actually really passionate about star wars. But man, he looks like a composite image of "heroic" characters.

Hes great as Palpatine.

>> No.51141395

Headhunters, mostly. They're the most common fighter aside from maybe TIEs. Y-wings or Cloakshapes or CEC fighters or R-41s or old Deltas or surplus V-wings or Etas, if not those. Possibly IRDs if they've bought them from the CSA, or belbullabs if they're outer rim. Preybirds if you feel like something rare.

But the major armament of small PDF/customs services are gonna be gunboats, mostly freighter-sized (maybe even straight up armed freighters on the low end) with a few corvette sized

>> No.51141447

and then the new guy shows up with a sparkling new protectorate fighter to work, and makes sure everyone knows how "it was totally imported from mandalore", and aggressively defends it from anyone lest "they scratch my new paintjob"

>> No.51141494

He lives his life 1 concussion missile at a time and doesn't fear nothing

>> No.51141518

Until the grizzled veteran wing commander takes it out for a joyride while the kid is on his sleep cycle.

>> No.51141585


>One day he flies with old man Rau, and all he can say is "Mediocre!"

>> No.51141637

Iv'e always wanted to play a repurposed battle droid, seems like it could be pretty fun

>> No.51141651

it is very fun

>> No.51141665

Speaking of which, what are some battle droids that ARENT from Baktoid Automata?

>> No.51141680

Dark Troopers.

>> No.51141681


My first real FFG sw game, one of my players played a reprogrammed BX Commando Droid, as a Soldier, who had been repurposed as a medic, but retained his combat skills.

He was a lot of fun. Shot many people, killed many meatbags, healed many allies, was shot frequently - including once by an ITT which manged not to evaporate him. His cover eventually involved hiding in a set of Mandalorian Armor.

>> No.51141690

security droids

>> No.51141712

Sure, I like that.
Hell, I would think it likely that many PDFs have 'reserve' squadrons consisting of civilian starfighter enthusiasts and their birds in addition to the regulars

>> No.51141746

MagnaGuards are from Holowan Mechanicals in the canon

>> No.51141747

>civilian starfighter enthusiasts and their birds
>civilian starfighter
>entire squadrons of custom-painted Pinooks piloted by weekend warriors and rich space /k/ommandos

>> No.51141763

when all you have are 20 year old surplus and the headhunter, you will take what you can get

>> No.51141791

Skipray Blastboats are another possibility.

>> No.51141829

why do droid snipers need spotters?

>> No.51141834

>one senile old Clone Wars vet going up in his Z-95 to go out in a blaze of glory
>"I'll die before I let some pirate kill me!"

>> No.51141898

IG series, whatever their standing in the canon is now.

>> No.51141956

Monkey model TIEs.

>> No.51141973

>missing panel
is their sun so bright that they can afford to cut out 25% of their cells?

>> No.51141982

Sounds pretty goddamn good to me
Just imagine how humiliating it would be to be a pirate shot down by an internet ace in his riced out pinook
He strikes me as more the type to fly an old swing-wing Z-95 with two A-wing engines crammed in, for REAL INCOM MUSCLE

>> No.51141993


>> No.51142015

"How come she gets an X-Wing card and I don't?"

>> No.51142123

>d believes the rebel alliance are the separatists and the empire is the republic
That's pretty funny actually

>> No.51142128

Make Wedge Great Again guy here,

This did better than I thought it would. In the first game I was against IG-B with Asajj, which was wt up to pretty much hard-counter mine, and I made some big mistakes starting off. But the U-Wing did some work with the opening volley and then put in 6 points of APL damage over the next few turns of gridlock hell, it didn't miss any rolls. Once it got loosened up I eventually killed IG and got Asajj down to 6, Wedge had turned around and started putting hurt down, but too late due to time. The second game was against an Autoblaster-Hera Ghost with a standard-issue HLC Dash, the Ghost got lunched pretty quick and Dash's attacks were a little sub par. Biggs went down after putting the Ghost to 3 hull left, the U-Wing finished it off which by then still had 1 shield, and after re-grouping with an untouched Wedge eventually chased Dash into a corner and burned him down, but not before Dash took his vengeance on the U-Wing.

I don't think I'd survive a hot meta tournament but it's a fun squad that I'll definitely bring out again. You've got to respect the U-Wing's bite.

>Wedge Antilles - Expertise, R2-D2, Vectored thrusters
>Biggs - R7 Astromech, IA
>Heff Tobber - Fire Control, Jyn Erso, Jan Ors, Anti-Pursuit Lasers, Pivot-Wing

Because FFG can include you with a different expansion and make sweet dosh.

>> No.51142138 [DELETED] 

Those aren't solar panels, anon.

Seriously, a solar-powered starship in this setting? That's truly backwater.

>> No.51142169

>extremely powerful jamming
i guess thats why nobody uses guided missiles

>> No.51142214

Hide your mistakes, you can not.

>> No.51142247

>Autoblaster-Hera Ghost
People use Hera in the Ghost? Always wanted to try her but she seemed way too expensive.

>> No.51142271

It's true. I was just fucking /baffled/. I'd always assumed they were heat radiators.

Solar panels as a power source? In this setting?

It's ridiculous.

>> No.51142293

They double as solar to power backup systems and the ignition battery.

They can take power in OR vent heat out.

>> No.51142306

Sorry, it was Lothal Rebel piloting, with Hera & Han crew.

>> No.51142342

>Solar panels as a power source? In this setting?
Is it? TIEs are all about a hyuge swarm at a low cost. Solar energy cuts down on fuel consumption.

>> No.51142344

I bit the bullet and watched Bombad Jedi to get to the Nute Gunray arc in Clone Wars, it was pretty much exactly as bad as I expected. I don't know what possessed them to think an episode about all the least interesting characters would be enjoyable but whatever.
Gunray arc was also a little disappointing since they never seem to really be able to balance Grievous and Asaaj being threatening and also completely incompetent. You can't really open the episode with Palp/Dooku straight up saying "hey fuckwads quit failing at everything" and then cut straight to Republic people saying "hey look out for those guys, no one jedi can handle them".

Do Asaaj and Grievous ever get their shit together?

>> No.51142356

Ventress gets a little more interesting when she's helping Ahsoka.

>> No.51142390

TCW sucks until Season 3, which is something alot of people forget when they shitpost about Rebels.

>> No.51142430


Yeah, they've been both at various points - but relevantly canon the core TIEs utilize solar power collection to save on battery space (or something like that). Mining TIEs actually have less power and altered maneuverability profiles because they cut out part of the panels for increased visibility.

If it weren't for the fact that the Light Syck is about to be a thing, I'd say they're a shoe in for S&V in the next wave.

>> No.51142463

they should rename the game TIE fighter, since every faction can use them

>> No.51142476

I don't know that I'd say it sucks, it's definitely not amazing but I generally have at least enjoyed the episodes. It's just annoying how the writing is constantly at odds with the action like having Ahsoka fight Asaaj solo pretty competently and then saying to her master there's no way she could win alone. Or how Kit Fisto tells fish guy, a brand new Jedi Knight, how Grievous is too dangerous for them to fight so they should run but then Grievous struggles against fish guy solo using all his lightsabers and has to cheapshot him with a blaster.
Same shit to a lesser extent in basically every fight scene between droids and clones, it's like no one on the staff heard of "show don't tell" so they just keep telling you the enemies are threats while showing either complete fuckups or just generic balanced combat.

>> No.51142486

You could proxy the models for appropriately painted miner TIES at your local store and I think it would fly.

>> No.51142611

for double hilarity, the various talents he has combined with padded armor, which is in-universe "structural upgrades", makes the little battle droid tonka tough, he has taken more hits than anyone else in the party

>> No.51142695

>still salty because Rebels get 4 unique pilot TIE/LNs
the rebel TIE is a support ship, the Z-95 was and is still closer to playing the role of the TIE fighter for rebels.
With the light Scyke, the z-95 vs scyke is going to be a question.

>> No.51142733

Second Battle of Geanosis does a good job of making the sepretist army seem like a threat.
and Cad Bane.

>> No.51142756

I'm hard pressed to think of a situation where I wouldn't rather have the extra agility and the evade and barrel roll of the TIE or Scyk than the 2 shields and missile slot of the Z-95.

>> No.51142788


I think it'll depend what you want out of your list.

A naked banana pirate and a "Light" Cartel spacer are both 12 points. Banana Z has +1 HP, -1 green, and will not cause endless shenanigans when it takes a hit to Hull. It also has it's Missile, Illicit and Mod slot open. Syck will have two more green moves (so all banks are green 1, 2, 3), +1 AGI, has both evade and barrel roll, and has two different Ks. But, it literally cannot be upgraded in any other way, and every time you take that first hit to hull, that's the chance of the insta-kill when you draw Direct Hit.

So I don't know if you'll see a lot of Light Sycks as list fillers, but you can totally expect people to try 8 Syck lists.

>> No.51142821


Oh, forgot to add, Sycks also have +1 PS, which gives them advantage over, say, somebody running a swarm of Zs or of Academy Pilots.

Or, for a cost increase, Tansarii Point Veterans will be 15 points light, and are PS5 with an EPT, leaving them wiggle room for Crackshot or Attani Mindlink.

>> No.51142824

I get much less impress with barrel roll on low PS craft.
The z-95s key upgrade slot isn't the missile, it's the illicit. BMST is nice bonus for 1 pt, and EMP device might be huge.
Evade and Agi, and auto crit Vs extra shield is going to be a thing.

I'm still most curious about the new pilots, a high PS that can really take advatage of heavy scyke would be co

>> No.51142907

>Slave Crusade is the main baddy
>Former jedi seems silly in my opinion, and way to visible to not get fucked up the Empire
>Biocorp scion allies with team to rescue assorted sith goodies from the Slave Crusade, eventually has to be put down/ weakened because he's a huuuuuuuge douche

>> No.51142917

Came across this in the Rogue One novel.
>Tarkin spoke with detached consideration, as much to himself as Romodi. “The original plans for this station are kept at the Citadel, are they not?”
>“They are.” Along with other technical schematics for projects covered by the Tarkin Initiative. It would be a special pity , Tarkin thought, to see War-Mantle and Stellarsphere set back.

>> No.51143027

>War-Mantle and Stellarsphere set back.
I am intrigued. The Empire seems like it had a space nazi version of US technological development after WW2 going on. All sorts of shiny new bombs, planes, guns, tanks, vehicles, chemicals, bioweapons, DID I MENTION NEW PLANES AIR POWER A BEST, ships, nukes, even better nukes, even more nukes, missiles. Except with planet destroying weapons

>> No.51143151

I had this in the last thread but.....

>I want to start a campaign on Scarif right after the Death Star's blast.

>I want the players to be a group of rebels that somehow survived the blast and now need to make it off world to rejoin the Rebellion,

> The way I was thinking they could survive is by being underground a the time, going into a bunker with Imperial Intel or crashing in a ship.

>The visuals would be that of red burning trees and islands in the distance, ash and embers flowing in the air. The smoldering ruins of what's left of the communications tower. Dark stormy weather, caused by the blast.

>A few Imperial Troops patrolling the devastated areas, sent in to look for survivors and as clean up duty, Death troopers, Rad Troopers and what not.

>Think the Bikini Atoll after the atomic Bomb.

>Possibly a few escape pods with rebels trapped inside, the group has to make a choice to take the time to free them or not.

>> No.51143158

>the War-Mantle is just a fancy hat
>the Stellarsphere is a new solar energy initiative that promises to revitalize depleted core worlds
>the whole Tarkin Initiative is just a series of projects that keep, unaccountably, getting out of hand and turning into superweapons

>> No.51143165

there would be a definite time limit before the imperials arrive in great number

>> No.51143179

Do I count six laser cannons and circular things that look like missiles on that?


>> No.51143209

Most definitely, I want their main goal to be: find a working ship and escape, but i'm open to any suggestions anyone may have.

Maybe some important Imperial Commander has come down to the planet's surface to inspect the death star's handwork; and assassinating him would deal a blow to the Empire.
I'm just spit balling here,

>> No.51143221

What if warmantle is the project name for starkiller base (warmantle referring to building a superweapon into a planet), and stellarsphere is a dyson sphere superweapon for episode 9?

>> No.51143308

That is reaching absurd power levels
>Star Wars Episode 12: The Space Nazis Party has constructed the Universal Warper, which can erase entire sections of the universe from existence. It is up to another fucking Skywallker to blow it the hell up

>> No.51143320 [SPOILER] 

Probably four lasers two ions. And each tube is probably only one, maybe two shots.

At least we know what "Black Saber" probably was!

>> No.51143327

Enormous detonations have several phases, which Rogue One doesn't really deal with.

First phase is the beam passing through the atmosphere. The Death Star's weapon is fast - much faster than most blaster bolts. Ideally, it's going to release all of its energy into the ground. There's no point in cooking the planet's atmosphere.*

But some energy is still absorbed by the atmosphere, resulting in a bright white flash and shockwave. This first shockwave will probably be enough to rattle windows or down light aircraft, but not enough to kill unless you're right next to the beam's path. If you are... well, you're fucked anyway.

Then the beam hits the surface and starts dumping energy. Rock becomes molten, then plasma. It can't expand - not immediately - because there's still energy from the beam flowing into it, so it compresses. When the beam stops there's an almighty explosion. Suddenly we're dealing with real-world physics. From nukes to asteroids, this is well-trod ground.

The first thing to hit is light. This is mostly harmless, but it's bright. You could potentially be blinded.

Then, several minutes later, the pressure wave. An expanding bubble of air compressed by the force of the explosion comes along and knocks out every window and, in this case, probably crushes every head. This is most likely the wave we see at the end of Rouge One, carrying water with it. We don't see one on Jakku for some reason. I guess having everyone die from "sudden head exploding" syndrome was less cool than the planet's crust wobbling. So it goes.

Part 2 coming up. In the meantime, here's an excellent blog: http://blog.nuclearsecrecy.com/

>> No.51143362

Jesus OPpenheimer, have you deigned to grace our thread?

>> No.51143363

while hiding in a crashed shuttle, you find the body of an officer with technical data, it seems to be readouts of a new comms system that is substantially more efficient than existing designs. the officer had chosen the wrong day to deliver them to the archive

it is now imperative you deliver this design to the alliance, as the new design consumes less power and takes up less space. surrender is not an option lest the empire begin using them as planned

>> No.51143424

Anyway, the pressure wave probably kills nearly everyone. You can survive it by being in a pressurized container that can endure suddenly going from 1atm to several hundred atm, then you might be OK. Maybe an escape pod... but then you also have to deal with the debris and aftereffects of the pressure wave. There won't be any reverse pressure wave - there's no longer anything for it to reverse into, as the planet is exploding slightly.

So now everything is flattened, trees are denuded, windows are gone, buildings are gone, anything not nailed down is /hell/ and gone... what's next?

Ground wave.

The ground wave is what we saw, in a very stylized form, on Jakku. It's the continent rolling under pressure. It's a bad thing, and it will kill you no matter what.

Want to try and fly away? The air is moving at the same time as the rocks below it, so good luck! It's not quite so easy.

So yeah, if your characters survive the pressure wave, they need to IMMEDIATELY
a) find a ship to that is still intact
b) get away before the ground wave hits
c) evade the fleet in orbit

I'd estimate that they have 10 minutes to accomplish a) and b) at /most/.

Here's a good video for scale.

Note that, at ~3:07, the pressure wave hits and kicks up some dust.

*I wonder if they ever considered using the Death Star in "airburst" mode? Fire it through the planet's atmosphere like a tangent like to the surface. It'd be catastrophic, but not structurally destructive.

>> No.51143469

I like the idea of them only having so much time to get out of doge before the rest of the detonation reaches them in a fiery wave of molten rock, considering how far away it actually hit the planet.

I am willing to give some leeway to the situation, considering the scenario of some rebels being alive and escaping the planet is pretty much non existent, but i think it would be a fun way to kick off a campaign.

>> No.51143470

Poor Oppenheimer. He gets a bad rap.

But no. I just know about these things because it's, to a certain degree, my job to know about these things.

Except it's usually oil refineries and not Imperial archives.

>> No.51143477

Only somewhat related, but what would happen if they used the superlaser on a water planet?

>> No.51143508

You could have a scenario where their "first mission" is a flashback to some other Rebel raid. Let them get the feel for the system when the stakes are lower. Develop the characters a bit.

And then cut to them immediately after the weapon fires. Tell them what it looks like, and that they have only a few minutes to escape. Keep their options open and don't spoonfeed them an obvious exit, but make sure they constantly know they are under time pressure.

They might even pick up a few disillusioned Imperials on the way out. Being vaporized by your own side does tend to cause some self-reflection about one's career choices.

>> No.51143523

Water on the surface, or water "all the way down".

Same thing, pretty much, but a messier and smaller pressure wave (more water to dampen the atmospheric shock) and a faster, larger ground wave (water requires less energy to move).

>> No.51143528

Maybe massive continent sized hurricanes? That would be cool.

>> No.51143564

Weather on /any/ planet hit by the Death Star but not destroyed is going to be really, really fucked up for a long time.

Ironically, hurricanes require a certain degree of stability to form. Impacts like this are the opposite. You'd get terrifying, short-lived storms at the atmosphere redistributed itself. Thunderstorms forming from nothing and then detonating. Any normal weather patterns get completely fucked for a few years.

>> No.51143597

I was thinking of starting them off during the battle of Scarif to give them a feel for it. I'd give them a few simple objectives and throw some Stormtroopers, (Shoretroopers?) and those imperial droids at them.

Would that work?

My players are pretty good at picking up new systems in a timely manner.

>> No.51143635

Why are the Sith from Tales of the Jedi the best Sith?

>> No.51143726

That's a good one, would give them a good reason (besides living) to get off the planet .

>> No.51143750

>disillusioned Imperials on the way out. Being vaporized by your own side does tend to cause some self-reflection about one's career choices.

No kidding kek

>> No.51144214

you now have to find and escort some defectors, who quit after seeing an entire garrison fired upon by their own weapon, after all the rebels have fled

>> No.51144409


>> No.51144677

So a slave gladiator who ran a successful revolt for freedom goes on a murder spree of other free people because they are "oppressors"? Little ironic, if you ask me. Now, make him a former slave of the Zygerrians, and you've got yourself a genocidal maniac who's arguably justified for his actions. It's a little more complex than the "freedom is oppression" oxymoron

>> No.51145116

>Son of a biotech corp genius who realized medicine and cybernetics will still someday fail him, and now uses an expensive droid army to try and find Sith secrets of immortality.
Fuck yes. Human motivation taking him way out of his depth, no wishy washy monologues about who the real villain is and you can open up a whole basket of other campaigns by jumping off the dark side crap.
>Former Jedi who had a forbidden relationship with her master and believes the other woman's death to be a deliberate punishment from the Order, looks for power from her passions and trains new students to fight those she now hates.
Not bad. Maybe pull them back a bit so they start off more in line with Atris, doing their own thing and eventually succumbing to the dark side as the party keeps undermining her smaller operations, going from "The jedi are wrong, here's how it should be done" to "It's us or them, the galaxy isn't safe as long as they exist"
>Slave gladiator who led a successful owner-killing revolt and has now spread that into an interplanetary crusade where anyone free is seen as an oppressor to be killed in the name of liberty.
Yawn. The other two have a slippery slope they can slide down. They can either start off reasonable in pursuit of their goal (like the master) or the goal can be so ground changing they don't even need to justify it (like immortality). Mr I-execute-people-without-trial-because-I-got-triggered is neither. He's introduced as a crusader, the party will put him down and there's no point him trying to justify it to them because the party damn well know what he wants, he's just being fucking dumb about it. Even if he's been corrupted by the darkside it's less "doing what needs to be done in his mind" and more "doing what's easy because he's too much of a bumbling halfwit to enact positive change on the galaxy"

>> No.51145298

Stellar-Sphere has got to be the research behind Starkiller - I mean it is a sphere that sucks in stellar bodies...
Warmantle I am hoping are just the tailoring specs for Krennic's new cape. Probably though some later mk or spec issue stormtrooper armour for a plot later.

>> No.51145488

Warmantle could be some form of combat exosuit.
Dark Trooper project or Galak Fyyar's Cortosis exo-armor?

>> No.51145546

The HK-series is from Czerka.

>> No.51145596

No, I thought Revan created the HK line for some reason starting with designation HK- 47, Czerka just built a hidden manufacturing facility on Telos, and co-opted schematics of 47 and improved on them. or am i missing something?

>> No.51145618

Arakyd makes some really cool but underused battledroids

>> No.51145702

Here guys, have a SWTOR Encyclopedia.
https: //www .sendspace .com/file/a4cd4t

Is there any visual guide for Rogue One? Or a good scan for Force Awakens?

>> No.51145714

Revan made 47 using the schematic of the 24, with his own improvements and adjustments

>> No.51145740

Then Czerka, took his shit, and improved on that?

>> No.51145780

Nah, instead Revan worked with them to design the 50 model. Then they refined that into the 51, taking the 50 from being a mass murder minimal effort series into a precise assassin series

>> No.51145794

Is this TOR canon? I don't remember any of this from the singleplayer games.

>> No.51145807

The Droideka is a Colocoid creation

>> No.51145817

It's what I got from the HK series wooki

>> No.51145840

> tfw you realise there's a Star Wars themed burlesque show performing in your city next month.
We live in a magical time.

>> No.51145992

FUCK TOR kotor is where it's at, i was going off my knowledge from the both of them and what HK-47 says.

The HK-50 series in the TSLRCM, were organicidal, and i liked that Czerka wasn't really involved in HK-51 series with that installed.

>> No.51146204

some people may not like how much star wars content disney is spewing out

but you see, i don't care, as i am fueled by star wars content

they are only making me stronger

>> No.51146246


>> No.51146355

Is it true that the imperial and rebel aces packs are completely discontinued?
I just looked into buying one of each and they are all overpriced because people claim they are discontinued

>> No.51146418

If they are, boy am I happy to have gotten them on the 27th

>> No.51146429

lol Palpatune stop

>> No.51146529

Saw some youtube girls in russia dressed up as twileks doing pole dancing once.
Fairly sure that fractured parts of my brain that's not otherwise filled with blotting out nagging relatives, thinking about circuit diagrams, floating bits of grenade shrapnel, stuff about guns and the wonders of the internal combustion engine.

I'm pretty much a ruined unit at this point

>> No.51146593

And you're not gonna share, why?

>> No.51146607

Actually Redback, it's in Aus though I'm not sure whether you live out in woopwoop or close enough to civilisation to make one of the shows. But they appear to have at least a pair of their own twileks. Why not end it and ruin the rest of your brain?
> http://www.empirestripsback.com

>> No.51146661

>management is no responsible for what this... fuck it, its 4chens, you're already broken

I spend my time between Woop Woop and Sydney, though currently nailed down in Sydney with a young infant, cranky wife and crazy sister in law visiting.
No chance of escaping.

>> No.51146743

>tfw you're on the other side of the world and probably won't ever experience this magic in person
Why live?

>> No.51146769

The only question i've got is what took them so long to get this sorta stuff started?

>> No.51146789

Nothing is discontinued. If they're out it's most likely because they're being reprinted and eventually restocked.

>> No.51147313

Is there's a good resource for fan-made ship stats for X-Wing? Don't see anything in the pastebin.

>> No.51147512

How common are shellshocked Jedi? All the ones we see in TCW don't seem to be to affected by the Clone Wars. Would one make a good N/PC?

>> No.51147560

Eh, Barriss is kind of shellshocked in a way.

But really that sort of reaction to war is pretty rare in SW in general.

>> No.51147698

I'd imagine all of their training to disconnect from emotion probably helps protect them.

>> No.51147880

Weren't there a bunch of pretty fucked up shellshocked padawans in one of the old Clone Wars comics?

I'm sure i remember at least one or two.

>> No.51148243

I think lore could use a few more Jedi damaged by the war.

I used to RP a Jedi who fled, rather than continue his duty as a "Jedi General" and renounced the order. He spent decades as a hermit, seeking absolution for the horrors of war.

>> No.51148262

Kylo Hen

>> No.51148298


Not just the Generals. Imagine how fucked the generation of padawans that lived through the Clone Wars would have been, had the Republic not been doomed to fail. They would have thought the shit they went through was normal, for them to be leading armies and waging wars. Even if Palps wasn't intending to have them all murderated, I don't know if the Order would have survived the Clone Wars.

>> No.51148318

>See a pic of Jyn on FFG's site
>Assume it'll be about the U-Wing shortages since it's the same pic as her crew card
>NOPE it's for that Destiny game. Ok let's see what it is.
>Article uses and references the "I rebel" line which isn't even in the movie
Wow FFG. I'm not even mad, just wondering wtf you're doing.

>> No.51148322

They probably would have survived, albeit at a heavy cost to manpower. The Clone Wars, however, would have likely caused the next generation of the OJO to double down on the turbo-Vulcan emotionless schtick.

>> No.51148346

Stop posting pictures of my boyfriend

>> No.51148453

That cock get you rock hard, anon?

>> No.51148474

> caused the next generation of the OJO to double down on the turbo-Vulcan emotionless schtick.
Or been butchered up as more and more masterless padawans sought out less strict Jedi traditions, like the one i can't remember the name of but who pretty much followed the pre-no-fun-allowed jedi code

>> No.51148533

That art looks really bad. All the Rogue One characters look off actually.

>> No.51148587

I want him to touch my Penin.

>> No.51148761

The biggest Rogue One wtf is K2 not getting anything

>> No.51148990

He'll probably be in the next Rebel dual pack. "Partisan Heroes" or something like that

>> No.51149032

Not even a K2 droid as an addon for your fighter?

>> No.51149096


Baze's the worst one of the lot in my opinion. He just looks completely incredulous.

>> No.51149179


>> No.51149201


>> No.51149363


>> No.51149383

What online service do you use to run FFG campaigns? Back in the day I used to use Google hangouts with the dice app, but it's way different now and I didn't like it that much to begin with anyways.

>> No.51149478


>> No.51149556

I see that you can use that in Google Hangouts, but I'd prefer a longer term solution (Google is removing third party applications from Hangouts by April).

>> No.51149809


Yeah, it's called "open it in a browser". Or DL it stand alone. It operates just fine.

>> No.51149863

What I mean is, is there a way for everyone in a group to see the results of a roll outside copypaste/screensharing? I mean in a roll20-esque way. Your tone makes me feel like I'm missing something obvious.

>> No.51149916

I seriously hope you stormtroopers don't do this.png

>> No.51149974


No, not to my knowledge. That's never personally held back anybody in my group - though. Sharing it really isn't that hard if you feel the need to double-check anybody, and you're going to find more problems than solutions the other way, sounds like.

>> No.51150011

It's really quite baffling that this is still a problem at all. Thanks though, I'll probably just do it this way.

>> No.51150734

Dead thread post ships.

>> No.51150813

New thread when?

>> No.51150914

New thread, look alive




>> No.51150937

In new canon, it's not uncommon to find governments using T-65's for planetary defense. They were suppose to be for the Empire before Sienar cut them out and the Empire nationalized incom.

>> No.51152178

No longer canon, but Lando's company Tendrando Arms invented terminators to fight the vong.

>> No.51152323

Actually he's the Crimson Corsair, and he's fabulous.

>> No.51152685

Because most of the Jedi we saw in TCW show were masters. But quite a few of them were affected. Barris, Krell, the Grand Inquisitor, and Fisto's Padawan. You could argue it was for Ahsoka too

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