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I haven't made one of these in at least two months! So, once, more....

Describe the game you are in, be it as DM or player, in ten words or less.
First people to use 11 words or more is a faggot.

I'll start!
>Characters travel across Yggdrasil and stalked by dragon, shenanigans ensue.

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Vampire does what comes naturally, people suffer. Heroes where?

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Local idiots start 1400s mercenary band, what could go wrong?

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Searching serial killer escalates to searching for omnipotent moustache twirler.

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Party has released an ancient evil, no reason. Wat do?

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'Students battle and learn amidst modern ruins and ancient mysteries'

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Twenty Something's Fight Aliens Using The Powers Of Mythological Creatures

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road trip to earn money and rep, fight wizards.

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In an opressive magocracy, you're the muggle rebels.

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Free Mason recruits fight Illuminati for World Domination

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Scooby Doo meets Yog Sothoth driving a taxi cab.

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Deepest lore as an excuse for killing and sweet loot.

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Party sidetracked by Fae magic town forgets overarching story goals.

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Local guardians encounter kobolds, fail to report back to command.

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6 canucks, a goose, and a cowboy fight the illuminati

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> (player) derailed plot so much DM gave me a jojo stand.

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Everybody follow the cute girl's PC. Ugly girl sits alone.

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Canada finally gets what's coming to it.

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Deathwatch agents extract inquisitorial agent from fungus zombie apocalypse quick.

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Pulp characters investigate dangerous SCPs, Venture Brothers ensues.

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Evil spirits in the weird west. Mad science galore.

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Mind upload solves crimes for fun via hacking.

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TPK during the first round within 5 minutes of starting

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Grimdark overdone world has war, players fail to humanize enemies

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The Moon is fucked up, now you're on it.

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Murder hobos save fantasy Australia from dragon apocalypse.

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Samurai-cowboys caught in clan struggles; try to be heroes.

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Former ally now enemy. Wants to kill party, cuddle Daimah.

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"Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time."

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GodBound. Ran from Athiests. Now killing zombies. Played for laughs.

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Fever dream after playing MGS and watching Full Metal Jacket

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"Hello, we're from Department of Pornography, Kitsch and Firearms."

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GM railroads first time players into time travel clusterfuck.

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things like that can lead to some of the best campaigns. Is the campaign now focused entirely around the Fae magic town? What is it? Is it eldritch and scary like Fae should be?

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Sci-fi, cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic, biodomes, transhumanism, race-war, gang warfare.

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We went through a Fae party. The town itself is of spiritfolk (think spriggans 'n shit) and varying Fae creatures. That, in itself, was a nightmare, but it's surprisingly not Eldritch as all hell. More of a light setting.

I started serving the duty of party-head after usurping that right from our mentally handicapped Cleric, so I ended up avoiding getting drunk. Our Ranger ended up turning into a Gryphon (they also had a Gryphon mount, was great shit), our Artificer got impregnated, I taught a fire spirit (coincidentally a town figurehead) how to explode, and befriended a bartender, and our Cleric was unconscious for the night.

Since then, we've been living in that town (which is coincidentally in a high-level area, unfortunate for 3rd to 5th level PCs who went the wrong way whilst fudging all the right rolls) and doing general quests.

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Magical girls vow to help people or get overpowered trying

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Sailing around, making alliances, chaos wants a God war. No.

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In a city plagued by crime, idiots fight evil monkeys.

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>Local band of demigods can't stop falling for every ruse.
Or, for another game:
>Students prefer dealing with high school politics over murder cult.

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vampire PC kidnapped other PC, must shoot him in face

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RWBY OCs assemble: Candy girl, human shield, gravity witch, sniper.

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Fisherman, professor, author, detective, and accountant fight Cthulu and shit

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Here's a dungeon with loot inside. Kill inhabitants, get treasure.

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Chaotic neutral player characters save the day with endless violence.

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Paladin UN and jojokes vs magitek Richard Dawkins and friends.

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PC tries to sell his soul twice, +1 demonic IOU

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But how

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Remember 1990s JRPGs? That, but in tabletop form.

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Basically he was playing a warlock and he encountered a cult and when the ritual was completed he tried to persuade a newly summoned trickery demon to give him a taste of his power.

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Space rebels fight corporate vampires and steal so many drugs.

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Steel Pokeball Run.

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Fantasy weirdos end up cleaning up cleaning everyone else's mess

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Fuck it, I need details.

>Digimon shadowrunners get distracted by cardgames on motorcycles.

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drug-dealers try saving the world, fuck everything up instead.

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>I know we have to win this race but Arceus told me we have to kill the Elite Four

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Local man opens WIZARD COLLEGE then proceeds to ruin everything.

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Fist of the North Star: The Next Generation

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Dudes collect bros, to save world from other dude's bros.

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Dinosaurs on an island. We are sent there because reasons.

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Disgruntled war vet leads four idiots across the New Frontier.

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Pretty much what >>51100985 said, but with the addition of finding elemental plates a stand-in for the corpse parts of course before the others do.

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Legacy hero follows the path of her parents. She's thirteen.

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Group are all in debt to The Bank.

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>The big bad's Pokemon is a blue Lopunny
>it gets dirty deeds done dirt cheap if y'know what I mean

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Not too far of as our DM is a huge fan of Sentai and it's inspired by yes

Were closer to Kamen Rider though, as we lack zords. Well, OK there are one or two zords but we haven't had to use them yet

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Cthulhu, Commies, Vamps & humans run town, fuck em over.

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We are the law! Hold still while we beat you!

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Furfags fight some demons. Then talk to gods. So faggy.

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A slutty spellsword, fight some dragons, let's kill lich satan

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Assholes commit several crimes against humanity to hide the supernatural.

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure but with magic and guns

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Guts, fishman, slut, and a rat ruin literally every city.

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Three retards must save a city from a chaos wizard.

>> No.51102118

'Children are conscripted by Chaos God to entertain him'

>> No.51102145

No Heroes, you were the villains all along. Also Nyarlathotep

>> No.51102194

Al catpone burns down the neighborhood.

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Try to stop deformed mutant retard babies from mother's ass.

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Space criminals rob space Nazis and are being space chased

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Thieves in fantasy middle east.

>> No.51102334

Adventurers become town guards in a kingdom ravaged by war.

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Magic the Gathering Ravnica shenanigans, but with My Little Pony

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I'm not currently in a game, but I'll post my most recent:

>DMPCs wrestle with withered warlock over railroading rookies.

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Rebellion against alien overlords led by homoerotic murderhobos par excellence.

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Ah, motherfucker, meant to respond to the OP.

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Uncreative GM runs pre-published adventure set in decades-old setting.

Group refuses any game that isn't D&D or a derivative.

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Game 1: The retarded A-Team with no sense of danger, except me.

Game 2: Local adventuring party opens a whorehouse to resurrect someone's mom.

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Party marked for death by malicious AI and its enemies.
>I'm DM

Part-time government employees break shit, people, undead, drow, etc.
>I missed the last 2/3 sessions :|

Renaissance CIA fucked over by faulty intel and carnivorous doppelgangers.
>Dead game, homebrew rules AND setting.

Party encounters anthropomorphic emotion, get fucked by barbed wire.
>Haven't run this yet, don't have a setting.

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King's gone insane and everyone's trying to exploit it.

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>Robots powered by God souls have DBZ fights against PMCs

>> No.51104222

>People explore a mysterious tower full with pocket dimensions.

>> No.51104262

>mouse guard goes horribly wrong, cthullu skaven invade

>> No.51104286

party causes chaos and, in trying to fix, causes more

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Knights keep the peace in a fantasy wild-west colony.

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kidnap senator's daughter cause you want to have an bakery

>> No.51104394

>Knight's Order Disappeared. We Find Their Artifacts. Also Maggots.

>Work For NPC. Trap, Death, Resurrection 200 Years Later.

>Asshole Hides Parts of God. Party Searches, Fucks Shit Up.

>While Others Investigate Youkai's Trails, Fighter Accidentally Solves Most Everything.

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Apocalyptic McGuffin Hunt derailed by civilization building awesome Hero-Lords

>> No.51104527

Bitch queen finds evil artifact, fucks city in the ass.

>> No.51104539

Players escape corrupt city by boat, return later for Revenge

>> No.51104594

>Murderhobos travel the world solving problems, or creating them

>Zombies ruin everyone's lives, but we have a train

>Children of former heroes adventure to save their home town

>I prepare feather fall because we're on an airship, duh

>Everyone's immortal, everyone's indipendent. How could this go wrong?

>> No.51104748

And how could I forget
>Party trapped in demiplane. Fight, die, repeat.

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street gang wipes oppositors, Yakuza induce inner revolt, biotechnological warfare;

>> No.51105634

Gods gone. Various cults trying to return only THEIR god.

>> No.51105642

UN soldiers arrive in a fantasy world, hijinks ensue.

>> No.51105650

Expedition into evil sapient jungle to find ancient ruins.

>> No.51105657

Quest for radical gains interrupted by old man and beholder

>> No.51105664

Newbie spies stumble on undead plot to aid an invasion.

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Kind-hearted fantastical assholes accidentally make a slav girl God.

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Former marine turned pirate wants to end age of pirates.

>> No.51106058

Evil solo campaign, intentional edgelord gets recruited by future lich

>> No.51106303

Wizard learns reality is game, breaks ruleset to devestate players.

>> No.51106331

DM regrets old Mary Sue character, we help 'fix' everything

>> No.51106349

Samurai trying to change votes. Also self-motivated pettiness.

>> No.51106372

Criminals hide in the outer rim, committing crimes for cash.

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Rogue Trader and Naval Scottish Clan search for Space Hulk.

>> No.51106403

What if the New Jedi Order was actually competent?

>> No.51106707


Arcanist miscalculated entropy ending equation, must be stopped before Ragnarok.

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Terrible detectives take the cyber piss.

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My marigolds blossomed facing west.

Well, shit.

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Wanted supernatural mystery, players preferred murdercrusade for their evil cult

>> No.51108501

Teenage Espers mess an entire city and get in trouble.

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>Heroes try to re-awaken magic and ruin everything.

>> No.51108570

Justin or Aaron?

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dads save the universe, in space,also cocaine and adopted kids.

>> No.51109171

...I need to know more

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>Lowlifes run prison in space, hijinks and profit ensues

>> No.51109336

Party rolled evil monster races for a chivalrous feelgood campaign.

>> No.51109388

Oh god what am I doing everything is going wrong.

>> No.51109415

Nyarlothotep's pen pal hires party to map the Congo.

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Nine chummers stole an Aztechnology yacht, then broadsided New York.

>> No.51109541

DS patron tricks capes, city for mass destruction. Betrays everyone.

>> No.51109592

scooby doo in space

>> No.51109602

How is obtaining a stand a result of a trainwreck?!

>> No.51109623


>> No.51109679

So... just JoJo, gotcha

>> No.51109686

Grimdark batmen try to save Imperium. Beget boatloads of heresy.

>> No.51109713

World military stasis shattered by party; magic staff derails everything.

>> No.51109742

Collect Swords Exodia.

>> No.51109755

Kungfu adventurers stop kungfu barbarians invasion. Everyone is impressed.

>> No.51109789

Shin Megami Tensei waifus purge White Allies from Suburban Japan.

>> No.51109791

Hobos accidentally stole baby, fight over how to raise it.

Wasn't suppose to be this but they're serious as fuck about it.

>> No.51110147


That's going to have to be elaborated upon, because it's just nuts.

>> No.51110160

Modern-day tacticool operators fight supernatural horrors for United Nations.

>> No.51110182


>> No.51110213

So you're playing a generic Deadlands game?

>> No.51110246


>> No.51110289

Are you sure you're not talking about Tokyo Godfathers?

>> No.51110368

Turns out ragnarok is basically a deadly talent show.

>> No.51110531

Here are ten words about not having a game to play. :^)

>> No.51110781

Rogue Trader hires Swashbuckler, Cybersnek, Medic and Pilot for Shenanigans.

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Group of naive Samurai in the middle of 1000 conspiracies

>> No.51110907

Local Heretek does Chaos, players do nothing to stop him.

>> No.51111003

The flying city wants artifacts, and we have ulterior motives.

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Indiscriminate Fae genocide; or, The Revenge of the Edmund Fitzgerald

>> No.51111286

Depressing, 2bh

>> No.51111325

Undead highschool student shinanigans.

>> No.51111328

Eleven, fag. I'm sorry anon :(

>> No.51111337

Imperial Commandos must stop rebel incursion, what can possibly wrong?

>> No.51111579

>>51098354 Dragon stalks zanny cunts across Yggdrasil.
>>51098384 Vampire vampires. Dearth of heroes.
>>51098445 Idiot gathers 1400s mercenaries. Things go wrong.
>>51098499 Murder can't twirl moustache, yet.
>>51098542 Shonen battle high near ruins.
>>51098565 Muggle rebellion.
>>51098573 Conspiracy groups unite!
>>51098603 Murder hobos.
>>>51098616 dance_in_the_circle-heather_alexander.ogg
>>51098646 Kobolds sighted. Patrol goes missing.
>>51098797 Party face maxed Charisma.
>>51098831 Post-apocalyptic Canada.

>> No.51111647

>Heather Alexander
You mean Alexander James Adams?

>> No.51111721

Tzeentchian/Nurglite time fuckery gets old really fast.

>> No.51111866

Adventurers go back home for their mothers.

>> No.51111868

Five idiots, their bard and skeleton party table get killing.

>> No.51112033

In dungeon, adventurers drop like flies but some get rich.

Deniable corporate operatives are deniable,
Take drugs and kill clowns.

Reservoir Dogs armed with sorcery fail to solve their issues.

I'm a simple guy.

>> No.51112321

Magical nazis, dragon drawn airships, machine guns and katanas.

>> No.51112530

gotta know more

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Stand user obtains battlemaid, meanwhile bugbear really fucking hates humans.

>> No.51112665

>Centaur paladin just cannot stop running into high-level encounters

What I want to run:
>Allied naval cruiser squadron given task to hunt down ghost!Bismark

>> No.51112803

local idiots survive by sheer luck alone against all odds

>> No.51112821

Jaded individuals struggle to keep together an empire, trolling ensues.

>> No.51112854

Time Travel fuckery, turned BBEG into snail and went home

>> No.51112871

band of 'heroes' bring Aku into the future with them

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New world ronin operate with questionable morality, profit ensues

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you got eerie timing to get me right as I wake up

Hard to explain. That was 10 words to sum the soon-to-end 10 years or so worth of gaming that went into that statement.

Basically a bunch of ruffians and assholes went home, became a family man, adopted the slav, and then after a lot of other bullshit they collapsed time through her soul by complete and total happenstance (a bunch of situational add-ups combined with a series of improbable rolls (like one in a million improbable)). So now she's slowly becoming THE divinity as more and more time slowly folds in on itself through her.

She and nobody else has any idea yet save creepy inferences.

>> No.51114747

Cool. I especially like that its still not known to the party.

>> No.51114902

King is salty cunt, won't get off party dicks. Fuckhead.

>> No.51115193

zombies, demons turn Earth into Gamma World, thousand years later

>> No.51115279

Young mages escape from wizard jail.

>> No.51115606
File: 468 KB, 1184x1046, 1436913176351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They know something is up, and know they shattered time in some way and ended destiny, but have no idea that all timelines are collapsing in through her soul because of what they did.

Fuckin' slavs, man.

>> No.51115690

Globetrotting noble bitch fights everything; party tags along for now.

Party scouts the same world - shit happens for similar reasons.

>> No.51115869

inevitably some That Guy is gonna try and fuck God

>> No.51116073


>> No.51116340

Thankfully my players are all ten years vetted and way more interested in figuring out what to get for her birthday next month

>> No.51116401

Well shit. I always thought she had a kind of mannish voice. Now he really does.

>> No.51116771

>Sees :^)
>Expects anything other than bait
We were all new once, friend.

>> No.51116885

Death world acts as giant soulstone, Tzeenchian sorceror tries to exploit

"soulstone" might be cheating, not sure

>> No.51116994

Classic Hollywood Horror VS Cthulu Mythos.

>> No.51117065

A buddy cop movie staring Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

>> No.51117118

Heretics escape capture again, plans explosive revenge on torture elves

>> No.51117192
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Suicide Squad but worse fights a faggot's edgy fucko backstory.

>> No.51117595

Not!Lucifer tries to get back to Earth; Shit blows up

>> No.51118184

You need to let go. She's dead. We're next. Run.

>> No.51118213

Four heroes and a dragon in a wacky fantasy adventure.

>> No.51118905

I suppose that would be a good scrutinization process. Cheers to a good group

>> No.51118928

Is the dragon a PC?

>> No.51118995

A hippie, paladin, and edgelords start a rebellion against pirates.

>> No.51119036

It's the party's makeshift airship though, doesn't actually go into the dungeons with them.

>> No.51119903

Invincible sandnigger gains soulstealing sword, party unconcerned

>> No.51121009

It doesn't exist.

>> No.51121022

Super heroes fight nazis. Who doesn't like fighting Nazis?

>> No.51121092

Con artist wants to wake Bergentruckung while dodging the draft.

>> No.51121123

/pol/tards, they would rather BE the nazis dying in glorious droves under a cloud of Lancasters and B-17s

>> No.51121271

Old King's son is dying, gotta find elves for heals

>> No.51121335

I'm in/run a few;

Super heroes disintegrate Europe, and invade Venezuela with zombies. 'Heroes'

Supposed to invade a keep, Murder goblins in caves instead.

Sky pirate bear fights king koopa while fatally drunk.

Kids with magic powers nuke an alien world. They're Heroes.

Midget Psycho murders link and steals Majoras mask. Fucks Zelda.

Hermaphrodite navigator makes the inquisition run away with a look.

Not-Jedi strong-arms the council into making her master, murders children.

>> No.51122377
File: 412 KB, 484x341, when did Keisuke become a Whiteman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Basically for lack of a proper overarcing villain for what was originally conceived as a "Schoolgirl slice-of-life/Monster Of The Week but with Persona Q/Old Persona rules, but the Personas are magical girls/vidya cameos" I wound up binging on mainline titles and decided I'd try to bullshit what The White would be like if they bothered existing inside a reality and meddling with it.

And I based them on the whitest sentients known to man.

I should really get back to running it once my players are through relocating/convalescing/Literally Shaking for the winter.

>> No.51122634

We fight biggest problem in post-apocalyptic world - The Imperialism

>> No.51123034

Metal gear solid V meets metroid prime

>> No.51123050

Post apocalypse folks try (fail) to make things better.

>> No.51123051

Florida man becomes cleric. Casts thunderwave during diplomatic meeting.

>> No.51123143

Bashkar throws temper tantrum, local bandit gang all found dead.
Warrior Mages delve ancient temple, lovecraftian mind fucking ensues.

>> No.51123273
File: 146 KB, 1024x683, metroid__fusion_suit_redesign_by_imdrunkontea-d6xxtov.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pirate Base Clones Samus A LOT, Oh Shit, Stranded Marines

>> No.51123484

Paladins sustain life supported world, Lich would pull the plug.

>> No.51123610

Knights Teutonic Reintroduce Necromancy and Stargods to world of pagans

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File: 498 KB, 1772x1688, tarkovsky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Zone, but colder, with a boat.

>> No.51123838
File: 22 KB, 299x167, stop right there homosexual scum.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uninspired Shadowrun fetchquest run by incompetent nublet DM.

>> No.51123903

roman dykes hate elfs so they start a war, also there's ancient robots and shit

>> No.51124224

Holy Quest in Sigmars name vs. Vampire

>> No.51124243

Crazy Animal Hybrids Everywhere Because A Wizard Did It

>> No.51124295

Rape tournament a prequel to total cessation of all existence.

>> No.51124346

sci fantasy lol random

>> No.51124380

Diseased, malformed peasants blow up spiders and kill each other

>> No.51124396

Group has A.D.D. Campaign restarts constantly. Trying level twenty builds.

>> No.51124591

Broke out of alcatraz only to do tons of drugs

>> No.51124606
File: 218 KB, 327x384, disgusting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>11 words

>> No.51124652

party trys to stop world ending cult, gets distracted often

>> No.51124738
File: 24 KB, 267x166, IMG_0794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

evil campaign where everyone's evil races hunting old world races

>> No.51124756
File: 141 KB, 915x562, LoP Mazed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Classic Gygaxian crawl, starring racist fairy and the half-ogre too.

>> No.51124989

Friends dropped in medieval setting accidentally create a god friend

>> No.51125001

Undead north, heroes piss about with drow crisis.

>> No.51125096


>> No.51125127

aboleths make a concerted effort to kill the gods.

>> No.51125649

Started in a Laundromat, saved a hive, now Rogue Traders

>> No.51126735

Rock'n roll band tries to become the best, murders competition.

>> No.51126966

One I'm in
>cute monster girls and boys go on cute adventures
One I'm kinda working to GM
>cute monster girls and boys in brutal cannibalistic gang warfare

>> No.51127000

Magical stuntmen freaks in cyberpunk Gothenburg.

>> No.51127164
File: 137 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.463403853_scnn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Goddess of hope got careless, now the world is ending.

>> No.51128086

Buddy adventurers kill everything, become daytime television of the gods

>> No.51130740

samurai badger and dark knight fight interdimensional proxy god wars

>> No.51130748

who the fuck is this guy

>> No.51131030

MC of a bunch of hentai games.
In which he rapes anything with a pussy that comes across his way.

>> No.51131309

Autistic dragon fucks up everything.

>> No.51131546


Multiverse's material planes are scrambled. Deal with the shenanigans.

>> No.51131672

Absurd furry space opera with lone disgruntled angry human cyborg

>> No.51131715

Campaign 1:
Nazis kill demons, PCs kill nazis and demons.
Campaign 2:
Polar exploration mission goes wrong, perfect time go to crazy.
Campaign 3:
Psychic war veterans do cute things with no survivors.

>> No.51131741

The king is missing, so all the douchebags come out

>> No.51132282

Psychic aliens give planet cancer. Evolution goes haywire. Planet retaliates.

>> No.51132455


Of all of the ones I need to know more about yours is the one I need to know more about the most. I'm imagining the human playing the straight man to all of the Furries increasingly outlandish antics, is that what happens?

>> No.51133791

Dominatrix fighter, dead gunslinger, crazy halfling, 8 dmg cavalier. armagedom rises

>> No.51134226

Players make up rules, argue and bullshit for fun.

>> No.51134784

Dungeon crawling murderhobos save the world from a vengeful unicorn.

>> No.51135524

Man, my guy loves fighting Nazis. He is a brick type of character who can manipulate his mass to do all sorts of shenanigans. The line "Who doesn't like fighting Nazis?" is one I really used for him. Imagine if your alcoholic uncle was a super hero.

>> No.51136465


RWBY vs the Celtic Pantheon in space.

>> No.51136940


>> No.51137044

So many no shows that rocks fell and everyone died.

>> No.51137365
File: 117 KB, 297x383, 1483668807386.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Famous POKéMON trainer catches legendary. Cue international arms race.

>> No.51137419
File: 57 KB, 283x344, 1455584150710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The blind and dumb leading the blind and dumber.

>> No.51137544
File: 238 KB, 800x674, 1450580583109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Five wizards hunt werewolf, burn down city, fuck everything up.
>Street level superheroes try not to fuck everything up, do.
>Jedi and friends crash economies, fuck everything up IN SPAAAACE.
>We will fuck everything up in tamriel, prepare for worst.
no city we pass through is ever the same again

>> No.51137588

>fucking up things in Tamriel
Literally impossible. Everything is already pretty fucked up.

>> No.51137618

So has anyone used 11 yet?

>> No.51137632

>Fuck up everything in tamriel
Are you intentionally deactivating towers?

>> No.51137644
File: 55 KB, 577x577, 1460827626707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have no idea what will happen
but we'll fuck it all up somehow

>> No.51137681

Tards lead by salty man rides Mr Bones wild ride.

>> No.51139196

only good fascist is a dead one.

nazis can be dull and overused in the modern context, but they make good overall baddies for almost anything

>> No.51142010
File: 59 KB, 400x323, 1482091713137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last mortals smite evil with dying gods on dead planet.

Tavern Simulator meets Book of Revelations, and Characters aren't Christian.

Players play Beast. Tuck me in and let me die.

>> No.51142047

Magitech PIs get annoyed by shifty ex-corp employer maybe demon.

>> No.51142397

GM's first campaign; Amoral party saves the world from devils.

>> No.51142666

Playtesters blame GM for not stopping them from killing everyone

>> No.51142716

Angel's next door neighbor is a Dragon, asks for help.

>> No.51142776

Rogue Traders fight everyone for control of old one powers.

>> No.51142827

Mission; kill asshole Chelish Baron, prevent unleashing of eldritch horror.

>> No.51143391

Pretty standard DnD faire- liked it but it's dead now.

>> No.51143669

Murderhobos are hired by fantasy not!ONU to save the world.

>> No.51143930

All bard party off rails, attempts seducing Lady of Pain.

>> No.51144106

Drunk police officers killed in firefight.
Their clones join AA.

>> No.51144121

Heroes uncover secret to ancient civilization. Instantly, wish they didn't.

>> No.51144132

Its basically the jungle but in dieselpunk fantasy land.

>> No.51144133

Weirdos save teen mother and do jobs of questionable legality.

>> No.51144164

Incestous Wizard Quadruplets try to save the world from themselves.

>> No.51144171

Two pals join up with mysterious order for different reasons

>> No.51145085

Bunch of fags follow a princess around, kill many bandits.

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