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Sad Knight's Haiku Corner edition

>Choose Your Own Previous Adventure
>>51069163 >>51069162

>A Picturebook List Builder For Kids Who Can't Read Good

>Freshest Rules in Epub (Use Readium for PC or Kobo on Android)

>Not always current PDFs:

>As current as the FAQs get

>40K 7th Edition Quick Reference Sheets:

>Forge World Book Index:

>The Black Library (No, not the Black's Library):

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First for Malifaux

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Daemons of the Emperor confirmed 100% canon

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Hopefully we get rules leaks soon, just so I can tell if Cawl or Grayfax are worth buying.

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>tfw Sisters become not!Word Bearers

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>Abaddon fails to kill depowered Saint and Creed

Champion of the Chaos, ladies and gentlemen.

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Cawl is Magos^2 with more personal power and more buffing. Greyfax is cheapish lvl2 psyker.. which is bad since Coteaz is already that and has hellovagood special rules.

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Legion of the Damned ain't exactly news.

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nth for fat-looking sisters

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Nobody told him not to monologue during a fight.

Anyways, Celestine servered his spine. How is he still standing and walking?

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It's Celestine being reborn again.

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It's ok.

Failbaddon has always been spineless :^)

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I said "NEW AUTISM!" you quaddamned lazy shit.

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Do we know whether Cawl's buffs are any good for Admech? 5++ for vehicles wouldn't do much, since Dragoons have a 5+ cover and Crawlers have a 6++, 5++ or 4++ at all times anyway.

Every unit already has canticles in a warconvo, so far he looks like a T6 W5 Magos with a preset decent WT for ~180 extra points.

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He has an IWND canticle.

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>Daemons of the Emperor


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Any spoilers for the new formations?

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That one canticle gives both inv++ and IWND.

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Help, my FLGS is dying.

The regulars have been slowly disappearing for a little while but I came in today to reconnect with people after the Christmas holidays and it was literally empty.
Is this the end?

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Yeah, they're giant heaping piles of crap, especially the Admech ones

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Thats Sangunius thou.

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>Those retardbots

Spoiler that shit

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It's okay, anon

they don't actually come in the package that image is used to promote

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Maybe. Start a Killteam-campaing? Killteam doesnt need more than 1-2 boxes of models and is great fun. I've seen it respark the excitement to the hobby.

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How well would a Nurgle Daemonic Incursion work?

My thoughts are the Nurglings can infiltrate to tag as many objectives as possible early on and force my opponent to split up to go after them. Furies because I have to have the aux choice. They basically just tag objectives and distract. Then the big boys can go after the weakest links.

Everyone rolls on Biomancy probably. Maybe the princes on Plague since they can get Stream of Corruption and Plague Wind in range easily enough.

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I know, I was casting about for an image of a resurrected Sigmar-style Emperor and I figured that was pretty close.

>tfw never live in an Imperium lead by Sanguinius, administered by Guilliman and defended by Lion El Johnson

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Are the Saint of Thiccness' wings natural or just a stylised jump pack/bionics?

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i thought guilli and traitor-san cannot stand each other?

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So rules for characters and formations?

I do not care about the fluff. Everything after 4th has been rather lame

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We had one a few weeks ago.

Not many people participated...

I think the 40k scene in my area is doomed, everyone just suddenly lost interest for some reason.
They all stopped playing games and now they've all stopped coming.

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>those powerful thighs

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I just finished reading Pharos and it seemed more the Lion fucking off the other two by being secretive as shit all the time, but nothing too major compared to the other Primarchs. Sanguinius and Guilliman actually seem to have a functional fraternal relationship going despite Sanguinius being butthurt about having to be a figurehead.

They actually seem to form a reasonably functional triumvirate.

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Man, how much would it piss off Erebus and Lorgar if Abaddon manages to actually kill the Emperor, but by the faith of the Imperium this causes him to be reborn as a literal god in the Warp.

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It's a Jump Pack, but it does seem to channel her power somehow. They aren't flesh and blood in any case.

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It will be solid, not competitive, but neither a steaming pile of shit (though it will smell just like that.).
I'd try to include some Plague Drones somehow. Maybe going MSU on the Tallyband, and taking a CAD?

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Once he's back under the Chaos god's influence Nurgle will fix it.

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I need help naming a list. Should I call it Geneblower or Leafstealer? Also, I'm wondering if it would be worth shuffling points around to replace the second Demo Claw with an Emperor's Blade Assault Company for dem melta/plasmavets, or Emperor's Wrath for artillery. If I did that, I might just make the Russes "basic" Eradicators instead.

++Cult Insurrection++
+Brood Brother+
Leman Russ Exterminator w/ Lascannon and Multimelta - 160
+Neophyte Cavalcade+
Leman Russ, same Loadout - 160
10 Neophytes, 2 Mining Lasers, Chimera w/ Multilaser and Heavy Bolter - 145
Same - 145
Armored Sentinel, Plasma Cannon - 50
Armored Sentinel, Plasma Cannon - 50

+Two Demolition Claws+
5 Acolytes, 1 Demolition Charge, Goliath - 110
5 more squads like that - 550
Rockgrinder w/ Clearance Incinerator - 80
5 more Rockgrinders - 400

Total: 1850

Warlord tank rolls on Strategic, hopefully getting Master of Deception (so he can outflank, and I can give some Democlaw Acolytes Shrouded) or Conqueror of Cities. Night Fight is nice too.

The Acolytes took regular Goliaths as they're open-topped, allowing for assault after disembark. The Goliaths can infiltrate, and their TL Autocannons have Tank Hunters.

The Chimeras infiltrate and are Mining Laser bunkers. Rockgrinders start on-table though some of them might Reserve.
Most everything else can Outflank.

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Where's the new formations? Anyone have them?

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anyone have any alpha legion tips?

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Tzeentch DP with Drakescale plate is fun.

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>calling warp spawn "daemons"
Shit nigger what are you doing?, do you even imperial truth?

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>Trazyn should be able to field any one independent character from any army as an elite choice.
>Genestealer cults should be allies of convenience with every faction except necrons and daemons.
>Orks should be able to field any vehicle in any codex as looted, with that vehicles special rules, but bs reduced to 1, and all guns attack values increased by 1.
>Tyranids in synapse should automatically pass look out sir, and be able to refuse challenges without penalty.

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Including dead Primarchs?

>> No.51074671

Especially dead primarchs. They were actually in cryo stasis all along.

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I didn't pay these thicc memes any heed but then I got the new White Dwarf and there's this one shot in particular and fuuucccckk they really are THICCCCCCC

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>literally why. everyone hates tyranids and their kin
>BS2 but vehicle loses special rules

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I honestly dislike the idea of Orks with looted vehicles, since Orks are very prone to "improving" them beyond recognition. Ork vehicles should just be far more customizable, with more chassis variance and options for Looted Gubbinz that can radically alter the vehicle but with risky drawbacks.

So rather than Orks looting a Hammerhead, they could take a Battlewagon with Rokkit Boostas and a "Big Smasha" (A discount railgun, that for each time you fire, you must roll above the number of times you've fired it or it blows up!), etc.

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Id assume black carapace bound armour has redundancies for sending messages from the central nervous system to the peripheral nervous system

But mostly I just assume the dude writing the piece didn't put too much thought into it.

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To the guy making the "Chaos is the Greatest Threat" collection. Here is more material for you from Fall of Cadia. It even names the lesser threats compared to Chaos.

>The technologically superior Tau

Tau confirmed to have the bestest tech at least compared to the Imperium

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>big robots make him feel insecure

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Everyone hates genestealers of they know they're dealing with them. But genestealers have successfully infiltrated basically everyone but necrons and daemons at some point in the fluff.

Losing the special rules would make them lose the fun.

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both. The ancient technology could manifest psyker powers.

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GSC is when the cults reveal themselves
how the fuck are they going to explain the giant 4 armed xenos leading them to their friendly neighborhood marine chapter if they are still undercover ?

>> No.51074810

The same way they explain it to the imperial guard they're currently allies of convenience with.

>> No.51074823

Everyone? Where can i read space marines getting infiltrated by genestealers?

>> No.51074825

well that's just plain stupid

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Probably not the actual space Marines, but they've infiltrated human society in general, and humans hand space Marines their orders.

>> No.51074886

Did Belisarius Cawl really die already? I was hoping he'd be a more important character.

>> No.51074907

>The same way they explain it to the imperial guard they're currently allies of convenience with.

This is justified by the Imperial Guard being hypnotised 'Brood Bothers'; they're part of the cult, they just aren't hybrids. Arguably Orks and Tau should be Allies of Convenience as well; Eldar and Marines are probably too insular and strong-willed for a Cult to be able to mind control them in any numbers.

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Did we ever find out who that Eldar guy is?

>> No.51074965

If I shared what I wrote for my fanmade Imperial Guard Regiment, would people here be willing to help me by pointing out flaws and any mary sueness?

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Sure, why not?

>> No.51075018

It's Ahra the founder of the Striking scorpions and incubi temples

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Thats why the video of Curze getting kulled isn't clear at the moment of his death. Trazyn did it.

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1st Archon Defenders Mechanized Infantry Regiment

Home World: Archon III, Archon System, Jericho Reach, Ultima Segmentum

Regimental Commander: High Commander Carmine Titanius

Regimental Commissar: Lord Commissar Mathias Caine

Regimental Colors: Blue flak or carapace armour worn over sand colored uniforms. High ranking members and veterans have gold painted shoulderguards.

Regimental Emblem: A silver aquilla with a white number 1 at its center. Command squads bear a golden aquilla instead. The emblem is most commonly seen on the left shoulder guard or on the platoon's or company's banner. When on a banner, the aquilla is circled by a halo of white stars and is placed on a black background, the company or platoon's motto emblazoned beneath the aquilla. Some companies will include blue 'X' or skull marks to show the number of battles the company was victorious in.

Regimental Numbers:
10 infantry companies, each with 1 company command squad, 1 company commissar and 6 infantry platoons. Each platoon holds 1 platoon command squad, 1 commissar, 5 infantry squads, 3 heavy weapon squads, 3 special weapon squads and nine chimera armoured transport. Totaling nearly 5600 men and women.

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>> No.51075071

Notable History:
778.M41 - Achilus Crusade: The crusade reclaims the Archon Sector, the 1st Archon Defenders Regiment is formed.

779.M41 - Ultramarine successor chapter, the Knights Eternal, claim Archon III as their primary recruitment world and rename themselves the Sons of Archon. Veterans of the 1st Archon Defenders are chosen as potential candidates for the chapter.

812.M41 - Battle of Archon II: Necrons awaken beneath the deserts of Archon II and begin a war against the planet's inhabitants. The 1st, 3rd and 8th Archon Defenders regiments, along with the 1st Company of the Sons of Archon, arriving on the planet to fight the Necrons. The size of the Necron force was underestimated and half of the 1st Archon Defenders, as well as the entirety of the 3rd and 8th Archon Defenders and 3/4ths of the Sons of Archon 1st Company are loss. The imperial forces retreat from the planet and Chapter Master Mathias Caine of the Sons of Archon issues an Exterminatus. Survivors of the Sons of Archon 1st Company paint their helmets black to signify their loss in their first major battle.

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897.M41 - Siege of Archon V: When the Imperium reclaimed the Archon Sector, they also discovered the long dormant forge world of Archon V. Having been maintained and operated since 779.M41, the Forge World of Archon V is home to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Archon's Wrath tank regiments. The Archon patterned Leman Russ is more sturdy than other patterns, but sacrifices speed and mobility for its increased survivability. The most common variant of the Archon pattern Leman Russ is the Leman Russ Eradicator, while the Archon pattern also comes in the Vanquisher and Battle Tank variants. Besides the Archon pattern Leman Russ, the forge world only produces one more vehicle. The Archon pattern Chimera Armoured Transport. Like the Archon pattern Leman Russ, the Archon pattern Chimera sacrifices speed and mobility for thicker armour.

At the start of 897.M41, an Ork WAAAGH!, known as WAAAGH! Krakaz, began to lay siege to Archon V in an attempt to loot it of its weapons and vehicles. Alongside the Archon's Wrath tank regiments, the 1st Archon Defenders answered the call to halt the siege. In a rare strategy for the regiment, they began using boarding and raiding tactics. While still in orbit above Archon V, the most hardened veterans of the 1st Archon Defenders were sent in raiding craft to board the ork ships and sabotage their inner workings. While this happened, the rest of the regiment began to make landfall to aid in the defense of Archon V.

The Warboss Krakaz Mostdakka's siege on Archon V became known as the longest battle in the Archon System's history, lasting until 923.M41. The siege was only broken after 1st Archon Defenders raiding parties disabled Krakaz's personal ship. His WAAAGH! left the system, but not before swearing to return again for revenge. The 1st Archon Ork Hunters regiment was formed to prepare for that day.

>> No.51075109

999.M41 - The 13th Black Crusade: The 1st Archon Defenders Regiment, lead by High Commander Carmine Titanius and Lord Commissar Mathias Caine, along with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd companies of the Sons of Archon, the 4th Archon's Wrath tank regiment and the 1st Archon's Claws Siege Company, make their way to the Cadian Gate through the Jericho-Maw warp gate, in an attempt to get to the Cadian Gate to aid in its defense and prevent the Chaos forces from pouring through.

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weak bait/10
Art is okay, but not exactly great.

>> No.51075120

I'm 80% certain SM can't recruit from vets, they usually go for pre-teens (eeeyooo) not old crusty dudes.
Rest just looks like typical homebrew. Nothing too interesting, nothing overtly bad.

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Only War Regimental Rules:
CHARACTERISTIC MODIFIERS: +3 Agility, +3 Ballistic Skill, -3 Perception, +3 Willpower
STARTING SKILLS: Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Common Lore (Imperium), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Common Lore (Imperial Guard), Common Lore (War), Operate (Surface)
STARTING TALENTS: Rapid Reload, Deadeye Shot
BLESSED IGNORANCE: Imperial citizens know that the proper ways of living are those tried and tested by generations that have gone before. Horror, pain and death are the just rewards of curiosity, for those that look too deeply into the mysteries of the univers are all too likely to find malefic beings looking back at them. Their wise blindness imposes a -5 penalty on all Forbidden Lore (Int) Tests.
KILL THE MUTANT: The general citizens of the Imperium are trained from birth to fear mutation, for it heralds the taint of Chaos. All Imperial world characters start with Hatred (Mutants).
WOUNDS: Characters from this regiment generate starting Wounds normally.
STANDARD REGIMENTAL KIT: 1 Common M36 lasgun and 6 charge packs, 1 suit of Imperial Guard flak armour, 3 frag grenades, 3 krak grenades, 3 smoke grenades, 1 auspex, 1 uniform, 1 set of poor weather gear, 1 Laspistol and 4 Charge Packs, 1 Knife, 1 rucksack, 1 set of basic tools, 1 mess kit, 1 water canteen, 1 blanket and 1 sleeping bag, 1 rechargeable lamp pack, 1 grooming kit, 1 set of Common tags, 1 imperial infantryman's uplifting primer and 4 weeks' supply of combat sustenance rations.
SQUAD VEHICLE: 1 Chimera Armoured Transport per squad.

>> No.51075175

My knowledge of Space Marine fluff is a tad limited, so I'll make note of that and remove that line from their fluff. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to fill in the large gaps in their history.

>> No.51075205

They might not neccessarily need filling.
The Imperial Guard is so large that it's not ucommon for regiments to not be deployed for decades at a time.

>> No.51075275

"hey bro thats a lot of grav centurions you got there what chapter is that?"


>> No.51075278

You're telling orks that they can have literally any vehicle in the game with all weapons having +1 attack. There's plenty of fun to be had in that alone.

>> No.51075285

Noted. Right now my only army is my 1st Archon Defenders. I'm at just under 100 models right now, aiming to bring the army up to the full 5600 models. I also plan on buying models to assemble the full Sons of Archon chapter.

I earn $1200 a month, and only have to pay $300 for rent, internet, TV, phone and utilities, plus another $200 for groceries. So I'm left with $700 a month in free spending.

>> No.51075286

Marines can recruit vets, it just typically has a terrible success rate, even compared to normal. I think Leman Russ had some of his viking bros end up volunteering, even though they were all old, but it goes from those 1 in 1000 odds you get from standard recruits to like 1 in 10000 or worse.

>> No.51075302

Yeah, once you hit puberty you're too old for astartes recruitment.

They managed to make small numbers of adult men into psuedo-marines during the Great Crusade so various Primarchs could keep some of their pre-contact followers, but it wasn't the full marine augmentation, just an increase in strength and size to be roughly in line with legio standards.

To my knowledge only the Emprah knew how to do that and he ain't telling anyone these days.

>> No.51075303

I want to know just how impossible to field Bellarius Cawl is going to be, god dammit. Give me muh leaks already.

I also really want a decent Black Templars Only formation but that probably won't happen in this book.

>> No.51075319

He'd be a "true God" then, so they'd worship him with all the other Chaos Gods.

>> No.51075344

>Tau confirmed to have the bestest tech at least compared to the Imperium
It's Necrons>Eldar>Tau.
Tau might be able to catch up to the Edar with time.

>> No.51075369

>A discount railgun, that for each time you fire, you must roll above the number of times you've fired it or it blows up!

Rules like this are why CSM and Orks have sucked for so long. "Roll High or Die" shouldn't happen when no one's even attacking you.

>> No.51075377

fake, no one's str8

>> No.51075381

Another point for keeping special rules is how do you determine what rules get dropped? Assault vehicle? Transport? Etc.

>> No.51075390

What the fuck? What happened to him? Why isn't this a big deal?

>> No.51075405

First day to play in ages. Wish me luck /tg/

>> No.51075410

The leak doesn't mention his death, just that he failed to prevent Cadia from falling.

>> No.51075416

Sounds mostly good.
As some other anon pointed out, geneseed implantation doesn't work past a certain age (~16-17).
Maybe change some of the events to deplyoments in other segments; right now that's a lot of things to happen to a single system.

If you want some more events, consider some low key stuff (helped put down a genestealer cult on some mining world, quelled a rebellion somewhere etc.)

>> No.51075424

Get this Tumblr shit off of my board.

>> No.51075445

May the Emperor protect you.

>> No.51075460


>Cannot into FTL
>Have to beg for scraps of webway from Eldar
>Cannot into Distortion
>Necrodermis inferior to wraithbone
>13th BC is all about acquiring Eldar doomsday weapons, rather than Cron ones

Can't hear you for all this D my T6 ass is shitting out.

>> No.51075475

I dub thee: "Red Guard Guy"

>> No.51075492


>As some other anon pointed out, geneseed implantation doesn't work past a certain age

Not true, we've seen tonnes of grown ass men getting turned into marines in fluff.

>> No.51075500

Two wars in a single system is a lot? Three if you count the reclaiming of the system itself.

There's been like...3 wars in the home system of the Ravenguard in a span of even less time. The war against the nids. The war against chaos. The inquisition's investigation and all out war. And that's just including the stuff that happened in the Dawn of War 2 games.

>> No.51075518

He was trapped by Trazyn, the only Phoenix Lord to be trapped and captured in a tesseract, he was released from prison during the last stages of the fall o Cadia and it was him the omne that opened the webaway to allow everyone to escape.

>trusting a dark eldar Phoenix Lord
Geeh I guess how this will end.

>> No.51075575

Hah called it

>> No.51075584

thats a lot of commissars

>> No.51075596

That's impossible though - Ahra and Kahandras have fought in semi-recent history. Unless Trazyn pokeballed him a few decades before Fall of Cadia occurs.

I guess this means Drazhar isn't Arha after all?

>> No.51075620


>> No.51075716

Is Arhra still considered a Dark Eldar?

>> No.51075740

>only one chaos forgeworld in the whole galaxy
Does heretics get tired of always being wrong?

>> No.51075742


>> No.51075777


>> No.51075784

Did you see those guardsmen from Hammerfell? They've got curved swords.

>> No.51075809

I can say for sure that chart is wrong. There is Xana and a few others.

>> No.51075811

If Ahra was tranzyn's prisoner all along so who the hell fought with Kahandras?

>> No.51075814



I wonder if Cyrus has survived into 4E just through HoonDing'ing death.

>> No.51075834

Well I don't think he'll get welcomed in any craftworld or exodite world.

>> No.51075952

This Trazyn shit is pretty cheap, and not even necessary in the first place

>> No.51076021

Who has THIS much money to burn?

Honestly GW...

>> No.51076025

The average system in the Imperium will see very little conflict, let alone fullscale xeno invasions.

The reason that Chapter homeworlds/system get so much attention is that the homeworld being under attack is an easy way to meake it personal.

name 3 instances in official material then.

>> No.51076049

>Kor Phaeron

>> No.51076073

Thats really autistic senpai

>> No.51076080

You're joking, right?

>> No.51076085

How is that Ahra? Did I miss something?

>> No.51076086

>Lukas and other wolves
>most black Templars

>> No.51076093

That guy is eight. Feral worlders live harsh lives, it ages you.

>> No.51076113

Yeah i only could remember 2/3 from the top of my head
But i'm still correct

>> No.51076121

Neither of them got true astartes upgrades. The Emperor suped them up with gene-fuckery so they could take part in the crusade but they didn't receive geneseed and get all the organs and shit.

Same with the Lion's knights.

>> No.51076142

Both of them got imperfect transformation due to them being too old for a true geneseed transformation, which lead to their resentment of their primarchs.
It's actually a plotpoint for both characters.

>> No.51076145

>Kor Phaeron

Isnt a space marine, he just has enough gene enhancements to wear power armor but otherwise he's an old man
Damnation Crusade
Russ' original Wolf Guard were made from mortal men, most of them died and those that survived became Space Marines.

>> No.51076166

I'm a different anon, so i wasn't really paying attention to the previous argument
But at least my answers sparked proper ones


>> No.51076171

So I can't have 2 wars in the system because it's not a Chapter system....despite being a Chapter system?

>> No.51076225

You can do whatecver you want, anon.
I'm just saying that it's unusual for one system to get so much action.

>> No.51076231

*raises hand* I do. I have $700, roughly, to blow on 40k every month. Would only take 2 months to get enough to buy that.

>> No.51076244

safe some money.

>> No.51076263


So he was willing to do that for them, but not for Angron's comrades back on his homeworld?

>> No.51076272



>> No.51076297

>Lukas and other wolves
As far as I know the Yiffs recruit teens just like everyone else.
Couldn't find anything about Lukas that indicates him being older than the average recruit when he got transplanted.

>> No.51076310

Kinda pointless to implant corpses, no?

>> No.51076321

Well, there's two reasons it does.
1. It's a Chapter system (The Sons of Archon)
2. It's in the Jericho Reach, a section of the Ultima Segmentum that has heavy Necron, Tau, Tyranid, Chaos and Ork presences. The Archilus Crusade was only able to enter the Jericho Reach through the Jericho-Maw Warp Gate that connects Segmentum Obscurus and the Jericho Reach sector of Ultima Segmentum. There's literally a crusade in that region of space right now that's trying to reclaim worlds for the Imperium. I have yet to ear of a planet in the Jericho Reach that isn't touched by war. There's a good reason why the Jericho Reach is the default setting for the Death Watch RPG books. I specifically picked the region for the unusual number of conflicts that happens within it and for the fact that the majority of the Jericho Reach is still under the control of Chaos Forces.

>> No.51076324

Angron was a failure.

The Emperor had to do extensive surgical work just to slow Angron's deterioration, why would he go to the effort of enhancing a bunch of savage, mentally mutilated slaves for him?

>> No.51076327

Me and my Russes (and Priest) wish you luck anon bro!!!
Who are you playing against?

>> No.51076334

has there ever been a case where a successor chapter will have insignia from their founders on their shoulder and then their actual chapter on their other?

>> No.51076335

Okay then.

>> No.51076338

Attempting to build an EC army, what's the best, deadliest way to equip a Kakophoni detachment? Does the Lord get fully kitted out for melee with Blissgiver and joined to a melee Noise Marine squad, or does one keep it cheap and just sit him in a ranged squad with the Bolts of Ecstatic Vexation? Perhaps field him on a Steed to outflank a Noise Marine squad with blasters alongside him?
Auxiliary will probably be either the Heldrake or Forgefiend formations, but the Raptor Talon is looking good too, especially with a MoS Lord.

>> No.51076341

Move some of those HQ points over to a Soul Grinder formation so you have ranged offence.

>> No.51076346

>Slaanesh's Birth-Feast: The Musical

Come taste the sweet waters of temptation and bodily pleasures, my darling little mon-keighs.

>> No.51076364

But that would make me an adult and I don't want to adult.

>> No.51076393

Not hat I'm aware of.

Though some succecors incorporate the symbol of their parent chapter in their own heraldry.

>> No.51076540

Give him a steed or a bike, get some Sorcerers, get them steed or bikes as well and slap them to a unit of Spawn.

>> No.51076642

None. GGA and RGG. Perfect. In a week or so I will post pictures of my Guard as well. I will leave the rest to you anon.

>> No.51076663

>He was trapped by Trazyn, the only Phoenix Lord to be trapped and captured in a tesseract,

Wait If he was trapped in the Vault how did he fight as an Incubi

>> No.51076676

I see what the Fulgrim HH novel is based on now!

>> No.51076715

They didn't show the part where they then sewed him in to a living palanquin that looks forward to being stepped/sat on.

>> No.51076740

It was a cliff hanger bit between him and greyfaux, they'll probably explain what the fuck is going on in the next chapter of the campaign.

>> No.51076782

Come on anon, use valid sources instead of sanctioned fandexes.

>> No.51076867


So he deliberately put an unstable man in charge of his Legions at that?

>> No.51076869

Might try that! I assume it's fine to run the Marines with both Sonic Blasters and Blastmasters in 10 man squads because of split fire?

>> No.51076935

He wrecked shit wherever he went with a legion and their commanders at his disposal they would had worked, shit went down when they decided to lobotomise themselves.

>> No.51076950

>FW doesn't match my head canon
>Tell everyone Forgeworld isn't canon

>> No.51076963


>> No.51076969


It was doomed to fail the second he put Angron in charge of that legion by virtue of Angron being a blood thirsty madman with lingering contempt and a lack of respect for his Gene Father.

>> No.51076991

The Blastmaster is the real bomb, and if you have a 10 man unit, you can take two. Are you planning to max out the Kakophoni formation?

>> No.51077026

The 40k General is slowly being consumed by guard players!

>> No.51077032

Just like BL GW decides what gets admitted and what doesn't, and since xana isn't mentioned as an existing dark mech forge world in the admech codex then it isn't canon or sanctioned until is mentioned in official GW sources.

>> No.51077086

>Official GW sources
>Forgeworld is Games Workshop
Bait harder plz

>> No.51077110

Let's not hurry things.

>> No.51077114

I'm just starting out so I probably won't max out in the beginning, unless i run 5 man squads, but the +1 Str is tempting. It just feels more solid to run 10 man squads, get some value out of grabbing the Icon of Excess.

>> No.51077121

Everyone's stuff looks amazing. My IG stuff sucks.

>> No.51077147

Gw is allowed to make 40k ad on miniatures and rules, fluff for their supplements aren't Canon, otherwise we have the Leman Russ schematics fiasco.

>> No.51077149

Holy shit
Why the fuck are these so cheap?
90 points for av 12 12 10, 3 hp 4 str 10 ap 2 attacks base, can buy extra attacks and flamer weapon. If it dies you only lost 90-110 points or so you spent on upgrades
Seriously? I mean ork heavy support should only really have Mek Guns in it so why the fuck do i rarely see people use these if heavy support isnt even that crowded in terms of useful units?? You cant throw 10 krak grenades at it anymore so it wont instantly die in CC to space marines or guardsmen, yet no one has noticed this.
Only downside i see its I2 but this is offset by av 12 and bs2 but why would you be shooting with a melee dread

>> No.51077151

How's this look, guys? It's got a mix of everything and a load of special rules to help out the rest of the army.

>> No.51077164

At least yours are painted, I'm a lazy fucker stuck with grey miniatures.

>> No.51077178

Meant FW

>> No.51077209

Noise Marines get a lot of benefit out of 10 man squads. 2 blastmasters is amazing, and the extra efficiency for icons is always nice.

Another thing to consider is that Noise marines can be decent as a melee unit if you give them CC weapons instead of bolters, though that's better off in case you need a cheap squad to help fill formations.

>> No.51077217

Right, painted. Yep, my army is totally there. >_>

>> No.51077221

Mechanicus is arguably superior to Tau as well. They just don't like to share.

>> No.51077233

Because it can't shoot for shit, walks slowly, dies to a moderate application of gun and it's flamer just makes it make it harder to reach with the charge.

But mainly, it competes with Mek Guns.

Don't match the 3 KMK's you could buy instead.

It's the Orks Vespid.

>> No.51077244

At least my tanks are almost done.

>> No.51077269

40k player stereotypes pop up in these threads quite often, so I'd like /tg/ to guess what army I'd play.
I'm a short guy with glasses who tends to dress relatively elegant for what is the norm amongst wargamers. I'm also a law student and I frequent /pol/.

>> No.51077285

>Glossy primer

I guess you're going with a army men theme

are half of them Eisenkern?

>> No.51077315

Originally, yeah. Switched to a different theme recently, as seen on the tanks.

And yeah, I believe so. Those were bought off a friend for $1 back when I started playing 40k last March.

>> No.51077317

can someone give me a hint where to find some templates so i can print a game mat for my table with some textures? i dont need the rubber stuff mats

>> No.51077320

So I was reading about the crimson path thing that abby plans to use, and I'm a bit confused about something.
As of WoM, the daemon primarchs are already out in realspace. Yet the crimson path says that the end goal is to expand the EoT so that even the most powerful beings like the daemon primarchs can leave. But if magnus can open a hold that allows that, then whats the point of the path? Why doesn't abby just get magnus to sacrafice another planet to allow all the traitor legions and renegades out?

>> No.51077321

Posted this in the old general - derp.

Hosting a 40k tournament at my local store at the end of this month and I'm making up a set of 6 objective markers for each player (everyone gets to take them home at the end of the event so everyone gets something for playing).

Here's the first (WIP) set - gonna do half in red and half in blue (both with white numbers)

>> No.51077324

That means nothing, it's obnoxious habits, personal grooming issues and personal brand of autistic rants that reveals your army.

>> No.51077329

Everything is better than grey miniatures or black/grey/white primer

>> No.51077369

Fenris had a world spirit or some shit, that made it a usable catalyst.

It also took a Primarch 10.000 years and massive investment to realise it.

To repeat the proces on every world in the thousand of lightyears there is to Terra...
Not evne Necrons have the patience or raw Autism required to do that.

>> No.51077373

Ahh I was toying around in the army builder with a CC squad of Noise Marines but I went hard on upgrades. I had 9 man with Icon in a Rhino, Doom Siren and Sword on the champ and I thought of joining the Lord with that squad. It's just a shame they have to ride in a Rhino.

>> No.51077379

Are those painted on or just a botched stencil?

>> No.51077392

Did GW really pull a StarWars level of villain by destroying planet?

Yes is Cadia, but this is not a new thing in 40k.

I just hope it is BoLS being retards as their review of the IA book. TOTALLY NEW RULES FOR SISTERS OF BATTLE AND INQUISITION

>> No.51077393

I shave my neck.

>> No.51077410


Botched stencil

>> No.51077430

>I'm also a law student and I frequent /pol/.


are you me?

>> No.51077431

Yes, they did. But not before Abby went down onto the planet and jobbed hard then ran away.

>> No.51077438


>say that to my face

>> No.51077454


Yes, Cadia is no more.

>> No.51077471

Why do you make fun of the mentally retarded?

>> No.51077486

>No haikus
Man's Imperium
A collection Sue fluff
Autistic players

>> No.51077501

Oh my fucking god that is stupid. Destroy the only stable point for attacking outside of the Eye, that is not completely the wimps of the warp.

GW did you hire 12 years old to write this thing or what?

>> No.51077507

>>file name

10/10 made me actually lol

>> No.51077521

Yep, cadias gone. But only because Trayzn activated the pylons.
Abby really only ensured that the Failbadon meme never goes away, because he was pathetic in FoC.
All in all, it's very clear that this "end times" stuff will just be a whole bunch of phyrric victories to shake up the setting without actually doing much.
Also, Imperium+Necrons confirmed for master race. Seriously, after ba'al and FoC, there is absolutely no reason for them not to just team up all the time, since they actually get shit done when they do.

>> No.51077525

you sound like an insanely huge faggot. im guessing you dont play any army and complain in the corner of the store to anyone who will listen about syira while wearing a poor fitting business suit you bought from mens warehouse small and fat section and an empty briefcase you bring to your business 101 class at the local community college.

>> No.51077539

So I'm finally getting around to kinda sorta building my first army. I had my first game a couple days ago, and while I got absolutely wrecked, I still had fun.

anyone got some input on my army fluff?
>colours: Black with yellow trim I'd post a pic but I'm still shit at painting - I only am now getting the hang of thinning my paints, and my hands are still way too shaky to do highlights rather than bulk sections
>Spending centuries in the outskirt slums of Commorragh, Archon Andrhea Mastris staved off the hunger by making herself useful, innovating and creating new and better tools, contraptions, and drugs to elicit more powerful and intense sensations of both agony and bliss. Eventually, she rose to power, gaining her own Kabal, the Kabal of the Corrupted Life. Her organization came to be known for the quality of her instruments, and it wasn't long before she caught the attention of Aestra Khromys, Mistress of the Order of the Obsidian Rose. Rather than enter into a potentially bloody gang war, Andrhea suggested a business partnership, and for now, she works as a lieutenant under her, leading her own raids in her mistress' name. On the streets of Commorragh, the Corrupted Life is now synonymous with highs thought lost since the Fall, but in realspace, very few worlds that have felt the touch of her gleaming, armored foot have ever been the same, for despite all her beauty, the yellow sails of her raiders spell certain, painful doom for her victims - after all, she needs SOMEONE to be her guinea pigs...

>> No.51077540

So i am currently working on my knight, whats the opinion up till now.

>> No.51077556

how does this look for representing alpha legion but on modern day loyal space marine armor?

>> No.51077565

>frequents /pol
>plays space communists

>> No.51077578

Someone post the true face of slaanesh

>> No.51077585

>same anon
also, any tips for new players picking up dark eldar as their first army? I'm kinda limited on funds for new pieces atm, I have
>4 warrior squads(20 pieces total)
>1 hellion squad
>1 reaver jetbike squad
>1 haemonculus
>1 archon
>1 raider
>1 ravager
>1 talos
>1 Venom

>> No.51077587


The low BS is off set by taking dual Skorchas.

But in general, Deff Dreads compete with Mek Guns, Lootas and the Battle Wagon.

Ork Heavy Support is extremely crowded.

Ideally, the Deff Dreads and Killa Kans need to be moved elsewhere, like Troops where they aren't competing with things.

They're effectively cheap, armoed cannon-fodder in the lore anyway.

>> No.51077596


>> No.51077613


What a manspreading shitlord

>> No.51077615


I'll chip in. Here's a pic of my hydra in a recent game:

>> No.51077644

One comes with the start collecting kit for orks so I own one now. I've heard they aren't actually that good but it's a cool model and it's in the painmob detachment so I will be running it.

>> No.51077649

long story, but I figured I'd fluff it as
>she worked with a haemonculus at some point to further test her own products, and never bothered to get it removed
>As she's still working to make a name for herself, she was unable to acquire a female set of kabalite armor pants on her first raid, and found them comfortable.

>> No.51077663


Here's some Necronians approaching a trench line of my duders.

>> No.51077676

Yep. I'm using a straight from Ebay Catachan with some silver paint thrown onto the arm to represent Straken while I wait on my chinaman Straken
Ever noticed that Catachans are like 20 for around £7 on Ebay regardless of condition? No love for Space Tanktops.

>> No.51077717

To be honest, Necrons are way more trust worthy than eldars, they own flat out destroy human planets but allow them to leave or even allow their presence if they pay tribute like they do on the imperium and unlike Tau they're allowed to keep governing over their worlds unlike the tau

>> No.51077761


>> No.51077764

Sup /tg/. I just got through adding extra Camo Covers for my Leviathan Dreadnought. I guess he's even more SNEEKY BEEKI now that he can just crouch down and become a bush.. Or at least something that vaguely resembles a bush.

I can't wait to take it to the geedubs next week. :-)

>> No.51077781

Sadly working with models I have right now. No soul grinders in my collection yet.

>> No.51077787

Yeah it would be nice if cult troops could take dreadclaws

>> No.51077802


Looks like the dreadnought is just a guy wearing a really big fur coat.

>> No.51077812

Cadia falls
Warmaster on the cover
90s model

>> No.51077824

Crisis suits aren't actually all that mobile are they?

>> No.51077843

Mobile? Yes, fast? Not by much.

>> No.51077854

Have you ever seen a tank in a ghillie suit?

You should have used what looks like tree branches

>> No.51077864

Toop Kans could be cool. It would allow an all-mech army, except unlike the Tau it would be a really cool all-mech army.

>> No.51077882

Cadia will fall
Abbadon's on the cover
Still no new model

>> No.51077932

>store near me has several rotary shelves of reaper miniatures
>there are SO many of them that work perfectly for chaos spawn, so many awesome mutated fish dudes and tentacle dogs
>they're all between $2.99 to $8.99
>I just keep buying them

man I have an epic army of chaos spawn by itself at this point, is there any formation in any of the supplements that lets me just run a metric assload of pissed off gribblies? we're gonna need 10 fast attack slots for this shit

>> No.51077951

Can't you take spawn as an auxiliary choice in the Chaos decurion?

>> No.51077989

You can. 1-3 units of 1-5 Spawn.

>> No.51077995

Not really. They might have an altered version of it though.

The Word Bearers do this, however.

>> No.51078025

I think the KdK codex has that. Plus there's a canon warband that worships spawnhood and prefers it over daemonhood.

>> No.51078050

r8 my tonk!

still need a lot of work and needs a name.

>> No.51078057

There are several ways to create an iridescent effect.

>> No.51078066

Too much paint and rust. Pask casts his gaze of contempt your way.

>> No.51078081

Nothing new, just pages from Black Library page and free sample.

>> No.51078083

alright thanks ill look into it

>> No.51078086

No such option in KdK. Actually you can run more of them with the Traitor Legion formations as Auxiliaries.

>> No.51078103

"camo" just looks like it was a paintball target.

>> No.51078118

So, I'm starting up a (small) Tyranid force, being the self hating masochist that I am, and pic related is what I'll have once I assemble and paint them.
>Starting with the 'Start Collecting! Tyranids' box (hard to argue with 133.75 USD worth of models for 85 USD).
>Adding a box of Warriors.

I plan to run with just the 500 point 'army' until I get use to some of the rules, before expanding to a 1,000 point army.

And advice on what to get once I start expanding my small force?

>> No.51078148

but muh glorius pea dot pattern!

lots of people are complaining about that pattern, thats a problem, as i like it a lot as it is, but at the same time im too much autistic to not fully enjoy it if the general population does not like it.

>> No.51078160

The pimpiest.
Now put some rings on the powerfist and write "hoe smacker" on it

>> No.51078162


You could also get more of them on the field given you'd have 6 Troop slots.

It would get even wilder with the Great Waaagh! and Ork Horde Detachments that go beyond six slots for Troops.

>> No.51078171

Zoanthropes are always a decent choice. You may also want to go for the new Tyranid Armoured Assault box for a decent deal on some more troops and another MC.

>> No.51078177

rusty/10. I think it looks great but the insignia on the side looks a bit too pristine, so maybe give it some chipping or put mud on it?

As for a name? My units all use callsigns instead:

My pic of the Chimera Beta; Callsign "Diamondtrack"
The Chimera I'm currently building is callsign "Skulltrack"
I got 5 squads of troops callsigns "Skull Squad, Diamond Squad, Spade Squad, Omega Squad, Delta Squad" If you didn't already guess, Diamondtrack and Skulltrack ferry Diamond Squad and Skull Squad respectively.
3 Tanks done at the moment: "Skullcog, Clawcog, Ocog"

Each model has a transfer identifying it's callsign/squad, allowing me to tell who is doing what and how many on even the most crowded of tabletops.

>> No.51078203

How do you remove a codex from Readium?

>> No.51078206

So if you wanna run TS, 9-man termy blob with Astral Grimoire, Force, saves for days and maybe invis is the way to go, huh?

>> No.51078218

Buy 2 kits a month and make sure they're painted before you buy anything else.

>> No.51078222

What is a cool, fluffy, small ally to take with IG? I was thinking either 2 techpriests, backed up by 10 servitors with some plasma cannons, or maybe a pimped out inquisitor with a retinue in transport.

Any suggestions?

>> No.51078227

The issue is the human tendency to see patterns, and the dots are in too neat lines.

Also flat colour w.dots =/=

>> No.51078254

list view, details, delete

>> No.51078278

Deathwatch killteam.

>> No.51078281

How many Thropes should I gun for in a 1,000 point list?

>> No.51078285

Thanks, anon.

>> No.51078297

Fluffy, but I fucking hate muhreens.

>> No.51078305

>it is the 40th millennium
>Brother Macklemore has been interred in a dreadnought

>> No.51078308

Depends on what your needs for Synapse and anti-tank are like.

>> No.51078309

Hum, was about to suggest Mentors.

>> No.51078316

hey guys i hope someone can help me. i just bought some necron units built them and played them. they are fucking boring i dont like them at all i started to look around which army i could play instead i need some help which one to choose. i would prefer a 40 % shooty and 60 % close combat army i would love to play a imperial knight and like the idea of imperial fists malevolent and especially deathwatch what should i choose can someone give me a direction?

>> No.51078317

By the way the current timeline is advancing is anything to go by, Necrons apparently.

>> No.51078331

Kek, unfortunately.

>> No.51078353

Looks like it takes a lot o clean up. I want to see your epic chaos fishspawn.

>> No.51078357

Does anyone know how to achieve this glowing effect? white glaze and stuff like that?

>> No.51078385

Fuckloads of super thin white wash layer over a blue base by the look of it.

>> No.51078398

Well, my two troops at the moment are Synapse so I'm thinking I'm going to need more in the line of anti tank and anti MEQ.

>> No.51078413

Gets asked a lot, but sure. Use this lineup of paints for the body of the plasma gun. Except instead of layering up to white on the corners of the plasma gun, layer up to white in a huge radius around the coils.

The edge highlight is layering up Teclis Blue > Lothern > Baharoth > white scar on vertices only.

>> No.51078418

But orks are meant to be high risk high reward.

>> No.51078446

That Apothecary is illegal.

>> No.51078472

>Paint the coils white.
>Put a small amount of blue ink in the recesses of the white plasma coils.
>Paint the area around the coils dark blue.
>Highlight the area with a lighter blue.

>> No.51078480

Not in Kill Teams iirc

>> No.51078487



your camo isn't varied enough

>> No.51078498

The reason Orks suck is because their random is ~60% chance to be bad, ~20% chance to be mediocre and ~20% chance to be as good as good armies are constantly with no effort.

>> No.51078502

Poor sharpness and noisy as all fuck, get some light on there so your poor camera doesn't have to run the ISO at neurotic levels and we might be able to see what you've done.

And while I guess you get points for having a backdrop, try to position the backdrop behind the model instead of off to the side.

>> No.51078516

kill teams doesn't give you more access to weapons

unless it's specifically heralds of ruin

but in the space marine book you can't give plasma guns to apos

>> No.51078526

Lel, not according to the FAQ, or in Heralds of Ruin which is what I use this Apothecary for.

Apothecary: 55
> Plasma Gun
> Grenade Launcher
> Smoke Grenades

>> No.51078528

Still illegal. Apothecaries cannot take any upgrades.

>> No.51078565

>army wide FNP and fearless for no points

t. faggot

Traitor Legions book is amazing.

Even when the codex was "bad" it still had degenerate shit like double heldrake + khorne chaos lord on a juggernaut joining a unit of spawn.

Just because the whole codex isn't good doesn't mean the army sucks.

Even codex space marines have bad units or bad lists.

Hell even eldar which is "the most op broken shit in the game" have tons of units which are just ass


>> No.51078582

Yeah I meant HoR

They can take Plasma Pistols for 10pts and you can roll them for a relic weapon in some campaigns which can easily be plasma based

>> No.51078607

8/10 pasta and general

>> No.51078630

GW stated that part of the FAQ was a misprint, and that you can't give the Apothecaries upgrades not regularly available to them.

True enough, just letting you know that the Apothecary section of the FAQ was declared incorrect.

>> No.51078650

You picked a bad example for trying to pick out a bad Eldar unit. Infiltrating with shrouded so you can charge, and 3+ armor once there while you chew through infantry at good initiative.

Outside of maybe Storm Guardians or Shining spears, I struggle to think of any bad Eldar units. And even those are quite nice compared to other assault troops or assault bikes that some other armies have to deal with.

>> No.51078665

And where's your picture proving it buddy? I've been taking apothecaries with plasma guns for years. I'm not going to stop anytime soon.

>> No.51078677

The problem is Orks are high risk, low reward. If anything, their tech should be similar to how Skaven worked in pre-AOS days: Hideously powerful for low prices but just as dangerous to them as to the enemy.

>> No.51078703

Suggest me some "good" novels to read.

>> No.51078719

Initiative 2.

Consider that Space Marines can buy a Dreadnought for 100 points with WS 4, 4 attacks base, I4 and a Multimelta. Plus they can take them in squadrons, and if taken in a Battle Demi-Company they gain Objective Secured.

>> No.51078752

>True enough, just letting you know that the Apothecary section of the FAQ was declared incorrect.
I'm talking about HoR though

Down Amongst the Dead Men is a nice short story. It will last maybe one cup of coffee.

>> No.51078788

Copy/pasting this from their facebook page, since it was uploded as a comment by Warhammer 40,000, the official Games Workshop Facebook page:
>"Hey Folks, Whoops, we got one wrong there. For the last question on this page, the answer should be 'No'.

>Please refrain from cutting all the arms off your Apothecaries, they need them for their nartheciums.

>Q: Is it possible for an Apothecary to carry items from the Special Weapons and/or Melee Weapons lists (e.g. by a Veteran purchasing upgrades, and being subsequently upgraded to an Apothecary)? A: No."

I know, I'm just providing a citation for anyone else who hasn't seen it or disbelieves it such as >>51078665

>> No.51078796

The Spinward Fringe Broadcasts. They're written in the distinctive style of "radio plays", and as a result are absolutely god-tier if you buy the Kindle format... Which comes with an audiobook mode that can be listened to while you drive.

>> No.51078798


To me, their weapons effects on the table are not wonky enough.

Things like the Shokk Attack Guns causing vehicles to deviate (scatter die) and lose a Hull Point and a turn of action because a warp maddened Grot was teleported inside would be appropriate.

>> No.51078803

It's not in the mega master list

>> No.51078828

Still gunna need a picture for that. How do I know you didn't just write that yourself? I'm pretty sure I've seen the picture on the facebook sometime before I got banned from that shitty website. And it said I COULD take special weapons on my apothecaries.

>> No.51078838

That's where I got it... check again

>> No.51078845


>> No.51078856

Told you so

>> No.51078857

BS4 and drop pods too.
Oh and they can have two heavy flamers without losing melee power.

>> No.51078863


>> No.51078880

Don't feed it.

>> No.51078882

did we ever figure out why the bionic eye was connected to the hat candle

>> No.51078890

> Warhammer 40,000
> Not Games Workshop

>> No.51078902

Not that i know of

>> No.51078912

Might be cool, I'll give it a shot, thanks anon, have a good night.

I seem to be in another mega list then, thanks anon.

>> No.51078941

You're welcome bro! I hope you enjoy them as much as my whole family did.

>> No.51078956

Yes. They have a different Facebook page for each of their games and IPs.

Have another (You), anon. I know how much you like them.

>> No.51078957

It's all good anon

>> No.51079028

the theory I prefer is that the candle is just for lighting since the eye is somehow advanced archaeotech but they forgot to put a light in or had some retarded reason not to like religion. she uses the candle to see things up close with her super eye in the dark

this doesn't really explain why she has it lit in battle tho. fuck I just don't know.

>> No.51079045

2 Heavy Flamers is for Chaos ones though. I'm not a fan of that though as a Chaos player. I just run them "base" because I don't have enough Autohavocs, and I wanted to run a Word Bearers Grand Host + Helcult.

>> No.51079214


no one?

>> No.51079237

For anyone with KR Multicases - can magnetized Broadsides fit in the regular Crisis Suit slots?

>> No.51079262

2k points salamanders.

>> No.51079284

Emperors children question:
Is it better to run the kakophananana or a warband as core?
Also, big blobs of marines foot slogging it with fnp or rhino rush?

>> No.51079300

Well, Space Marine shooting and close combat isn't bad so there wouldn't be a bad start.

>> No.51079308

So I just tried to order my first set of 40k miniatures and it seems that I can't get it delivered to me unless I'm in the EU.

I don't live anywhere near a GW store so I have no other way to get anything. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

>> No.51079351

Either can work, depending on how heavily you want to lean on noise marines. You'll probably want rhinos regardless though, as feel no pain won't save you from strength 8 blasts.

>> No.51079395

There is a "rest of the world" option, there are very few countries that can't get delivered shit, were are you from? Antarctica?

>> No.51079434

There is? I didn't see it. My bad, you see, I'm actually retarded.

>> No.51079446

>People think a competitive Ork list is a meme list

Rate me.

>> No.51079452

>Tau confirmed to have the bestest tech at least compared to the Imperium

Anyone who read the Kruton and Monkey tau campaign books would know that the GW studio faps furiously to the Tau.

>> No.51079454


>> No.51079486

>My bad, you see, I'm actually retarded.
Everyone here is retarded, otherwise we wouldn't be here.

>> No.51079506

Whh waste points on land raiders when you are not cramming full of men? Amd why 3 when salamanders have an aux detachment with just 1 redemeer?
More points for sternguard and drop pods, which rock with salamamders tactics

>> No.51079583


>> No.51079587

Bump. How is this list for a 'build up to 1500' sort of thing? I do wanna run some Infiltrators or Ruststalkers eventually. I like the outflanking of the sydonians since that really helps them do their job while the Ballistarii has some space to get a few shots at side armor before the the dragoons race off.

>> No.51079608

Not very fun to play or to play against/10

>> No.51079638

>60% melee 40% shooty
Most armies.

>> No.51079768

Because i cant use the salamander aux detachment and get free transports at the same time.

>> No.51079823

>tfw still no FoC Formation rules

>> No.51079863

>tfw chances of Crusader formation ever decreasing

>> No.51079882

loyalists can take 2 heavy flamers incorporated into DCCW too, at least some kind of loyalist. I remember I have played against a loyalist player who had a dreadnought in a pod with 2 heavy flamers.

>> No.51079886

All the Black Templar formations are in Angels of Death.

>> No.51079911

All 0 of them?

>> No.51079932

All normal Space Marine formations of them.

>> No.51079961

Top of turn 3 vs Death Guard

>> No.51079964

>want Crusader formation
>"Use the normal Space Marine formations"
>in AoD where almost all require specific Chapter Tactics

>> No.51079977

did the phlegm of nurgle get on your cameras lens or something?

>> No.51079999

And look a less shitty picture!

>> No.51080089

waaaaaaa there's already five different full codices of space marines and one of them provides me with literally a dozen variations of choice to use but waaaaaaaaa thats not enough

Fucking space marine players.

>> No.51080110

Stop being a faggot, Black Templars are fucking underrepresented despite being the most awesome chapter.
You must be a Tau or an Eldar player.

>> No.51080145

Sounds like you want to play a War Convocation, especially since it requires a Knight anyway.

>> No.51080159

Decided on Leafstealer for now. :>

>> No.51080161

They belong in the limelight as much as Wolves, Blood Angels and Dark Angels do. They're one of the few chapters that are wholly unique beyond wargear selection or slightly different chapter tactics. Not to mention they're literally Knights Templar IN THE FUTURE.

>> No.51080175

>five different full codices
>not a single one gives support to Crusader squads in any army list
You see the issue I'm having?

>> No.51080179

I will never play against you. Go home and think about what you've done.

>> No.51080189


Do we still have any info on that Incubi looking fellow?

>> No.51080202

that is a fuckload of terrain my man, although it looks to possibly be a smaller table

>> No.51080246

Ive never been a fan of KMK, ive always vowed for kannons. Gets hot terrifies me.

>> No.51080279

>They belong in the limelight as much as Wolves, Blood Angels and Dark Angels do
If that were true, they would have had that limelight already. Ergo, we can surmise that they must be inferior in some way.

>> No.51080294

>all this hate towards FoC
Is it really that bad?

>> No.51080297

>doesn't know what counts-as is
mother fucker, my SOB army is made up of plastic lizardmen. Do I look for the fucking 40k codex that lets me take skinks? No, fuck you.

>> No.51080322


Holy shit anon thanks for involving the community, but you should seriously lay off the meds if you're shaking that bad

>> No.51080335

That's a fair argument. I admit that my own argument is based solely on the fact that they're totally awesome AND cool and that all other marine chapters are stupid and smell bad.

>> No.51080344

I need pictures!

My SoB have bulky armour, because they piss of the Mechanicus or are an Inquisitor personal army.

>> No.51080381

we already have a chapter of melee retards, space knights and hypocrites that hates psykers, no need for a mashup.

>> No.51080399

He's Ahra

>> No.51080406

That's how I made my Hydra too!

>> No.51080435

Yeah I thought 4chan was just being 4chan until I was able to rotate the model on the website. Whatever, I'll just say she puts on some pounds every time she dies or something.

>> No.51080438

They're just lizardmen, they aren't converted, yet. But I am working on a celestine counts-as that looks like Aeon Calcos

>> No.51080473

>Cannot into FTL
How long have you been out? Necron have had their inertialess FTL back since Shield of Baal.

>> No.51080520

Have you used Straken in 7th yet? He doesn't seem worth his points and I'm not sure if his AoE buff is given out if he's in a Chimera. The GW manager at my store said that they count buffs being given out in transports, so I'm considering using him.

>> No.51080530


Part of me loves the idea of loyalist beastmen no idea why.

They did? I want to read that now.

>> No.51080595

My phone is literally that shitty

>> No.51080619

Furries are faggotry, snowniggers are faggotry, naming everything wolf is just pathetic, total Mary Sues in the fluff who would deserve to be purged
>Blood Angels
Vampires. Almost as faggy as Space Furies, with a shitty backstory to make things worse. At least some of their successor chapters are awesome.
>Dark Angels
The only of these three which deserves spotlight, similary superior aesthetics like the Templar, badass and the most loyal sons of the Emperor.

Black Templars fucking deserve their own Codex. I'd rather see some badass Crusaders bring the melee cheese instead of retarded wolf riders and wolfmen.

>> No.51080644

>The only of these three which deserves spotlight, similary superior aesthetics like the Templar, badass and the most loyal sons of the Emperor.
>similary superior aesthetics like the Templar, badass and the most loyal sons of the Emperor.
>most loyal sons of the Emperor.

Top kek.

>> No.51080667

Thus far, only 5th, 6th and HoR Kill Team if I'm being totally honest. I still love him, but I play fluffy fun matches over math hammering my way to victory, so I can't really speak to his table/cost value.

>> No.51080668

The thing is that Crusader squads are different from normal Marine squads in both fluff as well as crunch.

>> No.51080678


>most Loyal Sons Of The Emperor

>> No.51080684

Which Heavy Support choice is the fluffiest for a World Eaters army?

>> No.51080702


The maulerfiend or a land raider full of berserkers

>> No.51080704

>literally traitors
>most loyal

>> No.51080710

>> No.51080714 [SPOILER] 


>Dark Angels
>most loyal sons of the emperor

We all know who's the most loyal, and it's not the Fallen.

>> No.51080718


>> No.51080727

I loved him in 5th. I want to use him now in 7th, but I really wish the Taurox was open-topped so he could assault out of it. There's no real reason to even exist with the Chimera already existing. I think it being open-topped would give a lot more flexibility to the Guard, especially with Veterans being able to take shotguns and being able to shoot 3 weapons out, or a squad of 3 Ogryn/Bullgryn with a Priest being able to hop out and assault.

>> No.51080732

Does anyone have the full artwork for these cards? I already have the Heretek one.

>> No.51080775

>badass and the most loyal sons of the Emperor.
This is a big one!!!

>> No.51080801


>only 2 cadian characters
>only 1 cadian regiment

>> No.51080826

>my "SoB" army is just unconverted lizardmen models being proxied as Sisters
That isn't a Sisters army.

>> No.51080858


Kell is Creed's personal mate, bruv. The two are taken as a pair.

>> No.51080865


What's your point?

>> No.51080883

He's saying it's more like 1 character instead of 2, since the 2 are always with each other.

>> No.51080913

Nobody even knows from rules-perspective.

>> No.51080922

I always found it weird that Kell got a special rule that allows units to take orders on his leadership, but it doesn't really help any unit because most units will always have a Sergeant. It helps Conscripts and Heavy Weapons Squads, but Conscripts should always have a Commissar or Priest so it doesn't really matter much. Kell really should be cheaper in points, and it would be nice if other Commanders could take him. Straken and Kell would be a boss mix.

>> No.51080944

>They did? I want to read that now.

>Turning his fleet toward the glinting crimson orbs of Cryptus, Anrakyr engaged his inertialess drive, his vast Necron armada streaking off into the void. Unlike the ships of the Imperium, those of the Necrons did not travel through the Warp, and so the great psychic barrier cast out by the Hive Mind was no impediment to their fleet. Likewise, the Aegis Diamando, so deadly to life, registered only as a minor spatial anomaly to Anrakyr’s Crypteks.
>Shield of Baal: Exterminatus.

>> No.51080945

>caring about rules
>when you can bitch about muh fluff

>> No.51080963

That was the point, dumbass.

I put whatever fucking models I want on the table, and play them with the army rules I find most appropriate. And if I can field some Saurus and shout "WE ARE THE LAST SERVANTS OF THE OLD ONES!" at my opponent while looking at the SOB codex, then the other nigger should be able to pretty easily find a codex that lets him put his space templars on the table. And it should be especially easy since there are five codices that are already almost the same fucking dudes.

>> No.51080970


I'm saying that Kell isn't a commander. He's Creed's assistant, more or less. Taking Kell by himself would be stupid. They practically count as one character because they are always together.


Yeah, I suppose it's more of a fluffy rule than an actually useful rule. Please though, Kell's cool and all, but he's not nearly Straken cool.

>> No.51080980

The entire FoC is so fucking odd.

Only guard models in plastic are Cadian and Catachan, not the main characters of the story. Their home planet is invaded and they are but a foot note.

One army is mostly metal model from 20 years ago. Releasing 4 models seems like good enough for to call it a full update.

Chaos wins by losing? Because the Magos exploded Cadia.

Necrons and Eldar are part of the Super Imperial Friends.

Abaddon gets stabbed due to him going super cartoon villain.

Black Templars are heavily mention, nothing new for them.

The old Inquisitor from old is like, xenos, faith and other stupid shit from 40k. Shrug let's be friends! All is forgiven!

>> No.51080996

He's definitely not Straken cool, but having a Regimental Standard and Power Fist in Straken's squad would be awesome since outside of Straken himself, the squad doesn't hit very hard.

>> No.51081020

I dont give much shit about fluff, I play this game as a game. Fluff is cool but I'm all about dem rules.

I main War Convocation and this release doesnt give me any hope about new lists to play.

>> No.51081021

Isn't that just the white-dwarf battle report where the imps have a 150 point advantage and not the actual fucking book?

>> No.51081024

No mention of the Skitarii forces, Centurio Ordinatus, Knight Houses, Titan Legions, countless Guard regiments and commanders, the Navy, literally anything not a snowflake character, and as some military forces are mentioned, not just meant as a list of them.

I hate it when the actual war is sidelined for a series of duels between characters I don't give a shit about. The only one I care about at all is Cawl, and even then not much. Where's the epic sieges with Guard artillery pounding Plague Marines who are locked in an inexorable advance while in a skirmishing firefight against Skitarii Maniples, with Daemon Engines exchanging fire with Dreadnoughts, the Titan fights?

This is more a fencing tournament than a campaign so far.

>> No.51081031

What he is talking about is the fact that there aren't any formations that utilize Crusader Squad s, which is the Templars' main organizational unit. We can't use any of the formations in space marine codices. It isn't about models

>> No.51081050

Dramatis personae means the people with speaking rolls, bruh

>> No.51081121

True, I guess we haven't seen the Traitor Titans, that Daemon Prince, that Knight or any of the Marines in leaks yet, threw me off a bit. Still doesn't change the complete and total lack of scale, drama or perspective from the writers at all.

>> No.51081130


Thats why I like IA books much better. They feel like a complete coverage of a war and not just what you mentioned

>> No.51081180

And what I am talking about, is using your crusader squads as other shit so you can put sadknights on the table.

>> No.51081199

I agree with you there, can't wait for Fires of Cyraxis since it's got a cool plot, and is almost guaranteed to give my army cool and effective models in the process. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen a hero duel in an Imperial Armour, although I haven't read most of them. There seems to be one or more in pretty much every campaign book recently.

The IA books have proper supplementary material and overviews that add actual context to things, rather than a duel in what may as well be an empty room.

>> No.51081245

You are aware that Crusader squads have various differences in their rules to normal squads, which is why you can't use the actual squads for formations that use Tacticals etc.

It's not about "my Tacticals are Crusaders because I play Black Templars", it's about "I can't use the unit "Crusader Squad" in any formation because they are different from normal Marine squads".

>> No.51081252

>In fact, I don't think I've ever seen a hero duel in an Imperial Armour
Siege of Vraks, Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex whoops Greater Daemon of Khorne, An'ggrath the Unbound.

In game terms An'ggrath would killed Hector 9 out of 10 times.

>> No.51081268


Retard, Crusader Squads are not BT Tac Squads. They are two entirely different units. It's like you're saying "Oh there's no rules for a Leman Russ? Just take it as a Chimera!"

>> No.51081321

I'm saying take it as a chimera instead of crying like a baby.
Because you've tried crying like a baby already.

>> No.51081342

how come havocs can't take plasma cannons, only plasma guns

>> No.51081356

because GW never made a metal havoc plasma cannon

>> No.51081366

So don't play our fucking faction as it's supposed to be? What's the point in playing Templars if you can't use Templars units?

>> No.51081372


Rest in peace
Gone not forgotten
Remember Cadia

>> No.51081388

Don't you check shit before you post



>> No.51081405

You already can't use Templars.

>> No.51081408

That's still heck of a better track record than GW. Hell, aside from the final fight in WoM I can't remember the last time I had fun reading campaign books since Warzone: Damocles.

>> No.51081410

So you're suggestion to "I can't play my faction's main unit in ANY of their formations, which annoys me" is "Just don't play that unit". Great job, mate. Real critical thinking and problem solving.

>> No.51081447

>pointless thread wars

>> No.51081455

We can only use them in unbound or CADs. We want formations that utilize Crusader squads so weak can get the benefits formations provide.

>> No.51081560

This one >>51081348 was first you shit.

>> No.51081735

If you don't care about WYSIWYG or even using models that are remotely appropriate, good for you. Other people do care.

Figures that a Sisterfag is just a shitposter who doesn't actually play the army.

>> No.51082376


Only way I see that Apothecary being legal is if you ran HoR Space Marines and took Red Scorpion Chapter Tactics, giving your Vet Sergeant a Narthecium for free plus a Plasma Rifle upgrade.

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