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Pathfinder General /pfg/

SSSAVAGE! Edition:

Talk about how brutal and metal your Barbarians, Rangers, Hunters, Druids, Bloodragers, and Skalds are.

If you want build advice make sure to say what 3pp you can use, if any.

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/JTj1yEmU (embed)

Avowed Playtest 1:
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing
Malefex Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3LrE8WyIxxYRr8d9dHsWioeUk_-HZaSMqVWRnzc9Fc/edit?usp=sharing
Legendary Kineticists II Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11_w1o5dSef2tzu2GDLnJKElHY3uyETzuzFHDAjI6P6k/edit?usp=sharing

Old Thread: >>51062627

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So question, in a theoretical setting where the connections your world has to the elemental planes have been cut off, thus negating any magical sources of those elemental attacks, spells, or boosts, and reopening the gates to those planes would mean war with the beings who reside there, what would your plan be to survive the oncoming attack when someone inevitably tries to open the gates?

(I'm aware this question relies on assumptions about how magic works in PF that may or may not be grounded in the reality of the setting, but just work with me here, it makes sense that in much the same way that positive/negative energy draws from their respective planes that elemental magic does the same thing)

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Force damage.

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Well, surely Resist Energy and the like works, so it just means being unable to add Blasters to your forces, and instead stocking up on the eight or so other general categories of classes.

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Have you found a QT elf to confess your love too yet, /pfg/?

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Has anyone here played in the Cerulean Seas setting? How did you like it?

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Stock up on Resist Energy spells, gather a force worthy of Mordor, and open one specific gate while resisting the energy type of your chosen plane.

Repeat as needed

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A shame too, because the setting was interesting enough to draw me in.

@Lazy-Princess-GM: You gotta know your audience man.

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What if I *am* the QT elf?

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I think the guy was genuinely autistic, I messaged him earlier and communication was... confusing.

And it's gone now too.

Time we all just forget about it.

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I am the qt.
And also brown and smol.

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>lazy princess cancelled
>heist cancelled
Were we born only to suffer?

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What happened to Heist GM?

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That doesn't excuse you. Find another QT.

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I flaked.
Read; got a job offer.

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Probably panicked at having to actually interact with strangers.

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I found this one somewhere in the back room behind some old boxes filled with scrolls. Can I keep her?

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No, but hopefully the other campaigns get cancelled so I don't have to suffer.

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Yes. She will never see the throne now.

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I figured I'd look here because it's starting to get confusing, what's up with all the listings that have the same general ruleset going up and down on Roll20?

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I know man, but NEET life is slowly killing me. Hopefully I can work something out once my schedule settles down.

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One second, pls.

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Just messaged Princess DM, tone was a lot different.

Said a housemate was trying to use his work-in-progress for the game.

Looks like we got rused by a roommate, lads.

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Fucking rusers, feels bad man.

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>It was merely a trick!

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And this is why you always turn your computer off.

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That sounds like the dodgiest excuse imaginable, honestly.

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There's still Molthune and Pendragon Academy and RotJR!

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Dismissal and banishment spells.

>> No.51068519

Is that really an effective long term strategy when all you're doing is just sending them back from the plane they literally JUST came from?

>> No.51068531

When will the GM tell us?

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>mfw yet another boring 5e session
>Session was only ran because no one had anything better to do
>Group plays Adventure League even when the store event
>They pick modules based on e-peen rather than actually enjoyable modules
>mfw they keep fucking getting rules massively wrong
>mfw I actually want the aspergers of 3.p as an alternative now
What is happening to me

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Oh shit, a pfg where op is not a fag and there re no furry titties in sight

I commend you

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Found mine.
And she's perfect.

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>posting a picture of a man's breasts is nonfaggotry
>posting a picture of a woman's breasts is faggotry

I've got bad news for you

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Well of course you would, Asmodeus.

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Go to bed, Benny!

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You're realizing that you can go from clueless to autistic about the rules, but you can't go back.

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>Princess game cancelled
Only now I realise that the GM had something like 3400 hours under his belt and 6 GM'd games and was claiming to be a new GM.

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I want to sell a rogue an item that auto-confirms crits, but only want it to apply for +/- a few hit die so he can't wear it forever. (mostly because of called shots).

What should I be looking at to balance the pricing, or does such an item already exist?

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I bet 4 to 1 odds that Fluffy Tails 2 dies.
GM of that one even made a throwaway account for it.

>> No.51069082

It's a possibility!

GM did say not to bother building character sheets if you don't want to except if selected, so it's a big bonus point in their favour that they aren't looking to maliciously cancel.

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I wanted to play an illiterate, savage barbarian, but I ended up role-playing a huge nerd with an axe and a desire to negotiate.

What's the deal with Skalds? They can talk people off ledges, right?

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I feel that stealing the Fluffy Tails premise from the original GM was a bit of a malicious move in the first place.

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I want to play a gestalt using the gonzo ungermaw. Which spellcaster class should I choose to combine with?

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The Truenamer from 3.5.

>> No.51069239

First time I heard about that one.

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Tomorrow I run my first session in a few years, I'm running Giantslayer. I've already done some re-writes (including some PoW stuff, a few psionics, etc), any advice anyone wants to give me?

(Silly Captcha, a street lamp is not a road sign)

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Not really. Fluffy1 wasn't going to run for 3 months, and can in fact still run the campaign when he wants to.

Now this is malicious. Truenamer is a tier 6/7 class which gets worse as you level up.

>> No.51069281

Then which class you do suggest?

>> No.51069285

Two months.
Fluffy 2 is only just running 1 month early, and with the knowledge that Fluffy 1 has some confidence issues.

Like, they haven't done anything objectively wrong, but it's kind of a minor dick move.

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That's because it's a shit class that's known for getting worse as you level up, since you have to beat a scaling DC 15+(2xCR) to cast a spell on something.

>> No.51069307

It doesn't become worse, it just scales to level-appropriate monsters *extremely* badly. You don't get worse at killing the same goblins you killed yesterday or something.

>> No.51069339

Psht, I didn't suggest it out of malice. I suggested it because it's funny.

Don't forget the part where the DC to cast any spell from your class increases by 1 each time you successfully manage to cast a spell in a day.

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Paladin. Yoy hunger for justice!

>> No.51069554

You would think the next step for DSP would be to make their very own ruleset.
They have done half of it already

>> No.51069581

They did. Well, except it was less "their own" and more "copied from M&M 3e with slight alterations". Then they put out a playtest, got called out on that and that was the last we've heard of it.

>> No.51069631


>basing their rules on the single worst RPG


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File: 663 KB, 1024x767, 2d1b4bac361278dc699ad95f1e92c8c81274707b50fefb368e50e633e57d9300.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>single worst RPG

>> No.51069719


Wraethu or FATAL or Race War or whatever the fuck you want to bring up aren't real games that people actually play

M&M is a legitimate rpg played by lots of people that is terrible as fuck, spending 500 pages to finally arrive at the same place FAE does in 20

>> No.51069820


Sad to see it go. Was making a character and was going to finish it after work. Now what am I going to do with all these numbers?

>> No.51069874

Don't fret too much, anon! A GM who bails via lack of positive reinforcement was unlikely going to last for long! Hopefully it was an experience that benefited him in planning a game!

>> No.51069907


That makes me fret more for not contributing enough good vibes to keep GM interest! But really though, it sounded fun and could've fit with my shitty schedule.

>> No.51069968

Are you calling my top 3 games of all time forever BAD, anon? How dare you.

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All these blaster guides advise me to take both magical lineage and metamagic master for fireball but its ok to switch one of them out for a different trait right? I am not expecting to even learn Fireball until some time later anyway

>> No.51070040


>metamagic master

that trait is a fucking meme and doesn't even exist

>> No.51070044

Is it supposed to be Wayang Spellhunter or something?

>> No.51070047



>> No.51070063

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/traits/regional-traits/metamagic-master ?

>> No.51070070

How do monsters gain levels?

>> No.51070087

They don't, unless they're PCs. Monsters don't gain levels, they're assigned extra templates or monster classes by the DM.
DSP did some monster classes, but otherwise, you just buff them with templates, or pick other monsters.

>> No.51070088

The same way as adventurers, but with the adventurers on the receiving end.

>> No.51070092

Yeah but anyway, theres nothing wrong with not taking both magical lineage and wayang spellhunter as a blaster right? I wanted to increase my initiative instead

>> No.51070105

Are you the guy who's been worried about blasting his teammates?

There is never a wrong time to take initiative boosting traits. Do you have a low dex, or a high dex? If it's low, then take noble scion (war) to get cha to init instead of dex.

If it's high, take one of the +2 init traits.

Go for it!

>> No.51070116

Huh, how did you guess? I suppose there is not that many people in this general

>> No.51070144

You've been agonising over this character for 4 threads now! It's not too hard to see.

But that's fine! Being worried for your first character is normal. Some of the guides sometimes skip over other important things, like being able to protect yourself in a fight, and the importance of going first.

But in my opinion, the most important thing is to have fun with the group, and see if you can't have fun while roleplaying and getting into the game. Once you've got your character roughly in a good position, you should think more about their story, how they'd act like, and what sort of things they like or dislike rather than obsessing over numbers too much. That's also an important thing to a character!

>> No.51070154

Makes sense. I guess if there's not the kind of ecology to support it then they just make deals with devils or demons or outsiders or whatever.

>unless they're PCs
Can you scry to determine PC status, or if someone has a "levelable soul" or whatever?

>> No.51070165

Thanks a lot anon! It's not actually my first character but it is the first dedicated blaster I have made. I was nervous because I have never made one before and I have been fed the idea that blasting is the least efficient option and all that. Yet I wanted to make one anyway to indulge in the pure beauty of explosions

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There's a couple of 3rd party wondrous items that provides hints, like Scar of Destiny and so on. Search for "metagame artifacts".

But no, not really.

You walk the true path.

>> No.51070181

Advice given in a guide doesn't equate to doctrine, you can do whatever the fuck you want. It's smart to take both so you can get the most efficient use out of whatever spell your build is based around, but you're not being held at gunpoint to do so.

>> No.51070237

Hey, thanks!

I'll try to stop taking things so seriously. But I'm glad to know there's a whole class of nonsense based on what I was thinking.

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That's, uh, a manga, not an actual pathfinding class.

Just a, um, heads up.

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>actual pathfinding class

The Pathfinder Society is a bunch of over-leveled and out-of-touch bureaucrats, right?
who would listen to those old fogies when it comes to what actually happens in the wild?

None of them have souls anymore, unless they're destined Leaders of Men, right?

>> No.51070347

>M&M is a legitimate rpg played by lots of people that is terrible as fuck
What, even worse than dnd 3.x?

>> No.51070449

I've been looking to make more supportive type characters, ones that mechanically work well with other characters and helps everyone do better. Any recommendations for stuff that's more unusual or has fun mechanics, 3rd party or otherwise? I like the lifeleech/sadist Vitalist and Mesmerists as an example of style and really liked playing a Bleak Clerk which could fish out potions and scrolls from a bag, but any other 3rd party or regular classes/archetypes would be cool to know to help round out my options. I also vaguely remember some playtest class that used to be linked here with healing and supportive abilities, but I can't remember the name of it for the life of me.

Also if anyone knows of classes based around artistry or creation. Tinkers and artificers in general, but also more specific a class that could use paintings or sculptures to create or replicate monsters/items is a concept I've had in mind. Something like psions specializing in astral construct, Demiurge, maybe summoners, or the artistic summoner kineticist. Just trying to learn more fun things I could play.

>> No.51070463

it's worse than Pathfinder.

>> No.51070594

My friend who's not /pfg/ related just told me Lazy Princess was cancelled of the WW1 German field medic, is that true?

I'm also amused that she found the game yet hates /pfg/ and everything that relates to it, but eh

>> No.51070601

>My friend who's not /pfg/ related just told me Lazy Princess was cancelled of the WW1 German field medic, is that true?
It was cancelled. Reasons are unclear. If you want, you can PM the guy who was doing it to ask why.

>> No.51070607

was cancelled because*

Also holy shit Captcha making me go through 6 different pictures

>> No.51070666

Is there any Sphere ability that allows you to heal undead?

>> No.51070682

I suppose Fast Healing shapeshift from Alteration would work.

>> No.51070738

Manipulate Undeath from the Death Sphere.

>> No.51070767

How did I miss that one. Thanks anon.

Does seems like a more efficient use of the spell point though. Atleast for out of combat healing. FH 1 as long as you concentrate.

>> No.51070792

Anybody care to share some of their favourite stories from campaigns they've been in? I'll start

>Be a standard fighter, cleric, wizard and rogue party
>In a lair hunting something that's been killing villagers
>Plagued by low level creatures like skeletons and goblins
>Party manages to pacify some of the goblins, and they learn that they're hunting a dragon
>They move on to The lair, and peek at a dragon, seeing how ridiculously overpowered it is
>They go back, and recruit a shitload of the goblins by promising treasure
At this point I'm laughing at this, and as GM, I tell them if they roll a diplomacy check they can hire them as mercenaries.
>Natural fucking twenty, plus a diplomacy skill bonus
What followed was an epic battle, in which the fighter and rogue both lead their own goblin squads to fight a dragon. Probably one of my favourite moments ever, especially when they jammed a goblin down it's throat to disable it's breath attack.

>> No.51070818

Fast healing talent from the Life Sphere.

>> No.51070852

For me its a simple story, once the blaster in my party shot at a monstrous plant. By all rights, it should have hit given the chances and the fact it was a stationary plant. And then the plant rolled 20 on ref save


>> No.51070862

Good idea too! But Alteration Fast Healing does still seem to take the cake in terms of efficiency for out-of-combat healing.

>> No.51070905

I'm fond of Monk (Sensei, Ki Mystic), who grabs Bodyguard, Helpful, Fools for Friends and Creed of Protection.

>> No.51071022

Who do you think would get into Dragon Game?

>> No.51071078


I'm also very fond of monks in general, though I've come to really like strength-based monks with dragon style. Over half my characters I've made have been monks, so I'm trying to find other classes I like.

>> No.51071094

Im a fan of keemla, the kobold alchemist

>> No.51071147

Don't get your hopes up, next OP image will be vore and the mods will do absolutely nothing about it.

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Lameeka is for _______

>> No.51071224

Turbo pixie Altolm is the best

>> No.51071266


I want to take off that shirt and give her one that fits better!

>> No.51071321
File: 88 KB, 500x526, tumblr_inline_o3s66dT7Hr1twdolf_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51071340

Dragon game version is a girl

>> No.51071437


Lameeka is a GIRL!

>> No.51071444

im gonna make it my bitch

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File: 508 KB, 707x1000, ba0ad42293c0b2eb9b839d8e27bc6004-d345a2i.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does a hex map of golarion exist?

>> No.51071486
File: 402 KB, 3342x3075, science.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

alchemy, son!

>> No.51071538

Nuke Dragon is a shoe in. He's a nuclear Dragon! !!

>> No.51071591
File: 852 KB, 1012x675, godzilla.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51071630

He's a Chinese Dragon. No Godzilla here

>> No.51071667


>Not naming him "Brehm Shtralung."

>> No.51071778

The Copper Princess! ! The heir to the hier needs love! !

>> No.51071967


The heir to the heir needs heirs of her own!

>> No.51072159

Is immortality, as in unable to die by aging, curse or blessing?

>> No.51072189

Blessing. Definitely blessing. Inability to die by any means is a curse, though.

Inability to die by aging only means you're going to be stabbed to death at some point.

>> No.51072199

What do you guys think of the mythic system? Stupid? Dumb? ok? flawed but workable?

>> No.51072216

But isn't she... not one of Culdranth's kid? She's from taldor

>> No.51072220

Inability to die by nothing but aging is the blessing
That means you cannot be stopped doing what you want
Inability to age just means you are still vulnerable but nothing matters to you because time destroys everything eventually

>> No.51072293

The one with the fattest ass

>> No.51072308

but hopefully not too fat

>> No.51072339


Any one got the image of that bootylicous shepherd girl handy? That fat.

A least a double donk is required.

>> No.51072382
File: 1.84 MB, 1684x948, 1477022799345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51072433

No it was that one shepherd girl from wolf and spice,
with and an absurdly large booty

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>mfw someone else puts in a bard app for fluffy tails

Things were interesting before, now they're intense!

>> No.51072468
File: 774 KB, 1372x3016, 1481370273296.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51072516

There it is!

Dragon game needs booty this big.

>> No.51072601


The kobold apps are pretty bottom heavy

>> No.51072769


I love it, but people with an eye for optimization can break it.

>> No.51072785
File: 2.36 MB, 420x428, 1449614692532.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[ERP Intensifies]

>> No.51072803

Let's see how badly they'll whitewash this:


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>mfw adore vital strike on a conceptual level
>mfw vital strike's garbage damage dice gimmick triggers my autism
>mfw I just want a flat damage multiplier so I don't have to sperg out over damage dice
>mfw the only thing for that is /mythic/
>mfw Vital Strike will always be shitty, and not even 3pp feels like it fixes it

why was I born to suffer

>> No.51072905

>a specific ethnicity like 'Ulfen' or 'Shoanti'
Is it just me or is this a terrible example? I mean, Ulfen tribes and Shoanti quah are pretty distinct from one another.

>> No.51072916


Quite surprising how all the non-kobold apps are some shade of slender, eh?

>> No.51072970


They are? If I recall an Ulfen from Turvik looks the same as an Ulfen from Kalsgard, and beyond mild clothing differences one quah is the same as another.

>> No.51072980

So, I am about to play in a stealthy game as a serial killer along with another player (also a psychopath). We will operate mostly in one big city with plenty of spellcasters. We have most of it worked out but recently an unexpected obstacle presented itself. 1st level spell, Alarm, is completely unbeatable short of using Dispell Magic which we are unable to do (4th level, no 9/9 spellcasters, scrolls are pricey, showy and unreliable). As written, Alarm doesn't count as a magic trap so it can't be disarmed with Disable Device even if you are a Rogue. It can't be even seen withou Detect Magic/Psionics... which in turn leaves magical auras to be analyzed by Greater Detect Magic. Is there any kind of instance where it was stated that alarm does ineed count as magical trap and can be disarmed as such?

Here is James Jacob saying that Alarm can be disarmed but our GM said that his logic is flimsy and dismissed it.

This archetype has Alarm Sense but it applies to magical traps and our GM said that the name doesn't imply anything so it wouldn't work.

Yeah, our GM is pretty RAW on this. Is there any way other than just circumventing Alarms altogether?

>> No.51073037

Get a new GM.

>> No.51073038

Physically, maybe, but they value different things, they worship different spirits, they live in different areas. Hell, the Velashu Horse Lords are said to be considered Shoanti by some people.

>> No.51073061


That doesn't make them ethnically different then, that makes them culturally different. Bavarians and Hamburgers are culturally different, but they're ethnically German.

>> No.51073076

My Hunter was convicted of murder as a child, and imprisoned with his uncle in a shitty jungle prison camp. Eventually his uncle died helping him escape, and in the wilderness he encountered Bao, the young Tyrannosaurus who would become his greatest companion.

>> No.51073090

>Learn about the six major cultures that formed the Empire, as well as close to a dozen ethnic minorities common in Qadira.

>> No.51073190


He also establishes that "Keleshite" is an umbrella term in the same way "Tian" or "Garundi" is an umbrella term.

The Keleshite Empire is a massive amalgamation of suzeirans and client-states, there'll be plenty of ethnic and cultural variation there.

In comparison, the Ulfen inhabit an area the size of Poland while the Varisians inhabit one the size of Germany. Every ethnicity in those areas are accounted for; the Linnorm Kingdoms have Ulfen, Erutaki and Tian while Varisia is a mess of Chelish, Taldan, Varisian and Shoanti.

Ulfen are ethnically similar, Shoanti are ethnically similar, Keleshite can mean anyone from Qadira to that Iridian Fold place to the fuckers that angered Rub a Dub Dub and gave Golarion a puckered asshole that occasionally squirts out spawn.

>> No.51073230

No, not yet. I reckon there ain't time for love in a world besieged by wickedness. I gotta fight the good fight. Maybe if we prevail the world can be safe for Love.

>> No.51073263
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How will I impregnate her now?

>> No.51073289


Just make a heartthrob for RotJR and impregnate Ameiko.

>> No.51073298

It's not the same.

>> No.51073306

It will be when RotJR is cancelled.

>> No.51073307

>wanting Wis 8 CG JJ bait

>> No.51073309

Run your own, better Princess game... and groom your favorite PC to impregnate her.

>> No.51073352

But wouldn't that make me a cuck?

>> No.51073365
File: 254 KB, 1000x800, IMG_1212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I optimize for One Big Attack on an animal Companion?

>> No.51073391

Write a story then.

>> No.51073425


Multiple princesses, one for each party member and one for the DM!

>> No.51073448

T-Rex, vital strike feats?

>> No.51073515


Ameiko is a sweetheart, don't bully her!

>> No.51073535
File: 881 KB, 600x500, 1480272930043.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or anyone, absolutely no bullying!

>> No.51073557

Sounds cute. What about boosting his attacks of opportunity? Going hunter for fight buddy action.

>> No.51073575

Have you checked out the fixes from Legendary Vigilantes? Getting half your level on damage, being able to use it with spring attack and charges, being able to get another attack after it, all these are possible with it.

>> No.51073577


It's all about the perspective you have while grooming the PC. If you remain a passive third-party outsider subtly guiding the PC to her bedroom, than you are a cuck, however if you self-insert a little as the PC and groom them to be just as much husbandobait as they are your ideal PC, than it's not cuckoldry.

It's like how you're not supposed to empathize with the chump in NTR, you're supposed to empathize with the alpha bull that takes the chump's woman.

>> No.51073589

What if the chump rapes the Bull into submission?

>> No.51073604


Can I bully you?

I'll spoil you rotten later!

>> No.51073616
File: 927 KB, 1119x1600, 9ef7ec933bbd69f5498852367b8ebfefc5b0868514dc9294f1e516ebfba28209.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then you've got some weird shit.

>> No.51073621

It like that there is some popular notion that kobolds have hips and asses for days. But Dragons have just as if Not more hips and ass.

>> No.51073648


Kobolds should not have hips and asses, but dragons in humanoid forms should absolutely craft a figure they think is attractive (and since Culdranth is a fatty fat fat, the order of the day is badonkadonk and more tits than two hands can handle.)

>> No.51073655

Anyone have personal experience with Mythic? I'm looking for some advice on whether Legendary Item is worth taking. I figure that if I do take it, I'll want to take it three times for maximum value, so it would take a lot of my path abilities.

>> No.51073656
File: 329 KB, 500x280, Anime Girl Finger Poke.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have, and then I realize I'm spending more resources than a TWF user in order to be half as effective as a guy with just a greatsword and power attack.

I tried making a Mercurial Duelist using a copy of the playtest, and I'm getting ass blasted that I need every single talent over 14 levels just to make the Iaijutsu Slash feel as functional as a full attack of an unoptimized Barbarian half my level

>> No.51073668

Legendary item is great, because you can get your item to cast spells for you. It's like the #1 choice for non-casters.

>> No.51073672
File: 259 KB, 381x596, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it just me or does weregild seem a bit lackluster compared to the wealth by level chart, even for NPCs

>> No.51073692

I want to play a thicc grappler. What kind of build would /pfg/ recommend?

>> No.51073694

It takes what... 13 things of the appropriate challenge rating to level up?

>> No.51073703

Sohei monk

>> No.51073706


Ideally, you should be capturing 10-20 peasants for weregild, which is a totally respectable haul when you also factor in generic loot or pillage.

>> No.51073709


This is for ransoming people back. It is the closest to actual rules I can fine in Pathfinder.

>> No.51073711

So what's the actual deal with this Fluffy Tail and Dragon Game stuff?

>> No.51073732

Yeah, you can roughly overcome 13 of them in a level, and it only gets easier to take them alive in higher levels. Sounds like they had to deliberately make it low in comparison to wealth by level, given how much it could get you if you went fully that route.

>> No.51073741


Does the campaign allow third-party?

If it does, than I'd absolutely suggest a half-giant Steelfist Commando with the "Bred for War" trait.

It also means 2d12+2 for dat roll, you'd be the first female half-giant from /pfg!/

>> No.51073752


Lewd games with so many applications that they're not even worth considering.

>> No.51073758


Oh I see what you mean now. That is kinda bleh.

>> No.51073768


Fluffy Tail is cutesy lewd shamelessly weeb bullshit, and Dragon is shaping up for a sudden collapse as the DM continues to make bad decisions in campaign management.

>> No.51073770

It probably would have been good for me to clarify that I'm a full caster (Oracle, specifically) up front. Considering some of the other abilities also look better for a martial than a mage, like Foe-Biting and Unstoppable Strike, it kind of just looks to me like a Legendary Item is more useful to a martial. The best ability for a caster to add is probably Metamagician and it's just okay.

It's hard to evaluate the Legendary Item path ability because comparing it to other path abilities really means comparing like three things from the list of abilities you can give a Legendary Item to one path ability from a list of options, and there's already so many choices for both lists.

>> No.51073772

Neat, I'll give it a look.

Well, I do like size difference...

>> No.51073773

Wealth by level isn't how much money you have. It's how much property, money, magic, and tools and tings you own.

Having 10% of your Wealth by level in cash is fucking huge, and rare is the adventurer who has that much liquidity.

>> No.51073777

I don't remember seeing a clam of being new.

>> No.51073788


It's meant to be blegh, most of your raiding wealth should come from the pillage, not the villagers.

>> No.51073835


I didnt want to use it so much as pillaging but ransoming people back. Two of my PCs were captured but the remaining captured 3 of the NPCs and I was trying to figure out appropriate balance for ransoming which led me to that.

>> No.51073841


It also emphasizes ransoming people that actually matter, like a nobleman or the captain of the guard.

It makes a lot of sense, if you think about it.

>> No.51073851

Supposedly there's still a week to do chargen, but some people also said that was for adjusting sheets because apps were over already.

I've begun to suspect 'never'

>> No.51073858

Don't they both have like extra bones in there? They need the padding for that.

>> No.51073890

I'm retraining my maneuvers for my warder. How do I balance the maneuvers chosen? My disciplines are riven hourglass. Primal fury and scarlet throne. SEND HELP

>> No.51073910


There's a difference between "their butts are a little plump" and "their thighs are as big as their torso!"

>> No.51073912

Like what? Is it the consulting GMs?

>> No.51073936


But what if their draconic overlords reeeeaaaly take care of them.

>> No.51073974


Char apps are still open for another week. Game doesnt start until the 19th ish

If no one comments in the next day or so I might close it early. Idk

>> No.51073993


Yuuup, and they're demanding characters now.

The plot has some serious dissonance going on too, the DM doesn't seem to have a goal in mind and hardly knows a thing about dragons in Golarion!

>> No.51074017


Than they'll be morbidly obese and totally anti-cute!

>> No.51074036


That reminds me I need to adjust character sheet, can't take rapid-shot anymore.
>tfw literally the only feats you get are the levelling ones
>never been happier the tax feats are covered in the rules...

What might be fun instead as a level 3 feat?

>> No.51074052

They we actually just goofing on me. And I know plenty about dragons now. Been doing mah research.

As of right now I have seven mix and match intro quests that flow int a starting arc.

In the word of myself "don't worry about it. "

>> No.51074058

It's a huge bossfight dragon in Panzer Dragoon Saga

>> No.51074083

You dont want them cultivating turbo cuddle lizards?

>> No.51074125

To what, land on?

>what are those?
>just put them on!
>what ARE they?
>arrestor cables!

>> No.51074142
File: 191 KB, 1024x686, 1440307352102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Bumping this for info

>> No.51074188

Seems legit.

Though it could help with aerodynamics

>> No.51074207


Lizards are not for cuddle.

Humans are for cuddle, they have warm blood.

Therefore, the dragons and kobolds should be cultivating warm, soft human figures for cuddling!

Humans therefore enjoy a position as bedwarmers and courtesans for the native lizards.

>> No.51074225


A hex map exists for Kingmaker's region.

>> No.51074246
File: 144 KB, 449x743, 1481242947563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I can dig it

>> No.51074276


I was hoping to have more places. I can find grids but I really want hexes.

>> No.51074308

It's not impossible. Particularly if you have access to the Aegis, and Akashic mysteries.

The trick with Vital Strike is that much like with automatics (like if you want to machinegun ol'rasputin) you cannot build the standard (nor the 1pp) way at all. MGs don't get to take advantage of damage increasing feats though so VS ain't for them.

What VS multiplies is the weapon damage dice.

So, What you need to do, is make them as retardedly huge and numerous as you can.

For example if you have powerful build, you can get a greatsword that's Large.

You then enlarge yourself. You go up, as does your equipment. Greatsword is now huge.

Now say you have something that increases the EFFECTIVE size of the weapon (that is, by definition, ANYTHING that sounds even a little like "as if the weapon were x bigger", this is important because all those things despite the wording do not stack; biggest only).

Now, Huge + 2 sizes, say from earth nimbus stance or mid level aegis before you can afford an akashic catalyst (at which point you could eventually reach +4 instead) means your Huge weapon counts as Colossal. And it can scale further. At that point ask if it's qualified as a 'siege' weapon because you're literally dwarfing some of them.

That GS that was 2d6 was 4d6 huge, and 8d6 colossal 1. If you vital that for x4, you're doing 32d6. AotC it with a +3 catalyst and you could get that to 16d6, so 64 on vital strike.

250 after everything isn't a raging charge-pounce, but it's not too bad for a single hit.

>> No.51074324

Which deity is the most Bob Dylan in Golarion?

>> No.51074369

Dragon DM Dragon DM !

What is our entry quest gonna be? How does the game start?

>> No.51074399

I see how it can be forced to work, the problem is that it how it works feels retarded the more I look at it. That's more a problem with pathfinder in general, though.

>> No.51074402

When it gets that huge, people get a little dumb. Probably 2:1 applicants to wanted players could've let you work more closely to see who's making characters in the theme/style you prefer, or guide those you like but aren't quite there that way.

With 30 posts in character applications, you've probably got a lot of sludge to get through; some of which may even have been engineered as an application not a character, using those before it as a "what to say" guide.

Then you find out the LG bright-eyed paladin (not refering to YOUR game just to note... not to YOURS....) is a CE murderhobo played by an autistic sociopath...

>> No.51074434

I'm gonna come in at a steep angle and smack that deck but hard.

Carrier kobold ass, you say, eh?

>> No.51074462

Oh absolutely. It's downright idiotic. But, if you really want it to work, and are playing online because fuck needing an entire mug of dice, you can make it work.

>> No.51074463


Gonna start with the Winter solstice gathering. Its basically like "The State of the Union address" for The Demesne.

And for the first time in... ever The queen exits the comfort of her lodgings to attend.

>> No.51074480

What did he mean by this?

>> No.51074508


Not to give it?

>> No.51074560


Considering she's never bothered even showing up before, she presumably has people for that.

>> No.51074579

Like I mentioned in another post, I see myself giving up all my resources to do worse than someone half my level who did no optimization. It kinda kills my desire to do anything with it.

>> No.51074604

Is there a limit to how much AC an enhancement bonus to armor gives? Like if I have +2 full plate how much ax does that +2 add to AC?

>> No.51074632
File: 39 KB, 450x338, Elf mage 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See, I'm willing to do stuff like this for rule of cool. The concept of it just seems so interesting to me that I don't care if I'm doing less damage and investing more into it since it's still fun, even if it's not super optimal.

>> No.51074649

You can get up to +5 enhancement bonus to ac for armor through item enchantment.

full plate is 9 ac, +2 full plate is 11 ac, +5 full plate is 14 ac.

>> No.51074650

Queen Culdranth's word is LAW! she however orders her subjects so infrequently, a democratic process sprung up to fill in the gaps

>> No.51074710

Shelyn? For artistry?

>> No.51074760

Thanks anon.

>> No.51074793

worst is when others in the party start bitching that you're just breaking the game for doing that. even once they're reaching 4 digits with their eight attacks a turn with their 40% crit x3 rates.

>the GM's going to make everything super-deadly because you keep doing that, anon, you're killing something every turn with those attacks

>> No.51074807

Why WOULDN'T you play an Arcanist?

>> No.51074808

>40% crit x3 rates
I fucking love falcatas.

>> No.51074838

But is she Folk enough?

>> No.51074844
File: 223 KB, 405x797, DUnMeshWhat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just have a bad case of the autisms when I spend so long without actually playing anything.

>tfw listening to a summoner player bitch about how much damage your archer did with a nat 20
>the prior turn they had just summoned 4 augmented leopards and instagibbed two enemies
>and then ran and hid like a bitch

>> No.51074958

At least she fought by proxy. We have a player who Literally just watches encounters, can't even skill harder than us, and tries to claim she's helpful or worth giving a share of wealth to.

Rogues are the worst

>> No.51074964

More Fabulous than Folk. If you're focusing on folksy then you've got Erastil, a bad choice since he seems like he wouldn't appreciate music too much. Or maybe Desna? Wanderers, luck, musicians, she could fit pretty easily.

>> No.51075020

Plus she's got that ancient goddess cred that could go well with a folksy style

>> No.51075173


Is the Queen going to be surrounded by children and current lovers?

Is everyone going to be shocked at how thick and slovenly she's become?

That canon image of her makes me diamonds, but she strikes me as a woman that would have some mom chub.

>> No.51075196


>Shelyn is an idol, confirmed

>> No.51075207

>mom chub

>> No.51075220
File: 226 KB, 608x1442, Shelyn-art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51075227

>Is that? She's gained two size categories, and I don't mean there's steps above great-wyrm
>well now we know what she HASN'T been doing all this time

>> No.51075250
File: 926 KB, 687x856, Erastil.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you're focusing on folksy then you've got Erastil, a bad choice since he seems like he wouldn't appreciate music too much
>implying folk music and festivals aren't excellent for bringing communities together and strengthening the bonds of a village.
Just so long as you make the time to finish your chores you can pick the banjo as much as you please.

>> No.51075276

>the BBEG has been with the party the whole time
>they think he's the wizard helping them avoid the BBEG
>he's really just making them strong enough so when he kills them and absorbs their power, he'll get even stronger

>> No.51075280

Whichever one of you glorious faggots it was that posted the Bagpipes of Invisibility in one of those Useless Magic Items thread:

Thank you sir. It had my party in stitches for a good ten minutes.

>> No.51075310
File: 1.92 MB, 1279x780, IMG_0263.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shelyn is way purer than that Calistrian imitation. That art was a travesty.

>> No.51075364
File: 23 KB, 250x481, 250px-Shelyn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shelyn pleasure old men for money!

>> No.51075372


>Shelyn doing a lovely pose
>Mind immediately goes to smut


>> No.51075481

What's the best Craft skill for a magic item crafter?

>> No.51075496


Craft (Jewelry,) it works for everything from Wondrous Items to Rings.

>> No.51075521

Is there any means by which I can get a Pugwampi's aura on a player character?

>> No.51075563

>>51075173 >>51075207

Only her mates and her direct serving staff see her on the regular.

At first they're amazed at the raw magnificence of her power, size and form.

Then after a few moments after the raw shock wears off they start making observations. Like how the scales around her midriff are pushed apart and she looks like she has little muscle.

>> No.51075605


>Like how the scales around her midriff are pushed apart

She has scales in her human form?

Wouldn't the exposed skin between her scales be extremely sensitive to tickling?

>> No.51075606

Fleshcrafting, but good luck finding someone who let you do that.
Misfortune/Cackle Witch with enough time.

>> No.51075611

there doesn't seem to be a reason to NOT play arcanist

>> No.51075619


Well, a PC could swallow a Pugwampi whole, or have one hiding in their backpack.

>> No.51075623


Seriously, you can substitute any crafting check with a Spellcraft check for the purposes of magic item creation.

>> No.51075628

I don't want to.
I'm playing an Exploiter Wizard.
I want to hit things hard.
I don't want to.

>> No.51075645

Yes, but I was referring to her ful Dragon form

>> No.51075653

>will never kill one of the other aspirants to the throne in the name of the princess
fug this earth

>> No.51075719


Do dragons GET mom chub? They lay eggs

>> No.51075741

They do if you fetishize hard enough.

>> No.51075771


If the dragon gets knocked up in human form and carries the child to term in human form, maybe? I figure half of Culdranth's kids were made that way, considering her legions of humanoid lovers.

>> No.51075838

Play an Idolmaster Eroge? That looks a lot like Nozumi.

>> No.51075846


Searches provide no source.

What is the source of this image?

>> No.51075853

What happens if she polymorphs, though?
Eggshells are produced by the female while mammalian offspring don't have a huge yolk sack to draw from. A dragon shelling a humanoid embryo will be cutting off its lifeline quite literally, while a human would not produce the protective layer the lizard needs

>> No.51075874
File: 394 KB, 581x518, d994fac05a249d92dada97228f5dd549.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't you dare put idolmaster and nozomi in the same sentence!

>> No.51075885

He didn't though

>> No.51075899
File: 117 KB, 600x706, 1477544049408.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no dragon girl abs to lick

>> No.51075900

I'm in a play by post game's recruitment stages. By all rights, the game should have started, but the DM claims that he's been 'busy' and there's not been 'enough time'. I look at his profile and he's got around 20 posts over the last few days including today for applying to games, talking, stuff like that.

How do I deal with this lying DM?

>> No.51075901


So if she gets knocked up in one form, she has to stay in that form.

>> No.51075911

>Assuming human form first


>> No.51075915


Just write it up as a stillbirth, mourn, and move on.

>> No.51075939

Maybe it is cultivated to make herself appear more mothely

>> No.51075940


Have you SEEN her human form?

>> No.51075962

Yeah, she's just more masturbation material.

>> No.51075975

Call him out.

>> No.51076077

Culdranth might be chubby. But her daughters run the gamut

>> No.51076102

And have YOU seen her dragon form?

>> No.51076106

He is very likely just too nervous or whatever to follow through, not deliberately cunting you out the backside. Just forget it and move on unless you actually know the person.

>> No.51076139
File: 139 KB, 600x404, 1398559369058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw will never finish your homebrew setting
>you will never have plans to run an intro session to the setting
>you will never improve on it as you and your friends explore the world together
>you will never publish the setting, and then run a game for /pfg/ in the setting

>> No.51076180


What are you hung up on? Help us help you!

>> No.51076239

just getting in the mindset of sitting down, writing it out, finding the right words, and not getting distracted. I still haven't finished the basic cosmology, and I can't go do anything else until I finish that.

Plus, I'm still not sure whether the setting should be built for Pathfinder, or should instead be may System Agnostic

>> No.51076253

how much have you written?

i have 10 pages on mine and have been able to run a campaign for the past 2 years in it

>> No.51076280

Oh, my bad, I get Love Live and Idolmaster confused.

>> No.51076291


Yes, I have! She's huge and resplendent, truly majestic.

>> No.51076301


I can help with the cosmology!

>> No.51076319

Well there you go!

>> No.51076343

The only way to start is to start running, anon.

I started GMing and ran for 4 years solid in my homebrew pathfinder setting and brought the campaign to a decent conclusion, playing once a week and from levels 6 to 16. But you never will if you don't start.

>> No.51076394

Actually, that makes me wonder.
Where DO dragons draw the line, anyways? I mean, everyone's descended of Culdranth, so... you know.

What's it like in the demense?

Is it "don't worry, I'm just your HALF sister"?
Is first cousins ick, or only ick if also same species/color?
Is it second cousins minimum?
Does everyone just get the hell out and look for love as far outside as possible?

I'm not even trying to be lewd here but it IS a social dynamic one should know about in their own country

>> No.51076574

Should I do Draconic or Elemental for a Blood Arcanist?

Both seem useful.

>> No.51076697
File: 41 KB, 325x358, 97a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll try to keep this brief, and I'm in mobile, but one bit that's been bugging me is I've been trying to determine a division in blessings and boons in divine entities.

There are 5 Daevas, entities in contract with the Creator to help aid in the maintenance of the contained universe: The Arbiter of Physical and Cosmic Order, The Guardian of Agency and Causality, The Twin Keepers of Life and Death, and the Messenger of Spheres.

While I have an idea as to what the first four do, I'm still iffy on the cosmic responsibilities the Messenger of Spheres would have, all I know is for sacred numerology I need a Fifth Daeva.

Further, for the First Mortal Race, each Daeva granted a boon unto them.The Arbiter taught them logic and empirical thought,the Keeper of taught them to observe and understand nature and the process of Life and how to keep its bounty, the Guardian did little, save for occasionally granting advice to others.

However, for the other two I'm at a bit of a loss. I had planned for the Keeper of Death to grant them the blessing of Dreams, that they may know respite and comfort, but that left me wondering what to give the Messenger of Spheres. I considered hi. Being the one who taught magic, but I'm unsure.

Any advice?

>> No.51076707


I think the DM said Culdranth's DNA is so unstable that brothers and sisters could get it on without actually suffering from inbreeding. Sort of like rabbits, only smarter.

>> No.51076724

The fact that there's probably ungodly amounts of magic being thrown around probably helps as well.

>> No.51076780

> Sohei does not gain his monk AC bonus class feature when wearing light armor

>> No.51076803

Well yeah.

Really wouldn't be a point in being a non Sohei monk at that point.

>> No.51076821

still, there's also the difference between "genetically you need not worry" and "what? EEWWWWW NO!"

>> No.51076825
File: 127 KB, 1726x856, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I re-made a thing.

>> No.51076839

How much would it cost to buy a CL10+ Spherecaster casting Permanent Fusion on you with a Pugwampi (and the talent that blocks the form lock for certain abilities)?

>> No.51076855

Do you ever do mythic games?

>> No.51076871

If you believe some scientists, having to worry about the genetics is why the gut reaction against it exists in the first place.

>> No.51076876


Well let's put it this way. The tree has some tangled vines what with Culdranth simply refusing to stop having babies.

It's entirely possible to fall in love with your great great grand niece and not know it.

>> No.51076879

Can dragons fuck a mortal IN dragon form or is it impossible?

>> No.51076897

I'm playing in one right now, set in Alkenstar.

And the entire party chose to be magic-users, in spite of it taking place in the mana wastes. I have no idea why.

>> No.51076918


I want to play in one! I want to! Please!

What dick do I have to suck to join a mythic game?

>> No.51076931

Just the tip~

Real answer depends on age, Dragon type and size.

Some adult Dragon are only about the size of horses. So little danger there.

Just dont go after older men. Especially since their dick is bigger than your entire body.

>> No.51076944


A Human woman can fit a large creature inside her without immediately dying.

This means a young adult dragon could probably mount someone without killing them - hell, there are a few medium-sized dragons that could make it all fit in comfortably.

>> No.51076945
File: 146 KB, 1756x1013, Capture2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And here is the second part of the thing.

>> No.51076949

That depends Anon, the followup question to that is "how big is the dragon in question, and how big are you?" and, depending on those answers, the next question would be "are you a brave boy?"

>> No.51076951
File: 29 KB, 680x332, consider raziel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Culdranth is the supreme monarch
>But she's not around most of the time so it's effectively democratic
So it's Canada?

>> No.51076955

Casting from a staff does NOT count against your spells per day, right?

So you could be throwing a fireball into a staff every day until it's full, and then have the ability to use 5 extra fireballs down the line, right?

How do metamagic feats interact with storing spells into a staff?

>> No.51076961
File: 115 KB, 1093x787, Abadar_Vault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell me /pfg/ how do your settings handle taxes? Where do they keep it all? How do they collect it? What do they spend it on?

>> No.51076970



Yup, swing away.

The staff has to be enchanted with the feat, I think?

>> No.51076972

Wrath of the Righteous. Group is on book 4.

>> No.51076978

Good meme, anon.

Change Messenger to Binder, rename Planes to Spheres, and his boon can be the ability to perceive and interact with the other spheres. Rather than have magic be an inherent gift of the gods, make it the first race's crowning achievement created by mastering the five boons.

>> No.51076980

Ring of Enlarge Person, or something similar

>> No.51076982

Except its sunny warm crystal Canada

>> No.51076992

If the size difference is still too great then just have them cast Reduce Person on themselves as well, or Reduce Monster if that only works on humanoids.

>> No.51076999

>So you could be throwing a fireball into a staff every day until it's full, and then have the ability to use 5 extra fireballs down the line, right?
That's pretty much the entire point of HAVING a staff in the first place. Well, that and having an extra spell or two you don't know/don't want to prepare

>How do metamagic feats interact with storing spells into a staff?
They don't. You can cast a metamagicked spell into a staff, but it only counts as the normal spell and it doesn't enable you to use the staff to cast the metamagicked version or anything.

>> No.51077020

>Casting from a staff does NOT count against your spells per day, right?
>So you could be throwing a fireball into a staff every day until it's full, and then have the ability to use 5 extra fireballs down the line, right?
>How do metamagic feats interact with storing spells into a staff?
They don't

>> No.51077021

I see.

So when I draw the spell out of the staff, may I apply my metamagic feats to it, or must I use it as the basic spell?

>> No.51077022


So DDS put up their Spheres of Combat thing.

>Just as importantly as what Spheres of Might does is what it doesn't do; The Spheres of Might system does not add a whole new set of rules and terminology on top of the core Pathfinder rules, instead building off the existing framework in new and exciting ways that are easy for players already used to Pathfinder's combat system to understand and utilize. This has the added benefit of also meaning that Spheres of Might is highly compatible with many other martial augmentation systems, as well as previously-released classes from both Paizo and most 3rd party publishers.

I'm not really a fan of PoW in comparison, but it seems like their stated goal of being subsystem-less is kinda retarded here, given that they just said they're gonna be making a subsystem in the paragraph before.

>> No.51077034

>party has nobody
>with sense motive
Is it bad DMing to bluff the hell out of this party?

>> No.51077042

The problem is there aren't really "planes" in the traditional sense, and the universe is more like an inverted version of Yggdrasil, meets a reversed version of TES Mundus, with a great veil keeping everything contained and locked away from the maddening void of the outer cosmos.

But yeah, the magic thing you suggested I'll definitely keep.

>> No.51077057

It depends on their outlook and how clear it is that they can't take NPCs at face value. NPC lies should be carefully used for maximum fun.

>> No.51077063


Players should have a natural suspicion of certain NPCs and not of others. Sense Motive is not Read Minds. By all means, bluff away.

>> No.51077064

Anyways: the important part is that a similarly built Unchained Barbarian is like ~10 dpr worse than the old one. It's a fine nerf and I honestly prefer the new rage mechanics. The old one was wonky.

Warpriests are amazing: news at 11.

Here I am posting OC but people just want to talk about dragon sex.

I guess dragon sex IS more interesting than mathposting though.

no. Just the basic spell.

No, but do it in a fun way. Don't take anything away or steal from them, but make it result in funny things.

>> No.51077080

Alright, thanks.

And the minimum level for a staff is 8th, right?

So a level 6 Arcanist wouldn't be capable of storing his Fireballs yet?

>> No.51077085

I for one am glad that someone posted that the Spheres of Combat (or Might) kickstarter has been put up.

>> No.51077089

As one of the ones talking about dragon sex, you gotta preempt your pic with what it is first, get us involved in what you're sharing.

>> No.51077092

How much would a SU improve a common cat's CR if the ability was "After the has been dead for 1 round, it deals 1d4/HD+ -2 or +2 for each size category it is above or under medium (minimun 1) acid damage"? If a sicced 4-6 of cats with this ability in a small area on a level 1 party, how fast would they die (assuming that they are not going to have to fight something in sequence with this encounter)?

>> No.51077093

total or representative democracy?

>> No.51077131

I guess foreplay is important isn't it?

Basically: I like math, and what you are looking at is how much actual damage per round you will do against the target AC depending on your attack routine.

THis is cool because it actually solves arguments, and lets you compare things like "+1d6 damage or +1 to hit?"

Give me an attack routine(the yellow fields are inputs) and I can give you some ROCK HARD DATA.

>> No.51077176


What's that stretchy body spell?

>> No.51077203

Also England. They have a queen, everyone loves her, she doesn't do too much, and is immortal.

>> No.51077236


>> No.51077252



>using staves
You cast the spell with your stats, and ether your caster level or the staff's, whichever is higher.

to reload it, you can once a day, cast one of the staff's spells into it to give it another charge.

>> No.51077276

There's a spell I know of called Rubber Body or something like that but that's more of a "take less damage from falling if you didn't want to take Feather Fall for whatever reason". I don't know if there's another spell you're actually talking about but that may or may not work.

>> No.51077277


Okay, the thread is sinking so I'll ask this question.

What's the largest creature your character has ever fucked?

>> No.51077282

I meant to say that you were wrong. Nope is vague. Sorry.

you can totally charge a staff with fireball, if the staff has fireball in it. If you cast the fireball out of the staff it's CL 8 minimum.

>> No.51077306

Medium, across all games and all systems.

>> No.51077333

What level of players are these numbers collected at?

>> No.51077364

Level 12.

>> No.51077440
File: 4.06 MB, 2528x1003, Kingdom Death x Pathfinder.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, This is a thing now.

And the Pathfinder iconics in Kingdom Death are possibly the best they've ever looked.

>> No.51077445

That's a very specific level, why there?

>> No.51077453


Oh my god that Seoni is everything I've wanted her to be in the actual game.

>> No.51077459

So: You all know stuff about the Soulknife and Aegis, so I want to know how the Living Legend archetype and the Aegis equivalent work, and how do the two of them work with Metaforge?

>> No.51077488

Because at level 13 simulacrum exists. This means that the wizard can just fuck off for a month then come back with 30 half-level clones of himself.

That's the most conservative reading of that spell as well. Level 12 and lower means that following RAW can result in games that sorta-work and make sense without any gentleman's agreements.

>> No.51077523


>> No.51077553

>Same characters now trapped in Worldscape.

So instead of going back to Golarion they end in the K. D. setting?

>> No.51077567


This is relevant to my interests. I'm making an aberrant aegis for RotJR.

>> No.51077582

Given Erik Mona is one of the leads for the crossover, as well as the storywriter for Worldscape?

Yeah, seems like.

>> No.51077589


>Valeros actually looks dashing
>Merisiel looks like a proper attractive creep
>Kyra is Kyra
>Seoni's actually got hips and tits

>> No.51077590
File: 558 KB, 367x265, 1d5.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thick Seoni
>chocolate goddess Kyra
>badass Valeros

>> No.51077617

I can only hope we get a sourcebook for the Kingdom Death world. I would love to see some of that shit.

>> No.51077619

Kyra looks better when she's drawn pointy. Like, proper egyptorabian pointy.

>> No.51077645


>> No.51077651

I am kind of pissed that they couldn't get Conan in the crossover because Dynamite doesn't have the rights.

>> No.51077700

Merisiel being so stacked is heretical, but I like her face better like this. I never got the impression she was *intended* to be ugly in Paizo art, it just felt like poor execution and not knowing how to reach "alien but not uncanny valley".

Kyra and Valeros just look less dopey than usual. Mostly in their posing.

Seoni is perfect, she IS supposed to be stacked and this is a better idea of how boobs work in her type of clothing. She also looks wild, confident and powerful, which I feel like a high charisma sorcerer should be? That's just me though.

>> No.51077729

Pretty sure that penis gods brandishing their mutilated cock that drips their divine cum as his three penis heads watch over the naked castratas that grovel at his feet is not a good addition to a game that is supposed to be around PG-13 for the most part

Emphasis on supposed to.

>> No.51077789


Just skip Metaforge, it sucks.

>> No.51077851

They somehow manage to get away with Nocticula, and literal rape demons. I'm sure they can get away with that.

After all, you're supposed to kill it.

>> No.51077853

It's supposed to be something you're capable of paying off, not something that's hard to afford.

Otherwise you have blood feuds everywhere, nobody but kings can afford the ransom, and then you just have utter chaos. Gorum knows any red-blooded Ulfen likes a good scrap, but you gotta have limits.

>> No.51077890

Okay, everyone else looks great--love Valeros' grope-armor, Kyra's face-stuff and finger-coat looks great. Just please tell the artist who gave Merisiel a tooth motif to stay away.

>> No.51077892

Something about Seoni there somehow makes her somehow seem less slutty to me despite still wearing practically nothing at all.

I think it might be the combination of more realistic tits and the not-a-pinup-like-other-Seoni-art pose makes her seem like a Conanesque exaggerated classic fantasy character instead of just fanservice art.

>> No.51077909

>PG 13
>Zon-Kuthon,body horror drows. Lamashtu, cannibal inbreed half ogres straight from Deliverance and The Hills Have Eyes, murderous undead children...

>> No.51078164

racial heritage ogre
savage critical
sneak attack dice

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