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THEY have lore? The fuck's their damage? What even ARE they? Is Archimedes like Elizabeth in that he's taken over by their bullshit cells, like Attila in being their drone or just helping them for shits and giggles? As far as I can tell they're invading the Earth because fuck you, that's why. At least Notes gave the reason of Gaia issuing a distress call/death curse.

The Velbers just come across like they're doing a bad Anti-Spiral cosplay, now with 200% more alien waifs.

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Is this a Horrorterror speaking?

Anyway, that's what Seers and the Ring of Void are for.

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Jumpers, what was your lewdest jump?

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I don't quite know who Kiara is but from what I remember being told she wiped out Earth just to charge a super attack.

What planet is the Velber a TYPE of?

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Tell me your tales of despair and heart-break.

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Each of the Velbers had a full page with the character data book that came with Extella. I just read the translation notes from Beast's Lair when people talked about it on IRC before because it seemed interesting. The Velbers as far as humanity knows are basically the Beta from Muv Luv, except they're all TYPEs, or superior to TYPEs. They're not invading Earth because fuck you, they're invading Earth because they're like garbage disposal and periodically go about doing this with civilizations. Archimedes I think wasn't even a proper servant at all, just an Anticell that took up the powers of an Automaton. Not entirely sure about that one.

No one knows, but it took the Harvest Star like fourteen thousand years to get to Earth so presumably it's a planet very far away.

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Hellsing. Did you know that attempting to become a True Vampire (the Alucard sort) requires you to be a virgin? Otherwise, you'll turn into a ghoul.
Needless to say, once my jumper was successfully turned, he spent some time taking advantage of no longer have to protect his maidenhood.

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Is Fate Akasha its own dimension? Can I reach it with perks that enable travel to adjoining "realms"?

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>they're invading Earth because they're like garbage disposal and periodically go about doing this with civilizations

...how the hell is this different from "fuck you"?

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It's a lot less personal?

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But I meant "fuck you" in the sense of "they're doing it for nonexistant, arbitrary reasons that aren't developed and serve no meaningful purpose"

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So, what kind of shit at minimum do I need to survive Fate's Class War? Would the strength to move aircraft carriers, EX-rank God-hand, durability to survive nukes, immunity to magic and instant death effects, and speed enough to see bullets as standing still be a good start?

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The Akasha, or Swirl of the Root, or Void, or whatever, in fate technically includes all nasuverse realities, it's both the source of all things, and the repository of all things. Theoretically though you should be able to go there with the right perks, but it's not a "good idea", usually it causes people to basically breakdown into nothing. Basically though it is just outside of reality, it's not necessarily that hard to get to, it's just really difficult if you are restricted to the magic system of the nasuverse.

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They don't have that concept? "Fuck You" is what the Ars Goetia were doing to humanity in Grand Order, the Velber are just following programming from something. Even the Anticell are apparently just trying to break Mooncell because they're programmed to do so for their call home signal.

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Seems like a very good start.

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Where can I find this lore?

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>>51050317 Is me. Just got back from sleeping.
>>51053708 Is another anon, but summarizes my thoughts.

The headset can't kill you in Sword Art (The game, not the jump.) Unless you take A Game Not Meant To Be Played. Every other danger is mundane. It should be Tier 0.

>super vampires
The scope and depth of my knowledge related to Twilight is limited to memes. I'd expect most endgame RPG parties to trash them based on in game feats compared to your description. This is without getting into D&D and BBS, which I would place above most RPGs.

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See >>51055037, that's what I actually meant-they're just a bullshit plot device made up to give Servants something to point at and go "oh noes, she's too stronk"

At least one TYPE had way, way more personality than this.

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Beast's Lair? Somebody on IRC put a link to there when they were discussing it.

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Well, if you've got all that, I assume you have other things to supplement it. Honestly, that should be enough to compete with most Servants except Gilgamesh probably, whose main "flaw" is that he's relatively unskilled and weak for all his BS.

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It's a pretty big flaw desu, means all he can do is lob most of them at you rather than actually use their special abilities.

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>Is this a Horrorterror speaking?
Huh. How appropriate.

>Anyway, that's what Seers and the Ring of Void are for.
Fair enough. A Seer of Light can do it as in canon (though that still requires the "grace of the gods"), but I'm not sure how you the Ring of Void would help you?

Hm, a Seer of Void could probably also navigate there. Maybe one of Hope, Time, or Space could try it too, but those don't really seem geared for it?

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Ironically Extella has a lot more plot development to it with the character books than Notes, it's just that Nasu literally can't describe the Fate Covenant without digging himself into a ridiculous hole. This is a civilization that has developed interstellar travel, possibly superluminal travel, is implied to be controlling the growth of many different species including humans, and can create TYPE-like beings. There's literally no way humanity can fight against this. Not even GO reaches the implied power levels that this anonymous civilization has. iirc even the ending of Extella implied that Earth was basically SOL, and it was just a matter of time. In really reminds me of Halo, except humanity here is a lot more concentrated than the UNSC, and the Covenant already know where Earth is, they just haven't gotten a return call from the Glassing Fleet.

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Yeah, but Class War gets rid of that flaw, because now he has stats and skills of probably several knight classes.

>> No.51055233

>but I'm not sure how you the Ring of Void would help you?
Wasn't that how Lord English did it?

Aside being a Heir of Void.

>> No.51055239

That's kind of overkill for just surviving. The vast majority of the servants can't even harm you, and you are way too fast for any servant that doesn't have EX ranked Agility or some speed boosting NP.

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FSX jump when?

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Nah, he used the Ring (and timetravel) to do his Always Already There thing. So basically just the appearing/disappearing trick, most likely with the Ring's invisibility.

I believe he navigated the Furthest Ring by being a insanely stubborn asshole and stringing together a ridiculous number of small timetravelling "hops" across very short distances, to move in something like a straight line despite that normally being impossible there? Would have to check that again to be sure though.

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That is so bullshit but a Page of Time could do that right?

>> No.51055404

What was the range on Atomic Density Manipulation, again? Line of sight?

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The headset can't kill you unless you take the drawback? What happens if you die in-game?

>> No.51055420

No, it can. With the headset, it's just guaranteed to kill you, regardless of your defenses and immunities.

>> No.51055425

Okay, first off, you enter the jump a year before the jump starts. So, step one is going to be preventing the Eizenberns from summoning berserker Heracles.

You can do this by fucking with them, or by summoning one yourself. Now, they'll probably try to summon something strong anyways, but it won't have God Hand, which is great.

Step two is going to be blowing up Kotomine's church. Specifically, the basement. Bluntly put, there's a bunch of almost dead oprhans down there that Gil uses as a battery. Now, killing them won't kill him, but it will make him much weaker. Independent action, even one as high as his, isn't meant for full scale combat without a secondary energy source.

Two and a half, make sure Kotomine is in the church when it blows up. He's a pain in the ass, who can only be happy by making others suffer. Just, kill him.

There's more, but those are the big one's.

>> No.51055457

You're massively over-hyping them.

All you really need is a decent physical enhancement perk (Leaky Limiter + Fighting Spirit from Mushoku Tensei is a good choice) and a few solid anti-magic perks (Empty Night and GotTI) to completely shit on all of them. Pick up Ragna Blade from Slayers and their defenses completely cease to mean anything. At this point you're so powerful that it's practically impossible, barring unbelievably specific Noble Phantasms, for them to beat you even if they all fought you at once. Pick up a few Extra Life powers/items and you're basically invincible.

>> No.51055476

They regenerate mana as if they're living, so that church thing won't help much.

>> No.51055511


It seemed to me that he wasn't just talking about vanishing but also apoearing where he wanted.

>> No.51055520

> You could always travel to another session and steal their shit.
> I guess so? Good luck trying to navigate the Furthest Ring though.
> Try not to bump into the gods.

> tfw I took Royal Fuschia Blood in this most recent rebuild, which grants a great resistance to the Horrorterrors natural affect.
> A good portion of my companions' classpects are heavily geared towards making friends with people.
> Whereas I am a Thief of Light.
> Before the last rebuild, my most frequently held upon perk was Grimdarkness.

> You could always travel to another session and steal their shit.
> Try not to bump into the gods.

I feel as if a great light has been shown to me. One I did not notice before.
And it was always my destiny to reach for it.
Yes. Thankyou, friend anonymous.

It was always going to be this way.

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Thats not the point. The point is to cut down on Gil's energy supply. They might regenerate, yeah, but it still means he has less.

>> No.51055578

Is this a creator ruling?

Or am I just bad at reading comprehension?

>> No.51055595

If you die in game without the drawback, the headset will probably still try to cook your brain, but if you have defenses against that, you should be fine.

>> No.51055622

Maybe? Lord is kind of fucking bullshit as a Class, but in this instance it seems to be more a matter of being stubborn enough to go through the effort of constantly making all these countless little jumps for however long you need to travel.

Remember, it looks like he moves smoothly when travelling by Sarcophagus. So each of those little bits of timetravle would move you forward almost imperceptibly.

Normally it's 10 meters, but it can be longer for easy/well-practised things. Or shorter for complex things.

And yet he needs his sarcophagus to travel through the Furthest Realm.

So I'm guessing the vanishing and appearing just means going invisible and intangible whenever he wants. That'd still let him appear in places he has no business fucking with.

Mind you, that's just my guess.

>> No.51055652

Mardukth, in your opinion what would the likely consequences of a Devil-Tiger who used the Third Magic on himself be?

Also, what kind of fun things could you do with the First using the Artful Temple?

>> No.51055679

>Maybe? Lord is kind of fucking bullshit as a Class, but in this instance it seems to be more a matter of being stubborn enough to go through the effort of constantly making all these countless little jumps for however long you need to travel.
>Remember, it looks like he moves smoothly when travelling by Sarcophagus. So each of those little bits of timetravle would move you forward almost imperceptibly.
So basically you need boredom immunity and a lot of don't go made from subjective time things? Either that or just be THAT stubborn of an ass? Not asking bout the other defenses he has, for he's kinda bullshit because of all that, just what was needed to evac a Void session.

>> No.51055745

>And yet he needs his sarcophagus to travel through the Furthest Realm.

Yeah, the coat is for travelling, the void to navigate it.

That's what I understood anyway. They don't really talk too much about the rings anyway.

>> No.51055793

Can the Fire Emblem Fates options "Loving Companion" and "Fated Companion" be taken multiple times?

>> No.51055855

Can it get... quite a bit longer with easier/more-practiced patterns?

>> No.51055881

Get that subatomic telekinesis combo from teen titans, with a lot of learning pekrs it should be able to do the same, and at far greater range.

>> No.51056077

Pretty sure that's only molecular level?

>> No.51056138

Would it be possible to use the power provided by Dimension Lord from DC Occult to increase the size of the relevant dimension via magic?

>> No.51056141

>With enough practice you'll be able to
manipulate matter down to the microscopic scale.

Alright, my bad. Probably wanked it a bit too much. Although, "microscopic scale" is not exactly narrowly defined.

>> No.51056199

I'm gonna say no.

Though if you have done type of magic from another jump that could expand a dimension, I don't see why you couldn't use the Dimension's power to fuel that magic.

>> No.51056225

In Practical Guide to Evil, does acting villainous as a hero or vice-versa prevent you from using your name powers?

>> No.51056240

Damn, was going to have the expansion of the realm as part of my story there. Ah well, thanks for answering.

>> No.51056241

Depends on the name and how far out of that name's comfort zone you're acting.
Sparing a Hero as the Squire of the Black Knight will hurt your power a lot.

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>> No.51056256

So, in the new fate jump, is there anything that wish granting could do, assuming nigh-infinite mana, that I wouldn't be able to do with the first magic`?

>> No.51056259

>Mardukth, in your opinion what would the likely consequences of a Devil-Tiger who used the Third Magic on himself be?
From the description in the jump, it seem like they'd work fine together? Seems to be much like Yozi-Body Unity in allowing you to be immaterial or material as you please? Though your immaterial soul body might be very shiny, with an Exaltation attached to it.

Not really sure how the perpetual motion machine soul thing works, so I can't say anything on that...

So yeah, sorry... I know next to nothing about Fate, so I'm not sure what to say about it?

>Also, what kind of fun things could you do with the First using the Artful Temple?
Probably the same things as you could with the First in other places, except not limited by things like: "Is this thing I want to make even possible?"

Pretty much, yeah.

But he doesn't really need to navigate like others do? The whole advantage of his method is that it allows straight-line travel.

Well, there's no upper limit on range really. It'd just take a lot of practise to increase the range to more significant distances.

>> No.51056296


Who are you going to choose?

>> No.51056333

Make Matter from nothing.

It also said it could actually create people( a small army) to fight for you, which I think is not an actual ability that Illya or other wish craft users possess.

>> No.51056348

Would ambiguous names be immune to this or are they obliged to stay grey?

>> No.51056359

Unclear from the canon. Judging from Ranger it seems like if you're ambiguous you can do whatever the fuck you want?

>> No.51056366

Thanks for answer, but I meant the opposite. What I wanna know is if it is worth it for me to buy wish granting when I already have the first magic, and an arbitrarily large amount of training with it.

>> No.51056376

Ambiguous names can do whatever they want, however you'd have to pass on the Hero's bullshit learning ability to stay Ambiguous and I don't think either of the sides in that setting like an Ambiguous named running around, so there's that trade off.

>> No.51056412

>you'd have to pass on the Hero's bullshit learning ability
Ranger canonically has Learn, and so do most transitionary Names, iirc.
Jumpmaker said they'd be making changes as more info is released, as well.

>> No.51056434

No, The true magics are pretty much superior to anything that most of the modern magicraft users have come up with. I suppose it depends on what your trying to accomplish with it.

>> No.51056456

Yes, because you can brute-force any magic system to do whatever is possible in said system. The First Magic is its own thing, and is not necessarily able to do what every magic in the chain can.

>> No.51056458

You have only 3 Aspects, do you really want to trade one of them off for LEARN?

>> No.51056526

Never mind, this anon >>51056456 has explained it a bit better.

>> No.51056536

I swear that jump is such a CP vampire. I've already given up on that sweet fire eye, and now I'll have to let go one of the best loyality perks as well. Curse you Valeria!

At leat the fact that from now on I'm basically a magic god will comfort me...

>> No.51056577

Make your own magic eyes. Magic them into loyalty.

>> No.51056657

My waifu Soleil needs a waifu of her own in the form of Ophelia. I don't really want to tear them away from their parents, so I was thinking to keep them more or less inactive in My Castle using the Housing Supplement?

>> No.51056670

I have a crazy idea.

Cosmic Fact in the Marvel jump was ruled to make you an official Marvel hero in any universe where Marvel Comics is published. I checked desuarchive to be sure.

But does this apply to other Marvel universes as well? If I take Cosmic Fact and then go to the MCU, will I meet an alternate version of myself?

What do you think would happen if I imported a DC character into Marvel and had them take Cosmic Fact?

You'd get weird stuff like an MCU Superman movie in worlds like reality or Kryptonians in other Marvel universes.

>> No.51056671

Why can't you be the waifu, anon?

>> No.51056672


*keep the parents there, not my active companions of Soleil, Ophelia, and freebie Dwyer.

>> No.51056689

>You'd get weird stuff like an MCU Superman movie in worlds like reality or Kryptonians in other Marvel universes.

>> No.51056695

Because threesomes, that's why.

>> No.51056742


Cosmic Fact makes you a canon Marvel hero in any world where Marvel Comics is published.

So for example, if I imported a companion that was originally from a DC setting into the Marvel Comics jump and had them take Cosmic Fact, that would make them an official Marvel hero as well.

Meaning that in any real world setting after that like for example Generic Videogame Developer, if I were to look up Marvel heroes that DC character would be listed as one of them.

The example I gave was Superman.

>> No.51056769

That example would probably work, but I don't think the others would, as I'm pretty sure the perk only affects you rather than the rest of the world (barring your status as a comic-book character).

>> No.51056778


>> No.51056859

Is Enhanced Mastery from Worm actually a learning booster, or is it more knowledge absorption/collection? The former should help you learn faster, to include spells, concepts, and martial techniques-specific things, as well as the theory behind them. It seems more like the latter, though, as it inexplicably pulls knowledge from nowhere to bring you up to par with the (subjective) experts of a certain field, and then dramatically slows down.

>> No.51056868


So no meeting AU counterparts of myself in any Marvel setting after taking Cosmic Fact?

>> No.51056883

Noob questions (sorry).

In WoD-MtA, I can level my Gnosis and learn more Arcana in Jump, right? Whatever I purchase with CP is just for the start of the Jump?

Also, equipment that can be bought with CP, can that be bought/found/crafted in the jumps or if I don't buy it with CP is it forever out of my reach?

>> No.51056901

Likely not, unfortunately.

>> No.51056916

It's a learning booster. The slow down is because of inherent diminishing returns in the process of learning things, not any limit of the power. WormAnon addressed this just the other day, go back in the threads a bit and I'm sure you can find it.

>> No.51056929

There's a cap at Gnosis 5 for Archmage reasons.
No, but buying it makes it so it reappears in your warehouse if broken, unless it's money.

>> No.51056939


Eh, it was worth a shot.

I like perks that affect other setting besides the jump that the perk originates from.

>> No.51057079

So is it a valid jump? Or is it like the joke jumps/supplements in that it can't actually be used?

>> No.51057129

It's on the drive, it's valid. Someone in the thread with a four inch splinter embedded right in their asshole complaining at you doesn't change that. Just don't try to game it.

>> No.51057136

Feel free to use it. It's not actually THAT powerful. More useful.

>> No.51057160

>joke jumps can't actually be used?
b-but my build for Salt jump...?

>> No.51057180

It's a bit like Lost Odyssey: It offers stuff at a way higher level than what's in the setting, but it's not exactly chain-breaking. It's not really much worse than our patented dick formula.

>> No.51057185

OK. First of all, tha ks for the answers.

So it says I start with 1 Gnosis and I can bump that, and learn some extra Arcana levels, at creation but I assume that the other mages, or through my own study, I can get these higher during the 10 years. That right?
The leveling chart makes sense if I can, otherwise why show up to a 10th Arcanum.

>> No.51057198

Any jump can be used, just some people here will ree at you if you try to have badwrongfun and use a jump they don't like.

>> No.51057199

>patented dick formula

>> No.51057280

The combination of several jumps with ship import options that also granted increases in size.
IIRC, if you start with the Asgerd you'd end up with a "ship" around the size of Neptune.

>> No.51057295

Hey Mardukth, can you get the non-reclamation Yozi to open their Charms up to you in other Exalted jumps. or does it have to be in the Infernals one?

>> No.51057321

It could work akin to a watered down version of Tattletale's power. You extrapolate advanced knowledge from lower level knowledge, allowing you to learn things without needing a tutor. You could learn anything simply by practicing it by yourself and don't require external assistance. I'd imagine that, unlike TT's power, your power can't go all Sherlock Holmes but that it grants you the ability to gain muscle memory at equal speed to become good at whatever you're doing. You can't make ridiculous leaps of logic like TT but you can instantly learn kung-fu and be good at it where she couldn't.

At higher levels it become harder to learn things because there's generally a limit on how good you can be at something. Once you reach the level of effective mastery, the level at which experts such as professors and professional athletes operate, it becomes difficult to increase beyond that level because you're hitting the point where there isn't much room left for improvement without the introduction of some new ability, model, or source of information.

At least that's how I fanwank it to work in my chain.

>> No.51057365

Build time!

Kamen Rider Neo-Heisei Part 1 Jump 057e-1:
CP: 1000
Let’s Go Kamen Riders [+000]
Pay the Piper [+200]
Unleash the Greed x4 (Arctic, Venom, Wild, & Rodent) [+800]
Origin: Drop-In
I’ve covered wars, you know? [Free]
Working in Shadows [Free]
How Prototypical [-100]
Select, Collect, Show Me Your Best Set [-200]
Plug n’ Play [-300]
The Power Cosmic [-300]
Gear [+200]:
Legend Rider Movie Belt (Prototype Ranger Belt, Power Morpher, Bionic Arm, Jumper’s Guide to Incan Super Science, Blueprint-Z, Dummy Black, Prototype Ixa Belt, Seed of Light, Lord of Speed, Coin Flip, Tri-Memory Driver, & Mysterious Package) [-600]
Cool Jacket and Shades [Free]
Bowl of Never Ending Udon [Free]
Prototype Combo Driver (Coin Flip & Tri-Memory Driver) [-400]
Mysterious Package [-300]
Gaia Memories: Dragon, Diamond, Zero
Core Medals: Toad & Crocodile
Scenario: Unlimited Colors

Neo-Heisei Shitty Writeing: http://pastebin.com/F8DTvhHZ

>> No.51057396

There's some import thing in titanfall that leads it to be multiple times the size of the solar system IIRC

>> No.51057401

>only the size of neptune
You can have it be bigger with the recent Titanfall update.

>> No.51057447

I can't find the Servant supplement for Fate/Stay Night. Anyone knows where it is?

>> No.51057456

You could get them to open their Charms for you in other Exalted jumps, sure.

>> No.51057478

It's being reworked. Val said she'll have it done in a week or so. The old one may still be in the Supplements folder on the Gdrive.

>> No.51057491

Thank you.

>> No.51057493

Just search "Servant" on the drive. Should be the top result.

Though Valeria is planning to update it soon.

>> No.51057689

Remind me why Time players are necessary for a fertile session? Thought they only managed timelines (which isn't an issue if you have fate-breaking stuff) and have a Scratch Construct, which I think counts as a loss for you anyway.

>> No.51057708

Nothing Special [100, Free for Gentle Soul] - Whether or not it’s actually true, you may not see yourself as anything special or unique...and that’s okay. That just lets the talents and abilities of others shine all the brighter, doesn’t it? You’re good at keeping yourself humble and downplaying your own skills and powers without coming off as condescending, and instead of making others envy or despise any gap between you and them, you will encourage those around you to work harder towards their goals and see you as an inspiration. Maybe that gap will never close, but if you play your cards right, you may be able to help someone become even better at what they’re good at.

>> No.51057778

>tfw the new Underworld movie came out
>tfw it's still a guilty pleasure after all these years
>tfw the jump will never be updated

Why live.

>> No.51057793

Oh, hey, what me to tell you what happens in the new movie? Because I'll totally tell you what happens in the new movie if you'd like.

>> No.51057806


>> No.51057828

I'm giving you 24 hours before I spoiler you. Just you. And only you.

>> No.51057867

But what if the shitposter spoils it for all of us specifically to get at red?

>> No.51057875

So does the new Fate jump replace the old one? Or can you do both and get more cool powers?

>> No.51057877

That would require going outside and getting his mommy to drive him to the movies. Both unlikely.

>> No.51057937


It replaces the old Fate Jump, no double dipping. If you need more Fate in your life then don't worry, you can go to Fate Extra.

>> No.51057953

Oops meant that to be for >>51057875 sorry.

>> No.51057965

Is there enough in the new movie for an update? Sure there is the ghost/flash step stuff, but im not sure how to incorporate it.

>> No.51058004

Without giving anything away, yes there is enough for an update.

>> No.51058023

You ARE the AU Counterpart of yourself, updated with 'new' powers.

Wasn't the fourth movie really really shitty? I wonder how the fifth is.

I liked the first three.

>> No.51058033

Guess it can't hurt to watch it and see what I can come up with.

>> No.51058053

If you'd like to brainstorm or kick ideas around after you see it, I'd be willing to pitch in.

>> No.51058147

According to Val it just replaces STay/Night currently. The other wars are valid.

>> No.51058153

The EveryJumper [200, Discount for Gentle Soul] - Perhaps there was no single event before now that truly defined you, and you were entirely self-motivated by the moment you first stood before a major crossroad in life. Maybe you’re just good at tapping into your roots as an ‘ordinary’ person. Or maybe you’re just that goshdarn adorable. Either way, you’re good at appearing as sort of an ‘Everygirl’ (or boy), someone who has no particular bias or ambition. This not only makes potential enemies prone to overlooking any threat you might hold, but you will find it a little easier to make friends and integrate yourself into new groups. This gets less effective on people who know you better as time goes on, but by then, you’re already friends or foes, right?

Stop Fighting! [200, Discount for Gentle Soul] - Well, it’d be trouble if the team mascot got hurt, right? What? I’m kidding. Whether it’s your demeanor or that you’re the moral center of the group, conflicts and interpersonal rivalries are a little less likely to explode into fights or betrayal among your allies. It won’t make the issues or the symptoms go away, but you will find it easier to diffuse and maybe even resolve conflicts so long as their differences aren’t completely irreconcilable. They just don’t want to disappoint you. You can even diffuse conflict between two opposing groups, so long as there’s still some chance at diplomacy...though you’ll need to actually get through to them to do more than just stall out a fight.

>> No.51058161

What would probably be the safest war to get on that jump?

>> No.51058182

Getting the other Yozi to open up their charms is going to be the hardest part of the Infernal Jump.

I want to learn every single charm.

>> No.51058184

thanks, I probably will take you up on that.

>> No.51058206

Drop a note in thread when you've seen it and we'll figure out the logistics of how and where to link up then.

>> No.51058237

Cool, thanks.

>> No.51058348

I'm looking to start a new chain with a few challenge rules to sort-of flatten the power growth curve- keep me sorta scrabbling for time and resources longer.

There's the typical no-magic/science/whatever rules and those have given me a few ideas, but I'm mostly looking for rules that aren't too fiddly so I don't have to struggle with a legal textbook of rules.

Carefully picking my jumps is honestly the best way I've come up with so far, but does anyone have any suggestions?

>> No.51058360

You'll have plenty of time. You have Dragonblooded, Sidereals, and arguably Mortals to do it.
That's 30 extra years. With more on the way.
Plus whatever years you spent in Hell if you took the 800 point drawback in Infernals.

>> No.51058371

Changelog: Minor tinkering (Archdemon lets you choose if the Demon in question suffers from Amensia or not) and the Notes got slightly expanded.

I... think this should be good. If there's anything I'm missing, need to fluff, or need to explain, please inform me.

>> No.51058386

Separate your jumps from your chain to a degree. You get to build whatever you want in each jump, but you only get one item and one perk from each jump to carry out of that jump.

>> No.51058419

While cute, you sure are making Madoka look like a nothing cutiepie. Heh

You think there can be a little bit of little miss badass there?~

As per, say, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKgkH0Qycv0

>> No.51058430

So I'm kinda liking Dryad, but I'm wondering what they're like. They sound kinda like bastards, and I'm not sure about the slowdown effect either. How much slower would you move if you've got speed perks and the like? Also, would being a Dryad make you more susceptible to fire?

>> No.51058445

The Knowledge of the Infinite Order says that it gives us some basic information on their technology but nowhere does it say what those are beyond the workings of the gods and transcension fields.

Maybe you should add some examples of the kind of tech we can work with and such.

>> No.51058448

I was meaning to ask - just how would Challenge Rating 20 work post-jump? Would it force people to ignore/percieve as completely normal whatever you do?

>> No.51058514

Not too much slower, moving fast is just really tiring. So maybe, I dunno, 20% more energy to move?

What /you/ get to start with is the basic information on the Gods and Transcension fields. If you access their tech and reverse-engineer it, their demonstrated feats include AI's, biotech, spatial warping, multidimensional travel, accessing the soul, etc.

It's more like you'll be percieved as a natural disaster. If you kill someone, people will still run away, but it'll me more like how you run away from an incoming tsunami rather than how you run away from a guy with a gun, and legally speaking, they'll treat it as if the guy died of natural causes.

>> No.51058554

>It's more like you'll be percieved as a natural disaster. If you kill someone, people will still run away, but it'll me more like how you run away from an incoming tsunami rather than how you run away from a guy with a gun, and legally speaking, they'll treat it as if the guy died of natural causes.
Does this come with some sort of toggleable filter? I'm wondering how weird that effect would be if you're trying to engage with and be nice to people. To say nothing of how hilarious and fucking weird smexy times would be.

>> No.51058604

Funny you should ask.

Small But Strong [400, Discount for Gentle Soul] - You may not seem like much - you may even appear to be a tiny mouse compared to the other Magical Girls who can have decades or even centuries of experience fighting Wraiths and more. But that’s their mistake...after all, being soft doesn’t mean being weak. You know the right times to be assertive or to take charge of a situation. More than that, you become a very quick learner when it comes to fighting, especially against a superior opponent. Even if you had an average magical ability at best, you could put up an excellent fight against three stronger Magical Girls or the strongest Wraith possible and maybe even win if you could stay alive long enough. This won’t let you win completely impossible battles, but in fights or conflicts with odds above zero? You just might stand a chance. Just don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Don’t Give Up! [400, Discount for Gentle Soul] - Despair is the ultimate enemy of Magical Girls in this world - use too much power or dive too deep, and you’ll vanish forever. And life is full of plenty of hardships already without having to put growing up into the equation. It’s a good thing you seem built to deal with that, right? You’re good at holding onto hope despite things like your friends dying or breaking down, and though you may still shed tears, it will take more than a cruel and cold universe to make you fall to despair. Your willpower is boosted greatly by this, and emotion-based magic is just a little stronger in your hands to show for it. Just be careful - holding onto hope can turn into insanity if you focus too much on the impossible. But if something is possible? You’ll only give up when you’re ready to give up.

>> No.51058644

Oh, that would be important, wouldn't it? I'll add an explicit toggle And the effect won't be too weird. It's based on the fact that in canon, the government has made a classification called 020.

Anyone in that classification is, legally speaking, not a person, and anything they do is a miracle/natural disaster/whatever. They can't be arrested, they can't be charged, the government has no authority over them. You get into that position by being so powerful that the government probably couldn't do that anyway, and by not being benign enough that trying to force the issue would definitely go horribly for them (Also, you need to be immortal, but whatever.).

So if you bang someone and they have a kid? Legally speaking, they just had a kid out of nowhere. Give someone a gift? Legally speaking, the gift came out of nowhere. Make a cool house to live in out of magic? Legally speaking, that building grew from the ground on its own, and is uninhabited.

>> No.51058648

Ah, not that's Madoka I remember and love.


>other Magical Girls who can have decades or even centuries of experience fighting Wraiths
The post-Madokami world's MGs have THAT much life expectation? Hm. Interesting. Did you happen to get that from somewhere?

>> No.51058662

and by being benign enough that the attempt would go worse than leaving you alone* is what I meant to say. Frekkin- I hate the tiny boxes to type in.

>> No.51058685

So how dangerous is this setting?

>> No.51058686

You know you can expand the box, right? See the little diagonal lines in the lower-right hand corner of the text box? Click and drag and you can expand the text box.

>> No.51058689

No, not really. I just took into account that Magical Girls can potentially live a really long time if they survive, and I figure the post-reset system is the same sans Witches. That said, I'll change the line to avoid too much of a stretch in logic, since I don't think we meet anyone like that in canon.

>> No.51058692

It's been a while since I was into Exalted, but I seem to remember that Adorjan's daughters weren't always winds, didn't they use to be humanish before Adorjan turned them into death-winds? Do we know what they were exactly? Behemoths? Demons? Half-Castes?

I'm just wondering what I'm in for if I show bad enough judgment to take that drawback, and then show even worse judgment in the dreams.

>> No.51058707

Nice. So it's more a legal distinction than some sort of perceptual filter?

>> No.51058710

The daughter winds are behemoths, and technically always counted as that even when they looked human.

>> No.51058711

Pic Related, it's you.

>> No.51058720

Are the 100 point items free or discounted for their backgrounds?

>> No.51058735

... That's a /really/ hard question to answer. On the one hand, there are people with clarktech so crazy they literally just built an afterlife, one empire once hit another hard enough to break spacetime, and there are people who are powerful enough that the government basically threw up it's hands and went "Fuck it, we're not even pretending we have any authority over you." On the other hand, those people who know how to use the clarktech are mostly dead, and most of the upper tier is perfectly aware that they can't get away with mass murder without the other upper tiers showing up to punch them in the face, so for the average person, it's basically the wild west era.


Yes. Should I clarify that in the perk?


>> No.51058736

Ah, I see. Alright.

I recommend a fic called "To the Stars". Paints a great picture of what MGs potential life expectancy can lead to. Not to mention the entire wish thing. Will make for a great jump some day.

>> No.51058751

In the notes, what's this about dimensional walls and an experiment?

>> No.51058766

>Yes. Should I clarify that in the perk?
Either in the text of the perk or in the notes, yes. Thanks for addressing these concernes, btw.

>> No.51058773

Was there a perk that let you change your name to whatever you wanted, and have everyone else in-setting call you by that name?

>> No.51058786

Skullduggery Pleasant

>> No.51058791

The whole planet is an experiment by a group of scientists from a clarktech civilization. Long story short, they turned themselves into gods, went mad with power, turned the place into a magical realm (in both the literal and the TG sense), then got shanked when their slaves went "fuck you".

Got it.

Um, any suggestions for how? Because I already have 'legally' written in the perk, like, twice, and I'm not really sure how to make that clearer.

>> No.51058796

Name Unfolding Like Lotus Blossom, from Exalted: Infernals.

>> No.51058804

No problem, Heart-chan. Keep up the good work.

>> No.51058826

The Hatred Gauntlet.

>> No.51058828

It's not a perception filter, it's them being really scared of you?

Also, given that bit about dimensional walls, is 'I'm from another dimension' a valid dark secret?

>> No.51058839

Oh the Dryads are bastards all right, the kind of spoiled bastards that was raised in an environment in which they were never told no, the Goddess of Nature was not a good parent. Dryads tend to turn kind of wacky when they grow old, like "create the entire fairy race just so that they can love her when she got dumped by some random Adventurer" and "turn into a wild beast with no control over her actions" level wacky. Part of the character arcs of one of the protags is the Dryad coming to realize how messed up she is and strive to be a better person.

>> No.51058866

Pretty much, yeah, though it's a bit more specific in how it manifests.

And yes, I believe so. IIRC, a being of chaos showing us is basically considered a "Fuck it, we've lost this whole county" level threat because when they manifest, they just wipe out the nearby county as a side effect.

>> No.51058882

They can create races out of nothing? That's kinda awesome.

>Um, any suggestions for how? Because I already have 'legally' written in the perk, like, twice, and I'm not really sure how to make that clearer.
I may have just crit failed my reading comprehension check. You're right, you do have legally in there and I was probably reading too much into it.

>> No.51058980

Would there be anything about them worth saving, or is it going to be all death-wind, all the time?

Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't take away custody from psycho mom at the end of the jump, and bring the kids along with me.

>> No.51058993

>Um, any suggestions for how? Because I already have 'legally' written in the perk, like, twice, and I'm not really sure how to make that clearer.
"People still perceive you as human, just above the law. How is that not clear, you filthy fucking casuals who have never seen Trigun make me sick."
Something like that, maybe?

>> No.51059003

But...I haven't seen Trigun, Anon.

>> No.51059052

Oh. We-well maybe you should! I mean, it's not like I'm only recommending because I want us to have a shared cultural experience or anything!

>> No.51059061

I really need to read that some day

>> No.51059148

>VA-11 HALL-A is supposed to be a comfy cyberpunk setting, what's not to like?
>read the backstory

>> No.51059154

Sweet. Build:

Adventurer - 0 * Yep.
Dragon (Red) - 600 * Why wouldn't I be a giant death lizard?

Arcane Caster - 0 * Cool.
The Sarasio Kid - 300 * Gunslinging is fun.
Infernal Magic - 0
Challenge Rating 20 - 400 * This is awesome.

Enchanting Gear - 0

Fellow Students - 200

Adventurer + 0 * Sounds like fun.
Dark Secret + 300 * Eh.
Divine Curiosity + 200 * I get the feeling I'm going to be socking a few gods in the mug, anyway.

First, I'd just like to thank you for introducing me to this series. Just started reading it yesterday, but I'm enjoying it so far. Love a good fantasy western.

Couple of questions, though. Do dragons have breath weapons? And can you toggle off CR20?

>> No.51059169

If you get to them before their mom convinces them to turn into wind monsters. She gave them the choice. She and Marus actually had other daughters who decided to stay human and live as normal a life as they could when you're the child of a Solar Exalted and a Yozi. But once they turn into wind-monsters they're not really people anymore, kind of lose any traits not involved in being a ravening wind that grinds the world to dust. So, you know, don't let your waifu convince them that letting go of their humanity will bring them freedom.

>> No.51059186

Yes to both. I believe all dragons breath fire, but I'm not completely sure.

>> No.51059197

It's still cyberpunk senpai.
If you want settings with the technology of cyberpunk, but without the world being a terrible place, you should be looking for post-cyberpunk.

>> No.51059233

So are Dryads more adept at using Fey magic? I know they get it for free, but I'm trying to get a handle on what you could do as a Dryad with Fey magic right out of the gate.

>> No.51059239

Huh. So it's basically like Exalted?

>> No.51059260

I'll just have to multitask.

>> No.51059289

Wait, do the kids of Yozis have special abilities like God/Demonblooded?

>> No.51059294

Dryads actually tend to suck at it, they just have natural access. The protagonist Dryad is explicitely noted to be bad at it because she thinks that her native access will make it easy for her. Dragons are the ones whose native access actually makes it easy for them.

... I don't see the similarities?

>> No.51059312

A group of gods made a world to fuck around in, then got shanked by the slave race they created?

>> No.51059330

It's really, really good. The amount of sheer worldbuilding is staggering, on par with and probably more than Noir, which is why I was considering making the jump for quite a while. Still, an idea for much later, with many revelations incoming.

>> No.51059347

Hidden Power [600, Discount for Gentle Soul] - Kyubey was amazingly persistent in wanting to make a contract with you, and now you can see why. Your magical potential is much greater than the average Magical Girl, whether from winning the superpower lottery or some twist of fate. All magical abilities you have from this world or otherwise greatly increase in potency, and you will find both your Soul Gem and internal energies in your body will have much more energy available to burn for said magic. This is enough that you could potentially fight a swarm of the strongest Wraiths and live to tell the tale, and you will quickly become both admired and feared for this might. Imagine if all that potential went to waste, huh? Good thing you made a contract.

Becoming Hope [600, Discount for Gentle Soul] - It’s not just magical power that will change the world...it’s hope. And now, more than ever, you embody that hope. Your presence inspires others towards your cause, raising the morale of your friends just by arrival. You can find feasible third options in moral dilemmas that don’t compromise your own code or beliefs, you can make a functioning team out of people who were trying to kill each other not even days prior, and otherwise make a hopeless situation into something that can be overcome. More than that, those you sincerely and emotionally bond with will share your own willpower and resistances against despair or mind control, and even when you’re indisposed or absent, they will be inspired to fight or work towards whatever your true cause or goal ultimately was. Standing alone is a terrible thing - standing together can move the world.

Madoka tree is done, which means perks are halfway done. Taking a short break now.

>> No.51059349

Oh. Uh, I guess, sure? Did the Primordials actually fuck around with the mortals? From the little I heard, I got the impression they basically just built it to be a place to hang out while they played the Games of Divinity.

>> No.51059363

How does it feel knowing that we're living in early cyberpunk right now?

>> No.51059386

You have no idea how often I watch the news and think that same fucking thought.

>> No.51059389

Generally they do. They're not the least bit standardized, though.

>> No.51059401

Fate/Strange Fake.

Go for it.

>> No.51059414

Really early.
We only just got bionic ankles.

>> No.51059419

I'm tempted to wait to go Trigun until you're finished with that jump, Heavens, because the Gentle Soul perk tree sounds so useful in Trigun.

>> No.51059510

>This may be the most dangerous war of them all.

>> No.51059532

I think Noir lost a lot as a setting when writeups got the boot, especially since people stopping making new ones.
Anyways, lived-in worlds a best and I would absolutely be down for jumping that when the time comes

>> No.51059868

So if were practically Madoka with this origin, can we have an OC companion who is basically like Homura?

>> No.51059955

...I actually hadn't thought of that. OC companions would fit this pretty well, huh?

Thank you for the idea, anon. There's a good chance that and other OC companions will be included.

>> No.51059963

jesus christ my shit's all unorganized

>> No.51060016

>Those Madoka perks
Best girl has best perks, makes sense.

>> No.51060091

Welcome to my hell.

>> No.51060092


The Drop In companion can be the Madoka for their Homura, while the Madoka companion can be the Homura to their Madoka.

What are the other origins?

>> No.51060135

yeah fuck organizing this
now whenever i look for what powers i have to work with i'll just split my timeline into four parts

>> No.51060155

That's the plan~

Hero and Rogue, which is Sayaka/Mami and Kyouko respectively.

>> No.51060262

You start with 0 CP. Any points you want to take must be taken with Drawbacks. Drawbacks never go away, they just stop being fiat-powered. Lose an arm to a drawback, you need to find a way to get it back. Make an enemy in a Jump, and at some point they're going to appear in the new world, and follow you until dealt with one way or the other.

>> No.51060283

Hero could have either a Veteran magic girl to teach them (similar to Mami), or a newbie magic girl for them to teach (similar to Sayaka).

Rogue could have a fellow self serving Rouge magic girl that is strangely loyal to you for some reason.

>> No.51060651


Goddamit, HeavensAnon.

This jump is going to be bad enough as is. But no. You just had to go and turn my Jumper into Madoka, didn't you?

>> No.51060694

Madoka is love, Madoka is life.

>> No.51060714

Madoka is great, anon, but there are some other great ones out there.

>> No.51060726


So how are you handling continuity with the original Madoka jump?

>> No.51060739

If I remember correctly one of her daughter winds is actually pretty nice.

>> No.51060744

>Madoka is great
No, Madoka is shit, and anime was a mistake.

>> No.51060770

You know, I just thought of something. A Madoka Jumper is probably going to attract the attention of Homura herself, who would probably be protective of someone who reminds her so much of Madoka.

Also, since Wraiths are apparently based on a corrupted version of the tenants of Buddhism, would that make the Walpurgis equivalent the Buddha himself? I mean, not the actual Buddha, but a Wraith named after/inspired by him?

>> No.51060789

Homura is going to murder any jumper that sticks their head up and draws attention.

>> No.51060834

You will never escape
This is the reset universe. So, if you take a continuity drawback, your actions that didn't involve Witches or Madoka will carry over but nothing else will. Don't worry, she remembers you too and what you did if you met her.

If you ended up intervening on a cosmic scale, I'll let you decide how the new universe exists. Reason those two things are excluded is because the original timeloop is going to be a drawback/scenario. None of this is set in stone, so if yall wanna chime in on ways to handle it, go ahead and do so.

I also want to note that the canon events of Rebellion might be a +0 drawback, since it kinda falls under the 'did this REALLY need a sequel' category and will probably lead to unpleasant circumstances for Jumpers not prepared to deal with it. So you can opt out of that mess if you want.

>> No.51060859

She is certainly welcome to try.

>> No.51060876

Gonna start your 'I can beat omnipotence!" rant again?

>> No.51060908

Not him, but are you literally retarded?

>> No.51060921

This is pre-Rebellion, anon. All she has is time stop, and a magical bow. And a lot of weapons. Sure, she can time travel, but we have Observer, which allows us to view other timelines. Not only that, but we have perks for immunity to time stops. She's not that powerful right now.

>> No.51060935

What can the fifth magic do that you can't do with the other true magics

>> No.51060940

Unlimited Gun Works? Kinda want that now.

>> No.51060945

time travel.

>> No.51060967

Q This?

>> No.51060968

>we have Observer
Do we?

>> No.51060975

>Also, since Wraiths are apparently based on a corrupted version of the tenants of Buddhism, would that make the Walpurgis equivalent the Buddha himself? I mean, not the actual Buddha, but a Wraith named after/inspired by him?
That would be cool. Maybe base it on Maitreya, the "Buddha of the End" who features in Buddhist eschatology as the last Buddha to arise, far in the future, and who will teach all humanity the pure dharma and usher about the end of the world through universal transcendence of karma. I think that would make a nice counterpart to Walpurgisnacht as an apocalyptic figure.

>> No.51060978

>that face
She looks dead, anon.

>> No.51060987

I think the First and Third can do that?

>> No.51060996

It's a matter of perspective, we suppose.

>> No.51061004

>Sorcerer's Apprentice: The Fourth Magic (F/SN)
>Prince/Bard of Void/Doom (Sburb)
>Attribute Induction: Destruction (Lord of Light)
>Malfeas' Charms (Infernals)
>Death Arcana (Mage: The Awakening)
>Blessing of Stravhs (The Banner Saga)
>Sting (Worm)
>Lance of Longinus (NGE)
>Warring Warlock (Young Justice)
>Anathema (SMITE)
>Blessing of Destruction (DC Occult)
>Avatar of the Black (DC Occult)
>Skeleton+Magic Caster+lvl100+Necromancy (Overlord)
>Agitation Field (SCP)
>Moloch's Razor (Girl Genius)
>Q This (Star Trek TNG)
>U.N. Owen Was You (Touhou)
>Image Breaker (Railgun)
>Jam (RWBY)
>Pseudo All Fiction created using the Flask Plan Data (Medaka Box)
>Power Combinations (Young Justice)

What other perks/powers should I add for my All Fiction build?

>> No.51061009

She knows her fate, anon. She can't always put on a brave face because of that.

Mami's fight scenes are always pretty great.

>> No.51061013

It's about the assumption that everyone took Blazblu, and took the perk there that requires you to remain aware at all times or cease to exist.

>> No.51061023

Blazblue, it's the Drop In capstone. It does come with the risk of ceasing to exist if you stop observing yourself, though.

That sounds really cool, actually. I didn't know that, thanks anon.

>> No.51061042

I'm saying we have it as a perk, not that everyone has it, anon.

>> No.51061052

Sort of. Mami can only make matchlock guns, though she can make enormous cannons and smaller pistols that never existed in real gunsmithing. For rapid fire she needs to summon and banish dozens of them in rapid succession. It makes for some good fight choreography. Too bad we don't get to see much of it thanks to her dying in episode 3. PMMM is the show that proves the "give a series until episode 3 before you judge it" rule.

>> No.51061057

300 CP Drawback concept?

>> No.51061077

No, it was still utter dreck.

>> No.51061086

Probably more like 600cp. Wasn't Walpurgisnacht confused for a hurricane by normals back in Madoka?

>> No.51061092

Yeah, but it was utter dreck that shifted drastically in tone, is my point. The Three Episode Rule isn't about quality, it's about giving the series time to establish its thesis.

>> No.51061119

Madoka fans are like the Homestuck fans of anime, and anime fans are like the Homestuck fans of everything. That is to say, certainly not people you want to take seriously or spend any significant amount of time around.

>> No.51061129

This is some low functioning autism right here.

>> No.51061143

Avoid the trolling, please.

>> No.51061155

It's bait, anon. It's ignoring the discussion to insult the setting.

>> No.51061167

The best part of her power is that she literally makes guns out of ribbons. How cool is that?

>> No.51061172

There are similar perks in Drakengard, Terminator and Narnia.

And probably in other jumps too.

>> No.51061178

Madoka beats it at least once before she goes Madokami, although she burns out all her magic and starts to go Witch before Homura mercy-kills her. So it can be defeated with what you get in-Jump, at least theoretically.

>> No.51061182

It can be both.

>> No.51061184

So what happens if you don't take the Rebellion drawback? The Incubators don't capture Homura? Madokami eventually takes her to her Magical Girl Heaven?

>> No.51061186

It's true, though. At least Exalted doesn't have anything of substance to actually hate.

>> No.51061187

I guess you could say, she made ribguns.

Eh? Eh?

>> No.51061211

Yang, go home. We already have a busty, blonde-haired, older sister type character here.

>> No.51061215

Why don't we have more exclusive End-jumps?

>> No.51061221

>>>Prince/Bard of Void/Doom
What did you do to get that?

>> No.51061222

Because cutting off content like that is a bullshit, Red-tier move.

>> No.51061236

Because too many people keep screeching like harpies at the idea of anything ever telling them to stop.

>> No.51061247


>> No.51061260


People generally don't like them for one since no one wants to end their chain, and there aren't a shit load of settings that can pose much challenge when people have the ability to prepare against most anything now.

>> No.51061287

Well, it's generally considered poor form to make a jump exclusively and endjump. People don't like the idea of jumps being limited like that, made something you can't go to without ending your chain. Not everyone feels this way, but enough of the people who do feel that way will be sufficiently vocal enough to argue it down. I personally don't care either way, it's been a long time since I've had the motivation to actually write out a chain.

>> No.51061290

That's pretty dumb actually, sempai.

>> No.51061306

Aaaaaand now we see the real reason Madoka was brought up today- to shit on old jumps.

>> No.51061332

You mean a blasphemy against firearms?

Guns should be made of metal. Or the souls of your enemies forged into a metal.

Ribbons, pfft. You may as well just use a bow of you're going to make your guns our of hair bows anyway.

>> No.51061342

Because there's been a recent influx of power-wankers who will REEEEE really hard when you "arbitrarily" limit them.

>> No.51061351

What? No, it's because Heavens is working on a jump. We wanted to know how far he was with it, and what content he posted was very well received. This argument isn't even about the old Madoka jump. What are you even talking about?

>> No.51061353

Actually Madoka was brought up because Heavens is updating it and posted about doing do.

Can I REEEEEE at you instead?

I'd rather REEEEEE at you.

>> No.51061365

Only because you started shitting on it, sempai.

>> No.51061366

What, you've never heard of metal ribbons?

>> No.51061379

>Because cutting off content like that is a bullshit, Red-tier move.
It has come to my attention that I may actually be lacking in actions and decisions that are, as you say, cutting off content. For if it is supposed to be a me-tier move, then generally I should be doing more to encourage that line of thinking.

I don't want to disappoint you, anon. That's the last thing I want to do. Should I then go and make Black Crusade an end-jump? Or would a different action to maintain my reputation be preferable? It's got quite a bit of content though, and I need to do my job so that way you're not incorrect. Would that be sufficient to make you happy?

>> No.51061401

Why is Mari so smug?

>> No.51061403

Why would you waste metal on making ribbons when you could use it to make guns instead?

>> No.51061413

Don't talk to it.

>> No.51061425

But then how will I do a Jump themed around being a Cultist of Slaanesh trying to experience everything the Multiverse has to offer while spreading the word of She Who Thirsts and ensuring he becomes the mightiest Chaos God?

>> No.51061433

Because it's easy to store, shape and melt into other things?

>> No.51061442

She's best girl by default, because the other candidates are so awful they're disqualified.

>> No.51061443

>You will never escape

I'm terrified enough as is, you can stop channeling Homura now.

>> No.51061448

Honestly, it'd be better if every jump was an End-jump. God forbid jumpers have to actually make hard decisions~

>> No.51061468

Obvious baiting.

>> No.51061474

The guns actually are made of the souls of her enemies forged into metal, in the sense that the souls of dead witches are where meguca get the fuel for their powers from. She conjures them using magic, the ribbons are just a medium she uses to transfer the energy, or something. She twirls a ribbon around, and in the space defined by the inside of the twirl a gun forms. She doesn't have to do that, though. It's really just a style thing. She can also pull guns from out of her skirt, or from her hat, or just out of thin air. She uses the ribbons because it amuses her.

>> No.51061486

Mari is non-canon and thus disqualified.

>> No.51061498

You can leave whenever you want to, anon. But why would you want to leave a perfect world? That's crazy talk.

>> No.51061499


>> No.51061500

>making things from inferior materials
Next you're going to tell me you don't make clothing from metal either.

>> No.51061508

So, I don't know if you got round to watching it yet but on a scale of worth it to not worth it, how not worth it was it?

I think they're running out of ideas to give Selene challenges, so she just loses for plot reasons to a scrublord vampire and a roided up artificial were when she should be the most powerful being on the planet. Too bad they wrote themselves into a corner when every film she gets an upgrade. The irrelevant villainesss who stole her blood didn't get very far either

New guy whose name I forgot because I didn't watch the last movie seems more interesting than Michael at least, and Charles Dancepire's death was a total waste. Funny how from what little character direction she has in the series of glorified fetch quests Selene (not Kate Beckinsale, I mean the actual character) seems almost as sick of everything as I am

>> No.51061514

That doesn't seem like a good enough reason.

Well that's less offensive to my sensibilities.

>> No.51061525


>> No.51061534

...You know that's actually a really good one. Thanks, anon.

>> No.51061542

I don't know, anon. I really don't.

It's a shame, really. A crime. A sin. I wanted to corrupt people, I wanted them to plunge into the darkness of their minds and find what really drives them forward. To see what comes from the things that they deny themselves. But no. I have a reputation to uphold apparently, one I needed almighty anon to reveal to me for even I did not know of the destiny that burdened me. But we all must make hard decisions. I'm sure you'll understand.

Understand that I'm being a complete idiot right now and that my plans for the jump have no changed. I'm sorry. I just wanted to be funny. I'll get back to work on MCU Part 2 now.

>> No.51061543

Why bother covering up your glorious form?

>> No.51061556

She also had to learn about flintlocks were built and functioned in order to make them, and she wanted to make modern guns originally but for some reason she couldn't.

I believe that was stated in the PSP game.

>> No.51061561

You can't have fashion without clothing, you uncultured swine.

>> No.51061565

>Create Third Circle Soul
>Import them as a companion

>> No.51061566

In a break from how I usually do things, here’s a genuine WIP. This will end up being my Kubo and the Two Strings jump. The final product will be imaged, but this is unimaged. I’m tossing this up here for discussion and to see if there are requests for clarification.

So post your thoughts and comments and I’ll start replying to them in about 30 minutes or so.

>> No.51061569

I think one of the jumps has an outfit that is somehow even more provocative than being nude.

>> No.51061577

Sure you can. Paint your body with the blood of those foolish enough to mock your fashion.

>> No.51061587

How dangerous is this place?

>> No.51061591

I've heard good things about this movie, I need to get around to watching it. Jump looks pretty good, too. I like how the Drop In tree is about storytelling and artistic presentation, things like that are always fun.

>> No.51061594

>being sorry about your smugposting
Go learn how to properly smug.

>> No.51061599

Stay like this. Let the smug overcome you.

Be our SDA.

>> No.51061601

You can't reabsorb 3rd Circles though?

>> No.51061605

My nigga!

>> No.51061622


...okay no gross. That is a crime against humanity that even I am incapable of.

>> No.51061632

I knew there was something off about you. Who would've guessed it was you fashion sense?

>> No.51061635

Jump # 154 Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs
Origin: At the earth’s core
Location: King Solomon’s Mine (Free)
Gear: Iron Mole
Skills and Perks:
*Survivalist (200)
*Salvager (300)
Charcharadon Industries Expeditions
*Mess Hall (100)
*Infirmary (200)
*Machine Shop (100)
*Water purifier (100)
*Cartographer (100)
*Assayer (100)
*Radio (200)
Items and Equipment:
*Abner Perry (0)
*Aztec Rex + Wings + Breath Weapon + Regeneration
*Experimental (+200)
*I say, I really must obtain those! (+200)
Ending Complication:
*One last bastion

(So…. I hope I did this right To be continued.)

>> No.51061643

>That is a crime against humanity that even I am incapable of.

You're clearly capable of it, you just did it. Embrace the smug.

>> No.51061652

… We made it to the center of the earth after a rather bumpy ride. The metallic Mole machine actually survived the trip much to the surprise of many of my companions. We have found ourselves in some sort of underground tropical area. There seems to be several groups of primitive indigenous people here as well as… real dinosaurs.

We endeavored to create a base camp to begin the exploration our surroundings. Unfortunately Abner Parry the genius behind the metallic mole shaped death trap seems to be quite enamored with several of the surrounding flora and fauna and has been quite insistent that we gather certain specimens for him.

On one of these excursions I came upon a startling sight. A tattered flag with a swastika. Investigating the area further I found more signs of habitation until I stumbled upon a well-hidden base. It’s technology was beyond anything that should exist in this time period. I also sensed a great evil dwelling in the place.

Upon gathering further reconnaissance I learned they had in fact noticed our little base camp and were quite interested in acquiring our supplies and personnel for forced labor.

I enlisted the aid of several of my companions and together we raided the compound. To our surprise we found ourselves in a battle not only with beyond WWII era weaponry but also with dark magic as dead soldiers and slaves began to rise to attack us.

Sadly a certain member of my team reacted with his usual zeal and burned everything that wasn’t us to the ground. All that remained was a giant misshapen mass of a humanoid that moaned in agony as it mindlessly tried to destroy everything in it’s path. I could tell the creature was truly a vile being. Still normally I would hesitate to take it’s life but I sensed it’s entire existence had become one of agony. Together we put it out of it’s misery.

>> No.51061666

There's always Spritefusion.

>> No.51061692

That gif doesn't work for me. Maru isn't climbing into that trash can because he's ashamed, it's because he's psychologically addicted to climbing into small spaces. Look, here's a whole montage of him someone fitting himself into boxes far too small to put his body into. He's like cat Houdini.


>> No.51061701

Reabsorb, consume, devour.

You're free to call it whatever you want.

>> No.51061707

...How the hell does a cavewoman get a bikini wax?

>> No.51061712

He fits, he sits.
>capcha: chez

>> No.51061724

Not much?

>> No.51061727

Fan of Cute Overload?

>> No.51061731

To clarify: in the SAO story, the headsets supplied to the game's customers have a (deliberate) design flaw that allows the game to fry a player's brain. When the game is officially launched, the developer rigs it to do exactly this both when players try to to log out and when they "die" in the game (normally they'd just wake up).

However, a Jumper can get as an Item (for free!) a Digital Projection Helmet that #1, doesn't have this flaw, #2, allows you to project your self/soul into VR games so that you're effectively "there" in full and can use all your powers.

And as a Jumper, even if you use the normal headset, you could theoretically survive with the right durability perks (the kill-flaw works by some combination of microwave radiation / EM field over-stimulation, it's not clear in the translations I have).

But if you take the A Game Not Meant To Be Played drawback, your physical perks don't apply in VR _and_ the game can kill you even with durability perks or the Jumper-grade helmet.

I'm not the jump-maker, but I was there for the threads and I hope that clears things up.

>> No.51061736


I can actually barely find anything to critique, seems mostly in order.

>born of a curious combination of xxx

Of...what now?

>The Unblinking Eye

Seems silly to ask, but does this include other lunar deities or would they register as just "yup, that's the moon"?

>Child of the Heavens

To clarify is this a mundane animal with creepy aesthetics, or can it be vaguely shinto youkai thing?

>> No.51061759 [SPOILER] 

It fits if you take the context out, damn it. Also, it's not just him. Cats love going into small spaces because it makes them feel safer and protected. Also because it lets them save body heat.

How does a cavewoman instantly fit 21st century western aesthetics and still survive the wilderness? Fantasies, man. It's why I would want to be more like pic related.

>> No.51061767

Don't forget that you can also just will the Nerve Gear into not frying your brain, if you're the protagonist.

>> No.51061798

I know that all cats love to get into small spaces. But Maru takes it to the extreme. I've had lots of cats, and while they've all enjoyed boxes none of them have ever squeezed in as tight as the Circle has.

>> No.51061804

No you can't.

>> No.51061805

With how many Jumpers pick up ridiculous amounts of beauty perks, you'd think more of them would walk around naked until public nudity was legalized everywhere.

Keep talking like that, anon.

See which body part you end up painting.

>> No.51061852

Kirito begs to differ.

>> No.51061856

Saying goodbye to my wife in Eldar jump. Watching her give up sentience to return to the natural form she'd existed in long before I'd anthropomorphised her. Feeling the lingering warmth of cosmic fire slip out of my grasp forever, like a goodbye hug.

Do you really want to know? At a level of technology where animal fat and pine resin are the most commonly used sealants?

On a vaguely related note, saw the new Tarzan movie the other day. Was pretty fun, like the first two Mummy movies. Sad thing about a hypothetical Tarzan jump is the different continuities are so different I can't imagine how they'd fit together even if you go full generic.

I WAS going to say good nutrition and nordic genetics but that stance is just begging for a broken ankle.

Also, no cheating. You are quite blatently also in the 21st century.

>> No.51061884

I'll give you that, this cat seems far more amused about tight spaces than others.

>With how many Jumpers pick up ridiculous amounts of beauty perks, you'd think more of them would walk around naked until public nudity was legalized everywhere.
Fuck that, man. I pick up every single appearance perk I can and I still wear clothes. Fashion is always something to invest in, and it's also the idea of... okay, you've had presents as a kid. Whether birthday or Christmas or whatever. There was always the joy of wondering what's inside, what could be under that gift wrapping.

The same gig applies here. Don't ruin it for others. Make them imagine.

>Also, no cheating. You are quite blatently also in the 21st century.
Well yes, but at least I won't look like I'll break like a fucking twig the second the wind blows or a tiger pounces me.

>> No.51061893

...Having such large tracts of land with that build is also unnatural.

>> No.51061899

Does the digital projection helmet kill you if you die in a VR game? ex: the other VR games in the SAO setting

>> No.51061902

Not to defend SAO but it was established that it would be a little while after your HP hits zero before the helmet fries you.

Both Kirito and Asuna died in game but the game ended before that timer ran out for them.

>> No.51061916

Cool! Reading it now.

>Seems silly to ask, but does this include other lunar deities or would they register as just "yup, that's the moon"?
What is this about lunar deities now?

>To clarify is this a mundane animal with creepy aesthetics, or can it be vaguely shinto youkai thing?
Huh? It says nothing about either?

...Am I missing something because I don't know the setting? Because I have no idea what you're asking, looking at the perks.

>> No.51061924

It doesn't but it could with the right code sent to it. Which is why most people switch to the AmuSphere.

>> No.51061939

Besides said beauty perks, what are some of the best perks for a nudist Jumper to take?

>> No.51061957

No. It's only Sword Art Online that was made by a psycopath who wanted to make some insane death game happen. Alfheim Online is run by a psycopath, too, but he's more interested in rape than murder. And all the other games are fine.

Fair enough, I will grant that. What I won't grant is how Kirito resurrects his avatar through force of will. It derezzes, he gets a "YOU HAVE DIED" message, and everything starts going dark to him. But then somehow his refusal to die makes it reappear in a flash of golden light to stab Kayaba in a complete anticlimax ending to the fight. The only thing I can figure is that Kayaba wanted that to happen because it would be a dramatic end to his roleplaying as a villain, so he programmed that in to Kirito's avatar for the fight. But then Kirito whiffed it just when the cool part was about to happen and Kayaba had to fake it.

>> No.51061995

Well, in the film there's more than one being from the moon so I was wondering if the perk would let you track your own kind as well as earthlings. Especially given how one of Kubo's animal guides turn out to be his mom, who used to also be from the moon

As for the last part-just going off what how someone I asked about the final battle.


I can't wait for SAO Abridged to get to that part. Because I'm sure as hell not watching the actual anime.

>> No.51062006

I thought that was emergent behavior from the AI that runs the game, which is why Kayaba was satisfied with his death?

>> No.51062010

There's a perk in Rick and Morty that lets you act in socially inappropriate ways/look like a monster without causing a fuss.

>> No.51062028

Honestly, you seem like the person who would enjoy SAO.

>> No.51062054

>Kayaba wanted that to happen because it would be a dramatic
Exactly right, if you pay attention you can see that many deaths are "extended" in sufficiently dramatic moments to give the dying a chance to do something. . . dramatic. Such as reach their hand out to a loved one, express a last regret, or stab their killer. It happens several times in the series and knowing Kayaba it was probably an intentional part of the game's design.

>> No.51062083

I've never felt so insulted in my entire life.

>> No.51062095

Don't accuse ASA of shit taste pls

>> No.51062115

...Yeah, I could see that. It fits.

>> No.51062116

I dunno, man...

>> No.51062119

Maybe? To be honest, I've mostly forgotten all of the pseudo-philosophical ramblings that Kayaba said in an attempt to make himself look like a misguided visionary rather than a mass murderer. It was all so boring, I can't bring myself to remember it. It's like how I can't remember 90% of Season 2.

Yeah, but at least those were just melodrama. This was an attempt to make Kirito some messianic hero that can come back from the dead to strike down evil. Fell pretty short. You suck at story telling, Kayaba. I do not enjoy the curated experiences you have presented, even before the whole "murdered four thousand people" thing.

>> No.51062141

Confidence perks.
Perks that make people not freak out that you're naked and refuse to interact with you.
Durability and temperature resistance perks, because naked humans actually have a hard time staying comfortable in temperatures outside of 28 to 30°C.

>> No.51062162

Someone call a burn control unit.

>> No.51062180

That perk in Xenoblade that gives you buffs for being in the buff.

>> No.51062205

>As for the last part-just going off what how someone I asked about the final battle.
Uh. What? Something with asking about the final battle?

But I noticed the capstone booster now, so I guess that's what it's about.

>> No.51062235

The DPH you can get as an Item in the jump does not kill you for "dying" in any VR game.

Note: if you were projecting your soul into a VR game that actually (somehow?) had attacks that could affect the soul directly, then I suppose those attacks could kill you, but it still wouldn't be your helmet doing the killing. Get some perks that protect your soul, anon!

>> No.51062247

You talking full nude? Well if not, then HotD has a perk to confer the benefits of a piece of armor across your whole body... If so, then I'm sure Senran Kagura has /something/ to fit your needs.

>> No.51062323


SAO Abridged's been setting up people not getting Kayaba's references for a while now. I REALLY hope the ending is him ragequitting him because nobody gets his attempt to make Kirito basically jesus...because of Abridged Kirito being basically Abridged Alucard's little brother.

Too late. I'm already heated in the cranial region.

I mean, out of all the almighty MC animes they could've picked one where said MC actually does something interesting like Kaze no Stigma. Or Kino's Journey. Or Casshern Sins. Or Hellsing. Or heck, at least Afro Samurai had nice art.

Yep, that's it

>> No.51062402

Well, you want inventory perks so you can access and store items as required without needing pockets.

You want Wireless Interface from Storm Hawks to get the benefit of magic items without having them on your person.

You want Power Of Holding Hands from Symphogear so you can get the benefits of equipment in your inventory without wielding them.

You want perks like Wandless Magic from HP and others (there's few) so you don't need focuses or material components for your magic.

>> No.51062417

They have spas in the jungle. How else you think she gets her hair and makeup so perfect?

>> No.51062455

>I'm sure Senran Kagura has /something/ to fit your needs.
Contagious Casual Nudity to be specific.

>> No.51062463

>not best edit
I am deeply ashamed in you.

>> No.51062487

well she isn't a cave woman, she is a modern woman living in Marvel's Savage lands so despite the jungle and dinosaurs they do have a higher level of technology (sometimes) from all the invading super villains and super heroes. I wouldn't be surprised if the Savage land had a Starbucks.

>> No.51062489

Thanks for the responses. I may be adding a few perks and increasing the size of the General perk bank. Just little bits and bobs.

Not very. It's an adventure story with a kid as the protagonist. It could easily be a fairly survivable early jump if you don't get crazy with drawbacks.

I highly recommend it. The film is great but, like some of Laikas stuff, it may be too scary for kids.

Also, I love to play with meta stuff for Drop In so going studio with it was a must for me with this. Glad you like it.

Thanks. Hope you enjoy it.

>I can actually barely find anything to critique
High praise. Thanks!

That's an editing note for me to go back and work on that.

>Unblinking Eye
Who your tracking doesn't so much matter, anti-scrying abilities not withstanding. It's more about the positioning. So long as the hunter and hunted are planetside and under the moon, ie its night, then the perk enhances tracking and scrying. Think of it like a SATCOM. You need to triangulate. If the signal is interrupted -- the moon goes away, either you or your prey are under cover -- then it stops working.

Does that make sense?

>Child of the Heavens
I assume you're asking about the boosted version? If that's the case, so long as the beast you're transforming into looks vaguely like something out of Japanese mythology you're good. Not saying you'll have the same powerset, but that's the aesthetic. If that's not what you were asking, please clarify and I'll respond.

>> No.51062516

How'd you channel those different things into your weapon when you had no non-rider powers? I know you'd still have Cosmic Energy at least.

>> No.51062578

Going in the buff isn't attractive. However just doing bare minimum clothing. That's more attractive.

>> No.51062642

How would one go about mitigating the Minus drawback from Medaka Box? Preferably using internal means, but it's not required.

>> No.51062655

Makes sense and makes sense. Looking forward to the finished jump.



That explains a little.

What are the Marvel Savage lands? Vandal Savage's home away from home?

>> No.51062727

>What are the Marvel Savage lands? Vandal Savage's home away from home?
No, Vandal Savage is DC. The Savage Lands are the "lost world" of the setting, a place at the center of the Antarctic that is warm and full of jungle inhabited by dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals. It's also one of the two sources of Vibranium in the world, though Antarctic Vibranium behaves differently from Wakandan Vibranium. Different trace elements, or something like that.

>> No.51062734

That's not DIO. That's Kars.

>> No.51062816

Would it be possible to make a first circle demon that takes the form of a seed that grows a literal tree house within minutes which intern produces more such seeds?

>> No.51062820

Look at the image. Specifically, the moonrunes.

>> No.51062902

...isn't there a demon that already does that? If not here should be. That is, indeed, a very Malfean demonic thing.

Huh. Sounds kind of sad actually, when they have to look out and see all the endless not-even-tundra ice surrounding their world.

>> No.51062908

Probably, as long as you're okay with your house being alive and likely a pretty small one-room thing.

Hrotsvitha does something kinda sorta similar.

>> No.51062940

I wish we had more end jumps since I don't feel like doing 400 jumps.

>> No.51062956

>...isn't there a demon that already does that?

There is but it involves the treehouse having particularly-shaped protuberances with which female demons can do things with and then they later pop out the resultant seed which grows into a house.

>> No.51062989


>> No.51063021

Wew, watching fate/zero again reminds me how much I dislike kiritsugu. I swear, the moment I jump there he'll get get a bullet in his brain.

>> No.51063033

How powerful is the buff from going Creation King in Showa?

>> No.51063046

But why? Kerry isn't a bad guy, he's just a baka.

>> No.51063110

Sorry had to go through my notes there.

Heroic Spirit & Determination (Prototype Ranger Belt let's me legit use those emotions for my needs while in Henshin, though I can't build any in the field of) spiritual energy (One of my Companions has the Earth Spirit power up thing so I thought it used Spiritual energy, if this is wrong I do apologize) Cosmic energy (of the Friendship type) has been already covered magical energy (actually from the Power Morpher which taps into the collective energy source called the Morphing Grid, again this one is shaky because I couldn't make heads or tails of some of the terms slung about on the wiki, I'll edit and apologize if I was wrong.) Could you tell me if I'm wrong on these point, because there was so much going on with the Legend Belt that I have a note that basically sums up as "find help"?

Also a thing actually came up when I looked up Kamen Rider Legend, Pic Related is appox the new look.

>> No.51063113


Look at Kamen Rider Black(not RX)'s stats on the Kamen Rider wiki.

Double those stats since Black and Shadow Moon are around the same level of strength. That's what you get as Creation King.


>> No.51063146

I mean. Dude murders innocents to take out his targets, right?

>> No.51063157

Funny, Kerry's the only person other than Waver and lil' Rin who seems relatively on the ball to me.

Before you bring up Rider, he gets a shot to put his worldview into practice in GO. Apparently he goes full villain.

>> No.51063194

His targets being magi, which are unimaginably more lethal than the average joe? It's a choice between playing hardball, or watching some psychotic wizard make mincemeat out of crowds.

Pity he gets depressed about it and almost takes it too far at the end. Ironically him being set in his own ways is somewhat akin to what he despises about certain Servants, but he means well and he lives in a very, very nasty world.

>> No.51063210

Only if he has to, and that the loss of life would be greater if he didn't, and don't bring up the plane. The only person still alive on that plane was his teacher, and the only reason she didn't explicitly tell him to blow it up is because she knew she didn't need to.

>> No.51063256

You reminded me of this copypasta that I had saved a long time ago

>> No.51063264

What kind of Stand would this make?


>> No.51063278

But there's a difference between Shirou level wanting to prevent everyone from dying to the point of your insanity breaking reality and just not accepting a "the ends justify the means" mentality.

>> No.51063282

It's not even that I dislike him because he kills normal people or acts like an asshole, that would be hilariously hyprocritical of me. No, I just despise his whole personality. Also, he's the cause of the whole grail bullshit at the end, so that's enough justification for me.

>> No.51063332

How is he the cause of the grail bullshit? he realized his wish would cause horrific deaths, refused, and then the grail killed people anyway because angry man jew.

>> No.51063440

He is because I say he is :^)
Nah, apparently I remembered the ending wrong.

Also, I'll probably save Tokiomi as well. I mean, he's kind of an asshole, but he has a nice side too, I guess. For fellow mages at least.

>> No.51063472

Tokiomi is just kind of suffering from generic magus syndrome, if anything he's actually kind of naive and overly nice, but still running on the same sort of script as other magus.

>> No.51063482

>lil' Rin
I kind of want to companion kid Rin and then trap her in child form forever just to piss her off.

Or at least for a few decades.

>> No.51063521

>All Fiction Build
I like this, I like this alot.

To me it seems you've got the best perks right there, however you could choose "Screws" as your "Bone of my Sword" choice in the Fate jump.

Theres also the Darkness power in that Kamen Rider jump who's name sadly escapes me as well as I Cheat from Justice League Dark. That could help you customize the erasing spells you get to have more esoteric effects.

Be the best Loser you can be.

>> No.51063552

Naruto question.
What's the advantage of the Rinne Sharingan? compared to the Rinnegan with tomoe you get from the chakra the Sage of the Six Paths gives you upgrading your Sharingan?

>> No.51063591

Maybe find a way to Copy Ethan's Stand in /co/co/'s Bizzare Adventure?
>Abilities:「LOSE YOURSELF」does not have any physical power. It can place sigils bearing its likeness anywhere and at any time in the multiverse. These only have an effect if a sentient being recognizes them as representing the concept of Loss. It is then that the association of its image with the concept will take hold in the hearts and minds of everyone who witness it. They will all react differently at first. Laughter, contempt, confusion, disgust. But soon they will find themselves seeing it more and more often. It every part of waking life, they will notice Loss slowly creeping in. Some will even make their own sigils in tribute. Slowly, but surely, it will spread like a virus. The number of victims will continue to grow and become consumed until all intelligent life is utterly warped. They will only see, hear, feel and speak Loss. They will experience loss of passion; of reason; of thought; of self; of love; of hate; of everything. In its final stage, Loss will bloom throughout the universe, collapsing the fabric of Creation and returning it to a blank canvas upon which a new existence may be born. 1/2

>> No.51063597

>Rinne Sharingan
It lets you preform the moon genjutsu, that is it. Unless you want to ensnare an entire world in a big genjutsu you don't need it.

>> No.51063600

>Ethan's state of being is heavily affected by 「LOSE YOURSELF」. He cannot win fights and he will lose friends as quickly as he makes them. If someone is tailing them, he will lose them easily. Talking at length makes people around him lose interest.
>If Ethan is seriously threatened, 「LOSE YOURSELF」activates a sub-ability. It will morph the surrounding area into one that symbolizes Loss. The target will go through a four-stage process in which they defeat Ethan at the end and then lose something. This will start off as something low-key, such as a button on their shirt or their train of thought. If they continue to pursue Ethan, they are launched into another sequence that is similar but different. This cycle will repeat itself endlessly, with the victim going through increasingly abstracted scenarios. The rules of nature in these dimensions are fueled by Loss, and so even if Ethan loses his life within them, it will only serve to fuel the fire.

>> No.51063622

Eating a Chakra Fruit give story a Rinnegan, right?

>> No.51063654

Only if you eat too much of it. Might want to balance that out with some cheese just in case.

>> No.51063672

Chakra fruit (though I think that's just for the Rinne Sharingan), SotSP chakra, stealing one or having the right genetics (CP, cloning, etc.) are the ways to get a Rinnegan.

>> No.51063680

The problem with Kiritsugu is that he equated the philosophy of "it's an unfortunate but necessary evil that some people have to suffer or die for the greater good of the majority, and I have to be the one to make that choice" into "Because I'm going to wish for world peace, then it doesn't matter how many people I kill or that suffer at my hands because the end result is a net positive" His philosophy is Utilitarianism to the idiotic extreme.

We also don't really see much of his good side, he spends the entire Grail War basically being jerk to everyone, Saber, Irivisiel, and all the other master and servants as well as any civilian that gets caught in the crossfire. Kiritsugu probably accomplished a lot of good off screen with his killing of vampires and rouge magi, but we do not see this good side to him.

He's supposed to be a deconstruction of "the ends justify the means" philosophy I think.

>> No.51063750

It gives the Ototsuki who eat it the Rinnegan. No idea what it does to people without their genetic characteristics.

>> No.51063767

So is there any way of time traveling using the fifth magic without dooming universe to an early death?

>> No.51063787

Use First Magic to manifest a TARDIS

>> No.51063794

Shunt the heat outside of/into a different reality?

>> No.51063815

Go to a parallel universe. Travel back in time. Now go back to your original universe.

>> No.51063827

Finding a way to create/destroy a fuckton of heat?

>> No.51063835

You need a heatsink,an unnaturally good one. Too bad there isn't an out of context way to make A heatsink the size of a house and carry it around with you oh wait sup com can Make it quite easily , the upgraded version of Captchalogue cards can let you carry things. The size of a house effortlessly http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/chillMetal.htm Helps you keep it cold

>> No.51063844

Shunt it to DC's Apokalypse with a hearty fuck you to Darkseid.

>> No.51063854

Eat the heat and use it to power your magic. Bam. Infinite feedback loop.

>> No.51063860

What is this about the fifth magic?

>> No.51063866

Obvious joke answer aside, it wouldn't help. The Time Vortex and Eye of Harmony don't exist outside the DW multiverse. Without it, it's just an immobile pandimensional entity disguised as a police box.

Congratulations, you've doomed two universes now.

Doing both is the tricky part.

>> No.51063879


Well you can apparently destroy the past without affecting the present using the Fifth.

So you could keep the universe from ending early by sending the doom into the past, and then cheerfully ignoring the mockery of causality you turned the universe into.

>> No.51063882

Sure, it's easy. You just have to realize that Nasu got his physics wrong, and that by shunting the heat forward in time you're probably actually preventing the early heat death of the universe. The problem of heat death isn't that there will be heat and energy with nowhere to go, the problem is that there will be no gradient between that heat. There are two possibilities, here. Assuming the Fifth Magic spreads the heat it dumps all over the entire universe, then the heat will rise in all places and the gradient will be the same as it was without your intervention, meaning that you didn't make the situation any worse. Assuming that the Fifth Magic doesn't spread its heat evenly over the entire universe, there will be point sources of higher temperature produced by you dumping entropy, thereby allowing energy to be harvested, and in fact staving off the heat death. So you're either not doing anything bad, or actually doing something good.

>> No.51063883

Why would this doom the universe?

>> No.51063885

X-Men Movies. Energy Absorption - practice with that until you can absorb a metric fuck-load of heat.

>> No.51063890

If you can convert heat to other energy (something possible with a few powers) just take the tesseract from one of the marvel jumps

>> No.51063903

Not sure if you saw from last thread but the problem is actually that the magic eats up too much heat not generates it.

On the other hand I...guess if you could pull it off, that might work? Apparently Darkseid's universe is much bigger than ours so hey-considering what utter bullshit DC puts up with every Tuesday, magical heat death probably isn't even a blip on their radar. In fact, Darkseid probalby just gets pissed and uses the Omega Force to solve it somehow.

Just do it in a way that doesn't trace back to you. Shouldn't be too hard to frame some other evil cosmic entity considering he's got lots of rivals.

>> No.51063913

further along these lines, generic fighting game has a capstone where you become immune to an element, choose fire and absorb all the heat yourself
along these lines avengers Earth's mightiest heroes/Wolverine and the X-Men as well as bastion both have items that can absorb an infinite amount of energy. The trick is going to be converting heat into electricity with the One from bastion

>> No.51063919

>Not sure if you saw from last thread but the problem is actually that the magic eats up too much heat not generates it.
So it's reversing entropy, and somehow that's going to accelerate the heath death of the universe? Christ, Nasu is shit at physics. This is basic thermodynamics he's fucking up, here.

>> No.51063927

paragon resource generator set to produce as much heat as you can free energy is a wonderful basis for a large number of Tricks

>> No.51063934


It was pointed out last thread that the problem is the magic actually uses up too much heat, and then uses up more magic maintaining a temperature equilibrium


Well...why didn't Aoko do that, then?

Seems like it would've saved a lot of trouble.

>> No.51063944

This is actually a really good way to handle it, mind if I jot that down to potentially use in the update anon?

>> No.51063950

Because I have a Fashion Company, and there is no better way to sell my products than to drape them onto my immaculate form as free advertisement.

>he's the cause of the whole grail bullshit at the end
Pretty sure the grail bullshit was caused by the Einzberns in the war before Zero, when they summoned THE LIVING REPRESENTATION OF ALL OF MANKIND'S EVIL.
The Einzberns are dipshits is what I'm saying.

>> No.51063960

Tell me about it. Although to be fair, apparently "it's magic" is a much bigger factor than anticipated because according to ASA the magic actually has some kind of conceptual alignment to consumption and extinction. Checked the wiki/some artbook notes, and that seems to be right.

IIRC SupCom caps out at a galaxy-affecting energy wave. Not really something you can put a bandaid on the universe with.

Also apparently there's some sort of secondary problem that makes it use up too much magical energy as well as heat?

>> No.51063968

>Not sure if you saw from last thread but the problem is actually that the magic eats up too much heat not generates it.
Oh. Ignore me. I don't pay attention.

So maybe have some type of device that registers the loss of heat and generates an equal amount?

>> No.51063978


>> No.51063984

>It was pointed out last thread that the problem is the magic actually uses up too much heat, and then uses up more magic maintaining a temperature equilibrium
That's not how thermodynamic equilibrium works. That should be reducing the overall entropy of the universe, not increasing it. It would be prolonging the lifespan of the universe, not shortening it. I'm not too familiar with the character that uses it, but she thinks it's fine to use while other people are the ones objecting about the problem, right? Is it possible that maybe the person who's mastered the magic actually understands it, and the complainers are just idiots who don't understand physics? Because it sounds like they're full of crap.

>> No.51063991

In that case go to the Stargate jump and take a copy of the notes McKay used to make the matter bridge and reverse it so that it pumps heat into the universe from another one. Just be sure to do it far away because if you don't know how to close the bridge you will just suck out all heat from a foreign universe into that one..

>> No.51063997

For one, yes but once you have one. There is no limit to how many you can build

>> No.51064002


Yep. Aoko was actually the one to come up with the idea after Touko yelled at her.

Extella meanwhile reveals that the timeline/history has self correction points bulit into it.

Touko then yelled at her for that idea.

As for why she didn't the first time no clue. I'm actually surprised she knew to toss that guys death some when else.

>> No.51064011

Not that guy, but didn't Kiritsugu plan to bomb the leylines or something, to stop future Grail Wars... and then just decided not to, for some reason? Maybe that's what he means by saying its his fault.

>> No.51064022

I honestly forget if he bombed them, and it didn't fucking work, or if he was going to then died before he could.

>> No.51064037

Again, I don't pretend to be an expert on thermodynamics but.

It's magic. Magic that apparently has extinction as part of it's shtick.

The actual physics suddenly don't seem as important when Nasu literally has "it's magic that kills everything" as a footnote. The problem is, he felt the need to drown us in several paragraphs of heat jargon before getting to that.

Yeah, that's the major problem Aoko hasn't figured out yet. Such a device would basically have to be Timelord-tier to deal with the forces at work.

And I...don't konw what that is so I'm not sure if it would work?

Although that doesn't really solve the problem in worlds where there isn't more than one universe.

Also I think he mentioned it's important that you don't just add heat, but make sure it reaches the equilibrium before you timetraveled because fuck if I know. But you need some kinda ultra precise regulator too, not just raw heat, and that's why the magic takes so much apparently.

I mean to be fair Touko has a point when even if it doesn't affect the present, it's rude to just retcon someone's past.

If Aoko's the reason why Fate has so many shitty spinoffs I'm going to slap her shit.

>> No.51064043 [SPOILER] 


What if I lose my self to dance?

>> No.51064055 [SPOILER] 

It could have....unintended results.

>> No.51064064

Aoko is a very minor piece of the larger puzzle. With each new reveal, the original trump cards like True Magic are pretty much being shoved to the sidelines.

>> No.51064070

>It's magic. Magic that apparently has extinction as part of it's shtick.
Well, then, I can't see how it's possible to come up with a countermeasure to it based in real thermodynamics, if it's just making up fake thermodynamics so it can punish us for using it. Clearly, then, we need to make up own own fake thermodynamics to fight back with. Does anyone know the guy who wrote Time Cube? I bet he could do it.

>> No.51064071

>entire universe expires because (lack of or too much) heat

Um. Is this the same nasuverse someone was telling me about where there isn't actually a universe that runs on thermodynamics, there's just Gaia's reality bubble thing and if you go too far from earth physics-as-we-believe-it goes away?

Or am I confusing my animes?

>> No.51064083

It works in Fateverse, it was never meant to be taken out of Fateverse, but jumpers insisted on forcing it outside of Fateverse, so what do you expect?

>> No.51064087

and that is why you should never take nasuverse shit seriously

>> No.51064093

You're not mixing up series, no. But what physics are real and what physics are just Gaia fucking with us is a topic that's very inconsistent throughout the Nasuverse. The general rules seems to be that if any law of physics would fuck humanity over, then it's real. If any law of physics would benefit us, it's Gaia's reality marble and therefore not something we can count on.

>> No.51064099

This has been retconned since there are infinite fateverses confirmed. In some universes the same things that exist in other universes take completely different forms.

>> No.51064102


>I mean to be fair Touko has a point when even if it doesn't affect the present, it's rude to just retcon someone's past.

True. I'm just not sure why Aoko didn't considering all the other time nonsense she got up to.


This is the nasuverse where laws of physics are planet biology, and where modern science is the result of humanity distorting Gaia's original natural laws of "Here's mythical fantasy land".

So basically. Yeah not sure how that works.

>> No.51064119 [SPOILER] 

The stargate one is http://stargate.wikia.com/wiki/Matter_bridge
Basically a scientist on Earth found a document (Wirtten by McKay from Atlantis) about how a bridge between universes to generate energy becomes unstable if you draw matter, so he made it draw only heat out of our universe to prevent global warming (see pic). The problem was that it went wrong and started sucking all the heat out of the local area and if not shut off it would've grown larger until it would suck all heat from the universe (after a very long time). Now, if you reverse this you doom a parallel universe to super entropy but your universe will have enough excess heat to stave off death for a while. Just make sure to use it far away from any galaxy with life because all the heat in a universe is a pretty large amount

>> No.51064131

The problem is that it doesn't work in Fateverse, at least as described. It's using contradictory principles in its argument for why using it is bad. You can't expect me to accept two contradictory premises, Fifth Magic! Wait, maybe that's what it actually is. Time manipulation is just a use of the Fifth Magic, not it's actual underlying principle, right? Maybe its real basis is Contradiction.

>> No.51064148

>can't draw matter
>can draw heat
Heat is just the fibration of matter, though. Literally kinetic energy. Science fiction writers need more science, less fiction.
I miss Asimov.

>> No.51064175

Most of what is known about True Magic is complete conjecture from the human magi's part, because the reality of the situation is that humans are largely dealing with shit they don't understand, and so even the explanations from people like Aoko are partly bullshit. Grand Order effectively explains that the ones closest to understanding what each of the True Magics really are would be the Ars Goetia, but they're busy using the True Magic to fuck humanity over and don't really care to explain what they're using. Most of the wiki material is based off of the human conjecture, so why wouldn't there be contradictions? The humans can see the phenomenon, but they can't explain any of it properly, so they describe it however they can.

Even Zelretch pales in comparison to most of newer characters as far as understanding the True Magic goes.

>> No.51064186

Presumably it's somehow transferring the momentum of the particles without actually transferring the particles themselves. Maybe some sort of inertial confinement trap, to cause the energy to be bled away as electromagnetic radiation. That's possible in the real world, though not outside of laboratory conditions yet (and, to be honest, probably never outside of laboratory conditions). But advanced super science, so maybe they could make it work.

>> No.51064196

Meet her FGO ripoff, Nobunaga.

>> No.51064210

Okay, so "Nasuverse wizards are just bad at physics" is correct, then? They don't know how it really works, they're just making assumptions, and those assumptions are wrong ones. They see that it's accelerating the heat death of the universe, and since they don't understand how entropy works, they're getting their explanation of it backwards. Alright. That, I can expect. Wizards being stupid is a lot more plausible than removing entropy somehow accelerating the heath death of the universe.

>> No.51064221

>That's not how thermodynamic equilibrium works.

Its a seriously oversimplified layman's explanation but it checks out if you considered unusable energy as "used up". Increasing Entropy is increasing unusable energy.

Unless I'm failing at my reading comprehension, which is a distinct possibility, an increase in entropy is a reasonable punishment that does what is intended.

>> No.51064222

Anyone seen Digger around? I have two questions about Neo-Heisei Part 1.

Could I use mental super speed (like from Symbiote) to let me search the Library faster? And would multitasking perks let me run multiple searches at once?

>> No.51064224

>A ripoff
You apologise to our Demon King and saviour right now!

>> No.51064230

for ants

>> No.51064231

I ended up sticking the minus abilities on companions, and putting them in stasis for the duration with Harry Potter potions. Then use the perk sharing / transferance / copy ability of your choice post jump.

They knew it was coming. It was lucky I had some normalize liquid in a supersoaker to prevent getting hit with Book Maker. They were suprisingly cool about it after. They opted to wipe that jump's memories with a Sensen. To them, it was like they hadn't even been called out to help.

>> No.51064240

Wait a minute. Isn't the universe in Type Moon basically the Warp outside of planets? ...But it still suffers from entropy?

>> No.51064241

I'm not digger, but based on Canon examples I would say no since it isn't that you already know it or that the books are a part of your mind, It's literally a searchable library

>> No.51064242

>transferring momentum between particles
>otherwise known as a collision
>vibrational dimensional barrier
He's talking about making a universal subwoofer.

>> No.51064260

You know she's from Koha Ace right?

There is no such thing as heat death in fateverse beyond what people have dreamt up about it. Extella confirmed that each universe essentially has a start timer and an end timer. This is the same start and end timer for each and every universe. When that end timer hits, every single universe shuts down for a reset and some universes get their start timers renewed. There's no rhyme or reason to this timer at all that can be explained by physics, but if Extella is anything to go by, that timer is going to hit long before any possible heat death in the individual universe can occur.

>> No.51064270

If you're not Digger perhaps it would be best of you didn't answer.

>> No.51064291

Well I am a guy who wants the entire Season so I at least know How it works in canon

>> No.51064292


Well the definition of True Magic is basically "Nobody has any clue how this stuff works".

Although in the nasuverse at least some of modern physics is apparently held in place by one of Arturia's noble phantasms, and that is currently being borrowed by one of her descendants.

So basically their probably wrong, and things are weird.

>> No.51064299

Bancho. Just out of curiosity, what's up with the random capitalization?

>> No.51064303

Maybe I'm getting my reading comprehension wrong, then. But from the other stuff people are saying it sounds like it's actually somehow consuming heat, which would decrease entropy due to causing a new temperature gradient. And then it's shunting the lack of heat to the future to get rid of the temperature problem, but that would just cause the entropy decrease to be in the future, which would still lengthen the time to the heat death, not shorten it. Most thermodynamics is process-invariant, it doesn't matter the path you get to the end state. It doesn't matter if I remove heat from the universe now or a trillion years from now, either way the end state will be the same. Unless it's removing heat from the entire universe at once? Is that what's happening, maybe? Because that would accelerate the heat death, but just for the reason that the universe would have less total energy in all scenarios, not anything to do with heat. Ugh, applying thermodynamics to magic is dumb. Especially given this post >>51064260 that was posted while I was typing. So I guess this is all pointless.

>> No.51064305

The more I read about the underlying physics in fate the more I'm convinced that it's meant to be a virtual world in canon.

An end timer would make sense if time was being tracked by an integer counter and eventually got maxed out for example.

>> No.51064306

>You know she's from Koha Ace right?
She also got added into Grand Order where her powers and backstory were fleshed out. She's the perfect counter to most servants and has a wonderful personality to match.

>> No.51064310

I use voice dictation. Since my hands are crap for anything other than video games serious fine motor problems. You know

>> No.51064320

Val fucked up the explanation.

It's an increase in entropy, read the last thread.

>> No.51064336

True, but it says:
>you fill find yourself in an infinite featureless mental landscape, with only rows upon rows of bookshelves going on into the distance.
The mental landscape part suggests that thinking faster would speed it up.

>> No.51064339

Oh. Makes sense.

Is that why you say anonymous instead of anon?

>> No.51064341

Her backstory was pretty fleshed out in Koha Ace. It's not anything new. The event in Grand Order literally borrowed the plot from Koha Ace.

That's because it partially is virtual. Eventually when a sequel to Extella is made or Grand Order 2 comes out they'll hopefully explain more of it along with the Velbers.

>> No.51064347

I mean, their really aren't ways to mitigate it, your gonna a few bad things unless you got anti boredom perks and the ability of immense willpower to make yourself not try and do the bad stuff.

Honestly its better to just grab the Flask Plan Data and make your powers later in the chain. Because what makes you a minus is not just your power, its your mind being warped by it negatively.

Sounds the same, yeah I know, but what I mean is you could have a violent or seemingly twisted power like Raff Rafflessia and be normal like the character in canon with the ability becomes after being hit with the power of friendship.

>> No.51064353

I didn't think of that. That is actually fair.

pretty much yeah.

>> No.51064361

Then why is the time travel an issue? Why is dumping the entropy into the future so much worse for the universe than leaving it around here and now? It's still the same amount of entropy either way. Why are the other wizards getting offended by the time travel and not just the wastefulness?

>> No.51064371

Rolled 5 (1d8)

Time for moar Stalwart Tiger.

Last Time- He went to Evangelion and got bitch smacked by Angels, Evas, and Evas who were clones of himself. It was not fun
Eventually he got the hang of it, and gave Shinji a speech about manning the fuck up. Shinji decked his father in the face.

1.Dragon Age
2.Kamen Rider Showa Part 2
3.Pokemon Conquest
5.Legend of Zelda Minish Cap
6.Tomb Raider
7.Akame ga Kill

No Whammies No Whammies No Whammies

Also I need a replacement, assuming I don't roll Kamen Rider.

>> No.51064383

I was talking about her servant profile. There's more of her back story and a description of he personality in Grand Order than the one from Koha Ace.

>> No.51064385

Clearly, they are jelly.

>> No.51064387

Tiger's gonna get stabbed by a tiny hylian in a green dress isn't he?

>> No.51064390

skull man

>> No.51064392

Because a running theme in Fate is the fact that humans are very narrow minded and stubborn in their beliefs that some things are inherently right and others are inherently wrong. They don't actually understand what it is they're dealing with, but because they've all decided by consensus that it's not the right thing to do, they prohibit people from doing it. Tradition is pretty much the reason why every fuck up in Fate happens, down to explaining the entirety of Grand Order.

>> No.51064403

Hey, don't get me wrong, Nobu is literally one of my favorites. But she's based on mami, and there's WOG on that.

...Yes? And?

>> No.51064405

I don't know what you're referencing, but I'm pretty sure that's not a jump.

>> No.51064420


it is in fact a jump and on the drive.

>> No.51064424

>on the next episode of Fate/Time Shenanigans

ow my head

NASU you FUCK learn to use words for what they MEAN

>Clearly, then, we need to make up own own fake thermodynamics to fight back with

Actually, that's precisely why I was asking Mardukth about the First Magic and the Artful Temple up there.

Add in a batch of Cytherean essence to stabilise them, a Protoshinmaic Vortex as a focal point to spread out from and maybe some Nasu!Demons to create anthropomorphic personifications to keep them ticking over-and that ought to do the trick.

Nah, Nasu is.

What exactly it is varies (see >>51064260 for stuff I missed) but you are broadly correct.

The Fifth's description is largely confusing because it mentioned heat and death in the same paragraph. It is actually a conceptual effect that promotes extinction.

The conversation starting from >>51064175 is correct.

As far as I know most wizards don't actually know about Aoko's little stunt. Touko is largely horrified because Aoko's casually treating causality like a kid popping bubblewrap. Fifth-based time travel is an issue because its' resource-intensive to the point where it takes in disproportionately more magic and hea, which causes a glitch in the universe because you need MORE heat/magic to travel through time which needs more TIME travel to align the heat/magic and-

-you know, the crazy thing is.

You're actually partially correct with regards to Fate/Extra and presumably Extelia. A key aspect of the world is that the reason why the Moon Cell is so powerful is because it's recorded all of Earth's history. The Moon Cell's hardware is so powerful at reverse-digitalisation that it can bring information/concepts into reality; as a passive effect it generates Reality Marbles the same way machines generated the Matrix.

And given that the wishes made upon it are powerful enough to influence the world...

>> No.51064425

There is a jump called Skull Man

>> No.51064434

It's one of mine. It was the series ishinomori made before Kamen Rider.

>> No.51064443

Sure, accepted.

>> No.51064457

There's definitely going to be a Lil Rin based OC Companion for the Ryunosuke origin

Posting the fixed version of the Jump that explains it's causing heat death instead of death by heat in a bit. So uh, yeah, whoops. It'll be done soon after this post. Hopefully correct this time.

Yes, this.

>> No.51064485


What a magi version of Wednesday Addams or something?

>> No.51064501

I was originally going for bait but that might be more fun, adding a third member to the psycho duo. Thanks anon.

>> No.51064530

It would make more sense if it simply consumed a disproportionate amount of energy for what you were trying to do, thus reducing the time until the universe started to really become inhospitable due to entropy by... I dunno, a couple billion years or something? Maybe it consumes a few million stars, point is an increase in entropy is a reasonable punishment with a bit of suspension of disbelief imho, the mechanics in the Nasuverse are just a bit wonky is all.

>> No.51064538

...And now I have to resist the urge to daughteru Rin. Fuck.

So, she just wandered in there while they were out and started fingerpainting with all the blood or something?

>> No.51064541

How long would it take for me to be able to create EX rank Noble Phantasms with the First Magic?

I need to troll Gilgamesh real bad and I don't care how many thousands of years of training I need to do in the hyperbolic time chamber. Some sacrifices are worth it.

>> No.51064548


You're welcome. I figured it was probably something like that, but I found the though way too amusing to not mention

>> No.51064560

>I need to troll Gilgamesh

Just buy Ea from the supplement and then don't even use it, call for an orbital strike from your LOT or something.

>> No.51064580

Yeah. Ryunosuke and Caster are great guys, always willing to show the kids how things are done.

Upwards of ten millennia or so.

What do you think is better, a classic creepy kid style or one that's more excessively filled with praise for your murderous ways like Ryuunosuke himself?

>> No.51064585

But that's nowhere near as trollish as just making dozens of Eas and giving them out to everybody who wants one. Maybe handing them out on Halloween to whoever comes trick-or-treating at my house.

>> No.51064606

I'm sure there's some nanotech perks somewhere that would allow you to copy it ad nauseum if you really wanted too.

Or cheat mode

>> No.51064615

Hey Val, what would power of dominance from castlevania do to servants?

The power boils down to eating the souls of things you kill and weaponizing them. Examples include summoning bats that float around you and getting the stone gaze from a medusa soul.

I can't actually remember any others, it's been a while since I played the game. No, wait, I think you can shove some souls into weapons to upgrade them.

Someone in between. She doesn't see a problem with the whole murder thing, but she thinks their idea of art is weird. Que family drawing of the three of them... In blood.

>> No.51064616

Wait, your going to do the whole one origin per master thing again, I feel for you Valeria, that's going to a bitch to come up with and balance. Unlike the masters of Fate Stay Night the masters if Fate Zero are not as impressive a bunch unless their name is Kirei or Kiritsugu.

Need any Help/Ideas?

>> No.51064622

Speaking of the First and NPs... Does having Item Creation (at Ex or not) help you make stuff with the First easier?

>> No.51064637

Can the training times for True Magic be decreased with out of context abilities or are they set in stone?

>> No.51064655

Which is itself not as trollish as buying a copy of Enkidu and using it on him, as it shouldn't betray you and actually would be very effective on him.

>> No.51064659

Hey Val
Which magic is best magic?

>> No.51064676

Not him, but why not both?

Spends most of the time being a classic creepy kid, but whenever you do something...spectacular they can't help but blurt out how COOOOOOOOOOOOOL you are.

To be fair most of the F/SN masters are folks who blundered into the war, whereas at least on paper Fast Wheels and Rin's dad have had better training for the whole thing.

>> No.51064683

That's just a low blow.

There's stealing someones shit and then there is stealing someones husbando. Respect the husbando.

>> No.51064686

They do different kinds of things--that question is a foolish one at best

>> No.51064700

I'd imagine it'd be the same, giving you a power themed on them. Maybe look at their Skills or NPs for inspiration? Eating Arturia letting you fire golden lasers or Berserker giving you stone like skin.

Yeah, that's pretty cute.

Yup, though at least it's mitigated by being able to share the roles between multiple characters, like Family Head being Tokiomi/Acht or Magus Killer being Kiri/Maiya/Natalia.

That said, not looking forward to Kariya's origin at all. Appreciate the offer but for now I just jot down ideas whenever I have them. I'll definitely take any ideas once I finish the supplement and start for reals on Zero.

No, they're working through different mechanisms so neither of them really help the other.

They can yes.

Depends on what counts as best. If we're talking which one is most useful in combat out the gate, probably the Fourth. Most useful in utility out the gate is probably First, though it's still pretty meh. The others are all very limited at that point since they're more based on skill then sheer power.

If we're not taking the time to master them into account, it's roughly even between First and Second, since they can generally accomplish or get something else to accomplish what any of the others can and usually better too.

If it's just my favourite...torn between 2 and 5 honestly, and really just because they both look so damn cool when in use.

>> No.51064704

There is no such thing as a stupid question
Just stupid people

>> No.51064705

It won't. Gilgamesh makes it very clear later on in Grand Order that he knows Enkidu is better off dead compared to the alternative. If anything it would just make him serious to kill Enkidu and his Master.

>> No.51064709

Why don't you go yell that at the waifufags who steal canon love interests?

>> No.51064718

How long will it take till you are at the level of replicating other True Magics?

>> No.51064736

>I'd imagine it'd be the same, giving you a power themed on them. Maybe look at their Skills or NPs for inspiration? Eating Arturia letting you fire golden lasers or Berserker giving you stone like skin.
Hmmm. So, one skill or NP. Preferably nothing above A? And no takebacks.


>> No.51064738

Because bitches ain't nothing but hos and tricks
The only true love is boy love

>> No.51064740

I meant the Chains of Heaven guys. You guys make it out like I'm a heartless bastard. I'm kinda hurt in the "I'll find humor in this in like ten minutes" way.

>> No.51064742

If the nasuverse magics are defined by things people can't achieve through technology, can you destroy true magic by introducing a mundane way to do the same thing? Like would it depower Zelretch if you started handing out Rick and Morty portal gun blueprints to people?

>> No.51064748

Legend of Zelda:Minish Cap-
Start in Hyrule Town
Rolled for 17
Free Game Matters
Free Borne of Steel
Discount The Next Swiftblade
Discount Shield Up!
Discount Tiger Scrolls
Soul of Light
Discount Hero of Men
Canon Companion(Zelda)

The Princesses' Friend, an Incarnation+300- Wait, what. DAMN IT AMATERASU!
Hya!+300- ......


>> No.51064752

A very very very long time. Since at that level we're talking about 'creating' events or concepts on a utterly massive scale for anything but the smaller uses, we're also probably not thinking in just thousands of years anymore if you want to match them one to one..

If that technology became commonplace, presumably yes, their Magic would become Magecraft and weaken greatly.

>> No.51064794

I know wish to master True Magic as fast as possible. What will help me in my endeavor?

>> No.51064803

Does that also apply to your True Magics? As in, if you go to clarketech settings, can they get nerfed?

>> No.51064805

As the creator of that Jump I can't help but wanna know what happened.

>> No.51064819

Leaning perks. Lots and lots of learning perks. Efficient ones, but every perk counts.

>> No.51064821

Mass stack learning perks?

>> No.51064825

No, as with all magic and magecraft, it will continue to work as it does in the Nasuverse setting you picked it up in. If you go to Star Trek, it won't weaken and if you go to Mount and Blade, it won't strengthen.

>> No.51064832

With the song name, I guess it would describe a Stand that can enhance Spin Techniques?
Or maybe it has some sort of drill or tornado attack. Or it warps the environment, twisting it around a central point.

Dead or Alive could be some sort of quantum uncertainty bullshit, making objects both broken and whole at the same time, until you 'collapse' the effect.

>> No.51064854

Specifics would be appreciated, especially for magic related ones.

>> No.51064874

Ammy has been trying to push a Redemption Arc for Tiger for a while now.
Stuck with only Link's Powers, and Link's very strong memories, and stuck in Link's Position with no way to express his rage?
Well, it helped Ammy's goals a bit, there is a reason Zelda is now on the team. Like Raven and Ammy she will be actively working to try and make Tiger a better person.

>> No.51064875

Mind you, Stand names seldom have anything to do with what they actually do. Tusk doesn't summon elephants, Mandom manipulates time and Love Train isn't lewd.

>> No.51064884

As I recall it was that he did bomb them in such a way that the leylines would be completely unusable by the Grail by the time of the next Grail War assuming a regular schedule, which was part of the reason it was ten years instead of fifty.

>> No.51064888

Every single learning perk contributes unless you're going for diminishing returns, if you consider this as mastering and developing a process, then whether it's magic or technology doesn't make that much of a difference, it's still a matter of deciphering and understanding concepts. Just start with the Worm perks for the 720x speed thing that people talk about.

>> No.51064903

Not sure how many of these stack/apply, but here's the ones my research found earlier today
Hero's Training (the perk) from my own Practical Guide to Evil gives a month's work in a day, with a further boost to a year's worth if you're training for a showdown with a Great Evil. (x30-x365)

RWBY's Remnant Arcana doubles your ability to learn 'dead arts', which, given the setting, almost definitely counts. (x2 multiplier)

Being an Average One from the same jump lets you learn magic twice as fast, and design spells in weeks/months instead of years (A x12-x48 multiplier)

Hero Union BBS When You're Evil grants "a few weeks" worth of training per day by being an asshole (Not a multiplier but maybe still useful, especially if "a few weeks" is worth a lot more to you)

Neverwinter Nights has Montage, which gets you a x3 learning rate when you're focusing on one thing (x3 multiplier)

Code Geass has Smart for a 3 times as fast multiplier (x3 multiplier)

Familiar of Zero has Enhanced Learning for a x3 while learning skills (x3 multiplier)

Vampire the Requiem has Precocious, which cuts the time required to learn something in half (x2 multiplier)

Tsukihime has Model student which gives you a x2 multiplier on it's own (x2 multiplier)

>> No.51064912

>Mandom manipulates time
If you've seen the Japanese Gatsby commercials it makes sense why Mandom is a time loop.

>> No.51064947

Unless Japanese Jay Gatsby is a Stand user I don't see how-

-holy shit, is that it? Did Japan turn The Great Gatsby into a Stand user battle royale?

>> No.51064960

This is very helpful, thank you.

>> No.51064966

Learning perks and time dilation. I've been using the Gamer as my basis, as that was the first thing to pop up.

Continuous Study is a 6x multiplier. (on average)
Clever Craft from Skyrim is probably 2x or 3x.
Magic learning affinity from Overlord LN is 2x.
Enhanced Mastery from Worm is 70x, and probably the best.

A practical guide to evil has another which is 30x, and supposedly has more besides that.

Additionally, Gamer also has elemental affinity which is a 10x multiplier, but most of the true magics don't qualify. Then again, Godblood is fairly open ended - and since gods often have strange aspects, you might be able to get a specific one - maybe something like 'creation', though that's a bit cheesy.

All of this (for me) is topped off by a Time dilated illusion barrier, set to about 100 days in 1 second.

>> No.51064984

I can give you Gatsby is the 6 second loop, and one of the earliest Gatsby commercials was literally just that line repeated over and over again while Tackey spins.

>> No.51064985

Hey, this might be a weird Fate question, but how "physical" are servants?

I'm asking because I was flipping through the wiki and saw that Frankenstein's Monster was a Servant, though I don't know if they're valid for this particular war, but was crippled by low stats and weak NPs. Then, I remembered the monster/mad science perks that I had from the Generic Universal Monsters jump, and thought to myself that exploiting her artificial nature and "modifying" her might be an interesting way to power up. Even if I don't do this exact plan, is this possible or reasonable in any way?

>> No.51064986

Grab Weight of Ages and False Life from Generic Universal Monsters.

As other anons said, grab a few learning/intelligence/study perks.

Now go to Civilizations and pay to start in 10,000 BC, you have to last till 2300AD.

Now study, get mad gainz, achieve enlightenment, cultivate a civilization to be retold for centuries, beginning with the legend of an unknown wanderer who weilded magic strong enough to supercede reality.
Have fun.

>> No.51064989

No problem, I gathered the learning perks for literally the exact same reason. There's almost certainly a lot more, it's just that those are the setting I'm actually familiar with, so I managed to find perks from those ones. I also didn't mention anything that takes up a slot beyond CP (Hero faction Name from PGtE, Enhanced Mastery from Worm, etc.(

>> No.51064992

I like them better when they match the names, which is why I made those suggestions.
Thematic names are fun.

If there's a gang called the Fleshrippers, and they're actually arsonists primarily and never rip people's flesh, I'm gonna be disappointed in them.
It's misleading.

And Love Train should be lewd, or at least sexy. That's a damn shame.

>> No.51065001

So, update done.

-Correcting what the 'Burden' of the Fifth Magic is. If it still makes no sense, I'll have another try but this should at least be accurate to what Nasu has said on it.

I don't know what the fuck this cooling the heat down takes even more energy means Nasu what is being cooled down if the energy is being removed/consumed already?

>> No.51065012

So if you or something else introduce that tech into Nasuland, are you protected from the mystery nerf by perk fiat?

>> No.51065015

>Hey, this might be a weird Fate question, but how "physical" are servants?
Enough to canonically engage in naughty fun times in order to charge up their magic.

>> No.51065016

Gamer's Skill + Lots of Mana + Fast Mana Regen

And stack on Enhanced Mastery if you don't mind missing out on other Worm Powers.

>> No.51065028

They're spiritual beings that can interact with the physical world if they 'materialise' though they remain physical. Apparently, they have a greater 'intensity/pressure' (Can't remember the exact term) then normal humans that usually means it's impossible to graft some piece of a Servant onto a human.

Post jump they incarnate/become living so they get the best of both worlds.

>> No.51065034

It's >>51065015 + >>51065028

>> No.51065036

The Gatsby anon is talking about is a hair products thing, which was made by the Japanese company Mandom. The name Gatsby did refer to the Great Gatsby novel though. They used a very distinctive song for their CMs for over a decade.

>> No.51065047

If you buy stuff with CP, yes.

Sorry, should be "if they 'materialise' though they remain spiritual in nature".

>> No.51065054

Gamer's skills isn't a learning enhancer, remember? At best it would knock off a week or two off your training time.

On the other hand, its basically guaranteed to lower the mana cost as it levels up...

Hey BLADE? If I learned Projection/Gradiation Air/ whatever it's called, could it prestige into the first magic?

>> No.51065069

Alright, started "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and ready to read....I like it!

>fowl nemesis

Right now I'm leaning towards Guide origin with some Hero perks. Only thing you really need to correct is swapping the word 'being' with 'begin' in a few spots.

>> No.51065072

So can the First summon something you don't understand like Clarketech? Even outside of a jump where it actually exists? Say, can I pull out Green Lantern Ring and Lantern in Naruto or an Omnitrix in Harry Potter?

Because if so, that's hella amazing. The items are permanent, right?

>> No.51065076

Pick up Enhanced Mastery from Worm. This perk states that you can achieve expert level in a field from scratch within one week. If we assume the average amount of practice to be 8 hours per day (meaning 56 hours in a week and rounding up to 60 to account for interruptions) and take the 10,000 hour rule at face value this would mean you're learning 166 times faster than a normal person.

Now, go to Generic Creepypasta. Pick up Pocket Realm. Time moves ten times faster within the Pocket Realm. Then go to SCP to pick up SCP-2400. Time within SCP-2400 moves 140 times faster inside than outside. Now place SCP-2400 in your Pocket Realm. You now have a hyperbolic time chamber where time moves 1,400 times faster than normal.

Now, crunching the numbers, it would take you roughly 60 continuous years to achieve the equivalent of 10,000 years of training with Enhanced Mastery. Now we crunch this with the time dilation of your hyperbolic time chamber.

You could achieve extreme mastery within one True Magic, the equivalent of 10,000 years of training, within a period of 15 days or slightly over 2 weeks real-time.

>> No.51065089

For other fun with creepy kids, maybe the axed amnesiac little girl Hundred Faced Hassan as a companion option? Could get especially interesting if she could fragment off new skills she learns into new Faces. Only major issue is that she's still a Servant, even if a kinda low quality one.

>> No.51065090

If you are good enough, it's actually possible and you know what you're summoning, then yes you can. You don't need to fully understand it but you do need to have the correct thing in mind when you're working it.

>> No.51065103

Yeah, that's a little beyond the scope of the OC Companions. I'd love to work her in somehow though, maybe as some sort of drawback?

>> No.51065106

It's not a learning enhancer in the traditional sense, but you can just mindlessly spam the ability and it will rapidly level up much faster than normal without you having to do "real" training.

>> No.51065116

Yeah, but who want's to train for 10,000 years? This is why we need learning perks - even a 2x will cut that in half.

>> No.51065128

Goddamn that's fast. Does sacrificial bestowment work on Worm powers? Because, while I really like Enhanced Mastery, I currently have something else while a companion has it.

>> No.51065139

>If you buy stuff with CP, yes.
What about if you buy it with CP and then teach it to companions? Will theirs be nerfed?

Actually do you have to be in a Type Moon jump for companions to learn it, same as if you got a canon user to teach you?

>> No.51065140

Did you read what he posted properly.

>> No.51065142

Oh... So you can just say 'make penny' a million times without having to really innovate with it. And it will level up.

Might have to change what your making every so often, but I see where you're coming from.

>> No.51065157

No. Though they will need to have the right bits to use it.

No, long as you mastered it enough to teach it. And as above, they have the right bits.

>> No.51065165

Glad you enjoyed it!

There's a good amount of editing that needs to be done, in addition to adding more perks and imaging it, but I'm glad that it's received the positive reaction that it has so far. The movie didn't do well in the box office so I didn't know how many people would know about it or be interested in a jump for it. All the same, though, I loved the movie and had to make a jump for it.

Is there anything you'd like to see that isn't there now?

>> No.51065170

Would knowing lots about it, or having science/tech perks that let you make things cut down on the time taken to learn it a little bit, for those things at least? I'm mostly wondering about the 'complexity' side of things, as knowing how it all works might make it easier to make more 'complicated' things.

>> No.51065199

Knowing lots about what you make does decrease the time you'd take to make it/learn how to, but it'd be only a third or so at best.

>> No.51065218

Good to know and I'm glad to see a build for Minish Cap after so long, there have only been like what three to five total now?

Maybe make her the subject of a "Protect her from things" like Kariya had to for Sakura? Just a suggestion.

>> No.51065227

I should rephrase that last part as "tried to" not "had to" shouldn't I?

>> No.51065236

Fool origin, Kariya's thing, is already getting a Someone To Fight For companion, though it's not necessarily a little girl though I imagine it will still be for many people

>> No.51065255

Which Origin is going to let me suplex Worm-Lord?

>> No.51065277

Erm. I suppose Magus Killer or Church Coordinator are the ones getting close combat skills in their perk lines. Not really a big thing either way.

>> No.51065279

Ouch. I meant for the drawback idea. Like the entire thing is a long con, one even she's not aware of.

I would also like to know this, or perhaps to be more specific how does one kill said Worm that Walks?

>> No.51065289

On that note, what's a good way to kill him? I've basically resovled myself to adopting pretty much all the kids, and/or interfering with the parents, so killing him before he can worm sakura is important.

I want to say 'shoot him with one of kiritsugu's origin bullets', but I don't know if i'm going to have one of those.

>> No.51065318

Oh...that could be fun. I might work some sort of misery like that into the companion.

Zouken is indeed very hard to kill.

>> No.51065327

I have to ask again, but for the OC companions listed if I buy the Magical Servant/Homunculus, will they possess only 400CP to spend on perks because their origin is Homunculus which costs 200 CP (300 - the 100 less that OC companions get). Or is it that because the Homunculus companion does not get the free Homunculous perk (the companion option mentions that they only possess the physical powers and characteristics not the magic powers.) That they possess all 600CP to use on perks given and don't have to pay for their origin?

I asked this before but I was a bit confused by your answer so if you could please clarify.

I wanted my Homunculus companion to get both Demi Servant and Big Damn Lolis and have them act as my bodyguard.

>> No.51065347

Not him, but there are less lengthy ways of getting powers interchanged between companions and yourself besides the worms.

Such as understanding the Superpower-to-technology-to-magic/biology combo.

Amazo Backup Memory(Young Justice)
Magitek Mastery(Final Fantasy 6)
The Flesh is Strong(HiveQueen)
Crimsons Saint (Demon King)

With this you can turn your friends mastery skill into a technology device through Amazo, enhance the machinery with magic thanks to Magitek, and then turn it into Biology thanks to Hivequeens perk. Just transplant and presto you can give yourself an organ that does the ability itself.

Of course you should get more tech/bio perks and generally git gud at science.

But I think this method is better than works being forced through your eye.

Thats just me though.

>> No.51065351

>how does one kill said Worm that Walks?
Start with some fiendfyre and go from there.

>> No.51065352

>movie didn't do well in the box office
Really? WTF people, it's a great movie!

>Is there anything you'd like to see that isn't there now?
Hmm, I don't know, everything looks pretty good. Guess the only thing I'd suggest would be for the Amnesia drawback, maybe have a cheaper version so you're like Beetle, amnesiac but still functional though slightly scatterbrained. Maybe a drawback where you were cursed with some undesirable form?

>> No.51065372

Zouken is a Worm-Lich. His Soul is inside ONE of his Worms. He hides said soul-worm very VERY well.
In FSN it's hidden in Sakura, no idea where it is in Zero.
Kill the right worm, and all the others just in-case, and he's gone.

>> No.51065377

No, they have 600cp because they are just a normal Homunculus. They are not the super Homunculus that the jump origin is. They do not get the origin for free because the origin is a lot better then most Homunculus. They CAN buy the origin but it costs them 300cp to do so.

>> No.51065423

>Really? WTF people, it's a great movie!
Their stuff rarely does well at the box. Thankfully they're pretty much subsidized by one of the Nike owners / execs. That's the only thing that keeps them afloat.

>Amnesia drawback
I've got one of those for the capstone drawback, but I could add a milder version lower down. I need more drawbacks so that sounds good.

Imaging will take a bit and I still need to edit, so it might take a week or so before this is done but it'll be up soonish.

>> No.51065427

You will need the skills and the weapons.
The skills you will gain through your Jump, hopefully.
The weapons that would be most effective would be those origin bullets, but if you can find the Mystic Code craftsman who made the Origin Bullets and Thompson Contender you could likely get a similar weapon... as long as you have the right composites.
The best example of these hypothetical weapons that come to mind are here https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7207791/14/From-Fake-Dreams (Search for Natalia it should put you around the right place) the Blades of Binding, Severing, and the blade of Binding & Severing.

>> No.51065444

Gunda, the Missionary of Unity, Messenger Soul of the Nine-Tailed Scourge of Repentance

Motivation: Teach all beings that they are but undifferentiated clay to be molded by the hands of Balynth and InNomineAnon. He has intimacies to such things as peace treaties, civil rights, marriages, and inter-racial or inter-species beings.

Gunda is a grey humanoid, bald and faceless. But few see this, for his body mirrors those he encounters. When he goes to the west, he appears to be a man of the west, and as he goes east his features shift until he is a man of the east. When he goes among the trolls, he goes as a troll himself, and likewise for the dwarves. In mixed company, his body will take the most noble features from each type, merging them into a seamless and striking whole. The body he wears when surrounded by the many demons of the spirit world is quite a sight.

When Gunda has gathered a crowd about him, he will begin his sermons on the nature of identity and the need to abandon it in the service of the greater good. Those who listen to his preaching find themselves dissolving into a hivemind, which Gunda will then instruct to undertake good works. The effect is temporary, but the group works with superhuman efficiency while so enchanted and leave the experience with a newfound appreciation for the strengths of those whose minds they touched. For this reason, workshops led by Gunda are mandatory for promotion to high positions within governments run by InNomineAnon. Gunda is capable of engendering a longer lasting but weaker bond but only does so for wedding ceremonies.

The Missionary's last famous ability is to temporarily twist the bodies of others, molding them like clay that they might walk a day in another's skin. He is particularly famous for transforming into women those who abuse his children, and stories of Gunda's vengeance terrify those who would abuse the Anneca, the Harmonious Sluts, in their position as sacred prostitutes in the Nine Gods' temples.

>> No.51065470

He cheats on his wife too.

>> No.51065481

Jump # 155 Gundam Anno Domini
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Background: Socialite (0)

*Social Captain (50, Discount)
*Sumeragis (200)
*Never work twice (200)
*Quantum Brain (400)
*A Common Friend (200, Discount)
*Played like a goddamn fiddle (300, Discount)

* 3 High class contacts (50)
* Meisters (50)
*Sumeragis X 4 (200)
*Gender change for a imported companion (50)

*Time? (+600)
*Traitor A13 (+100)


Akitsu, Arcueid & Tamamo
Background: Socialite
*Social Captain
*I’m on your side

Donfang Bubai
Background: Gundam Meister
Gender: Female
*Twitch Combat
*Know your range: QCQ

>> No.51065493

Thanks, that means bodyguard Homunculus is a go.

>> No.51065517 [SPOILER] 


This was really bugging me
Could have sworn I already made an edit of it once.

>> No.51065528

(Ok fair warning… I know very little about the setting and probably less than I think I do. Read at your own risk)

I found myself in a gundam world, I really couldn’t tell which one because Except for G gundam I really didn’t pay much attention to them. Well soon I began hearing about these Celestial Being Nutjobs murdering everyone in the name of piece. So I knew who I had to stop.

However then there came an alien invasion… Suddenly humanity was up against T-1000s and it looked like we were not going to do too well. They assimilated stuff. Also some annoying pilot guy kept fallowing me around trying to show me up at every opportunity. At first I didn’t really care, in fact I was amazed that he would usually succeed but it got old fast.

Anyways with the aliens coming I realized I was the best hope for stopping them. I needed more info so I did some Astral Projecting to go spy on them… strangely they seemed to sense me when I approached. I didn’t sense any real malice from them so I tried to talk to them… after I got over the initial shock of their communication I figured out they weren’t that bad. I managed to talk them in to not attacking… strangely at that same time Fon Spaak was doing a near suicidal attack and was almost assimilated but when they stopped attacking he was freed and his gundam was partially liquid metal. Everyone thought he was the reason the aliens withdrew and everyone thought he had saved the world

With the aliens resolved I turned my attention to celestial being. I took them apart piece by piece. I tracked down their funding and stopped it, I sabatoged their production facilities, and I defeated their pilots and broke their suits. I also explained to this Setsuna guy that ending all war by violence just makes you a tyrant it doesn’t actually fix anything. You would continually have to enforce peace through atrocity after atrocity.

Anyways a world government was formed with Fon Spaak as president for life.

>> No.51065530

Yeah that whole, practice betraying Irisviel by making out with Maiya, so that when she dies he won't be as regretful was pretty stupid of him.

>> No.51065541

She doesn't care, and he didn't like it. Mind you the entire thing with him cheating on her was completely retarded. But as I said, he's a baka.

>> No.51065584


So the Sealing Designation guys aren't that bad to start off with? If you put them in traction without using out-of-context stuff, will it keep the drawback from getting out of hand?

>> No.51065597

To be fair, he's a wizard hitman followed around by a traumatised kid he saved ages ago and his wife is the magical artifact of one of the most powerful magical families in the world. Probably THE most powerful, unless the Batholomoi live up to their hype.

Don't get me wrong, it's messed up. But absolutely nobody short of a Jumper could have reasonably given him any relevant relationship advice, and he's hardly in a position to ask for any. Or maybe Zelretch. And Zelretch's busy.

All things considered, he got off pretty easy compared to how badly things COULD have become.

>> No.51065603

Yes. Yes you did.

Also motherfucker, that new Underworld movie. That jump needs an update so badly. I DON'T KNOW IF THOSE NEW VAMPS ARE NORDIC OR FINNISH, BUT DAMN THEY'RE BEST COVEN.

>> No.51065627

Personally I don't see any good reason not to just kill Sakura.

>> No.51065630

If it's clearly just you being smart about using normal magecraft or combat skills or traps, then it won't get much worse at all. People still come after you every now and then but it won't get more frequent or have more dangerous people come. If it's you using Servant level stuff or stuff like the 1000cp perks or anything you clearly shouldn't have like a non-Einzbern having Wish Granting, then it'll still get worse.

>> No.51065648

How bad will we have to get before they're willing to back off?

>> No.51065650


>> No.51065653

>Zelretch's busy.
The hell he is, I bet he's off surfing.

>> No.51065660

SDA pls

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