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>> No.51046956

There are better versions of Darth Vader's cybernetics inAtRWars, right? Because I want to be a terrifying 7 foot tall syborg, but I don't want Vader's downsides.

>> No.51046991

In Star Wars*

Jesus Christ. Fucking autocorrect.

>> No.51047041

If I am not wrong Vader suit was like that because budget issues and to make Vader angrier ,so yes

>> No.51047050

Most places have better cybernetics than Star Wars. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if DE:HR did.

>> No.51047053

The suit was deliberately designed to suck because Sidious is a dick. There are better versions, yes.

>> No.51047057

Vader's suit was designed poorly intentionally, to both piss him off and make him weaker to the Emperor if he ever decided to decapitate the throne.

>> No.51047087

In the Fate Stay night Jump does the Homoculous servant get the full 600CP to spend or 400CP?

It says that you must pay for a costing origin but the actual companion notes that the Homoculous does not have the OP magic circuits that qualify for why that origin is so expensive.

>> No.51047089

Yeah, Star Wars tech levels are all over the place (which, to be fair, is true of a lot of sci-fi settings).

>> No.51047110

His bad suit didn't really help the Emperor that much when Vader did decided to decapitate the throne.

>> No.51047127

Speaking of NGE, if one fails to stop Third Impact before they leave, how far away should they get from Earth to avoid being absorbed into GNR?

>> No.51047136

The Emperor was probably expecting more of a lightsaber and lighting duel than being wrestled down a shaft.

>> No.51047148

Remind me why Vader didn't just request for his peak age body to be cloned out for him to force posses like any good Space Overlord should?

>> No.51047155

I'm working on classifying jumps into tiers according to how dangerous their setting is. This is part of a resolution system for writing my chain. I could use some help in determing what tier a given jump is. Some settings I'm not familiar with, and there are posters who know other settings waaay better than I do. So if you could help by suggesting tier levels I have no clue about, or arguing over the ones I've mis-classified, it would be very appreciated.

Tier 0 Clean
¤ Would a baseline be correct in assuming their safety?
¤ Peaceable, Safety Expected, Up to Real-World Risk

Tier 1 Marred
¤ Are serious threats to baselines' welfare common?
¤ Rare (if any) Clarktech, Action-Movie, Reliable and Simple Magic

Tier 2 Cracked
¤ Are there many threats which no-sell baseline opposition?
¤ Higher Tech, RPG Combat Magic, DAKKA-Insoluble (adding bullets won't lead to a solution)

Tier 3 Broken
¤ Would low level RPG party NOPE the fuck out of there?
¤ Supers, Mental Hazards, Speedsters, Monthly Apocalypse Threats, Bullshit

In the PDF, I have "Low" and "High" columns - which are for the low and high end of what most normal people might plausibly encounter, and what major players have to contend with on a daily basis. Things like Galactus and Madara are outliers - I'm trying to ignore unusual threats that most characters in the setting will never have to face.

>> No.51047163

Force possess was an advanced technique that was difficult even for the likes of Sidious.

>> No.51047180

Reminder that choosing the drawback for continuity with KOTOR in the Clone Wars jump is a trap due to the Eternal Empire.

>> No.51047185

Good luck in this endeavor good sir.

>> No.51047192

>Eternal Empire.
Jumper smash puny Not!Sith Emperor!

>> No.51047201

>wrestled down a shaft

>> No.51047219

>Eternal Empire
Isn't that just a SWTOR thing?

>> No.51047234

Yeah, but my first jump is going to be Star Wars. Was wondering if I could go ahead and start with the cybernetics.

>> No.51047243

Vader's Cybernetics were shit on purpose. Palpatine needed a lapdog that wouldn't be able to bite back. Something that the Rule of Two was suppose to be about, the Master teaches the Apprentice, and the Apprentice is suppose to kill his/her Master. Makes each generation of Sith stronger. Palpatine made it heavy and outdated tech so that Vader could never overthrow him.

>> No.51047247

Incredibles in one tier with Fate, DC/Marvel, Dragonball, Sburb, and Worm?

...Yeah, me thinks you need to expand that tier a bit, because there's pretty gaping differences in danger between those.

>> No.51047248

I wouldn't go with SW cybernetics. They don't mesh well with space magic.

>> No.51047265

Pattern Blue- Well, this is different. But not as different as it could be, reminds me of SWLiHN
Rolled for 2015 AD, Tokyo-3
Free Waveform Anatomy- "Based on your self-image and ego barriers" huh? Sounds like Raksha, also very easy for me.
Discount Hybrid- Yeah no, I like the concept of a World Body, but I want a humanoid form too.
Discount Non-Euclidean- It's like another Shintai. But for...me. Hmm.
Discount AT Field Mastery
Unassailable- I am a Green Sun Prince! I will not fall to my foes!
Genre Savior- I do what the fuck I want.
Free Infinite Supply of Tang
Discount Secondary Field
Discount High Energy Reaction
Free Imports

Hark the Herald+300- Fuck them! I'll fight them all!
Apostate+300- Oooh, Warstriders, so scary.
You I, II and III+200- Oh. This might hurt a little.

Writefagging coming up, hopefully. If I fail, I'm sure you can imagine the bullshit that goes down due to Tigers....unique personality.
Also he eats enough Angels to get a free S2 Organ, the jump says it can be done.

Also I REALLY need a replacement for Eva in my roll list

>> No.51047281

Aside from what everyone's already said, yes, Star Wars does have good cybernetics. However most of the really good stuff is either custom, expensive, or both.

General Grievous was pretty impressive before he was nerfed. Bao-dur, a character in KotOR 2, made a cybernetic arm that could disable shields if I remember correctly. And Kazdon from The Force Unleashed augmented himself with spider-like cybernetics to increase his mobility.

>> No.51047283

Dragon's Age

>> No.51047286

Legend of Zelda Minish Cap

>> No.51047287

SMT should be at Low 2, High 3, as should the DeSu jumps and DDS.

>> No.51047294

Yeah, I'd just shoved everything with capes into T3 at first. "Does it have speedsters? Into the T3 it goes." Obviously you're absolutely right.
You think it's a T1/T2 kind of place, or full on T2?

>> No.51047312

Did we ever get any more Zelda jumps after the Ruki thing?

>> No.51047330

>fighting at least three angels
>pissing off Evangelions
>dealing with three clones of yourself
Oh this is going to suck. I can't wait to see how he reacts upon seeing just how scary these "warstriders" can be.

>> No.51047332

In Nomine would be 1/1. All but the strongest of angels and demons, who are too afraid of mutually assured destruction to act directly, are still afraid of humans with guns.

Aria is a slice of life show with no violence, 0/0.

>> No.51047334

Oh, right. I guess for the cybernetics arc I added something else?

(VA-11 HALL-A) #112
-Background: Digital Security (Free) -Coding is what I do.
-Race: Human (Free) -Stick to what I know.
-Time to Mix Drinks and Change Lives (900CP) -Knowing how to make a good drink is nice.
-Theatrics (700CP) -I know how to make mixing drinks a show as well.
-Script Kiddie (Free) -I'm getting into systems.
-2 Idiots, 1 Keyboard (500CP) (Discount) -I'm a hollywood hacker, baby.
-Kotatsu (Free) -TIME FOR LAZY TIMES.
-BTC Beverage Kit (400CP) -At least I'll be able to accomodate.
-Cybernetics: The Devil's Hands (200CP) -Get me some better dexterity.
-Cybernetics: Dermal Armor (0CP) -Keeping my skin soft is nice.
Dice Rolls: 22 years old
-End Coice: Next Adventure

I have no idea what this is about, only that I can make a show of mixing drinks while being an awesome drink mixer in general, I've got disturbingly smooth skin, and I'm a NEET who does cyber security for a living while having some better hands.

...gods damn, this is just going to be ten years of lazing around in an apartment while being a cyber-detective, isn't it. I'm just going to fucking pub crawl for whatever passes for fish and chips while solving cases, then go home and put on 2-3 blankets while sitting next to the kotatsu and binging anime series. Like some fucking NEET that has no business being as pretty as they are.

What is this shit.

>> No.51047354

Ways to protect cybernetics from Technopaths?

>> No.51047358

Sure, why not

Added to the Reserved list.

I just want Twilight Princess, because Mai Waifu.

Yeah. He's a 'little' bit overconfident, and is going to get smacked around a bit.
Mind you he'll do damn well against the Angels, nothing like Rage to empower you after all and they remind him of the Yozi he hates the most.
But the Evangelions? Especially the clone ones? Oh yeah, that is gonna SUCK.

>> No.51047367

Be a bigger Technopath.

>> No.51047371

>In Nomine would be 1/1. All but the strongest of angels and demons, who are too afraid of mutually assured destruction to act directly, are still afraid of humans with guns.
Huh. I would have thought the reality-warping nature of their powers would be a bigger thing.

>Aria is a slice of life show with no violence, 0/0.
Thanks, I'd thought so, but wasn't sure if there was something else going on elsewhere in that setting that wasn't mentioned in the jump.

Thanks for the corrections!

>> No.51047373

Hm... probably 1/2? The capes seen in the movie are some of the stronger ones, and they seem rare-ish in general.

>> No.51047378

Yeah Minish Cap from Gaunlet and Majoria's Mask was being worked on last I heard.

>Added to the Reserved list.
Cool havn't seen a build for it yet.

>> No.51047393


Make your technology out of biomass.

>> No.51047394

>I just want Twilight Princess, because Mai Waifu.
I'd like more Zelda in general, that's why I asked.

>Majora's Mask
The dude that was all over Ruki's ass to give up her claim, is that the one he said he was working on or was it Skyward Sword?

>> No.51047409

Thanks, when I add those to the chain that's what they'll be at.

Maybe even 0/2, since the world seems pretty much at-peace (especially after the superhero lawsuits)?

>> No.51047416

Would ARIA still be 0/0 with the scenario though? Or more like 0/1?

>> No.51047424

Custom Robo has Eye scan registration, which can lock technology so that only you can use it. Only works on a handful of items at a time though, and you can't have duplicates. (ie, you cant say 'iphone' twice)

>> No.51047427

No offense buddy, but this classification isn't great so far.

DC is pretty off. Generally the only things that threaten you significantly at low tiers are universal resets, which are generally ruled as not even counting as deaths. Same thing with Marvel, since everything superhuman is concentrated around New York.

What the hell were you thinking with Incredibles? Most normal people aren't likely to encounter anything in Tier 2, let alone three.

>> No.51047428

Yeah, as long as he doesn't wind up fighting the big boys by himself, he should be fine. ...aaaand now I'm imagining a scenario where Tiger fights Zeruel, Remiel, and Armisael at the same time. Just one would be a true threat, but all three..and if the Evangelions show up...pain. Pain will come.

>> No.51047440

Speaking of the lawsuits, why did the villains also go into hiding?

>> No.51047443

Include enough impossible angles and other weird eldritch shit that the instant a technopath accesses it their brain fries to a crisp.

>> No.51047457

Ah the Tardis strategy.

>> No.51047461

Well he has some back-up.
In the form of a fellow Infernal who creeps him the fuck out, and a Raksha who the only reason they aren't an Ishvara is because they didn't want to be who usually stays in sword-form.
Said Raksha is named "Despair", guess what he does.
It's not good back up, but it's powerful back up at least.

>> No.51047465

>Maybe even 0/2, since the world seems pretty much at-peace (especially after the superhero lawsuits)?
Hm. Yeah, that could work too.

Maybe it's not as much fun without heroes?

>> No.51047471

Maybe without heroes, they all got bored and quit?

>> No.51047475

Well, threats seem variable. You should really specify if someone wants to fuck with the plot or just live a normal life.

But personally, as the jumpmaker, if anyone wants to live out a regular life, I'd put Fire Emblem Genealogy at Low Tier 2 and Elibe at High Tier 1. Pretty sure if you brought a gun to Elibe people would shit their pants but in Genealogy the land is ruled by nobility that are descended from people who made blood pacts with godlike dragons. (What happened in Binding Blade with Elibe was an outlier)

Unless I'm reading this wrong.

>> No.51047476

Only really Minish Cap. The guy who pitched the fit and screamed all thread long that was "supposedly" working on Majora's Mask hasn't put up.

>> No.51047483

Four points isn't very good of a scale. The extremes all blend together. Endgame Gurren Laggan ends up with the same difficulty as things with orders of magnitude less firepower getting thrown around. Maybe go for ten or so.

>> No.51047502

see >>51047483
It would make it easier to discern how dangerous a "low 3" is vs a "high 3"

>> No.51047503

>screaming autist child pitches a fit and doesn't follow through
Shocked. I'm shocked.

It's too bad, really, because MM had the best fairies and fairies are great for waifuing and other activities.

>> No.51047516

There's a GDocs WIP for Wind Waker, but it was somewhat sparse the last time I checked it.

>> No.51047518

what have these monsters done to Hanako's beautiful face!?

>> No.51047550

Wasnt there a wip of Majora mask posted a few thread ago?

>> No.51047557

So what setting does have the best cybernetics?

In terms of being some kind of human-sized super solider. Not some amorphous cosmic horror or something.

>> No.51047564

Might be getting it mixed with WW, like >>51047516
I don't remember seeing a Majora's anything in the last 100 or so threads.

>> No.51047566

GitS has the most human-like, IMO

>> No.51047574

Maybe it wasn't like usual superhero things and any super villains were caught quickly, sent to jail and stayed there. As such there weren't really any villains that lasted more than their first crime. So there weren't any major villains and any who tried to become one after the superhero lawsuits were taken care of by regular police who got equipment to deal with supers;

>> No.51047575

Ill look for it and post it if I find it, not like I have anything better to do

>> No.51047577

Yeah, Incredibles was a mistake. Marvel and DC are rated so high because of the prevalence of super-villains and world-threatening attacks from aliens and demons and mad scientists and so on. there's also a lot of clarktech and mind-effecting stuff floating around.
What do you think Marvel and DC should be?

If the heroes don't go after them, the IRS will.

>You should really specify if someone wants to fuck with the plot or just live a normal life.
Yeah, it's really not a great system, but I haven't been able to come up with anything else that doesn't result in a freaking probability distribution, so...

>Fire Emblem
Thanks, I'll change that.

(have a moth)

>Endgame Gurren Laggan
Completely breaks the scale, which is why it's not in my chain.

The 3 remains the same, the Low and High refer to the type of people the threat effects. If there's a 3 in the Low column, everybody should be shitting their pants. If there's a 3 in the High column, the people who it effects can usually deal with it without too much trouble.

>> No.51047584

Gunm has some pretty incredible cybernetics for supersoldiers. Berserker augs are insanely durable and deadly, with their only real weakness being specialty nano-dissasembler weapons.

>> No.51047594

The last person to post Majora's Mask was gauntlet. Should help some.

>> No.51047595

Yeah. I got nothing. I can't seem to writefag this build. Sorry anyone who was interested.

>> No.51047613

-Deus Ex: HR
-Anarchy Reigns
-Shadowrun (the essence issue goes away post-jump)
-Alpha Centauri lets you turn any tech into cybernetics
-Metal Gear Rising has some good options

Off the top of my head for human cybernetics, those are some good places.

>> No.51047614

Skyward Sword guy was the overtly aggressive dude.

>> No.51047621

You can see it propagate across the world, it's fairly slow by interstellar standards...if it even extends out past the moon. Alpha Centauri if you are paranoid, Mars if you aren't.

>> No.51047633

Was it?

Shit I'll need to double-check what thread that shit-heap was in. If I've been angry at the wrong guy I'm going to be fairly mortified.

>> No.51047636

Marvel has some damn good cybernetics, look for a dude Who calls himself the powerbroker and give him a good amount of cash to get you fixed up the advanced idea mechanics also do decent bespoke engineering

>> No.51047638

gunnm has some sweet cybernetics and martial arts to go with them. Anarchy Reigns, Doom 2016, Eclipse Phase are all pretty good places to get some. just depends on what type of setting fits in your chain.

>> No.51047652

Here's my character sheet after 100 jumps, in case anyone wants to see exactly what a jumper of that level is capable of.

It goes in roughly order of Stats, Skills, Combat stuff, Magic, and Miscellaneous powers.

If you notice things listed as less than the sum of the perks in their section, that's because I use diminishing returns in a 100%, 67%, 34%, 1% fashion. Perks beyond the fourth contribute 0% and are listed for archival purposes only.

>> No.51047653

>Endgame Gurren Lagann breaks the scale
Um...in that case, DeSu 2 might also break the scale, given that the final boss is the God Queen of the Multiverse, and that's ignoring the potential endgame scenario.

>> No.51047655

DC and Marvel are kind of tricky due to the nature of comic shit. You aren't remotely likely to encounter tier 3s as a normal citizen, and most jumpers are likely to rule the various universal resets/destructions as not counting as death unless they really hate themselves. So I'd tentatively say tier 2ish.

Tier 1 for Incredibles, since most supers are retired and the qualifiers for 2 are generally absent.

>> No.51047660

Also, how will you deal with stuff that starts low-end but escalates? As some settings do that, and go from would be a 0 on your scale to endjump levels of danger.

>> No.51047662

Majora's Mask Anon is a fairly chill dude from all that I've seen. Here's the last WIP I've found. Really catches the atmosphere of the world.

>> No.51047681

Oh that's right! I remember seeing this a while ago, it was the same thread where we discussed Majora's weird backstory. Whatever happened to that anon?

>> No.51047689

Definitely needs more ranks. Star Wars can be really deadly and has a lot of bullshit threats, but countless people are able to live there safely and the most dangerous stuff, at least for the time periods we have, usually only appears as an "endgame" threat.

Gravity Falls should be a 2 at most. Bill could be easily avoided and the apocalypse was contained to the town, plus everything got fixed in the end.

Mass Effect could probably be changed to 1-3. Citadel space is pretty safe and even over the course of the games most people in dangerous areas only have to deal with pirates, criminals ad mercenaries.

Rick & Morty is definitely a 3 a worst considering Rick destroyed earth once on accident.

>> No.51047697

I don't know how to feel about a moth that size.

>> No.51047757

Well, I still haven't got anything else in my brain for more star stuff, but I did make sure that all the races have at least 2 perks now. I'm got some free time the next few days so I intend to put some work into my jumps.

>> No.51047762

Anti-Nanite Technology from Generator Rex gives Anti-Technopathy tech.

>> No.51047767

If there was a series that was really bad about introducing things that could be incredibly broken in-universe if they were used halfway competently, and then never using them again after that episode, would any kinds of restrictions be necessary?

If you're wondering, I'm mulling over the possibility of a Charmed jump, and it was very much the kind of show that liked to introduce stuff that was only ever used once. Off the top of my head, I remember a knife that lets you steal magic from whoever you kill with it, and an urn with some kind of magic in it that turns people into gods, but also makes them go mad with power.

>> No.51047771

After Batman TAS will you do the Clone Wars update? Pretty please?

>> No.51047797

I'm doing Batman: The Animated Series.

>> No.51047798

No idea, but a Charmed jump would be interesting.

>> No.51047805

I'm not doing B:TAS anon, that's YJ_anon. And no, I'm working on other stuff right now. Sorry.

>> No.51047808

Dammit, how did I get that one mixed up?

>> No.51047816

Day drinking.

>> No.51047821

Darn, ah well.

>> No.51047829

Does it count as day drinking if you've drank all the night and through the next day?

>> No.51047846

It's 10pm where I am!

>> No.51047848

No, that's Slav Drinking.

>> No.51047860

I wouldn't mind a Hyrule Warriors jump. Linkle is too adorbs.

>> No.51047873

Don't know about that, but I have an outline for a Link's Awakening Jump sitting in my WIPs folder.

>> No.51047876


>> No.51047879

I swear I remember someone considering a Charmed Jump a few months ago. Was that you?

>> No.51047880


>> No.51047907

I'm putting Incredibles at 0/2 because there's a lot we don't get to see, but might be suggested by the source material. We do see some T2 stuff, though: pretty much all the characters with powers and the technology level of the super-suits and robots puts it above tier 1. (I haven't seen Incredibles 2 - is there anything there that might change my mind?)

>Marvel and DC
Citizens might not encounter T3 stuff regularly, but it still impacts their daily life (alien invasions, super-hero collateral, etc.) often enough to raise it above a 2 imo.

>Also, how will you deal with stuff that starts low-end but escalates? As some settings do that, and go from would be a 0 on your scale to endjump levels of danger.
Can you give a couple examples? I mean practically all media has power creep to some degree, but I feel like you're thinking of something in particular?

>Definitely needs more ranks.
I agree, but it's hard coming up with more categories that are concrete enough that a person can argue that it belongs in one, and not another.

>Star Wars
Exactly the reasoning as for why it's listed at 1/3. Most people are wary, many carry blasters, but they don't fear for their lives the majority of the time. But T3 threats do exist, and if a jumper makes waves, will probably come into contact with some.

>Gravity Falls
Would this change if the jumper was stuck in Gravity Falls? I'm just considering the memory-erasing cult, some of the other mind-effecting stuff, some of the more frightening monsters, that get glossed over or forgotten, and Cipher. Maybe I'm missing something, but how would you go about avoiding him?

>Mass Effect
What about 1/2?

>Rick & Morty is definitely a 3 a worst considering Rick destroyed earth once on accident.
Shit. I did not think of that. And it's not exactly a rare occurrence for him either, apparently.

>> No.51047913

This is embarrassing, and I know I don't have any way to prove it since I posted as an anon, but I'm still here, lurking the threads. I just kind of got overwhelmed by life instead of dealing with it like a responsible adult, and I haven't made any progress since I last posted it. Well, apart from realizing that I probably should have made the Human Mask a Hylian Mask. If I don't do anything soon, I'll own up to it and let someone else take a crack at it.

>> No.51047922

Do not piss off the girl who casually controls Cuccos!

>> No.51047935

Yeah, I think I posted something like that. I've got vaguely defined ideas, but I haven't actually written anything though.

>> No.51047939

Speaking of Jumps that nobody had mentioned in months, does anybody know what's happening with Transistor?

>> No.51047952

Ah, well I'd like to see it.

I don't remember much of Charmed, but it could be a neat jump.

>> No.51047956

I see. Well, here goes nothing:

Drawback: Dark Secret, Divine Curiosity (1500)

Adventurer, human

Arcane Caster (Free)
Circular Advantages (1300)
The Crawl (1000)
Knowledge of the Infinite Order (600)
Posessed (0)

So-it sounds like applying for status as a natural disaster seems like the quickest way to get people off your back? Is there a formal application process? Or do I just turn rivers into molten starmetal and rain celestial fire on other gods' temples until people get the message?

I'm not quite sure what the nature of demons are, but if gods are sufficiently scientific humans gone mad and demons disrupt their influence it seems worth having one lounging in my soul. Failing that, if energy fields are what keep turning people into high fantasy caricatures I should probably develop a transcension field-blocking field.

Do dungeons like, bud off smaller dungeons when they get old enough? Because being a dungeon rancher sounds fun. Maybe I can eventually splice up some sentient portable bags of holding like how people eventually bred wolves into becoming corgis.

>> No.51047964

>I agree, but it's hard coming up with more categories that are concrete enough that a person can argue that it belongs in one, and not another.
I would start making 0 and maybe also 1, apply to settings that are easier/safer than real life, and go from there.

>> No.51047972

Hey, Anon Heart, does Arcane Magic require incantations and gestures or anything?

>> No.51047975

Don't worry about it man. Take your time.

>> No.51047977

That's no problem Majora's Mask-Anon we see your work >>51047662 and it looks awesome! If you can't do it then you've at least lain some damn good ground work for others to work off from, I doubt that anyone else would have managed the countdown of days exactly how you did. All that said I'd love to see your WIP realized as it looks damn good in my opinion.

>> No.51047980

Paranoidanon was supposedly working on it. However, he made no progress, stirred up drama, and pretty much did nothing of use with the claim. He does still namefag from time to time, though, so you could ask around about him.

>> No.51047989

for Once you actually came up with a plan I can agree with!

>> No.51047997


Er, if no parallel dimensions or alternate worlds exist, you probably can't make much use of it in that setting. I mean that'd only mean much if the setting explicitly said there were none since you can just assume there are if they leave it blank.

You can only choose Masters in Extra that show up in the Extra game, that is what 'Canon Master' refers to there.

Family Art and Majutsu Kokuin will only give you knowledge on magecraft. There might be some minor synergy if you pick something related to the Magic you have but it cannot be directly giving you True Magic knowledge. The True Magic knowledge gives YOU the Magic, not your grandfather.

Detailed this in the archives actually, I'd have a look through there.

A, yes.

All part of the job anon, which is usually pretty fun.

>> No.51048024

Would the First Magic let you make Noble Phantasms eventually?

>> No.51048042

So how would I get a canon Servant? Do I just have to recreate them from scratch?

>> No.51048055

What, the OC companion servant option? They get 600cp the same as any other. They're not super Homunculi like the origin is so if you want that you still need to pay for it out of the 600cp you have.

Very eventually, but yes.

Create them from scratch or use one of the premade ones that'll be in the update. There will be all the canon Servants from FSN in the update and I'll add Zero's when I post that jump.

>> No.51048068

I suppose. It might that the nature of the tiers is throwing me off. Really many Tier 3s would qualify as a mid tier setting given the parameters set. Broken might be a poor description.

The real issue I have is that both Marvel and DC are generally lacking in terms of both hax and straight biggatons except for their literal gods, such that labelling either setting as broken seems blatantly incorrect. Inconsistent or retarded maybe, but not broken/overpowered.

>> No.51048074

>So-it sounds like applying for status as a natural disaster seems like the quickest way to get people off your back? Is there a formal application process? Or do I just turn rivers into molten starmetal and rain celestial fire on other gods' temples until people get the message?

Rain fire and hell, but be non-hostile enough that the Empire doesn't see killing you to be worth the losses.

>I'm not quite sure what the nature of demons are, but if gods are sufficiently scientific humans gone mad and demons disrupt their influence it seems worth having one lounging in my soul. Failing that, if energy fields are what keep turning people into high fantasy caricatures I should probably develop a transcension field-blocking field.

The previous gods were sufficiently advanced. The current gods just jacked their tech. as far as I know. The carcitures, as far as I'm aware, is because the Elder Gods (the previous pack) went insane and then went full magical realm. In both senses of the word.

>Do dungeons like, bud off smaller dungeons when they get old enough? Because being a dungeon rancher sounds fun. Maybe I can eventually splice up some sentient portable bags of holding like how people eventually bred wolves into becoming corgis.

I have no idea, but that sounds hilarious.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't. It's something about how activating magic results in an area of subjective reality, where you believe hard enough and then things happen? The example given is one of those toy birds with the trick weight where you balance the beak on your finger. It works before he activates his magic, because physics, but once he activates his magic, since he doesn't /believe/ it should work, the trick-bird falls.

>> No.51048096

Any idea on when you're wanting to have the Servant Supplement done? Also, do you have a list of what Fate jumps you're planning on revising / making and their canonical order?

>> No.51048106

>Would this change if...
Maybe. The cult was really only dangerous to regular people, Dipper and the others were able to defeat them in a single episode. Other mind altering stuff is probably more dangerous, as well as some of the deadly creatures like the shapeshifter. Bill can be avoided if you're aware of his tricks and just outright say no to him since he mainly relies on making deals to advance his plans.

>Mass Effect
That could work.

>> No.51048111

So the 2nd Magic could be basically useless in many settings in jc unless you have the power to outright create parallel worlds, regardless of whether it is purchased with cp or achieved through hard work and/or plot armor?

>> No.51048118

Going through FLCL, does anyone know how durable/buff a metal mechanica body is by default? Is there anything stopping you from going back to the factory after Atomsk knocks it over to rifle through the remainder? Would part of something larger work on code stored on a device if you wanted to incorporate it into yourself? None of it will ever let me match up to my older brother bot but it would be nice to know.

>> No.51048175


I don't think we ever see how durable Metal Mechanica stuff is in the context of normal means of hurting it, since usually Haruko or Canti are the ones beating the shit out of them, but they don't seem especially durable as much as resilient, seeing as they're able to take loads of damage and continue working.

>> No.51048214

Jump One
Kamen Rider Gaim
Yggdrasil (free)
All Business (free)
Target Demographic (free)
Black Box Budget (800)
Warring State (500)
Genesis Driver plus Coconut Energy Lockseed (free)
Money on my Mind (free)x10
GMO Driver ("free")
Everyone Has a Price (300)
Harvest Lockseed (100)
Yggdrasil's Finest (0)
My new jumper shall abuse the most powerful force in the universe: money. I was going to go for a Companion, but then I realized I could use Harvest Lockseed and Warring State to get a lovely bunch of coconuts. General plan is to cheat like hell whenever I have to fight, and try to keep Shin Zangetsu from being a thing. Sadly I don't think a million is enough to pay Micchi to go lie low with Mai out of town until things blow over, but it's worth a shot. Probably retire to the back lines once the Overlords get active, because that's about the point I start getting heavily outgunned.

>> No.51048224

>It might that the nature of the tiers is throwing me off. Really many Tier 3s would qualify as a mid tier setting given the parameters set.
"Broken" doesn't necessarily mean "reality hax". For example,
Superman is definitely T3. Why? Is he T0? Lol, No. T1? No, because bullets can't stop him. T2? He could easily take down a party of low-level adventurers, so no. T3? Yes, because he's practically invulnerable, super fast, and strong enough to make just about any defensive measure irrelevant.

There's really just too much stuff that we don't get to see, so I'm just assuming Weirdmageddon will occur.

I think it's the biotics and reapers that are throwing me off. It seems like biotics don't do anything but straightforward combat-related effects, but the tech and biotics together definitely constitute a 2. Would the Reapers be a T3 thing? They have some kind of mind control thing, right? I haven't played any of the games, so if I'm under-representing a threat, please let me know.

>> No.51048225

Maybe a week? Maybe less. Hopefully soon.

Sure. Fate/Zero, Fate/Apocrypha, Fate/Grand Order, Fate/Extra update, Fate/Extella, Fate/Strange Fake, Fate/Prototype/Fragments, Fate/Labrynth (Maybe), Garden of Avalon (Maybe), Fate/Hollow Ataraxia...think that's everything. It's hard to keep track of them honestly.

As for their canonical order...bunch of them take place in AUs but I'll do my best.

Garden of Avalon is a story set in Arturia's lifetime back in Camelot days.

Fate/Zero is the prequel to Fate/Stay Night. Hollow Ataraxia is the sequel to it.

Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/Strange Fake take place in the same AU, not sure which comes first.

Fate/Extra is a possible future of FSN and Extella is a sequel to it.

Fate/Prototype is an alternate version of FSN and Fragments is a prequel to it. Labrynth is an alternate story to it I believe.

And Grand Order is an AU that draws from a whole bunch of the above and other stuff too.

No, and you'd know this if you actually read the whole post. Unless they explicitly say there are no parallel universes or other dimensions or alternate worlds, it works as normal. If they do say that, there's nothing to travel to so why would you be able to travel to them?

>> No.51048237

>Can you give a couple examples?
While I may have been exaggerating slightly, i'm talking about stuff like Toriko, Sailor Moon, GUNNM, Gurren Lagann, etc.

>> No.51048241

Did you not do KnK?

>> No.51048246

Knk and Tsukihime were different people.

>> No.51048250


Hey Val, got some Fate questions.

Any particular reason the Jump starts a year before the Grail War? That seems really early.

Is Spinal Tap still once a day, or how long does that last?

Companions can take Demi Servant, right? I'm definitely not complaining but that seems really good, especially with the 50CP guys.

In Fate/Extra, why'd you do it that way with the Saver fight? Like you either finish the tourney or fight Moon Buddha, but not both. It just seems odd, I dunno.

>> No.51048257

Nope, that was Ravenloft anon, way back before me and Ruki even made the first Fate jump. I don't think I could do a very good job on it either, as I've only seen the movies.

>> No.51048282

Huh. Those are Fate jumps though, right? I'm planning a Fate run so I want to get everything laid out ahead of time.

>> No.51048283 [DELETED] 

No Majora's Mask anon didn't pitch the fit you're thinking of Link to the Past guy.
That one was fake as hell and he's never going to deliver.
Majora anon is probably just gone for now. I doubt he'll stay dead forever, but he did produce a wip.

>> No.51048302

They became so magical realm, they...developed an entire species and form of energy that could disrupt their own energy?

>> No.51048308

Generally I set it to be about the earliest time anyone gets their command seals or a year. Whichever's earliest.

Spinal Tap is once per few seconds of supernatural power use, gotta do it each time.

They can. Mm, point there. Might either lower the companion CP on that or make it clear the 50cp ones can't take Demi. It's fine for the higher costing ones though.

You can do both if you want I guess, it was mostly just a way for people who didn't want to have to do the tournament to finish the jump.

They're Type Moon jumps, so they are in the same setting, though KnK is in an AU from the rest of the series. Tsukihime takes place in the same line as FSN, F zero and F HA.

>> No.51048327

Alpha Centauri can let you make any technology compatible with cybernetics.
So the only limit is your imagination at that point.

>> No.51048333

Is Tokyo Ghoul okay to take as an early Jump or is it too dangerous?

>> No.51048339

No need to be a snippy cunt Val. Many perks that depend on parallel or alernate universes to ensure their function work by fiat, especially if they cost 600 cp or more.

I just wanted to know if there were any benefits to buying the Second Magic as opposed to obtaining it normally. Thank you for letting me know that there are none.

>> No.51048359

The Reapers are the most powerful thing in the setting. Extensive contact with one can cause people to become indoctrinated, basically making them mind-controlled slaves of the Rapers. They also possess tech that can turn organics into bio-synthetic drone soldiers.

Usually it takes an entire fleet of ships to defeat one Reaper in combat, as shown in both ME 1 and 3.

When they start their invasion they destroy the entire defense fleet around earth and conquer the planet in less than a day, and while it took pretty much their entire force it's still pretty impressive.

Keep in mind though, the ships in Mass Effect are really weak compared to settings like Star Trek, Star Wars or even Halo.

>> No.51048360

If you're not going to read what I tell you in response to a question you ask, I'm going to say you're a bit dumb for not reading what I tell you in response to a question you ask. It seems very self defeating of you.

>> No.51048380

This >>51047163 plus Sidious wasn't the kind of guy to share immortality with anyone.

>> No.51048384

Can I get a ballpark estimate on how long I would have to study to make something like, lets say an airplane, with the first magic?

>> No.51048386

Well the good news is I survived, the bad news is I got the full on left for dead by Yggdrasil treatment, which left me down an arm and having to drag myself around Helheim looking for a Crack with just a few Cocobots as protection. The even worse news is things went really badly due to my meddling on the Takatora front. He kinda died horribly to an Overlord because I messed up explaining things to him. I started to but then we got interrupted and I got disappeared. Not the best first jump but at least I survived and Kouta still won in the end.

>> No.51048400

Kind of? They got into an argument, so one of the Elder Gods whose magical realm was BDSM or something, (her domains as a goddess were cruelty and light) made the demons, then the pantheon (the new gods) showed up and overthrew them (the Elder Gods not including BDSM Goddess), then one of the pantheon basically flipped off the others, overthrew BDSM goddess, and stole her demons, and then taught them how to hide from the rest of the Gods (all of them, from the pantheon to the three surviving Elder Gods), so now the Infernal magic users and demons all know how to hide from the rest of the gods.

Yes, it's kinda confusing.

>> No.51048422

Uh, probably in the decades? Depends on how big and complicated. A super sized one probably takes more time then a fighter jet. So if you're looking for some jumbo jet, it's probably around 50-70 years as a vague guess? a Fighter Jets probably closer to 30-40 years?

>> No.51048443

So in the spirit of working on my jumps, I hereby submit my shitty first draft of Arsene Lupin for review. I do intend to add full item trees and fluff/explain certain things better.

I'm also going to add items to OWoD Mummy, and hopefully the inspiration to get Jules Verne and X-Files to thread worthy WIPs soon. I have both of them outlined currently.

And of course I'll thoroughly check all of them for misspellings since even with the update my word processor's spellcheck is still broken. But getting their content acceptable comes first.

>> No.51048450

This has probably been asked before but will the option of true magic will be offered in the other fate jumps?

>> No.51048452

Hmm... Not bad. Not great, but not bad. How about an E rank NP?

>> No.51048467

So is size a greater limiting factor than complexity with regard to when you're able to create a certain object?

>> No.51048476


Multiple times. The answer is there are no plans for it currently unless something comes up.

>> No.51048478

Can I get two or three good learning perks?

>> No.51048502

You can get as many as you want, anon.

>> No.51048504


Do we choose whether to replace an existing Master/Servant, or how does that work?

Servant mana requirements go way up if the Grail's not around anymore, right? Any guidelines on that?

>> No.51048506

Arsene Lupin?

>> No.51048507

Half-Life is so badly wrong it's a trap. At the low end, if you've got basically Path To Victory powers, you can make it a 0. At the high end, if you fuck up, it becomes a 3.

Explanation: per the lore, there's an interdimensional multiversal conflict going on, and what happens to Earth is basically one of the bigger empires going "ho hum another backwards dimension/planet to conquer during a quiet moment" - but if jumper immediately fights back with _too_ much success, said empire has the options of going "throw galactic invasion levels of dakka at the problem" or "nah, too much effort, just glass the planet from the next dimension over and move on" depending on how things go.

>> No.51048523


>> No.51048525

A classic french novel series that defined the Gentleman thief/phantom thief archetypes. Nowadays many people are more familiar with his half-japanese grandson: Lupin III

>> No.51048550

Can the First Magic give somebody more magic circuits? How long would it take to be able to do that?

>> No.51048568

I've always been a fan of Sophia, Chance, and Valerie.

>> No.51048578

As long as >>51048452 is already being asked, could I ask for a general idea of how long for C and A rank as well?

>> No.51048581

There aren't any plans for any of the Fate jumps I currently am working on. I might be trying a Mahoutsukai jump in many months time when everything else has been worked through so if I do that might be another chance at one of the TMs. It's a looooong way off if I ever do though.

Anything like that, even E rank, has you looking at the hundreds of years. 200 maybe?

Uh, both really? I've got fucking no clue about aeroplanes because being in metal bawxes in the air is scary so I just assumed they were roughly as complex as each other and one was just many times bigger. I mean, I see it as basically a mix between complexity, size and supernatural power.

It'll be detailed more in the supplement but basically- if you or your Servant are one of the canon classes, like Saber or lancer, you replace that Master-Servant team with your own. If you pick Jumper or another class that isn't in the war (Like say, the upcoming Shielder class), you're just an 8th servant participating.

They do go up. It's not unmanageable, especially with the 20 high class circuits you get but if you don't have any source of magical energy beyond those free 20 cricuits then pretty much all your magical energy is going to be on maintaining your Servant. I'd advise against letting them use any NPs too often without finding an external source of energy to fill them up, but you should still be able to support them through combat.

Uh...directly altering someone's body and soul with an already exceedingly difficult and dangerous process, you're probably looking at even beyond the centuries level for that level of finesse and skill. If you're just wanting to somehow create the magic circuits and then transfer them in with your own expertise outside of the First, probably a lot less time.

>> No.51048599

So to start this, should I make a document to keep track of the items/abilities/consequences that my character picks up or should I be able to keep track of it all?

>> No.51048600


>You gain the Servant Origin in addition to your original one, though you do not gain the 100cp freebie, and access to the Servant Supplement as described for those of the Servant Origin, with 1000SP and all associated discounts and freebies.

The grammar in this sentence is confusing me, do we get an additional 1000sp on top of the CP by choosing demi-servant or not?

>In effect, you gain 1000CP with which to buy an origin (Or take a free origin for free), perks and items, though none of this extra CP can be converted into SP.

So with this option do we effectively sacrifice 500SP for 1000CP?

>> No.51048602

Enhanced Mastery from Worm
Git Gud from Tome
Speed reading from Princess Bride

There's also a spell in Anima that can effectivly reduce the difficulty of learning anything by a significant amount, for example something that would normally take a decade of intense study can be learned in just three months.
Of course it requires you to spend zeon/mana to keep it running in the background, but you've probably got tons of that laying around.

>> No.51048605

Powerbroker? AIM? Just remember to check for the backdoors, and assume there's always one more that you didn't find.

>> No.51048614

Realis Phase (Danmachi)
Gamers Skills/Mind/Body (The Gamer)
Enchanced Master (Worm)
Heroes Training (A Practical Guide to Evil)
Kinda Green (Iji)
Try Again (Limited to Learning from Mistakes) (Dark Souls 3)
Weapons of the Weak (NGNL)
Training takes Time (Saints Row)
Genius of Hard Work (Naruto)
A Few Perks in Disgaea.
Chance is a Terrible Name.

>> No.51048615

>Anything like that, even E rank, has you looking at the hundreds of years. 200 maybe?
Hmmmm. Not great, but not horrible either.
Alright, can I get some learning perks? I have vague memories of enhanced mastery from worm being about a 70x multiplier, but I don't know if i'll go there before FSN.

So, can I get some more options?

>> No.51048620

Once the SWTOR Jump comes out, I'll OWN the fucking Eternal Empire.

Eat it, Sidious!

>> No.51048625

If you have PtV, everything is a 0.

>> No.51048627

Hard Boiled and Meitantei look like they have a lot of overlap. But this looks really interesting, if a bit typo-ridden.

>> No.51048628

Doesn't it only take Shiro a few seconds to do that nerve thing? I remember him doing it in combat not needing to prep before a fight.

>> No.51048642

Chance is like tossing a kid into the deep end of life. They'll either come out of it incredibly fit and full of self confidence or not at all. Mediocrity is boring.

>> No.51048649

>Looking through the F/GO Materials books/translations
>Mad Enhancement: EX (Vlad)
>Although under the influence of Mad Enhancement, his thinking is decent and not even his wish for the Holy Grail has changed. So, if asked what is out-of-norm, the very fact that he is a Berserker - who fights while accepting the features of a vampire, such as bloodsucking and shapeshifting - is in itself unprecedented for Vlad.

>Accepting that people summon you as a vampire means you're eligible for ME EX



Damn it

You Shroomy fuck

>> No.51048654

Ugh, uh...this is all vague guesses so don't blow a lid at me if I don't always stick exactly to this. C is probably closer to the half millenia mark whilst A is nearer to 7-800 years.

Why would you get any CP for choosing Demi Servant? It's just indicating you count as the Servant origin for the purposes of discounts but you don't get their first perk free.

Yes on the second. Well, that along with an origin, freebies and discounts, excluding Command Seals and a Servant.

Up to you to find some.

It's more based on him in the Fate route when he's worse at it, since it's meant to be a fairly serious drawback at 200cp.

>> No.51048656

Quick question Val.
If I use heavens feel to soul ascend to another dimension, but I'm already a NGE Leliel expy with waveform biology what the fuck happens?
Do I get to be 5d?

Also does losing our physical body after using heavens feel count as a chain loss? I'd imagine it doesn't, but I don't want to take a guess and turn out to be wrong for something so important.

>> No.51048665

True, I do need to put a bit more work into those to demonstrate that Hard Boiled is more regular detecting skills and forensic knowledge while Meitantei is more to make you a sherlock holmes type.

>> No.51048668

>Ugh, uh...this is all vague guesses so don't blow a lid at me if I don't always stick exactly to this. C is probably closer to the half millenia mark whilst A is nearer to 7-800 years.

Got it, thanks! And no worries, I too make jumps, I'm aware of how iffy numbers can be!

>> No.51048669

Fuck if I know.

No, it won't count as chain loss.

>> No.51048680


If you go Demi-Servant, how much mana drain are you looking at for doing Servant stuff? How much for just existing?

You gonna do Extella?

>> No.51048688


>> No.51048701

>Why would you get any CP for choosing Demi Servant?

Okay, let me rephrase that bit

From the wording of that part it sounds like going demi effectively allows you to sacrifice 500CP for 1000SP.

>> No.51048708

Thank you for answering so quickly.
I guess I'll have to go get the lotion.

>> No.51048711

Nothing you can't handle, as you regenerate as if you're living. None for just existing, as you have a living body.

Given it's been in the many lists I've posted, probably. Holy fuck I am so excited it comes out on my birthday and it's a musou game holy shit yes yes yes

Er, yes. That's the intention. It's only gainable by Masters and it's how they get a one time access to the Supplement. Like how the other option is only for Servants and is a one time way for them to get a large amount of CP.

>> No.51048728

Um, I kind of got inspired and wrote out a brief overview of ideas for the jump really quickly in a stream of consciousness fashion. It's shit, but I don't think it's too horrible, is it?

>> No.51048737

Some of your ratings are really underestimating how much danger you can get in if you go looking for it. Animorphs has a galactic war going on in the background, Dresden Files has an apocalypse per two or three books, and Changeling? Changeling is a goddamn 4 on the "you're fucked" scale if you go looking for trouble.

>> No.51048754

So how would the Bartholomei react to a jumper with Blue Blood circuits and the First Magic?

Also if you do the King Arthur jump and choose Fate as the setting how bullshit is a divine dragon in Fate?

>> No.51048756

>Gamers Skills/Mind/Body (The Gamer)
These don't really qualify as enhanced learning, IMHO. You'd want continuous study, which assuming you take no breaks for anything but eat and sleep, averages out to about a factor of 6. It bounces a little bit, due to it's ramping up nature, but it reset when it hits 11.

>> No.51048761

So is Gordon fucked?
Also, would this mean taking any origin other than Technical CEO and/or taking The Perpetual Testing Initiative in Portal is also a trap?

>> No.51048767

Incomplete list, 1/4/17: http://pastebin.com/6JA2DrYc

>> No.51048773

>Not having Independent Action A

Step it up senpai

>It's only gainable by Masters and it's how they get a one time access to the Supplement.

So if I went servant in the original fate jump I can't use that loophole to get a couple extra points to my stats as a master?


>> No.51048784

Animorphs also has Crayak and the Ellimist.

>> No.51048785

I thought he said training.

>> No.51048799

Not sure if this is too much to ask, but how much do they boost you?

>> No.51048806

I asked this earlier. You can go servant in one jump and master / demi-servant in another. Essentially you can only go through the Servant Supplement once for each type: servant and demi-servant.

>> No.51048821

So how exactly does the Cataloging function of the Omnitrix work? If I can to any general High Fantasy setting, would I walk away from it with dozens of Monsters and such as alt-forms, simply due to fighting and interacting with them? Or do I have to actively perform some kind action with the Omnitrix to an a form to it?

>> No.51048839

>Some of your ratings are really underestimating how much danger you can get in if you go looking for it.
That's why I'm looking for input.

>Animorphs has a galactic war going on in the background,
Yeah, but is there anything in the setting that can't be solved with firepower? I mean, besides planet-busters, which are inherent to any space-faring setting.

>Dresden Files has an apocalypse per two or three books
How hard are those to avert, though? I mean, Harry basically casts magic missile until the problem is solved.

>Changeling? Changeling is a goddamn 4 on the "you're fucked" scale if you go looking for trouble.
Fae are bad news in pretty much any setting, though. Is there anything that makes Changeling significantly more dangerous? (Genuinely asking, never really got into WoD.)

>> No.51048843

Probably very happily, given the First is the only thing they respect outside of their own family.

I'm gonna need to do an update to make the whole thing clear.

You can be a Servant and a Demi Servant once each in separate jumps, but no more then once each. The builds for both are separate, the second one does not use the first as a base.

>> No.51048851

How does being a Demi-Servant work anyways? Are Demi-Servants bound to and dependent on a master? Do they generate their own mana? Are they physical, conceptual, or metaphysical beings?

>> No.51048868

some in SAO, progress for skyrim, one in medaka box.

>> No.51048893

I take it we can still only have one thing at EX rank though right? Or do we get two now we get to go through it twice?

>TFW Strongest

>> No.51048920

To my knowledge.

They're Servants summoned into a human, who they then fuse with. They're aware and retain enough control to be able to hide or withhold their abilities from the human host if needed. I believe their mana just combines with the humans and regenerates at the human's rate. Uh. Spiritual beings as normal, just fused with a wholly physical host.

You can have one per build. Might change it with the supplement, not sure.

>> No.51048941

What if you had getting additional EX ranks cost a surcharge?
Also, can you add +s to EX ranks?

>> No.51048956

>You can have one per build.

So... each time I go through the supplement it's a new build and wipes my old build?

>> No.51048957

Hm, that's an idea. Increasing the cost each time you take another. Thanks anon.

No, EX is the max.

>> No.51048959

Couldn't really say, man.
A lot of them are really specific, like Archer's Linguist perk.

Adventure Time's (Suckin' at Something…)
Kingdom Herats (Your Summer Vacation is Over)
Skyrim (The Warrior, Mage, Thief, and Lady Standing Stones (Free!))
Spyro the Dragon (Quick Learner)

Are all decent general learning speed enhancers. Don't make you any smarter, though, so if something was beyond you to begin with, it's still beyond you.

I think that Worm's Enhanced Mastery power is still the best learning speed boost for skills.
It's something like 720x normal human speed?
You could master just about anything (10000 hours of dedicated study) in under 14 hours.

>> No.51048970

No, you still have everything you got there just like doing a Servant build doesn't wip out every other perk you have from past jumps. You just can't upgrade your first build directly.

>> No.51048985

>It's something like 720x normal human speed?
What. I thought It was 70. Show me math, please.

>> No.51049012

It's the best learning boost...until you reach a certain level where it massively slows down.

>> No.51049021

So would that master be the person who originally summoned whatever class of servant you fused with? Or can you choose your master? Just wondering if I have to deal with Kotomine or Kuzuki.

>> No.51049030

At the part where it slows down is generally where you don't need it anymore.
Mastery is a pretty big deal even if you aren't better than perfect.

>> No.51049045

It says expert, not master.

>> No.51049065

I could confirm what she wears under that, but I won't. Leaving you wondering is more fun.

There's not a lot of canon examples of how durable/strong a Medical Mechanica body like Kanti's is on its own. He's mostly seen doing housework in Blue mode and does most of his battling in Red mode. Their greatest strength is the ability to keep running despite being wildly damaged. So, fanwank responsibly?

I have a feeling the MM company would discourage people from randomly looting through their factory after the events of the show, but if you hustle you could probably get in and out with some neat stuff before they dispatch damage control teams.

I'm not sure what you mean by your third question, sorry. Could you rephrase?

>> No.51049074

Does it really matter? Expert is basically the same as master. You're still as good as you'll ever reasonably need to be for any purpose besides going beyond the impossible.

>> No.51049080

Demi Servant is entirely separate from being or gaining a Servant. You don't gain a Master for it, replace any canon Servant or lose your own Servant.

>> No.51049092

Val, I know I'm being a dense motherfucker so thank you for your patience, but let me just try and spell this out because I want some clarification on "Directly" because I don't consider Demi a direct path.

>Old fate jump
>EX B A A++ A+ A
>New Fate jump
>Master/Demiservant +1000SP
>Import old abilities
>Upgrade everything to A+++ and set mana to EX or something.

Is that the order of things?

>> No.51049097

I'd say there's a pretty big difference between having a great amount of skill or knowledge and having almost or all skill and knowledge in a subject. Stop trying to exaggerate it.

>> No.51049107

I'm not exaggerating anything, the perk makes you good.
What's your problem anon?

>> No.51049115

Alright, so. With use of an excel document, I have managed to learn how to make an E rank phantasm in 90 days. Less if enhanced mastery really is 700, and not 70.

I think I'm gonna end up parking my ass inside a time dilation barrier from gamer, set to the entire year in about a day, and then grind my ass off.

>> No.51049126

No imports. Buy everything from scratch. I suggest buying new things.

>> No.51049154

>I think I'm gonna end up parking my ass inside a time dilation barrier from gamer, set to the entire year in about a day, and then grind my ass off.

>> No.51049155

No. That is why I just clearly said you do not upgrade your old build in the post you're replying to. I'm sorry if I seem frustrated with this because it feels like a very basic, simple issue people seem to not get constantly.

These two builds are separate. That means they are not combined, not together, not one thing. Separate means two different things. It means that you make two different builds, not import the old one and upgrade it, not buy more stuff for your old one.

Stuff you buy like stats does stack in effect. If you buy the same strength rank in both jumps, it stacks the same as any two super strength perks would. They do not stack for the purposes of costs. Whatever you bought in your first build, that is separate from your second one. Even if you have A rank strength in the first build, you can't go straight to buying EX rank in the second one. You need to buy A rank strength and then EX in the second if you want it.

>> No.51049160

You have to grind up your time dialation though.
It starts at 1/2 and takes for fucking ever to go up.
It's best to just make a demiplane with D&D magic with a time dialation effect of whatever. That way you've got your own personal hyperbolic time chamber and you didn't need to sit there and say ID create ten billion times.

>> No.51049168

You could also get Clock of Ages from Narnia and SCP-2400 for even more dilation.

>> No.51049189

Actually, would it be possible to stack the dilation of SCP-2400, the Pocket Realm from Generic Creepypasta, and a demiplane from D&D?

>> No.51049193

Val, you were cool, I was just feeling like a five year old asking why the sky is blue.

Just one last clarification, so If I had a B rank strength and I bought D rank would that mean my strength would effectively be A rank... you know... if we pretend diminishing returns wasn't a thing?

>> No.51049195

Just to clarify this so people know, the slowing down portion refers to the natural difficulty to push a skill past certain levels.

You're still learning at an extreme rate. It's just the power text reminding you that things like that slow down eventually.

>> No.51049199

>Fate Talk
First Magic is pretty much exactly what I always wanted, and now I have to reorganize my chain. Specifically, I need to take the Kirby jump much early so I can get the perk that lets you live entirely on sweet. That is pretty much exactly the kind of inane bullshit I'm going to pull with this power.

>> No.51049203

This got weird as I was working through all this
>1 & 2: Enhanced Mastery - Your ability allows you to master any skill or field of endeavor you care to name at an incredible pace, and to keep growing your skill from there. Within a few days of studying or practicing something you’ll be on the level of the professionals in the field, and within a week you’d be among the experts. Your growth slows down from there but your ability to learn means that you always see noticeable increases in your skills whenever you put effort into them, with continual refinement always possible. Aside from that however your ability to learn and improve your skills is superhuman. You also possess perfect technical retention and execution, meaning that your skills and knowledge never degrade, and you always perform at the top of your game. As a rough guideline treat hours as months for learning and training time. This power only effects your skills, developed attributes like strength or energy pools aren’t affected.

>and within a week you’d be among the experts
Arguably, I suppose an 'expert' may not truly be a 'master'. So let's say that's… 8000 hours of training, as opposed to the 10000 hours to master something.

Lowballing these answers:
Assuming you train every waking moment for the whole week (16 hours a day), that's about 112 hours over the week.

8000/112= 71 and change

But then it contradicts itself with:
>As a rough guideline treat hours as months for learning and training time.
So, going by the same 16 hours a day example I used earlier, you'd be learning cramming 480 hours into each actual hour (16 hours a day, 30 day month, 16*30= 480)

So… I don't know, but it's a lot. It's fast as fuck and probably still the best learning perk/power/whatever in the whole of Jumpchain, even at the 71x measurement.

>> No.51049204

>7-800 years
So get Enhanced Mastery and do it in one year.

God I love that power.

>> No.51049211

If you bought B rank strength, you'd only need E rank strength to 'effectively' have A rank strength. x40 + x10 to equal x50.

Whatever you do stacking with is your business.

>> No.51049215

Boring but effective. If I can deal with my sealing designation before the grail war starts, that'd be great. And val just said the head chick of clocktower respects the hell out of the first.

Hadn't actually looked into time dilation yet, beyond the gamer one. Not ready to go to scp, but i'll look at narnia.

200 years for an E rank, right? How about a C?

>> No.51049216

Hey, sorry to attack you out of the blue like this, and doubly sorry that it's a Worm question, but is killing the Butcher while you're in Worm and then using the "all mental problems are cured" bit at the end something that's worth doing for a quick power boost?

>> No.51049221

So it's even more broken, great job Worm_Anon.

>> No.51049225

Gordon is a memetic badass physicist, but he doesn't have access to the kind of OCPs that a Jumper might (and which use of could attract The Wrong Kind Of Attention). Also he's being guided/manipulated by G-Man and later the Vortessence hivemind to be in the right wrong places at the right wrong times to save Earth. Just how he's supposed to accomplish that? Possibly by being just enough of a nuisance that the empire decides Earth's not worth re-invading but also isn't worth glassing, but as Half-Life 3 has apparently ended up in Dev Limbo it's possible we'll never know.

Portal... let's go through the Origins.

Test Subject. You've replaced Chel. This means the action takes place a couple of years(?) after Half-Life 1 and the Seven Hour War. The Combine is currently ruling Earth - what's left of it. If you leave the facility, you risk meeting the Combine and what happens next depends on whether you keep your head down.

Test Robot. This is basically the plot of Portal 2. Which means it's decades, possibly centuries, after Half-Life 2. The Combine may or may not still rule, but signs point to no - the outside of the facility has fields of tall grass stretching into the distance, which means the Combine's goal in the Half-Life series, of transforming Earth into a planet inhospitable to human life, was never achieved. Whether there are (m)any humans left on the surface is unknown.

JuDOS or Technical CEO. Both of these take place before Half-Life 1. With the right choices you could prevent both the Black Mesa incident and the alien invasion of Earth (or at least significantly delay it, which may or may not be a good thing).

Perpetual Testing Initiative drawback. Uh, alternate universes... so anything could happen. Fanwank!

>> No.51049231

What? Jee Han learned something that normally takes years in a few hours of effort and some minor instructions.

>> No.51049232

500 for a C, 7-800 for an A as stated >>51048581.

>> No.51049234

I dunno about pocket realm , but if you put the SCP in the demiplane you could probably get the benefits of both.
It's not really necessary since the demiplane can have a dialation effect of lods, but it's a nice touch for those who like time chambers in their time chambers.
Maybe hook up the clock of ages to the whole set up too.
I guess there's no reason to leave other time dialation effects out like hyper slowdown and hyper clock up but those aren't really things you can just have on all the time.

>> No.51049236

Thanks Val

>> No.51049268

Yes, but it isn't a continuous effect. For him, it boils down to 'let me skip the three weeks of trianing to learn this skill', but from there it advanced regularly. Granted, he tends to use his really high MP regen to spam skills faster than normal, which levels them up faster, but I don't believe they qualify as enhanced learning. Not beyond the initial boost, anyways.

>> No.51049288

It only lets him skip the first bit to reach minimal usage level, like the copy ability from Ranma.

>> No.51049289

It'll fix the head fuckery assuming that it didn't kill you by the time the jump ends (which just FYI, is very very very likely, I do NOT recommend it) but just so it's clear you wouldn't be keeping any of the powers or whatnot since that's based on Butcher's shard which isn't covered by the Jump's insurance.

Not without some other measures on your part anyway.

On the off chance this isn't bait, we have tons of learning perks anon. And it's in the same category as powers that let you shrug off grenades to the face or fuck somebody sideways with a touch.

Or whip up the stuff of man's nightmares as a biological weapon with super science.

If you think it should be nerfed than by all means give me an argument beyond just salting about it.

>> No.51049301

Out of curiosityand not because this is a potential learning enhancer, what element would the first fall under, if any? Something like 'ether' or 'raw magic'?

>> No.51049305

If you up your wis you will be able to think of more ways to train. If you up your int you'll have the mental capacity to train more.

>> No.51049318

I don't believe it'd fall under any.

>> No.51049347

"If you up your WIS you will realize you should have spent that CP on waifus."

>> No.51049373


>> No.51049456

Hey Blade is Cthulhu Saves the World considered finished?
I'm asking since I saw it in uploads and I wasn't sure if you were still touching it up since the last time you posted it.

>> No.51049465

The Omnitrix automatically scans new aliens.

>> No.51049472

How does Gamer's Body work with something like Critical Existence Failure from SAO or Heart of Steve from Minecraft?

>> No.51049475

It's possible I've forgotten something, but it should be finished.

>> No.51049492

So get it and Dragon Heart, then just spam the shit out of whatever True Magic you bought?

>> No.51049498

So is the chest staying the same? Because it's pretty borked.
Not world ending or anything since cheat mode exists, but it does make it very easy to get arbitrary amounts of macguffin.

>> No.51049499

Jump # 17 Fate/Stay night (redux)
Name: Raven Aozaki
Starting location: Tohsaka Manor
Gender: Female
Background: Magus Heir (100)

* command seals (0)
*Magic circuits (0)
*Stat Sheet (0)
*Basic Training (0)
*Stronger Servant (100)
*Good People have good sleep (100)
*Well rounded (Wo)man (100, Discount)
*the family art (200, Discount)
*We can make it work (400)
*Average one (300, Discount)
*Homucu(te)lus (400)

*A special ruby (0)

*Nasuspeak (+100)
*JUMPER (+600)


Caster Class (350)
Identity – Tamamo No Mae
*Strength: E
*Endurence: E
*Agility: B (50)
*Mana: A++ (100)
*Luck: C (-50)
Class Skills:
*Territory Creation: C (50)
*Item Creation: D (25)
Personal Skills
*WitchCraft: Ex (250)
*Shapeshift: A+ (250)
*Divinity: A (250)
Noble Phantasm:
Eightfold Blessings of Amaterasu: D (-50)
*Does not feel like using This Skill – Shapeshifting (+125)
*Does not feel like using this skill – Witchcraft (+0)

Oh for crying out loud…. Some jumps are just hell…

I Summoned Tamamo No Mae as my servant, She quickly started falling for me despite the fact I had two wives already… So not only was I quickly fighting a war with the other masters and servants but one at home as well. I managed to solve that problem before Tamamo started enacting any plans to rid me of them by assuring her it wasn’t a harem but a 3 way marriage. Also despite herself she couldn’t hate Akitsu who had treated her like family from nearly the beginning. So we gained a new Waifu.

I tried to stop the war before it even started but EVERYTHING went wrong. A Dead Apostle hunting Arcueid stopped by and my home, evidence and stuff I was planning to use in my plans sort of blew up with most of the rest of the block. I am not blaming anyone (snowflame) but I suppose we need to work on our team work.

(to be continued)

>> No.51049504

So is the Vortessence a rival empire? What do they have to gain?

>> No.51049505

Makes them redundant?

>> No.51049529

This pissed off Kotomine because the church wanted to get involved so we wound up hunted by Gilgamesh and Lancer before the war even starts. Adam Jensen manages to tank Gae Bolg and Shatter it (do to upgrades he had a secondary system to replace his heart if it was damaged) and then Gil Killed lancer when he tried to grab one of Gil’s weapons to use.

After that everyone started targeting us because Kotomine offered an extra command seal for whoever killed us. We did a lot of running, managed to actually tip Illya off to what was going on, Got Shirou and Rin to work together… and then I almost got assassinated by myself.

Using a mixture of Jumper BS and Technology RAVEN was a beast. She made up for crappy stats and ability by cheating her ass of and knowledge of her opponents. My companions had been helping me hold off the other servants but she took them out like nothing just with her knowledge of them. We only survived because of a trick by Tamamo who she didn’t know the capabilities of.

I managed to piece together RAVEN’s past and what had gone wrong. Some bad luck with being tricked in to starting the dark six ritual had wound up virtually ending the world and killing her companions. In a climactic battle of words and abilities. It took everything I had and I almost died more times than I care to think about but I managed to get her to forgive herself.

It was about then that Rin contacted us. Apparently Illya and Rin together figured out the grail was screwed up and needed to be shut down. Shirou was there because… well it’s shirou. Anyways we sought to destroy the grail.

We were not surprised to find Gil at the entrance of the Grail.

(to be continued)

>> No.51049539

It doth both of those things, but better.


Mostly. Critical existence failure has a tiny bit of wiggle room to it, IIRC, but heart of steve can't upgrade itself for more hp, whereas gamers body can.

I considered nerfing it from four to three, but decided that it woudn't really make a difference to anyone wiling to leave stuff in the chest for all ten years.

>> No.51049543

What commenced as a brutal and bloody battle. We actually were doing rather well and almost had him pressured until he pulled out Ea. Akitsu managed to create a barrier strong enough to tank to first hit by Overlords overclocking a defensive spell with everything she had. We were on fumes by then, most of us should have been dead… then my Counterpart managed to backstab Gilgamesh. It didn’t kill him but it distracted him enough that I managed to behead the bastard (I was using a vorpal sword I rarely use). Unfortunately RAVEN was fatally injured. She died in my arms thanking me for reminding her, what it was to help others.

After I shed some tears we continued on and destroyed the grail.

>> No.51049555

You need to nerf the chest dude. It's broken as shit. The single equivalent is a single copy every month. Yours is an exponential multiplier.

>> No.51049576

I was thinking that it just wouldn't dupe things again untill you took everything but one item out.
That way it's still free stuff, but it doesn't give exponential amounts of chaos emeralds or heart containers or whatever.

>> No.51049593

Could they stack, such as having something like using the SAO HP bar after the Gamer's HP bar hits 0?

>> No.51049594

Interesting. Hope you decide to make a full jump out of it.

But I don't remember enough about the show to help much, sorry.

>> No.51049614

Please consider nerfing or removing the chest to be no better then Cheat Mode. Cheat Mode is already one of the most broken perks in the chain, we don't need a far worse version.

>> No.51049630

>but decided that wouldn't really make a difference

That really isn't a good excuse. The item is supposed to represent the setting, not make a tautological statement.

>> No.51049632

Maybe just prevent it from working on artefact level or unique things? So you can still make crazy numbers of health potions but you aren't getting a million copies of the One Ring?

>> No.51049639

>Explicit Inter Jump Balance

>> No.51049656

Would you offer Billie Jenkins's power for a ton of CP?

>> No.51049665

hmm. Would something along the lines of 'it can only hold 100 items' be acceptable?

Don't think so. Might combine and give you a small boost to HP, but nothing as good as simply combining them.

>> No.51049678

Lets say I have a weapons system that lacks the appropriate software to function and I have a usb or whatever with that code/data on it. Can I just pop it like a pez dispenser and skip the tedious process of uploading it? If I have an unactivated AI on a usb can it be crunched for it's delicious processing power? Not really a big deal, just a thought that came up while skimming the doc.

>> No.51049683

I think that would still be really really good to the degree that it should cost more, but it's not as outright broken that way.
Getting +50 a go at maximum is still big numbers, but it's not +16million

>> No.51049690

Vortessence is sort of a mystic and/or super-dimensional energy field that various spiritually inclined species can tap into. So it's less "rival empire" and more "eclectic bunch of mystics who don't like being enslaved by an empire".

>> No.51049701

Would Starborn (Chronicles of Narnia) count as sunlight for Our Monsters Are The Same (Twilight) and burn vampires?

>> No.51049703

That's still letting you multiply anything by 100 in 5-6 years.

I think the suggestion about limiting it from working on uber powerful or unique stuff would be better for making it fit the series whilst stopping it from being unstoppably broken.

It is in the series right? This isn't just being put in because?

>> No.51049734

I don't see why not, it's basically the same thing.

If you're not sure there's always that perk in Dark Souls to make you shine bright.

>> No.51049735

>That's still letting you multiply anything by 100 in 5-6 years.
I mean, that's only slightly different from Cheat Mode. 100 vs 72.

>> No.51049740

No. Stars are different from suns, in Narnia cosmology.

>> No.51049747 [DELETED] 

>Don't think so.
Would it at least let you be unconscious when it hits 0 (while also disabling the HP bar)?

>> No.51049754

Ah, I see what you mean. Well, for that kind of power, you'd have to buy the Part of Something Larger perk. Medical Mechanica don't naturally have any more adaptability to foreign tech than any other technology would. But with Part of Something Larger you can pull off essentially what the Dog Mechanica does and just chow down on technology to heal and absorb features.

Just keep in mind, it wasn't designed for munching on Artificial Intelligence, deactivated or otherwise, so you might get some odd effects from something like that. Maybe a voice in your held in addition to the extra "processor".

TLDR: Buy Part of Something Larger while you're in FLCL and eat all the weapons systems you want, even if you don't have the software. Side effects from eating AIs are a possibility and not recommended. Try eating a bad-ass gaming rig instead.

>> No.51049761

>Don't think so.
Would it at least let you be unconscious when it hits 0 (while also disabling the HP bar), instead of killing you?

>> No.51049765

Probably not, unless Narnia has a Starborn acting as their sun that we don't know about.

We know scientifically that stars and suns are the same, but Narnia runs off mythology and fairy tales, and in those they're different.

>> No.51049776

Rolled 5 (1d8)

1.Dragon Age
2.Kamen Rider Showa Part 2
3.Pokemon Conquest
5.Ragnarok Online
6.Tomb Raider
7.Akame ga Kill

No whammies No whammies No whammies.

No, but if you use the Hunter Perk from Van Helsing, that "widens' the weaknesses of monsters, you could probably say it counts.

>> No.51049781

>Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/Strange Fake take place in the same AU
Huh. How does that work? Did some American jack the Grail from Transylvania or something and decide, "why not store it in California?"?

>> No.51049785


If I'd reading this right, you might want to include those outliers:

Rating 1
How much danger the average person will face living day-to-day life.

Rating 2
What kind of opposition an active 'character' in that jump will face as they do whatever they do.

Rating 3
The kind of shit a jumper can get into if he goes looking for trouble.

A setting and theme column are nice to have, but if this is a threat overview, then include what kind of things are most likely to harm you. You've even got corruption of champions in there, but the biggest dangers in that jump aren't physical, they're things like mental manipulation and physical/spiritual corruption.

>> No.51049797

We know for a fact that Narnia's sun isn't a star. It's a place, while stars are people. Narnia's sun is actually a miniature planet made of fire and solid light, that the stars can travel to and live on.

>> No.51049800

I believe SF's grail is one different from the Fuyuki one? I'm not too sure on them being in the same AU mind, it's just something I've heard often rather then confirmed myself.

>> No.51049809

If you haven't played the series to know whether it contains an item isn't it a bit strange to criticise something for not fitting the series?

>> No.51049813

Critical Existence Failure you revert to physical body with injuries when the HP goes to zero.
Heart Of Steven you die when your HP run out.

How does Gamer's Body work (and should it be put in the notes)?

>> No.51049831

Eventually the chest would outstrip cheatmodes production rather handily since it would be 50 each year to cheatmodes 12 however at the start cheatmode is faster with 12 compared to 4.
I think it's not really busted this way since switching gears to something new is so much harder.
You have to commit in order to get the really big production going and that's years of waiting instead of the instant gratification of just walking up and duping something.
While years aren't all that long to a jumper that's still limits you to being able to actually take and own the item itself. You can't just borrow it for five seconds and then keep the copy.
It should probably be a lot more expensive though. Like 800cp at least, but probably more like 1000cp given just how silly it can eventually get.

>> No.51049852

...I got nothing funny to say, I know nothing about this MMO

>> No.51049861

What was the smoothest line you ever said?

>> No.51049869

Do the scenarios they'll tell you everything you need to know and more

>> No.51049947

How does one say a line?

>> No.51050020

Roll again and jump something else? Don't think anyone really knows anything about this.

>> No.51050046


>> No.51050049

I'm gonna do the jump. I just usually react to the roll. I can't here

>> No.51050068

Well I looked her right in the eyes and said please let me be the light in your life to always draw you by my side, miss moth. While the ambient light around dimmed in contrast to gross incandescent aura.

>> No.51050103

I think it's like that never ending cloth rope trick that clowns do but with your mouth instead.

>> No.51050123

To be honest I've always found the question of dangerous/safe jumps to be a bit misleading. Thing is most jumps offer skills and powers that are supposed to make you somewhat formidable by the jump standards. So I tend to rate jumps more dangerous on how disadvantaged I would be with just the in jump character.

>> No.51050144

I'll hold on the servant supplement until the updated version is ready, but here's the basic gist, because being an abominable mary-sue is better with company.

>Drawbacks: Class War (1300), Sealing Designation (1500)

Background: Ordinary, 21, Ryuudou Temple

>Skills: Free Command Seals, Free Magic Circuits, Free Basic Training, Free Insider Training, Free Majestic Taiga, Demi-Servant (1000), Discount Hollow Vessel (700), Discount Dragonheart (400)

Items: Free Bespoke Wardrobe, Historic Histories (350)

>Companions: Free Servant [Yana], 7x Not Alone (0)

Yana: Pseudo-Servant, Magus-Heir (900); Free Catching Up, Discount Average One (600), Discount Head Bitch in Charge (300), Discount Dragonheart (0)

>Most of the war is spent with us being insufferably enigmatic for our own amusement. Drop by, give vague advice and playful insinuations, impede plans in progress, and vanish.

>Most of the real work, manipulations aside, was making sure Zouken would die and stay dead. This of course made Shinji and Sakura priorities, running the former out of town was easy with acute terror perks. The latter took some coordination to fix without tipping of medium Z, there's only so much he could have actually prepared for.

>> No.51050238

Would JUMPER still have weapons that are sentient and can transform into a human form like the Kamidachi from the hero BBS jump?

>> No.51050273

Right. I'm sorry guys. But I can't do this. 222 pages for a setting I know absolutely nothing about is just too much for me. I gotta skip this.

>> No.51050297

desu if you decided to restart that chain and made it so Stalwart could choose where to go, I really wouldn't be opposed to it

>> No.51050303

Okay, but can you phrase that in a proper Zetsubo Sensei fashion?

>> No.51050305

Sure. If you use them as weapons, they'll have a version of them too.

>> No.51050306


>> No.51050317

This scale needs more tiers. Tier two in particular is too broad. Its criteria leads to the silly situation of having Sword Art, Zelda, Forgotten Realms, and Hero BBS in the same tier. With fucking Twilight above them.

>> No.51050327

It's ok. That's what usually happens when people get tossed Ragnarok Online.
The setting is interesting, but it does require tons of work to get into it.
The jump isn't really made for tosses either given it's incredible size.

If you're looking for a replacement how about Dissidia?

>> No.51050354

I kinda like the randomness, even if I was trolled once with a jump that doesn't exist, and this case. It makes it feel less like Tiger is being given what he wants, and more that he is actually doing something for the Benefactor in return for his prizes.

I'm guessing that's who the image is of. And no, I just use that image because it shows despair. I've never seen the anime.

Already have Zelda Minish Cap in the reserved slot.

>> No.51050391

Hey guys.

You know how Asakura Takeshi from Ryuki, deranged hobo and serial killer, didn't have a character equivalent in Madoka? The one who REALLY like fighting and killing for no real reason besides being vexed?

Who wants a drawback that adds an enemy meguca like that?

>> No.51050396

A shorter version? Neat.
>20 pages
>222 pages
That is quite a difference.

>> No.51050407

No thank you? I'd rather you have drawbacks based on madoka then a series that's barely related apart from who wrote it/general themes. Isn't that basically just the red haired girl anyway? Going around taking out other magical girls and being a hobo?

>> No.51050446

The same guy basically did the two series and they're very very similar to the point where it would in a way be a madoka based drawback.
I think it could be neat especially since it's better than a rando murdermachine going around generic drawback.

>> No.51050448

That would be amusing. Fear her! The Magical Hobo Killer!

No no, she's a magical hobo that kills, not a killer of magical hobos. We've discussed this, Ted.

What? No. Not at all. Kyoko would drive other magical girls out her "territory" in order to hoard the grief seeds and witch hunting, but she never killed any of them. Likewise, she still had a house, it's just...her family is dead.

>> No.51050479

>I'm guessing that's who the image is of. And no, I just use that image because it shows despair. I've never seen the anime.
Oh. It's a good show. Pretty solid absurdist comedy. The title character, Nozomu Itoshiki (whose name is written with the characters for "absolute despair") is a school teacher who is constantly in a state of near-suicidal despair over any random issue. Most commonly Japanese cultural quirks, but anything can set him off. So after a bunch of dramatic shots of him from various angles, he'll shout out "I'm in despair! [Insert issue here] has driven me to despair!". There's a lot of dark humor in there, like the time his tsundere student does the cliche "hit the guy with a big heavy object" and instead of him walking it off he gets put into a coma. There's also just a lot of absurd jokes in general. My favorite is the episode where all the dialogue is in gibberish, but there are two sets of subtitles. One of them tells a story about 19th century British commodore Matthew Perry coming to open the school. The other is an episode of Dragonball Z.

>> No.51050483

Slight misnomer there. Gen didn't write Ryuki, but he wrote Gaim and Madoka, which had a lot of similar story beats. I thought the similarities were just /m/ complaining loudly. I then binged Ryuki. There were completely right.
Primary difference there is that Kyouko is a good person underneath and Asakura happily murdered his own family for what I assume is a trivial reason. As a child. He then became a literal murderhobo and a very entertaining villain.

He even went through the trouble of spinning a story about how he tried to save his younger brother to reunite with him, just to feed his brother alive to his Contract Monster because he wanted to finish the job. It worked, too.

>> No.51050496

Would Softcap let something like a dragon keep growing larger and larger with no upper limit?

>> No.51050518

If the character isn't in Madoka and the other series isn't a part of Madoka, how is it anymore then barely related in a meta way?

My stand still remains. I don't think you should be making drawbacks when the series don't connect, there is no character named that and the only connections are stuff that happened outside of the fiction which seem very tangential even then.

>> No.51050519

I don't see any reason why not. Killer Meguca could be fun, sure. And it's not like it's that divergent a concept from PMMM that it feels like some meme reference thing.

>> No.51050528

Sounds amusing.

Softcap needs to be something you can train, you can't really train your size.

>> No.51050534

>that description
Well, I know who's getting RIDER KICKED as soon as I get there!

And I mean both Asakura and MHK. Well, I suppose the latter would be MEGUCA KICKED, but, you know.

>> No.51050545

He's not putting Asakura in there. It's just a killer Meguca inspired by him. If he had just said "killer Meguca drawback, yes/no", you wouldn't have a problem with it.

>> No.51050552

That's not really what it's supposed to do, but if you're talking about D&D dragons they can kind of already do that by living long enough to become advanced dragons You're age categories and benefits that come with them basically go on forever even if size caps out due to the system not being able to support things larger than collosal+, but since that's a game mechanics thing it's not necessarily a real limit.

>> No.51050565

>my stand still remains
>my stand
I should have known, you must be an enemy Stand user! Dude, chill. If all he said was a killer Magical Girl drawback, would you really be bothered by it? Fact is, it's just taking inspiration, it's not literally taking the character and putting him in Madoka. That wouldn't fit. This does.

>> No.51050576

>even if I was trolled once with a jump that doesn't exist
Which one?

>> No.51050578

Oh, don't worry, he gets Rider Kicked. Multiple times, in fact. He doesn't die from it until the end of the series, sadly, after he's already killed several other Riders and stolen their decks. This allowed him to remain a threat even after Shinji and Ren had gotten the Survive cards and upgraded to their ultimate forms.

>> No.51050580

Just get the key to huge in Enders game.
It's da bess for being big even if you're going to want a solution to the square cube problems that will eventually occur.

>> No.51050604

Too late, doin' it. In fact, here it is!

actually I'm about to pass out but I'll type it tomorrow blah blah blah blah blah blah drawback text yadda yadda yadda meow meow meow meow if you do not fight you will not survive
Also these anons are correct, not putting Asakura in a dress in this jump (that would be horrifying), just a meguca equivalent with their own deal. See yall tomorrow

>> No.51050624

Someone told me to put Final Fantasy 2 on the list. I did.
I rolled several times, no one told me FF2 did not exist.
I finally rolled it and then was told that it didn't exist, after I spent time searching for it.

>> No.51050629

Maybe just say that next time then? Seems like a lot easier and clearer then saying you want to make a drawback referencing some other series.

>> No.51050638

Well. That looks fine.

You can barely even see the cracks forming in your sanity.

>> No.51050642

Maybe just actually read his post next time then? Seems like a lot easier and clearer than skimming something and then getting mad because you don't understand.

>> No.51050659

> Who wants a drawback that adds an enemy meguca like that?
> Who wants a drawback that adds an enemy meguca
> Who wants [...] an enemy meguca
> enemy meguca

>> No.51050706

None of dirge's jumps are made for tosses. They're all so ungodly long that it just kills people who gets tossed to them.

>> No.51050730

The normal version of FFXIV is like 9 pages compared to 300 or something.

>> No.51050736

Dissidia is pretty short if you don't do the scenarios.
Sure you miss out on some CP, but the jump is quick and to the point otherwise.
The actual in jump experience is also like a week long if you skip the scenario so it's a very quick jump all around.

>> No.51050777

Anything over twenty pages should just be ignored. It's a prompt not a book.

>> No.51050783

You're attention span is pretty awful isn't it?

>> No.51050793

If I buy the AoE versions of star powers, can I choose whether to use the single target or AoE versions of the ability?

>> No.51050796

Anon, there's one thing you'll note being in these threads.

People fucking hate to read.

>> No.51050842

Many people here hate long jumps and always have.

>> No.51050864

And many people suck dicks. What's your point?

>> No.51050902

It's not related to people's attention span at all, just look at Quicksilver's jumps, they set the standard.

>> No.51050905

Isn't there an Item that's a map/diorama of a city that helps scrying? Can someone tell me what jump it's from?

>> No.51050909

Dresden Files

>> No.51050910

>Jumpchain CYOA Thread #1269
See? This thread not about your mother.

>> No.51050913

Dresden Files.

>> No.51050934

Guys, can you not spot bait?

>> No.51050938

Oh, also if I take Heartless, do my 1-up perks apply to my body or can my heart keep them?

>> No.51050942

The bait is all we have left, anon.

Eternal conflict, till the death of the stars.

>> No.51050955


>> No.51050960

It's really lazy bait, too. I think anons must just be bored.

>> No.51050991

There's really nothing against people saying they dislike jumps, it's just pointless to argue about it since they aren't wrong.

>> No.51051182

A Cat (+300 CP) - You are confined to the form of a small housecat for the jump. While you can still use your powers and can speak to humans, you cannot shift forms. This form is weak and frail, so don’t expect yourself to get involved in combat if you want to stay safe. You may use computers, oddly enough--typing isn’t difficult at all for you, for some reason. You will be subject to catlike impulses. Also expect to be picked up a lot and kissed on the forehead. Who’s a cute lil’ natural killing machine? You are~ You are~

>> No.51051201

Anybody know where I can massively increase my stamina?
I want to use Eragon magic to accelerate single grams of Adamantium to relativistic speeds.
Among other things.

>> No.51051235

Well gettting tireless in Overlord is the favored cheese tactic.
Getting a bigger gas tank is harder, but if you get soft cap from elona you can get your stamina as high as you're willing to train it.

There's also the Gamer since you can buff your VIT which governs how long it takes for you to get tired.
Probably not the best use of skill points, but it'll work.

Other than that I think Skyrim has a good option for better stamina.

>> No.51051242

That's not so bad for a 300cp drawback.
although I've got to ask can we keep being a spess cat as an altform?

>> No.51051261

Is there a reason you can't use technological means to do this? Grav guns from Legacy of the Aldenata, for example. Those do the same thing, in a pistol-sized package so it won't even be particularly bulky.

>> No.51051270

Sure! And I'm going to bump it down to +200 after some IRC input.

Here's the revised drawback.

A Cat (+200 CP) - You are confined to the form of a small housecat for the jump. This form looks like a regular housecat but with some unusual markings that can give you away, like a crescent moon on your forehead. While you can still use your powers and can speak to humans, you cannot shift forms. This form is weak and frail, so don’t expect yourself to get involved in combat if you want to stay safe. You may use computers, oddly enough--typing isn’t difficult at all for you, for some reason. You will be subject to catlike impulses. Also expect to be picked up a lot and kissed on the forehead. Who’s a cute lil’ natural killing machine? You are~ You are~
You may keep the cat as an altform if you wish.

>> No.51051292

Now when you say "weak and frail," does that mean our physical enhancements and improvements - such as strength perks - aren't working with this one?

>> No.51051306

Style, mostly.
The stupid, cheesy style of screaming a few not!Norse words, and then BAM! You or your stuff is full of holes.

I'm sure there's a trillion better ways to do it, but I couldn't call myself a Jumper if I did it in a way that actually made sense.

It's basically my Jumper's answer to POCKET SAND.

I'm also working on a way to make a robot out of love.

>> No.51051308

Yep. You're just an ordinary housecat that just happens to have weird powers. You're not faster or stronger than a regular housecat.

>> No.51051441

Hyped for Verne and X-Files! And this Arsene Lupin looks good too. I'm surprised I haven't heard of something involving Holmes.

>> No.51051451

So I'm just pondering the logistics of becoming a Greater Grail without the whole total elimination of consciousness thing, when I noticed that apparently the thing's not only got Justeaze's soul grafted into it, but is apparently literally made of several hormunculi.

Just wanted to share that with everyone. All things considered I'd rather kitbash something together with the Barthomeloi bloodline than...this.

>> No.51051460

Oh, and for those wondering why it snows in Fallen London despite it being underground and all.

This is why.

>> No.51051486

>Deranged serial killer
...Does Kure Kirika ring a bell?

Oriko drawback?~

>> No.51051490


Anyway, Bazaar. Christmas.

>> No.51051512

Here's another drawback. Tell me what you think. Is it too meta?

Old Foe (+300 CP) - You think that just skipping out of a jump or something silly like killing them will let you avoid the wrath of your enemies? An old foe from your past jumps has returned, with a vengeance.

The Benefactor thinks that you’ve grown complacent in avoiding those whom you have foiled or angered. Or perhaps they’ve grown bored of you just dealing with foes in your current jump and moving on. It’s time to shake up the formula a little! They made a deal with one of those past foes or revived them and given them a portion of the their power. They have all the perks of the Villain tree to use, and will head straight to you once they’ve figured out who they are. They may or may not also wish to take over the world here too. Have fun!

>> No.51051517

>that drawback

Oh god all the eggmen are going to come back to haunt me. Those bastards actually took out Sajuuk.

>> No.51051526

What's it based on in Sailor Moon?

>> No.51051544

It's based on how Queen Beryl tried to attack the Moon Kingdom and got sealed away and then returned--it's also based on the general "old foe from the past" theme that most (not all, like Pharaoh 90) Sailor Moon villains have, like Queen Nehelenia.

>> No.51051555

I dunno. I feel there's a better way to handle that then bringing back past villains. Like having it so that foes you defeat in this jump come back more powerful then before later in the jump.

>> No.51051562

I'll think about that. You do bring up a good point.

>> No.51051588

No, the aoe and single target versions are seperate attacks. I should put in that the AOE version does somewhat less damage in exchange.

The one up perks would apply to your heart since your body is no longer the living part of you. I'll make note of that.

They never say that it's holmes in the translated versions, except for some modern releases. Only the original versions and the most modern translations actually say that it is holmes.

And thank you for your hype!

Sorry for late replies, I got distracted by a movie.

>> No.51051602

But can you buy both the aoe and single target versions?

>> No.51051696

I'm not a fan of "enemy from a past jump comes back" drawbacks.

I'd rather something like a villain from the current setting with something like "The Dark Princess Kalsheera is an old enemy you clashed with in ages past - you've forgotten all about them, but they still remember you. After ten thousand years trapped away, with nothing to do but nurture and refine their power, tactics, and hatred of you, they're finally free!"

>> No.51051709

How would this even work if you were suicidal enough to take sailor moon as a first jump?

>> No.51051721

yes you can. That is part of the whole splitting your powers between stars to control star energy expenditure thing.

>> No.51051754

Anyone making a jump of this series, its good for escalation and definitely a nice setting for stronger jumpers especially with the recent chapters.

>> No.51051768

>good for escalation
I think that's the first time I've ever seen escalation used as a positive descriptor for a series.
I don't think anyone is working on it though.

>> No.51051777


>its good for escalation

Sounds terrible already.

>definitely a nice setting for stronger jumpers

My morals are abhuman at best and inhumane at worst. However, I do have a code of conduct. And that code of conduct makes taking a glorified schoolyard brawl too seriously unacceptable. It's why I spent most of Medaka Box trying to actually learn things at school instead of death battle after death battle.

>> No.51051788

You mean in thread or in general? Either way, it's definitely a turnoff for me.

>> No.51051803

It's being regarded as a positive thing due to Taylor from Worm's escalation habits.

Which is stupid, as arguably it one of her worst features.

>> No.51051806

Could be separated into two parts, where it begins as a simple tournament setting

Then the crazy god punching thing that today

Like your reasoning on the medaka thing

>> No.51051822

In general. In my experience escalation has just been a thing people accept happens in long running series. It's either a bad thing since it happens too fast or just kind of there.

>> No.51051868

I think they mean escalation is good for training. So you don't start off fighting ridiculously powerful enemies and have time to train over the series to match the ones that show up.

>> No.51052019

It's "positive" in Taylor's case because it makes for a "more entertaining"(subject to opinion) story.
Also because protagonists who escalate like crazy aren't very common, it's usually the antagonist.

>> No.51052077

I'm confused; what's does the Third Magic do primarily again? I know it turns your soul into some kind of perpetual reactor but other than intangibility what's so good about ascending to a higher dimension?

>> No.51052084

Despite it's name, the series doesn't have anything to do with a school. It's about the reincarnations of famous & mythological figures fighting each other and God/s. The main protagonist is the reincarnation of Sun Wukong.

>> No.51052114

>The main protagonist is the reincarnation of Sun Wukong.
Seen that recent fight with satan on the Sun's surface?

>> No.51052141

It means that you can't be harmed by effects that don't harm souls.

>> No.51052143

You don't need your body anymore and your magic is at 100% almost all the time.
You're also out of reach of pretty much anything that could kill you unless they specifically have soul attacking methods that can hit things in 4d space.
It's very nice if niche compared to the other options.

I suppose it's important to note that you can move souls around with it too, but that's not really the selling point.
Oh and you could probably pull some weird shit with the grail and perhaps even set up other grail wars in other jumps, but I honestly don't know how that works or how you'd even begin setting it up..

>> No.51052177

Nope. I haven't read it in a while. Last I read, the Ox "King" had gotten wrecked by that preacher.

>> No.51052191

>Might either lower the companion CP on that or make it clear the 50cp ones can't take Demi.
I know it's late, but... Can you please not do that? It's already hard as fuck for your companions to keep parity, especially in your jump, where they can't take any of the 1000 CP options.

>> No.51052206

So I take it that also neuters durability/vitality perks?

>> No.51052242

New to all of this, how exactly does one die? Sorta confused. Is that just up to me?

>> No.51052244


Let it be known that this is a drawback--you don't have to take it if you don't want it.

>> No.51052270

Dying used to be a thing when the notion of jumpchain was more about challenges, but even then it was largely up to personal choice. Nowadays most people don't die anymore.

>> No.51052290

You die if circumstances exist that you could not be expected to survive.
Like being at ground zero when a nuke goes off early chain or something.
So try and avoid situations that would kill you. It's roleplay in your head, but that doesn't mean actions shouldnt' have consequences.
If you're uncertain if you could win a fight or something rolling helps.

>> No.51052291

As in, how do you fail the chain death? Yup. All up to you. You could go full plot armour and have everything handed to your jumper, or you could make it realistic, with dangers actually being dangerous to your Jumper.

Then again, it is your chain. Do with it as you will.

>> No.51052303

>dangers actually being dangerous to your Jumper.

Choose one, m80.

>> No.51052305

Speaking of which, is there a way to companion Magnus without using a pod?

>> No.51052318


>> No.51052336

I was thinking about making it closed off from people who's taking this for a first jump, but I may rework it to be more like >>51051696's suggestion.

>> No.51052363

Personally, I'm not a fan of death personally. Jumpchain is largely a personalized experience--you can include death or you can just have it not be a thing. I make up for avoiding death by having my jumper struggle (hard) to achieve things--to me it's boring otherwise.

>> No.51052382

>Uses personally twice in the same sentance

... I need to sleep. Goodnight, /jc/

>> No.51052431


>MFW moths are nocturnal

>> No.51052433

Ah, okay.

Actually, I'm doublechecking information on working out how to build the last part out of myself. See, the selling point of the Grail War itself is something much greater called the, er, Greater Grail. Which can be thought of as both a sort of metaphysical gateway to the Root and a magical nuclear reactor, existing in a sort of superdimensional void outside reality. Its' core is an Einzbern magus named Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern, who sacrificed herself by engineering her magic circuits into a half-kilometer microcosm of the universe to enhance it with her family's wish-granting sorcery trait. As I mentioned earlier, the rest of the Greater Grail seems to be made of other hormunculi.

Other key components include:

1. The spiritual energy of 7 Servants. The whole point of the Grail War is for Servants to kill each other, so their energy is harvested to provide energy to, for lack of a better word, start the Greater Grail's reactor.

2. The Lesser Grail (Illya, Irisviel, etc.), the trigger mechanism for initialising the Greater Grail. The Einzberns' most well-designed hormunculi are actually Lesser Grails built this way to prevent them from being easily destroyed/abducted during the war; near the war's end, they revert from being a person to a magical artifact and generate a portal to the Greater Grail, allowing its' magical energy to seep into the world and fulfill a wish. Presumably this mechanism has something to do with the Second Magic. Illya's Dress of Heaven is a secondary control mechanism that refines her influence over the Greater Grail. It's also better known as the maid Leysritt.


>> No.51052445

3. A leyline conflux. Fuyuki City is a nexus for leylines which makes it an ideal location to kickstart the ritual. A radius of 50 meters of bare rock contains undefined seals which enable the mechanism for transfering spiritual energy to the Lesser Grail, while the Greater Grail selects Masters by itself.

In short, the whole setup's a sacrificial ritual to generate enough spiritual energy for a miracle. I was going to jerryrig parts of it with substitutions here and there, largely with the help of the First Magic. The key part would be using my post-Darkhallow status to take Angra Mainyu's place as "Heaven's Fall" in the DIY Grail since the reason he ascended from such a lesser thing to All The World's Evils was because his soul loitered inside the Greater Grail, and took "priority" as the wish being granted like a computer virus. The Fuyuki city fire and Sakura's shadow (see the Black Grail perk) are examples of incomplete manifestations of him. But I'm reconsidering my build now the Third is apparently less involved in the wish-granting that I'd imagined.

>> No.51052463

I mean, not everyone rushes magic or broken powers.

>> No.51052467

I won't be in this jump (Though it's going to be limited in most of the future ones, barring GO of course), since it is meant to be the highest power one for Masters so it's not much of a bother in the end but in the future, you might want to find a better complaint than assuming taking one of the 1000cps is a given and that the jump is balanced around that assumption. Nor do I really understand this idea of 'parity'. They're not the Jumper, why would they be compared against them? They can have parity against each other just fine.

>> No.51052474

Wait, really? Shit, I've been doing this wrong. It's so hard to keep up with the Joneses sometimes.

>> No.51052483

No, but unless you're outright suicidal, it's kind of hard to die when most jumps give you power or ability near the peak of the setting.

>> No.51052498

Can Servants give drawback CP to their Masters?

>> No.51052516


>> No.51052519

That anon could be worried of a scenario where their jumper is so much more powerful and more intelligent than their companions, that they're basically completely out of touch with them.

>> No.51052527

Apologies if I overlooked your answer to this, but reading Ancient House of Jumper I couldn't help but notice it seems like the Golden Rule skill.

I know the skill ranks are often arbitrary, but if the perk was a rank of Golden Rule which rank would you say it would be?

Also dang, how many cute girl pics do you have saved by now?

I've seen some daygoing moths in the mountains. They're just a really small minority compared to the nocturnal kind

>> No.51052530

That is true, I guess.
Have some cool cats.

>> No.51052540


>> No.51052557

Well, I'd say that's rather his own fault to get into that situation. It sounds like it could be great fodder for a story about reconnecting with your friends in some way.

Um. Probably C or B rank. I'd lean more towards C though.

A few gigs worth, if it's just the ones I might use for jc anyway

>> No.51052567

>Though it's going to be limited in most of the future ones, barring GO of course

Alright, but when you flat-out prevent Companions from taking their respective capstone booster, it's kind of hard to justify them as anything more than fancy lawn ornaments. It's why "investing all your power into yourself" isn't uncommon. Because it's nearly impossible to put it into your companions.

Of course, I understand why you barred them from taking 1000 CP options, but lowering their buying power to such a degree isn't really the solution.

>> No.51052581

>his own fault to get into that situation
Not him, but how. When companions are cockblocked from becoming as powerful as the jumper by the import option, how are they supposed to keep up? Literally the only way is to either intentionally purchase the inferior options, or pick up something like Sacrificial Bestowment.

>> No.51052600

A capstone booster isn't a mandatory right anon. Most jumps don't have them at all. You can buy plenty of stuff, good stuff, for your companions already, so stop whining about not being able to get one of dozens and dozens of options available to them.

Why should a companion be getting to be as powerful as the jumper in the first place? They're companions. Not the Jumper. They can get plenty of nice stuff.

>> No.51052653

>They can get plenty of nice stuff.
They shouldn't. But it's barely the jumper's fault to get into that situation when the jump itself makes not getting into that situation nearly impossible.

>> No.51052660

> It's why "investing all your power into yourself" isn't uncommon. Because it's nearly impossible to put it into your companions.

I dunno. I think it depends on the chain you're doing.

I feel like there's a lot of jumps where companions get a really good ratio of what you invest to what it gets them. I've done builds where I was more worried about keeping up with my companions desu.

>> No.51052673

They shouldn't get nice stuff? Well, bit of a weird side but more power to you anon.

>> No.51052692

>I feel like there's a lot of jumps
Yes, and disallowing them to take certain options and blocking them off from an entire two tiers of perks show that future jumps in this vein aren't really any of them.

>> No.51052704

That is an odd, yet familiar picture.
Is that a rule 63 of the dead dude from those fan-made animated music videos of Mystery Skulls songs?

>> No.51052705

Did you know the historical inspiration for Arsène Lupin was Alexandre Jabob, an anarchist who stole from the rich to give the poor, and tried to turn criminals into revolutionaries?

He was a cool dude.

>> No.51052711

Dunno. I got it off Red a long time ago.

>> No.51052720

They should. I screwed up the quote. It was meant to be in reference to:

>Why should a companion be getting to be as powerful as the jumper in the first place?

They shouldn't, but it's hardly fair to blame someone for "[getting] into that situation" when the reason that situation even exists is because of restrictions like what's being discussed that perpetuate the cycle.

>> No.51052732


I'm just saying, some jumps are more companion-friendly than others and I think that's okay. It pretty much shakes out in the end.

Anyway, we were talking about the cheap companion option, right? Hell, even letting the 200 CP guys go Demi seems really good. If Val nerfs the 50 CP option the way they're talking about I'm really tempted to sink all my CP into the 200 CP ones.

>> No.51052733

They can choose to not take higher powered stuff if they want. As someone mentioned before, there are also ways to share things. If you get into that situation, it's only because you let yourself be, there's nothing forcing you to take certain options.

>> No.51052740

>so stop whining about not being able to get one of dozens and dozens of options available to them.

Yeah, ok. Just don't act like it's not hypocritical to "punish" jumpers who invest primarily in themselves, when restrictions like "can't take Demi-Servant" make Companions weaker and incredibly less appealing as options.

>> No.51052749

Which True Magic is Wish Granting based off?

I picked Most Powerful Sorcerer (1st) and Free Genie (3rd) for wishes in Disney Princess, would immunity to unwanted reality warping be within the bounds for a second wish? What settings would it trivialize / reduce from crazy to manageable?

What kind of shenanigans have you gotten up to with Van Helsing's The Laws Are Mine (ignore fundamental natural laws for creations).

What kind of mental protections would help against internal influences (a power, charm, or ability that alters your mental state as a requirement or side effect of the power it grants). EX: Ebon Dragon Nemesis Imagined Anew, where you pick an enemy and it forces your motivations to be the opposite of the enemy's in return for various powers against that enemy.

>> No.51052758

Some origins in Cthulhu are priced 50, with no other 50 options or items, meaning leftover points.

What's the power level of this jump assuming you just follow the plot? Street?

>> No.51052763

>They can choose to not take higher powered stuff if they want.
I feel like anyone who actually did that would have to be literally retarded.

>there are also ways to share things
Yes, one incredibly meta option in one specific jump.

>because you let yourself be, there's nothing forcing you to take certain options.
Other than common sense and a modicum of intelligence, you mean.

>> No.51052765

The 200cp guys follow the same rules as the 50cp ones. That said, like I said earlier, given this jump was intended to be higher power for the Master side, I'm most likely not changing things with this one. It's a bit annoying but not really enough to make me change stuff.

I guess you'll just have to live with this imaginary punishment you seem to be thinking I'm giving you. You must be getting punished a lot if the idea of not being able to get what was never on offer is a punishment to you.

None of them, it's a unique ability of the Einzbern family.

>> No.51052792

thanks that's super useful

>> No.51052811

None sort of, it's the Sorcery Trait of the Einzbern family and a key mechanism in the Grail, which is a byproduct of the Third and Second Magics as well as others. And the Einzberns were the original Third Magic users but somehow lost use of it hundra of years ago; the Grail War was partially set up to let them reclaim it via wish.

Given how stuff went down in the movie where Genie got pummeled by genie!Jafar, a setting where magic users/deities/supernatural beings capable of reality warping in general exceed the power of Disney genies I guess? I think Elonanon said something about this ages ago if you're willing to trawl 4plebs.

I made toast that always lands butter-side up. Even in space.

Marvel has a helmet for that. Sabaton has a perk called Resist and Bite. And if I recall 8-Bit Theater has one that simply makes your mind horrifying to look at.

>> No.51052822

*don't exceed

Mobile devices fail me yet again.

>> No.51052831

Say Val, are there any chances of another True Magic perk appearing in future jumps?

>> No.51052832

You know to begin with companion builds weren't a thing right?

>> No.51052838

>imaginary punishment you seem to be thinking I'm giving you.
Your intent with the JUMPER drawback was to "punish" jumpers who invested the majority of their CP into themselves. In the very same jump, you make it impossible for Companions even come close to what a jumper can do, and are considering making it even harder by limiting Companions from two entire tiers of perks (the 1000 CP perks are understandable, I'll give you that). In effect, you are admonishing people who focus on themselves, when you make Companions so far beneath what you can possibly obtain. Do you not see the hypocrisy here?

>> No.51052858

Why not empower companions, pour all their powers into you and then use something to share your own abilities?

>> No.51052869

It's a few hours late, but as the person who originally asked about the Second Magic and parallel worlds, I'd like to apologize on behalf of whoever hijacked my question.

>> No.51052894

Yes, and that should have never been a thing. Companions are people, not objects. Frankly, considering Val's responses in this thread, I'm not surprised she sees them as slaves undeserving of "jumper privilege".

>> No.51052896

>> No.51052905

You're a bit late, friendo.

>> No.51052910

Amazing that you can read my mind like this, to know what my intent was.

No, that was just what someone else mentioned and I found it funny, so I mentioned it later too. I made the drawback because it reflects something in setting, something obvious to anyone with even the slightest familiarity with the work, and was requested a very long time ago.

>Impossible to come close
If you take one of the 1000cp maybe and even then you still get one Servant companion (Or one 1000cp Master companion if a Servant). You can still get plenty of stuff given you get a free origin and 600cp. You can also give your companions more CP on a 1:1 scale, so it's really your choice as to how much you're giving them. Or are you just upset you don't both get huge amounts of CP for 50cp a piece?

>Limited from two entire tiers
You're only limited from the 1000cp perks. In future jumps, companions are only stopped from getting a single perk, the Demi/Pseudo Servant perk. Given only 3 origins get 1000cp perks and the Demi perk is a single general perk, neither is close to a tier so you either don't understand what a tier is or you're lying to try and stir something up by exaggerrating this issue.

In effect, your paranoid and obsessive over this. Calm down. The jump's companion options doesn't give you any less then a lot of other jumps do and it lets you get a heckuva lot more then some do.

And frankly, after this point, unless you start making sense instead of making things up, exaggerating and assuming you know what I was thinking at the time, I'm not going to bother responding to you further. Have a good day/night.

Eh? Was there some problem with it?

>> No.51052952

Once you've gotten a companion chain where you have triple digit numbers of companions, you'll realize how much of a pain companion builds can be with more CP.

>> No.51052961

Alright, so I guess that wasn't your intent. Apparently I got stirred up over nothing. For what it's worth, apologies.

>single general perk, neither is close to a tier
I was referring to the entire "tier" (15 perks) locked behind the capstone booster Demi-Servant. Considering you have to gift an extra 200 CP per Companion to allow them to get the boosted effect, I don't think it's unfair to offer it, especially when they're not 50 CP Companions anymore.

>> No.51052975

>Mind Control Resists
Those resist external influences. I'm looking for something that lets you damage yourself for power, and then ignore the damage and keep the power. I think it might be closer to corruption than influence. Any good perks to help embrace and mitigate self-induced corruption?

>> No.51052984

>Eh? Was there some problem with it?
Nah, the guy just acted like he was me and seemed to be trying to stir shit up. I just wanted to let you know that that was probably bait, instead of someone legitimately ass-blasted. Every little thing counts in this thread.

>> No.51052988

Overlord (series) question:
What level do I need to be to cast Mass Teleport?

Can I do it with The Realm of Heroes or do I need Level One Hundred?

>> No.51053003

Apology accepted.

I'd be willing to allow companions, 50cp and 200cp ones, to buy the capstone booster at the same price for the sake of getting capstone boosts, but they are not getting the Demi Servant benefits related to being a Servant in any jump but the current one. Well, and GO.

Not sure what you're talking about with not being 50cp companions anymore either.

Oh, thanks. No hard feelings either way. Kudos for going to the effort though, you seem like a pretty nice guy.

>> No.51053021

Ah, misread. The Gods Are Bastards jump has one in the Warlock perk tree, the Kamen Rider Neo Hessei has one that lets you "ride" out the corruption and Mage: The Awakening has one called No Strings On Me. If you want extra, quasi-mundane resistance against conscious influences Inner Jumper from Discworld is based on a man who subconsciously wrestled a sentient memetic vengeance entity into symbiosis. One which had existed for millions of years.

>> No.51053037

>not getting the Demi Servant benefits related to being a Servant in any jump but the current one.
Alright, fair enough. I can see why you'd want to prevent someone getting eight Servants.

>not being 50cp companions anymore either
Yeah, just... ignore that.

Night, Val.

>> No.51053048


>> No.51053059

that's a creepy ass pic

>> No.51053063

Definitely lvl100.

Fluder, the strongest human mage doesn't even knows what Greater Teleportation is, and Teleport is regarded as a spell on the Realm of Heroes.

>> No.51053071

>Oh, thanks.
No problem. Keep up the good work.

>> No.51053074

This Banpai Akira guy does some really great stuff.

Sure thing Mr Japanese Power Ranger.

>> No.51053075

I've got 530+ jumps.

I try to import wherever I can.

>> No.51053089


>> No.51053097

Does Mystic Leech work on other forms of mystical energy? Like ki and such, or just mana?

>> No.51053105

Just magical energy.

>> No.51053183

Val, we have to talk about the explanation of the Fifth true magic

>Of course, this has its cost. Namely, shortening the time it will take until the universe suffers death from a build-up of heat and energy that has nowhere to go in the future, as even just a few minutes sent so far could cause uncontrollable growth in heat.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that the state of entropy of the entire universe, as an isolated system, will always increase over time. The second law also states that the changes in the entropy in the universe can never be negative, but you can forget about that part because magic.

See, more energy in the future is a good thing. The issue is that the universe is expanding, spreading energy out, this is what's meant by an increase in entropy. Eventually the universe will be so large and the energy density so low that particles will never feel each other's force again, so this consequence of their being more heat is a good thing for the universe. Heat death is the death of heat.

Are you sure you just mean an increase in entropy rather than an increase in heat?

>> No.51053199

Uh, I'm just going by what is given as a canon explanation. It's not heat death, it's death by an uncontrollable amount of heat destroying everything in the universe. I think. It's a very confusing thing but the basic gist is that it makes very bad things happen.

Shit, by all means, if you're willing to write out a better, more accurate explanation of the Fifth's burden I'd be completely willing to replace the current one with it. Just, I don't think it's referring to heat death. If it is, it's making it very unclear.

>> No.51053209

Got a link?
At the very least I can laugh at Nasu's understanding of physics as I use the Fifth to extend the life spans of the universe indefinitely.

>> No.51053212

Speaking of the Fifth's burden, if we had a pocket dimension available, could we shunt the energy created in there?

>> No.51053213

Wait no, reading it with your post in mind it is referring to entropy increase, it just makes very little direct mention of it.

Guuuuuuuh. I'll update it tomorrow with a better description.

>> No.51053240

Nasu actually applies to something that might be consistent with parts of M-theory, so before you go barking up a tree thinking he's completely batshit you should probably see the translations of his newer works.

>> No.51053260

>Nasu actually applies to something that might be consistent with parts of M-theory
>might be consistent with parts of M-theory
>consistent with parts of M-theory
>parts of M-theory

>thinking he's completely batshit

>> No.51053273

Nasu, stop bringing science into this. Just stick to your fucking crazy magic that you keep changing.

At least that doesn't make my head hurt. Fucking science man.

>> No.51053276

Hate to burst your bubble, but it won't work. It's already been confirmed that the upper multiverse and all of the subset universes don't work off of either classical or quantum physics. Right now all we know is that some sort of upper dimensional pruning exists, and it definitely tosses the concept of heat death the window. True Magic won't do shit in the face of it either.

>> No.51053277


To clarify
They have no experiment to verify Super String "theory" and they have the gall to call it anything other than a hypothesis.

I am beyond triggered that this has been mentioned anon.

>> No.51053296

He's successfully spun his fanfiction into something that nets him massive profits, spewing out things that if you or I did it, would probably just result in people laughing at us. I wouldn't say he's batshit at all. He knows what can get him money, and he's milking it for what it's worth.

>> No.51053298

We talkin' bout the Nasu verse or are we talking about the real world anon?

If it's the real world, you have a citation for that? Sounds interesting.

>> No.51053311

People don't read Fate for the science anon
They read it because they want to suffer

>> No.51053316

Sounds like Eliezer Yudkowsky.

>> No.51053330

Oh my god his wikipedia page talks about his fanfiction. what the fuck is going on

>> No.51053348

Nasuverse from Extella.

These are people who have literally done what other people consider to be insane. It's like if somebody wrote a novel about their chain, published it, and became an overnight best seller on Times.

>> No.51053362

To be fair, it's the best thing he's done.

>> No.51053389

He was doing it for keks and education so it was okay. He ain't no Chris-Chan.

He's also got some points but he completely neglects the catastrophic effect AGI is going to have on the economy.

>Nasuverse from Extella.

Well fuck it, stick em all in an Ark and ship them off to Madoka where they're running their universe off an S2 engine. Problem solved.

>> No.51053420

Sure his basic point "strong IA can be dangerous and we gotta be real careful" is legit. The rest is mostly bullshitting though.

>> No.51053441

Sure, but that's because when he was going into academia the entire CS and medical environment was concietied, sure that the secrets of consciousness would be unraveled by now.

He's a product of the environment he grew up in so I cut him a little slack.

>> No.51053446

After trying to understand the wiki, here is how either the translators or contributors apparently think it works assuming Nasu got lost in translation along the way somewhere. If he didn't, well, here you go:

1. Fifth-based time travel neads /ludicrous/ amounts of magical energy, and USES IT UP in the form of heat to move things through time

2. Time travel carried out without changing the world cannot change the past. Moving even small things through the span of minutes incurs a ludicrously disproporionate debt in heat consumption.

3. To prevent herself from being destroyed by the loss, Aoko timeshifts the heat debt into the far future

3.5 Except...this uses MORE time travel to deal with the heat...accruing MORE debt...

4. This basically causes an Error 404 in the universe from the uncontrolled, exponentially increasing the heat lost

5. Which eventually results in the collapse of order

Also the Fifth is apparently associated with consumption, extinction...and advancing civilisation.

Almost like Spiral Energy

>> No.51053449

Uh? Yudkowsky never went into academia as far as I know.

>> No.51053456

I'm not an expert on him, the name has just come up in the circles I travel. I just assumed that he had some form of formal tertiary education.

>> No.51053459

At the rate the overall stories are going there's a 50/50 chance that they'll be dealing with a Fate Nehaschimic Dragon at this point, given that we already have the Covenant equivalent of Types.

>> No.51053464

Yeah, it seemed to basically just be what I had only energy was used up instead of made. Still, thanks, having it neatly layed out is a big help.

>> No.51053488

No he's basically a blogger. He founded an Institute for "theoretical research" (philosophy) on artificial intelligence and appointed himself research fellow. That's as far as his credentials go.

Oh he also used his Harry Potter fanfiction as a platform to ask for donations. Not very classy.

I still like the guy and find him sometimes interesting. But I consider him to be a semi-cult leader.

>> No.51053493

Thanfiction, Yudkowsky.. what's with HP fanfics and cults?

>> No.51053494

Good to know I guess

>> No.51053514

No prob.

There's one quasi-irrelevant detail that's a footnote next to the heat death 404 which is the primary universe-killer, but Touko also notes that as a side effect to the mechanism for whizzing heat around back and forth the timeline the magic doesn't just use heat energy as a power source, but needs to ACTIVELY COOL DOWN that heat energy as it's displaced to make sure it goes to the correct heat level (this is making my head hurt but as far as I can tell it's an equivalent exchange thing) which means using MORE magical energy to...make the temperature the same after all factors.

So. Basically we have two simultaneously universal glitches:

1. The heat being used up to time travel

2. The magic being used up to restore the heat to equilibrium

at the same time.

Moreso than anything else in Fate, I think Nasu wrote up this thing after sitting indoors for too long.

>> No.51053519

Wasn't he trying to convince JK to make HP:MoR canon? I mean, it's not any worse than what e already have as said as I am to say that, but still.

>> No.51053539

Man if he was experiencing temperatures like I have been, I can completely understand wanting to get rid of all that heat. Fucking nasty and gross and sticky.

>> No.51053542

He wanted the authorization to publish it and make money off it. He also tried to win scifi awards. All in all pretty lame.

>> No.51053574

Hey Mardukth I'm doing infernals right now and if I take both coven and the thing Infernal to import my companions is it, that all of them get 800 points or is it that four of them get 600 and four of them get 800?

>> No.51053601

>Be me
>Living in Perth
>Middle summer
>High of 21 degrees

Blog it.

>> No.51053609

You lucky bitch It's been 34-36 degrees down here in Melbourne all day and it's gonna be even hotter tomorrow. Summer's the fucking worst when you're not at the beach.

>> No.51053631

>34-36 degrees

Look, Val, I'll trade you.

>> No.51053644

I have a high of 21 too. Except it's in Fahrenheit.

>> No.51053646

I'd be happy to.

>> No.51053655

>Imperial system

>> No.51053670

Look, I don't like it either. It's just how Americans (read: idiots) like to do things

>> No.51053683

Hey, don't worry, things are looking up

And we get to keep our sovereignty and not go to war with Russia.

>> No.51053687

>Rating System
That's a pretty good idea. I think I'm gonna use it.

Those were mostly for classifying settings. I hadn't thought about using threat types to more explicitly filter lists, but it's another pretty good idea.I think I'd have to move to database software to do it, though.

That's a pretty decent way to go about things.

>Sword Art, Zelda, Forgotten Realms, and Hero BBS in the same tier
Why is that silly? I mean, they're all "fantasy RPG" type settings - a mixed focus on martial and combat spellcasting. By design, there's little in these settings that can't be solved by swinging a sword (albeit far better than mere baselines), casting lightning bolt (or smite, for undead), or shielding/dodging/running away.

>With fucking Twilight above them.
That's because Twilight has diamond-skinned super-powered vampires that can move faster than the human eye can track, throw cars around, and who never sleep. They also have photographic memory, can spread with a single bite, and have been accumulating wealth and power for thousands of years.

>> No.51053691

Not that much money in it anyways. Most people would be ass blasted if they woke up to find draft notices again.

>> No.51053704

Would there even be a draft? War's changed a lot

>> No.51053708

It's silly because the scale implies that the scope and depth of the three are the same, when in reality it isn't anywhere close. There are plenty of things for instance, in both D&D and Hero BBS that can instantly destroy the main cast of Twilight.

I wonder how Bella would fare against a Neutronium Golem.

>> No.51053721

Depends on how the war comes about mostly. In a country like the States it probably won't, but there are still more than a couple places where mandatory draft is enforced.

>> No.51053730

You don't understand the kind of rhetoric that was coming from the left that I encountered during the Meme war.

There was a good percentage of people arguing that America should take out Russia now while they're still weak. It could have just been a few CTR shills, but they all used different syntax. You're right that people would be pissed but if Hillary was in the descent would have been completely suppressed by the media.

>> No.51053739

I can say that it is a bitch to get a overseas job as an American, most everyone else uses metric and we're stuck being taught the Imperial System for the first twenty years of our lives and then forced to learn the system everyone else has been taught as a kid. It's annoying, let me tell you.

Reminder to self: Need to note why you can block a Nuke Blast-wave with Shield Up but it wouldn't help as you can only block one /thing/ at at time and Nukes are made up of more than just a blast-wave. Secondary Reminder to self, do this after finishing the TLDR for Samurai Deeper Kyo..

>> No.51053758

The US had drafts at one point, so there will always be that threat lingering in people's minds, even if it's very unlikely and likely unneeded.

That said, I heard recruitment's down, so who knows what could happen? Though there'd probably be a huge amount of political backlash if one was instated, besides.

>> No.51053767

Realistically a large majority of North Americans are bandwagon politics fans. People debate fanatically about it and anything related to it during the season, then they go back to their regular programming when the festivities are over. It's just less apparent in USA compared to Canada because the USA are even more vocal about blaming/defending whoever is in charge. That's literally what the PM/President is good for, a target for people to blame their troubles on.

>> No.51053775

Jesus, both sides lost the Meme War didn't they? Nobody came out looking credible at all.

>> No.51053785

No one ever wins a Meme War, it's just a different way of calling a Special Olympics together. But it makes for good drama and TV ratings.

>> No.51053796

We've always been post truth anon, everyone is just more aware of it now.

>> No.51053806

>Neutronium Golem
Are cosmic-level, which not even the main cast of any FR novel has ever had to deal with. They exist for level 20+ games, and don't appear in the settings' other media at all - as far as this rating system is concerned, extreme edge cases like this are not taken into account.

>> No.51053820

Oh Val, has anyone ever asked about what the go is with the golden fleece that Medea has? I mean, if I'm buying Medea as a servant for Stay/Night is it an NP or a skill?

>> No.51053837

So then how is it not useless? What do you think is actually made up of "one thing"?

>> No.51053843

Aren't they actually non-canon? Like the bullshit reality warping dragons?

>> No.51053853

The FR jump has never had any strict rulings as to what is in it and what isn't. It also won't ever have any rulings, since the author was gone on the same day he finished the jump. Considering it's not based on any novel, that point doesn't hold either. The only reason people even argued against Immortal's Handbook in the first place was because people thought that they should at least stick to SRD out of common sense, but even then that's only as much common sense as the Jumper is willing to apply. This is ignoring the amount of threats present in the upper CRs anyways, Immortal's Handbook aside.

>> No.51053861

I've honestly never had any idea what was up with that. I don't recall it ever coming up in the Visual Novel or any of the animes. Honestly, I'd say it's safe to say to ignore it because it's only been mentioned in her stat sheet, never appeared in series to my knowledge and it even says it's not something she's able to use.

If you want to just ignore it, I'd pay no mind. If you are buying it, it's apparently a Skill, despite obviously being an NP and this fact just fuels the idea that Nasu made a mistake in putting in it.. So you'd buy it as a Skill if you want.

I'm pretty sure they're all from the Immortals Handbook, a 3rd party supplement that's very silly in terms of power levels but also a good laugh to read.

>> No.51053871

Seriously though, is that Immortals Handbook canon or not? D&D confuses me.

What the fuck could possibly threaten the reality nishimaic(?) dragon and that golem anyway? I've never played D&D but I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to punch Ao in the dick.

>> No.51053881

A nuke is literally just a big explosion. Except the radiation which can be easily mitigated.

>> No.51053886

Ah, right. Well, that answers that for me, cheers.

>> No.51053887

They're not within any SRD, but again, that only means as much as what you're willing to play. Considering we never get anyone sharing a build for the 3.5 jump anyways, basically you can choose what to use and no one would care if you don't boast about it insufferably. Nehaschimics are in the same book, yes.

>> No.51053889

Hrm perhaps I should rephrase my statement made in passing. It works like this. You can block all the shit-tons of damage from fire/heat/light/force/etc that makes up an explosion but you can't block being irradiated as well.

Aye but the perk doesn't account for that.

>> No.51053906

It's not canon, in the sense it's an unofficial 3rd party thing some guy made. Far as I'm aware, the FR jump only includes the mainline and Dragon Magazine stuff. It certainly makes what is canon to FR make no sense if you try and treat Immortals as canon.

>> No.51053916

Immortal's Handbook dealt with Upper Dimensional or Higher Dimensional beings, and basically the Nehaschimics were used as their whips in one posed challenge. It's as fucked as you think, some bizarre entity you can't even perceive properly using an interdimensional creature as a whip to flay universes. I think most of the situations presented in that thing had just one premise, and that was to survive.

>> No.51053923

>The Next Swiftblade: ...like understanding how much blood is left in your body.

Is this giving you the sense as if you were able to tell how much blood is left in your body? Because people don't know how much blood is left in their body.

>> No.51053926

Wasn't that the Bestiary book that came with it?

>> No.51053940

Maybe? I don't remember all the details from it, just some stuff that sounded amusing when I read it.

>> No.51054009

Well other people are saying the FR jump only includes the mainline/Dragon Magazine stuff so now I dont' know who to believe.

Honestly those things sound stupid anyway.

>> No.51054021

How to phrase this correctly... Okay as a survivor of a car accident that led to the lose of quite a bit of my blood I had a vague sense that I'd lost 'a lot' of blood. It's kinda like that. I'll update that line, thank you for pointing that out Anon.

>> No.51054037

If all the D&D-related settings contained everything in all the sourcebooks, you couldn't take a step without tripping over a magic sword. This obviously isn't in line with what we see depicted in the novelizations, though.
I'm personally choosing to interpret the world as written, and not as played.

>> No.51054068

How hard is it to figure out? 1m = ~1yd. Its not perfect but it'll get you within the ballpark.

>> No.51054072

...you know there's a lot more to measurement systems then meters and yards right? You can't be THIS dumb

>> No.51054085

>I wonder how Bella would fare against a Neutronium Golem.
It would fall in love with her, because she's just that sweet and perfect. You know it would.

>> No.51054098

A lot of things are going to seem pretty stupid regardless, but it's literally just a part of jumpchain history rather than anything to do with D&D now. Most people have the common sense not to do anything too stupid with it, but there's no point anymore to trying to set any community limits for the jump when it's been out for this long and most people would rather just leave it be.

>> No.51054131

It's more along the lines of >>51054072 I have to refer to multiple units of measurement every day. After having been taught to default to the wrong units it's annoying to get over, not impossible just a bit of a bitch. One of the fundamental difficulties is the instinct that you have to iron out. Not saying it's impossible or even that difficult, for some folks as each person adapts at their own rate to these kinds of changes, but it's annoying to go against the method that you were taught as if it were the universal constant.

>> No.51054135

Thats why I said Gamer's Body was 'mostly better' than CEF. So, sure.

...I will do something about that.

Power level is somewhere around 'each character can beat off a small army single handedly'. Assuming they're level 40.

>> No.51054179

Is level 40 the max or are you still saying this jump lets you beat Azathoth?

>> No.51054256

Fuck that, I'm going with >>51054037 because the setting doesn't make sense if shit like that destroys everything every other Thursday, because I'm not going to abuse crappy halfassed efforts that got put on the drive by mistake by some guy who cranked out a jump in a night then dropped off the radar, and because "part of jumphchain history" would mandate Bancho's work as acceptable too.

>> No.51054280

>would mandate Bancho's work as acceptable too.
You might not accept it out of some personal grudge but the drive certainly has. Everyone has jumpmakers that they think are good and those that they think are bad, but accepted is accepted.

>> No.51054281

Is SBURB with Void Session easier than a normal session? Do you miss out on anything useful?

>> No.51054299

The drive also accepted Vampire Diaries, so...

>> No.51054303

You literally cannot win in a void session.

>> No.51054306

>Strike is a Meme War veteran
I knew there was a reason I liked you.

>> No.51054314

What's wrong with that jump?

>> No.51054318

No, the maker ran a con and got it on the drive. If people had been aware of what the jump maker was doing earlier, instead of after the fact, it wouldn't be on the drive.

>> No.51054328

In the show you can settle most of the problems with a shotgun and a good ambush. The jump has perfect immortality and continent shaking power. It was a pure powergrab by the jump maker.

>> No.51054333

The drive has accepted a lot of things, all that proves is that standards varied drastically. But the fact that it's accepted does mean that it's approved for this community, regardless of what jump you're talking about.

>> No.51054338

After entire threads' worth of salt. As if people getting sick and tired of arguing with a dense motherfucker is supposed to be a laudable outcome, just like that Lost Odyssey jump.

You can try to apply "accepted" automatically means it's a valid argument, you can try to bullshit around the letter of the law rather than acknowledge the spirit of it was ignored. But if you're asking me to justify your pointbuy powergaming, I'm going to continue saying no.

>> No.51054340

It's easier in that you don't actually have to worry about finishing the game, you just have to survive 10 years.

It's harder in that you can't end it before 10 years are up by killing the black king, and that the skeleton monsters you'll encounter are much harder to permanently put down then they'd otherwise be. Plus, even when you do kill them they won't drop much Grist, so alchemy and building will be far, far more tedious.

>> No.51054357

Did people read the jump and accept it? I'm not really sure how they could pull a con?

>> No.51054368

The enemies are tougher to kill (on account of being undead), but generally offensively weaker (on account of being mostly Consort skeletons instead of proper monsters) and they drop barely any Grist.

But you don't have to fight them anyway. Since your session is pointless and you can't win. No creating a new universe for you.

Basically, Void Session is sort of easier... In the sense that you don't have to finish the game, and can just laze around. But much harder (or impossible) if you want to get anything done.

>> No.51054373

People took at face value what he was saying about the power level of the setting. He inflated it in the jump doc to give higher powered options. That was the con.

>> No.51054391


>> No.51054394

>you can settle most of the problems with a shotgun and a good ambush.
To be fair, that could be said of a lot of "secretly higher-powered" settings. Supernatural, for example.

>> No.51054400

>You can try to apply "accepted" automatically means it's a valid argument, you can try to bullshit around the letter of the law rather than acknowledge the spirit of it was ignored. But if you're asking me to justify your pointbuy powergaming, I'm going to continue saying no.

It's not about whether it's a valid argument or not. The fact is that the jump is there and it's valid for use. The letter of the law here is literally if it's on the drive, it's valid, and unless you want to start a new crusade to get those jumps removed, it's still going to stay that way. No one cares if you want to justify the existence of the jumps in question, we ignore plenty of jumps. We ignore mib's jumps. We ignore bancho's jumps. We ignore dirge's jumps. We ignore plenty of jumps. You pretty much will never see anyone come out and try to justify the existence of a jump anyways, so why bring that up?

>> No.51054403


>> No.51054407

Sounds like Fate, desu. Minus the "powergrab" part.

>> No.51054408

That seems paranoid.

>> No.51054415


>> No.51054420

Conning the thread is very easy if you know how to do it. You just need to know what to take advantage of, how to hide things, and it doesn't take that much effort at all.

>> No.51054429

The problem is that, unlike Supernatural, VD the source material doesn't escalate to show any of the higher powered shit that's in the doc. It stays at the same threat level of the first season of Supernatural, yet it offers power like the latter seasons of Supernatural.

The stuff in the Fate jumps is taken explicitly from the source material. The problem with VD is that it doesn't represent the source material.

>> No.51054434

How bad of a plan would it be to use the RM option in Tsukihime to pick up Type Mercuries RM?

>> No.51054446

Second try huh? it's pretty obviously blatant powerwanking, even with the Tsukihime jump built to be as vague as possible to allow that sort of stuff.

>> No.51054449


6.112×10^-12 au Doesn't seem really practical or a good way to explain a distance though
please see my question here>>51053574
thank you for your patience

>> No.51054452

From what I've gathered, you only really get alchemy and your classpects out of the jump...is there anything a jumper would grab or learn in a normal session that a dead session doesn't give? -assuming you use cheat mode or something to make infinite grist post jump.

>> No.51054462

What the flying fuck are you on Bancho? Is this you trying to be funny again? It's not working if so.

>> No.51054476

Is there any way to time travel in jumpchain?

>> No.51054478

Doesn't Supernatural have a bunch of things that can only be killed by specific things?

Servants by their very nature are unable to be injured by mundane weaponry. There are quite a few masters that using a shotgun wouldn't work. I don't see any way a guy with a shotgun could win a grail war by ambushing people. I don't see how a guy who tried ambushing people with a shotgun in a grail war would survive either if that was all he had.

>> No.51054489

Its not powerwanking, it's an attempt to waifu Type Mercury.

>> No.51054494

If you want a legit answer, it won't work. ORT's ability is not a RM, it's only tangentially similar to a RM, and even then the wording implies that's only because human magi found that the only thing they could describe it as was "it's like a RM". They still don't understand it, they don't understand how to beat it, and they don't know how to reproduce it.

>> No.51054503

Right, the attempt to get the reality marble of a TYPE when even the examples given are just of Servants is not a power grab.

Try again somewhere else idiot.

>> No.51054507

Nanban Mirror from Ranma 1/2

>> No.51054510

It'd probably mess your mind up hard given you'd be seeing the world in the same manner as Type Mercury.

Not really. All Types Mercuries RM does is turn the ground into crystal and form crystal towers. A Reality Marble would just create a world where the ground was crystal. It's honestly a pretty weak choice.

>> No.51054534

Only for short durations, correct?

>> No.51054555

Let's see what we've got here.
>...we ignore plenty of jumps. We ignore mib's jumps. We ignore bancho's jumps. We ignore dirge's jumps. We ignore plenty of jumps
I believe that you're using the word We a bit too much here.

The Imperial System has it's own units to measure liquid/mass/space/etc. I think that was the point being made here Bancho-Anon.

Lots just none that don't have some gimmek to them. Like you have to think in Closed Loops and Bootstrap Paradoxes for X of Time from Sburb and the Phoenix Gate from Gargoyles, which are the most common things I see thrown around. Other than that you can run fast enough to get where you were going before you started running with Kamen Rider Kabuto Hyper Clock Up, build a Time Machine with Sims 3 Advanced Technology Skill, but Kabuto's is kinda iffy on if it can go past more than a few minutes and the Sims 3 Time Machine is random as fuck and sometimes deletes the person in it for reasons. The Naban Mirror in Ranma is another one, which has a very flexable time travel mechanic, and Negima has a way to tech up to Time Travel watches.

Nah like two-thousand years ago is the longest back I remember it going in canon.

>> No.51054556

>Not really. All Types Mercuries RM does is turn the ground into crystal and form crystal towers.
This is largely because ORT doesn't fight. Crystal Valley is a subconscious reaction where ORT's Mercury Law is actively replacing Gaia's "Earth Law" so to speak. There's also no description of what Mercury's environment is like beyond Crystal Valley, so there's no way to tell if ORT can also affect atmospheric conditions while passive terraforming.

There's literally nothing to indicate what happens if ORT decided to get serious, all we know is that the creator intended for ORT to be able to crush Gaia and inhabitants if he did get serious, so that the hopeless despair theme could be met.

>> No.51054558

Not really. Well, a dead session wouldn't give you a Sprite. But a Void session can get you pretty much anything besides actually playing the game.

...Except for a protyped version of the Queen's Ring, I guess? Though only Carapacians can really use those, and you'd need to cheatmode it or something (since they need to be destroyed to finish the game), and the Ring of Void is a nice alternative anyway.

>> No.51054577

Harry Potter: Time Turner lets you go back five hours. Can't interact with yourself
Gargoyles: Phoenix Gate. Can travel to any point in time but must be a stable time loop.
Fate: True Magic.
Arrowverse: Speedforce lets you time travel in jump.
Tales of Phantasia: The Eternal Sword lets you time travel in settings that canonically have it.

>> No.51054581


No seriously, the thing has NO GODDAMN PERSONALITY TRAITS outside of "arrived on Earth early to kill humanity". Nasu's jokes about it being an overeager schoolgirl aren't canon in any way shape or form.

Assuming you're, well, waifuing in good faith you might as well be trying to fuck that red shadow thing that tried to kill Aoko.

Since the other guy's post didn't link to yours, I'll just say it's telling nobody agrees with you even when you try to speak on everyone's behalf.

>> No.51054589

>please see my question here

>Hey Mardukth I'm doing infernals right now and if I take both coven and the thing Infernal to import my companions is it, that all of them get 800 points or is it that four of them get 600 and four of them get 800?
Four get 600 and four get 800, mostly because the Thing Infernal's a bit more expensive.

>> No.51054608

The thread discusses generally anywhere from ten to fifty jumps consistently if you look back over the last three to four hundred threads. Fifty is probably an overestimate for the amount of jumps that see more than ten threads where they get discussed. It's safe to say, with seven hundred jumps, that we ignore a lot of jumps. If it's fine to say that we discuss what we like to discuss about, it's equally fine to say that we ignore jumps we don't care about.

>> No.51054610

You could always travel to another session and steal their shit.

>> No.51054616

I remember a while ago there was a character called Kiara apparently from the same franchise who folks said could beat the planet, is there any indication of whether she could take on ORT?

>> No.51054618

What jumps have waifus with royal blood in them?

>> No.51054632

Well, King Arthur's a petite blonde in the Fate ones so. There's those.

>> No.51054639

Is that you dirge_? I'm pretty sure I can smell the same kind of misery loves company stench off of you.

>> No.51054642

Protip: Nobody likes a pedant with an agenda, and being one just motivates people to take the side opposing yours out of spite.

>> No.51054654

Witcher has Ciri.

>> No.51054661

Again my point of contention is that I think you are saying We too much. Nothing more or less.

>> No.51054664

I doubt it. Dirge generally talks to several people consistently, this guy's just hitting one or two people-myself included-with his passive aggression implication bullshit while ignoring the majority who call him out.

I can't even imagine why he's doing it at this point. It's blatent nobody agrees with him.

Also? Dirge never said a word about the FR jump.

>> No.51054666

I guess so? Good luck trying to navigate the Furthest Ring though.

Try not to bump into the gods.

>> No.51054697

No. PFALZ never bothered doing character comparisons, and Nasu has pretty much stopped mentioning the old TYPEs in favor of the new ones. The Velbers seriously have more lore on them than the old TYPEs, as does the Harvest Star TYPE.

I'm assuming you're talking about Kiara Sessyoin since that's the only Kiara that comes to mind, but no, even Kiara would be utterly fucked because Kiara is an Extra character, and in Extraverse, TYPEs are even worse than normal. TYPE-Attila was famous for exterminating 80% of humanity before she got bored. Everything in Extra verse so far has been "retconned" by Extella to confirm that humanity is hiding desperately from whoever sent TYPE-Attila, because if another set of Harvest Stars come around, no amount of Automatons or Holy Relics will save humanity. With Grand Order confirming that alternate universes like Extella and Grand Order can have different variations of the same character, no one knows just how powerful TYPE-Mercury in Extra verse can get.

>> No.51054726

dirge is also gone over to SB permanently isn't he? though if >>51054639 is anything to go by it might be a good thing.

>> No.51054728

So, what's the chance of getting ganked in the jump?

>> No.51054760

No, he still lurks infrequently.


Fuck. That. He was one of the best we ever had, self-esteem issues aside.

>> No.51054763

Which one? Extella doesn't happen in the same time frame as the current Extra, they just happen to be in the same universe, and Extella explains why the Moon Cell exists. If you're talking about ORT another anon already mentioned that it's so devoid of personality it wouldn't do anything.

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