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Why are elves so cute and how can dwarves compete?

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>Why are elves so cute
Because Nip-Nongs draw them and they like making everything cute.

>how can dwarves compete
By not spamming shitty memebait thereads every other day. It actually seems to be working out for them.

Take a look at pic-related for making future threads. It might just help.

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Stop making these threads, they contribute nothing. If you really love elves, make a thread that isn't pure bait.

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Large, stout fingers.

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>how can dwarves compete
Large breasts help

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by also being cute

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Because they're effeminate and they seem young forever, and men are typically programmed to find women and younger people cute.

>how can dwarves compete?
By also being cute.

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Bullshit, there hasn't been a good thread on /tg/ for years.

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>Because they're effeminate
[citation needed]

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We had a decent Goblin thread a few weeks ago.

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There was an AGP update like a couple months ago, a thread about what 4chan would be like in 40k that was pretty funny like two or three weeks ago and two more 40kchan threads that had their moments (the one after those two was meh) and there's been an ongoing Krieg write faggotry thread series for quite a while now.

There's been lots of shit recently but it hasn't all been bad.

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When will we get a setting with cute Dwarfs and gross elves?

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You could make it.

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>not cute dwarves and cute elves
Step up you game senpai

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>Why are dwarves so cute and how can elves compete?

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Goblins are the ideal liberal minority, I'm sure they were shilled appropriately unless /tg/ finally found its balls.

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>how can dwarves compete?
4e dwarves were pretty good-looking.

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>dwarves are either loli or fat with androgynous features by default and big hooked noses
>Elves are tall, proud, Aryan and the best at everything

Gee whiz I wonder who's shilling for dwarves?

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With cute beard braids and fine metalcraft skills.

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>Goblins are the ideal liberal minority, I'm sure they were shilled appropriately unless /tg/ finally found its balls.

Do you wanna lick some balls or something? You seem to have problems.

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I'd like to deedlit her deedlits.

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>child is 1:2 exact scale
That's not how it works. This shit is gross and creepy. If this does not trigger some kind of uncanny valley like feeling, than you've got brain problems.

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Off topic; all images and discussion should pertain traditional games such as board games, paper games, war games, and card games.

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>Being obsessed with homosexual acts

Funny, I was about to say the same of you. Nothing some good ol' electroshock therapy can't cure.

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>Elves and dwarves
>Off topic

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Sounds like you have experience with getting the gay kicked out of you, faggot.

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>A traditional game adaptation of a thing exists somewhere, so that thing is inherently and unconditionally on topic!

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>not rubbing your dick against a lady dwarf`s soft beard.

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How small are dwarf babies?

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That's why Dwarven women have a pouch in their genital beard, so when the dwarvenspawn are birthed in their eggsacs, the Dwarven women can scoop up the eggsacs, place them in their genital beard, and let the baby dwarves gestate until they are big enough to start breaking through the gelatinous egg. At this point, a verocious cannibalistic free-for-all begins, and only a single dwarf will survive and crawl out of its mothers genital beard after about a month of eating its brothers and sisters.

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>how can dwarves compete?
Your move, knife ear!

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One or two MtG elf species were green barky tree people.

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Dwarves can compete because no one wants to rape them

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