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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Want to be the rulers of a gigantic kingdom in the fey First World? Want to play a kitsune? Want to play a daoine sidhe foxgirl/foxboy, catgirl/catboy, doggirl/dogboy, or vanilla elfin cutie? Want some lewds? Then this is the game for you!

If you want build advice make sure to say what 3pp you can use, if any.

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/JTj1yEmU

Avowed Playtest 1:
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing
Malefex Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3LrE8WyIxxYRr8d9dHsWioeUk_-HZaSMqVWRnzc9Fc/edit?usp=sharing
Legendary Kineticists II Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11_w1o5dSef2tzu2GDLnJKElHY3uyETzuzFHDAjI6P6k/edit?usp=sharing

Old Thread: >>50969629

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At least yo waited for page 7

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Alright, so what's a good build for a sex slave-turned-paladin? What about deities? Who should redeem this tainted flesh?

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Please stop.

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The fact that you're not even offering the other /pfg/ games shows that you're a shithead.

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So what are the possibilities here?
1) You're too autistic to realize that people hate you.
2) You enjoy being a waste of oxygen.
3) You're false flagging, and too stupid to realize that you're the only one doing it.

Why include the sex slave? Why isn't she just a regular old slave? Oh that's right, it's because you're just stirring up shit.

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Let's start with some basic questions.

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Play a dashing romantic!

Or the weaker non-initiating version if you're boring.

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You can't taint flesh with regular sex, you butt. She'd need to have been fucking literal fiends for that to be a relevant factor in her paladinship or deity-worship.

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I don't think anyone realizes what's happening here. Multiple /pfg/'s, half with the kitsune bullshit, the other half without, and all slowly turn towards degeneracy. At this point this is Magical Realm General, or someone is trying to ram Pathfinder into the ground the same way Dungeon World and 3.5 Generals were.

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...I am really surprised my homebrew is being referenced. Yay.

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So quick question, if I was to entangle a PoW character, would that leave them unable to do maneuvers?

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Ignore it and let it happen at this point. There's no use complaining about it, there's really nothing that can be done about it anymore. It's honestly come to the case of 'If you don't like it, then leave' because there is no sight of this ending any time soon. We'll have to find somewhere else to talk about Pathfinder.

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Lewd evil game is still recruiting.


There's on screen ERP if you're into that, check the chat logs if you want details.

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So where are the stats for daoine sidhe anyway?

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Who said I disapprove? I've been directing Fetish posters here to keep it all contained.

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That's fucking bullshit and you know it. Just report them and discuss Pathfinder. You won't.

What's the edgiest combination of disciplines? Cursed Razor/Shattered Mirror/Black Seraph?

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I'll review these. Thanks, Anon!

It's a figurative reference to the debauchery behind her. Not every deity employs such fallen souls.

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They're so "balanced" that entangling them would do approximately fuck all to one.

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Does entangling do anything to ranged combatants or anyone that doesn't need to move?

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Please post more images like this.

>Lewd evil game is still recruiting.
That link doesn't work for anyone who isn't in the campaign already.

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But I thought there was something in the rules that stated that doing something that impeded their movement made them lose their maneuvers? Or am I just losing my mind on that one?

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Reports don't do anything though, mods are literally worthless.

fuck you man seriously, im tired of these horny pussy repellant faggots shitting up the place. Like seriously, a thread of about pathfinder shouldn't literally consist of permavirgin shit like HELP ME MAKE SEXSLAVE PALADIN. There really needs to be another thread on something like /d/ or /h/.

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No. Take that shit here. >>>/trash/6995812

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Whoops, have the real link.


Remember, the ERP logs are in the chat logs.

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>Just report them

There aren't any fucking mods on this board and you know it. Reporting does nothing, that's why I said to ignore it or move the fuck on.

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Better you guys than the rest of the board.

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dex penalty and keeping them unable to run away from melee who would force them to move or go to melee...

nah, they'll just use their balanced counters to take a move action as an immediate action to move out the way of any attack.

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It reduces Dex by 4, attack rolls by 2, and forces a DC 15+Spell Level concentration check for casters.

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-2 to attack rolls, -4 to dexterity, concentration checks.
Entangling doesn't prevent movement, just slows it, and you need to be prevented from moving entirely.
And then you use your counter to follow after them.

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They're like roaches, whether you bomb the house or let the infestation destroy it they'll just migrate somewhere else. Like the rest of the board.

Next 5e thread you see will have some furry weeb shit for the OP image.

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So it's pretty much the same as for normal melee combatants. If you're already close you're fine and you hit them with a stick you're fine, if you're ranged you're fine. I don't see what PoW has anything to do with it.

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Didn't the devs say that entangled and grappled didn't stop maneuvers?

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Why are you making such a big point of saying how available the ERP logs are?

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If you can get it to hit, yes it would. Similarly, a grapple would be able to stop an initiator, and unlike a lot of other options, grappling isn't actually an attack roll, so most counters simply don't work against a grapple attempt. If they get caught-up, they can't initiate ANYTHING except for what their stance can provide, and they can't leave/change their stance.

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turns out their "balanced stance" lets them do 2d6 damage for every threatened square you move in and out of.

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Turns out your buddy's stance makes them not threaten any squares.

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Turns out your buddy left because all he wanted to do was play fucking pathfinder and you did this to it

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You can use maneuvers while grappled.

Tentacle rape is no deterrent for an initiator!

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I thought initiating maneuvers basically takes the same "required amount of movement" as making an attack. So as a general guideline if it doesnt inhibit them from shooting a bow, it probably doesnt inhibit them from shooting a bow in a slightly more fancy manner.

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Wasn't pathfinder not even existent in 2008? I thought it officially started away from 3.5 in 2009.

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Stop bringing attention to it

No one cares anymore

It's how things are now

Give up

It doesn't matter

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turns out your buddy can go fuck himself with a lava lamp

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Nope, grappling doesn't prevent maneuvers. Though technically it doesn't prevent attacks either, provided they can be made with one hand.

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Turns out he didn't because he enjoys Path of War.
He probably can, but he'd rather just play a Stalker.

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>It doesn't matter

Furry poster detected

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No fuck you, people do care and don't want this cancerous filth to fuck over this general and others.

>> No.50977314

We're the next meme/witch hunt target.
The anon reposting them just wants to bully us a bit, I guess?

(Though, as crushingly embarrassing as it is to have those chat logs viewable, I do hope that we pull interesting people in!)
(Anon should probably also mention that the game is like past midnight America time which is what was the main obstacle to people applying)

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>enjoys path of war
>not fucking himself with a lava lamp dildo over playing a BALANCEDstalker.

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>Meltia jerks her head upwards, as if trying to throw Rina's hand off, but it's not strong enough for that, only an act of resistance. The force pushes her face right into her crotch, rubbing against her lower lips, and her breath tickling out against its surface. As she promised, she laps up whatever love juice she can and swallows it down, the look on her face now a different type of focus, wilder and entranced. She doesn't care so much for Rina's state, and will relentlessly keep going, her tongue not stopping even if she drives her into orgasm after orgasm and ignoring her screams.
Amateur hour ERP right here.

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I'm reading the Systems and Use section and it says that, and I quote, "Also, if [you] are pinned or grappled, most of your maneuvers simply will not work until you are able to move freely."

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Stalker (Vigilante) is god damn amazing, don't you give it shit.

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this thread is literally amateur hour ERP.


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See >>50977275

The devs went back on that.

Black Tentacles can eat dick.

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>people do care and don't want this cancerous filth to fuck over this general and others.

And what are you going to do about it? Report them? That isn't going to do anything. Complaining about won't change anything either.

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It's really rather pathetic. I could find better ERP in 15 minutes browsing F-List.

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Aria needs more art.
Not even diamonds are this hard.

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I mean, fuck, I LIKE kitsune, and this is making me fucking creeped out. Kitsuneposting is one thing, constantly rambling about your fucking rape fetish is another.

>> No.50977398

>that necklace
Well, obviously it was her that was behind this post.

>> No.50977400

What are the best classes for a gestalt build designed to be the ultimate dragonslayer? 3pp is allowewd!

>> No.50977402

Fuck that, initiators should have to put up with the same shit casters do. Including provoking AoOs for doing their weeb shit in a threatened space, and suffering from Armor Failure.

>> No.50977404

Daoine sidhe here.


>> No.50977413

Who's Aria?

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I like this a lot, Anons. Saving it for future reference, and I'll consider arguing with my DM about using it.

>> No.50977434

Character from webcomic thingy called The Crawling City or something along those lines.
Her best friend is an eldritch tentacle beastie that likes cereal.

>> No.50977435

Got a link for proof? The reason I'm asking is because I'm getting my info from pfsrd and it says what I quoted above. Besides, it makes sense from a logical perspective, if you're currently unable to move anywhere why would you be able to use a fancy maneuver, other than one that would get you out of that mess?

>> No.50977438

>There's literally one character submission for the fluffy tale game

>> No.50977439


>> No.50977440

be just as cancerous by reminding them of what huge faggots they are.

This general is going to shit, doesn't mean I have to accept it quietly.

>I could be just as pathetic and think myself superior by doing the same shit somewhere else.

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Initiator with Broken Blade|spherecasting dipper.


>> No.50977445

Pathfinder was never great.

>> No.50977453

Investigator (to get those delicious damage bonuses and buff-extracts) || Warlord to get +CHA to anything you want to do that isn't just stabbing, including avoiding dragonsbreath and dodging out of the way of claws.

>> No.50977456

F-List is a train wreck. The fact that even as bad as it is it's still better than /pfg/ speaks volumes. I'm still a degenerate, I'm just one with better taste.

>> No.50977461


Elric is a DSP dev.

>> No.50977472

>Applications open for two months especially after what happened with RotJR

There's absolutely no way they didn't do this on purpose. I'm sure this guy's a troll and will bail again.

>> No.50977478

Elric isn't a DSP dev. Elric is dead to us.

>> No.50977482


You know the worst part about this whole thing?

The saddest, most pathetic aspect of this whole situation we're in?

I'm fine with ERP. I'm okay with people describing fat knotted dicks or huge flared horse-cocks in this thread... But, I'm only fine with it if that is somehow related to the Golarion setting as a whole. Like, remember when we used to have intense discussions on Greta and the types of men she was into? Those were lore dumps, actual debates on the nature of Winter Wolves, and it just so happened to include detailed descriptions of how she'd prefer to be taken in bed, or what package her partner should have.

We don't get those discussions anymore. All we get is inane, "hurr durr my Tiefling's got a 12 inch horse cock" and that's the end of the conversation. I'm TIRED of it. I'm TIRED of lewdposting or cuteposting without substance. I want - no, I *need* some reason for it.

>> No.50977486

1. That art has absolutely no reason to be posted.
2. Every single dev has also gone on the record to state that new decisions and errata must be made and that the answers given on the GitP threads, the Paizo threads, and even here must be taken with a grain of salt due to there not being communication among the team as to the "proper" answer.

>> No.50977488

Where'd you go tomboy?

>> No.50977498

I guess I would say your taste is better simply for the fact that I can assume that's what F-List is for while it clearly isn't what this general should be for. There needs to be a place for these horny teens/adults to go.

I like anime too, not so crazy about the furry shit but hell if I don't like stuff like Sly Cooper or Bojack Horsememe. I would have nothing to complain about if literally every thing posted here wasn't some faggot trying to get you to beat off with him.

>> No.50977503

I disagree that it needs to be about Golarion - I want more GMs to be encouraged to make original settings.

>"hurr durr my Tiefling's got a 12 inch horse cock" and that's the end of the conversation.
Yeah that shit's pointless.

>> No.50977510

>The Crawling City
I thought that was the capital city of Gehenna.

>> No.50977530

>I'm sure this guy's a troll and will bail again.
Didn't he bail only like 2 days after the original game's listing went up, and that was only because he admitted he couldn't run the game?

>> No.50977532

What the fuck is that from? Is that a thing from back in 3.5? That looks terrifying.

>> No.50977535

>The saddest, most pathetic aspect of this whole situation we're in?

People like you deluding themselves into thinking any erp discussion here has any substance, merit or quality to it beyond the lewdposting or cuteposting memes "without substance" here. There's no difference at all between what you're talking about.

>> No.50977539

>I disagree that it needs to be about Golarion - I want more GMs to be encouraged to make original settings.

Well yeah, I want DMs to be making their own settings as much as you are, but you and I both know a DM coming into this thread to advertise how his Tieflings have H-cup tits and are built to accommodate literal horses is a little bit on the "get out you fucking pervert" side?

>> No.50977544

Yeah I don't know shit about Golarion, and given I just use the SRD (and buy 3pp <<) there's no way for me to get into the setting. But fuck's sake, guys, if you're just gonna be talking about how your tiefling slut was raped to sleep by the dickwolves, then that's not... even Pathfinder.

i guess unless you're using Agunas's fucking content, but even then, no.

>> No.50977549

Why is it that if I bailed once (before anyone submitted character apps, I announced it too), it means I'll bail again?

Please no bully.

>> No.50977550

It's either an allusion, or a happy coincidence.

>> No.50977551

You seem upset, why don't you go to reddit instead?

>> No.50977554

Well, admitting they couldn't run the game was the excuse they gave.

I'm feeling more like they never intended to in the first place.

>> No.50977560

I'm here, what's up?

>> No.50977564

Rationally, would tieflings be any more or less promiscuous than a human?

>> No.50977565

Please don't lump cuteposting in with lewdposting.

>> No.50977567

That's some serious Int/Cha MAD.

>> No.50977569

As far as I can tell he's only specifying strikes, which I suppose I can see where he's coming from, but anything else like ones that involve movement I would argue he makes no mention of.

>> No.50977577

how come you haven't submitted a character?

>> No.50977579

Advertising your game two months in advance is pointless.

Close it down and open it back up again when there's maybe a week or two before you plan to start.

>> No.50977588

>there's no way for me to get into the setting
I love you anon, but you're a fucking moron.

>> No.50977597

Why? One is just as much cancerous shit as the other. Either way I don't give a fuck about your lewd and or cute animu furry girl so fuck you.

>> No.50977603

How come it's fine when RotJR does it? When Molthune does it?

>> No.50977610

Don't worry Fluffy GM, I believe in you.

>> No.50977611

Why the fuck is the game not starting until March? Literally what is the hold up?

>> No.50977613

>would tieflings be any more or less promiscuous than a human?

Tieflings are canonically more horny and prone to prostitution than the average human, not just due to their ostracized position in the social hierarchy, but because most Tieflings (that is, succubus-descended) have natural lusty urges that are best sated by fucking multiple women a night or getting fucked by multiple men a night.

This is *literally* canon.

>On the other side of the spectrum, tieflings and others with infernal blood are often prostitutes as well. Half-succubi in particular often find themselves running brothels or working as prostitutes to satisfy their overwhelming lust.[20] Being frequent devotees of Calistria, elves and half-elves are commonly found in her pleasure temples (see below),[21] while many drow in the Darklands work as prostitutes too

Apparently, Aasimar are highly valued in the sex trade, and any Aasimar that enters it willingly is practically guaranteed a rise to the top as the cream of their local crop.

>> No.50977620

Given the two, the one that would turn off other people would be lewdposting. Cuteposting could easily be seen as annoying, but at least it's friendly without being overly descriptive, unwanted, or uncomfortable for others.

>> No.50977625

If I really just wanted to troll everyone, I'd have made a new Roll20 account. I'm trying to redeem myself after the first time, that's why I kept the account.

Give me some faith here, will you?

>> No.50977626

Because they sound like they actually have substance, as well as a GM who didn't flake once already.

>> No.50977634

Seeing what happened because of RotJR and Molthune should be what's telling you it's not fine.

Why am I still acting as if you're not doing this on purpose

>> No.50977635

It's not, but it was a game that got big before the GM had time to react.
Like, two weeks, maybe three.

>> No.50977648

>Give me some faith here

>> No.50977661

From my experience running even less intense and less ambitious games without Roll20 maps or grids or tokens or anything, I get frantic thinking all about it during the week.

And now I DO want to use Roll20 maps and grids and tokens.

I'd rather wait until midterms are over.

>> No.50977665

>but at least it's friendly without being overly descriptive, unwanted, or uncomfortable for others.

No it's really not, it is overly descriptive, unwanted, and uncomfortable just like "lewdposting" is. In fact it's even creepier because lewd posting dosen't immediately suggest the poster has pedophilia or transgender issues.

>> No.50977669 [SPOILER] 

Dragon DM here
Posting a link in the new bread

Also announcing the winner of the poll. its Onryou, I pretty much made a determination while i was at work. While both Awinita and Amalthea are fantastic characters. Onryou is pretty adventure path specific. I can tweak Amalthea and Awinita fairly easily to suit a good deal of APs. But Onryou is a Kaijitsu. and Jade Regent is the AP that lets that have any real meaning.

Hopefully i'll be able to play the other girls later. OR if Onryou doesn't get picked hopefully a game comes around i can fit them in.

If i don't get to play in any games.... Just remember, Flat might be justice, but Big is Enlightenment /spoiler]

>> No.50977670

Well, people can put whatever trust they want in you.
I for one am not believing you for a second.

>> No.50977673

I'm trying to redeem myself. If I really just wanted to do trolling, I'd have made a new Roll20 account!

>> No.50977676

But that's a half-fiend, not a tiefling.

>> No.50977682

Why does /pfg/ want to browbeat a GM into giving up the game, thereby ensuring a self-fulfilling prophecy?
How did it reach the point wherein driving off GMs is what /pfg/ wants to do?

>> No.50977683

Random wiki binging is a shitty introduction to the setting, though? I just keep getting random gods and no sense of what's important or how it ties together. All I've learned is that, like Faerun, there's a neutral god who shits on atheists, that the Drow are once again uncomfortably mormon, and that the Tarrasque isn't as adorable as he was in Spelljammer.

>> No.50977691


That Kitsune is gorgeous!

>> No.50977696

Dumb question, do all Tieflings have a 12 inch horse cock?

>> No.50977698

I'm normally not so quick to submit characters, but I sent you a PM.

>> No.50977702

Fluffy, if that's your reasoning, then you are not cut out to be a DM. You need to know how to organize your time appropriately. If you use an excuse like, until after midterms! You'll keep delaying because midterms took three weeks to complete, oh and now you have a second batch of midterms starting in just two weeks, better wait for that too. Oh no, now it's finals week and I haven't worked on my projects at all!

That's what you'll do. That kind of shit.

>> No.50977705

I like 60% certain we have different definitions of cuteposting.

>> No.50977719

What about non-demon tieflings? Oni canonically love sensation, but most of the others don't seem like they'd be down to fuck.

>> No.50977730

>60% certain
That's not certain at all.

>> No.50977732

>do all Tieflings have a 12 inch horse cock?

Not all of them! Demon-Blooded Tieflings and Rakhasha-Blooded are likely to have them, but the rest of the variants range from something as simple as an oversized human cock to a nest of tentacles to even some freaky weeping arm with a mouth that squirts acidic spunk!

As for the length? Tieflings are 2d10, this puts the average at around 10-12 inches, so the average Tiefling is indeed packing... While the average female Tiefling is sporting a pair of F-cups.

>> No.50977735

Huzzah! Let's hear it for girl-Akuma!

>> No.50977747

But, like, I'm right 50% of the time that I'm 60% certain.

>> No.50977748


>Yfw Ultimate mom wont get in.

>> No.50977752

>but most of the others don't seem like they'd be down to fuck.

The Div and Rakhasha are probably down to fuck, but Daemon and Qlippoth just want to destroy.

>> No.50977780

There will always be other games--maybe you can run/join the next one with her.

>> No.50977782

If you really wanted a fresh start, you would have made a new account.

Staying on the same one can mean you intentionally wanted to stir up debate about whether people can trust you or not, and so you can laugh at anyone who still decides to believe you.

I'm not even someone who cared about the first game you're going to run, but the stunt you're pulling here is that obvious.

>> No.50977784


But there are exactly zero fat girls in RotJR. WHo's gonna fill that role!?

>> No.50977785


>Amalthea is not getting in
>Casimir x Amalthea cuteposting is dead

>> No.50977788

Because that GM is a known flake, who opened a game with a topic known to be controversial, two months before said game was due to start, after seeing how RotJR went.
Then stop just posting anime and saying 'pls no bully,' and get your shit in order.
Go look at the 1d4chan Golarion map, pick a place that makes you laugh, and look it up. If need be ask here what the book detailing it is called so you can grab the pdf from the trove.

>> No.50977790

I would define this shit as "cuteposting".


Something like this I wouldn't call "cuteposting".

>> No.50977807

>I would define this shit as "cuteposting".
How in the heck is that pedophilic, overly descriptive, and uncomfortable.

>> No.50977819

>known flake

Literally announced he wouldn't run the game before anyone submitted apps, just 2 days after the listing went up.

Is that flaking now?

>> No.50977835


I dont suppose Onryou X Casimir would work would it?

>> No.50977837

the image accompanied by shit like plz no bully?

Or some other shit in the context of generic moeblob animu #32231

>> No.50977848

Of course not!
Some have two

>> No.50977852

That's not true! If I really wanted to troll, I'd have made a new account so I could lure in more people.

Staying on my old account means I'm trying to do better!

Well what should I do?

I don't want to drop this game because that'll destroy my reputation.

But you're also saying I'm not cut out to be GM...

>> No.50977854


>> No.50977856

Sir you seem to be under the impression that this man has intentions that he does not seem to have, based on little evidence other than your own paranoia.
Do you even know where you are right now? This is literally an image board born out of a bunch of autistic weebs who needed somewhere to anonymously jack off to anime girls.

>> No.50977857

Would you accepts applications through PM?

>> No.50977863


Casimir was listed as one of the possible Canidates for her "Prince."

>> No.50977874

>my reputation
Your reputation is the fucker who started a fetish game to intentionally stir up shit.

>> No.50977876

>Sir you seem to be under the impression that this man has intentions that he does not seem to have, based on little evidence other than your own paranoia.
The evidence is clear as day.

He flaked on one campaign.

He'll do it again.

>> No.50977881


That one seems a little bit clumsy! Casimir is a normal human, Onryou is a massive Tiefling-girl with basketball-sized tits and abs for days.

Onryou needs a bigger, bulkier and more "packing" man than someone like him! She will kill him when they get to the Crown of the World and her lusts flare! Kill him!

>> No.50977882

Do you? There are several boards for that retard.

>> No.50977886


>> No.50977888

Perhaps Kelda since we already have a few amazonian types.

>> No.50977895

As opposed to... what, the literal dragonfucking game?

>> No.50977899

sack up and start the game as soon as you have a party ready. If you can't, then back out.

>> No.50977900

Then who WOULD be a good second-love for Casimir? Someone who reminded him more of his small, changeling-witch of a wife?

>> No.50977906

Are there any warpriests or paladins applying? Healing yourself as a swift action mid-coitus seems a useful skill.

>> No.50977917

How come RotJR and Molthune are allowed to wait like 1-3 months for submissions but I'm not allowed to?

>> No.50977924

Only hindsight can tell the difference between paranoia and sharp intuition.

All I can say is something about the GM's forced way of talking and the circumstances of the game really makes me suspicious.

>> No.50977933

Because you're the game I'm trying to join

>> No.50977935

YOu know what? FUCK IT! we going double or nothing!


1 is Onryou
2 is Amalthea!
We will let the dice decide! Everyone place your bets!

>> No.50977938

Leaving the idiocy aside, here's some actual info:
>However, enemy interference still could make certain maneuvers impossible to complete. For example, if an enemy readies an action and disarms you when you start your turn, you are no longer able to use a maneuver that requires you to be wielding that weapon. Also, if are pinned or grappled, most of your maneuvers simply will not work until you are able to move freely.
This is generalized because it's the actions or weapon use that are being blocked by a pin or grapple; some maneuvers provide an emergency teleport or a throw or something after all.

>If you initiate a maneuver and thereafter can't use it during your turn, the maneuver is still considered expended. You are still considered to have spent its initiation action.

Low-grade counters may be unable to deal with those combat maneuvers as an anon has pointed out. However, higher level ones often allow you to interrupt most actions themselves, rather than only being triggered by "if you're hit in melee" or the like.

Of course, that's an arms race (as it needs to be) ensuring that a PC isn't outright negated by two kobolds grabbing for his balls, or that NPC is not instantly gibbed without a chance at even interrupting them. Remember that the counter uses up an action (immediate is also next turn's swift) and is expended, after all.

The main way to challenge PoW characters is not "This orc has plate instead of leather and that makes him a boss fight", but instead having them face a lot of sergeants and lieutenants. Mooks, the ranged ones can put holes in groups of them with certain maneuvers, though no worse than any other blaster out there really, but the melee ones can get swamped rather fast.

Overall it works out pretty well

>> No.50977949

If you consider stuff like what >>50977819 is talking about to be flaking then you have some, in my opinion, unreasonably high standards. Like, what, would it have not been flaking if he backed out a day later? A few hours later? A few posts later?

I suppose? I still don't see it myself.

>> No.50977957

Rolled 1 (1d2)



>> No.50977959

Maneuvers that do or boost things you could already do when grappled can be used when grappled. For the most part, "attack" will work, although you may be unable to use your main weapon and may have to put it on your fist. You won't be starting a charge as if the other guy didn't have you by the neck, though.

>> No.50977960

Flaking is flaking.

If a GM flakes even once, even before any apps are submitted, he'll do it again, guaranteed.

>> No.50977965

>when they get to the Crown of the World
That's where the little Desnan will be strongest! He just needs a growth spurt for those Shoanti genes to kick in!

>> No.50977980

Fate has decreed That Onryou is the final winrar.

>> No.50977996

How come you post exactly like that annoying anon who asks all those other passive-aggressive questions with anime pictures?

>> No.50977998

>Oni tits gets to be the app

fuck yes
Too bad it's highly likely NEITHER of us will get in!

>> No.50978005

You're going to have to ignore a lot of trolls.

Fire and Acid work well.

>> No.50978025

I don't agree with the "flaked once, will flake again" anon. Just... it's generally really seedy. The initial flake is only part of it. Everything the GM has posted here avoids the point in a way to intentionally stir up the most controversy.

The anime pictures, their tone of speaking, and the fact they keep falling back onto the same shallow points to answer every question.

>> No.50978039

Not everyone just sits on /tg/ all day, you don't know why he backed out!

Thanks bro, I was asking in reference to a low-level party so I'm glad to know that this will affect them.

>> No.50978047

It's no seedier than the dragon game.

>> No.50978051

What race/class combo in the picture is that, OP?

>> No.50978056

>tfw you want to make a cute girl for an ERP pathfinder game
>tfw the games are too late to play in, or really specific about the high powerlevel needed

It hurts anon.

>> No.50978058


There's something Seedy about dragon game?

>> No.50978072

I feel you anon. I hope that someone else will step up as DM, because there is enough thirst in here to drain a lake.

>> No.50978078

For all their fetishism, SwimmingEagle just feels like a normal guy when you see them talk. They have their kinks and make bad decisions sometimes, but they're open about it and you can get an honest feel for their personality.

Fluffy anon feels like they're putting on an act.

>> No.50978095

What game IS that by the way? There's like six of them people are making characters for these days or the like.

>> No.50978100

Big like a 7' crocman? That happens to be a Shifter/Ordained Defender?

>> No.50978108

That's because Fluffy is really just Argentum in disguise.

Look at Argentum's chargen rules format and Fluffy's format, they're basically the same.

>> No.50978117

Because that would make it real.
Saying a game is in two months just means you're making the application list long enough so that everyone will "not have gotten in" due to it being a different six players, you're one of the other 22. All of you.

>> No.50978123

And that's fine for RotJR and Molthune?

>> No.50978124

That might just be because they like those same rules. More importantly, Argentum's had more success when it comes to games being played and poises themselves way too differently from Fluffy to be just an act.

>> No.50978129

Why would Argentum need a disguise to run a degenerate game when we're all cool with the fact they're running a /d/ level Hell's Vengeance?

>> No.50978144

So who else is disappointed that Arehera decided to app Seht instead of Lilin?

>> No.50978153

The big thing that shatters from PoW (and from well built barbarians, and from prepared casters, and from crane-wing monks, and from gunslingers...) is PFS grade adventures. Those are where the "this orc has a better armor therefore boss fight" thing comes from (literally how the gunslingers were invalidating entire encounters).

>> No.50978154

No, you don't get it, they poise themselves so differently because Argentum's putting on an act.

Argentum will deny this.

>> No.50978157

The fuck...?

I just want people to join my not-lewd RWBY inspired game, why am I your boogeyman?

>> No.50978163

Aww... I liked Song Lilin a lot.

>> No.50978168

I think you've just missed anon's sarcastic jab's point entirely....

>> No.50978177

>Then who WOULD be a good second-love for Casimir?

Do you have any suggestions? Because your guess is as good as mine.

>> No.50978179

How common are Ekujae outside of the Mwangi Expanse? How likely would it be for someone to recognize some cultural artifact (a necklace) as one of theirs?

>> No.50978187

Because Argentum doesn't want us to know he's a fluffy tail super-degenerate.

>> No.50978188

Yeah okay Witchhunt anon, get the fuck out of here.

>> No.50978208


Yes, like a big croc-man! You've got the bulk she needs to pummel as you're pummeling her! The forked dick certainly helps with pleasing her insatiable loins.

>> No.50978221

>How common are Ekujae outside of the Mwangi Expanse?

Virtually unknown, Mwangi are exotic as-is!

Everyone will just assume you're a particularly swarthy Varisian

>> No.50978222

Do you even realize how paranoid that sounds?

>> No.50978229

Isn't all the bullying and distrust towards this new GM going to make him drop the game for real, making a self-fulfilling prophecy?

>> No.50978232





Lilin was a sure thing! A sure thing!

>> No.50978234

Who /applying just to see if you get in/ here? I likely won't be able to make any of these games, but would like to know if my applications can roll with the best of them.

>> No.50978238

I think that's the point

>> No.50978243

>Who /applying just to see if you get in/ here?

You're not alone, and I'm one of the more popular applicants.

>> No.50978247

hear, hear

>> No.50978254

Well, I'm going to apply with a turbodegenerate character, see what happens.

>> No.50978255

That's just absurd anon, why would you yea that sounds right. if I somehow have time I'd probably go for it, but I honestly don't think it'll actually work out.

>> No.50978262

That's a bit of a dick move, but I can see why you would want to do it.

I actually want to get into the Molthune game, but it is nice to see the comparison between the applications.

>> No.50978274

How about Nagaji (refluffed as croc folk instead of snake folk) strangler brawler instead of shifter? Now to figure out what his kink would be.

>> No.50978275

How would it be a dick move? If they can't make it, the GM just picks someone else, right?

>> No.50978279

You're tiring me, /pfg/, can't you just be normal for once?

>> No.50978296

>Now to figure out what his kink would be.

We have a table for that, you know.

>> No.50978303

If Fluffy GM is reading this, here is what will convince me to give them the benefit of a doubt and think they could be genuine:

Close the applications page until two weeks before you plan to actually run.

Don't give me that 'if RotJR and molthune can do it, why not me?' crap. That's not a reason. If you want pfg to believe you, you need to stop doing anything that makes it look like you're fishing for more attention than you need.

Close the recruitment page for a month and a half.

>> No.50978305

So absence of evidence for your claims is, itself, evidence?

Wow dude.

>> No.50978306

I mean, my initial reason for asking is because I'm running a game with this one character who's a support-based initiator and I wanted to see if the Assassin Vine I'm about to send after their party would inhibit his ability to give his teammates boosts or not. Obviously stuff like the Bestial Roar or whatever that's called would still work but I was wondering about the rest.

>> No.50978316

I wouldn't mind playing but it was more about character creation while in the middle of buttfuck nowhere with nothing more than satellite internet.

>> No.50978323

Onryou's Application is up!!

Now please let me know if i'm missing something! I want this application to be good!

>> No.50978325

(bow wielding) Paladins are pretty good. If you take the new penitent race from avowed 2, and give them the dark knight, bright heart trait, smite good can be used on either good or evil targets without penalty.

So the dragon would have to be some variety of neutral for you to not be able to smite the fuck out of it as either a paladin or antipal.

>> No.50978331

Seriously? Well fuck I got kind of jazzed about how well our characters might have worked together.

>> No.50978336

depends on his exact abilities. but at low levels initiators are nearly as fucked by tentacles as anybody else.

>> No.50978345

Seems like a lot of effort if the GM is trying to pick characters that would work well together mechanically

>> No.50978355


>> No.50978363

Is it me, or are like half the PCs applying, even when outwardly fetish-y, just nervous bookworms at heart?

There's like four or five that I've noticed so far who seem to base their worldviews (or at least ideas of romance) on JUST LIKE MY MINKAIAN SCROLLS.

>> No.50978376

Ah, but crocs don't have a hemipenis they have a big, permanent, retractable erection with a thick knot for the head

>> No.50978385

Well, in that case, may the best sword-fighter win, I guess.
Really wish I could have played with you guys.

>> No.50978389

Fine, it's closed. I'll do my best to run when I'm ready!

>> No.50978393


Who are your favorite applications, anon?

>> No.50978407


everyone has a demon they wanna keep locked in the closet. Onryou's her unhealthy love of chivalric romance, bridal carries, and Hand Holding

>> No.50978411

Wow, and here I thought NToRacle was the creepiest these fuckers could get. Now we've got a fucking scaley.

>> No.50978413

No. NO. We are NOT going to do that again!

>> No.50978416

The bullies have won and browbeaten the GM.

I hope you're proud, /pfg/.

>> No.50978436

I'd be okay with it if we could get someone to fill the gap and sate the thirst

>> No.50978442

>I actually want to get into the Molthune game, but it is nice to see the comparison between the applications.
DHB or 2hu, which is more autistic?

>> No.50978454

Huh. Well then, you've convinced me.
Thank you, really.

Of course, feel free to open it back up if you ever decide you're going to move the start date earlier!

Even though they were genuine I feel it would have been unhealthy to have that recruitment page open for two months when there was so much controversy around it.
It's for the better either way.

>> No.50978459

What the hell is Dragon Game actually going to be about?

>> No.50978465

They're each autistic in their own way.

>> No.50978478

Excluding my own because fuck shilling,
Love the character, like the effort, though I feel it's kinda bad form to ask for specific other players to be involved.
Something in the presentation just appeals to the comfy-loving bit of my brain, plus he's one of the better written younger male characters.
Gets it all done in one neat, well-formatted post.
Short, sweet, to the point, gets who he is and what he does across without having a bloated backstory.

>> No.50978482

Isn't it Towergirls, the game?

>> No.50978490

>tfw your character is just a workaholic who has no idea how people actually work

>> No.50978495

It uses the final boss from Tower Girls for the main quest-giver (I think?) but other than that it just seems like "you're dragons, go do dragon things to build your hoards".

>> No.50978502



>> No.50978506

I do want to get in and play in the Molthune game, but I was talking more about the RotJR game. It seems so crowded that I wanted to see how I'd hold up.

>> No.50978510

gonna apply to fluffy.
too special snowflake to not be descended from royalty and be chosen? don't wanna be 'that guy' here
any advice is extremely appreciated

>> No.50978520

Too late, GM already closed applications.

Try PMing him, maybe?

>> No.50978523

Bully me, /pfg/, I can take it. I'll run a game and then refuse to whenever you want. You can name call me, harass me, savage me. I'll suffer your slings and arrows.

>> No.50978527

>bad form to ask other players to be involved.

How do you mean? As in me asking other players for advice?

>> No.50978533

Is there something you want or need to tell us? We'll listen if you need it.

>> No.50978542

>one neat, well-formatted post.
Formatting is very important! I'm glad you liked it.

>> No.50978550


You heard me! You heard me! If you want to get good at writing backstories and make them beautiful, you need to STEAL STEAL STEAL

>> No.50978562

are you sure? i'm looking on the roll20 page and there's only one application posted here

>> No.50978563

Luckily, I copy and pasted the listing and the chargen rules when the other guy was telling him to shut it down.

Gotchu covered.


Anyone want to step up and GM this game?

>> No.50978566

Yeah I didn't even apply to that one. By the time I heard about it it seemed bloated to me.

>> No.50978570

It's true though.
Any professional writer will agree that you learn by stealing and then adapting it enough to be original.

>> No.50978573


I want to hug you, praise your writing and eagerly apply for a campaign you make!

I love you, anon.

>> No.50978575

How does one do this? I'm newer to the whole Mythweaver's thing and was wondering how to look at other peoples sheets easily? For the memegames, I imitated a lot of my phrasing/wording style from other applications.

>> No.50978591

Considering how anything I make is practically 0.0002% memeable, I find my odds abysmally low and decide to confide in posting with unique character classes and/or concepts.

>> No.50978599

No, as in saying you'd like specific other applicants to be selected.

It's a borderline case considering SwimmingEagle did say "It's not a requirement, just personal preference", but that's still basically asking--if gently and politely--GM to tie up two more player slots based on personal feelings.

>> No.50978606

>It's true though.

That's why I said what I said, anon.

>How does one do this?

It's literally as easy as going to a Pathfinder campaign, looking at the applications and reading them. If you see a phrase, or style of writing that excites you, that is a phrase or style you should remember!

>> No.50978611

At least your concept wasn't so unmemeable that it gets used as fodder in a DHB-shitposting war.

>> No.50978615

I'm in much the same boat. i just hope i skate by on interesting backstory and unusual mechanical choices.

>> No.50978621


>mfw the runts hook up
>mfw Onryou crushes Casimir beneath her thunder thighs

>> No.50978628

And yours was? Who was it that was less meme-able than mine ?

>> No.50978645


Dragon Game is a game where you earn honor and prestige for your Mother/grandmother/Greatgreatgreatgrandmother/master. By doing tasks for her, possibly leading towards the Conquering of Thuvia and/or Taldor, and then subsequently the world.

I've really got some post Application jitters man. Were there any other outlying issues with my application?

>> No.50978646


To be honest, while I'm familiar with RPG and ERP in general, I'm kind of a novice when it comes to Pathfinder. It'd be nice to find, or heck, even run something pretty chill and low-key for a few (two or three) people.

>> No.50978650

How can there be royalty in a city with a divinely appointed council?

>> No.50978664

What systems do you know?

>> No.50978668

iunno but the listing just went down so i guess it really is too late

>> No.50978672

Would your character gladly bear any curse to save their homeland, /pfg/?

>> No.50978680

Don't lose hope. The GM will be back in like two months with the listing... right?


>> No.50978693

temporal versus theocratic power. The royalty are meant to oversee matters of diplomacy and finance while the council is meant to oversee the spiritual health of the city, such as immigration, and religious sectors. They'd likely each have their own city guard to work on things.

>> No.50978700

Yea, totally

>> No.50978703

probably. i was the retard posting in there asking a lot of questions
i don't know shit about the system so maybe it was a mistake for me to apply to begin with

>> No.50978717


FATE, BRP, 40kRP, Mekton, and NWoD.

>> No.50978718

>or really specific about the high powerlevel needed

Just play a cute oracle or a cute cleric. 9 level spellcasting with one primary ability score is top tier in Pathfinder. Power level stuff outside of that is almost always just to let characters who aren't that compete with characters who are that.

>> No.50978721

From the pastebin in >>50978563 it sounds like the council of four PCs are absolute rulers over everything.

>> No.50978733

Let's play Fate together!

What about Fellowship? It's pretty much the comfiest PbtA game.

>> No.50978736

Well that's stupid.

>> No.50978752

oof, that utter lack of overlap. And to top it off, with the exception of FATE, I don't think any of them are really suited to the task at hand.

>> No.50978753

Is it professional?
Does it follow GM's specifications?
Does it flow well?
Is it not too long (no more than maybe two-to-three page down clicks at most)?

If you've got at least three out of four of those, you're good.

>> No.50978758


>> No.50978760

What's your favorite character in dragongame threads so far?

>> No.50978775

Fuck off!

>> No.50978778


The Fairy Dragon with the dank Kush

>> No.50978785

No. :^)

>> No.50978792


I want to smoke the good stuff with her and spend the evening fondling each other in a bed of flowers!

>> No.50978794

Because political systems are developed with checks and balances against the upper echelons in case you develop bullshit systems that give people absolute control.

>> No.50978796


I feel like i'm a horrible judge of my own work.

You tell me.


>> No.50978807

Fair enough!

>> No.50978821

The pastebin says there's a council of four rulers usually selected from the nobility, AND a nobility.

It checks out to me, dunnit?

>> No.50978824

How well-suited is Anima

>> No.50978850

>tfw all these games look fun as fuck, although I'd only ever have my character be lewd in undertones because I can't play it worth a damn
>tfw I only know 5e and a dabble in 4
my suicidal urges grow ever stronger

>> No.50978855

...where is that image from?

>> No.50978862

I heard Anima. What's going on in this location, and how do I get in on it?

>> No.50978868


Lewd undertones are just fine in dragon game. And we accept new players.

>> No.50978874

PF is a derivative of 3.5, and 5e is basically 3.5 stripped down with different multiclassing rules.

>> No.50978884

Consider the following : You can run an ERP much more... deadly* than a normal campaign, so your fuck ups aren't really a big deal and you can largely learn on the fly if your players know their stuff. Furthermore, you can just structure the campaign to not be WoW styled zones of perfectly balanced encounters in increasing difficulty.

No idea, never played it.

Alternatively, run 5e.

>> No.50978887

Run the kitsune game in 4e or 5e for us!


>> No.50978889

>although I'd only ever have my character be lewd in undertones because I can't play it worth a damn

There's really nothing wrong with that, anon. If you can't play a lewd character than you could just tell the player you're lewding in PMs that "WE FUCKED" and leave it at that!

>> No.50978901

I have no dank kush! I am beefcake! BEEFCAKE!

>> No.50978902

post link if anyone decides to revive this pls

>> No.50978903

Fate's fun. I've made more than my fair share of characters for games with that system, albeit with varying degrees of homebrew tacked on. Fellowship I've never heard of.

Those are just the ones I have more than a passing knowledge of. NWoD works fine as far as I've seen.

>> No.50978904

It appears to be by an artist named Xil.
That's also 100% a boy, not that it wasn't obvious.

>> No.50978905

...I am now intrigued.
Guess I'm reading the pathfinder PHB, or equivalent.

The last time I DM'd it went really poorly.
Not any friends lost, but close.

Fade to black is the most tasteful.

>> No.50978918

>that file name

>> No.50978920

Backstory checks out, summary reads well, I'll sum up what I would suggest in terms of changes.
>Might back it down to one picture actually shown, with the other just as a link.
>Maybe some bold text to make the headings of sections stand out more
>And that little gripe about player preferences I had, but take that one with a grain of salt

>> No.50978925


Different Fairy dragon dude. its not a full application yet.

>> No.50978943

Momiji is just too suited to stealing memes

>> No.50978947

>...You can run an ERP much more... deadly* than a normal campaign...
Oh, of course. It's probably how I'd go about it if I were running something.

>> No.50978951

Fade to black generally is.

Think about it; how blindingly retarded do a lot of people look or sound when they're having sex?

Aren't you just *BEGGING* fellow partymembers to MST3k the two of you?

>> No.50978952

The main things to watch out for are 1. combat maneuvers (grapple, disarm, trip, etc) are all overcomplicated and usually less helpful than just attacking for damage, and 2. the power gap between spellcasters and nonspellcasters is bigger than in 5e.

>> No.50978967

Apparently the character even has a name ( akashi_ryouta ).
And the image set is just...

>> No.50978974

3.5 is where the 'casters are cancer' meme originated from, right?

That put a hilarious image in my head, and I thank you for it.

>> No.50978976

>Fade to black is the most tasteful.

Agreed! If you have to get lewd than just say you got cocksleeved on your hands and knees, because as >>50978951 points out everything beyond the position is just awkward.

>> No.50978982

Then you shouldn't be so worried about your competency at the system.

>> No.50978983

You can't lose any friends by running it for us, anon! Only gain them!

>> No.50978988

No, that's from earlier than 3e

>> No.50979026

I'd still be worried about competency; mortality of encounters isn't the only consideration.

>> No.50979027

*breeding press intensifies*

I strongly disagree.

Good thing PF is a lot more fleshed out than 5e at the moment, right?
I'm still fucking heated that because WoTC went on Christmas break I got cucked out of my goddamned range pally and just got two awfully balanced blackguard sacks of shit instead.

>> No.50979029

It's a combination of 1. spells have a lot of fiat effects with just a saving throw, and 2. combat maneuvers and skills require a lot of extra steps to do similar stuff.

This is why Path of War (stronger non-spellcasters) and Spheres of Power (weaker spellcasters) are commonly used third party material.

>> No.50979030


Thanks anon, You're da best.

May you be smothered in muscle girl thighs.

>> No.50979054

>earlier than 3e

Nah, 2e spellcasters had a ton of complications to deal with, like tiny HP, easy spell interruptions, spells with permanent negative side effects, etc.

>> No.50979062

What kind of rules do you think you'd get wrong? Because you really can just kind of you know, go "alright, so they're fighting a dragon right now, let me google the stats to a dragon real fast"

>> No.50979091

You are pretty okay anon.

>> No.50979103

Makes me think...
Who in RotJR, NPCs included, would make a good OT3?

>> No.50979119

At least they had permanent Polymorph.

>> No.50979130

I can see where you're coming from with this, but it's not necessarily rules mistakes that worry me (although they would be a pain, wouldn't they?). It's things like keeping the pace of the game going, being able to help players with rules queries/vet sheets/etc, and so on.

>> No.50979186

Well yeah, i know it doesnt prevent attacks, thats why i said "stuff that prevents attacks prevents maneuvers".

>> No.50979190

Didn't that take system shock saves to prevent instant death?

>> No.50979213

>*breeding press intensifies*

I don't get it! Everyone knows the best position is missionary, with her legs thrown over your shoulders as you stare into each other's eyes.

>> No.50979217

Yeah, but those are normally 90%+, unless you have really shit CON.

>> No.50979220

Nodoka and Yue a cute!
Even though Chachamaru is best girl, followed by Ku, Kaede, then Mana

>> No.50979260

Leg lift positions in general tend to be pretty damn great.
Especially if they cater to my fetishes
Also, I'm saving that Momiji, I hope you don't mind.

>> No.50979261

I'd be very surprised if someone handed you an overpowered character sheet for an ERP where most people are trying to get raped.

I for one am adult enough to deal with you learning the system.

>> No.50979289

Onryou, Shizuka, and Ameiko.

>> No.50979297

The pastebin says to make sure I confirm what expansions everyone's looking at, so I suppose I'll ask here.

>> No.50979305

I prefer full nelson, myself, but submitted the less strong of my characters, so that's probably not happening without a potion of bull's strength, and maybe one of enlarge person.

>> No.50979315

Tell me about these "expansions"!

>> No.50979340

The third party books?
Splatbooks a better term for them?
I don't know what the proper nomenclature is yet.

>> No.50979351

Look in the character creation rules thread.

>> No.50979368

I'll see about setting something up on Roll20 then.

oh no now I need a setting

>> No.50979372


Quite a shame that Onryou's simply too big to throw her legs over any of the submitted male characters, in fact the most she could submit to a man is getting on her hands and knees and wiggling that huge ass of hers!

Amalthea was a true power bottom! A true power bottom!

>> No.50979382

>you need a setting
Bitch, that not only is my fetish but is also my specialty

>> No.50979383

Porco Rosso except with magic airplanes.

>> No.50979388

Run the fluffy tail game!


>> No.50979405

Before reading the core book?
I'm looking through it right now, and downloaded a bunch of other shit from the Mega repository.

>tfw nobody plays bara-tier men that are so confident in their heterosexuality that they just conquer
tbqh every setting needs a good Conan

>> No.50979409

It answers the question you were already asking about books.

>> No.50979426

>tbqh every setting needs a good Conan

I always make bara-tier men with supreme confidence in their heterosexuality.

It just so happens RotJR is, like, the only case of me breaking that trend. If I was going with my normal character builds, I'd have made a half-giant Steelfist Commando that would make any of the girls pause for alarm!

>> No.50979427

>Want to be the rulers of a gigantic kingdom in the fey First World? Want to play a kitsune? Want to play a daoine sidhe foxgirl/foxboy, catgirl/catboy, doggirl/dogboy, or vanilla elfin cutie? Want some lewds? Then this is the game for you!

Link doesn't work.

>> No.50979435

It'd be my first time running Pathfinder, please be gentle.

I haven't seen Porco Rosso.

Someone else is running that.

>> No.50979440

Tell me about the last time you had to kill a nonevil NPC to prevent something even worse, /pfg/.

>> No.50979442

That's because the GM realized it was bad to advertise 2 months in advance and took it down for now.

>> No.50979445

You's my nigga now.

>> No.50979446

>Someone else is running that.

Not for, like, 3 months.

It'll get a lot of players eventually, you could run two concurrent Fluffy Tail games.

>> No.50979454

You mean /pfg/ bullied and coerced the GM into taking it down.

>> No.50979464

Where can this thread be found?
I don't see it in the pastebin, and I just searched the catalog. Am I missing something obvious?

>> No.50979479


As is you, my melanin-enriched compatriot!

It kept me up at night. It's an absurd thing to say, but I was seriously tempted to make a 2d12+2+3 monster-cocked beast of a man for that campaign to conquer all that stood in his way.

>> No.50979486

The local merchant lords have launched a campaign to create a safe trade route through the underdark to bypass a mountain range. They need explorers to map it out, and help the engineers make it safe.

Problem is there's actually a Fae Forest in that section.

>> No.50979488

>Where can this thread be found?
On the Roll20 page.

>> No.50979505

>I haven't seen Porco Rosso.

A flying ace cursed to be a pig-man gets tangled up in trouble with air pirates and an increasingly fascist government in an exaggerated fantasy version of the 1930s Mediterranean Sea.

It's pretty great.

>> No.50979520

So I am missing something obvious. Thankee.

Maybe someday, eh?

>> No.50979525

Well there's the gator again, especially once he gets his size increases going.

>> No.50979527

I don't think it'd make a prime candidate for someone who is learning the system. Plus I'm just not really feelin' it.

In general, it sounds doable. Maybe I'll run with something similar, and see what happens.

>> No.50979531

We did and I feel bad, but it was also a bad idea anyway. It would have been just as bad if they kept it up.

>> No.50979532


That actually sounds kind of amazing.

>> No.50979543

>Maybe someday, eh?

I'm already playing that character in another campaign, actually!

He's already cocksleeved one girl, and accidentally got her pregnant.

>> No.50979563

Sounds like a goddamn hero to me.
Just make sure the kids don't get in the way of combat.

>> No.50979570

Ir's a Studio Ghibli film. Yer darn tootin' it's amazing.

>> No.50979594


He doesn't even know he got her pregnant. She was a bandit queen impressed by his combat prowess, and after he snuck into her tent decided to defeat her with a different sort of swordplay.

She wasn't able to walk the next morning, anyway!

>> No.50979595

>that doesn't make a solution
how does it not make a solution? If both girls love the guy and each-other, everybody wins?

>> No.50979628

It also features an excellent redhead.

>> No.50979634

That's as good a way to stop pursuit after a hit and run as I've ever heard. Hell, maybe it'll earn you a favor or two down the road.

>> No.50979642


Everyone knows the best Ghibli girl was San, aka Princess Mononoke.

>> No.50979664

>shilling the scaley
>flattest character present
>nothing but muh dick

>> No.50979684

>so confident in their heterosexuality that they just conquer
It's not about stature or muscles, it's about attitude.

>> No.50979687

>not having an adorable male kobold who is an alchemist who turns into a buff hormonally driven lizardman when he uses the mutagen

>> No.50979705


Why not go for an actual Lizardfolk with that concept? Lizardfolk are canonically big and bulky, throw in some mutagen and they'll be making Onryou yell at you to slow down.

>> No.50979707

The goddamn donuts
Gets me every time.

>> No.50979721

Because small and cute/huge and buff is a fun dichotomy.

>> No.50979726

That makes two more than the average woman--it's like you don't even need other genders anymore!

>> No.50979732


Well, I've got tomorrow off, and with the group disbanded, I don't have a game to prepare for. Think I might just watch it.

>> No.50979738


Son, if your woman's "donut" is gaping like that guy's hair, than she's been cheating on you with a half-orc... Or horse.

>> No.50979745

Liza is best lizard girl

>> No.50979746


Porco Rosso and Princess Mononoke are two films you need to see, I recommend watching the latter while extremely comfy!

>> No.50979752

Jojo stopped being good when it stopped being about Metrosexual Bodybuilding Vampirehunters.

>> No.50979771

At least you can make a character off that. You can say the Kobold has self-image issues and wants to build the perfect tonic to ensure his mutagen-influenced figure is permanent. Maybe he does other strange tonics for influencing bodies or maybe diet pills using demonic ingredients.

>> No.50979775

You're objectively wrong.

>> No.50979777

Metrosexual gangster dhampirs don't do it for you?

>> No.50979778

So literally from like, a quarter of the way through the first arc then?

>> No.50979782

Jonathan is still best boi, although I gotta say, Whammu is a hell of a guy.

I'm disappointed to admit that got a snort out of me.
I was drinking coke too, you son of a bitch.

>> No.50979791

It's true, best Ghibli girl really was Howl .

>> No.50979792

Don't feel a need to all "All the 3pp."

I'm sure /pfg/ would be fine if you said something like "1pp only but no full casters."

I'd sure be fine with it.

>> No.50979804

>uses magical effects to physically influence the other party members to his tastes

>> No.50979805

I'd be down for "1pp and Jolly's stuff"

>> No.50979824

>"There, you've been pumped up! Now, MAKE POSES WITH ME!"

>> No.50979827

Some people do like guys that aren't feminine waifs or Team Dad #473 like were being mentioned before. And he's got room to grow, say taking up a chance on the journey to start building a cult. He's got nothing to go on but some basic lore, trying to rise to the glory of what he considers his divine heritage, but not entirely sure how to go about it. Bravado will only take him so far, he's going to have to actually learn and grow during the campaign to get what he wants.

>> No.50979831

"1pp, Jolly, Forrest; no Leadership, Sacred Geometry, Blood Money, Simulacrum, or infinite/arbitrarily-high loops of any kind." That would be my most-liked campaign.

>> No.50979836

You fucking know it!

>> No.50979838

It was Metrosexual Bodybuilding Vampire Hunters up to the end of Stardust Crusaders (Pillar Men being Vampire Lords to DIO's Vampire). Battle Tendency was probably highest on the Metro Chart.

>> No.50979852

Aztec gods of fitness were truly the golden age.
Them combined with Shizah makes for a hell of a metrosexual adventure.

>> No.50979858

>Stopped being good after SC ended

Okay I have no idea what you're on about.
I mean sure, maybe you liked until the end of part 2, that would just mean you don't like Stands.
But part 4 is leagues better than 3.

>> No.50979863

>not giving the lady party members healing potions that also induce something like a second puberty, for exaggerated figure and libido

>> No.50979867


Well, if you insist. I did get a big box of cocoa mix from one of my relatives.

>> No.50979882

New Thread: >>50979876

>> No.50979895

>feminine waifs
So just Seht then. Best make sure you have some straw lying around before you build your strawman.

>> No.50979904

Fuck off with this shit.

>> No.50979910

Unfortunately, I just don't understand what you're talking about.

>> No.50979941

>Some people do like guys that aren't feminine waifs or Team Dad #473 like were being mentioned before.

There's only one feminine waif in the applications, and he's literally described as a trap.

Heck, there's only like two potential Team Dads too, and none of them are explicitly described as being particularly fatherly. It was all based on their personality.

>> No.50979962

Yeah that's pretty much when I stopped giving a damn, and exactly when the rest my group became its biggest fans.

>> No.50981192

Dumb question but is there a list or something like that that shows in what order were all Pathfinder products published? I keep trying to read some of the stuff i have and keep getting references to stufff i don't have so i might download some stuff but i want to read it without having to change books every time something is mentionned because i haven't read it yet

>> No.50981354

Just look stuff up on d20pfsrd.

>> No.50983378

The character is half-elven, so his skin tone takes after his Andoran (Chelaxian) father, but the necklace is the only thing he has from the mother he never knew, so he's kept it all his life.

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