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>Adventurer falls in love with a petrified woman

Creepy, or cute?

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Creepy if they never get them unpetrified.

Potentially cute if they do.

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Creepy if they fall in 'love' with them based purely on their appearance. If they somehow communicate with them or knew them before it can work, but someone declaring their 'love' for someone based purely on what they look like as a statue is creepy and weird.

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cute if it's played for laughs

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>Partial unpetrification

Half-cute, or double creepy?

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Have you no romance in your heart? Love at first sight is perfectly dignified.

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Depends on how far he takes it. It can be cute if he's just a bit lovestuck, regrets what happened to the petrified person and decides to slay that monster/wizard that caused it.

Creepy if he demands private time with the statue.

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Could be similar to Snow White if the adventurer believes the petrified woman can be saved.

Though it definitely borders on creepy depending on how the petrified woman takes it.

Is the woman aware of her surroundings and knows what's going on? Or is everything black and all senses and memory frozen still?

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It's a creepy historical remnant based on purely evaluating the object of your affections by appearance. Love is something that comes with mutual understanding, not some sort of mystical bullshit just from looking at someone.

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>Love is something that comes with mutual understanding

No. Love comes first, and is born of a deeply felt instinctual magnetism. Understanding comes later as you come to know the person through years of close proximity and mutual reliance.

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...I think that just kills you. Like, best case scenario there is that your flesh at the border with the rock rots and dies (due to lack of proper blood flow) and you have to amputate something. But if vital organs are included in the petrified region, its basically better to just leave them petrified in the hope than you can fully cure them in the future.

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This is why blacks, indians and latinos reproduce more than whites and asians.
Fuck off back to tumblr.

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Bull fucking shit. That's a childish, immature imagining of love with has nothing to do with reality and is harmful to people who continue to believe in it beyond childhood.

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>not some sort of mystical bullshit just from looking at someone
It's not mystical at all, it's far more rational than mutual understanding.

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>not some sort of mystical bullshit just from looking at someone

Is it mystical bullshit if I find a puppy cute when I look at it?

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That's just lust. Not love.

You can't be in love with someone you don't know anything about. You might be in love with your headcanon version of them, but until you get to know them as a person any overlap between the person and your fantasy is purely coincidental.

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>Go full villain in attempt to unpetrify her
>Heart of stone

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If you honestly think that's an apt comparison, there is nothing that can be done for you. You literally wouldn't understand the explanation even if I gave it the three posts it deserves.

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>Creepy if they fall in 'love' with them based purely on their appearance.
That's usually how "love at first sight" works.

It's only creepy if the guy is unattractive

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Think about it. You think a dog is cute. You acquire said dog. Your start loving the dog and this love deepens over a period of years.

How is that not akin to love?

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You are comparing another human being to a fucking dog.

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It can be cute or creepy depending on how the character and player. It can be cute if the character's actions are portrayed as comedic and/or are genuinely romantic, altruistic and take the petrified woman's feelings into account. It becomes creepy if it is portrayed as obsessive and/or objectifying, selfish and focused on the character's own perversions.

Double-Cute if the woman legitimately cannot be duly restored despite everyone's best efforts, but they find love anyway. Double-Creepy if the character is preventing the woman's full restoration because he prefers her that way.

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Because you don't fuck the dog.

That's what makes it creepy.

Said guy going full magical realm when no one's looking and rubbing his dick and cumming all over a frozen women who cannot really give consent.

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You're not half as smart as you think you are.
Love isn't an investment... Wait, you're a woman aren't you? Of course you want people to pay for it before they actually buy it.

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>Someone falls in love with you
>Tell him he is wrong to do so

What kind of monster does this?

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I think that he's thinking more along the lines of a living statue.

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>who cannot really give consent

Consent is now required for affection? A man cannot control his affections!

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Is he attractive.
That's the difference right there.

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Once dashing, but marred with scars?

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Women. After letting you buy them shit and take them places of course, wouldn't want to spoil the chance for pampering.
Do you really need to ask?

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>adventurer unpetrifies a girl
>immediately rapes her

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This is society on tumblr.
You let this happen.
SWAT is on their way to arrest you for your rapist feelings.

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As recompense for rescue? I suppose it makes a sort of sense...

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Love IS mystical. You just don't have any in your metaphorical heart because you've bought into the materialist fad, murdering the concept for you.
You have become a hollow shell of a man.

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>find statue
>start talking to it as if its your psychologist
>its the only one who understands you
>starts loving the statue

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This wasn't mentioned at any point
What is platonic love to begin with?

Jesus stop being triggered over things because of your idealized version of how thing should go, it's pathetic.

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That's exactly what he told her.

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This is why I never date stoners.

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My god. I have never seen this much pathetic bullshit on /tg/ before. You are the reason the creepy nerd stereotype is perpetuated.

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>Hurr you like this statue
>Therefore you must masturbate and jizz on it!

You do understand that you are the creepy one right.
What is platonic admiration?

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This is why I'm still single.

Not because I go around spouting romantic bullshit, but because I'm too afraid the other person will go "HA! You have feelings, you nerd!"

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>What is platonic admiration?

A completely different thing to falling in love. Also not something that can happen just from looking at someone.


Having feelings is fine. Respecting other peoples boundaries and not getting fucking creepy about it is the key here.

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You're acting as if that initial attraction, that "love at first sight" feeling, is ALL these posters think love is. Yes, that initial hopeful perception is important, but I don't think that anyone would deny that actually coming to know and understand that person is much more so.

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How are you disrespecting someone by having feelings for them?
Holy crap you're just someone who's very arrogant or unable to understand others can demonstrate feelings in a healthy manner.

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>t. autist

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Weak bait is weak.

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>Once dashing, but marred with scars?
So... Still attractive.

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'Not getting fucking creepy about it' is the bit that matters.


I'm just replying to the posts at face value. And a good number of them are pretty clearly 'I fell in love with them so now they have to love me back and we're destined to be together forever!' type bullshit, which is childish at best and creepy/obsessive at worst.

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>having feels at someone violates their boundries.

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Not that anon, but I do think you are getting riled up on your own misunderstanding.
Respecting boundaries means knowing when to act on your feelings and when not to, when to make your feelings their concern, and when it shouldn't.
A lot of people fuck this part up. An example I can put to you, from my own experience?
>Cosplay is not consent
This became a thing because people assume that at cons, you can do away with the standard notions of conduct between different individuals, or make broad assumptions about what is and isn't welcome.
This bridges both genders, before you take that tack. I've seen my bro who cosplays MCU Thor getting assaulted by groups of girls, sometimes while he is right next to his gf, and he makes it clear it is unwanted, but is ignored.

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>You're stunned by the beauty of a statue you find in a medusa's lair
>You spend all the party funds on a casting of Stone to Flesh from the nearest temple
>it turns into a lifeless, boneless blob of meat
>turns out it was just a statue all along
>also, your party is broke now and can't afford rations
>you have to eat her
>she's pretty good

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This. So much this.

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>having feels at someone and foisting them upon that someone when they have made it clear they are not wanted, or using those feels as an excuse to act in ways that cross defined social protocol
People really are reading only what they want to read.

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What if I fall in love with the gorgon instead?

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>And a good number of them are pretty clearly 'I fell in love with them so now they have to love me back and we're destined to be together forever!'
No, they are not. Are you illiterate or do you have traumatic memories of being stalked?

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Your dick will become harder than you can possibly imagine.

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My issie is that you come here immediatelly assuming we mean to disrespect boundaries, ignoring the actual information present here and acting like we are "'creepy nerds" to rationalize your crap.
(By you I mean the shitpost anon)

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>Also not something that can happen just from looking at someone.

The thing with Platonic love is that it starts with just a look before leading an ascent of affections.

Read Plato's Symposium. Pay close attention to what Diotima says.

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>now they have to love me back

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I'll stick to modern psychology and sociology, thanks.

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It will be a bittersweet romance, as one of you needs to be blind at all times.
Otherwise, I am sure she would enjoy the company. She doesn't attack people, and has been forced into hermitage because everyone near her dies.

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And I am clarifying what is usually meant about respecting boundaries.
If you have feelings for someone, but respect the social lines between individuals and their own feelings towards you, then there is no problem. However, A LOT OF PEOPLE DO NOT DO THIS. Enough people do not do this that it had to become a nation-wide tag at conventions reminding people to not be assholes.
I'm not speaking directly about you, or anyone else in this thread, but a lot of fucking people misunderstand what "respecting boundaries" entails.

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>when they have made it clear they are not wanted

Pray tell, how does a statue make it clear that the affections are unwelcome?

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>Haha look guys I'll pretend to actually read anything scientific when I can't even read posts and have to act like my opposition are some shitty strawman

>> No.50943850

>man yells at cloud

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The post I quoted mentioned nothing about statues, anon, and the conversation has moved away from it.
Put down that goalpost, it's too heavy for you.

>> No.50943859

I know you are not, but you should talk to the guy you jumped to defend because, as I specifically pointed out, HE is acting like that's the case.

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>ctrl+f "Galatea"
>zero hits
Are you fucking kidding me?

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Get a load of this guy

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Okay so you are going to ignore the situation explained, pretend like anon's visions are about jerking off to a statue, then call everyone nerd virgin creeps, then pretend you've got "holy scientific knowledge", and finally you'll just dismiss people when they point out the crap you're doing?

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>it turns into a lifeless, boneless blob of meat
That's not usually how Stone to Flesh works. You would probably get a real beautiful girl out of the deal. Even better, she wouldn't know anything about the world but would still be able to talk and wipe her own ass because magic.

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That goes both ways though. The two sides of this discussion are talking about totally different things. You're railing against sweaty atuttering nerds who possess no reasonable concept of love or social grace.

How likely do you think it is that you're actually talking to people like that?

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>grammar nazi uses Ignore Argument!
>it wasn't very effective...
I am pointing out a very real issue that people often ignore boundaries, or don't even understand what boundaries are, especially 4chan's userbase.
It's probably more likely than we both think.
Unless you actually think something approaching positive about most users of this website?

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>grammar nazi

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>What if I fall in love with the gorgon instead?
[oglaf intensifies]
I can't believe how hard I am right now.

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So you have no argument other than "I get to ignore what you said, the OP, and just assume shit about you all"

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>not falling in love with the Gorgon
>not bringing her around to the side of good with the BHD (Big human dick)
>not convincing her to let her prisoners go if they agree to join your shared harem
It's like you don't even want snake cochlea bro.

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Given that a couple of the above posts were straight up misogyny/racism?


That last one is probably the best one, because it was slipped in along with the stupid 'puppy' example as if the person they were replying to possibly being a woman somehow affected their point.

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[citation needed]

In all editions of D&D where Stone to Flesh is a thing, it either only works on petrified creatures or turns normal stone into lifeless meat. It traditionally turns a stone golem into a flesh golem, but that's animated to begin with. If you want to bring your horrible carved waifu to life, you need True Polymorph.

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>Unless you actually think something approaching positive about most users of this website?
I think the average /tg/ user is a bored 20something dude from a middle class western family, who is nust trying to kill some time.

Are there a few creepy nerds in that group? Sure. But most are just average dudes trying to kill time while they wait on a ride or an appointment or the needle or whatever.

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Yeah, I agree, good sir, this site is filled with disgusting creeps. *tips fedora*

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Gorgon can't let them go.
She's fucking cursed.
The stone gaze is not an optional thing for her.

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>I can't believe how hard I am

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You point out the post, and realize there is more than one poster here, that says "You are disrespecting your infatuations boundaries and need to stop".
I was opening up a conversation about boundaries and popular situations where they are clearly and grossly ignored, with the people who do so acting offended that you dared to call them out on it, not "This anon did *insert act* and it was wrong".

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You're right, I misremembered the description.

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That's not a sword. That's spaghetti.

>> No.50943995 [DELETED] 


I note that for every user that posts, nine others make use of the site without contributing.

Ought we be making assumptions on the mating habits on the silent 90% of the userbase? Perhaps not.

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>The stone gaze is not an optional thing for her.

Just give her some sunglasses

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it's called a flamberge, look it up before you post something stupid.

>> No.50944009

Again, you're talking to strawmen.
People are offended because you aren't talking to them, you're talking at a caricature you made of them and made sure to make as ugly as possible.
No matter how much you shitpost about boundaries you're the one who came here, pretended people's posts were about rape and jizzing on statues, called everyone creeps, racists, mysogynists, nerds and whatever else and then started shitposting about how the concept of platonic love doesn't matter because you totally read a sociological study.

In short, get a grip.

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It's also real.

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Girl petrifies adventurer.
Immediately rapes him

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Doesn't stop it from being spaghetti.
What's the point anyway? For it to look straight in case you're drunk?

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>repeatedly state I am not >>50943632
>continues to assume I am >>50943632

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This is 100% irrelevant to what I said.

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But you see, love is not some mystical force that no man can understand. It is merely a developing emotion, which is pure and kind.

Pic related for you

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It's designed to break other swords, ya dip.

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File: 1.22 MB, 1126x1350, maddie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The flamberge is an undulating blade that is found on both long blades and rapiers. When parrying with such a sword, unpleasant vibrations may be transmitted into the attacker's blade. These vibrations cause the blades to slow contact with each other because additional friction is encountered with each wave. The term flamberge was misapplied to refer to two-handed swords and was used later to refer to cup hilt rapiers with a straight blade

>> No.50944086


>Claim it's all against strawmen
>Ignoring the cited posts of actual racism and sexism

>> No.50944091

Well, it'd help if you'd stop referring to things as if this was a conversation we ought to have because we perpetrate the misdeeds you so much talk about.
It'd also help if you didn't branch off based on the bullshit of the very same person you are referring to.
And it'd help even more if this was on topic or at all related to the pointsmade by the anons.

But guess what, you failed to help yourself by acting the way you chose to. Now deal with it.

Or if you're willing to know who really wants to have this conversation, it's mostly not pasty white kids who post edgy shit online, but men like those in my family who are low income, often abused substances, have a preexisting history of horrible family conditions and often have done acts more than once frequently with the knowledge of others (who are either afraid or complacent) and often targetting children.
But it'd be too hard for you to deal with actual problems rather than shit on some retards online right?

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Depends on how the girl looks like.

>> No.50944108

Goddamn those muscles are hella fine!

>> No.50944113

Do point them out for me.

>> No.50944118


You were not meant for greatness.

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>renaming filenames

Who does that if you are gonna use the pic once and then delete it?

>> No.50944148

>he thinks it's about renaming

>> No.50944165

>singles out a few potentially offending posts out of many previously condemned links
Nice damage control

>using "racism" as a rhetorical tool to invalidate substance of statement
you're only giving it validity desu, and to populists too.

>> No.50944170


>> No.50944171

It's worse than I thought!

>> No.50944182

One pointing factually correct information about other races including mine that attributes their reproductive rates to something non negative.

Another shitting on people who go "you can't feel that way for me!". Which is right. You can't stop people from feeling, you just don't need to reciprocate.

Two posts shitting on women, which is what we cll "banter", and which you'll be surprised to know women engage in it too. Though I'll agree things would be less toxic to all if we gave up that kind of act.

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File: 90 KB, 732x800, peer pressure.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 454 KB, 698x850, by judge anon & psuedonym.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>Has claim of 'Strawmen' disproved
>Moves goalposts and quibbles on specifics

>> No.50944211

While this is a pretty disturbing picture, it does make me think of a graffitied statue coming to life and kicking ass, which is much more satisfying.

>> No.50944233

>Completely ignores rational arguments to focus on outliers
>Acts as if the normal arguments are the same as the outliers
>Repeatedly acts as if everyone here is a rapist-creepy-stalker
>Waaaaah I am not strawmanning!

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>> No.50944256

It's ironic you would talk about moving goalposts seeing as you've gone from
this: >>50943593
to this: >>50943933

without even once admitting that you might have, in fact, been wrong to begin with in your sense motive checks.

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File: 1.74 MB, 478x360, tmp_27798-Your animal companion made the save. You didn't1462891199.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.50944388

The point anon is making is that you saved the low-resolution sample version of the image, and not the full-sized original image.

By saving the lesser version, you have shown yourself to be unwise, but by spreading the lesser version around, you have proved yourself a hazard.

>> No.50944408

Phoneposting aside, I have a busy day at work and didn't need these feels today anon

>> No.50944433

okay mr.porn connoiseur. just that snapping the picture from r34 was faster than going through aka6 gallery.

>> No.50944459

>too retarded to save full-sized images

>> No.50944500

Fucking Hell, Carlos.

>> No.50944558

>Not knowing the difference between love and hormones
>You start loving something based on its appearance
>Everyone who disagrees with me politically is a woman
>Rubbing your dick on someone's face is "affection"
>Le women are parasites meme
>Everyone who disagrees with me is autistic
>Fucking reading comprehension
>Pray tell, how does an unconscious woman make it clear that the affections are unwelcome?

>Implying the assumptions aren't 100% justified by all of the above

>> No.50944565

The only thing I can say for certain is that 80% of the people in this thread aren't qualified to comment about leaving their house, much less about love.

>> No.50944588

>shut-in guy falls in love with a drawing

>> No.50944623

Pygmalion was just a lonely weeaboo with a waifu

>> No.50944625

>Rubbing your dick on someone's face is "affection"
sounds like there's some assuming to be done alright.
I'm sorry if your father harmed you m8.

Rest of your post boils once again down to you cherrypicking, grasping at straws and being bottombedazzled about people reacting to your outburst in kind.

>an open mind is like a fortress with its doors unbarred and unguarded

>> No.50944628

>Not knowing the difference between love and hormones
>thinking literally ANY human behavior isn't a result of hormones and neurochemistry

>> No.50944629 [DELETED] 


>an open mind is like a fortress with its doors unbarred and unguarded

...You do realise that 40k quote was meant to

>> No.50944643

>people reacting to your outburst in kind
M8, I literally opened this thread 10 minutes ago.
>sounds like there's some assuming to be done alright
The post that mentioned affection did so in direct response to >>50943480: "rubbing his dick and cumming all over a frozen women who cannot really give consent."
I believe it is you whose head is inside his own arse.

Fair enough, but you know what I meant. Infatuation hormones are not the same as love hormones. The former lasts a couple of weeks, and the latter lasts several years.

>> No.50944644


>an open mind is like a fortress with its doors unbarred and unguarded

...You do realise that 40k quote was meant to show how fucked up that universe is, right?

>> No.50944654


Determinism is bullshit

>> No.50944664

>an open mind is like a fortress with its doors unbarred and unguarded
That sounds like a criticism of listening to people. So it's pretty apt that you quote it.

Unless you believe in a body/soul duality, you have to accept that the brain is made of chemical processes. Whether or not that implies determinism is a separate question.

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File: 1.82 MB, 1440x900, 934.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.50944720

>You start loving something based on its appearance
You've yet to establish that this is false.

>Anyone who disagrees with anon is a woman/autist/whatever
No, they're saying YOU are a woman, autist, whatever. There's a subtle difference there.

>rubbing your dick on someone's face is affection
This is just disongenuous. He wasn't talking about rubbing his dick in someone's face, he was talking about having feelings.

>le women are parasites meme
I'm not surehowmuch dating you do, but try telling a woman to pay for the first date sometime. She might well refuse, because that's a rude thing to do. But nobody bats an eye if the chick wants the guy to pay.

>pray tell, how does *party who can't consent* tell you they don't consent?
Nothing wrong with this one, I agree with your implied point. Don't diddle disabled people, kids, statues or otherwise.

>> No.50944765

>The post that mentioned affection did so in direct response to >>50943480: "rubbing his dick and cumming all over a frozen women who cannot really give consent."
But that's objectively and factually untrue. Your post is the first that references it.

>> No.50944804

>>You start loving something based on its appearance
If this is false, when was the last time you fell in love with a man?

>> No.50944812


Why did their clothes turn to stone?

>> No.50944855

Anon, you oppressive cis het shitlord! Sexual preferences are oppression! How DARE you reduce a human being down to just their sex organs?! HOW DARE YOU?!

>> No.50944864

Nevermind, you misquoted.

The point still stands, it was >>50943482 and that poster alone who interpreted "affection" as rubbing your dicks over people. Previous exchange hinted at nothing of sorts. If you're looking for troubled minds, you should look at people who insist forcing "dick rubbing" into the argument.

>> No.50944899

>insist forcing "dick rubbing" into the argument.
This is debate rape

I need you all to respect my feelings and stop forcing your huge pulsing musky arguments onto my chan.

>> No.50944923

Well, that's what it comes down to, isn't it?

>He was stare-raping me your honor

>> No.50944925
File: 24 KB, 625x626, Not taking.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50944936

>Implying I'm the same person you were talking to before
>Implying only one person in this thread disagrees with you

But as for your actual ""points"":
>You've yet to establish that this is false
And you've yet to establish that it's true. What I do know is that the pheromones responsible for 90% of human emotion are not visual in nature.
>YOU are a woman, autist, whatever
Well, I'm not a woman. The rest is debatable.
>He wasn't talking about rubbing his dick on someone's face
He was responding to "you shouldn't rub your dick on someone who can't give consent" with "affection requires consent?" If he meant something different, he has a shitty way of expressing it.
>Try telling a woman to pay for the first date sometime
I have been splitting checks for years, and nobody gives a shit. Maybe you're the one who should actually go on a date before making stupid statements.
Alternatively, move away from the American South.
>Don't diddle disabled people
I must applaud this line because it's pure poetry.

You do realize the differences between men and women are more than visual, right? Attraction is 90% pheromones, and men produce different ones from women. That's why a lot of people don't date trans - unless they're far into HRS, they smell like their birth sex.

>> No.50944947

What? Sure, I guess, but I wasn't making a point, I just saw an opportunity to quote "forcing dick rubbing" into a pertinent joke.

>> No.50944962


>> No.50945042

>dm tells story of how a princess was kidnapped from a small kingdom a long time ago and so party decides to go save her
>when she was kidnapped some others have tried to save her but have either never returned or told stories of their being a medusa keeping her
>party goes and kills medusa and go to transport princess (now upetrified) back
>she tells us where her kingdom was and it has been so long that it has been taken over and expanded upon by another much larger kingdom
>party decides fuck it, we can still get a reward, and still decide to return her to the new kingdom
>new kingdom dgaf and tells us we wont be getting a reward and that all her family is dead
>princess is now worthless
>we sell her into 'indentured servitude'

>> No.50945055

>>Implying I'm the same person you were talking to before
>>Implying only one person in this thread disagrees with you
Buddy, that was the first post I made in this thread. Up until then I hadn't said anything, so it's actually you that's assuming.

That said, I don't blame you for it. This is the problem with 4chan. Anonymity is great but discussions get confused.

>yet to establish it's tue
Correct! Finally catching on, are you? It's still being debated, so just greentexting it with no context and implying "this statement is obviously wrong therefor it needs no refutation" is a bit silly, isn't it?

>not a woman
You missed the point. I was clarifying their intention, not trying to state fact.

>dick rubbing post before affection
I think it would be smarter to take each statement on it's own merit in a jumbled discussion like this. That said, lets set the issues aside and just drill down to the bedrock.

All dickrubbing and creeping aside and out of the picture, do you disagree with the following statement: you cannot choose who you feel affection for.

>get out of the south
Working on it. Just two more years.

>> No.50945085

>Take each statement on each own merit
I try, but sometimes the context is too close together for it. When you lift a phrase from a post you're responding to, it's natural to associate the rest of the sentence with whatever you have to say.

>You cannot choose who you feel affection for
Of course you can't, I never tried to debate against that.

>Working on it
Well, at least I got that assumption right.

>> No.50945131

>Of course you can't, I never tried to debate against that.
So what's the issue with a guy finding himself drawn to a statue?

>> No.50945197

Why are there so many vanilla moralfag babies in /tg/ lately? Why would you be so negatively opinionated about someone falling for a beautiful statue? I can understand thinking it's magical realm shit, but I don't get why you'd ever take a moral stance on it. I think it's cute, by the way.

>> No.50945245
File: 142 KB, 634x884, article-0-124A2A72000005DC-837_634x884.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.50945250

Because /tg/ has always had moralfags as you call them.

>> No.50945273

I never said there was an issue. Just that
1) It shouldn't be called "love," and
2) If you jerk off on the statue it's creepy.
Everything else is fair game.

>> No.50945292

Ms. Marvel and Spider-Woman? Why? Oh god, I hope this isn't a fetish thing.

>> No.50945363

>1) It shouldn't be called "love,"
You really think that only your definition of love is valid?

Of course it is.

>> No.50945440

Fuck me, this was the first GIS result: http://dragonstorm15942.deviantart.com/favourites/46784401/girls-turned-into-stone

Ugh, why did I even ask?

>> No.50945498

>I hope this isn't a fetish thing
But you know better, don't you?

If your definition of "love" encompasses "infatuation" then it's too broad. There needs to be a separation between them, because confusing the two is why people get way too intense about relationships way too early.

>> No.50945617

To me, it seems like you view love as being "love + the interpersonal framework that holds relationships together".

I see love as a neurochemical reaction that happens in the brain when a person devotes a lot of their time to thinking about someone and associates pleasure with thoughts of them.

Yes, there are social constructs we stack up around that (sharing our pasts, dreams, quirks, responsibilities, etc), but I don't see them as being mandatory for love itself.

Is it creepy, weird, and unhealthy for a guy to fall in love with an image (statue) and his own daydreams about that image? Probably. But on a chemical level it can still be love.

>> No.50945647

like we eternal romantics give a shit about opinions of scumbags like you

>> No.50945660

>Also not something that can happen just from looking at someone.
>fiction needs to be realistic
no, you and people who argue like you are clueless morons. kys.

>> No.50945672

Love as a concept it's much more abstract than just chemicals, what you are thinking its mere attraction an it can range from pheromones, to memories being triggered and much more. Also because you decide it to define it like that doesn't mean you are right either.

>> No.50945710


PLOT TWIST: the petrified woman is actually a normal statue, but extremely well-crafted. The local medusa just had a hobby so far sculpting goes.

>> No.50945755

Materialism and determinism are distinct philosophies; one does not imply the other.

>> No.50945800

Like when The Bride woke up from her coma, but in a fantasy setting. I can dig it.

>> No.50945943

Wow, what a disgusting fucking weirdo pervert misandrist.

>> No.50945951

Didn't WALL-E do this, in essence?

>> No.50946129

Do the Grafitti that are on parts which turn to skin beome Tattoos?

>> No.50946287

This thread proves women don't understand or desserve love.
The greeks had it right.

>> No.50946355

>Having feelings is fine. Respecting other peoples boundaries and not getting fucking creepy about it is the key here.
Nigga, calm the fuck down, not because you molested girls in campus does it mean every guy who ever gets a crush is a shit like you.

>> No.50946370

What if the adventurer falls in love with the gorgon.
And the Medusa falls in love too.
But over time being alone she became a voyeur too.
Now both lure adventurers, maiden or love couples into their lair to sarisfy her voyeurism.

>> No.50946378

Everyone is pretty much saying "first you fancy them, then you get to know them and develop deeper feelings" is fine exept for the sperglord.

>> No.50946390

>Falling in love with a trap girl who will never get to know you and would most likely not fall in love with you if you do free her but despite all that you still fall in love with her

Romantics are the strangest of peoples

>> No.50946451

if he has a drill it could work with some lube. he'd need to hire a a cook & a maid though.

>> No.50946457

Falling in love with "someone" who's essentially an inanimate object is always some degree of creepy, if not downright pathetic.

>> No.50946470

Now is the question, whats better as a stone toys.
The pole or the hole?

>> No.50946558

It gets even worse if you're immortal, because unless you can find another immortal you like you /have/ to focus your affections on something unaging.

They're the only ones who'll stay.

>> No.50946589

In the sense of 'petrified girls as fetish', or the sense of 'somebody actually likes these characters'?

>> No.50946596

>WIS 0
>INT 1

>> No.50946668

Can't wait till the advent of gynoids.
The saddest part about it is I bet you gynoids will still have less sex than women, they'll be bough mostly by people who just want non-judgmental company that doesn't nag at them all the time.

>> No.50946713

All I want is for someone to respond when I talk to myself.

>> No.50946741

>Saying POCs are better at love than sheltered whites is now racism too
Kill yourself for fuck's sake.

>> No.50946752

Well, that's what this website's for!

>> No.50946843

If she were turned back to flesh, yeah. If she were a living statue roaming the countryside looking for vandals, it would still be paint and maybe a few breaks.

>> No.50946979

When I first saw that joke I got a good laugh out of it. I'm so happy that game finally got released.

>> No.50947005

I've never understood this diatribe.
What's it supposed to convey? Most SJW speech sounds like people nagging at a toddler or dog expecting their tone of voice to do the deed even if the words make no sense.

>> No.50947008

>Character is a statue that's come to life and seeks vengeance for its neglect.
>It's surface is covered in carven and painted graffiti from head to foot.
>It's arm and leg have come off but were reattached with brackets and hinges.
>Character kills all pigeons it comes across and is enraged by vandalism.

>> No.50947077

Tumblr has been slowly creeping through 4chan. First /v/, then /comblr/, /lgbt/ now /tv/ and /tg/.
If it's pop culture they want to control it.

>> No.50947123
File: 32 KB, 357x261, 1424709534982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know, anon. I think neuroplasticity is a wonderful thing. It lets us drive cars, and it lets us have pets and waifus.

I suppose in this case the "statue" is more like a corpse, though, which makes it a bit creepier. Bit like that Carl Tanzler guy.

>> No.50947136

It isn't
He described love. You're describing the social companionship that comes with mutual love.
Those are different. A lot of people love people who don't love them back.

>> No.50947140

This was a DLC character in Dragon Age: Origins. Its name was Shale and it was a golem that had been deactivated for something like a century or so and people had mistaken it for a statue, though it was still conscious and aware of its surroundings during this time. It really hated birds, pigeons in particular, and because it had been considered a "romantic rendezvous spot" in town, it was tired of seeing people kiss and have sex.

>> No.50947150

But is it the creepy kind of cute or the cute kind of creepy?

>> No.50947343

>I cast Mass Stone to Flesh on the entire Terracotta Army.

>> No.50947369
File: 86 KB, 612x490, Finding your magical realm by mistake.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A man explores a dungeon
>Finds a zombie

>> No.50947372

>Infatuated with a girl at univerity
>Never speak to her, she's in journalism, I'm in art, no classes together just see her walk by at the campus' common grounds often.
>Like two years in go to a super shitty party, decide to leave at 2-3am and walk back to the dorms
>Get startled as someone catches up with me halfway there
>It's her, in the same situation from a party of her own, asks if she can walk to the dorms with me.
>Never get to the dorms, spend all night chatting and stargazing. Spend the next 3 years together untill she moves to america for a better job

"Dude, I thought you were a mugger!" best icebreaker ever.
Anyway being a romantic is one more of human's many do or die situations where when it works it's undescribably wonderfull, and when it doesn't you're a loser to society's eyes.

But I guess this never would have happened in today's world where campus is all trigger warnings, rape stares, safe spaces and 20something yo paranoid babies.

>> No.50947385



>> No.50947421


>> No.50947435
File: 16 KB, 234x185, slutbie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My dude you knew I had to crop that part too.

>> No.50947463


>But I guess this never would have happened in today's world where campus is all trigger warnings, rape stares, safe spaces and 20something yo paranoid babies.

You're probably right. But as one of the people saying that the falling in love with a statue scenario is creepy, I don't support any of the shit that so many universities are pulling. The regressive left is fucking insane, and makes the work of actual progress and improving things more difficult, setting an extreme negative example for others to point out.

The moderate left feels the same about those fucks as the moderate right must feel about racists, gun toting militia types and such. The crazy just manifests in different ways.

>> No.50947492
File: 431 KB, 1134x829, When she gives you a facial.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.50947514

ITT: a lot of people who have never felt the touch of another human.

>> No.50947522

Being odious doesn't make it false.

>> No.50947554

I've played Kangoku Senkan too.

>> No.50947814

>Love as a concept it's much more abstract than just chemicals
Says you. It's almost like love is a subjective idea that different cultures and individuals will have their own take on.

>> No.50947855


>> No.50948285
File: 4.27 MB, 350x272, wax on.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It can be downright depressing if the adventurer realizes he's into it and hates himself for it.

And I should know.

>> No.50948849
File: 42 KB, 432x288, 1462066427896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no double amputee waifu veteran from the gorgon wars

>> No.50948886

This thread gave me AIDS, this is why people make fun of traditional games

>> No.50948925

Yeah, no. That's fairytale love, not real world love. Real romantic relationships are built on trust, understanding and having compatable personalities, while "love at first sight" relationships tend to be short-lived.

>> No.50948958

That'd be a living hell.

>> No.50948991

>relationships and love are the same thing
whew lad

>> No.50949024


I'd agree with the idea that love can only exist in the context of a relationship, whether personal for familial or friendly love, or romantic for the more classical sort.

>> No.50949033

That scenario is Greek as fuck.

>> No.50949070

Love's just a chemical, faggot.

>> No.50949093

It's not our fault greek myth references are too triggering for the SJW generation.

>> No.50949127

You're wrong.
There wouldn't be whole industries constructed around alleviating heartbreak otherwise.

>> No.50949132


It's not the references people were objecting to

>> No.50949141

a stony look...

>> No.50949142


'After the relationship has ended' is still defined by the context of the relationship.

>> No.50949147

>Adventurer is a psion with innate telepathy
>Accidentally taps into the medusa-victim mind.
>Everyone of them is insane from isolation of being petrified.
>Cannot cast stone to flesh.
>Psion begins healing their minds with basic therapy, astral projection help, etc.
>Helps people accept their condition as statuary.
>Eventually, falls in love with one of his patients.
>She loves him back.
>They want to get married.
>He tells his fellow adventurers of this situation.
>Nobody else is psychic
>They all think he's loony for wanting to marry a chunk of marble.

>> No.50949208

I mean, it makes sense.

>> No.50949268

Love is a chemical reaction that lasts from 3-4 years on average. Delaying sex can make them last up to 6 years on average, but delaying affection through long periods of courtship reduces the duration of it by up to 2 years.

Women idolize taking it slow because courtship is all about being pampered without a need to give anything back. Men believe taking it slow is the right way because they've been trained all their life to grind from the bottom. But in reality there is no benefit to waiting in love and it just reduces the timeframe in which you will naturally enjoy each other's company.

>> No.50949277

>after months of rehabilitation therapy for statues none of his group members have picked up on the fact that the statues are alive
>they've just been watching him sit and stare at statues for hours on end for the past several weeks
>sometimes he gets a boner while mindfucking his girlfriend, but none of them know she's alive so they think he's just a creep.

>> No.50949286

citation would be appreciated

>> No.50949292

No, they were objecting to their paranoid delusion and unfounded character judgments they made up in their heads when someone asked if a random Pygamalion-inspired storyline would be creepy or cute in a fantasy setting.

>> No.50949298

Oddly enough, appreciation and codependance is a chemical reaction that lasts a lifetime.

>> No.50949303

The point of most of those industries is that a relationship never happens.

You're a woman, aren't you?

>> No.50949315


No, but the fact you even make a point of that tells me everything I need to know about you.

>> No.50949331

>he thinks there's any difference between men and women beyond the physical

>> No.50949336

And that's exactly why women will never allow gynoids to exist.
You bow down to their shit, or you die in outcast mysery you filthy misogynist.

>> No.50949346

I'm not entirely sure what industries he's talking about, but if you think about it, most people who participate in that kind of thing (service industries mind you, not counting dating services and prostitution) are female, so it's not entirely unfair to conclude that you might be a woman if you're in favor of them.

>> No.50949361

>why women will never allow gynoids to exist.
>women can stop it

Sex sells mate, and when you get something that does everything that (some) men want in a woman, but without the downsides? That shit will sell like hotcakes.

>> No.50949375


Except that women are already involved in the same process, because male sexbots are an attractive idea for them too?

>> No.50949483

>Short term relationships are shunned
>Predominantly caused by lust, a normal chemical reaction of the body
>Benefit men the most

>Long term relationships are idealized
>Predominantly caused by codependence, a mental/social illness
>Benefit women the most

How surprising.

>> No.50949487
File: 278 KB, 968x354, 1393356322038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ultros you stony slag

>> No.50949531

And yet they lobby against female sexbots.

>> No.50949638

People don't get heartbroken over someone they're just met, there has to be SOME sort of relationship before that can happen.

He's probably thinking of porn, knowing 4Chan.

>> No.50949641


By 'they' you mean an extreme minority with little to no actual influence, right? Because anything other than that is pure fantasy.

>> No.50949664

pretty much the same thing as falling in love with a made of character, less creepy than putting said made up characters image on a body pillow and carrying it around in public.

>> No.50949665

>there's one victim in the back who insists he doesn't need any help
>claims that here, he's safe, nothing is expected of him, and he doesn't have to pour years upon years of work into accomplishing /nothing/ just to be considered a functioning member of society - he can be left alone with his imagination and hasn't felt physical urges in so long he doesn't even miss them anymore
>psion is both disgusted and saddened that anyone could write off their own potential for self-improvement as a lost cause with no real point

>> No.50950088

It's always "an extreme minority with little to no actual influence" and then your president is Donald Trump, Brexit is voted for and Leonardo DiCaprio wins the Oscar.

One vote is enough to change the world.

>> No.50950107
File: 146 KB, 416x423, 1418972721306.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Adventurer falls in love with a petrified woman
>Falls out of love with her as soon as the curse is broken
>Turns out he never loved her, he only loved the image he had of her
>3D remains PD

>> No.50950203

>surprised that women are hypocrites

>> No.50950205

where is source

>> No.50950362

depends which half

>> No.50950441
File: 898 KB, 600x821, kira gets a boner.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Adventurer falls in love with a woman's hands

Creepy, or cute?

>> No.50950753

Most attractive women give me partial petrification, if you understand what I am saying.

>> No.50950811

There's actually a feat for that.

>> No.50950963

>Adventurer comments on how beautiful petrified woman is and spends a moment lingering before quickly falling back into line

>Adventurer stares at her, becomes obsessed and keeps coming back to the statue to brood (or worse)

>Adventurer whistles, takes statue, and orders dinner for two, and when someone asks he just responds "She's my waifu!"

>> No.50950984
File: 289 KB, 824x542, 1462320098108.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this thread is about some Tumblerette trying to explain to men how their understanding of love and attraction doesn't exist?

>> No.50950998

I hoard loot anyway, cute waifu statue can hang out with the dissecated corpses of my fallen prey and the mounted weapons of my fallen rivals.

>> No.50951015

It's mentally ill people complaining about fantasy and romanticized chemical processes, wether it's tumblr or autists, the result is the same.

>> No.50951020

>the love between me and my 2d waifu is just as legitimate as any normie sjw tumblr bs

>> No.50951059

How do you measure the legitimacy of something subjective as qualia and emotions?

>> No.50951060

What's the sauce on this?

>> No.50951482

The only good post in this thread

>> No.50951519

>fall in love with petrified woman

>turns out she fell in love with a petrified man

>and so on and so forth

>this is because the gorgon/transmuter/etc. that holds the collection has enchanted every statue so that the first person to look at them will fall madly in love with them and refuse to run away even as they themselves are petrified

>every single statue is a person trapped in an eternal loop of their imagined wedding day (and night) with the person they thought the statue they saw used to be

>except the very first, who was enchanted to fall madly for the gorgon/transmuter/etc. themselves

>> No.50951623

Plato identified seven types of love and modern psychology recognises six (there is no behavioural or hormonal difference between kinship and friendship) and of these only one has to be sexual and only one can't be sexual. Also, only two are potentially about power and only one is objectifying (pragma, literally viewing a lover as a utility) and that one is more common in women than in men. It's a bit more flexible and complex than whatever trash they taught you in gender studies.

>> No.50951721

>women will ban sexbots
I love this meme.

>but muh articles
Yeah, there are loud people on the Internet. Anyone who thinks corporations won't capitalize on viable sexbots is a naive idiot.

>> No.50951778
File: 22 KB, 448x287, habla con ella.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends on his personality

>> No.50951822

"Have you heard the tale of David the Knight-Errant? Legend has it, he was so obsessed with rescuing maidens that he would travel the world looking for women to save. The story goes that he heard tell that the king's daughter was imprisoned by a dragon and that anyone who could slaw the beast and save the princess would receive half the kingdom and the princess's hand in marriage. So David waltzes into the castle, waves his sword about and not more than an hour later walks out with a fresh dragon's head strapped to his saddlebags and a princess slung over his shoulder. He meets with the king, gets his prize, and the second he leaves the castle he sells his deed to half the kingdom, gets a better sword and sends some urchin off the street to take his place at the wedding. That kid turned out to be a horrible ruler, you know."

"Another legend claims that David lugged around a statue of some wench for a year and a half, claimed he was seeking the gorgon that petrified her so that he could break the curse. So he finds the snake-haired cunt, lops her head off, gets the girl de-stonified, takes her in his arms, drops her off at the first tavern he comes across, and sets off to go wake up some sleeping bitch two kingdoms off."

>> No.50951943

>his only love in life is the rescue mission itself, rather than the target

That's both admirably dedicated and incredibly creepy.

>> No.50952073

Eberron setting.

>> No.50952149

A running theme in my current game is that adventuring is an inherently consuming and self-destructive profession. For example, a common song one could hear the drunkards at most any village tavern bleating out details the life of a young man who goes on a quest for great riches, uses his wealth to become a lord, acts as a fair and just ruler for many years, and then musters his people to go to war in an attempt to recapture the glory of his adventuring days, leading to him getting killed, his men getting slaughtered, and his lands being conquered.

Basically, people don't like adventurers very much.

>> No.50952401

This piques my interests. What is the source of this totally straight image?

>> No.50952542

Closer to triple creepy.

>> No.50952651

how is the profession/occupation of a person that makes statues called? sculptor, mason?

>tfw you are a renowned sculptor
>get praised for your amazing statues of women
>nobody knows
>nobody knows that you travel across the land seducing women with the promise of eternal youth...

>> No.50953059

But are they still conscious in there? If so, do they still think of themselves as humans under a curse, or do they simply believe themselves to be thinking statues? If the latter, do they envy the mobility of mortals, or pity the poor, ephemeral beings that must do so much more than stand still and look pretty to fulfill their purpose?

>> No.50953330

who cares lol

>> No.50953457

Everyone agrees women objectify men more than men objectify women.
Everyone but women.

I guess it's hard to submit to logic when it goes against your interests and every thirsty beta bends over to please you no matter how wrong you are.

>> No.50953517

You mean lust at first sight.
Love at first sight never happened.
Only the eagerness to fuck, which is highly depended on your perception of the partner sexual attractiveness.

>> No.50953542

This the same board that people think forcing a female stranger they helped to eat a lot of eggs is a normal thing to do.

>> No.50953593

It's cute if it's just like 'She's beautiful...', or the adventurer feels bad for her, and if they aren't a creep about it if/when she's depetrified.

It's creepy if they're obsessing over how beautiful she is, start caressing her, or if they act like a creep if/when she's depetrified.

>> No.50953666
File: 72 KB, 353x439, 1393037334007.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When did this board get filled with faggots?

also lol at
that the concept of love at first sight is a nerd thing. The most normalfag concept of all time, staple of pretty much every love comedy ever, and you guys are falling for the one troll trying to imply that it's a "creepy" nerd thing

It's a fucking stereotype that its the nerd that goes "ACTCHUALLY love is just huh brain chemistry bullshit huh which is why im totally not sad that im forever alone".

>> No.50953679
File: 127 KB, 542x323, 000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go my dudes, just search it on any of the usual sites.

>> No.50953707
File: 67 KB, 480x608, 1482838540011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>t's a fucking stereotype that its the nerd that goes "ACTCHUALLY love is just huh brain chemistry bullshit huh which is why im totally not sad that im forever alone".

>> No.50953894

/d/ creepy

>> No.50953942

Depends whether they seek to cure them or jerk off over them.

>> No.50954050

>t. uggo

>> No.50954090

Take all the statues, chain them in your basement and cast Stone to Flesh on them. There, brand new harem courtesy of Medusa.

Fucking faggots acting like it matters wheter the girl thinks it's cute or not in murderhobo fantasyland.

>> No.50954146

The uggo is still an uggo

>> No.50954219

Qualia don't exist.

>> No.50954235

>unironically using the word creepy

Wow, I didn't know there were so many sorority girls on /tg/....

>> No.50954291

New to the thread. There are examples from literature of men and women developing a fascination with some "ideal", like a statue or a painting -- the dreamed-of lover, as it were.

Something like this could be an interesting hook: like an NPC who has fallen in love with a statue, or a PC who has fallen for a woman in a painting, not knowing who she is. Lots of different ideas can spring up from this, so long as the player is up for it.

>> No.50954312

The opposite is even spookier.

I mean, imagine if you were watching one of your anime and then that girl you liked broke the script and pressed herself right up against the screen and started breathing heavily while staring at you.

I'd probably scream, because that's not supposed to be possible.

>> No.50954466

...that's exactly what the Rogue said when he looked at the Gorgon.

>> No.50954514 [SPOILER] 
File: 474 KB, 2048x1080, 1483166078553.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50954532

See, I can stay just fine because I know that's just the artist's intent.

But she breaks the script and starts moving despite not being a .gif or anything of the sort and I'm out.

>> No.50954540

>hit the back button

>> No.50954588

Quick, somebody post that one yandere visual novel, you know the one.

>> No.50954704
File: 693 KB, 900x900, 38688fcc8541fe104dcf0fda3b68fdc9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sure I watched a series where something like that occurs out of the blue with no warning, It's not even supposed to be unnerving, but it's so left field that I jumped all the same.

>> No.50954748

God I hate that concept that scars are attractive. No, they're not. Ever seen a man with half his face melted? its not pretty. The perfect line scars do not exist, please stop with this bullshit

>> No.50955004
File: 2.07 MB, 640x360, it's a beautiful day outside.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What, this one?

>> No.50955078

Yeah, except the longer one where you can see she actually makes sure you can't just savescum around this outcome by purging all your saves and locking you into her "true" route

>> No.50955185

>inb4 "since_when_were_you_the_one_in_control.webm"

>> No.50955377

I dunno man, this have been getting worse and worse each passing year. I miss 2011 /tg/ so much.

I mean, who the fuck cares about a statues "feelings". God fucking damnit people, get a grip.

>> No.50955393

It was literally a fashion for a while in Germany to get cool scars on your face by having swordfights.

>> No.50955522

that anon is full of bulshit anyway, its current year and I have two straight small scars in my face. Its even easier now with moder medicine to make scars good looking.

>> No.50955911

>there's just a giant group statue made of everyone who's ever touched it
>they're all perfectly happy in there
>this sickens the empath

>> No.50955962

/tg/ will always take the bait, sorority girls will always drink the drink, even if it's labelled 'roofie'.

>> No.50955978

>Ever seen a man with half his face melted? its not pretty.
>Sandor Clegane is a sad dude dot jay peg

>> No.50956629

Yes to both, depending on how it's handled

>> No.50956723

>I guess it's hard to submit to logic
What's worse than that is the people who constantly rant about how they're the logical ones, but go flying off in the opposite direction with the retarded things they say.

>> No.50957902

That's not what I was talking about you retarded dingo

>> No.50958306

I couldnt care less about what does my player do with a statue he carries arround in his bag of holding. As long as he doesnt specify he jerks off to it to the party he can do whatever he likes. Why would this be an issue?

>> No.50958532

Two instances of this come to mind for me.

Thanos + Death (Marvel)
Mannequin (80's film)

Now, in generalization,
Ask girls
>Thanos + Death is creepy
>Mannequin is cute

Ask guys
>Thanos + Death is tragic
>Mannequin is weird

Remember femtards it's a generalization, your SJW point of view on mannequin is exceptional when considering its generally favorable reception among female demographics.

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