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...Identity Spoofed
...Encryption Keys Generated
...Connected to Onion Routers
>>>Login: *********
>>>Enter Passcode: *********
...Biometric Scan Confirmed
Connected to SeattleNet...

>Welcome back to /srg/, chummer
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>watch your back
>Shoot straight
>Conserve ammo
>And never, ever cut a deal with a dragon

Fun with templates edition

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>Not .BTL

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But maymays saved on retro-style trids are so much warmer

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From the previous thread;
>There's no "gets lost easily" either.
Mate, what do you think Incompetent: Outdoors does?

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BTLs need sensory data, our current memetic technology hasn't progressed that far yet.

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You went to meta chummer. Dawkins Group hit squad is coming for you, better run.

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But that would imply that shitposting crudely drawn pictures of a smug frog on an anonymous imageboard is better than walking, talking and laughing amongst the people out there in the sunlight outdoors.

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Say I pick up some SWAT armor. It's got 15 capacity, so what's the best stuff to stick on it? Also, what do I stick on the helmet if I've got all the sensors I need already from cyberware?

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>implying people in the Sixth World walk, talk, laugh, or have sunlight
>implying I walk, talk, laugh, or have sunlight

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So do you think 0-point agendas will ever...

Oh, this isn't a Netrunner thread...
Misleading pic OP.

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>he looks at the OP image before post

Sorry Netrunner-anon, the pic is totally related.

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Do you netrunner types ever get tired of sulking that other people like your art?
Depends on your general application, but as much non-conductivity as you can stick into it is a must.

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Yeah, I was thinking of picking up NonConductivity 6, Fire Resistant 6 and 3 capacity of something else. It's just that nothing jumps out at me for "3 capacity of something else" and I've got no idea what to put in the helmet. It's not like I could put Insulation 6 and get that protection all over my body....right?

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Fire & electro resistance, as much as you can stuff in there.

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Shadowrun doesn't really model the need to have your helmet be protected by that stuff as well, the assumption is essentially just that you'd hold your arm up to block it or whatever. Pulse Weave and Auto-Injectors are handy.

You could get a RIG set if you're desperate for stuff to use up the capacity, but that's not super useful unless you've got access to a Pi-Tac.

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>Random anon here, can you spoon feed me the overdose rules? I don't wanna go check them right now
When you take two drugs that both boost the same stat - whether it's providing Initiative d6s, or providing a bonus to Reaction, or providing High Pain Tolerance - that triggers an immediate overdose.

When you overdose, you take Stun damage equal to the sum of the two drugs' addiction ratings, resisting by Body+Willpower.

So, if you combine Jazz (Addiction Rating 8) with Kamikaze (Addiction Rating 9), you're immediately resisting 17S. Since Stun converts to Physical at a rate of 2:1, you're probably going to survive it, but unless you roll really well you're definitely losing consciousness and probably accruing some Physical damage while you're at it.

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>You could get a RIG set if you're desperate for stuff to use up the capacity, but that's not super useful unless you've got access to a Pi-Tac.
Doubt it will happen, you need the whole team to get on board for that.

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And all this while being in a situation where being unconcious is usually a death sentence.

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Wait, does that mean I can ko people harder than a taser with a double drug injection? Just whenever I want?
Sounds overpowered

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How many programs is a drone allowed to have? Theorycrafting a robowife here.

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>Wait, does that mean I can ko people harder than a taser with a double drug injection?
Sure. It just costs 175 nuyen per time you do it, doesn't set in until the end of the current combat turn (Immediate speed), uses drugs which are Restricted rather than straight-up legal, and requires you to hit them with two separate doses instead of just shooting them twice with a taser.

If you want to KO people with drug overdoses, my personal recommendation is DMSO gas grenades. Toss out one thing of DMSO-laced Jazz, a second of DMSO-laced Kamikaze, and hope that nobody randomly rolls well enough to survive, because if they do then they're about to push your shit in. You can take out entire groups at once this way.

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>He doesn't have a USB fleshlight and custom image identification extension that tightens whenever a catgirl is posted


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>How many programs is a drone allowed to have?
By RAW? Either 1/2 their Pilot score, or an amount based on whatever RCC they're slaved to. When you realize that you can quickly hotswap things in and out situationally, it becomes a lot less limiting - that's the number loaded, not the number stored.

By RAI, thought? Rigger 5.0 was originally supposed to have a sidebar where they changed the number of Autosofts you can have loaded at once from 1/2 Pilot to Pilot, because of all of the new Autosofts they added. It got cut due to wordcount, but the intention behind the current set of rules is for a Pilot 6 drone to be able to load 6, not 3, Autosofts simultaneously.

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>USB fleshlight
I went looking for one and couldn't find one that was big enough. That's the problem with letting the Japanese make all the world's high tech sex toys.

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What are these magical devices?

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Get an Ultrasound sensor crammed into your helmet, its super handy.

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Speaking of BTLs, how does Blank Slate work, exactly? Can you just fumble around as a blankly-stare-at character for a while?

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So: Could I play an alchemist, treat fluids into different spells, and then put those into tranq darts, and fire them for long range spells?

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Hm. And is there any limit to how many autosofts one can have stored? Also, is it possible to have a drone swap its own autosofts in response to a situation, or do you always have to swap autosofts yourself?

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>And is there any limit to how many autosofts one can have stored?

>Also, is it possible to have a drone swap its own autosofts in response to a situation, or do you always have to swap autosofts yourself?
RAI, that would fall under the "Roll 2*Pilot Rating vs. Treshold set by the GM to see if drone can cope with a given situation" rule.

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>And is there any limit to how many autosofts one can have stored?
All devices in Shadowrun have arbitrarily large data storage.

>Also, is it possible to have a drone swap its own autosofts in response to a situation, or do you always have to swap autosofts yourself?
It can swap them itself. It'd be a Pilot roll for it to recognize the need and what's relevant in context, as with any novel activity, though.

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So then a good pilot program would know swap in combat autosofts if it or anyone it was charged with protecting were directly attacked or the house it dwells in was broken into, then swap them back out when the danger has passed. Works for me.

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Yup. With a Pilot of 4 (what a Direktionssekretar has) it would be able to buy 2 hits automatically on Pilot+Pilot rolls to know that kind of stuff, and in situations too tense for it to buy hits it would average almost 3 per roll.

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Mind giving me a source on that, that I can show to DMs?

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Took me a minute to track it down while on mobile, but here you go, omae:

5e's poor editing strikes again, leading to a conflict between written and intended rules.

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Fantastic. Thanks, Chummer.

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I was thinking of taking the Pilot up to 6, actually, so 3 automatic hits; if you're going to spend the money to kit out your robowife with Realistic Features 4 plus orifices, you might as spend a little more to outfit her with the best Pilot program and autosofts money can buy so she's rolling for sex, food and Swedish massages with 12 dice.

Anon, please don't make me enforce Hasbro copyright.

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Unless you're using a Neonet Juggernaut as a base model, I have some bad news about Pilot score upgrades.

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Not if I use the Drone Modification rules.

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>SWAT armor upgrades
The built-in ¥6,000 chemseal that doesn't cost capacity, fire resist, electricity resist, auto-injectors if you do drugs, and pulse weave.

Trode net if you somehow don't already have a DNI, micro-transceiver, vision enhancement because that costs way too much capacity to put in cybereyes.

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Also electrochromic modification. That way you can re-use the same outfit without worrying about being recognized, or taking time to paint it. Also you can use it to flash memes and obscene messages at people.

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>The built-in ¥6,000 chemseal that doesn't cost capacity
They have those? What book?

>auto-injectors if you do drugs
Eh, he uses Bliss only recreationally, but since Bliss is a powerful painkiller I could see an autoinjector being useful if things go really far south.

>That way you can re-use the same outfit without worrying about being recognized, or taking time to paint it.
Eh, I don't see the point in that. It's armor that you only wear during the run. In fact, it's armor you only wear during the part of the run that trying to avoid looking suspicious is a moot point and you're 100% sure someone is going to be gunning for you.

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Getting recognized helps HRT/SWAT prepare/equip themselves for your typical tactics. Furthermore, you can change your colors and insignias to match theirs, to sow confusion and hesitation, and possibly help slip out past a police blockage before they realize their mistake.

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>Furthermore, you can change your colors and insignias to match theirs, to sow confusion and hesitation, and possibly help slip out past a police blockage before they realize their mistake.
You're right about that and all, but
>Getting recognized helps HRT/SWAT prepare/equip themselves for your typical tactics.
If my team leaves behind enough evidence/security footage/survivors over the course of several runs that our enemies begin to recognize us and remember our tactics, then we've fucked up.

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The full-body armor (what I think you mean by SWAT armor) has its own version of the chemical seal in the same table on page 436 of the 5th edition core book. It costs much more than the normal chemseal modification (p. 438), and it greatly increases the availability rating (it's integral to the armor), but it does not take up capacity like the normal one.

>disguise yourself as HTR while busting out
Now that's what I call slippery. If that HTR group has safe target systems on their weapons that are keyed to recognize their own uniforms, your armor might also trigger that so they can't shoot you. Could be a good thing to look up during the planning/legwork phase.

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Is Boundless Mercy not in the mediafire, or am I overlooking it somehow?

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Are there any Resonance-equivalent Infections available?

If not, why not?

What are some interesting resonance-based infections that could show up?

>> No.50945936

>Now that's what I call slippery.
It works on normal security guards too. Get the right color of baseball cap and some Electrochromatic security armor and you can stroll right through most places without people even giving you a glance.

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>Are there any Resonance-equivalent Infections available?

>If not, why not?
Because unlike Magic, Resonance has no presence in the physical world.

>What are some interesting resonance-based infections that could show up?
I don't even understand what a Resonance-based 'infection' would look like. Some kind of cannibalistic AI? I guess it would look kind of like the Crash Virus.

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>can't get ALL of the catgirl qualities even on Surge 3
For what purpose?

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>Are there any Resonance-equivalent Infections available?

Do you mean "HMHVV Infected with technomancer abilities"? There are none. HMHVV is a magical disease, you can't have it and any Resonance score, even if you have no MAG. RF 142

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I meant something like HMHVV, but based on Resonance instead of Magic. I suppose you could call it... a HMHCV.

>> No.50946013

>The full-body armor (what I think you mean by SWAT armor
Actually I was referring to the actual SWAT armor from Run&Gun. Since it's more or less a flashier, more tacticool full body armor I don't think it would be too much of a stretch to suggest to my GM that it can have an integral chemseal.

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Like CFD, the nanobot/AI thing?

>> No.50946047

It wouldn't have a physical presence. It would be something that only affects digital intelligences and maybe people with Hotsim.

Some kind of sprite gone horribly out of control into a mind-control virus.

So CFD, basically, but without the nanobot elements.

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Yes, but that's not Resonance based, it doesn't count!

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Nothing like this exists, but let me tell you how it would work.

Firstly, it would be a computer virus. Second, it would only affect people who are in Hotsim (and could probably turn AIs, e-ghosts, and other digital intelligences into carriers).

Once infected, it would slowly give you a Resonance score of 1 so that you can be connected at all times, but instead of giving you any Complex Forms or other technomancer shit, it would give you specific digital-only types of critter powers.

You'd probably need to shred minds with biofeedback in order to keep from Fading after that, to maintain the HMHVV angle, leaving people as burned-out husks as you drain away their Willpower or something.

You'd experience no actual physical changes, everything being purely on the mental/Resonance/digital side of the equation.

A psychic net-vampire, stalking the dark parts of the internet, and stealing souls from a world away through unsecured VR.

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Perfect. Now the real question is, what do we call it?

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You could probably use the Munge power as the basis for feeding, but you'd have to change it to only go after AI and jacked-in metahumans. Mix in some Blood Magic rules to model how you can get little sips from cold-sim people, but go whole hog on hot-sim.


>> No.50946268

>Now the real question is, what do we call it?
Well, early on it would be seen more as a particularly foreboding worm or virus, before later being come to see as vampiric in a matter not unlike HMHVV.


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Whatever it is, it'll start as an infection in a .btl file. That's the easiest vector to hit a lot of people in Hotsim.

>> No.50946577


you don't want to hit too many people at once, because then it quickly gets known about and dealt with.

You want it to spread slowly and quietly at first, and then by the time people figure it out, it's too late.

>> No.50946640

An obscure, not terribly popular BTL then.

>> No.50946653

So you think it's sentient? If it's the equivalent of HMHVV, it would just be a weird fluke of the Deep Resonance (possibly carried back up to the regular Matrix accidentally by a Foundation-exploring technomancer) that mutates over time, but isn't a sentient thing.

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I was just crawling through the archive, and I have to ask - what was the AI book Wakshaani was supposedly excited about? It couldn't be Data Trails since the book was already released by that point.

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Technomancer book?

>> No.50946819

Why would they talk about AI in the Techno book? AI are saddled as basically being the Deckers to Sprite's Technomancers, but this time around the Technos are actually good and the Decker might as well stand in the corner for all the good they do.

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>obscure BTL
>rumor is it's haunted
>turns people into data vampires
Sounds pretty awesome actually.

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It's the only other place I can they would deal with AI. They might have rules in there to play as an elevated sprite-turned-full-AI, and use the opportunity to unfuck general AI rules.

>> No.50947419


Our only hope for that is Errata, which can only un-fuck so much.

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So what sort of things do you need to know if you want to implant an ancient magical artifact into your body?

Asking for a friend.

>> No.50948558

Well for starters, the exact nature of said ancient magical artifact.

>> No.50948631

Nah. As I said, Free Sprites are already their own beast. It wouldn't be 'elevation' by any stretch of the word.

>> No.50948709

So, what would be the best way to break the game by utilizing my mage powers and my augmented eyes?

I know I can see through walls up to 11km but I need more details to really bend the game over a barrel.

>> No.50948741

>this guy

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>can see through walls up to 11km

>> No.50948796

oh I get it now this is the new forced meme

>> No.50948808

>Be Mage
>spend 9500 nuyen
>Get everything from thermographic to subsonic augmentations for your eyes.
>Spend the leftover .6 essence on more goodies.
>Go to highest plane in the area
>Get LOS on anyone up to 11km away due to height.
>See through walls thanks to heat signature
>Cast spell

I managed to snipe mass agony to a bunch of gangers down the road from a pub my character was drinking at. The GM was so mad, it was delicious.

>> No.50948839


Oh so it's your GM's fault for not saying "that's some bullshit" and shutting you down

Got it

>> No.50948857


You know there was an FAQ that clarified this shit doesn't work in 4e, right?

>> No.50948882

How do people feel about exponential karma costs?
Would it be better if they were linear?
Would mean people don't have to worry so much about inefficient resource allocation at character creation.

>> No.50948895

It isn't? Then why do am I doing that right now?

>> No.50948955

>All devices in Shadowrun have arbitrarily large cloud data storage.

>Cloudless: Not comfortable with your data stored only in the Matrix’s cloud? This program uses legacy code from previous incarnations of the Matrix to place data in physical media and physical media only. In addition to saving a fle, it allows the user to use a successful Edit File action to move a file off the Matrix into the memory of a single designated device. This test is an Opposed Test, using the normal rules for Edit File (p. 239, SR5). The Public grid has a dice pool of 6, local grids a dice pool of 8, and global grids a dice pool of 10 for the purposes of this test.

>> No.50949003

Has anyone played a Prime Runner game? Like actually able to impact the setting? If so, what kind of characters did you play?

My group is thinking about doing it, and I'm considering options. I'm almost inclined to play a Nosferatu.

>> No.50949043

>Pryon: Nicknamed for prions, protein-based infectants that cause a number of diseases (such as “Mad Cow” disease), these programmable infectious subroutines can cause code-induced diseases (CIDs) that affect the neuroelectrics of the brain or other neural tissue, often with a fatal outcome. Only submerged dissonant technomancers can create CIDs. In contrast to digital viruses, these neuropathological viruses can be spread via physical contact with the submersed dissonant through his bioelectrical aura. So far, two dissonant related diseases, known as the Black Shakes and Dysphoria, have been identified (see sidebar)

Dissonant TMs can submerge to cause diseases.

>> No.50949090

How experienced is your group?
I wouldn't start newbies with prime runners.
And personally I wouldn't start with prime runners at all. Having a character grow from low/middle experience into a veteran send far more satisfying than starting there and not progressing

>> No.50949116

starting at level 1 is only satisfying so many times: once. I -want- to have multi-million nuyen worth of equipment, that's progression you simply are unable to get unless you start as prime runners from the get go.

>> No.50949207


>like actually able to impact the settings?

That doesn't take primer runners. Just clever use of the characters as the smallest cogs in a plot.

This has actually been a complaint of a player of mine, coming off of D&D: He's somewhat putoff by how ineffectual runners feel. So I've had to tweak some things

>> No.50949300

Fuck you. Every single SR game should be more like the Returns games, particularly Dragonfall: Games that start out small, but end in stuff that's pretty damn huge and carries massive implications for the setting, with the PCs at the forefront of making a difference.

>> No.50949390


Sure. I agree. It's just difficult to do that from a tabletop/writing perspective that doesn't end up as eye-rolling homebrew bullshit.

>> No.50949509

So I don't know how to handle matrix searchs, because of the variable time:

A player declares what they're doing a matrix search for, and then rolls some dice. Do I let them know about the difficulty/time it will take before they start searching? Because if it's difficult enough, they may not HAVE the 12 hours it would take to find it

Do I just say "If you want to search for X, it's going to take some time, because cursory searches seem to have no obvious results?" (i.e, they googled it and it wasn't on the first couple pages)

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I am considering getting a mild phobia of birds.
What are some humorous ways this can play out?

>> No.50949581


>Mr. Johnson learns about this phobia
>Brings a bird to the meetings

>> No.50949602


Fuck off?

Like, don't get me wrong, there is merit to your idea. You shouldn't have a CC standard character rerouting the fate of a scenario, but you don't have to have enough funding to buy Trump Tower to impact the setting either.

Example: EVO subsidiary creates a strain of the flu that is particularly dangerous (Not, like, 95% lethality, but more dangerous that the regular flu).

You and your team need to break into that Subsidiary's warehouse, steal and distribute the cure before it ships out, and before the flu becomes an Epidemic.

It can easily be a really low level job, and it can effect the whole setting by dropping EVO from gaining a major upper hand in the world.

>> No.50949681

does this johnson want to get bird collateral on him?

>> No.50949755


Clearly the Johnson didn't think that is force 9 Ally Beast Spirit would get 'collateral' on him.

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>See through walls thanks to heat signature
That's not how that works, you moron. People aren' thte only thing with a fucking heat signature

>> No.50950818

I don't suppose the guy who made chummer nightly is in the chat? I've noticed a rather significant bug that's really frustrating me- if you enter a maximum or minimum value for a quality, and then search for a quality afterwards, it crashes it immediately. I think it might be because it's trying to display qualities that don't match already implemented search parameters. I'll test a few times with the addiction quality to see what effects the range has on the bug.

>> No.50950850
File: 635 KB, 1468x1007, crash.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


just tested, minimum value set to -50, typing in addiction caused it to crash pretty much immediately, including screen shot of crash because I couldn't find a better way to grab the crash report.

>> No.50950900

Update to the current nightly builds. https://github.com/chummer5a/chummer5a/releases/tag/Nightly-v5.189.21

>> No.50950903


just starting my first game, but I already feel like you could fuck up real hard if you went sum to 10 or standard generation instead of pointbuy, because you don't realize how expensive and precious those starting stats are. On the other hand, holy shit, A rank allocation of stats is enough to nearly max basically any stat you have an interest in, since it'll get you four points in five things without a single problem. It seems like it would create this weird situation where you can't really mix-and-match generation methods to match party capability, because they create characters with wildly different strength. Sum to 10 will always be stronger than base, and base is probably(I'd have to experiment with construction more to be sure) stronger than point buy. fuckin weird.

>> No.50950919


oh, this got fixed? I only downloaded a couple days(maybe a week?) ago so I didn't think it'd have been patched. You work fast.

>> No.50950991

There are a few priority allocations that get you less power than karmagen, but not many. Putting Skills at C or better, or Stats at B or better virtually guarantees you're getting a better deal.

Personally I think that scaling XP costs for things aren't necessarily bad, but the linear method Shadowrun uses is singularly terrible for it. The fact that taking Jack of All Trades can net you 50+ karma in a campaign should tell you how broken it is.

>> No.50951064


how, exactly does it do that? Like I said, starting my first game, so I don't really know a whole lot yet.

>> No.50951127

I doubt most people know that. Calm your tits anon.

>> No.50951262

After character creation, it reduces the cost of increasing a skill by 1 karma, to a minimum of 1, up to Rating 5. After that it costs 2 extra karma. Thing is, due to the way Shadowrun's karma costs scale, it's generally more efficient to hyper-specialise during character creation then take up new skills with career karma.
Fixed in 5.189.9, about a week ago. Generally I'm quick at fixing crashes, logic faults will languish for ages. I've still got some issues in the queue from like March 2015.

>> No.50951265


that's how you crush your dick to death anon.

>> No.50951349


Faults are generally fairly minor things to work around, but a crash will destroy your progress(as this one did to me...). Makes sense to focus on the crashes first.

Isn't it the same cost regardless, though? if you're doing point buy, that is.

By the way, thanks for making Chummer Nightly, it's let me make like four characters to get used to character generation before my game starts so I actually know what I'm doing when it comes time to start.

Now I'm just worried that the asshole who hasn't been participating in planning is gonna be an asshole and steal the role I called a week and a half ago(melee focused street sami) tomorrow because I have work. He said he wants to play a troll, and I'm not sure there's literally anything else a troll does well... It'd kind of kill my enthusiasm to have the thing I've been planning for the last two weeks snatched from under me because one asshole doesn't understand how to interact with his fucking party.

>> No.50951853

Yeah well, now I have a new bug. A bug where I get errors finding strings for keys on cyberarms.

>> No.50951946

That bathroom is way too clean for shadowrun

>> No.50951974


could be in a corp bathroom.

>> No.50952026

Fixed in the latest build, should be available in a couple of minutes.

>> No.50952162

>the way you can affect the setting in a major way is to maintain the status quo

>> No.50952181

I think it's balanced out by the homie seriously risking his cyberdeck falling into the toilet.

>> No.50952248


well, sure, if you view "affecting the setting" as "changing things" you're gonna be bored a lot for that in shadowrun, but this is a setting where chaos is the norm. Fighting a war against chaos, trying to maintain the status quo... it could be an interesting campaign idea. If anyone here has run Valhalla by Eri Bach(don't, it's not all that good, but the ideas are neat) an organisation of shadowrunners acting like the main characters of that book do could be really cool, basically just acting to prevent war and unnecessary death(on a large scale, they don't give a fuck about individuals).

Of course, the books in question kind of ruin it by having the entire plot be about the main character being incapable of teamwork on a very real level, but eh. Can't have everything I suppose.

>> No.50952263


*READ valhalla, fuck. This is why we read things before hitting post, holy fuck.

>> No.50952288


Seems to be the only one of the three Returns games anyone here mentions.

I know Returns (the first one) is objectively the worst of the three, but seriously i cant be the only person here who enjoyed the story of some guy going out and shooting up the Universal Brotherhood to avenge a drinking buddy.

>> No.50952429

>Not waterproofing your deck
I see you like to live dangerously.

>> No.50952538

I loved all of 'em, anon.
but the older something is, the less it is talked about usually.

>> No.50952573


isn't hong kong newer than dragonfall?

>> No.50952587

Newer, yeah. Both are about on par with one another in terms of story and party. I personally think Hong Kong is better, but they're close enough together that it's an honest-to-God personal opinion call.

>> No.50952618


I just started playing through Dragonfall recently, and it really bothers me how you're the only possible face. Like, oh, yeah, that's what I like- having a severely limited build(how many fucking points are you expected to sink into charisma?) on the only character I can customise. Thanks, but no thanks. Why couldn't they have done it Fallout 1/2 style?

>> No.50952668

Get a fetish, it'll save you a point or two. Also all of my Dragonfall characters are perfectly viable at being more than one archetype. Like, all of them. I've played two shamans, one of whom was also a street sam and one of whom was also a regular-ass mage.

>> No.50952713


sure, but it's frustrating is all I'm saying. It kind of limits things if you don't want the group as a whole to be massive fucking assholes. Like the opening of bloodline. If you don't have either charisma six or strength six, congratulations on your brand new asshole status when you ruin those people's lives forever!

>> No.50952731

Yeah, it can be kind of shoe-horning.

>> No.50952849
File: 140 KB, 1360x768, wallhax.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What action is it to activate sensors in your cyberarm? Could one run multiple sensors at once with the same action?

Can I just keep olfactory sensors running all the time and get a feed of what they pick up?

Could ultrasound and radar sensors be overlaid with regular vision via a DNI?

>> No.50952867

One of my players is scouring the books in an effort to become Iron Elf. Anything I should let her know? She wants power armor, flight, and some form of integrated weaponry. She's the rigger for the team. I said she should just customize a humanoid drone or something, but she'd really like to wear it.

>> No.50952869


keeping them running all the time would distract you. Simple action wired, free action wireless. no fuss, no muss.

>> No.50952882

Are there even rules for waterproofing a cyberdeck?

>> No.50952893


skimmers are basically flight, right? Combine that with cyber arms(you can put integrated weaponry in those REAL easy) and some corp level power armour(can't remember the in-game name for it right now) and it should be good to go.

>> No.50952934

I never got my cha higher than 3 in dragonfall, and just sucked up the asshole status from Bloodlines. Im MUCH more salty about that mission in Hong Kong that requires two (or is it three?) specific etiquettes and charisma 6 to avoid having to press the massacre button the moment you're in the door.

>> No.50952936

>What action is it to activate sensors in your cyberarm?
Change device mode.

>Can I just keep olfactory sensors running all the time and get a feed of what they pick up?
Yeah, though you'd still need to make perception tests as normal for passive noticing of stuff.

>Could ultrasound and radar sensors be overlaid with regular vision via a DNI?
I don't see why not.

>> No.50952961

Are you referring to the Racter loyalty mission? It doesn't matter how much I love the game, that one mission in particular can suck a fucking cock. If it isn't just poorly-organized, it always bugs the first time I play it in a campaign save file.

>> No.50953001

>skimmers are basically flight, right?
No. They're ground-effect. You can get a couple inches off the ground, but any more than that and you can't generate lift anymore. They're hoverskates, not flight-capable jets.

>> No.50953005

No, though that second runner team showing up during that mission REALLY bugged me because of how your interactions with them went.

The one im talking about is the mission where you have to go bust out the guy you find out is alive from the info mr plastic face gives you.

Also, speaking of plastic face, missed oppertunity much?

>> No.50953024

I honestly didn't mind the plot all that much. The raw professionalism with which you just put down plastic-face once you do your work on him was absolutely jarring to me, but I quite liked it.

>> No.50953026
File: 1.93 MB, 245x246, [chuckling stops].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Playing for the first time in a long time
>Using chummer to make sure everyone's character still opens and reviewing the numbers
>can't open the decker's character
>try reverting multiple version
>try reseting settings
>still crashes on attempted character load

yekka help, what do I do

>> No.50953054

'eh, i let him walk, hoping i get to shoot kindly in the face later for it.

>> No.50953060

not yekka. But how long how till you last opened em?

>> No.50953070

Kindly grew on me. Which actually shocked me. I expected to hate her.

>> No.50953072


>System.Xml.XmlException: There is no Unicode byte order mark. Cannot switch to Unicode.
>"visible-error-friendly"-"There is no Unicode byte order mark. Cannot switch to Unicode."

I am probably doing something dumb here. It only happens with his character though. The other 5 are fine.


5.185? 5.186? Since the skill rework, I'm fairly certain. But I don't know since then.

>> No.50953077


ah. Never bothered with that kind of thing anyway. I'm sure you should be able to get a jetpack though, and if not, it shouldn't be hard to rig up.

>> No.50953104

>I said she should just customize a humanoid drone or something, but she'd really like to wear it.
You can install Increased Seating and a Rigger Cocoon into a humanoid drone. That can be fluffed, collectively, as wearable armor. You can plug your brain into it directly with a Control Rig, letting you Jump In to the drone you're wearing.

>> No.50953105

Can someone help me wrap my mind around how cyberlimbs work?

Lets say I've got a character with a natural agility of 2 and a natural strength of 3, and she gets 4 replacement cyberlimbs; the arms both have 8 strength and 6 agility, and are enhanced for +3 to both stats. The legs are only 6+3 agility.

What actions use the cyberlimb stats, and which ones use my base stats?

>> No.50953116

Shes growing on me too, like a creepy criminal kind of mold or something. Hoping i get to take my razors to her face. (Running a decker/streetsame using rifles for range and razors for melee since i invested in cyber affinity)

>> No.50953127
File: 19 KB, 640x480, 1385495932806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I fixed it myself

For some reason in the header, utf-8 became utf-16 for his character only.

>> No.50953131

If you're shooting someone with a one-handed gun, it uses one cyberarm's stats. If you're attacking someone with a two-handed sword, it uses both cyberarms' stats. If you're trying to calculate movement speed, you use both legs.

Almost nothing actually uses your base stats. Almost everything uses just 1 or 2 limbs.

>> No.50953170

Ok then. I'm assuming things like lifting/carrying shit and things like gymnastics would use the base stats since they're more full-body.

>> No.50953179

u fokin wot m8?

>> No.50953196

Legitimate spoiler:

You don't ever get to attack her, but if you play the bonus campaign after the main one, you can choose to leave the city behind, if I remember correctly.

>> No.50953205


No fucking idea. I don't even think he was a character I've manually edited in a text editor, which makes it more mysterious. I've done that with other characters.

>> No.50953209


that sounds like the kind of prank I pull on my friends sometimes. Just switch a couple numbers in their coding to fuck with them.

>> No.50953240


The character had prank warrior until the most recent mission.

>> No.50953308

Well, atleast the handrazors are AMAZING, though everyone and their mom seems to be telling me that the monowhip is where it's at.

>> No.50953336

>be me, a gunslinger bio-adept
>want to limit self to 1 point of essence loss
>have reflex recorder and rank 4 muscle toner
What do I shove in my last 0.1 essence, chummers? Bioware only, please.

>> No.50953359

I've only run one melee-sam, and it culminated in the monowhip. I feel like it was the shit as well, but that late in the game you can work it with hand-razors because at that point one or two points of base damage doesn't fuck you up all that bad.

>> No.50953379

I've wanted a pair ever since dragonfall saddled me with the unoptimized mess that was Glory.

>> No.50953394

She and Gaichu were my favorite party members from all three games. They're both badass from a mechanical perspective (though Gaichu is FAR superior in that aspect), and they both have really good-quality stories and interactions.

The Shadowrun Returns crew really like writing melee characters and making them very interesting for reasons other than their melee-ness.

>> No.50953416

>I'm assuming things like lifting/carrying shit and things like gymnastics would use the base stats since they're more full-body.
Carrying capacity is probably based on an average of all four limbs plus your torso. It would also determine your Physical Limit for the purpose of things like getting knocked down by gunfire.

Gymnastics, on the other hand, is 90% of the time the 'jumping' and 'landing after a jump' skill, so it would just use your legs in those cases.

>> No.50953419

I liked the entirety of the Hong Kong crew especially Gaichu and Racter, though kind of afraid my 'tism coloured my opinion on the latter, as for Dragonfall, Eiger stole the show for me, ESPECIALLY that scene at the train station "Any weapon you've got at your disposal amirighte?"

>> No.50953421


... Prank Warrior? That sound fucking awesome. Positive or negative quirk?

>> No.50953422

Question about programs:

Do common programs count to fill the same slots as hacking programs? Like do I have to choose between functionality and buffs for my limited deck slots?

>> No.50953428

I agree with you about gynmastics, but I'm pretty sure her spine would collapse if she tried to lift something over her head with her cyberarms alone.

>> No.50953433


Are cyberlimbs more viable than buffing your whole body?

>> No.50953435

I feel like Dragonfall had a weaker cast, but Hong Kong had a few particularly weak (in terms of writing) characters as well, like Gobbet and Is0bel.

>> No.50953440

The game does not in any way pay that much attention to body mechanics. That's why hitting someone with a melee weapon is based off of your arms' stats, instead of requiring full-body strength.

Whatever limbs seem the most immediately-relevant to the task are what's used, regardless of what logical biomechanics should say about that.

>> No.50953452
File: 201 KB, 500x474, Prank warrior.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Pranks included:
>Piping Mexican hat dancing music into the building filled with gangers while the runners tried to be stealthy
>Causing a trainwreck at a train yard they were trying to steal from
>Doing the decker's famous trick to his own gun mid-run (garbage in/garbage out -> Trigger pull linked to mag ejection)

>> No.50953458

>Are cyberlimbs more viable than buffing your whole body?
Depends on what you're trying to do and what your base stats are.

If you already have Agility 5 and want to be good at more or less every Agility-related thing, it's probably a better idea to get Muscle Toner.

If you have Agility 2 and you just want to be good at shooting your pistol at someone, an Agility 9 cyberarm will probably get you a better bang for your buck.

Investing heavily in cyberlimbs as a comprehensive set of ware is super expensive (in both nuyen and Essence) and really requires you to have a good grasp of the game's mechanics to do it effectively.

>> No.50953466

See the thing is, i wanted to like both of them, i just felt like the game gave me few moments to do so. Though when when Gobbet leans in to whisper in your ear when Ku feng(?) and Gaichu are having their HMHVV pissing match i discovered a growing fondness for her.

That being said, 500 nuyen on my man Gaichu.

>> No.50953467

Sleep Regulator. You can spend an extra four hours cleaning your guns, every night.

>> No.50953484

>reflex recorder
Get a Pain Editor or Platelet Factories instead. A Reflex Recorder is a cheap and easy +1, but its utility is fucking garbage compared to those two.

>> No.50953497


that's the kind of thing that eventually becomes a run in and of itself, tracking down that hacker and taking him out for good.

>> No.50953509

Gaichu the best.

>> No.50953514


As the GM, it's rather annoying to do something special for a character every single run. It didn't get used every time, unfortunately. I like it in concept, but in practice it's tiring.

When he bought it off, the players had to actually do a mission for him. "If you do this for me, we're square."

He disappeared when they went to claim their reward.

>> No.50953549


so like I said. It becomes a run to find and kill the hacker.

You don't skimp the reward on runners.

>> No.50953576


>> No.50953603

He really was. Though shit gets tense on his loyalty run.

>> No.50953608

His was actually the easiest for me. Brought myself (shaman/sam) and a maxed out Duncan, Racter, and Gaichu. We walked all over those Red Sam fucks.

>> No.50953634

Oh yeah, so did i, lured the heavy gunner into that killzone, geeked both leader and mage on turn one and then kill the sniper as he came in the side door.

The tense shit came afterwards, with the conversation. For a second there i thought he was gonna do it no matter what i told him.

>> No.50953659

I lured the sniper because I have a personal hatred of snipers (bad Battlefield experiences).

>> No.50953696


Is there any bioware that will help me move faster, then? I'm making a street sami who can use impersonation to basically get ignored, so full cyber limbs would be out of place for the build. Right now I'm opening with Muscle Toner and Wired Reflexes to start, but I'm going with a melee focus, so the ability to charge people so I can take advantage of my initiative order to geek the mage would be useful.

>> No.50953704

Hong Kong really made me wanna learn how to work the editor because it's (imho) from a mechanical perspective a really good game. And i'd like to make my own campaign module at some point.

>> No.50953743

I agree. I'm hoenstly surprised at how few campaigns you see for it.

>> No.50953765

I've considered making one of our campaigns into a module. It just seems like so much work.

>> No.50953791

Same, but im hoping to add one atleast somewhat memorable entry to the lineup (soonTM)

As with anything involving map editor work it's only overwhelming untill you get the hang of it. Start with things like terrain and individual maps, then fill in NPC sheets and dialogue later/as you go and finalizing shops and similar last.

>> No.50953797

You don't see campaigns for Hong Kong because they stripped out a lot of the assets from both DMS and DF for new HK resources, so mods aren't compatible with each other. So while the popular mods for DMS generally got ported over to DF without too much trouble, that can't be done with HK. Since there was no possibility of a definitive 3-game edition that would be a goldmine for modders, most of the mod community just didn't bother. Which is a shame.

>> No.50953813

The reward is that the penalty is gone.

>> No.50953964


you said "when they went to collect the reward", I assumed they were doing a job at a discounted rate.

>> No.50954033


He promised them SOME Nuyen, because the rest of the team didn't give much of a fuck about the decker and his problems.

>> No.50954175


kinda sounds like it was the whole party's problem, to be honest

>> No.50954233

There has to be a way to recover those assets though, right?

>> No.50954678
File: 290 KB, 708x864, This is some damn good rice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I fucking love Shadowrun Returns. I've never played a tabletop RPG before. How do I find online games for Shadowrun? Howt to learn how to play shadowrun?

Plz help this drek-brain, chummers

>> No.50955309

Read through the core book at least, check the pastebin in the OP for resources. Once you've read through at least the key parts, chummer (also in the OP) makes character generation a lot easier, but that's really after you find a game.

Look for games here or in a gamefinder thread, or on roll20 (or reddit if you're ok with that).

>> No.50955503

IMO, he should be trying to build characters after first reading through the core book, while reading through it a second time.

Then posting it here or on another forum to be told why his character builds are shit, and how to start over.

That's before he has a game or GM lined up - it's too easy to rush along once you're at that point.

>> No.50955633

Holy FUCK. I'm reading the books in preparation to be GM for the first time and I just got to the chapter about the Matrix.
Who here has ever actually used all these rules without the game slowing to a crawl? I'm not gonna remember all this and even with the cheat sheets I'll have to look up a lot of it.

>> No.50955982

Ban matrix.

>> No.50956004

So would anyone be nice enough to provide me a sort of "shopping list" or w/e of the general utillities and such a mysad might need?

>> No.50956112

That's a very difficult question to answer because 'mysad' is not a character concept to build around. Infiltrator or Face or Street Samurai or whatever are, but Mysad is a means to an end rather than an end itself.

>> No.50956125

Right, i apologize for the shitty wording of that question. Dialing it back, im attempting to make stealth focused (so infiltrator?) MysAdept in the style of an... I dunnoe an "urban ninja" i guess. I've got a good idea of what spells i want/need but im stumped when it comes to a shopping list for gear.

>> No.50956154

Commlink, SIN, associated licenses, a lifestyle, a gun (probably a machine pistol, recommend the Remington Suppressor for an infiltrator) and some ammo, shock gloves, at least 12 points worth of armor for runs, either staring with a Chameleon suit or applying Ruthenium Polymer Coating to some other armor, PLUS maybe some high fashion armor for meetings with clients. Infiltrator gear is stuff like tag erasers, replacement RFID tags and the sort of stuff that you find under Breaking and Entering Gear in Chummer.
If you have extra money, consider buying a Focus (probably sustaining) and maybe a vehicle of some kind.
I'm sure I've missed some things but I need to go now so I hope this gives you some more ideas about what to do.

>> No.50956161

Thanks. You've been a great help.

>> No.50956200

God damn the mobile interface is awful.

Open the character file in notepad and change the first line to utf-8 instead of utf-16.

>> No.50956519

I know extreme environment mods exist for weapons. Port thatover.

>> No.50956541

Hey, that kind of collateral can fetch a price in the alchemy market.

>> No.50957134

Is the Fear Power in 5e just as OP as in 4e?

>> No.50957409

>Is there any bioware that will help me move faster, then?
Only muscle toner. Everything that boosts your movement speed directly is on the Cyber side of the equation.

There's no Adept powers that increase your movement speed other than Agility-boosters either.

>> No.50957453
File: 82 KB, 1200x786, a squirrel in a chair eating corn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Come in to comment on OP's picture
>Learn about waterproofing cyberdecks

Never change, /srg/.

>> No.50957454

Here's how you fix the Matrix.

You make Hacking a simple pass/fail roll like any other dice roll.

Firewall/Device Rating is the Threshold for most actions, and Data Processing/Attack/Sleaze/Device Rating is the Limit.

And that's fucking it.

Trying to brick something? Roll Cybercombat [Attack] (Firewall) and if you succeed, it's bricked. Trying to make a door open? Roll Hacking [Sleaze] (Firewall) and if you succeed, it opens. Trying to find something with a data search? Roll Computer [Data Processing] (arbitrary threshold based on rarity of information) and if you succeed, you find it.

That's it.

Never run the matrix as written. 5e is the least garbage it's ever been, which is fucking shameful, because it's still absolute garbage.

>> No.50957475

>urban ninja
A silenced gun (or crossbow). A chameleon suit. Breaking and entering tools - as many as you can afford, with the rest to be acquired in play. A suped-up sensor array installed into said chameleon suit.

>> No.50957571

makes it way to easy to brick shit

>> No.50957591

>makes it way to easy to brick shit
Only if that shit has a trash Firewall. You're looking at Threshold 4 for a Device Rating 4 object, and so on.

But yes, the idea's very much to make having a good Firewall an important precaution, and for deckers to be able to go absolutely fucking nuts when things don't. You know, the same way anyone else works when they get to hit someone where they're weak.

>> No.50957624

Thank you for your suggestions. Currently looking at a chameleon suit, a rank 2 weapon foci and a surpressed machine pistol. Trying to focus on assorted essentials as well as getting a lifestyle.

>> No.50957632

>surpressed machine pistol
You're a stealth character. Focus on getting something with enough stopping power to incapacitate a guard in a single good hit. Otherwise, it doesn't matter how suppressed it is, the first time you take a shot the alert is getting raised.

>> No.50957645

Was suggested the remington surpressed earlier, you got any ideas?

>> No.50957648



Or, get something that can shoot Narcoject. Don't need it as your main weapon, just something for infiltration.

>> No.50957660

The Remington Suppressor is garbage even as far as machine pistols you - you'd want a Steyr TMP.

Anyway, I'd encourage you to get a suppressed sniper rifle or suppressed combat shotgun. Those are the only suppressed weapons that have enough punch to incapacitate someone before they can trip the alarm.

That or a heavy crossbow.

You need something that's both quiet and hits like a goddamn truck.

>> No.50957760

For context, a suppressor increases the Threshold to hear your gunshots, while a crossbow is inaudible by default. So as far as keeping things quiet is concerned, the crossbow is the better choice.

Plus, you can get a hand crossbow and load it up worth some really serious electric ammunition if you're on board for closer-range nonlethal incapacitation. It makes for the best (but also most expensive to shoot) taser in the game.

You can deliver tranquilizers with the crossbows too, but unlike what that other anon said I strongly recommend against it. Toxins/drugs all take time to set in. Even an Immediate toxin doesn't set in until the end of the entire Combat Turn (not Initiative Pass) which means guards have plenty of time between getting shot and passing out to call for help. Toxins are less for stealth weapons and more for reliably incapacitating extraction targets or turning grazing hits into guaranteed kills during assassinations.

>> No.50957766

This. Might I recommend a Yamaha Raiden?

>> No.50957856

>Might I recommend a Yamaha Raiden?
Even that's probably not heavy-hitting enough when you're targeting a guard wearing light security armor, and auto-fire reducing Defense dice doesn't matter so much when you're shooting an unaware target.

I'd strongly recommend a suppressed sniper rifle - like an Ares Desert Strike loaded with APDS - because that's the only way you're going to get enough reliable, suppressed damage to consistently incapacitate an armored target.

You might be able to incapacitate greater than 50% of the time with a Raiden, a big dice pool, and a Called Shot to the Vitals, but all it takes is one person you failed to take out for the alarm to go off. 'A majority of the time' isn't enough when you need 100%.

>> No.50957876

Hypothetical question:

Lets say I have a character who is deaf. Rather than getting cyberears (they're a mage, for argument's sake), could I rig up some earbuds with an audio sensor and use a trode net to bypass the aural nerve, thereby 'hearing' again?

>> No.50957900

The Qualities which represent blindness and other sensory impairments assume you have some kind of nerve/brain damage which makes you unable to process input of that type (unless you engage in appropriate in-character actions to buy it off, like get some kind of corrective nerve splicing), so no.

If, however, you just have a ruptured ear drum or damaged your inner ear or something?

Then yes.

>> No.50957944

So if they get bonus karma for a negative quality, it won't work, but if it's just for fluff then it will. Gotcha. Thanks.

>> No.50958040

>she'd really like to wear it

Then tell her to get the Milspec armour from R&G. You'd need restricted gear at chargen, and a fuckload of money.

>> No.50958047

>Milspec armour
That halves your run speed. It's the tankiest armor in the game, but really shitty advice for anyone wanting Iron Man-style power armor.

>> No.50958066
File: 163 KB, 781x730, 1440926860520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any gryphons in Shadowrun? I want my character to have a gryphon kitten, but I'm not sure if that's a paracritter that even exists, so I might have to get a hellhound puppy instead.

>> No.50958087
File: 234 KB, 700x827, 1435552163202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50958091
File: 24 KB, 439x500, 1483166506168.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50958126

Will look into the crossbow thing, thanks.

Alternatively, points in the rifle/shotgun skill (longbarrels?) and grab one of each.

>> No.50958148

Ah, but what if you need to silently take out a dozen sprawl gangers standing together and you don't have the time to pick them off one at time? You can't use a grenade because those are the opposite of stealthy, and even if you manage to line them all up there isn't a sniper rifle powerful enough to drive a bullet through all their heads. But if you load your Yahama Raiden up with APDS and sneakily open up on the bastards with suppressive fire, they'll find themselves taking 1 or 2 11P -6 AP bullets each before they can do a thing about it.

>> No.50958219
File: 148 KB, 886x902, Milspec Mage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is no route to having an Iron Man suit of "totally impenetrable to tank rounds, still able to fly at Mach 5". If she gets Milspec and skimmers, she can be big and tough (and fill the capacity with all kinds of doo-dads) while still moving at a decent if not exceptional speed.

It might be easier to cheese personal soak with 'ware, wear some cardboard painted red and gold, and say it's fine

>> No.50958243

Longarms, yeah.

In that situation, an infiltrator creates a diversion and sneaks around. What an absurdly niche scenario compared to 'need to incapacitate a guard in a single shot.'

And if that situation ever somehow occurs, he can have a suppressed assault shotgun as his backup/close quarters weapon.

>> No.50958257

>In that situation, an infiltrator creates a diversion and sneaks around.
Huh. I guess my "all guns blazing" bias was too strong for me to look at the scenario properly.

>> No.50958271


not Any of them, but, I do love me some cheese.

>> No.50958548

What's the point of an airburst link? It only takes a measly 3 hits to put a grenade exactly where you want it, which I'm pretty sure my streetsam could do in his sleep. And even if you do fail to get that, you're reducing your scatter by 2 meters at most.

>> No.50958550

What if she just wants to be stronger, faster, tougher, have integrated weaponry, and fly? Improvement doesn't need to be crazy drastic, but noticeable.

>> No.50958607
File: 416 KB, 1536x1776, 1477717444357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stronger, faster, tougher, have integrated weaponry

All doable by cyberware and bioware. Muscle Augmentation/Toner, skimmers. your choice of init boosters, bone lacing and dermal plating, and implanted cyberweapons. You can wear a suit of SWAT Armour on top for the look and increased survivability without losing speed. Or again, if they want to prioritize stronger/tougher/integrated weaponry and other things and can lose some speed, milspec is cool.

Better have a mage friend with Levitate/an Air spirit they can use to carry your cyborg ass around

>> No.50958707

Yes, but it would be the equivalent to keeping a lion inside your house.

>> No.50958745
File: 20 KB, 344x344, Never Give Up!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based chummers

>> No.50958754

What about tasers?
What about surprise attack with dual wielding tasers?

>> No.50958806

Question for GMs here, looking to get a consensus before trying to dig too deep into this:

Would you allow anyone with a PC that comes into play Pre Leonized, and an obscene age (Along with the aged positive quality) WITHOUT them being a million in the crapper?

More than willing to take the 1 point essence loss, I just have an idea for a really old character who is leonized.

>> No.50958810

>That image

"Arnold, you've been in there thirty minutes!"
"I'll be right out, mom."
(Dad): "Damnit Margaret, he's jacking it in there again. I want him out of my house!"

>> No.50958834

>he's jacking it in there again
Heh, it works both ways.

>> No.50958893

Don't use the matrix rules. They're just plain toxic to the game.

They infect every single action and drag the game to a screeching halt as everyone has to wonder if the matrix will shit on them for playing the game. Use the expensive wireless bonus on your weapons? Your gun might get bricked or try and kill you. Turn on your commlink? Might get hacked, tracked, and swatted in your sleep. Take that sweet gun off a ganger? Use the drones that your entire character is built around? Could get hacked and turn on you. You need to spend like 11 hours futzing with the matrix just to safely fence it. Get shot? They could have been security tracker rounds and now you need to go through a bevy of matrix actions to get the trackers off (and a tag eraser won't work because they're fucking security rounds).

Not to mention they force everyone to learn those rules because one or more players need to dedicate their whole characters to hacking just to keep the matrix from spraying diarrhea on them every time they do actions vital to the game's premise.

>> No.50958945

>people actually squat on toilets
>sometimes it ends VERY badly

don't google it.
don't say I didn't warn you

>> No.50959043


If you're squatting, nobody can see your feet if they peek under the stall while decking.

And if someone knows you're in there, its easier to spring into action from squatting than if you're sitting down.

But otherwise... yeah...

>> No.50959060
File: 52 KB, 564x740, 1462627333892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dual wielding is not great.

If you wanted a non-lethal electric concealed weapon, Ranger Sliver pistol crossbow with Static Shaft and SnS heads. 12S, -5AP should be able to take care of just about anyone. The only upsides of tasers in comparison is that they can have multiple shots, and they use Pistols so you can have a couple of different guns on you.

>> No.50959127

How do you upload Chummer files? Kinda want some advice on a street sam that I made

>> No.50959147

If Aztechnology produced a HMG, what would they name it? I'm looking to refluff an RMK HMG for a Bogota War veteran.

>> No.50959155
File: 325 KB, 1600x1236, HMG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Print to PDF


>> No.50959186


I have 'save as HTML' which tg doesn't support, and save as XML which TG also doesn't support.

>> No.50959193

Hrm. I thought they'd be the sort to name it after an Aztec deity or an ancient Aztec weapon, but that sounds like it fits too.

>> No.50959256

Dual wielding is normally bad, but if you are shooting an unaware stationary/walking target from optimal range, you arguably should be able to buy a hit for each taser against a target that rolls no defense, which should give you 2 9+1 hits with -5AP. Which looks enough to KO an average guard.

That crossbow looks nice though, and you don't need to start training in archery since your grandfather to be able to hit unaware people from behind with it.

>> No.50959338

Question: how does one get their luggage onto their plane back to Seattle when their luggage includes a missile launcher and 2 heavy machine guns? Asking for a friend who heard that guns are cheap in Aztlan.

>> No.50959341


Download a print to PDF and print the HTML to PDF then.

>> No.50959418
File: 5.41 MB, 4123x3248, Smoking Helmet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You pay a smuggler to bring it in for you.

>> No.50959508

Print, text format it, and post it to pastebin.

>> No.50959538
File: 621 KB, 440x247, Angry Bear.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>plaintexting an organized character sheet with discrete parts

Just the worst

>> No.50959558


Do you have another suggestion?

>> No.50959578

Already said it, print to PDF. Getting CutePDF takes all of 30 seconds unless you're on dialup in Bumfuck, Ukraine.

>> No.50959597


never heard of cutePDF before. And I don't have a printer.

>> No.50959633
File: 53 KB, 500x712, Codeblock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OK. Let's start with the basics.

Google CutePDF, go to first link, download it. It's a program that lets you convert things to PDF.

Then, in Chummer, go to print the character sheet. When it asks you to select the printer, select CutePDF.

This will convert the .chum5 file into a .pdf file and save it to your computer. Then you upload that to /tg/, and we tell you you're terrible.

>> No.50959668


Alright, After googling CutePDF, I was able to figure it out ,and don't worry, I'm used to that last one.

>> No.50959799
File: 1.81 MB, 500x213, Snicker-Snack, The Sammy's On The Attack.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't need 3 R4 Fake SINs. One is good for a civilian cover, and an R1 that you can use in situations where it's likely to be burned. I'd go one R4, one R1 to be used and burned, and one R1 as an emergency backup when Wanted catches up with you. You can use the money saved to bump some of your 'ware up to Alpha and save that essence.

6 dice in Automatics isn't going to do shit. SR rewards specialization at chargen and spreading out afterwards. Take the dice from Pistols and Longarms and put them to better use. Similarly with the Perception specialization you can take that down a couple of dice and put them into something else (probably Throwing so you're not defaulting with grenades, which is a bad idea).

You went with two Unarmed implant weapons, but your Unarmed pool is garbage and you put everything into Blades for some reason. Better to pick a side of the fence and stay there. Also reconsider your attributes, BOD 3 is not enough for a street without any kind of defensive 'ware.

>> No.50959844

You can afford to drop reaction and logic some, and put those points into body and willpower.

Also, half a million Nuyen? That's literally half as much as the bounty on blood mages! What kind of villainy is this guy up to?

>> No.50959857


Don't forget this guy DOES have 9 Agi in both of his arms. He actually has 11 in automatics, not 6, same with Unarmed.

If I'm not mistaken, Hand razors are still blades, aren't they? And the other hand is a shock implant. I can go for a "to touch" attack with the off hand, which grants +2 to hit, and victory on ties.

The primary idea is to be using the sword for combat. Ambidextrious means that he can shoot with his off hand (as needed) with no penalties

There's also another handful of bonuses with that gun, but even then, it's more meant to be able to use suppressive fire or take pot shots, not meant to really be a perfect marksman.

And yeah, 3 bod really isn't the best, but thats why i took the additional "Tough as Nails" qualities to give him some Extra HP

>> No.50959883

Nope. Hand razors are unarmed cyber implants.

>Attacks with cyber melee weapons use Unarmed Combat skill and the Physical limit.

>> No.50959902

>connection 1
Your 'Fixer' isn't going to be fixing much of anything.

>> No.50959924


Well. That sucks. Oh well, the point was to have SOME form of a backup melee weapon if he is disarmed, and a 11-to-hit Hand razor seems like a good enough. But, he shouldn't be disarmed very often (That a gun won't also suffice with)


You're not wrong there.

>> No.50959962
File: 65 KB, 634x924, 1466383028933.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cyber Implant is a specialization for Unarmed. You could bring it up to a pool of 12 for both the razors and shock hand (not like you're going to be doing much else with them).

Also you really need some Con, if you plan on making people actually believe you're a bounty hunter.

>> No.50959993


That's very fair. I can do that for sure.


Did not mean to blow you off, btw. I can cut 2 of those sins from R4 to R1, and I can see what I can change with my implants as far as Upgrading my ware. I can also try to take some from pistols and longarms for the sake of redistributing them. 9 in Agility means that even with 1 won't be TERRIBLE with them, should I have to use them.

Just meant to say that his stats are better than they appear since chummer didn't account for the agility he has from his ware.

>> No.50960007

Is there a build for a elf technomancer face/assassin who resonance spikes people to death?

>> No.50960015

you've taken a custom cyberSMG but haven't actually added a gun to it, you have to purchase one on the weapons tab and add the cyber-implanted upgrade to it.

>> No.50960029


Same guy, correcting myself: He's got 2 points in the Firearms Combat Group, so I can't move any of those points around.

But I did Change unarmed to be specialized for Cyber Implants

>> No.50960064


I completely got distracted with what I was doing for that, thanks. Added a Stock Ingram Smartgun X. That will also just be a backup should his normal HK227 gets disarmed or runs out of bullets.

>> No.50960253

How would you feel if, after a total team wipe, the game continued with runs in cyberhell?

>> No.50960349

Afterlife cheapens any game where its present.

>> No.50960571
File: 328 KB, 1353x976, Multi-track drifting.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any good way to do a Rigger(specifically focused on driving) without implants? I'm fine with Adept or whatever, but I just like the idea of not using an Implant for character reasons. The problem is, it seems like having implants is impossibly helpful as a Rigger.

>> No.50960749

>internal air tank in a cyberarm
>"replaces part of one lung..."
Do you have lungs in your arms? Maybe in a cybertorso, but not an arm. Take an R6 respirator and a gas mask, and you'll be covered.

>two fancy commlinks
Seems a bit much. Might as well just get a bunch of burners or pre-paid commlinks.

>1,000 bullets of each type
You do not need that many. Like 200-300 of each will probably last you the whole campaign.

>faraday pocket
>actual fucking rules for a faraday cage bag
'Hard Targets' is a gift from god. Time to get a really big one (maybe that body-bag armor from run and gun), stuff all the baddies' guns and commlinks into these, and drag them to my 6-loyalty black market pipeline fence. Still pricey at ¥50 for a commlink-sized bag and somehow 7R despite many legitimate civilian uses, but I'll take anything I can get at this point.

>> No.50960870

>exposed muscle tissue
Really? Just really?

>> No.50960886
File: 224 KB, 920x736, f034fefe2845ec333f98f1ade00b20a3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's bad writing to indulge that quality every game. The book team intends for this to just not be free karma. Every session, the enemy decker should be setting something up, yes. But not necessarily engaged. Maybe he's doing legwork of his own to dick over his rival just.... so.

>> No.50960995


My GM ruled that, if it has Capacity, it spends Capacity, specifically when ruling for the Air Tank. He used the reasoning "The air tank can be in the arm, and then piped over to your lung." Not gonna argue with the GM, since it still saves me some essence.

Commlinks: Work phone, Personal phone, and burners for everything else.

Bullets: I like even numbers and not running out. But I might could drop them to 500

>> No.50961079

Crossbows in Shadowrun all have internal feed mechanisms, actually. There aren't any crossbows with less than 4 bolts in a magazine.

>> No.50961096

Aztechnology, more than any other company, prefers working through its subsidiaries rather than putting their own name on things. That's why you have Stuffer Shack, and not AzSnacks.

>> No.50961114

You have it smuggled on a cargo container ship. A commercial airliner is easily the dumbest way to transport hot cargo.

>> No.50961125
File: 139 KB, 589x446, 1470372720433.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50961134

Enhanced reaction and abillity would give you bigger dice pools than riggers but the problem comes when limits comes into play. The rigging interface and vr contolls gives you +4 to the handling limit and lowers the stunt thresholds.
So adepts would be good just not as good. Adept can escape HTR with upgraded car while riggers can do it on a scooter.

>> No.50961198

So let me clear the haze of wine and give you actual advices.
What you want is enhaced reaction 3, enchanced something skills(vehicels), mentor spirit horse and vehicels with enhaced handling, spoofed chips, morhphing plate and armor slapped on. Threath driving as means to escape and not primary offense.

>> No.50961244

The actual benefit of the Control Rig is that it reduces Thresholds by its Rating.

That's huge.

>> No.50961306

>auto-fire reducing Defense dice doesn't matter so much when you're shooting an unaware target
Then use the +DV auto-fire instead.

>> No.50961350

Which is mechanically nore powerfyl, a phys adept or a street sam? Why? Im just getting in so I want to know what im looking at when it cones to building.

>> No.50961359

That's not a thing in 5e, which is the edition being discussed, and even if it was the damage bonus world still favor the sniper rifle.

Furthermore, it's -1 to the threshold to detect automatic fire compared to single shots. That's enough to negate the bonus from the silencer entirely.

>> No.50961371

Powerful at what aspect of doing which job?

>> No.50961386

Yes thats the biggest one. And that on top of adding its raiting to speed, handling tests and to tests. Honestly for what it gives you its one of the best cyberware.

>> No.50961394

Adepts are very strong at first, and are more versatile than street sams because you can build towards killing people or infiltrating equally.

Street Sams are significantly more powerful later, because while the Sam can spend his nuyen on gear and cyber to increase his effectiveness while also learning new skills and abilities, the Adept is locked to a karma cost for EVERYTHING. Money is essentially a dead resource to them, limiting their growth to a single axis, while street sams can improve along two.

If you're expecting a longer campaign, go street sam. Unless you like magic, of course.

>> No.50961440


Not that guy, and I am personally much more in favor of Street sams, but money can be used to buy equipment (for the party) and friends, as well as bribes. Money isn't COMPLETELY dead to an adept.

>> No.50961443

Wow. This advice is such garbage I feel like I'm getting baited.

>> No.50961473

Adepts can buy equipment, weapon/qi foci, and can even get 'ware if they want to.

What's more, unlike street samurai, they have no theoretical upper limit due to the wonders of Initiation, and don't have to save up to replace their old shit with higher-grade versions to fit in new upgrades.

And upgrading or getting new ware is stupid, crazy expensive.

Street Samurai definitely have the advantage out of chargen, but as far as advancement goes that ball is extremely in the Adept's court.

>> No.50961474

Both are equal in power. Street sam would be better at taking damage while still giving out good amount. Adepts would be able to take less direct damage but generally better at dodging and shooting. Also adepts tend to be more speciallized with bigger dice pools in fewer skills opposite to sams.

>> No.50961519

Street sams also have one thing that Adepts do not: Capacity.

Capacity is more Versatility than an Adept could ever dream to have.

Adepts have a lot more specializations and its true they don't have a theoretical upper limit... Until initiating costs 50 karma+ (long before that, really). Street sams, when it gets down to it, can also use their Karma for qualities and skills.

The early game is EXTREMELY biased towards adepts though, so standard CC and, god forbid, Street Scum, your adept will be really powerful.

Just don't be a douche and actively make it difficult for your street sams to get nuyen.

>> No.50961524

Foci require bonding, which require karma. Initiation requires karma, and you're basically forced into taking Masking as your first Metamagic. Then you have to buy up your Magic with even more Karma. It gets downright painful.

Mundies can do anything that Adepts can do if they have the right 'ware, except Astral plane junk. Magic-users seem better because they're more powerful at first, but the gap gets quickly closed provided you aren't doing jobs for peanuts or getting ripped off by every Johnson you come across.

>> No.50961551


My gaming group is full of smart/power players.

Our party contains 1 Rifle Adept, 1 Chaos Mage, and 1 Blackmage face. And the required decker. My character, before I became GM, was Unarmed Adept.


>> No.50961555

So, street sams are only good if you ignore nuyen per run guidelines

>> No.50961621

>That's not a thing in 5e, which is the edition being discussed, and even if it was the damage bonus world still favor the sniper rifle.

Run & Gun has a number of autofire actions that do it, trading defense penalty for DV buffs. They're not even variant rules.

The same book also has the "damage for no defense" variant that gives +1 DV for every two points you get a target's defense pool below zero. So you can go complex full auto and potentially get an extra 1 to 4 DV depending on how thoroughly the defender is fucked.

>> No.50961634

Again, I strongly fucking disagree. Someone with Resources A is WAY better than an adept initially.

But with how much nuyen it costs to buy additional ware or upgrades, and how much karma it costs to upgrade skills and attributes, they'll have seen fuckall advancement while the Adept has gained several PP from Initiation and key foci in the meantime.

It's extremely punishing to try to advance as a mundane character, whereas for an adept it's easy with with no real upper limit.

Street Samurai is great right out of chargen, Adept shines after a half dozen runs under their belt.

>> No.50961656

All of those are 'variant' rules. I've never seen a game use them, and giving advice with the assumption that their GM will is bad advice.

>> No.50961661

>poorfag confirmed

>> No.50961678

Im the gm brah, I just don't like hearing advice predicated on ignoring rules.

>> No.50961702
File: 106 KB, 1050x580, 1449902478118.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How normalized has non-heterosexuality become by 2075? Is being gay or transsexual a liability in the corporate or political world, at least as much as it would be today or even a decade or two ago? What about within the shadow community, among gangs, or in the religious community? I assume there is so much weird magical stuff happening that people are more likely to judge you based on the point of your ears and your Lifestyle level more than anything.

>> No.50961717

The first line of text under 'More Actions!' is
>These aren't optional. These are new actions for everyone who plays Shadowrun, 5th edition

The damage for no defense rule however is a variant rule.

>> No.50961728

Nobody cares, we have bigger issues to deal with.
Like he guy getting human-to-dragon hormones and surgery

>> No.50961753

It varies wildly by nation, by corporation, and by socio-economic bracket. What's okay for an executive isn't okay for a wageslave. What's okay for an elf isn't okay for an ork. What's okay for a gentile isn't okay for a jew.

And so on, and so forth.

>> No.50961823


pretty much this: >>50961753

But, if you want a blanket statement: Nobody gives a shit. Like, Individuals might be homophobic or transsexual, but they'll be looked at as being assholes, but not much more than that.

>> No.50961826

It'd be synthetic material that just looks like muscle, cyberpunk cyberware is as much for fashion as enhancement.

>> No.50962008

>Stuffer shacks secret cause heart disease
>Every death of someone who got heart disease from Stuffer Shack food is actually a small pseudo-blood sacrifice for Aztechnology

>> No.50962072


you know, this is fucking retarted.

But it's good enough for some Aztec trying to move up in the world to try.

I approve.

>> No.50962181

Blood for the Blood God!
Corn Syrup for the Corn Syrup pool!

>> No.50962268

Milk for the milk god!
Flakes for the flake throne!
>Khorne Flakes

>> No.50962405


And clean up on Isle 3 you lazy sack of shit!

>> No.50962581

Fair enough, but let's say I don't trust other people to handle my guns. How much extra is it compared to a commercial airliner to fly with my smuggled guns? Also, how hard is it to get onto one of those corp jets that you don't have to check luggage for?

>> No.50962606

If you want to travel with your guns because you don't trust your Contacts to give you a good hookup, just turn the return trip into a double-whammy by playing armed escort to one of those smuggler shipments. You're the muscle in case anything goes wrong, get a pay check, and bring your equipment along for funsies.

>> No.50962625

Sounds like a good plan to me.

>> No.50962639

They did produce the Aztechnology Striker under their own name though.

>> No.50962661

The Crawler too. It's not a 100% thing, but they're the company that's most often brought up through their subsidiaries, rather than through the main conglomerate.

>> No.50962713

There was also that Aztech tank from back in WAR! And when I look down the list of Aztechnology subsidiaries, I don't see any weapons producers. I don't think Aztech would just let the other corps have that market all to themselves.

>> No.50963150

So, the one thing I can never seem to figure out how to make is Adepts.

I know this is beyond terrible, but, can I have some advice?

>> No.50963204

Give up Blades, invest in guns. Melee can be very good, but requires a substantial investment in terms of attributes and other resources, and you can't really afford to make it worthwhile.

>> No.50963241


The only problem is that we already are gonna have a gunner, and I know him to be a bit... egocentric. So, this guy is supposed to be more infiltration and assassination, not strict melee. That Guy can do what he does, I don't get in his territory, and I'm still a value to the team.

>> No.50963276

If you're doing assassinations, then might I suggest taking a queen of hearts garrote instead? It runs off of exotic instead of blades but it does str+6 with an AP of -8, so it would actually work as an assassination weapon for you.

>> No.50963287


it's also 18F

>> No.50963321

Also, I'm not sure how you can be egocentric about being a gunner in a game of being mercenary criminals in the cyberpunk future. It would be like turning up to d&d and getting mad that someone else uses melee.
Oh, yeah, that's a problem. I should have actually registered the availability. That being said, is 7 damage, -3 AP really going to be enough to merit being a character's only method of attack?

>> No.50963375


That's fair. I mean, 17 dice also helps, but 7P -3AP isn't the strongest.

I could get a regular garrote, 50 nuyen, no availability, but then I'd have to shuffle around my skills to bring that to a respectable level, and also probably need to change the Adept powers too, hm?

>>Also, I'm not sure how you can be egocentric about being a gunner in a game of being mercenary criminals in the cyberpunk future. It would be like turning up to d&d and getting mad that someone else uses melee.

I know. But, the guy is a pretty good guy, everything else considered.

>> No.50963394

Pick up a monowhip.

>> No.50963486

Most of the powers have exotic weapon equivalents. It's not too big a change.

>> No.50963591

Is there any information on a p2.1? I know Corporate Enclaves has p2.0 but 5e seems to have changed it a bit, but didn't tell us how

>> No.50963605


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