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Meet your new waifu.

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>dumb roasty cunt
>not even in boobplate or high heels
>disgusting accent (if i remember correctly)

thats a hard pass for me m8. thanks though

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Didn't she bark orders at a fucking chapter master?

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>Didn't she bark orders at a fucking chapter master?

Being in a 100T+ war machine armed with gatling autocannons and able to stomp people to death while being hooked directly into your mind is a bit of a power trip.

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the whores in glorified farm equipment. fuck her and all stronk womyn. making female characters act like males is not a recipe for success. just make a fucking male character if thats what you want

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She will completly pancaked my hips unless she can unplug herself from imperial knight before having sex.

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I am all about fucking robots.

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Don't fuck robots.

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I see no reason not to fuck robots.

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>wants her to unplug from the Knight in bed.

You're doing it wrong

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I thought it was more like she was on friendly terms with her. "Didn't I tell you to wait for backup?" has the subtext of "You might have gotten hurt." She wasn't really reprimanding him or telling him what to do, and a Knight isn't beholden to a chapter master so there's no reason she had to be subservient or grovel under him. Knights are allies to space marines, not servants.

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too preocupied with carrie fisher death, did i missed something ? where does this meme come from ?

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No approved Imperial knight variants have the dual avenger Gatling cannons, she is using unsanctioned equipment which is grounds for branding her as a renegade knight and an enemy of the Imperium of man

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Nipple Trips.

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That just makes it hotter.

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She survived the heart attack and you're an ass for trying to trick people into believing otherwise.

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She's not dead you mong

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Uh... she's not dead tho

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>Not breathing for 15 minutes

wow you should stop reddit.

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not him, but apparently it took paramedics more than 15 mins to get any pulse from her.

It's highly probable that, let's say even if she survives - she won't have any spoken dialogue in ep8.

Let's hope that's not the case.

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>he hasn't had his circulatory system stopped for periods of 30 minutes or more without harm
You need more hardening, my young friend.
Come with me, and I will show you the path.

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The original Dawn of War III gameplay demonstration featured Solaria breaking onto the scene to help Angelos, and when she spoke, we got to saw her portrait.

It's hard to find a screenshot and I'm not about to go watch the video just to take one, but she is basically tan, with an attractive face, that edgy female undercut hairstyle, and an angry British lady voice.

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well they could just computer generate everything like they did with tarkin.

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The Space Pope says not to.

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The space pope can go away or my hundred ton death waifu will have harsh words with him.

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Tarkin was the most lifelike and best CGI I've ever seen. Way better than that Fast and Furious Paul Walker for example. It's weird that the young Leia CGI was so bad in comparison.

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It's partly because the restored Tarkin is supposed to look a tad off putting, it makes him look intimidating, Liea on the other hand was supposed to look enderring

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For your trouble, and trips.

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She's a free blade, considering Barons outrank planetary governors, that probably puts her pretty high on the Imperial totem pole and it's not like Chapter Masters hold a set place in the Imperial heirarchy beyond 'Be nice to me or I'll take my toys and leave you all to be nommed by tyranids'.

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They're directly below the Emperor technically aren't they? At least theoretically.

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This is actually quite thoughtful, anon, thank you.

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This. Uncanny valley strikes again.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but is Taldeer/Ronahn the named Wraithknight for the Eldar team?

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Well, they're sworn to either the Mechanicus or the Adeptus Terra if I remember correctly, so the latter would make them only answerable to the High Lords and the former would mean they could give pretty much anyone who's not a tech-priest the finger provided it doesn't upset the Fabricator General.

The implication I got was they occupy a similar social position to Rogue Traders, so being a bit familiar with the master of a minor chapter isn't too much of an overstep of rank.

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It's not like Chapter Masters don't also outrank planetary governors. Planetary governors shit their pants at Captains, and sometimes regular space marines that come to save them or pass judgment.

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Why is the site that got me into 40k making me hate discussing 40k on /tg/.

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I heard it was Taldeer.

WraithTaldeer/Lady Solaria rule34 when?

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I heard Taldeer died due to the canon ending of DoW1/2 and got turned into a wraith construct so she might be.

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Figured as much. Of course my source was a prior /tg/ thread, but it makes sense considering the Eldar gameplay mentions Ronahn, so with him being alive, they gotta have Taldeer involved somewhere, and considering the whole twin pilot/soulstone thing Wraithknights have going on, they're probably glued together.

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Female knight. Neat.

Ironically her loadout is only possible on Renegade Imperial Knights in 40k at the moment.

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Yeah, I just meant they're probably of similar social rank so her giving him a mild telling off for not waiting for her to reinforce him before advancing isn't really her overstepping her position since they're more or less equals simply because neither has the authority to give the other orders.

Its not like she's an Imperial Guard tank commander giving him shit.

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Where the fuck are the other Blood Ravens

I barely cared for Asshole Gabe and Jonah.

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Knights aren't like dreadnoughts. They're mini-titans, the pilot can get out.

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you did get interested in the stories
you are getting turned off by opinions

wrong opinions can make anything unbearable

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Alternatively, someone else can get in...

Hopefully the mic isn't set to always on.

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we'll do it with the suit on.
Though I do agree with the other anon, climb in there.

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>Imperial Knight with qt voice acting

My body is not ready

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>Chapter Masters don't also outrank planetary governors

The Imperium has no clear distinct hierarchy. It's a whole mess of powers and counter-powers that are trying to cooperate and help each other. Planetary governors are agents of the Administratum who enjoy quite a big free reign as long as they pay their Imperial tithe and make sure that order is kept on their planets. I wouldn't actually be surprised that a planetary governor from a big, powerful planet that gives out a lot of IG regiment or feeds dozens of Hive World is capable of talking shit to a 23rd founding chapter master who only orders 400 Astartes following a disastrous campaign.

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Not a medfag, but isn't CPR supposed to keep someone alive while it's being performed?

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>Awkward sex noises and squeals caused by joysticks poking uncomfortable places get broadcast at eardrum-bursting decibels across the Knight Order's entire citadel

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Knight Houses are INCREDIBLY proud. They predate the Imperium and survived the Old Night completely on their own, before joining the Imperium out of their innate sense of duty.

Given she's the head of a house, she probably regards a chapter master as roughly a peer.

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I don't play the game but like the look, are those like coax dual bolters on the bottom of the main gun shield things? Plus a swivel bolter thing on the left chest?

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>new mecha waifu

Nah, i already have one

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respectively flamers and autogun

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This really. Feudal systems work out position by how much you're bringing to the table.

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If you excuse me, I have fanfiction to write.

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Sure if you stack the odds on one side like that, but if you give equal weight to both, say, Cadia or Armageddon's governor vs. Ultramarines chapter master, it's quite clear which side tradition dictates is the superior. And if say, it was a nobody governor and a nobody chapter master, it's also quite clear there too. All else being equal, chapter masters outrank governors.

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It's meant to circulate oxygenated blood through the brain to stave off brain-death as long as possible while you wait for proper medical care.

It's not really that effective, it's just better than nothing.

>> No.50846376

That's not the norm though. Your example is of a governor with abnormal and exceptional status. Enough so that he would outrank the chapter master.

>> No.50846395

In theory.

If they are suffering certain things.. heart attack, it's actually not that useful in terms of survival. But it's good to keep oxygen flowing to the brain in case they do.

Wouldn't want her ribs now though.

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She can bark orders all she wants and he no more has to listen to her than if the roles were reversed. They both occupy that murky position in Imperial society where orders given are guidelines or suggestions at best and where everything is politics. If she takes his council and battle-plans seriously, she becomes ever more highly regarded in the chapter as both friend and ally, and if not she gets put on the 'more trouble than they're worth list'. Same goes for the Chapter. Treat her with respect and you get a one-woman piloted army crusher to back you up but dismiss her usefulness and she'll go find glory elsewhere.

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>All else being equal, chapter masters outrank governors.

Pretty sure the Adeptus Terra wouldn't agree with that statement.

Spess muhreens are wild cards that are tolerated but not liked. They're certainly not part of Imperial hierarchy to the point where a planetary governor would be obliged to do everything they say, in fact the system is supposed to prohibit that specifically, to stop marines taking over whole swathes of the Imperium and one of them becoming Horus 2.0.

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Leave my headcanon alone ;__;

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Marines pass judgment on planets/governors all the time.

>> No.50846450

Hey, if I was building a mecha, I'd put in joysticks.

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Doesn't really matter what the man likes or thinks when governors are calling astartes "my lord" and the astartes call them "governor". Kind of speaks for itself doesn't it? You know what other relationship does this? Superior officers and subordinates in the military.

>> No.50846463

They only really need to maintain Imperial order on their planets. They can just about do whatever the fuck they want(and can get away with from those under them) so long as the tithe is paid and the xenos/mutants/psykers culled and never fraternized with.

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Man, the best job in the Imperium has to be planetary governor of a feral world where your palace is in orbit.

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Technically Marines are on the same rank as Governors and Generals but they're held in higher regard because they are the Angels of the Emperor and have more experience in war than planetary governors.

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There's a scene that I love in the game Battlefleet Gothic Armada, where a warp storm cuts off the Calixis Sector, and all the great people of the sector meet up together to discuss a strategy. You have all the long list of people who start by introducing themselves, each a bit smug and rightfully convinced that they are necessary to the cause ("Affirmative, the Adeptus Mechanicus is ready" says the Fabricator in a robotic voice, "The Inquisition, as always, is vigilant" says the Inquisitor in a raspy tone, "The Adeptus Astartes are prepared to continue" says the Imperial Fist captain with his loud voice, "The Navis Nobilite allow this meeting to commence" says the navigator with his smug expression...), before the Lord Admiral of the Sector begin to talk with "As first among equals".

The Imperium is a massive feudal system with everyone necessary to everyone else. So, most of the time, normally, a chapter master who intervenes on a planet will try to respectfully coordinate himself with the local governor. Because the Governor has a lot of respect for the Astartes and understand that he needs the Angels of Death ; And, the other way around, because the chapter masters knows he simply cannot start his campaign if he does not have the local authorities on his side, with which he can coordinates his strikes and objectives and the eventual evacuation of cities or factories.

Still, it still isn't surprising that, sometimes, in some instances, some planetary honcho starts to talk shit to an Astartes and manages to get away with it. Just like a Fabricator could scorn a priest from the ministorum, or an imperial guard general could scare away a throne agent from the Inquisition, or even a Rogue Trader pissing off a clerk of the Administratum.
Basically, when everything is good in the world of 40k, all the massive orwellian system of the Imperium manages to work together. But when everything goes shit, there isn't really one organization above the others.

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I'm surprised rogue traders are so low when the fluff/fanwank has them act basically like Inquisitors with their "muh writ" free card.

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>feral world

Don't you mean feudal world ?
Because seriously, that has to be a cool job.
Imagine, all the people on the ground playing knights and ladies, and you can spend your days monitoring them like if you were watching a much more entertaining version of Game of Thrones.

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>But when everything goes shit, there isn't really one organization above the others.

The Inquisition is supposed to be, technically. But we all know what happens to unrespected Inquisitors.

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*Gothic Sector

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>making female characters act like males is not a recipe for success.

Motherfucker the game isn't even out yet, we have no idea what her plot arc is or her backstory. All we have is a few audio clips and a little game footage.

Face it: You just don't like women.

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That chart is worth about as much as toilet paper in practice. In-universe, only the greenest, most wide-eyed and bushy-tailed newb would take it to heart and only a suicidal idiot would ever try to reference it in any kind of serious context in front of anyone with any actual power.

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>Not wanting to be a Knight and cruise around in your massive robot on a comfy feudal-agriworld picking the cutest milkmaids out from the illiterate peasantry for a bit of Primae Noctis back at your fortress

>> No.50846585

Yeah, the Novis Nobilite is at the bottom of the list, when in reality, your ship is a good as stuck on your planet if your Navigator does not have his new fancy tailored suit and his foot rub like you promised him before the trip.
But then again, I believe that the chart is the "de jure" system, where the Emperor is the leader of the Imperium (And not in a physical coma while his mind is busy with the Astronimican), and not the "de facto" system where everyone can fuck with everyone else.

>> No.50846614

>Face it: You just don't like women.

Since he considers a woman being a pilot to be 'acting male' I'd say that's pretty much a given.

>> No.50846627

Rogue Traders aren't that powerful within the bounds of the Imperium.

Their power is that, outside the Imperiums borders, they have Throne-sanctioned authority to do pretty much whatever the fuck they want, even being able to blow off the Inquisition if they feel like it.

That doesn't prevent consequences once they RETURN, however...

>> No.50846628

>start doing the sweet Droit du Seigneur on your peasant
>peasants go complain to their local ministorium priest
>the priest actually has the balls to stand to YOU, the massive knight
>you go to crush him
>tfw you remember you can't crush priests or else you'll get trouble
>tfw the priest force you to make amends to the dirty inbred peasants
>tfw you're grounded from stomping their wood houses

Fucking Ministorum ;_;

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You're looking at this the wrong way. There is zero way to feature a non-strong female character in a lead role in 40K because it's all about eternal war. This isn't an SJW character, it's just the 40K equivalent of a waifu. Every non-combat female character in the setting won't ever get a model, like that bimbo that hung around the Word Bearers.

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It's all relative. Like people said, a planetary governor who runs a massive hive world that produces billions of guardsmen and their equipment > some chump chapter master with three companies of marines.

The bit that surprises me is where the Adeptus Custodes are.

Them being below the High Lords and under the aegis of the Adeptus Terra doesn't make sense since their Captain-General is a High Lord and they're not supposed to take orders from anyone but the Emperor.

>> No.50846732


Having a position on the council isn't really a relevant factor of ranking. It's more like a token seat for them to monitor the situation. Inquisition also has a permanent seat, and astartes have occassionally have had a seat. It doesn't really mean anything IMO.

>> No.50846742

I know that feel bro. Bloody peasants.

>> No.50846759

>stronk womyn
>only reason she's useful in combat is because she has a very particular genetic lineage required to operate a colossal war machine

m8 that's a un-stronk womyn as it can get when it comes to warfare. Better than something like shoehorned female infantry or whatever.

>> No.50846766

Reading the Master of Mankind, they can basically tell anyone they like to get fucked when it comes to giving them orders. They're quite happy to fuck off Rogal Dorn and the Mechanicum and essentially give them orders/refuse them information.

Might have changed post-Heresy though I guess.

>> No.50846785

>only reason she's useful in combat is because she has a very particular genetic lineage

And, you know, being raised since birth for warfare since she's the scoin of a noble house.

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File: 1.94 MB, 1024x1541, fallout___female_power_armor_by_shappi-d9ek2ff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any pictures/models of knight pilots outside of their knights? Presumably they wear some sort of plate armour since they're to feudalism what space wolves are to wolves.

All I'm saying is there might be boobplate.

>> No.50846851

I think when you're inside a giant death machine your gender really doesn't matter.

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File: 26 KB, 600x620, 99550108142_KnightScionStanding05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 50 KB, 533x800, Caca PROOOUT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They probably all look like typical noble ladies outside of their massive walker fighter

>> No.50846885


I didn't mean the High Lords have no authority, I meant it doesn't grant extra authority to the Custodes, Inquisition, or marines to have a seat on the council. For example, just because the Inquisition has a seat on the council doesn't mean the Custodes have to listen to them.

It seems like there's a lot of organizations that "answer to no one but the Emperor".

>> No.50846889

>And, you know, being raised since birth for warfare since she's the scoin of a noble house.

>since she's the scion of a noble house

That's what I said? Distinct genetic lineage.

>> No.50846945

If that dotted line is anything to go by, Space Marines aren't even technically in the Imperial Hierarchy. The only reason a planetary governor or even an Imperial general might listen to a Space Marine captain is due to reverence and tradition but by all rights the marine has no jurisdiction over Imperial affairs.

Oh yeah, and thanks for the pic. I'm gonna be keepin that for later. Interestingly, This chart implies that the Imperial Church has more power and say over regular affiars than any SM chapter ever will, and with that in mind. Could the Church basically call a crusade and label any chapter that doesn't commit forces to it excommunicate traitors just to remove them?

>> No.50846998


>> No.50847004

The Imperial Church is arguably the most powerful branch of the Imperium.

Not only do they directly control the Adepta Sororitas and all Shrine Worlds, they also have the religious loyalty of almost every civilian, guardsman and voidsman in the Imperium.

Of course, the latter is unofficial power but the average citizen is extremely religious, and I'm inclined to believe a very large number of them would willingly rebel against commanders if sufficiently riled up and/or threatened with eternal hellfire by an Imperial Bishop.

>> No.50847006


They don't have jurisdiction. But just like the president of a foreign country has no jurisdiction over your country's military, you don't just ignore them.

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File: 176 KB, 550x828, 1454683693545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Given that the post above you depicts a knight pilot with a pretty impressive set of moustaches and a monocle, I'd say you are probably correct.

Something about the image of Lady Solaria fighting her way out of a dress like pic related and into a pilot's jumpsuit when the emergency deployment alarm goes off is kinda endearing though.

>> No.50847017

>shoehorned female infantry or whatever.
I mean...women can definitely operate firearms and serve in modern military. no one wants to see a dead chick, especially if she was hot, but they can do it. she can't keep up with her male counterparts, but she can do it. and when you live in a universe with hundreds of trillions of people at your disposal and enemies on all fronts, it makes perfect sense that you would have shit loads of women in the military.

>> No.50847023

So, is she the 40k equivalent of a Disney princess then? Will there be a musical number?

>I will purge this whole world!
>Hear these heretics screaaaming!

>> No.50847029

Ah, I thought you meant knights were only speshul because they're bred to interface with the walkers.

>> No.50847064

>Could the Church basically call a crusade and label any chapter that doesn't commit forces to it excommunicate traitors just to remove them?

Back in the day they used to set Sisters on chapters that upset the Ecclesiarchy. Dunno is that's still in the lore, but I imagine they've got enough pull with the High Lords to make life really difficult for a single lowly chapter master.

>> No.50847067

The chart isn't real. Most of the powers of the Imperium interact with each other in strange fashions.

The relation between the Ecclesiarchy and the space marine chapters, for exemple, is one of the weirdest ever, especially since GW had a lot of retcon/changes accross the codexes.

To put things simple, many early founding chapters don't actually follow the Imperial Cult, and refuse to say "God"-Emperor. They have their own cults, sometimes borderline heretical. The chaplains of these early founding cults usually receive the rosarius, a holy symbol, from the ecclesiarchy, as a way to say, "see, we both accept that the Emperor is the supreme leader" and show a spiritiual union... Even if this union isn't real.
But most of the later founding chapters totally accept the divinity of the Emperor. And it can make them win, big. The Fire Angels chapter is only 2000 years old, yet it is becoming really powerful and respected throughout the Imperium because they are poster-boys of the Church.

In the M37, a corrupt Ecclesiarch had the power and the authority to judge 30 chapters of Space Marines, and force them to repent by sending them in a crusade in the Warp (In fact they all turned renegade which is what the Ecclesiarch wanted). So yes, technically, the Imperial Church has a lot of power over most of the Astartes, but just like the Mechanicus has power over them (They train their Techmarines), just like the Astra Telepathica has power (They train their librarians), just like the Navigators, etc.

>> No.50847084

Do knight houses have their own troops like Titan Legions have their Skitarii cohorts?

>> No.50847085

No no, I'm well aware that they're well trained in sword fighting and marksmanship and stuff. I'm just saying that such skills alone wouldn't make them particularly useful - all things considered - without also having the family ties required to operate a knight.

If you have unlimited people at your disposal the easiest way to ensure your troops are as good as possible is to use your not-unlimited equipment and transport space on males.

Your thinking is totally backwards, the only time you'd use women as infantry is when there's literally no one else left.
Which, granted, definitely happens. But that would be a PDF problem when a planet is being invaded.

>> No.50847106


not all of them, a few made it back and bitch slapped the Space-Pope after revealing his corruption.

>> No.50847130


It's the other way around. When you have infinite manpower, you are allowed to be more selective, including passing over females and weaker males and only picking the best specimens.

>> No.50847132

I mean they used to have a power kind of like that during Vandire's Reign of Blood (is that still canon?) Did they get to keep any of that power or do they just have mostly symbolic power with unofficially stupid amounts of power via controlling the faith of untold billions?

>> No.50847159

see >>50847067

>> No.50847165

>The Imperium
>Being selective with it's military recruitment


>> No.50847167

I'm sure they do. I imagine it's a lot like Bretonnia where the focus is on the knights and the peasants are there to serve as distractions and/or play a support role.

>> No.50847184

During Vandire's Reign of Blood their OFFICIAL power was much greater.

They directly controlled bast armies and fleets, and MANY more planets.

After the Reign of Blood all of that was stopped. The number of Shrine Worlds vastly reduced, and only the Adepta Sororitas are officially subservient.

However the Imperium is extremely religious. The common civilian is like medieval catholic tier religious, and this extends to Imperial Guardsmen and Naval Voidsmen.

Therefore the Imperial Churches grasp on the Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy remains, albeit unofficially.

As I said, if some regimental priest started screaming about how the regimental command were heretics etc., I can easily see many of the common guardsmen believing him.

>> No.50847195

>slectiveness of troops
>in the 40k universe

You sure we're talking about the same thing ?

>> No.50847214


Son the military generally doesn't have women in combat units. They've tried it as an experiment and guess what, it didn't work. Female grunts and the units they were attatched to under-preformed relative to other units that were comprised solely of males. The only legitimate place women have in the army is in the support structures. They theoretically could make good pilots for aircraft because they can generally take g's better, and they make perfectly good drone handlers cause anyone can push a button, but the idea that women can serve on the front lines just as well as men is a lie.

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File: 176 KB, 1199x615, 1474574383640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now I'm imagining a bunch of peasants with longbows trying to keep a building-sized enemy engaged so a paladin can line up the perfect shot with his battlecannon.

>> No.50847241

No one is above dying for the God Emperor. Using what's in your pants to try to shirk this holy duty is unacceptable and I daresay heretical.

>> No.50847251

And don't forget the dozens of squires and valets that are here so that Lady Solaria can go from her fancy dancing ball dress into the pilot jumpsuit necessary to go blast the orks.

>> No.50847275


You have to remember the Imperial Guard and Stormtroopers aren't average people. Even Conscripts aren't. PDF are where the women would be. The tithes sent to the regiments are the same as tithes to marine recruitment. You send them your best.

>> No.50847287
File: 307 KB, 909x1240, 46424645115191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You do understand that particular women is an inquisitor

>> No.50847301

Well that answers that. Doesn't explain why someone would make a chart that has no bearing in showing the chain of command in the Imperial Hierarchy, From whats been said, seems to be very loose and open to interpretation as to just who has power to do what besides the very top with the High Lords and the very bottom with your average citizen.

>> No.50847312

The original post was referring to the knight. As far as I know the picture was separate (though tangentially related) to the text discussion.

>> No.50847315


40K isn't logical, but using its illogicalness as an argument isn't really logical. Having infinite recruits doesn't increase your chance of inferior recruits, IF you bothered to be selective about it. And why wouldn't you, if you had infinite recruits?

>> No.50847327
File: 90 KB, 653x1001, 6461511881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Well PDF service is mandatory for some regiments...

>> No.50847356


Because the red tape in 40k is bullshit

Kreigers get sent to defend random hiveworks,Vallhallens sent to jungle worlds and Catachans send to ice worlds.

>> No.50847359

Never forget that like a Rogue Trader, her and other knight scions are surrounded by servants like sacristans and their seneschal-equivalents.

>> No.50847368

Yeah technically PDF service is mandatory for all regiments since that's where they're picked from.

The women would be left behind in the PDF, with inferior males, whilst the regimental tithes are made up of the more superior males.

>> No.50847378

If we are thinking of the same regiments, then they pick the cream of the crop from the pdf to be in the guard. Meaning they wouldn't pick any women, because there is sure to be a man who can run farther and faster and carry more.

>> No.50847406

>but muh Cata-chans

>> No.50847414

>the idea that women can serve on the front lines

Kurds and Russians would disagree with you.

Limiting your armed forces to a tiny minority of perfect physical and mental specimens only makes sense if you're only supporting limited manpower, like in first world militaries where outfitting and training an infanteer costs hundreds of thousands.

The Imperium just gives them a flashlight and body armor made of cardboard that rolls off a production line in the kind of quantities we'd see with paperclips today, then shoves them in a troop transport and scatters them across a warzone in the hope that the enemy runs out of a troops before they lose too much territory.

A female having a 0.0002% lower chance of succesfully engaging a genestealer in hand-to-hand than a male because she's got slightly less stamina or upper body strength is irrelevent at that point. The Imperium just needs as many fingers pulling triggers as it can.

>> No.50847425
File: 578 KB, 1098x712, 549846134516541.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Nigger what

I dont get how people get so triggered at the sight of females in FAKE space armies.

Like real life ill understand but dude this shit isant real.

>> No.50847431

>The Imperium just needs as many fingers pulling triggers as it can.

The rulebook literally says the one thing they don't need is manpower.

>> No.50847443

This would be relevant if they lived in happy-fun-land. They don't, so they'll throw bodies at the enemy cause that's the one sure thing they have access to in very-not-happy-fun-land.

>> No.50847456
File: 30 KB, 1842x115, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50847457

>You send them your best.

Some worlds do, some don't. Imperial Guard recruitment isn't universally the creme de la creme, despite what guard players like to fanwank.

Depends on the culture.

Plus, since lasguns are lightweight and low-recoil, women might actually be noticably better marksmen than men with that sort of weapon.

>> No.50847482


Exactly, they have sure access to able-bodied males, so they don't need to use females. "Men are so cheap so they'll throw anything at the opponent" doesn't make sense when the actuality is "Men are so cheap they can afford to throw only the best at the opponent, they have so many men they couldn't even throw women at the enemy if they wanted to, the fronts are so choked with men".

>> No.50847485

snipers and medics =/= infantry

>not including women means you must only take the most perfect minority
>slightly less stamina
>slightly less upper body strength

You clearly have no understanding of how extreme the physical differences between genders are.

If you want better soldiers than 90+% of women, you only need to look at the upper 50% of men, and the Imperium won't be running out of those any time soon.

>they're fighting super strong aliens so their own strength doesn't matter
I'm sure it'll matter when Guardswomyn Becky can't carry those extra 100 heavy bolter rounds to the front because her hips would break during the march.

Sorry we don't all have guro fantasies.

>> No.50847488
File: 190 KB, 830x1283, 1312076336576.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>force the priest to marry someone
>fuck the priest to assert dominance

Pleb-tier nobility, anon.

>> No.50847493 [SPOILER] 
File: 132 KB, 528x806, 1482547226584.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw this picture will trigger the spergs in this thread

>> No.50847497
File: 133 KB, 1024x717, 1413827004583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Imperium's method of being 'selective' is to throw as many bodies into the fight as possible, then promote the survivors.

An imperial recruiter isn't going to refuse a woman her chance to die for the Emperor if she's capable of marching and pulling a trigger.

>> No.50847503

Basically this.
You may rarely see women in regiments coming from other worlds, but I think that it is perfectly normal to have cadian or catachan women. Because there is no other choice. When your neighbor might become crazy and start drawing a 8-pointed star symbol with a knife on his chest, or when you have a weird ant trying to eat your babies, it's normal that your girl or your mother is trained to use the family lasgun. And when the shitter Abaddon moves to attack Cadia, you want every fucking cadian to go fight him back.

>> No.50847509


Fuck FFG

Fucking hell sometimes

>> No.50847514

>dat barrel glow
Oh hell yes!

>> No.50847525


Most women are literally incapable of marching the many miles required of them.

>> No.50847527


This is fucking impossible the FFG writers were all hacks anyway.

Fucking SJWs

>> No.50847534


First, i request that you provide citations for your claims.

Second you and i both know that the figures you have provided concerning the difference between the odds of a male and female trooper came out of your ass, and are blatant hyperbole. If you had any idea what you were talking about you would know that there is in fact a considerable difference between the performance of males and females, and not a negligible one.

>> No.50847540

Yes, because they throw everyone and everything into the meat-grinder.

Show me the lore where it states that the Imperial Guard wins it's battles with small, highly trained units and the Imperium maintains a tiny fraction of it's population under-arms, and I'll accept that First-World military recruiting logic applies to them.

>> No.50847543

>medic instead of a shooter
>not even a field medic with a pistol

It proves the point, doesn't it?sn't mak

>> No.50847544


Most /tg/ users are literally incapable of marching many miles required of them.

>> No.50847557

>that strawman

Show me the lore where it says the Imperial Guard uses women.

>> No.50847565
File: 260 KB, 750x1200, commission_dark_heresy_character_by_lord_dubu-d4pxmac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why would effeminate bishie guardsmen offend me?

>> No.50847569

This is true in a perfectly functioning Emperium where everyone is honest and trustworthy, follows the rules and does what is expected of them. That Emperium doesn't exist(and never existed), so you make due with what you have while laughing and taking advantage of people who believe the fairy-tale.

>> No.50847576

Every male between the ages of 14 and 50 that isn't crippled in some way isn't a small fraction of the imperial population.

>> No.50847578


Precisely. Even men fell out of the humps we did in the military, so I don't see what "if a woman can march" or "/tg/ can't march" have anything to do with this.

>> No.50847581

>the Imperial Guard wins it's battles with small, highly trained units
no one said that

>the Imperium maintains a tiny fraction of it's population under-arms

Fucking easy to prove
Hive worlds hold tens or even hundreds of billions of civilians. The most militarised planet in the Imperium, Cadia, has less than a billion people, most of whom are under arms.

If even 10% of their whole population was under arms, every hive world would have a bigger military than several Cadias.

>> No.50847596
File: 513 KB, 1153x1600, bfpd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a page from the 3rd ed. IG Codex.

>> No.50847618
File: 62 KB, 332x322, 54169161945417.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So uh

Could someone explain to me why you care about this gender thing.

I dont know if its just me but I feel like say in 2007 literally no one would care but how whenever gender is brought up in CURRENT YEAR we get these people who actively do not want females in a fake space army.

This is not blocked to just /tg/ whenever gender is involved people will fucking blow up its quite annoying and I do not understand how all you spergs try to make sense of this shit.

>> No.50847622


Xenonia has zero lore so they might be an all female amazon planet, who knows. A better example is the Last Chancers box containing a female IG model.

>> No.50847624

The fronts are choked with dead men. Halving your possible army just means the body piles will be half as tall.

>> No.50847628

Then they die and the few women who survive get reformed into other regiments, just like the weaker men who were drafted from the sumps of hive worlds and all have chronic respiratory disorders.

I'm sorry that wymyn in uniform trigger you so badly but this is the fictional, maximum-edgy Imperium of Man we're talking about. They select via survival of the fittest, there's no indication the Imperium gives two shits about the quality of the individual guardsman provided there's a limitless stream of them heading towards it's borders.

>> No.50847636
File: 65 KB, 540x560, snug smugg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow this thread sure is pathetic and autistic as shit

Can you imagine being so pathetic you have to whine about fictional women in fictional space armies in a fictional setting taking place in the 40th millennium

>> No.50847637

>and the Imperium maintains a tiny fraction of it's population under-arms

Not all worlds provide their tithe via IG Regiments. Many provide food or other goods.

>> No.50847639


Half of infinity is still infinity. I don't think you comprehend what the narrator is saying when they say (male) manpower is in no short supply.

>> No.50847643
File: 249 KB, 428x660, 4974541845184.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The true path is were all fucked everyone argues over menial shit.

There is no fucking hope if people actually get mad over the fact someone has boobs in space

>> No.50847653


I've purposely only posted civilly and without ad hominem, mostly because I really don't care about this argument, so I'm glad to see you resort to accusing me of being triggered already. So the question is why are you so upset about it? It can't be boredom like me, because you're accusing people of being triggered.

>> No.50847670

>there are people, in this thread, who complain about the fact that there are imperial guardswomen
>there are people, in this thread, who literally can't deal with the fact that, in a situation where your homeworld is under attack by deamons and inhumane beasts from the warp, you would conscript as much forces as you could, including women, who would be trained to defend their families just like the men

>> No.50847681


They should give all the armor and weapons to the males, and the women can fight barehanded, like in Enemy at the Gates where only half the soldiers got guns and the other half got magazines.

>> No.50847687

Literally anywhere you care to look, from Black Library novels to codexes.

>All 14 year old males are stronger than all women

Ok pal, time for bed I think.

>If even 10% of their whole population was under arms

Yeah, that's a ridiculously high portion of the population unless you're arming everyone with rocks.

The Imperium wins it's wars by attrition, stop avoiding the point. A military that wins by literally drowing the enemy in bodies isn't going to give two shits that women struggle to meet the physical requires of the USMC.

>> No.50847690

>>there are people, in this thread, who literally can't deal with the fact that, in a situation where your homeworld is under attack by deamons and inhumane beasts from the warp, you would conscript as much forces as you could, including women, who would be trained to defend their families just like the men
That would be PDF, not Imperial Guard.

>> No.50847691

Where the hell did this attitude come from?

This shit has been around since Star Wars and Tolkien. Why only now does this autist freak out?

>> No.50847697
File: 149 KB, 682x1184, 1363710364466.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post qts, for the Emperor.

>> No.50847705


BL contradicts canon constantly. IG codex doesn't mention women.

>> No.50847707
File: 2.20 MB, 337x268, 41161916484.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fuck off

You are all fetishistic freaks who want women in combat gear.

females cant do shit in the military face it you faggots and of course an anime poster would try to "call" us out.

Since you are dead wrong 40k wont be taken over by the likes of you fags.

>> No.50847721

>only non-canon FFG has female IG

I think I'm noticing a trend.

>> No.50847727
File: 63 KB, 400x366, 84946116151341.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50847729


Y'know Battletech players actually know what a pussy feels like, right?

>> No.50847739

>Yeah, that's a ridiculously high portion of the population unless you're arming everyone with rocks.
That's the point.

The Imperium maintains nowhere near enough of its population under arms to justify using women instead of men.
The lasgun and flak armour is a more valuable commodity than the person using it. Why the fuck would you waste it on a woman?

And yes, the Australian National Soccer team lost to a team of 14 year old boys. By a lot.

>> No.50847753


It shows the THEORETICAL chain of command.

But 40k groups don't tend to listen to it as the true force behind imperial decision making on Authority is Dick-Waving. We answer to no one but the emperor is a very common dick waving argument because you can't exactly get the emperor to say you are wrong these days.

Like,say a site with a Plasma Pistol from the Horus Heresy era was found and they need to decide who'll excavate the area:

>It shall be us, says the Mechanicus, for it is technology and that is our area!
>It shall be us, says the Marines, for we fought in the Horus Heresy!
>It shall be us, says the Guard, for t may be Minotorum Property!
>It shall be us, says the Adepta Sororitas, for we have the best archaeologists and it's a holy relic!
>It shall be us, says the Inquisition, for it may be corrupted by vile forces!
>It shall be us, says the Telepathica, for it's psychic residue is very interesting.

All the groups have a semi-reasonable claim and they'll butt heads and wave dicks until the groups who have less interest start to bow out. Generally with wheeling and dealing to make it worth their while.

>> No.50847755

Bags of sand?

>> No.50847764

Vostroyan qts are my fetish

>> No.50847779

There actually is a little bit of historical precedent for it. When the wolf was at the door, the Soviets put every woman that they could in uniform.

So if you've got warp beasts, starving lizard-bugs and orks who's word for fun is "war-crime", it becomes easily imaginable.

>> No.50847787

It's not sustainable to do so however.

>> No.50847788

Everyone is given the supreme privilege of dying for the God Emperor and his most holy Emperium. What I'm saying is that the Emperium at large, and the Administratum specifically gives no shits about what's in your pants and only cares that you're gonna die in the middle of bumfuck nowhere whether you like it or not.

>> No.50847794


See >>50847596

>> No.50847796

This is not about your elite space marine army made of 100% testosterone. This is about the Imperial Guard, the people who leave their planets to never see them again, or people who live on worlds so fucked up that they have to put the majority of the population under arms to fight off the tide.
What the fuck is wrong with you to think that because it is logical that women serve with a gun, that we're either all fetishists or SJW ? Why do you lose your shit like that ? This is actually how I always saw the way of life in Cadia, for exemple : Young teenagers, who instead of going in high school, find themselves all conscripted in the Whiteshield, the women meeting their boyfriend and giving birth in a military tent, the local priest raising their child once they're both killed by a local deamon.

Of course women are on average inferior to men. So what ? What the fuck does it proves ? It is a situation where strength or efficiency matters less than just pure number of bodies.

I don't even understand what the fuck is the trigger about.

>> No.50847798


I'm really beginning to hate /tg/ for dumb bullshit

Like I love 40k but whenever a lore thread happens all people scream is


Why are lore threads so unbearable now they get infested by autists who say their points say them as truth.

What happened to fun times where you make our own ideas.

Where did everything go so wrong?

>> No.50847801
File: 19 KB, 409x409, 141252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Just bought Dawn of War 1 master collection.

What am I in for?

>> No.50847838

Dawn of War 1 and Winter Assault both have a pretty cool storyline.
Dark Crusade has a strange gameplay but it's really fun time.
I don't remember Soulstorm so fondly however. But you may still download the fuckload of mods to improve your experience and fight with giant titans.

>> No.50847843
File: 265 KB, 375x523, 5161416416411.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Why the fuck did people suddenly begin to care about cannon

I agree all the 40k lore threads suck ass now no one talks about shit its mostly just pointless arguments like the all those random ass "Fall of Cadia" threads have been unbearable.

Than some jackass gets mad about female knight pilots and then angry about female IG.

Like someone said if this was 2007 no one would care.

Everyone is a narcissistic asshole including me but maybe it shouldnt give us the right to be assholes.

>> No.50847849

I'm torn on Catachan women.

On the one and, they're guaranteed to be tougher than most men from non-catachan planets.

On the other hand, they have to have 10 children each just to maintain catachan's population.

>> No.50847868


but I said they can't serve as well as men, just that they can serve. like they are physically capable of strapping combat gear on and firing weapons.

>> No.50847872


>> No.50847874

The people who obsess about cannon are the worst to be honest. People care more about a thing being recognized as true by GW than just enjoying a nice, well-written storyline in the 40k universe (Something that I haven't seen in a long time).

>> No.50847880

>So the question is why are you so upset about it?

I'm sorry you need all argumentsto be held as passionless, sterile exchanges. This may not be the site for you.

But to explain; the thought that some weak fucking civilians in the comfort of the first world think their Y chromosome inherently makes them soldiers is pathetic.

This isn't 'are women suitable for NATO-tier infantry', this is 'are women capable of fighting on the battlefield at all' and the people I've been having this argument with, which you're supporting in that post, are basically saying that being male > everything else when it comes to being a soldier.

I disagree strongly. Since you agreed with that proposition, I naturally assumed you have an emotional, irrational response to the thought of a woman on the battlefield.

>> No.50847887


Why wouldn't you pick someone who can serve better? You have no reason to pick her if she's inferior.

>> No.50847889

To add to this post, Catachan women are canonically incredibly fucking strong, to the point where they put most "normal" men to shame when it comes to feats of strength. They still aren't as powerful as Catachan males, but as a race they're genetically disposed to be incredibly tough and physically strong due to living on planet Tet Offensive and natural selection.

>> No.50847891

>Implying Knights are subordinate to Chapter Masters

Without a written note from the High Lords themselves (and even then it's contentious), pretty much only the Guard will be completely subordinated beneath Space Marines. Navy, Inquisition, SoB, and all the various Mechanicum forces will respect the Astartes but still pursue their own agendas

Of course the lack of any type of centralized military command is a reason the Imperium is so fucking inefficient at everything. But Girlyman intentionally created this inefficient system because he was so afraid of another Heresy.

In Knights case, they view themselves as pureblooded elite nobility piloting quasi-god machines. It's a bigger deal than some Astartes

>> No.50847892

>IG codex doesn't mention women.


>> No.50847897

Its why I always love the female space marine people.

The tears they reap for their flimsy hated for female astartes are delicious, and I'm sexist as shit.

>> No.50847901

Some people got mad at something irrelevant, then people who liked thing discussed with them, then more absnoxious people came to defend the first group, then the second group, then the balls started rolling and everything you discuss, not only in /tg/, but everywere ends in an autismo fest.

Now we just try to let these guys slide and find people who dont care about all that bullshit. Why should someone cares about the space ladies shooting aliens, or a female knight, or wathever.

>> No.50847906

>Existential warfare is soccer

>> No.50847918
File: 67 KB, 422x600, sdghhhjj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hating on qt dominatrix female inquisitors

fuck off MGTOW. There is literally nothing wrong with women knight pilots, inquisitors, guard generals, and so on. Power armor and cybernetics have rendered physical differences between the sexes irrelevant.

>> No.50847920


I was in the US Marine Corps infantry, so it's doubly amusing when people try to assume I'm some obese neckbeard. If you do a quick Google on women in the military, it's really quite pathetic how they failed when infantry was opened to them and how they had to receive special exceptions to qualify for the US Army Rangers. Their physical requirement isn't even a single pull up, it's a dead arm hang.

I have nothing against women, and certain exceptional females can best average male soldiers physically, but the overwhelming majority women are unfit for combat. So much so that if we extrapolate those numbers to 40K levels, there's no reason to put women on the frontlines.

>> No.50847921
File: 76 KB, 564x889, imperial lady.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How are Imperial Ladies dressed out of the field? Like pic related?

>> No.50847924

>Voystroyan first born
>sending literally any female to a fight at all for any reason ever, even for medic
No, fuck off. Voystroyans send first born males only. You want female Cadians or Catachans or Armageddoners or even Valhallans? Fine, but keep the females where they make fucking sense. Female Death Korp of Krieg do not fucking exist. Female Voystroyan First Born do not exist.

Female guardsmen in general will be rarer than males for the same reasons female soldiers today are rarer than their male counterparts. PDF, sure. But PDF is literally handing the farmers a gun and maybe a flak vest then hoping with most planets.

>> No.50847946
File: 1.19 MB, 870x1078, 7649419484564.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the zog are you humies arguing about

Those humies who look like those prancy eldar gitz die all the same.

>> No.50847948

Each planet is free to send whatever the hell they want to the Imperial Tithe, so long as it's effective.

If a planet sends one regiment of its finest soldiers, this is good.

If a planet sends twenty regiments of sub-par troops, this is also good, because they can afford to throw them into combat heedless of losses to soften the enemy before better troops take the field.

The Imperium legitimately does not care who you are, where you come from, what dangles between your legs, and what you like to fuck/get fucked by some exclusions may apply so long as you serve the Imperium.

Also, while women are statistically proven to be less effective in combat roles than males, a well-armed, well-trained female is still an extremely lethal threat to any soldier. A gun is just as deadly no matter who is pulling the trigger.

>> No.50847949

It's canon, cannon is what you aim at the enemy

>> No.50847955

There's also the fact that it's better to conscript a young man over an adult woman even if she's more qualified, simply because she's worth more not on the frontlines.

>> No.50847957

its really no secret that israeli, kurdish, and russian women have military histories. obviously they aren't the best soldiers in those armies, but there were times in ww2 where russians sent troops in completely unarmed just to have more bodies in the charge. and im not just pulling that out of my ass from movies, it happened.

>> No.50847971

Like however the fuck they want.

You don't get to tell Imperial Nobility what to do unless you're a very powerful Inquisitor or the High Lords themselves. Otherwise, they may deal with you as they so choose.

>> No.50847972


>> No.50847973


I sometimes wish I was an ork

You know be big green have a nice fight then die dont have to live with a life of nothingness.

>> No.50847974

Runs the gamut from peasants to french aristocrats, very European for the most part but it's a big galaxy

>> No.50847978
File: 249 KB, 500x602, go back to reddit maga neptunia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>discussion about the viability of some bullshit in 40k
Not even someone who care's about this discussion but I wanted to say you in particular are retarded: edge is practically built into the setting.

>> No.50847980

>implying canon isn't aimed at enemies

Wow you've never seen a Fall of Cadia thread :^)

>> No.50847981

>Each planet is free to send whatever the hell they want to the Imperial Tithe, so long as it's effective.

And women are ineffective. Good talk.

>> No.50847982

>so they might be an all female amazon planet
historically amazonia wasn't an all female empire, they were just a matriarchy. Men still made up most of their soldiers.

>> No.50847984

Women shouldn't be on Catachan at all. Like >>50847485 said women are too weak to be soldiers ergo they're too weak to survive Catachan.

Catachans should reproduce only through pure homosex.

I'm sure all my brothers in this thread who are equally horrified by the concept of guardswomen will agree with me.

>> No.50847986
File: 122 KB, 458x872, img44a800f3e022e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Female regiments are well established in the fiction and have just enough crossover into "official" sources to support that. The female trooper in the Tanith First and Only for example. Female guard are a significant minority though and I believe most are in all-female regiments, whether due to unusual worlds, as seems likely with Xenonia, or with what are likely all volunteer Regiments.

It's understandable that most worlds wouldn't want to draft women for practical reasons, but there's no issue I can see with volunteer regiments given the extremely wide range of what is considered "acceptable" for tithed troops.

>> No.50848000

I think we're all overlooking the fact that women are still S3 in the 40k universe and that 14 year old gangers look like someone from the cast of the Expendables.

>> No.50848008
File: 1.72 MB, 372x262, 4544451545154141.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw the site that made me love 40k is actively making me hate it




Im blaming you faggots I havet had a single good lore threads in months and ones that do happens barely get 50 posts.

Seriously /tg/ why you gotta be like this.

>> No.50848013

It's like an actual, physical, form of autism...

>> No.50848014

Ciaphas Cain novels, one of the most 'SJW' of the BL novels (featuring lesbians and a stronk womyn capable of beating up a man in a fistfight challenge), states that women make up less than 10% of the Imperial Guard and the vast majority of those are in all-female rear echelon regiments.

That's always made most sense to me. It allows for your super rare exceptional women to be infantry while not going into "every squad is 50/50 gender split" lunacy.

>> No.50848020


Sorry, I was referring to the fantasy trope of all-female tribes of women warriors, usually described as Amazons or Amazonian. Not the historical real life version. But even if they were an all-female planet, it still is an example of female in the IG. Although one where there's no other way to tithe but to send females.

>> No.50848023
File: 44 KB, 488x670, Mad Donna Ulanti.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50848025

I'm not sure when you picked 40k up originally but good lore has been systematically purged over the last couple years, so it's not really our fault.

>> No.50848030


and doesnt Cain like fuck half the female cast

>> No.50848040
File: 539 KB, 886x397, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Anti-female IG poster here, I am okay with this.

>> No.50848045

No? The lore hasn't changed much aside from Necrons.

>> No.50848048

That is the most 80s pic I have ever seen

Post more 80s-like pics

>> No.50848051


So why listen to it/force it on people?

I still say Black Templars have 7k marines

>> No.50848059

He tries

>> No.50848067
File: 230 KB, 857x900, Klovis_of_Necromunda_rule63.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50848074
File: 598 KB, 850x860, Guilliman_Sketch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50848075

No russia never sent troops in unarmed. What happened is that small pockets of resistance in stalingrad tried to "break out" and they had very little supplies.

>> No.50848078

>hive scum owning a plasma pistol
No one show this pic to the techpriest
he'll bluescreen

>> No.50848087
File: 288 KB, 768x1024, 1464762385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50848088

you pick whoever is fit for the job. if you have enough men to fill your ranks then you pick them, if they die or you get desperate then you fill the ranks with whoever. and in situations where you know you are 100% going to take heavy losses, you send in conscripts first to eat up ammunition. We aren't talking about our world remember, the IG can actually afford to throw a few thousand people into battle just for the sake of eating bullets. like some guy said earlier they have trillions of soldiers, and production line equipment for conscripts that doesn't cost them shit all to make.

>> No.50848091

It's not about who can serve better. You send both of them to die and stem the tide of the Emperium's equally endless enemies.

>> No.50848095


MEPS didn't screen for autism so I got lucky.

>> No.50848100
File: 167 KB, 1152x864, 98246524625615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what has this thread got us?

literally nothing

Were gonna have the same thread a month from now arent we

Did anyone gain anything from this thread really?

>> No.50848103

>hive scum
She's a noble.

>> No.50848109


And women are unfit. That's the whole point of the discussion.

>> No.50848114

And yet they're in the Imperial Guard.

Problem? :^)

>> No.50848120

Plasma Pistols are relatively commonplace on Necromunda, Klovis has one too.
So are ghetto Shotguns re-chambered to Bolter rounds

>> No.50848121


I remember there was a huge shitstorm about tank shocking anchored Stormsurges a year ago and just a few days ago people were arguing about it. Despite the fact that the argument wouldn't even exist if people just read the rulebook. Like, GW had to release an FAQ for this when it was explicit and clearcut in the actual rulebook with zero ambiguity.

>> No.50848125

>Voystroyans send first born males only.

The rule is that all first born males are conscripted to serve in the Imperial Guard.

There are no rules about who can volunteer.

In the book "Commissar," it describes Vostroyan female soldiers and how they function in the Firstborn:

>All females in Vostroyan ranks are exclusively volunteers, as they are exempt from the tithes by edict.

>All of them must meet every single standard their male counterparts must meet, with no exceptions permitted.

>Because they must meet all the same standards, they are typically used in non-frontline roles or support roles, such as aides, intelligence officers, communications corps, supply, or medicae. These are roles where strength are not quite as important as a sharp mind, and can free up males for front line service.

>Because of all these conditions, women in the Firstborn are rare, but those that exist are widely loved and respected by their comrades (on account of being volunteers and being just as "good" as the men). They often act as "den mother" whom the men will look to for morale, spiritual and emotional support, and often display a grit and determination that many of their involuntarily-serving comrades never quite convey.

It's a reasonable logic. If a woman meets all the EXACT same standards as a man (And to be in the Firstborn, she must), and is voluntarily choosing to fight (which 99% of your soldiers aren't), and has passed every test and training that her male counterparts have passed, why on earth would any sane commander pass up on them for a role they've qualified for? That's just throwing resources away because of straight-up sexism.

>> No.50848128

>I was in the US Marine Corps infantry

Nice appeal to authority on the plastic toy soldiers section of an (anonymous) chinese caligraphy discussion site. I'm British Airborne so largely pointless though.

They're not going to get women to pass our selection either, All Arms P Coy has been open to women for more than a decade and not one female has passed, but as I stated, we're not discussing NATO standards, we're discussing whether it makes logical sense for a military that relies of human wave tactics to conscript women as well as men.

>certain exceptional females can best average male soldiers physically

So this is the crux of the issue. The Imperium isn't efficient. They're not going to block females from guard regiments because they're statistically less capable, they're just thinking "She might kill a couple of hormagaunts before being shredded, then we can just give her equipment to the next soldier like we would a male soldier".

You're applying NATO standards, relevent to small, highly trained forces, to a unbelievably vast force facing an existential threat.

>> No.50848131

>all-female regiments
this is pretty much what you need to do if you want women in the army, they slow men down and fuck them over if they're mixed.

>> No.50848133


Then the Imperial Guard is unfit for service to the Emperor. Checkmate, IGfags.

>> No.50848145

>In the book "Commissar,"

BL isn't canon.

>That's just throwing resources away because of straight-up sexism.

Because prejudice doesn't exist in the 40k universe? Burn the witch, shun the mutant, purge the heretic?

>> No.50848158


Airborne is definitely a step up from generic American grunt, but I would have thought someone from your background would know better than to blindly assume the average /tg/ poster can't do a simple 4 mile hike.

>> No.50848159

>and fuck them over if they're mixed.

You misspelled "get raped by their commanding officers."

>> No.50848166

I think they're sekretly legion-strength

>> No.50848173

You realise women have hips designed for giving birth? Of all the arguments you could make, this is an odd one.

>> No.50848185

>Nice appeal to authority
>proceeds to appeal to authority

>> No.50848189

What does any discussion on 4chan get you?

>> No.50848196

That's exactly why they break over forced marches carrying heavy weights.

>> No.50848203

>Harley Quinn in the next 5 years.jpg

>> No.50848206

You and your false rape accusations.

>> No.50848207

>woman volunteers to take a metric ton of dick in a batallion level gangbang
>gets reprimanded

>> No.50848217

I exaggerated with the completely unarmed thing, but carrying a melee weapon into a gun line isn't exactly armed either. and yes these charges were not supposed to happen and they weren't planned to happen that way, but they still happened.

>> No.50848227


The pack weights modern infantry have to carry are stupid anyway. You don't need 100 pounds of stupid shit like tactical hand spades. It's why as soon as anything happens they dump the main pack and only carry the lighter combat load.

>> No.50848239

The imperial guard is literally the best of every world's soldiers. they aren't just "whoever you can find" they're well trained and well armed.

>> No.50848247

>Why the fuck did people suddenly begin to care about canon

After Laurie Goulding went on the attack against people's headcanons, they treated this as a personal attack against them directly, and never shut up since.

>> No.50848248
File: 223 KB, 578x683, Sexe Warhound titan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why have a Imperial Knight when you could have a Warhound Titan waifu?

>> No.50848254

>And women are unfit.
most of them yes, theres a lot of men that are unfit too. I don't think we really have much else to talk about here since nids and other xeno races don't exist in our world. when you see a hive fleet descending on your planet you pretty much all fight or wait for the exterminatus to come.

>> No.50848258

>BL isn't canon.

It's just as canon as everything else. Even in every single Guard codex, nowhere does it say that Firstborn are EXCLUSIVELY MALE. Only that conscripts are exclusively male. It is never stated they are an all-male fighting force that disallows women. The two do not conflict.

> Burn the witch, shun the mutant, purge the heretic?

Says absolutely nothing about sex or gender. Such concepts are completely irrelevant to the Imperium - they have WAY fucking bigger fish to fry than "Women are 5% less effective as combat troops, but still capable of performing to a reasonably competent standard" instead focusing on, "Holy shit an eternal horde of bugs is coming from outside of the galaxy and is going to eat every single man in its path, better put guns in the arms of toddlers to buy some time."

You need to get your head out of modern military theory and preferences, because modern militaries are literally incapable of handling large-scale, massive existential threats like Daemons, Tyranids, and Necrons, even if they were scaled up to that size, as they simply are not designed to combat those threats.

>> No.50848275

Now I'm not saying that woman are "as strong" as men, but their hips breaking during the march? What?

Do you know what hips are? Have you ever done any weightlifting? Because it certainly sounds like you've got no fucking clue how the body works.

>> No.50848279

Already said here >>50847275 didn't make a difference

>> No.50848281
File: 96 KB, 1891x192, guard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck No. The elite are the Schola Progenium, and even they have women, hence the Sisters of Battle.

Guard are whatever a world puts together for a tithe. From >>50847596.

>> No.50848290

>double gatlings
>a TRAITOR ONLY loadout
Anyone else notice this?

>> No.50848294


Warhounds are piloted by three people aren't they? Triplets, they were.

>> No.50848301



>> No.50848310


Tyranids are all female though.


Think he's saying women have a much higher chance of falling out, or "breaking" on a march, not their hips actually fracturing.

>> No.50848317

If the troops are low quality then the imperium will reprimand whoever provided them.

>> No.50848318

>well armed.
>str 3
>no ap
>5+ save

>> No.50848325

I said weak civilian in the first world, I never said everyone in /tg/ is an obsese neckbeard, simply that this topic generates a statistically unlikely large number of sudden soldiering experts. Four miles is nothing compared to what infanteers do in training, I don't think being of average fitness gives anyone the right to judge someone's soldiering ability.

I don't think I'm wrong in assuming that the bulk of people who crawl out of the woodwork to claim males are inherently capable of combat aren't soldiers themselves.

My main gripe is that the 'females can't fight' argument, when you're dealing with the kind of mass conscription the Guard uses, inherently implies that males can. Not all of them can.

I don't want women in the infantry as much as the next guy, due to feminist lunacy in our civilian society inevitably leading to pushes for lower standards, quotas and political correctness etc etc, but in a purely fictional environment where I've been mass-conscripted and shipped across the galaxy to fight space-cockroaches who want to eat my face? I'd prefer someone with backbone who's going to stand their ground and watch my back for me over some cunt who's only going to look out for himself, and that attribute isn't determined by gender.

>> No.50848347

He started it.

>> No.50848350

About as well armed as a modern soldier, not to mention all their other equipment.

>> No.50848351

>b-but reprimanding female tithes is sexist and doesn't fit in the canon!

>> No.50848354

Bruh, rape in the military is absolutely a thing. Sexual frustration, stress, authority, and fatigue/PTSD create a perfect storm for sexual assault, and blur all sorts of lines when it comes to sexual relations.

Being former Army myself, there are a shit-ton of terrible people in the military, even an "elite" one like the US. Put some alcohol in a sexually frustrated man who is struggling with extreme stress and mental strain, put a halfway-decently attractive woman in front of them who they've probably built at least some emotional bond with, and it's a recipe for disaster.

Most people in the Army are good people - but a lot of them also aren't. Just because you or your buddy wouldn't do it doesn't mean the guy in the outfit over wouldn't.

Fun fact: Male rape is also a VERY serious problem in the military, but is FAR less talked about because you weren't raped, it was just some pretty extreme hazing, and it's not really hazing when it's just your turn.

>> No.50848357

that dude posted a direct quote from the book, the only requirements for serving in the guard are willingness to fight and die.

>> No.50848359

>The imperial guard is literally the best of every world's soldiers.

Guard player's masturbatury headcanon isn't actual canon

>> No.50848375
File: 3.06 MB, 480x270, exterminnautis.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this thread
why are all of you fucking cancer

>> No.50848383

>a batallion level gangbang

RIP in piece

>> No.50848394

>My main gripe is that the 'females can't fight' argument, when you're dealing with the kind of mass conscription the Guard uses, inherently implies that males can. Not all of them can.

But the amount of incapable females vastly outnumbers the amount of incapable males, and the percentage of capable males is much higher than the percentage of capable females. That is the whole point. No one is saying all males can serve just because most females can't.

>> No.50848398

I know right? its almost worse than nid players thinking they're the biggest threat to humanity.

>pro tip
>every codex says your army is the best

>> No.50848409


Hazing is a punishable offense these days.

>> No.50848418

>Guard player's masturbatury headcanon isn't actual canon
diff anon.
not entirely true but it is to a certain extent.
PDF are reservists
regiments that go out to serve do tend to be the better units.
Of course it's the imperuim they do tend to demand the best but between corruption, incompetence and sheer scale it's impossible.
hasn't theere been a study out from the marines that logged female or integrated units as less effective to the point that using it would be grossly negligent and lead to soldier deaths?

>> No.50848422


Women are unwilling to fight.

>> No.50848423

>Hazing is a punishable offense these days.

Yeah, and smoking pot is illegal.

>> No.50848428

100% of them eh?

>> No.50848429

>i'd prefer someone who's going to stand their ground and watch my back for me .
Guess what.
99 times out a hundred, this is a male.
Women do not respond to threats the same way.

>> No.50848437

>hasn't theere been a study out from the marines that logged female or integrated units as less effective to the point that using it would be grossly negligent and lead to soldier deaths?

Yes. The study showed mixed sex units performed worse. Don't know if there was any correlation to increased casualty rate or anything, just that women were a bad idea. They also were unable to pass most of the basic physical requirements.

I do remember something like two, just two, female officers passed the officer infantry course out of tons of applicants after months of attempts. But they were fucked over because it was just a test and they didn't actually get to be infantry.

>> No.50848443

This is some serious -4 Str posting.

>> No.50848444

>implying that is masturbatory compared to the power levels of literally every other faction.

>> No.50848447


Numbers don't lie, guardsman.

>> No.50848459

Codex armies are like prostitutes.
They will say you have the biggest cannon and the best skills, but it's all lies said just to get you to spend more money.

>> No.50848463


A unit cannot go under S1, so women are S1, not S(-1).

>> No.50848472
File: 2.48 MB, 751x558, JcTgEDR.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah but this is the Imperium. Most of their manpower is hiveworlds where recruitment consists of sending arbites downstairs to round up as much of the scum from the lower levels as they can and bulk-ship them off-world to die for the Emprah to get the Adeptus Terra off your back about the tithe

'Elite' regiments from devout worlds with strict recruitment standards would be all/mostly male sure, but the bulk of the guard? I imagine you'd see a fair few women mixed in.

>> No.50848473

>hasn't theere been a study out from the marines that logged female or integrated units as less effective to the point that using it would be grossly negligent and lead to soldier deaths?

The main problem with this study is that none of those females actually met the male (read: Combat) standard. It's unclear whether the problem is the fact that they're female or the fact that they were not capable of performing to the standards the positions required.

The only way to effectively test the effectiveness of female soldiers is to use women who meet all the required standards of their counterparts.

Before anybody thinks I'm saying "Lol men are better than women," - 90% of men can't meet the mental and physical standards frontline combat requires, including 99% of the people in this thread. The requirements to be functional at that level are just extremely high.

>> No.50848475


Did you get those cool wings to pin on your uniform?

>> No.50848512

>I do remember something like two, just two, female officers passed the officer infantry course out of tons of applicants after months of attempts. But they were fucked over because it was just a test and they didn't actually get to be infantry.

...that's kinda fucked up. If they managed the requirements, they should have gotten some result from it beyond 'Congrats, you passed the tests but still can't join'.

>> No.50848513


Wouldn't underhive scum be even more proportionately male? I know there are tons of examples of female gangers but you'd think that'd be an environment that isn't conducive to female survival.

>> No.50848521

>that they're female or the fact that they were not capable of performing to the standards the positions required.

It's this. For whatever reason, females that join the military aren't as physically fit as they could be. Maybe they were expecting free rides or what, because some females CAN pass the combat physical fitness requirements, just that most military females don't for whatever reason.

>> No.50848529

> It's unclear whether the problem is the fact that they're female or the fact that they were not capable of performing to the standards the positions required.
isn't that one in the same?
men have hormonal steroids, stronger and denser bones, better movement tracking eyes and more durable bone shape (as an associate once pointed out to me when she was bemoaning her wrist issues)
It's not even really saying men > then women it's more to do with this job is actually what men have been historically bred for.
I hate people get all touchy with evolution.
men are less important and serve as hunters and protectors.
women more important and serve as child rearers and organizers.
there's a reason women are much better speakers in general

>> No.50848533

>The requirements to be functional at that level are just extremely high.

They're really not. 2 pull ups, 40 situps or something like that, and not being abysmally slow at running. If you just bothered to practice pull ups and situps you could max those out easily at 20 pull ups and 100 situps. The runs are the real bitch for those not cardiovascularly inclined. I guess 20 pull ups would be pretty tough for women though.

>> No.50848538

>...that's kinda fucked up

It really is.

The whole point of the military is (theoretically) a strict meritocracy - it doesn't matter who you are, where you came from, or what you did before you joined. Once you join, you're a soldier/marine/sailor/airman, full stop, and those who excel will be rewarded and promoted to where they truly deserve to be.

Turns out politics are a bitch.

>> No.50848549

That is the standard to get into the Army.

That is not the standard any sane commander/squad leader would ever allow a front-line combat soldier to keep. Those standards are much, much higher, because combat is an extremely demanding activity that will destroy even the most fit of men.

>> No.50848559

Since we're talking about real life now, you have to consider more than just physiological factors.

The American public flipped it's shit at the Jessica Lynch fiasco, not to mention the psychological effects it would have on the unit itself.

It's not fair but war isn't fair, and certainly isn't the place for sociological experiments.

>> No.50848580

>just that most military females don't for whatever reason.

Probably because the types of women who can are likely fit and attractive, and therefore have little if any incentive to join an organization like the military unless they're extremely patriotic.

Being attractive can get you a long way as a woman. Even though sexism against women is definitely a thing in many industries, being attractive and fit makes you seem infinitely smarter/funnier/successful than you would otherwise be (This applies to guys too, but to a somewhat lesser degree).

>> No.50848582

the unfortunate truth is that even capable women fuck things up for men in combat situations, its nothing personal on them its just how men and women are.

>> No.50848586

my family has a military history and a number of my friends are in the leaf military.
the entry level is rather low, but the frontline shit.
>20k run, if you fall behind or throw up bad shit happen.

>> No.50848592


Air Force girls seem pretty attractive.

>> No.50848594

>Being attractive can get you a long way as a woman.
it can literally get you through life.

>> No.50848600


So what? They should have not even tried the experiment? Because getting women to apply then turning them down because 'They are girls' is kinda messed up once they did actually meet the requirements.

The psychological effects also do run into a bit of a situation where men are more protective of women but there is no real attempt to normalise the idea of female soldiers so that's not going to go away. I mean, it took an entire new training regimen to get people used to the idea of 'actively trying to kill the other guy' mindset-wise.

>> No.50848602

>Chair Force

We're talking about the military anon, not a babysitting service.


>> No.50848619


>waaah stop positng opinions I don't like

fucking kill yourselves you bleeding pussies

>> No.50848631

>but there is no real attempt to normalise the idea of female soldiers

So they should submit the soldiers to intensive sessions of guro viewing to get them over their millennia old instincts?

>> No.50848638

Mate you're just going to have to accept that men of women are built for different things and different roles. Doing a woman's job does not in any way make a woman "lesser" and doing male jobs don't make her any greater, there is no reason to try and fight that and you literally cannot fight it without strict eugenics.

>> No.50848651

Everyone gets them. You sew wings onto your uniform when you pass your jumps course post-basic training with the RAF. It's cloth so no pinning tho.

Though apparantly some guy during the days of Afghanistan managed to do his four years and then leave without ever doing the course due to missing the course dates repeatedly due to leave/tours/training. No idea if that's true though.

>> No.50848657

>that one guy in the airborne unit who isn't jump qualed

Fucking hilarious

>> No.50848668
File: 2.34 MB, 800x333, 1445509792.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you literally cannot fight it without strict eugenics

Feminist Eugenics Studies when?

>> No.50848689


>Doing a woman's job does not in any way make a woman "lesser" and doing male jobs don't make her any greater, there is no reason to try and fight that

Then why offer them a chance to be soldiers if you are not going to follow up on it when some of them actually pass?

>> No.50848700

They get amputees in with realistic make-up to simulate casualties during exercise with the aim of desensitising you, no reason you couldn't have some female amp rolling around with a bunch of pig intestines sticking out of her jacket and fake blood all over her stump.

>> No.50848722

I'm pretty sure they knew they were only there to test it, and they'd still have got the infantry school qualification.

It's not like they told them they could be infanteers and then on the last day suddenly said 'lewl no rugged infantrymen for you, back to the admin centre silly girls!'

>> No.50848746


IIRC they're now opening up combat positions to females, and forcing jobs like Assaultman to change names to be unisex. It was probably just a first phase thing where they had to get the groundwork and data up.

>> No.50848775
File: 3.66 MB, 800x336, 145684670970.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Doesn't matter anyway, both varieties of flimsy meat-bags will be equally obsolete in combat before the end of the century.

>> No.50848778

>b-but muh human spirit

>> No.50848791

>Feminist Eugenics Studies when?
never, they cannot into biology

>> No.50848833

Merely inferior software.

>> No.50848844
File: 3.58 MB, 360x270, 1429073524546.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>how they had to receive special exceptions to qualify for the US Army Rangers

Ranger School, not to qualify for the Regiment. Ranger School is not RASP. Last I checked with my friends that have done Cadre recently, females aren't allowed to try for RASP regardless of what the official story may or may not be.

Yeah nah. I'm assuming you googled around for a few seconds and thought that the listed minimum standards were the actual practical standards. The practical standards for even the most basic lineman that has to see combat are far higher than that, let alone any non-standard unit.

>Though apparantly some guy during the days of Afghanistan managed to do his four years and then leave without ever doing the course due to missing the course dates repeatedly due to leave/tours/training

I have a story for you that I've heard, my British brother.

>Thai CSM comes to the US to do Ranger School and get his Tab
>make it to the end
>Cadre asks what the hardest part was
>Thai that barely speaks English says "Parachute jump"
>Cadre is surprised, jump was perfectly fine, great weather, et cetera
>"Very scary, never make parachute jump before"
>motherfucker was a leg and got mixed in with the ABN guys somehow
>decided heaven or hell let's rock and do it anyway

I believe he left with his wings. I laugh a little on the inside whenever I think about it.

>> No.50848951

>>Thai CSM
everything about that story isgreat

>> No.50848988

>all these chumbo neckbears lying ITT about being in armed forces

>> No.50849000


There's a surprising amount of 40k players and nerds in the military.

>> No.50849005


I want one.

>> No.50849018

Never having done shit in your life doesn't mean you need to project it onto others anon.

>> No.50849032

At least I'm honest about it :^)

>> No.50849052

If pretending that everyone is as shit as you makes you feel better, go ahead, it only serves as a source of amusement for others.

Here's your (you).

>> No.50849067

Already got one from the post reference. You can keep it.

>> No.50849143

I think it's often the case that the Space Marine have no official authority but other Imperial institutions find them so useful that they step over themselves to listen to their advice and give the Space Marines authority.

>> No.50849159

Anon, no woman has ever passed any men's standards in any military force in the U.S., iirc.

Any that have, have had special expemptions and circumstances, and therefore didn't actually pass in the first place, in order to trick the media.

>> No.50849329


The President literally came and watched over the females doing the US Ranger stuff.

>> No.50849776

>Set the bar for recruitment such that 30% of the male population meets the standards
>0.5% of females can also meet those same standards
>0.5% of roughly half of infinity is ???
I don't get why people think women in the military in 40k is far fetched, even in combat arms. No one gives a shit about some nameless guardsman dying, even if it has tits. That's literally why they exist.

>> No.50849824

Holy shit, a Gattle that looks plausible/functional.

>> No.50850120


Because 30% of infinity already reaches the quota needed for the Imperium. They don't need to bother recruiting females at that point.

>> No.50850165

30% of infinity is infinity

>> No.50850411

Are you implying that they wouldn't grab as many soldiers as they can?
I know they always have enough, but that enough has to come from somewhere, and that somewhere does eventually run out.
How would the 'nids be capable of out-attritioning the Guard if the Guard really were limitless?
The answer is: because the Guard isn't actually limitless. It's merely extremely large. This statement also only applies to the Guard as a whole, not with regard to individual units of any size, from squad to regiment (unless your name is Chenkov, of course).
Plus, there's that old Ork adage:
"Bigga iz betta."
A bigger army is a better army (at least where the Guard's wave tactics are concerned).

>> No.50850598

Base game and winter assault campaigns primo. Dark crusade and soulstorm campaign is just a map conquer no story. Ultimate apocalypse mod for soulstorm for the best time after campaigns completed

>> No.50850711

>and that somewhere does eventually run out.

No, no it doesn't. It literally says this constantly. Manpower is the one thing the Imperium is in no short supply of.

>> No.50850834


But i know most of actual Gundam fans know whats pussy's taste like, because womens like fabulous robuts.

But Battletech is basically interstellar Gundam so its maybe the same

>> No.50851474
File: 48 KB, 597x155, quote-quotas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man, if only there was some quote that said IG tends to draw from the top tier troops of a planet and that shitty troops are not tolerated. Oh, wait...

>> No.50851650

That pic's title makes me doubt you're over 18.

>> No.50851678
File: 105 KB, 766x462, 1427811339857[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You even got female guardsmen minis:
2 last chancers
1 catachan
1 comissar
1 tanith

>> No.50851816

Also, 3e codex with the spread of different regiments, you can see at least 3 women guardsmen among them.

>> No.50852085

>and it's not really hazing when it's just your turn

What does that even mean? Some informal policy that requires taking it in the butt?

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