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In this thread we post things cool wizards do

>Enchants his bag of holding with an illusion
>The bag now appears to be a beautiful woman

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That sounds dumb. Why not just hire a beautiful woman to hold your bag? You would actually have someone to carry it for you instead of looking like you have a woman strapped to your back all the time.

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>Step into an inn
>Start taking stuff out of your bag

The looks on the faces of the patrons are quite something.

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so he has a full size woman hanging by a strap at his side? and when he needs something he opens up her flesh flap and pulls it out of her torso?

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"Why the fuck has that guy got a woman clipping through his body like a bad CGI animation? Must be a wizard who's terrible at illusions."

"Why would you even enchant a bag like that? It looks stupid. At least our local wizard is smart enough to not enchant a small backpack with something the size of a person."

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>new player race
>awakened bag of holding
>only advantage of being the best party mule in the world

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She's still an old bag.
also something something loose pussy

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he could enchant it to levitate and follow him too.
i kinda like the idea of women having random items jammed into them so carry on.

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>Why the fuck did you ruin my Gucci bag of holding
>Oh god it looks like a wrinkled, deflated human skin
>It doesn't even walk around, it's just a depressing flesh-pile
>Why would you do this

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>Spilling half your stövel.

Not even once

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Wizards in my setting built a city which could sink into the desert as a defense against sieges or giant mosters. They did not, however, design it so that people could survive the sinking.

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>leaves his bag alone with his guards here and there
>finally opens it to get something out
>cum everywhere

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Hey man, rebuilding a whole city is expensive - people make more people for free.

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Who you then enslave to build another city!

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Ever play Don't Starve? Chester is basically that.

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>enchants his party with an illusion
>the party now appear to be beautiful women

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