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Carnac shitposting edition

>>50791454 Previous

>Freshest Rules in Epub (Use Readium for PC or Kobo on Android)

>Older stuff in PDFs:

>As current as the FAQs get

>40K 7th Edition Quick Reference Sheets:

>Forge World Book Index:

>The Black Library (Eldar poetry is shit):

>List Builder if BS doesn't add enough bloat for you

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>mfw made it in time for first post
>about to make ork I2 meme
>it's the OP image

Fuck you OP

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First for the Eldar

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First for I am Carnac.

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5th for Carnac public range ban when?

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Who is Carnac

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OP is initiative number one!

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Carnac is the soul of /tg/

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Well, that last thread was something.
Anyways, let's get this thread off to a good start
What are you working on /tg/? Played an games recently? How'd they go? Plan on playing any soon? Getting anything for Christmas?

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Please don't fall to this bait. You will end with a thread about Carnac instead of 40K.

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Who the hell is Carnac?

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We all are. Including you.

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I'm fielding my Guardian battlehost with my eldar tomorrow. They are pretty decent even with their 12 inch range weapons

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>play my Orks vs a tau friend
>riptide and stealth cadre destroys my list
>play my daemons against him
>his list is wiped off the table turn 3
Do I bring Orks or Daemons to our next game?

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It is a village in Britanny, France

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>shitposting at I2
hee hee

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Purging season is here.

I hope Black Templars get their Vows back at least.

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>carnac shitposting edition

I shyggydiggy, and will see you guys tomorrow i guess. Good god this is nauseating

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No im the real carnac

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Currently considering if I want to add Inquisition proper to my forces. I currently have:
> Necrons (First army, favourite army, currently shelved because they're just unfun to play against)
> Assassins (all but Callidus)
> Space Marines (Celestial Lions)
> Deathwatch (2 squads plus a watch master, 1 for fluff from our RPG group, 1 for crunch)
> AdMech (Full War Convocation)
> Grey Knights (1000 points, built during our last grow league)

I figure getting a proper inquisitor and some backup (Jokaero~) would round out the thematics fairly well.

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How many fucking newfags do we have here?

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See you anon.

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Maybe orks will get good rules since the world has flipped on its head with the reveal of plastic sisters

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Until we get a mod who will get him banned, publicly, even if he fucked off tomorrow, his legacy will live on. He has transcended to Memehood.

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Not as many as the Carnacs.

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Nth for why does magnus cost more than 3x a riptide when he's inferior to one?

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Daemons, forever, until he stops playing faggot Tau

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It's a duet edition.

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What if the mod was Carnac?

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These threads are fucked. Shitposters, take note, this is how you shitpost. Play the multiple year long game.

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>inferior to any model in 40k

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>LOL, Daemons literally jobbed to Tyranids in recent fluff because the nids ate all their worshippers and SitW fucked them up.
What fluff is that?

I love stories where daemons and tyranids interact, the daemons always seem to suprised to encounter something even they consider 'alien'

I also love fluff where tau and daemons cross paths, what was that story with farsight fighting "static" that ate ethereals?

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Then you can get him revoked and banned for breaking the rules. Just like the mod who wrote SJW messages to people on /pol/.

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Then I'd actually like Carnac just a tiny sliver for BTFOing the autistic questfags.

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>what was that story with farsight fighting "static" that ate ethereals?

Arthas Molech from the Farsight supplement

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>what is the warlord titan

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Shadowbrink, latest nid Codex.

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Not fieldable in normal 40k games.

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>he fluff states if Emperor is killed, Chaos consumes the galaxy

You're conflating what the afterword says from a position of authorial authority: "Humanity loses to Chaos in the bitter end", with fallible in universe speculation about the consequences of the "victory" of Chaos.

The ONLY definitive thing the afterword says is that Humanity failed to free itself from the Warp, so it's all downhill for them from here.

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>implying the warlord titan gives a fuck about your rules

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I just built 3 Bullgryns and converted an old Ogryn model to be a Bullgryn with Club and Brute Shield.

I probably won't play any games until after Christmas, but up until then I'll be painting and getting my force ready. I'm looking forward to buying and magnetizing Hydras/Wyverns so I can complete an Emperor's Wrath formation to complete my big 2k list.

But before that, I intend to have this army painted. I have a mechanized 1000 point list that worked well and is all painted, so I'm trying a footslogging one that is more fun and less me sitting there rolling dice.

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Working (slowly) on some Skitarii Rangers. Getting really bored of painting those, then I can do some new models like the Kataphron Destroyers.


One, Admechs vs Chaos. My Infiltrators immolated themselves and his Lord and Lord's squad in a blaze of Taser Goad 6s and the Axe of Blind Fury.
One of my Dragoons tarpitted two CSM squads and killed a unit of Possessed on its own, and my Dominus tanked two Laspreds for half the game with Eternal Warrior and 2+ repair. He never dies.
Ended on a 7:7 draw thanks to some Chosen getting a 4" run for Linebreaker (not too surprising).

Hopefully an Imperial Knight Warden to round off my War Convocation, plus a bunch of odds and ends. Still missing superglue, cork for bases, greenstuff and lots of paints. Also saving a bit for the new Tech-priest Archmagos, he looks badass.

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It's easy to imitate his posting style, but no one really has the same bewilderingly autistic persistence. He just spent like, two threads arguing with one anon about a single question before exploding into ad hominem and ad populum.

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>implying anyone gives a fuck about a display model that will never ever actually be fun to field in any capacity.

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Greyfax a cute

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t. Poorfag who doesn't have a warlord titan

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>with fallible in universe speculation about the consequences of the "victory" of Chaos.

It's not in-verse, anon.

And it fits what's in MoM about the Emperor guiding humanity's evolution and consequences of his failure.

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Oh yeah, that was a good story, but it didn't seem like daemons jobbed to the tyranids. Though, tyranid monsters beating a bloodthirster in combat, even if outnumbered, is not something that I would expect to see on the table top.

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If I were a billionaire I still wouldn't waste my time with one of those things, except maybe to smash it up and lay it down as terrain pieces.

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That is in universe.

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Wait til 8th.

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So I'm fielding a guardian battlehost
What will I need now? I might get some Wraithblades but thats about the extent of what wraiths I'll get. I'm looking for some more ranged and anti-armour. What's the best thing to add with £70?

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>tfw you split greater daemons in half while eating breakfast

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>close quarters kill team game player in the wreckage of a warlord titan.

I'd play it.

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>Incubi in the background

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No, it's not an in-verse character that's saying this. It's the omniscient narrator.

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Why aren't the Black Templars slaying that Xenos?

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>go to warhammer tv youtube page to see vids from earlier
>see this
Is their a particular reason GW has been doing these cheesy over the top ads lately? Not complaining, but it's a huge change in tone. Was this always there and kirby was truly just that bad for the company or did they make some new hires for the PR department recently?

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Why bother keeping the Imperium alive if it's doomed? Is it really just to preserve the lives of honest god-fearing Imperial citizens for another year? Because the Imperium really doesn't give a shit about those.

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Carnac is mad his little Chaos bois can't compete. Fucking Knightlet.

>> No.50794424

Were Wytches overpowered in 6th? I mean, how come their special weapons got downgraded from fun little bits to re-rolling 1s?
Can you even make Wytches work nowadays?

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Somebody help me out? Much appreciated

>> No.50794432

avatar of khaine to make sure your bakers don't run and possibly a wraithlord to help out your footdar

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Why are the daemons ignoring her?

>> No.50794434

He's on their side, for now. You can thank Archmagos Supermegagiganigga for that.

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Because Chaos is the Great Enemy.


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you've got vypers and war walkers, so get a proper tank next

fire prisms and falcons are both decent tanks

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>tfw you live in the reality where GW makes Warhammer great again

>Legion rules
>deathwatch codex
>muthafuckin genestealer cults
>Thousand sons codex
>primarch comes back
>inquisition codex
>plastic sisters
>Admech named character
>Templars get attention
>Deldar get attention
>Guilliman may return
>Carnac gets BTFO'd on every level
>chaos confirmed to not auto-win
>end times warded off

All the pain, all the imbalance, and yet the dawn from on high shines upon us...

It feels nice lads, it feels nice.

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>chaos fags can't even field levithan dreadnoughts

>> No.50794448

Thanks man. I'm sure players will focus most of their fire on him which is something I'd be wary about

>> No.50794449

Not necessarily refering to this post in particular, but even so.
I wondered how neckbeards and giant virginwizards could even live with the prospect of settling for some of the autistic, screeching, scourge-of-the-earth hamplanets they do.

..But seeing you all spew 'SHE A CUTE, PATS HEAD' and 'WOA, THICC GUYS, HOO BOY' at literally every female model released has given me a little bit of insight.

>> No.50794462

>not an in-[uni]verse character
So? It's base rulebook fluff set from within the understanding of the universe itself. It's certainly a possible, even likely but it's not as authoritative as you make it out to be.

>> No.50794466

I told you all that rountree was going to do great things and you all doubted me.
who's laughing now?

>> No.50794468

Quads confirm.

We are in the brightest 40k timeline, praise Kek.

Do you think this is a result of meme magic conflating Trump with the Emperor of Mankind?

>> No.50794473

Means to an end. And it's not going to last very long.


>744.M41 - Present

>As 744.M41 dawns, Taggarth, the Seer of Corrinto, proclaims the approach of the End Times. He prophesies a time of unprecedented upheaval, in which even the light of the Emperor is swallowed in darkness. Though Taggarth is swiftly executed for heresy, his message of doom echoes across the galaxy. These are the last days of the Imperium, but whether glorious apotheosis or eternal damnation awaits, none can say...

>> No.50794481

What's going on? Who broke what? Who died? Who's the baby daddy?

>> No.50794487

>not liking CUTE CUTE CUTE!

>> No.50794500

The mighty Kek works in mysterious ways...

>> No.50794511

>>Carnac gets BTFO'd on every level
Did it really happen?

>> No.50794512

>saint does a double kill on 2 greater daemons
>when a herald can easily smack her around and greaters scoff at her attempting to fight them


>> No.50794515

Fandoms fixating on characters in their media, imagine that?

>> No.50794526

GW has to make it up to SoBfags somehow, and that's not really impressive anyway.

>> No.50794527

>>end times warded off
>>chaos confirmed to not auto-win

Do you want me to post the 25 more years of WHFB page again? Do you really want me to do it?

>> No.50794535

Sisters of Silence

>> No.50794538

>Crush asked me out
>Traitor Legions
Couldn't have asked for a better month

>> No.50794540

Yes. It was beutiful.

>> No.50794546

Can you guys check my list, I'm only using what I have so I'm a little limited. And I'd use the builder but the points are kinda fucky apparently.

Dominus Maniple
10x Vanguards, 3x Arc Rifle
Alpha - Phosphor Pistol, Taser Goad, Pater Radium

Conversion Field, Phosphor Serpenta, Anzion's Psuedogenetor

2x Crawlers, Heavy Stubber, Mindprobe

Skitarii Maniple
10x Vanguard
Alpha with Phosphor Pistol, Taser Goad, Omniscient Mask

5x Rangers

5x Rangers

Sicarian Infiltrators
5x Infiltrators - Flechette Blasters
Alpha with Phase Taser and Conversion Field


Did I do good?

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Daemons are so powerful on the tabletop, if they used that as a reference hardly anybody would ever win against them at all!

>> No.50794549


You mean Helviathan Helbrutes.

>> No.50794554

What thread? Please show me.

>> No.50794555

Maybe Kroot, Vespids, and Gue'vesa will get sone love..
That isnt what he's saying at all.
>Pokemon fan
>Pokemon fanboy fapping to pokegirls and spamming the same text over and over
One of these things is wrong

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as soon as i started play warhammer 40k the end times happened to WHFB. Im sorry everyone.

>> No.50794579


Eventually the same will happen to 40k

>> No.50794583

He has a lot of arguments across lots of threads saying Sisters of Silence were dead.

They were not dead. So he's BTFO.

>> No.50794585

>the year before Hive Fleet Behemoth arrives at Tyran
And people are still acting like faggy Chaos are the final boss and not the all-consuming force of nature from beyond our galaxy that's infinitely older and more alien

>> No.50794593

yes but i wont be the cause of it this time.

>> No.50794597

Literally every fandom ever does that shit. /k/ does that shit about their fucking guns for fucks sake.

>> No.50794598

How many threads ago was this?

>> No.50794605

Do you guys have to bend backwards just to be dismiss a piece of fluff you don't like sheesh.

I swear 40K is the only setting to suffer from this. Usually things in other settings are set on stone.

>> No.50794608

I don't believe you can take multiple Dunecrawlers in the Dominus Maniple

If you want to run that Formation you'll unfortunately have to split them up

>> No.50794612

It was during the run up to Wrath of Magnus and around the release of Burning of Prospero.

>> No.50794617


Chaos is the greatest threat, the Hive Mind is something Slaanesh can alone swat aside.

>> No.50794621 [SPOILER] 

it was going to happen no matter what
they had to try and revitalize Fantasy somehow even if the majority disagrees with killing off major players in fantasy
RIP grimgor

>> No.50794627

Good god, there's a fuck ton of them. The past couple of generals, where he was the one who was baited, not the other way around, GW announcing that setting ain't going anywhere thus proving chaos ain't winning shit, SoS coming back etc. etc.

>> No.50794630

What do you have on the Dunecrawlers weapon-wise?
Drop the pseudogenerator, and see about dropping the pistol + CCW on the Alphas. Conversion Fields are much better.
The Omniscient Mask works hilariously well on Infiltrators, though I'm not sure if that's the right way to go at this point level. Might be overkill.

>> No.50794635


>> No.50794636

>/k/ does that shit about their fucking guns for fucks sake.
They started a semi-religion about the murdercube.

>> No.50794642


Other settings have consistent canon and don't give autists free reign to decide what parts of the canon they can ignore based on their own preferences.

>> No.50794643

GW because right now they made more money in 6 months then they did in a single year before Kirby stepped off and with the Sisters and Templars getting shit Im sure they'll make even more dosh.

>> No.50794656

Just got a thousand-dollar check for Christmas. I've got a 4000 point Tyranid army and a 1800 point CSM army. What should I buy?

>> No.50794660

It's inevitable that all things will stagnate and decay.

It's the one undeniable truth of the universe.
Don't fight it.

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>> No.50794665

She would look great if she had a thick dick hanging down to the second leg strap.

>> No.50794670


The fuck did you say about my waifurearm faggot

>> No.50794675


It's just /tg/, because 4chan is filled with contrarian autists in an already autistic hobby. Elsewhere Imperials fans may whine but they don't try to explain it away.

>> No.50794676

A small allied force of daemons to go along with that CSM army. The whole "Fall of Cadia" thing sounds like it's leading up to another Global Campaign, and you want to be ready for it, right?

>> No.50794682


Chaos has failed to topple the dying Imperium for 10,000 years running

Hive Fleet Leviathan alone has annihilated more planets of the Imperium than any other force since the Horus Heresy, and it did it in less than 3 years.

That's not even the whole Tyranid race, that's ONE Hive Fleet, in under 0.03% of the time.

>> No.50794684

>gw announces they're doing another player campaign for the story
>chaos legions on their way to cadia for the 13th black crusade
>chaos ensues
>intense battle begins for weeks
>millions upon millions dead
>when suddenly
>orkz come along
>stomp all of the legions
>ork players just got really lucky rolls on their greentides and won
>failbaddon goes back into the eye of terror
>cadia goes insane fighting all of the orkz
>orkz get infinite battle they wished for
>geedubz realizes that given the choice players will always make orkz win
>geedubz sigmarizes 40k to spite players
>orkz squatted

>> No.50794688

That's what I saved.

>> No.50794690

It's ok anon, not like we can't still play WHFB.
Just played a game with my lizardmen vs. some dwarves today in fact.

>> No.50794693

>Shadow in the warp

Nids reconfigure chaos passively.
Chaos relies on humies to survive
If nids eat the humies, chaos dies, reborn as NID chaos/order, the shadow in the warp.

>> No.50794701

It's from the same rulebook that says Chaos is the Greatest Threat and that the xenos don't compare to it.

And guess what visual feature the timeline has to portray the passage of time in the timeline up to 999 41K where Abaddon's invasion is the last recorded thing. Do you see a Tyranid icon on the lower half? No? Then the Age of the Imperium is coming to an end. The Age of Chaos begins soon. Get hype.

>> No.50794716

Why would either of those things happen? They both sound both bizarre and pathetic.

>> No.50794717

Thanks, Anon. This brings some Christmas cheer to me. Have some Hex Maniac for your trouble.

>> No.50794721

40k changes ALL the damned time. Particularly as something as nebulous as "What exactly are the mechanics of what happens during the apocalypse".

Really the issue is that the people complaining don't like that BRB fluff bit, but just ignored it before, because they though maybe the Imperium would win in the end after all. Now that ADB just said what is always true they're holding up both up and using it as an opportunity to spew out their ass as hard as possible.

>> No.50794735

>Hive Fleet Leviathan alone has annihilated more planets of the Imperium than any other force since the Horus Heresy, and it did it in less than 3 years.


>> No.50794738

2016 has been a great fucking year for everything I enjoy

>> No.50794739

for as pissed as i am about a bunch of sigmar's shit, the end times were great while they lasted

tfw ywn have another unit of tomb kings again

>> No.50794742


Slaanesh wasn't hindered by SitW at all. It doesn't matter how many nids there are, there's always more daemons.

>> No.50794745

Why don't you fuck right off with that attitude you sack of disease infested shit?
The universe is inherently full of change, stagnation is the antithesis of all things, even chaos. Especially chaos

>> No.50794746

So since Orks got a codex recently, are they doomed balance wise for the foreseeable future?

>> No.50794753

so is the age of chaos where all the factions get shitty new rules :^)

>> No.50794761

Hmm. Kinda makes me wish I'd bought some of the metal daemonettes when they were being made to order. Oh well.

>> No.50794763

The only thing Chaosfags had to cling to before Traitor legions was their own belief in their fluff invincibility. Don't steal their safety blanket.

>> No.50794765

So did plastic sisters.
Plus, who doesn't want aztec dinosaurs and magic weilding sleepy frogmen?
Faggots that's who. You aren't a faggot, are you anon?

>> No.50794766

id rather see skaven in space
>inb4 hrud already exist
look at these retarded things who the hell would wanna play this

>> No.50794774

They figured out marketing their product is a viable strategy. Groundbreaking I know.

>> No.50794777

4e Tyranids Dex

>> No.50794778

Huh. What do you know. It does only say '1 Dunecrawler'. That's kinda fucky. But okay, fair enough. Still the same points I guess.
Just the base weapon, the Eradication Beamer, though since according to the Maniple, I have to split them, I might have to change that.

How does this look?

>> No.50794793

Who wouldn't? That thing looks awesome

>> No.50794794

>evil xenomorph gumby

I would. I hope they get a fucked up looking ridged Pokey too.

>> No.50794797

Played two games against the Space Wolves with my Imperial Fists a few weeks ago and got tabled both times, but didn't mind because I took a fun list with many Terminators.

Thinking about basecoating my Pink Horrors before I go to the airport and pick up my grandfather. I've finally run out of room in my tackle box for Chaos units and need to find something better for my armored units and Daemon Princes.

>> No.50794801


>> No.50794804

>You aren't a faggot, are you anon?
Well, I mean, I play High Elves.
Okay, basics squared away. Now: Why two Ranger squads instead of more Vanguard? What are they netting you?

>> No.50794805

They want to have a little fun with it?

>> No.50794806

>Chaos relies on humies to survive

If Chaos relies on humanity, then why humanity's death won't kill it in according to the lore?

>> No.50794807

>id rather see skaven in space
>he wants an entire race to be based around the tired shitty trope of [insert animal]-people
Thank fuck you don't work for GW.

>> No.50794811

Neuton is def the way to go.

I guess the Rangers are objective sitters? Kind of a waste honestly.

>> No.50794814

Do you have a more detailed source, page number etc while I fetch mine out?

>> No.50794815

Nah, 8th will change em.

>> No.50794817


I'd drink her Moomoo Milk if you know what I mean.

>> No.50794820

Looking at CSM landraider, but my FLGS doesn't have one. They do have a regular landraider. Is there anything different between the two boxes or is there just a chaos bits sprue? I've got two leftover sprues from chaos rhinos I could use to doctor up the landraider if that's all there is.

>> No.50794824

Where exactly?

>> No.50794835

Rest in peace, old soldier.

May you smoke space cigars in the Emperor's realm forevermore.

>> No.50794840

It's just chaos bits. Same for all Chaos stuff, except when there's chaos-only options like the havoc launchers on rhinos.

>> No.50794844

The lascannons look like the CSM Havoc ones instead of the normal Godhammer ones, and there's a bit of chaosing up with bits bullshit. It's purely aesthetics, just run the loyalist one and slap on some spikes.

>> No.50794845

>Was this always there

Most of them have Duncan in them, what do you think. You can't honestly tell me you thought every single GW employee was a soulless drone. The only reason they even work in a company like GW at the non-executive level is because they love the hobby.

>> No.50794849

>Well, I mean, I play High Elves.

>> No.50794851

In 5th they were quite strong
4++ in melee back when power weapons ignored all armor so invuln was king
Nets reduced enemies ability to fight back significantly while not being able to be killed until last (pull casualties from anywhere)
Agonisers wiped people out with 4 attacks ws5+, 4+ poison, ignores armor
Transports only exploded at Str 3, no escape didn't exist, overwatch didn't exist
Assualting out of webway portals/deepstrike
Duke gave wytches 2 rolls on pain table pick one so T4 1/2 the time, and with the right formation 3 rolls pick 2
hydra Gauntlets in a 5 man squad gave them 14+d6 attacks
Haywire grenades were kinda crap in assault, and were useless against walkers (Could only hit on a 6, could only pen on a 6, could only remove a weapon on 6 and had to remove all weapons and immobilize before it died)

6th came out and made most of DE melee weapons useless, and they could not survive well to get into melee with infantry.
However vehicles got nerfed hard, HPs were now a thing, and tanks couldn't overwatch.
This caused haywire grenade suicide units to be fucking broken against vehicles in 6th with a 5 man squad consistently doing 3+ HPs a turn.
Additionally an Archon still needed an escort to get into melee and wyches were over 1/2 the points of incubi and have a invulnerable in CC.

7th edition then made the effectiveness of the DE melee weapons even worse, and made it even harder for wyches to survive getting into melee.
Then they made it so only the squad upgrade leader could then be upgraded to get haywire grenades (and then later on FAQed only 1 grenade per squad per melee).
Finally the minimum squad size for wyches became 5 man (so no squad + HQ in a venom) making it so they can't even escort an HQ well anymore.
(That and the archon become shit in melee, and incubi got cheaper, but the succubus is decent in melee now at least)

>> No.50794862

I know what you mean.

>> No.50794863

It would weaken it.

The warp mirrors the local space that it surrounds.

When the war in heaven was going on, khorne was created. When the bubonic plague was going on, nurgle was created. When Obama was ejected, tzeentch was born, and when the eldar created /d/, slaanesh was born.

It stands to reason that if the nids pacified the galaxy, the warp too would be pacified.

>> No.50794877

Just an accessory sprue.

The lascannons are the same. They just swapped in chaosy bits on the ends.

>> No.50794884

Yeah, I kinda agree. Maybe if i could take a 10 man squad it'd be better, but those radium carbines look nasty regardless.

So that leaves me 20 points to put somewhere, any suggestions?

>> No.50794897

>he wants an entire race to be based around the tired shitty trope of [insert animal]-people
Nigga youre talking about 40k! its full of old school tropes to fantasy
space elves, space orks, space undead, evil space elves, space dwarves, space ogres, space deamons
come on man just embrace it all

>> No.50794898

2 Omnispex on the Vanguards

>> No.50794905

So is there no way to run them effectively these days?

>> No.50794909

Creed died?

>> No.50794913

This would be where you throw the CCWs back onto the Alphas, I think.

>> No.50794921

So lets discuss the Chaos needing humanity thing. If Chaos needed humanity, then how come there were daemons around billions of years before humanity crawled from Earth's biosoup?

And if the Warp was calm and peaceful berore the war in heaven why was it so full of daemons that some race created massive planet sized prisons to isolate and contain them? Something go to give.

>The secret that the Black Legion sought, and that the Adeptus Mechanicus were racing them to seize, lay deep beneath the surface of Amethal. It was ancient – unspeakably, unimaginably so. It was a device the size of a world, forged by godlike beings before Terra had even spawned its first single-celled organisms. It was a cage for the infernal creatures of the Warp, a weapon to dwarf the Damnation Cache that had slipped through Abaddon’s fingers on Pandorax. And, according to the divinations of Lord Xorphas and his followers, it was full to the brim. It required only the correct ritual to be broken open, at which point the sudden release of so many Warp entities would tear a gaping wound in reality itself…

>> No.50794927

Cadia will fall. Do you think Creed to be the kind of coward to flee rather than fighting to the last?

>> No.50794936

>he fell for the memes
GW has always been made up of hobbyists at every level but the top. Now that rountree, a hobbyist, is in charge, things are looking up. And I for one welcome it. I actually keked at the year in review video

>> No.50794951

Nurgle is right about warp cycles.

The chaos daemons in the prison are from a previous cycle.

>> No.50794957

Orks actually have one of the oldest Codexes. Only Nids, CSM, and IG are older.

>> No.50794962


>> No.50794970

No, but I don't expect him to not see the benefits of living to fight another day.

>> No.50794973

I want my IG to be buffed
why did they ruin Creed's rules and remove like half the special characters?

>> No.50794976

Shame, I love the lore and models. Was hoping to run them as more than a tar pit, but I guess 105 points for a 10 man squad in a raider isn't too bad? Either wastes shots fired at it or... dies across the table maybe.

>> No.50794979

>The First Captain, initially angry at the Magos’ imperious summons, had become serious and engaged as Ivasnophon revealed the nature of the technology that he sought upon Amethal. It was an ancient prize, something made by those who ruled the galaxy long before the first Terran life forms emerged from the primordial ooze. Other examples of its sort had been found across the galaxy from time to time, hints at an incredibly potent weapon against the powers of Chaos. Ivasnophon specialised in the location, excavation and imitation of such archeotechnological treasures. For centuries he had been following a tenuous trail of clues towards this, his greatest find. Amethal was not a planet, he explained, but rather a skin of rock and biosphere stretched as camouflage over an ancient cage. Vast beyond belief, wreathed in arcane wards and dark technologies, it was a prison-eternal for daemonic entities. It was the Magos Dominus’ belief that the Amethal Cage contained hellish beings beyond count, trapped for millennia behind warded bars. Why the ancients had sought to isolate these creatures from the Warp was a mystery lost to the mists of time, but the Magos was certain they had succeeded. Captain Karlaen was horrified at this revelation, for if that were true, then the empyric inmates of this world represented a dreadful danger to the defences around the Cadian Gate. At the same time, he was not slow to grasp Ivasnophon’s purpose on this world. Building upon his countless decades of study and experimentation, the Magos Dominus was at last nearly able to replicate the technologies of the Daemon cage. He was weeks, months at most, from creating – and then mass producing-devices that could cage Daemons on a vast scale. Though not a permanent solution to the daemonic threat, such devices might end daemonic incursions as soon as they began, and thus turn the tide in the war for the Cadian Gate.

-"Traitors Hate" & "Angel's Blade"

Here is more.

>> No.50794980

It's old fluff vs. new (very new) fluff, I don't like it one bit, but I'm starting to see patterns of subtle retcons or implications in recent, mostly 7th Edition fluff that removes the weaknesses/drawbacks of Chaos or otherwise subtly changes things to make them virtually invincible.

>> No.50794983

whats the current army builder people use nowadays?

haven't played since 5th

>> No.50794984

5 KWs in a venom does 5 wyches in a venom better
4 inubi + HQ in a venom is better than 5 wyches +HQ in a raider
9 incubi +HQ in a raider is too expensive for 1 squad, and will either devastate the in melee so badly they are stuck in the open on the enemy turn, or fail to do anything and die.
Meanwhile 9 wyches will definitely not quickly win a melee keeping you stuck in for longer, and IF they actually make it to melee they are more durable than incubi, but they are missing out on the bonus wargear that a 10 man squad gets.

10 Incubi + HQ in a tantalus likely isn't as good (see above reasons) as a 15 man wych squad (full special weapons) + HQ in a tantalus.

>> No.50794985

I like to have a 30 man Infantry Squad and a 40-50 man Conscript squad. Like others have said, Priest to make them Fearless, Psychic Powers to make them better. I put a Priest in both units. 30 man squads hold it down pretty nicely and are hard to finish off, but the 50 man squad pretty much takes forever if you have the Priest at the back.

Now if I can figure out how to make Bullgryns powerful too I'd be happy.

>> No.50794991

Check the OP.

>> No.50795002 [DELETED] 

This thing. It saves lists as images for easy critique on here. It's in the OP.

>> No.50795020

What cycle?

So I want an answer. If the Warp was peaceful and calm before the WiH, then how come daemons were such a threat back then that someone created weapons and cages to contain the daemons infesting it?

It doesn't look like Chaos needs humanity. It just exists.

>> No.50795041


Who says that shit predates the Old Ones and the Necrontyr?

>> No.50795044




All the implications and suggestions that Chaos doesn't need humanity are, at most, a year old. Being in complete contrast with what we thought before, and in such subtle ways, most of the fandom is either still catching up or quite rightfully ignoring it in their own 40k headcanon.

>> No.50795046

Sentient life builds up, daemons start existing, year it down and clear the galaxy for new life. Daemons stop existing and sentient life builds up, repeat.

This is what nurgle believes chaos is.

>> No.50795059

>It doesn't look like Chaos needs humanity. It just exists.
It doesn't need humanity, it does need sentient psychic races.

Chaos existed before because of Old Ones, Eldar and others.

Chaos is only as much of a threat as it is right now because humans are evolving into a fully psychic race and are the second most populous race in the galaxy (other than Orks which appear to be mainly resistant to Chaos meddling).

>> No.50795060

i dont think it needs humanity, its just humanity is an easy target to corrupt im sure other races can be corrupted in time, hell outside of what we know now there might be way more races that worship chaos already

>> No.50795070

battlescribe, the gay meme image site in the op and pencil and paper

>> No.50795092

>So I want an answer.
I think the answer is "Chaos" is not reliant on humanity per se but on the right type of psychically active sentients. Currently humanity is just the most numerous.

Eldar are dying, Tau are miniscule psychically, and Orks seem to play by different rules.

>> No.50795107

Single cycle life formed on earth billions of years ago.

The WiH happened 60 million years ago just as the first primates emerged.

>> No.50795111

She just soloed two great daemons, they are not ignoring her, they're running away.

>> No.50795114


This is why Eldrad foresaw Tau exceeding the Eldar Empire. Their insignificant warp presence and personal ambition will not perpetuate Chaos. Humans and Eldar were always evolutionary dead ends.

>> No.50795125

Communism is an evolutionary dead end.

>> No.50795126

>defining a literal Terran "lifeform" that crawls "out of the ooze" as a single cell bacteria

Fuck off. It's obvious they either meant it as a general figure of speech or if in the literal sense it meant the first terrestrial creatures.

>> No.50795131

Where is this from? Sounds interesting.

>> No.50795134


is army builder, still a thing?

i want a army builder with stats, wargear, and checks the list against errors

>> No.50795148

Yes. It requires money, though, and a lot of people aren't about that life.

>> No.50795154

Local GW is having a Kill Team league. Gives me an excuse to build/ paint the Tau I picked up in the last month. Any suggestions for this list?

Fire Warriors x7
- 1 Shas'ui - Leader

Crisis Suits x3
- 1 w/ 2x Missile Pod
- 1 w/ 2x Flamers
- 1 w/ 2x Burst Cannons

>> No.50795158


For you.

>> No.50795164

stealth suit spam

>> No.50795166

Depends on whether or not the Tau eventually evolve past their current presence, Humanity wasn't particularly psychically active until more recently in its time-scale. That being said, it makes sense, between Necrons, Orkz, Tyranids and Tau, the Eldar would probably prefer that the Tau won.

>> No.50795172

>forged by godlike beings before Terra had even spawned its first single-celled organisms.

Bacteria. The weapon was created before bacteria formed on earth.

>> No.50795174

My kinda Anon

>> No.50795178

>army building program
>checks the list against errors

How about you just learn how to build the army without a program and check for errors yourself, because the entire reason army programs suck besides the formatting is they are often wrong and contain building errors. The only way to be sure is to manually check.

>> No.50795187

t. poorfag

>> No.50795197

Do you want to both dress up like her while we play 40k against each other?

>> No.50795202

I only have 3. Do I need more? Or could I run 3x Stealth Suits then fill up the roster w/ Fire Warriors or Crisis Suits?

>> No.50795206


TH and AB are both 7E books so it's obviously just a retcon to the Warp being calm in old ass Eldar fluff from what, 3E? 4E? If that's unacceptable or not obvious to you, then you're probably as dumb as the writers who thought it would make sense to write this fluff.

>> No.50795208


>> No.50795209

>hurr durr space commies
Can we stop this? Tau are like the FURTHEST thing from Communism.
Communism is classless, where as in Tau there are straight up classes. Tau are a Utalitarian dictatorship if anything...

>> No.50795216

>Implying you wouldn't swallow it to the base

>> No.50795219


Now all we need is for 8th to fix the rules.

>> No.50795223

Both Battlescribe and the OP Builder have errors in them for point values sometimes.

It's best to just do the cookin by the book, Anon.

>> No.50795225


B-but muh memes...

>> No.50795226

>‘Listen to our pleas. Do not let the orks distract you, nor any other threat arising from the temporal realm. The gods of the Othersea will not stop until this galaxy is their plaything. The threat they pose is millions of cycles old, the actions of your Warmaster but the latest act in a war that has raged since the time of the old races. For the lifespan of stars my people have opposed them. You are naive if you think Chaos defeated. I have been sent with this one message – do not neglect the Dark Gods, for it will mean the annihilation of us all.’

>‘Do you suggest that only mankind might save the galaxy?’ said Veritus wonderingly.

>Lhaerial shifted her gaze to Veritus, and her hard eyes made him flinch as if she saw something in his mind and reflected it back upon him. ‘The idea appeals to your vanity? You were correct in what you were saying, through there. You are a tool to us. Our people ruled the stars when this world was ruled by reptiles. Many came against us – the soulless ones, the krork at the apex of their might, in comparison to which this latest folly is laughable, the cythor and a thousand other races so terrible your intellects could not contemplate them. Even your own ancestors and their unliving legions at the so-called height of their mastery. We defeated them all.

>‘To you we seem a sorry remnant, a ragged glory fading into the void, but we are not yet extinct, inquisitor. What is a few thousand cycles of weakness when set against millions of power? You fell yourselves, your empire is a pathetic mockery of what your kind once had. Mark my words well– unlike you we shall be mighty once again. We would prefer it if there were still a galaxy to rule when we are ready to return.’

-Beast Series Book 5 (Throneworld)

The harlequin says that the threat of Chaos is millions of years old and that HH is just one move in a wargame waged since the time of the elder races.

So it seems to be the galaxy always was under threat of Chaos

>> No.50795237


Plato's Republic, with the Philosopher, Warrior and Worker classes stratified into sub-species.

>> No.50795243

Not the Anon youre arguing with but seriously? Youre going to take that seriously? Are you incapable of identifying dramatic license?

>> No.50795249

for list finalization i agree, but for quick list building and to feel out an army. a list builder is great

>> No.50795265

>BL is canon guys!
>See look what they wrote again

>> No.50795271

>all those other races
>we will never have a DoW or GW Tabletop game featuring them

>> No.50795273

Oh no totally. Battlescribe even has a lot of the profiles and special rules for most of the older armies. For just plain theoryhammering it's probably best to fiddle with the electronic versions before you're confident enough to make them on the fly, or summat.

>> No.50795274

Eldar vs Tau in an all out battle with their entire armies battling it out in the universe

Who would win?

>> No.50795277

Here is another bit.

Eldrad says that Chaos is in other galaxies or that it will follow them to other galaxies if they leave.

So If Chaos is in other galaxies, what does make this galaxy and a single race in it important?

>> No.50795290


>implying I could if I wanted too

>> No.50795292


Cythor Fiends were featured in the old BT codex in a fluff bit, they attacked, BL crusaded them in retaliation but found only empty worlds in their supposed home region.

>> No.50795300

Eldar would just fart in the wind and kill all the Tau.

>> No.50795305

Eldar, simply for sheer numbers and technology.

People forget that there are Xeno empires LARGER than the Tau in fluff. And I don't even mean Eldar or Orks, there are a lot of minor ones with more stuff than the Tau.

>> No.50795311

I dunno. We have a daemon who is stated to be millions of years old and that he witnessed the Necrontyr and Eldar emergence. Said daemon was an undivided one created by the four powers.

So I don't think it's dramatic license.

>> No.50795312

All Eldar or one kind of Eldar? Dark Eldar in their entirety have no problem demolishing the entire Tau Empire in less than a year.

>> No.50795315

>willingly sucking futa xenos

>> No.50795324

how the hell are the eldar not telling people of the imperium about how the emperor used to act. Like how he blew up a planet because they worshiped him or anything of that sort. Not saying anyone would believe them im just saying its worth a shot.

>> No.50795328


It's not so much that the galaxy is important, but that it doesn't make sense for Eldar (or humans) to go anywhere since Chaos is in their souls so they can't run.

Maybe someone who lacked a proper soul could though, like Spirit of Eternity did.

>> No.50795339

>Not saying anyone would believe them

who'd take the word of a slanted eyed knife ear over the glorious written word of the emprah!

>> No.50795343

>We have a daemon who is stated to be millions of years old
yeah and you need to take a basic biology course if you think organisms on Earth are only millions of years old.

>> No.50795347

Blowjobs are gross.

>> No.50795348

According to the lore master Gav, major craftworlds are in the low tens of millions. minor craftworlds hundreds of thousands.

A single Tau city on a non-prime sept world was confirmed to sustain billions of Tau. That city alone is enough to fir the whole Eldar race.

>> No.50795350

so orks are basically the great filter?

>> No.50795356

Craft worlds are too valuable to risk sending their fleets to conquer the Tau
All other eldar variants would rather raid than conquer

>> No.50795358

Fuck off Carnac.

>> No.50795362

>second strap

Get out of here, if her dick ain't at the third strap or lower I'm out.

>> No.50795371

>They have never gulped warm semen in the winter

Do you even lift?

I like it more reasonably sized because I can imagine actually doing it instead of being split literally in half by futa xenos.

>> No.50795379

Point is that daemon of absurd ages exist. So why not a billion year old daemon? Is it far fetched? Why?

In the Fabius novel, a Keeper of Secrets says its as old as this galaxy.

>> No.50795392

That doesn't make sense the warp didn't exist outside the galaxy.

>> No.50795396

im all down for futa xenos but im in no way down for having them fuck me.

>> No.50795408

New Celestine halves daemons WS, BS, I and A of daemons also reduces their inv save by -1 when they're near 12" of her and causes instant dead when using her ranged and CC attacks against them, her sword is also fleshbane ap2

>> No.50795416

Would skaven plague monks make good MoN cultists? I was thinking they'd just be Nurgle-worshipping abhumans.

>> No.50795420

What's Celestine's I?

>> No.50795421

Why does shadowsun surround herself with filthy women?

>> No.50795424


>implying again

I do in pick things up and put them down

>> No.50795425

The Immaterium exists everywhere and there was never any fluff suggesting otherwise, the fact that the Tyranids are extragalactic and interact with the Immateirum is proof enough that it is extragalactic. What may not exist outside of the galaxy is Chaos.

>> No.50795430

Greater Daemons didn't even run from the Emperor doe.

>> No.50795435

>Trusting demons
I dont know why I bother talking to Chaosfags. All you ever do is ass pull retarded sources like it means something.

>This one BL book with this specific secondary character that the author doesnt understand properly said this one things that could vaguely mean this!
Nauseating tbqhwyfam

>> No.50795441

Is 2 start collecting boxes and the battleforce a good starter Tau army?

>> No.50795446


>causes instant dead when using her ranged and CC attacks against them, her sword is also fleshbane ap2



>> No.50795456

>not exist outside of the galaxy is Chaos.

The statement of Chaos waiting for them when they get to other side might prove that it does.

Also Uriel's vision of an alien galaxy being consumed by Khorne

>> No.50795459


Half those things wouldn't even matter to a daemon, since most of their stats are at minimum twice hers.

3/10 try again anon

>> No.50795463


Be'lakor's own dataslate says he's ancient and ruled countless empires before recorded history. Even the oldest ruins in the bottom of deathworld oceans bear his mark.

>> No.50795464

Why don't you pick up my head and put it down on your futa xenos penis

You just want to tickle the stickle don't you? See that heresy squirm.

>> No.50795467

Wew, gathering all these Chaos is best instances is hard work, there's so many!

>> No.50795470

Yes, I wouldn't do two SC boxes if you're gonna be getting the battleforce too though, add a stormsurge instead.

>> No.50795472

>Tyranids are extragalactic and interact with the Immateirum

nids don't use the warp at all.

>> No.50795489



Celestine confirmed for killing Daemons without even fighting them

>> No.50795490

>More vague statements mean Im right
Thanks for proving my point Anon.

>> No.50795492

On a budget unfortunately dude

>> No.50795497

>secondary character


>> No.50795510

>ever recommending a stormsurge
anon what is wrong with you

>> No.50795511

Him being really old is not vague though. He is certainly older than the Chaos Gods who birthed him.

>> No.50795512

You chose the wrong hobby.

>> No.50795513


plz be Seattle

>> No.50795514

>Codex entries hype up their faction
>More news at 11

Chaos fags confirmed just learning how to read.

>> No.50795523


Why is it always Nidfags that think their race is anything other than a sideshow barely above the level of Orks?

>> No.50795526


Don't forget that Grey Knight Perpetual knowing that Chaos will win no matter what they do.

>> No.50795540

So the Harlequin, Eldar, Grey Knight and Deathwatch are part of the Chaos faction?

>> No.50795549

Sorry, too far. Another lifetime we'll dress up as futa xenos and bang each other.

>> No.50795555

Chaos Cult or Chaos Cult?

>Just like the mod who wrote SJW messages to people on /pol/.
Sounds hilarious.

>> No.50795559

I recognize most of those. Some of these are not from any Chaos codex. Why would the Deathwatch and marine codexes hype Chaos?

>> No.50795561

Stormsurge costs as much as the SC right?

>> No.50795571


>> No.50795572


Because Chaos is the most powerful faction?

>> No.50795580

It's wikipage did say they were somewhat inspired by Khorne, but there isn't proof that it's an aspect of Zardoz.

>> No.50795582

I would rather tank shock and instakill a stormsurge than have to deal with faggots jumping around me and killing everything with 20 shots a piece.

>> No.50795583

That would be the Necrons.

>> No.50795597 [SPOILER] 

>Sounds hilarious.
I have the pic.

>> No.50795605

Nope far from it.
SC is 50 while Storm surge is 90

>> No.50795607

I don't know, I've just written them off as ignorant at this point.

I'll get to him, but I'm still working my way through 7e!
There's so much.

>> No.50795617


we'll always have /tg/ senpai

>> No.50795622

Then tell him to get something else thats not a storm surge like more fire warriors and pathfinders or maybe some kroot. Like something that wont make people not want to play him immediately

>> No.50795625

Out of the new chaos supplement, what are the top 3 factions. I'd like to ask first before rebuilding my army.

>> No.50795627

You are doing the gods work, anon. Let me help a bit.

>> No.50795636

>Celestine has the stats of a Bloodthirster
Now what?

>> No.50795638

>roughly 110% of 40k players own at least one Marine army
>Imperial factions, taken together, are far and away the most played
>Imperium is far and away the most popular and marketable aspect of the setting

Feels good knowing that Chaoswank is doomed to amount to nothing more than wasted ink thanks to the fine tastes of the game's actual players.

>> No.50795641


>it's just a fucking mod larper

>> No.50795642

I guess if you're going by online prices. See if you can find a burning dawn box for cheap. They should be around the same price as SC and come with some cool shit.

If you're playing with autists who dont want to play you the second you pull out a single storm surge, you probably need to play somewhere else.

>> No.50795643

>robutts get their shit pushed in so ard by orks they go to sleep for millions of years
itll happen again mate

>> No.50795663

Jokes on you anon i dont have anywhere to play the game help me pls ;_;

>> No.50795669


So she is a greater daemon of the emperor now, eh?

just throw cultist at her honestly and laugh as they die.

I am a Word Bearer player.

>> No.50795672

There's no local game store or GW?

>> No.50795673

He tried shutting down the safety threads, but he's been booted.

>> No.50795678

>Nothing about Orks
Where's the improvement?

>> No.50795682

>BTFOing the autistic quest fags
But they just rebranded themselves CYOA.

>> No.50795686


I love those threads

>> No.50795687

Can you give us the numbers of the Order players in WF before the End Times?

>> No.50795691

the local GW is 2 towns over and the closest game store is 1 town over. I actively tried to get my friends into the hobby because i actually wanted to use my models for something.

>> No.50795692

No, CYOA isn't a rebrand, just a different set of autists.

>> No.50795697

>Do you think Creed to be the kind of coward to flee
I think creeds genius is needed elsewhere

>> No.50795702

>Think the expression of ideas you don't agree with is raiding.

Fuck off please, pol is a board of peace and free speech. All ideas are welcome there so long as their proponents are willing to be insulted for them.

>> No.50795707

Funny how /pol/ found a way to bother leftists while saving them from themselves.

>> No.50795713

Did anything ever come of this?

>> No.50795719

Shit dude, have you tried getting them into Kill Team? Thats how I got all my buddies to play.

>> No.50795723

He got booted on /qa/.

>> No.50795724

Alpha Legion and the non-TS cult legions.

>> No.50795730

What is CYOA even about? I skim through /tg/ and sometimes see their posts. They are talking about 40K...?

>> No.50795735


If you a) play Tau and b) run a Stormsurge, the problem is you, not everyone else. There's a reason they all refuse to play at the first sight of a Stormsurge, and it's not just because of the Stormsurge.

This isn't "if you cross the street as soon as you see a black person" it's "a black person with sagging pants, do rag, a gun sticking out of his belt, looking directly at you like he's going to mug you, in a bad neighborhood, and you can hear his buddies around the corner."

>> No.50795746

Glad sisters are getting new minis. Might get them if I decide to start a second army

>> No.50795749

>CYOA even about?
Choose Your Own Adventure I think.

>> No.50795772

Reposting the same 70 or so images with minor edits.

>> No.50795781


Riiiiiight, because there's totally an equivalence between how popular Marines are in 40k and how popular the various "Order" factions are (notwithstanding the fact that any popular ones made it into Age of Sigmar just fine)

>> No.50795785


>> No.50795790

They post pictures with scenarios and rules. You imagine yourself going through the scenario, then call everyone who didn't imagine themselves going through the scenario in the same way you did a suboptimal retard.

>> No.50795793

see the problem wasnt getting them into it it was trying to make sure they dont go full WAACfag on me as one of them acts like the others croney and the one he follows actively cheats at card game when we play them. So its one of those things where i had to put inplace rules to try and make sure they dont burn themselves out to quickly, and yes i know im a dick,. also its been like 5 months and i haven't heard a word from any of them.

>> No.50795794

OK so does this look like a good base to build off of into 1850 - 2000 etc?

>> No.50795801


Like army lists and 40K, then?

>> No.50795805

Anyone else refuse to play with their army until they're painted?

I feel like the temptation would be too great to just keep playing with my primed stuff and never get anything done.

I just allowed myself to play a 1250 after I finished my sternguards.

>> No.50795806


Just doing our part to make America safe again

>> No.50795820

Elves were the good space marines of fantasy.

>> No.50795841


I do. My first ever game had 2 models painted, rest primed, and it was so unenjoyable I swore off unpainted models being played forever. Even my opponent who just had a basic 3 color minimum paintjob which was literally just red paint and some black on a few tank panels with no other detailing or washes or anything looked better than primed/unpainted stuff.

My army is small but damn is it good looking and enjoyable. It also keeps me on track with my painting, working through the units I need first squad by squad, slowly turning it into an army that will eventually be amazing when complete.

>> No.50795846

I'm glad people are cracking down on this shit
i don't like hack job electric work and faggoty liberal art-students should not be doing an electricians job.
I know good handymen that aren't stupid enough to do it without having it at least double to tipple checked.
You shouldn't cheap out on shit that saves your fucking life

>> No.50795872

If you don't know how to simply tank shock a stormsurge, you should probably kys

Then just play Kill Team with them at 200 points you're not gonna have to deal with cheese dick strats

>> No.50795873


Fully painted, no. But everything I field is at least primed and started. Used to buy in bulk and ended up playing a lot of grey armies.

Of course our group has gotten a lot better since we started all those years ago, everyone is at least 75% painted, only the new stuff isn't.

>> No.50795875

>Play Orks exclusively because all the other factions are literally for pussies or look pants on head retarded
>Don't get any love because I'm the NPC who's supposed to lose

>> No.50795907

I'm trying to fill out an alpha legion list.

The are a few ways I feel I could go:

Infiltrating Dedicated transports for nearly everyone
Another formation, like a terminator annihilation force.

The main thing is I want some psychic power, and I would like to reliably play hero hammer with some assault.

Any advice?

>> No.50795911

The Orks arent even mentioned in the war in heaven anymore mate.

>> No.50795918

>My orks haven't seen play for quite a while
>Switched to IW/admech 30k
>still miss my boyz in green
>still want to do my ork judges

>> No.50795930


mine sit in storage, neglected for 4 years now

>> No.50795962

It ain't easy being green anon
Every time I get my shit stomped I think about switching armies, but nothing looks as appealing or as fun.
I fucking hate this game

>> No.50795965


>> No.50795978

>>chaos confirmed to not auto-win
>>end times warded off
Wait what? Where did it say this?
Considering the next thing is the "Fall of Cadia" and the Space Wolves and Dark Angels just got fucked, I can't see it.

>> No.50795981

I missed the going-ons with the Black Templar and Dark Eldar. What the heck is happening? Are the Templars getting a codex again? Are the Deldar getting new goodies besides the board game?

>> No.50796011

> 30k is a thing
Chaosfags still won't ever know the joys of having a Leviathan in his trusty drop pod plopping down next to the biggest thing on the table.. And then having said leviathan SOLO the biggest fucker on the entire table, with absolutely zero fucks as to what that huge thing is.

>> No.50796047


>mutants and traitors getting fucked

Call me when a chapter worth a damn goes under.

>> No.50796058

Shit, now I really want a doom guy levithan dreadnought edit

>> No.50796060

Why does everyone hate Nipple armor?

>> No.50796066

What? Did you reply to the wrong person?

>> No.50796088

I can easily imagine every leviathan playing this on it's MEGAVOX while riping a bio-titan 50x his size in fucking half.

>> No.50796136

It's on men

>> No.50796167

I don't know exactly where all of it happened, but with the new release people were speculating about end times until the Warhammer Facebook page/community site straight up said end times isn't happening and that chaosfags aren't infinite power/auto win that ADB and BL as a whole are pushing for.

>> No.50796171

any comments/suggestions?

>> No.50796191

You're conflating separate issues.

1. Chaos is the most powerful in the fluff and the greatest threat

This is true.

2. Games Workshop is going to end 40k with the End Times, right now.

This is false.

>> No.50796252

so if Abaddon gets new rules do you think the talon of Horus will keep its old rules? like BA get preferred enemy abaddon if hes on the field.

>> No.50796280

>'End Times was a WHFB event'

>'This is THE END OF TIME, its different, see?'

Why do you all keep falling for this

>> No.50796284

Today it was shameful I won against the Necron by points on turn 5 with my MSU SoB list.

The evasive "turn 3 table" stills hunts me.

>> No.50796298

>most powerful in the fluff

How does it feel your entire powerbuff comes from a half-decent writer's unsolved daddy issues?

Because from the outside looking in, Chaosfags all just look in denial that not a single place outside of fanfic-tier stories from Black Library will call them powerful. How will they even beat Necrons, Orks, or Nids? They can maybe, with the help bitches of the race they're trying to kill, draw against Eldar or some of the Imperium

But oh wait, Chaos doesn't sell and Imperials are the only army that can ever win if GW doesn't want everyone to quit the hobby

>> No.50796326

>Play Orks
>Actually have fun!
>Want to expand/change my army
>Already have all the decent units, others aren't even worth considering
>All the updates to them are total shit and add nothing I want
>End up playing the same army for all eternity

Waagh! Gazzy was a joke, the wazzdakka bomber was a stain.
Maybe it's time to start a new army?

>> No.50796327

You are aware only superheavies can tank shock Gargantuans so good lucking getting a baneblade into range of that stormsurge

>> No.50796334

>How does it feel your entire powerbuff comes from a half-decent writer's unsolved daddy issues?

ADB is small time. The setting in general points toward Chaos being the big bad.

>How will they even beat Necrons, Orks, or Nids?

Dissolve reality in seething tide of madness.
Keep up.

>> No.50796352

>not using a knight

>> No.50796360

What would be a good way to pick up the sisters of battle as a second army.What are some must have units and good builds armies for starters?

>> No.50796391

She is WS6 I6 A5 eternal warrior, anon, she'll hit before any daemon, she also got back her old unlimited resurrections.

>> No.50796397


Alternatively, just run your sisters using the Space Marine's Gladius Strike Force, with salamanders tactics. It does a better job of representing SOB than their own codex does.

>> No.50796408

Um no.

>> No.50796410

Their best stuff is just their standard troops and vehicles. Just start with a Battle Sister Squad and some Dominions with Immolators.

>> No.50796411

also wouldnt tankshocking an anchored SS just take d3 auto wounds?
wait for the new kits

>> No.50796421

>hit before any daemon

>> No.50796439

TIL no one read the tank shock FAQ

>> No.50796444

You would continue to take wounds as you cannot get out of the way.....

>> No.50796460


What mission?
Could you post your list?

>> No.50796464

now no one worth their salt will anchor their surge if the enemy has tanks

>> No.50796484

>newfags talking about tank shocking Stormsurges

It wouldn't take D3 wounds regardless of the FAQ, read your rulebook. Tank shocks aren't attacks, and superheavies only take D3 wounds from Instant Death ATTACKS.

Stormsurge anchoring was discussed in Feb-July earlier this year as well.

>> No.50796498

Best stuff?

Dominion Squads, they can carry 4 meltas and a combi weapon (more melta)
They can ignore cover once per game if you pass a Ld check. They can also Scout.

The the basic troop, they can have heavy flamer, flamer and combi weapon (flamer)
They can also get preferd enemy once a game.

Why they are cool? They can be 5 girl strong squad.

Even though you can make 20 girl squad. SoB work the best as MSU of guided missiles

>> No.50796513


>Anchoring your Stormsurge

Bitch Please

>> No.50796557

Anon, if you can't move, you're ID'd by tank shocks.

>> No.50796573

I can't be ass with formatting old battlescribe. Mission was complete objectives. Simple as that.

+++ MSU SoB(998pts) +++

++ Adepta Sororitas: Codex (2013) (Combined Arms Detachment) (755pts) ++

+ HQ (95pts) +

Canoness (95pts) [Bolt Pistol, Power Maul, Rosarius]

+ Troops (300pts) +

Battle Sister Squad (150pts) [2x Battle Sister, Battle Sister with Flamer, Battle Sister with Heavy Flamer]
Immolator [Dozer Blade, Twin-Linked Multi-Melta]
Sister Superior [Bolt Pistol, Combi-Flamer]

Battle Sister Squad (150pts) [2x Battle Sister, Battle Sister with Flamer, Battle Sister with Heavy Flamer]
Immolator [Dozer Blade, Twin-Linked Multi-Melta]
Sister Superior [Bolt Pistol, Combi-Flamer]

+ Fast Attack (360pts) +

Dominion Squad (180pts) [4x Dominion with Meltagun]
Dominion Superior [Bolt Pistol, Combi-Melta]
Immolator [Dozer Blade, Twin-Linked Multi-Melta]

Dominion Squad (180pts) [4x Dominion with Meltagun]
Dominion Superior [Bolt Pistol, Combi-Melta]
Immolator [Dozer Blade, Twin-Linked Multi-Melta]

++ Inquisition: Codex (2013) (Inq Inquisitorial Detachment) (243pts) ++

+ HQ (63pts) +

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (63pts) [Bolt Pistol, Force Sword, Power Armour, Psyker (Mastery Level 1)]

+ Elites (180pts) +

Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband (90pts) [Psyker]
Acolyte [Bolter, Flak Armour, Laspistol]
Acolyte [Bolter, Flak Armour, Laspistol]
Acolyte [Bolter, Flak Armour, Laspistol]
Chimera [Dozer Blade, Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolter, Psybolt Ammunition]

Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband (90pts) [Psyker]
Acolyte [Bolter, Flak Armour, Laspistol]
Acolyte [Bolter, Flak Armour, Laspistol]
Acolyte [Bolter, Flak Armour, Laspistol]
Chimera [Dozer Blade, Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolter, Psybolt Ammunition]

>> No.50796602

>Eldar only live in craftworlds.
If we assume Harlequin, Exodites and Crones to be negligible you still aren't taking Objectivist City into account.

>> No.50796604

So, uh, what mini is Duncan painting in the "2016 memories" video. Is that another future-tease?

>> No.50796620

its a blood bowl human mini

>> No.50796642

>2 flamer + 1 heavy flamer in each battle sister squad
is it legit in their new codex? Aren't they limited to 2 Specials or 1 special + 1 heavy?

>> No.50796649

This is actually a really clever idea, and not just in a REAPERS! sort of way from Mass Effect. Because the Warp and Realspace mirror each other, all the Chaos Gods contain an aspect of life that a planet requires to rise and thus perpetuate the Daemon Cycle. Nurgle gives the raw stuff of life, protozoa, flies, etc which provide the fuel to ensure life will continue. Tzneetch's magic and "change" focus then throws those natescent bits of life onto radically divergent paths to ensure biological diversity. Thorne provides/perpetuates Social and Environmental Darwinism to ensure daemon-viable species survive, with Tau a noticeable exception. Finally Slaanesh provides aspirations and goals to cultures, pushing them to become better and explore sensation and the universe, eventually delving into the Warp where Daemons then emerge and the entire cycle begins again with different names or focuses for the Chaos entities. Eh, just a fun thought exercise.

>> No.50796673



>> No.50796699


if the c'tan was still the gargantuan version, I feel it might be a different story.

>> No.50796700

Being this new. Having x numbers of dudes before getting any special weapon is a 5th edition thing if I recall.

SoB never got the memo and since Imperial Agent is just copy paste they can still cram heavy and special in 5 girls plus the superior .

>> No.50796721

Commoragh is about as far from objectivism as the Tau are.

>> No.50796722

I did not say it was an attack. I could have worded it better, but a model that can't move is removed by tank shocks.

>> No.50796727

Tank Shocks are neither attacks nor inflict ID read your fucking rulebook faggot

>> No.50796735

the previous version was pretty bullshit, fun model though. that said if i was doing necrons i'd have to put in all the c'tan in an army

>> No.50796739


And I never said it didn't get removed. I said it wouldn't take D3 wounds. The only other possibility is that it would be removed from the table, because the discussion is fucking "removed from the table vs. d3 wounds". "It just stops the tank" was never up for discussion.

>> No.50796751

Is it not possible to move the Stormsurge out of the way? What's the exact reading of the Stabilizing Anchors rule?

>> No.50796780

If Anchors are down you can't move until you raise them. you can only drop them and raise them during your own movement phase. Tank shock happens in another player's movement phase. They do get a Death or Glory, though.

>> No.50796800

>being this new
Dude, read my post again, then read the codex. You can only have either 2 special weapons or 1 special + 1 heavy weapon in you squad, whatever the number of sisters...

>> No.50796803

Can somebody give me a pic of a Taurox next to a Goliath Truck for scale? or if anyone owns both and doesn't want to take a pic, can a Taurox be converted into a reasonable Goliath?

>> No.50796819

Is there any difference between "unable to move" and "unable to be moved"? There's wargear and psychic powers that move units (although none of them would work on the Stormsurge since the Tau lack both psykers and battle brothers)

>> No.50796964

She halves miniatures with the "daemon" special rule WS, BS, I and A by half


>> No.50797009

Idiot. There are 2xBolters, 1xFlamer, 1xHeavy Flamer and 1xCombi-Flamer (the combi weapon is on the superior which can buy shit from the armoury)

2 models have Bolter, 1 a flamer, 1 heavy flamer and another combi flamer. Maybe the BS formatting confused you.

>> No.50797010


>> No.50797019

Am I taking crazy pills? Does the Imperial Agents orange monkey gang let you pick two upgrades when rolling a six plus? That seems kinda dope.

>> No.50797113

So are the tau fire warrior strike team just repackaged tau fire warriors?

>> No.50797133

nope new plastic sculpt dual kit with the breacher teams

>> No.50797138

>under any circumstances
Damn, that's some fatal words.

>> No.50797155

My apologies anon, it's 3:30 AM here

>> No.50797222

What should I name my World Eaters warband? I'm fluffing them as a Dark Mech experiment. World Eater geneseeds, but with modified Butcher's Nails that function as a cybernetic brain to replace what's lobotamized. So they can switch between cold logic and normal World Eater fury.

>> No.50797245

It happens

>> No.50797286

>tanking shocking can remove top tau cheese
remember if a riptide wing hailfires they suffer the same restriction to movement ;^)

>> No.50797290

The sculpts are MUCH better. Except the shoulderpads, which wasnt a big change, just the rim of the sept.

All fingers are seperate, not a hand shaped blob, the mouldlines dont cut your legplates in half, etc.

>> No.50797315

>Wanted to start playing Orks back in 5th edition
>Even got a few boxes of them for a Blood Bowl team
>GW was a dick back then and I had no time for two games so I stuck to Malifaux
>seeing all the good shit GW has done recently
>GSC looks like an actually viable melee army
Time to get more boyz and kitbash them with Genestealer arms and heads.

>> No.50797327

Murderblood Goreslaughterers

>> No.50797416

Can I stomp magnus?

>> No.50797425

Strong in box edition, but can't open boxes? I guess it depended on how your meta looked..

>> No.50797434

Only if you can catch him.

>> No.50797437


t. AOS designer

>> No.50797456

Scrambles the Death Dealers

>> No.50797486

No more mr.nice guys

>> No.50797487

New thread please

>> No.50797493

Against a walker haywire sucked, against a parking lot it was fine.
You spammed 20-30 Dark Lances in an average list to take care of walkers.

>> No.50797522

Would I be dumb to take some Tempestus Scions and Tauroxes for my Vanguard to ride in as Allies for Skitarii?

>> No.50797551

So it seems the best way to go if im doing the Nurgle Vecotrium formation is to use a chaos warband instead of the plague colony? But my precious plague marines!

>> No.50797557

they wont be able to start the game inside them, just mount up turn 1

>> No.50797563


>> No.50797680

Do you have problems with your local store /tg/?

I've been having trouble going to mine and I'm wondering what you would advise. I honestly think the manager at the store I play at hates his regular customers.
>6 painting tables, 3 gaming tables
At this point it was perfect, people always came down with a small box of paints just to do some work on their guys, talk to people and maybe get a game. but then...
>manager removes two painting tables
>removes a gaming table
>moves one gaming table to the dark corner of the store
>introduces this awful booking system that forces you to call him up in advance otherwise you're not allowed anything
Then last weekend this happened to me
>go in last thing friday before closing, manager isn't in
>2/4 painting tables booked, I book a third for first thing saturday
>it's completely empty other
>come in saturday and my friend who was also there wants a game before christmas hits and we won't see each other for a bit
But when I asked him if we could use a table he gets quite angry at us
>tells us we should have met up booked a table in advance
>lies and tries to make us feel guilty about having to turn so many people who wanted to book painting stations
>tells us we have have it if we want but we're not allowed to book any more painting for awhile
The place is a graveyard these days, no one goes anymore and I think it's due to these changes. I just don't understand why he made them.

What do you think?

>> No.50797723

You are wrong about hailfire, but that's ok. True learning comes only with the greater good.

>> No.50797948

More like The Greater Cheese, Amorite?

>> No.50798021

Boxes ever moving slow enough to hit except on 6s?

>> No.50798141

Things like predators had to stand still to shoot, and you were wasting your time killing transports.

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