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No need for originality, but some need for humor edition.

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There's clearly a lot wrong here, but what baffles me the most is why she didn't just use the laser thing on the door in the first place

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I assume the idea is that by bouncing the lazer on the mirror they somehow increase its energy like its momentum or some shit

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Wasn't powerful enough, she had to charge up two beams to melt it.

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It has to build up momentum first, obviously.

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Please tell me Moore really was introduced with that title and it's not photoshopped

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I can vouch that at least a few of those titles are completely legit, so I don't see why others wouldn't be as well.

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You're missing Space Lawyer and Professional Snuggler.

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>not chaotic evil

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Lemme guess.


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>Rupert Darwin of Florida
>sex with an alligator

Of course

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What is this? Is it as good as that cover image is implying?

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It's one entry in a retelling of WWII as a series of fantasy novels (with particular emphasis on the R+D aspects, here repurposed as innovations in wizardry).

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>random encounters

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Is that supposed to be a tank suppressor?

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Fucking sea.

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would anyone really be surprised to find out that alan moore does thing like randomly yells at the sky in broad daylight/is a practicing wizard/actively terrorizes young children?

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Goddamnit beagle, the MECs are ayys only now.

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>Medusa head modern conversion

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> Not Shai-Hulud

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Yes. I heard it's because there were noise complaints from civilians living near the site, so the military (german perhaps?) tried to make it quieter out of consideration for their quality of life.

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>tank suppressor
all my yes

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That guy is really awesome. Shame on the chick for not getting how cool it is to have an eagle bro

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How about this one?

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>99% of gay characters


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>something incredible happening literally right in front of you
>don't even watch because you have to get that precious camera shot to show everyone
I hate the modern world

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This has to be some sort of HEMA joke, right?

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Is this anywhere near as good as this image suggests?

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It's Dulce Report, you tell me

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Futachu, not Dulce Report

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What chapter's that panel from?

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Ah shit, you're right. I was reading both simultaneously, so I must've gotten them mixed. I'll go back and read both to seperate them

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But he did watch it? It was over in a few seconds. I done think two glances at a camera on a stick count as ignoring it.

But no you're right filming stuff is spooky and cameras steal souls.

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>Watch it, you watch it once and your brain does the normal brain stuff and you eventually end up telling your friends about that time a whale jumped over your kayak while having sex with another and that memory seems like the real deal to you.
>Tape it and you can rewatch it until the end of time, and all the details are there and accurate.

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What is this?

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tl;dr: uranium, melted concrete and metals, from when one of Chernobyl's reactor melted, turned everything close to lava and overflew in the basements.

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", he said, ignoring the fact that he wouldn't have been able to watch the video if the man hadn't been filming it.

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It kind of makes perfect sense if you can get into the mindset of a child or a sort of stupid adult.

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A real life gorgon's head. The melted out bottom of the reactor at Chernobyl. Was so radioactive that if you were capable of looking directly at it you were already dead. Now its down to a couple of minutes or so of direct contact.

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My faith in the inherent harmless neutrality of humanity has been shaken by this image.

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Why do women have to ruin good things like this

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Its pulpy, but okay, like most of Turtledove's books.

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Way ahead of you, anon.

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Did... did he die?

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no because the elephant's foot was only extraordinarily dangerous right AFTER chernobyl's meltdown. This is like 10+ afterwards

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That picture was taken some time after the accident.

Notice how the picture is all grainy and shity? That's because the thing is still very radioactive. Its just more like "increase your cancer risk about as much as a pack of cigarettes would every couple of seconds" instead of "melt your face".

back in the melt your face days film would nearly fail outright and you would get pictures like this.

This guyin this one certainly is dead.

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"So... How're things?"

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>Was so radioactive that if you were capable of looking directly at it you were already dead.
Stop talking shit, please, thanks.

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But he's 100% right, you mong.

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Okay, I'm actually somewhat unnerved by this.

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I see a nipple.

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If you were looking directly at it for 30 seconds you would be dead before a year. Now that time is up to about 5 minutes or so.

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Almost certainly. Not immediately but he probably developed a shit load of cancer within 5 years.

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Wow, standing next to the elephant's foot like that takes balls

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Don't worry, its a dude.

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This still hurts.

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Alt filename
>Ork science

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Didn't they end up having to set up a load of mirrors in order to be able to first take a picture of that thing because the radiation was breaking all the robots they sent in?

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Ralph Bakshi's Wizards

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Not pictured: the titty fairy that accompanies the wizard throughout the movie. Best PG movie ever.

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>Florida man arrested for firing gun after watching Hitler documentary
I love this one. It's like the spirit of America overtook him to such a degree that he was left with no option but to fire wildly in the air in patriotic fervor.

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>the council speaker was always just one man
Jesus, everything about him is both infinitely more spooky and human at the same time. Just imagine the amount of stress he had on him having to watch you from the sidelines.

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HUGE balls.

...you know, cause of the cancer.

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Right now

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Dude worships a snake

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[spoilers]bleeding hearts[/spoilers]

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Did it really light up like that or was the glowing an effect of the radiation on the film?

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It's damage to the film.
In person workers said it had an effect sort of like a heat haze around it, but it didn't glow.

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Sabagebu, same as pic related. Probably one of the funnier anime with a God-tier protagonist released in a long time. The Mad Max and Predator episodes are gold.

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Seriously. Even worse are the ones that take disadvantages and get pouty when they come up in gameplay.

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Needs a name.

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I fucking love that movie. Underrated as fuck.

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>Shredded Cheese Authority

Sounds like a Dark Souls boss

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>I feel like he has to be lying about something

Yes, he captured and trained a wild eagle from the age of ten because he's HIDING something

How can the average women be so self-absorbed?

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>What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.jpg

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After 10 years in Orlando, I think it's cute how you think he was excited about America

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something to do with sentient fire elementals waving back

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but that's shadowrun.jpg

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This picture at Chernobyl had to be taken using a mirror around the corner it was still so hot and radioactive.

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Congratulations, you are the person it's making of.

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Not him but it's actually a pretty enjoyable show. Even with Edgy the Hedgehog there.
Very slow burn, but beautiful water color backgrounds.

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Fucking sweet

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Dude's getting blasted into another plane of existence

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What's this from?

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And to not be just a saucer, here's my filename tribute.

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He's not a DMPC, as awesome as he may be.

Lily Shen is. Obnoxious techy-gurrl with a whole fucking DLC dedicated to her, with a reward that ends up being quite useless.

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This is perfect

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very good, a good one. nice

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Did he become one with the Speed Force?

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The inclusion of a DMPC isn't always a bad thing, friendo. It can be handled well.

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>he has to use gloves to handle it because its claws are sharp
Has this chick seriously never heard of falconry
Does she not know that actual trained falcon handlers also have to wear gloves

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I don't think it's that unreasonable to think that in this day and age some people may not know anything about falconry, anon.

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genuinely made me laugh.

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I know nothing about anything and I know that

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Looks shopped.

Huh, I'm bad at wording. The point is, he's not a DMPC because he's important. He's a really good regular NPC that occasionally appears, has a clear-defined goal and somehow, despite being literally unknown bald male with a smooth literally tone-less bass voice, has a personality - he knows his shit, in a "scarily competent" kind of way, he genuinely believes in XCOM and hope for mankind, and tries to do the best he can to support this endeavor instead of submitting and turning a blind eye like other politicians.

Lily Shen has none of that. She has zero personality other then tech-gurrl-father-was-important (red flag), she has a whole story arc dedicated to her, despite being an NPC (another red flag), you are stuck with her and her not-so-great voice acting, her story arc reward sucks if you don't invest in it after and she doesn't even do anything significant in the story (though it might be even worse if she did). This is a DMPC, and not a good one.

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Fair enough.

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stop making excuses for millennials

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>changeling the lost

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I laffed hard

its precious how calm and collected the zedtown guy stays

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I! I value courage over life!

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They don't want a hero! They just want a martyr, a statue to raise!

>> No.50822752

Bah! No mere statue could match my golden magnificence!

>> No.50822795

I feel bad for the organizer guy.

He just wants a game of tag, and has to deal with retards who think they are funny when their shit is just stupid.

Even if the statue is made of solid gold?

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>What do you mean they can tell that I'm a Solar Exalt

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Solid gold?

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Humbug and nonsense! All the classy men wear orichalcum.

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>actually believing someone who says they caught and turned a wild animal into a housepet

How can the average fa/tg/uy be so dense?

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>handling a blue ring when it's got the blue rings on show
Did he died? Is that the joke?

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>mfw I saw that pic

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What happened?

>> No.50823312

some random guy dressed up as a judge ran onto the field gave out a penalty and caused disorder.

>> No.50823734

that got me.

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What is that?

>> No.50824417

>spent edge to avoid critical glitch

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>> No.50824542

The filename honestly made me expect a guy punching a giant mech to death.

>> No.50824568

A russian bomber (I dont know the exact kind) with the bomb bay filled with PPSH 41 SMGs to be used for strafing runs.

>> No.50824582

>British uniform

>> No.50824589

I have you coved bro.

>> No.50824635

It's the final fight scene from Shanghai Knights, the sequel to Shanghai Noon. Basically forgettable, although I think it's the most outclassed a Jackie Chan character has been by the final boss.

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>> No.50824811

I'm not offering an excuse, I'm offering an explanation. Some people are clueless about certain things, that includes archaic hunting methods that rarely see use today.

And if you think people that don't know stuff are confined entirely to one generation I really don't know what to tell you about what the world is like outside of your basement.

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>> No.50825334

You gotta have some kinda balls to buy captain america a pair of pink swastika-covered socks.

>> No.50825496

>Nick Fury with 3D glasses
top lel

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Bump. I don't have anything to add, sadly, as my HD just melted, but I always enjoy these.

>> No.50826469

>implying rocky IV is a horrible gift
too far, cap

>> No.50826608


I think it has something to do with the fact it's being given to Black Widow. All the gifts are horrible in relation to the recipients.

>> No.50826919


I love how Thor's expression looks exactly like "oh, this shit again".

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>> No.50827012


Harald Kindseth?

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>> No.50827094

Koko the Clown animated over Cab Calloway you fucking hipster.

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This sin't even slightly /tg/

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>being a depressed loner isn't even slightly /tg/

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Last time I checked, there aren't any one-player traditional games.

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>> No.50827623

Actually, there are plenty

>> No.50827634

Self-absorbed bitch. How is she not psyched that her boyfriend has a motherfucking eaglebro? I hope he dumps her.

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>> No.50827640

They're actually pretty good.

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>> No.50827976

Well, you rolled poorly on that check, because there's plenty of one-player traditional games.

Also, you have any idea how often you see someone here complaining about not having anyone to play with?

>> No.50828013

Fire hedgehog.

>captcha asks to circle street sign
>picture of a mail box

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Just a bit too late to punk me friend.

>> No.50828033

Let's ignore Lone Wolf and playing chess against yourself and whatnot for a moment.

Tell me, Anon, have you ever played solitaire?

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>> No.50828815

this guy better have adopted that kitten.

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>> No.50828882

>> No.50828961

...what did this person intend to happen?

>> No.50829233

Fuck being a Space shuttle door gunner, Magic carpet gunner is where it's at

>> No.50829458

and it turned out to be a filename joke anyway

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>> No.50830002

>> No.50830054

>> No.50830150

Fucking hell...

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>> No.50830392

Okay, I'm impressed, but I'm not sure I'd ever want to be in the same room as the person who made that.

>> No.50830475

Got a chuckle out of me.

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>> No.50831430

or a single page for ease of image searching

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>> No.50831552

This is just perfect. It's like something out of Shrek.

>> No.50831598


I can only read the last exchange in the tone of the girl and dad from The Sound of Music.

>> No.50831611

Fire Punch.
It's a great mix of edgy and comedy, I recommend checking it out.

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>> No.50831748

Source is The Fall, by the by. You should have watched by now.

>> No.50831833

>starts off with a guy helping people by abusing his regenerative powers to supply them food.
Now this is the kind of bullshit I can get behind.

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>> No.50831960

I don't get it.

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>> No.50832077

>> No.50832078

The blade flexes when in the water, like it was alive.

>> No.50832090

>> No.50832561

Nigga I'm gonna buy tabletop simulator because I have nobody to play board games with.

>> No.50832810

I'm curious WHY it's flexing like that.

>> No.50832826

Because that's what happens when you quench hot metal?


>> No.50832843

More specifically, it's because of physics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermal_expansion

>> No.50832861

The differential hardening. I'm sure you know that katanas are traditionally coated in clay, with it being heavier on the back and light on the blade. This makes the spine cool slower than the blade, and so comes out softer and more able withstand blows without snapping while the blade cools rapidly and gets harder, the better for cutting. This difference is what produces the hamon line, showing the separation between the hardened and not-quite-so-hardened metal.
So the flex is just the basics of thermodynamics in action. The blade is cooling first, so it bends forward towards the blade. Then the spine cools and flexes it backwards. The larger mass of the spine means it has more mass to cool so it keeps bending it back, giving it the characteristic katana curve.
The composition of the blade and how it's layered affects how much or how little it curves.

>> No.50832866

>> No.50832905

I'd have thought that WWII swords would be maru.

>> No.50832934

edgelord is literally the best character.
grimgar. Super comfy, I loved it.

>> No.50832952

Imperial Japs still had plenty of pride and still masturbated over being samurai. So they didn't want to just shit up crappy decorative pieces. It's not that hard to make kobuse-style swords with modern machinery. They use that technique in >>50832826

>> No.50832970

>edgelord is literally the best character.
Yume had best ass.

>> No.50833255

>> No.50834200

Ningen ni Natta Neko

>> No.50834575

"Falconers don't give their birds names; you should know that."

>> No.50834716

fuck you

>> No.50836436

Is that based on a particular system? I know all these comics use only as many rules as would be funny, but I thought Darths and Droids was GURPS-based and there's a d4 in there.

>> No.50836481

He explicitly pointed out one annotation that the system is as if GURPS used D&D dice.

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>> No.50836747

I respectfully disagree.
An NPC who accompanies the party for a specific quest is A-OK, I have no problem with that.
A DMPC should not happen.

>> No.50836964

I thought that's supposed to be in another galaxy, why are all the same races there?

>> No.50837329



>> No.50837610

The warp fucks with your head, man.

>> No.50838435

What is the difference? I thought the definition of a DMPC is a GM controlled character that is effectively part of the party.

>> No.50839697

See >>50821284

>> No.50840428


>> No.50840487

To me it seems you (or they) are saying the only difference between important NPC and DMPC is a DMPC is an important NPC the anon dislikes.

The lack of personality is a trait all the characters have, Tygan is "used to be ADVENT" and Bradford is "I used to be in the previous game", heck the characters from the first game where equally one dimensional; an NPC having a story arc isn't some kind of awful affront to story-telling; the relative value of almost any mechanic depends on your usage, you could complain that any part of the game is useless if you don't invest in it; the fact she doesn't do much equally applies to the other characters, they all do stuff, but are rarely the ones seen advancing the plot; also her voice acting has no relevance to being a DMPC.

To me the biggest complaint seems to be that she's of the female persuasion; which reminds me of an old joke:
What do you call a male Mary Sue?
The main character

>> No.50840782

Alan Moore does practice ceremonial magick.

>> No.50840817

Add a d4 and then I'll be impressed.

>> No.50840903

In just 300 seconds it can still Kenshiro you for just 2 days.

>> No.50840923

what the fuck did that guy actually go in there without a hazmat

>> No.50840930

That little guy lives on cat island.

>> No.50840938

>> No.50841084

What's the story behind this? Other than someone feeding a troll.

>> No.50841143

I wouldn't really call it feeding a troll. More like an feeding a fatty.

>> No.50841172

Big.McLargeHuge is the troll, Omnimaster was the one feeding him.

>> No.50841272

>that knife spinning

new rogue backstory confirmed. holy fucking shit that was cool

>> No.50841385

It definitely isn't roll-under in that pic, and GURPS doesn't have you roll against attributes to do stuff. Also it says "a sub-round", and GURPS doesn't have that. It'd all take place over multiple one-second turns. Most of these maneuvers don't exist in GURPS either.
And I'm pretty sure the early episode 1 stuff makes it clear the GM is homebrewing off D&D or similar, switching longswords to laserwords, bows to blasters and gold coins to credits, something of that kind.

>> No.50841543

It's even better with the sound.

>> No.50843298


>> No.50844178


This image doesn't exist anywhere else online according to all the search engines I tried.

>> No.50844569

Yeah. Blue ringed octopi are legitimately the most venomous fish i can think of.

>inb4 its a mollusc
I fucking know. Just leave me be

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