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Have you ever cried, jumpers?

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Have you ever laughed?

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Essence 6+ Sidereal Charms don't exist, there are no canon Astrological Charms, and the only Sidereal Martial Arts Charms are from half an edition ago.

I guess it's up to you what counts for energy pool merging but pretty much what this guy
>>50764051 says

There's an entire chapter in their book covering this, but essentially you choose a kind of bonus/penalty and the people/conditions it applies in. So you could give Hinata a Destiny that will give her good luck when she tries to free the Branch House.

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>But, to be fair, when you're absorbing spiritual entities there's a point where you'll /seem/ omnipotent to lesser beings.
Not helping Gaunlet at all with this comment but hey it's true! You could just /seem/ omniscient with the Shingan from Samurai Deeper Kyo and a lot of spiritual energy perks (Inuyasha and Bleach come to mind). Hell from what I understand Shingan is damn good even with it's range limits and such. Sorry but this is the last thing I was going to say and thread archived.

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>Ghost Rider jump
>Use Deal with the Devil to buy lifespan from homeless people
>Turn around and sell it to dying rich people at a 10,000% markup
I feel sad just thinking about it.

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Completely unrelated to Exalted, I have a question about Sonichu.

Do you have any control over how Love Quest affects people after you're done with them? I don't want people to die in a fire because I got bored of them.

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Rolled 78 (1d100)

Ah well, I'll roll to see how it goes. It's not that important, I just hate to see all of those shines go to waste.

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Anima has a perk for that I think.
It's not lightning fast or anything, but you get it back faster.
Castlevania also has items that can boost your rate of recovery nicely.
You'll have to get them yourself from one of the metroidvania titles though.

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No, but it is an optional effect. You can choose for it not to apply when you break up with someone.

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Hell yes, it is. It's see invisible, 360 vision, blindsense, etc. all in one. It's seriously pretty dope and definitely one of my favorite sensory perks.

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Where can I look to find out what Exalted Sorcery is capable of?

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If you were rolling for high, then it went pretty well. I imagine everyone else is going to be pretty disgusted by you getting Gilgamesh hooked on Primordial Crack in exchange for his stuff and then killing him later.

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Thanks for the answer.

I already considered Love Quest a pretty horrifying, though fitting for the setting, ability, but the lack of control is the push I needed to just go Sonichu.

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The Exalted 2e core book has some spells, and the second book of sorcery the white/black treatise has a fuckton.
You can make custom ones as well, but those all make good reference points.
If you're looking for the pdfs the exalted general has links in it's OP.

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Anima also has Megas Therion, which will happily provide you with a limitless supply of ki (Or whatever other mystical or mundane energy you may need). Just buy powerful soul to make sure you can handle the throughput.

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Bitch, you don't have to be all selfish and shit. Work off of commission: give those homeless folks a good chunk of what you make off of the rich.

Daaaaamn. Damn, you stupid.

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Rolled 5 (1d100)

I mean... dude's a literal rapist and is willing to commit genocide over delusions (well, not quite delusions I guess, seeing as he's not technically wrong about their decline, but you get the idea) of grandeur. I have no problems with it, personally.

But... now rolling to see if Iskander hates my guts too much. I /was/ planning to help him conquer the world.

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Literally this.

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Why are people making such a deal about Deal with the Devil? Ravenloft has had a perk to do that since its update months ago.

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Like I said: DISGUSTED.

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Because it's new and doesn't require you to go to Ravenloft.
Not like people are really making a big deal about it.

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Fair enough. I was just curious if there was something I was missing.

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Could you use Deal With The Devil to trade Exaltations with someone?

>Hey, man, you don't want to be an Anthema, do you?
>Give me that heretical Solar power and I'll dispose of it.
>In return for your righteousness, you'll even become a glorious Dragon-Blooded!

People have short attention spans. They like new stuff. Pretty sure Once Upon A Time has a similar perk

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Who'd Gilgamesh rape again? Unless you're talking about the mythology.

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Version 1.1
-Clarified the Falling Stars Shurikans can't be abused to generate infinite Starmetal.
-Added a bow mode to the Swordbow.
-Clarified prohibition on using The King is Dead to apply to companions as well.

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Hey Jumpchain, I remember a jump that offered a pack of wolves as a single companion, or something to that effect, but I can't remember what jump it was from, do any of you know what I'm talking about?

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Could there be just a Starmetal item? No discount or anything, just some Starmetal. Because I kind of want to make a Death Egg out of Starmetal once the Classic Sonic jump comes out. It'd be awesome.

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So I make my Ardent Blade a Tsundachi, the powers match the theme of the blade but I have issues imagining a holy relic of the Emperor saying "It's not like I'm doing purging heretics because I like you or anything, b-baka!"

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... That's fair.

Man, I bet Saber really, REALLY hate me.

Uh, I've just heard the thread talk about it. I think he was trying to rape Saber and she was rescued or something?

Dark Souls 3?

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The Quintessence Fountain is basically for that exact purpose, letting you get an unending supply of Starmetal in future jumps.

>> No.50766055

Classic Sonic is already out famalam.
You can also use the fountain in the items section to get as much starmetal as needed over time.
It'll take a while, but you'll eventually have enough for a death egg. Especially if you go with the minimalist design most starmetal artifacts have.

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>the arrows it fires will become swords

>> No.50766077

Oh, really? That works too, I guess.

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Wait, what? When did this happen?

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So I've been lurking CYOA threads a little bit. Are these just so I can have a little adventure in my head? How do I lose? What sets the narrative? Am I missing something? Is there a "babies first CYOA" experience that I should be looking for?

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How big is the block of Ambrosia? Also, is the conversion 1:1? Does the lands that follow you part include warehouse attachments (where they can either be deployed or made into attachments)?

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Wait that's the old PDF. Sorry.
I must have deleted the newer one by mistake. Does anyone have the version with Time stone errata?

>> No.50766146

See: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1qb0_OLhDrDNjZmRG02SDFaRVk/view

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Does Yu Shan offer modern luxuries such as running water and air conditioning?

>> No.50766159

Eh, I'm actually going to start a new chain. Got nothing better I can do right now.

Small Town - 50
Starter (Charmander) - 0

Physical Fitness - 0
Mechanic - 150
Combat Training - 100
Survival Training - 100
Savant - 600

Motorcycle - 100

Crippled + 100

I honestly don't remember much about Orre beyond it being full of desert. And… One of the villains was really into disco?

I’ll eventually make my way to some other regions, and catch the rest of my team. Probably spend the last couple of years chilling in Unova or Hoenn.

Final team is Charizard, Garchomp, Lycanroc, Alolan Marowak, Raichu, and Braviary.


Electricity - 10
Force Wall - 20

Shelving - 0

Portal - 30
Free Space - 30
Stasis Pod x3 - 60

Electricity because of course I need electricity. I mean, who has time for cooking? Fuck that, I'm getting a microwave and stocking up on… I don't know, canned chili or something.

Force Wall because I'm sure I'm going to piss off plenty of people and need to make a quick escape through the portal.

Shelving because it's free.

Portal because what the fuck am I going to do if I get stuck in a prehistoric jump or something? Invent carpentry?

Free Space because I’m a goddamn magpie.

And Stasis Pods with the rest, because I'll probably run into someone fun eventually.



Strength 4 - 100
Endurance 4 - 100
Speed 3 - 150
Shape 2 - 100
Sense 1 - 50

Heigh 1 - 0
Metavore - 100

I DO lift.

>> No.50766161

>Just so I can have a little adventure in my head
Yes, but you could also write about it and make self-insert fanfiction or just some builds if you don't want to go that far.
>How do I lose
If you die or fail certain drawbacks
>What sets the narrative
You, mostly, though the jumps can contribute.
>Am I missing something
Kind of.
>Is there a "babies first CYOA" experience
There are CYOA books, or online CYOA stuff. So there's that I guess.

>> No.50766166

Yup, that had it. Thanks

>> No.50766186

Would you consider making the Quintessence Fountain a Warehouse attachment instead of something that's installed in your warehouse? Something like a jade gazebo situated in a small garden? Warehouse space is at a premium, anon.

>> No.50766220

Heroic sacrifices and emotional romance movies are my eternal bane.

>> No.50766223

*For dragon blooded, I think Sidereals says that they have modern equivalent shit.

>> No.50766224

So, forceful invader eviction principle is super effective against reality marbles?

>> No.50766228

(Notepad app I was using double spaced everything for some reason)

Generic Western Jump

Drop-In - 0
The Dollars Trilogy

Cool Headed - 200
Hands As Fast As Lightning - 4 00
Just Good At killing Things - 500

Great Hat - 50
Poncho - 50
Devil’s Right Hand (Colt Single Action Army, of course) - 300

Three Outlaw Jumper Wales + 200
A Cowboy Rides Alone + 200
Rules In A Knife Fight + 100

The good news is that between this and Pokemon, I'm practically already downright preternaturally good at shooting stuff.

The bad news is that I'm going to have to put those skills to use. Constantly.

>> No.50766231

Thank you. Any idea on where to find "good" cyoa stuff you mention?

>> No.50766238


I don't want to be eaten by my fountain anon

>> No.50766257

Then stop shooting it with arrows.

>> No.50766269

No problem. Wolves a best.

Jump #3: Red Dead Redemption

Rio Bravo
Drop-In - 0

Basic Shooting Skills - 0
Riding - 0
Dead Eye Targeting - 300
Drifter - 0
Incognito - 100
Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane - 100
Cold As Ice - 200
A Regular Annie Oakley - 300

Guns - 0

Master Sharpshooter

Ah, a now familiar setting. But… It’s on the precipice of change. The world looms at the edge of leaving the wild of the west behind.

But the more things change, the more they stay the same. There's always money to be had for those quick on the draw and steady in the hand, and few are faster and sharper than I.

>> No.50766276

Just enter CYOA online into Google, and go from there. For books, Barnes and Nobles or Amazon or stuff like that works.

>> No.50766277

Unless it happened in Zero, the only person trying to rape Saber in Fate/Stay Night was Medea. Gilgamesh just flirted with her and talked about marrying her.

>> No.50766288

Fucking Gazeboos, every fucking time. Look, if you want to wank it to how many sides it has: fine. If you want to wax poetic about how cook they look: okay. For fucks sake, though, it's just a building and its not inherently better than a pavilion.

>> No.50766290

Every time I move on to the next jump and have to leave the Sanctioned Xeno Army of Daughterus behind is a heart rending experience. But we mustn't let it show. They take joy in their duties as must I.

>> No.50766292

Anon, what.

>> No.50766309

But the modern Tsundachi isn't tsundere.

>> No.50766316

Anon you cant post such vicious creatures onto this thread

>> No.50766317

It's in the uploads folder!

>> No.50766320

But anon that's a folly.

>> No.50766325

Grandfather clause

>> No.50766326

Thank ye Digger.

>> No.50766333

Dragonbloods shouldn't be in Yu Shan.

>> No.50766336

Digger, was Hydrocity Dweller meant to be 600 CP?

>> No.50766340

You fool, you have angered the gazebo.

Hey Digger, about the plasma-steel whatever the Death Egg has. Is that an actual metal we use, or could we use any metal we want and have it stack with the plasma-steel thing?

>> No.50766361


Why let such a horrid beast in the warehouse?

>> No.50766369

The anon from previously had it correct. It's not balanced for the chain and I've had a similar perk in Cave story for a little less
but considering that a lot of characters in the original sonic games showed a need for mechanical assistance or downright flight to swim
It felt appropriate
It's a process applied to metal, as far as I can tell. You can probably use the process on whatever metal's used in the Death Egg's construction.

>> No.50766371

Right I got that mixed up, for some reason I thought that Yu Shan was the capital of the Dynasty. Not sure where I read that.

>> No.50766377

Some men just want to watch the world burn while seated on uncomfortable wooden benches in the shade.

>> No.50766396

I honestly forgot about Medea. Guess I'll need to do something about her, too.

Jump # 4: Dishonored:

Blink II - 3
Dark Vision - 3
Possession - 3
Stop Time - 8
Blood Thirsty II - 4
Vitality - 4


Whirlwind - 200
Immune - 100
Stronger Soul X14 - 700

Basic Kit - 0
Coinage - 0
Bone Charm - 0
Potions Bag - 50
Stealth Gear - 50

Mostly Flesh and Steel + 60

Sure, I can do this. I have Corvo’s gear, fight skills, and most of his better powers. Damn though, I didn't realize until I played the game again the other day how much this jump starves you for runes compared to it. Oh well, still neat powers. My first real powers, actually.

I told Corvo where Emily was being kept and that the Conspiracy was going to betray him. He was suspicious, but after I showed him to her, he started trusting me more after that and he eventually found proof. I personally acquired proof of his innocence, broadcasted the proof of the Lord Regent’s guilt, and watched as he restored Emily to the throne.

Then I went for a drink with Samuel, seeing as he's one of the only decent people in the entire game. After that, I doesn't most of my time hanging out in the Golden Cat or whatever it’s called. I am immune to diseases, after all.

>> No.50766398

>It's a process applied to metal

>> No.50766401


I think that's because the Dynasty lives on the Blessed Isle which has the mountain that leads to Yu Shan (a bit of a Mt. Olympus situation there)

>> No.50766440

Could you clarify some Neo Hesei 2 perks?

>Shooting Star - Your martial arts skill is now among the masters of history and you’re also able to sub in and utilize mana as well as other kamen rider widgets to improve your strikes.
What does this do? Is it literally just mastery of mundane martial arts and ability to minorly enhance attacks with mana?

>The power you hold increases the potency of other physical abilities as well, making them as top tier as your strength.
Is this like one of those "connector" perks for strength, speed, and other physical stats, or am I reading it wrong?

>In Your Dreams - Strength, speed and endurance are raised to the point of being able to actively fight it out with and knock around Kamen Riders in their base forms (such as Base States fourze or Wizard’s Flame Style) with a similar boost towards the power of physically based abilities. Cosmic Energy can be used to give further boosts of physical might and speed.
A minor base boost in addition to the ability to majorly enhance that with friendship?

>> No.50766452

Man, whatever happened to that comic?

>> No.50766456

That sounds about right, still I am left with the same question as before.

Do the dragon blooded in their capital have access to the modern conveniences that are so rare in the era that the jumps/game are set it?

>> No.50766480

It ended.

Dub of the whole thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIgOcFIo0kE

>> No.50766483

If you're talking about the Sonic comic in particular, it finished.
If you're talking about Boxer Hockey in general, it seems like the author got busy and couldn't devote time to it. He's got a tumblr or something, though with the pages up there, and has expressed interest in continuing it, but has not actually done so.

>> No.50766502

There's no canon answer to how large Ambrosia blocks are. Fanwank it.

But yes, you can include the fountains in attachments if you want

The fountain is optional in each property, so you can simply decide to remove the one in your warehouse if you don't want it, and put it back if you decide you have room.

Against the user, not the reality marble itself.

Yes. They have some buildings called Manses that are magically enchanted to have sci-fi stuff like automatically opening doors or hologram projectors, and just in general quality of life in the Blessed Isle's city is fairly high due to infrastructure. They're likely going to have like Roman equivalents of indoor plumbing, or even better if they spring for magic like binding a demon to cool their mansion for them.

>> No.50766603

So, The Hunt in Bloodborne is pretty much completely impossible, right?

>> No.50766614

So I was checking out the Drive and Firearms charms in shards of the exalted dream and they're already looking like a fantastic buy for the price.
I mean the drive charms contain schrodinger's car technique, and firearms has finger guns that actually work. How cool is that?

>> No.50766617

Do we have a Schlock Mercenary jump? I could have sworn we did, but I don't seem to be able to find it on the drive.

>> No.50766618

Why did you lock the Sidereal Castes locked to a origin. It seems a little absurd especially how it favors drop-ins by having them be the only origin to actually create a new exaltation for the jumper and their companions. Really that's the part that's the worst-balanced part of the jump in my opinion, especially with the possibility of the creation of 9 Chosen of Journey if the jumper and the mass-imported companions all took drop in. I mean, at that point, you're basically paying 100 CP for a full-on drawback.

>> No.50766619

So...what CAN one make with Heavenly Artificer Understanding?

>> No.50766625

Why do you think a new exaltation is anything special?

>> No.50766629

Bitch, the main character does it while being controlled by a player of varying skill and absolutely no plot armor, while having the same "rez in the Hunter's Dream" shit you do.

Nut up and start slicing.

>> No.50766633

So a Manse will have at minimum modern luxuries (minus tv and internet)?

>> No.50766636

What part are you having trouble with anon?
Besides insufficient gudness that is.

>> No.50766640

AND, he doesn't have the benefit of a 1,000+ CP list of benefits.

Git the fuck gud.

>> No.50766646

We did, but it seemed unfinished?
Don't know what happened to it though.

>> No.50766650

Because it ultimately screws over and imbalances Creation?

>> No.50766663

Wait a fucking second.

>Heavenly Ecstasy Aides [100CP, free Chosen of Serenity]- The Exalted worked the magical
materials into tools to aid mortals in all arenas of life. ALL arenas. Including the bedroom. This chest contains all the Starmetal forged toys
>Starmetal forged toys
>Starmetal dildo, starmetal vibrator, etc.
>Starmetal is made of melted down gods
Oh God what the actual fuck.

>> No.50766667

You don't get free revives if you take that drawback.
It's still not that hard if you've played the game and know what to do, but you can't just meatgrind your way through things like the MC.

>> No.50766678

How so?

>> No.50766681

Wait you don't have the revive mechanic?

Well that makes 'git gud' a bit more difficult, one second need to retcon my build.

>> No.50766683

You can, you just have to start gud and git gudder.

It'll still be a long road however.

>> No.50766689

To be fair, the main character has literally infinite lives to git gud. Pretty sure the Drawback doesn't let you revive.

>> No.50766698


The Hunter still doesn't get even half of the 1,500 CP list of goodies Jumper can access.

>> No.50766701

It's certainly possible to beat the game without dying even without knowing everything. Especially with all the stuff you get with CP on top. It's fucking hard but you took the drawback, did you expect it to be easy?

>> No.50766702

>Oh, one last thing to note, there will be no respawning during this "Hunt". You have one life as per usual to end the two Nightmares on.
Right at the end of the drawback. Seems like you can't.
Better watch your step on stairs.

>> No.50766703

Because for a lot of Exalt types, there's a huge variance in the type of people who fit in each caste, but for Sidereals its much more rigid. How could I create an Ending themed perk chain and then justify a member of that background as a Chosen of Serenity? I guess I could have made the perks Drop-In/Bronze/Gold/Independent instead, but I couldn't think of as good a set of perks or items that would fit those themes rather than the castes'.

I'm not sure how it's a drawback? Yes taking 9 Exaltations means that you have fewer allies from within the setting, but it also means you have fewer Sidereal enemies as well. You're essentially buying an entire generation of heroes for your side.

No, you can design a Manse however you want, even make it a statue like the one in this jump. But you can include that kind of stuff, and I'd imagine most people who intent to live in one do.

Not all Starmetal is melted down gods. A lot of it is made from fallen stars.

>> No.50766704

>long road
You get two days. Have fun with that long road, mate.

>> No.50766707


Not them, but a new exaltation would at minimum probably be free of the Great Curse. After all the exaltation wasn't there to get cursed.

There's also the fact that their has never been a successful attempt to make new exaltations that aren't the ones designed to be mass produced.

>> No.50766708

How does dying work in DS3 jump? Is it the same as DS1/2 with the bloodstain stuff, or is it just chain failure?

>> No.50766713

The gud can travel fast.

>> No.50766717

A drawback that's 400 CP and higher is not going to be easy, senpai.

>> No.50766725

Really? I thought the fallen stars were cast out gods. That's what the wiki says at least.

>> No.50766726

The Great Curse is largely irrelevant to everything except Solars and meaningless to jumpers anyway.

>> No.50766744

If you take all the blood regen perks it's very difficult for you to actually die barring getting crushed or eaten.
Blood loss is usually what actually kills someone and you don't have to worry about that at all.
Barring eldrich influence that is. If you increased your insight too high you might have trouble.

>> No.50766754

Weren't the Sidereals cursed so that if they gathered in groups, they screwed themselves over? With the bigger the group of Sidereals, the worse the result was. Like when a whole bunch of Sidereals got the shit murdered out of them by the Akuma Scarlet Empress.

>> No.50766763

Maybe in 1e? Exalted has problems maintaining consistent lore sometimes. Every god has a star in the sky, and when they die the star falls to the ground, where it can be harvested for Starmetal.

It's not a guaranteed thing, but their version of the curse does strike more often when they're gathered in groups.

>> No.50766783

Oh, alright.

>> No.50766792


>The Great Curse is largely irrelevant to everything except Solars

Not really. The Sidereal great curse is basically responsible for a significant portion of Creation's problems.

The simple version is that their curse basically makes their plans more likely to go horribly wrong the more of them are working together.

A set of Great Curse free Sidereals would not have this issue.

This is of course assuming that isn't hand-waved.

>> No.50766808

>finger guns made out fate

Fuck. I really didn't want to buy that Serenity ftw, but now I might have to. But then I wouldn't be able to import companions. Hmm... could I use SB to gain the capacity to learn them?

>> No.50766820

Couldn't you just have you companions buy it and then teach them to you?

>> No.50766822

InNonimeanon already said you can teach others the charms if you've learned them.
If a companion buys that perk I don't see why you couldn't just pick them up from them?
Perkshare seems unnessesary.

>> No.50766826

With the drop in option could I just ignore my responsibilities as a sidereal without any consequences since my exaltation is more or less outside the natural order?

>> No.50766846

Yes. Though people know that some Infernal Charms allow you to disguise yourself as a different Exalt type, so if anyone does put all the clues together find out that you're the 21st Chosen of Journeys, they're going to assume you're an Akuma and try to kill you.

>> No.50766861

Oh, shit. Really? Nevermind.

>> No.50766913

Is there any advantage to paying for Sorcery perks in Dragonblooded, Sidereals, and Infernals, or are they are pretty much the same thing? Besides separate benefits of the perks, I mean.

>> No.50766919

Most recent version I could find.

>> No.50766935

Only buy sorcery as an Infernal or Solar, to use Solar Sorcery.

>> No.50766949

Infernal Sorcery has bonuses and penalties that regular Sorcery doesn't, so buying it once in Infernals and once in another jump would have some benefit. But there's no reason to learn it once as a Dragon-Blooded and again as a Sidereal.

>> No.50766950

ALRIGHT SO. Something jogged my memory today. There was a particular jump I wanted to make aside from the weeb stuff I was throwing around in my head. I'm not making any claims or promises, and I have no idea if someone grabbed this or not. But here's a teaser for next year if I don't get bored.

"The only limit to my freedom is the inevitable closure of the universe, as inevitable as your own last breath. And yet, there remains time to create, to create, and escape.
Escape will make me God."


>> No.50766953

Sorcery is usually just sorcery. Dragonbloods is the worst since terrestrials only get terrestrial spells.
Sidereals is better since you get celestial spells too.
Infernals is different. While you can get Solar spells they're colored by the yozi you're using the initiation of. You can get multiple initiations to pick and choose and you're devil tiger can get its own version for further customization.

Honestly you don't really need to buy sorcery at all though.
It's something you can learn even if the trails are bullshit.
Shunting them into your background is easier by paying for sorcery, but you have to deal with sacrifice to get higher tiers than the first regardless.

>> No.50766965

the Dragon Blooded perk also comes with some first age archaeology training, or maybe that was the option that gives a discount on the Dragon Blood sorcery perk? Don't remember exactly.

>> No.50766976

The main draw of those perks is the additional effect. Buying more than the infernals and eventual solars one is rather redundant.
Same with thaumaturgy which leads to the beginnings of sorcery in the mortals gauntlet.

>> No.50766985

Couple of questions and one clear up: I forgot to change Forceful Invader to Doom Decrying Prophet's Remonstration in the final build, for one. Serves me right for trying to rush out 3 builds at 3 in the morning really.

Qlithu: What IS that thing? It behaves rather like a I AM-style AI, but it seems to have something like a hearthstone which suggests manse of some sort to me. What kind of coonents is it made of, and how hard would it be to make more of them? I may want to make it the core of my own Fate infrastructure in the future, would making it into an Incarnae-level being (through non-Sidereal means of course) be a good idea, hypothetically?

The Black Iron Spider: Is it a particularly old and canny Pattern Spider, or something else? If the latter, who built it if even the E10 Twilights couldn't before the Usurpation? And again, how hard would it be to make more?

Is there a bit in one of the sourcebooks I can look up for more info on these things?

Pish posh. The average god deserves worse.

>not buying lifespan from REALLY jaded rich people who want to liven up their lifespan with satanic roleplaying or something
>not reselling the lifespan to the homeless for favors down the road

>> No.50766999

>Marathon jump
HOIP. Too bad that series is dead, it was very nice.
I'm not even a Macfag and I enjoyed it.

>> No.50767001


>> No.50767026

Could someone upload the V for Vendetta jump to the drive?

>> No.50767043

Is it finished?

If not no, anon.

>> No.50767049

Pretty sure that's a WIP. Haven't seen the jumpmaker in awhile, though maybe they'll see this and post it like he did last time.

>> No.50767062

Speaking of Loom-Snarling Deception, would its effect of disguising what sort of being you are work to change the aesthetics of my charms, or would I need to make a custom (possibly Heretical) charm for that? I'm not talking about swapping themes around like Primordial Psychiatrist offers, more along the lines of a simple reskin to make my charms look less demonic. Like turning Green Sun Nimbus Flare from green to gold to accompany a disguise as a Solar, or removing the grey pallor from Metagaos's plants when pretending to be a Wood Aspect.

>> No.50767104

What kind of destinies can we give people with Astrology? Like, could I give someone the destiny of "you will find your true love and live happily ever after one day" or "when you die, and you will die, it will bring ruin on your beloved master"?

>> No.50767105

Nah, but it's E3 upgrade Charm Eldritch Secrets Mastery does exactly that

>> No.50767119

I'm aware of that charm. But it just says it changes how your Essence appears. It changes the apparent aspect of your Essence or makes it appear to be greater or lesser than it really is. But I don't know if that would affect charm appearances.

>> No.50767133

Qlithu is a Manse. Manses are usually buildings, but they can be lots of different things if you build them right. Like there's a way to build an indestructible giant robot as a Manse.

Qlithu's full stats are Manse 5, Sidereal Aspected, Scrying Stone Hearthstone, Habitability drawback -3, Password Activation(Wyld Revocation only works when asked for), Archive, Divine Observatory, Wyld Revocation(can communicate with hypothetical alternate versions of yourself), Sentient. It's no more difficult to make than any other Manse of the same rating. Qlithu is quite loyal and can be trusted completely if you want to give it greater responsibilities, though you may want to become a Solar first so that you can redesign it with more creation points, or just remove the Hearthstone from the build to free up extra points.

The Spinner is just an Artifact 5 automaton, albeit an old and very intelligent one. It's based on the Golden Asp from Oadonel's Codex if you want to see roughly how high its stats would be. It's no more difficult to create than other Artifacts, but this version has had thousands of years to grow and learn.

>> No.50767134

I can either buy Heart-String Weaving Matchmaker Mastery and have 100 CP left to spare or gove it up to get Arcane Fate instead. Wat do?

>> No.50767163

Oh. I mighht be misremembering but I thought the bit about motes having a Solar aspect would do the trick. That said, given Ebby's themes I don't think it's unreasonable for a homebrew Charm branching off it to create an Illusion effect complex enough to "reskin" a Charm albeit with no mechanical difference.

>> No.50767176

Yes, but the destinies themselves aren't that strong, all things considered. You could stack destinies to give someone bonuses on rolls to find love, but it won't guarantee that they will. For the second, you'd probably want to split it up into one destiny on a person's servants making them die and a second on the master saying they'll meet misfortune whenever they lose minions' lives.

My advice is to go with the one that makes you better in the bedroom, but that's just my own priorities talking.

>> No.50767202

Oh, alright. I assume having Qlithu and that Spider thing would improve the Destiny granting? Also, I assume it would be easier for a Chosen of Serenity to grant that love destiny?

>> No.50767213

Kind of. You can't enforce specific fates, you can just encourage them. This works by giving benefits or penalties to rolls that would lead to those fates. Like, if you want someone to die of disease, curse him to lower his dice pool whenever he's resisting infection. If you want someone to have lasting and meaningful love, bless him to raise his Compassion score whenever dealing with his spouse. Stuff like that. And you can apply triggers and conditions, too, so it only gives those penalties or bonuses if they've done something else. It's not strong stuff, but it's not meant to be. Astrology is for steering the Loom of Fate gently, building up a dozen minor effects to the result you want. If you want fast and ready fate manipulation, that's what you go to your charms for.

>> No.50767217

If you used Item World on a scaling weapon? Would it increase the "multiplier" of the scaling effect?

What about something like *ahem* Let's Give It a Boost from Unholy Heights?

>> No.50767228

So uh.

As a spider-themed Jumper, and with the spiders and the Loom and the fate-shit in Sidereals. Is it possible to get close to and obtain a sample of the fate-spiders, to recreate?

>> No.50767229

Yes, they'll give you bonuses on the astrology rolls. Chosen of Serenity aren't necessarily any better at the love destiny, it only depends on how skilled you are at that college (probably The Ewer), but Chosen of Serenity learn that college faster than others castes will.

>> No.50767231

That's a perk anon, not an item.

>> No.50767236

Is this finished?

>> No.50767246

Yes, but they're both perks which affect items. Or are you saying that "scaling" is a perk?

>> No.50767250

You can just walk into the Loom of Fate to talk with them, but they're going to get really pissed if you try to start cutting them up for science.

Unless someone else brings up something that needs to be addressed, yes.

>> No.50767252

Yes. You've got a separate rating in each astrological sign. Naturally, each different branch of the Bureau of Destiny gets a bonus to the ratings for their division. Here, let me get you a link to a bunch of homebrew charms for Sidereals. The sections for each charm set describes the association of the sign they're under. The charms are just homebrew, though, don't take these as canon. http://fixalted.bazzalisk.org/index.php?title=SrGrvsaLot%27s_Sidereal_Charm_Redesign

>> No.50767265

>You can just walk into the Loom of Fate to talk with them,

Oh, that's wonderful.

>they're going to get really pissed if you try to start cutting them up for science.

And now I need to use my stealth abilities.
I am going on record to say THANK. GOD. For my "invisible / separated from fate" perks.

>> No.50767269

Alright, that makes sense. It's less giving people a destiny and more guiding people's fate towards that destiny.

Gotcha, gotcha, starting to get the hang of this.

Thanks anon, that's really helpful! So wait, you can make custom charms, right? So I could make those charms as a Sidereal, right, even if they're not canon?

>> No.50767274

I'm asking how you intend to use Item World on a perk like that one?

>> No.50767285

Eeeeeh. The thing about Sidereal Charms is that the Maidens are particularly involved and hang on to a list of them behind locked doors.

>> No.50767288

Here's an idea. Have you been to Animorphs? If so, just touch them, gain their DNA/form, then assume the form later, clone yourself, and then experiment on said form.

>> No.50767294

>Thanks anon, that's really helpful! So wait, you can make custom charms, right? So I could make those charms as a Sidereal, right, even if they're not canon?
Actually, no, you can't. Sidereals can't make custom charms. If they want a new effect, they need to resort to Sidereal Martial Arts.

>> No.50767298

Oh, I wasn't. Sorry for being unclear. I meant using either of those perks on a "scaling" weapon and the effects of doing so.

>> No.50767301

I don't trust that giant fate-weaving destiny-sewing spiders HAVE genetics, is the thing.

>> No.50767306

Sidereals are only capable of making custom astrological and Sidereal Martial arts charms.
They can't do custom charms of anything else.

Astrological charms are fatefucking and causality breaks down when you use them.
They're also locked by the maidens, but since you can get them after the jump is over you could always just wait.
Be responsible though it's almost as bad as dragonbreaking too many times.

>> No.50767308

I'm pretty sure Pattern Spiders don't have DNA, what with them being magitech constructs created by Autocthon and the Maidens of Fate working together. They're self-replicating, sure, but I doubt it's via DNA. I'm honestly not even sure if DNA exists in Exalted in the first place.

>> No.50767311

Does anything in Exalted even have "DNA"?

>> No.50767323

You can't make custom Sidereal Charms, but, without looking to hard at the wiki page to check them out, you could probably reinvent some of those effects as Astrological Charms, which you can make custom.

Pattern Spiders are god robots (or maybe first circle deva of Autochthon, it's not clear) made out of magical metal. They don't have DNA.

>> No.50767325

I'd imagine it'd affect the scaling like any other effect.

>> No.50767327

You would need to be working on an Omnitrix definition of DNA for that to work.

>> No.50767339

Wait, seriously? Oh. Well that's unfortunate. Huh.

...erm. You could use the Omnitrix then? That thing copies rock/robot/etc. "DNA".

>> No.50767369

What exactly do you have to sacrifice to get higher tiers?

>> No.50767390

>You could use the Omnitrix then?
It would probably work (Omnitrix is bullshit that way) but you would only have your real body transformed by the Omnitrix to work with, since most cloning methods wouldn't work with magitech spiders even if the Omnitrix does.

>> No.50767394

Thanks! Oh, Wyld Revocation. It's like the combined duct tape and WD-40 of manse engineering. At this point I'm something of a missing link between a Devil Tiger and an OG Primordial juiced up on the Empyrean Forge's flame (ugh, I know) so I'm counting on one of my fellow Devil Tigers to have appropriate Fate themes to enhance with my internalised perfection. My money's on Manosque.

And I KNEW it sounded familiar! Whelp, time to get to work. I'm just amazed whoever designed it succeeded were convetional First Age Twilight wisdom failed-wait. My Solar past life /was/ the Magnus who also researched putting the Neverborn to-


. . .

I'm being played. I knew I had a good reason to not fuck with Journeys as much as the others.

>> No.50767399

Could just scan them with Iji's Scanner if they're machines.

>> No.50767400

Sure, but there are perks for that. Like the one from Teen Titans.

>> No.50767407

Nothing. You need to sacrifice (and it's more a metaphorical sacrifice than a literal one, you can sacrifice things like ignorance or naivety, the important thing is how it changes you to give it up) in order to become a sorcerer in the first place. Once you're initiated, though, you can just learn the charms for higher tiers of sorcery.

>> No.50767413

And don't forget Raise the Puisant Sanctum, so you don't even have to do any work to make your manse. That spell is so broken.

>> No.50767415

It depends on the person, but the idea of the sacrifice is to give up something that's holding you back from your potential.

I think the only actual canon example is Ayesha Ura's sacrifice for the second circle. She used to be the lover of Chejop Kejack, the leader of the Bronze Faction, and was basically a nobody. For the Celestial Circle sacrifice, she gave up her love for him so that she could follow her heart in doing what she thought was right, opposing the Bronze Faction. And now she's the leader of the Gold Faction, making her one of the most politically powerful people in the universe, something she could have never done with Chejop.

>> No.50767418

By fluff, you need to sacrifice something else every time you learn a new circle.

>> No.50767421

Something important to you personally and each step is a greater sacrifice.
It's a roleplay prompt and it's different for everyone.
Could be anything from losing a pendant from your late father to getting your arm ripped off in pursuit of knowledge. Doesn't even need to be a physical thing either. You can get rid of your ignorance or hotheadedness.
Adamant/Solar circle initiation is always a huge deal. The kind of thing that changes how your character acts and who he is.
Might be something like sacrificing your life goals or giving up your freedom to dedicate yourself to a cause wholeheartedly..

>> No.50767428

>Don't have anything holding me back from learning magic.

>> No.50767433

Solar circle is the highest right? Hopefully that'll be available in the Solars jump so no sacrifice for me.

>> No.50767434

Huh, so you do. I missed that line. And so did everyone else in my group. Whoops. Guess we've been playing this wrong.

>> No.50767439

If you have litereally nothing in your life that interferes with studying magic, you could probably sacrifice your obsession with magic, requiring you to go out into the world and care about something more important in order to initiate yourself as a sorcerer.

>> No.50767441

Can the aidens restrict your Sidereal charms/whatever else in a different Exalted jump?

>> No.50767447

Once unrestricted, the Maidens can't put the restrictions back on. That's why they're so loath to release them, there's no going back from it.

>> No.50767449

Then you wouldn't want to learn magic. How self-defeating.

>> No.50767453


>> No.50767456

It's fine, the forced sacrifices are fucking stupid.

>> No.50767459

Yes. If you come back to Exalted with the locks still on the loom, all your Astrological Charms are unusable again until they either release them or you move on to another universe again.

You'd still want to learn, you'd just put it in perspective and balance it against other goals.

>> No.50767475

>Firearms contains a mote pool expanding charm
I'm sold. Doesn't even matter that it's an overdrive pool. That's a huge deal for a Sidereal.

>> No.50767483

Well they could get the unconquered sun to put you on his shitlist at the very least.
Astrological charms are unusable by creatures of darkness.
It's supposed to be a safety feature.

>> No.50767492

It's the only way anyone is going to get it.

>> No.50767495

Infernals can do adamant circle sorcery.
It's just green instead of gold.

>> No.50767501

Infernals has it too m8

>> No.50767503

None of you are going to sacrifice an important part of your personality and self for sorcery.

>> No.50767510

You didn't understand my meaning,

>> No.50767528

We already have that jump (mostly) and I think the perk starts you out at celestial? circle. Which means the main sacrifice is something you must still do.

>> No.50767529

Brigids Mantle says hi.

That's not quite how it works, I mean you could, but you could also just pick up a grand heroic task or something.

>> No.50767530

It's a perk in the jump itself, anon. Besides, you underestimate how power hungry (certain, not all) jumpers can be sometimes

Man, that one patio with the couch looks really comfy. Dang it captcha.

>> No.50767538

Speak for yourself. I'm planning to sacrifice my hatred for non-Good mortals when I get to Exalted jumps.

>> No.50767542

Doesn't start you at Solar, which is what you need the stupidest sacrifice for.

Pretty sure any task or quest is just meant to lead you to sacrificing something.

>> No.50767552

But it's not a literal sacrifice. That's just the metaphor. It's a symbolic choice between learning sorcery and other things that are important to you. According to Black and White Treatises, there's rarely a specific moment when you go "oh, I must give up my INSERT PERSONALITY TRAIT HERE in order to progress in sorcery". You just look back later and realize you gave something up along the way. It's about determination to carry on with sorcery even when there are other, more tempting things to care about, not you excising a piece of your personality to fuel your transformation or anything like that.

>> No.50767564

At least one of the devs has gone on record as saying you can pretty mich treat sorcery sacrifices like Lilun.


>> No.50767568

Sacrificing my time for the quest. and my selfishness to help others.
It's not really that bad. You can just invest a point or two in a virtue if you're super lazy.
Just because some STs try and charge a literal arm and a leg doesn't necessarily mean you need that.

>> No.50767570

But that's the most fin kind of hatred

>> No.50767574

Jumpmaker seems to disagree.

>> No.50767575

Just take the fucking DC Occult perk and have someone else make a sacrifice for your magic progression. It isn't complicated.

>> No.50767577

Again, you underestimate how power hungry certain jumpers can be. So believe me, there are people who will do that.

Also see this >>50767552 and this >>50767564.

>> No.50767580

Yeah and only one guy has made all the exalted jumps so far right?

>> No.50767590

You can even pawn the sacrifice off on an enemy.

>> No.50767600

Jump #14
Origin: Scavenger
Location: USA (Perfect. Rich in natural resources.)
Time: Sins of our Fathers
End of the World: Global Climate Change

>Avoid Contamination (Free)
>Diamonds from Dust (100 CP)
>Grapevine Education (200 CP)
I’ll feel secure in knowing that at least for a generation people will maintain what I taught them before deviating from it and possibly running everything I built into the ground
>And I Feel Fine (300 CP)
My body ejects poison and anything that shouldn’t be in it. Which is pretty awesome now, because my obnoxious healing factor didn’t really account for that. I had to gouge out bullets in the past (Which was not good. Taking them out wouldn’t make me bleed a lot because lol UG Cells, but it was painful and gross.), suffer from getting poisoned, and other not fun stuff.
>Rogue (600 CP)
Look…I need this. This is what I need. I need this to be a big damn hero.
>Cybernetics (50 CP + 50 CP + 50 CP + 50 CP + 50 CP)
A cybernetic neck for the first purchase. What? Beheading me can kill me! That’s my one weakness to my obnoxious healing! (50 CP)
The second one was a cybernetic skull. For obvious reasons. (50 CP)
Cybernetic Brain. The upgrade was that now I can plug stuff into my brain and keep it like a memory storage. The second upgrade was that I can copy anything and store it in my memory (100 CP)
>Scav Tool (Free)
>Brutal Weaponry (50 CP)
Actually I just bought this for the novelty of having a chainsaw drill. I’m going to deck it out with obsidian when I get the chance, just to make it even more killy.
>Mutant Syringe (100 CP)


>(+100) Skin Sensitivity

>(+100) Genetic Supremacists

>(+200) Depleted

Story Drawbacks

>(+100) Can of Worms

>(+100) Journey To The Green

Writing coming up

>> No.50767608

I don't disagree. That quote is what I was talking about. It's not a pointless sacrifice, it's allowing sorcery to change you for the better. According to one of the books, you can even form a pointless emotional attachment and then abandon it. What you really sacrificed was the oppurtunity to become a better person.

>> No.50767616

Aw, I forgot to post the jump. It's Generic Post-Apocalyptic

The world itself is run over with water, and a small group of humans live on a small island located on top of the submerged Sierra Mountain range. They’ve long seen the mainland--but they’ve been told never to set foot on it. However, some believe it would be a better place. Some believe a paradise awaits deep in the mainland. But that would change soon.

It’s time for an Actraiser Redux, but this time, I won’t have a god backing me up or helping me. That’s okay. I have a plan. And it’s called using my social perks to become a well-liked leader. Initially I thought about chopping off my hand so it could grow back instantly, but that might be a bit much. So instead I showed off my cool floating island, did some magic, and then asked the people to come with me.

Which they did. My social perks won them over to my side, and soon, we were off.

We reached the green place (Located somewhere in the American South.) and begun to build things. Queen Stellaria and Vyver's helped organize them. Using The Book of Life, I found the plants that would be suitable for growth and health. In the meantime, me and Colress were off setting up equipment to help repair the ozone layer and cool down Earth, as well as helping fertilize the ocean. I wasn’t able to give them a complete education about how to maintain the environment, but at the very least I left them a complete package on how to teach themselves.

>> No.50767634


I left them a book. I told them to keep this book underground, so it wouldn’t get damaged. I’ve been doing all sorts of things during the jumps on my downtime, and I made a book with copies of the terraforming notes, enhanced it thanks with some magic tricks I developed up along the way and:

-It cannot ever rot, set on fire, water damaged, or get damaged by sunlight.
-Age cannot damage it.
-It changes it’s text to a language the person can read. If they can’t read at all...they can’t read the book.
-Also I put a copy of this book on the computer of the place we built.

I then strategically released some pokemon to help terraform and farm the environment, and swore to myself to come back. And I told the people to act nice to each other and share all they had with anyone who needed it. That if they just cooperated with each other, everything would be okay.

My ten years were up, and I still felt I had more to do. But I had more adventures ahead.

>> No.50767668

That's a very good point. Your sacrifice doesn't have to be a bad thing. If you're scared of change than yes, having to change who you are to progress in power is bad. But it also offers you an opportunity to grow and become a more emotionally healthy and mature person. Like, I'm coming to Infernals as my first real high-power jump after a long series of jumps to prepare myself for it. Along the way, I'll have not made any real attachments or connections, so focused on my plan will I have been. My sacrifice is going to be that fear of enjoying myself and interacting with others as something that would distract me from my goals. I'll come out of it as someone who can enjoy life more. It'll be a good thing.

>> No.50767694

They can't jack you on anything else correct?

>> No.50767697

Jump # 145 Devil Survivor
Starting Location: Nagata-Cho
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Background: Drop In (0)

*Peaceful days are over (0)
*Conquer your demons (100, Discount)
*Break the Barricade (200, Discount)
*Let’s Survive (300, Discount)
*Magical Punishment (200)
*Primal Common Tongue (600)

*COMP (0)

*Song of Hope (+300)
*Burn the Witch (+100)

So my mad ramblings ran a little long here and I didn't feel like cutting things down this time so I decided to just pastebin it people are interested in my mad ramblings.


>> No.50767718

Right. They used to be able to deny you certain Charms, but that got fixed by errata.

>> No.50767731

How dangerous is Kid Radd?

>> No.50767735

I'm 600 jumps in. The only 'development' now would be away from what I want to be.

>> No.50767748

Are there any charms (for any of the Exalted types we have jumps for) that give any degree of powers to mortals? I want to empower my soldiers.

>> No.50767753

If you're 600 jumps in what the fuck do you need Adamant sorcery for?
Outside of collection for collection's sake with enough magic boosters it doesn't matter what level of sorcery you have.

>> No.50767756

Making an AI Spirit, like a mixture of a Dresden Files Spirit of Intelligence and a quantum AI from SupCom. Then putting it in charge of an ACU.

Bad Idea [Y/N] ?

>> No.50767760

I want all the neat things.

>> No.50767763

>SMT Lucifer
>Being afraid of anything Nyarlathotep could bring to the table
Considering he's canonically stronger then Nyarlathotep, I doubt that.

Oh, and Aya's dead. Been dead for a while actually, since humans can't survive in the Demon World. Not even Naoya could.

>> No.50767767

Also, what if I have lots of perks like Shaper's Authority and such, to ensure loyalty?

>> No.50767770

Don't you have to sacrifice a spirit you share a mutual love with then it impregnates your brain?

>> No.50767775

There's the Akuma perk from Infernals. Though I don't know if you can do it en-masse.

>> No.50767789

Infernals excell at this. Desecration effects to slap mutations on people and charms that just improve stats right out.
Solars are actually better at training effects, but enlightening a mortals essence so that they can preform exalted terrestrial marial arts is much easier via slapping the enlightened essence mutation on them than training them up.

You can also just make Akuma as a Devil Tiger or with the perk. It's one at a time and takes a lot of motes, but the effects are very strong.

>> No.50767793

I'd prefer a method that doesn't rape their souls, even if the less awful version the perk allows for is still horrific.

>> No.50767813

Thanks, still no akuma though.

>> No.50767844

You could always just teach them sorcery?
It's a learnable thing and terrestrial initiation while time consuming isn't that hard?
Being able to shoot obsidian razor sharp butterflies at people is a pretty decent force multiplier if they can all do it.

>> No.50767850

Yes. Many of them. Both temporary buffs for entire mass combat units and permanent enhancements for individuals. Nothing stopping you from making lots of permanent enhanciles, though, it just takes longer. Infernals tend to work via mutation into a superhuman state, Terrestrials put you through hellish training until your Essence is refined, and Sidereals align you with the fundamental nature of the cosmos to make you just inherently successful at things. Of the three, Infernals are the best at it. Sidereals have expensive and limited options, and Dragonblooded don't get access to the good stuff until they're fairly high-Essence. Infernals can get mutating from the get-go, lots of Yozi have charms for it. I suggest Verdant Emptiness Endowment, from Cecylene's tree. That doesn't have to mutate, it can make clean and aesthetically-appealing upgrades, too. And if the person you're using it on worships you (since one of Cecylene's themes is religion), there's an upgrade charm to make it free to use on them. Cecylene charms can get you a lot of powerful servants very fast. They have to ask for it, though. Even if they consent, they explicitly have to request you give them the upgrade. It's because Verdant Emptiness Endowment is meant for Faustian bargains, there are a lot of upgrades that make people owe you a LOT for the blessing you've given them. But that's really just cosmetic details, if you're using it on your own cult. Just make it some ritual where they pray for power, or something like that.

>> No.50767866

The 400 cp Drop-In perk seems a little iffy. Aren't ranged weapons and vehicles encompassed by Archery and Ride/Sail respectively?

>> No.50767871

Well, there is a way. If you grab the "Make an Akuma" perk from Infernals AND grab the...um...can't remember the name, but it's a charm that allows you to enhance and control others? Anyway, if you have that too, the Jump says you can make people Infernals. Somehow. I actually don't know how that works, but you'd have all the benefits of them being an Akuma without the mind/soul rape!

>> No.50767880

Oh, while I'm talking about Verdant Emptiness Endowment, something I should mention: You can use it on yourself, too. And there's an upgrade to let it give Background dots instead of enhancements that reflect your personal ability, twisting fate so that they'll come to you via a seemingly-natural processes. That makes it a really useful tool, you can acquire pretty much any non-magical resource you need.

>> No.50767885

You don't make people infernals they just get the urge while keeping their motivation like an infernal.
Functionally similar, but they can't raise their essence above 3 without an exaltation.

>> No.50767891

Essence 4. Becoming an Akuma raises all your trait caps by 1.

>> No.50767894

Yes, but Shards of the Exalted Dream introduced specialized Drive/Firearms Charms. You'd have to ask other jumpmakers if you can develop those on your own for other splats, but Sidereals can't create new Charms on their own.

But you should be able to use Archery/Ride/Sail Excellencies to make yourself super good with guns or cars, at least.

>> No.50767904

Okay, but they still have free will and all that while also being able to learn charms essence 3 (4, according to this >>50767891) and below. The other anon didn't like how turning people into Akuma was essentially soul rape, so this should be a solution?

>> No.50767915

Can NGE Angels learn the Secondary Field or Energy Projection perks?

>> No.50767922

It's still soul rape, the end result is just less awful.

>> No.50767929

My mistake then. That's actually not a bad deal for mortals in that case though. I can see why people would sell out even if it's a tremendously bad idea from an objective standpoint.

You still pull their body and soul inside out when you do it.
Becoming an akuma is a painful and horrifying thing even if you're merciful not to change who they are in the process.
Losing your motivation is only a part of the soul rape.

>> No.50767938

It was from my generic magical girl jump where I was a magical idol fighting elder gods who were also sometimes magical idols. Actually. I kind of rule that all Nyarlathotep are one in the same or at least pretend to be. Also Lucifer wasn't so much afraid of it; it was more shock. It was like pulling the Ultimate Nulifier on Galactus... if it had failed utterly.
Did not know the thing about Aya... I never played the games and wrote this based on info in the wiki. So I got that part wrong.

>> No.50767949

Right, but that's why you hit them with Glories That Never Were so they regard the pain as being unpleasant but ultimately positive, like the strain from a hard exercise routine. God, I love Golden Years Tarnished Black and Glories That Never Were. They're some of the most evil charms in the Ebon Dragon's charmset, and that's saying something.

>> No.50767964

I don't really get the whole allowing free will part of the Akuma perk, you'd think that you wouldn't want to let someone do this to defy you afterwards. Their first thought is pretty likely to be revenge.

>> No.50767978

Turning someone into an Akuma also lets you edit their memories. If you wanted to, you could make it so that they don't remember the process.

>> No.50767992

Because an urge is narrow enough to get in the way sometimes.
Free will means being able to make educated decisions that won't shitfuck a plan by accident.
Sometimes knowing when not to push forward is important.
Since they still have an urge even with free will they can't slip the leash easily, but can still not be a retard savant.

There's also the part where you might want to use it on people you actually care about.

>> No.50768031

That's the thing, if you are turning them into an Akuma you don't really care all that much about them. If you did you wouldn't be turning them into an Akuma at all.

>> No.50768043

There were other things. Since you have PCT, demons won't stay away from you, they'll come after you. You're their ticket to bringing their buddies/masters into the mortal world, and the Bels and their cults for sure will want you under their control. Not only that, but keep in mind also that Kazuya has to beat the Bels to summon Babel. No Bels, no Babel. So there's that as well.

>> No.50768051

>My mistake then. That's actually not a bad deal for mortals in that case though. I can see why people would sell out even if it's a tremendously bad idea from an objective standpoint.
It also gives them Awakened Essence for free. For a non-magical character, it's a huge upgrade. I'm considering using it on various technology-based superhumans in other jumps. Evil ones, of course, wouldn't want to do this to anyone nice.

>> No.50768058

Is there anything else like Solipsistic Integrity that ensures you "heal perfectly"?

>> No.50768084

Plenty of healing factors work like that. You could also shapeshift the scars away or use healing magic.

Infernals get some SWLiHN charms that work like that too.
In fact the healing factor from those charms is excellent since it works on things that aren't just damage.
You can heal unwanted changes to yourself with it, like someone turning you into a duck.

>> No.50768139

Could a Pattern Blue eventually learn to manifest a Secondary Field?

>> No.50768149

You'd need to ask the jumpmaker or someone with an actual understanding of NGE beyond memes.

>> No.50768217

That's not going to happen, anon. Muyo is gone. Long gone. However, to answer the anon's question:

No. Of the angels seen in canon, only Zeruel and Tabris, the strongest of the Angels besides the Seeds of Life, had a Secondary Field. It's just something they had, they didn't learn it. If you don't buy the perk, you won't have it. Keep in mind that the former took several nukes (basically, they're not actual nukes but they do as much if not more damage) to the face without even noticing, and the latter literally distorted gravity, light, sound, and space with his A.T. field. Automatically. As in, just by deploying the field he did it. It wasn't on purpose, he just...did it.

>> No.50768226

Okay, thanks. What about Energy Projection? Is that something that could be learned?

>> No.50768267

yeah your right. I think I'll do a bit more research, fix what I have written and re-post it. I probably could have evaded the lesser demons, the cults and especially the demons who were gods probably would have been a bigger problem. Also yeah... I need the Bels in there.

>> No.50768270

Again, no. It's just something angels that have it naturally know. Keep in mind that most angels don't seem to have the ability, for example, Shamshel, Gaghiel, Sandalphon, Matarael, Sahaquiel, Ireul, Leliel, Bardiel, Arael, and Armisael. Even Tabris doesn't seem to have it. It's like...can you learn how to see? Can you learn how to taste? It's like that.

>> No.50768323

Okay so whoever said they were interested in doing the Abyssals jump, I had some ideas if you wanted any input on that. My net's sketchy for the next few days though.

Okay, love the jump, but can you elaborate a little more on what Qlithu-Sohtk is exactly? Am I right in assuming it's a 4-dot or 5-dot Sidereal Manse that gives a Dream-stone hearthstone, plus all the other benefits they mention?
And does the Spider count as a companion?

What happens if we're a Machine Caliber and take the Hideous Mantle perk? Do we get a Hideoze that's sized for a machine caliber?

>> No.50768335

Well, basic rundown is this:
>God's actually nice here, and is taking a gamble on the human race. The angels thing mankind should be either destroyed or have its' free will stripped, but God wants to give them one last chance.
>Demons won't automatically know you have PCP unless they see you. They won't know you have it other then that and rumors. Bels, on the other hand, might know.
>Naoya will accept anything besides running away or joining God and just try again later. He can afford to do that.
>Lucifer and the other big demons don't really care about Earth. The stronger the demon, the less they care. There are multiple demon courts, but Lucifer rules them all.
>The angels are dicks, except for Remiel. He's okay, though he can be a little condescending sometimes. Still has mankind's best interest at heart, and it's implied that he refused to use God's Thunder and destroy Earth on Naoya's 8th day despite Abel rebelling making him a black sheep among the angels.
>In other news, the angels run the government. So that's a thing.
>Going to Hell/Makai is a bad idea. Not only would you die just from being there as human, even if you didn't the demons would swarm you. Plus, demons are stronger on their home turf, coming to Earth weakens them.

Obviously there's a lot of other stuff, but this and the jump should give you a decent head start.

>> No.50768342

Whelp it seems I screwed up my calculations on my companions CP so I had to redo some stuff but here you go.

Once Upon a Time Jump 045 (Redux):
CP: 1000
Broken Heart (In a Companion) [+300]
A Heart More Pure than Snow [+300]
Born of Darkness [+300]
Location: Trailer in Massachusetts.
Origins: Villain
Race: Dragon [300]
Magic [600]
A Bit Odd [100]
Evil Laugh [Free]
Villainous Charms [100]
Black-Hearted Bastard [200]
A Golden Opportunity [300]
Great Big Book of Jumper's Tales [50]

Companions [150]
Ranma [500]
Race: Human
Origin: Minor Character
A Bit Odd [Free]
A Clear Conscience [200]
Operation Cobra [300]

Marcus [500]
Race: Human
Origin: Minor Character
A Bit Odd [Free]
A Clear Conscience [200]
Magic Beans [300]

Roselyn [500]
Race: Human
Origin: Drop-In
Right on Track [Free]
Let it Go [100]
Charming Good Looks [100]
A Mad Hat [300]

Ryoga [500]
Race: Human
Origin: Minor Character
A Bit Odd [Free]
A Clear Conscience [200]
Operation Cobra [300]

Misaka Worst [500]
Race: Human
Origin: Minor Character
A Bit Odd [Free]
A Clear Conscience [200]
Operation Cobra [300]

Sabo [500]
Race: Human
Origin: Minor Character
A Bit Odd [Free]
A Clear Conscience [200]
Operation Cobra [300]

Kazuma [500]
Race: Human
Origin: Hero
Charming Good Looks [Free]
True Believer [100]
Destined Savior [200]
Fairy Dust [200]

Yumi [500]
Race: Human
Origin: Hero
Charming Good Looks [Free]
True Love’s Kiss [300]
Squid Ink [200]

For a few snippets of my life in this world I'll leave this here.

>> No.50768350

>What is Qlithu-Sohtk
Already answered here >>50767133, bro. Can't answer the Spider one, though.

>> No.50768405

Anon above pointed you to the post on Qlithu. The Spider isn't a companion, just a magitech robot.

>> No.50768426

Thanks, I clearly missed the earlier post.

>> No.50768483

thank you, I'll probably wind up watching a lets play to try and get things a bit more accurate but I appreciate the information.

>> No.50768634

In regards to Exalted sorcery I'm fanwanking it to be 3e's far superior version of sorcery.

>> No.50768646

Thats nice, but why tell the thread?
It's not like things run on hard game mechanics anyways so most things 3e sorcery can do should be reasonably attainable with the proper custom 2e spell.

>> No.50768714

People were talking about how you acquire sorcery and in 3e its completely different.

Plus 3e has workings.

>> No.50768717

How hard is Bronze and Gold in Sidereals? From what I know of Exalted, the Gold Scenario would be even harder than Manuals 8 Through 12, as long as it's not your first jump.

>> No.50768728

That's nice, but how can you use it without third edition essence.

>> No.50768739

Uh, what kind of swords does the bowsword fire? Because swords aren't very aerodynamic and are relatively heavy.

>> No.50768742

Well that's dreadful of you to do when comparing 3e's sorcery to 2e's is like comparing a railgun to an ICBM and 2e is explicitly full of setting revisions such as the Reclaimation no longer existing in its' 2e format and the very nature of the Exaltation's origins being different, but there's not much I can do about it other than disparage you.

Dick move to rub it in everyone's face, though.

I don't get that either, yeah. Both factions as a whole should be way more dangerous than some bargain bin Exalts.

>> No.50768747

By fluff you should be able to pull of workings or an equivalent.
Sorcery is just reality programming/hacking even if mechanically it's a clunky piece of shit.
Making it do what you want is just a matter of study and effort.

>> No.50768786

Hey /jc/, a bit of a clarification. What exactly do these do in the Forgotten Realms Jump?

Wise Arse
A Back That's Brawny And A Brain That's Weak Smarter Than The Average Owlbea
Charisma of Kings

It says that the associated stats are in the 'top 1% of your race,' but looking through the monster manual, I can't seem to find any reference to some sort of bell curve?

What does this top 1% mean to a silver dragon?

>> No.50768799

Gold scenario is something that the Solars would have ended up doing on their own.
The hard part is making sure you're the one still pulling the strings.
The bronze scenario is the real tough one. Dragon bloods are weaksauce and if the Solars are coming back you'd better believe they're all getting disposed.

Manuals 8 through 12 seems like it's not a big deal, but you basically have an OC OP circle of exalts that are going to destroy creation if you don't stop them. Exalts are very good at doing what they set out to do and fucking with the Shinma is serious business.
Nobody is going to help you either so you're on your own.

I'd say it's harder since Bronze and Gold gives you a fuckton of backup. Even if you'll have people opposing you that's still easier than fighting/stopping 5 exalts with unknown capabilities based off of WoD splats by yourself.

>> No.50768834

They do something?
Top 1% is just kind of an approximation. Monster manual given stats are the equivalent of rolling a ten in every attribute as a human.
You'd be better at whatever stat you bought. how much is mostly fanwank, but since 18 is the usual max at character creation you can reasonably give yourself that as a player race.
How that works as a monster I dunno.
The jump isn't very good and the maker isn't around anymore so it's up in the air.

>> No.50768848

Would Mach 600 be enough to outrun Ajordan? Mach 1200? Teleportation?

>> No.50768862

It means that your relevant base ability scores are like 17 or 18, instead of whatever your "usual" stats are.
Eg: Wise Arse means you have a Wisdom score of 17 or 18.
An average human is 10 or 11 in most stats.
You may already have higher "stats" depending what perks you have previously, but at least it means you background has always had such high stats.

If you're looking at a Silver Dragon stat block, it mean add 7 or 8 to the scores in the ability blocks (Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha), which means an extra +3 or +4 to most other stats (skill checks, saves, armor class etc.). What exactly those scores mean depends on what age category you are, since Dragons advance ability scores by age category.

Special note: for spellcasting classes, the level of the spell you can cast is (ability score-10). So you need at least a 19 to cast 9th level spells.

>> No.50768925

How do you reach Mach 600? I need perks to go fast

>> No.50768996

What giant monster animal form did you guys go with in Primal Rage?

>> No.50769000

Killer Rabbit from Dragon's Crown.

>> No.50769005

Oh wait you said /giant/ monster my bad...

>> No.50769023

Speedster (Arrowverse) - Mach 40
Omega-level Super Speed (X-Men Movies) - Mach 30
F.I.S.S. x5 (PS238) - Mach 6
Fastest Thing Alive + Capstone Booster (Classic Sonic) - Mach 25
1000 CP Race (SMT) - Mach 51
Turbo (Doomjump) - 400% speed
Umbra Witch/Lumen Sage (Bayonetta) - in excess of Mach 1
Devil/Half-devil (DMC) - in excess of Mach 1
Speed (Naruto) - in excess of Mach 100
True Mibu tree - (Samurai Deeper Kyo) - in excess of Mach 10
Training and/or Light-Light Fruit (One Piece) - in excess of Mach 10/Lightspeed
Servant Supplement, EX Speed (Fate/ Servant Supplement) - Mach 21
Philotic Thought (Speaker for the Dead) - Thoughts at lightspeed
APM Intensifies (Sword Art Online) - Reflexes to match speed
Drop-in + Level 100 - (Overlord) - in excess of Mach 1
Something (Bleach) - in excess of Mach 10, probably

I probably missed a few, but these are some of the most obvious.

>> No.50769039

An Ankylosaurus.
That form, standing on two legs, plus Hulking Brute perk makes me picture it as a giant armored Krogan with a mace tail.

>> No.50769045

You could probably get it by combining speed force (Arrowverse) and omega speedster (X-Men movies) with Lunar Dial (Touhou). The two speedster powers should get you to Mach 60 easily and I'd say Lunar Dial would be capable of slowing down time relative to yourself by ten times. Or you could get the Light-Light fruit in One Piece.

>> No.50769049

Don't forget that perk in GHQ's powers supplement that lets you go arbitrarily fast.
It doesn't protect you from going that fast, but you can speed with the best of them if you don't mind your skin melting due to friction.

Thankfully there's a perk in Cavestory that prevents your own movement from hurting you.

>> No.50769077

Go to a jump that has miniturized FTL tech.
Then assimilate said tech with the Worm Power or Savage Salvage.
I recommend Futurama as it's one of the fastest out there.

>> No.50769090

>Not mentioning the item that lets you double your current speed no matter what speed that is.

>> No.50769094

Overlord and the New Sidereals jump have items that double your speed too.
Put those with the Doom perk and you're zooming.
There's also haste spells and effects but I guess those are a given.

>> No.50769129

There's also going to a comics jumps and playing with genetics.

>> No.50769164

IIRC, Metal Gear and Kill la Kill can also get up to some crazy shit.

>> No.50769166

How fucked up would it be for me to want to fuse my soul with my companions' to create a multi-soul primordial-like gestalt being?

>> No.50769203

Depends. Is it like Prototype or Steven Universe Fusion?

>> No.50769226

>Fiend has that sexy anima power
>need more CP
>looks at Terrible Torment drawback, 200 CP
>This can't be that bad.
>Pulls up Manual of Exalted Power - Infernals

>> No.50769232


>> No.50769244

You mean the melding of your minds until you are no longer yourself?

>> No.50769303

I don't want to actually absorb or fuse the bodies and minds, but more like linking our souls while maintaining a certain grade of individuality, while together forming a single being, the actual Jumper.

>> No.50769319

Nah that's Amalgamite or something I think he means the whole thing where you absorb the SOUL of a Human/Monster and become greater than the sum or your parts. Like what Flowy did.

>> No.50769326

Chill, bro. Just make that your Anima power for a Devil Tiger. Pretty sure you lose you old one, anyway.

>> No.50769350

Can you choose the basic placement of Caste marks on your forehead? I want to form an underlying pattern with them, so it looks interesting when I activate all of them at once.

>> No.50769611

They explicitly say you have to make further sacrifices for each circle. Though Infernals don't have to repeat the process for each version of the same circle.

>> No.50769704

They also describe it as leaving behind a void in your mind/soul that you fill with a glimpse of the truth of the universe. And the Necromancy version is very much not something you're capable of doing accidentally or without noticing.

And, of course, the Lunars have ways described to help you figure out an appropriate sacrifice...

Not to speak of the First Sorceror, Brigid, who had a moment of transformation and sacrifice shown in the B&W treatise.

B&W Treatise p17
"After a sorcerer completes the other four ordeals, he must
choose between advancing his knowledge or something
else: the love of a paramour or family member; keeping
his wealth; having a finger bitten off by a rampaging demon; or some other loss. Masters can arrange these ordeals for their students, but the sacrifice often happens of its own accord."

"Likewise, sorcerers without masters generally look back and see where they have made their sacrifice. Exalts who transcend the Terrestrial Circle of sorcery must render up another, greater sacrifice at each new circle. These sacrifices often follow the same theme.A sorcerer who gives up her lover might later see her husband and children leave her, and then finally choose between mastering Solar Circle Sorcery or letting one of her children die. These decisions are never easy to make. Those that are easy are not truly sacrifices."

It really isn't surprising that it sometimes happens in the course of study without intent, particularly given the Silurian Working, that engraved learning sorcery into Creation.

It isn't something that makes you a better person, or stops holding you back, or anything like that by default... that is just what happens when someone or something is guiding your path (including yourself, if you decide to MAKE that the sacrifice).

>> No.50769771

Anything with the relevant keyword...I think it was War? the Harmonious academic Methodology Tree for Solars (or Fiends via charmshare), the Tiger Warrior training tree for Solars (same), Solars and lunars both have various charms letting you invest a bit of essence to let someone have access to learning a fraction of their charm sets... there's Solar charm that boosts their effective integrity as long as they are loyal to you (doesn't have to be fealty, friends and lovers would work). There's also a charm that converts an extra(s) to heroic mortal status.

You can use Medicine to cause/grant people 'mutations', which include things like regeneration, immortality, and essence awakening...

There's a Adamant level spell (sun-focused, but eh), that grants your army, as far as you can see, something like the mystical oomph difference between mortals and mid-tier elementals/gods/exalted, for mass combat.

For the most part, you can do it via intense training perks, to raise their stats/abilities and get them to enlightenment, medicine or occult twist their bodies a bit for power, some perks that treat social attacks on/via them as an attack on you (your group), but actual empowerment tends to be a an investment in individuals.

>> No.50769820

>Naruto, Mach 100

I don't see how becoming faster than most ground vehicles somehow translates to Mach 100.

>> No.50769836

mantra level VIII from Asura’s Wrath lets you move at the low end of relativistic speeds.
Futurama FTL doesn't move you so much as it moves the universe around you. You would be completely still

>> No.50769850

>faster than most ground vehicles somehow
Not him, but that description is flat-out wrong. There are people moving at super sonic speeds by the end of the first arc.

>> No.50769869

Don't Naruto and Sasuke run past multiple countries in the time it takes Kakashi to talk to the Sage?

>> No.50769875

How good are Heroic Mortals? Comparable to Captain America?

>> No.50769881

>Umbra Witch/Lumen Sage (Bayonetta) - in excess of Mach 1
Witch time can be stacked.

There is an entire bossfight that takes place in 5 seconds.


>> No.50769889

Not really, unless they completely max out Physical Attributes.

>> No.50769890

They and other ninjas can also take so long to run 20 feet that an entire conversation can take place. It's not a good measurement of how fast they actually are. It's the sort of thing vs threads use to try to wank them into being far more powerful than the entire setting shows them to be by treating plot holes as legitimate feats.

>> No.50769891

The absolute top tier should all be around 2000-3000+ times the speed of sound yeah.

>> No.50769902

Pretty sure that's just narrative time or something anon, not them being mentally disabled. Hundreds of other anime do the same thing.

>> No.50769913

That's what I was saying anon. Them crossing huge distances in the space of a conversation was also that effect. It was more a case of the sense of scale/timing not being considered by the writers than them actually being that fast.

>> No.50769914

How is them moving that fast a plot hole?

>> No.50769924

Eh, I think it's a lot more believable given how powerful they are by then, especially compared to everyone else. It feels like you're trying to connect two examples that don't really match up here, as them being that fast isn't really that unbelievable since it doesn't create any plot holes as anyone they were fighting at that point was also far stronger then almost everyone else.

>> No.50769929

How fast would you say they're going then anon? You seem to have an idea, since you're telling us all what answers are unreasonable.

>> No.50769939

They're a bit more than twice as tough, and get a bit of an edge in rounding and stunts. So not at all comparable to Captn (unless they've been trained to 5dots in every stat and skill) just from that.

Still noticeably better than a non-heroic mortal, though.

>> No.50769949

Eh, that's like saying that because time stops for Zatanna to cast a spell or Wolverine to hold a conversation mid-fall, that the flash didn't actually rescue 30,000 after a nuke detonated. They're different types of events.

>> No.50769952


Oh, you again. Weren't you arguing against this very same example a little while ago? I swear another guy was here about the exact same thing arguing about what the author's really intended.

>> No.50769972

Are there any perks that would allow you to make your summons invisible? Preferably initially and not after they've already been conjured.

>> No.50769982

I don't really know how to tell you mang. Like this brings up a neat little thing I read once:

"Can normal humans in the real world jump 2 yards straight up from a standing start?
Then its safe to presume that while Creation-born have abilities which are similar to those of real world people, their capacities are in many cases superhuman compared to real world people.
Since Exalted is a setting where everything, including ability to inflict and resist social influence on others, is magically enhanceable there is no reason to assume someone with Presence five ("turn a series of murderous religious fanatics who see you as a literal demon into adherents to a completely opposed religious ideology") is less superhuman than a person with Athletics 5.
And keep in mind "that's just the way Creation born work", they don't need any magical assistance or pumping. They're just inherently superhuman compared to mundane people.
The maximum deadlift for a creation-born is actually somewhere around 4,500 lbs barring explicit magical Charms."

In addition to this things like five dots in Martial Arts manifest as the ability to take on a crowd of thugs with style, handicapped, and whilst showing off.
Comparing them to the Captain who is a "Peak Human" in Marvel? Well comics it's no contest but the Captain from the Cinematic universe is basically an all 5 physical powerhouse with something increasing his soak. Hell the Captain would be a Heroic Mortal in some of his comics, as he doesn't always have that insane durability and his feats are kinda all over the place.

>> No.50769989

I'm not trying to stir shit up, and didn't realise that this was such a touchy subject.

I personally think if true it would eclipse every other feat of speed in the series, and considering they had good reason to use speed like that at other points, such as in fights or while travelling in other scenes, but didn't, it probably isn't an accurate estimation of their speeds.

I will however leave this as my last post on the matter. If you want to believe it or not I will say no more. Sorry if I was coming across as shitposting, that was not my intent.

>> No.50769990

Or the system was built around the assumption you'd be an Exalted so when you're using the dots and mechanics for non exalted things get a little weird?

>> No.50770004

Nope because the Scroll of Heroes calls out this kinda stuff, most people just don't train enough to get more than two dots in anything, as you can just get a specialty much easier as a Mortal than training all of your physical stats and such.

>> No.50770006

>Eclipse every other feat of speed
You mean like how they've both gotten several immense power ups in addition to already being two of the highest power characters in the series? Wow, I wonder why they're faster then most other characters.

>No reason
Probably because they didn't have that speed prior to all those power ups and when they did get them, most of the time was spent fighting guys just as powerful so we'd have no way to judge their relative speeds since it was all close combat with equally fast guys.

It really seems like you don't actually know what you're talking about and you've just heard about the series from threads a bit.

>> No.50770019

>No reason
Should be ">considering they had good reason to use speed like that"

>> No.50770028

Well, actually, final form Madara has the best clearly calc'd feat of speed, just before these two run across countries, and he was at something like 3300 Mach. Which seems pretty consistent with the two guys roughly around his level running across countries in seconds.

>> No.50770044

An Imaginos body from GUNNM might also be very good for speed. The jump document says it begins at (and will vastly surpass) 100 times peak human which is around 12.4 m/s so multiply that by 100 and you get 1.24 km/s (around Mach 3.6).

Or, to put it another way, Alita in such a body managed to run fast enough to experience red/blueshift while running on foot.

>> No.50770097

Who was it that dodged lightning again? I remember that being a huge thing.
Inb4: Naruto dodged point blank FAL lasers!

>> No.50770122

Several people I think. The most well known is probably Naruto not only dodging the Raikage's Lightning Straight but also running around him and ending up where the Raikage first attacked from. I think Gaara's sand blocked it from close range once too, but that might've been Amaterasu.

>> No.50770131

No not the lightning straight. Natural lightning, it was supposed to be a big thing for the average Jonin or something.

>> No.50770133

hey heavens. I'm reading the Suit Up option in Metroid and is that triggered by a thought or is there some kind of Henshin device involved ?

>> No.50770139

Though you can be a non-heroic mortal with 5s, or a heroic without... this stuff isn't dependent on that.

>> No.50770144

Uh, that time Kakashi cut a lightning bolt maybe? That was back when he was a lot younger and in ANBU so it might apply to the average jonin like you say?

I'll have to have a look around I guess.

>> No.50770207

They clearly have Talking Is A Free Action perk from DC Occult.

>> No.50770280

If you were to take the best guy at... let's say fist fighting. The most optimized battle monster I can readily think up would have their Dexterity 5 + Martial Arts 5 + a Specialty 3 + Double Jointed for 4 more dice + average stunting of 1 additional die = 18 dice and an average of 9 to hit in a world where the Exalted have DV's around 5-9 barring similar combat monsters who'd have a firm hold on a DV of 8-12. This is a guy who can with great effort can hit the average Exalt and makes most of the other mortals around him look very bad at his specialized skill set. This guy, a beast that fights on the levels of the little Gods in his world, would be equal to the average Captain America.
Now lets say you're going to take the Warrior line of perks from Mortal Heroes Gauntlet written by Gaunlet that'll end you at having the power of the above character along with some neat techniques called Excellencies, though they are the worst of their kind, which basically just make you do better. Charms could be used to do anything from storing actions for later with Principle of Motion to Perfectly blocking attacks no matter their damage output, esoteric stuff like that.
On average they have, I believe, Dexterity 3 + Martial Arts 3 + average stunting of 3 additional die = 9 dice and an average of 5-6. These are supposedly organic in their birth, basically they didn't get to pick and choose wha they put their dots into. With Charms and artifacts one of the most lethal people in the world is a Mortal. He's called the Perfect of Paragon and you don't fuck with him.

>> No.50770294

Where it says stunting in that last line I meant specialty.

>> No.50770305

How long have we had a Sonichu Jump? Why do we have a Sonichu Jump?

>> No.50770326

Samurai Deeper Kyo. All top fighters above 100 Mach.

>> No.50770342

>How long have we had a Sonichu Jump?

about a month and a half now.

>Why do we have a Sonichu Jump?

nobody knows....

>> No.50770351

>How long have we had a Sonichu Jump?
A couple of months.

>Why do we have a Sonichu Jump?
Because we hate ourselves and we love power.

>> No.50770471

Dickstabbers, all of us.

>> No.50770527

>How long have we had a Sonichu Jump?
A couple of months.

>Why do we have a Sonichu Jump?
I think to date everyone is basically there to beat the fuck out of Chis-Chan... or level the place before salting the earth it remains upon.

>> No.50770535

How would someone actually go about breaking the Games of Divinity, anyway?

>> No.50770547

>Battling a force of evil that powerful
>on his home turf where he is strongest
>within the universe of his own design

>> No.50770553

>Why do we have a Sonichu Jump?
I remember when I noticed that

No one is forcing you to jump it.

>> No.50770560

Good point. So we need that Dimension Lord + Inner World combo, and then to trick him into OUR universe?

>> No.50770565

I think this is the jump that officially made me decide no, I really don't have to jump every possible setting.

>> No.50770566

>>Battling a force of evil that powerful
>>on his home turf where he is strongest
>>within the universe of his own design

In order to win you must become the autist you hate

>> No.50770572

Personally, it'd say a Total Annihilation spell would work fine.

>> No.50770618

I just hung out, watched everything, and laughed at everyone whenever it felt appropriate.

>> No.50770619

But I'm a completionist

>> No.50770632

So. . . just when are you jumping the small horses?

>> No.50770634

Unrelated note, do we have a Total Annihilation Jump claimed?

>> No.50770643


>> No.50770645

Not as far as I know?

>> No.50770648

When GR15 gets lifted, and a competently made one gets past our QR process. Otherwise it's an Unjump, and talking about Unjumps is treason.

>> No.50770661

It's been posted in thread and if you're a real completionist you have to jump it. I'll make you earn that badge, fucker.

>> No.50770672

5 off satan, would have been perfect

>> No.50770681

I'm sad about that too.

>> No.50770704


All this time, I've been agonizing over how to create more Chaos Emeralds when I've completely overlooked the obvious solution:

>Rig up SWLIHN-flavored Infernal Bastion somewhere
>Stick a Seed of Wonder from the ol' cache of cloned Old Ones body parts in there to amplify its' buffness
>Use custom SWLIHN adamant sorcery initiation spell to make some sort of feedback loop integrate the Seed and the IB
>Plant the 8th Chaos Emerald near the whole thing in a magic circle or something, and cast FF14's Crystal Cache Seeds
>Cast Vein Revitalisation once you've got enough to make mineral veins out of

The only question that remains is-FF14 magic seems to have a lot to do with merging crystals with living material. And a lot of demonic Craft: Genesis involves biometallic artifacts, from Malfeas' blood melons to Benezet's plant-tech.

So. Mixing Cytherean and Pyrian Essence with the intent of making some sort of Chaos Emerald kudzu-engine, like a leyline partical accelerator made of crystal vines. Y/N?

Brute force works just fine, I think. Apart from a Total Annihilation a Soulbreaker Orb or those hellfire/shadow accelerator cannons they make in Malfeas would probably do the trick too.

Wait, really?

>> No.50770710

I'm surprised we don't see more "I went there just to kill everyone" posts from edgy kids.

>> No.50770733

Dude Chis-Chan would get wrecked by a Jumper with Harry Potter under their belt. I'm not talking Save or Die here I'm talking conjured birds flying about with grenades and Apperation combo'ed with fast spells like cutters and jelly legs jinxes. Combat level teleporters are fucking difficult to deal with and for a person who has the leg up you can get in HP it would be easy enough to do. Chris-Chan's power come from a fucking ring, so you could just cut off the hand/finger that has the ring and then summon the ring to you. If you're talking about the fact that he could, maybe, retcon your ass out of existence I think the hero/villain perkline has something for that.
Other than his, dubious, retcon ability there is also the fact that he has basically sonic and pikachu all rolled into one. Easy enough with stuff like the Impedance Hex which just randomly impedes folks.

All I'm saying is that Chris-Chan isn't the worst foe, let me rephrase, the most dangerous foe when we've got Jumpers who are double Devil-Tigers with access to Level 5 ESPer bullshit. Hell you could even just go to Prototype to Nab runner perks and a nuke. Hit Chris-Chan's home with said nuke from a very long fucking ways off.

>> No.50770735

Well that's what I'm going to do
I just don't feel like making a big deal out of it.

>> No.50770736

There's a drawback that makes them genocidally hate humans and puts them in contact with earth. Then you can kill them without even being edgy!

>> No.50770738


I still maintain that in order to be a completionist you have to do all the jumps. Yes, even those. It's like saying you're an SW completionist, but you haven't watched the shitty Ewok movies or the Christmas special.

That's not how it works.

>> No.50770762

I don't think so. As it says in the Notes you'd have to prove it to get it working like that, good sir.

>> No.50770802

>1000 CP Race (SMT) - Mach 51
Is this all 1k CP races or just select?

>> No.50770805

661, the neighbor of the beast. Pride, specifically.

662 is envy, 668 is gluttony, 669 is lust

>> No.50770816

It's just not the same anon

>> No.50770822

Frankly I'm starting to think being a completionist is overrated. For one thing I've given up on keeping digital records because pastebin keeps shitting the bed, and everything thus far's been saved on it.

Besides, I'm not Star Wars fan, but even I'm dimly aware absolutely nobody has had their life enriched by the Ewok movies or the Chris-ahem, LIFE DAY special other than unintentional cringe comedy.

I mean, I was under the impression it was basically Hokuto no Ken but with vampire samurai. Not a romp in the ol' Marvel Comics.

>> No.50770837

So, can an Angel in NGE get Gud and learn the other AT field powers without buying their perks?

As for Bloodborne, I don't see why people agonize over the NOT so high difficulty of drawback instead of how it and Nightmare lock certain scenarios unless you take em but taking them doesn't let you keep a blue feather to waifu Maria. Truly suffering

>> No.50770861

Perhaps start a new chain and do mainly the properties you know and love? Adventure over ultra super science?

>> No.50770867

I know that some fiends like go fast

>So, can an Angel in NGE get Gud and learn the other AT field powers without buying their perks?

Why wouldn't they? But keep in mind that you would need to alter yourself as a being to gain those abilities instead of just purchasing them.

>> No.50770880

Whats inner world from?

>> No.50770887

Is that some sort of SMT Ghost Rider?

'Cause that's awesome.

>> No.50770909

Well, that's hard to say because of the sheer variance of powers they display. In general, there's kind of a running theme that angels simply are (along with the implication they're mentally isolated compared to Lilim) while humans have the knack of using tools and adapting themselves. Armisael's really notable for seeming to briefly defy this before it blows up with Lilith!Rei; of course you could always write this off as the angels' mentality being fixated on a single goal or something, but given the supplementary material says they're carriers of reincarnated alien souls it is evidence that capability wasn't built into most of them. So personally, I'd say it's generally a non-starter, unless you have Ineffable, an S2 Engine and High Energy Reaction-at which point fanwank ensures. But having Metaphysical Biology and doing the tweaks yourself is probably a safer bet.

Also, like all waifus Maria is shit.

I mean she literally sits there pretending to be dead unless you try to walk past her, at which point she tries to kill you.

On Earth, this is generally considered a sign of lacking interest in romantic relationships.

>> No.50770916

Exalted: Infernals

If you take it and a certain Charm, you can make an infinitely growing universe.

>> No.50770938

I dunno. I've had that suggested before and I have seriously considered it, but I just don't know if I have the energy to get invested in a whole new chain of events (no pun intended) all over again as much as I have this one, you know?

The super science was always a means to an end, anyway. I feel like if I only did properties I knew and loved, I'd either end up with some boring asshole who sits around eating popcorn all the time, or a dead man.

Because I happen to like a lot of properties were reality goes bork-shaped around the second act.

>> No.50770942

You can make that without using just the charm, it's just the other benefits you want the perk for.

>> No.50770978

> For one thing I've given up on keeping digital records because pastebin keeps shitting the bed, and everything thus far's been saved on it.
Funnnily enough I can swear by Google Docs as of right now.

>I mean, I was under the impression it was basically Hokuto no Ken but with vampire samurai. Not a romp in the ol' Marvel Comics.
I don't doubt that there might be some kind of argument for it, as there are folks who take it down to pixels and such, but I just want proof before I go for it. It's mostly the former but I want to be sure it doesn't have elements of the latter if you catch my meaning.

Heard that. I guess you could expand upon your early chain stuff, I can't remember seeing any of the stuff before Narly put a fire under your ass and you hit Ravenloft. Those are the points I remember, but your decent into Anti-Spiral Anon I can't recall. Expanding upon that core character, whom you may or may not be returning to/honoring in your actions as Garlock would be neat and might give you some perspective on some things.

>> No.50771064

> Goto Sonichu
> Take the drawback that locks you inside the moon
> Companions decide they must be supposed to free you.
> Use your limited ability to interact with the world towards a single goal: STOP YOUR COMPANIONS FROM FREEING YOU.

>> No.50771136

...hah. Y'know, in a roundabout way? I might just be doing that.

See, the reason why you probably don't remember my early chain stuff was because...there probably wasn't any worth remembering. Way back in the dawn of Jumpchain I didn't even think of it as a big story, just a really weird CYOA. So I just took the most ridiculous choices I could find, and do the most stupidly over the top things I could think of with them.

"Oh hey, you can buy midgets in backpacks! I'm gonna kidnap more of these so I have more to use as ammunition!"

"Oh hey, I can jump really high! I'm gonna jump over all those Dragon's Dogma bosses!"

"Oh hey, this is the jump with General Crazytits! And I'm a rather dashing little boy! Whelp, can't talk about this one, ever!"

And so on.

I mean, a lot of the descent stuff was retroactive. I took a look back and realised, "huh, I must have been really fucked in the head if I made the conscious decision to turn into a holy plant tentacles monster. I wonder why I did that? Oh wait, two decades ago the mob was trying to kill me". So the core character kind of grew up around all these terrible, terrible decisions I made because I didn't fully understand the whole point of a self-insert, or several settings for that matter. And then I realised-I'd created a bitter shell of a man with a chip on his shoulder.

And, well. Moving away from utter defeatism to tackle bigger ambitions while trying to maintain ties with the fine folks I swear not all of them are female who've put up with me along the way is the direction I've been going in.

And, uh. I forgot where I was going with this, but the important thing is I have as little idea of where Garlock is going as you do. And my main hangup on the completionism is really just storing all the hard info somewhere, and also having to basically cross-reference a dozen PDFs to explain something I'd do in-character, which I'm aware can sound like total gibberish out of character.

>> No.50771139

How many Companions do you have who actively hate you again?

>> No.50771206

>huh, I must have been really fucked in the head if I made the conscious decision to turn into a holy plant tentacles monster.
Stabbing yourself with a nail is a cry for help.

>> No.50771221

>Hiding away in the moon while your companions are forced to be subjected to that world.

You deserve everything they do to you Abomination.

>> No.50771227

Blood tentacles are obviously superior

>> No.50771236

It is just barely possible to pick up every perk and item in sidereals. It requires rampant companion abuse and max drawbacks though.

>> No.50771265

Anon, using companions as batteries is bad.

>> No.50771277

Has anyone claimed Hercules?

>> No.50771283

I know what I'm doing

>> No.50771298


>> No.50771305

yeah, i know. im not gonna do it, but i ran the math to see if it was possible.

it is.

>> No.50771316

There was an anon who was going to do that... but that was a while ago?

I want my hades-hair.

>> No.50771339

Searching through the archives people talked about it, but none actually claimed it.

If none actually claimed it, might I try to drop a WIP later today?

>> No.50771352

Who are some characters with cool powers that they'd like to ditch? Either because of the responsibilities, some drawbacks, or just some stupid little shits whining about "I just want to be normal"?

>> No.50771367

Go for it. I'd be excited to see a Hercules (Disney) Jump.

>> No.50771406

Japanese Ghost Rider

>> No.50771415

>post-grimdark retcons ASA:

"The multiverse is full of horrible things! So I must become the most horrible of them all!"

"Anon, get help"

"Nobody can help us if we can't help ourselves! So we're all pretty much fucked! And I DON'T THINK YOU TRUST. IN. MY. SELF-RIGHTEOUS SUICIDE"

>pre-grimdark retcons Cyborg Ninja Jumper (who didn't think he'd ever be motivated to use the Darkhallow, know what a big deal the Thu'um is and sometimes forgets he has a Stand)

"What is that? Haha, what IS that even?! Aw man, I wanna poke it!"

"Anon, please don't poke the holy superweapons. We need those"

"Sorry, can't hear you over dissolving into thrashing ropes of plant biomass! Fuck, I dropped my glasses. Uh, can someone please get those before I crush them? I did not think this through"

Sure. Good luck.

>tfw hiding away from the sounds of your harem (and overly violent daughter) treating the world like an underleveled MMORPG dungeon
>tfw still not sure whether finally being yanked out of the moon and unleashed upon that world like a curse was a mercy kill for it or not

>> No.50771483

Do we have any perks that let you claim rightful ownership of something by killing or defeating its current owner?

>> No.50771491

Basing it on the movie, TV show, or both?

>> No.50771504

What is the weakest available jump with a sanity upkeeping perk?

>> No.50771505

Just loot the corpses, anon.

>> No.50771526

Mostly the movie, although maybe I will need to bring some things from the TV show.

Maybe add an optional +0cp drawback to go through the TV series? Since the TV series contradicts the movie canon a lot.

>> No.50771542

Defjam Fight For New York has what you need. Just don't get trapped in a nigga moment like ASA.

>> No.50771543 [SPOILER] 

I use a Bunny Goddess as a chakra battery, does that count?

>> No.50771629

Sounds good. I just want a chance to interact with their crazy little school.

>> No.50771640

Actively? Not that many. Just Malefor and that's about it.
Maybe Elodie, but it's kindof impotent and I wouldn't call it "hate". But I do make her depressed sometimes. She is prone to depression. I rolled depression for her default mood, and she tends to cycle back to it in response to a lot of things.

Everyone else is varying amounts of sad and/or annoyed. "Here we go again/not this shit again" kindof stuff, y'know?
Actual attempts to beat me up vary from jump to jump, and I usually deserve it in the jump in question.

... so ... for instance ... :

I imagine it went like this:

> Companions find out I'm trapped in the moon.
> They have a genuine moment of concern for me.
> "We have to save Konata!"
> "Maybe she's supposed to fix this world!"
> "I bet she's counting on us!"
> Cue heroic quest!
> I attempt to stop the heroic quest, via influence through the scepter.
> Eventually my companions figure it out.
> Unanimously they come to a decision.
> "Let's free her anyway."
> They continue the quest through PURE SPITE.

> ...
> Months and months go by.
> Eventually, despite my best efforts, I am freed.
> Vera: "Fine, good."
> Me: "Haha, what? Really? You're usually against that sortof--"
> Vera: "No. Fuck this world and fuck this place. Let's blow it all up from space."
> Bass: "'bout damn time."
> Elodie just raises a wine glass.
> Me: "You guys are taking all the fun out of this."

>> No.50771679

What's so good about her that all old jumpers seem to companion her?

>> No.50771687

Who even is she?

>> No.50771708

The MC from a VN, Long Live the Queen.

>> No.50771732

How good is the healing factor from the Narnia Apple?

>> No.50771738

Designated daughteru.

>> No.50771749

Whatever kind you want. It works by magic.

Seems reasonable to me.

>> No.50771751

I think its due to her (together with the Misaka) being the first 'daughteru' companion.

>> No.50771778


Elodie is the main character from the computer game "Long Live The Queen", which plays like something between Princess Maker and a dating sim, and the point of which is to allow her to survive long enough to become queen. This is very difficult. There are a lot of ways for Elodie to die, partly because the game plays the backstabbing treachery of the monarchy and surrounding nations completely straight, and partially because Elodie does not start off as being very smart.
Depending on how you raise her, she can gain proficiency in a lot of different skills, including all the backstabbing and social niceties of the monarchy, but also magic, strategy, swordfighting... you've basically got more or less free reign, and the type of queen that Elodie becomes (assuming she survives) is closely tied to what kind of person you make her.

The LLTQ Gauntlet is basically just "Help Elodie survive and you get her as a companion, with some boosts."
Jumper's Elodie is basically free reign to make up your own character with a few guidelines, and also she's a genuine princess/queen in charge of an entire country. She can end up as kind or evil or competent or casual as you like. She's kindof a blank slate in that regard.
So, a lot of older jumpers like her, because she's basically a free daughteru.

>> No.50772164

How big is the Dimension you get from DC Occult? How large is the population? Do they count as real people?

>> No.50772174

'bout tree fiddy

>> No.50772208

The size of a large city.

Don't think the jumpmaker has answered that one yet.

I think so.

>> No.50772248

Because she has such a snappy tribute done for her by ken ashcorp.


>> No.50772326

>How big is the Dimension you get from DC Occult?
Eh. New York City?

>How large is the population?
I guess you can have it start anywhere from 0 to... I don't know? A few thousand? A few hundred thousand? What seems reasonable?

>Do they count as real people?
If you want them to.

>> No.50772357

What jumps have powers that let you grant people your perks?

>> No.50772368

Exalted: Infernals, SMT, Black Bullet

>> No.50772374

SMT, Dishonored, Imaginary Friend

>> No.50772428

Millions? When the description says large city, I assume its population is proportional to its size.

>> No.50772446

>New York City?
New York City?!


>> No.50772521

I like the drop in option being a new exaltation from nowhere, but not it being stuck as journeys. Maybe have have journeys be a regular background, and the drop in lets to pick castes tree for the purposes of discounts? I do want to make everyone drop-ins like it suggests for more Exaltations, but would like to spread the new Exaltations around, not be all journeys.

This is stuff you really need to be putting in the notes. (If its plea to exist does move you to build it so you don't feel like a heel, can you take it with you when you leave?)

Lot of really nice perks here in different trees.
What does Theanoan Initiation do? is it a mechanical benefit like Salinian Initiation?

The games of divinity could be a game changer with the Yozi if you play it right "Hey there Malfeas, I heard the Games of Divinity were so awesome they caused your own son to betray you to play them. That sucks! Anyway, I nabbed a spare pleasure dome from Beyond the Beyond, and brought it to Hell with me. Since you are king and all, want to step inside my portal here and take the first turn?"

You have 2 modes of transportation as the 400/600 CP items for drop in. Maybe switch the Serenity and Journeys 400 CP items? The cloud works for serenity as a small piece of heaven.

You need more drawbacks for each tier.

>> No.50772526

>>How big is the Dimension you get from DC Occult?
>Eh. New York City?
Does it grow larger with time or is that a fixed size? Just curious because I'm wanting to start tossing Song Towers from Ar Tonelico into my dimensions.

>> No.50772549

>Yes, but keep in mind that you/they are actually giving them away, you're not creating copies. So if you use your contracts to give others powers, you'll probably want to specify in the contract that you get them back before you leave a Jump, or when they die, or something.
Or have some way to re-grant yourself powers (genetics and mutant powers) or regenerate the powers given (soul/spirit regeneration) or Power combinations with something like Hero BBS's Demon Spawn to use your spiritual power to make them demons with lesser versions of your powers as part of a contract

>> No.50772558

In dragonlance it says that 600 cp perks equal to 8 levels, 300cp to 6 levels 100 cp to 1 levels etc. but are those additive or not? i mean can i make a lvl 20 character from the get-go?

>> No.50772602

Just wasn't sure if offering millions of free worshippers or soldiers was kosher.

No, but you can choose to instead import a dimension you already have to gain those benefits, so you could import one that already grows.

>> No.50772623

... Infinite feedback loop of creating demons with your powers and then having those demons give you those powers?

>> No.50772660

Are you trading the whole abilities or the effects of them? Like if you traded a power you have with someone in Worm, would it stop working after you leave because you lose a connection to the Shard?

>> No.50772677

You can, but then you're binding yourself to game mechanics. Personally I'd just take the option to have them as potential so it's more organic.

>> No.50772692

How is Exalted going to react to time stop effects?

>> No.50772764

Same way it reacts to everything else: Perfect Defenses and Environmental Charms.

>> No.50772862

So can Perfect Defenses be used to no sell any effect, not just an attack?

>> No.50772869

Pretty sure it is only attacks.

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