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Point. I've gone through and bold+underlined the beginning of all upgrade descriptions (most of them are for advantages).

Also clarified Space Cadet's drop-in equivalent status. If you want to have history with the GAoH, you can take [All That Glitters] to grant you full citizenship and the associated history with them.

Layout work continues.

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What are you good at?

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What size does the world start out as? (The Charm one, not the perk.)

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Being a hammy saturday morning cartoon villain.

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is this directed at us or our jumpers?

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the jumpers

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Can we have the dancing perk spread to companions and followers as well?

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It start with nothing.

Every time you use the power to shape it, you can create/modify an area with a diameter of 10 miles. (so, about 80 square miles, or 200 km2)

This takes five hours, and some motes.

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For any of those romantic-type jumpers out there,

Polygamy or Monogamy?

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Having raw power and capability that drastically exceeds my own ambitions. Long-term schemes that ultimately exist only to make my life easier (improving quality of life in a world is usually a bonus). Using arcane power to bake the ultimate cookie. Somehow becoming even lazier when I lack the need for sleep.

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Just import them, and buy it? Why would they get the effects of one of your perks?

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Does the world perk give us anything we can't get with Charms?

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It doesn't. It is created 'as if by Constructive Convergence of Principles' (aka Infernal Wyld shaping technique), piece by piece. So, up to (Essence) miles radius per piece.

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Is it a circle or a sphere?
Because I want to know if I can spend my time building "up" into the clouds or maybe a version of "space".

I mostly want my Inner World to have flying cities and sky-ships. Because sky-ships are awesome.

Also maybe building "down", for under-ground cities, and lots of 'hidden' resources.

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...10 miles diameter at Essence 10, that is.

The range of it is (essence) miles in diameter.

You mean the perk version? Because the Spirit of the Living World is a Charm.

The perk allows you to access it much easier, and works as a manse you're always inside.

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Rolled Enhanced Mastery in Worm so a lot of stuff.

Folding laundry, playing the banjo, etc.

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tl;dr being a cat husbando.

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Painting, burning things, figuring out weaknesses, and training.

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Range is (Essence) _radius_. But it's a sphere if you want it to be.

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It's dirt cheap, anon. If you really want them to have intuitive dance powers, import them. If you just want them to be really good at a particular dance, learn it yourself via the perk then teach them the old fashioned way.

Possibly backed by an application of [...to Set You Up For Success] if you really want to get down.

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What are some good jumps to make custom companions besides Overlord? Alternatively, are there any methods of giving companions a copy of a perk or power I have?

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Iirc, he said that if you get the perk and learn the charm, there's no size limit to your Inner World. You can just expand it by an area (essence) miles in diameter every day.

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science:especially human remodeling and hyper science,Martial arts: especially a unique style that combines sword and board with Guns akimbo.

hey, since you can get more than one custom charm set that eventually,does that mean you can get more than one inner world? because for one I'm thinking a mix of pic related and Kowloon Walled City .

my Jumper has been happily monogamous for Over 12,000 years. have you and your waifu Pick up some decent Shape changing folks, trust me on this.

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Isn't there a Charm that lets your creations from Shaping have real souls? If you get that, can the inhabitants of your World have real souls?

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Singing, dancing, cooking, fighting, magic, science, math, making video games, writing... the list of things I'm bad at might be shorter, actually.

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Monogamy is superior without all the magic and psychic powers I use to force things into harmony.

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What do demons look like? Is it wild variance and you get to decide? Do all first circles of a specific "race" look similar?

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Open marriage. Works well when my partner isn't interested in anyone but me but is fine with me slooting around.

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>Is it a circle or a sphere?

Sphere. Since it's just the range of the Charm.

So, yeah. You could build up or down. I had just kinda assumed there would be a sky before you asked.

...Derp. You are correct.

That makes the area you can create/modify in one use of it even more HUEG.

Also, fuck. Forgot my name.

No. You can only have one inner/living world.

The perk that gives you a custom charmset does not come with the Spirit of the Living World charm, you have to go Devil Tiger manually for that.

Yes, but you'd have to use that Charm, not the power you get automatically with Spirit of the Living World.

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Painting, burning things, figuring out weaknesses, and growing in power.
Monogamy. I can't imagine more than one person thinking that it's a good idea to tie the knot with me, and at this point any new relationship would be akward for too many reasons to list.

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Wild variance. The lowest circle are all (originally) custom designed creations of the higher circles, and the higher circles themselves can be quite odd.

A lot are humanoid, a lot are not. Some are so beautiful it requires a virtue rolls to attack them...some are ugly.

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Oh. Oh boy. Cracker Jack said we can apply the effects of Dimension Lord to any dimension we already own instead of getting a new one. We can apply the effects to Inner World and have an infinitely growing universe where we're basically God.

Now, how can I swallow other worlds and dimensions into it? I want to go full Dormammu.

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Really? That's kinda cool.

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Polygamy, personally.

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I get that Second Circle souls will probably be weaker than Third Circle ones, but what's the general idea for what they can do? Same scheme as Third Circles (innate abilities, spirit charms, and a personal charmset) or something else? Also, are they required to be something more "grounded" ie actually be living beings instead of stuff like geography and emotions? What's the deal with those "-ing soul of X" titles they get?

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Sort of torn between doing that or importing the kamui dimension from naruto, good for moving things into it easily.

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Polygamy. All these plebs are jumping wrong - how are you assuming you'll stay interested in one person for an ungodly number of millennia with any degree of honesty.

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I don't think you're fully omnipotent in your dimension, just really fucking powerful. Like, I guess Demiurge is more fitting? Then again, combine that with Inner/Living World, and that's still a world that you can constantly expand and rule over unopposed. After all, you'd have not only your own power, but your Third Circle Souls, their Second Circle Souls, and all the First Circle Souls that spawn from them to back you up. That makes invading your world, if possible, a really, really bad idea.

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Perks. Perks are always the answer.

>> No.50759184

Monogamy. All degenerates should be executed.

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>being a waifufag


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How hard excactly is it to transport people into your Inner World? Because if it's easy, I'll be banishing people to the shadow realm left and right. Those souls need some nourishment after all.

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Where do you think we are?

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Can you give a rough sketch of what you want a Third Circle's personality to be when making them? Can you have them, the Second Circles, and the First Circle Citizens have a largely human ans benevolent mentality instead of some strange and alien way of thinking?

Oh and also, can First Circles breed amongst themselves to make more or are they all spawned from Seconds? ...Can Demons interbreed with other species?

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I keep stumbling across old jumps on the drive I haven't done out of the blue. How odd.

[Path of Exile]

Drawback: Have you ever seen the true face of god, exile? Creeping corruption, Uber Atziri (2300)

Strength, age 27 (2200)

Rusted but Ready (Free)
Fire Affinity (2100)
Bloodless (1900)
Culling Strike (1600)
Chain Skill (1000)
Vaal Pact (800)
Oriath's Mercy (Free)
Scroll Case (Free)
Gem in the Rough (Free)
Simple Flasks (Free)
Thaumaturgical Arms and Armor (600)
Doryani's Workbench (400)
Gem Mine (100)
Crafting Orbs (0)

Well...yes? Yes Malachi, I have in fact seen the true face of God. It's big and yellow. Also recently he's gotten a CGI makeover for some reason. We've never talked about it, but I think he's trying to stay hip. Also would you kindly stop trying to vaporise me? I'm just-oi, stop that-trying to answer your (hey, quit it) question! Now look what you've done, I'll have to take my favourite person-suit to the person-cleaners!

Anyway, if you don't mind I'll just be taking your lobotomised pet with me. Fascinating specimen.

And don't think I've forgotten about you over there, Regine George. Yes, that's right, your name is Regina George now. And you're in highschool. And I'm your teacher, and you just failed your everything because Lindsay Lohan's character did some whacky and vaguely sociopathic with your shitlist.

Look, I almost feel sorry that you had to pick a fight with a guy whose reality warping powers scale directly to how dream-like the world is, but it's not going to save you from this death parade of early '00s memes. 4 for you, Glenn Coco! You GO, Glenn Coco!

>> No.50759335

Well, there is a perk for opening portals/travelling to other dimensions in DC Occult itself, Highway to Hell I think it's called. Just open one of those to your world, and throw them in. Or grab them and go yourself I guess. Really any perk that allows you to teleport/banish someone to a different universe should work.

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First circles can breed, though their definition of the term can be really really alien. Like Blood Apes who comes together in a group, kill each other in a ritualistic sword dance, and then have Neomah use the pieces to make more of them than were involved in the dance.

The methods can be almost anything with the only commonality being that it takes 20 motes alltogether either from one or multiple sources.

As for Third circles I do believe so, and they have a similar level of control over second circles.

Your souls can be just as benevolent as you want.

>> No.50759351 [DELETED] 

All first circles are basically outgrowths of a personality trait, skill or value you hold, expanded into its own person.

>> No.50759355

Man, and you can only have one. I not sure if I would import my Inner World, TG Territory, or Pocket Dimension from Creepypasta.

>> No.50759369

There are too many jumps to count that have OC companion options, those are functionally identical even if you don't go and build them from the ground up.

As for power granting, Sacrificial Bestowment from SMT is the gold standard. Use Real Eater from Medaka box to change the method of delivery if it squicks you out.

>> No.50759373

Polygamy = multiple wives. The expectation is that you're staying interested in all of them, anon. If you don't want to get married at all, you are NOT polygamous.

>> No.50759376

Why is Hydrocity Dweller 600 CP in Classic Sonic? Error?

>> No.50759377

>Big and yellow
But that's YHVH, not God. He's an avatar of God AKA the Great Will, but not the real deal. Even if that's a stupid fucking plot twist that I'm going to ignore. Along with everything else in that game really, except Stephen being a badass. Because that's cool.

>> No.50759382

Whatever you want them to. Third and Second Circle demons are manifestations of their originators' soul, so they tend to have some weird symbolic features to them. But First Circle Demons are artificial constructs, albeit living ones, so you can make them look however you want them to. They will usually be very similar on a species-wide basis, about as similar as any two humans are to each other. Discernible as individuals (provided you're familiar with their features), but still obviously the same sort of being.

Second Circle Demons work differently from Third Circles. Third Circles are strong enough that they don't have real stat blocks, just a dice pool, a list of things they can apply said dice pool to, and some iconic powers. They can be assumed to have various spirit charms, but that's for the individual GM to decide. Second Circles are built like normal spirits, using the rules in Roll of Glorious Divinity. They're just very powerful spirits. That said, spirit charms are very flexible and require a lot of GM interpretation to define their limits, so a Second Circle Demon is still quite powerful. They're generally considered even matches for a mid-level Exalted.

As for the "-ing soul of X" titles, that's part of their nature as component souls. Every Third Circle Demon is centered around one of your Intimacies, the issues and concepts that are important to you. The Second Circle Demons it spawns are each a reflection of its various personality traits, manifestations of the way it reflects, communicates, protects, understands, gratify, express or define. So Alveua is the Expressive Soul of Erembour, meaning that she's a manifestation of Erembour's ability to express the concept of "celebrate the darkness".

>> No.50759388

Surely in 711 jumps there exists something to merge your dimensions together?

>> No.50759397

Third Circles. The souls go by descending order, not ascending. First Circles are just servitors, they have only the weakest connection to the beings at the top of the soul hierarchy.

>> No.50759407

No marriage. Friends with benefits is where it's at.

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I deleted it for a reason, asshole.

>> No.50759420

And I posted it before you had deleted it, cockmunch.

>> No.50759425

How does the upgrade thing work? D'you just pay twice to get the benefit or is there something I'm missing?



Um, it might be a little redundant when you could develop custom Charms to enhance your control over it. But I guess that's alright if you want a head start.

Also Paprika has a rather good start to reality subsuming between the Samhain technology and Mandala-Yggdrasil.

>> No.50759439

Yeah, that's more accurately defined as polyamory.

>> No.50759457

I've got a lot of love, it only follows that I have a lot of companions to help carry that load.

>> No.50759458

Yes. The second payment doesn't take into account discounts, though.

>> No.50759464

Yeah but Dimension Lord apparently gives you enough power to fight off the Spectre while inside of it. I doubt there's enough Charms to do that.

>> No.50759472

>I get that Second Circle souls will probably be weaker than Third Circle ones, but what's the general idea for what they can do? Same scheme as Third Circles (innate abilities, spirit charms, and a personal charmset) or something else?
They're a lot weaker than the forces of nature that are 3rd Circles. They don't get custom charms, don't really get the innate powers like simultanious bodies that 3rd Circles get.

They have to make do with just being pretty powerful spirits and having Spirit Charms. At least they automatically reform after a year and a day if killed without use of spirit-killing magic.

>Also, are they required to be something more "grounded" ie actually be living beings instead of stuff like geography and emotions?
Yes, they're pretty much required to be living beings or at least much smaller than 3rd Circles.

Though they can still be weird... one's a puzzlebox carried by a servant, and another can swaps between a humanoid and spear form, and so on.

>What's the deal with those "-ing soul of X" titles they get?
Just like the Third Circle are externalized souls of You/the Yozi, Second Circles are externalized souls of the 3rd Circles. Each fulfills some nebulously defined purpose to its progenitor by existing.

>Can you give a rough sketch of what you want a Third Circle's personality to be when making them?
Yes. As well as their powers and form, and stuff.

>have a largely human ans benevolent mentality instead of some strange and alien way of thinking?
They'd likely still be alien, but you can have them be benevolent and human-ish.

>Oh and also, can First Circles breed amongst themselves to make more or are they all spawned from Seconds?
Yes. Though no demon species uses /sexual/ reproduction amongst themselves, instead using stranger means.

>...Can Demons interbreed with other species?
Yes, that produces Demon-Blooded. (or occasionally, Behemoths, for 3rd Circles)

>> No.50759479

With Part Of A Whole from Metroid and What Makes Me Unique from Prototype how bad an idea is trying to Consume the X parasite?

>> No.50759480

Wait, what? Comic book Spectre? Seriously?!

>> No.50759493

Well, I know that Harem Jumper is a big thing, here, but I really don't think that I have it in me to be a satisfying partner to multiple people at once. I already have trouble communicating with people, splitting my attention between two or more spouses would just lead to me neglecting them.

>> No.50759541

that's what social perks are for

>> No.50759560

Water is death in Sonic.
While some Mobians can swim that perk lets you do it several orders of magnitude better.

There's a few places underwater that nobody can even dream of getting too without machine assistance that it opens up.
Now sure you could just get the effects from elsewhere, but being exceptionally good at underwater movement is broken in sonic.

I wouldn't say it's overcosted for what it does in jump. Perhaps in comparison to the rest of the chain, but if you've ever gotten stuck in Labrynth Zone you know why it's worth it.

>> No.50759575

Yeah, sure, but as a work of fiction Jumpchain is limited by the author. Just like it's hard to write a character that's smarter than you, it's hard for me to conceive of a version of myself that can make people happy. So I'm just skipping that whole business.

>> No.50759582

You're playing with DELICIOUS CANDY here anon.
It will never be a good idea to do things with the X parasite.

>> No.50759599


>> No.50759604

Yeah. It's based on Amethyst.

>> No.50759613

Rage Spectre not Full Presence Backing Spectre but yes it does.

>> No.50759614

Thank you. I was stuck on how I was even supposed to think of my Second Circles, so now I can continue thinking up my Devil-Tiger stuff. Even if I haven't actually put any one of my souls down to letter...

>> No.50759625

How much of a difference is there?

>> No.50759643

You're thinkin small, man.

In my case, It's not one Jumper, tending the harem's needs, no, it's me. and fifteen self duplicates, and sixteen we are many clones. And, it's not just a relationship from me to harem member, no it's also harem member to harem member. and hell, even clone to clone. Half are gender swapped anyway.

>> No.50759664

Quasi-Monogamy. My wife's species gets to have a hate-girlfriend on the side, so I get to have a hate-wife. It's only fair.

>> No.50759666

I mean, I guess. But it's competing with 5 capstones and is itself situationally useful at best.

>> No.50759675

Yes. Yes, I am thinking small. That's the problem. I can't imagine how I'd possibly be able to make that work, other than just waving my hands and saying it does. Power to you if you have the imagination to figure it out, though.

>> No.50759690

DoV Spectre was probably low Skyfather level (so somewhere around Odin when he's not jobbing to some bitch with a hammer). Spectre with the full back of the Presence fought the Anti-Monitor, iirc. And the Anti-Monitor was destroying the multiverse.

>> No.50759705

Rage Spectre is one of the more powerful cosmic entities in DC, Full Presence Backing Specre is the most powerful being in the entire DC multiverse other than the Presence himself.

>> No.50759709

Hey guys, I know that the last several threads have been flooded with Exalted discussion, but here's an idea:

Let's make this thread even MORE about Exalted.

>> No.50759724

Yeah there's a lot of competition, it's discounted for drop in though so there's that.
Thing is Classic Sonic is one of those jumps you can slot in anywhere in your chain, even as your first jump.
Early on being able to not drown is very nice, and it scales with how fast you are so it's never obsolete.

>> No.50759732

Chosen of Journeys as the Drop-In option, clever.

>> No.50759742



Drawback: Urobutchery, Darwin Weeps (1500)

Rolled Thunder God Cult

Machine Caliber (1200)

I exist solely... (Free)
Hideous Mantle (600)
Barbecue Rations (Free)
Idiosyncratic Structure (400)
Union's Gate (0)

Unacceptable. Yes.

I'm being lectured in pseudo-philosophy by a speciest AI with delusions of eloquence. With rhetoric even the Corpse-Emperor would probably start cringing at. This is some next level Uncle Tom shit right here. was going to use the genetic template I used to create the Black Tide out of Gauna cores to bring about a new age defined by the synthesis of biology and engineering anyway, but now-it's personal. Hey, look at me! I'm some sort of walking, talking merger of Machine Caliber, Symbiont and the very natural laws of this universe!

...pity about how even vigorously suppressed by storage into Exaltations, my Spiral Energy seems to have agitated the locals. Frankly I don't WANT to know why the stuff seems to be turning them into mini-Outer Gods. Better take the Adorjans out nonsentient space whale-squid harpooning and send in the shadow slaves.

But first, hollow mind possession. Hollow mind possession for both you and that Strike asshole.

Huh. Charm thing's debatable, though at the moment the only thing that springs to mind is the absolute bullshit that is Guarding Star Tactics-so, still pretty impressive when we're talking heavy-duty E8+ hypothetical Solar Charms and /really/ hypothetical E10ish Primordial Charms.

Ah, but unless Nanashi goes full Massacre he's still the chief entity with a controlling interest in the Great Will. Like a really pushy spokesman. The "face" of God, if you will.

>> No.50759760

>Exalted Sidereals

God damn it I guess I'm going on hiatus until the Exalted flow just slows the fuck down.

>> No.50759777 [DELETED] 

Well, assuming one had enhanced their spiritual abilities, The Ouroboros Omega from Soren Blood Curse can take you and those around you to a pocket realm where its described akin to a Kaleidoscope and non euclidean forms can be talen within it. Assuming you can tie that ability to your Inner World, make that combination your Dimension, and you took ever more adjustments like emhancing it with Territory Creation A rank or higher, you'd get scary shit.

Now your less like Dormammu, and more like Shuma Gorath. Except now you pull their ass into your realm.

>> No.50759784

Nice. I'm going to take heavy advantage of Resplendent Destinies. Now even when I'm a Drop In for the sake of discounts, I can still have a background in that setting. And Astrological Blessings are really useful if used right. Oh, I'm going to have fun, here.

>> No.50759793

Neither. I wouldn't want to put anyone through a millennia long relationship with me, let alone multiple people.

Though I have fooled around with most of my companions, most of the populations of entire worlds, a few cosmic entities, a planet or two, a couple of hive minds, more robots than I can count, some clones of me, and pieces of my own soul.

Hey, I'm not judging /your/ sexual histor.

>> No.50759809

Idea: Combo Foreign Constellation Immigration with that option in Super Paper Mario to have your own constellation. Drawing power from your own stars would be cool.

>> No.50759813

A few spelling/grammar mistakes in the opening, but I like the feeling already.

>> No.50759818

>Siddies is done
HYPE. Reading through now.

>> No.50759842

Normal Spectre is capable of powerful feats of reality warping, he tends to job hard though unless he is supremely confident about his current actions or really pissed off.

With the full support of DC's Omnipotent god however he is a vessel for the wrath of the Presence, who is Omnipotent. The only thing that compares to him is the Presence who provides his powers and the Anti-Monitor who is from outside the Presence's domain.

>> No.50759850

Well, assuming one had enhanced their spiritual abilities, The Ouroboros Omega from Siren Blood Curse can take you and those around you to a pocket realm where its described akin to a Kaleidoscope and non euclidean forms can be taken within it. Assuming you can tie that ability to your Inner World, make that combination your Dimension, and you took care to make even more adjustments like enhancing it with Territory Creation A rank or higher, you'd get scary shit. Perhaps making some sort of leyline system or spiritual architecture with Spirited Away. Scary shit happens now.

Now your less like Dormammu, and more like Shuma Gorath. Except now you pull their ass into your realm.

my apologies

>> No.50759857

Ah damn, I was just starting to grasp Infernals. Now I'm going to need to learn about Sidereals, too.

Looks cool, though.

>> No.50759880

There is, but they have to be dimensions of your creation. I don't think something given to you by a perk can really be considered "your creation", though.

>> No.50759884

Do Sidereals have anything as cool as the Infernal's Devil Tiger stuff?

>> No.50759889

Fun idea: Having already been to Infernals and become the favored champion of the Yozis, take The Scripture of the Returning Maiden and Once There Was a Maiden. Imagine the Jilted Maiden going to Malfeas to swear herself to the Yozi so that she might take revenge against you for stealing her birthright...only to find that you're already there, and the Yozi like you better than they do her.

>> No.50759894

Rage/'Normal' Spectre is galactic to universal in scale. Full power is an outright multiverse buster.

>> No.50759915

Well, there goes the neighborhood.

Not there was much of value to be lost, mind.

>> No.50759916

Sadly, no. They do have some really esoteric effects for messing with fate though.

Want to wield a sword that will only respond to an ancient king's lineage? Find someone who can wield it, then rewrite fate so that you are that guy's son.

>> No.50759933

Sidereals are fate ninjas so they get all kinds of wonky fate manipulation from being able to use a VPN IRL to being able to change the destiny of their opponents so that they lose harder.
SMAs get silly like punching people into ducks as well.
Infernals are still the coolest exalt type by far, but Siddies are great in their own ways.

>> No.50759957

>Want to wield a sword that will only respond to an ancient king's lineage? Find someone who can wield it, then rewrite fate so that you are that guy's son.
...Wait a second here. Could you do this for other things? Rewrite fate so you're the son of a mutant in Marvel or Superman in DC?

>> No.50759972

Yes, but it won't actually change your genetics. "You are this guy's son" will just be a metaphysically true fact as far as the universe is concerned. It's mostly useful for screwing with conceptual magic.

>> No.50759977

>Gasoline and Gunpowder Esoterica Internalization
>Foreign Constellation Immigration
Huh. Splitting up the Charms and the Constellations?

How does that work if you get only one?

>Manuals of Exalted Power Numbers 8 Through 11

Wish there were more drawbacks though

>> No.50759988

Sidereals have a number of interesting abilities, though none that are directly comparable to the Devil Tigers. Most of their stuff is based around causality manipulation, so they can do some weird things. Resplendent Destinies, for example, let them rewrite their place in reality, retcon themselves into being whoever they want (so long as it only changes their relationship to the rest of the world, they can't directly change themselves that way outside of cosmetic effects). Astrological Blessings let them make wide-scale alterations of probability to help or hinder. Astrological Charms, the upgraded version that the Maidens of Fate currently have locked away, can make outright paradoxes happen, a lot of varied and powerful effects. many normal Sidereal charms deal with causality charms, especially the "Sutra" charms that serve as capstones for their trees. For example, Neighborhood Relocation Scheme lets you move entire landscapes around, and make it so that they were always in their new location, very cool effect. Finally, their link to the higher nature of reality lets them use the Sidereal Martial Arts, which have a lot of bizarre and powerful effects. If you can conceptualize it as a martial art, SMA can do it. Punch someone so hard it knocks the cholera right out of them, curing them? Yup. Perform a kata so perfectly beautiful that observers lose the ability to comprehend language? It can do that. Align your chakras with the fundamental nature of Essence, so that you count as every type of Exalted at once for metaphysical purposes (except for learning charms, doesn't go that far)? Sure thing. SMA is weird and powerful.

>> No.50760004

>Huh. Splitting up the Charms and the Constellations?
>How does that work if you get only one?
The first one gives you Drive and Firearms Charms. The second gives you Comet and Lightning Bolt Charms and Destinies. Having only one won't impair you from using what you paid for, you'll just miss out on the other option.

>> No.50760015

I thought you weren't banning SMAs because of thread feedback? And isn't there one Infernal charm that lets you copy someone anyways?

>> No.50760019

>offering the cosmic X-box


>> No.50760031

>Align your chakras with the fundamental nature of Essence, so that you count as every type of Exalted at once for metaphysical purposes (except for learning charms, doesn't go that far)?
What would that let you do, then?

>> No.50760041

I'm not? You can learn all the SMA you want.

Just understand that using the broken ones that weren't updated to 2.5e as written is like trying to seriously claim that you can got to Forgotten Realms and make a peasant railgun.

>> No.50760047

SMAs aren't banned though?
You can't do RAW garbage, but you shouldn't be taking RAW as law anyways.
Creation slaying oblivion kick is fucking retarded and scroll of the monk was a mistake.

>> No.50760049

Huh. So fighting a Sidereal is like trying to fight an acid trip that can retroactively knock your teeth out?

>> No.50760055

He's not banning SMA. He's saying "Scroll of the Monk is really badly written, use discretion when interpreting how powerful these charms are". Because some of them are just utterly ridiculous. As for using The King Is Dead to copy someone, it elevates you directly to their power. Black Mirror Shintai requires you to have the same Essence as your target, so you have to earn that strength. Besides, Infernals are meant to be stronger than Sidereals, so it's fine.

>> No.50760061

If someone was trying to get info about you they'd hear about you being a solar, for example, even if you aren't one.

>> No.50760067

Tricked a lot of jumpers into losing their chains, probably. They'll be too busy to continue.

>It's time Jumper
>One more turn, Jump-chan
>That's it, you've just picked stay
>One million years later

>> No.50760073

They have one Charm that can turn a kung fu fight into metaphorical battle where the Sidereal is acid and you are the body of a guy who is trying to metabolize it all before the trip makes him hurt himself.

So yeah.

>> No.50760075

...you know maybe I should just skip going to Creation.

>> No.50760080

>Foreign Constellation Immigration
I wonder how this would stock with zodiarts stuff.....

>Falling Star Shurikans
so this is an infinite supply of star metal? Nice.

>The Games of Divinity
isn't being able to offer the games of Divinity to others Basically a I Win button for the setting?

>Celestial Cocaine
good thing I was planning on choosing the origin anyway.

>> No.50760087

This makes me glad I houserule there not being a stay option in my chain.

>> No.50760089

Yeah, Sidereals are weird to fight. Like, one of their dodge charms? It works by making them have never been there in the first place. They use it, and suddenly that whole fight never happened. You and they still have any damage that was inflicted, but it gets retconned into being from other sources. So a Sidereal can come up to you, stab you in the gut, activate Duck Fate, and make it so something else hit you. Siddies are called Fate Ninjas for a reason.

>> No.50760090

I had asked the thread if there was any way to move a god's power to someone else and someone mentioned that Sidereals actually have a Charm that can do that, but you'd have to convince the Maidens to unlock it. How hard would that be to do?

>> No.50760096

>Rewrite their place in reality

Wait I got a question. When you do this, does everyone just sorta accept it as fact? Assuming I just up and "rewrote" myself into being a weilder of the power cosmic, I wouldn't actually have it, but everyone who tries to learn about me would believe it as a truth?

>> No.50760110

You can use their anima powers, and effects that interact with their Exaltation will work for you. Like, only a Solar can control the Last Penitent, an enormous geomantic terraforming engine. Use Solar Exalt Ways and you can control it just fine. Stuff like that.

>> No.50760130

Damn, that's neat.

>> No.50760138

>Only the transcendent and many-souled Primordials can play safely.

Does that include devil-tigers?

>> No.50760142

Yes. A Resplendent Destiny of "wields the power cosmic" would be hard to create, since Resplendent Destinies are more difficult to build the more specific your new backstory is (and there aren't enough people who have the power cosmic for it to be a generic trait), but it would work that way once you had made one.

>> No.50760162

>The second gives you Comet and Lightning Bolt Charms and Destinies.
But... Comet and Lightning Bolt Charms /are/ Drive and Fire Arms Charms? So, why would you take the 400, if you have the capstone then?

I mean, I guess you can seperate the Charms and Destinies without much problem. Just seemed a bit weird to me.

>Perfected Lotus Cultivating Gardener
So... you can teach things to them, but they can't use it?

>Numerologic Sorcerous Tutelage
But you can teach them Sorcery they usually couldn't use?

>Predestined Visions of Samsara
Nope. Nope. Nope.

I'm going to stand facing the wall, closing my eyes, and loudly yelling LALALA with my ears covered, while dancing the farandole of the Ebon Dragon backwards.

Not going to mess with fucking Samsara.

>> No.50760173

There are actually two of them. The one the Maidens have locked away is just a lot faster and more efficient. If you're willing to go the slow route of adapting a god to their new role you can do it with the base charm set, but The King Is Dead just elevates them directly to the new power they possess. As for convincing the Maidens, it would take an apocalypse-level event. The Maidens can't put those charms back in the box, sealing them away the first time did too much damage to the Loom of Fate for them to try it a second. So you'll need to either be the most convincing motherfucker in existence, since the Maidens have some really good anti-social combat charms, or you'll need to bring about the end of days. One or the other.

>> No.50760178

>I wonder how this would stock with zodiarts stuff.....
Probably not at all, beyond it being cool that you have different powers with the same theme.

>so this is an infinite supply of star metal? Nice.
No, used shurikans will eventually fade away back into the bag. Get the Quintessence Fountain and a cult for infinite Starmetal.

>isn't being able to offer the games of Divinity to others Basically a I Win button for the setting?
A lot of people would be willing to do a lot of shit for you if you offered it to them, yes.

There are two. Willing Assumption of Chains only gives a small power boost, but it's available from the start. The King is Dead will instantly make them as strong as the dead god, but the world would probably have to be in danger before the Maidens would unlock it for you. It will be available to learn once you move on regardless though.

Devil Tigers hadn't been written at the point where the Games of Divinity's addiction was being written about, so it's down to fanwank.

>> No.50760189

...I think I want to be a sidereal.

Someone give me an infernal recruitment speech, so I know what they're up against.

>> No.50760197

>Devil Tigers hadn't been written at the point where the Games of Divinity's addiction was being written about, so it's down to fanwank.

fair enough, Next question How many souls can fit inside this Jade pleasure dome? and I do mean souls, not bodies. I've got a religion that needs a heaven.

>> No.50760198

Instead of a sword that shoots arrows, can we get an option to have a bow that shoots swords? Like you can choose one or the other per purchase.

>> No.50760202

As thanks for the wonderful jump (and many hours of setting reading), have a finally done build. Will probably change at some point...


Savant: Well now. I could have a cult, an eternally rising power or obedience of demons... And I choose to understand, and break out of my chains. Am I wise, or foolish?

Savant’s Understanding: Ah, always appreciate a good mind boost.
Primordial Psychologist [300]: For all that Primordials lost, they created it all. Through understanding them, one stands to gain much.
Orphan Cub of the Devil-Tiger [600]: The echo of the future... Of the potential so great, its mere whisper grants power unimaginable. But, even as this power is not mine... What is its purpose? What are the themes that will define me for years to come, until I reach my own summit? We'll see.

Her Hate Is Safer [100]: The romance perks. Have to love them.
Hateful Wretched Noise [200]: I adore the Musician jump. This? Is almost a tax of a purchase, for what it gives.
Border of Impossibility [200]: A blessing of great deeds? A curse of interesting times? Potential to do the impossible? What's not to love?

Remember the Past [100]: Terrible mayhaps – but the First Age was, without a doubt, Great. It shall not be forgotten.
Can’t Keep Me Down [400]: Fear of being forever less than you were before... Crippling in on itself.

Beautiful and Terrible [400]: Ah, the obligatory appearance perk. How I love thee.
Sorcerous Initiation of the Yozi [200]: The Exalted sorceries. The interesting part of the Essence workings. Now, to resist the allure of the Threefold Binding of the Heart.
Akuma of Your Own [600]: How very interesting. Normally, this would be too invading of a procedure for my tastes. But to grant all of my power to the willing – the potential...!~


>> No.50760212


>> No.50760213

Dancing Flame Tattoo: Enchanting.
Arm of the Anathema [50]: To know all that never was, what a boon!

Lunar Mate (Akuma) [200]: A trial of temptation. An exercise in moral acrobatics. Something to ponder as I consider the ramifications of the Akuma perk.
Followers: Any of my companions would follow me to Hell... But how many would rule it alongside me?
Demonic Familiar (Blood Red Hair) [50]: There are many meanings to love. Let us teach each other.

Horrible Coadjutor [+100]: The wretched thing is going to halve the time it will take me to learn the Devil Tiger, just to get rid of it.
Demonic Aspect [+100]: ...Make that quarter.
Omen Weather [+100]: Showers of salt? Oh, the inhumanity.
Terrible Torment [+200]: The echo of the Devil Tiger, that freed me from the slavery of Yozi... Is an asshole nonetheless. Well then.
Past Lives Matter [+200 ]: Me being bereft of the leash aside, I suppose I will be doing some questionable things.
A Hellish Rival [+200 ]: What's a single dead Infernal?
Demon Hunters [+200 ]: "Interesting times" drawbacks are no drawbacks at all.
Love of Adorjan [+200 ]: How curious. That would be the first time I encounter such an insanity. An interesting trial, for certain.
Prison Break. [+800]: Quite some time to deliberate on many things this jump will introduce me to. Hm, much to research, for sure.
Return of the Infernal Jumper [+300]: Let Us Walk Together, Adorjan.


Thank you, Mardukth, for finally getting me to stop avoiding Exalted. It was a fabulous reading material-

Ye gads – am I to not sleep tonight?!

Many appreciations in advance.

>> No.50760214

Okay thanks. I guess I'll start up-

>It will be available to learn once you move on regardless though.

Fiat should let it work on other gods, right?

>> No.50760216

Technically you can. At least one D&D jump let's you go with crunch over fluff. Thanks anyways.

>> No.50760248

Thats actually pretty cool, I can see why Sidereals would be considered weaker than Infernals in the realm of Exalted, however an ability such as that is scary.

Especially when out-of-context stuff comes into play, like Rumormonger from Persona or Faustian Flip from JlD, mostly because rewriting yourself as someone with great power or something can help you make deals with actually strong beings and then bamboozling the fuck outta them when you get your power from them or something.

Once I'm done parsing through the Infernals Sourcebook, definitely gonna read up more on these guys. Thanks Anon.

>> No.50760255

>You may not use The King is Dead to assume the power of a Celestial Incarna or any equally powerful god until your chain is over.


>> No.50760261

Sorry if someone has asked this before but does our Akuma creation method need to be as brutal and painful as the canon one? Or would that require developing some custom charms?

Thank you for your time.

>> No.50760263

>But... Comet and Lightning Bolt Charms /are/ Drive and Fire Arms Charms? So, why would you take the 400, if you have the capstone then?
Drive and Firearms are Sidereal Charms based on the skills. Comet and Lightning Bolt are Astrological Charms based on the colleges.

>Perfected Lotus Cultivating Gardener
You can teach a fish sidereal martial arts. If an SMA Charm requires the fish to kick someone, it won't work because the fish has no legs. It can still use Prismatic Arrangement of Creation Form though, because that doesn't technically require any limbs.

>Numerologic Sorcerous Tutelage
It requires an increase in casting time and power spent to use spells they aren't normally capable of.

I believe there's a mention of some kind of viewing gallery for people to watch the games, so maybe a few thousand tops.

I'll add it in as an additional mode for the Swordbow.

Yes, it will work on gods/spirits from other jumps.

>> No.50760278

>written is like trying to seriously claim that you can got to Forgotten Realms and make a peasant railgun.
You underestimate me.

>> No.50760287

You don't want to do that anyways. It makes your exaltation leave you. Doesn't matter even if it's one of the incarnae that's still as step down.
Exalts are just plain better.

>> No.50760296

How many arrows can the swordbow hold? Also, how fast/strong does it shoot?

>> No.50760308

Peasant railgun doesn't even work under RAW.
You'd get a fast delivery if nobody dropped the payload, but the end would just be a normal toss.
You can't actually do physics like that in D&D without exptrapolating things yourself.

>> No.50760315

>Yes, it will work on gods/spirits from other jumps.
Sweet! Fuck you, FR deities!

And, I mostly want it to use it on others, but I'm just checking: using it on gods from other settings to take up their mantle yourself would strip away your Exaltation?

>> No.50760329

Yeah, this is a definite trap, unless it gets a "no addiction" upgrade.

>> No.50760333

Right, sorry, I forgot that jokes don't work here.

>> No.50760336

Sadly yes. If it's any consolation, fiat ensures that you keep your Exaltation even if you're no longer mortal, so feel free to turn yourself into every other god all at once.

It can hold as many arrows as you want to put in. It fires at the same speed as a sword swing.

No, your Exaltation will stay safe through Jumpchan fiat, but DnD gods are too strong for use while you're still in your chain. You can replace them with other people though.

>> No.50760349

Why not both?

>> No.50760350

Yep. From the text for The King Is Dead:
>All gods, elementals, humans and Dragon Kings are valid targets for this Charm, though it may be used on an Exalt only with his consent, untainted by unnatural mental influence. If an Exalt is promoted to godhood, his Exaltation departs as his body dissolves and his spirit is fused into a vessel for a purer sort of divinity. Alchemicals and Terrestrials lose all Exalted powers upon dissolution of their body.

>> No.50760365

No you see you aren't supposed to play them yourself.
You use it to make entire pantheons impotent in worlds you don't like.
They won't step in to stop you if they're too busy playing MVC4.

>> No.50760370

Ah, okay then. Is it only one god's power per person?

And what's the upper limit of how strong of a god you could use it on for yourself pre-Spark?

>> No.50760390

Eh, whatever, man. It just feels like an incredibly underwhelming thing to reserve for post-Spark when the Celestial Incarnae aren't even that powerful, relatively speaking. I mean, it's not that hard to become better than them already.

>> No.50760408

I've been skimming through the jump so forgive me if these are mentioned somewhere in it, but I have a few questions.
Do we still have to deal with the part where nobody can remember us after the jump is over, and are we still fated to die once 5000 years are up?
Also how does paradox even work in settings that aren't exalted? There's no pattern spoders there?

>> No.50760424

>As thanks for the wonderful jump (and many hours of setting reading), have a finally done build. Will probably change at some point...
Looks like a nice build. Thank you.

>Thank you, Mardukth, for finally getting me to stop avoiding Exalted. It was a fabulous reading material-
You are very welcome, Annete.

>Lunar Mate (Akuma)
Huh. Decided to go with that then... What Urge are you picking?

>The echo of the Devil Tiger, that freed me from the slavery of Yozi... Is an asshole nonetheless. Well then.
Well. It /is/ Exalted, assholes are to be expected.

>Love of Adorjan
>Prison Break
>Return of the Infernal Jumper
Sounds like a FUN time.

Yes. You might be able to mitigate it somewhat with custom charms, but I'd imagine that'd take longer than brutal efficiency.

No problem.

>Drive and Firearms are Sidereal Charms based on the skills. Comet and Lightning Bolt are Astrological Charms based on the colleges.
...Ah. The Greater Astrology charms.

Fair enough then.

>MA and Sorcery
Not sure if I like being able to do that, at least through perks in an Exalted jump.

But that's probably just personal preference. Nevermind, I guess?

>> No.50760426

>Devil Tigers hadn't been written at the point where the Games of Divinity's addiction was being written about, so it's down to fanwank.

Would be a reasonable fanwank? would it help if I Had multiple linked minds and was able to be In more than one place at a time?

>> No.50760435

Given how much Sidereal stuff relies on the Loom you better hope there's spoders.

>> No.50760436

This is true. Isn't a Circle of Solars supposed to be enough to buttfuck the US?

>> No.50760438

Drawbacks: Manuals of Exalted Power Numbers 8 Through 11, The Scripture of the Returning Maiden, Once There Was A Maiden... (1600)

Chosen of Endings, age 21 (1500)

Arcane Fate (Free)
Looming Terror of Death Attitude (Free)
Doom Decrying Prophet's Remonstration (1300)
Wound-Mending Needles (Free)
Qlithu-Sothk (1100)
The Black Iron Spinner of Destiny (800)
Forceful Invader Eviction Principle (600)
The Games of Divinity (0)

Hello, you worthlessly malfunctioning functionary. I'm here to teach you the perfected hierarchy of things.

It goes you.

The dirt.

The least gods inside of the dirt.

What I had for lunch.

She Who Lives In Her Name.

And me.

Please direct all further questions about Yu-Shan's new employee policies to the newly opened Department of Primordial Reconciliation on your way down as a flaming chunk of soon-to-be starmetal! Give Ryzala and the others my regards! Rejoice and despair, for I am here to bring an ENDING to the unforgiveable corruption, dereliction of duty and simple incompetence that has infected Heaven! Which means pretty much every important deity other than 5DD (who has a valid excuse for not doing anything and my sympathies, despite his questionable taste in role models), Nysela (who I have no grudge against even though she hates my guts), Lytek (alliance of convenience, ugh) and the Syndics is gonna get AUDITED. Deep. Hard. Until they beg me to stop.

Oh, and feel free to pray to your Maidens. They're not going to do jack shit when I've made my own arrangements with Samsara. Check it out, I just made Endings fondle Battles while Jupiter does a headstand and Serenity wears a panda suit by screwing with their data input. They think the world will end if they don't do it in public.

HA! They're not even entirely wrong! Using Creation's inherent property of awesome things begetting awesomeness, I used that little stunt to extract the Green Lady by seriously confusing the Walker in Darkness!


>> No.50760462

I need.

>> No.50760483

Sorry. It's time for Exalted. Come back later when you're more relevant.

>> No.50760489

Was there a mote surcharge to use Charms outside of you favored/Caste Yozi?

>> No.50760495

>Would be a reasonable fanwank?
I would say no, myself. You're still mostly an Exalt. Get some anti-addiction perks.

>would it help if I Had multiple linked minds and was able to be In more than one place at a time?
That's how Luna manages to be the least addicted, and actually do things.

So. Yes, it would help, but not safe you from addiction.

>> No.50760497

And then I fill in some paperwork, as the remaining Bronze Faction survivors and gods look in horror, at Solars and 3CDs chatting amicably as they amble through the offices to begin the long, tedious process of renegotiating the Surrender Oaths. Far off into the Wyld, surprised Yozis starting plopping into Pure Chaos, badly scaring nearby Unshaped.

I should really write a thank-you note to the nice girl who was kind enough to tell them about my copy of the Games. I'm getting ALL of the grateful Yozi cuddles tonight! Maybe I can also get some insight on creating my own source and controlling mechanism of Fate; I'm sure if Qlithu, the Iron Spinner and my fellow Devil-Tigers put our heads together we can come up with something way better than that glitchy mess of a Loom. We just gotta throw enough crafting successes at the thing, right?

But cuddles. Mainly cuddles. It's still technically Christmas in Malfeas, after all.

>> No.50760500

That depends on the rules for gods in the setting you're using it on. In Exalted they'll get moved to a new place in the Celestial Bureaucracy. In DnD they'll absorb the other god's portfolio.

The upper limit is something roughly equivalent to an Essence 9 spirit which is kind of a vague answer. Maybe look at some of the canon third circle demons to see what the power level for a spirit with Essence 9 is and use that as a benchmark.

Arcane Fate goes away after the jump if you don't pay for the perk. If you do pay for the perk, you can toggle it. You're fated to die after 5000 years if you don't have an out of context way to live longer. Taking another Exalted jump with a longer lifespan counts as out of context. Paradox will piss off the local guardians of fate. If you're in a universe without those, you get off scot free.

I was trying to capture the idea of Sidereals as teachers and advisors, which by canon they're pretty shit at.

I think it's fairly reasonable, yes. The Games are for primordials, and Devil Tigers are baby Primordials 2.0.

Yes, but only because he's a puzzle boss. Graft his powers onto a jumper and suddenly you're invincible.

>> No.50760504

No, there's a mote surchage to use out of exalt charms you get from charmshare, but it just costs more XP to learn out of caste/favored yozi charms.

>> No.50760511

No. That's Terrestrials that have to worry about mote surcharges for out of Aspect charms.

>> No.50760516

Neat. So playing with astrological charms isn't suicide out of jump.
Sounds fun. Thanks InNomineAnon.

>> No.50760535

Looking neat so far. Can't wait to see what the perks look like when you have them written up.

>> No.50760542

What about it is strong enough that it should be locked to post-spark? Is it imbalanced against something in the jump?

>> No.50760561

>What Urge are you picking?
"Love, Honor, and Obey"

Trial of temptation, remember?~

It will be an interesting thing to write, as I try to figure out the morality of "love" coming from the "personality death". And then there is the fact that he DID give his consent... So yes – an interesting story all around.

>Sounds like a FUN time.
Not quite the early jump material, that's for sure.

>> No.50760566

Alright, thanks for the help.

>> No.50760575

I don't understand the god part, because a Celestial Exalted can skullfuck pretty much any non-Incarnae god.

>> No.50760579

Ah, of course.

I shall look forward to anything you write for it.

>> No.50760584

Woo, this is turning out to be a long morning!

>research on the frontiers of space, on the bleeding edge of science, sanity and myth, with all the thieves and mad men

Bit too many commas there, maybe replace them with full stops for dramatic effect or split them up into different sentences? Also, "madmen"


I'd suggest running the whole thing through spellcheck in general?


Wow, that's a lot! Not actually criticism, just surprised there.

>Combat model

"this" ought to be capitalised

Well, it looks like there's quite a lot left to be filled in but so far so good. Intro and descriptions make sense and get across what's up even though I know literally nothing about this other than /tg/ is apparently super into it if those generals are any sign. All I've really got for you is grammer concerns.

>> No.50760593

>/tgstation PTSD flashbacks
>Goonstation flashbacks

>> No.50760600

Here is a small part of the Unconquered Sun's statblock.

Aegis of Unconquered Might (Transferable)
Temperance: The bearer of the shield perfectly resists all damage as a permanent enhancement and cannot be slain, physically injured or deleteriously altered by any effect, no matter how powerful it is. This perfection of being also treats all mental influence that seeks to make him betray his Motivation as an unacceptable order. Finally, the bearer protects any mass combat unit he leads from most injury as he personally interposes himself in the path of attacks aimed at the soldiers under his command. Each attack against his unit cannot inflict more than one level of damage.

>> No.50760602

I'm hoping indefinite lifespans count as 'out of context'.

>> No.50760605

How strong are FR gods relative to the Incarnae or Primordials anyways?

>> No.50760618

It lets you win at everything forever by 10 or 40 arbitrary successes and become invincible.
You literally can't lose anymore if you get the Unconquered Suns powerset.

>> No.50760619


>So many perks

Will we be allowed to be AI?

>> No.50760621

Theoretically, what would happen if someone was a member of all of the Castes with Charmshare anima (Fiend/Moonshadow/Eclipse)? Would it basically just allow you to draw on all three Essence pools for all of your Charms (barring banned keywords)? Would becoming an Exalt/being (Like Fae) of the appropriate type eliminate the surcharge?

Okay, thanks.

>> No.50760644

Yes, having an indefinite lifespan from any perk or race will let you survive.

FR gods would definitely count as Incarnae in Exalted terms. They'd be slightly weaker physically, but made up for with a diverse set of magic and reality warping.

>> No.50760654

I get it's post-Spark, but I'm curious: how would you build for those skills, the Unconquered Sun and Aegis of Unconquered Might?

>> No.50760664

There's absolutely no prescedence for that kind of thing.
I want to say yes since you would count as the kind of being that uses those charms without a surchage though.
I mean you actually know how the charm works it's just a matter of aspecting your essence right. At least I think that's how it works.

>> No.50760665

But the Unconquered Sun with his virtues up is literally unbeatable, and could beat every single FR god, every other Incarnae, and Goku with both hands tied behind his dick. I'm more confused as to why you are limiting use of much weaker gods.

>> No.50760678

Are we banned from giving it to companions, too?

I mean, I plan to kill Konky's crack habit, not him himself, but I'm just curious. Seems like a fairly exploitable loophole.

>> No.50760706

This >>50759407
Love 'em and leave 'em.

Unfortunately, I have so many 'skilled lover' perks at this point that I'm not sure how people survive when I'm gone. I basically just ruin sex for people at this point.

>> No.50760708

I'm not sure I understand the question. You don't "build" towards that. The Unconquered Sun dies, then you use The King is Dead to take his place and gain all his power.

The Maidens and Luna are pretty strong even on their own, and the Charm is predicated on the idea that you give up being an Exalt to become an Incarnae, not that you become an Exalted Incarnae like Jumpchain allows you to.

I thought I put that in. Turns out I forgot. But yes, no using it on your companions either.

>> No.50760718

How do Essence pools interact if you have multiple Exaltations?

>> No.50760722

I'm still debating whether to add that into the traits perk section as a borg discounted perk.

>> No.50760746

What if you used a pod to companion one of the Incarnae?

>> No.50760747

...The entire Infernal writeup will probably be too lewd to read.

>> No.50760754

You can't do it in setting.
It makes sense to me that you'd have multiple essence pools that are aspected to certain exalt types though.
Since DB essence is very different than infernal essence.
Binbougami's temple of thought might help with letting you use one pool for another types charm effects though.

>> No.50760758

It is dangerous, yes, but it gets held aloft as this impossibly dangerous substance, as if it's memetic nature as delicious candy is true. I want to know just how hard it would actually be to work with. As far as I know there is no reason this perk combination wouldn't work, but even looking at the X parasite gets treated as suicide.

If you know otherwise could you please explain it to me?

>> No.50760765

>which by canon they're pretty shit at

What's the second worst example of Sidereal mentoring other than the Usurpation? Is there anything to top the Lunar who ate 54 cakes to save a Solar from the corruption of the Guild?

Just like in Exalted itself, it varies a lot. In general from little of what I know the average ones are pretty buffer actually; they just don't have access to the weird conceptual infrastructure Creation's deities benefit from. It's like comparing Saiyans to Stand Users. Well, except for the Incarnae who were hand-forged by specific Primordials for specific purposes-but even they have a finite pool of Essence.

And if we're counting Ao, we've got a being who operates on the level of either the Primodials (not the maimed Yozi, the HEALTHY Primordials) or the Shinma, I've never been clear on that.

>prison break

...ouch. I'll admit I was tempted for that but seeing what the Exalted's handiwork achieved. Yikes.



>love, honor and obey

Heh. Trying to pull a Scarlet Empress ahead of Ebby's schedule?

>> No.50760774

Sonichu has the best perk for that kind of thing.
Pump and Dump true love like it's nothing.

>> No.50760787

Such a Faustian jump: it gives such power, but demands a horrible price.

>> No.50760812

Personally, I'd say that your Peripheral pools stay separate but you only get one standard personal pool. Depends on how you wank getting MP from different jumps. Do you always get more mana every time you enter a jump with magic as the standard amount of mp gets added to what you already had? If so, then I'd say it would keep working like that and give you a larger personal pool.

It's really down to fanwank and what the other Exalted jumpmakers suggest.

I know Dragon-Blooded already bans you from podding the Incarnae, What does the thread think? I'm inclined towards upholding that for Sidereals too.

I mean, they aren't bad at it, other than that one Dragon-Blooded who is trying to learn SMA but is just going to explode. They just have nothing to make them any better at it than anyone else.

>> No.50760843

>Pod Bans
What, since when has that been a thing? I thought jumpmakers weren't allowed to touch pods.

>> No.50760845

>implying the entirety of Jumpchain isn't Faustian
There's such a thing as a too perfect deal.

>> No.50760855

I figured that unlimited time would be just enough to achieve one of the victory conditions. Not sure - is all I have to do just break myself and Yozi OUT of Malfeas? As in, will just getting out into the Wyld do?

>pull a Scarlet Empress
I confess, it took me a while to find the Return of the Scarlet Empress, so I have yet to find out what that plan was about. Does the book explain everything?

>> No.50760871

Indeed, you are getting power in exchange for becoming an omniversal entity's pet/waifu. Not a bad deal though.

>> No.50760889

X parasites are so dangerous that enlightened space birds with tech that might as well be magic took one look at them and said FUCK IT.
They then made metroids for the sole purpose of erasing the X parasite from existance.

What makes me unique would probably do nothing at all to help you. They absorb things not the other way around, and they don't exist as a physical form. You can't really consume them.
They're energy beings that infest, kill, and then replicate whatever happend to have been so unfortunate.
Unless you have metroid DNA it's going to be a death sentence and if you do you're probably just going to get a little energy out of it.
Part of a whole would help with getting the Metroid DNA to work though so there's that.

>> No.50760903

>Does the book explain everything?
Pretty much, yes.

The Ebon Dragon marries the Scarlet Empress to finalize the plan... and she has a "Love, Honor, and Obey" Urge.

>> No.50760922

>Not a bad deal though.
Not at all. I don't mind being a fixer upper.

>> No.50760944

Actually, a question.

The Prison Break drawback starts us out at the very moment of Yozi banishment. As in, long before Infernals are created. What does that make us?

>> No.50760951

I don't think the pod ban is really necessary.
Honestly I think it shouldn't be in Dragon Blooded either.

The Incarnae aren't chain breaking and convincing them to come with you is a herculean task in itself.
Sure they're strong, but maybe I just want to bro it up with the Unconquered Sun and Gilgamesh across the multiverse?

>> No.50760966

So, just to check, The King Is Does will only work on something deemed a god or that has a god's mantle or portfolio? It wouldn't work on something like a Bleach Shinigami or Hollow or the weird powers that Sternritters have that are the results of soul chunks from what amounts to evil Jesus?

>> No.50760992

>and Gilgamesh across the multiverse?
Terrible taste. Solaire is the correct choice.

>> No.50761005

I think the biggest problem is the Sun. He can give you his shield that makes you utterly invincible as long as you remain temperate. Or he can just perfectly succeed at all of his attempts to defend you and take the hit himself.

Mostly right. In Exalted, "god" covers animistic spirits as well. So no Shinigami or Hollows, but a spirit from World of Darkness would be fine. I don't know what Sternritters are, so I can't make a call on that, sorry.

>> No.50761009

They're partially energy beings? I had no idea. I don't have any perks that would help me absorb an energy parasite, an least not in a way I'd get anything more than a recharge from.

That alone is a reason I can't do it. What makes me unique helps absorb and gain traits of other parasites and infections, but since Blacklight works with flesh I guess I wouldn't be able to consume it in the first place.

Thank you Anon.

>> No.50761023

I don't think the ban was necessary in the first place, so I'm against it.

>> No.50761025

It doesn't actually. It starts you at the same moment you'd normally enter the jump.

Just, you know, imprisoned.

>> No.50761037

Is there any way for a non-infernal Exalted to alter the appearance of their Caste mark? I'm not exactly a fan of pretty much any of the Sidereals'.

>> No.50761046

Question, if he automatically succeeds at everything why do the Solars exist? Couldn't he have just won everything by himself?

>> No.50761059

This was for >>50761005

>> No.50761072

All the gods were programmed to never attack the Primordials.

>> No.50761082

Would that do anything to alter your relationship with the other Yozi? Like, could I approach them for Charms without Peer of Hell?

Taking it with Love of Ajordan would be tantamount to suicide, I presume?

>> No.50761086

Oh. And here the

>then be cast within the body of Malfeas alongside us
confused me. Oh well.

>Reads the Scarlet Empress
Maybe I SHOULD hijack the entire plan. Wonder if Ebon will be pissed...~


Is all I have to do just break myself and Yozi OUT of Malfeas? As in, will just getting out into the Wyld do?

>> No.50761090

And he can't just reprogram himself?

I don't get Exalted...

>> No.50761114

I don't think there's any canon way to do that.

He's geased to never harm the Primordials, and he isn't technically gauranteed to succeed. He just succeeds at the roll. So even if he tried to talk the Primordials into being less assholish, they'd just use Charms to ignore the successful social attack.

>> No.50761124

If you made something that could never be defeated, would you give it the ability to reprogram itself so that it could resist you?

>> No.50761130

And I don't get 90% of the conversations that involve it.

>> No.50761162

So, polygamy, I guess.
Me, Gardevoir, and Yuuka Kazami. Thank god for harem perks.
After that it's daughteru, then minions/underlings.

>> No.50761170


>> No.50761172

Given that the Ebon Dragon helped? Possibly, but aside from creating minions that would be able to fight on their own without direction from UCS, not in this case.

>> No.50761180

Nope. Only Devil Tigers do that.

They're geassed never to be able to (directly) attack or disobey the Primordials.

Nope. They might be a bit more sympathetic, but probably not.

>second spoiler
Depends on how durable your body/soul/mind is, and how fast you are, and if you ever tire.

>Oh. And here the
>confused me. Oh well.
Fair enough. Might have to clear that up...

>then be cast within the body of Malfeas amongst us
Would this be a bit clearer?

>Is all I have to do just break myself and Yozi OUT of Malfeas? As in, will just getting out into the Wyld do?
Sure, the Wyld counts as out.

>> No.50761188

In Exalted yeah. I kind of doubt that UCS could no sell or even survive an attack from the Presence or Yog Sothoth.

>> No.50761193

>Essence (or ki or mana, as it is called in some universes)

>> No.50761218

>Would this be a bit clearer?
Maybe something like "like we were" would work best.

How does one survive her for sure, really? Does she have a sheet written up somewhere that doesn't resemble Cain's?

>> No.50761224

>Nope. Only Devil Tigers do that.

Damn. So, where does the Caste mark come from? What's it a function of? What kind of perks would I need to look at to even begin modifying its appearance?

>> No.50761229

So odd question, can we forgo the actual Exaltation and just jump go through the Jump as a mortal? If we don't want to remain a sidereal for some reason?

The perks are really good and whatnot and I'm tempted to jump it just for them but I'm not really a fan of fate ninjas

>> No.50761243

If I'm parsing this right, do the Chosen of Serenity get both crafting stuff AND social stuff?


>> No.50761278

Saint Seya Jump when? Cause I want to have tapped into the Great Will and be kicking waterfalls in reverse before I hit up the fight with Spectuer.

Both of them basically have perfect defenses and both of them would have absolutely funny repies once they notice UCS.

"Oh geeze man let's turn you into a mortal human for a few lifetimes so you can quit those game things cold turkey."

>Yog Sothoth
"Eh, bro you need to take care of your kids and wife and the various factions of your world man. Appreciate what you've got man, at least you can walk in the realm you exist in. Man the fuck up dude!"

>> No.50761280

...This was oddly easy to build for? T'was pretty clear what I wanted.

Though I do regret not being able to take either the Cryptic Musing Perk or a personal cloud of my own.

Chosen of Serenity [100] I'm... not sure why there's a background cost. The training heaven gives you? I'd assume a Drop-In would also get that, if only after appearing.
Arcane Fate [200] Welp. A tax to take along my Arcane Fate. Fair enough.
Gasoline and Gunpowder Esoterica Internalization [400] Finger-guns is best charm.
Smile Gifting Gesture Intuition [Free] Nice. Very nice.
Heart-String Weaving Matchmaker Mastery [100] Ehem. Yes, useful.
Heavenly Artificer Understanding [200] Gotta build stuff, yes.
Heavenly Ecstasy Aides [Free] ...They were free, okay? Is it bad that I'm sad there's only Starmetal versions?
Quintessence Fountain [200] Shiiiny.
The Games of... Haha. NO.
Qlithu-Sohtk [400] Don't worry, little buddy. You exist. I'm sure we'll have great conversations.
Oversight [+100] I guess I've got a job now.
Shun the Maiden [+200] And I guess travelling just got harder.
Once There Was A Maiden... [+300] One infernal is easy enough to dispose of.

Few questions. What essence rating do we start at? I presume 2 or 3?

Do we get Quintessence/Ambrosia from the Quintessence Fountain when the prayer of beings wouldn't usually do anything in setting (Mostly asking because of the Serenity capstone)?

Would praying to existing gods, but who don't actually hear/benefit from those prayers, have those prayers go to the fountain?

And would they appear in pocket realms, like the Living World of Infernals?

Yes. They are best Caste.

>> No.50761285

It's just a symbol of the power you're channeling. It's a a side effect and there are ways to avoid it. Sidereals have a Charm called Soft Presence Practice that lets you stop it from showing up.

Can't you just be a Sidereal and never use any of their Charms or powers? I guess I could add the option in, but it seems pointless.

>> No.50761337

Someone needs to make a Saya no Uta jump.
We need more eldritch horror waifus.

>> No.50761347

>Few questions. What essence rating do we start at? I presume 2 or 3?
2 unless you get the sorcery perk, then 3.

>Do we get Quintessence/Ambrosia from the Quintessence Fountain when the prayer of beings wouldn't usually do anything in setting (Mostly asking because of the Serenity capstone)?
Yes, but the Serenity capstone will get you more ambrosia if you found cults of yourself.

>Would praying to existing gods, but who don't actually hear/benefit from those prayers, have those prayers go to the fountain?

>And would they appear in pocket realms, like the Living World of Infernals?
You can have them there, yes. Anything that follows you between jumps.

>> No.50761385

So what would importing the swordbow as Kamidatchi do? Sorry if this has already been asked.

>> No.50761404

Can't be imported nor imported into.

>> No.50761406

Kamidatchi doesn't allow imports though.

>> No.50761408

>Maybe something like "like we were" would work best.
Yes, that would work well.

Be very, very durable and regen quickly?

Conceptual environmental protection wards you from her just passing by, without her doing anything specific. Durability helps, but would not stop that from killing you.

Nope. But you can /approximate/ with all published Adorjan charms (just be aware this is not every Charm she has).

The Cosmic Principle Charms you can find in the Ebon Dragon's write-up, and should be adjustable to her.

Also, the corebook has the basic environment effect of her winds.

>So, where does the Caste mark come from?
Spending more essence than you can safely handle, which requires it to be vented outward as the Anima. IIRC? Very much not sure on this, it's been a while.

>What's it a function of?
The Exaltation/Your soul.

>What kind of perks would I need to look at to even begin modifying its appearance?
Loads of soul-sciencing/modifying perks, especially anything to do with soul-based superweapons, and doing Devil Tiger stuff would help as you already hacked one Exaltation.

>> No.50761430

Further proof that she's shit.

>> No.50761458

Which is why Kamidachi sucks. Not only does she have a god complex, her only thing is she can't be stopped. However she can't be imported as a weapon.

>> No.50761465

I second this

>> No.50761477

And that person is you

>> No.50761480

1. It's a mundane earth except for her. There's not even a theme to make a jump around.

2. She's the only edritch horror on the planet.

3. She cucks the main character, so she's a bad waifu.

>> No.50761481

shadbase companion breeding

>> No.50761507

Just woke up, thanks for the reminder.

Right, forgot that most people don't use my King Arthur thing to compile their weapons... I mean what would happen if you used the many combining weapons stuff to make it so Swordbow and Kamidatchi are one and the same? Or is there a clause in Hero BBS that says you can't do that?

>> No.50761510

This. If we're going to go down that route, Crawling With Love has far more content and is legit interesting.

See above.

>> No.50761529

Almost the worst, but at least somewhat more tasteful than Sparrow.

Even if it's by a small margin.

>> No.50761531

Kamidachi would be insulted and wouldn't allow it.

>> No.50761546

Kamidatchi wouldn't let you. She's got a complex about things like that.
She's also got absolute effects that say no.

>> No.50761554

I assume that whatever weapon merging ability you're using will just copy the Swordbow's arrow shooting power into the combined sword.

No idea if Hero BBS allows for that.

>> No.50761559

Considering that benefactor fiat won't allow it, I'm not quite sure that less-powerful benefactor fiat would.

>> No.50761567

Nyarko-san is the far superior setting to make a jump of.

>> No.50761581

Agreed on both counts by and large, though broken clocks and all that apply.

>> No.50761587

Creation has five seasons?

Also I'm so going to learn that lewd bondage SMA

And where is this info about pods?

>> No.50761592

Not him but
>more tasteful than Sparrow

I wouldn't go that far, Sparrow draws some bad stuff but at least he's self aware that he draws disgusting stuff amd embraces it, Shad isn't.

>> No.50761621

Yes, five seasons of three months each. It has two different growing seasons in a year and a shorter winter because the Solars messed with the climate in the First Age.

I'm probably going to put in something that if you pod the Unconquered Sun he can't make you invincible, but other than that no pod restrictions.

>> No.50761637

How dangerous is Kingdom of Loathing. And what the fuck is it? Does the magic actually use pasta and sauce, or is that just what they call it?

>> No.50761715

Can mana be used to fuel FMA alchemy? Would magical energy be a suitable equivalent exchange?

>> No.50761718

Could a Machine Caliber survive a Nuke?

>> No.50761720

>How dangerous is Kingdom of Loathing.

midrange fantasy MMO

>And what the fuck is it?

a old free to play MMO,it's pretty damn Grinding based but if you're good with that. It's fairly witty and does some neat things with the limited verbs involved.

>Does the magic actually use pasta and sauce, or is that just what they call it?

yes, Yes it does.

>> No.50761730

Spiritual energy could work, so if you have anything that can bridge the two. . .

>> No.50761731

Gonna add that to my list post-spark. More winter.

>> No.50761739

I'm pretty sure that it just needs you to have some formula that uses it, considering that they use the tectonic forces of the planet, or the power of one's soul I'm pretty sure that just about any source of energy is applicable.

>> No.50761741

What makes one set of Jump-Chan Fiat less powerful than another? Just asking because...

That's okay I was just asking. I made my Hero BBS Build way before that, it is in point of fact my first Jump this current chain, and thus have not Kamidatchi to even try such BS with.

>> No.50761779

The most dangerous bit of KoL, really, is all of the puns and stupid references. There are a lot of things that work in a certain counter-intuitive way because of that and if you're not prepared to take such things as Bad Spelling elemental damage you're going to have a weird time.

>> No.50761786

... can we Pod the Maiden of Green Fire?

>> No.50761802

I think it ''could'' work if you were able to incept the idea into Kamidachi, hell if I know how long that might take.

>> No.50761805

Would you consider letting us give companions more CP?

I didn't have enough CP to make my companions Infernals, so I was going to go full HAM on them here.

>> No.50761821

So we could get one of the five maidens? Cool.

>> No.50761831

>Maiden of Green Fire
I don't recognize the name. You mean the Infernal Manse thing? She'd probably die without geomancy feeding into her and after she's born, assuming she's a behemoth or something, I guess?

They're already getting 600CP and a celestial Exaltation. I think that's enough.

>> No.50761842

Holy shit, I leave for a few hours and come back to this. You are awesome InNomine. I will make a build for Justice shortly

Is it wrong that I want to learn Quicksilver Hands of Dreaming not because it's powerful, but just because it's so damn cool?

That's not....inaccurate.

Do both, is better.

>a bow that shoots swords

Still wish that there was an additional option to start at the end of the War, and unable to escape until start-time at minimum.

>> No.50761850

Can we teach other sidereals drive and firearms charms?
I assume yes, but I want to be sure since custom siddy charms aren't really a thing outside of astrology and SMAs.

>> No.50761859

>I'm probably going to put in something that if you pod the Unconquered Sun he can't make you invincible, but other than that no pod restrictions.
I meant info about pods in general. I'm rather new here.

>> No.50761865

>What makes one set of Jump-Chan Fiat less powerful than another? Just asking because...
I dunno, I'd say something about how items and enchantments have limits and are disconnected, while item imports just work with an active investment of Benefactor-power.

>> No.50761899

Worth noting that ED's Charms belong to an entity that explicity has "craven backstabbing bitch of a cosmic entity" written into his very nature.

Whereas Adorjan has "psychotic death machine of enlightenment and running fast" written into hers

>> No.50761910


Stasis Pods are an option in the Warehouse supplement that you're supposed to do between your first and second jumps. You can see it in the pdf in the OP.

>> No.50761925

>I don't recognize the name. You mean the Infernal Manse thing? She'd probably die without geomancy feeding into her and after she's born, assuming she's a behemoth or something, I guess?
I think he means the drawback Infernal?

>Still wish that there was an additional option to start at the end of the War, and unable to escape until start-time at minimum.
It made for a really cluttered bit of text, explaining how that'd work. So I decided against it.

I don't know. Might still include an option for it, but probably not.

>> No.50761956

Fair enough

>> No.50761970

Ohh, if >>50761925 is right, yeah, you can pod the Infernal from the drawback, but it's going to take a lot of work to get her to agree to it.

>> No.50761988

It most likly won't work but you could try talking her into it.
>Tries to Artifact (That's the option in King Arthur right?) Kamidatchi
>"What, but I am the best sword I don't need any enchantments."
>Jumper sighs.
>"Kamidatchi all swords should aspire to your greatness. You are the sword beyond all swords. And yet you are greater than the sum of your materials. I wish to feed you, nurse your infinite strength to greater infinities. Not because I don't believe in you but because you deserve to always be better. I hope you can understand that."
Also ew I almost went full Suggsverse logic there.

I think that dood means the Maiden in the Drawbacks... can we?

I'm totally having a knuckle-dagger moment here, I just know it.
What are you saying here I'm not catching?
Gauntlet asked why one thing was greater than the other and your explanation is that items and enchantments have limits, which perks also have, and thus are less powerful than importing. That's what I got but I think I missing something from the context could you help me out here?

>> No.50762087

Another Infernal Waifu is good too. Hope she's a Fiend so that she can learn some of my awesome shit from all the other Exalted Jumps I'll have been to.

>> No.50762098

I'm.guessing The King Is Dead couldn't be used to move a Yozi or Primordial's powers?

>> No.50762117

A Few thoughts occurred to me about the games divinity
1.seriously, how much shit can we get fix'd if we can effectively bribe gods?!

2.is giving it to the Neverborn to keep Them from messing stuff up a good plan or a bad plan?

>> No.50762128

How does the Maiden drawback work with the Continuity Drawback if you've already been to Infernals?
The Yozi should remember you.

>> No.50762129

>Go to Lost Odyssey and get immortal skill that lets you copy the abilities of items by using them
>Use Kamidachi
>Get Amazo's Back Up memory
>Insert the ability that you have acquired in there
>Leave Kamidachi in a forgotten dimension and never look back as you laugh loudly

Alternatively, just embrace it and carry it inside of you like pic related.

>> No.50762134

How would I go about taking on a 2-d form? More specifically, a form where I could travel across surfaces as a kind of sentient drawing.

Is that doable? or am I being too hyper-specific?

>> No.50762142

>How would I go about taking on a 2-d form?
Become the waifu.

>> No.50762146

Nope. Kamidachi would prevent you from copying her by Fiat.

Fucking annoying shit, ain't she?

>> No.50762147

I think Paper Mario has a perk for that.

>> No.50762148

Two choices. Paper Mario, and Legend of Zelda.
The first is just by nature of being paper, the second is ravio's bracelet.

>> No.50762155

>copy the abilities of items by using them
It's actually by wearing them.

>> No.50762161

As far as I understand it the Neverborn just want to die so they can stop suffering in the quasi-undeath they've got going on, so I doubt giving them the games would do much.

>> No.50762164

It only works on gods, so no Primordials.

The Neverborn are too insane with unending torture to actually play the Games.

They'll instantly figure out that she's telling the truth as soon as the jump starts, same as if you caught their attention in one of the other jumps.

>> No.50762168

>Kamidachi as a cock stud
>Kamidachi as a butt plug

>> No.50762170

Wouldn't work, Memidachi is fiat protected.

>> No.50762173

>1.seriously, how much shit can we get fix'd if we can effectively bribe gods?!
Not a lot. You can only play one turn at a time, so it'd take a while to addict enough gods.

>2.is giving it to the Neverborn to keep Them from messing stuff up a good plan or a bad plan?
A meh plan. They probably wouldn't be able to play it, and it can't addict them. So it wouldn't distract them needing to end their endless suffering.

>> No.50762190

To the face? Unlikely. At distance, you should be able to use their electromagnetic levitation systems to screen and cushion against the blast wave and radiation.

>> No.50762194

Have fun with your internal hemorrhaging.

>> No.50762195

>Prevent you from copying
Se would have to know that it's happening first.
Also, fiat vs fiat.
It just says 'equip', not wear.

>You can learn how to duplicate and internalize the magical properties granted to you by items you have equipped, such as a scarf that grants immunity to being shapeshifted or a ring that grants immunity to poisons to a pair of glasses that allow you to see the invisible. This may require wearing the item for several weeks or even months or years if the ability in question is particularly unique, powerful, or broad in effective scope. For purposes of this effect, clarketech is treated as magical. These properties require slots to equip. You begin with two slots for active abilities and six for inactive abilities, and otherwise functions as the slots from Skill Linking. If you have both perks, you can use slots and storage for either skills or magical properties.

>> No.50762201

how much would giving the Unconquered sun a chore list of the things that need to be fixed in the setting and telling him he gets another turn for each item that gets completed be able to get done?

fair enough

>> No.50762202

>SS13 jump

>> No.50762206

Are there perks that let one copy their personality into an ai or parts of their personality into an ai?

>> No.50762209

Deredachis were a mistake.

>> No.50762214

>how much would giving the Unconquered sun a chore list of the things that need to be fixed in the setting and telling him he gets another turn for each item that gets completed be able to get done?

He already has his own Games of Divinity.

>> No.50762216

Eclipse Phase forking.

>> No.50762222

The Sun already has unlimited access to his own Games of Divinity though?

I suppose if you smash them, that could work...

>> No.50762223

like his own personal copy?

>> No.50762227

Biomega and Eclipse phase.

>> No.50762231

Nah, just the Kamidachi. The whole fiat auto-win, while I'm sure fun for SkyGarden, is retarded and doesn't have any basis in the material.

>> No.50762234

Yo so I heard Exalted has dinosaurs that piss heroin. What's up with that?

>> No.50762235

If you import Maximum Space-dick formula for your mech-form.

A free one in Eclipse Phase.

>> No.50762240

Hive Queen has one of those.

Like the original one that they stole from the Primordials once they ditched them from Heaven.

>> No.50762245

Nah the Deredachis are fine, Kamidachi a shit tho.

>> No.50762248

I don't think it actually says anything about abilities that just copy powers, only ones that actually influence her. If you've got a way to copy powers without changing anything about her, she doesn't have any written protection against that.

>> No.50762249

Glorious Solar Bioengineering.

>> No.50762257

The Matrix does that with it's Machine capstone.

>> No.50762259


would giving the other gods the same deal work Then?

>> No.50762263

The Solars are fucking weirdos.

>> No.50762268

Ancient Solars wanted drugs. So they made dinosaurs that produced them. They also make longevity drugs and various medicines, but those aren't as fun.

>> No.50762272

You aren't actually trying to change or absorb Kamidachi by copying its powers. So Kamidachi couldn't stop you.

>> No.50762282

Dreams Fade in Waking Kata

Right now we have a Lost Odyssey Jump... need to read that one.

Well >>50762147 >>50762148 already pointed out the ones I know of.

Just asking to ask but what about Claymore Jump's Assimilation function.

You know that thing called a Beast of Resplendent Liquids I mentioned in Mortal Heroes Guantlet? That. First Age was a strange place and they had some odd ideas.

>> No.50762286


>> No.50762303

>Claymore Assimilation
>Taking Kamidachi inside of you
Oh yeah, I'm sure that'll go great.

>> No.50762306

Most of those can't really do much on their own. You might get some benefit from some doing their jobs better, but it would just be a slight improvement.

>> No.50762309

You could probably hook a lot of them, but the gods can't fix everything by themselves, and not all of the highest ranking ones are addicted enough to bow to your every whim.

Even if you did get all of the gods on your side, you might just spark off a huge war of Exalts versus Heaven as various factions retalliate against the gods who are screwing up their plans or who are just mad that you suddenly have such a huge power bloc behind you.

>> No.50762321


>> No.50762325

Wait what are Comet and Lightning Bolt?

>> No.50762327

Do the different Exalt types use special Essence, or is it all the same?

>> No.50762335

hey weird question backup plan involves an actual satellite right? That means I can access it for things like copies of my DNA and Brain tape can't I?

>> No.50762347

>They'll instantly figure out that she's telling the truth as soon as the jump starts, same as if you caught their attention in one of the other jumps.
So what you're telling me is "Meet her in person, monologue so the Yozi can hear you, then reveal your status as a Devil-Tiger"
Because that's what I'm hearing.

Craft:Genesis is a hell of a drug

>> No.50762358

I'd prefer more drawbacks, but it looks great so far, famalam.

>> No.50762364

The other gods also have access to it.

All the gods that matter, anyway.

Who knows. Maybe if you manage to convince it? I would use a spare body for that first anyway, and make sure that you have regeneration perks.

Pic somehow related.

>> No.50762369

Yes and no. Essence is the same kind of energy but an individual exalt uses it, it starts to become aspected to them.

This is only mainly relevant for artifacts that work better for specific types of Exalt, and Abyssals whose deathly Essence gets repelled by Creation.

>> No.50762377

IT's all the same EXCEPT Abyssals. The writers for Abyssals made it so they can only respire 'dead' essence and who need to dress like a mall goth or the world treats them like a vampire.

>> No.50762383

yeah but don't they have to wait their turn?

>> No.50762389

>Ballroom and Battlefield Equivalence Enlightenment

Children's card games here I come.

>> No.50762390

New constellations for the alternate settings in Shards of the Exalted Dream.

It's technically different, but that only matters insofar as detecting what kind of being something is. A Solar can give their Solar motes to an Infernal and they'll become Infernal motes. They also all regenerate Essence the same way, except Abyssals.

>> No.50762403

So. theoretically, could one acquire a kilomote just by going to enough Exalted jumps and maxing out each Essence pool?

>> No.50762421

Are there any items that can be used to store an infinite amount of energy? Alternatively, is there a perk that lets me create such items?

>> No.50762436

Would Drive/Firearms and Comet/LightningBolt be Caste or Favored if you get the perks?

>> No.50762439

Cosmic Cube from EMH.

>> No.50762445

It's a coop game. Maybe. I don't know.

>> No.50762449


>> No.50762462

I think so, yes.

Drive/Comet is in caste for Journeys, Firearms/Lightning Bolt is for Battles. Favored abilities just represent what you're naturally good at, so I think it's just up to fanwank was to how you want to handle those.

>> No.50762468

earth's mightiest heroes

>> No.50762470

avengers Earth's mightiest heroes

>> No.50762471

Depends on how you fanwank it.

Personally, I just considering all of them to fold into one calculation giving the most advantageous result, instead of stacking on top of each other.

Just like I don't get two pools of Magicka from the two TES jumps.

>> No.50762475

Earth's Mightiest Heros

>> No.50762484

In the current version, it doesn't give you any infrastructure, just pays off the Benefactor to ignore the "death" part of the backup brain process once per jump. If you took Monopoly Breaker, you likely have a physical site you can get such materials from. FreeTrade affiliates can pay to get a copy of their personal records.

CortComm v2 will include direct purchase of facilities, which will make the perk's function more consistent. My first jump needs polish badly, and with Gargantia nearing completion it's next on the list.

>> No.50762500


>> No.50762504

So who's making Solars and Lunars? Is there an ETA?

I want to flaunt being every type of Celestial at once and freak everyone the fuck out.

>> No.50762506

Anima enchanting can do that. You'd be able to make a container that can contain unlimited zeon/MP.
Get the conversion perk from Storm Hawks and turn it into whatever.
Sure you need to fill it yourself and getting materials for it is prohibitive, but it's still possible.
Might want to take powerful soul so using your own soul to shortcut things won't be a permanant drain.

>> No.50762519

...Didn't you just say earlier you were ruling that only personal Essence stacks?

>> No.50762521

Would What Makes Me Unique and/or the Runner origin affect my morality?

>> No.50762523

Solars is Wukog it's coming out sometime next eventually after crisis core.
Mardukth is doing Lunars and Raksha although I don't think they're very far along yet.

>> No.50762534

I think so, although it might be easier to achieve by incorporating/embodying an appropriate theme as a Devil Tiger. A common dev-fanwank is that Cytherea was some kind of amplifier/enabler Primordial, who effected the creation of Creation with Gaia using hundreds of thousands of motes.

And to quote the dev who mentioned that, "they may have been in the 69 position at the time"

>> No.50762535

It's fanwank dude. He said that's what he would go with, not that that's how it works.

>> No.50762545

I said on peripheral should probably stack, but that personal might too if you fanwanked yourself as always getting more mp/mana/whatever when entering a jump where people get mana.

>> No.50762558

well I did also get the local cloning technology from one of my companions,and it was written like it was an actual satellite that I needed to have in place so I figured it was an actual satellite I need to have in place....

Now I need to find something else to base my Alpha lantern swarm off of..... or I guess I could just wait until you finish The update and then it'll fix itself. And yes I did take Monopoly breaker I admit I have been a bit worried since my build was so tight. How bad is the damage going to be with this?

Cortex command
Official Sanctions +0
Kick Me +300
Remnants of Mu-ilaak+300
Monopoly Breaker-200
micromanager -100
architect -100
Mine, Mine, Mine! Free
joint venture: Monique -300
backup plan -600
founder: gears of war -300

>> No.50762560

>So who's making Solars and Lunars?
Wukong and Me.

>Is there an ETA?
Sometime next year, after I'm done polishing up Infernals from jumpable to complete.

I've got most perks as one-line descriptions to remind me (though I still need a Casteless capstone), but still need to write them out. Items and everything else are... not really there yet, though I have ideas.

>> No.50762571

Question about Numerologic Sorcerous Tutelage.

If I teach it to someone who has some way of doing the math significantly more quickly, do they still have to pay the same amount of extra energy, or is that just the result of them having to go through the trouble of doing the math?

>> No.50762576

So wait what is the difference between firearms and lightning bolt and comet and drive?

>> No.50762581

Given the setting, they'll probably assume you're a liar/idiot/Raksha playing at being a Mary Sue right up until you prove it, at which point you can expect someone to claim you're a new primordial made out of a bunch of Exalts glued together.

And they won't be 100% wrong depending on your Infernals build.

>> No.50762588

>Sometime next year
I had a minor panic attack until I realized there's less than two weeks left in the year.

>> No.50762598

A thought comes to mind InNomineAnon. Since the Sidereals are so dependent on the Loom of Fate would their powers even work outside Creation. As of right now they've been leaning on the Loom to do things for them, and a lot of their stuff references the strands of Fate and the local Loom. How or we going to deal with the fact that we're way outside the Beyond once we leave? I mean the Sidereals have to have charms that can activate outside of the Loom's AOE but I can't remember ever seeing them.

Is this going to be like that one Alchemical Charm that allows you to just integrate into the local cause and effect as if it were a Loom or are the Charms just assumed to work? Can't remember the name so I'll be cracking open my Alchemicals book here in a few minutes to check.

>> No.50762610

Firearms and Drive are the Abilities belonging to those constellations.

Lightning Bolt and Comet give you the destinies stuff, and the Greater Astrology charms.



>> No.50762617

Is a jump for them even possible?

>> No.50762623

It probably just works. It'd be like asking if magic works outside of TES because you're no longer part of the Godhead's dream.

>> No.50762628

Sure? Why wouldn't it be?

>> No.50762630


Seriously, like 80% of the shit we get wouldn't work out of their native jump without it.

>> No.50762655

Technically magicka is just starlight, which is just warp energy that seeps in through the stars, which are just holes in reality when some of the Et'Ada wised up and bailed on Lorkhan.

>> No.50762659

The extra energy is used in brute forcing the universe into letting you cast the spell, but doing math really fast could let you essentially ignore the extra casting time.

There's not really a hard divide between Sidereal Charms(Drive and Firearms) and Astrological Charms(Comet and Lightning Bolt), but Astrological Charms tend to be more esoteric and you can create new ones, while you're stuck with only the canon Sidereal Charms in the book.

They're assumed to just work, same as any other magic systems that rely on setting specific metaphysics.

>> No.50762660


>> No.50762665

The FreeTrade and Monopoly Breaker's costs will be going down (probably to zero), so you should be okay.

Also, I could add a satellite option, if you'd like. Remind me when I post the CortComm v2 WIP, if I've forgotten.

>> No.50762675

Should be doable. Why wouldn't it be?

Cool beans.

>> No.50762686

How come there aren’t any Perks for being really good with plots and plans?

>> No.50762714

Sidereals aren't really associated with big elaborate plans. They're mostly either fate ninja James Bond, or they're tutors for Dragon-Blooded/Solars.

>> No.50762723

It's the records I am after,the satellite itself is it necessary, although having Stardrop capability that early in my chain would've been nice,it's the import cost that bugs me Maybe have it cover more than one companion? and why are we limited to one purchase of founder given how expensive it is ?

>> No.50762725

So I'm trying to grasp the scale of Exalted has properly. Could a fully maxed out Solar or Devil Tiger, without Essence 6 Charm caps, defeat the God Emperor of Mankind when he was whole?

>> No.50762734

I thought you said "pots and pans" for a moment.

>> No.50762743

There is a reason the Sidereal Limit Break is stupid (yet in theme) plans.

>> No.50762753

Well, there was their Great Prophecy and the Usurpation...

>> No.50762764

so I got a wonder , do these beasts of Resplendent liquids operate on mystic or biological principles?

>> No.50762772

Ehh, that was over a thousand years ago. If you're going that far back, you're back in the age where Lunars weren't even animal-fucking barbarians.

>> No.50762776

Both, this is Exalted.

>> No.50762789

I feel like there’s an Alchemical joke in there.

>> No.50762798

damn I can copy one but not the other... looks like I will not be able to get that ability. At least I still have my Cane toad Breath.

>> No.50762825

Just be a Lunar when that comes out. Drink its Heart's Blood.

>> No.50762829

How happy would the Yozi be with me if I gave them a copy of the Games of Divinity? Also would a Devil Tiger with souls and their own inner world and all that be able to play the Games of Divinity?

>> No.50762832

Goddamn I want to punch that thing's smug face.

>> No.50762844

Big elaborate plans are rare yes, but looking at their book, plans in general seem to be a central theme of theirs.

>> No.50762847

Show me the picture that defines better your adventures.

>> No.50762849

hang on, are they intelligent? I might have a backup plan>>50762825
noted,looks like I'm going to be reading the lunar's book
Dude, if you had a team of people follow you around waiting to catch your piss you would be smug as well. Plus big lizards are always smug. Well, except for one

>> No.50762852

Go to 40k for all your fucked up Biology needs. Catachan is a hell of a place...

>> No.50762854

They'd be too busy being confused as to how you got that, at least at first.

>> No.50762858

Probably decently happy. It's not what they really want, but was their favorite toy.

And probably not. Atleast not with just that.

>> No.50762867

Founder is 50% rapid entry into genegineering and 50% "Gee, I wish that previously-taken jump X had a tech perk option for Y faction."

It's not anything an experienced jumper couldn't do for free with the right setup and enough biotech perks, but it's convenient and centralized. Opportunity cost, on top of CP cost.

>> No.50762869

A fully maxed out solar with no custom charm caps can take the galaxy and suplex it.
He's also invulnerable to everything and can't even be reality warped against his will.
He can hit anyone with anything perfectly anywhere at all and can do infinite damage. You can't even block without a perfect defense.
They can do literally anything but time travel and ressurection with enough prep and that's just because the setting won't let them.
The only limit is how much essence he has.
Of course this is all beyond endgame stuff, but theoretical maxed solar bullshit is endless.

I would say the emperor would lose, if only because he lacks the sufficient concept fu.

>> No.50762872

>hang on, are they intelligent? I might have a backup plan
No. They eat, and if they don't find food, they climb tall things.

That's the extend of their intelligence.

>> No.50762885

More or less.

>> No.50762889

I'm going to take a single guess and say Terra Formars is about to be involved.

>> No.50762899


>> No.50762900

See above: Cuddles. The Games are really, really fun.

Because the Yozis are mad and alien, "cuddles" can still manifest as anything from being spared from the latest emerald holocaust to being rewarded with demon slave armies to being offeed Akumahood to being flayed alive by wind.

Also the Ebon Dragon w

>> No.50762915

> Jumper is trying to ease up on the Violence and follow his buddy Gen-san's example more
>Get your biology from stuff from the most dangerous mundane place in the material universe.
good to hear , I Don't have so many moral hangups with that.

nope, I picked it up In gravity Falls,it has some decently open-ended power creation options for journal entry, My Mosaic organ is based on a certain Czarnian.

>> No.50762918

*will be an ungrateful shit on general principle.

...and freeze up my moniter for trying to warn you about him, apparently.

>> No.50762920

...and that's fluff, not some kind of PunPun bullshit?

>> No.50762931

so I'm skimming the recent threads and I have to ask:
What jump is Dimension Lord from? is it a WIP? if yes can someone gimme a link? also whats the latest version of the infernal jc?

>> No.50762935

Why were 6+ custom charms capped? Not enough info?

>> No.50762937


>> No.50762974

It's bullshit because he took some of it from the Unconquered Sun's powers, not any charms available to an Exalt.

>> No.50762975

Awesome overall.

Needs a bit of grammar check.

this, on the other hand, pained me. Age is the limit on Essence. Essence is the limit on attributes/skills, and it takes months of work each time, past the kiddy levels.
>As you age, your potential in mundane skills and the attributes of your body will increase to superhuman levels.

>Mental Defenses: The sanity scaring

>Signs of the Maidens: Two Signs are listed with your caste for the preceding section. You may make your Maiden's lesser sign for few motes of Essence

a few motes

>Sorcery is ritual magic
Sometimes, but that really isn't true generally. A quarter minute and a few hand signs is not a ritual. You should probably mention that acquiring Sorcery requires a significant personal sacrifice, that gets steeper at each level. For the equivalent of Sorcery sacrificing a finger, Necromancy would have required you to tie it to cut off blood flow, then rot off.

>> No.50762986

>Hehehe, these stupid humans drink my waste products. Fucking drug addicts.

>> No.50763009

DC Occult wip, I believe.

And here.

>> No.50763012


>> No.50763014

Yep. It's a whole lot of stuff that you have to learn seperately, but since you basically gave him infinite XP he can do whatever he wants.
Perfect defenses are just that. So long as they're active you can't be hurt and there's scene long ones. With the exception of flaws of invulnerability which are pitifully easy to build around for a solar.
Perfect attacks always hit no matter what unless a perfect defense happens.
Anti reality warping is shaping defenses of which solars get early and persistantly.
Normally you can only activate one charm at a time but you can make combos with XP to use more.

As for galaxy suplexing they grappled the Yozi and some of those are larger than the universe.

>> No.50763024

Any sort of interjump decision on exalted powerlevels vs other strong settings depends on whether you assume that Exalted metaphysics trump other settings'.

>> No.50763028

pretty much video related except I'm basically everyone except Harry and it takes place over multiple universes.

>> No.50763036

Why is Founder a perk? It's broken beyond belief and meta as shit to boot.

>> No.50763042

Dimension Lord is from DC Occult, which is still a WIP. I'd post it, but I'm on my phone and several hundred miles from my computer.

>> No.50763046

So how does Torment manifest for an Infernal? Is it just suddenlypain.gif?

>> No.50763079

It depends on the Caste. Malfeas/Slayers get an Infectious Ragemode, Cecelyne/Malefactors get flayed by a windstorm, and so on.

They also hit anyone you care about, if they Yozi disapprove of them.

>> No.50763084


>> No.50763102

>"Gee, I wish that previously-taken jump X had a tech perk option for Y faction."
You're...you're joking right? This isn't honestly your justification for that perk right?

>> No.50763139

Why don't you just pick X Parasite as your Fusion in the Power Armor section? That should get around the downsides.

>> No.50763183


>> No.50763211


>> No.50763221

It shouldn't just to start with. What happens after that? That's up to you.

>> No.50763243

Given it has a ceiling for what it can accomplish on its own? Broken beyond belief is hyperbole.

As for why it exists, CortComm has a whole family of mods which add units from various franchises to the roster, including Star Wars and Warhammer 40k. Founder represents that, though it isn't as outrageous as said mods are; Founder won't let you call in Star Destroyers, because they're outside its scope. The mods it's based on do. But that's silly, because CortComm wasn't designed to operate on that scale.

The perk as written is intended to carry the spirit of the modding community, while rounding off the parts that don't fit the game's themes... which are "meatpuppets" and "infantry combat" not "orbital superiority".
Again, it's not anything you couldn't already do with some effort, it just helps themed chains get off the ground sooner. Perhaps that comment was careless, but it's what I saw it being used for most commonly when the jump was new.

>> No.50763265 [SPOILER] 

>Pic Related.
No, seriously, this song is probably /way/ more accurate if I'm being totally honest.

>> No.50763281

... You want to take this one? >>50763211

>> No.50763286

>Butterflying away the plot

>> No.50763300

So apparently the final tier of sorcery requires you give up something like your true love. Is it really awesome enough to be worth that kind of cost?

>> No.50763301

The mention of sorcery's price isn't needed. It can be done in your backstory. Also, the book gives examples like "THIS ONE SORCERESS ALIENATED HER BOYFRIEND AND FAMILY" and thus it doesn't have to be something all that serious.

>> No.50763327


>> No.50763330

Word of God is that the sacrifice is something that you need to let go of that is holding you back. Its something that in giving up you're able to move forward and grow more, whatever that means for you.

>> No.50763368


>> No.50763374

I think a lot of people took Founder to mean "you have the blueprints for all the units and tech of the faction you picked, your limit is what you can actually build with the tools you already have".

As in, yes, you can't call in Star Destroyers, but if later on you do ever happen to find yourself in Star Wars shipyard with a spare two trillion Imperial credits to spend and no questions asked, you'll have the plans to build one...

>> No.50763384


>> No.50763402

If it's going slow enough that you can still switch it in time, it won't make it through that loop.

>> No.50763406

Funny that the perk doesn't sound like that at all. Maybe you might actually fix it so it's not so open to abuse.

>> No.50763416

That would be true for someone buying Sorcery as a perk. Not for someone initiating into a (new) level of sorcery in-setting.

And... if you don't think abandoning her love and family is serious, then... let's rephrase. If abandoning her love and family HAD NOT been serious, then it wouldn't have worked.

>> No.50763421

Impulse control is not a thing I have need for

>> No.50763431


>> No.50763433

Adamant sorcery is really good and you're basically hacking reality on a grand scale with it. You don't necessarily need to give up true love for it, but you'll have to give up something very important.
You can do things like toss magic nukes, put entire regions in a self contained hammerspace, and swap someone's reflection with the real them.

>> No.50763440

Never reply to Bancho. Mysteriously, the shitposter jumps hard on anyone answering Tera.

>> No.50763473

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

To quote a certain smuggler, good luck. You're gonna need it.

>> No.50763478

It just has to be a meaningful crutch. It's only a big deal if you approach it very dumbly and not intelligently.

>> No.50763526

It's Metroid or something you already have. You can't pick X Parasite.

>> No.50763545


>> No.50763587


>> No.50763605

Are there any perks that would allow Celestial Exalts to learn Charm types of other Celestials?

>> No.50763617

Actually no, it's this

>> No.50763632

Be an Eclipse Caste Solar.

>> No.50763637

Uh, not exactly an expert on Exalted, but I think Fiends can already do that?

>> No.50763641

The Eclipse Caste of the Solars can learn charms of other Celestials.

But there's no Solars jump yet

>> No.50763656


>> No.50763657

You can be an eclipse/fiend/moonshadow caste exalt.
That works for everything but native charms. There's a mote surcharge for things that aren't persistant, but it's not so big a deal.
Of course Sidereal Astrology isn't usable by creatures of darkness so fiend caste is right out for that unless you get Conky to take you off his shitlist.

>> No.50763703

Do you have to get someone to teach them to you or can you just learn them the same way you learn normal Infernal Charms?

>That works for everything but native charms.
What are native charms?

>> No.50763705

Now I've gotta know, does Scott Eckert win?

>> No.50763715

Would you retain that ability after going Devil Tiger?

Alternatively, is there any way a Devil Tiger from another caste could gain that ability by doing so?

>> No.50763719

You need someone to teach those charms to you. Should be fairly easy to convince them if you're an eclipse solar, though. They're the charisma guys.

>> No.50763740

You need a tutor for charms that aren't for your exalt type.
Native charms are those that you can't get with charmshare.
Most of them are mote expanders and things that don't make any sense out of type.

Charmshare is tied to the anima banner effect. So if you change yours to be a replica of the fiend caste as a devil tiger you'd be able to keep or gain charmshare.
If you don't I'm pretty sure you lose all incompatible charms that you've already learned and get refunded the XP.

>> No.50763746

Are there any outside perks at all that would interact with Essence besides Temple of Thought?

>> No.50763759

Favor of Tashlan. Things to do with being enlightened, inner energy manipulation. Probably a lot of stuff dealing with spiritual energy.

>> No.50763763


>> No.50763771

>Favor of Tashlan
Isn't that literally the same thing as ToT? Or am I misremembering?

>> No.50763788

Pretty much. It comes with not getting killed by Tash if you meet him though so that's a plus.
It also lets you believe two contradictory things at once IIRC.

>> No.50763831

So what are pods?

>> No.50763832

Other than this >>50763759, probably not. Essence isn't really anything like ki or mana, either.

>> No.50763843

What happens to your fiat-backed businesses in settings where they may not fit in?

>> No.50763860

Willpower perks, things that make you more virtuous, and enlightenment would all possibly give you more motes to play with.

>> No.50763892

Willpower doesn't directly influence Essence pool size, does it?

... Because I have all the willpower perks.

>> No.50763895

Pretty sure the former two would boost your Willpower and Virtue stats, which might not be a good thing in the latter case. At least if you don't like being ruled by the virtues in question.

>> No.50763904

>Willpower perks,
where can I get some of those other than Lightbringer?

>things that make you more virtuous,
Redwall, Skullgirls.

>and enlightenment would all possibly give you more motes to play with.
Kung-fu Hustle and Samurai Deeper Kyo?

>> No.50763912

Willpower is used to calculate the size of your Essence pool.


>> No.50763920

Whatever you want them to be. They may not even be physical things, just 'slots' you can assign to people if they agree to come with you. Aside from the mechanics about their function there's not really anything else set in stone - their form is completely up in the air.

>> No.50763928

What about perks that increase your ki or make it regenerate more quickly?

>> No.50763930

>where can I get some of those other than Lightbringer?
At least a good 30-40% of jumps have something relating to willpower.

>> No.50763934

I've learned quite a bit in the time since I made it, about jumpchain and my own writing. Particularly, I've become aware that I am a master of understatement, and Founder was a perfect storm. It's highest on the list for clarification, and this conversation has emphasized that it deserves that attention.

Founder gets you the plans, but doesn't /help/ you build anything beyond its scope. Just because you have a blueprint doesn't mean you know how to read it, and anything which goes beyond the scale or genre of CortComm needs other perks or expertise to make use of that information where it goes outside what is feasible. The updated version will make clear the distinction between the [has plans] and [can read some of them] effects, or at least have a notes section to that tune. Several perks will be getting those.

Do note that the extant version requires you to have /previously/ visited a jump to even select it as a target, which means you'd have already gotten a chance to pick up the Star Destroyer plans in the normal fashion. It has lots of problems, but that specifically isn't one of them.

Eh, I've had some halfway meaningful conversations with him on occasion. I'm not going to ignore him just because he's a favorite target of the shitposter. That just means Timmy wins. (Assuming the responses I'm getting are actual shitposting at all, which I'm not quite convinced of. It's along the usual topic lines, but Founder honestly /is/ really, really vague. Such is a mistake of youth I planned to correct anyway)

>> No.50763935

I assume they change to fit the setting as best they can.

>> No.50763957

Yeah, Sidereal says that mana and ki can be substituted for Essence, which is absolutely ludicrous and not at all supported by anything in canon.

>> No.50763965

Guys, I need some advice.

I have no idea how to price this item for the Sailor Moon jump. If you want to know it's canon basis, Mamoru had the crystals of his dead generals lying around so he spoke with them by meditating.

I'm thinking about pricing them at 200 CP but I am not entirely sure

Companion Crystals (??? CP, Discount Mysterious Protector) - You have a bag of crystals in different colors. When you take time to meditate and flow some form of energy from yourself into the crystals, you may converse with your inactive companions such as asking them for advice or simply to chat with them. An image of the person will appear as you speak to them. This image cannot interact with the environment.

>> No.50763975

Essence /= ki.
One is the building block of everything the other is physical battle energy.
Exalted actually is a special snowflake setting.

Hush. The document is from a character perspective that's the closest thing to compare it to since you can do sorcery with it.
It doesn't say you can substitue those either so please calm yourself.

>> No.50763981

Is Essence soul stuff? Would things like Powerful Soul from Anima or Strong Soul from Soul Eater help?

>> No.50763989


>> No.50763990

Pretty much any form of energy could logically be used as essence, in Exalted pretty much all energy is essence. Also all matter and the very laws of reality are essence unless I read that lore wrong.

>> No.50763992

on its own, 200 seems reasonable.

Do you have any other 200 cp items done for the jump to compare to?

>> No.50764006

Those would probably help.
Souls work well as essence batteries. In fact that's why humans exist so their prayers can generate a fuckton of essence.
Some mote expander charms even have you making a second soul to store more.

>> No.50764007

>One is the building block of everything the other is physical battle energy.

Mana's that half of the time, and ki's what you describe only rarely.

>> No.50764011


I have this so far

Moon Mask (200 CP, Discount Senshi) - When wearing this, you can check up on your friends if they’re in danger. You get a clear view of them as they're being attacked--this only works if they’re in any immediate danger. If you friend is walking around in a seedy part of town but they’re not getting mugged, you won’t see anything.

>> No.50764015

Hell yeah

>> No.50764019

When is Mana the atom/physics/everything replacement?
Genuinely curious.

>> No.50764028


Bleach has spirit particles that are basically the same.

>> No.50764030

200 cp is probably the most you should charge for something like that.

>> No.50764051

Essence is the exact same generic mystical energy that everything is made of that Ki, Mana, etc is in a thousand different settings. Just because the devs packaged it fancy to hell and back doesn't change that in the fluff it's the exact same thing.

People respire and live off of it (ki, mana, prana, life energy), there are the dragon lines where it flows in concentrations through the world (ley lines), it's used to fuel magic (whether sorcery, thaumatury, or the innate magic techniques of Exalts, spirits, etc), and is otherwise just a different name.

>> No.50764060

So you just flat out lied when you said it only gave you a few units and instead it does give you all the plans? Pretty sure people understand what you're trying to clarify and that isn't their complaint about it. It still gets you those plans. Even the limit of having been to a jump is a poor attempt at limiting it. A perk that lets me get all the plans and blueprints to pre fall Necron tech or to Monitor tech or to any number of hyper advanced civilisations just by having been to a jump they were in, regardless of how hard getting even a small amount of those plans would be or even possible at all, and then have all the time I want to figure all those plans out with no danger.

>> No.50764083

Would you even be able to understand those kinds of advanced technologies without being some kind of hyper-genius?

>> No.50764102

Doesn't really matter does it? I have them now, even if it'd be impossible to attain them without time travel or godlike power, so I can just take my time going to a few jumps to get what i need to use them. Don't need to fear the danger of stealing tech from godlike beings at all with Founder, just pick whatever you want.

>> No.50764104

>flat out lied
"You have the genetic information and fabrication plans to build units and equipment derived from one of your previous jumps"
Looks pretty straightforward to me, anon.

>with no danger
Other than, y'know, having already spent a minimum of 10 years in the setting that had that hyper-advanced civilization, courtesy of a benefactor that wants you to entertain them...

>> No.50764125

>So you just flat out lied
>Given it has a ceiling for what it can accomplish on its own?

Not sure what you mean, friend. In any case, time spent pouring over documents doesn't help if you're too dim to grasp the fundamentals. You'll need to throw other perks at it to bridge the gap, which is Jumpchain 101.

>> No.50764128

>"You have the genetic information and fabrication plans to build units and equipment derived from one of your previous jumps" Looks pretty straightforward to me, anon.

Read >>50763243 where he apparently has changed his mind to say certain things are outside it's scope.

>Other than, y'know, having already spent a minimum of 10 years in the setting that had that hyper-advanced civilization, courtesy of a benefactor that wants you to entertain them...
Didn't read any of the examples I gave did you?

>> No.50764130

Exalted: The Dragonblooded

20 years old

>Wood Aspect
Wood is good.

>Free Choice - The Imperial City
Had a free choice so figured staying in the thick of it wouldn't be a bad idea.

Went in for the good breeding.

Not really sure where given I was just found in some podunk settlement.

>Legendary Breeding 300
Not really sure how given I was just found in some podunk settlement. Also hoping this means I look more wood-y than I otherwise would. Not sure if it's allowed but having a few little venus fly traps in my hair would be funny. Either way it gives me more wood power or something, I don't really into Exalted.

>Exalted Beauty + 700
Bought this as I figure exalted beauty is better than regular beauty. Plus I'm propagating a whole bard thing this jump.

>Dragon's Cigars 900
Bought these as they seem pretty sweet. Plus I was a smoke conduit in InFamous so any smokables are pretty appreciated. May try to combine one of these with the infinite cheroot I got from Western so that I can pretty much constantly be smoking it.

>Balescream 1300
Got an electric guitar that blasts lightning. More skills = more lightning. With thousands of years of playing that's a hell of a lot of lightning. Plus I got the performance charm here with being a Wood dude. Definitely my favourite thing here.

This one is a mandatory drawback I don't get any CP for. Doesn't really matter all that much given my loud magic guitar and supernatural good looks would probably cause me to draw attention anyway.

>A Boon 1200
Means I owe someone a favour. Maybe whoever picked me up from the middle of nowhere.

>Found Egg 1000
Is the aforementioned "from the middle of nowhere" drawback. Loses me some social status but hopefully my sheer hotness will win me a comfortable position.

Don't really know Exalted as mentioned, if anyone knows what the boon I owe is likely to be let me know.

>> No.50764138

Can the Starbound jump just fucking come out already so we never have to have arguments which pools fold together ever again?

>> No.50764144

Coolio, anon, mind sharing these "few jumps" that will get us the knowledge to build hyper-advanced tech without risk of running into hyper-advanced civs/entities?

Different anon. Link?

>> No.50764152

Why is Master Roshi/Jackie Chun in that picture?

>> No.50764155

Then it isn't actually broken, since the 'brokenness' still relies on a few other jumps.

>> No.50764158

You just said earlier that the option had limits on what you got from it, then you go on to say it actually gives you all the tech. You've also just clearly ignored every problem I've raised with it. Are you the sort to think an item that gives you a book with every charm in the Exalted series or every spell in Mage is balanced too?

>> No.50764161

Aion, M:tAs, Dresden, Nasuverse, Magi, MtG, Tales of Symphonia, and (arguably) Warhammer.

>> No.50764163

Because the guys they hired to do art love animu references.

>> No.50764166

Those last two aren't broken though?
You can learn charms on your own without a book, and spells in mage can be self taught.
Both can be custom made as well.

>> No.50764169

So... I'm probably not going to be making any friends by bringing this up, but...

I really don't get how so many people here are against diminishing returns.

Like, I'm fully aware how fucking obtuse the math is on that if you aren't ballparking it. That being said, don't the powers scale up way too fast and if you just do them additively?

I'm not trying to start shit or anything, but I am deathly curious on peoples mindset behind it. because I myself use diminishing returns on perks, but I don't want to keep dealing with that for no reason if the alternative works just as well.

>> No.50764172

Yeah, I'm on board for 200cp for the companion crystals.

Are we talking just folks in stasis back in the warehouse, or are we talking people from worlds we've visited and departed too?

>> No.50764176

having the blueprints of a nuclear reactor does not teach you the physics needed to understand and operate one.

>> No.50764177

>outside it's scope
Ok, read it, he's referring to how Founder won't let you call them in because the Cortex Command jump itself doesn't give you the ability. You can't make a nuke out of spanners alone. If you've got perks from other jumps that'll let you do that, that's an OCP.

>> No.50764193

It kind of would be balanced, since you could eventually learn that stuff anyways instead of spending precious cp on it.

>> No.50764203

Folks in stasis.

>> No.50764216

>I'm not trying to start shit


>> No.50764225

Is it that many people? I mean, not like we can take a verifiable poll. I tend to use diminishing returns myself, but I don't care whether others do or not. Potatoes and stuff.

>> No.50764234

How would the starbound jump stop that argument?

>> No.50764239

Diminishing returns is not only math heavy, but it makes several perks and builds outright useless. After the first 6 perks to cover one thing any additions are nearly nonexistant.
With only a couple dozen jumps that's not so bad since you won't get to that point, but with 700 any buld that isn't broad wizard or broad tech hits a plateou.
Super strength in particular gets hit the hardest since it's already subpar.
It also makes perks with smaller effects nearly unnoticeable so people would only ever pick up the largest buff out there and ignore all other similar perks.

That's a large part of why I don't use diminishing returns. Since that means my chains can have more varience.

>> No.50764248

It's going to have a perk that merges all your pools.
ALL of them. Even ammunition.

>> No.50764250

Personally, I found that my power curve is more reliant on what types of jumps I take. Diminishing returns don't really do jack to keep me low power if I jump shounen settings where gittin' gud yourself is the name of the game, or magical settings where raw biggatons isn't the law of the land.

So, all it really does for me is devalue jump-given stuff. Also, it kills specialization for anything other than Bog-style assimilation of all magic/tech.

>> No.50764261

The alternative is that there's no point in specialization. Eventually, pouring 600cp to get less impact than a 50cp perk is just too brutal to be worth doing, and you may as well pour it into a different discipline.

>> No.50764263


Fuck you, hands.

>> No.50764267

I takes away from specializing, any perks in a given category other than the few strongest ones become worthless. This means that under diminishing returns you are either a jack of all trades or having your capabilities restricted arbitrarily.

Say you want a X focused jumper, you take a few strong perks in X and then future X perks are useless forcing you to leave your desired focus to get anything out of your purchases.

>> No.50764303

Not to mention that the fire aspect is basically just Dart with a beard and one eye.

>> No.50764312

Ok jump ... for 2014.
Needs a group import option for everyone.
Make it Happen needs to be 50 CP per import for all backgrounds

you are charging 300/600!?! CP for the Machine Caliber. How do you justify that for a person scale mech without legal rights?

You charge 50 CP for a backgrounds standard issue small arm.

The option to get the Hideous Mantle at a discount trades over many CP of discounts for one 150 CP discount, because the way it is written it also removes discounts for companion options.

>> No.50764330

So are they only for companions?

>> No.50764338

-Switched amount of CP given from "Ghost Race" and "YOU. GUILTY"
-Hopefully lowered difficulty of "Ghost Race"
-Clarified what happens when you take both "YOU. GUILTY." and "Spirit of Jumper".

>> No.50764340

Jumping and making builds becomes boring, because all but a few perk/items per jump have no tangible effect. There isn't much thought put into making choices because those choices are generally between something that will benefit you and everything else that won't, as opposed to choosing between being a science bitch and a punching bitch.

>> No.50764343

What kind of destinies can I make with Astrology? Could I, for example, give Hinata from Naruto a Destiny of freeing the Branch House from the Caged Bird Seals and bringing both houses together?

>> No.50764361

X parasite sample?

>> No.50764369

How close to finished would you say this is?

>> No.50764379

How does the Penance Stare work by the way? People at minimum burn their eyes out regardless of crimes committed, so is it some one-hit kill ability? Does it attack the soul or something?

>> No.50764391

Well, that's what Pods are, yeah. Unless you're talking about something other than the things you can buy in the warehouse. Pods let you take people as companions. How this works is up to you. Maybe it is an actual tube you have to cram them into. Maybe it's just a number of beings you can ask to come with you. The latter works better if you want to pod giants, but ultimately it's up to you.

>> No.50764398

>I really don't get how so many people here are against diminishing returns.
Because when Quicksilver pulled diminishing returns out of his ass he used a really bad framework.

He did not go 100%+95%+90% or anything sensible like that, even the 2nd relevant perk takes a large hit, and it just goes into joke territory from there.

>> No.50764400

Where are you getting it from? You have to have the sample already.

>> No.50764429

Every time I have to answer a jump question on my vacation, a puppy in the multiverse dies.

Anyways, yes, if you bought the X Parasite Sample you could totally import a living X into your Fusion suit. The problem is that unless you're a genocidal Jumper, this is a horrible idea. Because while your suit will function and won't infect you, it will be spawning more X. That's what it does. It reproduces never-endingly, and THOSE X will be all too happy to try and infect you or everyone around you.

Even if you're immune, they'll eventually give up and start swarming around the area you're in and infecting others, and then THOSE will scatter in all directions until they're across the entire planet.

If you can somehow prevent this or account for it, then all the Delicious Candy is yours, anon. I still think it's a terrible idea, though.

>> No.50764435

It's done, unless people have complaints about it.

It actually only works on people who've committed crimes/sinned, it's just so broad what counts as that (even a white lie, or an illegal download) that unless you're using it on Mr. Rogers it's going to cause some amount of damage. It's not always a one hit kill, since he used it on a thug in the first movie and he survived with burnt out eyes. Hellfire, and the Penance Stare, "burn" the soul, but it probably doesn't destroy it; it's more like permanent damage.

>> No.50764441

I don't know why people don't just go Phazon for their candy. That stuff at least gives you powers in addition to being a parasite.

>> No.50764446

Never mind, forgot you could buy it in the jump, alongside Phazon samples too...

Wouldn't that have the same or similar problems to >>50764429?

>> No.50764463

I don't think Phazon self-replicates and spreads around as long as it's in your body or suit. It just actively tries to take over your brain.

>> No.50764507

Do you think summoning a contract in a burst of hellfire would cause people to be more or less likely to make a deal with you?

>> No.50764517

so I noticed that you took the cap off the Penance Stare ,what can we expect it to do to someone like darkseid?since he is all evil

>> No.50764545

Jumpers! Did you save Alderaan? Or do anything about the Death Star?

>> No.50764554

>Once there was a maiden...
Now I feel bad about taking any origin besides Journeys.

>> No.50764558

Do ships come with crews? They would be more of a liability than anything else otherwise.

>> No.50764568

Considering that Ghost Rider was able to Penace Stare Galactus, now it didn't kill him, it injured him really badly.

>> No.50764569

Mercury is best waifu so you should take Jouneys anyways.

>> No.50764581

Also taking into account that hitting Galactius, who had 'Billions of Billions of souls of regret and anger' to go through makes the man in purple treat it like it was a fucking heavyweight gut punch and he was down long enough for the Fantastic Four to repel him. The comics Maximal Wank Penitence Stare can't take down Cosmic beings but they sure do feel it!

Pic Related

>> No.50764584

YOU GUILTY needs to either only consider this jumps actions, or not bypass perks. This is not a 200 CP drawback.

The canon companions need relevant background discounts.

Demon background seems expensive for what it gives. Satanic strength is a generic 100 CP supersoldier perk. I have no soul to burn is nice, but I am not sure it is equivalent to a 600 CP perk (with the demon discount to account for the 300 CP cost of demon background.)

Also, you did not change it to protecting your personal soul and not absorbed souls like you said you would

>> No.50764604

Does the penance stare work on beings without eyes?

>> No.50764616

haven't been to original series Star Wars yet, the current plan is to have Takeshi give it a quick once over with His ACU LoT's scanner and then Fire the Jovian pattern nova Cannon At it, then we pump out a bunch staffed by droids to give to the rebels.

>> No.50764637

Give an example and I'll throw out some ideas.

>> No.50764643

All day
Every day

>> No.50764655

I led the Rebel attack on it while Anakin (who didn't fall to the Dark Side) led the Jedi against the Emperor and his Inquisitors within. Managed to destroy it just before it fired.

Who's that?

>> No.50764662

Mars is also acceptable.

>> No.50764664

>you are charging 300/600!?! CP for the Machine Caliber. How do you justify that for a person scale mech without legal rights?
Larger than person scale (pic related), equipped with beam weapons and levitation systems which can lift the mech and then some. It's easily the most potent weapon immediately on offer, and now it can't be taken away from you.
There's also something to be said about how essentially no-one in the entire setting has rights. Privileges, maybe, and they're universally hard-earned.

>You charge 50 CP for a backgrounds standard issue small arm.
...point. It's pretty versatile, but it sounds weird when you sound it out. I'll give this another look over.

>The option to get the Hideous Mantle at a discount trades over many CP of discounts for one 150 CP discount, because the way it is written it also removes discounts for companion options.
True, but it's also the only way to get the mantle as an altform as opposed to a pet/item. I'll give this another look, too.

>Do ships come with crews? They would be more of a liability than anything else otherwise.
This is another good point. I'll get back to you on this. Maybe I'll bake in a mass-import option to satisfy >>50764312 at the same time.

>> No.50764686

Fuck off, power-wanker.

>> No.50764690

Rolled for 19
Chosen of Battles
Free Martial Arts Compendium Memorization
Discount Perfected Lotus Cultivating Gardener
Discount Ballroom and Battlefield Equivalence Enlightenment
Numerologic Sorcerous Tutelage
Always and Ending- Oddly fitting for my personal beliefs
Free Swordbow

The Scripture of the Returning Maiden+0- Hello World! I'm back! I'm still a Devil-Tiger of Love and Justice.
Once There Was A Maiden+300- I want to monologue at and help her.
Manuals of Exalted Power Numbers 8 Through 11+300- Sad that I can't fix their Exaltations to work normally, but I need to stop them.

>> No.50764705


I smiled as justice was being dispensed and those coward Organa family was using their home world as a shield was wiped out whiles aboard the death star with my good friends Vader and Tarkin.

>> No.50764741

I can't remember what that one is but her and this one are my objectives. This one is a Eclipse Class.

>> No.50764748

I meant to, honest, but there was this Twi'lek who was super distracting. I mean, wow, how is that even physiologically possible? And I maaaay have been to busy to deal with Alderaan. I felt bad after it. Really. So I thought I'd make it up to the Rebellion by telling them about the second Death Star. But, ya see, the Twi'lek knew these Mirialan twins and, well, I mean. . . Look, the plot went the way the plot goes.

I regret nothing.

>> No.50764755

Department Store and Ad Agency from Mad Men, Los Pollos Hermanos from Breaking Bad, everything you buy in Monopoly, etc.

>> No.50764763

How would an Exaltation interact with something like Waveform Anatomy from NGE? Would I be able to change my Caste mark with shapeshifting/body control perks?

>> No.50764777

The supernatural element might help. It might put some people off, especially if the person you're making a deal with is religious.

I might just swap it with "Picture a Flamethrower...".

>Canon companions
I disagree, but I think I might knock the price for the three demons, Blade, and Blackout down to 200 CP.

>Demon background
I feel like 300 CP is a fair price since they get both Satanic Strength and I Have No Soul To Burn, which are both above their counterparts in the other backgrounds.

>did not change
Forgot about that, my bad.

>> No.50764784

>I can't remember what that one is but her and this one are my objectives.

But you don't even know her name, what servant of the empire are you?. Anyway she is a Star destroyer.

>> No.50764785

So where wouldn't those fit in?

>> No.50764788

>Super Star Destroyer Ship Girls
You absolute madman. I love it.

>> No.50764795

Yep, I managed to take out the death star before it destroyed Alderaan. I kind of wanted to keep it originally but the Empire was swarming me and the thing wasn't entirely completed so I just blew it up.

>> No.50764797

No, you need to look into their eyes for it to work.

>> No.50764798

I mean that I don't wanna misrepresent her if she isn't an Imperial or a Victory.


>> No.50764804

But what kind, anon? Other anon specified his as Eclipse Class, what about you? Is it Imperial Class? Executor Class? Victory Class? What kind of servant of the Empire are you, good sir?!

>> No.50764824

>No, used shurikans will eventually fade away back into the bag.

That's quite an important detail you left out of the description. You should probably include it in an update.

>> No.50764827

Mostly Medieval or Primeval settings.

>> No.50764856

Has Kancolle gone to far?

>> No.50764872

It probably wouldn't interact with Waveform Anatomy, because it's redundant. Your Exaltation already suffuses every part of your being, to the degree that an Exalted's blood and other bodily tissue are viable components for crafting magic items. The Exaltation is referred to as a third soul, but it's as much a physical transformation as a spiritual one. As for changing your Caste Mark, you're really not supposed to do that. It's the symbol of your divine authority, it's built into the design on a fundamental level. You might be able to if you can access root-level control over your Exaltation, it works that way for Devil Tigers when they design their new Caste. But the other Exalted are going to look at you funny.

>> No.50764881

Question for NikaMoth if they're around.

This Sailor Moon jump you're working on. Will there be a canon companion purchase option?

>> No.50764889

Sleep calls to me, friends. Feel free to raise any further concerns/questions in the meantime, but please tag the GargantiaWIP.pdf post to make them easy to find.

>> No.50764890

Not to be anal about realism or anything but. . .

The ships seem a bit small, combat vessels in this series seem to be restored warships from a few decades before modern WWI or WWII. The smaller proper warships that would have the armaments shown are around twice the length of the maximum length for the Savager/Destroyer option.

That and a utility vessel such as a salvage ship would need to be significantly larger than a combat vessel in order to serve it's function.

Also if jumper wants to make a small fleet there would need to be some cargo ship sized vessels suitable to build on which would be still larger.

>> No.50764908

…I have assembled a partial list, anon.
Allow me to dump it now!

ASCR (Motivated)
Actraiser (Through the Valley of Darkness)
Banner Sage (Valka)
Battlestar Galactica (Scrappy)
Bioshock (Willpower)
Breaking Bad (Nerves of Steel)
Courage the Cowardly Dog (Courage)
DC (Mental Resistance)
Demon's Souls (Simple Belief) (Faith's Reward)
Dishonored (Determination)
Doctor Who (Mental Fortitude) (No More)
Eclipse Phase Core & Firewall (Aptitude Enhancement Mod)
Firefly (Calm and Steady)
Futurama (Would Move Stars)
Generic Zombie Apocalypse (Glimmer of Hope)
Golden Sun (Willpower)
Halo (INDOC)
Harry Potter (Brave at Heart) (Dedicated)
Hellblazer (Mental Fortitude)
Horror Movies (Brave)
Iji (Survivor)
Innistrad (I Will Do This My Way)
Invader Zim (Determination)
Kill la Kill (Resolve)
Kingsman (Honor Among Thieves) (Unflappable Manner)
Legend of Galactic Heroes (The Freedom Not to Get Involved) (Screaming in Place of His Superior)
LOTR (Mental Fortitude)
Mega Man X (Stoic)
Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger (Attitude)
MOTHER (Calm Spirit)
Muppet Treasure Island (Capital Fellow)
Nightmare Before Christmas (I AM THE PUMPKIN KING)
Penny Dreadful (Man of Action)
R-Type (Image Fight)
Robocop (Buddy, I Think You're Slime)
Samurai Jack (Indomitable Will)
Skies of Arcadia (Courage)
Soul Calibur (No Remorse, No Pain)
Terminator (It Doesn't Feel Pity, Remorse, or Fear)
The Matrix (We Are Free)
Twilight (Self-Control)
Van Helsing (Allons-y!)
Wheel of Time (The Oneness)
Fire Emblem (Spirited)
Generic Perks (And Then a Skeleton Popped Out)
Gurren Lagann (Punch Through the Heavens!)
Kingdom Hearts (Last Chance)
Lovecraft (Stoic)
Marvel (Brains+Toughness/Adamantium/Vibranium)
Mega Man Classic (For E. Peace)
One Piece (Will of D)
NuTrek (Stubborn Ass)
Traveller's Gate (Headstrong)

…My incomplete list is too large for a single post. My god.

>> No.50764910

>from a few decades before modern (WWI or WWII.)
Parentheses make an actual difference in that part. . . woops

>> No.50764917

I have yet to see Rebel ship girls, so I say we haven't gone far enough.

>> No.50764918

I guess I should have used ko instead of kill. Like if you used it on Ultraman or Superboy Prime or King Hyperion, ignoring how much more severe it would be for cosmic mass murderers than for a common thug, does the physical damage from Penance Stare bypass durability?

>> No.50764921

This is the easier of the two. Medieval settings still have economies, so owning the department store to large shop or group of stands in a market is an easy move. Los Pollos could easily be restaurants and or taverns in different cities. The various acquisitions from Monopoly are mainly transportation and housing both of which have medieval analogues: caravans and inns.

All in all, that's a tidy little merchant empire you've got there. You wouldn't be threatening some of the big names in finance in a Medieval European setting, but people who know money would know who and what you're about.

Eh, that's a bit harder. First off, how do you define that? Some settings define that as some sort of mythic prehistory. If that's the case, then you could easily be a participant, an important participant, in whatever fantastical economy is taking place. If it's primeval in that it's pre-civilization and you aren't dealing with established economies, I think I'd just approach it that you are seen as some sort of alpha or dominant individual / creature by the entities controlling resources comparable to your CP bought economic holdings.

>> No.50764923

Part 2 of ?

1984 (A Minority of One)
Alpha Centauri (Transcendent)
Animorphs (My Name is Jake!)
Aquaria (Wrathful Protector)
Asura Cryin' (Unbreakable)
Babylon 5 (Iron Will)
Basilisk (Divine Will)
Batman – The Dark Knight Trilogy (Incorruptible) (Why Do We Fall)
Big O (Action!)
Biomega (Single Minded Determination)
Black Lagoon (Repressed Anger)
Blame! (Determination)
Bloodborne (Steel Yourself)
Bomberman 64 Second Attack (Unshaken Will)
Buso Renkin (Willpower)
Captain SNES (Am I Supposed to Be Impressed)
CATastrophe (Fox's Cunning)
Chronicles of Narnia (On Aslan's Side)
Chrono Trigger (Only When Dead, Give Up!)
Circle of Magic (Discipline) (Will of the Empress)
City of Heroes (Adamant of Steel) (Willpower)
Claymore (Great Drive) (Strong Heart)
Dahak Chronicles (Determinator)
Dan Vs. (Strict Vegan Diet)
Dark Souls 3 (Seeker of Truth) (Blind Faith)
Dark Souls (Duelist) (Unbreakable)
Dead Space (A Mind of Iron)
Deus Ex: Human Revolution (I'll Never Stop Looking)
Discworld (Inner Jumper)
Disney Princess (Grit Your Teeth)
Dr. McNinja (The Only Sane Man)
Dresden Files (Tiger Soul)
East vs West (Solid Judgement)
Elona (More Concentration)
Equilibrium (Call It Faith)
Exalted- The Dragonbloods (Inner Self)
Familiar of Zero (Willpower)
Farscape (Humans! Are! SUPERIOR!)
FTL (Telepath)

>> No.50764931


>> No.50764937

>combat vessels in this series seem to be restored warships from a few decades before modern WWI or WWII.
Seem to be, but probably aren't. We're talking about over a thousand years in the future, I doubt any survived that long. I figure any similarities are just convergent evolution, for that given tech level any ship is going to look pretty similar to the others if you're going for practicality.

>> No.50764940

>I mean that I don't wanna misrepresent her if she isn't an Imperial or a Victory.

She is neither, She is a Super star destroyer


>But what kind, anon? Other anon specified his as Eclipse Class, what about you? Is it Imperial Class? Executor Class? Victory Class? What kind of servant of the Empire are you, good sir?!

She is a Super star destroyer, you can tell by the armor wings to the left and right of her and how they resemble the body of the Super Star Destroyer.


And this one here is the Standard Imperial Star Destroyer

Servants of the Empire and The Emperor should know this. Know your flagship inside and out.


>I have yet to see Rebel ship girls

Rebel whore scum

>> No.50764942

They'd be abyssals wouldn't they?

>> No.50764944

Part 3, finished. For now.
I'm only half way through the Need Images jumps.

Gargoyles (Unstoppable Guardian)
Gear Up (Guts)
GemCraft - Chasing Shadows (Stand Your Ground)
Generic Dungeon Builder (For the Greater Good)
Generic Parenting (Do It For Them)
Generic Virtual World (Self-Awareness)
Generic Western (Heart Cold as Steel)
Ghostbusters (Play Through the Pain)
Girlchan in Paradise (Hot Heat)
Girls und Panzer (Polite Grace and Dignified Femininity)
God of War (Gift of Hope)
Gonzo Journalism (Getting the Fear)
Gothic (Blessing of Adanos) (Blessing of Beliar)
Gravity Falls (Dipper Depths)
Great Detective (Lockjaw)
Green Lantern: TAS (Indomitable Emotion)
Gundam Advanced Generation (Maybe Gundam for Medicine was a Bad Trade)
Gundam After Colony (Glory of Losers) (White Reflection)
Halo (If They Came to Hear Me Beg)
Heaven's Lost Property (Unforgivable!)
Hellsing (Unwavering)
Histories Strongest Disciple (Disciple's Discipline)
Hotline Miami (Bloodhound)
HunterXHunter (Willpower)
In Nomine (Celestial Enhancement) (Servitor (Kyriotates) of Fatih) (Song of Self)
Inheritance (Boundless Determination)
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (Realis Phase)
Justice League Dark (I Am)
Kairos (My Love is Stronger)
KanColle (Role-Model) (Beacon of Hope)
Kara no Kyoukai (Determination)
KND (Conversion Resistance)
Kung Fu Hustle (I Am Unafraid)
Kung-Fu Panda (Inner Peace)
Last Exile (I Gave My Word)
Legend of Spyro (Unbreakable Will)
Libriomancer (Well Adjusted)
Light Bringer (True Name Will, You See)
Lost Odyssey (Throne of the Gods)
Macross (Shonen Syndrome)
Medabots (Fighting Spirit)
Metalocalypse by Alera Anon (That's My Bread and Butter You're F***ing With)
Mob (Fingerman)
Naruto (Genius of Hard Work)
Nechronica (Undefeatable Heart) (Prisoner in Limbo)
NGE (Flat Effect) (Soul Over Mind) (Metaphysical Biology, PhD)

>> No.50764948

If you have the capstone boosted Deal With The Devil, can you give people your powers or have them give your theirs?

>> No.50764956


Anon, what the fuck?! Thanks, anon-senpai.

>> No.50764968


Why are you asking?

>> No.50764979

This is awesome, your doing jump-chan's work anon.

>> No.50764983


Is...Is that the Venator my shipfu. She was loyal from the fall of the Republic and beyond the fall of the Empire.My dear shipfu

>> No.50764996

Fair enough but the ships seem lower tech than modern so I assumed older ships would be a good comparison.

Also 70 meters really isn't big enough to serve the purposes mentioned unless they have magical storage organization and guns far more advanced than they give any indication of.

>> No.50764999

>Super Star Destroyer
So is the Eclipse Class. That is an Executor Class. There are different types of Super Star Destroyers, anon.

>> No.50765012

Yes, you can tell by the twin bridges she has in the back.

>> No.50765026

>No, used shurikans will eventually fade away back into the bag.

Yeah, I'm gonna ignore that idiocy.

>> No.50765038

No. It might damage their soul or cause them enough pain to render them catatonic, but it wouldn't bypass durability.

Yes, but keep in mind that you/they are actually giving them away, you're not creating copies. So if you use your contracts to give others powers, you'll probably want to specify in the contract that you get them back before you leave a Jump, or when they die, or something.

>> No.50765039

I'm about 100% positive I've missed a few, so don't go complimenting me yet.

Plus a lot of these are conditional and only help with a specific portion of your willpower, like studying or withstanding pain or being PTSD-resistant.

And I didn't include perks that make your mind more adaptable to psychological damage or just provide fiat-resistance to eldritch shit. Or stuff that makes just have a high pain-threshold, since that's technically a different thing. And I left out the ones that let you just turn off your emotions or whatever too.

>> No.50765050

For further elaboration: I'm thinking about it but I'm deciding against it because the senshi are extremely powerful. If I make it so that they're purchasable as companions it might be really OP.

>> No.50765051

Do you think Games of Divinity would be addictive enough that Gilgamesh would be willing to trade his collection for unrestricted access to it?

He's technically more god than human and a heroic spirit besides, so I assume he can survive.

>> No.50765060

It's got canon precedent, though. Like, the Infinite Jade Chakram's infinite supply of chakrams can't be harvested for free jade, they disappear at the end of the scene. If you really want Starmetal that badly, just figure out how gods are made and decant some any time you need to smelt more.

>> No.50765062

Looks like you missed Call of the Arisen from Dragon's Dogma.

>> No.50765070

Okay, thanks. Is there any restriction on how many or how much power/s can be traded?

>> No.50765083

I think it's addictive enough that he'd kill you and take it as his right, for he is the king and you are the mongrel. The Games of Divinity don't have a really good record of powerful beings seeing them and not killing the current owners for uninterrupted access. Put that together with Gil's arrogance and entitlement and he'll just try to take them. Whether he succeeds or not is up to you.

>> No.50765087

What's the counterpart to I Have No Soul To Burn?

>> No.50765094

>He's technically more god than human and a heroic spirit besides, so I assume he can survive.
>wanking Gilgamesh this hard

CJ, only Primordials can withstand it. Gil is at least an OOM below the UCS, who's addiction is part of why Creation's so shit.

>> No.50765102

Maybe. I'm thinking he'd try to take it from you before he accepts any sort of trade agreement.

>> No.50765118

If I went around making deals that result in people giving me part of their physical strength/magical power would that be possible?

>> No.50765122

Even Primordials can get fucked up. Adrian was so addicted she turned from a free-spirit who barely cared for Creation to vicious junky, who lashed out at all of her siblings for wanting their turn at the games or for beating her at them.

>> No.50765134

Yeah, gods are just as fucked by the Games as humans are. They're the ultimate addiction. The god of perfection and virtue can't break their hold on him, Gilgamesh sure as hell won't.

>> No.50765135

Go away Maxwell.

>> No.50765148

So I did. Thanks anon.
…That jump is oddly colorful.

>> No.50765162


That image really warms my heart. I didn't thought he ever made any art for her.


But the anon already said Eclipse so I thought all I had to do was tell them what class she was, but you are right the fault lies on me this time.

>> No.50765163

>Taking the games to NGNL

>> No.50765164

How many times would I have to slap his bitch ass down or completely evade/shrug off his attacks before he'd give in, I wonder?

I'm going to kill the prick either way, I'd just like to get his weapons out of it and shove his own sword up his golden ass.

Eh, I'm not an expert on Fate, but I thought he resisted the Mud, which is basically the culmination of all the evil humanity has ever committed?

I mentioned the god thing because it says it Sears out mortal souls.

>> No.50765165

I see you're not familiar with me. I haven't been posting with a name much lately though.

Main thing I'm notable for around here though, is taking as many iterations of Usagi as I can, as companions. Like... Jumping Sailor Moon and Podding her. and Jumping Generic Magical Girl as a different iteration of the Sailor Moon setting, and taking her as a companion. And Jumping Steven Universe, and using Minecraft Cheat Mode to duplicate the Silver Crystal, then use the SU "Import a gem to make a companion" option to make /another/ Usagi. In past chains, I've even done iffy stuff like the Generic Fighting Game jump as the SNES Sailor Moon Fighting Game

So, I'd love you forever if I didn't have to use a pod or Feather. But it's going to happen one way or another.

>> No.50765166

CJ, he's still at least partly human, Keep in mind, the Unconquered Sun himself became addicted to it. Only the Primordials could play it safely, and even THEY were affected, as mentioned here >>50765122. It'll either kill him or render him hopelessly addicted.

>> No.50765168

Not him, but what? Is that Timmy's cousin or something?

>> No.50765172

It was made by one of our most special children.

>> No.50765188

Combining the cosmic x-box with Deal With The Devil?

That's a good idea. I'm going to accomplish so much fuckery with this.

>> No.50765209


That and Satanic Strength are basically the equivalents of the free and discounted 100 CP perks for the other backgrounds, which is why Demon is more expensive than the other backgrounds.


>> No.50765213

I'm saving these and I'm going to insert their names at the end of their pic names, so I don't forget. Now, which one was Eclipse and which one is Executor, so I'll know.

>> No.50765255

>How many times would I have to slap his bitch ass down or completely evade/shrug off his attacks before he'd give in, I wonder?
Until he's dead. You're seriously underestimating how addictive the Games of Divinity are.

>Eh, I'm not an expert on Fate, but I thought he resisted the Mud, which is basically the culmination of all the evil humanity has ever committed?
These are the Primordial equivalent of crack cocaine. Human evil doesn't compare.

>I mentioned the god thing because it says it Sears out mortal souls.
Right. Mortals get off easy, the Games just kill them. But there are lots of ways to "not survive" that don't involve death, and most of them are worse.

>> No.50765257


I knew you were a power-wanker. This and the events of last night only confirm it. Go "hide" at SB, coward.

>> No.50765264

They are as followed anon



Imperial class Star destroyer

The Beautiful Venator

>> No.50765271

How do you live with yourself?

>> No.50765275

>Until he's dead. You're seriously underestimating how addictive the Games of Divinity are.
Yeah, but that's my point. Once it becomes clear that he isn't going to be able to take it by killing me, wouldn't he become amiable to a deal?

>These are the Primordial equivalent of crack cocaine. Human evil doesn't compare.
...Good to know.

>Right. Mortals get off easy, the Games just kill them. But there are lots of ways to "not survive" that don't involve death, and most of them are worse.
Fair enough.

>> No.50765281

Found another

>> No.50765302

What is it about ship girls that makes them so much better when they're starships instead of wet navy?

>> No.50765312

no lol

>> No.50765316

You like your girls cold, empty, and dusty instead of warm, wet, and teaming with life.

>> No.50765330

What's this one?

Air tight?

>> No.50765334


The only spaceship that is waifu worthy is a 1st Gen Treeship.

>> No.50765335

The starship girls are more compact and their harnesses more evocative of wings? So maybe its a hint of the divine?

>> No.50765356

Just have everything converted to Wookie-tech if you want that.

>> No.50765358

Yeah, that could be it. I do like the wings, that's for sure.

>> No.50765367

Maybe make it clear before you show it to him that it currently relies on you being alive to access it? Honestly trying to make a deal with Gilgamesh is going to be difficult. Are you talking about Zero gilgamesh or Stay Night Gilgamesh? The grail mud does sort of affect Gilgamesh after he's been in it.

Cool. I like the idea of going around helping people in exchange for getting stronger.

>> No.50765371

>Wookie primitives
>Into space

>> No.50765399

Just use Merging+Aspect Manifestation lol. Free omnipotence ftw, amirite?

>> No.50765404

He's already got a basement full of forsaken children, what's one more broken, helpless body?

>> No.50765410

>Merging+Aspect Manifestation
What even is this combo?

>> No.50765413

Can we revive the dead with faustian bargain, or give a disembodied soul a new body?

>> No.50765416

Uhh... Which would be easier?

>> No.50765417

There is an origin for Senshi though. How are Senshi companions op?

>> No.50765423


She is still an Executor just drawn at a different angle that shows her Bigger armor (Tats).

>> No.50765426

Our shitposter is upset the jumpmaker didn't give into a shitstorm he made over it, so every other thread now he makes a shitpost about it and calls it 'omnipotence'.

>> No.50765431

I get that you're memeing, but he's really not even close.

German Hollow Quest powers supplement.
It's quite good, but some people ride it's dick far too hard.

>> No.50765453

He's probably talking about an SB-er who has a Scribblenauts character as an avatar. He's... Probably one of the worst power-wankers/rules lawyers on either thread, comparable to bancho with decent grammatical skills.

>> No.50765479

Only if you had the capability to do those things already; that would fall under "magically induced servitude", in that you're forced to complete a task.

>> No.50765485

>Senshi companions are OP.
>You can be a Senshi

>> No.50765491

>comparable to bancho with decent grammatical skills
I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

>> No.50765499

What are the Land Nations? I didn't thing there was any dry land on earth in Gargantia.

>> No.50765503

The Stay Night Gilgamesh would probably be harder. After he's been incarnated through the grail mud he gets mildly corrupted by all the evils of the world so he's pretty much a worse person than the Zero version. The Zero Gilgamesh is capable of approving of people who display traits that he likes and would probably be easier to negotiate with. I can see someone convincing Zero Gilgamesh into a trade for the games of divinity as he doesn't really care that much about his current existence in the modern world, he's kind of detached from the world.

>> No.50765515

Oh, hey, I remember you.
You might be able to get another clone from Hero BBS, since you can choose to go to a world with magical girls if you want.

>> No.50765516

It'd be best if you left SB-drama at SB.

>> No.50765534

That's not the best logic, nika. Maybe 400/600 cp, discount sailor/whateverhisfaceis?

>> No.50765535

I suppose you could tell him that you'd be leaving in ten years and there's nothing that can stop that from happening. Of course that's just asking for him to use stuff from the Gate of Babylon to mindbreak you into wanting to stay...

>> No.50765539

German Hollow Quest has a power combo that allows you to basically eat any spiritual being that you can defeat in a battle of wills and gain their powers. Limits include the fact that you have their power level from that point and can't develop it further without jailbreaking it with Unique Power, a 400 point option in the same supplement, and the fact that you have to beat a motherfucker in a battle of wills. I don't remember all of the stuff on it but basically it has to be a purely spiritual being, though there is a 100/200 option for ripping a motherfucker out of physical bodies so you can eat them then!

>> No.50765540

Are there any ki-regen perks that are applicable in combat?

>> No.50765556

How dangerous is Sidereal ad Dragonblood jump?

>> No.50765567

Actually, Gilgamesh's ego was strong enough that he avoided being corrupted.

>> No.50765570

Generic Fighting Game has budget DBZ screaming in place.
Just do that while your opponent is knocked down.

>> No.50765582

>but basically it has to be a purely spiritual being

Not quite. It also works on other beings who aren't purely spiritual that share similar roles to hollows (i.e. intelligent, mystical supernatural predators of human beings) such as yokai, oni, demons, etc. in addition to purely spiritual beings.

>> No.50765590

You could also use the Twins perk from Austin powers to double each Usagi.

>> No.50765591

Both can become paperwork the Jump if you just wanna play it safe. On the other hand if you go full blast it's The World is Ending with a side of Ragnarok and some Hell invasions just to spice shit up.

That's neat! The rest of it was wank though right?

>> No.50765598

Is there... anything more passive? I'm needing it more for mass-combat (which is generally when regen actually matters).

>> No.50765622

What exactly do you mean by "the rest of it"? The "free omnipotence"? Yeah.

But, to be fair, when you're absorbing spiritual entities there's a point where you'll /seem/ omnipotent to lesser beings.

>> No.50765625

ooh, good call. I'll look into that.

I've actually used that perk in both directions. Both making Serena and Usagi twins, and making duplicates of the both of them (as-needed, not permanently.)

>> No.50765630

I'll think about it, then.

Pic unrelated.

>> No.50765642

Creation is a dangerous place.
As a dragon blood you have a whole lot of cloak and dagger politicking to deal with. Everyone is corrupt, life sucks for everyone not a dynast, and you're expected to be a huge dick to mortals if you aren't a drop in.
You're also rather weak in comparison to the big shots.

Sidereals are safer since you can be a salary man with a relatively cushy job instead of a ninja warrior. Pays well even if you have to go out and fix reality glitches every so often. You're also orders of magnitude stronger than a DB and can ditch your disposable identity if things get to hot outside of work.

Of course Creation being Creation there are several apocalypses that could be happening whenever. Those are Story Teller plot hooks though so depending on how things go they might not even happen in your 10 years.
Even if they did Solars exist and will probably be able to handle things.

>> No.50765644

If I go to Final Fantasy XII, do I gain the miraculous power to restore mana by walking around?

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