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Pathfinder General /pfg/

How cute/sexy/moé/pretty/handsome is your character?

If you want build advice make sure to say what 3pp you can use, if any.

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/JTj1yEmU

Avowed Playtest: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg
Malefex Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3LrE8WyIxxYRr8d9dHsWioeUk_-HZaSMqVWRnzc9Fc/edit?usp=sharing

Old Thread: >>50664225

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How play catgirl without being massively fat weeb

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make catgirl massively fat, you weeb.

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What are some male character concepts you desperately want to see, either in general or as a kink? Help me arouse you!

Seriously though, what turns you on in a male character? We know plenty about female characters, but men are a mystery!

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This thread is cancer.

Please mods! Spare Us!

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I need a secondary class for a Dragoon-style character. Primary is going to be Warlord.


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Can we not. Please, for once can we not start fetish posting immediately.

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Can we not. Please, for once can we not start fetish posting immediately.

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Nope. This is /tg/, after all

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Does this look "cute" to you?

It does not, don't you start with that.

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just give them a fantastic butt and pretty much anything will work.

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He's a half-drow on his father's side with 21 Charisma, and basically I ALWAYS describe him as being supernaturally pretty. He poses during combat and might become a gang leader sometime in the future, after arming his gangsters with fashionable outfits and fancy hats.

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All Tsun, no Dere.

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Nobody trusts a half drow

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I fucking despise the cleric in our party, she's a petulant bitch who refuses to integrate even after we graciously offered the opportunity!

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Is it because he's black?

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Fuck off, stop pretending to be me.

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Be a cat's girl.

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I dunno, she's got 8 Charisma though.

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Fuck YOU!

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They prefer the term underground-american

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Okay. How about this then.

With so many magical bloodlines, alternate races, celestial influences and whatnot, how do you guys feel about having 'animu character cast' levels of hair / eye color variety. Or just 'exotic' features in general.

I mean, I think it wouldn't be too unusual to see the whole fucking rainbow of colors in terms of hair and eyes unless you were out in some podunk nowhere, because it seems like in a setting like golarion everyone has boned some exotic at some point in time in their family history.

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Don't you mean underground-golarian?

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Shelynites dye their hair rainbow for Crystalhue!

>tfw no Crystalhue deito

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I would unironically love if someone used that art for a character.

Gorgeous hair, lovely eyes and face, wide hips, what's not to adore?

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The fact that you're a fetishposter

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Fetishposter? I just think it's cute.

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Nobody cares what you think.

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I'd use it if it didnt have horns.

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B-but... Anon!

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Hey I care what you think and value your opinion

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The horns are super easy to remove, anon!

Don't let your dreams be dreams!

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You heard what I said!

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I'm terrible at picture editing though.

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That's pretty neat. I like religious festivals and food festivals.

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You're apparently pretty terrible at taste.

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Maybe the magical editing anon will appear. He has recolored stuff for others in thread before, I bet he can also remove stuff.

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First off, the art is perfect for a Tiefling as-is, secondly I could totally remove the horns!

what character did you have in mind for that art?

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On a scale of 1-10, probably around a 7. His Charisma is 14, because he's more friendly than he is handsome, but he's not bad looking.

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Anon, I think you need a hug. Only the unloved are as mean as you've been being.

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I wanna say that he's decently cute.

Jean Glitterdust


Thief and extra-dimensional warrior.

Also part time dancer.

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The Jel Soulknife/Serial killer. It had a lot of the features I was bad at putting into words. Particularly the large doe-y eyes.

I was previously using a picture of an albino person as character art.

> the art is perfect for a Tiefling as-is

Yep, an anon was posting them yesterday titled as tieflings.

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Going by the (STR+DEX+CON+CHA)/8, she's a 6.375/10

Is there a bonus for personality or gap?

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Ooh, I've got art if you want a lovely woman with large doe eyes.

Otherwise, the art you've got going on is lovely.

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I mean I wont say no to taking a look at it. So please post it.

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Part of the rulebook says that casters can put in time and research to create new spells? Does anyone have experience with this idea? There are absolutely no guidelines presented, besides it needs to take a week and 1000gp per level and a number of spell craft checks.

Also, can a divine caster research and learn a spell outside of their class? Like a bard learn something off the cleric list.

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Did you forget his real art?

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So I hear that a few new PRC's are being released shortly, including something called a scar seeker. Anyone have any sort of info on that? I'm really hoping for something resembling a return of the scarred witch doctor.

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>made tiefling for lewd hells vengeance
>ask for art in case I got chosen
>didn't get chosen
>drawfriend does my request
>decide to bring the character to life as a cohort in my main game
>pic related

What's the best way to build her /pfg/ lodes of damage or a protector type.

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Apprentice anon here, I might be going half-giant with Steelfist Commando || Vigilante!

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I always liked using monks as a 'protect the wizard' type character. Able to get around the battlefield quickly, smack some arrows out of the way, stun a fucker with a kick to the head and grapple the shit out of someone too.

I am bad though.

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I'm getting a steelfist vibe.

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Well if she's not wearing boobplate, she's gonna get more than just the tip of my sword huehuehue Don't tell mom

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This is obviously a man who wants it, and cultivated his figure to get it.

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She looks like she'd be all rush up aggro all the time to me.

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Alright, /pfg/. Who's your favorite anon to bully?

Who's your favorite anon to protect?

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You rang?

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He looks like an ancient fart with scars, acid burns, freeze burns, sick burns and normal burns covering his body.

You tell me.

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SwimmingEagle, He's a faggot. and its easy to have ammo against the fucker.

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Beautiful, thank you.

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Hey pfg, I knwo there's some sort of wierd tech weapon build or something that lets you summon tech weapons out of energy or something like that? Is there anything like that for regular guns? I thought emulate ranged weapon out of soulknife might help, but it explicitly says no guns.

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Just noticed a tiny piece of horn floating about, but I'm sure you can erase that out yourself

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Discipline Blade shapes, just take Weapon Group Adaptation.

You're a fag-lord for doing this however.

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You! You! You're a big fat ugly and your butt smells!

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The blending of the hair / removal of the horns was way beyond me, thank you for the work, I can absolutely knock out that little bit of extra floaty stuff.

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Ah? Why? I just wanted a big ol' energy gun firing energy bullets to shoot at people with, I was probably gonna go with, like, a rifle at most, nothing techy.

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Nobody and nobody. I was bullied as a kid and while it didn't wreck my life completely, it made social life impossible beyond my immediate friends in elementary-, middle- and high school. On the other hand I am now calloused to psychological abuse which I consider a good thing, thus giving me the rather edgy opinion of "If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger".

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Adventurers should be ugly, because it's an insanely dangerous job and attractive people have something to live for. Also, fuck off you degenerate.

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Is Path of War a 3pp?

>> No.50669066

Anyone know of an online token generator? Something I can make tokens online of NPCs and such.

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...Are you real?

>> No.50669072


Yes he's going to be a sexy trap, But i kinda want that to be the back burner at the moment.

I'm thinking of him actually being on bad terms with Ameiko. Maybe stealing into the Rusty Dragon to try to pinch something hard to get. For the thrill of it of course, he couldn't pawn it off in this sleepy town if he tried.

>> No.50669074

That's some nice projecting there, kiddo. Sure those aren't your own insecurities?

>he isn't edgy enough to bully others to make them stronger too
What are you doing?

>> No.50669077

So wouldn't you want to bully everyone then, so that the human race as a whole becomes stronger?

>> No.50669095

Yeah, kinda new to pathfinder...

>> No.50669099

You give me too much praise, but thanks. If you need other stuff cropped or recolored just post something in the threads and if I see it I'll work on it.

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3pp is 3rd party publisher. The only 1pp is Paizo, and Path of War is made by Dreamscarred Press, so Path of War is 3pp.

>> No.50669115


It is, yes.

>> No.50669124

Because that requires effort and I am lethargic as fuck.

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>Half giant
>Not Rakshasha-Blooded Tiefling

Do you even young stud?

>> No.50669136


what did she catch him sneaking into her bed chambers... just to see if he could?

>> No.50669204


Maybe he broke in, Ameiko caught him, expecting him to be doing something lewd. but in actuality he was just practicing his sneaking.

>> No.50669214

What do you guys think about the unchained monk?

>> No.50669215

Easily DHB! I hope one day to drive him to suicide!>>50668933

>> No.50669240

It's nice to be able to make a barehand brawler and not feel like a flailing child pretending to be Bruce Lee.

>> No.50669271

Did you insult her deity in any way?

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>> No.50669372

How much violence is too much violence?

>> No.50669390

Bro, you can't go around shooting people's dicks off

>> No.50669419

When you describe it more lovingly than to tell what happened as a natural result of an attack, it's borderline.

When your love of gore is bogging the session down, it's too much.

If at any time you or someone else in your group seems turned on, back it down immediately.

>> No.50669438

Don't listen to >>50668991
Only Paizo and "muh medieval setting" faggots will hate you for it.

Whether you're materializing firearms, advanced firearms (automatics like the Madsen MG are a very different build however, if you want them to be of any worth) or Tech (*actually weaker than advanced firearms and have to deal with energy resist*, and the touch range hasn't mattered since like the SECOND increment out of five on the advanced ones anyways), the main use of this is to not be shooting your fucking foot off buildwise the way that someone rolling up a regular gunslinger is doing to himself.

Granted this does mean if you really went all out you'd be on par with a longbow archer (which is considered a bit too good even when put side by side with berserking barbarians) but the real value is that instead of needing 20 levels of "please make guns not shit" you can actually now consider them just your weapon, and grab more versatile effects like psychic toolkit and silver crane heal boosts or the like.

>> No.50669456

Gestalt or multiclassing?

The Warlord gets Piercing Thunder from PoW:E, so you can use boosts from that discipline for jumping attacks.

We did in Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone.

Only for the planetouched and elves. Gnomes in my games have the same color range as humans.

Her deity might force her to atone if she hangs around you too much.

>> No.50669526


That depends a lot on what the Pixie'a Kitten is looking for, doesn't it? An exotic dick, or a huge humanoid dick?

>> No.50669532

You can when you play a necromancer anon.

>> No.50669552

What are you gonna do with an army of necro-dicks?

inb4 "Fuck shit up"

>> No.50669595

Oh also you don't need Weapon Group Adaptation unless using Heavy Weapons *AND* not having a harness for them; whether a Nagant, a Flamethrower or a graviton rifle, they're all Firearms group. You'll only need it to qualify as a discipline weapon, but the ranged ones with firearms in them to begin with are the ones that were most "you can only use this maneuver with these weapons" in the first place.

Your GM may (and should) demand you either be from an appropriate place like Numeria or Alkenstar or one of the other worlds (maybe an android or something), or at least demand you take the (MOST OTHERWISE WORTHLESS TAX) Technologist Feat if you wanna start producing lasers out your arms. Which does make sense; a warsoul from a primitive setting where his idea of an incredibly advanced ranged weapon is the composite construction of a crossbow (fuck you not having those paizo they were everywhere) would obviously not conceive of forming XASER cannons or the like. He's never even *heard* of ionizing radiation anyways.

>> No.50669598

Do you remember the Crawling Claws from 3.5?

>> No.50669653

Say I'm an Eldritch Guardian, I get a Familiar that can use any of my Combat Feats. The Familiar doesn't have to meet the feat's prerequisites.

Advanced Weapon Training is a Combat Feat.
Item Mastery is an AWT option.

Does this mean that if I give my Familiar a cheap magic weapon, it can cast Dimension Door?

It can sit on my shoulder and teleport us 1-3 times a day as a spell-like (leaving me free to full-attack or whatever).

>> No.50669659

No, but I remember this.

>> No.50669667

I'm just starting on chargen, which I've put off till now because [anxiety] and not wanting to fuck things up or look like a retard. I'm debating between pure soulknife for simplicity or war soul for thrashing dragon. I'm still relatively certain on serial killer, though that *could* be revised I still like a lot of what it does.

Tenative statline is 8str, 15(+2race)dex, 14(+2race)con, 14(-2race) int, 10wis, 16 cha. That would make her a solid 7.1/10 in terms of appearance (str+dex+con+cha/8). Not a world class beauty but still up there.

>> No.50669686

I often put my PCs up against threats where enemies will use the same kind of resources the PCs have (feats, spells, items, etc.) and do so in a way that makes it difficult to die.

I take into account what the enemy knows about the PCs before formulating the strategy, along with the NPC's mental stats. Often this, along with enemies using any form of actual strategy in terms of position/composition/etc. ends up wrecking PCs.

I think this is coming down to the fact that players I am with do not expect to need to use any form of strategy and be able to overcome things by simply throwing themselves at it.

Most of the time I find they learn rather quickly to thing encounters through before engaging, which is encouraging.

>> No.50669761

Are you still using the NPC WBL and ability score arrays?

If so, then that sounds fair.

If not, did you change the CR and treasure accordingly?

>> No.50669768

>playing ugly ass hobgoblin
>you need 20 in str/dex/con/cha to be 10/10
>11/10 easily possible at high levels
>Autism fighter is a 16.4/10
>you will never be as attractive as autism

>> No.50669788

The issue is the AWT requires you to be using a weapon you have Weapon Training in, your familiar does not have Weapon Training.

I tried the same thing in the past.

>Are you still using the NPC WBL and ability score arrays?
The majority of the time yes, if not I change their CR and treasure.

>> No.50669899

Then keep doing it until you wipe out more than half of their party.

As the DM, you spend more time thinking about challenging killing them than they do on surviving.

Are you using 3pp in your game?

>> No.50669909 [SPOILER] 


Well, the idea was a centaur (vaguely based thematically on pic related, without the, ah, baggage from the source probably) who was a gunslinging skirmisher with a big rifle or similar; I BELIEVE there are centaurs in Numeria, so it should work? Could have been a Technic League bruiser.

>> No.50669947

I allow 3pp, but at most I have NPCs use Martial Training because any more is too time consuming to build.

>> No.50669969


Two questions: what is pic related, and will the aforementioned "baggage" make me regret looking it up?

>> No.50669972

Rolled 10, 10 + 2 = 22 (2d10 + 2)


Well, I've been considering 18-14-14-10-8-16 using the Demonblooded Tiefling's stats! Maybe going for Steelfist Commando || Bard, some sort of lovely young man with a sweet singing voice, hopelessly drawn into the life of lust and murder of his mistress!

>> No.50669982

Human-on-centaur hentai, because european centaurs decided in that universe that japan cock is superior

>> No.50669995


>Two nat 10s


>> No.50669997


Holy moly.

>> No.50670011


What >>50669982 said, ish. The centauress has a horsecock and sleeps with her battle partner/rider, though in context it's actually a fairly sweet relationship the two have. I just want a severe-looking ex-military-ish centaur with a giant gun.

>> No.50670044

It almost feels like charisma should be weighed a bit heavier in the appearance thing.

>> No.50670047

You definitely need landsknecht pants for this monstrosity!

>> No.50670087

Well uh. Now we know why you got into the whoring profession... and why your Mentor/Mistress is a Jel. Few other things could accomodate.

>> No.50670100


Welp, I think that just about answers how you became a whore, yeah?

>> No.50670205

You underestimate how much free time most of us have since we can't keep to a solid schedule for gaming.

>> No.50670301

So I have this guy. Just... Just don't highlight it if you have a weak stomach.

Guy proceeds to tug the axe out of Other Guy's face, placing one foot on his chest and -SCHUUUULUCK- goes the muscle and hint of brain with the pop. Either air's still escaping or Other Guy is still breathing because bubbles burst out like red balloons before the axe is revered, the flat side now facing his head. The puppet lifts the axe high, hand sliding down the haft and smashes the flat metal "brick" into Other Guy's face, crushing his eye orbital, fracturing the face and pulping what's left of his face. Spinning it around again, the puppet goes for the final whacks with this rapidly blunting axe. The blade smashes, not slashes, through Other Guy's face so hard it bounces off the tarmac floor, spraying flesh, gore and even a hint of brain everywhere but the puppet brings the blade down more awkwardly one last time, hinting the gaping hole in Other Guy's face diagonally now and launching a hunk of skull off to the left of his head.

This is what he wrote for a SINGLE. TURN.

No one else seems to mind. I feel like something is wrong.

>> No.50670308

>The issue is the AWT requires you to be using a weapon you have Weapon Training in, your familiar does not have Weapon Training.

Hmm... true, true.

Oh well. Guess the best option here is asking for Quicken SLA and taking Dimensional Agility.

>> No.50670354


It does seem a bit excessive for just some random enemy. Were they attempting to establish character or something?

>> No.50670482

This was a boss enemy yeah, but there wasn't much to justify the elevation in violence and this seems to happen at random with other enemies too. He's very fast at writing it, so it isn't a huge pain, but it's... slightly uncomfortable.

>> No.50670536

Combat during your game must take forever.

Be Egyptian

>> No.50670558


>mfw if you were playing a half-giant that'd literally be 2 feet of dick

>> No.50670615

Surprisingly, no. He did that up in like a minute and a half, and he's usually quicker than that, which really doesn't make me feel more comfortable about it.

>> No.50670625


Well, if it causes you discomfort, perhaps you should bring it up with the player. I like gore just fine, but I'm not going to wax poetic about disembowelment if I know it'll make another player feel iffy.

>> No.50670638

Last time I was involved in putting axes in faces, I was playing an Ork and had thought that all the other methods of trying to tear that metroid-thing off my face were complicated and boring.

I swear I hadn't forgotten about the powerfield running across the thing.

>> No.50670642

Bumping my question

>> No.50670650

So, looking at spheres for the first time. Taking sphere drawbacks gives you a talent. Can you use that talent to get access to that same sphere? Or to another sphere?

Also, the Sphere Oracle curse gives you a talent in a sphere if the curse would give a bonus spell. What if you don't have that sphere already - do you need to buy it or do you get it for free?

>> No.50670666

A Sphere Specific talent gives you a bonus talent in that sphere.

>> No.50670678

Technically if there aren't CENTAURS in Numeria, there's probably mutated entities that are roughly close enough either before or after they got cybered up or drank some hyperdrive coolant.

I do have a certain dislike for the technic-league but that's mostly due to in-character reasons (have been trying to jump-start the entire continent's techbase a few centuries forward in fact)

>> No.50670685

You dont take sphere specific drawbacks until you actually have the sphere, so you cant use it to acquire the sphere itself.

>> No.50670706


Presumably, the matter is up to your GM.

And casters of any kind usually have character options which grant them a few spells they don't have access to normally. Domains, archetypes, etc.

>> No.50670733

It's so loose a thing to just throw "ask your DM" when so many things like that are discretely defined.

So that's a no, divine casters can't spend research time to learn a divine spell from another class?

>> No.50670777

OK, missed that part, though can you take sphere drawbacks later on level up if you select a given sphere, or is that only on level 1?

Also still looking for clarification on the Sphere Oracle Curse issue

>> No.50670805


Yeah, not very helpful, I admit. And I am sorry.

And from what it says in the section on divine magic, i.e.

>Divine spellcasters do not require spellbooks. However, a divine spellcaster's spell selection is limited to the spells on the list for her class

It looks like a no.

>> No.50670847

DM's okayed charisma bladebound magus, so Jin is fucking A-okay.

>his spellbook is a spellscroll
>he writes in it with an inkbrush

we ninja scroll with lightning sword now

>> No.50670892


That's pretty fucking weeb, anon. Hope you have fun, and that everything goes well.

>> No.50670935


To be honest my thought was that they left the Technic League over idealogical differences anyway; just decided enough was enough on the kicking the downtrodden.

>> No.50670955

RotJR. he'll fit in in the second half of the game.

also upside is I'm also Yellow IRL, so I get to be yellow in and out.

>> No.50671083

>RotJR circlejerking still going on

When will we be free of this hell?

>> No.50671109

What are we circlejerking now?

>> No.50671122


Presumably, sometime around the end of January. The actual group will be chosen, one or two people will offer games for some of the rejects, and a few people will complain about not making into them for a few weeks.

>> No.50671136

When spherejerking is discovered.

Then our sturbation will leave the confines of this limited 2d existence and our spooge ascend to infinite heavens

>> No.50671140


>> No.50671147


I'm so excited! SO EXCITED!

>> No.50671156


burn in hell dogfuckers

>> No.50671181

Oh, I totally will, but it was a foregone conclusion, so I may as well have some fun.

>> No.50671207

what did he mean by this

>> No.50671213


What did he mean by this?

>> No.50671230

What did they mean by this

>> No.50671254


Really makes you think.

>> No.50671267


You mean Spheres of Power circlejerking?

>> No.50671298


>> No.50671347

>also upside is I'm also Yellow IRL, so I get to be yellow in and out.

That sounds pretty xenophobic

>> No.50671390

what do you mean by this

>> No.50671400 [SPOILER] 

Does you character have anyone they're hung up on, /pfg/?


>> No.50671405

General tips for scoring NPC waifus? Which spells do they like?

>> No.50671409

Are you still mad about this?

>> No.50671431

Really tickles those neurons.

>> No.50671455


He is so dreamy

>> No.50671473


Really opens the ole Potassium/Sodium pumps.

>> No.50671508

My character sometimes wonders if he should've spent more time sparring with that Qadiran girl, but then the booze wears off and it's back to smitin'.

>> No.50671511

Yes, but, uh, it's not romantically. He hasn't even *figured out* he likes the girl he likes.

But that other one he's thinking about? The feelings on the matter have kind of shot clean past a peak...

>> No.50671519

She might be hung up on a fellow paladin, assuming I write him in to her backstory. Not sure if I want to; it might make things awkward with potential suitors.

>> No.50671527


"Hung up on" implies they're holding back.

>> No.50671536

>he's not waiting for a train to pass

>> No.50671559


>> No.50671714

Yeah, winding renegade is also nice since you get to smack fools with sticks

not as beefy as the barb, fighty as your dad, stubby as the rogue but does have its perks

>> No.50671751

Partymember tried to force him into a world-ending scheme and also betrayed the party at a bad time. The entire other world he comes from has in and of itself become the character's nuclear-berserk button. Pic would be related, but escape methods such as "souls get an afterlife" must first be blockaded before such operations can proceed.

As for the other part, he's been getting along well with a different partymember, and instinctively keeps her around during downtime, but he'd pretty much need it carved out in stone before that particular math adds up for him. She seems quite okay with some of the stuff he's thoughtlessly spouted though - not that he can tell.

>> No.50671785

I'm not sure if this a coincidence, but I think we may be in the same party.

>> No.50671789

The others probably think (and they might be on to something) that telling him to stop would just be rewarding bad behavior with attention.

>> No.50671798

Go for it anon! I believe in you!

>> No.50671819

yes. level 20 wizards create new planes, so it's only natural a level 20 martial should....

>> No.50671836

Might as well, nothing wrong with adding a personal struggle with the character.

>> No.50671856

Entirely possible.

so then, after light comes...?

>> No.50671900

Dies your characters name start with L

>> No.50671937

What sort of name would a Molthuni have?

>> No.50671948

That would indeed be him.

>> No.50671976

Did you get bought at a meat market. Wtf.

>> No.50671988

Wait, then which one are you? Because I'm in the same party!

>> No.50671998

Sorry, meant to respond to >>50671900 and >>50671785.

>> No.50672021

>>50671948 WAS my response to that.
I thought the railgun would've made it obvious.


>> No.50672040

The hobgoblin

>> No.50672083

Ah yes. With you around as soon as we return to that vampiric hole of a country, the pending parental request will technically be successfully completed!


>> No.50672100


The plot thickens.

>> No.50672106


Something absurdly nationalistic and Prussian.

>> No.50672121

It's a matter of efficiency you see.
>Help them meet someone nice
>Nice is subjective; personal tolerance should be adequate
>B is single
>T is single
>That's two
>Objective complete; return to base

>> No.50672131


>Those rolls
>15.5 (almost 16) Appearance score
>Bard with all sorts of Performs

I can see why your mistress keeps you around.

>> No.50672228

What are ways to improve touch AC for a fighter (paizo only)?

DEX, Ring of Deflection, (Imp) Dodge, what else am I missing?

>> No.50672238


>> No.50672244

insight bonus as well, so at the very least get that ioun implanted into you.

luck bonuses also work.

>> No.50672285

Mobile Fortress adds half of your Tower Shield's AC to your Touch AC.

>> No.50672327

Combat expertise.

>> No.50672330

So these are the things that go to touch:

By far the easiest way is to be a dex based fighter. Luck bonuses to AC are difficult to attain now Jingasa has been errata'd. Insight has an ioun stone for it. Sacred and Profane can be grabbed through different deific obedience, but it isn't much. Competence also has an Ioun stone. Being a Mutation Warrior and grabbing a Dex mutagen would certainly help. Dodge always stacks, you can have haste, the feat, AND being a VMC barb to get dodge roll for shits and giggles.

>> No.50672342

Any tips for finding groups to play IRL? I was in a campaign with friends from college via Skype but had to drop out because work severely limited my availability. I'd like to get into Pathfinder more, the DM in old group did a lot of homebrew so I'm looking for a pretty vanilla game honestly.

>> No.50672378

>level 1 goblin alchemist
>use reduce person
>have 28 dex
>wearing silk ceremonial
>come out with 24 AC
This should be fine for level 1. Plus my Stealth is +27 at level 1 which is pretty hard to find.

>> No.50672400 [DELETED] 

Are you in college? Working? Highschool? Give us a few details about your living situation and friends group.

>> No.50672418


>> No.50672428

Tell us a bit more about your living situation. Do you work? Live alone? With family? Go to college? Highschool? It'll help us give targeted advice.

>> No.50672436

if you're going with a goblin alchemist anyways, I recommend taking a look at Winged Marauder. I doubt you'll use mutagen much since goblins aren't exactly amazing melee combatants, so it'd just be a direct upgrade overall.

>> No.50672448

Goblins are fantastic melee combatants once they can get dex to damage.

>> No.50672453

>tfw Molthune should've been right next to Brevoy for maximum historical memery and a legitimate chance to see some hardcore Nation x Nation conflict.

>> No.50672486

Can someone post the copy pasta about the party who talked about killing a giant within earshot and had their shit pushed in?

>> No.50672513


Molthune? More like a Lawful Evil theocracy that rigidly adheres to Aroden's teachings even after his demise. Just replace Mivon with this Crusader State.

>> No.50672523

>molthune will never have this


>> No.50672562

>Combat expertise
Is that a good feat?

>Dodge always stacks, you can have haste, the feat, AND being a VMC barb to get dodge roll for shits and giggles.

There is one range power that gives 1+1 per every 6 levels dodge as a move action, which seems okayish.

>> No.50672565


Molthune is explicitly evil, they're a lockstep Imperialist state with a rigid adherence to tyranny and oppression built more in line with hobgoblin philosophy than human decency.

God! Imagine the ham you could get with these guys! Endless legions of faceless soldiers augmented by monstrous beasts chained and dragged into battle, every week brings a new Superweapon the plucky team has to bring down, and above it all are the medal-clad officers and generals with larger than life personalities, each a magnificent bastard and each a necessary foe before toppling the regime!

>> No.50672576

>There is one range power that gives 1+1 per every 6 levels dodge as a move action, which seems okayish.
you need your more for full attacks

>> No.50672589

>le imperials are evil meme

>> No.50672593

>I am the Molthuni general who enjoys music and the company of beautiful women. I will often be heard to say "You see, we are not all barbarians."

>I am the Molthuni general who is always beginning his casting of sending with GET ME THE FUHRER!!

>I am the slightly pervy Molthuni general, and I may also be a little bit gay.

>> No.50672598

Amber, you don't have to shill Paizo's philosophy in your free time.

>> No.50672605

>Giant Teutons
No joke, I would totally want to fight this.

Actually, if you took the various Knight Orders and put them in a fantasy setting, what special tactics and gimmicks would they develop?

Also, intone know about the Knight Orders that exist in the Inner Sea?

>> No.50672615

In the express circumstance that you want touch AC by any means necessary... Yes, combat expertise is useful. Basically the only scaling bonus to AC you are going to get via a feat.

>> No.50672629

Jingasa of the Crippled Soldier

>> No.50672634

Don't you already have Cheliax for this? Molthune is explicity Lawful Neutral, not evil.

Nice bait

>> No.50672659


This is me apologizing because I just re-checked Molthune's alignment and it's Lawful Neutral, not Lawful Evil.

Still! My point stands! They're a classic "faceless goon" enemy with delightfully expressive generals like >>50672593 and a penchant for INFINITE AMBITION.

You should love to hate them, or hate to love them! For them, against them, either way you need to HAM up the goon recruitment and officer training.

>> No.50672665

>Molthune is explicitly evil
ISWG lists them as explicitly Lawful Neutral.
Also, their vassal cities and towns are known to maintain a relatively decent amount of autonomy, so long as they keep up their obligations to feeding the Molthuni expansion machine
They aren't evil, they just have a very strict and militant culture, and view the Nirmanthi as fools who waste and squander all their resources and means

>> No.50672668

Eagle Knights and their sub-orders, the various Hellknight orders, Lastwall's Knights of Ozem, the Mendevian Crusaders, Absalom's Kortos Cavalry, Osirion's Risen Guard, and then there's some various noble houses mostly in Taldor and Brevoy.

>> No.50672675

By your logic, Alexander the Great was evil and the ideal Molthuni

>> No.50672680

Oh sure, they're hammy. That's why anon keeps posting LotGH, because that's also hammy as fuck. The problem is that Paizo treats Molthune as if they're LE, and all of their material is about oppressing the poor Nirmathan plucky CG rebels. Which we hate.

>> No.50672685

Nigga, just use Cheliax for that. Don't make this more "heroes must be plucky multicultural CG aligned" than it already is.

>> No.50672687

Oh it's a buff that lasts for 1+CON rounds, but yes, eating the first move action of combat sucks.

>> No.50672696

If your DM lets you nab unchained rage powers, dodge roll got turned into a dodge stance, which you just turn on and it lasts as long as the rage does.

>> No.50672708

Molthune would be better if Kircheis were here.

>> No.50672716

>You will never recreate Hogan's Heroes in a molthune prison camp.

>> No.50672723

Currently have a seasonal position that I expect to end in mid January, so most weekdays are taken up by that. Searching for full-time employment in meantime.
>Living situation
Living at home with family, have car for transportation.
College graduate, looking for job in field for a year or two, then on to grad school.

I'm definitely still a novice and am just looking for something fun to do and gain more experience. Thanks, hope this helps.

>> No.50672731

Bumping this question.

Additional one too - does Spell Focus work as-is or is it by sphere?

>> No.50672732

There's a fucking ton if each Cavalier order is an actual order.

>> No.50672735


>Teutonic Order
>Lawful Evil
>Stationed in Mivon/River Kingdoms
>Emphasis on heavy cavalry and heavy infantry supported by immense constructs, expansionist

>Knights Templar
>Lawful Neutral
>Stationed between Osirion and Qadira
>Emphasis on assassins and diplomacy supplemented by mercenary soldiers, focus on trade and prestige

>Knights Hospitaller
>Lawful Good
>Stationed on Absalom
>Emphasis on healing and construction, lends their services out to all who need stout walls or stocked hospitals

Don't know enough about the Knights of Calatrava or Santiago!

>> No.50672737

>Molthune is Nazis
>Not Cheliax or Isger
>Who literally have a swastika for a flag

>> No.50672743

Spell focus doesnt work for spheres.

>> No.50672746

It would work better with Cheliax, since Andean is at war with them and not Molthune, and there is better support for underground movement between Andoran and Cheliax considering the Ravens.

>> No.50672764


The Empire of Faceless Goons and Ambitious Generals is a classic antagonist of fiction, I'm not saying they're evil but they're absolutely a group I'd want to oppose as much as join simply because the experience would be SO FUCKING FUN.

>> No.50672778


>> No.50672787


>> No.50672793



Molthune is literally "we've got reserves... And somw golems, and I thiiiink a dragon or two? Awesome, let's get this invasion started!"

>> No.50672806

>all this arguing over Molthune and Nirmanthas
Here, I'll make this easy for you.
It's Early 1800s
Nirmanthas is Texas
Molthune is Mexico
They are both stupid and justified in their own ways.

>> No.50672813


>> No.50672831


Amber Scott, the woman that wrote Book 1 of WotR, the new expansion for Baldur's Gate, and a few other horrible things that were bad on both a narrative and subjective level.

And yet she continues to get work because hey, that shit she writes smells progressive and they gotta look after their own!

>> No.50672837

Anyone have advice on building a skeleton? I want to be spooky

>> No.50672844

>"I'm going to use the LN imperialist nation as LITERAL NAZIS! But they're totally not evil!"

Nirmathas has nothing to do with any of this. Get your shit outta here.

>> No.50672849

Except Prussia wasn't exactly evil, and we're justified for trying aid the Austrian Empire in routing terrorists from Serbia
Having an organized military and wearing a pickelhaube does not automatically make you a villian

>> No.50672861

Someone please make a prussia themed "we're a culture, not a costume".

>> No.50672865

>Nirmathas has nothing to do with any of this. Get your shit outta here.
Nirmanthis is literally the reason why people view Molthune as evil autocrats

>> No.50672871

I'm specifically using Amber as my Paizo writer because she's working on the first book of Ironfang Invasion, which is set in Nirmathas.

>> No.50672888

>"anything that opposes pure cinnamon roll CG nations must be evil facists!"

>> No.50672890


Well, it's actual quite simple.

You see, the toe bone's connected to the foot bone
Foot bone connected to the heel bone
Heel bone connected to the ankle bone
Ankle bone connected to the shin bone...

>> No.50672892


Why are you getting so upset at me using Molthune as it's written? An expansionist empire munching on a quaint land of farmers and woodsmen with absurdly flamboyant generals leading the charge with large quantities of good yet faceless soldiers augmented by constructs and monstrous allies?

That is what they are. Denying it is denying their nature and the full extent of HAM you could get. Hating them is like hating the Empire; sure they're bad, but they look SO GOOD DOING IT and like half the fans love them more than the rebels anyway.

>> No.50672900

What's the best way to recreate this ability in pathfinder without 3pp?

Hedging weapons don't allow for multiple weapon launches per turn until you get multiple attacks, and by that time the damage isn't worth it.

>> No.50672902

>munching on a quaint land of farmers and woodsmen
Nigger, they're border rebels who think they can just leave the empire.

>> No.50672905

That's what I was complaining about anon
Are you okay? Your ability to read seems to be impaired.

>> No.50672909


They're conquering Nirmathas, and have ransacked the capital about eight times.

>> No.50672910

Dirge Bard

bonus points if you're doing performance: dance.

>> No.50672918

Do you have 3pp available?

If so, Psychic Armory Soulknife is essentially Gate of Babylon

>> No.50672920

>What's the best way to recreate this ability in pathfinder
Of, that's easy, just
>without 3pp?
Sorry, can't be done

>> No.50672926


Geokineticist, refluff Metal Blast

>> No.50672929

I'm agreeing with the sentiment, it's just the writing of Lawful nations in Golarion makes me upset.

See >>50672902 Nirmathas is Old Molthuni territory.

>> No.50672933


I stopped calling them evil a bit ago after I got my alignments wrong, I'm calling them antagonists.. The opposing force. The big bad. If you make the General the party is going up against explicitly evil, you could have one hell of a campaign.

>> No.50672936

Shit, woops, I'm >>50672918 and i missed the bit about lacking 3pp availability.

Yeah, there's no way to do it 1pp and still be reasonably effective.

>> No.50672944

The capital is a wooden shanty town that is designed specifically to be a trap.
Also it's not even a capital. The Nirmanthi are literally rebels who illegally seceded because they didn't want to pay taxes.
The Nirmanthi are the Southern Confederacy of the Inner Sea.

>> No.50672949

vanilla PF is almost strictly western fantasy.
DSP turns PF into weeb fantasy.

That being said, a Wizard with Wall of Daggers plus telekinetic flurry(? - I can't remember the exact name of the spell) works the same.

>> No.50672958


You've got to admit their use of force is a little excessive.

Anyone have that image of the Nirmathan lass and the tiny village getting shelled by a large military force?

Also is it just me, or would Molthune be more memorable if their flag and name was not so goddamn awful? I want to love them so bad, but that flag ain't doing it for me.

>> No.50672961

We're complaining that it's exactly that attitude that Paizo has taken to the Lawful nations that is the problem. They rarely are portrayed in a good light because "heroes must be plucky and CG rebels!"

>> No.50672966

every time that webm gets posted, someone will ask for sauce.

>> No.50672967

>I'm not calling them Evil
>But I totally am by calling the the Big Bads
Anon, I'm afraid you are absurdly retarded, to the point you cannot even see your own contradictions
Please, it's time to stop.

>> No.50672975


Well, yeah? Heroes should be plucky and they should be chaotic to represent their rebellious nature. I rebel!

>> No.50672983


Not all bad things are evil, senpai. It's the intricacies of English!

>> No.50672987

>I hate chaotic good as much as you guys but don't you think lawful is just as bad

>> No.50672988

>You've got to admit their use of force is a little excessive
Not really since the Nirmanthi were the ones who escalated by going full Vietcong

Also it wasn't a large military force, and it wasn't shelling. That image in the ISWG was just a house on fire, with some nondescript archers on a hill shooting flaming arrows

>> No.50672990

>flag design
If only it was something like this.

>> No.50673001


>> No.50673004


>> No.50673006



>> No.50673009

Both in excess are bad.
Everything in excess is bad, including good and evil.

Everything must always be in moderation.
True Neutral represent!

>> No.50673020


You can't.

Seriously, new moderators are only chosen a few times a year, and the minimum requirements for applying are very steep. Even so, hundreds apply, but only a few are selected. If you seriously want to be a moderator, you'll need to be an active, contributing user for well over a few months to even be considered. Pestering the current moderators or administrators to become a moderator essentially guarantees that you won't be selected.

>> No.50673023


What makes a man turn neutral ... Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality?

>> No.50673024

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.

Pick it up nigga.

>> No.50673027

>Heroes should be plucky and they should be chaotic to represent their rebellious nature.
>not being the stoic and principled champion of justice and truth
>not being Atticus Finch
You don't know true heroism

>> No.50673030

Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere

Watch at least 5 episodes before dropping

>> No.50673033

I need to be the best sniper, the one perfect shot, threat the needle. DSP is available. Level 12/Mythic 6.

How do I thread the needle? I don't care what ranged attack I use, just gotta hit the enemy from as far as possible.

>> No.50673037


>le keykeykey clansmemmber in the sequel

>> No.50673044


>> No.50673048

What did he mean by this?

>> No.50673051

>dropping horizon
>not watching all 2 seasons and waiting for s3 like the rest of us


>> No.50673052

What the fuck are you smoking?

>> No.50673061

Nigga I love it, but I'm not going to assume everyone likes fun.

>> No.50673067


Oh, yeees, we really can't overstate how BAD it would be if people started being GOOD to each other all the time. Why, it's almost too AWFUL to contemplate.

>> No.50673075


>tfw no smug spider tits
>tfw fish is still best girl

>> No.50673089

I need to throw a weapon as far as possible. Become "My read is long" style hunter. These are my thoughts:

>Javelin (30 base)
>Hurler Barbarian (+10 ft)
>Longshot (spell) (+10 ft)
>Supple Wrist, Strong Arm (+10 ft)
>Greater Belt of Mighty Hurling (+10ft)
>Distance (Multiply it by 2)
>Long Shot (Reduces range penalty from -2 to -1)
>Other Feat (Don't remember the name but reduces thrown weapon penalty by flat 2)

Gives a 700ft throw at only a -3. As a barbarian this will do a lot more damage than your average normal ranged attack because it does 1.5x strength. Using rage, orc bloodline, and your budget you can easily get 50 strength for a +30 on every throw. With power attack that's another +18.

>> No.50673091

>I'll divert the talk of lawful nations by talking about good and evil!

>> No.50673092


I'm going to make you smile, Senpai! Smile and cry as I tickle you silly!

>> No.50673107

Ever seen SJWs in real life?
moral grandstanding, holier-than-thou, high-horse, moralistic little faggots the lot of them.

And they have the power to get people fired for wrongthink.

>> No.50673112

Oh, that shit.

I tried it but it was unwatchable. No action scene is worth sitting through the diatribe and grossly obscene character designs.

>> No.50673119

>>tfw fish is still best girl

>> No.50673129

Why are you in /pfg/?

>> No.50673135

>hating the diatribe and grossly obscene character designs.

>> No.50673137

>you enter the club and a young catfolk man comes out to serve you drinks in short order, -
>yeah he's not really a
Does anyone else have fucking players who develop instant attachments to fucking random NPCs the moment they get described? My latest group does this and goddamn nothing gets done. Usually it's the opposite problem, I get some players who do not want to interact with NPCs at all and wait until it becomes absolutely clear with a signed note from god that they should in fact go on a quest, but this shit is even more maddening if anything.

>> No.50673147

>To Kill a Mockingbird
Holy shit, you are not just retarded, but also an illiterate Philistine

>> No.50673160

> the diatribe and grossly obscene character designs.

I don't think /pfg/ is the right group for you.

>> No.50673167


>he doesn't know

>> No.50673171

I have to say I love Horizon but still found the character design retarded.

>> No.50673177


>> No.50673180

>"muh plucky CG rebels!"-fag
The retardation in this thread is unreal.

>> No.50673189


Well, when people start talking about how good and evil need to be "balanced", I can't help but feel like it's a bad con marketed exclusively to the good guys.


Honestly, that sounds more like Anomen from Baldur's Gate II BEFORE he learned what a massive prick he was and shaped the fuck up-i.e., back when he was still LN.

>> No.50673237

So Raging Cannibal and True Primitive stack.

I need something to Gestalt it with for as much TRUE SAVAGE as possible.

I was looking at Feral Child, but I don't really want to be a caster.

>> No.50673253

Feral Hunter Hunter archetype

In addition to rage, you also get animal aspect and wildshaping. Enjoy your +10 STR at 2nd level.

>> No.50673260

>implying Go set a Watchman is a Sequel
It was the first draft of the story that was discarded in favor of what would then become To Kill a Mockingbird, and was abandoned completely until is was found and published after the author's death.

It's not a sequel, it was never intended for print, nor should it even be considered in the same continuity you blithering retard.

>> No.50673268

How can we have light with no shadow?
What would beauty be with no ugliness?
Do we not need strife, struggle and conflict to grow, strengthen and overcome?

A world without opposition is a world of stagnation, mediocrity and boredom; never progressing, never moving forward. For it because we face such evils that we may triumph and prosper. You, who are asking for no evil, are asking for the easy way out. You are not fit to walk the path of Righteousness.

>> No.50673274

What's the closest archetype to an Indiana Jones-type adventurer? It doesn't have to be effective (Its a NPC), just have to be flavorful.

>> No.50673279

>Do we not need strife, struggle and conflict to grow, strengthen and overcome?
Give war a chance!

>> No.50673280

Archaeologist Bard

>> No.50673296

I think what paizo devs are missing from their childhoods is TIE Fighter. The old TIE Fighter game.

In it, you play ... a TIE pilot. A simple member of the big bad empire - and at least it IS an empire that we all know is in fact Evil.

But you know what?

That doesn't mean you don't do your damn job. Ruling takes things to rule over. Those pirates, those smugglers (sure sometimes it's banned books, but far more often it's, shall we say, "illegally retrieved people), they all need to be stopped, no matter what your alignment.

And all of a sudden, in the middle of dealing with some assholes that think civilian transport ships are free loot and XP, some goddamn Nebulon-B shows up out of nowhere and starts disgorging pissy fucking rebels intent on, what? why are they even here? To stop your damned patrol? GO ON THEN! HELP OUT THE FUCKING PIRATES, IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED TO DO, YOU COCKY PRICKS?

What CG rebels fail to understand is that if you just TOPPLE a government without something solid to replace it, all you've done is fuck the whole damn place.

>> No.50673304

Rogue, Bard and Investigator have archetypes that meets the Indiana Jones type.

>> No.50673305

How do I TRUE ASPECT OF WAR in a gestalt game?

I want to eat, drink, breath, and shit war.

>> No.50673318

So since Lesser Restoration is a 1st level spell for Paladins, is it a dick move to try to get a Wand of Lesser Restoration for 750 gp rather than the 4500 it would take to get it as a Cleric/Druid spell?

>> No.50673329

War Domain Inquisitor / Warlord

>> No.50673354

The sad thing is, someone at Paizo at some point did understand this, hence why we had Galt, the Shackles, River Kingdoms, and the like.

But something happened, and it seems the promises that were there at the beginning are now lost and forgotten.
I wonder who they fired that was holding the whole mess together in a semi-coherent form?

>> No.50673358

Perfect. Thanks!

>> No.50673360

Find a paladin with Craft Wand and go for it. It'll likely be harder to find than a cleric with Craft Wand not only because it is less common for paladins to take it, but also because there are simply less paladins running about.

>> No.50673372

That'd require Paizo being competent and writing out scenarios that actually have moral quandaries?

Something simple like "What's worse, the most beneficial dictatorship, or the most corrupt democracy?"

It's not hard, except Paizo is infested with SJWs who think lack of individuality is badwrongfun and ebil.

>> No.50673388

Yeah, but I mean trying to get one using starting wealth to assume that you begin the game with one.

Anything is fair game if the DM is willing to put appropriate elements in the game to accommodate it.

>> No.50673402

This is gonna sound kinda sexist but seriously don't humanize cats around female players. It's not just the obligatory furry girl, everyone finds cats borderline-irresistibly cute. Leave the cats on the damn ground. Shit, if one of them IS a furry druid-ass motherfucker, not even that.

>> No.50673528

>fox awakens in Fangwood
>joins up with some nearby humans
>has some fun being a bandit
>no idea what she's fighting for, but enjoys it
>eventually there's a huge battle they win
>all of her companions rejoice because Nirmathas is free
>pretty soon realizes that Nirmathas is a clusterfuck
>abandons them and heads to Molthune
>joins the Molthuni army instead
>brilliant tactics get her promoted
>works her way up through the ranks
>Molthune and Nirmathas are deadlocked
>she gets pissed and reckless
>orders a stupid attack
>gets her soldiers killed
>she's stripped of command and leaves Molthune in disgrace
>wanders to some little town in Varisia to escape the shame

>> No.50673568

Duly noted but it's a recurring problem for even the male player, I can't introduce a decrepit old elven librarian without an "IS SHE HOT?" given in total unironic seriousness. And I can't exactly retcon-out the fact that they've just entered the world's main catfolk nation. I've just never seen this kind of player before - do they just each need to be permanently paired with some tagalong NPC or something to be able to function? I'm not even clear on what kind of adventure this sort of person wants.

>> No.50673574


Yeah? Well, I'm in some pretty good company, I'd say. When hordes of monsters slaughter their way through the countryside, or some noble sells the souls of millions because he thinks a devil can make him immortal, or some crazy wizard tries to trigger the apocalypse just to see what happens, try telling people about the "righteousness" of it all.

You say I want the easy way out? You bet your shiny, metal ass I do. Because I don't need any medals or honours or fancy, gilded underwear to feel like my existence has meaning. But I'll fight for my slice of happiness all the same.

>> No.50673594

Lawful Good
Neutral Good
Chaotic Good
Lawful Neutral
True Neutral
Anti-True Neutral
Chaotic Neutral
Lawful Evil
Neutral Evil
Chaotic Evil

what other alignments are there

>> No.50673598

Lawful Stupid
Chaotic Stupid
Stupid Good
Stupid Evil

>> No.50673604

>Lawful Stupid
>Chaotic Stupid
>Stupid Good
>Stupid Evil
>Neutral Hungry
>Blue Bacon
>Orange Bacon
>Blue Necktie
>Orange Necktie

>> No.50673627

>majority female group in the catfolk nation
gg no re, this campaign is done for

If you want to motivate them to travel and adventure, the plot literally needs to be "Oh No Catopia Has Been Nuked!"

>> No.50673638

Are there any high explosives in the system that can be set off from impact? Like, is nitro somewhere in the books?

>> No.50673643

>How cute/sexy/moé/pretty/handsome is your character?
pic related, my super moé tiefling rogue

>> No.50673654

Shit, I think I'm in love.

>> No.50673662

New Thread


>> No.50673664


animoo sauce?

>> No.50673702

from the look of it I think its Mitsudomoe

>> No.50673710


>> No.50673724

And what of your brothers? Will you not fight for their sake? Or the sake of your countrymen? Medals and honors are not why we fight. We fight because it is how the good prevails against the unrelenting evil. This isn't about your existence, it's about the neighbors, the families and the communities you call home.

>> No.50673852


Oh, I'll fight. I'll make them bleed for every inch of ground they take towards home and the people I care about. But don't try to sell me some line about "strife, struggle, and conflict"-the world has no shortage of scum who live off of destruction and conquest, and I'm not going to feel guilty for wishing otherwise.

>> No.50673992


>> No.50674026

Let's just say they both have the Drawback 'Lovesick'.

They are both alittle Yandere.

It's the best.

>> No.50674134

The Rebels are literal Terrorists trying to reinstate the Old Guard Political Family Hegemony that ensured that the Old Republic constantly Stagnated.

Then again, I'd play a Mandalorian, so what do I know?

>> No.50674939

Well I mean I don't think the rebels ever blew up Alderan

>> No.50675107

If you knew the history of Alderaan and the Political Corruption of it's Noble Families, You'd cheer when it was destroyed too.

>> No.50675678

What part of Common Rule don't you understand, devil?

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