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>tfw Shriek, Shrouded, Invisibility, and Terrify on my NL sorcerer

>> No.50639877


But I bet you don't run him using this model, pleb.

>> No.50639897

Looking for some more advice on this one

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First for warpflamers being the shittiest upgrade option since the plasma pistol.

I'm not even a Thousand Sons player, I play Death Guard! That's how ridiculously costed they are.

>> No.50639916


You're right, but holy shit. Is that FW or something? Where can I get one? It has an LC and force axe, which is perfect.

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Hows my Alpha Legion list? 1500 points, mostly for casual play and FUN rather than just flat-out winning every time.

>> No.50639921


I'm new to Warhammer 40k. I am thinking about getting the Blood Angels Start Collecting set.

Outside of the Captain can most of the other Blood Angels specific pieces be removed? I don't want to actually play Blood Angels but when it comes to armor I want the Bhaal Predator instead of the Dreadnaught.

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>7ppm to give up ap3 bolter
>bonus warpflame rules

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Get a fursuit and say "wolf", "claw", or "fang" every other word.

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You clarly don't play orks

>> No.50639936

I still can't get over that this model is supposed to be a Librarian. He's a World Eater for fuck's sake and was marketed as such.

He is/was FW's event mini for 2016.

>> No.50639942

Quality advice friend

>> No.50639944


Fuck. Guess it's impossible to get now?

>> No.50639956

>World Eater Librarian

I don't know why I laughed at that.

>> No.50639958

Final draft of this list:

1500 Fluffy Dark Angels

-Chaplain, 90
+Plasma Pistol, 15
Total, 105

-Terminator Librarian, 90
+ML2, 25
+Storm Bolter, 5
Total, 120

-3x Tactical Squad, 70
+5 marines, 70
+Veteran Sergeant, 10
+Plasma Pistol, 15
+Power Sword, 15
+Plasma Gun, 15
+Plasma Cannon, 15
Total, 210 (630)

-Venerable Dreadnought, 125
+Plasma Cannon, 5
+Extra Armor, 10
Total, 140

-Deathwing Command Squad, 200
+Champion, 5
+Apothecary, 5
+Plasma Cannon, 15
+Deathwing Company Standard, 20
+2 Chainfists, 10
Total, 255

Dedicated Transports
-Land Raider Redeemer, 240
+Multi melta, 10
Total, 250

Complete Total, 1500

Multi melta on the LR is for things that are either too tough for the flamers to crack or are out of their range, Extra Armor on the Ven Dread is to ensure that everything that tries to harm him is always versus AV12 and that he can always move and fire his stormbolter. Librarian is to ride up with the Termis and either nerf the enemies or buff the squad by giving them Rage. Chaplain is just there because it's fluffy for him to lead the tacs and I like the model and for helping the Vet Sergeants with power swords in the event they end up in a challenge or assaulting/being assaulted for some reason.

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Actually I have about 3000pts of them, they're pretty fun. I take your point though, there's plenty of shite upgrades in there too.

>> No.50639968

i can't talk about warpflamers but warpflame isn't that bad, but then i play daemons so i expect the dice to betray and help the enemy

>> No.50639969

cost like $5 from chinaman

>> No.50639974

Probably, unless FW are holding him over to their early Jan events.
>be me at the May Open Day
>see that mini for sale
>oh, he looks pretty cool, maybe I'll get him since I'm already shitting my savings' bed buying a Titan today anyway
>wait what legion is that? Can't be WE since he's a Libby

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only 8' range
unit cannot run
unit cannot fire overwatch either.

Why are you scared of them?

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What the fang did you just fanging say about me, you little wolf? I'll have you know I graduated top of my pack in the 13th Great Company, and I've been involved in numerous secret furs on Wolffang, and I have over 300 confirmed claws. I am trained in wolf wolffare and I'm the top wolf in the entire wolf.

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Does anyone have that image of the forge world warlord titan being cradled like a baby by a girl?

>> No.50639996


I'm not adept enough to get all the info, so I don't deserve chinaman


I'm in burgerland, so I don't even know where to go.

>> No.50640006


Only other way to get it besides those methods is paying a Brit to buy one for you when they go to warhammer world or a FW event, or buying one on eBay for like $65.

>> No.50640019


Chinaman or >>50640006 sorry mate.

>> No.50640028

>Notice that you can give Belial a TH/SS
>Oh cool! I'll put him with a squad of Knights for a T5 Belial!
>The Hunt? What's his WT do again?
>Gives Precision shots
Wow, useless Warlord trait. How fun.

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Well, damn. Thanks, though.

My search for china continues I guess.

>> No.50640068

I rate 8/8 would take your skull for Khorne.

>> No.50640084

Footslogging World Eaters 1850 list. Replace Dimensional Key on Lord with Talisman Of Burning Blood from WE relics for sweet +3 on movement/run/charge distance with 2D6 movement for all in the beginning. Havocs are tax for formation. Is this a viable footslogging list for WE casual play? other words am I gonna get my shit kicked in by casual/semi competitive (not WAAC) armies?

>> No.50640091

Is it wrong that I want to foot slog my nightlords that aren't raptors?

>> No.50640099

a little

marines without metal boxes are kind of dead meat

>> No.50640106

Wait, did he actually have WE shoulderpads?

If so, that's kinda retarded.

>> No.50640111

shame he can't throw his hammer

>> No.50640113

1750 points death guard (semi competitive) list


>daemon prince of nurgle, 3rd level, power armor, wings, spell familiar, plague skull

>chaos lord of nurgle, plague bringer, bike, sygil of corruption
>5 nurgle marines, plasma, combiplasma, rhino
>5 nurgle marines, plasma, combiplasma, rhino
>6 bikes of nurgle, 2 meltas, champion with combimelta and melta bombs
>3 terminators of nurgle, combimelta and power weapons
>5 havocs of nurgle, 4 autocannons

>warpsmith of nurgle
>3 oblits of nurgle
>1 oblit of nurgle
>1 oblit of nurgle
in response to the anon from 2 threads ago:
I don't particularly enjoy bikes either. I don't even think i'm gonna use this list but was thinking about how could a good death guard list look like. i am really concercned about the wargear for chaos lord and dp though, maybe I should remove some stuff and throw the black mace in.
for vector strike..... i don't usually pay attention to flyers. they are never worth the thought. but yeah, dp can strike them anyway plus I have 5 oblits on the ground to shoot at them if I must (for example wqhen I face flyrants)

>> No.50640115


They have stealth, though, and I am less likely to care when they die.

I just don't feel like buying bawkses because I can't use them in 30k unless they're the old style

>> No.50640125

>Laughing Death Guard.jpg

>> No.50640132

buy oldbawkses then, but you're wrong, there's pictures in the black books of the current pattern of rhinos being used(I think it was iron warriors) just grab loyalist ones that's aren't spikey and you're golden

>> No.50640133

Bullshit, Mars pattern vehicles are perfectly fine in HH.

>> No.50640148


Really? I've read people sperging out about it.


But I'm NL. Wouldn't I want the spikes and shit?

>> No.50640155

Looking for advice from lorefags that havent spurged out that a wolf gave them the bad touch

>> No.50640172

Here ya go

>> No.50640176

underrated post

>> No.50640179


Now you have my attention! Got any more???

>> No.50640180

>no Razorback


>> No.50640194

Grey knights seem to have intercepter squads, the VeteranNoob review said purgation, this is good news!!!

>> No.50640198

>I've read people sperging out about it.
those people are wrong

>> No.50640210

His belt buckle has the night lords style lightning colors, so I'm guessing he's just Night Lords.

>> No.50640215



What is the point of the Valkyries when you can't start in them because they're their own force?

>> No.50640225

this does not seem like a replacement for codex grey knights so your razorback is fine. just like your captain, librarian etc

>> No.50640231

No, I mean Inquisition. Grey Knights haven't had psybolts for multiple editions.

>> No.50640237

He's talking about Inquisition you memeloving faggot. GKs haven't had psybolts since 5th.

>Psybolt Crusaders
>Psybolt Razorbacks
All fucking gone
They better not fucking nerf Coteaz

>> No.50640247

I am that anon from 2 threads ago!

For your Nurgle DP, it depends on how you want to use it, but I don't really rate the plague skull - too expensive for what it does, especially considering the range.

Your Lord's equipment is fine, you probably don't -need- the Sigil considering you're toughness 6 with a 5+ FNP re-rolling 1s, but if you don't have anything else to spend the points on. Try to get the 3rd power on the Nurgle table, it'll imprive Plaguebringer's poison to a 2+, which will make your Lord potent in combat against anything except 2+ saves.

>> No.50640249

They dropped Servo Skulls too. And now you can only have one Inquisitor per detachment, which sucks for those that play ITC.

You do get a free WL trait though.

>> No.50640253

>They dropped Servo Skulls too. And now you can only have one Inquisitor per detachment, which sucks for those that play ITC.

>> No.50640254

No more inquisition land raiders either.

>> No.50640257

>Literally squatted celestine

>> No.50640261


>> No.50640269


Because White Scars weren't broken enough you know

>> No.50640274

>tfw still no Red Hunter bodyguard for Inquisitors
But I just want to use my mind wiped marines that know an extreme amount of tactics to guard a superior.

>> No.50640284


Didn't they remove psybolt RBs from Codex: Inquisition too? Or was that GKs, and Inquisition were the last dudes to have them?

>> No.50640297


They don't have them because Red Hunters are FW. Although an Inquisitor should technically be able to have a single small squad of any compliant chapter he wants really. Fire Angels, Ultramarines, etc.

>> No.50640299

>paint deathwatch red
>use other shoulders
>have =][= symbols on armor
>mission tactics are basically Red Hunter tactics anyways

No, they were still in there up to now.

RIP S7 BS4 TL Assault Cannons.

>> No.50640309

Neat it isn't I'm fucking incandescent but where did >>50640172 come from? Are you playing games with us Anon?

>> No.50640319

Oh, we're two different people.

>> No.50640327

At least they're keeping to the lore that Land Raiders are for marines only, I guess?

>> No.50640337

Is maelstrom of gore viable?

>> No.50640344

the entire point of this codex is to take allies



space marines

you dip

>> No.50640353

Eh. It was an old order from the Horus Heresy that Inquisitors/Admech/Rogue Traders could circumvent if needed.

>> No.50640361


Bell of lost souls posted it.

>> No.50640366


Unless you a SoB player, welcome to your new reality.

>> No.50640380

You'd think, Slaanesh, that it wouldn't be possible for Sisters to be shafted in a codex with all these in-house allies options, but somehow, SOMEHOW ,you managed to fuck them over.

My friend plays Sisters and he is not going to be happy when I deliver the bad news.

>> No.50640420

>Dominion Squad comes with 2 flamers, one storm bolter, and one melta
>Dominions ignore cover

>Retributers come with 4 Multi-meltas and 6 bolters
>Rets gain rending

GW pls

>> No.50640431


He should be used to suffering, so at least he has that going for him.

>> No.50640435


Who gives a shit bro IGNORE COVER MELTA

>> No.50640458


Yea. I know. I've only been playing them for 10 years. These squads are jokes.

Also, you can only buy the Banner in a $55 bundle with a bolter and a flamer.

Lol wtf GW

>> No.50640471

How would rending even work on multimeltas? Roll the 2d6 and if either of them come up 6 you get an extra d3, if they both come up 6 you get an extra 2d3?

Gotta pen those AV 26 vehicles I guess

>> No.50640478

I suppose it'd help against knights when outside of melta range.

>> No.50640480

Holy crap, Rending Multi Meltas are actually pretty scary like that.

Always pen Warlord Titans.

>> No.50640484


Also the made to order seraphim is in the seraphim box as well.

>> No.50640486

Wanna know the punchline? It's false advertising, you don't even get that.

>> No.50640501


That's exactly how it would work. It's 100% unnecessary because S8+6+1+1= 16

As pointed out it pens AV 14 at 24" and that's it. However, that means you're within 24" of a titan or land raider.


Which is that?


Haha what the fuck. I am reminded of the old "Dominator Squad" from the WD game

>> No.50640511

hey, anyone who got the Deathwatch box, can you tell me which chapter-specific shoulder pads are in it? The GW store page says there are 18 chapter specific pads, but not which chapters.

>> No.50640515

>SoB getting within 12" of a Warlord

>> No.50640519

A multimelta is just a 24" melta. There isn't a second shot.

>> No.50640521

well, there are buildings that are AV 15...

>> No.50640529


Bow before my google fu

>> No.50640532





Because you need rending for that? Average on a melta at half range is still 15

>> No.50640536

On the topic of Grey Knights, what are the opinions on strong GK lists? I get the feeling that in order to be "competitive" GKs basically just run a combination of paladins, terminators, librarians, dreadknights and storm ravens. Anyone have any feedback on what could be a good GK list in 2k points? I get the feeling that GK are suffering from a lack of detachments like the rest of the armies in 7th edition have gotten. And after reading the review of Imperial Agents, it seems like GKs just get a smaller version of the NSF.

>> No.50640542

There's a picture of the sprue on the GW store page.


>> No.50640546

>Which is that?

The power sword and plasma pistol superior.

Hotly, the descriptions are all over the place, I'd love to puck up a few mor immolaters, but I'm waiting to make sure the top hatch isn't actually resin like the description says.

It's almost as if GW don't know anything about the army...

>> No.50640547


>grey Knight moved to death watch
>trades storm bolter for pistol

>> No.50640549

Flesh Tearers
Dank Angles
IWs Silver Skulls
fuck knows
Any shade of Templars but probably intended to be Black
Howling Griffons?

>> No.50640559

Just placed my first order with chinaman for a contemptor arm and the leman russ model.

>> No.50640563

GKs don't serve in the Deathwatch.

>> No.50640577


Oh. That thing NO ONE ever used because it's a 40pt upgrade on a 15pt s3 model?

They don't know anything about them. Seriously, go read the 5th Ed WD battle report for a laugh.


Anon, look at that arm. That's a GK arm.

>> No.50640582

>fuck knows

Brazen Claws

>> No.50640589

>Anon, look at that arm. That's a GK arm.

That's an active duty DW arm, idiot. The only reason the old DW models didn't have this arm was because people were using non-DW models with a DW pad to represent them.

>> No.50640590

Anon, all Deathwatch marines have that arm.

Fluffwise, GK are implied to be the one chapter that doesn't serve in the Deathwatch.

>> No.50640601

>Anon, look at that arm. That's a GK arm.
No it isn't, and you're looking at the wrong arm anyway. He's a Blood Angel.

>> No.50640607

Could anyone rec me an alternative head for the ghostkeel?

>> No.50640612

That's a boltgun.

And since when does GK have red in their chapter colors?

>> No.50640615


Hrm. You're right. I was thinking of the Brotherhood champ, but the sword is on the wrong side, and only the terminators had the engraved shoulders.

Still, it looks like the a termie arm.

>> No.50640616


It literally says Xenos on the arm dude, that's the deathwatch arm.

>> No.50640622


Since always? Red/White have always been their secondary.

>> No.50640623

Is there any reason to collect a Deathwatch force over regular Space Marines?

>> No.50640633

Frag Cannons
Your Dudes
Frag Cannons
Cool color scheme
Frag Cannons
Collect every chapter at once
Frag Cannons
Entire army has deep strike
Frag Cannons
Infernus Heavy Bolter
Frag Cannons

>> No.50640643

competitive GK tends to be libby lv 3 with staff and a relic, squad of terms with gubbins, dreadknight with flamer and sword, dreadknight with flamer and sword. at least that's what i've seen being on the other side

That's the kind of destructive power even Fuegan would be impressed by.

>> No.50640651

thanks man!

I actually kinda dislike normal bikes so if I wanna use them I'll heavily convert the models.
yeah the skull was more like a point sink thing, might as well remove that and the sygil to get the black mace

the only problem is that I really suck at converting stuff... I'll probably look for some help somewhere

>> No.50640663

Question: Do Deathwatch Termis have their own unique arms, or is it just the shoulderpads?

Has me wondering if they all have unique arms or not, because I want to give one of my Termi Command Squad guys a DW shoulderpad and/or arm, because iirc, fluffwise it's still canon that if you served in the DW you get to keep it.

>> No.50640679


That's like asking if there's a reason to collect GK or one of the non-vanilla marine armies over vanilla.

>> No.50640686


You only keep the shoulder, not the whole arm.

>> No.50640690

Because you prefer them to vanilla SM.

>> No.50640698 [SPOILER] 

Wew lad

>> No.50640706

Thanks anon!

>> No.50640739


Did Ad Mech teach them nothing?! I mean, I get it, it must be a bit scary to release a model for a neglected faction, but this is not something new for GW at this point.

>> No.50640749

Ad Mech and GSC, both sold out like crazy.

They always underestimate.

>> No.50640755

I think you mean GSC.
>It's a runaway success!
>W-why does this keep happening? Nobody CARES about these armies!

>> No.50640774


>Meme army

>> No.50640783


If there weren't any plastic sisters coming before, pretty sure they'll happen now.

>> No.50640791


The only trouble is that it's not an overnight process to make new models. Sure, this might lead to plastic sisters, but expect 1-2 years before they see the light of day.

>> No.50640792


When will this meme die

>> No.50640810

Did I say soon or give a date? I meant in a similar timeframe as you.

>> No.50640812

Is there a way to field a Berzerekers based army without FUCKING LAND RAIDERS right now? I was thinking about getting them Cultists as a meat shield.

>> No.50640817

what if GW actually delayed putting out new sisters and gave them bad books to build hype? what if GW actually knew what they were doing the whole time? what if it's just crazy enough to work?

>> No.50640820


Nope, February, there were always plastics coming.

>> No.50640828

>still believing this meme
>even after the 99.9% ACCURATE RELIABLE SOURCE RUMORMONGERS are furiously backpedaling with "no ETA"

>> No.50640833


I was talking to the Manager at my local GW, they said they sold every Neophyte and Acolyte box on the planet.

They were not expecting this and had to shift production to produce more as they normally churn them out in rotation and had to break it to pump out more to meet demand.

>> No.50640837

Rolled 1, 1 = 2 (2d6)

Anon! My Venerable Dreadnought is going to fight yours in melee!
Rolling To Hit, and Penetration!

>> No.50640841

Hahahah holy shit.

>> No.50640844


>> No.50640846

Rolled 3, 3, 1, 5, 3, 6, 6, 6 = 33 (8d6)

Too bad for you my man! Now, the counterattack post-errata!

>> No.50640849

I started shitposting Sisters in February back in July, before like 90% of rumours started, I'm going down with my ship.

>> No.50640855


Yeah, apparently that's never happened on a release before, ever. Sure, stores will run out but they get refilled by HQ.

They cleared our their warehouse, LGS were begging for more stock as well.


>> No.50640863

Rolled 4, 5, 5, 2, 6, 4 = 26 (6d6)

Nuh uh, anon! I still have 3 more attacks and since we both have I4 we resolve them at the same time!

>> No.50640864


Thanks for being honest about it.

>> No.50640872

Rolled 5 (1d6)

Well, fuck. I can still win, though! Rolling vehicle damage for my one pen!

>> No.50640875

Any ideas for unique and/or fun campaign/themed missions based around Tzeentch and the Thousand Sons?

>> No.50640878

Long time fan of the fluff of 40k but an absolute newfag when it comes to the tabletop. Since there are now rules for the best chaos legion (night lords) what should I look to buy in order to play them? Would the start collecting CSM be worth it if I plan to play them exclusively? What else should I add?

>> No.50640889

Ha! I penned and hit with all of my three other attacks, anon! Your dreadnought died! Re-roll on the pen chart since my dreadnought's venerable!

>> No.50640892

Rolled 1 (1d6)

Don't think I won't do it!

>> No.50640900

>he doesn't know that GW just put out official rules for the legions

You literally have no excuse to be behind the times anon.

>> No.50640906

Rolled 3, 5, 2 + 1 = 11 (3d6 + 1)

Ha! My dreadnought only lost 1 hull point and is only shaken! Suck it, anon!

Now I get to roll all three of mine!

>> No.50640910

Sisters would be in more demand too, I think.

And if I had to guess, it's because GSC and Sisters were basically memes in the fandom before they got updated shit. That plus the fanatic autists combine to sell a fuckload of shit.

Do NOT get the start collecting box for NL.

You want Raptors.

Learn to read, he didn't say are no rules, he said are now rules.

>> No.50640914

Looks like your Dreadnought didn't explode, anon!

>> No.50640919

yeah, i should probably sleep now. forgive my transgressions

>> No.50640925

My librarian dreadnought >i5 on the charge
is now in the fray making this a 3 way multiple combat, the rules do not accommodate 3 ways well but its all "in the spirit of the game"

>> No.50640926

Shit, guess he goes down swinging! Pretty much sums up what happens when I use them on the table, heh.

I'll get him next time!

>> No.50640935

Just get a land raider you poor cunt.

>> No.50640939

Aw man! Guess you better roll your attacks, anon! But it's only fair if we let my dreadnought start with all three of his HP too though!

It's alright, anon! My mom ordered pizza!

>> No.50640963

Rolled 1, 3, 2, 1 = 7 (4d6)

Wait, since your dreadnought charged, mine gets to fire Overwatch at BS2 since I'm playing Dark Angels!

Oh, wait. S4 +1d6 can't ever pen AV12, so I guess it's pointless then! Still gonna roll because it's fun!

Man, this brings back memories of just messing around with my friends years ago.

>> No.50640967

Any proper scan now?

>> No.50640974

Wait, did Tankred really say that in the comic? I thought it was just a meme?

>> No.50640982


nope, just the epub

>> No.50640984


>> No.50640989

>not making one entirely out of green stuff
an unworthy servant you are

>> No.50640995

It's obviously edited, Anon.

>> No.50640999

>tfw you realize the World Eaters legion rules makes a fluffier Black Templars army than the Black Templars rules

>> No.50641008

We need more dreadnought comics.

>> No.50641012

It wouldn't be that long. If they were serious about it 6 months tops.

>> No.50641017

the unedited version is better than the meme one, honestly

dreadnoughts have earned the right to be tired of everyone's shit

>> No.50641019

Sweet, that's what I was asking for anyway. Thanks!

Wrath of Magnus isn't necessary now that Traitor Legions is out, yes? Fuck Daemons.

>> No.50641020

>tfw you can finally field a army of Zerkers and people wont laugh
Also, nice trips

>> No.50641030

>It's ALWAYS time for war
How can one be so based?

>> No.50641031

If you don't want the fuff, then yeah.

>> No.50641035


Well, they will laugh, considering that, with the WE rules, MoK/VotLW CSM do Zerkers basically just as well, for less points.

Same with Death Guard and Plague Marines.

>> No.50641040

It's true for him though, they only wake him to fight, so to him, it's always time for war.

>> No.50641041

Better take your turn, anon.

This is rather amusing.

>> No.50641051

Well, guess I should have bought more CSM. I have like 60 Berzerkers back home, but like 2 squads of normal CSM cause I fucking love Zerkies so much. But hey, at least I can say its more fluffy.

>> No.50641071


Just use the Berserkers as CSM. MEQ is MEQ and a full Khorne mode CSM is basically a Berserker.

>> No.50641079


It shouldn't take that long if people were allowed to work at max speed, but the process takes close to a year because of red tape and having to get the okay from higher ups and transferring details to different departments.

It's why new kits always have the previous year stamped on the models. Takes a year just to release the fucks after they're finished.

>> No.50641083


Just call them CSM, I wouldn't mind, and I doubt most others would either. A marine is a marine is a marine.

I'm dotting my old plague marine models in my CSM units too, for the same reason.

>> No.50641097

It wont be the same though. I will always remeber the moment when I charged a Tau gunline, and the guy missed almost all the shots, and the ones that did hit got saved. They all died to a riptide afterwards, but Khorne got enough Tau skulls to be more then happy.

>> No.50641101

Quick, someone bring up Eldar Windriders and explain to that Sisters memer how it actually works.

>> No.50641157

Nah that's alright. But fuck, not a single online converter is processing the conversion to pdf correctly. This new epub format GW uses is fucking up everything.

>> No.50641234

Oh, and by the way, arent Berzerkers a good pick with Maelstrom of Gore? I have enough of them, could add Kharn. I mean, FAST BERZERKERS.

>> No.50641256

Could you please explain yourself because I haven't a clue what you are talking about.

>> No.50641280


>All Grey Knights squatted except Terminators, baby carriers and Interceptors



>> No.50641281

The current Eldar jetbikes you have to day were eight years in the making. They were leaked fucking forever before they actually came out and the rumors of >new jetbikes this year for reals! were almost as much a meme as Dark Eldar and later, Sisters updates.

Point is, just because GW has a new kit made and ready to go doesn't mean they will do anything at all with it. It'll take them much longer than just a few months to make a kit if they only started work on it today/yesterday.

>> No.50641292

No fuck you, it's already been said it's not meant as a replacement for GK or DW, what do you think you are, fucking SoB?

Inquisition got fucked too, check your PAGK privilege.

>> No.50641309


Sorry anon I just read the FLG review and realized I'm an idiot. I was about to post "disregard I suck cocks" tbqh

I was quite worried we'd get fucked over. I was going to start an "inquisitorial storm trooper" (acolytes in chimeras) detachment to go with my GK soon though so I hope the big I didn't get fucked too hard.

>> No.50641330

>just made my Made To Order purchase
>check the community page
>see this image
What the fuck? Those two Terminators aren't shown in the list for me!

>> No.50641333


The single railgun Broadside is similar.

>> No.50641339

It's alright man, fuck knows I flipped out when I saw it too.
>Servo-skulls gone
>One Inquisitor per detachment
>Warbands now monkeys, (probably heavily trimmed down) Acolytes and Daemonhosts
>Chimera probably nerfed to be symmetrical to IG except without the MCV rule

A-at least there's Militarum Tempestus...

>> No.50641353

What Chaos Legion should I play? Help.

>> No.50641356

Word Bearers.

>> No.50641365

Giant slugs anon, very Nurgley and easy to convert since it's mainly a green stuff tube.

Put some eyes on it, maybe use the rear exhausts of the bikes, job's a good 'un.

>> No.50641368

I just realized what they're meant to be. Inquisitors/Assassins Terminators.

Fuck they look goofy as shit. Their proportions are thoroughly fucked.

>> No.50641382

But Bikes go fast.

Giant slugs don't go fast.

>> No.50641388


>No Servitors or Servo-skulls
>No psybolt ammo for anyone anymore (obviously GK haven't had it 5ever but I had hope)

That really blows.

>> No.50641389


You want to hear Death Guard, I am sure.

>> No.50641396

Alpha Legion looks like a cool balance of fluffyness and neat tricks, but I'm not a Chaos player so I wouldn't really know

>> No.50641407

That sounds really cool. What units should I get as core of them? Im thinkin about getting the Dark Vengeance plus some bikers.

>> No.50641409

They just realized what the model is actually called.

>> No.50641424

What's a good epub3 reader for these newfangled digital codexes for a phone?

>> No.50641441

God damn my lady inquisitor better still be available. >:(

>> No.50641444

Lost and Damned Formation and Chaos Warband formation. So DV's an alright start.

>> No.50641447

Giant slugs painted red

>> No.50641452

Those are Made to Order, they literally can't run out.

>> No.50641455 [DELETED] 

Wait, shit. Is a CAD considered a Detachment or are you forced to take a formation or "Decurion" provided to utilize Legion Tactics?

>> No.50641458

Yeah, World Eaters sure can take Neophytes, the one thing that most distinguishes Black Templars from other marines.

>> No.50641487

It's a detachment.

It's in the fucking name.

Combined Arms Detachment.

Why would they make certain things troops, if you can't use CADs?

>> No.50641488

>Coming back to the game after the first Black Templar codex.
>No BT codex, they are now part of vanilla marines.
>Cool finally GW is reducing the marine codex.
>Codex GK, DW, SW, BA, DA.
>Maybe chaos is finally... Codex deamons, KDK, CSM, WoM, TL

What the flying fuck?! Ok maybe my inquisition is sane.

>SoB have a digits codex. Ok I guess.
>Assassins... A book for just 4 models...
>Inquistion marines have their own codex. Guess it could be worst
>SoS sweet! Some random page. Ok I guess
>Codex Imperial Agents! This might be... What fuck?! GK, DW, SoS, Assassins, SoB, Inquisitors.

It is not very consumer friendly when you start to need a bloody spread sheet in order to figure out what rules you need in order to play with your toy soldiers.

>> No.50641507

I deleted it cause I realized I had a full-retard moment. My bad.

>> No.50641510

The bloat is profitable. I wish it was simpler. Put all the good rules in one book.

>> No.50641514

Yes a CAD is a detachment.

So for example making a cad of EC will give you free VoTLW, +6 fnp and so on.
You only have to take the decurion if you want combat drugs.

>> No.50641517

This is why you play a nice neglected faction, like Dark Eldar. All a Deldar player has to think about is their codex and two Forgeworld vehicles.

>> No.50641523


Yeah. I can keep up with it because I've experienced every change as it happened, and I'm the kind of person who does a lot of research and data spreadsheets, but I've noticed a lot of new players or...statistically challenged players have no idea how the fuck to make an army in 7th Edition.

The funny part is despite how it's obviously way too bloated and convoluted, nobody is willing to compromise and give up things like formations and allies and reduce the game back to a playable and streamlined state. All the meanwhile complaining about how certain allies or formations are completely overpowered.

>> No.50641526

Attack of the fucking clones

>> No.50641530


And a Codex supplement :^)

>> No.50641532

Yeah I got it, thanks. Planning on making a WE force with IW backup, 2 CADs. Just wanted to make sure I get both Legion's tactics and won't be locking myself out.

>> No.50641544

>mfw he doesn't know about Supplement: Corpse Thief Claw

It's probably one of the strongest "shitty army that only has one good build" builds.

>> No.50641549

Since you seem to know what is ETA on new edition? Do rumors know yet?

>> No.50641556

Christ, is there a single faction free from the deluge of dataslates, formations, and supplements?

>> No.50641562


grey knights is as close as I can think of

>> No.50641563


That's wrong though. Corpse Thief Claw is overrated as hell. It's one unit and has all of the baggage that comes with. 99% of the time it is overkill and or/only useful as a 600+ point fire magnet. Dark Artisan and Grotesquerie are way better. Scalpel Squadron is occasionally useful.


Harlequins :^)
(the joke is that they're basically a supplement)

>> No.50641569

Bow to the throne of skulls! Unleash the mighty warrior withing you! All shall die beneath your blade as lord Khorne grants you his strength!
Do not heed these lies! What glory is there in the service of the Maggot King?! Serve Khorne well and you will become an immortal champion, a prince upon the battlefield!

>> No.50641571

I play SoB we are on an odd situation.

No new model, yes I know the web store exclusive new model I could not buy, but really the rest has been the same for over 10 years.

Even with the copy pasted rules since for ever I did not mind playing SoB. I could win as long player kept it waac and not full waacfag.

With Inquistion, cheap psykers where good, and Landraider Crusaders where good enough to transport Repentians or just use Death Cult assassin count as.

Now it seems Inquisition, SoB and Imperial Agents are valid codex? Since GW seems to lack a proper PR department. The cluster fuck is not fun.

>> No.50641574


>nobody is willing to compromise and give up things like formations and allies and reduce the game back to a playable and streamlined state

It's brinksmanship doctrine. No-one wants to be the first to give up their toys. Since everyone doesn't get updates at the same time, there will have to be the first faction that doesn't get formations etc.

And if it were in the BRB, a lot of people would be very angry that all the money they spent building formations or allies is now useless.

>> No.50641589

Formations themselves aren't the problem, they just legally allow you to bring a certain combo of units (that might be fluffy as fuck!). The problem is the rules themselves. Provide no rules and you're done. People can still field their miniatures but don't gain any particular gameplay advantage.

>> No.50641592

SoB before the Imperial Agent cluster fuck.

Their only forgeworld model was removed long ago. If it not due to chinamam I would had forgotten of this cool little tank

>> No.50641593

Well, there's a large difference between terrestrial slugs that we know and love, and car-sized man-eating slugs created by a Chaos God.

I'd imagine they'd move slower than a regular bike, but they wouldn't be slowed by terrain in the same way as a vehicle would.

In any case, I encourage you to not worry about the particulars. It's Chaos Blessings, I ain't gotta explain shit.

>> No.50641596


6th Edition landed around July 2012, 7th Edition was somewhere around middle of 2014. The gap between 6E and 7E was so short that it amazed everyone, but it's already been 2 years and GW hasn't released 8E. They also seem to be trying to prolong 7E as long as possible, making things future proof and doing things like making KDK and CSM supplements and not even updating Codex: CSM which is in 6E and was like the 1st or 2nd 6E codex, making it the oldest current codex.

The most accurate rumor guys (basically just Sad Panda and Lady Atia) said 8E is pretty much done but won't be out in 2016. It looks probably that 8E will come in 2017, as the rumored Thousand Sons and Ahriman that went along with the 8E rumors have just come out.

>> No.50641597


All is decay in the end! Accept your position in the stream of life, death and rebirth! The Greatfather welcomes all who embrace his gifts!

>> No.50641607

Is there a pdf of Traitor Legions up yet?

>> No.50641611

>tfw you'd love a more comical game where the Chaos gods preen for your attention

>> No.50641612


That still makes the game convoluted and does nothing but give fancy names to certain combinations of units. If you want to go this route, simply change the FOC requirements. Troops can now be 0 minimum, and certain units should have a note in their selection that says they can exceed 3 squads.

>> No.50641622

There's the epub3 in the MEGA, but any conversion utility or online service I tried had it freeze. Same shit with Wrath of Magnus. I used Readium on Chrome but I'd kill for a PDF converter since PDFs are just easier to access and I can read them on my phone too.

>> No.50641625

Is not hard to figure out what you. I was just making the point that is fucking retarded to have that many books, supplements, data sheets, etc to play a single game.

I could not imagine bringing all those things before tablets and smart phones.

>> No.50641633


>> No.50641651

Lemme take a whack at it.

>> No.50641663

Dark Gods be with you, Anon.

>> No.50641670

What is a good epub reader? all the programs i tried just show the background without the letters

>> No.50641680



>> No.50641681

Asked this yesterday, got pointed to Lucifox plugin for Firefox. Works okay for me.

>> No.50641711


An army with zero allies can require up to seven hardcover books.

- Main rulebook
- Escalation Lord of War slot
- Stronghold Assault fortification slot
- Skies of Death flyer rules
- Codex: Space Marines
- Supplement: Clan Raukaan or Sentinels of Terra
- Supplement: Angels of Death
- Forge World Imperial Armour 2:2E

>> No.50641716

My mistake! Ta mate.

>> No.50641733

>- Skies of Death flyer rules

>> No.50641737


Don't forget your Space Marine psyker card deck and Space Marine special objectives deck!

>> No.50641740

I know IW love Warpsmiths but I don't have a model and I'd rather just use a Chaos Lord. Will I make other IW players EXTRABITTER upon seeing my list?

>> No.50641742

>One Inquisitor per detachment
I am totally okay with that change.

Inquisitors hate other inquisitors. Them getting a warlord trait even when not the warlord is a nice little compromise.

>> No.50641751

No dice. Every file gets stuck at 47%

>> No.50641761

Yeah, I had that exact problem. Caliber, yeah? Fuck sake.

Any good epub3 reader on phones at least?

>> No.50641763

>post yfw Skies of Death is folded into 8th

>Inquisitors hate other inquisitors
Firstly, Your Dudes. Secondly, that's not true anyway. Inquisitors very often work under other higher-ranking Inquisitors seeing as that's how they train to become Inquisitors in the first place. Often a conclave of Inquisitors can pursue a common goal for an indefinite period.

>> No.50641792

there is a possibility, if the entire codex counts as one faction, that the Henchman squad may be able to take models from the other sections, thus getting back the assassins, crusaders, priests, etc

or they might just have fucked the unit. We'll see when more info comes out

>> No.50641800


Tyranids have no 'flyers' according to Skies of Death

>> No.50641807

->they cut out all scenario missions
But why

>> No.50641809

Is it possible to take a chaos artefact from each of the allowed artefact tables? Say I take a Death Guard artefact weapon and then take the Burning Brand of Skalathrax?

>> No.50641818

No because you can only ever have one relic unless you're Tau for some stupid fucking reason
t. Marinefag who enjoyed building overpriced snowflakes actually Chaosfag who's butthurt I can't take those 2 relics to get a Counts As Chaos Sister with T3 and AW+EW

>> No.50641823

They don't though. They have flying creatures.

>> No.50641825


on the same guy or in the same army?

>> No.50641828

But the main codex states nothing but "one per army" and the Traitor Legions supplement states: Only one of each of the following items may be chosen per army, and only one may be chosen per model.

Only one OF THE FOLLOWING, meaning 1 out of the 6 provided. Only that table is concerned, so RAW you can take one of each table on a dude, no?

>> No.50641833

>Secondly, that's not true anyway
What, inquisitors being largely independent operatives co-opting larger imperial organizations isn't true? GW made an entire game based around inquisitors reacting with other inquisitors like oil and water. Not to mention the piles of novels on the subject.

>Your Dudes
So take a second detachment? There's not much stopping you.

Rules reflecting the Lore of the game is something I appreciate. Inquisitors don't really play nice with other Inquisitors, and now there's a mechanical representation of it. That's cool to me.

>> No.50641836

The FAQ said each individual character can only ever buy one relic unless their codex specifically says otherwise, and Tau is the only codex to do so.

>> No.50641837

Didn't the rulebook FAQ state conclusively that no single model can take more than one artifact, no matter the faction? I'm sure I read that.

>> No.50641844

Fucking shite. Alright then.

>> No.50641860

>What, inquisitors being largely independent operatives co-opting larger imperial organizations isn't true?
Largely is the key word here.

>GW made an entire game based around inquisitors reacting with other inquisitors like oil and water
Yeah, and FFG published Dark Heresy, which I played for years. Ascension explicitly states junior Inquisitors train under their Inquisitor master, not to mention the Tyrantine Cabal or really any Inquisitorial subfaction. Saying Inquisitors don't get on is like saying politicians don't get on. They're in it entirely for the good of themselves and maybe the world, but they can play nice and (rarely) form genuine friendships if it suits them. They are still people.

>So take a second detachment? There's not much stopping you.
I'll take what is ITC for 500 points.
Next you'll say "but ITC is just a set of houserules and doesn't count!"

>> No.50641863

Why do Tau have this special treatment? I still do not understand why some Titans have armour values and other are Gargantuan Creatures.

Beside nids bio Titans and ork squigoth thingy every other Titan is just s big robot.

>> No.50641865

>out of the country while this bad boy drops as a store exclusive
>not even sure if my store would stock it
>literally forced to get it off eBay for a massive markup
Kill me.

>> No.50641871

Because while literally every other race in the game (except Nids but who gives a shit about Nids relics?) has relics that are actually one-of-a-kind RELICS the Tau relics are just the anime superprogram that makes the pilot a special snowflake, so they can stack them for exponential snowflake power because Taufags have no self-restraint.

>> No.50641872

dont see the appeal of that mini

>> No.50641888

For a moment I thought it was some Squat model, made for one chance only thing.

God it is fucking ugly. It doesn't even seem to move inside that armour.

>> No.50641902

Because tau and gadgets. The relics could be standard issue. Also wraithknight, you sneaky knife ear.

>> No.50641917


I've had to get every limited model on eBay. Luckily I only wanted 3 of them. We've had like well over 10 by now.

>> No.50641919

>Next you'll say "but ITC is just a set of houserules and doesn't count!"
Yeah? Because GW doesn't take ITC's arbitrary restrictions into account when they make their rules.

It's almost like a tournament fan-errata is poked full of holes whenever the core game updates.

>> No.50641920

>The Wraithknight is a GC
>Revenant Titan is a Superheavy Walker

>> No.50641933


It's a 30k term/cataphract apoth. I don't think a 30k term apoth even exists, you'd have to cobble together some sort of shitty 40k DA indomitus one.

I personally like the head. Some people like the dumb RT needle gun and some like the smock for some reason.

>> No.50641943

>Yeah? Because GW doesn't take ITC's arbitrary restrictions into account when they make their rules.

GW representatives literally asked ITC founders for feedback on the final draft of the FAQ when they visited LVO 2016, scrub.

>> No.50641951

Good lord that thing looks horrendous. Is this terminator armor with no back/head armor or power armor with terminator shoulders?

>> No.50641952

Shit I guess that means ITC's founders literally wrote the Imperial Agents codex, then.

>> No.50641986

>Why do Tau have this special treatment?

they should it make so the commander and bodyguard suits use one of thier equipment slots for the relics, like the crisis suits

>> No.50642019

>relic from the past vs the current year

>> No.50642022

>They dropped Servo Skulls too.

>> No.50642024


because tau and elder cant play by the rules like the rest of us.

>> No.50642025

>It's almost like a tournament fan-errata is poked full of holes whenever the core game updates.

The whole point of the tournament errata is to fix problems GW creates, so that would kind of be the point. GW always makes bad rules, so why is it to the detriment of erratas that this is the case? Are computer patches stupid because they need updates every time you get a new virus?

>> No.50642038

or maybe it's that ITC's restrictions aren't all good, and adhering to them religiously in casual play is ridiculous.

>> No.50642043

Can confirm, just installed it, all my epub woes are resolved

>> No.50642061

>sistersfags get ignores cover meltas and rending bolters and fucking complain about it
I cannot believe you guys are worse than Chaos.

>> No.50642076


Where did I complain about the rules you fucking moron? I complained about the retarded squad compositions GW is selling on their site.

>> No.50642077

The point of that post is they don't get meltas.

>> No.50642088


>> No.50642094

wow I remember playing that

>> No.50642110

You can just buy them seperate.

>> No.50642124

The fuck Khorne? Calm down.

>> No.50642142


Just telling it how it is

>> No.50642195

I'm having a bit of a conundrum, and I'd like some advice from other chaos fags. My problem is with Night Lords. I want to run a Murder Talon, but the fact that both the Warband and the Raptor Talon are core means I need an aux. I want to stay fluffy, but that knocks out a lot of options.

How well would a Murder Talon + TAF work? Obviously, they all can't deep strike, which is fine. However, it's a bit fluffy because of the whole Atramentar thing they had going.

The other option is of course just going CAD and taking advantage of troop raptors. Is it worth losing the benefits of the Talon?

>> No.50642206

their both full of shit though. Khorne wants your skull and nurgle will make you wish you were dead.

>> No.50642219

Can't you take a Heldrake or the formation for an Auxilliary?

>> No.50642230

>Khorne wants your skull

So? It's his to claim. You won't need it when you're dead and if you're dead, you must have fucked up somehow.

>nurgle will make you wish you were dead.

Nope, you'd be pretty happy about it all, actually.

>> No.50642233


Yea, I have to take two, but I'd rather have friends.

>> No.50642247

You do know that he was talking about the bundle.

Also in order for a Dominion squad to ignore cover once in a game they need to pass a Ld check.
Same goes for the Retribution.

Fucking chaosfags. Stop trying to bring down people like some gender study college girl.

>> No.50642251

IW Chaos Lord with Fleshmetal Exoskeleton and a Sigil of Corruption.

3W, 2+/4++/6+++ IWND. T4 though. Problem is he'd be footslogging as the only model I have spare is a dude in terminator armour.

>> No.50642258

>he dosent know about racing snails
if snails can be fast, so can slugs

>> No.50642260

Please source me a happy plague marine, they are always nihilistic cunts. His daemons are happy.

>> No.50642270

Those are just the plague marines, them and the Plaguebearers are a bunch of dour cunts.

There's plenty of happy mortal nurgle followers around.

>> No.50642288


No Repressor (the only good Rhino variant), Disappoint!

>> No.50642289

Fair enough, just if you wanted to, you could play purely Raptors and Heldrakes for a swift Ld-based fluffy NL list.

Spawn would be easiest and cheapest but it wouldn't make sense. TAF would be your best bet, yeah.

>> No.50642318

Does the masque really not count as a herald of slaanesh?

Why gw?

>> No.50642351

How can I scratchbuild a CSM bike? If it matters, it's for an Iron Warriors Chaos Lord.

>> No.50642360

Should I bother running a 20man Talisman squad for a Maelstrom of Gore formation? I know they might get blasted to bits if they wipe what they're charging but fucking 81 S5 attacks on the charge sounds fucking juicy.

>> No.50642381


because Slaanesh BTFO the masque so all the other's laugh and point at her

>> No.50642397


Trust me, I'd love to do that, even if half of 40k ignore fear. However, flier spam isn't exactly a good way to keep playing games.
I just wish the murder talon had a chosen detachment to be reminiscent of Terror Squads or something. Oh well.

How wrong is it to run raptor troops with a bunch of chosen?

>> No.50642401

Coming this January (pre-order Dec 31st), Armoured Assault Boxes! Basically a unit of infantry and a delivery vehicle.


These are:

>10 Tactical Space Marines and a drop pod.

>10 Tactical Blood Angels and Rhino

>10 Tactical Dark Angels and Rhino

>10 Grey Hunters/Blood Claws Space Wolves and a Drop Pod

>10 CSM and a Rhino

>10 Boyz and a Trukk

>5 Dire Avengers and a Wave Serpent

>10 Guardsmen and a Chimera

>12 Termagants, a Ripper and Tervigon

>Necron Warriors, an Ark and some Scarabs

>10 Kabalites and a Raider

>10 Firewarriors, 3 drones and a Devilfish

No word on price yet, but you'll probably see savings.

>> No.50642417

>12 necron warriors, an Ark and 3 Scarabs

>> No.50642426


Holy shit. It only took them forever.

Also obligatory:
>plastic sisters are coming for real guys!
>yet another perfect opportunity with no plastic

>> No.50642428

Are there any hidden models in 7th ed? Like in age of sigmar there are models you cant buy on their website and their rules are in some not-well advertised small supplements. Is the same true for 40k?

>> No.50642431

It doesn't seem bad to me from a gameplay perspective. You got your speedy CCers and you got your ranged special weapon guys. I just don't know about fluff as my Chaosfagging is mostly reserved to the Thousand Sons, brother.

>> No.50642437

That's pretty cool - any idea what price point they'll be?

>> No.50642453


Looks like shit.

Looks like

>Space Warrior Captain Commander in Haz-mat armor


>> No.50642455


that is how their sprues are cut

>> No.50642462


>Wearing Terminator Armour, Tactical Dreadnought Armour, that allows its wearers to walk into Plasma Reactors
>Quick, strap on a flak vest.

lol, what were they tinking

>> No.50642473

I'm guessing here but 30$ savings, so you'd be paying around 50$ for a SM Tac Squad and a Pod.

Wasn't complaining, just fixing that I didn't have numbers on that one.

>> No.50642483

Thanks, BoLS for showing us rules that SoB *already* have.
Literally nothing new in this book
gib plastics gw

>> No.50642485

>10 fire warriors

those are pathfinders

>> No.50642486

February, Anon. February.

>> No.50642490


ah gotcha

around $50 looks pretty good for a lot of these

>> No.50642501

Oh shit so they are. Everyone else got troops, so I didn't look too closely.

>> No.50642502


>> No.50642510

Yesterday I took my army to GW, played a game against SM. There were actually 3 other sisters players there to get a cannoness that I had never seen before.
February can't come soon enough. Need a new project past scratchbuilding SoB rhinos to look more interesting

>> No.50642511


It's a shame what happened to them. I was hoping for something better, for them.

Anyway, I'm thinking melta raptors and plasma chosen in a rhino for a cad with a flying lord and flying sorcerer rolling telepathy. Part of me wants a big huge raptor squad of like 15, but that's probably a bad idea. Maybe 5, 5, and 10 for the characters.

>> No.50642513

Been saying this shit since July, I don't need proof. I just need false hope and blind faith, same as my Sisters.

>> No.50642514

Anyone? Not knowing is killing me.

>> No.50642526

>been planning on getting a box of CSM and a rhino
>now can get them both in the same box and possibly for cheaper

I'm ok with this.

>> No.50642537

It's called Forge World.

>> No.50642543



>> No.50642554

>10 Grey Hunters/Blood Claws Space Wolves and a Drop Pod
>Everyone gets useful vechicle that can do stuff in addition to transport
>Wolves just get podded
Why is this allowed

>> No.50642558

>10 Guardsmen and Chimera

We already have that box, it's called Armoured Claw. Does that mean we get another price
cut for Mech Guard? I might consider starting a Guard army if this keeps up.

>No 10 Skitarii and Dunecrawler....
Waiting till March for a shot at an expensive FW transport is unfun.

>> No.50642567

What makes a good Iron Warriors list?

Oblit spam the only way?

>> No.50642573

>Assassins Terminators.

No, just Inquisitors in terminator armour.

>Fuck they look goofy as shit. Their proportions are thoroughly fucked.

Welcome to the 80's, kid.

>> No.50642583

>complaining your bundle comes with the second most powerful and useful transport option out of all of them behind the Necrons Ghost Ark
Yes I'm sure the Orks are much better off with their Trukk.

>> No.50642592

Can you be more specific? I know that forge world does some of the bigger or fancier models but they are pretty upfront about it. I want to know if there is something easy to miss, like legacy scrolls in aos or perhaps some special weapons/formations posted on gw twitter or god knows what.

>> No.50642594

>>No 10 Skitarii and Dunecrawler....
Its called "Start Collecting Skitarii", anon.

>> No.50642597

>Emperor's finest
>literally a daemon right in the middle
Corpse-worshippers BTFO.

>> No.50642604

Why, what are you looking for?

If you're asking about Formations yeah there are a number of them that are only available through ordering certain GW web bundles and aren't printed in any books.

>> No.50642619

Just buy 6 or 7 of those boxes and you have the Blackmanes formation almost done

>> No.50642623

I'd say Death Guard, Alpha Legion and Black Legion are best
>Death Guard for Relentless FnP T5 EVERYTHING
>Alpha Legion for Infiltration, Cultist shenanigans and awesome Poison 2+ Explosive twin-linked double taps on your Terminator Lord
>Black Legion because you don't have to give up anything compared to pure Codex CSM and get some pretty decent shit (namely Troops Chosen and Termies) for your non-existent trouble

I'd steer clear of
>Iron Warriors unless you REALLY like Obliterators
>Word Bearers. God I love those Fanatics but having not-so-great Legion bonuses combined with not-so-great Artifacts and their strongest buff only affects Daemonology (which is so-so at best)
>Emperor's Children: Except for unconditional Noise Marine Troops, all their bonuses are basically Death Guard-but-not-as-good
>Thousand Sons: Too gimmicky. They can kill MEQs decently, but against anything, ANYTHING else they're too expensive

>> No.50642642

My autism makes me want to not miss on any details about whatever Im occupying myself with. I know that gw release schedule and general messines makes it possible, so I want to know if there is a comprehensive list of models/customization options/army building rules that are not clearly accessible.

>> No.50642643

>No Celestin
>No Repressor
>No named inquisitor.

Guess it's time to use Codex Inquisition, codex Adepta Sororita, Imperial Armour and Codex Imperial Agent.

So I can play the army I have. Thanks GW!

>> No.50642682

How does it look?

Night Lords CAD 1000

Lord -145
Jump Pack, Sigil, Talons of the Black Hunt

Chosen x5 - 190
Plasma x4
Rhino w/Dirge

Chosen x5 - 190
Plasma x4
Rhino w/Dirge

Raptors x10 - 215
Melta x2
Power Axe

Raptors x5 - 130
Melta x2
Power Axe

Raptors x5 - 130
Melta x2
Power Axe

>> No.50642684


Better ask for permission first anon, all those codex just got superseded

>> No.50642697

True, but I have no need of 3-4 more Tech-Priests Dominus.
One, maybe for conversion parts.
I can't complain, though. IA14 in March and a combined dex on the horizon.

>> No.50642701


>not taking the plasma command with EW cannoness

>> No.50642702

No. There's nothing comprehensive.

>> No.50642737

What makes you say I don't?

No it doesn't.

Also my bad, I saw now that the walking dreadnought chair is back.

>> No.50642764


Then why do you need Celestine? She honestly hasn't done much for me in quite awhile, Don't get me wrong, the girl carried me through 5th, but she's gone down to random S6 more time than I care about anymore.

>> No.50642781

Wouldn't use Axes on Aspies. They'll get murdered before they can strike.
Also why use Talons of the Black Hunt when you could use Power Sword, Power Axe and Curze's Orb? Rerolling 1s for Running, Hitting and Wounding on whatever weapons you use is kinda nicer than a really fancy pair of Lightning Claws. Also, using 4 special weapons per 5 Chosen is very brave of you. I'd stick to 3 per 5.

>> No.50642797


>Axes on Aspies

>> No.50642806

Even single claws would be better than Power-axes, you're gonna charge from DS, and then challenge and die. you must have a shin tonne of them left over from the warp-talons

>> No.50642808

I7 Hit&Run for Seraphim, or Inq death cult squads in LRR (Hide behind it and jump out to join squad)
MEQ removal better than HF or MG.
Plasma Obliterator scatter reducer
Green Tide distractor
2+ save tanking for repentia, just LoS s6+

I use celestine a lot. She's the best option for MSU sisters.

>> No.50642827


Why is it brave? I can switch, though.

As for the claws, they have +1S and rending, plus I need ass somewhere for my NL.


I guess I'll drop the plasma and bump the axes to claws. If only I could run them paired.

I have some, but I'm using them for my HH NL, too. I kinda want to run claws in chosen, but that's probably a terrible idea.

>> No.50642843

Noob question time.

I'm really curious about games in general. I know of 40k, and know a bit about it's awesome lore. But I never tried the game, and I'm not ready to shell out a lot of money on it.

My questions are:

What are your opinions on the Battle for Vedros starter set?

I don't plan to buy a lot more of 40k stuff. Do you feel it has enough to have some fun?

Are the rules too dumbed down?
(I saw the rules video and it seemed a bit simplistic. U-go-I-go seems to give an advantage to the 1st player. And it looks like it devolves into a huge brawl where players simply chuck dice around.)

How do you feel about it's additional models?

And finally... Can I also download and play Kill Team with those minis?

(FYI, I'm planning on painting the minis. I just don't want to dive into the hobby)

>> No.50642868

Mostly due to choice. I miss my Jump pack Cannones. Also how the fuck is she dead to random S6? But I understand what you mean, she needs a lot of protection.

>> No.50642869

Lads, rate my list pls.

Yesterday somebody on here said i had non existant Anti Armour, should i swap the Missiles from the Vypers to the Guardians so they become free and put Bright lances on Vypers?

I was using them as versatile roamers. Banshees get +1 WS from formation. And loads of pshycers because fluff. And Walkers because 24 Str 6 shots per turn with guide and i like the models.

Strat is to have a Battle line of guardians with Battery behind it, and move it up if out of range with the 24" on the 1st turn and dominate the middle of the map, then flank with Banshees and tank hunt with Dragons.

Pls respond

>> No.50642872

Oh, and does anyone have a pdf with the rules included in the vedros set?

>> No.50642877

Slap him on a bike

>> No.50642890

>Why is it brave?
Because you only get one meat shield before your expensive Plasma Guns start dying. Sure you get a lower frequency of shots if you're ignored but you can use those extra points for something that's less of a no-brainer target

>> No.50642896

Why not a fleshmetal prince?

Surely we can take an markless prince now since the IW Decurion features the favoured of chaos, and it forces you to take a Prince

>> No.50642908

Battle for Vedros is very simplistic from my limited exposure to it, far more then real 40k

U-go-I-go is not always an advantage. For example there are usually a limited number of game turns and the goal of the game is often to capture a point, which can easily be done if you have the last round and your opponent cannot react to it anymore. also limited weapon range does mitigate it somewhat.

the models are literally old gw stuff, from 2nd ed warbikers to almost the complete 5ed starter set.

Yes you can play killteam with it, would need the codex in addition to the killteam book and the rulebook. Everything should be in the first post.
Killteam would be far more complex and engaging then battle for vedros, i believe
read: good luck finding people willing to play vedros more then once

>> No.50642929


Scatter lasers and plasma mostly. Only takes one or two bad rolls. Failed LoS from massed plasma fire drop pods, outflanking star canons, scatter lasers, ect

I miss the days of the jump canoness and I still have her together just in case. Seraphim are my favorite unit, and I still use them. I will always use them, but I had to try to make them less of a target.

>> No.50642932

Why though? They put pathfinders in every box now. Burning dawn, new christmas box and now this.

>> No.50642953

Cause I don't have a prince model nor do I have enough models to make that formation. I'm just slapping together the remnants of my CSM models into a semi-effective CAD or 2.

>> No.50642956


Yea, I kinda figured that. It makes sense.

Ok, so I dropped to 3 plasma, changed the axes to claws, gave the 10man dual claws, and gave all the raptors melta bombs.

>> No.50642962


Princes aren't marked. They're "Daemon of..."

>> No.50642968

not the repressor
it has been in exactly 0 Sororitas codices.
It has always been a FW/Imperial Armor thing

>> No.50642981

yeah its pretty retarded, unless a formation comes with it (which at the tax of a devilfish will never ever be used)

it makes even more sense to be with fire warriors, breacher teams require a devilfish to be useful so that would have been a great box

>> No.50642984

Why delayed? Sister were never ment to be released in December

>> No.50643000

I'm gonna convert a Khorgorath into a Daemonforged beast, inspired by the Cyberdemon from Doom (one arm being a weapon of some sort, one leg being mechanical) and my question is what gun would fit its arm? I haven't purchased it yet, so I'm not sure about the scale.

>> No.50643003

8th edition makes pathfinders troops

>> No.50643015

forgefiend weapons, the ectoplasmacannon head could look nice on a stump of an arm, too

>> No.50643037

How do you think eighth edition is going to ruin your favorite codex?

>> No.50643044

>epub trash

Why is the epub meme still being forced ?

It sucks.

>> No.50643045

Kinda like so?

>> No.50643063

Because that's the format gw releases in, and it is tedious to convert to real formats.

>> No.50643078

Seriously. Does anyone have a pdf of Genestealer Cults codex?

>> No.50643080

It's technically far superior to everything else, there're simply no programs that get the most out of it.
Even Readium, as nice as it is, is atrocious for loading pages one by one.

Well Tyranids can't be ruined any further unless they decide our Drop Spores now take up FOC slots
AdMech is will probably lose the Rad Saturation rule for something retarded

>> No.50643088


I actually like epubs a lot more because it's easier to navigate than 90% of pdfs because they're not bookmarked.

>> No.50643093

Buy the book, it's actually good.

Pirate the shitty rules and pay for the good ones and GW will release more good rules.

>> No.50643098

Thank you, I'll check it out!
Somewhat, yeah. I was going to add some Flamer arms and other Tzeentchian bits, but then I remembered that ass-pull piece of writing that said that all Daemonforged beings cannot be devoted to any one Chaos god, which feels like bullshit to me famalam. Ah well, there's at least that Drycha Hamadreth in the pile that's gonna get turned into something far more daemonic...

>> No.50643110

Good call, i forget that.

Flesh-mteal prince + Mark of tzeench, 2+ save rerolling 1's

That would hurt a bit. Be fucked versus grav though

>> No.50643112

Stupid question for vehicle squadrons say a unit of 3 walkers is each walker destroyed count as a kill point or would all 3 have to be destroyed for a kill point?

>> No.50643119

That's on the authors, not a file format thing. I've gotten epubs which have a bookmark for every page, helpfully titled only with the page number.

>> No.50643128

99.8% of all Warhammer40k pdf files are bookmarked to a ridiculous degree.

If you exlude FW stuff.

>> No.50643130



But I can still download the codices and play the full game with those minis? (and the other plastic ones?)

And is there a pdf with the Vedros rules?

>> No.50643141

Whole squadron needs to be wiped for 1 killpoint.

That's the only reason to use squadrons to begin with.

That an maybe barrage vehicles like wyverns.

TL;DR Squadrons are for retards, use FOC manipulation instead to get more Heavy/Fast Attack slots.

>> No.50643143

Squadron is one unit and you get one kp per unit destroyed.

>> No.50643145


Hopefully I can continue using my converted x5 Condemnor Boltgun command squad with a Psyocculum Inquisitor.
Glad to see Melee-monster Canoness is still in.

>> No.50643147

I'm talking about pdfs not being marked. I've had no issues with epubs


Every pdf I've downloaded on my phone has lacked any sort of book marking except one. It's especially annoying because pdfs also take longer to load, and there is no epub for CSM

>> No.50643159


Idk about monster, but I run her as combi-plas Evicerator with rosarius and mantle with a command squad that each have a flamer and combi-plas. If I have the points, I bump them to heavy flamers.

>> No.50643170

And I'm saying the authors of the epubs and PDFs choose what's bookmarked or not.

Having bookmarks to every page which don't tell you what's on the page is as helpful as having no bookmarks at all. If you dislike it, add the bookmarks yourself in the PDFs and upload them.

Though I suspect this is a user error thing. Are you sure you even know how to access PDF bookmarks on your phone?

>> No.50643174

You need to start download pdf from autismo megadl 4chan instead of getting the off torrents.

>> No.50643191

>GW representatives literally asked ITC founders for feedback on the final draft of the FAQ when they visited LVO 2016
Proofs required, itc shill

>> No.50643201

Plus, PDFs actually display accurately in more than one program.

I have yet to find an epub reader capable of displaying all the epubs in the mega, out even those I've purchased in the store accurately.

It's always paragraphs of text extending past the page, or pictures being broken up into puzzle pieces and distributed across four pages, etc. Even readium does this, though it does it least.

>> No.50643203


Yes. There a big button for bookmarks if the exist.


Literally every Codex on my phone is from the megas

>> No.50643210


I had that problem until I switched to kobo

>> No.50643223

Don't visit clickbait sites, even with an adblocker

>> No.50643229

>12tgaunts, a tervigon and A FUCKING RIPPER

So tired of nids getting shit

>> No.50643230

Mang, I don't know what to tell you.

I never care what people on the internet says, but I literally opened a handful of freshly downloaded pdfs from the OP megas and I see bookmarks everywhere.

Some of them even have bookmarks for the fucking ART.

If you're trolling, you totally got me. Been years.

>> No.50643240

It's included on the termagant sprues, it's just a free added bonus what the fuck are you talking about

>> No.50643242

It's safe to do so using archive sites.

>> No.50643251

>Have to make an account to use it.


>> No.50643252


Dude, use priests.
25pts for reroll saves or wounds. Take 2 for both.
15pts relic to guarantee it every turn.
Zealot rerolls hits in first round of combat.
Add Power axes to flavour.

>> No.50643268


I wish I was, but my CSM pdf is bookmark free, whereas one of my books is the only one I have with bookmarks.

Bookmarks or no, I really don't get the hate with epubs. They've made everything so much easier for me.

>> No.50643296


I've been looking for an old Damsel model for a priest, actually. Otherwise, I don't use them, never have, and don't really care to either.

>> No.50643308

>Instantly get vaporized from 5 eldar jetbikes shooting you from 36" range.

>> No.50643311

Where did you get the rules for the Alpha Legion?

>> No.50643314


>> No.50643318


It's annoying as fuck when you have to page though 40 pages of pictures which should have been rendered in the same page as the text. I get more aesthetically pleasing documents by typing in notepad.

>> No.50643320

I see people using those old-ass SoB flagbearer models for priests.

>> No.50643325

Well that was helpful.

>> No.50643343



Seriously. I haven't had that problem since I switched.

>> No.50643346


>LoS onto one of the 20 3+ Sv models that are attached to them

>> No.50643362

What would you think about Valkian appearing in 40k?

She's a demon prince, so it should be possible imo

>> No.50643374

I tried it with the dark eldar epub in the mega. It was shit.

>> No.50643382

>Powerful clearly humanoid female with pleasing human features
>Kicks major ass

HAHAHAHAHA NOPE. 40k is for male power-fantasies only.

>> No.50643393


I have the same one in Kobo

>> No.50643394

Kobo is cancer and requires login.

Fuck off you snake-oil peddler.

>> No.50643414


>i can't be bothered to make a fake/throwaway account so that means it's a shitty app

>> No.50643416

Now scroll to one of the hundreds of pages with just a low res image clearly meant to be printed in line or behind text, and nothing else.

>> No.50643435

>20+ model bodyguards equals footslogging
>Eldar turbo boosting across the map securing all objectives while picking you off with literally dozens of s6 attacks as the turns go by.
>Eldar using his extra moves to keep out of your pathetic footslogging 6" range.

>When you finally reach him the game is over.

>13-1 VP
>Eldar wins

>> No.50643444

Yes, exactly !

>> No.50643449


Not sure what you mean, but I'm assuming this?

>> No.50643488

Iron Warriors Chaos Lord on Bike + power maul, sigil of corruption and fleshmetal exoskeleton. 155 points.

T5 3W, 2+/4++ 6+ FnP IWND
12" movement
4 attacks at S6 AP4 Concussive, WS6, I5, 5 on the charge + an extra Hammer of Wrath.

I'm forced to either take the Fleshmetal artefact for the survivability/mobility or another artefact for the killy power. Considering I'd be rolling him alone, I'd say survivability/mobility trumps everything else. I can give him a combi-melta or something though.

>> No.50643501

>Skyhammer Tactical Squad
Please... no. What is it going to be this time? Their Bolters become S:D on the turn they deepstrike? The entire squad is T:9?

>> No.50643502

No, this bullshit.

>> No.50643505

>tfw no one to play with
>tfw just collecting codexes for no reason
>tfw same for figures
>tfw army has no purpose

>> No.50643513

Do you not have a GW near you?

>> No.50643519

>not allying ignores cover artillery into every army you have

>> No.50643520

it's in the city centre 1 hour away.

>> No.50643524


he is doing the Thriller dance.

>> No.50643536

I don't have a PDF of the dark eldar to compare, but look at how beautifully rendered PDFs can be. You can edit bookmarks manually, but you can't get epubs to display books correctly no matter what you do.

>> No.50643545

>60%+ of your army is sweet-ass Artillery.

>"Sisters of Battle".

>> No.50643549


>> No.50643560

1 hour trip for a 3+ hour game is nothing bro.

>You can play 40k on Table Top Simulator, the community is active and most players are 30+ year old chilldudes with careers.

>> No.50643564


Other models can shoot too, Anon.
Flying Multi-lasers can kill Rhinos easily, but can't do much to anything with an Armour save.

>> No.50643567

For 300 points you can sneak in an bunch of Wyverns without too much trouble.

>> No.50643569

How do I filter these "kobo" epub shitposts?

>> No.50643571

How good is the model support?

>> No.50643576

Blame 3rd edition which decided that Wraithlords should be T8 monstrous creatures rather than Walkers.

>> No.50643590

Yup, this is why terminators are GOAT unit hardcountering eldars everywhere.

>> No.50643618


Lol fucking what? One unit of ScatBikes which costs 81 points kills 1 terminator a turn and you will never catch the bikes ever. On top of that the Bikes are ObSec so they're better than terminators across the board.

>> No.50643644


He actually did it, the absolute madman.

>> No.50643664


Do you not understand that AP is less meaningful than volume of shots? It takes 3 wounds to kill 1 Space Marine - that's why scatter lasers still destroy Space Marines.

>> No.50643665


Sure you can. You just need an Epub3 compatible reader like Readium. Part of the issue is that some of the earliest epubs like Astra Militarum were done shittily by GW and so simply where formatted properly period. More recent books don't have this issue.

>> No.50643668

>Blessing of Tzeentch activates if a psyker in the unit casts a spell
>Grand Coven lets psykers in the detachment reroll failed psychic tests
>Favoured of Tzeentch is always active
>Boon of Mutation is replaced by Stolen Knowledge- The psyker may choose the primaris power from any discipline it has access to and add that power to its known powers.
>Tzeentch's Firestorm is AP3 and Haywire
Does this fix the Thousand Sons?

>> No.50643695

ITC is not listed, could be anyone.
Further proofs required

>> No.50643721

"The Team" that runs the LVO is the ITC guys. Don't be autistic.

>> No.50643727


>We’d also like to thank the team at the Las Vegas Open tournament, who helped with some of the detail on this final draft.

LVO is run by Frontline Gaming - the guys who run ITC.

>> No.50643752

>Admech gets no Armored fist because we have no transport


>> No.50643753

Why do people like AdMech? They're literally the lamest faction in the game. Every single model looks the same.

>> No.50643755

>Why do people like AdMech? They're literally the lamest faction in the game.
That's a rather bold statement.

>> No.50643756

how must it feel to have such a poor understanding of aesthetics, and such shit tastes?

>> No.50643759


My really base emotional reaction to that statement is to want to punch you in the face.

I'll refrain from responding with slathering insults and instead say I've literally been waiting for AdMech to become an independent faction since I started playing in 3rd.

>> No.50643761

I better still be able to bombard my own units even in close combat with Karamazov. Taking Yarrick and Karamazov then bombarding Yarrick in close combat so he can face tank it while everything else dies is great.

>> No.50643762

>muh cyborgs
>implying orks don't do it better
Also, every single model is a slight variation of your pic.

>> No.50643783

>How can anyone like Space Marines/Grey Knights/Imperial Guard/Tau/Necrons? Every single model looks the same

>> No.50643790


>> No.50643795

You do know the AdMech has robots right? Big stompy robots.
>Also, every single model is a slight variation of your pic
>what is uniformity

>> No.50643817

>muh cyborgs
>muh robots
Literally imperial orks. Uniformity is good for troops, not for the entire fucking army. Models look atrocious as well.

>> No.50643837

>Literally imperial orks.
Those are Blood Axes. They do work for Imperials every now and then. But the AdMech? I don't see it.

>> No.50643838

>Models look atrocious as well.

>> No.50643848

>alpha legion is so sneaky they even Infiltrate their transports
I love it.

>> No.50643871


>> No.50643912

This has got me thinking just how high must the suicide rate among mothers of blanks be

>> No.50643925

>Rhubrics are still 23ppm
>SOT are 250 base
>formation is still 750pts for 12 models

>> No.50643929

I think it shows how much people love a faction when they're willing to jump on such an obvious troll

Ps fuck you

>> No.50643985

Later epubs are better, but still have problems.

That didn't excuse the mess that most epubs are compared to PDFs.

>> No.50643993

No more servo skulls
Patriarchy intensifies
Another defeat for SoBW

>> No.50643994

Not argument.

Reading comprehension anon. They're the same as Orks in the sense of all of them being Cyborgs and using a bunch of robots for war.

The difference being that most Ork models actually look good, while AdMech troops and walkers are the result of trying to mix a bunch of different things together and ending up with a nonsensical mess.

>> No.50644052

>They're the same as Orks in the sense of all of them being Cyborgs and using a bunch of robots for war.
Not every Ork is a cybork nor do they use robots all of the time.

>> No.50644058


>> No.50644190

Why do people say that Perturabo is a Khorne prince when he's obviously Nurgle?

>> No.50644210

What am I doing wrong with my Tyranids? I CANNOT seem to win a game with them ever. I'm running double flyrant, mawlocs, etc. Everything that is supposedly good in the codex, but I keep getting rolled hard.

>> No.50644314

1. Open chrome setting from top right
2. More tools (or something like that, I'm translating here)
3. Addons
4. Find Readium from the list
5. Click "info"
6. Click pic related.

Tadaa! Now theres Readium on your desktop. You can probably figure out how to use it then.

>> No.50644322

A) Go to the latest thread
B) Post list you cunt
C) Post what you're fighting against you arsehole.

>> No.50645750

I'm sorry you're so triggered that someone invaded your safe space by suggesting a daemon with tits :,(

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