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Previous Thread: >>50630583
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu

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Not today death.
Build companions to follow.

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Was posting second in the new thread part of your plan?

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> That "evidence" comes from places like World Net Daily and InfoWars. As I said, conspiracy theory sites.

> implying the MSM is any better

Just because you don't like what the evidence shows doesn't make it any less true.

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Old, off-topic drama does not belong in the new thread. Remember to report.

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28 Companions are being added in this addition. The full extension will follow later tonight because shittery but you should get a pretty decent idea who's joining just on the names.

Of course!

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>I had no intentions to insult the incomparable anon and his CYOAs,
This isn't a good look Ordion.

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Well this is no longer HARAKIRI EDITION
good job!

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oc, page 2 coming after people make choices

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Fuck off. Censorship is the last resort of the irrational.

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Well congratulations! You posted your update!

Now what's the next step in your master plan?

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See, I can strawman too. You're off-topic not just for this thread but for this board, and if your "esteemed" opponent shows up to pick a fight again he'll get the exact same.

Now sit down and talk about CYOAs.

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Working myself to death. No survivors.

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And of course he's ignoring the fact that the Commission on Federal Election Reform found that there were serious problems with voter fraud in places that lack voter ID requirements. But of course, everything that disagrees with his ideology must be nothing but a conspiracy theory, right?

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stop that.

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Felicia, fucking Dante and mother fucking SPEEDWAGON got canonized?!

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I don't even need anything else.

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>Rainbow Pick

Watch this, baby.

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If shitlibs want to post their lies, they should expect to be called out on it. The blame rests with them for lying in the first place, not on the people who actually respond with facts.

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Do you want me to tell you about the typos?

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>Finished Calculus Final

I might actually have some time to work on my cyoa. So don't worry, It'll be here soon enough.

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Did something happen last thread?

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Yes please anon.

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Let's go then.

>INSTRUMENT: Ritter Jupiter Bass
>SECONDARY OBJECTS: Mic, Hardcase, Amp

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As usual, a lot
As usual, nothing of importance.

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here ya go

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>The strandberg boden 8
>Rainbow Pick
hoping that the rainbow pick doesn't turn me into a little girl

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drum machine

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Liberals whining that "Trump lost the popular vote" even though that doesn't matter at all.

Then, when people pointed out that even that was only because California let millions of illegals vote, they started accusing everyone of peddling conspiracy theories.

So pretty much just the usual. Leftists bitching about something.

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I'm gonna start this thread out by dumping everything I've ever made, starting with the first and most popular.

This one also has a few variants which I'll post if y'all would like.

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Is it a calculus CYOA?

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>Jupiter Bass
>Rainbow Pick

Bring it on!

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No. It's a cyoa where everyone else has gotten all of the good choices and you get left with the scraps, for lack of a better term.

I have almost all of the rough draft in pdf form if you want to see it.

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For Kuro Neinta you have

>-/+ Capable of serious manipulation when she can be bothered to, be warned it is quiet messy

You forgot to put Ethereal before manipulation.

I noticed this because it was my build.

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Thanks Highlander! Super Exciting!


I don't know why, but for some reason people decided to start bad mouthing his cyoas calling them generic and boring and stuff. Ordion makes nice cyoas that are popular, so idk if people were being contrarian or what. But Ordion probably wasn't in a good mood by then.

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Worm bet1

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You made that?! It's a fun one!


>Tower (magical focus)
>Settlement (1,000 people)
>Townsfolk(change species, customize culture, increase strength/toughness)
>Planar Affinity

>Form Change
>Immortality (no needs, reform in a week)
>Elemental Magic

Demiplane is vast savanna scattered with mountains, crawling with monsters and eldritch abominations. Plane affinity so that we can train various animals as pets for hunting and guarding things. Have village of diverse and exotic amazons that have culture obsessed with hunting and slaying monsters, kind of like Norn in GW except amazons and not shapeshifters. They'd hunt giant serpents that hide under the sand, nomadic centaurs, and giant carnivorous birds that live on top of mountains. Amazons live as tribe that shares everything and are very cooperative for survival. Forging strong weapons and training hunting pets are important to them. I live in tower and am leader of the amazons because of powerful elemental magic that is strongest close to my tower and because I can turn into a dragon to fight off biggest monsters. Take form change so I can be tall, strong amazon. Occasionally travel to earth when things are calm to check how everything is back home.

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it's obviously a joke, silly anon.

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We made the same mistake, but I hoped against hope it wouldn't happen. I knew it would, though.

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Many of these were made and last posted (by me) before editable .PNGs were considered to have embedded files.

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Doesn't sound like my kind of thing.

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This one was basically aborted.

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>tfw the build you wanted to get in didn't but the one you didn't expect to did so you feel pretty ok anyway

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While playable, there should be at least another row of waifus to this one.

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What? Complimenting the anon and apologizing for a perceived slight?

If that's not something that looks good, I truly wonder what does.

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yeah it was too obvious I should have listened to my gut but guitar and pick made too good of a pair to ignore

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well i mean, you're not a *little* girl... just a girl.

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> Reotri has been blowing Duwall since they saved the god king of mankind
> Hugh Mungus shits on the imperialists
> Anon literally just threw the Red behilt shards to the Commercialist because he didn't give a shit

Ohhhhhh boy its a weird one.

This thing is all over the place in the best way.

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Fucking perfect. I'll use my fleshweaver powers to become a little girl, and the combination of singing, charisma, and motor skills from the mic and the amp will let me become a supercute idol, just like I've always dreamed of.

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I don't understand why I've been chosen, but I won't say no.

>DOMAIN: Long-Banked Coals of the Deep Earth

>BODY: Wings (126)

>SUSTENANCE: Food (96), Wealth (78)

>POWERS: Dragonbreath (54), Elemental [Earth] (18), Hibernation (6)

>SERVANTS: 6 Cultists (0)

Ah, if only.

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Not sure if this counts, but I put it in my CYOA folder.

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Ordion, I think you need to step away from 4Chan for a bit. You seem a tad worked up. I like your work, there are going to be those who don't and you may need to stop pursuing those people.

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And now on to the one I've been working on this evening.

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your heart led you to your dreams, anon

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This may be a rare example of a pure mystery box CYOA done right.

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Sleep can wait.

Good job, boss.

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And that's my dump. The parts of this last one that aren't yet in the images can be found here:
Well, so can the other parts, but scroll past them.

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thank you! i appreciate that very much.

>> No.50637929

This one is pretty strong if it got some expansion.

>> No.50637938

Feel free. I'll upload the editable .png somewhere if you like.

>> No.50637944

Hell yes. I'll take that.

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Don't worry Ordion some people just want to be annoyng
>btw I really like your CYOAs :3

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You made a lot of CYOAs.

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Alright I'll read it over the next week or two.

>> No.50638008

Here you go.

Well, we've been doing this for like five years or something.

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Well yeah but now I'm a succubus so I have to choose betwen being a semen demon or hell!
wait a second can I have sex with girls to stay alive?
I liked the CYOA but got bad luck

>> No.50638044

Thanks anon, I'll pax this through and hopefully have a 2.0 out some time this month.

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You should know by now that this thread throws rationality out the window. Don't try to make sense of anything they say.

>> No.50638055

For you.

>> No.50638061

doesn't say you need heterosexual sex bruh, just says you need sex. i'm glad you liked it, i appreciate you playing it

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He asked for advice on why his CYOAs were not getting reposted and then started to attack the people who gave him said advice.

>> No.50638082

a second question can I unlock shapeshifting as a succubus power?

>> No.50638097

as the creator i'd say no, because that would basically be giving you the powers of the fleshweaver. at least, not complete shapeshifting. probably something like just changing the size of your sexual features, or your hair color. superficial stuff like that.

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Some people were giving him advice and some were trolling pretty sure.

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Actually I said I'd include an endless roll of toilet paper because I got the idea from an anon. I even apologized for any perceived offence and complimented the anon.

Your definition of attack is very odd.

>> No.50638129

O well thanks!

>> No.50638138

You said that anon's advice gave you an idea for an endless roll of toilet paper. From my perspective this was an insult because you were offended from what that anon said.

I deal with a lot of passive aggressive people at work so I'm not really sure why you're trying to pretend you're being anything but. Just don't respond if you don't like what is being said.

Like I said this is a bad look.

>> No.50638154

How sweet!

>> No.50638155

>another row of waifus
so it's a wip?

>> No.50638163

Ritter Bass
Drum Machine

>> No.50638169

Isn't everything?

>> No.50638191

Well, we can't all see things from your perspective now, can we?

I simply told the anon what idea I got from reading it. I mean if that is being insulting, then I'm surprised you do not perceive everything as an insult.

And my previous responses to him were fairly civil, asking for clarification and I didn't even insult him in turn when he called me a rude shit. If I were really trying to insult him, would I not have used that "rude shit" comment as a reason to insult him in turn?

Perhaps you need to stop over thinking about what someone said.

>> No.50638204

Then why do we die?

>> No.50638206

dam soon I didn't want to get filosofical
but what I meant was if it's going to be finished?

>> No.50638236

This is a REALLY strong foundation. I'd fucking love illustrations, but that's just me.

>> No.50638242

>if it's going to be finished?
If people really want it and maybe spoonfeed me some fairytale girls. Otherwise, no.

>> No.50638245

Ritter Jupiter Bass

>> No.50638278

>> No.50638291

What about
>quiet messy
Should be 'quite'.

>> No.50638297

>Well, we can't all see things from your perspective now, can we?
>Perhaps you need to stop over thinking about what someone said.
I actually like the dota CYOA you did and was a fan. I have no idea why you've chosen to be such a cunt here but so be it. Maybe you don't realize it but you come off as very passive aggressive and it makes people think less of you.
Good luck with your future work.

>> No.50638298


>> No.50638434

Exactly. When I was a content creator I would never have dreamed of telling someone to shut it and get lost.

Just stop fucking responding dude, you can only make people think less of you by responding to criticism with anything other than "Thanks for your advice"

Lets break this down so you can see exactly how this works

1. Someone sends you a message with criticism (doesn't matter if good or bad)

You now either do three things

2a. You build up an argument telling them to fuck off that works magnificently, they end up so butthurt nobody ever respects them again. People will now think you're vainglorious and care about your personal image more than your work.

2b. You fail to argue correctly and people think less of you while also thinking you're petty as fuck and in need of a reality check.

2c. You say "thanks dude" if they keep responding with criticism people think less of them. If they don't respond then it ends there and you're free to silently throw away their advice or use it at your discretion.

Just saying thanks and moving on IS ALWAYS THE CORRECT RESPONSE. Don't ever think there's a time where you need to say anything more than thanks unless you want to follow it up with "I appreciate the feedback and will work on it."

>> No.50638480

What if you say "I don't really think that's an issue because of x, y, and z, what do you think?"

>> No.50638494

Thanks dude, I appreciate the feedback and will work on it.

>> No.50638497

Damn, that's meta.

>> No.50638529

Should I wait spell checking for now, or point them out now?

Also, the companion descriptions lack any kind of punctuation marks at the end of each point. Dunno if that's intentional, but it's sorta distracting.

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File: 5.66 MB, 1000x9639, V2P1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been thinking of starting a new project sometime. Have 2 ideas for OC mind, but can't seem to find the time to actually hunt down images and format them properly outside of writing things down in a word document. Such is life.

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File: 2.76 MB, 1000x4997, V2P2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50638640

Still no Traveler law clarifications
Still no more in depth details about about body exchanges.

Literally the two things I wanted most from this update.

>> No.50638709

>Traveler law

The law is "Don't be an asshole." It's made quite clear that though rules in the way of traveling are quite light, obstructing other travelers or otherwise doing harm on the homeworld or out in the expanse will have your ass added to a bounty list.

>> No.50638726

8 string.
Rainbow Pick.

What is an overdrive?

>> No.50638755

Taking a look at this for the first time and god damn it what the fuck is even going on I don't even know where to start what actually do I do I mean am I like a planeswalker or a time traveller or what and do I age or not cause all the allies seem like they're old as fuck and oh god I'm just skimming it and I'm not even half way through.

>> No.50638763

>Still no more in depth details about about body exchanges.

What exactly did you want to know? I thought the descriptions were clear: through either spiritual, technological, or hardlight-al means, you stop being human/Mokresian/Nisetic/Yautja/whatever and become a spirit, robot/AI, or Hardlight entity.

I'm not sure what you were looking for.

>> No.50638764

it's a pedal that you use on an instrument in order to give it a louder, more aggressive and distorted tone.

>> No.50638783

Cute Little Kohai
Class Trip
The Culture Festival

6/10, 2ez, not enough immortality.

>> No.50638788

>Your sex is swapped
This is optional, right?

>> No.50638803

You're a weak, passive baby of a human being.

>> No.50638804

It's not even that so much as it is 'Don't push too far.'
All the laws are laid out in the lore section, and they're nebulous nature represents the serious greyness of Traveller society. Take the do no harm bit. The Fighters are built to feud by design, and everyone is capable of fighting, but there's a line that is drawn at 'too far.' Ae is sacred ground only for Travellers but there's a handful of non-Travellers and a buttload of refugees at any given time. It's give in take in a flexible society.

This is also left deliberately grey to enable the most flexibility in character creation.

>> No.50638814

>what the fuck is even going on
you're a traveller

> I don't even know where to start
page one is probably good

what actually do I do
> whatever you want, man

> I mean am I like a planeswalker or a time traveller or what
those are two options, with items and perks

> and do I age or not cause all the allies seem like they're old as fuck
Yeah you age, but not like a human does, and with the right upgrades immortality is a thing

> and oh god I'm just skimming it and I'm not even half way through.
just wait till the image version is updated, then you can complain.

>> No.50638816

nope, you've been cursed. i'm sorry, anon.

>> No.50638826

Thanks dude, I appreciate the feedback and will work on it.

>> No.50638827

It's out of date, but the image version that's linked in the pdf might help. Just do your best, Anon-kun.

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Sweet.. Except maybe the rainbow pick..
Being a succubus with extra charisma and a good singing voice, plus guitar mastery seems like a good start toward being a professional musician.

Now I just need to figure out a certain spell.

>> No.50638850


>> No.50638858

Here's how I've done it, just save the PDF and read a few pages at a time, the situation will slowly become clear.

>> No.50638864

what spell is that, anon?

>> No.50638890

Just posting this CYOA so I can start working on a build

>> No.50638899

What an engaging CYOA.

>> No.50638900

what's this stuff about a matchmaker?

>> No.50638913
File: 6.61 MB, 1200x10000, Girl CYOA 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I, uhhhhh-- meant to do that

>> No.50638914

I feel the limits of my imagination expanding far beyond their bounds

>> No.50638920

I choose death.

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File: 122 KB, 500x500, cyoa general.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We're playing the shipping game now anon. :3

>> No.50638932


>> No.50638937

oh, I think I got it. If two of your companions would make a good couple, they cumulatively cost 1 companion instead of 2?

>> No.50638940
File: 6.40 MB, 1200x9000, Girl CYOA 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50639002

Music store doesn't even have flutes. Turn around and walk away.

>> No.50639037

funny you should say that, i was going to include a recorder as a generic little-girl option and a slide whistle as a humor / CHA improver, but decided they were both unnecessary. i know they're not flutes, but eh, p close.

>> No.50639055

Did not see anything about dick sucking...just Duwall, Reotri, Empraw, and Horus beating a 3x deamon prince traitor 2nd gen.

>> No.50639062

No violins either. What is this shit

>> No.50639064

Okay listing out my questions

>“No Traveller may own another
sapient being be it a physical, ethereal or artificial being”

Define owned.

>“Give Liaison to those who exist with knives upon their throats, for they hold themselves to a high point, so give them moments, by which
we might persist still.”

What the hell does this mean?

>“No Traveller shall use mercenaries, and other non-travellers such in the same fashion in their journeys, Ae shall remain under Traveller foot aside from a hallowed few.”

So I'm stuck doing everything by myself or with the help of my companions? Repeating an example I asked while you were dead: Can I hire a crew to help me kill space pirates?

>Spiritual Transfusion

More info about its drawbacks and limitations. Also can anyone do this? And something I just thought of, can I poses a brain dead person?

You did do a good job clarifying Hardlight. I had thought they were just another type of Mechanical Transfusion that instead of being an AI in a robot body you were instead installed in a hardlight projector.

>> No.50639077
File: 928 KB, 1200x3200, Scholomance5_f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did another page, done for tonight. For real this time.

>> No.50639092

You mean the "Emblem Child" drawback, correct? that's not how it really works.

Have you played Fire Emblem? Genealogy of the Holy War, the GBA games, Awakening, and Fates are the big ones. In these games, you can put units together to form bonds with, eventually sometimes getting the two units married. Thus, these games promote "shipping" in order for the units to fight better.

This is a reference to that, the Drawback is that you're a nosy busybody trying to get your friends hitched with people you think go well with them. With or without their approval.

>> No.50639104

Could have sworn it was Gulliman being deboned, also is there any lore reason for nurgle apparently having a non-aggression pact with the Travellers?

>> No.50639108

Thanks, man.

>> No.50639144

The kind that lets a succubus put her cock in a girl.

>> No.50639155

I feel like lopsided wouldn't be so bad, but the fact that its 20 points scares me. Its like a guy offering you $100 to walk through a short tunnel.. normally you wouldn't think twice, but something seems suspicious if theres that kind of reward...

>> No.50639175

I personally wouldn't take it, just because my OCD would drive me crazy knowing that one of my tits was slightly smaller than the other

>> No.50639179

>Ritter Jupiter Bass

Dammit. Being a vampire sounds like a pain in the ass. I hope hunting animals in the woods will be enough to keep me alive. I'm not really in the mood to infect people. And picking the Djembe was a complete waste, since I'm already brown. At least I'm delicious now.

>> No.50639180

>Exactly. When I was a content creator I would never have dreamed of telling someone to shut it and get lost.
I didn't say that, but I appreciate the feedback and will work on it.

>> No.50639189

I'm actually a musician, play piano, so I'd take the Minimog since I can actually play the thing, unlike the other two.

Then the Mic, Hardcase and drum machine.

For blind picks, this was just about the best possible outcome for me. Yeah! All three of those secondaries combo really nicely with fleshweaver.

>> No.50639216

Only the Minimoog Voyager XL looks appealing to me. As for secondary objects, I have absolutely no idea which ones to pick.

>> No.50639219

Ritter Jupiter Bass

Rainbow Pick

>> No.50639227

>Strandberg Boden 8
>Rainbow pick

Alright, I'm an Incubus. Ok. Kind of would've preferred the fleshweaver, but this is fine.

Now let's see my bonuses.
>Pick up truck
Free car, sweet.
I like singing, and CHA is sure to help me get sex more.
>Rainbow pick
WELP. If I'm gonna be a sex demon, I guess having huge tits is kind of a plus. And I feel like being a succubus is way easier than being an incubus.

>> No.50639275

>Define owned.

Define slave. Are you shackling an AI against their will? Are you forcing sapient creatures to do your bidding? Then stop that.

>“Give Liaison to those who exist with knives upon their throats, for they hold themselves to a high point, so give them moments, by which we might persist still.”
>What the hell does this mean?

If I had to take a gander, it's encouraging Travellers to communicate and cooperate with oppressed/threatened groups in the multiverse, as helping them helps us, and the potential decades spent are more than worth the reward for assisting, as time is meaningless to a Traveller.

>So I'm stuck doing everything by myself or with the help of my companions? Repeating an example I asked while you were dead: Can I hire a crew to help me kill space pirates?

I would assume the law refers to hiring non-Traveller mercenaries to follow you around the multiverse. If it's only for a limited time, in one particular universe, I don't see the problem. That particular law was put in place to prevent Travellers from amassing armies to take over universes and Ae.

>Spiritual Transfusion

>More info about its drawbacks and limitations.

The lore part for this describes ethereal being to be shit like kami and fairies and whatnot. These creatures have multiple weaknesses in the legends they are in, which might become your weaknesses.

In addition, the description for the transfusion mentions your form waxing and waning, so perhaps that means that ethereal entities have a volatile strength to them: sometimes stronger, other times weaker. And you might not have control over that.

In additon, you might lose yourself in the ether if you lack a purpose.

>Also can anyone do this?

The transfusion? I'd assume, but that shit's expensive, yo.

>And something I just thought of, can I poses a brain dead person?

If they still have a pulse, they aren't corpses, so I don't think so.

Hope this helps.

>> No.50639290

Ritter Bass



>> No.50639310

Another question I forgot to ask but can I move a person from one dimension/timeline to another? I'm assuming no but would like an official answer.

>> No.50639336

You are right I am not good on my Primarchs. For me its like Horus, Magnus, and,,,, the rest

>> No.50639373

Wanderer's Treasures Level 5 for 15 points
Shifter's Phases Level 3 for 6 points
Dead Man's Dance Level 2 for 3 points
Windows to the Soul Level 1 for 1 point

Lifelong adventure and fortune is too good to pass up.

>> No.50639406

Yes actually. You can bring a few people with you. Just what you can carry however.

>> No.50639420

And now after reading this I really don't understand what Travelers are allowed and not allowed to do.

>> No.50639434

>Define slave. Are you shackling an AI against their will? Are you forcing sapient creatures to do your bidding? Then stop that.

What if I'm paying them in return for have a huge amount of control over what they do?

>> No.50639435

Life's blood 3 - Become a vampire
Windows 5 - Gain vampire's command
Shifters 2 - Immortal loli now
Dead Man 1 - better than wanderer

>> No.50639461
File: 2.16 MB, 228x223, guanyin.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Updated build somewhat. Mostly just making thematic adjustments.


Guan Yin of the Thousand Arms, The Many in One

Vagina -15
-Plush x3 +3 Allure
>Taking upgrades for progeny's sake, stacking cheap Allure to sac for other stats.

Penis -12
-Pillar x3 +3 Allure
>Taking whatever personal benefits are not available under Vagina.
>Moving shared benefits between Penis/Vagina around to balance things out.
>More cheap Allure.
>In mythology, Guan Yin is portrayed as both male or female cuz transcendence. Thematic!

>Embracing the divinity bit. Could have rolled with either an androgynous or genderfluid option too.

Chest -3
>Gifted to be thematic.
>No really good options here. We're just here for Multiplicity to preserve the silhouette of "afterimages".

Influences -3
>Taking pseudodevascent is new, Guan Yin is universally recognized as the "most widely beloved Buddhist Divinity". (wikipedia) May as well embrace it.
>Multiplexive to allow us multiple body parts, like how Guan Yin should look.

-Primal +1 Pedigree
>Could have taken any of them, this one balances out the stat distribution.
>Will be swapping to Regal for themeliness once the loss can be made up for.

Flourishes -4 +3
-Lernaean Hymen
-Aesthetic Mutations
-Perfect Neoteny +1 Pedigree
-1 Status
-1 Allure
>Mechanically, Lernaean Hymen provides the illusion of an infinite number of fresh virginities to go along with an infinite number of afterimages.
>Aesthetic Mutations seemed like an appendix left over from a previous concept but consider that Guan Yin is sometimes depicted as having an eye in the palm of each of the thousand hands.
>Neoteny to raise Pedigree, saccing Allure. Bonus Favor is gravy. Set appearance to "on the cusp of adulthood".

>> No.50639475



Progeneration -3
-Multimetamorposis +1 Status
>Could be repicked to better reflect theme of title. Noticing a lack of "carry young internally" options.
>Pupation taken to allow handwave as to actual mechanics. Ideal construction for being themely to title would involve an infinite number of extradimensional wombs connected to the infinite-number-of-actually-a-single-one-because-of-bending-of-perception-vagina to allow for better themeliness.

Speciality -3
-Multitudinous -1 Pedigree
+1 Status
-1 Alllure
-Swarm Heart +1 Status
>Again, could be repicked to try to reflect theme of title as best as possible.

Dowry -10
-Title +1 Status
-Rite of Flesh Union +1 Pedigree
-Regal Array +1 Status
>Rite of Flesh Union taken as a thematic choice, to "add to the multitudes within her" or something like that.
>Regal Array + title originally taken for Status. Regal Array actually kind of suited, though.
>Title: "The Many In One"

Bonds -15
-The Eunuch +1 Pedigree
+1 Status
+1 Allure
-Sweetened Pot +1 Status
>I figure if I don't like the outcome of his request, I eat him with Rite of Flesh Union or Widow's Hunger and use his husk to hatch a babby. Surely I'm not drawing the biggest of bullseyes upon myself.

>Urges -6
-Widow's Hunger +1 Pedigree
-Predatory +1 Pedigree
>Widow's Hunger a thematic choice, but mostly for the stats.
>Thrallmaker will probably go out along with the rework of Progeneration/Speciality.
>Probably don't need both Widow's Hunger and Flesh Union at the same time. They could use some increased differentiation.
>Got to figure out how to make up the loss of two pedigree before dropping it.

>Stigmata +12
-Stigma of the Rising Star
>"I am a boring individual and do not care to play on the normal difficulty. I will play on easy mode, because I am a wimp."

>> No.50639481

There is literally no drawbacks to this. You aren't hurting anyone you sleep with, you can transform into a demonic form, and you are more charismatic and trusted.

>> No.50639483




3 points left over.

>When The Main One walks and moves, it's like watching something in 4D, where you can see a snapshotted body for every moment that trails a bit behind. See reference webm/youtube. Like afterimages, but overlapping and physically occupying space/the same space, that eventually rejoin the rest of the mass.
>Quantity of "mouse pointer tail" is controllable. Most recent one always "on top".
>Look, you know the option where you can turn on mouse pointer tails on your computer? Kind of like that. If she were to crank it all the way up, you could see where she has been where she paused a moment to readjust her sandal, where she gave a flick of her head to put her hair out of her way, fifteen minutes after she walked through the area.
>After a while, the last afterimage in a line collapses into misshapen flesh and is reabsorbed into the afterimage before it. Best not watch too closely, it can be nauseating.
>She can split off up to ten clones of herself. (Thematically, Guan Yin's was given eleven heads to hear the cries of those who are suffering and in need)
>Her household is all clones at that, and they serve her various daily needs. They all share the same singular consciousness with The Main One.
>The clones can be identified by not having anything down below.
>Maybe the clones don't have to be strictly clones. Maybe they can be containers for those consumed by the Rite of Flesh Union, both mind, and body. Sans genitals.
>For a somewhat l-lewd! application of the theme of multiplicity, see "In the Dark - DEV" music video. Song itself is your typical club trash, but a single person floating in a sea of arms *ahem* receiving their ministrations simultaneously?
>I hate how the page doesn't use a monospaced font.
>Whee, tabs are stripped out, so much for my nice formatting!
>Guess I'll see what this Traveller CYOA thing is all about.

>> No.50639555

Strandberg, Amp, Mic, Rainbow Pic...

>> No.50639583

>Enhanced Intelligence
>Dosh, split between real life and fantasy currency

>> No.50639689

which ones aren't yours?

>> No.50639691
File: 294 KB, 1000x1000, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50639702


Giving this one a shot.

>Path: Rogue

>-Absolute Regeneration - 10
>-Adaptation - 7
>-Paramount - 10

>Companion: Farseer
Seraphim a cute

>Shard: The Outsider - 2

>-Godslayer - 5
>-Voice in My Head - 1
>-Manton Effect Bypass - 5

>-Endbringer Target - +7
>-Wanted: ABB, Merchants - +4
>-S9 Recruit - +7
>-We Know - +2

>Gift: The Candle

>Extra: Mirror World +10

Eidolon-lite with some failsafes for fucking up on the initial learning curve. Gonna have a lot of people out for me, but at least my cutie Rogue pal can give me a heads up. Outside of fights and crises I can pull up a Tinker power and we can collab on some stuff to sell. Some groups I may want to let get a hold of me so I can take a hit and take them out while no-selling their powers, be they parahumans or Endbringers. And if SHTF, I'll have a Shard giving me tips on how to win or at least keep from being vaporized. Or just use Paramount to give myself Endbringer Durability, with Absolute Regeneration giving me the healing. Probably try and play nice with both heroes and villains to maximize buyers for tech. Someone who can become immune to Endbringer powers would naturally attract the attention of Cauldron, and I welcome that. I want to survive Golden Morning, after all. Then, I can return home (if I want) and have some REAL fun for a very long time. Mirror World because I'm also suicidal.

>> No.50639710

These ones
And anything not posted in this thread.

>> No.50639726

Can someone post, or give me the name, about that CYOA where a great darkness comes to our world, and the player gain magical powers? There are many organizations you can join, such as the cult of the shadow, the new mages, the church, some kind of secret organization that deals with supernatural threads, some organization that come from parallel realities, an alien group.
You could choose some boons, such as special itens. Usually the itens were relative to the organzation. Each organization also had special enemies and companions. Each companion had a measure of probability of being converted to "good" or "evil". I remember some more details about the CYOA if this wasn't enough.

>> No.50639822

Seems familiar, what else was it about?

>> No.50639823

I was able do determinate that the CYOA is Called Shadow CYOA.

BUT there's an older version of it. I can't find the new one.

If somebody could help, or tell me the name of the author, I would apreciate it.

>> No.50639828

Thanks. Got a nick to go by?

>> No.50639843

Yeah, I go by Anonymous.

Or Cruxador, but that name isn't really associated with my CYOAs anywhere.

>> No.50639888

The leader of the parallel society had a revolver with infinite bullets, I guess. It was also one of the itens you could get. He could control time to a degree. Other companion from parallel society was a woman robot. They both had some relation with one of the villains, who could also control time to a degree. Another companion from this faction was a "you" from a parallel universe.

The cult had a teenager that was bullied as a companion, but found a super powerful book able to destroy almost everything, but was afraid to use it. A corrupt priest. A fallen paladin girl and a lich. Only the fallen paladin girl and the lich could become "good".

Almost all members of the church were completely good. There was a girl of some kind of noble origin with special power. The leader of the church also came from some noble origin. I guess you guardian angel was an companion in that faction, I'm not sure.

They had the secret of damascuss sword as an item.

There was an orb that created darkness as an item to the cult, I guess.

The aliens had an acheologist that studied the Shadow as a companion. And her boss.

There was another archeologist that studied the shadow but became a member of it, being corrupted.

another character was a very powerful demon, enemy of the church, but became a subordinate of the shadow when it came, and lost great power.

>> No.50639963

There were also shadow beasts, another organization. One of it's members was very powerful but didn't want to bother fighting. There was also a fey, I guess.

One equipment was "sword of the enemy" or something, for the cult.

There was an alien that could change you biology, I guess?

There was an alien really mad that his world was the first destroyed by the shadow. And there was another alien from the same planet as an enemy, that betrayed the planet, and the first one wanted to kill.

One of the enemies was a huge monster that was sleeping and nobody was sure of it's origin.

A spell book was one of the items.

I GUESS you could choose your location, and different locations were in different conditions in the post-shadow world. I'm not sure, I may be confusing with the older version of the CYOA.

>> No.50639978

Huh, I thought Enkidu would have made it in.

Time to make a new build.

>> No.50639988
File: 550 KB, 1370x2508, __original_drawn_by_rur_ml_ruru__f9a687fd0f2b6cb8273abf9de7b2f5a8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First off, kudos to Rosanon (I know you're not them) for a pretty cute and well-made CYOA. I came from /d/ to post a build.

[160, 0] Slow Burn

[160, 0] Athletic: Master competitive-level savate, because canes are cool and high kicks are fetish.
[160, 0] Girl Sized
[155, -5] Developed: Need strong lower body.
[150, -5] Substantial: Ditto.
[140, -10] Protector: Don't want to shrink, tall girls are rare and valuable.

[130, -10] Dual Classing: Like girls, guys and especially guys who have become girls.
[120, -10] Equals Only
[120, 0] Powerful

[120, 00] Enemy Territory
[110, -10] Prime Time: Regress in age, don't go back in time. I assume this means I'd stay the same legal age. Also, get functional education to be a personal assistant.
[100, -10] Butterfly: Fast onset, strong change. I don't mind becoming a bit needier if the trade-off is being super sociable and adroit.

[90, -10] Karen Iruga: I want to be her personal assistant so we can hang out all of the time.

Minor Abilities
[70, -20] Contact Corrupt: Give people fetishes!
[40, -30] Genderbender
[30, -10] Panty Curse
[20, -10] Balls of Steel
[10, -10] Feeling Fresh
[-5, -15] Birth Control
[-25, -10] Flawless Skin
[-45, -20] Refuse Change
[-70, -25] Social Ambivalence

[-55, 15] Wereboy: Being a boy once a moon sounds pretty fun and being a small-dicked bishonen doesn't seem that bad!
[-45, 10] Stalkers: Curse them with feminizing panties for whenever they stalk. At least they'll be cute.
[-25, 20] Super-Stalker: Ditto.
[-15, 10] Mixed Signals I
[-5, 10] Mixed Signals II
[10, 15] Whore-Or
[20, 10] Can't Wake Up
[25, 5] Save Me
[30, 5] Paddling
[35, 5] Girl Power
[45, 10] Dat Ass
[55, 10] Dat Rack
[65, 10] Erotic Mirror

[45, -20] Bizarre Candle
[25, -20] Perfect Cell Phone
[0, -25] Neural Choker

Flowery Life, since it seems less popular

"I am lonely and just want to be loved."

Will have some text later.

>> No.50640009
File: 1.54 MB, 1446x2046, 1409577074620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Slow Burn - I want to savor it
>Body Type
Bear Mode
>Chest Size
Endowed (155)
>Butt Size
Developed (150)
Built to Last (140)
Amazon-8ft (125)
Dual-Classing (115)
>Dominance Coefficient
Equals Only (105)
Powerful (0)
Warm Welcome (75)
Take Two (65)
>Persona Override
The Weeb Squad (45)
>Minor Abilities/Extras
Contact Corrupt (35)
Double Up (15)
Dildus Maximus (-15)
Menstrual Cancel (-30)
Feeling Fresh (-40)
Birth Control (-55)
Hot in the Cold (-70)
Hair Affair (-75)
Refuse Change (-95)
Flawless Skin (-105)
Split Ends (-95)
Black Secret (-85)...Bondage
I Want You (-70)
Slippery (-50)
Mixed Signals 1 (-40)
Lightweight (-25)
Tumbleweed (-15)
Faulty Lenses (-5)
Dat Ass (5)
Dat Rack (15)
Headlights (25)
Sharing Field (40)
Rediscovery (50)
Whore-or (65)
Vocal Limiter (75)
Girl Power (80)
Commando (100)
Invert Commando (120)
Bizarre Candle (100)
Rubber Construction (90)
Safe Mode (80)
Purse of Holding (45)
Amp Gloves (30)
Servant Orb (10)
Be Still My Beating Heart (0)

>You go over the form one final time, triple checking every single choice you made, knowing that once you rip it up, there's no going back. You will cease to be the "you" as of now and will become the amazonian goddess you have created. Your mind wanders at all the possibilities before the new, younger, healthier, sexier you. The friends you'll make that were impossible before. The clothing you'll wear that would have earned you scorn and derision, if not outright physical violence from the less tolerant. The choices you will make knowing what you know now and the wisdom to make the right ones the right way at the right time. Even the more... intimate choices fill your stomach with butterflies at the thought of this new unknown.

Your last thought before you rip it is: "I am lonely and just want to be loved."

>> No.50640011

I guess one of the mages companions could predict the future. It was a rare ability.

One of the enemies was suppouse to be in constante same power level as you.

There were a lot of pages in the CYOA.

For now that's all I can remember.

I can't find it anywhere. Please help.

>> No.50640024

Didn't check the mystery box.

>> No.50640047
File: 952 KB, 700x990, 69632e7c5c0181025351002cf1450c58364f261e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Transformation: Savor the Feeling
We'll say that it shrinks down around halfway through and completely disappears 3 days before the transformation is complete. That'll give me enough time for a "farewell tour" with it so to speak.

Body Type: Thin
Chest Size: Subtle
Butt Size: Cute
Hips/Thighs: Slender
Height: Diminutive

I'll be just the cutest girl there is

Direction: Dual-Classing
Dominance Coefficient: Variable
Libido: Powerful

Reception: Warm Welcome
Time/Age: Take Two
I'm only going to reverse my aging, I have no intention of traveling back in time.

Persona Override: None

Selene Calem
Risette Kiju

Minor Abilities/Extras:
Lust Buster
Inhuman Style
Menstrual Cancel
Birth Control
Hair Affair
Flawless Skin
Refuse Change

Black Secret- Giving fellatio
I Want You
Mixed Signals 1 & 2
Mystery Food X
Erotic Mirror

Dat Mixed Signal synergy with paddling

Rubber Constitution
Magitech Body Wash

Melissa's Gift, Academy of Lillies, and Flowery Fate pls
I am lonely and just want to be loved

Well, where to begin? I'll spend the next few weeks having a farewell tour to my knob, but once it's done I'll start to have some real fun. Risette and I will form a pop band together and go on tour, while getting frisky in private with one another. If she decides to cut it off though, I'm sure I can find some cute groupie to follow us around to follow us around as my fuckbuddy. After spending some time as an idol, I'll settle down with a husbando and maybe have a few kids. Should be fun.

>> No.50640075

Yeah that one was cool. Your could call different versions of yourself for like an hour then ytou'd get deleted.

>> No.50640078

I think there should be an indication in the pic that there is a page two.
I choose to kill myself because I don't feel like dying because the sun touched me for half an hour.

>> No.50640098

are these companions getting images?

>> No.50640130

Amp, Mic, Overdrive.
I am mostly okay with this.
>Fleshwarping fun.
>Soul-floaty body hopping hip bopping.

>Physical Strength buff
>Singing and Charisma buff.
>Powerboosts increase in pace.

>> No.50640199


>-50: Custom Weapon: Remote detonated C4 charges
>-250: Vampiric Enhancement.

The potential for hilarity with this is amazing.

>> No.50640205


>Transformation: Instant Girl

>Body Type: Thin, Athletic
>Chest Size: Outrageous (-10,150)
>Butt Size: Massive (-10,140)
>Hips/Thighs: Built to Last (-10,130)
>Height: Protector (-10,120)

>Direction: We Just Don't Know (-10,110)
>Dominance Coefficient: Subby (0,110)
>Libido: Powerful (0,110)

>Reception: Warm Welcome (-30,80)
>Time/Age: Take Two (-10,70)
>Persona Overide: None (0,70)

>Minor Abilities/Extras
>Genderbender (-30,40)
>Menstrual Cancel (-15,25)
>Tasty Beverage (-10,15)
>Feeling Fresh (-10,5)
>Birth Control (-15,-10)
>Performance (-15,-25)
>Hair Affair (-5,-30)
>Flawless Skin (-10,-40)
>Refuse Change (-20,-60)
>Love Life Link (-15,-75)

>I Want you (+15,-60)
>Lightweight (+15,-45)
>Girl Power (+5,-40)
>Dat Ass (+10,-30)
>Dat Rack (+10,-20)
>Headlights (+10,-10)
>Sharing Field (+10,0)

>Melissa's Gift

Immediately after changing, I'd go about looking for the Genderbender notebook. I'm in a serious relationship, and my partner is curious about gender flipping: it's not a hard sell. Plus, I could definitely use the notebook to help a lot of people.

I'm not from around my current area and my parents are out of the picture. A kind couple with kids would take us in while we went to high school. I'd study diligently to make sure I was in all the Honor/AP classes, and probably spend most of my free time at home, reading or being creative. As I'm super vulnerable to intoxication and sexual advances, minimal extra-curricular social interaction is a plus.

After graduation, we could head back to University and do it right - getting the degrees we know we want, and building the necessary connections we'll need in the right areas. With luck, we'll both find decent jobs to start when we get our degrees, and we can start a family right away. Melissa's Gift would be a great boon to bestow on our children, and maybe even grandchildren.

>> No.50640305

Daniel Miller
A World at Peace; Generic Beancounter [The Now; Watcher]

High-Tech Understanding
Mathematical Genius
Languages Proficiency

>Items 1655/2000
Wealthy Attire

Yuta Brace
Seven-shot Colt Revolver
Sword Cane

Basic Survival Kit
Basic Bag
ID Card
Psychic Paper
Multiversal Timekeeper
Mathery Travellers Encyclopedia Vol 1-8324
Terracotta Warrior [Bodyguard]
Non-sentient Servo-skull
Toshamark Standard Computer
Rail Line Pass
CIY Brain Implant
Cohort Setup Package
Business Setup Package

The Commercialists

Free Market Capitalists Association

Curtis 'D.B. Cooper' Ragly
Filgi Grimcandle
Sho Viot
Ancheng Ming

>Home District
The Central Headquarters - Someone needs to Keep Business

Free Traveler

The Mask

Real power has nothing to do with weapons, strength, or magic. Real power is whispered words and coin changing hand. This was the lesson Daniel learned as a boy, and it was the mindset he brought with him into Ae, A minor accountant for the IRS in his own timeline, he immediately inserted himself into the inner workings of the Commercialists as he arrived and made several business connections among the colorful characters who greeted him. Rapidly building up his wealth, he set out to begin his master plan. To create a system of taxation for the sake of general upkeep and faster administrative processing. While this is obviously not popular, he is currently working to create a splinter group of the Commercialists for the sake of creating Ae's own version of the IRS.

>> No.50640313

>using the Panty Curse on the stalkers
That's unintended but the idea is so incredibly sexy that I have no choice but to congratulate you.
My dick.

Nice job on your writeup. It's well-written, and your build is adorable. I shudder to think what's going to happen when you hang out with the Weeb Squad and they're all a good several heads shorter than you, trying to dress you up in cosplay. That's a doujin in the making.

Cute but how do you plan to reconcile going to the academy and also being in a pop band? Just staying locally on the island?

You know that Melissa's Gift makes Love Life Link do very little for you, right? If you would mention what gender your SO is currently, that would help the build, also.

>> No.50640339
File: 39 KB, 256x256, True Hero.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I couldn't figure out how Ae worked without taxes, so I decided to fix the problem on my own.

>> No.50640363
File: 6.44 MB, 2000x4000, gentle worlds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.50640382

Tax would be based on service not goods if anything. If you have access to a multiverse than paying in mere materials would be pointless.

Since everyone is already working together (i.e. paying with service) to either fight internal time wars or prepare to fight against outer gods I don't see much of a point to introduce a tax. They're already kinda doing it.

>> No.50640384

Doesn't the cryogenic freezing option kinda negate the whole premise of the cyoa?

>> No.50640393


Good point about Melissa's Gift and Love Link. I'd replace Love Link with Hot in the Cold.

On the second point, given the notebook can swap genders once a year, I'd say my partner would probably swap genders ever year or so. If any gender sticks, I wouldn't mind (other than when we would start our family) - I'd be pretty much up for anything (We Just Don't Know).

>> No.50640408

Who's maintaining the roads and stuff?
Is it all voluntary?

>> No.50640430

I just assumed things were constructed with a high enough level of technology to never need maintenance. I mean AE should have access to the most up to date technology there is in the multiverse shouldn't it?

>> No.50640459

My guess would be AIs. Ae is post singularity society.

>> No.50640462

Why is the top row of images so compressed?

>> No.50640469

That function is handled by the Hearthkeepers.

>> No.50640491


Does reproduction as sustenance mean I already get the reproduction perk? I'm going for a mass rape oriented build.

>> No.50640496

>two thousand pixels wide
For what purpose?

>> No.50640541

>Req. Biology and self-enhancement
You what?

>> No.50640580

The entire CYOA is based off of a shorter CYOA which just had the first four images and worlds. The original used the full images of the first four, which these are the cropped versions of, while all the rest are the full images.

>> No.50640619
File: 6.61 MB, 1200x10000, Magic TG Order Form CYOA v0-9-2 - Page 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50640700

Should timeline #312 get a fully fleshed out CYOA of its own?
Maybe not. A CYOA is more than just worldbuilding, you need to give the reader something to do.

>> No.50640728

AI is weird in the Traveller setting though. One mission is to free a newly made AI.
It seems like at a certain point they automatically gain a soul and the capacity for suffering and need to be given human rights.

>> No.50640786

desu i kind of prefer the original with only 5

>> No.50640834

>fuccboi timeline #1
>fuccboi timeline #2
>fuccboi timeline #3
What massive gaylord made this?

>> No.50640857

>Should timeline #312 get a fully fleshed out CYOA of its own?

You should !

>> No.50640874

There's only one kind of superpower, so the choice would have to be purely faction and companion stuff right?

>> No.50640917

Should I remove "You may heal others of wounds and disease, restore their vitality, and even raise the dead back to life, should you desire to do so." from "Elementalism 3"? It's exactly the same as "Healing" but gives you control over 7 elements for just one point more.

The latest image version and the github source both have it so I could keep it for consistency, but I feel like it's not supposed to be there.

>> No.50640931


I don't know you're making it ! You can have all the powers you want !

>> No.50640956

Does anyone have the Avatar CYOA?

>> No.50640976

I don't think I should do it, I don't see it being very interesting.
Besides, I have another CYOA project I haven't admitted I've abandoned yet.

>> No.50641007

A-class to #339
A-class to #632
A-class to #308
C-class to #22

>> No.50641048
File: 287 KB, 600x900, 1454968229807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Usually do pretty conservative builds for this sort, but let's go a little crazy.
>Slow Burn
Vlog the changes as they come, measurements, sensations and all.
No price and mentions combinations in this section, so lots of strength with deceptive appearance.
>Endowed, Developed, Built to Last.
20. Not so much that it's pointlessly excessive but let's not kid around with androgyny.
35. Going to make someone's giantess fantasy come true. Strong for the size too.
>Dual Classing, Variable.
65. Variety is the spice of life.
Actually skipping this for a page2 option for now.
>Enemy Territory.
Running a bit higher cost already. Documenting it will probably help ease the official things as well as drawing attention for viewcounts.
>Continue, No Persona Override.
I'd normally pick tomboyish options here, but honestly mixed interests are already fine for them. Plus again, points are adding up.
Never saw the point of these, just have actual friends and contacts.
>Balls of Steel, Mentrual Cancel, Feeling Fresh,
100: Going to need the first for putting the change out there, the second because fuck that noise, and the third because big bodies get gross if you aren't cautious about it.
>Spark Touch, Birth Control, Super form.
160, Zap Mothafucka is too appealing, STD immunity takes a lotta risk out of putting myself out there, and Super Form with any kind of uniform or professional attire sounds great.
>Refuse Change, Social Ambivalence.
205: Only getting away with these because of page 2. Refuse Change just means there's no worry at all about falling out of fitness (it'd show a bit too easy on a big body like Amazon) but Social Ambivalence is going to be needed at times to get away with some drawbacks later.
Alright Sophie, let's finish this up.
>Roll the Dice 2&3
185. Change it up a bit
170. We're going to make this a mutual, beautiful loathing relationship. Probably going to ask them to move in.

>> No.50641074

Slow burn [Total 160]

Mega-stacked breasts[145]
Excessive ass[130]
Overwhelming hips[115]
Amazon height[100]

Duel-classing [90](likes girls and feminine guys)
In charge [80]
Powerful libido

What change[60]
Take two [50]
Ore [40]

Alex Nora [30]
Weeb squad [10]
Katherine Suragi[0]

Panty curse [-10]
Dildus Maximus[-40]
Social ambivalence[-65]
Menstrual cycle[-80]
Tasty Beverage[-90]

Neural choker [-115]

Gorgon [-105]
Light weight[-90]
Commando [-70]
Reverse Commando [-50]
Girl power [-45]
Dat ass [-35]
Dat rack[-25]

*Additionally, I'd like to take a custom curse built off of wereboy, namely that each time it takes effect, it runs the risk of lasting an entire month if it meets a specific trigger, and as a boy I gain the traits thin body, feminine butt, ZR-bait hips, Diminutive size, subby, I want you, shrinking violet, erotic mirror, sharing field, helpless, and all companions get a milder version of anit-companion with a preference for bullying/humiliating me instead of outright hating me
The trigger will be based on something I WILL NOT KNOW going in and will have to find out the hard way, additionally if whatever triggers it still applies or is triggered again during that month (depending on what the trigger is) it's effects will roll over into the next month

Finally, I will by the traits in this order of priority based on how valuable the above curse is
Feeling fresh[-10]
Birth control [-15]
Hot in cold [-15]
Flawless skin[-10]
Boob vigilante[-30]
Lust buster [-20]

>> No.50641099

Don't use >>50640619 , it's the outdated version. The guy keeps posting it out of spite for the CYOA maker removing a loophole that let him have a penis. >>50638913 >>50638940 this is the current version.

>> No.50641104

Don't alter it, you're just hosting it.

>> No.50641118

I am going to be the dominant amazon alpha bitch of many a sub's dreams, regardless if they're male or female
I'm also gonna run the risk of becoming the subby fuckboi omegabitch of my companion's dreams

>> No.50641147

That's why I'm asking. If nobody thinks I should, I won't.

>> No.50641170


Then do that other cyoa instead :) I'm rooting for you !

>> No.50641204
File: 55 KB, 503x518, 1470245786212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>170 as of 2nd row.

160 and back at a balance. Look at that face. That is the face of contentment. Nothing going wrong at all.
>I Want you, Slippery.
125. Going to get some good millage out of that STI immunity. Part of the point in this idea is throwing myself out there rather than being a reserved stay at home neet. Be recognizable and available, even if it means losing face or a bit of embarrassment. Slippery makes for excuses to change it out regularly, but really it's just something to add as a trial, or maybe bother the Rival with. Besides, some things are supposed to be wet and messy.
>Mixed Signals 1&2.
105. Makes it easy to work out when "no pain no gain" becomes "It's only fun if it hurts. Also makes any kind of confrontation with the Rival more fun if it gets out of control.
>Commando, normal and Invert editions.
65. Already going to be spending too much on changing wardrobes. Just going to pass on these and air out the Slippery times, going for bare (ha) minimum when necessary for whatever reason. Long dresses and thicker tops shouldn't be that hard to deal with, and still provide plenty of ventilation to keep cool.
>No thanks nightmare row, just Paddling.
60. Might have a slight evil streak with how this interacts with Mixed Signals.
>Dat Ass, Dat Rack.
40. Got it, gotta flaunt it. Can call me a harlot but no one's going to call me coward yet, though I may stick to pants if the longer dresses shrink. It's one thing to tease someone but another to essentially wander around naked and there's only so far that Ambivalence will keep me from getting fined.
>Erotic Mirror, Sharing Field.
Sometimes you'll have a bad run so Im not quite keen on Helpless, but the Mirror should help pick up on queues that I might just miss otherwise. Sharing field would seem a little risky until remembering Amazon Lightning Bitch Powers among others so if I'm not keen for folks to get handsy at the time there's plenty of ways to deal.

>> No.50641235

>> No.50641287
File: 2.24 MB, 4712x4008, CDyGu5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's the updated version of this one. It had many pages. Please. PLEASE. Somebody must have it...

>> No.50641340

Ah shit, my bad. Thanks for the heads up Anon.

So, EroMirror and Sharing Field bring it from 60 down to 35.
>Be still my heart, Ring of Light, Perfect Cell phone.
90. Pokerface to go with resting bitch face, never give anything away that I don't mean to...usually. The Ring is in case I get a bit too audacious and pick a bad fight with all the new perks I've picked up. The phone should let me vlog things out and about when testing out the new threads and skin in public. The potential hands-on with the CYOA directors might be icing on the cake later; can't start being sociable if I'm not returning calls and making good use of those digits.
>Nano-Socks, Rubber Constitution, Safe Mode, Neural Choker
160. The socks mean I save on footwear for one, but also give options for things like hip-high stockings if a hem shies a bit too far north. Rubber Constitution might not be needed for the lewder use as much simply due to Amazonian Physique, but a bit of extra durability doesn't hurt. Might be good in an accident that the same size matter can cause if inattentive. Safe mode just seems like a smart plan on its own, nevermind the Commando situation. The Choker is quite simply a fun trick to pull out when looking for a little more zest. Maybe show someone less experienced what they're doing in real time, maybe show a smaller person a bigger perspective, maybe test it to see if it doubles sensitivity if linked to the wearer.

Pretty sure the play-by-play counts for Melissa's Gift. The Academy might be nice for at least some educational opportunities. Got the phone, so Interruption doesn't hold the same draw, and slow-burn would make it even more rude. Skip on that for now.

Flowery fate sounds nice. I don't know if it was evident already from the earlier bits but I'm pretty isolated, largely by my own choices and insecurities. I like my solitude most times, but lately I've noticed a sense of losing touch with people.

>> No.50641374


Posting this then checking to see what I've won.

>> No.50641417

And I have won:

I'm now a Sexy Succubus Savant with a Ute.
Went better then expected.

I wonder if sweet sapphic succubus sex will count? Or do I need to learn to love the cock?

>> No.50641467

Huh. And now I finally know why Angels magical realm is called that. Thank Anon!

>> No.50641528


Moog, Amp, Drum Machine, Mic.

We Devo now.

>> No.50641543


Huh. Looks like I'm gonna frankenstein me... Well. I'm gonna be frankensteining myself.

>> No.50641673


Savor the Feeling; Switch over during Day 4

>00:00 Athletic/Thin(parkour)
>05:05 Endowed
>05:10 Developed
>05:15 Substantial
>05:20 Stand Tall
>00:20 The Power of Yuri
>00:20 Subby
>00:20 Powerful
>20:40 What Change?
>10:50 Take Two(back in time, at the end)
>10:60 Butterfly(gradual)
>10:70 Aki Nanami
>20:90 The Weeb Squad
>10:100 Contact Corrupt
>05:105 Tactical Visor
>10:115 Balls of Steel
>15:130 Menstrual Cancel
>10:140 Feeling Fresh
>25:165 Spark Touch
>15:180 Birth Control
>20:200 Super Form
>15:215 Hot in the Cold
>15:230 Performa
>05:235 Hair Affair
>10:245 Flawless Skin
>20:265 Refuse Change
>25:290 Social Ambivalence
>30:320 Kaybam
>25:345 Ring of Light
>20:365 Perfect Cell Phone
>15:350 Wereboy
>10:340 Roll the Dice 3(Dom Coeff)
>15:325 Rival
>20:305 Lopsided
>10:295 Black Secret(exhibitionist)
>25:270 I Need You, I Love You
>20:250 Slippery
>20:230 Mixed Signals 2
>05:225 Paddling
>10:215 Reverse HUD
>30:185 Dat Ass, Dat Rack, Headlights
>10:175 Erotic Mirror
>15:160 Sharing Field

Melissa's Gift

>> No.50641676

That's the only one I remember. A longer version sounds really cool. I hope someone has it to repost.

>> No.50641684

This should give me a great low maintenance body with a lot of potential at a second take at life. I'm giving myself as much time as I can without losing any technical/future knowledge. With Balls of Steel, Super Form, Performa's luck, Kaybam and my old memories/goals I'll be a lot more effective this time. Graduate high school with better marks, study skills, and scholarships. No wasting time with the wrong major in university. A far better social life during both with Butterfly, Balls of Steel, and Companions.

Hopefully I can use my future knowledge to make a killing on investments, with two weeks due to the transformation there should be plenty of time to prepare. I'll just have to make sure to write it all down and store it somewhere safe after time travelling.

I picked the phone mainly to contact Sophie and Melissa, how else are you going to meet a guardian angel or a witch. We can hang out, perhaps more after I age up if they're interested, and I'll offer to help them out with whatever to pay them back even if they insist it's unnecessary. Aki sounds like a good friend I'll be glad to know and the Weeb Squad will definitely be interesting. The Rival doesn't sound too bad now.

Social Ambivalence should make people accept my more odd curses as normal or just slightly odd. While I might attract some attention, Spark Touch, Refuse Change and Performa's luck should keep me out of trouble. Though I'll need to be careful with how Erotic Mirror, Dat Ass/Rack/Headlights and Black Secret exhibitionism interact.

I'd really like to take more of the items. I'll have to ask Sophie where she got them or what else she'd be willing to trade for them. That Purse of Holding.

>> No.50641690


i think i'm going to change the vampire bit around to mention that you don't have to eat or sleep anymore and increase the time it takes for the sun to kill you, it is a bit of an underpowered choice.

>> No.50641720

I miss yuri Angel. She was qter than egg loving slut Angel.

>> No.50641776
File: 40 KB, 472x472, 1439420786686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Chuyi Nushigoma, 34, Independent, Insane & Indestructible
Nice, I actually got one in this time.
It is >>50122509, or the older >>47877628, right? Just double-checking.

>> No.50641791

That would balance it for me. Maybe mention if it's all sunlight (also sunlight that goes through glass etc.) or only sunlight that hits you directly
Yeah... I miss how she used to be. I enjoyed chatting about builds with her. Now she only posts about her egg fetish...

>> No.50641980
File: 382 KB, 640x1000, musicshopv2p2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

due to space limitations i could put distinctions of direct exposure vs indirect, but i'd say that the indirect sunlight still affects you, but nowhere near as severely as direct sunlight. probably a fraction of direct sunlight's power, depending on how "indirect" it is, for instance i think standing behind a perfectly clear window is basically standing in direct sunlight, whereas standing in a shadow outside during the day is very indirect and would allow you to spend more time outside during the day if you spent it all in the shade.

>> No.50642002

Strandberg, Rainbow Pick, Mic, Drum

>> No.50642067

there's a couple out there
you should check the /r/makeyourchoice archives or the pastebin

>> No.50642085

Lavender CYOA was inspired by Angel's Slut Life build. So it was pretty much tailored to her fetishes from the very beggining. It shouldn't be surprising that she got really into it. Give it some time. She'll eventually move on.

>> No.50642086

Maybe when not in direct sunlight or when completely covered, it's several hours minimum.

Because losing your ability to go outside for fifteen hours a day is just far to much of a downside really.

How about some further instruments as well?
Drum kit Werewolf maybe?

>> No.50642185

Now now, Lavender also lets you play what amounts to an eldrich succubus. With all kinds of weird body parts you use to further your political goals by manipulating the foolish cultists who think they own you into doing as you will, or failing that, to use your children to do so.

>> No.50642231

i was thinking of that, but like.. i know synthesizers, basses and guitars. i'm just not a drum guy so picking a good drum kit was just like "eh" for me. i tried to think of other instruments but i didn't feel as though there was any other instrument substantial enough for me to write about. also, there's just not enough room on the pictures now lol.

i'd also like to add that the amount of time you can spend outside recharges at the rate of (the time you spent outside divided by two) so if you spend two hours outside, it takes one hour inside to recharge that.

>> No.50642257

There's a lot more to it than just her weird egg slave kink. But when Angel initially ignored it, EDG said it was inspired by her build and practically begged for her opinion of it.

>> No.50642607

>She'll eventually move on
I hope sooner than later. I did once think she was contributing positively to be the threads, even if she was disturbingly easy to bait. Now? Not so much.

>> No.50642734

Isn't that just a job, then? In that scenario, they still have the option to say no and not do what you're telling them to do.

>> No.50643019

What's wrong with making a test build for a WIP and discussing it with the author? That's contributing to CYOA.

>> No.50643020
File: 141 KB, 446x508, 1437525402818.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw image

Well that's just silly.

>> No.50643089

Incubus. Enhanced intelligence, illusion magic, 10 million dollars.

>> No.50643158

Can I have a source for the Panty Curse picture.

For purely scientific purposes, I assure you.

>> No.50643168

>10 million $$$
>Enhanced intelligence
Currently majoring in Law and combining might both in brawn and in official power (thanks to the enhanced intellect) will be fun. Nobody's expecting an orc to a trial.

>> No.50643171

There's this neat thing called reverse image search.

>> No.50643206

Waifu/10. Hot, but still has qualities of smile protection being needed. Would hug lovingly on the daily.

>> No.50643244

Relentlessly reposting a build with only tiny adjustments for the sole purpose of creating schlick material for her deepest, darkest, /d/ tier fetishes is certainly not contributing to CYOA Gen.

>> No.50643259

>deepest, darkest, /d/ tier
lmao, /d/ is fucking vanilla, most seriously odd fetishes aren't even allowed there

>> No.50643369

What isn't allowed on /d/, besides beast furry and Pizza?

>> No.50643408

Well besides those, guro and scat are also specifically forbidden.

>> No.50643544

Pee is perplexing permitted, however.

>> No.50643591

pee is less disgusting than semen and yet you see that revolting shit in mainstream porn all the time

>> No.50643604


Now, that Is a good build!

I didn't mean to imply a lack of internal gestational options with the progenerational strategy. The most themely option would be cultivation.

>> No.50643631

Farts too.

>> No.50643642

>pee is less disgusting than semen
dafuq? i know id prefer a cum shower of a piss shower thats for sure

>> No.50643724


Is Worm worth a read?
It looks nice but also seems like a handfull.

>> No.50643733

All of your CYOA grab me immediately except for Scholomance. It's too much of a slow burn of buildup to game ratio; compare the into paragraphs of any of the other with the entire section of intro text in Scholomance, followed by intro text for the next section equal to the amount of intro text that used to intro an entire CYOA.

Does each section of Scholomance provide as much choice or adventure as one of your previous cyoa? I think you see where this is going. I appreciate the building of lore and worlds, but you have to remember the nominal purpose of a CYOA is to be played, and sneak the flavour and worldbuilding in wherever you can rather than just superimpose some choices on a setting description document.

This is just my unexamined feeling and perhaps the people will hail Scholomance as your greatest work yet, who knows. But sometimes in creative work critical feedback is hard to come by, and so I hope you get some value from my disclosure.

>> No.50643741

From a non-sexual point of view I'd prefer pee. Easier to wash off afterwards and if you're out in public you can make an excuse even if you'll look like an idiot that fell into sewage.

cum? Shit gets stuck in your hair and you need to spend a while getting it out. Nothing's gonna save you if people see you walking around with semen on your body.

Plus semen requires people jacking off, pee is just a whiz and then it's over.

>> No.50643742


How are you doing? You got us worried :(

>> No.50643744

I'm someone who has read a bunch of web novels like that, and I like gritty settings, and I also like cape settings, but I just couldn't get into worm despite trying several times.

>> No.50643786

> i tried to think of other instruments but i didn't feel as though there was any other instrument substantial enough for me to write about.

The fuck?

Because rock is the only music genre that exists?
I mean, you don't have anything acoustic unless you count the secondaries with the random-ass banjo and Djembe.

Even if you're a guitarfag an acoustic guitar should have been something that occurred to you.

Violin and Saxophone are two good band instruments with "lead" potential if that's what you where aiming for. I mean, if the problem is you don't know of any specific good models of band or orchestral instruments then a quick google search fixes that shit.

>> No.50643825
File: 490 KB, 1016x1600, 1479003215945.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Instant Girl
>Body Type:
>Chest Size:
Itty Bitty (155)
>Butt Size:
Shorty (145)
The Power of Yuri
Overdrive (135)
What Change? (115)
Take Two (105)
>Persona Overdrive:
Pink Frills (95)
Watashi (85)
Butterfly (75)
Weeb Squad (55)
>Minor Abilities:
Inhuman Style (40)
Menstrual Cancel (25)
Feeling Fresh (15)
Birth Control (0)
Hot in the Cold (-15)
Performa (-30)
Flawless Skin (-40)
Refuse Change (-60)
Social Ambivalence (-85)
Love Life Link (-100)
Rival (-85)
Bimbo (-65)
Gorgon (-55)
I Need You (-45)
I Love You (-30)
Commando (-10)
Tumbleweed (0)
Girl Power (5)
Dat Ass (15)
Sharing Field (30)
Emotional (40)
>Extra stuff:
Perfect Cell Phone (20)
Safe-Mode (10)
Rubber Constitution (0)
Academy of Lillies
Flowery Fate: I am lonely and just want to be loved.
Melissa's Gift

>> No.50643856

It is a /gfd/ CYOA.

If you want to be a king, just take a B portal to 133, then a C to 999, 844, 845, 632, 67, or even 202 - a sufficiently muscle-bound hunk would be pretty popular in all those.

Alternatively, just use 632, 999, 63, or 67 to become a girl and go to whichever world you want.

And if you're so attached to your cock, just go to #13 and stop worrying about picking up chicks.

>> No.50643923

Well, let's see.
The day I transfer to the academy, I'm going to be a bitch. I'll try bullying every one of my classmates, only to be ganged up on and bullied for my flat chest and small-ish butt (It's proportionally big, ok?!). Finally, when it's lunchtime and I end up at the weeb squads table I'll try to choke out an insult but then break down crying in front of them. Afterwards, they'll comfort me and get me to sit with them. I'll always think they're sort of weird without realizing I'm just as strange, but they'll become my best friend and I'll become theirs. Our whole first year will be filled with sexual frustration and flirting with eachother, but on the last day of our freshman year of high school we'll walk out as soon as the bell rings and explode into a furious make-out session. We won't start having sex until at least sophomore year, though. When we get out of college and have basically expressed our platonic and romantic love for each other, we'll move into a house together and start a pop group with me as lead vocalist.

>> No.50643974

The text under the portraits is really hard to read.

>> No.50643977

...that could make a decent plot for an anime or a tv series.

gj anon

>> No.50644040


I FINALLY found it. It's new name is "Shadow World Redux".

It's in the pasta bin.

I'm to tired to post all the pages, but anyway


I'm happy that I found it.

>> No.50644081
File: 114 KB, 914x1580, 1410624456902.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is a finished variation of that one

>> No.50644184

>instant transformation
no point to anything else

>average body
>endowed chest
this is the biggest size that isn't cartoonishly absurd, being in the top 95% is good enough and would minimize some more realistic problems
>developed butt
similar to the chest, something above average but not embarrassing would be the best to live with while still enjoying benefits
>substantial hips
a size to match the butt
>full-scale height
what i said about the butt and chest goes for height as well, beauty is all about finding the golden mean

none of the sexualities or dominances work for me, i can't really imagine any of that so i don't take anything here
>powerful libido

>enemy territory reception
i guess i like this one better than the other options because i can be realistically accepted both by people who used to know me and new people, unlike the unwanted screwing around with things that happens with the other choices. besides i think the importance of this pales next to the time reset choice which changes things a lot more

>take two time/age
back to high school is a significant change enough

>watashi persona override
while some of the things that change interests might be nice, i can't take them for the same reasons as i took nothing in the sexuality and dominance categories. meanwhile the watashi thing i can see as working out because it's really more of an emotional and muscle memory thing instead

>love life link
>rescue me
>flawless skin
>hair affair
i wish this had an option that only enhanced the voice, the luck thing really bothers me, it feels like something i'll worry about not using
>feeling fresh

all in all i have to admit that this cyoa is a lot more boring than the chill zone

>> No.50644264

i didn't choose them just cuz they were rock instruments, i chose them because they were versatile and could be played in many genres. nearly every genre needs a bassline, guitar can be played in a multitude of genres, and synths can be made to suit any genre. i didn't go for an acoustic guitar because i already had a guitar in there and felt that'd be redundant. for your suggestions, violin and sax are pretty niche instruments; sax is mostly orchestral/band/jazz, and violin is about the same, albeit a bit better in terms of versatility.
i dunno what i'd do for the saxophone, but only nature themes come to mind for the violin. druid stuff, fairy stuff, etc etc. though i could do that, i don't think it'd come out very interesting unfortunately. i appreciate your suggestions and feedback though.

>> No.50644480
File: 179 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alexander Kingsman/The Investor
Power Sight
Ace (The Projection's Power is Unlimited Shard Works)
The Warrior
Financial Resources
Manton Effect Bypass
Kidnapping (Cauldron)
Endbringer Target
Wanted (Merchants)
S9 Recruit

My entire build is that I can give non-parahumans powers for a price and use my projection to copy said powers and other powers I observe during my business. My Kingmaker power has none of the downsides of Cauldron vials possibly killing you or causing "abnormalities" so once my name as "The Investor" is known to those looking for power, the Merchants & Cauldron will be gunning for me. The Merchants want my blood because I'm muscling on their turf with a far superior good for slightly cheaper cost at first to build revenue and an underground brand name. Cauldron will probably kidnap me to find out how my powers work and possibly see if I'd join them especially after the revelation of my powers.

The revelation is that my Kingmaker ability can pass off the Godslayer effect to those I give powers to. This means that if I play my cards right I could help fund a Super Sentai Team (with the possibility of me becoming the 6th Ranger for Profit & Publicity if I go straight) that have an edge most heroes don't have, the ability to actually hurt and permanently kill Endbringers. Plus the powers my projection copies can bypass the Manton Effect so that means I could get really scary if I observe the right people in action, especially since I have power sight. This is why the Endbringers have me on their shit list, I can tip the scales greatly against them and keep doing so as long as I live.

Final tie in would be that Jack Slash catches on to the true nature of my powers with his power sight and wants to recruit me into the Slaughterhouse 9 to use my powers for shocktroop parahumans in his madness.

>> No.50644494

>not making bombs out of piss
Its not like you want to be killed off during the culling or something.

>> No.50644552


Forgot my Gift
No Extras

Also I took Watchmaker so I could not only have someone who can manipulate time in case of necessary redos but by using my power sight+awe I can copy her power and possibly create better time controlling devices like a watch that is the inverse of her alarm clock (it sends me 24 hours into the past).

>> No.50644946

Also, about non-Traveller mercenaries, they don't share the same invictus Travellers hold to prevent mind control. This was shown in Hugh Mungus's lore bit:

>“One of the biggest questions we get here is ‘why only Travellers?’ It’s a fair question. God knows we could use the extra manpower, people to run the administration better, low level positions, manpower. See, that would be useful. Why not? What old guard morons keep these laws in place?”

>“See, I was doing a void hunter job, one of their vanguard forces had signed on with a bunch of Offworlder void pirates. Didn’t know what they [the Void Hunters] were looking for but I wasn’t interested in asking. Void Hunters always pay well. Spent about two solar years scouting a quiet timeline. Few planetoids in the sector we were in, nothing alive but us and a few miners shilling gas giants.”

>“Finally we found what we were looking for inside of a gas cloud. Old battleground, old enough the biological remains of the combatants had crystalized. If I recall it was a fight between an invasive collective conscious and an outbreak group within the conscious. Whatever they were they were long since extinguished from that reality.”

>“Void boys get off their ship, and the rest of us just sit around waiting for them to finish up so we can all go home. The crawling chaos put a stop to that. He was on us in an instant. We started with twenty ships, three Traveller freemen, one void hunter and the rest were local. Locals took themselves apart, he had them mentally on his string, some of them died in an instant when he seized control. See, the black Pharaoh in all his incantations reviles us, don’t understand why and I’m not going to bother asking.”


>> No.50644956

>“It took us three days to get our goods and drive out of there. And you know what? Not one of those locals lasted more than fifteen minutes. You want to know why we need Travellers? That is why. I don’t know what it is, but we don’t break down when we get near that shit. You can’t control us, you can’t dominate us. We won’t go down frothing and bleeding just because the Chaos king descends. Want to know what happens when you invest non-Traveller manpower into shit and a grandkid takes notice? You lose it.”

>“There’s other shit, but I’m telling you it’s fucking secondary. That’s why its freakazoids like us here, we’re the ones who look into the abyss, drop our pants and leave a big old pile on the abyss’s doorstep.”


>> No.50644967

I knew I probably made a mistake somewhere. I'll probably just spend the first few years getting accustomed to my new female body there and becoming local celebrities before we decide to start touring the world

>> No.50645001

If they don't have the freedom to quit at any time, it probably crosses the line.

>> No.50645041

>Hugh Mungus
What a majestic man.

>> No.50645068

No drawback instant-win build, A.K.A. "Reposting this until you accept that I'm the best", A.K.A. "Monarch".

>Conspirator 10
>Animal Control 3


>Eden, the Thinker 4
>Manton Effect Bypass 0

I start out with perfect control over all of the major players in Brockton Bay, on top of two very potent capes logistics-wise. From there, I can use Panacea's relay trick, that worldwide portal system Khepri used, and anything else I can think of to spread my influence over the world. Hell, with all the Thinkers at my disposal, I might even be able to 404 out Zion.

If I decided to take drawbacks, some useful purchases include Suspension of Disbelief to take over more easily, any other powers not in classic Worm, and any perks that couldn't be picked up later.

>> No.50645104

Eh, give it a go if it seems like something you're interested in but don't get yourself too invested.

It has a decent enough first arc, but the last like two thirds of the story are kind of fucking awful. I think people mostly just like it because of the world and not the actual story.

>> No.50645135

Easy as fuck. Dorf with enhanced intelligence, invisibilty, and a portal to a fantasy world. And I would legally change my name to Beardick Dickbeard.

>> No.50645260
File: 175 KB, 1200x1200, 1467945490832.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go, anon.
doesn't work on cropped images, anon.

Now that's cute. A yuri pop group sounds fun.

sorry you find it boring. I mean, if being a girl doesn't interest you, then it was probably never going to be your kind of thing but I am getting an absolute blast out of reading everyone's builds.

>> No.50645311

it does interest me, there just wasn't anything new i got from the cyoa

meanwhile it's funny i can say the same about the chill zone but i appreciated it anyway

>> No.50645355

What are some cyoas with great design elements to them? Things that are rarely appreciated but very important like backgrounds, frames, borders.

Looking to improve my cyoa game by taking notes from the best.

>> No.50645375

My ace in the hole was the 150 word description required for immortality. I think I really hit the nail with that one. It's been working swimmingly at getting some real creativity out of anons.

A potential problem I can see with the CYOA is that it's far too "nice" in that it doesn't really give you any sort of challenge that's not self-imposed, so I definitely made it so that the enjoyment you get out of it is all self-made, imagining what your new life is going to be like and how it's going to play out, unless you've got a TG fetish, then it also is fap material.

Magical Realm.

>> No.50645386

Worm is friggin amazing once you get past the worst teenage angst stuff, which mostly just the first few chapters. It IS long, but that isn't a bad thing in my opinion since it does stay good consistently.

>> No.50645472

it does give a challenge so to speak, there's a reason i broke the rules a bunch of times, it was either that or not make a build

and i didn't even count points, i think i had some left over

>> No.50645492

>getting some real creativity out of anons
Mostly the effort to write it down, you mean. For me at least imagination is the easy part, I usually create entire timelines in my head but don't bother to type them out.

>> No.50645818
File: 42 KB, 707x1080, 022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Savor the Feeling

>Body Type
>Chest Size
Endowed -5
>Butt Size
Developed -5
Substantial -5
Stand Tall -5

Dual-Classing -10
>Dominance Coefficient
Variable -20

What Change? -20
Take Two -10
>Persona Override

Sato Chinaka -10
Karen Iruga -10
Suzan Kim -10
Eden Leal -10

"Tactical Visor" -5
Inhuman Style -15
Balls of Steel -10
Spark Touch -25
Super Form -20
Hair Affair -5

Roll the Dice 1 +10
Gorgon +10
Mixed Signals 1 +10
Mixed Signals 2 +10
Tumbleweed +10
Padding +5
Dat Ass +10
Dat Rack +10
Headlights +10
Erotic Mirror +10
Sharing Field +15

Kaybam -30
Rubber Constitution -10
Perfect Disguise -15
Magitech Body Wash -15

Melissa's Gift

I’ll be somewhat of a super hero with my ability to see through walls and clothes as well as electrocute people, but mostly it’ll be misadventures with my circle of friends (a martial-artist tomboy, a rich heiress, a future commander, and a criminal). I’ll remain mostly unchanged from who I am now (at least initially) and I’ll use my super form (I’ll dress up as a writer) and my super keyboard to work on my writing craft in record time, hopefully before I graduate from highschool. But on the flipside, I’m also a bit of a slut. Somehow people (maybe even my friends) won’t be able to keep their hands off me, and despite my amazing fashion sense my clothing always skirts that fine line between sexy and slutty. And unknown to all but my closest friends I often find myself on my back in some sleazy motel filled to the brim with dicks (thankfully, I manage to keep myself anonymous during the whole thing).

Whether I give into depravity or succeed in life (or maybe even fall in love) remains to be seen.

>> No.50645830

Wow, that was yours? love your work.

>> No.50645872

B is usually fun

>> No.50645910

Rather than negate it, it lets you dodge it, if you'd really rather go back to laissez-faire corporate world than have space adventures.

Uh, I guess so. That was probably just an oversight on my part, but let's go with yes.

Should require biology and enhancement, it'll be fixed in the next version.

Yeah, I'm trying out the more modern style with this one. Since it's my first time doing it this way, it's probably going to be a bit rougher. I've long been a proponent of keeping CYOAs to one page, but that notion is completely gone these days. I think there's also a demand for things that are bigger and more autistic, so I'm giving it a shot. Like the supernatural CYOA was when I made it, it's pretty experimental (from my perspective, though it's old hat to others).

I suppose I can try and front-load the excitement in the intro text more, though. Do most people actually read that stuff through? I normally skim it anyway, and thought that was typical so I designed it more to have jump-out sentences in a larger matrix.

>> No.50645951

Anyone got the league of legends road trip?

>> No.50645984

>it'll be fixed in the next version.
You should consider listing at least the entry-level perk(s) of any required post-requisite perks, to make the latter ones easier to find.

>> No.50646019
File: 1.94 MB, 1280x2039, 1464647464709.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.50646045

Path: Conspirator

Powers: Infinite Treasury, Fictional Engineering (Master of Orion II) (-20)

Companions: Iscariot, Pandemonium

Shard: Abaddon (-22)

Perks: Blind Spot, Godslayer (-30)

Drawbacks: Wanted - All, Identity Revealed, We Know, Endbringer Target (-10)

Gift: The Candle

Extra: Mirror World (0)

It took some thinking for the best fictional technology to use, but ultimately I went for MoO II for the Dimensional Gate. Working with Cauldron's resources outside of Eve's awareness, all we really need are that and a Stellar Converter or five. Then we win, and I can either play Conquer the Universe here, or when I go home.

>> No.50646076

You're so wrong about the violin being an niche instrument and probably have never heard an electric violin being used in various rock generes.

>> No.50646134

I am now considering it, and it's a good idea but I'm not sure how to do it. Maybe just put them in parenthesis? Then the wording for how to explain it up top, which is already long, gets awkward. I guess it's still an improvement though.

>> No.50646192

i said that it was more versatile. i've heard it in rock and other genres before, but it's main use overwhelmingly lies within orchestral and folk music.

>> No.50646229

>I've long been a proponent of keeping CYOAs to one page, but that notion is completely gone these days.
Rest assured you're not the only keeper of that flame, anon. As far as I'm concerned it was never "keep to one page or else" but rather "you'd better have something that demands a second page", so I don't think "bigger and more autistic" is a problem. It's just harder than a single pager, as it always was, because you need more worth there to justify the length.

I scan things too, which means I try to give people what they came for upfront, and add value if they decide to stick around. If you want certain sentences to jump out at the user, consider using some kind of highlight formatting to make them do that rather than make them swim through comparative noise on auto-pilot in order to suss out what's important.

Good job in any case. Like you said switching paradigms is rough, but I know you'll keep at it and figure it out.

>> No.50646243

Violins are used in classical; fiddles are used in folk.

>> No.50646271

You could also color the requirements accordingly, so for Self-Enhancement, it'd be "Biology and Enhancement(Workshop)", with Biology and Workshop in cyan and Enhancement in teal.

>> No.50646286

Its shit.

>> No.50646301

those are the same instrument though

>> No.50646311

The titles are required to make it easy to find them by name. Coloring the requirements would make that much harder, and exacerbate the text wall effect by making it a rainbow text wall.

>> No.50646319

Violins can be used in almost any genre of music. Fiddles not so much.

>> No.50646321


>Year 1
>Year 2
Computation and Proofs
>Year 3
Care of Creatures
Language Arts
>Year 4
Binding and Banishing
>Year 5
>Year 6
>Year 7
The Veil
Spirit Invocation
Discrete Perception
Analyst's Eye
Third Eye
Physical Primacy
Imposing Mein
Beyond Life
Monster: Eyes (Burgundy Sclera and inverted pupil/iris) and Genitals (prehensile and ribbed)
Townhouse: Shop
Cloud Vial
Slave Collar and ring
Former Teacher
Restricted Section

(write-up to follow)

>> No.50646337


School is rough. Even rougher when you have to motivate yourself. That's what the collar is for. By wearing both collar and ring, I can order myself to stop being lazy, do my homework, pay attention. And, if some prick in one of my classes becomes a problem and can't be cowed by my Imposing Mein, my ability to slip unnoticed through the Shadows will let me clamp it on him and put him (or her) in their proper place. With my natural gifts of stealth, and my ability to pass through walls with the Cloud Vial, slipping in and out of the restricted section should be relatively simple. Monday and wednesday nights (since I require no sleep) will be spent perusing the library's restricted section. Nothing too dangerous, mind you. Just a lttle advanced material for whatever classes I'm taking that year. You know, stuff they don't want to teach beginners, advanced techniques, etc. My Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays will be spent slipping silently through the forests, in search of the old master. I am restricted on time and credits, and cannot afford to study conventional Self Defense. So I suppose that if I can convince him to take me as a private student, I can spend my extracurricular time mastering all he is willing to teach.

Once my schooling is finished, I suppose I could turn my little shop-front into a decent business. With my Analyst's Eye, I should be able to recreate just about any enchantment I've ever seen. And my own enchanting skills will allow me to apply those enhantments as-needed. So, I guess I'm going into the Enchanting and import/Export business (thank you Portals!). I'll probably aim to set up shop and serve the small-houses and independents of Scholomance. Not a particularly glamorous life, but a profitable and comfortable one.

>> No.50646353

Then maybe "Enhancement (via Workshop)"? Could replace "via" with "under" or some other similar word, and it shouldn't require additional explanation as to what it means, I think.

>> No.50646424

>ever not picking Lich

>> No.50646656
File: 4.30 MB, 1200x8286, SpaceBountyHunter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chink Moot can go die in a fucking fire.

>> No.50646671
File: 155 KB, 800x413, REMOVE RAT, SOTEK VULT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.50646705

That same instrument has different names depending on how it is being used.

>> No.50646752
File: 6.82 MB, 1200x8000, eldritch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.50646784 [SPOILER] 
File: 737 KB, 1200x1200, 1481487032188.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mystery box

>> No.50646788

Warhammer is dead.

>> No.50646842

where were you when warhammer dies

i was sat at home drinking brain fluid when anon post

>Warhammer is dead.


and you??????????????????

>> No.50646938

>Obsidian Skin
>Maddening Aura
>The Architect

Who dares the wrath of the Makers?

>> No.50646991

its still the same instrument? we arent talking about styles lol. a bass is a bass whether youre using it as a "slap bass" or not.

>> No.50647024
File: 90 KB, 1280x720, 00004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I at least learn Space CQC?

>> No.50647054
File: 217 KB, 1280x720, retards.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, you have to make do with forks.

>> No.50647079
File: 780 KB, 1169x1920, __original_drawn_by_ogros__88c539019249ba88e01de4e9d15a35f2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey thanks! Here's a little writing for your good work.

>continuing from here

Why did I choose to transform slowly over the course of a few months? Being able to record it, mostly. I knew there'd be a market for pictures of my changes and I could play it off as a medical miracle.

I wasn't really ready for the little things though, especially as it became increasingly obvious that I wasn't looking like myself. While I chose an appearance that would at least be believable, I had all kinds of issues to navigate. Having to buy bras for just a few weeks during the later months, pants too. Needless to say I quit my old job and stuck to sweats for as long as possible.

Karen's pretty much a dream to work with. I follow her around all day in a couture blouse and pants (although a skirt did happen eventually) take note of important things, give her feedback on problems and keep her day organized. It's a sweet deal, and she's fun to hang around. I'm a lot more confident around people than I used to be, so we became friends really quickly.

I was thinking we'd push back being platonic, and maybe we will- but for now we're happily really touchy best friends with a working relationship. She's easygoing about my change of sex and thinks it makes me properly blunt about my insights, which is a nice way of her saying I still talk and think like a guy sometimes.

I suppose it's true.

I've noticed little changes to my body too. I'm actually a pretty hefty six-three, a bit taller than I used to be. Clothes are hard to come by, so I'm a bit dependent on Karen for getting me access to couture brands and good tailors. I'm in great shape and basically keep it even if I go a few days without exercising.

Pain is... good. I get a little swat on the ass whenever I do anything naughty, which is encouraging me to break moral boundaries and see what new bad thing I can get up to.

>> No.50647084

Alright I'm working on my Traveler build. I've got 1500 words of backstory done and I''ll probably add another 1000 by the time I'm done.

>> No.50647119
File: 436 KB, 1370x2000, nyarko-rape.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not that good with forks, though.

>> No.50647163
File: 245 KB, 682x568, 1478021435360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's okay, Nyarko's best girl anyway.

>> No.50647255

i like the concept anon, cant wait to see it!

>> No.50647280
File: 278 KB, 733x1024, __original_drawn_by_ogros__654a4d2ab0f823b4f00081d97f4469bf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I used to get hung up on moral issues like "that it's wrong to transform someone against their will" and shenanigans like that, but between those nice-feeling butt-swats and having just enormous amounts of guilt-free lesbian sex with former guys, I'm having trouble caring. Especially since I started being stalked by a bunch of weirdos in my hometown who saw my vlogs about transforming. I even had this creepy predator who wanted to protect my virtue and had a katana and stuff. It was right around this point I realized I can curse people with feminizing panties that adjust their bodies, mindset and behavior in response to certain stimuli, and that I have a book that can change them outright.

Well, needless to say they're not a problem any more. I have a sword-using cutie who keeps me company and provides security for Karen and I, and an ever-growing gaggle of attractive girls who follow me around.

Unfortunately, it's given me a rep among certain kinds of people who /want/ all this to happen to them. But hey, it's my fetish, and I sometimes just go to bars just so I can pick out a cute new guy to introduce to the winning team. Got to practice my evangelism after all!

Oh, and finally I happen to have these way weird dreams where I fuck random people. The candle I got makes them tolerable, but it can be pretty bad. I'm always having my boundaries challenged, or being degraded a little unless I fight back. Usually very exciting, kind of informative. When I have a guest over, it tends to involve the guy or new girl having some crazy new experience pulled straight out of my fantasies... but like the dark ones that I can't really share in public.

Worse things than having a threesome with a minotaur. (Although, Karen sleeps in another bed whenever I crash over at her place.)

So that's my life. A diehard masochist, martial-arts practicing personal assistant to just about the best girl in the world.

>> No.50647424

How much will i lose out on by making my build now, and not wait until it is finished?

>> No.50647487

You'll only "lose" the time and effort you'd need to spend updating the build once a new version is released, like with any CYOA that has WIP releases.

>> No.50647609

I'd avoid it at the moment. I've tweaked the prices all to hell, so what you come up with might not be valid in the next version

>> No.50647623

Sauce on pic?

>> No.50647635

Haiyore: Nyarko-San.

Unless you were after the specific episode, in which case I have no idea.

>> No.50647711

Do we need to open a new thread?

>> No.50647753

This is it.
/cyoag/ shall not end with a bang, but a whimper.

>> No.50647821


Sex change (>implying i want to be a boy angel)
Appearance change (good looks + get rid of wings)
Enhanced intelligence (it was either this or fantasy world, but fuck it there's nothing really wrong with home)

I had so much fucking trouble with CYOA even years ago when it was first posted because an incredibly simple solution didn't occur to me. I just appearance change the stupid wings away. Bam. Perfect build.

>> No.50647872

New thread:

>> No.50647982

Why would I have to "update" my build?

>> No.50648072

Fiddle is a noun and a verb.

>> No.50648082

If if you build now, and I change/add something, you would have to change your build to reflect my changes. Thus, "updating" your build to the new version.

>> No.50648202

>Yuu Nekota, 14, True Travellers, Cat Boy []
>‘Tio’ Tionishia, 92, Home Guard, Wall of the Guard
Two of my builds made it in! I'm so happy! Thank you Highlander!

>> No.50648359

But I wouldn't? The addition of new choices does not mean I have to change anything. My "build" still exists, so to speak. If I liked what I picked, chances are i won't want to change anything.

>> No.50648361

>>Yuu Nekota
Isn't that ten inch spiny cock boy?

>> No.50648445

Oh, I see your point. My assumption was that you would want to make another build for the next version if you like this one enough to make a build now

>> No.50648495

I don't think I would. It would still be the exact same concept with (almost) the exact same choices made. Unless you add new sections, I don't think I would do the cyoa again.
Sorry, it's how most "new life" cyoas work for me - it wouldn't make sense that I got two new lives, yes? I know thats autistic, ondt worry.

>> No.50648522

Travellers Tale CYOA:
Origin and Background:
>Yuu Nekota, 14, Catboy, Cute Shota, Female Romanceable
>Race: Human, Gender: Male, Eye Color: Gold, Hair Color: Dark Blue, Height: 140cm, Cock: 25.4cm
>The Now: Watcher (+Low-Tech Understanding, +5 Traits, +1 Companion)
Skills, Perks and Traits: (+3 Traits)
>Low-Tech Understanding
>Common Ethereal Manipulation
>Natural Beauty
>Friendly Face
>Touched by Fox Fire
Initial Equipment Requisition: (+2000)
>Traveller Leathers: Upgrade 1 (Free)
>Wealthy Attire (-100)
>Full Closet (-300)
>Physical Enhancement Suit (-500)
>Yuta Brace: Yuta Partner Brace + Upgrade 1 (Free)
>Custom Energy Weapons: Natural Weapons (Claws on Hands and Feet) + Contained Plasma Blades (Golden Color) (-1000)

>> No.50648543

Knick Knacks:
>'Pegs' (Free)
>Basic Survival Kit (Free)
>Basic Bag (Free)
>ID Card (Free)
>Organ Replacement (Enhanced Vision: Cats Eyes, Enhanced Hearing: Cats Ears, Enhanced Sense of Smell, Enhanced Voice Box: Purring, Hyper Flexible Skeleton) (-250)
>Limb Replacement x5 (Arms, Legs, Cats Tail: Dark Blue Color, Metal Bones) (-500)
>Multiversal Timekeeper (-50)
>Coharty Plasma Shield Mark-7 (-100)
>Yasakani no Magatama (-500)
>Personal Gravity Manipulator (-300)
>Portaling Dispenser (-500)
>Toshamark Standard Computer (-200)
>Rail Line Pass (-15)
>Hammer-Closet (-600)
>Time Stop Projector (-1000)
>Universal Traveller Markers (-10)
>Internal Sustenance Model (-200)
>Muscle Memory Modules (-300)
>Passover Module (-100)
>Omni Camping Equipment (-50)
>Multi-Media Collection Box: Upgrade (-45)
>24HR Multi-Reality News Feed (-20)
>Self Operating Cooking Gear (-10)
>BIO Chip: Catboy (-300)
>Healing-Chip (-250)
>Physical Formatting: Cute Shota (-200)
>Physical Restructuring: Cute Catboy (-100)
Little Things:
>Waste of Skin x6 (+1500, -6 Traits)
>Forever Alone x4 (+2000, -4 Companions)
>Minor (+500)
>Fuck Your Glowy Bullshit (+600)
>My Best Friend (+500)
>Off World Obligations (+400)
Factions, Departments and Others:
>The True Travelers: Faction Leader Dusan Duwal, The Fifth of the Order (Absent) (+Traveler Coat Upgrade, +Yuta Brace Upgrade, +Second Brace, +1 Trait)
The Covenants:
>The Temple of the Wild Gods (+Touched by Fox Fire, +Ring of the Wild Gods)
Allies: (+4 Companions)
>Yarihei Neinta, 988, True Traveller, Ancient Fox God, Female Romanceable, Male Romanceable (Designated Guardian)
Home District:
>Little Beijing: Ten Thousand Faces and Ten thousand Flags
>Terra-D9423: In Which the Wild Spirits Intervene (+Mountain of Ten Thousand Spirits)
Panic Button:
>The God

>> No.50648551

>Sorry, it's how most "new life" cyoas work for me - it wouldn't make sense that I got two new lives, yes?
I'd say stuff like that would be less "getting yet another new life" and more "tuning your lifeplans because of new/changed information", at least as far as I'm concerned.

>> No.50648563

But I am adding new sections, and I may rework existing sections entirely. Pending a relevant strawpoll, of course.

>> No.50648588

>Height: 140cm
>Cock: 25.4cm

>> No.50648615

And that's why i'll wait, like you suggested.

>> No.50648700


>Instant girl

The transformation will take about two days.


Body Type
>Thin / Athletic

Chest size

Butt size




>The Power of Yuri

Dominance Coefficient
>Equals only -10

>Right moment


>Warm Welcome -30


Persona Overdrive


Minor Abilities/Extras

>> No.50648721

>>Cute Shota
>>Cock: 25.4cm
Every day we stray further from God.

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