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Has there been any leaks on formations or new rules yet for Imperial Agents?

>> No.50564002

Getting back to our Blanche roots

>> No.50564114

My 5000 Points of sisters are going to get doubled.

>> No.50564126

Can anyone tell me if a thousand sons sorcerer in a 1k sons detachment, with a sigil of corruption has a 2++ or a 3++ when affected by a blessing?

>> No.50564136

Do we have the Formation rules for the battleforces, yet?

>> No.50564155

3++ unless the blessing itself also buffs invul

>> No.50564238

I dont think so, no. I'm also excited to know them.

>> No.50564293

Ill take 3

one to paint and 2 to scalp

>> No.50564320

Just finished throwing together my 500 points of Chaos, probably just gonna be writing scenarios to use them in, or letting friends use them for demo games to get them into the hobby. Satisfying as fuck

>> No.50564404

It makes me sad because i know the rest of the new sisters range will never be this gloriously Blanche

>> No.50564440


Nobody wants to hear about your sex life, Blanche.

>> No.50564586

Even with the Blessing of Tzeentch rule?


>> No.50564620


Speak for yourself.

>> No.50564798

So which one is it??

>> No.50564822

The one with the MSPainted Blanche Sister has 65 replies, so I'm staying with that one

>> No.50564825


So which one is it??

>> No.50565190

Do you ever wonder if the Hive Mind is just another Galaxy's version of The Emperor?

>> No.50567004

Reread the Alpha Legion rules! Turns out the Cultist formation and the AL detachment rules are different so you can get 2 squads of cultists when 1 dies... Technically

>> No.50567072

Just finished a silly battle with my friend, 1850 points, he played Tyranids and I played CSD + Rehati War Sect. It was pretty fucking brutal. Wish I'd taken pictures.

>> No.50567099

Was it ever explained why did they removed the Pariahs? I can understand attempting to give the Necrons more depth, but why would you remove the Pariahs?

>> No.50567256

I really can't argue with his reactions

>> No.50567264

My 10 year old daughter is starting to get into 40k painting, she will enjoy that.

I however will not enjoy paying for it.

>> No.50567275

because they were some plan of the ctan while the nu-crons were kangz all along, not slaves

>> No.50567610

I recognise that chitinous chest!

>> No.50567643

Hey guise, anyone here an oldschool Chaos Space Murhines player?

Question: do you think in the new codex Havoks will still be able to take Autocannons?

>> No.50567662

looks like you still have alot of work to do here anon

>> No.50567746

I mean, I'd let my opponent do it since it fits a hydra theme, but it really sounds like something that'd need a faq.

>> No.50567768

Until Traitor Legions actually comes out we really can't say for certain

>> No.50567771

looks pretty cool dude, I'm about to start collecting a ton of cultists myself

>> No.50567848

hyper quick poll answer fast:

Orkz vs Space Furries

which one do you prefer

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>> No.50567869

Orks to hobby, Wolves to play

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Mark of Tzeentch cannot take a save past a 3+. You can still jump to a 2++, you just can't use the MoTz to do so. A Thousand Sons Sorcerer effected by Electroshield, for example, will have a 2++ (3++ from the spell, +1 from Blessing of Tzeentch).

>> No.50567903

>tfw new sisters probably won't be Blanche like
Sadness. Plz GW, no waifus. I just want Soroitas in this style of armor, I want it to have the distinctive 40k look.

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>> No.50567922

Space Yiffs.

I need to see someone paint Santa Grimnar.

>> No.50567933

So, do you guys think we'll have to wait until 8th for a new IG Codex? Any thoughts on what they might change?

>> No.50567990

the new one just came out (2.5 years ago). Pretty sure chaos players are at the front of the line comrade

>> No.50568089

Thought I'd toss up a poll to see what army everyone's playing right now.

Vote to represent your army!

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How will you paint them? How many actual chaos marines are in the army? All I can see are the starting set cultists, dreadnought and kranon the relentless.

Paint them Alpha Legion or Word bearers due to your masses of cultists.

>> No.50568108

GW isn't about to release a new chaos codex after releasing two chaos books in rapid succession.

>> No.50568109

Tsons and Dangles represent

Fuck the furries

>> No.50568118

Check out this guy's dick beak.

>> No.50568119

2 things. I own 3 armies, and where's the poll?
Unless it's just a "reply=vote"

>Grey Knights
>Dark Eldar

>> No.50568136

Sisters of Battle

>> No.50568167

Dank Angels (Consecrators) and 30k Iron Warriors.

>> No.50568177

Space furries and sigmarines painted like robert redford

>> No.50568193

I forgot the fucking link.


>> No.50568195

i don't have any army :^)

>> No.50568199

I've been out of 40k since 5th edition, currently getting back into it with a bundle of Eldar from Chinaman.

Still waiting on it to arrive though.

Also this shoulda been a straw poll.

>> No.50568202

>space snails
>actually real swords
>dick mouth
>that stupid sexy bug in the right

What was GW thinking?

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>> No.50568267

>Play a Night Lords
>Daemon Prince of Nurgle HQ
>Stealth, Shrouded, Flying
>Warlord trait to reroll failed cover
>flying 2++ rerollable with shriek

I think I found my Night Lords HQ.

>> No.50568268

friendly reminder that next to the canoness that comes out, the current metal sisters will be replaced as finecast models.

>> No.50568320

Tweaking my list. Managed to stick in every TS model I have sans my Land Raider, but it's not being used to transport any CC unit, so fuck it eh.

Thousand Sons Grand Coven

Command (Lord of the Legion)
DP of Tzeentch w/ wings, ML3, Spell familiar, Armour = 310

Core (War Cabal)
Sorc w/ Spell familiar, Termie armour, MoT, ML3 = 165
3x Sorc w/ Spell familiar, Disc, MoT, ML3 = 510
2x 8+1 Rubrics/Sorc = 484
4+1 Scarab Occult/Sorc w/ Hellfyre missile rack = 270

Auxiliary x2 (Daemon Engines)
2 Maulerfiends = 250

1989 (11 free), 19 WC

Deepstriking Termie Sorc with Scarab Occult, bumrushing with maulerfiends, Rubrics take objectives and advance while Disc Sorcs pewpew and hide every turn and DP acts like an annoying psychic flyer (hopefully never landing unless its an emergency and someone needs to get smacked the fuck up)

>> No.50568394

drop 2 rubics (1 in each squad) and give the DP a black mace (you still have access to chaos codex artefacts). the black mace is AP 2 on a monstrous creature.

>> No.50568396

These are the models I bought, bought them cause I liked how they look.

How did I do? Am I gonna get stomped in friendly games? What should I add/remove?

>> No.50568439

In what book are the Pink horrors updated to split into blue horrors then brimstone horrors ? Is it Curse of the Wulfen or Wrath of Magnus ?

>> No.50568442

wrath of magnus

>> No.50568480

I don't really want to do melee with him. By flying and casting spells, I stay truer to the fluff and I mitigate (even by a tiny bit) the fact my army has few models. Flying makes him a lot harder to hit, so he stays relevant for longer.

Mind you, I need to playtest this shit in my meta. It looks fun to me, with plenty of warp dice to play with and psychic fun to be had with tons of mobility. I'm a bit concerned with the survivability of the Sorcs though.

Without the Aura, a 6+ makes me worried. But that said, the disc gives you +1T and has a better cover save than the invuln by default with the possibility of jinking.

I'd love to replace them with Exalted Sorcs for the extra wound and free lance attack but they cost too much, sadly.

>> No.50568490


Sisters of Battle. I've played them for years.

I've also got a small DE army, a bunch of CSM that I haven't put together yet, some Deldar I'm working on, and Tzeentch daemons that I've retired for now.

>> No.50568506



Fuck. I'd love to play scenarios, but I hardly have anyone to play with anymore.

>> No.50568520

Thanks !

>> No.50568546

One of the better lists for the TS I've seen so far. Still your going to struggle to use all your spells as not enough warp charges.

>> No.50568593

Is it? All I did was remove the Land Raider to make room for another Termie Sorc and I split the rubric block. And yeah I figured, but I plan on using Psychic Shriek a lot. I should be decent for warp dice as I'm probably not casting with anyone who doesn't have a spell familiar. All those mandatory rolls on Tzeentch should see me get Siphon once or twice. I'll do my best, anyway!

>> No.50568607

that dreadnought is gonna get zapped on the first turn, the scouts are probably pointless as well.

>> No.50568614

This is awesome.
Also how did you make this style of army list?

>> No.50568633

What happens I give a night lords DP Talons of Night Terror? Are the extra attacks at AP2 because of him being a MC? I don't see why not.

>> No.50568675

How do I keep the dreadnought from getting killed on turn one then? It's probably my favorite model.

>> No.50568683 [SPOILER] 

There is only one objectively correct answer

>> No.50568689

>It's probably my favorite model.

That's why it will get killed immediately

>> No.50568694


MCs are always AP2 unless explicitly stated otherwise, and not merely a weapon profile

>> No.50568711

Have more than one of them if you dont want to lose it from the get go. Dreads are fun for casual games but are worthless in anything serious.

>> No.50568736

>Nurgle turns you into a tough-as-shit living zombie that is also a necromancer and is immune to diseases and pain
>Tzeench gives you badass psychic powers and all kinds of chaos magic and sorcery
>Slaneesh makes you fast as fuck and turns pain into pleasure while also having noise magic and a whole selection of powerful combat drugs that don't fuck up your body
What the fuck does Khorne give? I can't find any of his 'blessings' other than making you angry.

>> No.50568744

I would put it in a drop pod and deploy it on your second turn. Pop a flamer or a melta on it and try to get it behind your opponent for maximum lulz.

>> No.50568748

>collector's wrath of magnus came in today and I get to have it

>> No.50568755

The biggest problem most TS lists have is not enough bodies. Two distraction beatsticks seem like a perfect fix to me.

How are you going to be procing the buff bonus/re-rolling 1s? Just force or are you going to be joining those rubrics with the sorcs?

>> No.50568759

Whats wrong with being angry?

>> No.50568769 [SPOILER] 

Nice work Brother

>> No.50568797

Whats your game plan?

>> No.50568800

It's not a superpower like the other blessings are. You'd think the 'Lord of Battles' would actually give shit that makes you better at them.

>> No.50568812

I'm not really sure. This is my first army and I have only played like 2 games with the dark vengeance models. I guess my game plan is to just have fun?

>> No.50568814

For a good example, check out AoS Slaughterpriests.

Those guys are HUEG. And SWOLE.

Like, huger than Terminators huge. And this is counting for the slight size differences in AoS and 40k.

>> No.50568822


I feel like those 10 Wolf Guard would be better used as Blood Claws or more Grey Hunters. Any remaining points you have left could go to getting your Lord a Thunderwolf mount and another Drop Pod.

>> No.50568823

Help me /tg/. Do I cave in and buy this?
Is it good on tabletop? Does it look good in the physical form?

>> No.50568834

Khorne makes you super swole

>> No.50568835

Khorne prefers a strictly ordered reward structure. Bootstraps yadda yadda shit

>> No.50568845

I wish they'd leak the battleforce formations already. Real curious how they're going to set up the strange admech combo.

>> No.50568886

welcome to the club, brother. which number is yours? mines 159 :)

>> No.50568890

Best game plan of all, anon.

>> No.50568898

Khorne makes you hit shit with the force of a truck and gives you brass balls the size of said truck so that you can climb titans to go for the chewy princeps inside.

You're right, there. Gonna have threats and annoying buzzards all over the place. I'm probably going to leave in Force. I don't need to worry that much about it actually. the Disc Sorcs have a 6++ so it's not that useful on them. Rubrics might rely on Force but unsure if I'll ever get to use it anyway, but the termie sorc can activate Force so his scarab occult get the buff easily. he has the spell familiar, so its efficient.

Don't have enough units to get the re-roll saves of 1 but I have.. Re-roll Perils, Cast additional power above Psyker's ML aaaaand If successful cast, that unit re-rolls all 1s to hit until start of your next psychic phase

>> No.50568903

I already built the wolf guard w/ chainswords and bolters, even popped the little wolf guard emblem on the top of the squad leaders backpack. Forgive me if this is a retarded question, but does that matter? I cant find whether or not I can do that in my codex. Still very new.

>> No.50568907

dont, get some instantmold and take some forms off thousand son details off and put them on a regular contemptor. this one looks like ass.

i cant understand this failure after such great contemptors like alpha legion for example

>> No.50568913

Well, the most obvious solution is to take 8 of them. Then they'll all die on turn two instead.

>> No.50568916

meaning, does that matter if I use them as grey hunters instead of wolfguard. Sorry.

>> No.50568939

>Well, the most obvious solution is to take 8 of them

Bjorn the Fell-Handed has a formation to take a shit-ton of dreadnoughts with him. I suppose that would be something for anon to look into.

>> No.50568969

>meaning, does that matter if I use them as grey hunters instead of wolfguard. Sorry.

No, there is an option to add CCW to grey hunters for 2pts a pop and the emblem only matters if you are playing with the spergiest of neckbeards which is a rarity for the most part, honestly most people will not even notice/realize its the wrong one.

>> No.50568977

what does he get for taking 8 of them then?

>> No.50568984


That's pretty sweet.

The real question is would it be better to have that or the 2+ and +1 cover armor? With a Nurgle Prince, I'm thinking the latter, but then again, I could dump the armor onto a lord/sorcerer.

>> No.50568998

Bjorn, and 2 other Dreadnoughts. All dreads must be Venerable. They get Adamantium Will and Sagaborn. All other Dreads in the Formaiton within 6″ of Bjorn get a 5++ and while Bjorn is alive, all Dreads get rerolls to hit in assault.

>> No.50569001

>the Disc Sorcs have a 6++ so it's not that useful on them
I feel like youre forgetting this
>If a unit with the Veterans of the Long War special rule is affected by a blessing, their invulnerable save is improved by 1 until the start of your next Psychic phase
add this from the war covern
>Oracular Guidance: If a Psyker from a War Cabal successfully manifests a psychic power, the Psyker, and any War Cabal unit he is part of or has joined, can re-roll failed To Hit rolls of 1 until the start of your next Psychic phase
and buffing you rubrics helps a lot. The war covern bonus doesnt help the scarabs at all as they are already twin linked but still. This was why I was worried about your warp charges.

>> No.50569017

I was relatively late in getting the order through, so it's 1212.

>> No.50569019

Not bad, not bad.

>> No.50569039

He doesn't need more stacking cover because he can get a 4+ (he's not going to shoot, is he?) that's improved to 2+ by Shrouded already.

>> No.50569043

well that'll do it if you wanna survive past turn one.

>> No.50569084

the number doesnt matter in regards to delivery :)
be glad to be one of the few chosen ones.

the whole box is pure sex though. especially the psychic cards.

>> No.50569092

>120 KB
> So, do you guys think we'll have to wait until 8th for a new IG Codex? Any thoughts on what they might change?

As GW has not released a codex update in ages, yes there wont be another for 7th.
I fear with their new policy of no rules without models after loosing the Griffon and friends, we are in for another round of bloodletting
-Rough Riders
-Ratlings (only metal)
making the army ever more streamlined. (At least Ogryns remain)
Baneblade (atleast the plastic box variants will be included)
Other then that we can hope more variety with the basic infantry, as they are really lacking compared to more modern kits (Firewarriors, SM...) and the kit* is actually rather old and lacks melta/plasma guns

*I am taking cadian, the other plastic soldiers we will forget, k?

>> No.50569105

Space Wolves

>> No.50569114

kauyon had a update for imperial guard/astra militarum

including detatchment, relics, WL traits formations etc.

>> No.50569118


>> No.50569132

Yeah but even if buffed to 5++, they still have jetbikes and jink would provide a better save in a pinch (I plan to have them be extremely slippery and abuse that 24" turbo boost as much possible).

The rubric buff you're right, I will definitely keep an eye on that.

I've been thinking on where to spend that 10 points I have left and I entertained the idea of giving the termie sorc the Burning Brand and getting rid of the hellfyre missile rack. I lose out on the S8 which is nice for anti-vehicle and the TS aren't exactly lacking in S4 AP3... but this IS ignores cover and torrent on a unit that's meant to deepstrike behind enemy lines.

Would be lulzy to torch a squad in cover after flinging a few spells. What do you think? I'd be at 1999 points.

>> No.50569139


True. Then it's either the extra attacks or the rending claws. I'm thinking the extra attacks because he probably doesn't need shred and rending as a DP

I'll give the raptor lord the orb for a potential -4 fear while fucking with reinforcements.

>> No.50569144


Also the update covered Cadians only even if the formations could be used in other armies, and in any case Guard Infantry Squads are among the oldest standard infantry kits in the game.

>> No.50569163

Rate my list? Want to see if there's a pick up match to be had when I go preorder Imperial Agents on Saturday.

>> No.50569164

I agree, it's very beautiful. I'm loving it a lot.
I just noticed that my numbers are, in their own way, dubs.

>> No.50569178 [DELETED] 


In case you did not know, trump won. You have to go back.

>> No.50569199 [DELETED] 


In case you did not know, this is the wrong board. You have to go back.

>> No.50569200 [DELETED] 

don't start this shit.

>> No.50569207

>adding new stuff for a current codex
that is called a update anon.

>> No.50569211

Pretty gay but I'll admit this is just a pet peeve of mine. I am probably biased.

It's alright. Would play.

What does this meme even mean? Go back to >>>/pol/ you dribbling retard.

>> No.50569213

what goes into droppod?
is it true the dread has a multimelta (if yes, it might be a good candidate)
the grey hunters want a rhino, each. this would be the first thing to buy (razorback kit, google how to use as either rhino or razorback)

the wolflord is bad, its damage output is subpar and he is too slow to get into melee anyway. Consider a psyker (Yes they are psykers, not spiritshamans.....)instead.

>> No.50569223 [DELETED] 

>You have to go back.

Nope, we took the UK, we took the US, we are going to take France, and we are going to take /tg/

Deal with it, xeno shitlord.

>> No.50569245

>of giving the termie sorc the Burning Brand and getting rid of the hellfyre missile rack.
Pretty good idea imo. Im not sold on the hellfyre.

>> No.50569250

>World Eaters
>Non-daemon KDK
Which one should I play?

>> No.50569260

I meant a new version of the codex. so something that works without needing the old codex for profiles etc.

>> No.50569275

>adding new stuff to a current codex with a different book
This is called a supplement, actually. It's not an update.

>> No.50569288

its not even that bad, the one you should be complaining about is the fucking iron warriors one

>> No.50569392 [DELETED] 

you'll get jack shit from us. we're not interesting in the real world.

>> No.50569409

What do you guys think of a fandex Angels of Death Part 2? For the chapters lacking individual gladiuses/formations.

>Black Templars
>Cursed Founding chapters
>Badab War Chapters

inb4 Ultramarines are vanilla, they use lots of special issue ammo(Tyrannic War vets) and have a bigger honor guard than most chapters. Plus they have interesting successor chapters that are a lot different from them such as the Mortifactors and Aurora Chapter.

Also maybe a similar one for Crimson Slaughter and Red Corsairs?

Might as well show it to GW and FW too. I know based on stuff I've heard on /tg/ and things I've sent to GW in the past, that a lot of the new Chaos stuff in Traitor Legions was very much in line with fan suggestions.

Any ideas, /40kg/? Any concept for what you'd like your particular chapter's or warband's decurion to look like?

>> No.50569419

Mark of Khorne, obviously.

>> No.50569446

You mean the Mark of Morkai, who is definitely not Khorne at all, nosir.

>> No.50569454 [DELETED] 

In case you have not been paying attention, Trump is the God-Emperor.

The real world is becoming more grimdark by the minute. Your world=Our world.

Repent now, and we will allow you to serve in a penal battalion instead of giving you a healthy dose of BLAM

>> No.50569458

Collector's Anus

>> No.50569478

damn,whats that from? That kid just got absolutely rekt.

Why is that kid even there? Why would the parents allow this? I dont understand whats happening

>> No.50569488

>inb4 Ultramarines are vanilla
Gladius is literally how the Uldramarines deploy.

>they use lots of special issue ammo(Tyrannic War vets)
Yeah, the Tyrannic War Veterans do. And they already have rules.

>and have a bigger honor guard than most chapters
So make a formation or something.

>Plus they have interesting successor chapters
Because the vast majority of all successors are Ultra stock. But they aren't important enough to cover, notice how most all the other unique decurions were for the original legions? I'm being serious here, I'd much rather GW put more time into developing literally any other faction than put out even more Marine wank.

The sole exception to all of this and I hope they do get covered.

>> No.50569498 [DELETED] 

Yawn. Humanity fighting itself is the opposite of what the Emperor wanted, he in fact took a great crusade across Terra to stop that shit. Trump couldn't resemble the god-emperor less if he tried, you just fell for a meme.

>> No.50569507 [DELETED] 

>ebin maymays: the post
Take this (you) and leave.

>> No.50569513


>free combat bonuses or daemons whenever something dies
>flesh hounds + bikes formation
>at-initiative AP2 sergeants
>daemon space marines get best of both worlds


>your space marines of all types become discount berzerkers for free
>superior relics
>havocs, obliterators
>all the chaos vehicles and vehicle upgrades
>detachment that lets you not-scout everything

>> No.50569519 [DELETED] 

>Humanity fighting itself is the opposite of what the Emperor wanted

It saddens me that you cannot recognize the unification wars when you see them anon.

>> No.50569523

Space Runaway Ideon

>> No.50569537

Just worried about taking away what little anti-tank I have in exchange for MORE anti-infantry. With this, the only surefire AT I have is both maulerfiends. I suppose with a mandatory Tzeentch roll on 8 sorcs, I'm bound to hit at least a single Doombolt, and I suppose I can roll on Heretech a bit to get some Haywire perhaps.

>> No.50569554 [DELETED] 

>We will not surrender our people to the false song of globalism
He's doing the opposite of what the Emperor did, you trumped up stormweenie idiot, if this is bait then kindly git gud at it, if it isn't and is your genuine opinion then you really need to focus on trying to achieve confirmation bias through and through rather than coming here arguing for the existence of a meme in real life.

>> No.50569556

it's spess war anon, it spares no one
Animu is Space Runaway Ideon

>> No.50569566 [DELETED] 


You seem upset. Did your slaanesh fuck you? Did you love it?

>> No.50569583

I would let slaanesh fuck me, just sayin.

>> No.50569586 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

>do not post furry
but wat if i want to talk about Space Wolves

>> No.50569597 [DELETED] 

Ignore the /pol/ poster. Report and move on. The little tyke will tire himself out soon enough.

>> No.50569602 [DELETED] 

>you seem upset
there we are. pack it up boys, no more (You)'s today.

>> No.50569608 [DELETED] 

dont you mean the little kike?

>> No.50569618 [DELETED] 

>Report and move on
What should the reason be for reporting? I cant tell if he is actually breaking any rules since he is talking about 40k

>> No.50569625 [DELETED] 

Rule violation. Brought his /pol/ shit here for no reason.


>> No.50569627 [DELETED] 

>did your slaanesh fuck you? Did you love it?

>> No.50569630 [DELETED] 

it's like chaos taint. the merest hint of /pol/ is enough for a purge.

>> No.50569631

Thoughts on Storm Warden fluff? Just stumbled onto them, pretty much fantasy flights version of relics blood magpies.

>> No.50569632

>> No.50569640 [DELETED] 

/pol/ is /pol/, but of course use your own discretion obviously.

>> No.50569659

>not posting the edited version

>> No.50569666

Should I get Thousand sons? Or should I wait for SOB?

I really love TS but I dont know if they are worth the effort etc..

>> No.50569667


First Founding Marine chapters aren't the only ones to have been wanked to death, look at Eldar and Tau too. You make some good points, if anything Ultramarines and their successors should get like one alteration each but should have to stick to the Gladius.

What other factions would you rather they round out? Orkz and IG in general could also use their own "Angels of Death" equivalents to flesh out the different klanz and regiments, since right now only Goffs and Cadians(the protagonist subfactions) get anything outside of FW.

>> No.50569677

So my local store has a grade A dick bag Chaos player. He doesn't ever beat anyone who's been playing for awhile and mostly noob stomps and talks about how good he is. The problem is if you beat him all he does it bitch about CSM (which I grant is bad, but's worse). I can beat this guy hands down any game but I need to do so in a way to burst his ego so beating him with my Corsairs or Marines isn't much. I'm thinking of maybe trashing him with Harlequins?

>> No.50569682 [DELETED] 


the butthurt is strong with this one

>> No.50569683

Okay Satan, if you really are this interested in SoB that you have to ask here then you should wait. You can throw yourselves into TS wholeheartedly but if Sisters actually happen and they are good you'll regret the decision, much more so if someone else makes it for you.

>> No.50569689

If you're having doubts, wait and read fluff/ watch painting tutorials.

>> No.50569697

Well, I must say painting Magnus is one of the most enjoyably comfy evenings i've had so far. Coincidentally, or perhaps through strange fate, I built him the night before the first snows of winter fell, and painted him at night with a fire going and a hot chocolate in hand. Also T-sons are definitely here, whereas SOB only have one confirmed model. It's really up to you, are you willing to wait?

>> No.50569699

Just dont play with him. If he gets butthurt tell him that you do not think you are compatible with his personality.

>> No.50569719

Harlequins are Eldar so he'll meme on you if you pick them. If you want to trash him with an absolutely shit codex use Orks. No sane person can admit that book has anything good in it aside from Traktor Kannons

>> No.50569730

The Alpha Legion rules say if your Warlord is killed another friendly character becomes your Warlord and generates Warlord traits immediantly.

Does "character" only include HQs or would squad leaders like Aspiring Champions be included as well?

>> No.50569732

Duncan its for noobs.

>> No.50569734

Ah, the path of humbling. I respect that. Though you should be aware that the force of autism surrounding such players generally manifests itself in an odd confirmation bias when they lose. Whatever you beat him with he'll tell you its OP. If you want to beat him and pop his ego beyond all doubt you'd need to run Orks.

>> No.50569736

Sounds like your run of the mill chaos player.

>> No.50569742 [DELETED] 

>that pic
Am I a furry if I'm only in it for the porn?

>> No.50569762

Character means ANYONE with the word "(Character)" in their profile. So yes, squad leaders, too.

>> No.50569763

All characters mate, they are legion.

>> No.50569766

It says Character, so Sergeants do indeed count.


>> No.50569768


That's less attractive an option. I don't play him often but I still have to listen to him yap his fucking mouth and beat new players mercilessly.


I can borrow a friend's Ork army. It won't be hard to beat him, he doesn't play to the mission ever so I'll put a million ObSec models on the table and maybe use that painboy mob formation thing where you get the free round of combat.

>> No.50569770 [DELETED] 

Yes because about 98% of it is the porn

>> No.50569786 [DELETED] 


Yes anon, in fact you are the worst kind of furry. Just the fact that you're posting on /tg/ and not on reddit is enough to make me seriously consider buying Thousand Sons to ensure that you and your entire chapter yiff in the warp.

>> No.50569791 [DELETED] 

In fairness, the 2% of it that isn't porn is heart-warmingly naive. It all turns into porn in the end though.

>> No.50569798


The rules for TS aren't great, unless you rely on the formations.
You'll be waiting ~3 months for the SoB plastic line, rumours say. My main force is sisters, and my birthday is in March so I couldn't be happier.

>> No.50569810

Sounds good to me. Step with conviction, Anon! For you tread the path of righteousness!

>> No.50569815

well. You could always slash his tires when he is in a game before you go into the store.

If you get busted tell him JUST AS PLANNED and blame it on tzeench

>> No.50569828 [DELETED] 

>the 2% of it that isn't porn is heart-warmingly naive
If you find the finest and most purely distilled brand of cringe this side of /mlp/ to be heartwarming, sure. It DOES always turn to porn anyway, so the point's moot regardless.

>> No.50569835


>The rules for TS aren't great, unless you rely on the formations

TS work really well with Raptor Talon and Terminator Annihilation Force though, not just their own stuff.

>> No.50569854 [DELETED] 

no, being a furry means you are fursuiting, convention attending fag who thinks he is an animal.

you just fap to porn

>> No.50569873 [DELETED] 


so being a space wolf player is furry, but fapping to a cartoon fox raping a cartoon bunny with shitting dick nipples is not?

>> No.50569878

CSM, Mechanicus, Imperial Fists.

>> No.50569879 [DELETED] 

>yiff in the warp
Time to buy Space Yiffs so i can hear more of the insults

>> No.50569913 [DELETED] 

>with shitting dick nipples
i do not understand that part

fapping to porn doesn't make you a furry, being obnoxious and cringy fag who thinks he is an animal does

>> No.50569918

Strap your cock in and get ready imm gonna teach you some shit. Ive been playing Space wolves for a few years and I have 6000+ Points painted plus working on 30k wolves now.

The wolf lord: Bad loud out you got. PUT THAT NIGGER ON A THUNDER WOLF.
Yes keep his two dogs and put them in base contact behind him so when you need them you can look out sir and always be able to grab them. Imagine grabbing a dog and putting in front of you to soak up a gun shot, you have now bought him two extra wounds for 16 POINT MY NIGGA. Always worth. New Iron priest and crazy amounts of Rune priest are good too, Abuse those 6 HQ SLOTS. YEA bitch I said it.

Wolf Scouts: Never buy, never use, R BAD.

Wolf Guard: Are cool when you load them out with cheap but effecive stuff. Like 10 all with storm bolters and power swords. The load out you have on them is useless and would save more points just making them gray hunters.

FUNDERWULF MOTHER FUCKING CALV: Oh baby my favorite units. One of the best units in the book still used in crazy tounry list to this day. Do the math like this. If you dont have the points to give them good weapons then dont fucking take them. 1 guy is 40, a power fist and storm shield is also 40 so 80 points each usually best served with the THUNDERWOLF LORD described before attached to them to tank.

Grey hunters: Only use if you are going to use 10 with 2 special weapons plus a combi weapon, in most case just pay for the cheaper small units of blood claws as like a tax to dump points into Elite, fast attack and HQ choices. If your list is half HQ points you doing it wrong my man.

Drop pod: Are good, but its always about what you put in them. Try... 5 WOLF GUARD WITH COMBI MELTAS, or 10 if you crazy, first blood Imperial knights, Bane blades, anything with fucking armor value, watch as opponent weeps salty tears.

Dreads: If you want one, take Bjorn, Murder balls, axe and sheilf, or a great wolf claw for cheap.

>> No.50569934 [DELETED] 


>i do not understand that part

mere porn is not enough for the eternal furfag, soon his deviancy grows worse and worse in an ever-descending spiral

>> No.50569951

What's your favorite/the most important part of the hobby for you?

I really enjoy modelling my army but ultimately my favorite thing and the thing that drives me is the social element of the hobby. I love sitting down after a day's worth of games with my friends and talking about what went well, what didn't, etc. I never thought I'd enjoy tournaments but I've been to a few recently and they're actually really fun.

>> No.50569958

this picture has a severe lack of cyberwolves

>> No.50569962

morkai is merely a spelling error
its original name is MoreKhorne

>> No.50569977

>Drop pod
wait, can you put motherfucking wolf pack in a drop pod?

>> No.50569981

The drop 2 rubrics and give the guy the burning brand of skalathrax for more shooty

>> No.50569987


Morkai is not Khorne, otherwise the Space Wolves would have been corrupted long time ago. Remember Morkai's power SUPPRESSES Khorne's blessing on the axe(most of the time).

>> No.50569998

You need CSM to beat him. Every other codex he wil complain

>> No.50570009

The only way to get the actual dogs in a transport is if they are attached to a..... Well actually come to think of it I think they are bulky and I dont see why you couldent just put 8 of them in a crusader.

>> No.50570014

I dont have a thunderwolf HQ But I do have Ragnar blackballs.

What are your thoughts on him?

>> No.50570020


This. What Legion does he play btw?

You should bring a CSM power list. Something like the new EC formation, Black Legion terminator alpha strike, or Death Guard with huge numbers of plague bikes and plague havocs.

>> No.50570031

>SWfags will actually defend their chapter having a legit artefact of Chaos
>use the same excuse Russ did to get out of Nikaea
You literally cannot make this shit up. Even Crowe of GK fame cannot get away with casually ignoring the warp taint in his chosen weapon.

>> No.50570071

Space Wolf damage control?
Corruption can be subtle

>> No.50570092

Why are wolf scouts bad? Scouts in general are not that terrible, what makes space furry ones shit?

>> No.50570130

Remember it was Morkai who laughed when Magnus was wounded as the axe is supercleansed by the finest SpaceWolf CSM-artefact-collectors (not even the Blood Ravens can do that, havin a world spirit who lends their totally-not-psykers powers can do miracles)

>> No.50570137

btw you guys are talking that Sisters of Battle are being released soon but isn't it the same as Adepta Sororitas?
honest question

>> No.50570153

DP ain't worth 310 points unless he's smacking bitches left and right. He's got a pimpin' melee statline, so use it.

Rubrics need Rhinos. If it can take a Rhino, it should take a Rhino.

Scarab Occult are too expensive to throw in reserve with no rerolls or scatter mitigation. Doubly so if you're sticking a Terminator Sorcerer with them. Just throw all your dice at Ectomancy and hope to teleport around the table (Soulswap'ing with summoned Daemons is always fun).

>> No.50570154


How do you mean?
My buddy is going to be getting TS. I want to advise him on how to use them, so they're not too underwhelming.

>> No.50570157

I guess I could. And keep the Missile rack you mean? I'll try it out and see what works better. I have to shoot everything at the vehicle if I want to attack it with the missiles, which means the brand and combi-bolters are wasted, sadly..

>> No.50570160

What should I put in my EC army besides bikers and noise marines?

>> No.50570162

Not the wolf anon that you were talking to, but I can tell you this: Ragnar is a cool model but still, he's slow as fuck. I would not take him in a list where he is the only HQ, you really REALLY want your HQ on a thunderwolf.

>> No.50570202


Raptor Talon:
Lord can carry Seer's Bane, enemy locked in combat with two squads of Warp Talons gets -2 Ld, Lord wounds on 2+ with at-inititative AP2 daemon weapon. Also, Warp Talons are basically melee rubrics.

Terminator Annihilation Force:
Take Sorcerer + termicide squads, enjoy having combi-weapons and AP2 weapons while still getting the 3++ for being thousand sons.

>> No.50570205

careful the poster you are replying to sounds like a typical SW-player i.e. drunken idiot.

I think the problem with SW scouts is that they are not TROOPS but an elite choice and more expensive for little real gain then SM scouts.

>> No.50570210


>> No.50570212


Yes, They're the same.
Just like Space marines are to Adeptus Astartes.

>> No.50570226


It drags my dick through the dirt. He is really bad. He is an expensive named character with a 3+ armor, 4+ invul, no eternal warrior.

A build your own Wolf lord would kill him 1v1 every time for the points.

I would only take him in a squad of Wulfen for the lulz.

The best named charcters in the book are.

Arjac Rockfist AKA BUTTCRACK COCKFIST: He has Strength fucking 10, good armor, good Invul, 2 wounds, ETERNAL WARRIOR, and can THROW HIS FUCKING STRENGTH 10 HAMMER.

Lukas, Always play Lukas Against Chaos fags, try to get him against their most expensive chaos lord and blow his shit out the frame.

Worst characters are:

GODDAMN CANIS WOLFBORN AKA ACTUAL NIGGER SYMPATHIZER. He has no fucking invul, NONE, fucking 3+ armor.


>> No.50570233

Kult Ov Speed

>> No.50570242

a sorcerer might be good
remember to never mix bastmaster sonic blaster and doom siren.
rhinos with dirge caster
some ranged heavy weapon that are cheaper then blastmasters

>> No.50570245

>In the distance, thunder rumbled long and loud. Only the psykers present heard it for what it was – the laughter of the Blood God himself
No it was khorne mate. Unless you're saying Morkai is the blood god?

>> No.50570249

Sicarans and Sonic Dreads if you have access to FW.

Daemonettes and Seekers if you want to take Daemon allies.

Heldrakes and Maulerfiends if you want to stick purely with units from the CSM codex.

>> No.50570280

just making fun of the SW cant do anything wrong EVAR crowd

>> No.50570283

I hate how the models will never reflect how cool and ornate Slaaneshi armour is in the art

>> No.50570294

Not that guy, but what is this Black Legion terminator alpha strike you speak of? I have some chaos termis ready to deploy

>> No.50570295


Doesn't have to be warp talons, but they're nice for the potential 3++ save.

I think it would be funny to ally a thousand sons detachment to night lords, who can drop a bigger Ld Penalty, though its largely not needed.

>> No.50570306

Yes this is why. They can not be spammed for cheap to take troop slots like in normal space marines. Which is such a cancer thing to do. God I love 30 ruleset. They are also elites.

>> No.50570325

If the KSons line is any indication, Slaanesh CSM are going to be glorious if/when they ever get a 40k update.

>> No.50570327

Well, you have been incredibly informative and I appreciate the advice. I guess I'll buy myself a wolflord on TWC and a Lukas model. Change the wolfguard to grey hunters, drop the scouts, and pick up some bloodclaws.

>> No.50570343

How does your army deal with Riptides?

>> No.50570345

I don't play CSM, but I really hope they go down the Sigvald route instead of "IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND ORNATE IT IS UGLY TO ALL WHO GAZE UPON IT" or some shit that gives them an excuse to make them ugly as sin.

>> No.50570353

>I guess I'll buy myself a wolflord on TWC
Just buy another pack of TWC, add 2 of them to your existing pack and make the third your HQ. More bang for your buck as opposed to buying the named model.

>> No.50570372

Yes Wolf brother. Get some rune priest, and a rune priest on a bike. The basic Space wolf infantry kit gives you enough shit to custom make rune priest, wolf guard, grey hunters, blood claws, wolf lords, WGBL.

Also I love that imperial knight kit and I want it but the Imperial knight rules make me vomit directly into my cock. Me and my friend read it and he instantly looked up at me and said.
"What is this fucking book fair 1,001 jokes book?"

>> No.50570389

If he takes the new Kakophoni formation, it might actually be worth mix and matching squads now. The blastmaster can split fire off to hit far away targets while the sonic blasters shred closer threats.

>> No.50570399

Application of 1 magnus or liberal use of psychic screams and doombolts

>> No.50570407

Wait, I don't understand your problem with Imperial Knights? Explain.

>> No.50570414

something in my head screams "high model cost" but ITS NOT LOUD ENOUGH

>> No.50570421


>> No.50570450 [SPOILER] 

This sexy motherfucker :^)

>> No.50570457

I'm sorry. Forgeworld Knights are good. Better rules better models.

GW codex Imperial knights is gimmicky, jokey, not worth the point, fucking moon cricket clown shoes.
No but really I love the models I just think the are not worth the points.

Also... a fucking heavy stubber? Really?

>> No.50570464

Really?! How does this exactly work?
Is Magnus viable?
I play a lot vs inperial fist, space yoff, artillery ultras and fucking eldar.

>> No.50570494


GW Imperial Knights are great, what are you talking about? I agree on the Heavy Stubber, but what? Nah mate.

The Questoris Magaera is actually the worst Knight in the game for it's points. https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/resources/PDF/Datasheets/Magaera.pdf

>> No.50570503


You don't understand what the heavy stubber is there for?

I'm not asking to be an asshole but it seems so obvious.

>> No.50570518

Free tag for assault, that is why stubber.

>> No.50570524

>literally the most point-efficient LoW in the game that is not a Wraithknight or Warlord Titan
>not worth the points

>> No.50570534


I know why it's there. Its still no an excuse. Make it a heavy bolter, an auto cannon, anything else.

>> No.50570537

Is this bait, or just new guy who doesn't get it?

>> No.50570546


So then explain why it's there. If you understand it you'll also understand why things like the lancer knight aren't as good.

>> No.50570562

It's already been posted, and this is either bait, or retardation beyond measure.

>> No.50570567


So are you pretending to be retarded or actually retarded?

>> No.50570581

You pepper people to assault them.
It's skyfire weapon is a joke.
Rapid fire battle cannon gimmick horse water.

>> No.50570593

Dog, are you drunk? Go to bed.

>> No.50570595

desu, compared to other gods, life on a slaaneshi conquered planet wouldn't be too bad. It's really just a pleasure orgy until you either get sacrificed or your heart gives out, or the planet gets purged by SM, then Slaanesh eats you. Compared to mindless murder, insanity, or wasting disease it's not a bad deal.

>> No.50570600

Nigger let me tell you a thing or two about point-inefficient lords of war.

>> No.50570603


So pretending to be retarded. Good know -I can hide your posts and move on.

>> No.50570612

Yes, yes I do.
Do it, it is worth it! I've only painted the one but it was a blast
No chaos marines yet 40 cultists, 2 champions with shotguns, 1 chaos lord, 1 hellbrute. The cultists are all getting painted wild-west themed
Try making some friends

>> No.50570641

Magnus has two strength D attacks and a 2++ rerolling ones with the exalted sorcs behind him casting cursed earth and magnus having the grimoire.

>> No.50570661

Yall really that upset?
There is no way the giant Robot could be bad!
It get beat the fuck up by the other Giant robots in his weight class. Storm surges, wraith knights.
It'll die to less than its own points in grav fire.
Every one is super omega anal blasted and like. Holy shit dude are trolling? Dude The new star wars movie wasent that good either. I said it.

>> No.50570664

Can Magnus even take rewards/artefacts?

>> No.50570671

Learn to play warhammer, fucking slobs

>> No.50570683

calling in an orbital bump

>> No.50570688


>> No.50570689

Nope. But a 120 point Herald of Tzeentch can.

>> No.50570692

Where'd you get that collared coat on the cultist big guy on the left?

>> No.50570694


It's cool, I'm not in the top 10 ITC knight players or top 200 ITC players currently.

>> No.50570709

>There are two GMCs better than it.
>If you are awful with shields and target priority it could die to less than its points.
>107.9999999999999 grav shots if no doctrine/ amp.
Shitpost more please, you contribute to the thread.

>> No.50570712

>Storm surges
Get absolutely raped by a Knight if it ever reaches melee. If not, did you really thing you could beat the Tau in a shooting contest? The Stormsurge is the second most powerful LoW, behind...
>wraith knights
They are literally a meme because of how criminally undercosted and overpowered they are. They're not good for measuring anything against.
Literally the cancer killing 40k and just as overpowered. Try again.

Knights are good, fucking look at traditional LoW like Baneblades and named characters except Khaine for examples of what they have to compete with in that slot. Just because it gets killed by cheese doesn't mean it's awful.

>> No.50570726

He's a model from a dark vengeance set, ordered 20 cultists for 20$ on ebay twice. the savings made me happy. Also, the other cultist champion is the same model but converted a little

>> No.50570727

>magnus having the grimoire
fook, meant herald

>> No.50570739

See Me on table Niggas.

>> No.50570745

>knights are good as long as you don't measure them against the traditional benchmarks of a good lord of war

>> No.50570749


I have friends. None of them play because it's too expensive, but it's ok for them to drop $200-300 on MTG every month.

>> No.50570758

>two meme units
>traditional benchmarks

>> No.50570760


Sure - I'll head to Dicehead on your next big event and shove your shit in.

>> No.50570771

Filthy casuals defending their 100+ dollar model that, point for point, sucks eggs.

>> No.50570783

120 points of gretchin controlled Kannons.

>> No.50570784

why would a casual buy imperial knights?

>> No.50570788

>I'm not retarded, that's impossible! You're all wrong!

>> No.50570797

Cool story, Knights are trash.
"Look, I'm in the top 10 ITC Ork players huehue"

There are bane blade variants better than it. Stop reaching.

"KNIGHTS ARE GOOD! Everything better than a Knight is just cancer Overpowered!" - Actual Casual spotted

>> No.50570809

So who wants to add
>knights are trash
to the bingo board?

>> No.50570811

Working on a new Eldar Corsairs list - I need someone for my Prince to hang out with, strongly considering Shining Spears. Any thoughts?

>> No.50570815

I'm not the wolf guy you idiot. I just understand Knights suck.

>> No.50570825

>"KNIGHTS ARE GOOD! Everything better than a Knight is just cancer Overpowered!"
But it's the truth. Knights are actually pretty balanced units, as evidenced by the fact that they contend reasonably with everything that isn't cheese. If the cheese did not roll over them, it would not be cheese.

>> No.50570827


Look up the new Black Legion rules.

>> No.50570833

is there a pdf/epub/mobi of traitors hate available?
i have the book but having it in digital would be nice.

>> No.50570834


Where are you at in the ITC rankings? Top 50? Top 10?

>> No.50570840

You're from Tennessee? You read like you can barely speak English.

>> No.50570849



>> No.50570855

How the fuck are you supposed to make a TSons army that even has a tiny chance of working? They're somehow less points efficient than GK. What the fuck

I can't seem to figure out a way to get more than 10~ WC on the table without having a tiny tiny amount of guys, either. Everything is so hilariously overpriced. Fuck you GW.

>> No.50570857

You know what is great? A Khorne Daemon Knight with a Grimoire Herald and Cursed Earth. 2++ and d3 extra attacks.

>> No.50570858

Balanced doesn't cut it in 40k my man. It sucks to say, but good doesn't equal balanced anymore.

>> No.50570860


>> No.50570864

Spears are alright but take a look at Reavers too. Their Caltrops are no joke and the Prince will usually take care of whatever's left after the Reavers are done with their gimmick. If you have the detachments and points to make it work, a Banshee Mask Autarch does wonders for such a unit but the whole thing can get pricey depending on how many bikes you bring. That said, an Autarch is fucking hilarious with Sky Burners so you'll get some extra use out of him if you run them alongside him.

>> No.50570875

>Balanced doesn't cut it in 40k
He means balanced in the current meta, it used to be considered blatantly overpowered.

>> No.50570877

Not wolf fag, but you're geographically stereotyping without posting where you're from.

Kinda sound like a scaredy-balls.

>> No.50570888


I've looked at Reavers but we play with ITC rules and I really want to run a Harlequin Cast of Players in my list so I wouldn't be able to get access to Dark Eldar.

>> No.50570891

You literally cannot, that's why everyone has been talking about how trash the dex is and getting mad at the fuckers being like "no guys omg its not that bad you're just doing it wrong lol get gud"

It's why GW community site had to post a "how to build 1ksons army" damage control article that right out the gate was like "its really really challenging but when you do it right its totally good, honest!"

>> No.50570896

When was the imperial knight overpowered?! Did I miss something?

>> No.50570904


>> No.50570906

Right up until Wraithknights became GCs and were suddenly better in basically every way for 75% of the points.

>> No.50570918

The meta kneejerked when a codex dropped that let you play an entire army made up of LoW. Then people sat down and figured out how to beat them. Pure Knights are mid-tier but the unit really shines when used as the LoW support to another army, such as WarConvo.

Also, since Knights, we've had the Wraithknight buff, Stormsurge, and recent shittery like Magnus and Horrors powercreeping around.

>> No.50570931

Not trashing Tennessee, just surprised he was from a majority English-speaking area.

>> No.50570940


I read that article and you basically can't get any of it work under 1850. Which I guess could be fine if they'd at least built the fucking codex to work at 1850. I'm pretty damn sure some of the list ideas they put up don't even fit into 1850 points. Plus they don't actually say anything of value.

Their suggestions were
>Take Ahriman (230~) points and a bunch of Rubrics and Tzaangors on foot
Wow thanks for the fucking tip GW. What a great army idea.
>Take like 5 ExSorcs and the rest Tzaangors
Yeah I'll get right on it you stupid fucking fucks
>Take Magnus and the Sekhmet Conclave
This is basically 1850 on its own and can't kill anything and will die to a single Assassin or just a bunch of guardsmen.

I'm so fucking happy I cancelled my pre-ordered at the last minute.

>> No.50570943

Psychic Shriek

>> No.50570947


For the Omnisiah!

>> No.50570962


Massed poison shooting.

>> No.50570974

Ah. Well then, Khorne, your only real choices there are the Spears or... Well, the Spears, since if I remember correctly the Cast of Players has a set loadout in which you can't take bikes.

Unless you wanted to pal around with Cloud Dancers, Windriders or more bizarrely Swooping Hawks, which all suck more than Spears ever could, that's all you have.

>> No.50570976

>I cancelled my pre-ordered at the last minute
We get it you cancelled your pre-order. Stop posting about it.

>> No.50570979

Militarum Tempestsus

>> No.50570983


I haven't had to yet but I assume the answer is either

>send jetpack elves to shoot it in the dick with over 9000 meltas
>send tank elves to shoot it in the dick with D-Cannon thing

>> No.50570997


kek that's the first time I've mentioned it. I'm not the other anon who cancelled.

There's no way to prove this but I assure you it's true. I actually did cancel when /40kg/ spooked me into realizing it'd probably be shit, though.

>> No.50571023


Yeah cast is limited to basically a troupe + seer + jester.

And yeah those are my thoughts on other accompanying units - he's a combat model, I'd rather have him with a combat unit. That said I wouldn't mind reworking the formation to go with Cegorach's revenge which would net me some Skyweaver bikes but I don't know if they're a better option than Spears.

>> No.50571036


Give him a jetpack and shadow field like a MAN and charge into combat with half-dead slaaneshi-bait elves, anon.

>> No.50571047

Night Lords crusade

Daemon Prince of Nurgle
Wings, Talons of Night Terror, Combat Familiar

Raptor Talon
Lord w/ Claws, Viox, and Aura
Raptors w/ Melta and Combi
Raptors w/ Melta and Combi
Raptors w/ Flamers and dual LC

Sorcerer with Force axe, ML3, and Combi plas
Terminators x3 w/combi plas x2 and LCx2
Terminators x3 w/ Combi plas
Terminators x3 w/ Combi plas

This is my skeleton for my night lords I think. It comes out to 1249 points, which is nice.


>> No.50571049

I kinda want to get this mentality out that having a single Imperial Knight is "OP". It's not. They're the Imperial Knights' TEQ. It's fair if they can have one if you bring some Termies or a Land Raider. If they bring multiple and in the Wing, then yes that is pretty cheesy.

Also Scions Aspirant are shit. They're just expendable meatshields. Having a whole army oriented around them would be incredibly boring. If Imperial Knights had the same love that Genestealers then that would be fine.

A "fun" army to play against is something that tries to bring all the neat units into the battle in a combined arms fashion. Not just spamming any one single unit. A good Knight player would know that some well supported Knight Warden is a cheaper and arguably better source of anti infantry fire power than the other units.

I'm so tired of hearing non Imperial Knight players complain about "muh Paladins or muh Crusaders" They're there in the codex, they have a purpose, just like the FWs.source then any of the Cerastus. Just because you get butthurt at the cheesemongers doesn't mean that the other Imperial Knight players have to stop using a particular unit. Quit bitching.

>> No.50571053

Is there any real evidence of a sisters update or is it just trolling?

>> No.50571062

Literally the thread's second post

>> No.50571066

I legitimately dont get the hate. TS without demons make no sense to me and thats all they need to work. People bitching they cant run 30 elites whose entire purpose is anti-MEQ are idiots.

>B...b..but thats the fluff
No it is. TS are tiny in number and would rather shove peasants and demons in front of them to catch bullets.

>> No.50571069


Night Lords can't have a mark of Nurgle. Also you need moar lightning claws.

I'm curious as to what's going to be footslogging. Something has to start on the board and if it dies before your turn you lose. So I guess your plan is just to hide the DP in cover and hope you go first so everything else can arrive?

>> No.50571083

Anons, I'm starting a Consecrators army, what do I add in addition to these?

Interrogator Chaplain with Plasma Pistol
3x10man Tac Squads with Power Sword, Plasma Gun, Pistol, and Cannon.

>> No.50571084


>Receive codex-sized update
>It downgrades you to becoming a supplement to Codex: Chaos Daemons

You really can't afford to have enough ML to summon more Daemons anyway.

>> No.50571085


I've strongly considered it but the issue is that the unit is going to get absolutely toasted before it makes combat if I dump too much into it. It gets closer and closer to a foot deathstar which I'm just not fond of.

>> No.50571112

Looks pretty nice to me, anon. If you bump it up to 1500 I would try going for as many cheap bodies as you can to pad it out.

Not a Mark, a Daemon Prince. They always have to take a god and can do so in every Legion, even ones that can't take marks.

>> No.50571117

You're responding to a guy who actually thinks knights are weak btw.
Also comparing knights to termies is kinda bullshit, not going to lie.

But yes people are still reeling from the meta shift that followed the easily accessible LOW option. Most armies can counter knights if they are expecting them, so long as they aren't joining an already OP list, and are expected they don't present a real problem to game balance.

>> No.50571121


I run (almost) all jetpack elves so I just try to be sneaky and screen with shitty units. This probably won't work if your list isn't mostly jetpack elves and MSU, though.

>> No.50571132

That's not evidence. Well there be new models or same old metal/resin casts?

>> No.50571137

>he doesn't know

>> No.50571146

>summon more Daemons anyway.
I didnt say anything about summoning. A herald and two packs of 11 horrors is 7 extra warp charges. Use siphon magic one one of your sorcs and get off free spells after they casts. Youve got fuck all AV so you're probably rolling for Doombolt anyway.

>> No.50571159

I just that one new model.

>> No.50571169

No one knows but GW. They are probably building up hype in preparation to something. They wouldn't release a new model for an army they are going to squat.

>> No.50571173


The DP doesn't have a mark, it's a Daemon of Nurgle, and yea. I can have the DP start by itself because it has a Stealth, Shroud, and +1 cover on turn 1. Then with Jink, it's got a 2+ cover anyway.

I'd like to fit more claws, but I'm at the points limit.


I was thinking a small CAD because I have tons of HH bodies and spare plasma guns, even if they're just on foot because free stealth. I could take a sorcerer with armor of shadows and/or a raptor lord with armor or rending claws.

Not sure yet.

>> No.50571190

Of course not, squatting implies that they'd be quietly removed from the setting entirely. Sisters of Battle would still be mentioned in the fluff, just unplayable, like the Adeptus Arbites.

>> No.50571213

>The DP doesn't have a mark, it's a Daemon of Nurgle, and yea

Yeah I derped hard. Sorry m8.

> I can have the DP start by itself because it has a Stealth, Shroud, and +1 cover on turn 1. Then with Jink, it's got a 2+ cover anyway.

Fair enough anon. If something does manage to kill it, you lose. If they don't you'll probably win because a bunch of plasma Termis and Raptors with -4Ld checks on the fear tests are going to be too much for most to deal with at 1250.

>> No.50571215

>space snails
Those are Nautilus you uncultured swine

>> No.50571256

They're huge and in space you hypercorrect moron, I can call them ammonites or space snails if I want and it won't make much of a fucking difference.

>> No.50571271

which one is better idea, traitor legions or wrath of magnus?
Is wrath of magnus worth it?

>> No.50571283

Scions + =][= + Assassins + Imperial Knights + AdMech + Deathwatch (Force of the Imperium Ordo Xenos Style)
Chaos Daemon

>> No.50571290


The plural is nautili (or nautiluses if you're a faggot), you uncultured swine


Shut up retard they're clearly space nautili. Would you call a force sword a force axe because it's in space and magical so it doesn't matter what you refer to it as?

>Oh you don't get to roll that save, my power maul is AP2
>what? no power axes are AP2
>same shit it's in space, I meant power axe. It's a power maul. There are no axes in space ok?

>> No.50571293

Traitor Legions has all of the TS rules that WoM does so if that's what interests you then go for TL.

>> No.50571303

Why do I feel like I'm being set up to be disappointed...

>> No.50571311

I was going to get WOM but new fluff seems pretty shitty and I wasnt sure about it, seems kind of pricey but I am a big TS fan so I am unsure if it is a must.

>> No.50571326

>I read that article and you basically can't get any of it work under 1850. Which I guess could be fine if they'd at least built the fucking codex to work at 1850. I'm pretty damn sure some of the list ideas they put up don't even fit into 1850 points. Plus they don't actually say anything of value.

It seems like GW wants people playing larger games than 1850.

>> No.50571337

Pretty sure in UK Land 2k is the norm, iirc. In Burger Land 1850 is the norm.

>> No.50571338


It's cool. I had to double check myself before I made the list.

It's definitely high risk high reward, though. Funny enough, I kinda wish there was a non core option to get some bodies on the table. The Warband is great, but I kinda get screwed with Raptors being core if I want to remain fluffy.

I suppose a hell pack with Hellbrutes would be ok. They don't have to be demonic because dead batmans are pretty crazy. I'd have to get another because I only have the two HH dreads.

>> No.50571349

Hey is it worth getting both WOM and Traitor Legions?

>> No.50571352

Anyone have a rundown of the new traitors legions formations?

>> No.50571364


>> No.50571370


>> No.50571396


Oh right I kind of forgot about that. I usually play <1850 anyway.



>> No.50571412

Harder than you think with that 72" wide base.

>> No.50571413


Maybe they gave up on 1500 since everyone still plays 1850.

>> No.50571420

Wait, is that a real rule? I wouldn't put it past GW at this point.

>> No.50571430


Do the math on splinter shots. It's not viable. Takes something like 110+ splinter shots or 15+ dark lances to kill a basic riptide without nova shield or fnp

>> No.50571442

>what I hear verytime someone capitalizes the "o" in "WoM"


>> No.50571453

You want to get down to brass tacks on a throwaway post?

Consider that the space snail in that picture is
a) in space
b) so huge it can be seen from the foreground
c) a Tyranid.
No nautilus has ever or will ever do any of those things, nor any other known cephalopod for that matter, so it is not, in fact, a nautilus. Thus, any name I give to that creature is an approximation. Does it look like a nautilus? Is it directly inspired by one? Yes. Does it look like a giant space snail with tentacles? Yes it does.

>the power axe argument
Nice strawman, but we're not debating anything with a tangible effect on anything to the point that it has to be written in a list before playing, and in fact this creature probably doesn't even exist in the canon anymore. That's right, we are at the moment arguing on a Mongolian animal husbandry forum about what creature from Earth we should use as a naming basis for a nonexistent ship in a fictional universe.

>> No.50571459

Imperial Knights

>> No.50571460

Something I've wondered about. We know about Space Marine recruitment-- how, despite ever-present aspirent death and failure, the trials aspirants go through can be relatively peaceful and dignified, though recruits are often chosen from death worlds where human life struggles to survive.
It can also be a brutal affair that involves forces aspirents to the willful kill of other aspirants, even among loyal and pure chapters, and that these would-be Space Marines are rarely if ever older than 14 years.
But what about the induction of recruits by the Chaos Space Marines? Is it the same, just "more brutal and evil?"
I honestly know nothing about CSM recruitment other than they are often forced to steal loyalist geneseed as theirs is often too corrupt for use.

>> No.50571473

Most games here in bongland are played at 1500 actually. I don't have a clue about tournaments, though.

>> No.50571474

Thoughts on the following Eldar Corsairs/Craftworld Eldar/Harlequins list? Using ITC format.

Corsair Raiding Party - Command Crew
>Corsair Prince - Void Sabre, Shadowfield, Cloud Dancer, Reaper of the Outer Dark

Corsair Coterie - Hate Bringers
>Void Dreamer - Mastery Level 3, Shadowfield, Cloud Dancer
>3x Cloud Dancers - 3x Scatter Lasers
>Warp Hunter Squadron - 2x Warp Hunters, Kinetic Fields

Corsair Coterie - Sky Burners
>Corsair Baron - Shadowfield
>5x Reavers - Jet Packs, Felarch, 2x Fusion Blasters
>5x Reavers - Jet Packs, Felarch, 2x Fusion Blasters
>5x Reavers - Jet Packs, Felarch, 2x Fusion Blasters
>5x Balestrike Band - Jet Packs, 4x Shruiken Cannon

Eldar Allied Detachment
>Farseer - Skyrunner, Spirit Stone of Anathalan
>3x Windriders - 3x Scatter Lasers
>4x Shining Spears - Autarch w/Star Lance

Cast of Players
>6x Troupe - 2x Caress, Master w/Caress
>Shadowseer - Mastery Level 2
>Death Jester

Prince hangs out with Shining Spears - Farseer with Skyrunners, and Void Dreamer with Cloud Dancers. The idea for the psykers to is to be mobile and get key re-rolls on specific units when necessary.

>> No.50571487

1500 sounds nice.

>> No.50571501

>That's right, we are at the moment arguing on a Mongolian animal husbandry forum about what creature from Earth we should use as a naming basis for a nonexistent ship in a fictional universe.

Yes, because the correct answer is that the pictured creature is clearly a giant Tyranid space nautilus (or in the case of the group, nautili :^) and not a space snail. If it were on the ground it could be a space snail (assuming eg. it lives on asteroids or other objects without atmosphere but with an identifiable "ground"). It is not on the ground, it is a space nautilus.

Don't be silly, anon. It is obviously completely certain that the pictured creature is correctly referred to as a space nautilus and not a space snail.

Speaking of which I would like to note that space nautili are far superior to space snails
>space nautilus has tentacles, can star in Japanese pornography OR crush flimsy Eldar ships into pieces
>space nautilus has a more aesthetically pleasing shell shape
>space nautilus can probably maneuver way better than space snail (or, for that matter, space slug)
>space nautilus isn't a slimy gross piece of shit that dies to a bit of salt

tl;dr it's a space nautilus mother fucker

>> No.50571505


It's closer to 96 splinter cannon shots to down one factoring in FnP but no nova shield.That's roughly 8 venoms

>> No.50571510


Also, I don't HAVE to keep units from the RT or TAF in reserve. If I feel the DP is in danger of an untimely death, I can keep a unit or two on the table. The only threat there is drop pods with flamers, I think.

>> No.50571518


>> No.50571528

Or anything Tau, or Hunter's Eye, or Perfect Timing, or Emperor's Wrath...

>> No.50571563


The goal there is to keep him out of LoS, then. DPs aren't actually that big.

>> No.50571572

>space nautilus has tentacles, can star in Japanese pornography OR crush flimsy Eldar ships into pieces
hot t b h

>> No.50571585


Nids and Cult

>> No.50571590

Emperor's Wrath and AoD bullshit don't give a shit about LoS.

>> No.50571604


I have no idea what any of the Harlies stuff does so I can't really comment on that. The Corsairs stuff all looks good to me. I would note that Balestrikes aren't usually the best use of points but I also like using them (either as 5x DL or exactly how you have them). You should have enough Scatter Lasers and Fusion Blasters to deal with most big threats.

However I'm a bit confused as to what your Baron is supposed to be doing. He's there to tank wounds for one of the MSU Fusion Blasters units, I guess? I usually give mine a Shimmerfield but they go in units of 10+ dudes to make sure it's not a total waste of money. So maybe the Shadowfield is fine.

>> No.50571637


Well, then I guess I leave a few models on the table. It's not that hard. It's also 1250 points. Any more than that, and I will have more bodies anyway.

>> No.50571655

First attempt at a new ITC Emperor's Children List:

(Primary) Faction Daemons:
Daemon Lord formation:
Keeper of Secrets, Soulstealer, two Greater Rewards, Mastery Level Three

Faction Chaos Space Marines:
Raperous Cohort (or whatever it was) Detachment:
Kakophoni formation:
Chaos Lord: Intoxicating Elixir 25, Lightning Claw, MoS [bike?]
Noise Marines: 5xMarines, Blastmaster, 3xSonic Blasters, Doom Siren
Chaos Rhino
Noise Marines: 5xMarines, Blastmaster, 3xSonic Blasters, Doom Siren
Chaos Rhino
Noise Marines: 5xMarines, Blastmaster, 3xSonic Blasters, Doom Siren
Chaos Rhino
Chaos Spawn formation:
1xChaos Spawn: Mark of Slaanesh

Allied Detachment (Alpha Legion) [maybe word bearers?]:
Sonic Dreadnought: Warp Amp, Blastmaster, Heavy Flamer
Chosen Squad: 5xMarines, 3xplasma guns
Vindicator Squadron: 3xVindicators, 3xDaemonic Possessions, 3xDozer Blades, Perdus Rift Anomaly
Total: 1820

Big choices seem to be either full Kakophoni or the Linebreaker squad (because the only thing that could be louder than the Noise Marines would be three vindicators). Keeper of Secrets or multiple Sorcerers.

>> No.50571725

Do the people in the WIP thread even play the game?
I wonder how they feel when they play against people who are nowhere near their level of painting

>> No.50571746


Yeah my thought was he goes with the Balestrikes to tank wounds for them while they pump out shots. I also agree regarding Balestrikes but they're a sacrifice to rule of cool. Plus I figure they aren't entirely awful - they should be able to help me get the bonus VP from the hatebringer target.

The general gist on the Harlequin stuff is:

WS5/I6/2A - Pistol/CCW, Fear, Fleet, Furious Charge, Hit and Run, Ignore all Terrain
>Caress - When rolling to wound a 6 counts as AP 2, when attacking a vehicle a roll of a 6 to hit is a glancing hit

Shadowseer - Basic psyker, default power (main goal) is a blessing, if successful when the unit is targeted by a shooting attack the attacker must roll 2D6x2 - if the shooting unit isn't within than many inches your shooting is wasted.

Deathjester is just a (mandatory) dude with a decent gun.

They're a pretty fast punchy unit - they pump out 33 S4 attacks on the turn they charge (including the various rends) and they're not awful at stripping a few spare HP here and there. The general idea is they're a nasty unit that my opponent needs to contend with or else they'll sweep most basic ObSec choices with ease.

>> No.50571763

>WarhammerTV Video teases plastic Sisters of Battle. This is an official, GW endorsed broadcast.
>Reliable rumors say plastic sisters around February, probably around Valentine's Day for saintly symmetry.
>Official teases of Codex Imperial Agents indicates at least some level of Sororitas involvement.
>New, Limited-run resin mini to celebrate decades of Sisters of Battle.

We just teasing, senpai.

>> No.50571776

I'd laugh my ass off it was some big, Kojima tier ruse.

>> No.50571797

>WarhammerTV Video teases plastic Sisters of Battle. This is an official, GW endorsed broadcast.
Did GW ever come out and say it wasn't just a joke? Remember the actual video was entirely about the Magnus leak.
>Reliable rumors say plastic sisters around February, probably around Valentine's Day for saintly symmetry.
Post them. No, I will not accept anonymous sources from BoLS.
>Official teases of Codex Imperial Agents indicates at least some level of Sororitas involvement.
Yeah Imperial Agents must mean there's a new GK codex on the way, right?
>New, Limited-run resin mini to celebrate decades of Sisters of Battle.
Entirely possible it's just a one-off. Yes, it's tempting to think she's there to gauge interest in an update I believe this myself but it hardly confirms it.

>> No.50571853

>Yeah my thought was he goes with the Balestrikes to tank wounds for them while they pump out shots

I believe that the Tyrant rule specifies he goes with either Troops or Elites, anon. I do not have my IA copy on me right now so I can't check. But I don't think he can leave whatever unit he starts out in, either. So I think he has to go with the Reavers since there are no elites in that Coterie.

The Harlequin quasi-death star unit looks interesting and probably more resilient than regular Corsairs stuff.

I don't really see anything you're missing. However, if you can get the model and don't already have everything built, consider swapping one of those Reaver squads for a Pulse Laser Hornet. They cost about the same (after giving the Hornet Void Burners and, if you want, Kinetic Shields) but the Hornet's a bit more of a long distance fire support option. I don't actually think you "need" it in this list but I could see it adding a bit of flexibility and giving the other player something to shoot at other than your Warp Hunter.

I've often found that 2 Pulse Hornets and a Warp Hunter can basically wipe everything off the map to the point here my Reaver/Fusion Blaster squads end up being redundant. That said I actually think your list looks fine as is.

>> No.50571913

Bro I told you we were kidding you.

It's an epic troll. TG gets shit done, and what we've done this time is plant several elaborate teases to crush your dreams.

>> No.50571915


Yeah I was actually re-checking the list and I need to swap the Baron to a Cloud Dancer and put him in the first coterie (with the bikes and hunters) and swap the Dreamer to jet-pack and put him in coterie 2. Primarily because Coteries treat themselves as allies of convenience and I primarily want to use the divination powers on those units more than the first coterie.

I'm definitely going to invest in a few Lynx but that'll be after the first of the year - they look super sharp (rules and model wise) but that's not a bad idea to swap those around.

>> No.50571942


Other thought (mostly regarding getting the most out of my Dreamer) - I could drop 1 shining spear and get a barebones baron so I can move the dreamer back to the command crew thus allowing him to buff everyone.

>> No.50571965

>Daemon Lord formation:
This is not a thing.

>> No.50571987

>a few Lynx

I'm 99.9% sure that Lynx are 0-1 per CFRC, not 0-1 per Coterie. And if I recall correctly you can only have 1 per Lynx Squadrons (unlike Warp Hunters). Unless that was a typo and you meant a few Hornets.


That's also not a bad idea. However, I would consider that the Spears are really, really at their best on the first turn they hit. So you want to keep as many around as possible to maximize the amount they kill when they're actually good (because afterwards they're basically just Jetbike Storm Guardians lel).

>> No.50572028

I think he assumes Lord of the Legion would be updated to this.

Not sure why.

>> No.50572070


Derp - I meant Hornet not Lynx (though the Lynx is cool).

Also - I realized I was pointing myself out at 5 Spears but only taking 4 so I actually don't have to drop one, I just have to stop cheating myself out of 25 points. So I actually don't have to do much at all - I dropped 1 player from my Harlequin troupe to get a Baron with Shimmerfield and Jet Pack (he'll hang out with a reaver squad). That way the Void Dreamer moves back up to command and becomes much more versatile.

So I end up with (short form)

Prince + Spears (4)
Dreamer + Baron + Cloud Dancers
Farseer + Wind Riders
3 Fusion Drop Reavers (One with a Baron)
Balestrike w/4 Shruiken Cannons
2x Warp Hunters
5x Harlequin Troupe + Seer + Jester (had to drop seer to ML1 but all I want is primaris)

>> No.50572131

Hey guys I haven't kept up with FAQ shit. Can a Battle Brothers HQ start out attached to an allied unit who are in their own dedicated transport? If I wanted to attach a Farseer or Autarch to a squad of Grotesques who are in a Raider how can I do it?

>> No.50572135

It's in Warzone Fenris part 1. It's the HQ/Command formation for a Daemonic Incursion Detachment.

>> No.50572143


The Farseer has to start on the table and enter the Raider on T1.

>> No.50572154


Looks good anon. After you get a chance to try it out, you should report back some time. I'm curious as to how the Harlies will work with the Corsairs/CWE stuff as a whole. But in my head it seems like a solid list.

>> No.50572170


Aw, shit. Oh well, maybe he won't get blasted off the table before I even start! That'd be nice. Thank you, Anon.

>> No.50572177

Got it, shitty formatting made unclear.

>> No.50572211



>> No.50572234

That's not a Formation you retard, it's an Army List Entry. Not everything in a DOF is a Formation that can be taken on its own. It's only a Formation if it has an actual Formation Datasheet with the Formation symbol in the top corners.

>> No.50572237

My bad-- what's the standard formatting for that type of selection?

>> No.50572255

Sorcerers are pretty useful, especially now that they can opt to automatically get all powers from the Slaanesh discipline, meaning you can reliably use Symphony of Pain to buff your Noise Marines.

Raptors are always useful, and I5 Warp Talons will make Loyalists cry if you can somehow get them into combat.

I've had positive results with a Defiler, but many others haven't. My personal key to using them is to hurl them at things they can kill, and suck up all the fire for a turn or two until your Noise Marines can get into ideal position.

>> No.50572275


This is how my army deals with everything, though

>> No.50572298

>I5 Warp Talons
Too bad they have no grenades and the core rules are still retarded about assaulting through cover even with jumppacks or even when you literally ignore terrain penalties or even when another unit with grenades charges at the same time and is throwing them to attack at initiative but somehow that doesn't stop them from hitting your grenadeless dudes first.

Honestly that's one of the first fucking things they need to address in 8th.

>> No.50572336

>Half Daemon super soldiers that tear through reality
>arrive in a battlefield and assault guardsmen behind a waist high wall

>> No.50572342


>10,000 year old super human with a rocket strapped to his back stumbles through light brush

>> No.50572373

Are the new Traitor Legions able to take other CSM Legions/detachments as allies? And vise versa?

>> No.50572388


>Screeching bestial creature, formerly the master of lightning-quick assault strikes in a great Space Marine Legion, devolved to his most animalistic and instinctual form after 10,000 years hunting through the warp and honing his flight skills
>he - or rather "it" - has hunted for millenia. Its prey has never escaped. It has fought great daemons, ambushed creatures with superhuman senses, slaughtered thousands of men
>Its claws are an extension of its very body, so natural to its use as to be like a regular man's fingers
>This beast, this terrible hunter, can tear apart the very fabric of space-time in its rush to destroy and shred its doomed prey

>trips on a pebble and dies to a Guardsman

>> No.50572393

Fucking exactly.

In the fluff space marines literally shoulder down bullrush through solid concrete walls and start fucking up the shit on the other side before they even know what's happening. But if my Marines THAT ARE ALSO DAEMONS WHICH ARE FASTER THAN THOSE MARINES, THAT ARE ALSO EQUIPPED WITH JUMP PACKS TO FLY OVER OBSTACLES, charge an enemy unit and just ONE of them steps a toe onto a pile of ruined bricks, fucking Tau are hitting them first.

There's no excuse for this. They need to fire the guy who wrote that rule. I bet it was fucking Cruddace.

>> No.50572409

Trips on a pebble and falls onto a guardsmen's bayonet.
Trips on a pebble and headbutts a guardsmen's bayonet.

>> No.50572411

Yep. They all count as CSM Detachments, so they're all Battle Brothers. You simply need to take a separate Detachment for each Legion.

I'm considering mixing Emps Children and Alpha Legion, or Alpha Legion and Night Lords.

>> No.50572422

Calm down faggots, the grenade rule is supposed to use an abstract mechanic to portray a fortified defender getting the drop on an attacker that doesn't smoke them out of their safe place with grenades first. Failing to do so means the attacker has no choice but to eat the counterattack as they charge in and that's what I1 is supposed to represent.

Applying this logic means there's literally no reason I can think of to really justify it not working for multiple units if at least one has grenades, though.

>> No.50572442

You can't take an Allied Detachment (that's the quasi-CAD detachment by that name) for an army from the same codex that you are, so if they all count as CSM detachments you can't do that. You could take literally any other detachment or formation though.

>> No.50572450

No one said anything about Allied Detachment.

>> No.50572458


>Trips, arms flailing, missing the Guardsman with three swings, and happens to land just perfectly so that the bayonet goes through its eye

I mean I guess it could happen but could it happen 5 times in a row? Why does Tzeentch hate them so much?

>> No.50572479

There was an Anon last thread (or maybe one of the others since someone fucked up and there were like three generals up at one point today) was playing CSM with an Allied Detachment of CSM from a different legion, so for his sake it was worth mentioning. Seeing as some people don't understand how allies work.

>> No.50572485

It also shouldn't apply to units that aren't slowed by terrain due to being fucking swole, power-armoured indomitable engines of manliness, or ones which are literally dropping on their enemies heads with jump packs, or 30-strong units charging past a single barrel or ammo crate with a bunch of guys behind it that aren't even fully covered.

Basically when you apply logic the argument falls apart more than 75% of the time.

>> No.50572487

My bad, I actually meant allied detachment when I said "take as allies."
Yeah, it's confusing as fuck because Crimson Slaughter and (old) Black Legion had the rule that allowed it, but so far I've seen nothing for the new Legions to that effect.

>> No.50572496

Fair enough.

>> No.50572510

>units that aren't slowed by terrain due to being fucking swole
>power-armoured indomitable engines of manliness
>or ones which are literally dropping on their enemies heads with jump packs
Take any of those and have them assault a fortified bunker with only one way in. Are you seeing my point yet? And no don't give me this Sueish bullshit of just tearing through the walls.

>30-strong units charging past a single barrel or ammo crate with a bunch of guys behind it that aren't even fully covered
System is not granular enough to have different levels of I penalties. It's all or nothing.

>> No.50572522

>horde of Tyranid Hormagaunts drowning out the horizon leaps OVER the chain link fence in a single bound, landing directly on the clearly visible guardsman cowering on the other side with all six bladed limbs flailing violently
>somehow striking last because they didn't "smoke them out" first

>> No.50572535

>Take any of those and have them assault a fortified bunker with only one way in.
It's almost like the rule applies even when it's something stupid like one tree stump in the path of one of the twenty guys charging from 10" away and not a fortified fucking bunker, you mouthbreathing mongoloid.

>> No.50572549

Nice reading comprehension but why don't you finish reading a post before commenting next time?

>> No.50572557

>Hormagaunt jumps up in the air
>Gets fragged by the waiting Guardsmen before it even lands.

>> No.50572575

>The system applies in stupid places and is not granular enough to not be retarded.
> Yes it is
>Exactly it is
> you cant read
loving it

>> No.50572579

How many unit blessings are for t sons to even exploit? The vast majority target just the psyker

>> No.50572587

...there's nothing in your post that addresses that argument, it's not an issue of reading comprehension, but go ahead and dodge because you have no response you pussy.

>> No.50572600

That's represented by overwatch fire.

Notice that, if you delete the chainlink fence, nothing in the scenario actually changes. There's no reason that it being there or not being there in this example would affect the speed at which the guardsmen can strike.

You get it?

>> No.50572633

>System is not granular enough to have different levels of I penalties. It's all or nothing.
And how is that not agreeing with the original premise that it's retarded and needs to be changed? Are you actually stupid?

>> No.50572644


>> No.50572654



>> No.50572679

Yup, and the only Primaris blessing grants re-rolls to hit, which is useless on Scarab Occult with their twin-linked guns and renders the War Coven Formation Benefit of re-rolling ones after casting a power useless as well.

TS rules are a steaming heap of shit, ESPECIALLY when compared to what some of the other Legions got.

I guess that's what happens when you get the guy who has been playing Space Wolves since 2e as his favorite army, and the guy who wrote the most recent Space Wolves Codex and clearly loves them as well, and put them together on a team to write the Thousand Sons rules.

>> No.50572691

Are you people actually retarded or just really good at pretending? I said it's a yes/no system. The penalty either applies or it does not, the reason being the alternative is arguing whether the rock give a -1 or -2 penalty until both of you are pissed and just roll for it. The system does not by design have any granularity to it, therefore, attacking the bunker of doom and charging through a bush are equally difficult. However, the rules as written encompass both situations and will do so until the system is either expanded upon or removed.

I think it's retarded but these spergs memeing about how it shouldn't exist at all are far more annoying.

>> No.50572730

Crimson Slaughter explicitly can-- but the question is what faction are they. I don't see that they are explicitly given a faction- everything just points to "use these rules in addition to those in Codex Chaos Space Marines."
And if they do have faction Chaos Space Marines then, stupidly, you can make Crimson Slaughter detachment a Legion and use it to ally to another Legion.
Or, worst case, you just ally in "regular" Crimson slaughter, you just don't get a Legion bonus but are only stuck with one sucky troop choice.
Exhibit A:

>> No.50572740

>The system does not by design have any granularity to it, therefore, attacking the bunker of doom and charging through a bush are equally difficult.
Which was the whole point in the first place, that that is fucking retarded and should be removed immediately in the next core rules update.

Considering 90% of situations in which an opponent in cover is being charged is one of the "there's a small bush or one guy has to go through a wood fence or the fucking jetpack squad needs to hope over a knee-high ruined wall" situations, they could easily just do away with the retarded rule entirely and have a special rule specifically for bunkers and fortified positions like "non-jump pack or jet-pack infantry units charging models in this fortified terrain strike at I 1 unless they have assault grenades."

>> No.50572746

>I said it's a yes/no system
That is what anon has a problem with, you are describing the very thing they have a problem with.

>> No.50572754

>streamline the game by removing all these pointless and retarded rules
>add a unique new rule that only applies in specific situations

>> No.50572756

wow, that is an immense oversight. The entire design of a bolter is to "fire all the bullet" and shoot TINY MISSILES. They just don't have shell casings!

>> No.50572758

>has no reading comprehension
>attacks others claiming they have no reading comprehension
By god, you're a dense one aintcha?

>> No.50572773

The difference is the new unique real doesn't need to be bloating the core rules. You just put it on a Fortification datasheet for Imperial Fuckoff Bunker.

>> No.50572784

It would be more or less the same rule, but it would rarely apply, I don't see the problem.
No it doesn't streamline, but if fixes an oversight without making things more difficult.

>> No.50572787

I'm not saying it's a good idea. What I am saying is that there IS a reason it exists, as opposed to your whining about how it never makes any sense and should just go.

Maybe it SHOULD go, but the least you can do is actually apply some imagination and see why someone would make such a rule in the first place rather than just spouting

>> No.50572801

I have no idea why its a blessing and not harnessing a warp charge. However to buff rubric's you can just use force. Still it completely wastes the point of having aspiring sorcerers.

>> No.50572818

Anon, everyone involved in this argument is aware of the few specific narrow situations in which the rule makes sense, because they are spelled out in the fucking rulebook. But in practice, it doesn't fucking work sensibly, like, almost ever.

You're the one acting like some enlightened soul who has been the only one to understand the intent of a rule that doesn't work as intended, everyone else is being practical and saying yeah, they get the intent, but it doesn't actually ever fucking work that way, so get rid of it.

You're basically wanking yourself off intellectually while missing the point that everyone else is way fucking ahead of you on the understanding.

>> No.50572821

>You can't ad granularity because yes/no system
Just not have it be yes/no
>It has to be yes/no
You have yet to say what is so fantastically difficult about not having every piece of terrain apply the effect. Just cut the rule wholesale outside of ruins and purchased fortifications.

>> No.50572903

>I guess that's what happens when you get the guy who has been playing Space Wolves since 2e as his favorite army, and the guy who wrote the most recent Space Wolves Codex and clearly loves them as well, and put them together on a team to write the Thousand Sons rules.
You're kidding me right

>> No.50572985

Theres a reason the TS lore is all fucked up in WoM mate.

>> No.50572986

Exhibit B:
Honestly, I don't remember bolters being caseless.
Apparently "auto" weapons (autoguns, autocannon, snub guns), according to the 7th ed core rulebook, use caseless ammunition. Never saw that for bolters though.

>> No.50573187

autoguns and autopistols are caseless, but some art shows shells. stub guns have brass. as do heavy stubbers and autocannons.

>> No.50573228

addendum, autopistols and autoguns are typically caseless, but that's not always the case. so shrugs.

>> No.50573257


>Refusing the awesomeness of standing ankle deep in empty shells after you and your Battle Brothers have emptied your munitions into a tide of xenos this much.


>> No.50573306

You know who has to pick up those shells, right?
More often than not it's the person who fired them.
Because the administratum is going to have your ass if they don't get that recycled brass.

>> No.50573343

>implying space marines don't have servitors to do menial shit like that

>> No.50573438

I was thinking of the line guardsmen manning the heavy bolters. And the Sisters.
But apparently it's just your precious Space Marines who are worth considering.

>> No.50573466


>> No.50573638

Wew, there's some kinda buttdamage going on here anon, you should probably get that checked. I literally don't even play fucking Space Marines, but the original post you responded to specifically stated Battle Brothers. Calm down.

>> No.50573670

I just started up a Space Marine army, but I have been playing the game as Guard for the last few years. I have but one simple question: How many drop pods is too many for the more casual game setting?

>> No.50573922

So, I'm somewhat indecisive on which Traitor Legion I should do. So, should I run:
>Word Bearers for a sweet ass paint job and modelling opportunities and daemonic goodness
>Death Guard for T5 FnP relentless autocannon havocs
>Alpha Legion to absolutely infuriate opponents
>Emperor's Children for better combat drugs than Deldar and such sweet cacophony?
Please note that I don't really care about being super competitive, and mostly care about what would be fun to build, paint, and play

>> No.50573967

Word Bearers and Night Lords are objectively the coolest paintjobs of the Traitors.

>> No.50575015

Chaos Space Marines - Alpha Legion. Armoured Spearhead (Land Raider and 2 Predators), Hellbrutes (Mayhem Pack), Chaos Terminators, Death Korps Heretic Guard, some MkIII armour Raptors, Hellblade, Warpsmith, Sorceror, a few Bikes, and a bunch of normal CSMs and Renegade Marines.

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