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Suddenly, death guard and Emperor's children players everywhere edition.

People like them is the reason spawnhood exists sub edition.

>previous thread

>Freshest Rules:

>Stale PDFs:


>Outdated FAQs and Errata:

>40K 7th Edition Quick Reference Sheets:

>Forge World Book Index:


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I'm torn between Black Legion, Alpha Legion, Emp's Children and Night Lords.

Are Alpha Legion forbidden from taking Marks?

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First for always trying to improve

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Yes, by apparently they get to respawn cultists on a 4+ when the unit is destroyed + more special rules.

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The Alpha Legion rolls to respawn Cultists TWICE for each unit. Once for the formation and once for the decurion.

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Better than anything I can do. I am sure /wip/ would tear in to you though. But I like it.

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Your posting speed like your painting skills are severely lacking
but really that gsc looks great, the only thing that looks off is the combination of the armour and clothes colours, perhaps if you tried blue instead of purple for the armour it would make a better contrast.

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How much points is this? I don't have the Dark Angels codex, so I just wnat to know.

>3 Tac Squads with Plasma Cannon, Gun, Pistol and Power Sword
>3 Rhinos
>Interrogator Chaplain with Plasma Pistol
That's the only things I know for sure they can take, and I want to get BaC, FW Plasma Cannons, and 3 Rhinos. What else should I get? Deathwing Knights look cool, and I definitely want a Dreadnought with a Plasma Cannon.

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Can you create more cultists if both rolls are successful?

>> No.50556920


You'd have to check the exact wording.

RAI, no

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No. The rules place the unit back into Ongoing Reserve, it doesn't say to place a NEW unit into Ongoing Reserve. Therefore when the first resolves the second does nothing because the unit is already in OR.

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This will help you the long way

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>3.8 MB
>holding model

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Meant for>>50556913

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I've heard that Canoness is a hyper limited model, and that pisses me off because I don't have a GW near me, just an LGS

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Asking in here because I don't care about the rule just the wording and asking my meta of eldarfags that don't like anyone else having nice things turned out to be a bad idea.

Judging by the special rule of Transmogrify: If Roll (A) is a six (B), then the attack has Instant Death (C). If that happens then any models are slain they spawn in spawn (D).

So would it be
>If A=B then C Then D
Or does

Being that The Blade of Magnus is a Force Weapon and can have all his attacks as ID.

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Just a re roll then, eh?

Good enough

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>forgot pic

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First time making a list r8.

I don't know what any of this does.

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The first.

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"in this manner" refers to the roll of 6 causing instant death. Normal instant death isn't enough.

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>tfw on mobile
>site doesn't work properly for me

A shame I can't see what the special rules do, but I can understand that one.

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Post a pic of your favourite ork conversions anons

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What would everybody's opinions be on a Close combat battlesuit and infantry heavy Farsight Enclaves list?

Focusing mainly on the close combat prowess of Commander Farsight as well as either separate or combined squads of crisis suits carrying the Onager Gauntlet and fusion blades mixed with a mobile force of breachers/fire warriors riding in devilfish and a healthy amount of backline artillery.

Probably wouldn't be ideal, but it sounds like an interesting idea to me. I'm starting Tau with the new battleforce and the start collecting box, and when I expand the force I don't want it to be another cookie cutter Tau gunline list. I like the lore of the Enclaves and Farsight's own combat style.

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Cheers guys, it was the new sentence in the paragraph confusing me.

>> No.50557045


it would be a bro tier Tau list

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I couldn't help myself and ordered a realm of battle board, the original one with the modular hills, I really like that it's 3d and I can make one large hill or a valley, or a sweeping plain.
Anyone else own one? How do you like it?

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Hows this for a Harlequin HoR 200 point list?

Leader [60]
>Troupe Master (35)
>>Piercing Rose (10)
>>Domino Field (15)
Core [75]
>Harlequin x5 (15*5)
Special [60]
>Shadowseer (60)
Total [195]

They look speedy, and more like they should be closing to melee as fast as they can rather than relying on shooting, or scurrying off with objectives and hiding behind cover.

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What is a fusion blade?

>> No.50557076

Oh, thanks anon.

>tfw no mobile friendly Dank Angels Codex pdf

I just want the rules, fluff is fine, but the rules are what I need.

>> No.50557083


a Farsight Enclave super meltagun that can also be used as super meltabombs but with a chance it breaks each time, iirc

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Alright, how best to field Thousand Sons focused Chaos list?
>What I've Got
10 Rubric Marines
10 Tzaangors
5 Scarab Occult Terminators
3 Exalted Sorcerers
Kairos Fateweaver
20 Pink Horrors
...and a bunch of Nurgle daemons that I won't be using, and a few Loyalist rhinos I can proxy until I get proper Chaos-y ones.

>What I'll Be Getting Soon
One more box of Tzaangors and Rubrics and big red himself (for >2000 pt games).

Okay, so my first impression is that Thousand Sons still suck. They have a lot of AP3 but there are better units in the CSM codex for that, and the sergeant costs nearly as much as an independent sorcerer but with a worse psyker selection. I'm thinking I might give each squad two flamers, and while I'm probably going to build one of the cannons, I'm not sure if I'll field it. It's fucking expensive for something with such meh strength.

I like these more, but they're basically worse slugga boyz that also cost more. I might field a horde of 20 of them led by a Sorcerer to give them Jump type. Also, their generic CCWs look way better than their chainswords so I'm tempted to build them that way.

>Scarab Occult Terminators
Overcosted as fuck and missing power fists, but I like 40 points for a TEQ more than 23 for a MEQ. The missile launcher seems like a no brainer, but I'm not sure between the cannon or flamer. The TS definitely could use more anti-horde, but the cannon is still tempting (plus fuck Warpflame).

>Exalted Sorcerers
So fucking expensive for only ML2. Still, the artifacts give these guys interesting options but I'm struggling to see what units they'd synergize with- I'm thinking either give him the jump pack artifact and stick him with a bunch of Tzaangors, or just plop them down with the termies. If it weren't for that daemon FAQ I'd buy some screamers and put one on a disc.

>Kairos, Horrors, Magnus
Not much to say on these guys, they're the best things here by far.

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A pair of fusion blasters with the overheating protections turned off for continual fire.

>> No.50557094

Fusion blasters that can be use as cc weapons s8 ap1.

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>> No.50557143


So with Farsight Enclaves can you actually kinda sorta build melee Tau then?

>> No.50557150

Vs orks and other armies bad at melee.

>> No.50557155

Made a simple 1000 pts list using the models I have and the new iron warriors rules (as known). How easily will I get stomped?

I also have 6 bikers, a bunch more havocs, terminators, warsmith, dreadnought and a defiler

>> No.50557157

Man i wish AdMech had skimmers, cause this'd make great count's as.

>> No.50557177

They're alright, don't lose the little clips that hold the board tiles together.

>> No.50557180

>cqc tau
>willingly going into combat
>not ws5 across the board
>giving up shooting

sounds like a dream to fight, though i wonder if i'll ever see it in person. i wouldn't put all your stock in cqc, stock up on flamers in your fighting suits, don't forget the hit/run thing, honorblade and possibly that one independent riptide character. just because you fight better then assault marines isn't enough at times

>> No.50557204


You should take a 10-point upgrade senpai.

>> No.50557213

But anon, that'd be cheating!

>> No.50557219

>and other armies bad at melee

>> No.50557221

>image is hilarious because that's how loyalists and heretics talk to each other in their wank while Farsight and Shadowsun tend to be sober as fuck in their wank.

It's almost like imp players really want that shit to be true. You really want the Tau is Weeaboo shit to be true to justify your hatred of the faction. But I think you actually hate the faction because even with shiny sleek mecha, they tend to be far less anime than the main cast of 40k. They are a mirror and you don't like what your own reflection says about who you are.

>> No.50557235

I need a Warpsmith for my Death Guard.

Anyone have any cool ideas for a Nurgley warpsmith? I was thinking of somehow converting a Nurgle sorcerer.

>> No.50557240

t. first year psych student who just found out about freud

>> No.50557242

Maybe I can give one seargent a combi bolter or something. 5pts

>> No.50557243

>Alex R
I dunno, man, looks like some Barlowe shit to me.

>> No.50557245

Yeah most of the CQC would rely on weaker CC units and/or popping vehicles for the infantry squads. And like you suggest probably flamers/plasma rifles for that AP2 I might be lacking in.

>> No.50557247

Buy the forgeworld one. Paint it white with green shoulders. Voila

>> No.50557255

Sounds fun. I have a list for CQC Guard that involves Straken, Bullgryn, Yarrick, Priests, Psykers, Infantry blobs and it's supported by Lascannon heavy weapon squads. I want to fit in some tanks somewhere.

>> No.50557257


bring predator annihilators for dat AP2

>> No.50557261

There's a Forgeworld warpsmith?!

>> No.50557268

Second draft of rules for Doomrider

>> No.50557272

Why no normal picture?

>> No.50557277


OP choked on cocks

>> No.50557279


It's a jpg too. A special kind of retarded.

>> No.50557287


iron warriors/10

>> No.50557299

Is there an actual leak of the official rules or is this more bullshit hearsay? The 1d4chan article has ALL the legion rules written up but I've heard nothing of a full leak yet, just the Night Lord special rules.

Wishlisting faggots abound.

>> No.50557300

Forgeworld tech marine.

>> No.50557304

They're kind of a pain to clip together and there isn't a huge amount of flat space for scatter terrain. Also, you need to get some bubble wrap to go between the boards or they scuff the shit out of each other.

That said, you can set it up on a surprisingly small table and it packs down really well for storage and transport. If you're short on space it's not a bad option.

>> No.50557309

Literally everything was leaked days ago by the same guy who leaked all the WoM stuff, you tool.

>> No.50557314

I've considered it in the past, close quarters Tau is probably viable if you mean close quarters and not melee. It'd be entirely possible to play very aggressively with fusion/plasma/flamer equipped crisis suits, mechanised fire warriors (even better with breachers thanks to the new codex), and some burst cannon Riptides for serious melee, thanks to stomp. Maybe even throw in Ethereals and Cadre fireblades to buff Fire Warriors and you can get a pretty impressive point-blank pulse salvo.

The only issue is that either you annihilate whatever you just fired at/mop it up with a charge or you're basically gonna crumble against anything better than GEQ.

>> No.50557316

Or just magnetize the fuck outta them.

>> No.50557322

>not chocking on cocks
What a fag

>> No.50557323

Dude the leaks came from the guys holding the review books and so far the rules are the same (and yet some released the full artifacts, while others only mentioned the formations, etc) so it's all legit.

The book is officially out in four days anyway if you wanted to pepper your angus.

>> No.50557333

I2, shitty armour, no melee inv and only unwieldy melee with ap3+.

>> No.50557341


You called?

>> No.50557346

Fabius bile is a pretty solid bio-tech marine

>> No.50557348

I'm not sure if predators are actually any good. But I own 2 of them and a 3rd spare turret so may as well try

>> No.50557350

But how much does unwieldy matter when you're already
>melee race

>> No.50557358

are night lords going to be a usable or scary army to face now, or are they just going to be tossed aside in favour of EC/DG

>> No.50557367

It matters because you can't even use power axes to chop powerfisters apart.

>> No.50557371

How about you just play the army you like, not the one you think is the most "competitive?"

As a Blood Angels player I'm a little miffed that they get raptor troops, but at least we get furious charge and the red thirst.

>> No.50557372

Book isn't out yet.

>> No.50557373


Tossed aside because 90% of the meta doesn't care about fear because ATSKNF a retarded rule.

>> No.50557374

You can't do this with anyone, how does that matter specifically for Orks?

>> No.50557379

I said no homo mang, go be a fag somewhere else.

>> No.50557390


Okay let me look at this seriously though.

Do you need the sigil of corruption on the sorcerer? He's mainly a support character in a list like this. Also, why are the weapons on the predators so mismatched? One doesn't even have sponsons and another has a different turret?

A Warsmith would be really useful in this list fyi, I'd consider him if I were you. Sabotaging enemy cover and repairing those tanks would be a good idea. Helbrute or Bikes would also work as a distraction unit to get the enemy off your back: this list will have a lot of trouble with Genestealers and with loyalist drop podding.

>> No.50557394

But all the rules are.

As for Night Lords, yeah they seem kind of underwhelming for the most part, but if you really want to just run TONS of Raptors with HQs and nothing else, they're the way to go. Everything else will come with tax.

>> No.50557395

Also true, my main idea was focus on CQC as much as I could with my crisis suits, but still keeping them as a relatively good shooting squad if it doesn't exactly go well for me. Or if I want to deepstrike them and have them do something before turn 3.

And the only thing I'd want to charge without losing an entire crisis team would be vehicles and fairly weak/unexpecting infantry. With a 3 man crisis suit squad with fusion blades it's a 50/50 against a 10 man space marine squad, hitting on 5's wounding on 3's with 9 attacks plus a pseudo power fist, versus hitting on 3's wounding on 5's with 10 attacks.

I like the in lore style of Farsight and the way he implements the Mont'ka, and trying to balance that with a list that won't lose to everything it comes across. But also something casual and not cookie cutter Tau.

>> No.50557398


Literally every website is saying the exact same stuff about what's in the book. Everything leaked is confirmed.

>> No.50557399

Raptor troops, rerolling failed charges and having stealth and guaranteed night fighting are all awesome though.

>> No.50557405

Not OP (this time) but I got tired of the normal images. This is an image board, after all. so I decided to inject some new ones into the mix.

They aren't all winners, but someone else seems to like some of them, and this one seems to trigger >>50557277 so what the hell.

Normal makes you boring. I still like this one. I like its storied history. It's like a single used mini that gets repainted by many owners. The 9-tile version was funny at one time, but it's not needed now. I missed posting the timely halloween version and I'll probably miss posting the Christmas version, too. But I hope it continues to get updated with the game, anyway.

>> No.50557407

For Guard, would it be tacky to change the armor color for different platoons or vets? I'm also struggling to figure out what color to use for the tanks and vehicles.

>> No.50557411

Proper snaps or just Dakka "leaks"?

>> No.50557412

>Tossed aside because 90% of the meta doesn't care about fear because ATSKNF a retarded rule.
>implying 90% of the meta doesn't consist of tau or eldar
Anon please.

>> No.50557429

There have been some proper snaps. I don't give a shit about Night Lords so I didn't save them, but the truth is out there, anon.

>> No.50557434

>crying about ATSKNF

It's kind of amazing how every CSM whiner is so bad at the game.

>> No.50557436

If you choose an army based on the current meta, you are truly a fool.

The rules come and go, but if you pick an army you like for aesthetic reasons you will always be happy.

Winning games is probably the smallest portion of the hobby compared to modeling, painting, and discussing the game. I'd rather lose an interesting narrative campaign than a cookie cutter tournament scenario.

>> No.50557440

>or just Dakka "leaks"
Not sure why you're putting "leaks" in quotation marks like an asshole when the guy who posted this stuff was 100% confirmed when WoM came out and the Night Lords snap on BoLS.

Jesus you fucking faggots who cannot tell apart real leaks from fake are the most annoying people. Stuff leaked at this caliber has literally never been wrong in the history of 40k.

>> No.50557451

Because we had 4 waves of straight guesses for Thousand Sons alone.

>> No.50557452


I agree. I'm going Night Lords regardless, but fear is 99% useless.


>implying you'd ever get close enough to the point that fear is relevant

>> No.50557453


>jump pack Troops
>artificer armor in CSM
>Raptor Talon

They're decent. Not the super brokenness of Death Guard, but they are good at what they do.

Also they have enough morale reduction for it possibly to be actually relevant against many armies, not everyone is loyalists or mono-god legions. Most Eldar, Tau and Skitarii armies all skip over the morale game for bigger guns.

>> No.50557455

Seriously, CSM have access to leadership 9 and hatred ARMIES OF THE IMPERIUM, +2 ppm for ccws, and ample access to fearless but somehow they still whine about ATSKNF.


>> No.50557465

No one can tell real leaks from the fakes without pics or credentialed leakers, dipshit.

But in this case that dipshit is right and the leaker has been vetted.

>> No.50557467

No, we didn't. We had one bullshit "leak" of just the tzeentch psychic power table with nothing else, and then we had a complete leak of everything which was all 100% correct. Stop making shit up.

>> No.50557470


Fucking morons. I'm not whining about not having it, I'm winning about how much shit it negates.

>> No.50557473

I don't wanna crush your dreams too much here anon, but fusion blades are only for Commanders. With that said, and as you've pointed out, melee suits aren't awful, they're still a multiwound MEQ, and if you've reduced an enemy squad's numbers by shooting before you charge then you'll stand a pretty good chance against most non-melee units.

Give deep striking some more thought though, your crisis suits will only enter on a later turn, but if you've opted for short-range weapons then it'll mean fewer turns spent getting shot at while you close, and when you deploy from deep strike you'll also be able to decide where the suits are needed most at that moment, rather than having to redeploy units that aren't all that speedy outside of a jetpack move from one end of the board to the other.

I think under perfect circumstances, you'd wanna try to focus down enemy vehicles/melee infantry for the first two or three turns while your crisis suits arrive, then mop up the ranged infantry with close-range volleys and charges.

>> No.50557477

>No one can tell real leaks from the fakes without pics or credentialed leakers, dipshit.
Anyone with common sense can. I've literally not once been wrong when calling something legit or not, just look at whether it makes sense in the context of the design stuff that's already come out.

>> No.50557480

Also fake magnus.
Wrong weapon statlines.
And 70 point terminators.

>> No.50557487

The morale reduction only applies specifically to Fear tests, it won't help you break units or weaken them to Psychic Shriek or anything like that.

>> No.50557489

>tfw I played Dust the other day

Oh man I really wish 40k had unit by unit initiative

Feels really good to actually have every unit be able to do something before getting murdered

>> No.50557493

>Not playing your favourite legion because their rules are fluffy instead of broken
Op is right people like your are the reason spawnhood exists.

>> No.50557494

shut up, colin you whiny twat
ATSKNF is responsible for a widespread and interesting rule being largely completely useless because the majority of factions that have access to it are also the most popular by far, and as such you still pay points for fear, but its completely fucking useless most of the time

>> No.50557495

it negates sweeping advance and fear, not morale

>> No.50557500

and I played the open wargame terrain tabletop version, not the game mat version

>> No.50557507

>fake Magnus
That was people guessing, no one tried to pass them off as leaks and you're a dumbass if you believed that
>wrong weapon statlines
>70 point terminators
Then you shouldn't be believing things you read that are not attached to the complete leak.

>> No.50557516

>I don't wanna crush your dreams too much here anon, but fusion blades are only for Commanders

No, fusion blades can be taken on regular and bodyguard crisis suits. They'd be better on a commander simply because of the better stat-line, sure.

>> No.50557524

Dakka leaker had terminators listed as: "2 Rhinos and a bolt pistol."

>> No.50557528

Uhhh, no. See: >>50557104
>Commander with twin-linked fusion blaster only.

>> No.50557529

yet you can see the model perfectly, autists.

>> No.50557530

Okay, and you have Hatred against the most popular armies. So they have a pretty nice defensive buff and you get a nice offensive buff against them.

>> No.50557534

I totally knew that, and somehow still totally forgot.

But I am still more than ok equipping some commanders, WS4 S5 and 5 attacks on the charge is pretty decent against a weakened infantry squad, and the fusion blades/gauntlet to pop open a weakened transport if need be.

>> No.50557536

No he didn't, VeteranNoob never worded anything like that, he just straight up stated points costs. You were clearly reading the wrong one.

>> No.50557539


U fucking wot

>> No.50557540


But they get hatred against you too

>> No.50557542


>raptor talon
>Vox Daemonicus
>heldrake terror pack

>> No.50557545

It says you auto Regroup, not auto-pass Morale. You can Fall Back off the table, get Pinned, etc. with ATSKNF

>> No.50557549

Speaking of all of the Raptors, rate my absolutely 10/10 genius Night Lords list /tg/

Night Lords CAD
>Sorcerer (140) - ML3, Jump Pack, Spell Familiar, Force Stave, Bolt Pistols
>Raptors (135) - 2x Melta Gun, Champion with Melta Bombs and Power Axe
>Raptors (135) - 2x Melta Gun, Champion with Melta Bombs and Power Axe

Raptor Talon
>Chaos Lord (120) - Jump Pack, Burning Brand of Skalanthrax, Sigil of Corruption
>Raptors (125) - 2x Plasma Gun
>Raptors (125) - 2x Plasma Gun
>Raptors (125) - 2x Plasma Gun
>Raptors (95) - All Bolt Pistol/CCW

I see literally no way this could go wrong and it's the best army idea ever, y/n?

>> No.50557550

ooh boy, a melee buff in an army with shit for options in terms of assault vehicles, in a game so focused on shooting that a unit needs to be either incredibly undercosted or just straight overpowered to be useful in a mainly combat role(TWC, Wulfen, sword and board WK), and if we beat them hard, they're fine, but if we whiff they can run us down just fine
its fucking retarded m8, not to mention CSM needs to pay for their hatred while SM gets it built in

>> No.50557553

Yeah but short of the Relic which is only a -1 within 6" all Chaos has access to those things, it's not Night Lords exclusive.

>> No.50557554


Why is all the plasma in the squads that want to charge the turn they arrive?

>> No.50557557

Never put his credibility into question, just Dakkas in general.

>> No.50557563

Hmmm. I see your point.

>> No.50557569

Please highlight the word Morale in your image.

>> No.50557581


Fuck good point, I wasn't really thinking that through. Imagine the exact same list except with some of the stuff moved around :^)

>> No.50557587


The point is you stack it until Necrons start failing their fear tests against you. And even if you're up against ATSKNF, you can still psychic shriek em just fine since their Ld is already lowered.

>> No.50557594


what? I said I'm still playing them despite half their rules being irrelevant


Why the fuck are you talking about moral. I'm talking a out how fear is useless against half the armies that exist because of this shitty fucking rule.

>> No.50557595

SM don't have hatred CSM. Where the hell are you getting that?
Night lords get free VOTLW, re-roll charge distances, have stealth, have automatic night fighting, have raptor troops - if you don't make it into assault then you're the problem, not the game.

I play Blood Angels, I only get Hatred against Abaddon - not chaos space marines.

Dark Angels get bonuses to Chaos marines but that's like one of their chapter tactics.

Space Wolves get a bonus against Thousand Sons.

I think Imperial Fists get a bonus against Iron Warriors.

But basic Codex Marines don't get hatred against chaos marines.

>> No.50557600

i meant atsknf, rather than hatred

>> No.50557601

No the point is that none of that is stuff only available to Night Lords. They have no Morale reducing effects that you can't do with EC, for example, except for specifically Fear tests or that extremely short-ranged Relic.

>> No.50557614

It's right here anon, wasn't it obvious?

>> No.50557616

Are you retarded? You responded to a post saying "ATSKNF negates Fear and Sweeping Advance, but not Morale" by saying "u wot" and posting the rule, which... does nothing to negate Morale, and that guy was correct.

Keep moving those goalposts I guess?

>> No.50557619

Underrated post

>> No.50557625


The Relic isn't useless, it also messes with enemy reserve rolls, which is huge.

Fear and morale stuff in general for Night Lords will probably have an actual effect on the game, but since it isn't all that relevant against ATSKNF it's probably wise not to make it your only strategy. More of an incidental thing.

>> No.50557633

Don't post lists without include the complete army points cost.

>> No.50557681



Anyway I realized I am dumb so here's the new and even more improved version

1000 pts
Night Lords CAD
>Sorcerer (140) - ML3, Jump Pack, Spell Familiar, Force Stave, Bolt Pistols
>Raptors (135) - 2x Melta Gun, Champion with Melta Bombs and Power Axe
>Raptors (135) - 2x Melta Gun, Champion with Melta Bombs and Power Axe
>Raptors (125) - 2x Plasma Gun

Raptor Talon
>Chaos Lord (120) - Jump Pack, Burning Brand of Skalanthrax, Sigil of Corruption
>Raptors (115) - Flamer, Power Weapon
>Raptors (115) - Flamer, Power Weapon
>Raptors (115) - Flamer, Power Weapon

>> No.50557719


Solid enough, does the Chaos Lord not have a power weapon?

>> No.50557743

I think the Burning Brand doubles as one, but I haven't touched a Chaos dex in years.

>> No.50557753

It does not. also dont give the soc a force stave, they are fucking awful

>> No.50557761

You're 249 points short on your 1250 point list there

>> No.50557776


FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I knew I was forgetting something

One of the Talon guys doesn't get one I guess. I can't think of anything else that makes sense to drop really.


Oh. I had one on a GK Librarian before and I don't recall it being terrible. All the force weapons are the same points so I guess I'll make it something else.


That's okay, Night Lords are so scary the enemy will need 249 extra points to stand a chance.

I don't have any of the models yet but I've been waiting for an excuse to build a bunch of Raptors forever. So anything dumb can be changed still.

>> No.50557820 [DELETED] 

If you dropped both power axes off the meltachamps, couldn't you afford to give your lord a power weapon and grab an extra round of flamers? Your call I guess, I'm not familiar with how you should use raptors.

>> No.50557832

>IW Legion Rules
>no option to take Warpsmiths without taking a Chaos Lord/Sorceror tax to fulfil Formation requirements.
>no re-rolling Warlord traits if he's a warpsmith because LOL CHAOS WARBAND NEEDS A BOSS
Awesome. GW shitting the bed with minor oversights, as usual.

>> No.50557843

Dude, even the Iron Warriors are led by Chaos Lords.

>> No.50557850

Warsmith =/= Warpsmith.

Warsmiths are Iron Warrior Chaos Lords.

Warpsmiths are Chaos Techmarines.

>> No.50557851

Why not? Is it universally terrible?

I'd think with Iron Arm, a staff would be amazing. That's, what 9 str? If you get lucky and roll a gift of mutation with +1 str, you're a greater daemon, but at 9, you could even crack open Land Raiders on a 5+.

Really curious why it's considered so bad.

>> No.50557872

relying of getting a spell is never good, the main problem is a lack of ap 3. cant speak for everyone, but in my meta, it may as well be ap -

>> No.50557873


You can make anyone in this type of detachment your warlord, and still get the bonus.

>> No.50557885



Looks good to me

>> No.50557891

I just noticed the ork in that picture my sides!

>> No.50557895


Good call anon. I will have to test it out with some counts-as models (I am bad at math lel). On the one hand the flamers could help save some overwatch deaths but on the other hand with a disordered charge (from the DS rules) I feel like you'd also want the +1A from pistol/CCW to make up for losing the charge bonus.

>> No.50557898

Opinions of mixing Space Wolves with Deathwatch?

>> No.50557907

So what's the rules for cultists formation things roughly?

I had an Alpha Legion army planned in the WIP que and I'd love to know how they affect cultists.

>> No.50557918

Well, you've got a 50% chance of getting it at ML3. That's really not that bad. You aren't allowed to stack the same powers across your army anymore so one dude rolling entirely on Biomancy isn't exactly wasted. I don't know if you recall, but Biomancy is pretty great for a core book table.

>> No.50557923

The bosses also tend to be warsmiths.

>> No.50557930

>confusing warsmiths with warpsmiths
[Decimation intensifies]

>> No.50557937

Because s9 ID dont mean shit when you have 66% chance of bouncing off powerarmour.

>> No.50557943

Why? Are you doing this because of the special ammunition?

>> No.50557945

Raptors don't swap weapons for their special weapons. You still got the bonus attacks, boss.

Loyalists get special weapons on Bikers without any swaps, Heretics get special weapons on Raptors without the swap.

>> No.50557948

Iron Arm grants Smash.

>> No.50557953

>not aware that in IW fluff, the guy in charge of getting shit down invariably has servo arms and shitloads of bionics, regardless of Chaos Lord/Warsmith/WARPsmith nonclementure.

>> No.50557970


I should learn to read better. Thanks anon.

>> No.50557973

>implying they're not the same thing with a different name
Tell me how you equip your totally fluffy Iron Warriors Chaos Lord, anon.

>> No.50557976

>Not using a power fist as a count as servo arm
Fucking casuals

>> No.50557977

You get Smash as part of Iron Arm so your attacks resolve at AP2. Note: this is not the trade in attack, this is all your attacks. So yeah, it does actually mean shit.

>> No.50557984

So model a warsmith and use the chaos lord entry. Done.

>> No.50558003

Which is the most rapey aircraft in the game:
Points to power:
Total rape:
Bomb power:
Other?: In case I missed something
I was thinking the new barracuda is the best points to power flyer, would I be wrong?

>> No.50558007

>using an expensive Lord with Fist when I've got a literal guy with servo arms and mechadendrites that fits the theme so much better and can take shit like the Black Mace for a gigantic demon-possessed Servo Arm and still have extra arms spewing melta and templates
Fuck off.

>> No.50558016

>Power fist for power/Lance weapon for claw/mechanditres and putting the claw in the model, then explain my opponent that that servo arm is it's power fist leaving both arms free for the gun/relic/cc/shit I want him to have.
Not so hard

>> No.50558029

>leaving both arms free
HA. Have fun explaining that to the rules lawyers.

>> No.50558033

Oh my bad, i never see smash used so i only remembered the "trade all attacks for one" part.

>> No.50558039

ahh so you cheat?

>> No.50558043

Against what target?

>> No.50558058

>implying warsmiths weren't the captain's and commanders of the legion instead of the tech Marines
>implying you can't take a generic power weapon or relic instead of pf to represent mechadendrites
Learn your fluff you fucking pseudo iron warrior, I bet you want them just to spam obliterators.

>> No.50558062

Total Dakka, or
I guess vs infantry/vehicles/aircraft/mc

>> No.50558079

>being this autistic of how someone else models his/her miniatures.
This is why nobody wants to play with you

>> No.50558087

I said nothing about modeling you fuck wad, model however you want. trying to go 'oh i modeled him with extra weapons so i get to take more than normal' is what makes you a cheating asshole

>> No.50558088

Point was I can't take a Warpsmith as the Command portion of an Iron Warriors detachment because there was no amendment to the Chaos Warband despite being fluff-friendly, so I have to take a Lord to fill out the Formation, AND a Warpsmith to take any of the interesting Warpsmith-only relics. A single line of text reading "Iron Warriors may take a Warpsmith instead of a Chaos Lord/Sorcerer to fulfil Formation requirements". Nice fluffy rule and no HQ taxes for our armies.

>> No.50558101

Care to post any images you may have of it? All those extra weapons aside, it sounds like it could be cool.

>> No.50558108

Relics are in addition to regular wargear limits unless specified.

>> No.50558115


>> No.50558130


Can't you do CAD? and take the iron warriors formation separate? What do you gain from taking the warband anyway? tax units and boons? take some warpsmiths, obliterators, and fortification formations and call it a day.

>> No.50558136

>I said nothing about modeling you fuck wad, model however you want. trying to go 'oh i modeled him with extra weapons so i get to take more than normal' is what makes you a cheating asshole
If the roster says it's equipped with "x" equipment who the hell gives a fuck of how many appendages my model have? If I put a servo arm in my model and say it's a power fist is that much of a big deal? Perhaps only if you're an autistic asshole that is probably already ignored by the rest of the group, my opponent will most likely ask me for the roster to know with what the converted miniature is equipped with anyways.

>> No.50558141

>not legal/10 try again scrub
actual advice: you need the guard codex which has specific rules for infantry platoons (you don't have even a single full troops slot in your list)

>> No.50558163

>implying Warsmiths weren't both and don't have their own collections of meticulously-modified and repaired vehicles and other creations
>implying the Obliterator-related rules compensate for them still being expensive heavy weapon blobs
Even blowing your Warlord trait on letting them shoot twice barely makes up for their points and isn't a sure thing. The only one that's remotely 'good' is cheesing the 'attack twice' for Mutilators by striking first with power swords to get Initiative then immediately following with Chainfists which will likely get FAQ'd into the dirt within a week of release.
>thinking I'm going to be rustled by some hamfisted attempt at a No True Scotsman

>> No.50558165

wow, you are illiterate as well as stupid

>> No.50558172

Warband is your 1+ Core for the IW detachment from what I've read. Like I said, HQ taxes.

>> No.50558175

God I hate this site, the fact that it even allows that list to be made is fucked up. No idea why people keep shilling it.

Anyways, not your fault new guy, don't worry.

Infantry squads (the 50pt ones you bought) must be bought as platoons. A platoon MUST contain 1 platoon command squad and 2 infantry squads. In addition, it can contain up to 3 more infantry squads (so a total of 5) as well as a unit of conscripts, 0-5 Heavy weapon squads, and if I'm remembering right 0-2 special weapon squads.

Basically think of it as a force org in your force org. Also, that list is horrible, but I'm going to wait to see if you're even still around before I go into a longer post explaining why you want to change it.

>> No.50558181

>Not liking ap 1 las cannons, or ap 0 meltaguns
what are you, an imperial fist?

>> No.50558190


You can still do IW CAD. that whole oblits are troops bit. you dont need warband.

>> No.50558203


>I need something to hold my hand when making lists

>> No.50558208

Any word on when imperial agents is up for pre?

>> No.50558217

I don't like them when they're 70pts each and go poof when you point Krak missiles at them.

>> No.50558226

>krak missile
>killing an oblit
sure like those 1/6 chances dont you anon

>> No.50558235


That does suck, but at least they get a 2+ followed by a 6+ FNP now

>> No.50558240


Aren't servo arms and power fists the same thing? Let's be real, he's not going to be hitting anything where the AP1 matters.

>> No.50558242

So you're telling me you want an army builder that isn't made correctly and can shit out completely broken lists?

The whole point of an army builder is so that it works without you having to have the codex memorized so you can quickly slap a list together. What's the point if it can't even remotely tell you "hey dipshit, you built that platoon wrong"? Especially for more complex units like infantry platoons, which, as shown by noobie up there, are hard for new players to wrap their heads around.

Nice b8 m8

>> No.50558249

I don't have. a picture right now but it's basically pic releated with all imperial thingys cut off and more skulls and daemonic motifs.

>> No.50558265

How is that a techmarine in any way but power armour?

>> No.50558278

>for some reason I'm thinking Krak missiles are AP2
Well whatever, I meant any St8 AP2 or better will gib them.

>> No.50558290


I think the frogposter is referring to the fact that you need an army builder period. Skilled players and veterans simply write lists manually, by hand, from memory or with the rulebook nearby.

>> No.50558295

Because your wording was "leaving both hands free for relics/etc" implying you could cheese shit with 2-handed equipment.

>> No.50558310


I used paper and pencil for years, all this does is allow me to print a neat copy.

I am sorry its too difficult for some.

>> No.50558333


Still have that 5++ followed 6+FnP

But I get what you are saying.

>> No.50558337

>double strength causes Instant Death
No FNP for you.

>> No.50558339


its convenient to have one on my phone and I can tap one out on battlescribe faster than it takes to break out pen and paper and write it down. Plus if I need it on paper all I gotta do is print it.

I play guard. When we build a list it has a shit ton of stuff in it. If my choices are writing down a page worth of shit or just a few taps, I'm gonna pick the phone. And this is a guy who has the damn codex memorized, I still prefer the app just because it organizes things nice and quick with minimal effort.

Also I really don't like wasting paper on a list that I'm probably just going to throw away after that game. Call me a tree hugging faggot but I don't like wasting paper.

Nothing wrong with writing it down, I completely get that. I was mainly stating that the new website builder people keep posting on here really sucks from what I've seen and I don't get why they use it.

>> No.50558340

>there are people who do pen/paper to make their lists in 2017 minus 26 days

>> No.50558350

Wish they had given terminators tank hunter as well. Just finishing up my iron warriors terminators

>> No.50558351


Ah yes, so used to mine being nurgle I forget about that,

>> No.50558356

>the guy in charge of getting shit down invariably has servo arms and shitloads of bionics
some do

But the bulk of them are just commanders in the vein of perturabo and know how to delegate shit.

>muh 3.5
A servo arm was an option for a warsmith, but like the dark apostle's crozious was never mandatory. They're space marines. Space marines have a ton of variance in what they make use of.

>> No.50558359

I'm not giving the model extra weapons or equipment beyond what he's allowed to have, he's a generic chaos Lord with power fist and bolt pistol or power weapon if I have the spare points, I only use the power fist as an servo arm.

>> No.50558367

>and I don't get why they use it.

Because they are retards who don't know how to make a list without one.

>> No.50558377

Sorry, it wasn't my intention to be this misleading, English isn't my native language, I humbly apologize for any misunderstandings.

>> No.50558378


You're playing a game where you have to buy physical models, physically build them, then PAINT them too, just to roll physical dice to play with them.

Don't try to pull your trendy technology card on me when it comes to making lists. This isn't some virtual reality headset super porn hoverboard arena.

>> No.50558382

they use it because it's the first result when you search "warhammer 40k army builder"

>> No.50558386

My warsmith is built of the tech marine. He has 4 servo arms, a bionic arm and the axe as well as a flamer. I used him as Huron but, well that's out the window now

>> No.50558387

I'm still working on that mang.

>> No.50558391

As I mentioned earlier, my main complaint was that you have to take a Chaos Lord AND Warpsmith regardless if you want to take any of the Warpsmith-only relics because of the Chaos Warband being a 1+ Core choice. If what >>50558190 said is true and you can just make an IW CAD then I'll just take a Warpsmith as my HQ and go on my merry way. Remains to be seen which exact special rules I could miss out on by doing that, though.

>> No.50558401

I hope CSM get HH terminator armours for sweep advance with world eaters terminators.

>> No.50558403


>There are people who haven't played their army enough they still have to build lists

>> No.50558412


At least they're googling. That's better than some people on here.

>> No.50558416

Can someone point me towards the exact post on the net where Lady Atia said there would be Plastic Sisters?

I see a lot of people say she confirmed it but I've never seen the exact post of her confirming it.

>> No.50558427

ask a guy who's played over 150 games with his Orkz anything (yes I've been keeping track since I started the hobby)

>> No.50558435

How many % of your army is scratch built/converted.

>> No.50558443

The future can't come fast enough, yugioh but with miniatures would be amazing.

...ya know i could probably do that with daemons, challenge accepted

>> No.50558445

Let's hope the relics have some way to better represent the warsmith beyond a generic chaos Lord.

>> No.50558450

I'd say a solid 15%

>> No.50558453

Variety is the spice of life and all.
Keeping the enemy guessing is the only way my boyz can compete even slightly.

>> No.50558471


Godspeed to you anon.

you could throw anything on the table and I would still play you.

>> No.50558474

Is it better to brutal but kunnin or kunnin but brutal?

>> No.50558479

Which unit in the codex is your favourite? I personally like killa kans but the new morale rules for them seems stupid and too crippling for them to be reliable.

>> No.50558480


Who cares now?

GW certain doesn't.

When some dude in Russian can make these, GW is out of fucking excuses.

>> No.50558497

GW also has monopose sisters.

>> No.50558502


They do. These have options.

>> No.50558503

aren't those just resin though?

Also does anyone even have these yet? I've never seen pics of them in the wild

>> No.50558507

Yes but at least this ones look decent rather than the band of deformed midgets that GW wants to sell.

>> No.50558511


I've seen one here. They're pretty good.

>> No.50558520

The "sisters are niche as fuck and not worth investing heavily into" excuse has never been invalidated, however.

>but GSC
Space hulk and tyranids carry more popularity than you think, most importantly outside the general 40k fanbase. They're up there with the space marines themselves.

resin garage kits existing doesn't really change that

>> No.50558538

There's nothing wrong with the listbuilder. It's a tool to quickly calculate the points costs of everything you take. It's the user's responsibility to follow the rules if they're making a Battle-forged list, just like it is if they're writing the list by hand.

>> No.50558581

This is reaching shilling levels of posting.

>> No.50558592

Didn't she just confirm the Canoness and say something like it was "a nice hint"?

>> No.50558593


I know several people irl willing to drop hundreds


Here's the pack. Not mine.

>> No.50558597

Yeah. here it is.

>> No.50558612


>one company refuses to supply
>second company does

>> No.50558616


Grishnak is the 2nd best producer of SoB models right now, but I don't like their faces or the scale of their models. The overall sculpts and level of detail are perfect though.

I prefer Raging Heroes even though they're not as accurate as Grishnak's.

>> No.50558630


>Raging heroes
>shit taste confirmed

Christ, why do people like that shitty cheese cake crap?

>> No.50558633

>"Not so fast, Yugi-boy...you've activated my trap! TAU OVERWATCH!"

>> No.50558641

>cheese cake

That's probably why. Even if you look at the non-cheesecake models, the faces are better than Grishnak and the armor is bulkier and more heroic scale.

If you think every single Raging Heroes sculpt is cheese cake or shit, then you're just a brainless hater. Although that might already be the case if you think Grishnak sculpts > Raging Heroes.

>> No.50558654

>rumours from top sources repeatedly state Sisters will be in February
>GW releases a new allies toolbox book that includes some Sisters in it as one of 9 sub-factions
>Sistersfags freak the fuck out whining that they're being squatted and rolled into another book
Holy fucking shit, chill out, you're still getting an actual Codex/new model releases in February. Imperial Agents is just a fucking supplement.

>> No.50558662


>> No.50558664

>shit taste confirmed
Christ, why do people like that shitty Space Marine crap?

>> No.50558675


One of these looks like a sister of battle and the rest do not.

>> No.50558688

Things will get loud now!

Lord of the Legion
>Chaos Sorcerer (MoS, Steed of Slaanesh, VotLW, ML3) - 135

>Chaos Lord (2x Lightning Claw, VotLW, MoS, Steed of Slaanesh, Aura of Dark Glory) - 150

>Noise Marines [7] (1x Doom Siren, 1x Blastmaster, 7xCCW, Icon of Excess, VotLW) - 184

>Noise Marines [7] (1x Blastmaster, 5x Sonic Blaster, Icon of Excess, VotLW) - 177

>Noise Marines [5] (1x Blastmaster, 3x Sonic Blaster, VotLW) - 139
>Rhino (Havoc Launcher) - 47
>Noise Marines [5] (1x Blastmaster, 3x Sonic Blaster, VotLW) - 139
>Rhino (Havoc Launcher) - 47
>Noise Marines [5] (1x Blastmaster, 3x Sonic Blaster, VotLW) - 139
>Rhino (Dirge Caster) - 40
>Noise Marines [5] (1x Blastmaster, 3x Sonic Blaster, VotLW) - 139
>Rhino (Dirge Caster) - 40

Renegades and Heretics CAD
>Renegade Command Squad (Banner of Hate) - 55

>Renegande Infantry Platoon (3x 10 Renegades) - 90

>Renegade Hellhound - 115

>Renegade Strike Battery (2x Wyvern) - 110

>ADL (Quad Gun) - 100

Total: 1846

>> No.50558689

I literally haven't seen any SoB player complaining aabout that and most of them are thankful they'll get plastic sisters in the near future.

>> No.50558691

How should Grav be nerfed, /tg/? It's currently mathematically the best ranged weapon in the game against all targets not counting D-weapons (and is even superior to D in numerous cases), even when you factor in the higher points cost. Something needs to be done.

>> No.50558692

>One looks like a drag-queen the rest do not

>> No.50558697

So guardians and boyz too.

>> No.50558700


So you agree

>> No.50558707

Shill harder

>> No.50558712

new book crippled the piss out of them I agree

My favorite unit is my big stupid overpriced Morkanaught

brutal but cunnin

>> No.50558716

who are your leaders going with? steeds means no rhinos

>> No.50558720

>Something needs to be done.
Pict releated

>> No.50558723

I'm guessing by this you mean best all-round, not better at killing guardsmen than a flamer?

In any case, grav was a mistake. It just took over plasma's niche by being better in almost every way, when plasma wasn't broken or in need of something to replace it.

>> No.50558725

With a grav-amp it wounds 5+ save models on better than 4+ and shits out an unreasonable number of shots.

>> No.50558737

t. Space Marine player with 6 grav-centurions who literally doesn't know how to win games without them

>telling others to get gud
Oh the irony.

Yes, sorry, there are fringe cases where other weapons overtake it but it is by far the best all-rounder and strictly better than numerous other weapons.

>> No.50558746

Do you know your winrate? You ever won any tourneys?

>> No.50558748

Well, there are sevral ways
>increase prie, 50% across the board
>reduce shots (1/2 salvo for gun 2/3 for cannon, 3/4 for heavy)
>make it only do glanceing vs vehcles
>remove gravamps

if you did all of that (apart from the price increase) it could work

>> No.50558749

I haven't kept exact track, but I know I've won more games than I've lost, I'd estimate 60-70% win

I have actually won 2 local tourneys! I had to cheese like a fucker, and roll lucky, but I've done it

>> No.50558755

post your avarage tourny list

>> No.50558766


I love playing guys who spam grav

most of my armies are essentially immune to them though.

>> No.50558771


You clearly haven't been on Dakkadakka or BaC then

>> No.50558776


It's inferior to melta against vehicles. Your "math" forgets to account for the fact that grav is 15/35 points instead of 10 points.

If the game had no more high toughness high armor overpowered garbage models, grav would be useless. How many space marine players are taking grav against orks and daemons?

>> No.50558787

>tfw your army literally consists of only a couple hundred guardsmen

Where is your precious god now, grav users

in reality the joke is on me of course, it's just fun to laugh at any weapon wounding guardsmen on 5's.

>> No.50558788

Maybe it could be a roll-under toughness instead of against armour save so that it has a more clear role as an MC killer, and is less effective vs MEQ and TEQ (something plasma is already meant to handle).

Maybe it could instead have its AP value removed or severely reduced, considering the great fire rate, making it not simply a "no, fuck you" to anything with a good armour save, but a gun that's good at bringing down tough units through loads of saving throws.

Or maybe it could just be removed, because having "plasma, but better" added nothing to the game in the first place.

>> No.50558795

I could go digging but Ima just give you the short version

Generally I go with a biker deathstar with a painboy and boss, supported by a bunch of artillery and a solid footslogging line

One that I won with a year ago was a full on footslog with some killa kans, that one I won because of luck to be honest though, I got matched against opponents that couldn't keep up with wounding them, and I had lots of cover

>> No.50558801

The Steeds are to outflank the two squads of 7 - lord with the Doom Siren and CCWs and the sorcerer with Blast master and Sonic Blasters.

>> No.50558825


Renegades and Heretics CAD
>Renegade Command Squad (Banner of Hate) - 55

>Renegande Infantry Platoon (3x 10 Renegades) - 90

>Renegade Hellhound - 115

>Renegade Strike Battery (2x Wyvern) - 110

>ADL (Quad Gun) - 100

Total: 1846

Where's your second troop choice? A platoon of infantry is only one slot.

>> No.50558831

He probably meant to take an AD.

>> No.50558833

That's an allied detachment, isn't it?

>> No.50558854

How are you planning to model them?

>> No.50558894

Does anyone here know if the Warhammer 40k: Armageddon PC game is any good? It looks a lot like the old Final Liberation PC game I used to play back when I was in my early teens.

Is it restricted to just the missions in the DLC or can you throw together skirmishes vs the AI?

>> No.50558911

Well ive read a fair amount of complaints that the levels are very linera, as in one way to win only.

>> No.50558928

Yeah, that's my bad, meant to put Allied. However, this made me think - can you have a fortification in an allied detachment? >>50558825

I'm planning on getting some seekers, the legs for the marines I'm not so sure. Maybe kitbash with some bikers? It'll be a fun conversion project.

>> No.50558944


No fortification in AD

>> No.50558951

Changing Grav AP is not an argument as Long as Riptides exist. I Know its the nail in the coffin for terminators but its also the main counter to cheese-fests. Wounding ona "reversed" Toughness seems neat though.

>> No.50558955

Shit. Is there a way to take one outside of a CAD?

>> No.50558956

I played it. It's typical hexbased strat game. It isn't anything special.

>> No.50558959

Could give Grav a disabling ability against big single targets instead.

>> No.50558981

I belive you can just take a fortification detatchment.

>> No.50558985

Wrong. SM still have access to AP 2 in the form of plasma AND AP 1 with melta. Grav needs to fulfill a different niche.

>> No.50558989

Is it true that IW can't take marks on non-unique characters now?

Asking because I normally run a juggerlord and this may fuck with my awesome conversions.

>> No.50558991

Just make grav do nothing against vehicles except cause a terrain test or something.

>> No.50558993

>he actually buys models
>he actually builds them
>he actually paints them
>he actually plays

You're doing it wrong. /40kg/ is where people come to pirate the latest shit to moan about it and people like Carnac to exist purely to shitpost about the lore for (You)'s. If you're actually supporting evil Jew Double Jew then you're a good goy.

>Am I memeing right? Do I fit in yet?

>> No.50558997

Do Riptides even matter that much in the current meta? Tau failed to make the top 4 in ITC this year, and it's not like this is the start of 6th when everyone was trying to adjust to monstrous creatures and flyers becoming alarmingly common.

I do take your point though, so I'll stick to the roll-under toughness idea. Especially if it was so that equal to toughness rolls were failures, which would mean that MEQs only have a 50% chance of taking a wound. Otherwise they'd just be exactly as effective vs MEQs as before.

>> No.50558998


Grav will fill NO role if it an't even penetrate the 2+ armor of the terminators and Riptides it's meant to shoot against.

>> No.50559002


Looks that way in every rumor.

>> No.50559003

Straken + Nork + Yarrick supported by priests, psykers, and guard with lp/ccw/medic is a legit death star. theyll wreck anything and everything that isn't smashfucker or 3++ melee units

>> No.50559006

Don't forget Lascannons.

There's literally no reason for SM to have yet another AP 2 focussed weapon.

>> No.50559008


So if I actually paid money for Battlescribe's premium mode, would it fix all those mistakes it always has?

>> No.50559010

They're Tau's TEQs.

>> No.50559013

The point is it needs to be changed so it's not meant to shoot against those things, because as it stands, Plasma has NO role, and Plasma is older, more balanced, and more iconic.

>> No.50559014

You guys are all missing the point. SM players don't want grav to change because then they would actually have to put thought into games.

>> No.50559017


Because people were taking so many lascannons and plasma guns before grav existed. You guys are fucking morons.

Grav needs a nerf, but if it does happen, you need to nerf everything that people take grav for as well.

>> No.50559019

What role would it have then?

>> No.50559023

>Because people were taking so many lascannons and plasma guns before grav existed.
...yes, you fucking newfag. Have you never heard of lasplas teams?

>> No.50559025


What does that tell you, idiot? It means you need to nerf other shit so plasma becomes good again before you nerf grav. Removing grav doesn't make plasma good again, it just makes marines unplayable except as "how long can you survive" Battle Company.

>> No.50559026


>he didn't play in the min-max las-plas days

>> No.50559029

My emprah...
My emprah...

>> No.50559034


People took melta and MLs in 5E. Nobody took lasplas except as RB turrets.

If you're going back as far as 4E and before, you're a fucking retard, because you fail to account for literally 99% of the shit in the game right now that didn't exist back then.

>> No.50559040

but plasma isn't bad
grav is just better in every way

>> No.50559041

Weren't plasma guns the go-to special weapons before grav for all round usefulness?

>> No.50559043


I'm gonna have to check out the rules, because I don't wanna waste my juggernaut bike conversions that I had planned to go with my juggerlord.

>> No.50559046

fuck off, tier 2-3 is not unplayable.

>> No.50559047

in this man's world the only factions that exist besides marines are eldar and tzeentch summon spam

let us pity him

>> No.50559050

>implying LCs and plasma aren't to the game back then as grav is to the game now

If lasplas was good, people would take it. It's cheaper than grav. You guys should have been around long enough to have seen the calculations for how many heavy weapon shots it takes to kill a Riptide or Wraithknight. More lascannons than you can fit in an army at 1850 unless you played full troops and triple devastators.

>> No.50559053

>Grav needs a nerf, but if it does happen, you need to nerf everything that people take grav for as well.
Yes, and? The original question wasn't "how to nerf Riptides", that's another discussion.

>> No.50559054

This doesn't exist.

Just tack on 30 points of mutant rabble and take the CAD.

>> No.50559055

>nerfing one tier 1 army and not the other 4-5 just because your own personal vendetta
>the nerfed weapon doesn't even hurt lower tier armies and one of the tier 1 armies
>multiple armies rely on grav

Fuck off. Eldar nerfs would be way better for the game.

>> No.50559056

>he plays competitively

>> No.50559060

I like the previous suggestion of it wounding better the higher T the target has.

Maybe extend it to be very good at immobilizing skimmers too.

>> No.50559061

>casuals trying to balance the game

Why are you dumb casuals always this retarded? If you're not "competitive" then what does it matter if grav is op?

>> No.50559062


>I make sweeping generalizations and get mad when people call me on my bull shit

>> No.50559066

because vehicles and 2+ armour saves need nerfing

>> No.50559069

>multiple armies rely on grav
marines, marines, marines, marines, marines, admech, and marines

>If you're not "competitive" then what does it matter if grav is op?
gee i dunno

guess there's nothing wrong with the nid codex then, because we're not waacfaggots :^)

>> No.50559072

The problem isn't grav, it's relentless. If you all cry about grav with movement penalty you're beyond shit at this game.

Also remove grav-amps.

>> No.50559075

No personal bias except againt people above t4 complaining about being unplayable.

>> No.50559083

>He plays 40k competitively with a "holier-than-thou attitude"

>> No.50559087

If it doesn't have the ap to punch through saves, you might as well take plasma for that instead. Might as well change its niche entirely and make it good against fast units instead.

>> No.50559089

Don't mind him, he's just mad that he's playing a T5 unplayable garbage codex.

>> No.50559122

So im getting a DW army come saturday and im looking at kitting it out.

Thing is the 1d4 article is rather weak as to unit loadout aside from "frag cannon gud 4 per unit"

This is what im getting, therell be 4 frags between them all

24 vets
12 vanguards
6 bikers
6 termies
1 blackstar
1 razorback
1 commander
1 captain artemis
1 chaplain
2 librarians

>> No.50559125

ITT: Fucking amateurs at game design.

As it stands Grav Cannons are strictly better than Plasma Cannons and Lascannons. Therefore LasPlas is a dominated strategy - in other words, a non-choice that bloats the game.

The question is "how do we change Grav to make Las or Plas viable options?" Each should hold a distinct role to justify its existence - each needs strengths and weaknesses.

>B-but I need muh grav because WKnights and Riptides are cheese!
That is not the discussion being had or the question that was asked. No one is changing any rules in a vacuum. You're not going to be forced to play against un-house-ruled super-heavies with house-ruled grav, so quit whining. This is a theoretical discussion of which role grav can be changed to fulfill that makes las/plas/grav a tactical decision with all options being on the table, not an auto-take for one newcomer weapon that doesn't have the iconic aesthetic pedigree of the others.

>> No.50559130

Well if it provides more shots with gets hot.

>> No.50559142

It's still the same niche. It'd have to be better than plasma at dealing with large targets or you wouldn't bother.

>> No.50559150


Well if grav can only auto immobilize skimmers it makes it less useful vs ground tanks, maybe also force grounding test on FMC.

>> No.50559193

First time Sisters get any actual attention outside of paltry paragraph or so of text in years and it's literally playing second fiddle in someone else's codex.
First miniature in thirteen years and it's a limited edition resin sculpt that isn't mentioned in WD and my local GW has told me straight out he hasn't heard anything specific past 'ltd ed Canoness mini'. Even showed me the form in question.

Both are unprecedented moves by GW.

It's kinda obvious why some chicken littles think the sky is starting to fall.

>> No.50559213

No, it's not. Fuck's sake.

This is nothing but good news for Sisters and you idiots are acting like your Faction is doomed because it's actually not been ignored completely? Are you kidding me?

>> No.50559216

Expand that into a general movement debuff and you might have something.

>> No.50559220


remind me how they were introduced into 40k

>> No.50559231

>Both are unprecedented moves by GW.

>> No.50559233


>> No.50559234

Sadly that puts us into the "modifyers r hard" field

>> No.50559238

Alright, so Imperial Agents is an Inquisition and Friends codex, with only some units (mostly one, but occasionally 2) from various codexes.

The Sisters codex is still the Sisters codex.

You understand?

There's also an updated codex coming early next year, now that we've seen the rumoured teaser Canoness is happening, we can justifiably believe that the rumoured plastics and the codex are happening too.

And it's really not the first time, even this year, that GW have released a limited time, named resin character model.

If the plastics and codex don't show up sometime in the next 4 months, then you can start screaming the sky is falling.

>> No.50559268

Quick question
Does the windrider box have female chests like the guardian box does?

>> No.50559313

If it's the same as the ones in the Start Collecting Boxes, no.

>> No.50559347

Not nessearly: these are a bunch of things that force dangrous/difficult terrain tests (30k gravon for example). no reason grav couldent be wouding vs str, and any unit hit moves as above next turn.

That way you could keep the high fire rate, and have something that bogs down assult units, filling an unfilled niche (INB4 ASSULT DOSENT NEED MORE URFS)

>> No.50559377

No. Lots of shitposters said that SoB were being squatted as they were being 'rolled in' as a 'minor faction' to Imperial Agents. When in fact Imperial Agents is the ability to play an Inquisitor who orders DW, GK and SoB to work with them in small numbers for their shit.

This is cheesecake? WEW.

>> No.50559382

Grav should hit at the T of the target against the S of the target, with AP2 against T5 or higher

>> No.50559393

SoB haven't been included for, what, 10 years? 12? When was the last SoB model released?

>> No.50559401

Which is my point? They're getting a new model it means they're not being squatted?

Just like GSC got models in DW:OK and then a couple months later, look at that, they got a Codex!

Sister's are getting a limited edition special character, it's basically a teaser for the Codex coming out in Feb.

>> No.50559410

So as someone who hasn't played since everyone was forced to use the equivalent of CAD for all forces ever, how important is CAD/Allied Detatchments for Objective Secured and if you take a decurion-style detatchment does your goal just then become all-in on tabling your opponent?

I ask because I'm planning out my count-as thousand sons army, and the plan is ~800 points for the war cabal, 500 points for a max unit count tzaangor herd for the max unit bonuses, which leaves about 500 points to play with for a 1850 game. I want to take a Knight because they're fucking sick, but I feel like an allied renegades & heretics or maybe some daemons might be a good idea to just sit on objectives.

pictured: hecking sweet 1k sons from some dude in /wip/ for ur consideration

>> No.50559419

They are getting a new limited model? Got a link?

But my point is, SoB fans have long assumed that they're not getting anything. Why is 2017 suddenly the year it changes? Most fans have heard this bullshit before. There is a reason 3rd party people are making bank on proxies.

>> No.50559463

>Why is 2017 suddenly the year it changes?
Why after all these years did GW finally make Adeptus Mechanicus, Genestealer Cults, 30k plastics, Sisters of Silence, Custodes, a Daemon Primarch, and rules for all 9 Traitor Legions? I don't know why it's happening now, but it's happening, and they already said "plastic Sisters of Battle" in the Magnus teaser video (tongue-in-cheek joke or not, doesn't mean it wasn't also true). So quit your whining and just chill, your update is coming. Atia has said as much, GW has basically said as much.

>> No.50559471

It varies.
Space marines can have both decurion style and ObSec.

But my orks have won nearly all their games by objective over killpower.
Only a pure mech army vs a almost AT less army and a Pizza plate party vs nids have won on kills.

>> No.50559477




>> No.50559512

You don't need a CAD to win on objectives, just kill off or tie up the enemy's ObSec units, which is normally only Troops.

>> No.50559514


Been a sisters player for a long time. I have absolutely zero reason to believe that anything is coming for us. This isn't the first time I've heard the "Sisters soon!!!" crap. It's not the second, or the third, or the fourth.

Games Workshop doesn't give a shit about Sisters of Battle, and they've made that abundantly clear. Our main vehicle was cancelled because they couldn't be assed to make a fucking plastic window piece, so now if we want to buy that tank, we have to also buy 10lbs of pewter.

The first model to be released in ten fucking years is an extra limited edition model that is extra impossible to get because they don't think it will sell. They've lost their window to third parties, and they know it.


It won't happen.

>> No.50559533

Okay, keep being a whiny faggot then.

I've also been around for all the false Sisters rumours over the years, I've been playing this game and keeping up with every release since 2nd fucking edition. None of them, not once, ever came anywhere close to having the level of support and legitimacy they do right now.

But keep bitching cuz "waaah it didn't happen before" I guess?

>> No.50559572

Its because GW has a new CEO now. One that isnt a raging cunt.

>> No.50559646

So Marines had a thirteen year gap of absolutely no releases and that mini was the reintroduction of the Marines?

Damn, guess I was imagining the endless Marine releases since 2003.
Thanks for telling me, I can see a doctor about my wildly inaccurate memories now.

>> No.50559654


And then what happens it's nothing?

What fucking legitimacy does this have that the others didn't? Getting the first non-magazine print since 3rd edition in an allies book?

Remember the WD rules? Remember when they came out? Rumors were flying all over the place.

>its a place holder like Blood Angels!

That was 2011

Two years later, we finally got a new Codex, but wait! Only digital with no new models and even fewer units.

We have nothing coming.

>> No.50559659

Jesus Christ, just how battered are SoB players that they have this much trust issues.

>> No.50559663

Thats a matter of limited edition not armies, for the katter see GSC.

>> No.50559673

>what are GSC?

>> No.50559685

said, the reason we're getting all of these 'fan demanded' armies is because of the changes games workshop has gone through. Calm your tits son, I wouldnt have believed deathwatch, admech and genestealers would get a codex, or that the legions would actually get real fucking rules again, a few years ago either but here we are.

>> No.50559697

>What fucking legitimacy does this have that the others didn't?
Gee, idk, maybe the known 90% accurate rumourmonger and GW themselves saying "plastic sisters in a few months"???

>> No.50559722


No wonder the play the army full of women, they act like abused housewives, it's pathetic.

>> No.50559750

There were people who were sure Deathwatch Overkill was all GSC would get and it meant they wouldn't be a faction because the sprues couldn't be neatly divided in standalone boxes. Turns out GW just had an entire second set of minis waiting in the wings. It's way to early to lose your head over this limited edition mini.

>> No.50559756

hey guys, I played a game of 40k recently, and there was an argument over a friend's Hades Breaching Drill. Is he allowed to take it in a space marine army as a dedicated transport? Or can it only be taken with death korps of krieg?

>> No.50559763


Not even a SoB fan, not whining either, was simply stating this is not the first time it's happened and I doubt it'll be the last. We've (collective, not SoB fans only) have heard this before.

The fact Death Watch came out when they promised Xenos Hunter codex in 2005 just proves that GW talks the talk but rarely walks the walk.

Said it before, say it again, when it happens, I'll believe it, but I have no actual faith.

>> No.50559779


When did GW say "Plastic sisters in a few months"? You mean that half a second at the end of the Magnus video? Please.


The fact that every single one of those got plastic shit before an already standing army consisting of 10+ year old metal models despite all other metal being phased out for failcast is enough proof that we won't get plastic.

>> No.50559794

Usually when people promise stuff like that, they say it without really knowing what corporate will do. They might say one thing but if plans fall through because of whatever bullshittery happens on the managerial level, that's not the writers and shit's fault. They just promised shit they thought they could deliver.

Warhammer TV gets told BY corporate what to announce.

That's the difference.

>> No.50559799

Jesus christ you SoB players really are like abused kids..dont worry, daddy Kirby isnt going to smack you for dropping his beer again.

>> No.50559807


>> No.50559812

They literally said:
"Cool this isn't released for months yet. Plastic Sisters of Battle."

You can argue that it was just a cruel joke, but that is what they said verbatim.

>> No.50559814


No, just sent to our room with no supper for 10 years

>> No.50559819

>daddy Kirby

>> No.50559825

Yup. Previous Sisters hints have been from the design/creative side of GW. This is from the PR/Marketing side.

>> No.50559832

At least he didnt kill you and dump the body in the swamp like what happened to the Squats..

>> No.50559838

>SoBcucks think their meme army is going to get anything


>> No.50559848

At least you knew the Squats were gone and weren't thrown bread crumbs every 5 years hinting that shit was happening.

Remember Shield of Baal?


And how many years ago was that?

>> No.50559853


No, just lopped our heads off and stuffed them into the imperial scrap book.

>> No.50559865


Remember when everyone thought they were going to be included?

Remember when they were literally in a single scenario?

>> No.50559868

This metaphor is getting really morbid..I almost did a child rape bit.

>> No.50559880

Imperial Agents is literally so you can use an Inquisitor from the major Ordos to use their Chamber Militants. Calm down.

>> No.50559886


Just like how GW almost remembered to cuddle when they were done?

>> No.50559890

Imperial Agents doesn't replace any Codex.

>> No.50559900


Jesus christ I think I just woke up my neighbour.

>> No.50559901

>Is he allowed to take it in a space marine army as a dedicated transport?
New FAQ clarified you can not.

>> No.50559910

No, because it ended up being fucking stupidly OP. Also it means less sales for dedicated transports for that faction.

He cannot use HBD for his Spess Muhreens. Tell him he's a WAACfag who should read the FAQ's.

>> No.50559918



I'd be willing to bet that IF plastic sisters arrive, it will be a single box, enough to make a battle sisters squad. With that box, comes the announcement that the Adeptus Sororitas Codex is no longer valid, and players should use Imperial Agents for Sisters rules.

>> No.50559934

i sadly believe that

>> No.50559938

Good. Then we have closure.

Imperial Agents also has GK's and DW in them, you saying those are squatted too? It's literally just so you can run an Ordo Malleus + GK Squad or Ordo Xeno + DW Squad or Ordo Hereticus + Battle Sister squad.

>> No.50559949

I don't think this would happen. But if it did, I'd be ok with it, provided that the models looked totally bad ass.

>> No.50559952

>Ordo Xenos+ DW
Wait you can do this in the new codex? fuck me my dreams of a Rogue Trader army are kind of coming true..

>> No.50559962


>> No.50559969

Yes. Imperial Agents is just 9 factions bunged into one. You get to use Grey Knight Terminators, Death Watch Veterans and SoB Battle Sisters. That's it. No other units. It's literally so you can have your Inquisitor use those in place of a warband. Plus the Assassins and 2 factions (assumed to be IG and Scions) I can't remember being said.

>> No.50559975

I guess it'd be DW vets, Battle sisters, GK Paladins, Inquisitors and Henchmen, Scions ect.

The various iconics withou tthe "X but with Y weapon" variant units.

>> No.50559977

>I'll be able to make a space jew army before sisterfags can enjoy their nuns

Absolutely rekt.

>> No.50559980


DW and GK also have plastic and printed rules.

When GKs got a Codex, I was so fucking excited. They got a bunch of new plastic models and a great rules overhaul. Surely, I thought, Sisters must be next. Instead, our rules were butchered and stuffed into a magazine.


Why wouldn't it happen?

>> No.50559985

770 points, sure.

>> No.50559991

>That middle sister
for some reason all I can see is her bare tiddies out with a little cross of ribbon over the nips.

>> No.50560002


>> No.50560006

No. A single box wouldn't generate much in the way of sales and would make little sense in stores considering the rest of the line is all webstore exclusive. I could see that if it was included as part of a Boxed Game, but it makes no sense otherwise.

>> No.50560007

Nah. GK Terminators, not Paladins.


Etc. Short for et cetera.

Not really. Since they're Inquisitors, not Rogue Traders. We don't know exactly how it works either. I believe it's just replacing Codex; Inquisition.

>> No.50560028

Hey I was planning to get Codex: Inquisition before I heard rumors of this because surprisingly, Inquisitors and RT's have a fair bit in common. Exotic wargear, strange bands of followers etc etc.

>> No.50560029

Reading this False Gods book now, what the fuck is wrong with this author?

>his cohler was rising.
>his blood was up.
>he fought back his choler.
>he was very choleric.

What is this shitty writing? Does this shit carry on throughout the rest of the Horus Heresy books? Fucking dude is obsessed with the word choler.

>> No.50560030


The rest of the line wouldn't exist anymore. It'd only be what was in the Imperial Agents book aka a single squad of battle sisters.

>> No.50560033

>Why wouldn't it happen?

Not saying it's impossible. But the way GW has been acting lately, I could definitely see a proper release for SOB. GW likes money, and plenty of people have been asking for them.

>> No.50560034

>Why wouldn't it happen?
Because it doesn't make sense for GW financially.

>> No.50560037

Oh my god, dude, get a therapist.

Are Sistersfags even worse than Chaos?

>> No.50560046

Of course they are.

>> No.50560053

Jesus Christ. You're fucking delusional.

>> No.50560056

Paladins are 2w termies

>> No.50560059

I thought the chaos bitching ended with all the cool new toys they just got?

>> No.50560060


I don't see it happening. Time and time again, GW has shown that they have zero faith in a sisters of battle line. They'll make a single kit for the agents book and wash their hands of it.


This is news?

>> No.50560070


Naw. They didn't become T1 so the whining will keep on for years.

>> No.50560077

He'll be fine once his meds kick in. Just leave him alone. He's had a rough day.

>> No.50560081

It did for the most part, there are still a few that are exceptionally bad though.

Also none of them are as bad as that one marinefag who posts on here sometimes saying "OH MY GOD I CANT BELIEVE I HAVE TO WAIT M O N T H S FOR ANOTHER RELEASE FOR MY SPACE MARINES", I hope that fucker is trolling.

>> No.50560091

But they're not Paladins. They're regular Terminators. So no Banner or Medic.

>> No.50560093

>I don't see it happening. Time and time again, GW has shown that they have zero faith in a sisters of battle line. They'll make a single kit for the agents book and wash their hands of it.

Oh well. If that happens, so be it. People will be a little sore about it for a while, but it's better than nothing.

>> No.50560097

What's the usual etiquette re. Flyers?
I'm fairly new to this and I keep running into Stormravens nearly all the time. I do have an Icarus Array Onager, but only the one, and it struggles to get through AV12 with Jink. I just have to let it fly around and toast one or two units a turn.

Is it normal to bring like 3 anti-air tanks at 1500 pts, or am I missing something about how to kill aircraft?

>> No.50560117

>I hope that fucker is trolling.

He is, but he doesn't understand that the bait is old, and no one wants it.

>> No.50560119


The final slap in the face, zip up, and haphazardly toss the box onto the floor.

>> No.50560121

If they were washing their hands of it they wouldn't fucking make anything. They'd just quietly end the line and let old players stumble on with their ecodex. They certainly would reestablish them in print and produce new models. Even setting aside all the rumors, what you're suggesting makes literally zero sense.

>> No.50560135


New models to sell the new Agents book.

>> No.50560155


>> No.50560164

They wouldn't make new SoB models, they'd update the fucking Inquisitor line, if that's what they were doing.

>> No.50560172


Who says they're not doing both? Plastic sisters released alongside the rest of the plastic Inquisition for a full release that officially drops their Codex.

>> No.50560182

Hmmm. Magnus has two Strength D psychic attacks he can use every psychic phase as well as a possible 3++ save re-rolling ones. What does the Gargant have?

>> No.50560186

Nah, Inquisitor board/boxed game first.

>> No.50560199


Forgot my picture.

>> No.50560212

GeeDubs already confirmed plastic Sisters next year, you crybabies. Relax.

>> No.50560225


Board game, then individual release. Nothing changes.



>> No.50560228

No, see, GW explicitly saying Plastic Sisters next year in their Ads isn't enough confirmation for these people.

I fucking doubt seeing the damn things in real life will convince these people they're real at this point.

>> No.50560231



>> No.50560235

dustbin ad.

>> No.50560245



>> No.50560248 [SPOILER] 


>> No.50560250

Flyer/Anti-flyer is a very local meta dependent thing. Do whatever you feel you need to, if you need more, get more. You can also consider getting a fortification like the Aegis Defense line with a gun emplacement if you need more anti-flyer (Rules are in Planetary Onslaught). Alternatively you can also ally in some fliers from Forgeworld's Navy stuff or elsewhere.

>> No.50560252

Which one of you little shits called me a "girlyman"?

>> No.50560256


You still haven't provided source

>> No.50560264

Dustbin. Ad.

>> No.50560265

literally every other sentient being in the galaxy.

>> No.50560266

They make books to sell models, not the other way around.

>> No.50560274


Provide. Source.

>> No.50560279


>> No.50560286


You mean the half second at the end of a video about Magnus and the Grind to Dustbin? And you're calling me delusional?

>> No.50560296


No one in that thread is confident about sisters. Wew, you sure proved your point!

>> No.50560297

Dustbin. >>50560279 Ad.

GW said Plastic Sisters of Battle in months. It's proof.

>> No.50560298

Ok then. Thinking maybe a bastion/ ADL with a Icarus lascannon if they can take that, park a squad of Rangers in there and reduce cover with the Omnispex.

>> No.50560300


Literally a joke. Clearly a fucking joke.

Jesus christ.

>> No.50560307

Nope. Plastic SoB Soon.

>> No.50560313

And you wonder why SoBfags aren't accepting this as 100% proof of an update. If there isn't anything by March, I shall dismiss the notion as I always do.

>> No.50560321

Or just take the ADL as part of the main Slannesh CAD and stick the R&H behind it.

>> No.50560327

No skyfire.

>> No.50560335


I'm not telling you about the rabbits, Lenny.

It's clearly a tongue-in-cheek reference and nothing more.

>> No.50560338

>Clearly a fucking joke.

>> No.50560353


>Rumour says Plastic SoB Soon

>GW tease plastic sisters

>rumour says teaser canoness in December followed later by full update

>teaser canoness confirmed

Anons please.

>> No.50560373

At this point it's like they're trying to hang onto hipster cred or something.

>> No.50560377


>Rumour says Plastic SoB Soon

The same rumour that's come up every 6 months for the past, what, 7-8 years?

>GW tease plastic sisters

GW made a joke about said recurring rumours never amounting to anything

>rumour says teaser canoness in December followed later by full update
>teaser canoness confirmed

In resin. Which is what's going to happen with the rest of the sisters. Hope you like finecast.

>> No.50560380

Thousand Sons are still in the same position try were in pre-update, it's just "take Magnus and Daemons" now instead of "take Greater Brass Scorpion and Daemons."

Mark of Tzeentch is still worthless for all the baseline CSM variants, Thousand Sons are still massively overpriced garbage, and Mark of Tzeentch is still a downgrade that our psykers have to pay for. The release also had plenty of little fuck you's like reconning the TS lore into even more of a mess and locking all of the new Sorcerers into Force Staves, despite the old Aspiring Sorcerers only coming with Swords.

Legions is pretty baller for the rest though. Black Legion kinda got a shitty deal (Chosen/Terminators as troops are still inefficient,, and "you can kinda pretend you have drop pods" is a backhanded buff for an FBD bonus), and Word Bearers basically for locked into playing second-fiddle to allied Daemons. Overall, a lot of the codex and core rules major issues are still there (difficulty getting into Assault, useless special rules like Fear/Crusader, etc).

>> No.50560383





Or that this has been said literally every year since like 2008? I'll believe it when I fucking see it.

>Okay, that's nice, but I'd like proof
>But you said this for the last 15 years and no proof

>> No.50560389

This is why GW just gave up and only told people what's coming in the next week for so long.

Jesus Christ.

>> No.50560399


no skyfire, no problem

orks can hit shit anyways.

>> No.50560408

>if they can take that
You can if you have a detachment with a fortification slot. Typically that's a CAD.

>> No.50560420

>The same rumour
No in fact. Completely different rumors.

>> No.50560423

They used to tell us fuck all, slam down hard on any leakers and we had a one month gap between releases. It was murder.

Wanting proof of something that's been claimed dozens of times in the last 10 years isn't some nutter butters bullshit.

I could go into the archive, if I know how to work it properly, and find "PLASTIC SOB 100% CONFIRMED" going back years.

>> No.50560438

I get being skeptical, but you seem actively hostile to the idea of new SoB releases.

>> No.50560444


>> No.50560455

See. Exactly what I mean.

>> No.50560459

I fucking knew it was you, Alliralli.

>> No.50560462

Oh my god shut the fuck up already.

At this point I hope they scrap SoB and ban them from every store just to shatter your shitter more so you fucking kill yourself.

>> No.50560472

You're right, guys, employees at a publicly traded company could totally lie to their customers about upcoming product.

Christ's sake, just quit your bitching. It's embarrassing, and you're just letting us laugh at you even more when the release drops.

>> No.50560480

Why would I care? They're as good as dead already

>shut the fuck up already

Literally made 3 posts in this thread.

Again, this has been said year in, year out, for like a decade. All I want is proof this time, actual proof, not 'rumours' but actually pictures of the leaked models.


>> No.50560489

The retards who can't tell fake leaks from real ones are the most annoying part of the 40k community, I swear to god.

"PROOF PROOF PROOF" yeah, you're right the source who leaked the info, despite being right about everything else they've said almost 100% of the time for several years now, just decided to make something up to jerk people around on the internet and damage their own hard-earned credibility for lulz.

Can't wait for new SoB to come out and tons of new people to start playing them and old sistersfags having apoplepsy over MUH HIPSTER STRUGGLE APPROPRIATION

>> No.50560491


They didn't lie. They made a joke. If you weren't autistic, you'd be able to tell when someone is joking.

>> No.50560505


It might be an inside joke in the studio.

They don't believe anyone would still play an army that goes decades without models and barely supported rules.

>> No.50560507

>Okay, cool, can I have some proof, you know, pictures and stuff?
>No thanks. I'll wait until they're suppose to come out. Thanks anyway.

Everybody is 'legit' until they start getting shit wrong.

>> No.50560508


I hope they come out in plastic and they're shit in crunch.

So I can have plastic sisters, deal with the power level they have now, and everyone else fucks off.

>> No.50560511

And yet another SoB rumour came true.


How do you need more proof than that?!

>> No.50560513

Has Aria actually confirmed a full plastic revamp, or just that new Sisters are coming?

The new Canonness being resin is a pretty big red flag in my opinion. Sisters have a rather wide range to get entirely redone in plastic, but I could see them squatting the majority of line while reducing the remainder to a Harlequin-sized ally faction for Imperials.

>> No.50560522

>They made a joke.
Why yes, every teaser in that whole video was in the form of a joke.

>> No.50560524

>thinks there are going to be pictures months before the slated release
>doesn't realize every single rumour that has ever been correct started with word-of-mouth evidence only
>yeah I know this leak source is legit but they MUST just be wrong this time because it's SoB and that would never happen, feed my victim complex!!!1!
Neck yourself.

>> No.50560528

>The new Canonness being resin is a pretty big red flag in my opinion.

Not the first time they've done a limited resin release.

>> No.50560530

It's certainly possible to do, but with only about 3 or 4 units going in to melee. I run a very battlesuit-heavy list that focuses on close-range firefights backed up by broadsides and a riptide (the retaliation cadre formation is a godsend to enclaves) along with a commander kitted out with iridium armor and fusion blades. It's certainly doable, and is a load of fun. You could feasibly slot in a lot of mechanized fire warriors-the dawn blade contingent even includes a formation for that. So, go for it. Make O'Shovah proud.

>> No.50560535


>Full plastic Sisters of Battle? Not yet, but it's a nice teaser :)

>> No.50560538

Again, this has been said dozens of times and has never come to anything. How is wanting proof something bad?

>neck yourself


>> No.50560539


>reducing the remainder to a Harlequin-sized ally faction for Imperials

This is what's going to happen. A single plastic battle sisters box that makes Battle Sisters, Seraphim and whatever their heavy weapon squads are called. Since those are basically the same squads just with different weapons/backpacks.

>> No.50560541

I hope they're so OP no one even lets sisterfags use them and the sob players community is drowned in shitty powergamers.

>> No.50560545

You do realise that GW does loads of limited release models now, right? Canoness getting a model isn't anything special.

You can go online and buy a Terminator Chaplain model for $500 if you want. Or the alt Terminator Captain. Or the old LE Captains.

>> No.50560547

>this has been said dozens of times and has never come to anything
It's almost like all the previous times were just wild speculation with no source, and this time it's from multiple high-end sources converging to say the same thing all at once?

>> No.50560550


>they MUST just be wrong this time because it's SoB

Sisters rumors have been wrong 100% of the time. The closest rumor was a plastic canoness in December, which turned out to be a hyper limited resin release.

>> No.50560556

this is Bjorn, say something nice to him

>> No.50560557

And what's wrong with lower expectations and being pleasantly surprised? That's all I've said, anon.

>> No.50560558

That's fine. What actually annoyed me was the guy in this thread who started claiming: "They're just going to release a single plastic box and kill the army specifically to fuck with sisters players".

>> No.50560564

its okay
dont be so autistic

>> No.50560571

Piss off back to /v/ to do your shitty meta threads.

>> No.50560575

He's got some neat relief designs on his hull.

>> No.50560577

>Almost killed by Brimstone Horrors


>> No.50560578

That guy is probably just a falseflagging shitposter, we have too many of them. Most SoB fans aren't going to be shouting from the rooftops, they're just going to wait. Getting hyped is the worst possible thing, especially when it's never come to fruition so many times.

>> No.50560581


And yet people said they wouldn't be surprised if it actually happened.

>> No.50560584

Why would anyone want to play an all female army in 40k? They fit less than Tau. How cucked can you get?

>> No.50560588

At least it's easy to remove shitty details from plastic.

>> No.50560590

I would be surprised, that's the whole point. Neglect is one thing, but acting against their corporate interest is another. That's just feeding into the QQ SoB meme.

>> No.50560593

What the fuck are you talking about?

And this better not lead to a /pol/ & /r9k/ mashup rant.

>> No.50560603

>Does this shit carry on throughout the rest of the Horus Heresy books?

Of course not, different authors write very differently. Generally it's best to follow the authors you like when reading 40k stuff, because some of them are really terrible.

>> No.50560606

Sisters should be deleted from 40k just because of the amount of shitposting that's caused every time someone so much as mentions them. This thread is a disaster.

Anyone notice how well-behaved the Genestealer Cult guys were back when that was being rumoured/released? The AdMech fans? Meanwhile Sistersfags in the thread just complaining WHY DO THEY GET SOMETHING WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH when both of those Factions have been around longer with no support at all or not since 2nd ed.

>> No.50560611

Is there anywhere I can download the traitor legions codex?

>> No.50560614

Who does funny best?

>> No.50560616

No, it hasn't been released yet.

>> No.50560618

It's not even out yet, give it a few more days.

>> No.50560625


GW proudly doesn't do market research and have it in their heads that no likes sisters. To them, reducing them to an add-on in an allies book is the best interest.

>> No.50560626

At least restrain you beggin until release.

>> No.50560628


Hell, AdMech weren't even a faction in-game until now. They've had even less support, historically, than Sisters.

>> No.50560634

Old GW didn't do market research.

>> No.50560638

This paintjob is beautiful. That's the best face I've ever seen.

>> No.50560639

Sandy Mitchell. Try the Ciaphas Cain books. They're "Swashbuckling" 40k rather than Grimdark 40k.

>> No.50560652

ah thanks, I saw that it was out of stock on the gw site so I thought that it was already out

>> No.50560659

>That cover

>> No.50560660

Didn't. Proudly didn't do market research.

This is RounGreeW now. They're engaging with the community on facebook, made a new website with articles and blogs, interviews with the designers, FAQs that have changed according to feedback, they're selling discount bundles, doing official livestreamed tournaments on twitch, and they're seeing the success of all these things because their profits have more than doubled since last year. It's a different animal now.

>> No.50560673

I know they do LE models from time to time, but it seems like an odd first step for a total line revamp. Especially with Agents of the Imperium presumably updating their rules in the near future.

Maybe they're releasing the Canonness as a gauge of demand, but that would make it unlikely that the rest of the line is already in waiting.

I'd expect a Rhino upgrade kit as well. I just have a hard time believing they'll actually do the entire line in plastic. That's be at least six plastic kits (power armor sisters combo kit, jump sisters kit, repentia kit, Rhino-based vehicle kit, penitent engine kit, HQ Sister kit) before you even get into whatever the obligatory must-buy-to-compete kits they include.

>> No.50560674

I can almost guarantee at least one person on the design team lurks these threads, too.

>> No.50560691

>you will never be the intern paid to browse 40k forums all day and report the findings to the dev team

>> No.50560693


>> No.50560702

Good job not dying on fenris you old geezer

>> No.50560703

>buy bjorn model with loads of detail sculpted on
>scrape it all off
Why not just buy a normal dreadnought then?

>> No.50560705

I bet our lad Duncan's in here.

>> No.50560709

Thank god for that, to literally forced to read and report on the most inane drivel and repetitive shitmemes would be torture.

>> No.50560710

why so rude anon

>> No.50560717

Because Bjorn hates it. Got to appease the Model Spirits.

>> No.50560721

The Canoness is just a teaser. A marketing tool to prime interest.

>> No.50560722

To pay respect to his disdain for the frivolous scroll work done on him by bored tech-marines.

>> No.50560731

And yet you're here anyway.

>> No.50560733

I hope russ still rememebers you old man, you seem pretty cool.

>> No.50560744

Dude, nah. There's a reason Cain's smirking.

>> No.50560758

I'm free to filter shitposting, skim repetitive trash or just skip a day, a paid worker'd have to read and consider each post.

>> No.50560777

He's not obligated to read every post in an attempt to garner meaning. If you were going to lurk /to/ for info, you'd also lurk, at a minimum, BoLS, Dakka, and Bolter and Chainsword. That's a lot of shitposting in a lot of different formats.

>> No.50560798


Living the dream, getting paid to read autist ramblings and shit post.

>> No.50560809

>mfw I don't have to read Warseer as a job

>> No.50560812

Not even sure what'd be worst to read, shitposts or legitimately ignorant posting.

>> No.50560823


oh shit is that back now?

>> No.50560824




>> No.50560853

Is Traitor Legions out?

>> No.50560854

Apparently it went back up on december 1st. Haven't checked myself for obvious reasons.

>> No.50560864

>frivolous scroll work
If Bjorn is going to be cranky about something, it's going to be the 700% increase in wolf-related bullshit on his hull.

>> No.50560867


>That's be at least six plastic kits

Nope. There will be one battle sisters kit, maybe a repentia one. That's it. Brace yourself.

>> No.50560870

Naw man, not yet.

>> No.50560881


no, kevin. sit down and wait till saturday.

>> No.50560883

Eat shit

>> No.50560884

I look forward to him one day waking up to find they've basically put him in a zoid for maximum wolfiness.

>> No.50560887

>then you can start screaming the sky is falling.
Anon, please.

I have a vast library of laughing people I'll post all the while mocking everyone that honestly thought the annual plastic SoB rumours were true.

>> No.50560910

Like how you left out there was a long enough pause on that middle full stop to signify a paragraph break.

>> No.50560919


B-b-but this time it's different! GW made a joke which is legally binding and they have to give me everything I want for Sisters! That's how it works!

>> No.50560928

Thousand Sons alone got 5 kits + a special character.

Genestealer Cults got 2 dual-kits, a large vehicle dual kit, a character, another kit with the main HQ options, and a conversion sprue.

Skitarii got 3 dual-kits and a large vehicle kit. Shortly after we got Ad Mech with another 2 dual-kits, a major kit, and a character.

Sisters will get a decent sized release.

>> No.50560975


What's more autistic: to accept that a company can tease a reveal in a humorous format, or to be so assmad about a lack of releases that you consistently deny hard evidence that new Sisters are on the way?

>> No.50560981


Show me this hard evidence. I dare you. Show me them inarguably saying "Plastic sisters are coming".

>> No.50560989

Turns out his original model had a lot more wolfy shit on it than I thought, I seriously only remember the wolf skull on the front of his sarcophagus.

>> No.50560995

Like how you're grasping at straws.

>> No.50561003

>> No.50561005

I guess you can still fire TWO of your smoke grenades?

>> No.50561055

fukken nice

>> No.50561083


"Plastic Sisters? Those aren't due out for months yet!"

Literally t. Games Workshop


Ask yourself what is more likely: that the new GW PR team would decide to deliberately piss off the playerbase by teasing nonexistent releases, or that this is just yet another drip of information akin to many others that they've passed out recently?

>> No.50561092

New thread

>> No.50561101

A cuz GB r ebul and inconptentent XDXDXDXD

>> No.50561114

>GW said Plastic Sisters of Battle in months. It's proof.
They said 'won't be released for months'




'Plastic sisters if battle?'

Two separate comments.

Also said in a joking fashion.

Call SoB fans delusional and yet here you are insisting that a half second joke is totes proof.

>> No.50561131

"Cool this isn't released for months yet. Plastic Sisters of Battle!"

>> No.50561148

Same thing, different order.

>> No.50561149

>11 separate wolf-related details
Just fuck my shit up

>> No.50561393

He hates it because he doesn't think he's worth of it
He has had some serious self-esteem issues ever since Leman left him on Fenris while the primarch went to fight Chaos together with the rest of his Wolf Guard

>> No.50561446

The current model was also already thought and designed at least as back as fifth edition, since in that edition's codex the image for him is the same as the current model (plus a stendard)

>> No.50561464

No, Atia hasn't actually confirmed it.
She has heavily insinuated but not confirmed.

Then again, she rarely confirms any rumours.

>> No.50561480

Also, she hasn't provided even a vague hint of a date.

So all those people saying January or Febuary next year are blowing it out their arse.
SoBs could be December next year for all we know and Atia would still be 'correct'.

>> No.50561502

I'm honestly pretty pumped to try it out. Slabshield Bullgryn out in front is something I'm also excited to try out.

>> No.50561529

Remember when Harry and Hastings were the go to guys for reliable rumours?
I certainly remember way back they were both insisting SoBs were coming by the end of the year.

I think that was the start of the 'Sisters totes next guies' annual rumours.

>> No.50561557

It's a good thing that prophesy says you'll meet Russ again before you die. Though that does mean you'll probably drop dead of system failure as soon as Russ gets in the door and yells "HONEY, I'M HOME"

>> No.50561567

To be fair, he got tarpitted by brimstone horrors while three exalted sorcerers fired pyromancy into his face.

>> No.50561578

/pol/ has been lurking here ever since someone came up with that fucking god emperor trump meme. It's great that they're new players but it's not great that they're all stormweenies.

>> No.50561592

>Maybe they're releasing the Canonness as a gauge of demand, but that would make it unlikely that the rest of the line is already in waiting.
If that's the case then any potential follow-up Sisters are another year away minimum. Sculpting and casting take a long time.

>> No.50561604

What is the best epub reader to use for these? Everyone ive tried makes it look like shit.

>> No.50561614

He's the one who keeps saying the SoB get a single box and that's it.

>> No.50561638

Also, do you think I should footslog them behind the Bullgryn and have them all walk together with the Guard blobs as one big wave? Or should I put them in a Chimera/Valkyrie and rush them forward on their own? I think behind the Bullgryn might be good because they'll get a 3+ Cover save and they'll be giving the other units Counter Attack and Furious Charge. Plus I can give out Invisibility or Shrouding to the other units.

>> No.50561867

Late here, but whoever gets the (you) remember that you're retarded and shouldn't post more

>> No.50562475


Bike squads can shit out 6 shots of grav at anything on tough, fast, relatively cheap platforms.

GRAVhammer squads get 20 shots per squad rerolling wounds. That will ruin any heavy armor.

>> No.50562476

The point is that there's actual evidence, this time, and GW is actually feeding the rumors this time. It's not just some Bell of Lost souls or anonymous 4chan shit. It's vetted leakers and rumor mongers alongside OFFICIAL teasers. Sure, could still be shit, but this is the realest Sisters rumors have been in five years.

Granted, we're not saying the codex will be *new.* Just a new edition. Don't expect a heap of new units or a rework or a slew of new rules.

>> No.50562594

>no longer valid

Do you not get how this hobby works?

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