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That is why marvel would be much easier in that regard, there are some seriously bullshit characters but it isn't hard for a lower mid level guy to both be and feel relevant.

In DC the bigger capes are more common; there are a few baddass normal characters, lots of really powerful characters, and a grab bag of trash that won't amount to anything because there are so many incredibly powerful people running around.

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Huh, darn. Well, I suppose that does make sense. Guess I'll have to do the Chimerization first, settle for just the Gnosis 25 enhancements (which are still pretty good, let's be honest), then raise my Gnosis afterwards. Oh, what about if I used Spiritual Existence, instead? That's transcending my earthly form, would I still have my relevance to the universe as a spirit? Or would being a spirit have diminished the "potential" that Gnosis scores work on?

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Nope. It didn't feel like I could really establish an exchange rate that felt 'fair' more or less. Because, you pay 200CP for the Pilot specialization and 1000TP, but then an exchange rate of 100:500 felt... almost kind of scummy?

I've had some internal debate on maybe changing the model to one of the ones I used in some others jumps- either being a 'free 8/50cp extra' model or a 'free all, pay to give cp' model. I'm probably gonna sit on it a bit more. Might just go with a 100cp flat rate for 8 and then add a few upgrade packages like with Pilot.

Reposting for those who didn't see it.

Changelog (V2.2)
> Added new 100, 200, 400 and 600 level perks to the Grunt, Engineer and Corporate Trees
> Made all Origins Free except for Pilot and Command, which have been made bonus origin-like specializations.
> Added Titan customization for Pilots.
> Added Capital Ship customization for Command.
> Added 'Oi!' and 'Krampus was waiting for your soul!' Perks
> Updated 'Pilot Augmentation' and added 'Pressure Suit and Helmet' for Pilots
> Gave Grunt and Engineer additional freebies.
> Updated 'Pilot Weapon' and 'Anti-Titan Weapon' with new options.
> Added 'Energy Weapon'
> Added 'Marvin Team' and 'Marvin Legion' for Engineers.
> Added 'The 6-4' Offer for Grunts
> 'Pilot Upgrade' reduced to 100cp to fix my silly floating 50cp error.
> Titan info updated with new information.
> Added some italics here and there.
> Added 'Draconis-class' Airship
> Removed a single note.
> Added missing generic perks.
> Added two notes

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Hey Jumpers!

What shinies do you keep on you? Is there a particular bit of jewelry that you wear every day, or a favorite accessory?

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Here's the new and improved Fire Emblem Binding Blade/Blazing Sword jump!

Swapped the places of some of the perks, reworded Master of Tactics, moved Affinity Boost from Drop-In tree to Other Perks. Cleaned up other perks section. Reworded a lot of stuff. Reworded Dark Mage to Hermit. Added Magic Sense to Hermit tree. Added Weakness drawback. Lots of major changes.

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I do, actually! It's a nifty little gem I made in the Fate jump that helps accelerate my thoughts if I wear it and that I later on developed using other sources of magic to act as a sort of enhancer for one aspect of myself at a time. I needed to manually change the boost but it's been a tremendous lifesaver!

It looks like this when I wear it.

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Then you turn into a gnosis 25 spirit as it states in the spell description. Though I have to admit, I'm not really sure how you managed to get the point where this is a problem in the first place. Magic items and spells like ascension affect your current gnosis.

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Where can I get some decent passive defense that isn't just raw durability? Aura, force-fields, stands, etc.

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Am I confused here? His post seems to be saying it does NOT reduce your gnosis, but you're reacting like he said it does.

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Are for lewd.

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Nanoha has a cheap 50 CP perk that does that

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Well, I was wondering what my Gnosis would be at the time of spending the bonus DP from Chimera, whether my increase would count or whatever and whether...

Oh. Well, I'm bad at reading. I apparently missed the "can't" in "can't imagine". Well, nevermind then, I'm an idiot. Thanks, Anon Heart and anon who corrected me.

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Bioshock Infinite for the shield, Okami for Godhood, Bomberman for the heart bar, and Custom Robo for whatever Hit Hit Hit is supposed to be.
With all of those you are now very hard to hurt for real.

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(Minecraft) #141
-Background: Mage (950CP) -I'mma maaaaage. We'll see how this works out.
-Crafting Table (850CP) -From here, my dark work will begin.
-Not Enough Items: Recipe Mode (650CP) -Knowing the recipes for all kinds of stuff? This will HELP.
-Lore of Alex (Free) -Um... wow. Not quite sure if I'm okay with this.
-Inventory of Steve (350CP) -Yeah let's just... take the Inventory Tweak version. This could be useful.
-Thaumcraft (150CP) (Discount) -Oh NOW we're talking! Now it's time to do things.
-Equivalent Exchange (-150CP) (Discount) -Wow. This, just... wow. Combine this knowledge with FMA alchemy.
-Tool Pack (-250CP) -Well if I'm going to get started, I need to have some good tools starting out.
-Infinity Enchantment (-350CP) -Hoooolyyyy SHIIIIIIT. Combine this with custom arrows I make. Holy SHIT.
-Efficiency Enchantment (-400CP) -Make my tools go faster! Yes!
-Endless Bag of Redstone (-500CP) -Step one to multiple philosopher stones!
-Endless Bag of Glowstone (-600CP) -And here we have step two. THIS is gonna be great.
-Endless Bag of Nether Wart (-700CP) (Discount) -Let the potion brewing begin!
-Compact Solar Array (-1000CP) -It's time to combine this with other things! PRAISE THE SUN.
-Wither (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Extreme Hills
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So basically sit around and build things? Or exploring the potential of crafting? Either way, that Wither is really going to suck, but you know what? I have a magical sword that gets stronger the more demonic its user is, a power armor that is equally nice, a time-pausing ability with a teleport, and a Heartless form that's basically a Dark Souls Bonus Boss. Also fun fact, apparently he's harmed by healing potions? So stock up on those and drown him in them.

Simply put? I'm gonna farm this fucker for souls. Spend the rest of my time collecting materials and stocking up, but every full moon it's not going to be a fight.

It's going to be a regularly scheduled mugging.

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Well to tell the truth. If Minish Cap (the game not the Jump if I remember right) is right then they listen to gods with those pointy ears yo.

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What happens if I cast Chimera, Spiritual Existence, and that one Necromancy spell that does the same thing by making you spooky undead?

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It's said as early as OOT, which is the first game to make a distinction between Hylians and regular humans (which to be fair, it's also the first game where foreign nations were relevant to the plot.)

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I am saying it probably wouldn't reduce your gnosis, yes. Of course, in that particular case, I'd probably also argue that you can't buy abilities with it above gnosis 25. Of course, Raw seems to say otherwise, but since that doesn't really make much sense and the translation is kinda terrible, unless there is a Spanish speaker here to assure us that yes, it does mean "completely override your previous gnosis, ignoring the thematic idea behind it", I'm disinclined to actually say "here's a definite answer based on wording." And instead just say "go with what sounds right."

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My wedding ring.

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Right, review time.

...Well, okay, not review time. Sorry. My brain is a bit fried right now. Sorry.

Anyways, a quick readthrough, and I notice that the hemit/dragon perks are not in the same order you have the origins listed. Additionally, I was a bit confused by the whole lords thing, but ctrl+f'd it and figured it out pretty quick. You might consider putting the classes first though, to head that off.

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I moved the classes list to the end of the jump because the list was pretty dang long and I didn't want to bog down the readers--I believe I mentioned that the list was at the end of the jump.

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I keep the silver Hip Flask from the Great Detective jump on me regularly. I'll usually fill it with hot chocolate, freshly brewed coffee, or iced tea and use it throughout the day.

It's ability to catch a fatal blow is a nice bonus, but I mainly keep it because I like having a drink on hand.

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Seems ready enough to build by so here goes.

Time: Time of Peace- Never played FE7 so here is good.

Location: Sacae- Tactician quest go!

Origin: Hermit- Time to play with elder magic which is not a toy.

Class: Shaman- Might as well.

Drawbacks 1000
Echos Of History, Tactician's quest (100), weakness (light magic) endless bandits, rival, embarassing name, infinite reinforcements, nergal's wrath.

Tactician's Advice- Better interpersonal management skills and being seen as wise is always a plus.
Elder Magic- Delicious devouring void magic.
Morph Creation- Bodies for the body impaired and minion creation I can tinker with!
Dark Magic Mastery- This ability to strip, seal, and avoid being consumed will get plenty of mileage.
Nosferatu- Heal or buff while weakening the enemy? Perfect combat or utility magic.
Dancer- And some skill in shaking my money maker is welcome entertainment for the troops.
Please Take This Sword- Assured rewards so long as you help someone? Get in my build.
Legendary Weapon Creation- And this will be a must when making equipment for my disciples or for my own use. Empathic weapons are love.

Lyndis, Karla

I awaken in a cramped hut being tended to by a green haired beauty, and in my confusion I end up making Lyndis mistake my name as Jumper. Which I would soon learn the extent to which people could make jokes of soon enough. Playing off the amnesia angle, I keep elder magic close to the vest while still serving the role of a warrior tactician focused on preventing the worse plot deaths, and nipping future conflicts in the bud. Which is made all the more difficult when being harried by bandits with infinite reinforcements by a self proclaimed rival tactician calling themselves Leaper to mock me. Meaning much of my time is spent training the troops, repairing weapons, and getting them used to 1 against many situations. Part 1/2

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Robots in this game seem to be inconsistent between human and chicken body shapes.

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At a quick look over, they seem too stack as long as you do things in the right order, but again, rules lawyering the system is difficult since the translation is kinda crap. Just go with whatever sounds right.

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desu I'd probably just look like the spirit of a rotten monstergirl. Seems the most logical way to stack it.

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I keep a small bag of gemstones on me from various parts of the multiverse. They're mostly nothing special, just emeralds, rubies, and the like. Shiny, but not enchanted or anything. It started with a set of five stones that a friend of mine from my home universe gave me and has just grown from there.

Fun fact: This is true. I do keep a small bag of gemstones in my pocket when I'm out of the house and they were given to me by a very dear friend.

Pick up a Ring of Force Shield from a Dungeons and Dragons Jump. It's a force-field on par with a good heavy shield. While you're there you can get your clothes enchanted with the spell Mage Armor, which is a field of force on par with a steel breastplate.

Not epic on their own, but still helpful.

Holy crap, he is? I never knew that. Now I know why throwable healing potions are a thing.

... I really need to Jump Minecraft one of these days.

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I think it should say that you can learn other class abilities rather than learning other classes.
Unless that's really how you wanted it to work, but switching out between them would be irritating to say the least.

A hint of things to come ends abruptly. I think it may have gotten cut off.

The last sentence of dragon creator is a bit confusing. Does it mean you can pick whatever element you want by saying the life force can become anything?

Unless I'm missing it is there no canon companion option? It's not necessary, but it would be nice.

Also no perk to be RNG proof like Perceval? Or is that what Prepromote is supposed to be.

Other than these small complaints I'm not seeing anything obviously wrong with the jump. Nice work NikaMoth. I like it.

Oh and a couple of questions. Can we make the weapons from Legendary weapon creation fuck up natural forces if we want them too? Just in case we want to be dramatic?

Also what happens if we pick lord/nobility, but are a drop in?

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>companion price changing
Those sound like good ideas. I particularly like the idea of a free import with no CP, since that lets you give them lives if you want it without punishing companion jumpers, while also allowing for you to make them impressive by paying to get them some CP if you want to.

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That's actually a far more astute observation than it appears at first glance.

>> No.50537931

Neato. Accessories being useful in addition to pretty is always a plus.

My Juraian Master Key ended up as a wooden circlet with little "rubies" embedded in it. It's my primary interface with a lot of my machinery now, and especially Talyn.

I also have a Bajoran-style earring, which looks interesting on a fox ear.

An Anon after my own heart. My own is usually on a duranium chain.

That does sound useful. I'll have to poke at the Great Detective Jump again, but I tend to just summon hot chocolate from Santa.

That's so sweet!

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Just a thought, does lord have enough stuff to be a legit origin? I'm a bit hesitant to suggest that, as it would lock you out from discounts in one of the current perk tree's, but there are a few jumps where you can have multiple origins. Not many, but a few.

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Percy Jackson is the obvious answer, but are there any other jumps where you can get divine parentage?

>> No.50538007

A watch.
There's nothing really special about it (other than being impervious to damage), no special backstory, no hidden gadget, just a nice watch that tells the time.

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There was a big list of jumps in the previous thread where you could BE god. Maybe try looking at that list?

>> No.50538033

So, jumpers, do you always make things unnecessarily flashy?


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The rest of my time is training in secret, dodging or diverting black fang assassins & morphs, and trolling Nergal via scry or die tactics with portals and stealing all of his gathered quintessence while making 3 stooges noises. Following the main quest line I subvert where I can those doomed to die to save drama, and schedule time in somewhere to force a Bern Royal Family intervention and get that Zeke kid some friends and counseling. Discreetly using said quintessence to send Nils home, by the end of blazing blade I make use of Take This Sword to get Bramimond to let me in on his secrets to further druid tactician abilities without risk of being consumed. Barring game mechanics, I do not need to fear losing myself to the void to spam elder magic all day every day if desired. Post BB I guess I'll spend time quietly with Lyndis & Karla with a family, teaching Roy to not be a failure as his god parent, dealing with Leaper who never stops regardless of cost, handling the dragon of seals and legendary items, avoiding being scouted by nations, and dealing with Karel being a brother in law. Oh, as well as checking in on former allies to make sure no death by backstory occurs. All in all saved Elibe, prevented a continental war, avert plot 2, become amazing druid, start a family, behind the scenes manipulations, and survive until Karel reaches his chill phase. With few knowing even half of it. Just as planned. The only nightmare I couldn't plan for is when the daughters started taking an interest in boys, and marriage proposals came incessantly from the wood works with infinite reinforcements.

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Do the eyes granted by Bayonetta's Eyes of the World override later eye-appearance changes? If not, would they if you toggled them off and back on again?

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Xena has a demigod origin.
God of War lets you be a decendant of the titans although that's not really the same thing.
Fire Emblem Geneology of the Holy war has Naga Blood, and while that's not really direct lineage it's pretty close.

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>I think it should say that you can learn other class abilities rather than learning other classes.
Unless that's really how you wanted it to work, but switching out between them would be irritating to say the least.

You're right. I'll go reword that to say you can learn the abilities of other classes.

>A hint of things to come ends abruptly. I think it may have gotten cut off.

I'll get on that.

>The last sentence of dragon creator is a bit confusing. Does it mean you can pick whatever element you want by saying the life force can become anything?

Yeaahh, I'm going to reword that.

>Unless I'm missing it is there no canon companion option? It's not necessary, but it would be nice.

There is, actually. (the "Friendship and Adventure" perk is this, but this is a long jump so it's alright if it got overlooked)

>Also no perk to be RNG proof like Perceval? Or is that what Prepromote is supposed to be.

Damn it, that sounds like a good perk. I'll find a way to fluff that in as to not sound so game mechanicy.

>Oh and a couple of questions. Can we make the weapons from Legendary weapon creation fuck up natural forces if we want them too? Just in case we want to be dramatic?

Hmm...maybe as a +200 CP add-on, since the power to fuck up the natural forces of a setting at will seems to be a bit OP, even for a flat 600 CP perk.

>Also what happens if we pick lord/nobility, but are a drop in?

I'd probably BS it as a lord with no heir died but somehow they requested that someone with your name be the heir of the tribe/pirate crew/mercenary troop/canton/noble house, and you showed up right after they died.

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Worm has Browbeat. Self-biokinesis that magnifies a short range TK serves as both force-field and superstrength.

Borderlands has some pretty amazing shield tech, if you don't mind doing a little finagling to internalize it. They've got adaptive shields, bullet eating shields, shields that punch back, shields that fire back, shields that explode when broken. And the reacting shields are some kind of elemental attack; fire, lightning, acid, explosive, or slag (which temporarily lowers that resistance of an enemy).

>> No.50538098

I've modeled a considerable amount of my fighting style off of the way flashy High-Chaos runs in Dishonored look, yes. All sorts of fucking around with momentum and apparent cause and effect to make fighting me some utterly bewildering experience. One of my favorite tricks in the first game was to stop time just as someone was shooting at me, catch their bullet, shoot my own, and then let time resume so it looked like they somehow shot themselves. Now with Domino and Doppleganger in the second, though, I can just create a Doppleganger, link them and the person shooting at me, and then swap places with it. It's great, I love it. As far as observers can tell, somehow shooting me killed them.

>> No.50538099

Yep! Look on the wiki, he is. So just hurl a shitton of healing stuff at him.

>Do the eyes granted by Bayonetta's Eyes of the World override later eye-appearance changes? If not, would they if you toggled them off and back on again?

Also I know what you mean by carrying a small bag of gems. I have a small collection in my purse and I NEVER leave my living area without them. So probably why I tend to collect jewels like you do and pick up every crystal cultivating/crafting perk I can get my hands on.

(Generic Magical Girl) #142
-Background: Conspiracy Theorist (950CP) -CONSPIRACY! I knew those lawn gnomes were evil! ...oh wait. Lizard things. Still right!
-Monster Sense (Free) -You think your crazy schemes work on me? HA! I practically have a skull wrapped in tin foil!
-Basic Elemental Zap (850CP) -They think they know dark?! I'll prove darkness isn't evil! MOONLIT NIGHT BLAAAAAST!
-Nothing To See Here (750CP) (Discount) -Just a bit of swamp gas! Reflected from Venus. And yes, this IS cosplay.
-See The Truth (600CP) (Discount) -You thought you could hide yourselves! But truth lies in shadows and it is this truth I see!
-Always On Duty (300CP) -You think you can catch me by surprise? HA! A denizen of the night is ALWAYS vigilant!
-Target Analysis (0CP) (Discount) -I know about you, Lizard Wizard! Your evil cannot stand against THE TRUTH OF YOURSELF!
-Wheels (Free) -Rollerblades! -EVILDOER! You think by being on the other side of town you can escape me? WROOOOONG.
-Magical Weapon (-100CP) -By the power of the Soulbrant, the lizards of darkness shall face the LIGHT WITHIN THE NIGHT!
-Weapon of Power (-300CP) -You think this Soulbrant is ordinary?! It is a forged weapon that only accepts the dark's true friends!
-You Must Face This War Alone (0CP)
Dice Rolls: The 'Burbs, 8 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure


You will never speak of this to anyone. Ignore the frilly witch outfit.

>> No.50538141

...The tactician class from FE: awakening has a rather nice coat.

It's not really anything special, just a little fancy, just a little durable. I had to sew it back together a few times during the jump, even.

When I need a coat - and honestly, I have walked around in the summer with a hoodie on - I go to that coat. Like I said, nothing special, but...

Awakening was one of the first places I considered STAYING, and I regret the fact that I didn't bring my husband, chrom, with me.

So I keep the coat.

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>> No.50538190

I don't think so, personally. It's why I made it so that you can get a discount on it when you picked Adventurer.

>> No.50538201

Of course. If you're going to do something, do it in style.

Are there any updates planned for Dishonored now that the second game's out?

>> No.50538234

Well, it's set fifteen years later, so there's room enough to do a second jump instead of just an update, if you really wanted to.

>> No.50538237

NO. I SAID NEVER SPEAK OF IT. NO. FUCK OFF. I'll show you the power of friendship and the bonds forged in shadow! I-I mean it! YOU'RE JUST A LIZARD WIZARD IN DISGUISE

If you're going to link his Dishonored ones, go for the really baller videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aScm5tFo0hs

I have no idea. Been playing it, been tempted to claim it, figured that wouldn't be a good idea. So far if someone does something, I'd only ask for the chance to write his dialogue again. I am still salty as fuck they replaced his voice actor.

>> No.50538266

Do you all know how to properly ride your dragon?

>> No.50538298

I am.

And you're a magical girl in a frilly witch costume.

>> No.50538335

Probably would work better as a second jump.

I wish you would. I know your plate is full, though.

>> No.50538344

>MFW Red is a fellow dragon and understands.

I'll bet you looked adorable.

I'd like to say I usually play things low-key unless the situation goes south, but I can't. Not after shoving diesel-powered mechs from Ring of Red inside Pokeballs and infiltrating Hitler's bunker specifically to kick him in the nuts. Especially not after letting Yamato be our distraction with his hordes of undead.

Though, it did end the European side of the war a lot sooner that way.

Then, of course, there were the Archer years where hedonism, ego, and an endless supply of explosives and danger led me to perform some wild stunts. Riding a double agent down a flight of stairs while machine-gunning down everyone in my path actually made it to the internet. Which was neat, even if it did kill my career as a covert operative.

>> No.50538347

With style. How else?
Anyone working on How To Train Your Dragon?

>> No.50538374

My locket.
It's a gold locket shaped like a heart, from the Girl Genius jump. There's a dial set inside of it, which can be used to lock my perks and powers off as needed.
It got a little weird in Undertale what with that OTHER heart shaped locket drawing weird associations from people, but whatever.

Technically, ever since I took No Cheating and Toggle, I don't strictly need it, but I'm the kind of person who would click things on and off over and over again as a nervous tick, so it's kindof nice to have the backup.
YJ's ruling about toggling Toggle is actually useful to me.

I have other pendants and amulets that I've been slowly meshing into a ridiculous spangly assortment of neck decorations, but the Locket is the only thing I wear all the time.

The only dragon I have is Malefor, and he's too small to ride.

Also he bites.

But I also have a dragon form? But that form is TOO HUGE.

>> No.50538387

[spoiller]while properly lubed?[/spoiler]

>> No.50538420

That's the main reason, my plate is full. Among other concerns. I'd be willing to give suggestions, but I feel like that would be the extent. We haven't seen FisherAnon around at all, so if anyone does Dishonored 2 it would have to be someone else.

...I-I just like shiny crystals, okay? I DID NOT LOOK ADORABLE. STAHP.

I will snuff every candle and shut down every circuit breaker, you fuck.

>> No.50538424

>Needing lube

>> No.50538439

How is he bisecting people? Because that's pretty impressive, yo. Does the mark confer enhanced strength?

>> No.50538442

Abandoned wip.

>> No.50538453

Just started on Undertale, so I suppose I'll figure out the heart locket thing later. But there is no such thing as TOO HUGE. Be as TOO HUGE as you want.


>> No.50538494

now then, after I have completed making the necessary changes to the Binding Blade/Blazing Sword Jump after more input


choose the next jump I could work on. I'll probably take a break after this to focus on other stuff but i'll work on it after the break.

>> No.50538502

Just ask us in thread you weirdo. What is wrong with you?

>> No.50538506

Heart Bar from Bomberman looks quite nice, but three questions about it: is there a limit to the number of hearts you can acquire, does damage to the hearts regenerate on their own, and what kind of dangers bypass the heart bar?

>> No.50538529

>Among other concerns
Are you really that worried about the shitposter?

>> No.50538535

Isn't Eberron a pretty massive setting?

>> No.50538536

So, the notes for MGLN say that magic boosters increase your potential, but is it limited to SS like the purchasable version, or can you push it all the way to SSS?

>> No.50538537

>that tellus description
That's pretty accurate.

The powerwanker in me wants star crossed gods, but subnautica is dank as fuck.
I think you should do what you want though.

>> No.50538540

I don't want to spam the thread, that's all.

>> No.50538546

It's less strength (though in the second game you can get strength upgrades) and more that Corvo's been supernatural empowered to do violence. The Blood Thirsty upgrade, in addition to charging up a meter to let you do instant kills, also makes kill animations more graphic as a passive effect. Against weak enemies, that means he can just cut them in half, especially when he's attacking from surprise to do extra damage.

>> No.50538559

Just a note, but can we get some sort of 0cp continuity drawback?

>> No.50538568

And a strawpoll basically comes down to whoever spams the reload button the most, so you're not going to get honest results.

>> No.50538570

Not the jumpmaker, but it's sorta both yes and no because we don't actually know what SSS is? I just went by reasonable power increases past SS.

>> No.50538588

So other than the Judas Priest stand rework, did JojoAnon ever post in thread what would reworks for other stands be?

>> No.50538593

For...? There's a continuity drawback in the Elibe jump.

>> No.50538607

Strawpoll does IP tracking so that people can't spam the polls.

>> No.50538611

I voted for the next FE jump, because I want to try and jump all of them.

...I just like the idea, okay? Also, when I eventually reach Awakening

>I'm an amnesiac!
>You have eight sacred relics, more skills than a small army, and perfect knowledge on how to use them.
>...I'm a very rich amnesiac?

>> No.50538614

Well, if no one else claims it or has any objections, I may try my hand at it eventually. And I'd like your advice, if I do.

>> No.50538627

Well are we going to get Tokyo Mirage Sessions or either of the two Tear Ring Sagas?

>> No.50538632

I'm not the jumpmaker, but the perk as worded doesn't appear to have a limit to how many you can have. In bomberman games that had heartbars you could heal the damage, but I don't think it happens on it's own. Sometimes they'd fill up again after boss fights, but usually it was pickups or item use.

As for what bypasses it, that would probably be stuff like being crushed. Things that instakill in vidya games and the like. So don't go swimming in lava or getting shot with low orbit ion canons.

>> No.50538634

And that takes soooo much effort to get around.

>> No.50538648

> But there is no such thing as TOO HUGE.
There actually is. I took double size upgrades. As a result, I'm as big as a mountain range in that form.
Not "a mountain". That's "a mountain range."
As a result, I actually have a pretty difficult time seeing people in that form, given that they're invariably small enough to drown in one of my tears, and people can't really ride me in the traditional sense because they're more like fleas than anything.
But on the plus side, I can destroy cities by rolling over in my sleep, and my wing flaps can change the course of the ocean!

A lot of people just handwave away the complications of being too huge away, but it's actually more fun for me if I DON'T do that.
As a result, that particular altform is wildly impractical and doesn't see a lot of use, but when it does, it's absolutely ALWAYS a pants shittingly terrifying moment for everyone.
I could crush Naruto's Kyuubi with my foot.

I spent Civilization asleep in that form, acting as an actual mountain range surrounding our capital, controlling a little robot body to interact with my people. Dirt collected over the millenia and eventually I had trees and shit growing on top of me.
Had some pretty cool legends going on about the great protector dragon that would destroy those who dared to threaten them in their time of need.

>> No.50538651

There were ideas being pitched around for one of the Egyptian Stands being a Bound Stand like Anubis - except instead of the phase-through ability it was more Sand Generation and Control if I remember correctly. Whichever one it was, it wasn't Khonsu I remember that much.

Also there was Steel Universe for the Zepelli origin that would've been added.

>> No.50538652

Speaking of Bomberman is he ever going to do a jump on Bomberman Racing. Riding explosively immune rabbits is fun as shit.

>> No.50538677

Posting multiple times in-thread and waiting a minute or two after the time limit's up to stop it from looking like samefag is even easier. Would rather he not fuck around with outside websites, but it's not as big of a deal as you're making it sound like.

>> No.50538680

...the fucks a tear ring?

>> No.50538681

No, I'm concerned about people tagging me with more than I actually did for the Dishonored jump. Like that Loyalty reward thread demanded really hard at the time or the Rune budget. All I did was write the Outsider's gig on FisherAnon's request, and that was iiiiiit.

Good luck if you do so. I'm willing to give advice if you do, but don't feel like you have to.

Yeah, that's... kind of why even though I'm continuing the HUGE quest on this new chain I'm still doing my best on maintaining a minimum of one human-sized form. Because being like that all the time can really cause problems I don't feel comfy with.

>> No.50538682

You're not really that big. It's only the size of three old rag mountains next to each other, not as big as you're describing. At least if you're only relying on Spyro stuff.

>> No.50538685

And... what makes you think that someone will actually take the effort to sabotage the strawpoll for someone asking which one of four IPs they should make into a cyoa next?

Like, no offense to anyone involved. But seriously who cares?

>> No.50538704

A FE altverse

>> No.50538708

>Tokyo Mirage Sessions


>> No.50538718



>> No.50538738

SMT#FE no, Tear Ring Saga big "maybe". I know jack about it but I've been wanting to get into it so maybe authoring a jump will encourage me to get on it.


lol that sounds like the potential for some hilarity


Being a god in Star Crossed Myth doesn't really make you as powerful as gods in other settings, though. I should make that clear.

>> No.50538745

So why do people keep posting that picture of Nanoha blowing up the Earth? From what I've seen, she can only slightly damage buildings.

>> No.50538767

Because it's a joke fanmade pic?

>> No.50538770

>Both Marvel and DC characters fighting Saitama
How did this happen?

>> No.50538778

Blame the Amalgam Brothers.

>> No.50538781

Dunno, man. Crisis of Infinite Wanks?

>> No.50538785

I hate this game a lot.

>> No.50538790

Saitama punched will all his might, shattering the lining of fiction and fusing DC and MARVEL into Oneverse.
Mob-kun is hanging around somewhere

>> No.50538796

I know nothing about this.

>Looks at video
>Looks at glass of water
>Looks at video
>Looks at glass of water
>Sniffs water
>Pours water out.

This is going to be a fun game to play, isn't it?

>> No.50538800

Thanks. What else do you hate?

>> No.50538808

It's not a FE game. It's not a Persona game. It's not even close to being a SMT game. It's just its own game and it rehashes known characters using a very familiar plotline. That's it.

>> No.50538815

No, I'd love advice. I never know what I'm doing, so it's always appreciated.

>> No.50538822

Remember when it was supposed to be SMTXFE and everyone was getting really hype because that sounds amazing?
I remember

>> No.50538825


I had a big freakout in Symphogear. Pretty much as soon as the jump started I was stomping my feet and screaming until they let me stop being an idol. And since I had a heavy metal theme, I was GOOD at screaming, even for a little girl.

>> No.50538838

Same. I also remember it having a defense force calling everyone who hated it being some kind of anti-weeb.

>> No.50538843

I am corrected. That form is TOO HUGE.

The HUGEst I get is my kaiju form, and it's only about 600 ft from nose to tail end. It's great for shock and awe, and for showing up the Olympians by getting in a fistfight with Typhon. Won, with lotsa help from Emmy and Chartreuse in their kaiju forms.

>> No.50538860

When do you go to bed, /jc/?

>> No.50538864

The next thing you're going to say is
"I hate mobile games for ruining my favorite IP forever"

>> No.50538867

Speaking of Dishonored, can the powers be fueled by other sources of mana as well? If not, any idea how much of a boost you'd get by buying that mana pool boosting perk like 4-6 times?

>> No.50538880

The next thing I'm going to say is, I also used the magical power of tears to convince them to let me quit. I went full tantrum mode.

>> No.50538885

Tear Ring Saga was made by the guy (Shouzou Kaga) who created Fire Emblem after he left Nintendo. (In fact he literally asked the character designer of Thracia 776, the last FE game he worked on, to help design the characters for it) It was so similar to Fire Emblem that Nintendo actually went to court over it and lost, but then won.

Tear Ring Saga looks interesting and fairly jumpable as a setting.

>> No.50538888

Not all jumpers are sluts, mate. But after dinner, at the very least.

>> No.50538893 [SPOILER] 

Jumpers, would you waifu a female Saitama?

>> No.50538897

>The creator of a game series got sued into the dirt by a greedy corporation

>> No.50538903

Bald is a big turnoff, so no.

>> No.50538906

No. Waifuing is pointless.

>> No.50538913

> implying I need to sleep
> being correct
Generally go to bed around 2200.
Generally get to sleep around 0200.

I don't know what that is.

>> No.50538922

Jumpers, when's the last time you let yourself act like a huge brat?

>> No.50538926


Shozou Kaga is still around though, and he recently released a free game called Vestaria Saga. I know even less about it than Tear Ring Saga, though.

>> No.50538943

>I don't know what that is.
Seriously? How? One Punch Man

>> No.50538956

"It" could be "waifuing", too.

>> No.50538958

(Franken Fran) #143
-Background: Doctor (900CP) -Like I'd choose anything else.
-Hold Your Breakfast (Free) -Jump duration only. I'll need it.
-Commencing Operation!x5 (600CP) (Discount) -Get EVERYTHING. Cosmetics, Transplants, Trauma, Disease, and Mental!
-Make Me A Better Man (450CP) (Discount) -MORE AUGMENTS. MORE.
-Meatgrinder Medicine (300CP) (Discount) -No tools? No problem!
-I Can Still Save Him! (0CP) (Discount) -Well! This will help me out. A lot. Like, a LOT.
-Biology As A Guideline (-300CP) (Discount) -Combined with my prior perks? I AM a Madaraki.
-The Extra Room (Free) -WAREHOUSE. Turn into the Operating Room eventually.
-Surgical Tools (Free) -How nice!
-Those Cray-zay Madarakis~ (-200CP)
-Jumpers Gone Wild (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Amazon and Hercules Island, 16 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

...well. Shit. An island of nothing but men, and an island of nothing but women. This is TOTALLY going to go over well. It's going to be nothing but sunshine and rainbows and it's going to be easy street because for once something nice will happen! WHY THE FUCK WOULD A MADARAKI LET ANYTHING NICE EVER HAPPEN.

Sweet mercy it's going to be a nightmare, isn't it. I'm just going to be wandering into one trainwreck after another. I'm going to end up watching everything unravel and people just turn into shattered remnants of their former selves. There's only so much one can do to ease the trauma. I can try to fix things to some extent but the mental scars are forever.

Then there's that damned video. I needed the money. That's the only reason I ever did it. Who the hell makes a children's show showing the basics of health and staying fit? And why did I need to dress up like a bunny doctor for it.

>> No.50538970

... do you know how big humans are compared to a mountain?

Given, the "drown in my tears!" thing sounds more impressive than I was thinking of when I said it. But I could fill a swimming pool. Easily. And people drown in those.
Even with the size you said, that's still over a couple miles long. That makes people still less than fleas. It is hard to see them.
Everything I said stands.

Mountains are big.

Also, given that the form is mostly biological and magic, I may have done experiments specifically to increase growth and growth potential, yeah.
That might've been a thing I've done.
I mean, if you're setting out specifically to be hueg, you might as well not half-ass it.
It started with "let's see if I can crank my age up really fast!" and exponentially snowballed from there.


I think it's important to have ways to circle back to "normal", yeah. I think the dragon form and maybe one of my robot altforms are the only ones that really go for HUEG for the sake of it.
After that, I generally go for weird biological effects or whatever.
And having a human equivalent altform is really useful for, y'know, just fitting into places.

I actually like idols, but only in a sortof casual sense. I don't follow any, and I can't even tell you their names, and the lifestyle and fandoms are way too hardcore for my tastes.
They sure are pretty, though.

When I'm tired.

Of things.

>> No.50538996

Um, when I get tired, basically. This can mean that I go without sleep for several days, highlining restoration spells and sugar, and then a massive crash afterwards.

Honestly, I sleep like the dead. Sleeping 12 hours - on normal nights, let alone a crash night - isn't out of the ordinary.

>> No.50539007

No, but I would waifu a female Genos.

>> No.50539017


>> No.50539020

I'm talking more about you saying you'd crush cities by rolling over or alter ocean currents by flapping your wings.

>> No.50539032

>Not both. . .

>> No.50539055

I think my companions would get a bit irate.

Also I like having a pelvis that is in one piece instead of rendered into dust.

>> No.50539076

Does anyone else feel like the One Punch Man jump is a little bit. . . underwhelming?

>> No.50539080

I don't get out much.

No, I know the waifu.

Am I reading it right where five purchases of Commencing Operation! Drops you from 900 to 600? Would mean each purchase was 60cp, which is a bit of an odd number for Jump purchases.

Also, Kids are attracted to cute fluffy things and they needed you to keep their attention. at least your video wasn't a series of German infomercials.

>> No.50539083

As your father, I feel that you are underwhelming.

You disappoint me.

>> No.50539092

Doctors get two purchases of "Commencing Operation!" for free. Three more purchases of 100CP makes 300 total.


>> No.50539104

Extremely. But it is what it is.

Also, this >>50539076 . As your other father, anon.

>> No.50539125

Ah, there it is. Haven't looked at the Jump document in a while and was unsure.

>> No.50539139

Unavoidable to an extent honestly, since so much of what we see is Saitama. You can be Genos or Tatsumaki through the jump for instance.

That said, it's pretty bad quality even with that excuse. Messy and everything.

>> No.50539145

I'm not big on jewlery myself, though I do wear a few accessories. My explorer's badge for sentimental reasons, the Hero's Medal for formal occasions, and a crystal I've set into a pendant that acts as a very large usb drive.

My companion Mairwen wears a poison-nullifying torc made of jade with the horse talisman set into it though.

I physically can't sleep anymore. I do usually just lay in bed and watch my companions dreams though.

I have a really bad track record of interacting with dragons.

Also I'm back from the frozen north, did we get a rune factory jump?

>> No.50539197

Could be huger

>> No.50539217

Not yet

>> No.50539243

Baby Metal?


>> No.50539254

Are you going to make the Idolmaster jump and toss him there next?

>> No.50539288

Haven't seen that yet. Never really interested me, but at the prospect of the suffering of someone else, I am willing to watch it.

>> No.50539320


Why do the marvin drones take up a companion slot if they're non-sapient?

A jumper could just grab the blueprints and take along as many as his warehouse could hold.

>> No.50539323

The jump just says it's heavy metal. I don't know what baby metal is.

Macross also gave me a hard time because I liked the singing perks.

>> No.50539341

>I spent Civilization asleep in that form, acting as an actual mountain range surrounding our capital, controlling a little robot body to interact with my people.

Uh... did you, er, make any precautionary arrangements for the end of the jump, by any chance?

>> No.50539428

Little girls singing death metal.


>> No.50539438

Oh! That's because... Because...


...What the fuck, me.

>> No.50539439


>MountainRange!Konatanon vanishes at the end of the jump.
>Hundreds, possibly thousands, of cubic miles of vacuum surround the capital.

>> No.50539441

Well... that's pretty similar to what I was then, sure.

>> No.50539452

>Little girls singing shitty death metal.

>> No.50539484

>Shitty little girls horribly singing over acceptable Death Metal

Thats the saddest part of Baby Metal to me. The band isn't shit and deserves better than this hell

>> No.50539525

I remember watching a video of a concert, curious on who would turn up to such an embarrassing event.

I was not surprised when the crowd consisted ofmildly overweight, middle aged men screaming at three little girls.

>> No.50539552

Babymetal is the Strike Witches of metal. They're trying to put on a front of be super srs s00par br00tal, but really the only reason anyone watches is because of the ass.

>> No.50539716

So for NGNL, should I go for some of the magic perks or go for the keikaku ones?

>> No.50539763

So for MGLN, which system goes better with Deviceless: Ancient or Modern Belkan?

>> No.50539802

Probably Ancient, given that it comes from a time when Devices did not exist.

>> No.50539830

Huh. Weird. But weren't cartridges a major Ancient Belkan invention, along with Armed Devices?

>> No.50539853

Sure, but Belka's old, really old. The Ancient style most likely came from even before the invention of cartridges, and besides which we know for sure that the Modern style was invented in a time where people have been used to using Devices.

>> No.50539981

Hey, guy who did Titanfall, would it be possible to get Mecha and Ship import options for the customization sections?

>> No.50540018

Keikaku is useful both in and out of setting, magic is useless in setting.

>> No.50540239

Unlesss it's summoning magic. Because then Keikaku intensifies

>> No.50540249

How poweful is the psionic powers in pokemon?

>> No.50540271

Caps out at gardevoir level which according to the pokedex can create singularities.
Since that's probably bullshit use pokemon moves for reference and maybe some anime feats. Tossing people around with your mind is definitely doable.

Even if the dex is bull it's still probably the most powerful capstone in a vaccum.

>> No.50540335

Now I can't stop thinking about how much fun it would be to bring a copy of Roy from Rick & Morty to NGNL

>> No.50540376

Okay I need to ask.

I know mlp jump is not allowed because mlp stuff goes to mlp board... but was that the only reason or the jump was simply terrible and that is the main reason?

>> No.50540378

Jump # 128 Tales of Phantasia
Era: Past
Starting Location: Valhalla Plains
Race: Elf (100)
Class: Mage (0)
*Skits (0)
*Mana Flow (0)
*Excited (0)
*Intensify (200, Discount)
*Watch It (200, Discount)
*A Certain Charm (100)
Equipment (+200)
*Moon Crystal (400)
*Mystic Rune (200, Discount)
*To Valhalla
*Gang’s All Here (0)

(So not sure what I am doing here but here goes.)

So… ummm… Things went a little unexpected here. I started out near a huge army of Demons and Dragons that I had to get past to Dhaos. So I took my Octopus girl thing form from lord of light and went up and used my Always hiring perk from Sims 3 to join his army.

From there I managed to BS my way through the ranks to make it to the Demons guarding Dhaos’ Castle. I tried to BS them but they weren’t buying it so I did the unexpected and surrendered. My presence there was a big enough deal Dhaos himself came down to the dungeon to interrogate me.

I explained who I was, and that I was trying to get him to leave the planet peacefully. I managed to get him to tell me his story and why he was doing this. I convinced him the path of bloodshed would only lead to more tragedy and would likely drive Midgard to destroy the planets mana defending themselves. He insisted he would stop them before it was too late but I informed him I had it on good authority they had a mana cannon. Mana Cannon it turns out was the magic words as his jaw. After getting him through the mixture of horror and rage, he agreed to let me help him stop Midgard from destroying the planet

(to be continued)

>> No.50540383

Mostly the first part, but it really was shit.

>> No.50540387

The jump is pretty meh. We've seen worse and I don't remember it having anything rule breaking like SJ-chans stuff does, so it's mostly just mlp rule.

>> No.50540390

We had Arcuied Summon the spirit of Martel and used some powerful magic to help her sever the flow of Mana to Midgard.

Midgard did not fair very well, thankfully I had made sure that some of my companions were near enough to keep the peace and save the people from the sudden fallout of the absence of Mana.

Having made a pact with Martel via Maiden of the Worshiped wind from Touhou; Arcueid appeared to the people and told them the spirit of the Great Tree was very unhappy with their research. At first they accused her of being a demon but there wasn’t really much they could do to a now full powered True Ancestor. What Dhaos’ army couldn’t do Acueid did nearly single handed without much loss of life. They relented and the entire planet came to know that research in to weapons like Mana Cannons were forbidden.

Dhaos got his mana seed and returned home and gave me Emblem of Derris-Kharlan as a gift.

>> No.50540417

Both, there is supposedly a better replacement jump for it being made but it still won't end up on our drive.

>> No.50540424

There was a cheap CP option that explicitly went "okay so you know the 8 Companion limit, yeah just go ahead and ignore it for this jump and every jump afterwards."

>> No.50540452

What? I didn't see anything like that?

>> No.50540500

Keyword here: Was

>> No.50540579

I'd love to ask you some questions about the Merlin jump, if I may.

Mostly I'm curious about the Child of Magic perk, and how it applies in other jumps. The notes say "the power boost also applies, to a lesser extent, to Magic from other settings" and I was hoping you could quantify that a little.

If inter-jump ruling is something you'd prefer to avoid, maybe you could say how you imagine it working in your DC jump (how would you picture it rating against, say, Magical Blood?), or Skulduggery (how do you think a Child of Magic necromancer stacks up against Lord Vile?). I'd love a Dresen comparison...

And while I've got you, does Child of Magic give any benefits in terms of finicky, dextrous magic usage? Or is it just a brute force, Magical muscle kind of thing? (Either way, I'm going to go ahead and guess that the Magic perk, while not helping directly, let's you get good at that unreasonably quickly anyway).

Love your work man.

>> No.50540631

So which is more likely: Completing Touhou's bonus scenario to achieve Boundary Manipulation post-spark, or going back to devour Yukari with Merging+Aspect Manifestation?

>> No.50540644

Take the fanverse drawback and the former is easy as pie, if not already done for you. Moe left that little loophole in for himself so you might as well abuse it.

>> No.50540651

Dear fellow jumpers and jumpettes

When did you find out that you are invulnerable?

How did it affect your hobbies?

Why are the skies purple when you ascend to a cosmic status?

>> No.50540658

I'd take it for the TCB drawback and nothing else, they need to be destroyed. I'm not sure how someone can accidentally make a civilisation arguably worse than the Dark Eldar.

>> No.50540677

>How did it affect your hobbies?

Hot springs stopped doing anything for me, so I started bathing in stars.

Other than that? Not that much, because you never know when something might bypass your vaunted "invulnerability".

>> No.50540698

>Not this anon
If you are the guy who made Skulduggery would it be possible to use Adult Mode from Nanoha (prevents losing magical abilities due to age) to prevent the Surge from occurring and stopping you from learning more than one type of magic in setting?

>> No.50540717

How exactly does Aura from RWBY boost someone's stats? Is it additive or multiplicative?

>> No.50540755

Is there anything you love to do to the point of obsession?

>> No.50540761

So if I want to be the best magical motherfucker, what do I need? Other than Gift of the Thousand Master and something to copy spells?

>> No.50540783

There's a perk in Smite that gives you all the arcane knowledge of every universe you go to.

>> No.50540788

That doesn't really seem to be what it says it does anon.

>> No.50540789

I'd say for durability it's more like a shield. There's a certain amount of damage it can block and after that you rely on your natural durability. Not really sure about speed or strength though, I think it's something where you'd have to wait to see if there's any information about it in future episodes.

>> No.50540791

Not that anon, but that sounds deadly as fuck.
>Go to Lovecraft
>Immediately explode

>> No.50540794

I've never really paid much attention to it, but that seems so horrifically broken. Why don't more people make use of it or at least mention it?

>> No.50540800

Anyone know the name of the jump that has the drawback that gives everyone knowledge of Kung-fu?

>> No.50540803

Wuxia. It's a generic setting of a bunch of classic wuxia stories.

>> No.50540804

Because what it actually does is really vague. The perk seems to be more that you know lots of random bits of knowledge and that some of it's really useful but you basically have no control over it.

>> No.50540807

Sleeping Dogs?

>> No.50540824

Leaky Limiter from Mushoku Tensei. Child of Magic from Merlin is pretty good. Heylin magic from Xiaolin Showdown is good for large scale stuff.

>> No.50540825

Infinite knowledge, no sorting system. Because of this some people have actually considered it useless, because there is no guarantee that you could actually make use of the knowledge. Personally I love the perk, just because it seems very fitting for a god of magic, and I kind of treat it as a, rather low, chance to succeed at anything magical.

>> No.50540831

This came up in a recent thread and several times in the past: Combine it with Index from Magical Index, or a similar perk from wherever, and poof, you're omniscient.

>> No.50540845

I know that more than a few people view that as less instant omniscience and more, higher chance of it being useful. Because the indexing power of those perks, as far as I am aware, is never stated to be perfect or infinite.

>> No.50540860

Thanks Anon.

Do we have a Sleeping Dogs jump? I looked on the drive, but I couldn't find it.

>> No.50540888

We do. If I can't find it on the drive I'll post it.

>> No.50540897

>Do we have a Sleeping Dogs jump?
Not quite. It's a WIP.

>> No.50540898

It's not hard to get perfect, infinite multitasking though... Break your mind into enough pieces, and you can look at all the inormation without problem. If that's how you want to treat the perk, anyway.

>> No.50540909

Is Neverwinter Nights rules as written?

>> No.50540919

If you want hugest, talk to Spiral-kun. Unless something drastically changed last I checked, I'm pretty sure his true form can't fit inside most universes.
Because it is a universe.

> I'm talking more about you saying you'd crush cities by rolling over
I can absolutely do that.
But then, perhaps you're thinking of huge sprawling metropolises or something that span thousands of miles? Cities come in different sizes.
The takeaway here is, "There is no man made structure in our world that my fat dragon ass can't roll over, thereby destroying it."
If the city is big enough, it might take multiple rolls or somersaults, but I assure you, I can do it. There's none of that nancy "Godzilla is shorter than the Empire State Building" shit here.
I am big dragon.

> or alter ocean currents by flapping your wings.
If I'm flapping, the ocean goes the way I tell it to. If I stop, it'll reassert itself, because the ocean is very deep and there are undercurrents and I'm not quite fuckoffhuge enough to push the whole thing into space. But it has an effect.

This isn't "I accidentally change weather patterns by breathing" huge, but if I want things to happen they do.

The Undertale Monsters could govern themselves by the time I left.

Also, I uh... moved? Like, got up and then flew off into space so the sudden disappearance wouldn't be so weird.
Although that was probably weird in of itself.

> "And then the Great Dragon just fucked off to the sky."

>> No.50540962

No, the ocean in a very very small relative section to the size of the ocean as a whole moves in one direction for a very small relative distance to the size of the ocean as a whole. You're not going to make the entire pacific ocean move to the left at that size, like how you first described moving whole oceans.

The same with the city example. You said at first you'd destroy whole cities by rolling over, not that it'd take multiple rolls to do it. Sure it's possibly for you to do it but not in the way you first described. Considering the length spyro does give, you'd need multiple rolls for even the smallest cities, not just the largest ones.

You just don't really have a good idea of your actual size and what it really means. You seem to enjoy the idea but the size you're picturing is in actuality much much greater then what you're getting from just spyro.

>> No.50540968

Short answer: no.

Longer answer: it's only RAW if - in your chain - the rules of an entire multiverse can be accurately depicted by the sourcebooks of a late 20th century pen-and-paper dice game printed by a company whose QA team is suspected by some to have been staffed by prime candidates for the Grey Lantern Corps.

>> No.50540978


>> No.50541011

Being a contrarian.

>> No.50541013

Say is the most recent version of the Warframe jump up on the drive? I was looking to tweak my build because I thought there was some price drops but it doesn't seem that anything has changed on the version on the drive.

>> No.50541023

Now this is autistic nitpicking.

>> No.50541028

Doesn't look like it. Drive's pdf is dated 16 Aug, my copy is dated 21 Nov (using the date it was posted in thread).

>> No.50541035

Collecting knowledge, mainly. Research. Learning. That kindof thing. Doesn't even really have to be something that's useful. I just like to know things.
When I tell my companions we're doing something "For SCIENCE!!", they know we're about to do some asinine bullshit. But when I say something like, "Because I just want to know," that's when they know I'm about to get all creepy and obsessive.

I'm also really into videogames. Technically that falls under training, because I have perks that turned it into a form of training for me from Youtube and Megas XLR? But that's actually ancillary, it's just a means to justify me sitting in my warehouse playing games for hours.
That probably doesn't count, though.

I dunno, it's probably like a couple hundred miles or so while flapping?
Anon, I say a lot of flowery bullshit for the sake of writing. I wasn't aware I was going to get grilled about exact measurements.

You are correct: This is what I was thinking when I typed that, and this was the entire thought process:
"I am big dragon? Big dragon can make strong wind and crush things. Me so big it hard to deal with tiny humans."

So I'll tell you what:
I imagine my dragon is about the size of five or six big mountains. Big mountains. Not, like, "Biggest mountain in the world", but pretty big. Maybe rocky mountain size.
So go ahead and just figure out what a magical dragon of that size can do, and I promise I'll take your word for it.

>> No.50541040

Latest Warframe post is indeed 21 Nov, here: https://archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/50326932/#50326944

>> No.50541051

Thank you, I'll check it out and post an updated build.

>> No.50541063

Well, if you're relying just on the stuff from Spyro, you're only three very small mountains wide. Old Rag Mountain was what SpyroAnon said was the way to measure what 'mountain' meant in the jump, with 3 side by side being what 'mountain chain' meant. If you're relying solely on the spyro stuff, you've got a vastly exaggerated perception of your jumpers actual size. You're less hundreds of miles long and more like 9-12 miles long at tops. At least if I'm reading these maps right.

If you've got more stuff boosting your size you haven't talked about, then the whole conversations' a bit silly since it was based on the assumption you only had that stuff, since that's what you indicated earlier.

>> No.50541088

She asked for calcs.

>> No.50541097

And I gave her some? I told her that if she's relying on just spyro, she has a fundamentally incorrect view of her current size.

>> No.50541105

Calcs for what she actually can do.

>> No.50541115

Why would I go through the effort of that without making sure we're on the same page with what size she actually is first? I'm not spending a large amount of time figuring something out if there's a possibility that that effort is going to be wasted. Once we're on the same page, then I'll get to that part. Not before.

Now try to be less of a prick.

>> No.50541121

>try to be less of a prick.
>This from the guy who felt it was really important to nitpick over someone's purple prose

>> No.50541140

Pretty sure you don't understand what Purple Prose means anon. And yeah, you're more of a prick. Can't you let the lady speak for herself?

>> No.50541144

I said right up here: >>50538970 in a spoilered and cheeky way, that I "may have" done experiments to increase my age and then went up from there.
So, I'll go ahead and be direct.

Yes, I absolutely have done experiments. Spyro is at LEAST fifty jumps in, and by the time I hit Civ I was at least five hundred in. And, given that I specialize in snapping up knowledge, science, biogenetics, and magical perks (including the biomedical Worm shard, that mad science alchemy thing from League of Legends, and a whole bunch of other mad science-y things, since it's my primary focus, I'm pretty sure I found something.

There aren't a lot of import options that I've shopped around for, because that's not a focus of my character, but I DO have Titan's Blood from God of War. I don't know how that would interact with the dragon form, or the things like Bloody Magical from the supplement, Magical Body from Elona, or Waveform Anatomy and Unassailable from NGE.
By the way, the dragon form looks pretty weird, because of those last two.

But it's probably pretty huge. And I have a vested interest in making it huger without perks, which would include things like, I dunno, swallowing sources of magic or whathaveyou, if only for the purpose of "me crush things now".

>> No.50541154

Then I guess there's no point continuing. Good day to you.

>> No.50541174

Okay, how many times do I need to say this? Look, man, I don't give a shit about your magical realm.

>> No.50541196

How does Blood of Kings - Darkness work? Is it just one spell the person knows? Several?

How would it work in other settings? How would it work in Fairy Tail?

>> No.50541205

From MGLN, I should add.

>> No.50541238

my wedding ring, which has the diamond point out,Three other Platinum two finger rings For trading purposes,my gold chain With the flag of my Civilization nation on it done up in precious stones and Platinum which is also a cold element scarab gun.
the Boots I modeled from the boots of Hannibal Chau
my big ass gleaming Golden driver belt
my Jumpsuit made of a unique form of hyper carbon that combines the look and durability of diamond with the feel and Flexibility of denim.
Nenohsib: Shushu Lord of sloth , who is currently a pair of Sunglasses
and of course my jacket packed to the seams with treasure and tech from 300 worlds

>> No.50541248

It wouldn't. It requires you to either absorb Linker Cores, which don't exist outside of MGLN or Mana, which doesn't exist in that setting, And yes, it's only one spell.

Though if it did work, which it won't because the setting uses ethernano, I'd suspect you could train up more spells because you have access to the fundamentals.

>> No.50541295

>Linker Cores, which don't exist outside of MGLN or Mana, which doesn't exist in that setting,

Gr8 b8, m8. That's why you're buying it with CP.

>> No.50541309

>Why are the skies purple when you ascend to a cosmic status?
It's probably an effect of blue-shifting.

>> No.50541325

Jump # 7 Warframe (updated)
Starting Location: Jupiter
Age: 18
Background: Drop In (0)

*Melody of the void (Free)
*Smug Ki’teer (Free)
*Salt Trader (Free)
*Beyond Reproach (200, Discount)
*Distinction of Luxuries (200, Discount)
*Beauty of the Beast (100)
*Modification Creation (100)
*Cybernetic Knowledge (100)
*Light of Orokin (400)

*Clan Mate (50)

Syndicate Alligence
*The Perrin Sequence
*Steel Meridian (50)

*Fabrication Table (Free*)
*Blueprint Creation Unit (Free*)
*Orbiter Ship (500)
*Research Labs (200)

*Honorabu Warrior (+200)
*Happy Feat (+ 200)


Background: Drop In

*Beauty of the Beast
*Cybernetics Knowledge
*Melody of the void
*Smug Ki’teer
*Beyond Reproach
*Seat of Thine Throne

In the grim dark future there is only war… wait no that’s someplace else. Still this place looks like a rather big mess I really don’t want to dive right in to. Upon reading everything it became clear. I am not really a fan of any of the factions, not even the void powered mech samurai… well ok they are kind of cool but expensive and would put me in a position of messing with stuff that I shouldn’t until I know more of what I am dealing with.
Anyways my plan is two-fold; First I will try and continue my multiversal music career. I purchased Beyond Reproach so I can tour and not get shot in the face because someone views me as an enemy.
The second part of my plan is to acquire technology and resources. Some I will sell some I will keep. The technology here seems tremendous and should prove useful. Anyways I am just keeping my head down for 10 years trying not to get caught up in the fighting.

>> No.50541326

Look, even if you /were/ right, which you're not for reasons known to anyone even tangentially familiar with the setting... There's an update in progress. It's likely to be limited now that it's been revealed how open it is to abuse, if it even stays in, considering it's actually more of a revamp.

Power copying was a mistake.

>> No.50541356

>When did you find out that you are invulnerable?

I'm not completely invulnerable, if you find some way to create a field that simultaneously denies magic, technology and spirituality I would die instantly inside of it.

>How did it affect your hobbies?

I surf much bigger waves,It takes a 70 footer to get me excited.

>>Why are the skies purple when you ascend to a cosmic status?

the skies aren't purple when I go cosmic, they are black.

>> No.50541358

The shitposter sure loves calling any combo an abuse.

>> No.50541376

>It's likely to be limited now that it's been revealed how open it is to abuse

Eh, I don't see what the big deal is? Yeah, FT magic seems decently powerful, but the time you would spend training up your various stolen magics is time better spent gaining equal power in a more versatile system. It just /seems/ really good because it's rare to have more than one in-setting.

To be fair, it's not so much a combo as a single perk.

>> No.50541392

>equal power in a more versatile system.

Bullshit. FT magic is by far the most powerful in the chain.

>> No.50541398

FT magic power is mostly based off of your magical power anyway. Skill helps a fair bit, more for some magic like Dark Ecriture or Amaterasu seals, but for most stuff it really just comes down to stronkness. Gildartz isn't strong because he's got perfect control of his magic (Quite the opposite), he's strong because he has an absurdly vast amount of magical energy.

It's not like anything stops anyone from learning more if they want and a bunch of people actually know a fair few side magics, it's just that most people get by fine with just their main one. Things like requip and image projection are shown by a dozen or so characters.

You on the other hand, are a blatantly obvious troll and shitposter. Please stop.

>> No.50541428

Speaking of Fairy Tail magic, where is the data for Archive magic stored? In your mana pools? An Elsewhere pocket? Do you have to have physical storage nearby?

>> No.50541430

>Wake up early, have to go to classes in an hour
>Should I go ahead and get dressed and get my things together?
>Should I have a healthy breakfast?
>Should I watch some news or maybe a quick episode of something I like?
>No, I'm going to start shitposting at jumpchain!
Your life is sad.

>> No.50541432

I suppose a Ship import wouldn't be too much, but I was actually concerned about Titan imports. See, Titans are pretty inefficient for typical mecha, being way smaller than most standard mecha at about six meters tall. While that may not seem like much, what I had trouble with was whether or not I should decrease the specs of the imported mecha because it's getting smaller.

I mean, sure, I could handwave it away with fiat, but then I think that it would jack the price up way too high to really be serviceable as an import.

But then, at the same time, a twenty meter or however tall Titan would make no sense in the context of the game.

Jumpmaker here. While I cannot guarantee the update will actually come out anytime this century, nerfing any of Blood of Kings is not on the table.

In fact, I'm cutting the price to half and making it a standalone perk.

...Did the captcha just make me use the fucking polygonal lasso tool?

>> No.50541438

>Cutting the price to half
That seems like a bit much. Please don't make things cheaper solely to appeal to people.

>> No.50541441

Google needs to bugtest sign recognition on their shitty cars.

>> No.50541446

>Shitpost claiming jump maker is gonna do something.
>When he does the opposite, try and pretend to be nice so he'll do what you want
Sad. You're making accusations after his motives with no evidence, it's pathetic.

>> No.50541456

Actually, it's a decision I made way back, just seemed like a good time to mention it?

I didn't think anyone was going to buy it, and I wanted to put a different perk in for the Belkan capstone, and since I promised things that I moved out of their original perk trees would have their prices reduced so builds didn't get fucked over too much.

...Unless I was totally wrong and tons of people bought it and never posted builds.

It was also sort of a capstone booster.

>> No.50541458

Why bother with that size stuff? They've already got the mecha so it's not like they have to pay for the titan frame for it, it's just a matter of getting the add ons or upgrades in the rest of the section. I mean, you'd have the same problem with the ships. Plenty of people might import something bigger or smaller then what's in the game.

And yeah, it might not make sense in the game's context but an import option kind of inherently doesn't make sense. A gundam isn't going to fit into Titanfall for a lot more reasons then just being a bit on the big side.

>> No.50541465

Just seems like a pretty great power to be offering for just 300cp, at least for some of the options on offer.

>> No.50541466

Who the fuck even are you?

>> No.50541478

My advice? Ignore him. Even if he's legit, he doesn't know the balance of your update and what's changed. With incomplete information, he can't make the judgement for you, so you go with what you want to do and let people critique the finished product.

>> No.50541482

>importing big ships
>an import option kind of inherently doesn't make sense
Gah, shit that's a fair point. Maybe I'm just overthinking it and getting just a bit too deep into MUH IMMERSION. I'll see if I have the time to quickly write some stuff before finals tomorrow.

>> No.50541505

Maybe just have Darkness at a higher price? I think I remember that one being considered iffy even when it was first being made as a capstone. The rest don't really seem that broken as a 300cp perk.

>> No.50541514

>I remember that one being considered iffy

>> No.50541515

Huh. That is an interesting question. If you use the skill on a spell for a different magic system entirely, would you gain access to that magic system if you didn't have it? Would you be able to use it to gain Practitioner magic as a Changeling?

>> No.50541528

It's somewhat funny then, that when I looked up "Blood of Kings" on the archives, just about everyone took the Saint bloodline instead.

>> No.50541538

Do they? I never looked. Not sure why what people took most is relevant to a discussion on the power and pricing of a particular thing is but it seems like neat trivia.

>> No.50541557

>power and pricing
Not him, but it's balanced in-setting. It only starts looking significantly better when you factor in inter-jump balance, but it's debatable even then.

>> No.50541561

>The perk was totally iffy when it came out
>I never looked at the discussion about it
Those are mutually exclusive.

>> No.50541566

I love seeing an argument get torpedoed so quickly and effectively. Thank you for being the lame boat in this thread, anon.

>> No.50541569

Is it balanced in setting? Maybe the other options are just being extremely downplayed then. Especially since it seems Darkness would let you pick up the other options eventually too.

>> No.50541570

I dunno man. Rainbow magic and JoJo posing outclasses Darkness fabulously.

>> No.50541582

Considering I was talking about what the jumpmaker talked about whilst making the jump and not what people picked for builds afterwards? Mmm, sure they're exclusive.

Yes, tell us more about how all the attractiveness perks are 600cp undiscounted, because popularity is what's used to price things apparently.

>> No.50541587

Personally, the best part of Saint is that it lets you become the loli-pope-goddess of the church if you play your cards right.

>> No.50541594

Can you prove any of what you claim?

>> No.50541605

>looks at my build notes
I never finished my Nanoha build, but my notes for it picked up that Blood Of Kings (Darkness) was 600 while Lost Logia (Darkness) was 800. I was looking at taking BOK Darkness anyway (as a Drop-In) but wasn't sure what actually counted as a Rare Skill post-jump and I was eyeing other perks vying for my finite CP budget.

>> No.50541608

Not really, I did say it was what I thought I remembered from IRC discussions (Though I did forget the IRC bit). I suppose the point is that I never really cared to prove some point to you rather then the jumpmaker though? If you don't want to believe me go ahead. If the jump maker, Ancilla I think, didn't say this stuff then I remembered wrong. If he does remember and engages me in discussion then we'll talk further.

>> No.50541615

I'm curious, how many times have you asked questions ending in "merging+aspect manifestation"? Must be a whole bunch by now assuming those weren't multiple people.

>> No.50541621

I think it's a form o bait he's testing out for a while. Since it's gotten him zero bites I'm not sure why he keeps doing it.

>> No.50541626

Don't expect a private conversation in a public thread. "I wasn't talking to you." isn't a valid response.

>> No.50541627

The thing is, it doesn't boost your raw power/mana and you still need to defeat foes to get their spells. It also doesn't confer any more experience, it just gives you the ability to perform the technique. In a setting where skill is almost as important as raw power, that's a significant balancing factor. Now, obviously with out-of-context befriending that can get out of hand quickly, but by itself it's not too impressive. It's like eating-based Enhanced Mastery.

>> No.50541633

Just going by what we see in the show, the Book of Darkness was destroyed by a group of average (about A-AA) mages once it was set up with all of it's power (that the perk can't absorb) and it's ancient spells.

Vivio had less proportional destructive power but still needed some SSx5-level shit to be taken down - presumably because her powers are inherently defense-based.

>> No.50541647

>defeat to get their spells
Where does it say this? It says it gives absolute copying of targets spells and drains all their mana, along with copying any 'Rare Skills', not all of this other stuff, apart from the obvious like it no boosting your power since it doesn't mention anything of the sort.

>> No.50541656

I guess it'd be things like magical bloodline traits or magical abilities that you have to born with. Like parseltongue or a setting where people are born with an elemental affinity that can't be learned.

>> No.50541667

Sorry if I hurt your feelings anon. But I never asked for a private conversation so much as told you I didn't really care if you don't believe me or not, since what you believe doesn't actually matter.

Besides, I'm having a public conversation right now aren't I?

Have to say that seems like a lot of stuff that's either not mentioned in the perk or that contradicts what is said in the perk. It's not exactly 'Absolute Copying' if it only gives you the potential to perform it.

>> No.50541685

I didn't actually join the IRC until sometime a bit before I made Titanfall, not when I was making Lyrical Nanoha. Also, I don't see how having a conversation with me directly really makes a difference, the anon you were talking you is just as capable of formulating arguments as I am.

...Plus, you can't really tell anyway, since I don't use a name.

>>50541656 here has the way of it. Part of me isn't entirely sure what I was thinking holy fuck has it really been almost two years since I made this but it's general unique 'traits' that are Rare Skills.

It's really not a very good jump, sadly.

Excusing the fact that past me is an idiot, it's supposed to basically work the same way as Reinforce's does - just without the massive fucking storage potential she had because of the Book - and generally in series we see that they have to disable the enemy or set it up so they can't resist to do the absorbing thing.

>> No.50541699

Perhaps we were talking on the IRC sometime after you'd made it then. Regardless, if it is meant to be that way, as long as it's actually worded to reflect what it can do, I suppose I don't have any further issues.

>> No.50541705

>I didn't actually join the IRC until sometime a bit before I made Titanfall, not when I was making Lyrical Nanoha.
Jesus. This guy's arguments just keep getting destroyed.

>> No.50541716

Titanfall and Nanoha are an eclectic pair.

>> No.50541730

Is there any other part of the jump that's incorrect? I'd like a bit of warning so I can adjust my chain if you've made more errors, if any of those errors end up effecting me at least.

>> No.50541737

I certainly don't imagine it to be.

>> No.50541749

I'm not involved in this conversation at all! But I seem to remember in A's, when Nanoha and Fate got their Linker Cores drained, they were severely weakened after. Since. Y'know. Linker Cores are basically their magic production organ, kinda?
Anyway, in Nanoha, draining someone's Linker Core (which was required for the Book of Darkness to do its thing) was equivalent to beating them, since they couldn't really fight back at all.

I don't know how this would work outside the jump, or how draining mana works, or anything. It's been like a decade since I watched the series.

But now you know a thing!

> I think I remember that one being considered...
You're probably remembering back before it was a capstone, back when there was only an option to buy Rare Skills and Blood of Kings did not exist. It was an early variant.

Anyway, I bought Rare Skill: Collect And Use, which is the Darkness power in question.
A brief discussion with the jumpmaker occurred, because while Collect And Use / Darkness is TECHNICALLY a Rare Skill, it's also entirely unique and it completely blows other Rare Skills out of the water, to the point that there is almost no point in taking any other skill.
Technically, Darkness wasn't even in the jump at the time. The perk was just, "Pick a Rare Skill; You now have that Rare Skill", and I cheesed it because I know about Nanoha.

Anyway, it was later added into the jump directly as a capstone, and I took the Saint Bloodline instead.

>> No.50541761

Er... shit, it's 4:30AM... uh, what did you take? Just looking through the old jump, it looks like... other than Darkness, I think Flame King might have actually changed due to some Vivid stuff I haven't read, and Blaster System is actually a linear force multiplier (which I have actually corrected in the update, as it happens). If you have anything specific you're worried about, just tell me the name and it might jog my memory.

That they are. Dear god, tell me about it.

>> No.50541785

If it's fine with you, I'll keep it under my hat for now. Had bad experiences with this sort of thing and updates in the past so I'll trust that you've got the right of it.

>> No.50541787

I think it's pretty good. Looking forward to the update though. Any possibility for a magic system choice like Jail's where he designed his own?

>> No.50541823

Ah, yeah, I understand, anon. Here's hoping I get it right.

Funny you should mention that! I thought about it!

...I have no goddamn clue how to go about it!

I thought about maybe a customization table of somekind, but that seemed a bit anal. I thought about maybe a 'pick your strength' kind of table, but that seemed to invalidate the existing systems. I thought about maybe some kind of import but that made no sense.

At best, what I've basically got right now is a perk in... I think the Civilian tree (renamed TSAB tree) that's about customizing your system to work better for you, somewhat in the manner of Fate being an against-type high-speed Mid Childan. It also lets you customize the magic circle.

>> No.50542066

If we take the Mask of Betrayer scenario and the drawback to be protagonist, do we keep the Spirit Eater powers post jump if we, say, devoured Akashi in us?

Do we lose the scenario reward for eating Akashi in us? He technically isn't exactly Spirit per se, more like Manifestation of the Wall of Faithless?

>> No.50542096

>there's a Def Jam jump on the drive nobody told me about
>And the Best Friends apparently did a WWE game Machinima video yesterday
>Zubaz is in it


[Def Jam]

Drawback: Coming of the Zaibatsu (1600)


Fighting Style: Streetfighting (Free)
Momentum (Free)
Blazin' (Free)
Def-Jam Records (Free)
Character Development (Free)
Roadhouse Love Story (1500)
The Scorecard (1300)
Modern Day Conqueror (1000)
Game Collection (Free)
Sword Cane (600)
Special Ink (400)
Now It's Just You And Me (0)

As I stepped into this jump, I sensed a massive disturbance in the Collective Unconsciousness. It's like disturbances in the Force, but with more dreaming about sex and being unable to live up to your parents' expectations.

Lightning felt it. Eris felt it. Every single present companion with a connection to the metaphysical forces shaping humanity felt it: A violent upsurge in urban violence and primordial human wrath.

Even as we moved to secure the city, the sky darkened with the sheer blackness of the forces at hand. The Zaibatsu, I think, knew they were doomed. But where other Canadians would politely apologise and leave, they fought on with greater strength.

They threw themselves without hesitation at the very face of death itself. Never surrendering. Not even when Mother chased Woolie down his own hole (and regretted it immediately), or when Karin defeated Pat by being taller than him. Liam's「Creepy Anime Bullshit」clashed against Kat's「Skyfall」evenly, while Matt's「AMERICA」just plain confused Shyvana.

But when I struck down Rage attempting to absorb his soul, he only smiled. "Finally" he said, spitting blood, "a worthy opponent".

And it was at that very second I realised: I was trapped in a nigga moment.


>> No.50542104

I collapsed, screaming for the others to fornicate local law enforcement. I have supped the concentrated evil of countless worlds, but never before one so...purely wrathful. So singular in purpose, yet human. It was like drinking seven espressos in one sitting and then washing them down with eight Red Bulls while snorting cocaine cut with madness off a hot girl you hate's thighs

When I awoke, the body was ash and I felt immeasurable strength coursing through me, the dark spirit's coming having focused my once-inchoate reserves of evil into razor-sharp clarity. In the concentrated power of will of Rage's quest to become THE STRONGEST, I found an echo to my own mad quest against the Outer Gods. Though my path had changed from the pursuit of stasis to the science of unity, a door once opened could never be shut forever-and this too was something to be embraced, not feared, if I were to truly become what I was meant to. So resolved, I went forth to begin achieving my final form for the decade.

I broke into KFCs all over the country, stealing fried chicken. I pimped every ride I owned on the planet, including both Houses-my ships quivering in relief at the fact they were located in outer space. And from the warehouse I drew forth a terrible weapon I had sealed many aeons ago.

As destiny dictated, when I came to challenge Shin Rage I announced myself by throwing a folding chair to the ground.

And then for the first time in many millennia, I transformed into an angry black man.

>> No.50542119

Unless you buy the Eater of Spirits perk you don't have any powers, just the basic energy drain that will go away when the drawback revokes.

I will say the chunk of Akashi inside of you doesn't count for the scenario.

In case it was not clear you still get points for mandatory drawbacks, I just realized that wasn't in there.

>> No.50542161

There was a new sonic jump wasn't there? Was it disavowed and if not, can I get a Re-upload?

>> No.50542164

Digger's still working on it.

>> No.50542169

Are we allowed to eat bits of energy of spirits to not kill them?

Also, see I suffer from case of "Notenoughcpitis".

If I Eat Akashi without the perk, do I get a boost in powers or does it only happen if I got the perk?

>> No.50542181

Do these CP from mandatory drawbacks let us go over CP limit?

>> No.50542185

okay, just another thing to look forward to I guess,daddy needs him Some I-frames.

>> No.50542192 [DELETED] 


I assume by NWN2 reward you don't mean you give us bonus companion slot ever but rather you mean we can keep S. Jerro as companion?

>> No.50542227

+100: CYBERNETIC REJECTION . I assume this doesn't apply to Cybernetics purchased with CP
+100: OCTOPUS LIPS: I've got crazy eyes
+200: MY KARMA WARRIOR: I read the Japanese comic. This is deeply unpleasant.
+100 deformed: mind: talk like Jerry Lewis in his movies
+200 deformed: body: albino with superfast calluse development requiring constant grinding to maintain a normal range of movement
+200: BOUNTY I can take them
+300: WITCH HUNT going to have to be very careful to move through remote proxies so that people don't wind up hurt while they're trying to get to me

rolling for location (1d8)+0:5,+0 Total:5=THE BADLANDS
Karma Chameleon-900
medicine free for DOCTOR.
Cybernetics -150 discounted for DOCTOR
biotechnology -300.discounted for DOCTOR
Karmatron Dynamics -450 discounted for discounted for DOCTOR. This is a good chunk of science
Single Style:Wing Chun+Hybrid+Elementary Posthuman Combat+ Secret Posthuman Combat+:Advanced Posthuman Combat:Panzerkunst-250 , a nice couple of fighting styles
Money X2 free can't hurt
Basic equipment package :medic,civilian,Cyber-doctor free . I'll send someone to fetch these
heirloom weapon: halberd free with civilian equipment package . I don't use pole arms enough
rocket hammer free with cyber-doctor a cute toy
50: Mysterious Chip is this who I think it is? Going to need to start ripping the brain tape for more knowledge

>> No.50542233


the plan: step zero start running as fast as I can, at .8C they will not be able to target me properly.
step one mother box takes over Melchizedek, begins quickly working down the ladder and reorienting Tiphares throwing off their targeting and scoping their society into something halfway decent, such as taking the limiters off the brain chips and helping people not freak out when they find out about the brain chips, do you know how unreliable organic brains are?! Their damn lucky they have chips instead of organic brains!
Step two: Leonardo, Saitama and the retainers start acquiring land below Tiphares and constructing a tower up to it had of schedule, my connections with urchins helps from fallen London out since they give similar connections in other universes. When the retainers aren't
step three: Deploy animal Crossing city just outside of the scrap yard, begin social integration and humanitarian efforts.
Step four: integrate scrapyard, animal Crossing City and Tiphares.
Step five: begin humanitarian outreach to the rest of the world
step six : let everybody else enjoy their now non-crap sack world.

>> No.50542245

Is the Flintstones a valid choice of sitcom for the Sitcom Jump?

>> No.50542250

>mountain range dragons

Reminder that in DS3, when the Dark goes loco it apparently starts turning into dragons.

>> No.50542260

That's the point, yes.

You need the perk or some out of jump replacement.

No, limit still applies.

You just get her as a companion without having to spend CP, correct.

>> No.50542263

No it's animated, Read it again it specifies live-action.

>> No.50542290

I'm aware.

>> No.50542297

Isn't that a movie?

>> No.50542300

climbing mountains

I love to climb the fuck out of things, the taller the better

>> No.50542302

The only live-action Flintstones was a comedy movie, not a Sitcom it Shouldn't count. if you want the same for you You could probably do something by alternating between the short-lived Cavemen sitcom and the honeymooners ?

>> No.50542321

So she can't be like Boss from MGS scenario reward in that she can be imported without taking up a slot?

>> No.50542327

For anyone who cares, Code Geass season three AKA Lelouch of the Resurrection confirmed.

>> No.50542330

Are you saying we can get Eater of Spirits powers by eating Akashi with out of jump soul devouring stuff?

>> No.50542350

The Capstone item of divine item line works for anyone that uses it? That amulet.

The stat perks, are they increase, boost or set amount?

If we have perks that let us effectively be two classes, is it multiclassing or Gestalt?

>> No.50542354

No, regular companion once you have her. Same for Aribeth.

Quite possibly, inter jump interactions I leave up to individual fan wank.

>> No.50542376

Anon, we know. It was revealed a few days ago.

The conspiracy theories were right all along!

>> No.50542385

It will work for anyone with the skill to channel divine magic you let it.

They are a flat increase that would take the average human to the limits of normal human ability.

I don't run things off crunch, you are a person with a diverse skill set and a lot of things to train in.

>> No.50542395

Meh, fine. Flintstones jump when?

>> No.50542413

When you yabba-dabba-do it yourself.

>> No.50542418

Why are you so desperate to get to the Flintstones anyway?

Is it this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeDkGnyDv9o

>> No.50542423

Ah man, I always get news late.

Eh, maybe. Since it's Resurrection, he clearly didn't survive the end of season 2 like some people thought. Though the question is, who's a big enough deal that Lelouch has to come back from the dead? Another immortal?

>> No.50542438

Do you want Reborn-quality jumps? Because this is how you get Reborn-quality jumps.

Prehistory is woefully underrepresented in Jumpchain. And do you know how many advances you could make in the field of biotechnology with pre-existing sapient slave races?

>> No.50542447

>yabba-dabba-do it yourself

I like the cut of your jib, anon.

>> No.50542450

-Nunnaly was evil all along!
-All the mind controlled nobles stop being mind controlled, including Schneizel who takes Nunnally hostage.
-Suzaku reveals his secret ambitions to take over Britannia and turn it into the Japanese Empire.
-Another Code user appears and only Lelouch can stop them because everyone else is cripplingly retarded.
-Rip off one of the AU Code Geass stories

-It's not actually serious, someone just managed to bring Lelouch back to life so he could enjoy a peaceful life with the few frends and family he has left, helping out every now and then but otherwise enjoying a happy slice of life after all the awful trauma and war. I can dream.

>> No.50542457

And I haven't even watched seasons 1 & 2. Are they even worth it?

Where could they possibly go, anyway? From what I heard it was pretty well tied up at the end.

Oh well. I never thought they'd make a FLCL sequel either, but here we are.

The most common one I have is a gold monocle. It does double duty as demon sealant and blinding people if I tilt my head the right way on a sunny day.

My Sonic Module Weirding Screwdriver was disqualified when it turned into a cute girl thanks to Binbougami-ga. Although it does have carry its own wand, which carries its' own wand, which carries-you get the idea. My jewelry tends to go recursive once it retires.

Probably comes of hanging around me too much, really.

Quite the contrary, actually! In the past whenever possible I prefer to be subtle and underhanded. When someone sees me charging up my big bang attack, they should really be ducking the sniper I positioned two miles behind them.

Although, between recent Exalted jumps, certain pre-existing perks and my recent forays into the study of heroic energy...flashiness is becoming an increasingly valid strategem.

One does not simply ride a dragon one does not want to paste into subatomic slurry, along with the planet beneath it.

Whenever I need to storm into the dream realm to speak with the manager, that's when.

Or talk to the Outsider about my latest inventions.

Or dig around for answers in human memory.

...so, whenver I feel like it, really. Going to bed doesn't stop me from doing things anyway.

...it's still Saitama, bro. She just has a vagina.

I'd just find someone who can give her a good fight, and then break out the combat data-scanners. For science.

I'll be honest, I've never thought of myself as invulnerable. True, I've come a long way-but the scale of my opposition just makes me recognise my own shortcomings.

Does enforcing order in all its' forms count?

>> No.50542463

It's a good show. At the very least, everyone likes season 1. Season 2 is a lot more controversial in whether it's good or not.

>> No.50542490

I disliked the proliferation of Float Unit technology. Part of what made Code Geass's action scenes so cool was that the Knightmare Frames were interacting with their environment in unusual ways in order to maneuver, rollerskating up walls or swinging from grappling hooks or roller skating up grappling hooks. Giving them all flight took all the drama away from high-mobility combat, since they were just drifting around with no regard for terrain.

>> No.50542494

My nigga

>> No.50542509

The live action clause was actually taken out with the last update and going to the Flintstones hardly breaks the chain....

>And do you know how many advances you could make in the field of biotechnology with pre-existing sapient slave races?

and just like that I'm not so sure. Well it's still probably fine, there's no reality warping or excessive magic in the Flintstones as far as I recall so I'm going to rule that it's allowed.

It'd still be better if it got it's own jump though.

>> No.50542511

>Ripping off one of the AU Code Geass stories
I would actually kind of like to see some Knightmare of Nunnaly type Geass users. It'd be interesting to see Lelouch try to outsmart a bunch of super powered super soldiers, especially if they had an Immortal boss.

It's pretty good I think, though Season 2 was...controversial. There's one particular plot twist that really pissed off the fandom.

In the series, certain people with Codes could grant others the power of Geass. Presumably, it's another Code bearer.

>> No.50542512

Yeah but once one frame had it, the spread was pretty inevitable, especially since military tech advancement is a fairly big thing in the series. Might not be good for the action scenes but at least there's a reason for it to have happened.

>> No.50542598

I don't deny the tactical benefit to having flight capabilities. It makes perfect sense in-universe. I guess my issue is really more with how it was portrayed. Like, the Lancelot Air Cavalry made being a flying mobile suit look good. It was constantly landing and taking off again, making for fights that maintained that high-mobility rhythm of the other action scenes as it switched between ground and aerial combat as the moment demanded. If everyone was fighting like that, a constant shift of position and altitude and all that, I'd probably be okay with Season 2's fights. But that would have been hard to animate, so they went with the same lazy solution Gundam has been doing for the past five series, just having the two sides float around a distance off from each other and not really move much from position.

>> No.50542611

Excuse me, meant flying Knightmare Frame, not flying mobile suit. Got my franchises mixed up for a moment there.

>> No.50542666

Yeah, especially later on it suffered a lot. I think if the fight involved the Guren or Lancelot it was sort of better, since they got bigger budgets, but otherwise the big strategies mostly disappeared. Though, part of why they disappeared I think links to what you say about them becoming more like Gundam. By the end of the series the unique KMFs like Lancelot Albion or Guren SEITEN were so brokenly powerful that there wasn't any point to doing anything other then point and tell them to kill everything, unless your opponent had not!nuclear weapons.

I think the few times Lelouch piloted KMFs were all flying ones, but it made more sense since his were all basically these massive fortress hybrids that were less the hyper mobile lancelot and more like a big weapons platform with arms and legs.

>> No.50542674

so, anybody know how the gamer jump is going?

>> No.50542683

Why're you asking here, fampai?

This isn't the site it's being made on.

>> No.50542731

But i'm here, not there, so...

>> No.50542777

...get your ass over there, then?

I don't understand why you're trying to look for information you know doesn't exist here.

>> No.50543037

>and I was hoping you could quantify that a little.
Okay, I'm going to be honest. That was my first jump and I barely remember what I was thinking when making it.

Have you seen Merlin? I'll just say the boost to other systems is similar, but won't give you a boost beyond Merlin's power.

>how would you picture it rating against, say, Magical Blood?
It would give more of an initial boost, but Magical Blood also gives you a ton of talent and precision for DC magic, too, which CoM wouldn't. And Magical Blood probably has a higher potential cap.

>or Skulduggery (how do you think a Child of Magic necromancer stacks up against Lord Vile?)
Kind of hard to say since SP magic is kind of weird. Probably give you similar power to him, but he'd probably still edge out in raw power and destroy you in skill. Vile was kind of crazy.

>I'd love a Dresen comparison...
Eh, lower Senior Council in raw power? Ebenezer could casually collapse pyramids and rip the life out of hundreds of people at once with just evocation. That's pretty consistent with EOS Merlin.

>And while I've got you, does Child of Magic give any benefits in terms of finicky, dextrous magic usage?
Child of Magic just gives you raw power to throw around. The actual Magic perk is what gives you talent and skill.

>Love your work man.
D'aww, thanks anon.

>> No.50543044

That would probably just immediately onset the Surge, if I had to guess.

>> No.50543115

Fairy Tail is the most shounen shounen in a long time, so you're not getting an answer on that.

>> No.50543130

That's a very strange and improbable theory.

Works for Dark Souls.

>> No.50543131

We don't get any explanation. I'd assume either inside your head or maybe in the same sort of place that requip stores stuff.

>> No.50543147

I thought One Piece still held the belt for that title.

>> No.50543237

>there's no reality warping or excessive magic in the Flintstones

There was a little, near the end.

>> No.50543248

>there's no reality warping or excessive magic in the Flintstones as far as I recall
Someone hasn't heard of the Great Gazoo...

Then again, trying to take advantage of him is like trying to take advantage of the Q in Star Trek. It'll all end in tears and Jumpchan pointing and laughing at you.

>> No.50543278

Has a normal person ever impress you as a Jumper, to give them respect when at first you thought they were beneath you?

>> No.50543280

Oh christ yeah forgot about Gazoo.

May just give the whole thing an update to allow more stuff but with a clause you can't get any net gain from supernatural stuff.

>> No.50543302

I'd love that. I've always wanted to visit Bewitched.

>> No.50543361

Some jump retcons because recently I've been thinking about dragons:

>Forgotten Realms

So, originally I decided to not be a cool kid i.e. a dragon.

And then I remembered that technically, because of the Elder Scrolls jump update I've been a time dragon for thousands of years at this point.

And then I looked up what an actual D&D time dragon looks like and...I guess they're not too stupid-looking.

So I'm a time dragon now.

Not much has changed, really.


...apparently I missed the day class prices were reduced, and ex-dragon aspects being companionable. Nothing was GOING to change, until against all good sense I decided to look up recent Warcraft lore.

Apart from a reminder that Azeroth is infected by the fleshy superweapons of ravenous void entities and that Sargeras wants to literally fuck Azeroth, apparently Ysera dies slowly, painfully and corrupted by the a magical nightmare thing because of some demon elf fuckboi

...I actually respected Alex at this time and place for somehow being a dedicated defender of the world despite having the most undeservedly shittiest life of any Warcraft character. Seriously, her backstory's like something straight out of Unit 731. It's like some writer's being paid exclusively to bully the Dragon Aspects. She was kind of the embodiment of the thing I was paranoid about at this point of time-but I respected her.

And as thanks for her efforts? Apparently dragons go sterile after Deathwing bites the dust.

Fuck this.

Fuck Meltzen's shitty writing.

And fuck my own prejudices too.

I'm companioning both of them along with Elune, because at this rate the NEXT expansion pack will probably have Alex dying from felnukes or something.


Won't lie-I lost hope in the lore before these two videos came out.

And then everything made sense.

Kind of.

>> No.50543368 [SPOILER] 

Personally, I'd prefer I Dream Of Genie, but to each their own.

>> No.50543396

>Not remembering it's "I Dream of Jeannie"
You don't deserve to go there.

>> No.50543423

Fuck. I knew that, I swear!

>> No.50543461

I don't know if "impress" is the right word but-to this day, Mr. Rogers still confuses the crap out of me.

We met in passing during the children's TV show jump. I didn't really get to know him but...there's something about that man that just doesn't make sense. Everyone on Baseline Earth has a flaw in them. EVERYONE. It's how I've run every predictive model simulation of the planet ever-humans are basically self-interested actors with a huge talent for self-deception.

This man doesn't fit that pattern. I couldn't feel any potential evil from him-and EVERYONE has little traces of self-doubt or such that can give rise to evil. When I asked if he ever got tired of working on his show, he said he spent every day making the most out of it for the children he'd never meet.

Later in another baseline Earth I tried to measure his Cosmic Energy readings. The scanner exploded.

It's like Cthulhu is out there but I'm the only one who can see him for some reason. I'm almost positive he's a refugee from another world that somehow ended up in ours, or a descendent of one.

It's...just worrying.

>> No.50543532

What are some jumps with especially good genetic engineering perks?

>> No.50543671

Street Sharks has some.

>> No.50543710

What would happen if sailor moon never got her transformation thingamabob?

>> No.50543724

Prototype and Buffyverse both have pretty good ones.

>> No.50543737

She'd never become sailor moon.

>> No.50543740

There isn't anyone around to resurrect the universe any of the times it gets blown up.

>> No.50543765

What's the upper limit of power a jump can offer before it has to be an end jump?

>> No.50543781

Didn't mean to quote that, whoops.

>> No.50543784

Vague and undefined.

>> No.50544167

Resident Evil, Geneforge

>> No.50544215

Seems I missed the conversation, but let me ask that the Darkness bloodline remain.

The chance to look like Eins is one I would pay any amount of CP for.

>> No.50544834

Jurassic Park.
Plus, you know, you get to run around with/become a dinosaur. So bonus points.

>> No.50544897

I just finished my Forgotten Realms jump and I went Time Dragon. It' felt dirty, but it felt good. Is that natural?

>> No.50544979

Having fun with your choices in a jump is very natural.

>> No.50544996

Yeah, Forgotten Realms is basically the Counsel of Wyrms Jump as far as /jc/ is concerned.

>> No.50545074

So something I've always wondered. Dragons get more powerful as they age, got it. However, once they get a certain age they have to make saves or lose a point of CON. Once they run out of CON they die.

So, how do you balance that vs. getting new bodies every jump? If you spend too much time in your dragon form do you die? If you roll it into your final form and just run around like that all the time do you never advance in age and grow stronger?

Is this an obnoxious question and should I just fanwank it?

>> No.50545079

Yes, it's entirely natural. Those are fairly common symptoms associated with a crippling lack of originality.

>> No.50545101

In Bleach, what happens to a soul a hollow eats? Does it just cease existing? Is it kept in some kind of continuous anguish? Is there otherwise a reincarnation style thing going on where souls keep moving between Earth and soul society?

Also, in GHQ at least, is it possible for a human hollow to not eat souls and gain all their power from introspection?

>> No.50545118

>a crippling lack of originality
Well, you're not wrong. However, I'd counter that by saying that originality for originalities sake isn't always something to revel in. Milk and cookies aren't very original, but they're good. I lean the same way with certain choices in certain jumps. Sure they aren't original, but they're fun and I'm okay with not being a trailblazer if I have fun in the process.

>> No.50545129

that's why you get that perk from tales of symphonia that lets you set your age.

>> No.50545145

Does that also give you sweet ass energy wings? If so, that's a baller perk.

>> No.50545154

Yes, actually.

>> No.50545177

Baller perk.

>> No.50545318 [DELETED] 

What are the best places to be a spoopy scary ghost?

>> No.50545341

It depends on the dragon. In the case of >>50544897, there isn't anything to worry about. Time Dragons are immortal with respect to age.

>> No.50545360

Danny Phantom has ghost and half-ghost origins.

JLD lets you be a ghost, and you become a damn powerful one if you take Primordial.

Grim Fandango makes you a spoopy skeleton, which is kind of similar. Unfortunately, most of the spoopiness is lost due to almost everyone else there also being a skeleton.

>> No.50545366

What are the best places to be a spoopy scary ghost?

>> No.50545372

The D&D jumps that allow you to buy race or have undead class options: forgotten realms and dragonlance off the top of my head.

JLD has a lot of neat monster / undead options. I think the Generic Universal Monster Jump may work for that as well.

Then you've got the themed jumps, like Nightmare Before Christmas and the like.

>> No.50545378


How does that work?

>> No.50545400

I dunno.

>> No.50545439

>How does that work?

>> No.50545446

That's what happens when you stand inside a portal to the afterlife as it opens. Or however that went in the show, I haven't watched it in a long ass time.

Still makes more sense than Touhou's half-ghosts.

>> No.50545489

Human most of the time, but can do a magical girls transformation to turn into a ghost.

I can't recall which powers are available in which form.

>> No.50545565

Eclipse Phase. Grab the Biohacker and MedTech skill packages along with the Morph Genetics Library.

Genefixing? Old hat. Uplifts? Got 'em. Recreating extinct species? In progress. Designer organs? On point. Transgenic splicing? Can do. Genetic DRM? If you insist.

Sun Whales? Because we can.

>> No.50545579

Aren't Time Dragons from Dragon Magazine, not an official handbook?

>> No.50545623

Dragon Magazine was an official D&D publication.

>> No.50545688

...yeah. It was a mess. But it's also MLP, so rule 13 or something.

There was a drawback that literally gave you all the capstones in exchange for surviving like- 2000 years. That's it.
That's what happened!

>> No.50545716

I guess.

The nonexistance of potato mode allows a jumper to choose something other than Dragon there, though. But the Timestop mastery is delicious. Too bad D&D Timestop is limited in what you can do during it.

Technically the Joseph-Blood-Absorbed Dio could... maybe not defeat but survive it

>> No.50545729

>There was a drawback that literally gave you all the capstones in exchange for surviving like- 2000 years. That's it.
That's not accurate at all. It might not be allowed on the board but at least be fair and honest when talking about it.

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