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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Swashbuckling Edition. Post some duelists, whether they are completely martial, or have some magic.

If you want build advice make sure to say what 3pp you can use, if any.

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/JTj1yEmU

Broken Shackles Playtest: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/59701/broken-shackles-test-play
Creation Handbook Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kitAB8sHgmuD3fvOMuI_KyV_dxpO2wrxQmbnCoRgglA/edit#
Avowed Playtest: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg
Malefex Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3LrE8WyIxxYRr8d9dHsWioeUk_-HZaSMqVWRnzc9Fc/edit?usp=sharing
Vampire Hunter D Setting Supplement: https://www.dropbox.com/s/onnk3oskhbc5aos/Vampire%20Hunter%20D%20Pathfinder%20Supplement.pdf?dl=0

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reminder that you should fear dragons

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That guy down there doesn't look very scared!

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well yes, he summoned it :3

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Why is this pic not from the front >>50531801

Why draw it that way!

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Fiendbound Marauder

>> No.50531853

Shizuka Saotome for RULES OF NATURE!
Yori Rilsane for A FUCKING LAWYER!
Tyran Cormac for CLEGANEBOWL!
Marshall Rhames for AVE MAJESTRIX!

Need to look through more if it's 5 or 6 people.

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It was probably part of a concept sketch, and it would take weeks to find the full picture.

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>Not including Lyra Ivytongue for FEMME FATALE

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Sorry, that sounded super autismo. I was really excited. I had been looking for something like that for a while and it was almost perfect.

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Yes. I have had multiple players quit over dragons being played competently.

Some examples include:
>dragon wore a good portion of his hoard, had kidnapped smiths and mages to make him magic armor/gear

>dragon used anti-magic field, laughed as he killed the PCs when they didn't have their items

>dragon teleported on top of the PCs after scrying them, killed a PC round 1 after full attacking them

>dragon plunged the PCs into deeper darkness and fought them using its blindsight

>dragon fought the PCs by doing flying runs over them and simply breathing cones of fire onto them and didn't stop to actually fight

I'm not even sorry. If players can't take a highly competent and sociopathic enemy not playing fair they don't deserve it. Any dragon who reached the Adult category made it there by fighting and killing not only adventurers, but other dragons. It's an arms race between them.

Weak dragons and dragons who fight fair don't make it to Adult.

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I like the whole 'using your coat as a cape' thing.

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seriously you have to out-think dragons if you want to beat them, they are not dumb monsters that will sit there and fight to the death

Most of them can go invisible too

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I'd like to see Dierdre get in because I've RPed with her before and she's really good. She's worried about coming off too edgy and wants people to think Dierdre is cute

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Or if they DO get to adult fighting fair, that just means you want to stay away from them even more.

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i actually really like her char sheet, its nicely edgy.

Honestly I'm interested to see who all gets in, theres a lot of great applications

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I've always loved capes, and I love the image you posted.

Half-capes are the god-tier of capes though!

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Here's the source:


You might find more in the artist's gallery.

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Exactly, probably has class levels in something besides Dragon.

Yeah, a dragon uses Greater Invisibility. Full attacks your flat footed wizard after using a quickened metamagic rod and a silenced dimension door behind him.

Literally "Teleports behind you, unsheathes dragon".

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Now THAT is heckin' cool.

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>YFW a Black Dragon has Edgelord Harbinger Class levels.

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fuckin swag

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>Unsheathes self

Man now I think about it that sounds like going incorporeal.

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That guy really knows how to draw a nice ass!

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I dont have more of that, but I do have some monster hunter dual sword / longsword stuff... unfortunately it's in a giant unsorted folder.

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It's okay, anon! I think she seems really cute, behind her edgelord personality lay a deeply troubled young woman with a chip on her shoulder against the forces of good!

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Wouldn't a dragon unsheathing itself be lewd

don't they have internal genitalia

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In that case, how do we KNOW that maxima's a girl in rotjr if dragons and their ilk have internal genitalia?

My god, I bet she's a he all along.

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You need the dimensional agility feats to act after a DD, even quickened.

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Which a dragon is fully capable of taking

>> No.50532104

Which a dragon can have.

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>not having your dragons' primary flaw be Pride
>they constantly underestimate their opponents, assuming their innate strengths will protect them from any puny mortal
>they never bother preparing for a serious battle and like to play with their food

Don't knock the classics.

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Doesn't Maxima have a great stonkin' pair of boobs?

>> No.50532162

You know what appeals to a dragon's pride?

Casting Anti-magic field and then killing his opponents. It's literally a show of how much better a dragon is than a mortal, that mortals require to be soaked in magic to even contend a dragon.

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Science Fact:
Lagomorphs, such as rabbits, hares, and pikas, also possess cloacas

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puts an entire new meaning to pika chu

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i never asked for this

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Dug around for the sheet; here's her description. "Short--not even five feet tall--and well built, Maxima has a pretty face and bright red skin, marked by the occasional white patch of scales. Wings hang off of her shoulders--too small to allow proper flight. Her tail is spade-tipped but dexterous; she often uses it hold items when her hands are otherwise full or occupied. Her fingernails are dark black, long and sharp; her teeth are likewise, and her jaw juts forward just slightly, vaguely reminiscent of a dragon's maw."

'Well Built' doesn't always mean great stonkin' tits, though even if it did, look at where we're at. You think tits would stop her from having a dick too? Hemipenes, even, like a reptile. A dirty scaley whore.

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You asked for it the moment that finger of yours clicked "Pathfinder General" rather than something sensible, like /aco/

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please, i'd never go somewhere like /aco/

Its /d/ for me

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This is why the elves created the Dracorage Mythal.

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>Maxima might have two fully functional dongs


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>I was thinking of doing a "dude who wants to be a dragon" character for RotJR
>had a build in mind and everything, just had to sit down and doublecheck it and hash out a backstory
>then maxima happened and killed my desire to go through with it, because then I'd just get shit-talked for "copying the dragonwhore" or something
>but now the dragongirl is getting memed to high heaven

I guess I dodged the bullet this time. Sorry, Maxima.

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>Not /trash/.


>> No.50532305

if i wanted to go to /trash/ there's better websites entirely

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Thats not what my reference pictures say!

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She's already a shortstack. 4'7" and 110 pounds is overweight, garuntee you that's in her tits and ass; she's got sharp teeth for that danger factor, claws, a cloaca (only hemipenes? maybe she's got both, who knows, both would be better for being a stupid slut), wings to wrap around whoever she's fucking, adn enough strength to pin them to the ground and ride them bloody.

I don't know how sluttier and more whorish we can get,.

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I'm going to be in a Hell's Vengeance game next week, and my party is an Unchained Summoner with a Devil Eidolon, a Tyrant Antipaladin, an Incanter focused on Necromancy, and someone who plans on going into Hellknight. What roles need to be filled? Honestly can't think of a character that would step on other people's toes here. Only requirements being that we need to be evil. We're using 25 point buy and most third party allowed, particularly Spheres of Power, Psionics, and Path of War.

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Who the fuck is Maxima?

>> No.50532378

Play an evil bard.

Incite riots!

Heckle other bards!


>> No.50532380


Dude, make an exotic Lizardfolk warrior that communicates through sign language and vigorous hissing, say he's a curiosity picked up by Sandru.

Now all the women will be wanting your freaky hulking figure with double penetrating action.

>> No.50532381

One with Bookish Wallflower?

>> No.50532394


A vaguely sexual dragon-based Tiefling that has been accused of being everything from a hermaphrodite to the Whore of Babylon.

>> No.50532408


>tfw you will never waifu a stuttering, awkward Wizard with a heart-melting smile and huge tits

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Yup. Also, opossums, as with most other marsupials, posses bifurcated penises, and the females have matching bifurcated vagina/uterus.

Anteaters and Sloths belong to the same Order of mammals

Armadillos can enact delayed implantation of eggs and give birth to quadruplets

A Pangolins tongue is anchored to their sternum

Tenrecs also possess a cloaca.

Seals have some of the richest milk of all the mammals

Whales have retractable nipples that shoot and squirt gallons of milk right into their offspring's mouths

Chipmunks and Prairie dogs are actually in the same family as squirrels

And the closest relatives to the Hippo are pigs.

I see nothing there that disproves what I said. Viera could have cloaca for all you know.

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>> No.50532441

Any suggestions for this item?

Magic Stabilization Staff
A product of alchemical extraction techniques and technological prowess, this staff allows Wizards and other arcane casters to function even within zones of null magic and suppresses the effects of wild magic within a small area. While within an area of null magic (though not an Antimagic Field or similar spell) the wielder may expend a number of charges equal to half the level of the spell he wishes to cast in order to successfully cast despite being in a null magic zone (minimum 1). Alternatively, they may expend any number of charges to create an area with a radius of 30 feet in which spells with a level equal to or less than the staff's level may be freely cast. This zone remains for a number of rounds equal to the number of charges expended. While in a zone of wild magic, the wielder may instead expend any number of charges to create a region of stable magic with a 30-foot radius, which remains for a number of rounds equal to twice the number of charges expended.

This staff cannot be recharged

Level 1 (60 charges): 1000 gp
Level 3 (60 charges): 2000 gp
Level 6 (60 charges): 3000 gp

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The original pitch was going to just be a half-elf with draconic blood, who made absolutely no effort to control it. Would have been like, a Shifter||Brutal Slayer or a Barbarian||Brutal Slayer, mainly going for the Transformation line of feats. It would have been all about using a fuckhuge high-crit sword until the Brutal Slayer half did a critical hit, then he'd use Improved Transformation, swift-action change into dragon form, and proceed to fuck shit up.

>> No.50532467

Go ahead, call for help
They can't unrape your mind

>> No.50532471


>Seals have some of the richest milk of all the mammals
>Whales have retractable nipples that shoot and squirt gallons of milk right into their offspring's mouths

sealgirls and whalegirls are now officially my fetishes

>> No.50532478

I made an NPC swordfighter to act as the Johnson for the PCs.

I wanted a shadow based thief, so I made a Vigilante (Stalker) / Umbral Disciple with Thrashing Dragon since I didn't want to convert the Telflammar Shadowlord stuff to PF.

Feel free to use him in your games.

If you did not know his abilities ahead of time, do you think you could take him in a duel?

>> No.50532495

>Telflammar Shadowlord

I miss that pounce build

>> No.50532496

>Seals have some of the richest milk of all the mammals
We need some chubby seal girls.

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>> No.50532503

Its called a Selkie.
Dolphins are in the same order, Order Cetacea, and in the Amazon numerous tribes have stories of river dolphins shapeshifitng and coming on to land to seduce humans and pull them into rivers

You are welcome

>> No.50532516

>A Pangolins tongue is anchored to their sternum

>> No.50532517

Okay, so we have a shortstack, big-titted, wide-assed demonic dragongirl hermaphrodite who whored her way from Andoran to Sandpoint (including spending a year and a day as the personal cocksleeve for a devil binder in cheliax); she's got two dicks and two vaginas and is strong enough to pin the average person to the ground easily.

But would she be a good mother/father?

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>> No.50532527



They're called Selkie, anon!

And Dryads likely lactate nectar.

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>> No.50532530

But I just ended a campaign where I played an evil bard!

>> No.50532537

every day we drift further from god's light

>> No.50532545

Well you've got a lot of room to be a divine caster then, why not a oracle and take an evil sounding mystery

>> No.50532550


I thought /pfg/ was tired of THICC?

>> No.50532553

>Maxima is a kind, artistic girl; quick to smile and laugh and offer aid, she has internalized the code of a Shelynite paladin even if she never finished her training. Knowing now that she is not cursed for anything she has done, she's embraced herself; she believes herself beautiful again and it shows in how she walks and how she carries herself.
>devoutly Shelynite
The answer would be yes

>> No.50532577

But God is the one who made the planet and the animals that inhabit therein.
He just wants us to have a good laugh is all

>> No.50532586


I think the better question to ask now is who would make a good father. All the female applicants are either explicitly motherly or shameless sluts or just gosh darn cute and innocent imoutos!

>> No.50532600


I'm pretty sure -Maxima- would, anon!

>> No.50532615

At this point I'm unsure if I've just got backstories so solidly defined that they can't be memed about, or if the characters are just so boring that people don't care to make shitposts about them.

Wasn't one of the newer characters literally a dad

>> No.50532623

I think the better question would be to ask what Hell's Vengeance characters would be the least shitty as parents. Also, what are the best pairings?

>> No.50532633


It's usually the latter, a solid backstory tends to be a boring backstory unless you properly tend to the memes as they grow in the General garden.

>> No.50532634

>tfw your female applicant is none of these.

>> No.50532640

or futas

but that doesn't mean they can't also be good mothers

>> No.50532647

>least shitty as parents

I mean Marshall for least shitty dad but... I can't imagine any of the women being good mothers. They're all too crazy.

>> No.50532651

I didn't expressly design mine to be cute, but I guess that's what I get for using the picture I did.

It's not my fault the only good spiderface I could find was cute!

>> No.50532660



>> No.50532662

Chub is different.

>> No.50532672

Vapor Thrust!

>> No.50532690

>shizuka's obsession with perfection makes her one of those Asian 'tiger mothers'

>> No.50532695


>Also, what are the best pairings

Are you asking which would make the best couple, or which would create the hottest pastebin of their side channel antics?

>> No.50532710

Why not both?

>> No.50532757


Marshall and Shizuka for best couple.

Tyran and Lyra for lewdest pastebins as she gradually turns him into an obedient stud and guardian, wrapping him around her loins one inch at a time.

Sersheon and her Wolf is equally lewd, but not for everyone!

>> No.50532804

I wanted to build a swashbuckler that could disarm the PC's traps, sneak into their headquarters, and fight them with fancy Thrashing Dragon maneuvers.

Alternatively, he also has to survive the PCs challenging him one on one, since PCs will eventually bite the hand that feeds them.

>> No.50532812

18 RP whale race:

3 rp (monstrous humanoid)
7 rp (large) +2 str, -2 dex
-1 rp (slow speed)
2 rp (flexible) +2 str, +2 wis
0 rp (standard language)
2 rp (swim)
1 rp (hold breath)
1 rp (natural attack (slam))
1 rp (reach)
2 rp (natural armor)

What do you think? Should it have 2 more RP?

4 rp will give it at-will whispering wind SLA, is there some other kind of echolation type ability it could take?

>> No.50532876

18 is already really high. It should have less.

>> No.50532913

I say 15rp would be better.
Also, Stat bonuses shoul prbably be +2Con, +2Wis, -2 Dex. Whales can tank like a mofo, to this day they keep finding whale who die of old age still have stone and flit spearheads in their hides.

>> No.50532930


The categories are 1-10, 10-20, and 21+

>> No.50532952

>implying raising your kids as good Asmodeus fearing Chelaxians is bad mothering

>> No.50532964

I do need to ask this rather basic question, but it is bothering me.

I need help understanding somethings when reading monster profiles, please bear with me:

1: when an attack is listed as 2 strikes (for example a clay golem has 2 slams) is this meant to be a single attack? or is it two different attacks but with identical profiles? (so is it rolled as "2 slams" or "slam, then another slam"

2: when a creature has multiple complex attacks (ex: the ice Linnorm has a bite and 2 claws), obviously if it's making a full attack it hits with everything, but when making a normal attack does it pick only one attack to make? I suspect this to be the case but I need confirmation.

>> No.50532967


Catherine+Marshall just sounds like the sweetest thing!

>> No.50532992

did earth seraph edna really ask like 40 questions polluting the rules board and then not come through with an app!?

>> No.50532998

>did 2hu act in typical 2hu fashion

>> No.50532999

Campaign idea:

>Restricted race list, only allowed races are Humans and Human offshoots (except half-elf & half-orc)
>guns everywhere
>level 3 start, support for mixed level parties (level difference is never greater than 2)
>max level for any mortal is level 12, players won't go beyond that
>high lethality, players are expected to occasionally lose a character and take over a new one, being prepared with back ups
>heavily restricted class list, no full initators or casters as well as other restrictions
>a lot of spells are banned, namely shit like planar binding/blood money/commune/divination
>magic item creation has been heavily changed to make it higher investment but open to everyone as long as they take the feats
>magic items are uncommon, artisans who can make magic items are similarly uncommon
>to get magic items you'll either have to find an artisan to custom make you one, or go to a massive market where others like yourselves are selling things they have found, or make do with what you found
>Lawful and Chaotic planar humans added
>More undead humans added, mainly half-ghouls
>Characters are members of one of several mercenary companies working along the massive war front of an empire in the throws of conquest
>Empire needs mercenaries to keep the war effort going, the war has been going on now for 150 years
>Companies can receive "Writs of Legitimacy", signed by the emperor himself or one of his governors
>Gives the ability to operate legitimately, and essentially the only way to practice "harmful" magic legally in the empire
>These writs have becomes important even in nations uninvolved or even off the continent as proof of competency, as they are only given to companies that prove themselves

Maybe I should. I'm unsure. Get that profession (soldier) revved up.

>> No.50533011


Its trash

>> No.50533026

Yuh huh! Power couple right there!

>> No.50533027

Just play Rogue Trader already

>> No.50533030


>> No.50533040



for wyt pyryps

>> No.50533046

No seriously:
>no full initiator
what the fuck

>not getalt
even worse

>> No.50533053

>heavily restricted game

Honestly thats the thing that puts me off most.

>> No.50533057

I find level 12 the most interesting as its the last level before 6 level casters get 5th spells, and the last before 4th level casters get 4th.

>> No.50533067

>only allowed races are Humans and Human offshoots
>except half-elf & half-orc

>> No.50533068

The race restrictions or the class restrictions?

>implying I wouldn't be if I could

>> No.50533083

I take that to imply there are no elves or orcs.

Without that you get humans mixed with outsiders, humans mixed with undead, and humans mixed with monstrous humanoids.

Oh and humans mixed with lycanthropes.

>> No.50533088

Well don't try to shoehorn Rogue Trader into PF. Its a horrible idea.

>> No.50533093


>> No.50533105

Honestly /pfg/ is super spoiled. Tell them they have any kind of restriction and people throw a tantrum.

I'm confused, what part of "you're in a mercenary company" is a bad idea?

>> No.50533113

>no half-elves or half-orcs
>but there are half-ghouls

What the fuck

>> No.50533123

>i'm going to highly restrict the character concepts you can play


Because i can't play the character i want fuckhead.

>> No.50533148

I'm not asking you to play in my game. I'm gonna run this for friends.

>> No.50533159


>> No.50533165

Your friends aren't going to want to play it either because you're restricting the characters they can play. And if they do want to play it then congratulations, WHY ARE YOU ASKING?

>> No.50533166



>> No.50533173

>assumed he was invited to play
>gets shut down

>> No.50533181


The fuck? Fuck off. We're not here to edit your novel for you.

>> No.50533188

What's a typical 2hu fashion?

>> No.50533198

Seriously, its irrelevant to put the question to /pfg/

>hey would you want to play this game
>not really seems shit desu
>then why did you even fucking ask?

>> No.50533203

>throws tantrum when he's not allowed to play

>> No.50533209

Hello Anons. How bad would kineticists be in a Paizo only game with the following features:

- Kinetic buffer starts full each day
- Kineticists count as full BAB for kinetic blasts and all combat maneuvers done through them
- There are magic items that give enhancement bonuses to attack and damage with blasts and

>> No.50533216

>hey would you want to play this game
>not really seems shit desu
>then why did you even fucking ask?

>> No.50533217

Remember the episode of Rick and Morty where they're on a purge planet and Morty sits through the shitty writing of the owner of the lighthouse, and the owner of the lighthouse starts throwing a fit because Morty criticized him?

That's you right now

>> No.50533225

>>hey would you want to play this game
Look again lad, he never asked that.

>> No.50533229

>smugposts when people tell him to fuck off

>> No.50533239

its kind of implicit.

Even if he wasn't going to run it for /pfg/, the point of putting the game up would be 'would there be interest in playing this', presumably when people tell him yes he feels he has a good idea

Except people told him no and it was terrible and now he's acting like a child

>> No.50533240

>I'm gonna run this for friends.

Why'd you post it here instead of presenting it to your friends if they're the only ones who'll be playing?

>> No.50533244

>I'm throwing a tantrum because anon doesn't allow full casters and full initiators

There is literally nothing wrong with banning them or non-humans. You're taking offense to something really stupid.

>> No.50533266

Fuck off back to your 0 PB commoner only game. No full casters can make sense. No full initiators doesn't.

>> No.50533267

>implying thats whats happening

You clearly don't care what anyone thinks and you're going to run it anyways, so why even bring it here if not to shitpost

Did you think you were gonna get your dick sucked for your idea?

Like ask your friends, they're the only ones whose opinions matter if they're who you're gonna run it for

>> No.50533270

I already did. They thought it sounded fun.

>> No.50533271


O-okay then.

>> No.50533274

>I'm confused, what part of "you're in a mercenary company" is a bad idea?
Its not, but trying to just recode Rogue Trader whole sale by extensively cutting out large chunks of the rules and content just to cram it into PF when you could just ask your party to learn and play Rogue Trader is just a horrible idea

Also, grow thicker skin. You asked if people here would be interested in it, and we've told you that we wouldn't. No need to throw a hissyfit because we think your idea is shit.

>> No.50533287

>No full casters can make sense. No full initiators doesn't.


>> No.50533288


Why the fuck should we care? WHY THE FUCK SHOULD YOU CARE WHAT /PFG/ THINKS?

Run it, have fun with your friends. Fuck off.

>> No.50533299

>You clearly don't care what anyone thinks and you're going to run it anyways, so why even bring it here if not to shitpost

I'm not him. I don't understand why people are so angry over these "restrictions" when it is just "no full casters and no full initiators"?

Do you throw a tantrum when your GM says "elves aren't in the setting?"

>If I'm not allowed to play a full initiator it's 0PB commoners only
This is actually what you're saying. Do you know how asinine that sounds.

>> No.50533304

all i said is 'ITS NOT A GAME I WOULD LIKE TO PLAY' and you started samefagging and smugposting


>> No.50533309

Which means that you asking our opinion on it is pointless since your friends already want to play it.

So everything you've done so far has been pointless and nothing but an argument starter

Seriously, you don't need /pfg/'s stamp of approval to run a game your firends have already show interest in. Just do it and have fun with our friends, and don't bother us about it.

>> No.50533320

Then why post it here? To ask if we would like it? We wouldn't.

Because a full caster can warp the world once they start getting 5th level spells, and probably has at least one way to invalidate entire segments of a session/campaign. Initiators don't have that.

It's hyperbole fuckwit. The restriction of "no full casters, no full initiators, no non-humans," might not be as retarded as 0 PB commoners only, but it's still utterly pointless.

>> No.50533321

No look here.
>>50533011 >>50533027 >>50533046
Literally first reply was "it's trash" and "don't run it" and "fuck off"

You're acting like an ass and expecting the other person to be civil.

>> No.50533333

>person posts trash
>it gets called trash
>they sperg out and samefag in a desperate attempt to save face

Fuck off.

>> No.50533336

>guy asks innocent question and pfg gets butthert so fucking hard

m a g i c

>> No.50533347

>people call guy retarded and he starts smugposting to pretend he's not anally annihilated

>> No.50533357

>It's hyperbole fuckwit. The restriction of "no full casters, no full initiators, no non-humans," might not be as retarded as 0 PB commoners only, but it's still utterly pointless.
What? Are you actually getting butthurt over no non-humans?


>any game I can't play a gestalted elven warder||wizard is pointless

>> No.50533365

>still samefagging to save face
yeah, sure

>> No.50533367

nobody is butthurt but the anon that posted his garbage idea and got blown the fuck out

oh wait thats you

>> No.50533372

>Because a full caster can warp the world once they start getting 5th level spells, and probably has at least one way to invalidate entire segments of a session/campaign. Initiators don't have that.

I don't think that answered my question. What's wrong with not allowing initiators?

>> No.50533373

Quintuple of truth desu

>> No.50533382


>> No.50533384

The guy doesn't seem mad at all. Anons seem like they're actually going to pop a blood vessel.

People have actually devolved into posting in all caps.

>no body is butthurt
>these people aren't butthurt

If that isn't butthurt I don't know what is.

>> No.50533389

Nothing, its just not a game /pfg/ would like to play.

To which the person who posted it sperged WELL YOU'RE NOT INVITED ANYWAYS

At which point /pfg/ said why are you asking me, fuck off then.

And now we're here

>> No.50533390

and would allow the addition of certain other weapon enhancement as well?

>> No.50533396


Are you literally retarded.

>> No.50533397


>> No.50533400

>To which the person who posted it sperged WELL YOU'RE NOT INVITED ANYWAYS
Bruh, you're the one who is sperging.

>> No.50533404

>you're either with my bullshit opinions or you're a samefag

>> No.50533414

Did you not actually read the posts. They're obviously booty flustered.

No seriously look at this >>50533397. People are resorting to check'em.

>> No.50533416

couldn't hurt.

>> No.50533420

What's wrong with allowing full initiators?

Literally end your life.

>> No.50533424

>he did it again
>I gave him another (you)

>> No.50533427

>implying quads of truth didn't blast you to the moon

Kek wills it.

>> No.50533438

That's not butthurt, that people asking why this anon is sperging so hard so much about a game he pointlessly brought up that has no bearing at all on us in anyway, and why he's being so defensive on a game that he honestly shouldn't be caring to ask our opinion about anyway

It appears that you don't understand how conversations and correlation works. I'm afraid you have literal autism

>> No.50533444

>this thread

>> No.50533454

Nothing, I never suggested otherwise. Why are you avoiding the question so hard? Or are you just adding to the shitposting?

>> No.50533482


/pfg/ likes to masturbate all day to overPOWered noun + verb + adjective combinations, denying initiators is denying them any kind of sexual release

>> No.50533494

>Why are you avoiding the question so hard?
There is nothing wrong with allowing full initiators. If you're allowing Path of War you should allow full initiators. The problem with banning full initiators is there's no reason to do it, assuming the rest of PoW is allowed.

>> No.50533495

Except that idiot started using pepe to be a smugposter samefag, despite the fact he started to denegrate those same memes.

Its obvious he's just a shitposter

>> No.50533500

No, you just keep saying anon is sperging and I say they are sperging. Literally there is no evidence for either side beyond the posts. Anon never asked for people to play in his game. Everyone else then just continually screams "fuck off".

If you're trying to argue that they're not anally devestated then you have to be trolling and just fishing for (You)'s.

>> No.50533516

yes, we've all been shitposted

As long as the anon that posted the game knows its garbage though its fine.

why would you bring a game up to /pfg/ if you didn't want to see /pfg/'s interest in it.

>> No.50533519

It's not even denying initiators. It's denying FULL initiators. Which means you can play an initiator still.

>> No.50533520

Except the last three days have been nothing but people cycling "OverPoWered" meme nonstop and doing nothing but bitching about PoW
You fucking idiot

>> No.50533524

Any news on Strange Aeons part 3 pdf?

>> No.50533526


Sometimes I wonder if the liberal application of smut is the only thing keeping us from descending into snarling barbarism.

>> No.50533532

it actually is

>> No.50533536


>why would you discuss pathfinder in circlejerk regent general

>> No.50533538

>There is nothing wrong with allowing full initiators.

And I never fucking said otherwise, can you fucking read?

>> No.50533550

anyone want to answer my questions?
they can't be that difficult.

>> No.50533554

>As long as the anon that posted the game knows its garbage though its fine.
I still don't get why it's garbage?

The story seems fine. You're big man mercenaries.

No full casters seems fine.

No full initiators seems fine.

The magic item rules are what ever.

The no non-humans is fine, the setting probably doesn't have non-human humanoids.

Literally people are freaking out over "I can't play an initiator WAAAAAAH".

>> No.50533566

1. 2 attacks with identical profiles
2. When making a normal attack it chooses one, yes.

>> No.50533568

>>No full casters can make sense. No full initiators doesn't.


Apparently I'm the only one of the two of us who can.

>> No.50533576

but thats not discussing -pathfinder-, its asking about a specific campaign idea

Which there's no reason to bring up unless you want /pfg/'s feedback on their interest

This isn't your fucking blog.


None of which matters cause this is a game for HIS FRIENDS who have already seen and approved the game idea

Why the fuck does he care what any of us think? He shouldn't! Its a fucking waste of time to even ask us.

>> No.50533582


stop asking questions about pathfinder newfaget, start posting lewds

2 slams is two different slam attacks in a full attack
claw claw biter can make one natural attack as a standard action (Usually Bite because it's their primary natural attack and gives 1.5x str to damage), but it can be any natural attack or even a weapon

>> No.50533591

I asked why it's not okay to ban full initiators, I didn't say anything about there being something wrong with full initiators. Are you confused?

>> No.50533595

>Why the fuck does he care what any of us think? He shouldn't! Its a fucking waste of time to even ask us.
You're right. Can you post some THICC Kitsune (male)?

>> No.50533602


Also, the first hint of butthurt was displayed here>>50533105
Which was followed by /pfg/ asking why this guy was bothering them with something that isn't important, since he had already decided to run that game for his friends, followed by him being defensive.

Sten he started fishing for (You)s as a samefag here>>50533299

>> No.50533611

>you can't play a full caster, a full initiator, a non-human, it's harder to get magic items, you're never going above level 12
Why even play Pathfinder then?

It's not okay to ban full initiators because there's nothing wrong with full initiators.

>> No.50533620


It's okay to ban anything for whatever reason you want

>> No.50533634


>> No.50533637

You're right. Let me amend. It doesn't make sense to ban full initiators.

>> No.50533646

>editing pictures can't be done

>> No.50533652

>Why even play Pathfinder then?
Because playing Oreads is fun? People play stuff like the Myrmidon by choice all the time anyway? Or the Hidden Blade? Or, crazy, just a base Bard or Alchemist.

>never going above level 12 is a bad thing

>> No.50533655


that's not evidence, anyone can easily change (yous)


>> No.50533664

>It's a conspiracy! Obviously everyone who disagrees with me is the SAME PERSON!

>> No.50533681

i honestly believe the anon that originally posted that garbage is assblasted enough at this point to do it

>> No.50533690

Pathfinder's main draw is a plethora of options. You're arbitrarily restricting them and claiming that because you haven't restricted everything that it's still good. Just play a different system, rather than playing hobbled Pathfinder.

>> No.50533697


I honestly think you're replying to yourself

>> No.50533705

thats ok too

>> No.50533713


>Pathfinder's main draw is people play it and the rules are free and online and there's lots of published adventures for it so DMs can turn their brains off


>> No.50533732

but if you wanted to play an easy game why not just play 5e

>> No.50533737

There are still a massive number of options.

Even with only humans/human offshoots, with his additions there are: 13 races, more than 30 if you count variant tiefling/aasimar/dhampir/skinwalkers are separately.

There are still over 20 classes to choose from.

>> No.50533751

Not enough. No seriously. Fuck restrictions. Fuck that.

>> No.50533768

Why are we still arguing about a garbage campaign that doesn't matter

Its like bitching about PFS rules at this point

garbage will be garbage

>> No.50533775

it isn't garbage tho.

>> No.50533780


>> No.50533788


Because /pfg/ is the definition of not being able to let go of shit

>> No.50533790

>tfw if anon has not said "no full initiators" everyone would have been fine with the game

>> No.50533795


>> No.50533799

>13 races, 20 classes
>50 races, 50 classes

Jingasa deserved to be nerfed.

Race restrictions are still retarded.

>> No.50533814


>> No.50533834


I dont allow any races in my games but humans, dwarves, elves, halflings, orcs, half-elves, and half-orcs. Fite me.

>> No.50533835

>Jingasa deserved to be nerfed.

>> No.50533846


>> No.50533855

That's perfectly reasonable.
You are still a shitposter though

>> No.50533859

There aren't 50 classes though.

Let's count:
Out of Paizo classes 8 of the 33 classes are not allowed. 6 out of 6 initiators are.

So 25/39

As for races you're more correct. it's like 13/50.

>> No.50533876

Why isn't what anon said reasonable though? Why is humans/things that are a bit human bad?

>> No.50533892

39*45, even if you take out some races,=1755
It's more than 5 times as many race/class options.

>> No.50533896


>> No.50533898

What's fun and 1pp? I'm in a backup character rut. Playing a cleric right now.

>> No.50533902

Dear christ, this is the most ass blasted I've seen /pfg/ in a while. Especially the fervent denial of being ass blasted.

>> No.50533913

Because its pointless since it either forces a specific narrative on the players, or it shows system ignorance since Humans are already objectively the most powerful and capable race in the system.
So in the end, said restriction is pointless and punishes those who wanted to try new options for fun

>> No.50533921

My recommendations will always be Slayer and Hunter.

I'm not butthurt, YOU'RE butthurt!

>> No.50533937

>2 attacks with identical profiles
so for a Marilth Demon, it's full attacks would read: "+1 Longsword @ +24, +1 Longsword @ +19, +1 Longsword @ +14, +1 Longsword @ +9, +1 Longsword @ +24, +1 Longsword @ +24, +1 Longsword @ +24, +1 Longsword @ +24, +1 Longsword @ +24, and Tail slap @ +17?

because if that's true then this thing has a ridiculous number of attacks.

>> No.50533941


>> No.50533942

Christ, I think I preferred the talk of futa dragongirl whores with cloacas and hemipenes and two vaginas over this shit.

>> No.50533954

Yes, because pathfinder is only fun when I can play a Wayang Stalker or an Elven Wizard.

No seriously, your position is asinine.

>Because its pointless since it either forces a specific narrative on the players
You can't be serious? Wait no actually, are you? So you're telling me that not including every race in your setting makes you a shit GM eh? Holy fucking hell, that's some funny shit.

>> No.50533955

What's fun about Slayer?

>> No.50533963

Quick, your most recent character has just met their Evil Twin from the Mirror Dimension!

What do they do?

>> No.50533965

>Human Elf Dwarf Halfling only is totally reasonable
>but Human and Human-variants only is unreasonable

Either restrictions by setting are reasonable or they're not, you don't get to have your cake and eat it too

>> No.50533967


Mariliths get 5 longsword attacks in addition to their (4) attacks from BAB, plus a tail attack

They also get slam and claws but they can't use those at the same time as they use their weapons in those hands iirc

>> No.50533970

>stop asking questions about pathfinder newfaget,
I should not ask questions about pathfinder, on a pathfinder thread?

>> No.50533972

baito desu

Slayer is one of the more fun martials. Personally I'd go with UC rogue because it does more skill stuff, but slayer has good flavor and is competent in its role.

>> No.50533986

>playing martials

>> No.50533991

>Mariliths get 5 longsword attacks in addition to their (4) attacks from BAB, plus a tail attack
so 10 strikes in total when properly armed?

>> No.50533993

Your samefagging is honestly quite sad and pathetic

I almost feel sorry for you, that you have nothing better to do with your life than continuously shitpost

>> No.50533994

It's extremely versatile, gets enough tricks that it can actually do some fun stuff, has skill points so you can do something out of combat...
The Slayer is the way to play a pulp action hero.

She gets flustered and tries to figure out what to do around her dumber but much more charismatic duplicate.

>> No.50533997

Does an evil character get a good twin?

>> No.50534005

Totally fine
>Humans & Human Variants
Literally hitler


>> No.50534006

Synthesist Summoner best class

>> No.50534019


>> No.50534022

>tfw when true neutral

>> No.50534040

That's not a synth summ. It's a fiendbound marauder.

Shyvanna from league of legends would be a gestalt barbarian / synth summ.

>> No.50534060

>Synth Summoner
>not a high level Bloodrager/Dragon Disciple


>> No.50534081

>any demi humans at all

Absolutely disgusting

>> No.50534088

Hey /pfg/, what's your favorite alignment off the alignment secret menu.

I'm deciding between Grass Gnoll, Lawful McGangbang, and Absolute Evil.

>> No.50534110

I went with Neutral Hungry

>> No.50534116


Chaotic Lawful

>> No.50534125

>Neutral Hungry


>> No.50534130

I'm pretty please with Neutral Drugs, myself.

>> No.50534204

>>heavily restricted class list, no full initators or casters as well as other restrictions
>>a lot of spells are banned, namely shit like planar binding/blood money/commune/divination
>>magic item creation has been heavily changed to make it higher investment but open to everyone as long as they take the feats
Sounds like bullshit. Rest is acceptable.

>> No.50534224


>that image
>Suddenly realize the Draph are a thing

The ultimate THICC race, right there.

>> No.50534225

>banning planar binding and blood money
>a bad thing

>> No.50534252

So my group is starting an "all evil" campaign, and as someone who's never really played an evil character before, I'm having a really hard time coming up with something to play.

Are there any really cool evil only archetypes in first party material i should check out for inspiration?

>> No.50534266


>All evil campaign


>> No.50534308

we've been playing together for 5 years, I doubt (hope) they will all suddenly turn to shit

>> No.50534344

>mfw this thread
At least my bait folder is getting bolstered

>> No.50534390


>> No.50534600

So what gestalts best with a caster/Domain Storm Druid? I heard Storm Druids were neat, so I'm asking in case I die painfully soon.

>> No.50534667

>it's a "dude that thing you just did is crazy and looks unfair" episode
>I get to sit here and wonder if I'm going to get another ding for having asked to use pre-errata Bracers of Falcon's Aim

I swear to god if I get another ding for just doing stock longbow shit

>> No.50534690

Well there is that whole "turns into a dragon" thing which is very well replicated by synth sum. And Barbarian has shit like "burn things around you while raging" in one of its totems.

>> No.50534711

Chaotic angry.
Lawful Pissed-off.

>> No.50534729

Well yea, but Shyvana turns HERSELF into a dragon, like a Polymorph that improves her abilities instead of replacing them.

If anything, it's the Transformation feat from Spheres.

>> No.50534792

"An encouraged person will eventually get his drive from encouragement; he becomes more dependent. A person that never really receives encouragement learns to move out of spite; he becomes more independent."

The orphan who grows up on the streets starts to take from other kids because he's bigger than they are, and he's hungry - He becomes 'cruel' and predatory, He pro-actively stops others from messing with his plots and schemes because fuck you.

A bad character can be something like a noble-boy who was encouraged to be cruel when he could get away with it, to exploit his lessers.

Remember that for "evil", you aren't *incapable* of having comrades or friendships as long as they're beneficial (and even just being a "good companion" can be beneficial - no man is an island), you just get the most joy out getting what you want at the *expense* of others. Nothing is quite so sweet as joy at someone elses expense. Your character may for example really enjoy the company of a bard who does comedy where he picks on people (or even on stereotypes about people).

>> No.50534798

>> No.50534800

Literally anything. You're already a Druid.

>> No.50534821

Anyone have the Soulknives III pdf? I really want to figure out what the fuck a strategos soulknife does.

>> No.50534822

Run, little half-dragon. Run as far as you can.

>> No.50534825

That is fluff.


The act of fusing is what turns shyv into her dragon form.

>> No.50534852


>> No.50534877

She's more of a chimera than anything else.

>> No.50534882

What is this strange goomba creature?

>> No.50534898

That's her hair, anon. Not feet.

It's just a headshot.

>> No.50534915

Yes, it can be refluffed, but there are still other things that do it way better than Synthesist, and who do it in much more fun ways, that don't require you to be playing a summoner.

>> No.50534929

Oh wow. I feel stupid

>> No.50534935

Playing around with an idea, but I can't seem to get it working neatly outside of gestalt.

Idea is a Kobold Gunslinger(Musket Master) mixed with Unchained Rogue(with Scout and Rake archetypes). Either start from cover with sniping or a scout skirmish to kick off Blade Bravado, then use Shattered Defenses to just unload and get constant sneak attacks against touch AC. One level of Slayer(Sniper) also for reduced range penalties.

Without gestalt I can get Shattered Defenses by 7th level, and a faux-HIPS through Hellcat Stealth at 9, but I can't get skirmishing until 14, or 13 at best if I put off(or skip) the Slayer level. End result is Slinger 5/Slayer 1/Rogue X.

Gestalt gets me everything for the concept by level 8, with the one level of slayer being added on the slinger side. I can even squeeze in shadowdancer near the end(barely).

Is there any way to get this off the ground sooner, or am I doomed to just using it in high level or gestalt games?

As far as resources, trying to stick to 1pp here.

>> No.50534994

Why not just play a gulch gunner and take something else on the other half

>> No.50535037

You are a good person and I appreciate you.

>> No.50535103

Largely draconic features, but chimera might actually be the most accurate description.

>> No.50535139

Gulch Gunner is ratfolk, not kobold. Kobolds are the mechanical-oriented race in this setting, so I'm trying to play off that.

Besides, gulch gunner looks to be more oriented with close-up fire, and this character should be running around near the edge of his effective range, or as far as he can get from the action at least.

>> No.50535217

But does she have dragon genitalia?

>> No.50535236

I disagree and I think summoners are /fun/ so you're wrong.

>> No.50535259

Well I fucked that up.

>> No.50535265

ctrl+s anon, ctrl+s for spoilers

>> No.50535311

That anon confused Gulch Gunner with Bushwhacker.

Also my god is Gunslinger ever a shitty class. I don't ever see a reason to take it over simply gaining gun proficiency with an archetype.

>> No.50535314

But my Ratfolk necromancer is already evil!

>> No.50535316

I didn't say Synthesist was not fun, or that summoners weren't fun. I said that there were things that did THIS SPECIFIC THING better and in more fun ways. Christ man, get your act together

>> No.50535335

That's how I play my alchemist

>> No.50535352


>> No.50535394

Nope. This is the best version of thing.

it even replicates the intense heat of shyvanna's dragon genitalia

>> No.50535407

What do you call a party of Evocation wizards?
a war crime

>> No.50535515

Heel, anon! H E E L

>> No.50535520

>blinkling gets posted in RotJR
This truly is rock bottom.

>> No.50535542

Can I give her headpats?

>> No.50535589

Don't bully!

>> No.50535597

A group of barbarians have been seen yelling at a clockwork golem. When confronted and asked who they are, they say that they are performance artists and they call this act Rage Against the Machine.

>> No.50535615

>5 str
They literally need muleback cords to carry their own weight.

>> No.50535622

Well, I mean, he said he was doing it.

5 Str is literally made for bullying. Especially from the medium-sized, strength-focused characters.

>> No.50535643

That's why I drop it after 5 levels. Those 5 levels give me free Rapid Reload, dex to damage, and let me reload 2H firearms as fast as 1H firearms. The latter point matters more for muskets than for the eventual rifle, admittedly, but the Dex-to-damage doesn't kick in until 5.

I would have used Bushwacker also, but it overlaps with Musket Master unfortunately, as they both replace the utility deed.

>> No.50535644

I said I was going to make a shota kitsune fey sorcerer||mesmerist. I didn't do it though, because I have a sense of shame and a sense of pride.

>> No.50535662

Well, you didn't also post up a multi-paragraph thing in the thread detailing the character.

>> No.50535706

Well /pfg/, you did it again. You got so ass blasted over one post you ruined an entire thread.

>> No.50535719

>ruined an entire thread
That's like getting mad that someone shat on your shit.

>> No.50535720

Fuck you, now I will!

>> No.50535765

>bringing up stuff that is over and left behind, just to be smug
No anon, you are the cancer

>> No.50535772

Please don't. At least the Prometheanfag's bad idea concept wasn't also cancerous as fuck.

>> No.50535785

And a minor bag of holding. At least I didn't have a problem with spending my starting gold considering I don't really use manufactured weapons or armor.

>> No.50535808

Ok fine I won't, but only because you asked nicely and the game is also oversubscribed already so it'd deprive others of a place for a meme character made to spite someone else for a single post on an anonymous imageboard which isn't cool

>> No.50535826

>implying you could get in with that much cancer
>implying the blinkling will get in with this much cancer
>implying the game is happening at all

>> No.50535833

But we have spicy new memes we could use on the character!

>> No.50535840

Consider the following: spell points work like animus except you can slowly regen spell points out of combat.

The objective is to effectively eliminate abilities being balanced around daily limits and its associated problems.

>> No.50535854


You aren't going to get much spicier than some of the past memes, man. NTRDwarf and NToRacle, LITERALLY AN ANIMAL, A FUCKING LAWYER, dragon cloaca; truly masterpieces of memery.

>> No.50535885

How do I build a Cerebremancer? What bullshit could I pull off with this PRC?

>> No.50535891

I fucked up.

>> No.50535945

How can I play a Kitsune in a non cancerous way?

>> No.50535962


You can't

>> No.50535973


Just don't be a fetish about it.

>> No.50535988

Yokai, no sexual bullshit, and being deceptive towards non-PCs instead of being a "trickster" are the bare minimum.

>> No.50535995

Personally I think Gil is non-cancerous. He's not weeb, he's not fetish, he's just a fox with magic who wants to be a hero.

>> No.50536072

Basically this. Make them an actual character rather than just shit memes.

>> No.50536081

Never be any combination of the following:
>a shota
>a trap
>a crossdresser
>a maid

Then do the following
>Actually make a fucking character

Boom, there you go, you're already well on your way to not being a cancerous piece of shit. There's still ways you COULD be cancerous, but you've eliminated the most egregious examples. Crossdressing in and of itself is not cancerous, but it is a jumping off point for it, so just stay away.

>> No.50536125

To be fair I think a fucking lawyer for an evil game is alright

>> No.50536155

He wants to bully rats though

>> No.50536164

>a maid
Innocuous servant tho

>> No.50536178

>bully rats

foxes eat rats, though

>> No.50536184

After playing around a bit, if I'm willing to give up dex-to-damage and the fast musket reloads(assuming getting a rifle by level 2 or 3), I can take the first level of gunslinger with the archetype, go straight to rogue, and have Shattered D and skirmishing working by 9th level, and the faux-HIPS at 11, it looks like. This could work, again assuming I can get or make a rifle that early.

>> No.50536205

Same thing

>> No.50536234

I mean, if he's been a human for a while, at worst he might drool a little due to instincts. Heroes don't bully people, though!

>> No.50536282

that or evil corporates or evil government or The Medic.

Spy would be good too.

>> No.50536316

So in just a little bit we'll know who's gonna be in HV, people; so for you I have a question, /pfg/.

Who would be the *worst* pair of the potential characters to raise a kid?

>> No.50536361

Shizuka and Sersheon.

"Aw, sweety, your boyfriend broke up with you? It's okay, just rape and murder him!"

>> No.50536381


Tyran and Marshall. Just saying.

>> No.50536393

All of them.

>> No.50536456

>implying Sersheon wouldn't strive to raise a healthy, happy child
>implying Shizuka can't live a normal home life when given ample opportunity/supplies to paint with

>> No.50536470


With those natural attacks, 2 slams is two individual slam attacks that have the same attack and damage rolls. And yes, when making a standard-action attack a monster picks one of its natural weapons and makes an attack with it.

>> No.50536472

How to get channeling if you're not a cleric?

>> No.50536485

Paladin, life oracle

>> No.50536490

Paladin, Life Oracle, Warpriest.

>> No.50536499

A lot of classes can get channeling with archetypes / class features.
Cleric, Shaman, Witch, Warpriest, Paladin, Oracle at the top of my head.

No other way than class features to get it though.

>> No.50536501

hex channeler witch

>> No.50536511

I was going for the petty asshole evil so that I can make grandiose hammed up speeches about truly minor local ordinances...

>We close at 5, so time to lock up it's almost 3
Is good for raising kids, and also complaints.

Captain Slow seems like he'd be utterly bad as a parent, and then dead and gone when they're young too.

Catherine seems like she'd be a shitass micromanaging mother hellbent on removing all the 'mistakes' of her own childhood.

>> No.50536518

Living Legend, Hierophant mode.

>> No.50536550

Since I'm not getting any other suggestions so far, potential feat and rogue talent layout:

Gunslinger(MM) 1 - Pointblank Shot, Rapid Reload(rifle)
GS1/Rogue 2 - Precise shot, Combat trick: Kobold Sniper
GS1/Rogue 4 - Skill Focus: Stealth, Weapon training - WF: Rifle
GS1/Rogue 6 - Dazzling Display, Resiliency
GS1/Rogue 8 - Shattered Defenses, Trap Spotter
GS1/Slayer 1/Rogue 9 - Hellcat Stealth
GS1/S1/R10 - Crippling Strike
13)Improved Critical(Rifle)
14)Double Debilitation
15)Rapid Shot
16)Skill Master - Stealth, Intimidate
17)Clustered Shots
18)Improved Evasion
19)Deadly Aim
20)Feat: Critical Focus

Any further input? Or would it be better to just suck it up for the dex to damage?

>> No.50536577

You could just aegis a bit if you're allowed, and make that gun two steps bigger with great ease.

Plus cheap flight.

>> No.50536596

Unfortunately, gotta try to stick to 1pp here, so DSP stuff is a no-go, otherwise that would be nice.

>> No.50536601


This is the only reason I come back to /pfg/ anymore.

I've spent hundreds of dollars on countless ice bags to soothe the butthurt I got after /pfg/ ignored or didn't like my character ideas.

So now I just wait for more Geliche. What's the artists site or whatever?

>> No.50536613

I'm not that familiar with Path of War, but is there a particularly good style for fucking people up with a quarterstaff?

I have been stymied in getting my Sun Wukong on with 1pp stuff, but I mostly know of the unarmed and sword-based disciplines in PoW.

>> No.50536680

Well it can count as a double weapon, so Thrashing Dragon and Veiled Moon are compatible.

Honestly for the most part though the disciplines don't much care, so if you want to use a quarterstaff there's no problem. You can get as much out of E.flux with it as you would from Riven Hourglass or Silver Crane.

>> No.50536706

How would you stat a Fortune Cookie as a wondrous item?

>> No.50536722

So is it just me or is the Zealot from PoW:Exaggerated leagues better than the other initiators?
>d10 HD
>Full BAB
>Two good saves
>Aid-another yourself (=+2 attack or AC, can minmax this even higher) and restore a fuckton of maneuvers as a move action every round.
>(Mediocre) Passive group buffs
>Convictions every few levels, which is at worst a free combat feat.
>Absorb damage on allies without affecting action economy.
>Grant party members the ability to mirror your maneuvers.
>Missions, which can give you another 5ft to your reach at level 4 or a free-action, ragned breath of life-ripoff.
>Some other stuff.

>> No.50536732

>congratulations to Shizuka, Sersheon, Yori, Diedre, Tyran, and Marshall! They shall be the group of Chelish tyrants restoring order and cruelty to the sleepy village of Longacre, in the wake of traitorous sentiment.

>> No.50536737


Recovers 1 hp. Little piece of paper inside provides an augury.

>> No.50536751

Congrats to the lovely winners!

>> No.50536754



>> No.50536755

>the dogfucker got in

>> No.50536765

No Catherine makes me sad.

>> No.50536766

I should've known I never had a chance.
dunno why I spent that long even trying.

>> No.50536776

Final hell's vengance listing is up!
Shizuka, Sersheon, Yori, Diedre, Tyran, and Marshall are the lucky contenders!

Proper shipping may now commence.

>> No.50536780


>> No.50536798

The salt must flow.

>> No.50536829


Its actually a good thing i didn't get in, My schedule completely fucked itself recently and i wouldn't have been able to play anyhow.

>> No.50536865


>> No.50536866

I would say this:

>two effects
>+1 luck bonus on a single roll within the next hour
>little piece of paper casts augury

>> No.50536876


>> No.50536885

Damn. I was hoping to finally join a group that didn't spend half the night on teamspeak having to listen to the GM's "girlfriend" and "her" other creep going on and on and on and on and on and on about how underprivileged and trans they are.

>> No.50536888

>Sun Wukong
Thrashing Dragon, Veiled Moon, and Fool's Errand. If not Fool's Errand, then at least Broken Blade.
Take Steelfist Commando, the go with the Thrashing Dragon PrC.

>> No.50536920

we did it boys

>> No.50536930


Crunched numbers on the Appearance of each character!

>Shizuka: 11.75
>Sersheon: 12.75
>Yori: 14.25
>Deidre: 13
>Tyran: 15.25 (17.75 while raging)
>Marshall: 13.5

>> No.50536960

>raging people are more attractive

>> No.50536965

I'll take second prettiest! It's good for A FUCKING LAWYER.

>> No.50536969

>that's bullshit, it should have been me instead of
you know, i can't even criticize this roster

>> No.50536970

I'm pretty salty, I was so ready.

>> No.50537001

Which one were you all?

>> No.50537011

>while raging

You know I have to say this is one of my personal biggest issues with the "appearance" calculation.

Mutagen and Rage both make you more "attractive". Heck, True Mutagen raises your overall score by a whopping 6.

I just find it a little silly in all honesty. If one was to build a Mutation Warrior Fighter VMC Barbarian then when in battlemode, at level 3, their appearance spikes up 3 points.

>> No.50537014

Someone make a list of who didn't get in! Clearly we need a second GM to run a second ERP game!

>> No.50537016

i'd argue that a morale bonus doesn't improve attractiveness.

>> No.50537037


Don't forget companions; Sersheon's wofl is at an even 12!

>> No.50537052


There's some basis behind it, considering you could say a Raging character or one doped up on Mutagen could look more physically impressive by virtue of bulging muscles or clear healthy vigor!

>> No.50537053


Thank you.

Is Geliche the daughter of pic related?

>> No.50537057

tfw only one point higher than a wolf

>> No.50537061

Now to wait for someone to inevitably flake and drop out so I can take their place!

>> No.50537069

>tfw not as attractive as a wolf

>> No.50537071


I only got into pathfinder because there are no lewd 5e games...

>> No.50537076

Ansell, Catherine, Nicolae, Lusia, Duskwind, Fleur, Lyra, Lyras, Ned, Caidor, Kitty, Ukor.
I know Marshall was one of the player's second go around, but I can't remember if it was Ned's player or Ansell's player.

>> No.50537081


>> No.50537090

Then what about mutagen? It is an alchemical bonus and changes your body by a good deal. However when describes it doesn't exactly do kind things to the body.

Or let's talk about the Master Chymist PrC:

Master Chymist's mutation makes you more attractive, but also gives you claws/fangs, possibly a hulking gorilla-like physique,

>> No.50537095

Catherine's mine. I'd probably be less salty if I hadn't requested her on a drawthread and gotten 4 different drawfriends to respond.

I'll join if this happens.

>> No.50537103

what level spell would giving a female a penis be?

>> No.50537115

Alter Self, 2nd level.

>> No.50537117

>mfw my character's tiger has a 17 appearance score
>mfw the character himself also has a 17 without any items


>> No.50537130

I'll be honest i liked catherine a lot

>> No.50537132


Appearance is Appearance, it has connotations of attractiveness but it can also mean how imposing, intimidating or simply "LOOK at that guy" the character is!

>> No.50537134

The best way to think about it is that appearance is how impressive you look, not necessarily how sexually attractive.

So a barbarian DOES look more impressive during his rage, and the Tarrasque IS super fucking impressive.

It just doesn't NECESSARILY make them sexier. That's a subjective opinion.

>> No.50537136

Well, at least I'm starting my own Hell's Vengeance game where my character won't be shipped and ogled by /pfg/.

>> No.50537140

When describes Mutagens don't generally sound as if they make one more attractive, but hey, maybe.

Let's look at this. In this Gestalt Game if someone, for some reason, decided to be an Alchemist Barbarian they could, when needed, jump up a total of 56 points in physical stats when in battle mode, and thus go up by nearly 20 appearance points.

Do profane bonuses to stats increase your appearance? Sacred as well? I mean, why not, gods blessing that booty and all that.

Just seems silly.

>> No.50537143

I don't see anything but inherent stat bonuses and bonuses from leveling up.as being applying to attractiveness.

>> No.50537156

>not wanting your character to be shipped and ogled
What's the point?

>> No.50537157

reminder that Cthulhu has an appearance on 39


>> No.50537170


This, the DM even discussed this in the thread when someone asked how Appearance plays into the campaign.

Sure, it means your character might arouse someone, but it could also mean building a reputation, looking fearsome, or even force people to do things they'd rather not do.

>> No.50537184

Because he's a Harbinger who just wants his family's approval and can't help that he's not good enough to become a Hellknight. Plus he has 8 Charisma.

>> No.50537193


Half the fun is getting people to ogle and ship your character!

>> No.50537195

No, actually. Gelieche would be the mutant spawn of these two. Though depending on how things go in the campaign (i.e who survives to the end), Elsbeth may have some part in Geliche's upbringing.

As her educator.

>> No.50537198

See I can see an argument both for an against that because it means the old wizard is not impressive because of his lacking charisma score and age, despite being a masterful archmage. Appearances in terms of impressiveness should be based on what one knows of the world.

Can one use Disguise to mask their appearance score? Does one need to? There are creatures, like a Failed Apotheosis, which relatively high appearance scores.

As well, what should the check be to determine an appearance score? Perception or sense motive?

I just think this needs to be thought out more if mechanics are going to be applied to it as the HV game master wants to.

>> No.50537232

Nah, keep in mind a lot of those old archmages just get called "old man" or something until they actually show some power. That's not 'good looks'.

>> No.50537234

Perhaps I should go over the mechanics he specified before commenting then. Not good of me to talk about it while being ill informed.

>> No.50537239

Thanks, that helps me feel a little better about not getting in.

>> No.50537248

But I thought it wasn't good looks, but a combination of subjective good looks, intimidation factor, reputation (as said >>50537170), and ability to command people (also said there).

>> No.50537250

Ok! Who would YOU want to see in a hell's vengance game, out of those people? Choose six now!

>> No.50537261

Fleur, Lyra, Lyras, Caidor, Ansell, Catherine.

>> No.50537270

I call upon the mighty powers of the SAUCE-ERER, to divine just what the sauce of this gif is!

>> No.50537280

Can you tell a wizard by looking at him though?

He'd get his appearance from his equipment, his spellbook, his familiar.

Just he himself, taken on his own? He wouldn't look that impressive.

>> No.50537287

Friendly reminder that Duskwind had to withdraw.

sad because I wanted to bully him

>> No.50537295

RWBY by the looks of the ass rendering/modelling

>> No.50537302

>as her educator

>> No.50537303

Rwby Season 4

>> No.50537304

It's RWBY.


>> No.50537316

I'm feeling like that's the basis for a saturday morning cartoon.

Y'know, the ones which have two short episodes in the one timeslot.

>> No.50537318

Unchained Monk or Unarmed Magus? Or Swordsage (3.5e)

>> No.50537324


I was rooting for Catherine, I really liked her

>> No.50537330

That's why charisma helps, but I was explaining why "an old wizard" won't be impressive because of his low charisma score and age, despite being very powerful.

Charisma includes the confidence and ability to express yourself that can really help or bring down your actual looks. Consider those chicks you meet that make your boner just fucking LEAVE once they open their mouth and start talking. Or those Lardotron Tubbards that get jobs working phonesex lines. Particularly bad or good charisma can help make up for a lot.

But looks are still physical. Having a good face, good features, a good body, those are biological factors: You see something that's healthy and attractive, and your genes are basically screaming out "kids with this one would have excellent prospects for their own future!"

>> No.50537347

Check it out and see if you like it yourself. Rwby vol 4

>> No.50537353

Often neither would a creature with 10 Cha/Con/Str, but ~40 dex. Well actually, it might look sort of horrifying. Not even sure how it would look.

It's possible for a PC to hit that kind of strange scores, particularly a goblin.

Actually a goblin with only Dex and Con is possible and 5 Str/Cha.

I think I could get its stats to somewhere around 50 dexterity and 40 con? However doing so means Str is gonna get buffed to 13, but I would never have to buff Cha.

Creepy ultra lithe goblin.

>> No.50537366


Oh okay

I've only ever seen porn of it. Is the show that bad?

Nigga that's not even a person. That'd be like, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Dex/Con is perfect stats for a Kineticist however.

>> No.50537384

Its alright, its not gonna win any awards, but it gets progressively better by the season.

>> No.50537389

Eh. It's polarizing, is what it is. Not even fans of the show defend the animation as anything more than passable, but it's decent, to be honest.

>> No.50537394

True. It seems appearance becomes much less important once you actually talk to someone.

The wizard in this case is not imposing at first glance, but after casting meteor storm you will likely be highly intimidated by him.

It's partially the same reason I give bonuses to intimidate based on difference in Hit Dice rather than only size (as hit dice is a better measure in power, plus it gives high end monsters an advantage over PCs).

>> No.50537411

>Nigga that's not even a person. That'd be like, Sonic the Hedgehog.
Well, we know how attractive the internet finds Sonic the Hedge Hog. That should be an indicator.

>> No.50537428


>> No.50537430


>> No.50537434


RWBY Chibi is pretty adorable, and I don't even watch the main show!

>> No.50537444

less, but only because appearance is the FIRST factor.

You'll never go over to Vladimir Harkonen's fatter uglier niece in the first place, and even if she had the best personality in the world it probably won't be able to make up for the pus boils reaching out to grab your ass when you tried talking for a minute.

Looks are what gets everyone going first in 99% of relationships. After that, it's whether personality can make up for being slightly below average, or whether a horrible personality will make even the hottest body too painful to deal with.

>> No.50537449

>Well, we know how attractive the internet finds Sonic the Hedge Hog. That should be an indicator.

>> No.50537462


>> No.50537466

marshall's voice is going to be kronk's to me for like forever by the way.

>> No.50537468

Yes. The snarky, French bitch of a demigod at one point was/would be roped into a favor for the Empress and Emperor. Instead of being commissioned for an artifact of sorts, they requested her to tutor their first and only child. Elsbeth, out of spite Yes she's allowed to be petty after everything she had to deal with, began by first teaching Geliche how to swear in 17 languages.

Born of a mutated Spanish Mystic and a divine German Warlord, educated by a French, holy agent and embodiment of Magic itself; her form a bastardization of of beasts of myth and might. Geliche' really is a chimera, isn't she?

I laughed harder than I should've

>> No.50537500

>Looks are what gets everyone going first in 99% of relationships.
We're not talking about just romance. A game is more predicated on business relationships, rivalries, adversarial relations, and the like than they are on romantic. Since appearance isn't just attractiveness it seems difficult to determine how one should use it for anything but first impressions.

In the past I have been terrified of a character with average physical stats and low Cha, but high Int/Wis. It was the adviser to a noble who was against us. In this case his appearance was shit, and when we first met him we didn't think much of him because he was a mousy little shit, but we grew to hate and fear him.

>> No.50537508

>tfw I almost have a bingo on the martial/caster disparity card
This game makes the discussions tolerable.

>> No.50537510


>> No.50537519

>Not hearing his voice as Zapp Branigan

>> No.50537542

Who wants to vote on which of the HV rejects should get to play in a second game?(if such a game happens)

Also known as having a popularity contest where everybody's the loser

>> No.50537544


i think i got a solid one

>> No.50537549


>> No.50537557

It matters there too. Plenty. Hell, people might fucking ATTACK over looks that are just that bad. You see the guy and "oh shit that's obviously evil".

People with good looks are naturally considered more trustworthy even if they aren't, and it's even worse if one CAN be attracted to the other party; consider how women like to try and get themselves a discount.

>> No.50537561

Shit like this is why I hate having to choose. Catherine was great. There were so many good applications, and picking six was a stretch. If I could have picked 10, maybe 12...

Fuck life being a busty pain in the ass. I just want to run Pathfinder all day.

>> No.50537563

simulacrum clone armies

>> No.50537568

>forgot about Fleur
What the hell, man?

>> No.50537576

>yfw not even made it to the "didn't get in" list.

>> No.50537595

Was the application limit for 10pm or was 10pm the "party will be announced" date?

>> No.50537601

>People with good looks are naturally considered more trustworthy even if they aren't
Someone can both look evil and attractive however. Someone's trustworthiness should not be influenced by their attractiveness stat because they can look deadly and terrifying at high appearance or comely and approachable. At low they can both look disgusting and conniving or buffoonish and unseeming.

A high attractiveness score seems actively detrimental to spies and anyone relying on stealth/hiding in crowds.

Also how would a Vigilante with "Everyman" factor into this I wonder.

>> No.50537649

It IS detrimental to spies and people who rely on stealth.

Good spies in real life aren't Bond. Most of them are working around whatever info they're supposed to grab, being completely mundane, boring looking randoms that no one really gives a fuck about if they aren't at least friends with them.

Bob snapped up a copy of the expense reports while he was having some coffee, the end.

>> No.50537652

Application limit was 10 PM. Travis was one of the "I wish I could accept 12 people into this one game I have time to run" characters.

>> No.50537684

okay, at least I didn't skip a few hours of work for nothing then.

>> No.50537688

>Lyra with the most votes

i didn't even get in and you guys are still finding ways to make me feel all warm and fuzzy

>> No.50537712

So let us say I am a Mythic Hero likened to the Archetype of Trickster with No One of Consequence.

Does my high appearance score make this detrimental? Does it influence he vague memories they retain?

Or what about other abilities that name you as specifically unassuming or ordinary (there are a few).

>> No.50537725



>> No.50537727

I'm honestly pretty interested in what you think I could've done differently to get Catherine in, so I can learn a bit more from this, if you don't mind.

>> No.50537730

appearance score is dumb

>> No.50537755

no u

>> No.50537757


Evil campaigns and busty manipulative bitches go together like peas and carrots, anon!

>> No.50537818

>had my character's mythic trial
>given option by GM when meeting twisted reflection of myself beneath an ancient fig tree
>kill him
>join him
>be killed by him
>choose option 4
>kill self
>give up everything and let myself die so that I can accomplish my goal
>everything to protect my family

I'm not sure if I feel like a hero. My GM asked for a minute to figure things out when I chose that.

>> No.50537832

...I don't understand.

>> No.50537860

how would that accomplish your goal

>> No.50537867

It was really complicated. I posted the long version a few threads back.

Suffice to say I merged two fractured parts of my character's personality by having me, myself, and I commit suicide with us.

>> No.50537889

New thread when?

>> No.50537903

Lyra would've made some interesting mid-interrogation banter for Travis, so that was worth a vote.

>> No.50537915

Now might be a good idea.

>> No.50537927

I wasn't sure. It made sense at the time. The twisted version of myself told me:
>I've grown beyond the mundane now, and you are stuck crawling throw the dirt as a worm, blind and unfeeling. I look down upon you as a bird in the clouds, yet I see myself, even lessened. You can not leave here, neither of us, but we can not stay. Neither of us can. We, the I that is us are not meant to be, the loop must be closed.

So my thought process was I couldn't kill him, because that would bring him back to me, what ever part of him. I couldn't join him for the same reason. If he killed me he would absorb me and I would have to watch him.

So if there was no me, if I died entirely, then there would be no him either because we were the same person. So if he didn't kill me and I kill myself neither of us would leave and neither of us would stay because there was no us because there was no me.

So I killed myself.

>> No.50537963


>> No.50537979

Some of my friends are looking to put together a Pathfinder game. Are there any problems with the Witch spell list, and are there any ways to circumvent them?

>> No.50537983

I don't get it.

>> No.50538030

My biggest issue was while that I liked the backstory, how she was raised, nothing popped about the character. She felt like someone that was acted upon, rather than someone who acted.

Shizuka murders.
Sersheon rapes.
Yori grabbed her own life.
Tyran kills in reckless fury
Marshall enforces.

Even Diedre, though she had similar circumstances in a "went with the flow of her life" way, she actively sought out that apprenticeship with the man who flayed her parents*. Catherine... her stuff felt passive. A very solid foundation, but it read like she was only a collection of her circumstances, rather than her own person. There should have been more emphasis on what she did, rather than what was done to her.

I hope that makes even a modicum of sense, and helps.

*Well, that was the edgiest sentence I've ever wrote.

>> No.50538034

No one wanted to so I did it.

>> No.50538057

I was in the middle of uploading a new one too, I think I managed to cancel in time.

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