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>> No.50506016

First for Chaos players stop whining.

Also, go Cowboys!

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Traitor Legions

>> No.50506041

Second for Dark Angels being the best

>> No.50506045

So how about them chiefs

>> No.50506060

The legion rules are amazing,besides word bearers who are just ok

>> No.50506064

Fourth for can we get some relics and a link to dakka dakka?

>> No.50506073

I jave a huge 30k emperors children army and now I just got a very good 40k army with the same rules

Im hyped

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I think you mean Black Legion who are OK.
Word Bearers can summon deamons like a mother fucker.

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They still peril on doubles though

>> No.50506091


Are these leaks for upcoming warzone/campaign rules?

>> No.50506092

same models*, not same rules

>> No.50506096

>being so retarded that you can't make it to the single most popular thread on the News & Rumor section of a forum that you know the name of

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Go cowboys.
13-1 here we come baby. Based dak.

Also, all texanons report in.

>> No.50506129

Dallasfag, reporting in.

Where the Texas Toys Bouz at

>> No.50506132

Breaking the mold here as a chaos player who has no complaints. Just happy with the legion rules. Hell I was Alright with the TSons dex too.

Who /pleasantlysuprised/ here?

>> No.50506144

I'm at TTS right now.

>> No.50506151

Get this sportsfag cancer out of /tg/, jesus christ.

We just got LEGIONS LEAKS and they are AWESOME, let's talk chaosbros I'm considering joining up with the dark gods now.

>> No.50506162

Which patron god or gene-father do you plan on allying yourself with?

>> No.50506169

Houstanon here. How ya doin'?

>> No.50506170

>Obliterators as troops

>> No.50506173


It's always weird looking around wondering who's anon and who's not when I'm there

>> No.50506180

>Night Lords

>> No.50506193

Nigga, are you here?

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>>50506016, Fort Worth here. Reporting in.

>> No.50506208

>he thinks he can kick out America's team
>he wants to mess with texas
>in a general known to have many texanons
You are a very foolish anon

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I'm tempted by Night Lords and Emperor's Children. I wouldn't be totally opposed to TS either if they weren't so shafted compared to everyone else.

How are the current Noise Marine models? Are they resin? Are there decent ones available from FW?

>> No.50506224

So only models with VotLW will gain the Legion benefits? Meaning cultists and spawn won't get anything, correct?

Regardless I'm quite pleased with what I'm seeing. Would have loved a way to "mark" vehicles or at least helbrutes, but you can't have everything.

>> No.50506226 [SPOILER] 

I'm like the Alpha Legion

or maybe no

>> No.50506236

Does Black Legion seriously not have any bonuses?

>> No.50506241

>you could be playing an anon and never know
>you could be the person someone is complaining about on here
>you could be the guy who everyone agrees is a massive dick

>> No.50506250

>tfw I wish I could go to TTS more often

Hour+ long drives suck. Farthest I usually go is Full Spectrum.

>> No.50506252

So is it looking like EC will get +1I?

If the current rumors are to be trusted, I'm already thrilled. But that's the icing on the cake for me

>> No.50506262

Why don't you go to Dakka and find out?

>> No.50506272

They according to the leak have
"Gains: Endless hatred (units w/VotLW have Hatred; but also can re-roll failed to-hits every round of close combat vs. unit which contains armies of imperium in it); First among traitors (Chaos Termies & Chosen are troops) "
And the detachment gives them Fear, Crusader and deep strikers roll from turn 1. The warlord auto passes this

>> No.50506275

So Tzeentch marked CSM? When would these ever be run now?

Not that they were before but you see my point

>> No.50506285

They all look pretty solid and fluffy. I'm a little suprised Word Bearers didn't get something with cultists, but it looks like that's Alphas. Transferrable Warlord sounds really fun, can't wait to try that. Goingto need to buy some daemons for my Word Bearers and Thousand Sonnys. Other than OPink Horrors, what's worth summoning?

>> No.50506289

>tfw you could be that guy

It haunts and hurts me, but in all honesty being on here has let me see the little things people don't like and work around them. Makes you wonder how an autistic Scandanavian goat-breeding website helps your social skills, but if it works...

>> No.50506294

>Army-wide Stealth, auto-nightfighting with additional +1 cover turn 1, Raptors as troops, all units re-roll charge distance

>> No.50506295

>Where the Texas Toys Bouz at

>> No.50506298

Ok that's actually really good.

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Reposting the updated disciplines for Nurgle and Slaanesh since they may have been missed at the tail end of the last thread.

--Nurgle Discipline
primaris: Nurgle's Rot
nova, doesn't affect models with Mark of Nurgle/Daemon of Nurgle. S2, AP5, assault D6+1 (Poisone 4+)

malediction 24" target unit's gain Gets Hot [1]
blessing friendly psyker w/in 14" immediately regain D3 wounds lost earlier
blessing range 14" unit's melee weapons gain poison 4+, or poison 2+ if they already had 4 [1]
malediction enemy w/in 48" - roll on table to reduce their stats [1]
witchfire 12" s1 AP 2, large blast poison 4+ [2]
blessing friendly or malediction, range 21", +1 or -1 t strength & tough

--Slaanesh Discipline
primaris witchfire 24" S4, AP4, assault 4, blind, concussive, pinning [1]

blessing 12" roll on table for bonus Init, str, or att [1]
blessing 12" gain FnP 4 [1]
malediction 21", takes 1 BS and WS from target, any sonic weapons shooting this targeted unit add +1 str (cumulative!) [1]
nova 9" S5 AP4 assault D6,pinning, ignores cover [1]
beam, 18" S8, AP2 assault 1, mental anguish (before attack, target takes ldsh test and if fails you reroll to-wounds here) [2]
witchfire 24" S-special AP - assault 1, ignores cover, ecstasy (no roll to wound, rather all non-vehicles hit themselves using their own unmodified strength [2]

>> No.50506316


Dallas fag here too.

I believe Dak/Zeke could beat Magnus

>> No.50506333


Word Bearers rules are half-assed.

>Gal Vorbak!
we get one of the worst melee units in the game as troops, with no buffs

>Dark Apostles!
they still can't take steeds or jump packs, and other legions get either fearless or hatred for free

It gives free boons(meh) and Crusader(why do I need a formation to get this buff? 30k word bearers are automatically great at sweeping advances)

The only thing their 40k legion rules get right is that they are a psyker-heavy legion and are good at daemonology. Still, the Chaos Warband formation is still decent, and they have some nice warlord traits and relics. But it seems like Word Bearers are still being designed to dominate casual herohammer, while the other legions are getting all the broken stuff.

>> No.50506336

Bloodletters and daemonettes are too dangerous to let live.

>> No.50506356

I've finally figured out why there's so many idiots in 40K. It's because you're all from Texas. Let me guess, you're also white.

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>> No.50506372

>How are the current Noise Marine models? Are they resin? Are there decent ones available from FW?

EC? Wise choice. That's what I play right now, and I'm really looking forward to taking drugs.

The current Noise Marines are a combination of plastic and resin. But you can do conversions to make them all-plastic if you're willing to put in the effort.

Forge World has the Kakophoni troops from Horus Heresy in resin that could also be totally used as Noise Marines.

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Confirmed for never been to texas in your life

>> No.50506375

Fuck you buddy.

>> No.50506376

Because being niggers or spics would imply intelligence? ololololol

>> No.50506395

chances of surprise models being announced tomorrow? I want plastic noise, and plague marines

>> No.50506400

I'm the whitest Mexican ever. But I'm of Mexican descent, hombre.

>> No.50506404

No new Chaos models til 2017.

>> No.50506409


>> No.50506427

2017 is literally a month away brah.

>> No.50506429

Dude wait a fucking month and look suddenly It's 2017!!!

>> No.50506430

>Let me guess, you're also white.
>says this like it's a bad thing
>fags like you wonder why Trump won when you attack the heritage of over 70% of the population and try to bully and shame people into being race traitors with shameless identity politics

>> No.50506431

How bad is a Thousand Sons legion army without Rhubrics?

>> No.50506434

noob question:

I put my first squad of firewarriors together, gave half of them pulse rifles and half carbines

will people care whether the model has a rifle or carbine? like if I wanted a full squad of rifles can the carbine guys count as rifle guys?

>> No.50506437

>2017 is a month away
you best be lying

>> No.50506440

This book comes out next week.

>> No.50506451

Most people probably won't care.

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>> No.50506466

Just pre ordered my copy


Wtf is going on

>> No.50506469


Besides Magnus

>> No.50506480

so can you do CAD and IW to get 4 fortifications? do something like 8 weapon batteries or something.

>> No.50506482

>Let me guess, you're also white.

>> No.50506483


They are all half assed, because the CSM codex, itself is such a mess. EC, DG, and WE are in the best place w/ free fearless. IW can do some stupid shit and NL with the raptor formations gets fear at -4.

Decent. You have to pay for MoT on everything but you don't waste 150min for a 5 man squad of Thousand Sons. Which leaves you open to take more than 20 models.

Granted, without Rubrics, are you really playing Thousand Sons? Or are you just running Tzeentch Marines while minmaxing rules?

>> No.50506492

>thousand sons are the cover art
>literally the worst legion in the book by far

>> No.50506500

It's crazy. They get an incredible formation, without a new release and being stuck with plas/resin hybrids.

Yet Thousand Sons, which just came out, have really underwhelming formations.

I dunno about you, but Noise Marines might actually be one of the best shooting troops in the game now for their cost. S5, Shred, Ignores Cover Salvo 3? All you need now is a Divination Psyker to cast Misfortune and you can start blasting away Wraithknights and stuff with the power of dubstep!

Don't forget the Splitfire Blastmaster with S9 Shred!

>> No.50506507

You forgot Death Guard also get re-roll 1s for FNP and if they get shot from more than 18" away they get Stealth.

Actually you forgot a lot there.

>> No.50506508

>>literally the worst legion in the book by far
That would be word bearers

>> No.50506515

Anyone played Armageddon on PC? It's half off and I'm thinking about getting it.

>> No.50506526

Here's some WE relics:

Talisman of Burning Blood (25) bearer's unit can move 3” more in move, run and charge;

GOREFATHER (30)[S+2, AP2, Armorbane,murderous strike(to-wound 6 = instant death, 2-handed, unwieldy];

Crimson Killer (20)pistol 12” S7,AP2,soulblaze;

brass collar of Bhorghaster (20) bearer nullify on 4+ to deny. If you nullify that, that psyker suffers perils

Bloodfeeder (30) crazy S+1,AP2 axe does 2D6 attacks but each roll of 1 is a wound to you no armor saves;

Berzerker's Glaive (30) S +2 AP3 demon weapon, specialist weapon, 2-handed, melee, epitome of rage (bearer gains FnP & IWND but loses Indep Character rule

>> No.50506531


Downside is you need 6 squads for the S5 but that much S5 ignores cover is probably worth it.

>> No.50506532


Is... is this some critique of privilege? Do the shoes symbolize something? Is that a man? A woman? A former either becoming the other? I feel like I've been dumped on the wrong side of context.

Post-post-postmodernism is bizarre, yo.

>> No.50506543


I'll use Rhubrics as 3++ objective holder, but I don't plan on running more than one squad because they're obnoxiously expensive. I still want to drop sorcerers where I can, like in an Annihilation force.

>> No.50506544

Don't forget

>Raptor Talon as Core Formation

>> No.50506545

word bearers

>> No.50506553

Since Mutilators have Tank Hunter now, what's the most damage they could do to a Knight in melee?

>> No.50506554

No,it's just retardation trying to pass off as meaningful

>> No.50506560

>Black Legion
Abaddon and a termicide squad deep striking turn 1

>Word Bearers
dude daemons lmao

>Iron Warriors
ObSec tank hunter obliterators, tank hunters havocs

>Alpha Legion
infiltrating combi-melta vets with shrouded on turn 1

>Night Lords
stealth raptors charging out of reserve and reducing your leadership by 4

>World Eaters
scout berzerker bikers and raptors

>Death Guard
plague bikers and relentless plague havocs

>Thousand Sons
psykers lol

>Emperor's Children
armywide 4+ FNP, combat drugs purchasable as a relic so you can make DOOMRIDER

Seems like all the legions got some strong rules as well as a lot of other interesting and fun stuff, some better than others though. The mono-god legions and the Iron Warriors in particular look gnarly.

>> No.50506564

Nice, thanks.

>> No.50506569

Word bearera seem okay to me. Not tournament level, but free boons, psyker heavy, summoning focused and ability to spread zealot around ain't bad.

You also get all of this for free, unlike every god-legion.

>> No.50506572

6 squads of noise marines is much easier than 9 squads of rubrics.

>> No.50506588

I feel like the WBs are deliberately handicapped with the Dank Apostles and Posessed to offset the inevitable summon spam. Makes sense to me, based on what little we know.

>> No.50506598

>Plasma pistol with soul blaze

>> No.50506610


>free boons
boons are nice against some armies, but mean nothing against Tau or Eldar cheese

>ability to spread zealot around
spread it around via a guy who must be in power armor and on foot

>psyker heavy, summoning focused
This is good, not gonna lie. Those cheap psyker related artifacts are going to be auto-takes for WB.

>> No.50506617



There goes my new army :(

>> No.50506619


Cowboys, when you guys going to play someone good?

Though I hope you're right about Chaos

>> No.50506620


Deathguard don't get any new models or units and somehow their small 2 page spread in a book outhypes the entire Thousand Sons release with 5 new units, 6 new kits where one is a fucking primarch, and an entire new book dedicated to them.

>> No.50506629

My Nobz, 2 Stormboyz, and 2nd Boyz boxes came in today. My green puddle has grown to a green pond.

>> No.50506635


Flying DPs summoning Daemons on 3+ w/ Spell Familiar... Seems decent.

Soul Blaze is the greatest special rule in the game.

Not only does it have a chance of causing bolter hits if you remember to roll for it among the 23049 other things you need to remember, but it also buffs orks! They get really fired up! :^)

>> No.50506636



Also apparently the entire design team things a plasma pistol is worth 15pts, but that's another discussion.

>> No.50506641


plague bikers

relentless plague 4x autocannon teams for 130 points a squad

the new meme army has been spotted, folks

>> No.50506644

>Word Bearers boon is they get to draw more units from a codex that isn't trash

>> No.50506670

Have you guys considered some of this stuff may have been written with 8th edition/new Chaos core Codex in mind?

Some of these things might be buffed soon.

>> No.50506678

Don't forget the obsec zombies

>> No.50506687

>CSM players

>> No.50506689

Purge Armies could also be memetically powerful if you combine this with Forgeworld.

Skip the Marines and Bikers, and drown the board in T5 FNP Relentless Autocannons like a fatty version of Broadside spam.

>> No.50506690

Bloodletters smash in to marine squads for a double KO due to their inbuilt power swords and s5, they're also the bane of rear armour
Daemonettes for nearly anything else.

Plague bearers can't run after deep striking so they're all in the perfect position for a template. t4 isn't that impressive but they have position and auto-glance on 6s so they're not 100% worthless.

They're immune to panic tests so they have to kill every last daemon in the squad least it trip them up.

>> No.50506695


>Lorgar realizes the heresy wasn't worth it 10,000 years in the Eye made his legion suck
>he switches back over the light side and becomes the Ecclesiarch so he can use a codex with access to grav
>Lorgar is the rumored daemon primarch to turn loyal

>> No.50506696

DG are weird because their iconic unit (Plague Marines) are now almost entirely outshone by regular Marines with the Mark of Nurgle.

Only thing you're getting with Plague Marines is Blight Grenades and a Poisoned CCW, not really worth it for 7pts extra.

Still, who doesn't want 17pt Toughness 5 Relentless Fearless FNP (re-rolling 1s) chaos marines with Stealth beyond 18"?

My Death Guard army will be seeing a significant expansion I think...

>> No.50506706

>friend runs a roughrider SGT with plasma pistol almost every game
>almost every game on his first shot he Gets Hot! and kills himself
>30 points of suicide

>> No.50506723

more like Gets Meme'd!

>> No.50506735

Talisman of Burning Blood, Gorefather, and Bloodfeeder are great. Crimson Killer is troll-tier. Brass Collar is just too situational to be worth it, and Berzerker's Glaive might be cool on a Juggerlord.

>> No.50506736

>first traitor primarch is the first redeemed primarch
It's like pottery, it rhymes

>> No.50506773

1. Black legion
CSM become black if: Abaddon is the only unique; any unit that can take VotLW do so at no cost; Psykers (games goes for Demon psykers)from Nurgle, Slaanesh, or Tzeentch can choose to generate all their spells from these lords respectively
Gains: Endless hatred (units w/VotLW have Hatred; but also can re-roll failed to-hits every round of close combat vs. unit which contains armies of imperium in it); First among traitors (Chaos Termies & Chosen are troops)
Designer’s note: The Black Crusader warlord trait provides preferred enemy space marine which includes everything from factions: Space Marines, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Deathwatch, Grey Knights, Legion of the Damned, SWolves)
Warlord: Warlord & friendly w/in 12”have pref enemy SM (see designer’s note above); Warlord can refill Chaos Boon/Gift of Mutation but accept result; gets shooting template S4, AP5, assault 1, soul blaze, 1 use only (LAME!); gets It Will Not Die!; melee weapons gains instant death on to-wound roll of 6; Warlord & friendly w/in 12” stubborn
Artefacts: -1T but re-roll invuln saves of 1

>> No.50506784

I'm getting so tired of these bandaids.
I look at my CSM codex, and half the rules printed in it are out of date because they've been replaced with marginally better rules from some other halfassed supplement.
Just give me one consolidated book that isn't fucking garbage, GW. I'm not asking for much. I know you can do it. You gave the loyalist SM that much and more.

>> No.50506787

Black Legion Speartip - Heralds of the Black Crusade (all non-vehicles gain fear and crusader); Speatrip strike(Deep Strike can try to come in 1st turn on 3+, if Warlord has DS his unit auto-pass turn 1 DS reserve)

1+ Core Black Legion warband (1 lord, -1 sorcerer, 2-6 SM and/or chosen, 1-3 raptor/warp t, 1-3 havocs/helbrutes)- roll twice on boon& choose 1 or both results); Hounds of Abaddon (1 Lord, 1-3 Kh berry,

1-3 CSM, 1-3 raptors, warp t, or bikes combo) - once/game can run & charge same round; charge roll of 8+ before mods +1 str during assault phase

1+ Aux Lost & Damned, Helforged wrack, Deamon Engine, Heldrake Terror, Cult of destruction, Fist of the Gods, (Raptor Talon, Terminator annihliation Force, Spawn (1-3 spawn)

0-5 Command Bringers of Despair (Abby + termies- termies get WS5, charge roll 8 = +1 str assault ), Cyclopian Cabal (3-5 sorc- each pay phase can cast shroud of deceit, gets bonus dice per sorc w/in 12”. [pick non vehicle enemy w/in 30’ not locked in combat, make that unit shoot as if it were yours ), Chosen of Abaddon (1-4 lords/sorc, unit of chosen or terms for each lord/sorc——joined units are fearless, each Lord or sort gets free boon role before deployment refill spans & apotheosis ), Lord of the Legion (1 of following: Abaddon, Chas Lord, Sorcerer, dark apostle or demon prince)
tactical objectives:

1VP for destroying a unit in turn; 1 VP if enemy failed morale/pin/fear; D3Vp if kill IndChar; D6 & 1VP if you get that obj [common Chaos one]; 1VP if kill unit/D3 if killed by VotLW; 1Vp if manifested power, D3 if conjuration, D3+3 if summoned a Greater demon

>> No.50506800

2 - Alpha legion (happy with this fluff/rules!)
Must: if no unique, no marks, if so get VotLW free, sorcerer can choose all powers from it’s God’s discipline
gains: Forward Operatives: Chosen become troops; Chosen, CSM, cultists gain infiltrate; Many Heads of the Hydra:if warlord slain pick a new friendly character from AL detachment or formation. He generates warlord trait immediately. Can do this as long as you can. Opponent won’t get Slay the Warlord if they haven’t killed last remaining warlord from this

WT: can gain infiltrate; once per game friendly AL character w/same “type” as you and can swap their positions; from turn 2 pick a reserve unit to come on auto for each turn; stealth warlord; cultists w/in 12” get furious charge & FnP 6+

relics: start of your move move 3D6 immediately, can take you from combat & enemy cannot consolidate; great guns & weapons; armor gives 2+ save w/2+ invuln vs. flamer weapons; bolter gets blast, ignore cover, poison 2+; give friendly cultists w/in 12” zealot.

army: Hidden deployment (all non-vehical) shrouded 1st turn; cult uprising (cultist units destroyed on 4+ back into ongoing reserves)

Core: Chaos warband

command: Lord of Legion

aux: 8 formations (see Black Legion)
tact obj: capture enemy/unclaimed building; your cultists get destroyed gain VP, destroy a DS,H&Run, Outflank or scout unit; your infiltrators kill a unit; get into enemy deploy zone; kill character (more for more characters)

>> No.50506807


>IG players who give their RR special weapons of any kind

>> No.50506813

I see the Glaive getting a lot of use on Khorne daemon princes.

>> No.50506820

3 - Iron Warriors
must: no unique, no marks take VotLW, Psykers from gods (see above)

gain: Blood feud: VotLW re-roll failed to hit every combat round vs. Imp Fists, but IF get Hatred YOU; iron w/in, iron w/out: VotLW gain 6+ FnP, Patrons of technovirus: Obliterators and Mutilators are troops; siege masters: units re-roll armor pen vs buildings it didn’t glance or pen. +1 damage big roll result; IW havens, obits, mutilators get tank hunter

WT: FnP 4+; Fearless; give your terrain piece +1 cover; Friendly Oblits w/in 12” can fire twice in consecutive shooting phases; WL + unit have split fire & counterattack while in cover; friendly vehicles get It WND w/in 6” WL
relics: warp smith can possess a vehicle; warp smith extraA for challenge; axe of forge master; armor 2+ + gains IWND; at enemy shooting phase enemy vehicles w/in 2D6’ of bearer suffer automatic haywire hit, no cover allowed; siege breaker mace S+2 Ap 4, concussive, masterccraft, siege breaker - signal S10, AP 1 attack melee
army: master annihilation: barrage and word weapons can choose to re-roll scatter die; intractable brotherhood: all non-veh are stubborn; on or in fortification gain fearless instead

cor: chaos warband

command: Lords of legion

aux: Stronghold (1-3 fortifications + others

tact obj: VP if kill unit even partially w/in 18” your table edge; VP if kill unit that was controlling an obj; VP if your oblits/mutil destroyed a unit; roll die and get that obj; Vp if enemy forts/buildings lost HP (more if more);destroy enemy vehicle
(more is more)

>> No.50506828

>IG players who field Roughriders

>> No.50506834

4 Night Lords -again, for me, fluffy as gak!
must: same as above

gains: In midnight clad: VotLW gain fear, night vision. stealth; Skyborne horror: raptors are troops; Terror tactics: enemy locked in combat w/you must -2 leadership for Fear

WT: H7Run; re-eroll to-wound 1 in assault; Hatred; re-roll cover saves; WL&unit get HoWrath; Rampage
relics: melee weapons gain shred; Ap3 rending/shredding claws; Curzes Orb (ha!) re-roll 1 on run, hit & wound; 2+ armor (cover improves by 1); enemy w/in 6” -1 Ldsh & -1 from reserve rolls
army: Strike Hard/Fast: re-roll failed charge; Nocturnal Warfare: You assure Night Fight if want…during that turn all your non-vehicles cover improved by 1

core: Chaos warband OR Raptor Talon

command: Lord of Legion

Aux: the 8

tac obj: kill a character, make successful charge, your DS reserves kill a unit, destroy enemy in assault (D3 for 3); D3 if kill at least 2 units controlling obj; enemy fails pin, fear or moral (improves)

>> No.50506843

5 Word Bearers - tactical objectives are higher reward for them, I think.
must: no unique, units w/mark already can't play, though those w/option to upgrade mark may do so, VotLW; same w/psykers & demon Psyk = their gods

gain: unholy pact: possessed are troops; also you harness on 3+ to manifest conjuration from deamon(malefic); Blood Feud: VotLW re-roll hits vs. Ultramines each round but ULTYs hate you; Profane Zeal: WB units w/in 6” of Dark Apostles gain zealots

WT: Zealot or allow zealots to refill to-hit in cc; psyker 1; 1 unit w/in12” gets counterattack, fearless, furious charge, relentless; Adam Will & Fearless; You or friendly w/in12” can add/subtract 1 from the 2nd die in Boon Table; gain immediate boon
relics: can give you 4+ invull & adam will; most relics affect zealotry, fearless, can get magic.

army: Dark crusader: non-vehicles get Crusader; 8-fold path: each turn pick character to roll on boon table (only once per character but they still earn boons normally)

Core: chaos warband, L&Damned

command: Lord of Legion

aux: The 8

obj: your zealots make a charge; your demon kills a unit in assault; kill enemy character; D3VP for successful conjuration; D3 VP if you control obj enemy did; 1VP if you roll on boon table (improves)

>> No.50506849

Time to make some blastmasters and add them to my 30k Kakophoni and jump back into 40k.

Is a heavy bolter with a Gargoyle head on it a good idea? Maybe dirge caster?

It's going to be 6x6 Noise Marines, 1 of each with a Blast Master, the other 5 with sonic blasters.

Is a Sorceror or Chaos Lord a better HQ?

>> No.50506853


>Talisman of Burning Blood
pretty good

powerful weapon in the fluff, nice

>Crimson Killer
does it have Gets Hot! if not, soulblaze aside it has a real advantage over a regular plasma pistol

>Brass collar of Bhorghaster
spicy, pretty limited in use though

This was a thing from back in 5th edition, it's awesome they brought it back

>Berzerker's Glaive
give whoever has this a juggernaut or bike, if you don't then kys

>> No.50506858

6 World Eaters

must: only Kharn; no psyker scum; only mk Khorne; VotLW, Demons must be of Khorne

gain: Berzerker Horde: Khorne Berz are troops; Blessing Khorne: VotLW have adam will; Butcher’s Nails: VoLW have fearless & furious charge

WT: Rampager; each boon table roll can instead boost attack stat by 1; at end of enemy charge subphase your unit can charge; re-roll hit/wound in challenge; locked in combat gain FnP & Eternal Warrior (yeah baby!); you $ friendly Mk Khorne w/in 8” charge 3D6 & pick highest
relics: can move 3” more; GOREFATHER [S+2, AP2, Armorbane,murderous strike(to-wound 6 = instant death, 2-handed, unwieldy]; pistol 12” S7,AP2,soulblaze; better deny witch; crazy S+1,AP2 axe does 2D6 attacks but each roll of 1 is a wound to you no armor saves; more killy axes

army: Blood Mad! after deploy/inflitrate but before 1st player starts turn all non-vehicle units can make immediate 2D6move(roll separate); ALSO non-veh & walkers can always re-roll failed charges

coe: haps warband, maelstrom of gore

command: Lord of legion

aux: 8

obj: deny witch; kill enemy controlling an obj; 3+ your units made charge; kill enemy in challenge (improves); destroy unit (improves); destroy in assault

>> No.50506869


8 Death Guard

must: Typhus only unique; only Nurgle marks; VotLW; DP need Mk Nurgle; psykers can take all from Nurgle

gain: Gift of Nurgle: VotLW gain fearless & FnP but -1 initiative (doesn’t affect Typhus or Plague marines); Inexorable Advance: VotLW get relentless; Lords of Plague Host: Plague Marines are troops
WT: FnP;IWNDie; +1 W; Eternal warrior; improved Poison by 1; units w/in 7” get contagion

relics: poison 2+ weapon; poison 2+ lg blast gun; poison 2+ staff; give units fear; give a dude fear, FnP & D3 cultists come back to life; AP3 poison 4+ deamon weapon

army: Disgustingly Resilient: re-roll FnP rolls of 1; Cloud of Flies: ranged hits more than 18” away give you stealth rule for resolving attack

core: Chaos wdrbamd; Plague Colony (Typhus + 3-7 plague marines—gain fear & enemy units w/in7” reduce I & WS by 1 in fight phase, if 7 plague marines add -1 Toughness to that)

command: Lord of Legion

aux: Lost and the Damned + 8

obj: Vp if 3+ your units on enemy table half; make 7 FnP rolls; kill unit w/weapon or psychic power using poisoned; name a IC and VP if he lives; D3Vp if you control EXACTLY 3 obj; kill 7 models (improves)
Access to full discipline of Nurgle 6 + primaris

>> No.50506871

>IG players

>> No.50506876

9 Emperor’s Children
must: only Luciius unique; need mk Slaanesh; only mk Slaamesh; VotLW; psykers & demons can take full from Slaanesh expanded discipline

gain: fueled by sensation: VotLW gain Fearless & FnP6+ (units w/icon of excess make that FnP4+), VotLW if slain n fight sub phase before it swings gets 1 immediate attack; Matsers Kakophoni: Noise Marines are troops

WT: gain Warrior; +2 Init; all 1 to FnP of WL & his unit; Gain Fear & melee opponents take fear on 3D6; +1 attack each team you lose a wound (returns if healed); can auto-pass look out sir!

relics: make D3 rolls on combat drugs; gun 12” S8,AP2, assault D6, mental trauma (before attack target takes ldsh test and f failed you re-roll these to-wound);soul snare weapons (to wound 6 is AP2/instant death; you have fear, enemies w/in6” -1 lash; bolt weapons gain blast, ignores cover and pinning; AP3 catatonic trance - target must pass ldsh test/wound or die

army: combat drugs! roll after deployment for all your non-vehicles
1- +1 WS
2- +1 BS
3- +1 Init
4- +1 S
5 - +1 T
6- +1 A

core: chaos warband, Kakophani (Lucius or Ch Lord, 3-6 noise marines—get split fire & all sonic weapons gain shred. If take 6 noise marines they also get +1 St guns)

command: lord of legion

aux: lost & damned + 8

obj: destroy enemy w/noise weapons; kill enemy in challenge; kill a unit falling back; Vp per unit fails morale, fear, pinning (max 3); your enemy picks obj marker and D3Vo when you take it; D3 VP if your enemy controls no objectives (improves)

>> No.50506881

I want to like it, but getting to pretend that I sort of have drop pods isn't exactly revolutionary. It's hard to get excited about Fear and Crusader when half the armies in the game are immune to Fear and being swept, but at least Eternal Hatred is cool. Too bad the best unit for combo-ing with the Speartip Strike (the Raptor Talon) won't benefit from Hatred, and the Terminator Annihilation Force is even more disappointing now that they'll always have Hatred anyways.

>> No.50506883


This is the equivalent of Angels of Death. It's condensing most of the chaos rules scattered all over the place into one volume while also making nurgle havocs OP

>> No.50506884

This guy used grav cannons with chaos vehicle parts.

A chaos lord is required for the decurion.

>> No.50506891

Eh, this is a pretty good band aid.
It's the buff and the customisation most players were asking for in one package.

>> No.50506903

Is there a good source of all the psychic powers posted verbatim that i can copy+paste for custom cards?

>> No.50506908

So why are new Thousand Sons supposedly so bad? Turning a 4++ into a 3++ on key units with blessing seems like it makes them near unkillable, especially if you max out the formation and then you can reroll those, making it a 89% invuln save on blessed units in maxed formations

and then you have fucktonnes of doombolts and AP3 to kill everything with

>> No.50506913


>> No.50506918

still incredibly accurate

>> No.50506920

You ain't getting shit verbatim for a while.

You'll take bad English and shorthand and you'll like it!

>> No.50506933


they get cucked by scatterbikes big time unless you manage to deep strike terminators with heavy warpflamers right on top of them

>> No.50506936


--Nurgle Disciplne
primaris: Nurgle's Rot [1]
nova, doesnt affecr mk Nurgle or demon Nurgle S2, AP5, assault D6+1 (Poisone 4+)

malediction 24" target unit's gain Gets Hot [1]
blessing friendly psyker w/in 14" imediately regain D3 wounds lost earlier
blessing range 14" unit's melee weapons gain poison 4+, or poison 2+ if they already had 4 [1]
meldeiction enemy w/in 48" - roll on table to reduce their stats [1]
witchfire 12" s1 AP 2, large blast poison 4+ [2]
blessing friendly or malediction, range 21", +1 or =1 t strength & tough
-Slaanesh Discipline
primaris witchfire 24" S4, AP4, assault 4, blind, concussive, pinning [1]
blessing 12" roll on table for bonus Init, str, or att [1]
blessing 12" gain FnP 4 [1]
malediction 21", takes 1 BS and WS from target, any sonic weapons shooting this targeted unit add +1 str (cumulative!) [1]
nova 9" S5 AP4 assault D6,pinning, ignores cover [1]
bea, 18" S8, AP2 assault 1, menal anguish (before attack, target takes ldsh test and if fails you reroll to-wounds here) [2]
witchfire 24" S-special AP - assault 1, ignores cover, ecstacy (no roll to wound, rather all non-vehicles hit themselves using their own unmodified strength [2]

Automatically Appended Next Post:
-WB relics
skull of monarchia (15) bearer & unit can re-roll to-hit rolls in CC vs. armies of imperium, and if vs. ultramarines can also reroll wounds.
crown of blasphemer (30) 4+ invuln, adam will, fear
malefic tome (10)know 1 additional power from demon(maelific)
script of erebus (15) once/game start of any psy phase generate D6 warp charges
Baleful iron(15) units must re-roll successful chrages at you/unit and lose bonus charge attack
curded Croszius (35) melee S+2, consussive, Bane of Men (you have pref enemy: armies of imperium)

>> No.50506951

They're still stupidly expensive so they're just going to force saves on the few models you bring.
Ap3 is decent but strength is more important these days as people learn not to rely on armour anymore.

>> No.50506953

>Turning a 4++ into a 3++ on key units with blessing seems like it makes them near unkillable
Stop being retarded. The difference between 4++ and 3++ isn't that significant. Is it nice? Sure, but unit-wide blessings are fairly rare and throwing 2-3 dice at Force for no reason other +1 Invuln is a shitty plan.

>especially if you max out the formation
Way too expensive to do with anything other than the Warherd.

>fucktonnes of doombolts
No you don't. You'll have a couple if you're lucky.

AP3 is nice, but the base units are just too expensive.

>> No.50506955

Also, Veterans of the Long War is free to take.

>> No.50506969

>The difference between 4++ and 3++ isn't that significant.
It's the difference between tanking 3 hits and 2 hits, the same as the difference between BS3 and BS2. You never hear Guard whine about how everything they have can't shoot.

>> No.50506987

The cost of filling out any of the formation is insanely prohibitive. The rerolling 1s is almost impossible to get.

4 sorcerers 3 units of marines and rubrics is what 1500 points bare?

>> No.50507001

Damn, it seemed the Sorceror would have made better support.

What's the best way to kit out a lord?

>> No.50507008

What if GW thinks 3-4000 points games are the most commonly played and are making formations to match that?

>> No.50507020

Then I start playing kill team full time.

>> No.50507029

I always thought 1500 was too small for more than one or two fun things to show up, but 3-4000 points is a bit much for regular games.

>> No.50507053

They fucked up alpha legion
, im beyond angry

>> No.50507063

So unless you want to run Huron or Crimson Slaughter, there is no reason not to go Black Legion.

Will the Forge World alpha legion and world eaters special characters get updated so they can be run in their respective legions?

>> No.50507068

Anything unwieldy would be a waste of his I6 I think, give him a lightning claw, combi-plas/melta and a melta bomb as backup.

>> No.50507073


What did they do to alpha legion?

>> No.50507079

Literally no.

>> No.50507082

What's wrong with Alpha Legion?

2 - Alpha legion (happy with this fluff/rules!)
Must: if no unique, no marks, if so get VotLW free, sorcerer can choose all powers from it’s God’s discipline
gains: Forward Operatives: Chosen become troops; Chosen, CSM, cultists gain infiltrate; Many Heads of the Hydra:if warlord slain pick a new friendly character from AL detachment or formation. He generates warlord trait immediately. Can do this as long as you can. Opponent won’t get Slay the Warlord if they haven’t killed last remaining warlord from this

WT: can gain infiltrate; once per game friendly AL character w/same “type” as you and can swap their positions; from turn 2 pick a reserve unit to come on auto for each turn; stealth warlord; cultists w/in 12” get furious charge & FnP 6+

relics: start of your move move 3D6 immediately, can take you from combat & enemy cannot consolidate; great guns & weapons; armor gives 2+ save w/2+ invuln vs. flamer weapons; bolter gets blast, ignore cover, poison 2+; give friendly cultists w/in 12” zealot.

army: Hidden deployment (all non-vehical) shrouded 1st turn; cult uprising (cultist units destroyed on 4+ back into ongoing reserves)

Core: Chaos warband

command: Lord of Legion

aux: 8 formations (see Black Legion)
tact obj: capture enemy/unclaimed building; your cultists get destroyed gain VP, destroy a DS,H&Run, Outflank or scout unit; your infiltrators kill a unit; get into enemy deploy zone; kill character (more for more characters)

>> No.50507084


>> No.50507087

They couldve just given us our cool 30k rule of steal a troop, now we have expensive ass chosen as troops. Will this book update point costs?

>> No.50507097


Guard can bring 4.6 dudes for the cost of 1 Thousand Son

>> No.50507100

You don't have to use Chosen, damn it.

>> No.50507102

Thanks Anon!
I just assume that as an HQ character, I'm probably up against 2+ most of the time.
That said, I guess invulvns are often 4++ or greater anyway so I should get the most out of my speed.

>> No.50507104

Chosen full of special weapons and infiltrate

What's not to like?

>> No.50507118

>They couldve just given us our cool 30k

So play 30k.

>> No.50507121


Chosen aren't terrible if they have infiltrate.

It's like loyalist builds with command squads or sternguard in drop pods, except you don't have to pay for the drop pod.

>> No.50507122

>Will this book update point costs?
No. These legion rules are just Decurion style formations.

>> No.50507123

Honestly build a list 1850 points with the new Sons. I want to see one.

>> No.50507125

>Get infinite cultists
>Get infiltrate on unit that can take tons of special weapons
>Warlord is always on the field, just switching around

Sounds both fluffy and really good to me.
Sounds Alpha to me.

>> No.50507187

9 Exalted Sorcerors + Ahriman
Give enough discs to fill to 1850
Summon pink horrors constantly.

>> No.50507205

I'm not saying it's insignificant, I'm saying that it doesn't make them "unkillable." The issue with Thousand Sons was never that their 4++ wasn't good enough, it was that they were too expensive for their efficacy and relative weakness to small arms fire. Wrath of Magnus did very little for either of those issues.

It looks even worse relative to what the other legions got, especially for non-Cult units. Nurgle Chaos Space marines are 16 PPM for Fearless, Relentless, Feel no Pain, T4 MEQ's. Tzeentch Chaos Space Marines are 15 PPM for MEQ's with a 6++ that turns into a 5++ if you bless them. Word Bearers are the only ones that got shafted harder.

>> No.50507214

Lol that was my list the other day. I actually think its the best one. That or a Tzaangor warheard with 6 spawn and the plus 12 inches relic. Anything that doesnt have rubrics seems good lol.

>> No.50507225

Upon not being retarded, they pretty much gave AL their 30k rules, nvm. Also, what is the "lost and the damned" formations im seeing on dakka in the book?

>> No.50507232

Not him, but Drop Pods have the advantage of not getting shot to pieces if you go second, and Sternguard heavy builds aren't particularly competitive in the super-MSU meta of 7th edition.

>> No.50507241

I'm looking for the audio copy of Master of Mankind. Anyone got it?

>> No.50507245


my current list is 1500: Sorc @180, 3 Rubrics @242ea, and some combination of Daemon Engines or Obliterators for the other 500.

New base of 2 exalted w/ jump book 9 Scarabs and 9x2 Rubrics is 1314, So add a blue tank and I should be good.

I think Jump book and Regular Sorcerers in Termi armor might be better 2+ rerolling 1s is pretty good

MoN is +1T their marines are T5, Bikes T6

Probably copied from Traitors Hate or BL Sup

>> No.50507247

I'm actually okay with Word Bearers.

Making them good at summoning fits heavily, and is actually pretty good? (Some Math-Anon: What're the chances of casting a WC 3 spell, harnessing on 3s rerolling with, say, 4 dice? What's the optimal dice to throw at this, how often do you perils?)

Zealot-spreading is decent, esp. if you slap it on, say, the Traitor's Hate possessed formation. (Those things are fucking NASTY if you get them into CC)

The relics all actually look pretty decent. The Crozius is almost certainly AP2 or 3, maybe with daemon weapon, since otherwise it's literally a double-priced power maul.

Crusader's meh, but it helps a little with doing Black Templar-style mass infantry charges on foot.

I just hope they've got a decent way to spam sorcerers. Do we know if the Cyclopia Cabal is still Black Legion only?

Dark Apostle + 4-9 cultist squads, Apostle gets a zealot bubble, cultist unit come back on a 4+ when they die.

>> No.50507255

min 4 Cultist squads and a Dark Apostle.

>> No.50507259

Anyone have that ultimate Death Star screencap? It involved some Guardsmen, Azrael, a cogboy, and a Baneblade variant if that helps you guys out.

>> No.50507261

1850 Cult Insurrection

Lord of the Cult
Magus with Level 2 and The Crouchling - 85
The First Curse
Patriarch with Level 2 and familiar and twenty purestrains - 400

Neophyte Cavalcade
Leman Russ Exterminator with hull lascannon - 140
Scout Sentinel with multilaser - 35
2 x 10 neophytes in a chimera with turret multilaser and hull heavy flamer - 2 x 115

Demolition Claw
2 x 5 acolytes with a Demo Charge - 2 x 60
2 x Rockgrinders with heavy mining lasers - 2 x 75
Subterranean Uprising
Primus - 75
4 x 5 acolytes with an icon, rock saw and a leader - 4 x 85
3 x 5 metamorphs with icon, 1 with claw, 1 with whip, and leader with whip and bonesword - 3 x 91

>> No.50507286

veterannoob just confirmed a couple things about Word Bearers:

A Daemon Prince can take the WB-only Sigil of Corruption that also gives AW and Fear, thus getting around the "no sigil on a daemon prince" rule.

The Cursed Crozius costs 35 points because it is AP3. It's basically a relic blade that can be dual wielded, concussive and gives Preferred Enemy(Imperium), in other words its pretty good.

>> No.50507296

Tfw ill never get my traitor guard in a mainstream non-fw book

>> No.50507299


>the advantage of not getting shot to pieces if you go second
which is why the Alpha Legion decurion gives all non-vehicles units Shrouded on the first turn for a proper ambush

>> No.50507338

>New base of 2 exalted w/ jump book 9 Scarabs and 9x2 Rubrics is 1314, So add a blue tank and I should be good.
If you go 2 sorcs instead of exalted you get the war cabal bonuses with that.

20 guys and 1 tank on the table. 8 ML.

>> No.50507345

How do you get infinite cultists?

>> No.50507347

If they had bike models, I'd use 'em. I personally am going to field Bullgryns since I love them.

>> No.50507366

Lost and Damned have them come back.

>> No.50507396

Cool. Imma look into this.

>> No.50507399

>Some mother fucking cultist champion is a god damn Alpha Legion Warlord

>> No.50507405

What squad are you sending the Magus with also I'd be concerned with having the whip/bonesword on such small metamorph units I feel dropping those and picking up a couple more metamorphs for the squad with claws/whips would be better suited. And what are your plans for the russ? I'm guessing light vehicle hunting with the exterminator/las combo?

>> No.50507419


It's 29 models, 10ML , two squads of rubrics w/ 9ea, Scarabs w/ 9, and 2 exalted w/ ML3 for the war cabal. And a tank for the Aux because we don't have rules for Rubric Contemptors =[

I would use a Laser Vindi but we can't get those either.

Murder Chaos Lord.
>I am Alpharius
Murder Champion
>I am Alpharius
Murder Cultist
>I am Alpharius

>> No.50507440

The Alpha Legion single-handedly out-Trazyn Trollzyn himself!

>> No.50507460

Honestly, I have no idea what the optimal, non-Magnus build for that looks like. Daemon allies are pretty much necessitated by how expensive everything in-codex is. At 1,000, I've run this a couple times at the LGS, but I don't think it will translate well to higher point values.

>Grand Coven
>War Cabal
Thousand Sons- Rhino- 185
Scarab Occult- 250
2x Sorcerer- Mastery Level 3, Spell Familiar- 280
Sorcerer- 75
3x10 Tzaangor- 210

Tzaangor tend not to accomplish much behind soaking bullets for the Sorcerers, and they won't manage that for long at higher point values. Thousand Sons and Scarab Occult just don't do enough offensively to be worth taking more of. Best bet at higher point values would probably be to make some sort of deathstar. Hell, maxed out War Coven with Terminator Armor might actually be the best possible build, but psychic deathstars wear out their welcome fast.

>> No.50507465

I want to see someone put an identical head on every character in their army, not a helmet

>> No.50507499


>mass cultists
>cut off every cultist head
>replace all with identical marine heads

>> No.50507500

SM scouts got you covered.

>> No.50507503


Not fuckin likely--"Oh man, a racist Texan, like a unicorn!"

>> No.50507575

Oh, what could've been...

>> No.50507579

I'm from Texas and at least we aren't Australians.

>> No.50507615

>says this like it's a bad thing
>implying all white people ever, everywhere are good
>not realizing it's the combination of being white and Texan that's bad

Hey cracker, get some brains. I'm not even a crying liberal, I was in the Marines and the military is infested with insufferable rednecks.

>> No.50507626

...Are nurgle terminators now the toppest terminators in the game when it comes to not dying like a bitch?

>>2+, 5++
>>FNP 5+, reroll ones
>>stealth against shooting 18"+


>> No.50507629

>but psychic deathstars wear out their welcome fast
at least we have Sisters of Silence now. also, Culexus Assassins are always an option, since even if you're not BB with Armies of the Imperium it's not like you need to be anywhere remotely close to him or his target

>> No.50507638

>blacks and mexicans in Texas
>affording 40k

>> No.50507639

Anyone more focused than I am able to tell me how many heads are on the Tzaangor sprues?

>> No.50507641

>Too bad the best unit for combo-ing with the Speartip Strike (the Raptor Talon) won't benefit from Hatred
Why is that, exactly?

>> No.50507658

>Am Mexican in Texas
>Own 3 armies mostly painted
Your point?

>> No.50507662

So what do Word Bearers get, guys? Anything good?

Even mediocre?


What's the overall opinion on Traitor Legions, too.

>> No.50507674

can summon Daemons on a 3+

>> No.50507679

You can summon daemons on a 3+ and you can take possessed as troops if you really hate yourself.
Most people figure Death Guard and Emperor's Children to have gotten the best deal of the lot, but other legions (Iron Warriors, Night Lords, Alpha Legion) came out pretty good as well.

>> No.50507682

Do they still perils on doubles though?

>> No.50507699


That's it? Nothing else? What about warlord traits or relics?

>> No.50507713

I think someone posted that further up in the thread.

>> No.50507715

Have most of the problems with fine cast been resolved? Been out of the game for a while. Not sure if I should hunt for old metal models or just go for the new stuff.

>> No.50507717

they also have a couple mediocre rules that are not worth mentioning

>> No.50507725


Better go see for yourself

>> No.50507732

Cast Daemonology on a 3+, get Crusader in a detachment, various buffs to Zealot and dark apostles, possessed are troops (Though you still want to take them in a formation w/ the DP for all three rolls, anyways.)

Relics actually look dope as fuck.

>> No.50507736

I dunno, the last few I got were alright, but I still imagine it's a crapshoot even at the best of times.

>> No.50507737


Wow, I live in McKinney, it's cool there are so many TTS guys here. I have been there a few times since I started the hobby (I started a Black Templars army a few months ago), but don't go too often because it's a ways away.

>> No.50507760

I am so ready for Tau to get the top tier treatment in 8th ed.
>bump BS by +1 for all units
>bump AV by +1 for all units
>all Ethereals are Warp Voids
>Remove ignorant tank shock rule on Stormsurges
>Decrease point cost for markerlight drones
>Increase max unit size for all troops

>> No.50507761

so are they going to make plastic sister squads
because if not they might as well just fucking squat the army, i'm getting sick of this shit

>> No.50507768


>> No.50507769

Raptor Talon gives -2 which stacks with base -2 so they're forcing Fear tests on Necrons at fucking Ld 6. Throw the Hellturkey formation in there and you're scaring the pants off Trazyn himself.

>> No.50507771

Austin here.

>> No.50507783


In what world is it easier to type all that shit out than it is to take a picture with a cellphone?

>> No.50507788

Their charge out of Deep Strike is always disordered. They already don't hit that hard, and they're going to start taking casualties fast.

>> No.50507789



Exalted with Seer's Bane and Flying book

Chaf Troops

Possessed with a 3++ moving 12inches because of the book

Yay or Nay?

>> No.50507790


>> No.50507793

Sorry anons i've been asleep
How do we know those rules are legit, is there actaully a source?
http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/2700/705017.page#9054568 is legit?

>> No.50507795


One where pictures violate the agreement you made to get a review copy.

>> No.50507798

what model is that? <3

>> No.50507799

Spooky Batmen are spookier than the Spooky Skeletons.

>> No.50507803


>> No.50507807

Same guy leaked WoM, GW sent out review copies and he was allowed to talk about Traitor Legions once they went up for pre-order in NZ.

>> No.50507824

Disordered charge doesn't affect Hatred, it's not a charge bonus like Furious Charge or Rage. Hatred triggers in the first round of close combat - even if you were the one getting charged.

>> No.50507830

haven't played since 5th do I wait for 8th to come out or buy 7th now

>> No.50507832

Is this the guy who bought me the Chaplain at the Preston Ridge GW?

>> No.50507834

Are Chaos Terminators worth it in an Emperor's Children army or am I better suited with a lord on a bike for that mobility?

I heard Chaos Land Raiders are trash and I need to kill fast and bullets are too slow.

>> No.50507841

Oh cool
Now NLs might we worth to build/play (if i wasn't currently swamped by backlog)

DG once again the best of the Traitors though

>> No.50507857

After seeing the battlefield boxes I'm really torn between skitarri/cult mech and tau. What do you guys think? The only 40k models I have are ten FW , But they were free so I'm not married to them.

Cult mech has been rather difficult for me to theory craft on, just because they seem so fragmented between them and skittles

>> No.50507861

aux: The 8

What does this mean?

>> No.50507865

It really is insane how much Nurgle LOVES his followers, holy shit

>> No.50507868

holy shit

>> No.50507887

Yeah, it's boring but fits the fluff i suppose

>> No.50507902


So maelstrom of gore? that formation that's 4-8 berzerker squads and thus kill yourself?

well, in addition to the red rain thing and free MoK for the lord, it gives everybody fleet and +3" to charge. your chaos lord can also bring the talisman of GO GO GO for MORE 3" bonuses, then you get the 2d6 move at the start, and rerollable charge distances...

it still seems bad cause too many berzerkers, but you get up to 30" move and run, and up to 36" move and charge?

oh also, due to the magic of chaos warband, where you get double boon bonuses, if you have the worldlord trait for FUCK THAT I WANT MORE ATTACKS INSTEAD, does that mean you'd get +2 attacks every time you kill a guy?


>> No.50507906

8 traitor's hate auxiliary formations.

>> No.50507909

With the WargameExclusive girls.

>> No.50507912

Just read them and use common sense.

It always baffles me how people can be SO FUCKING BAD at telling apart fake leaks from real ones. I've literally never been wrong when calling whether a leak with specific info is legit or not just by reading it, regardless of source. Does it look like something that was made up? Fucking no.

>> No.50507919

Once the relics leak I'm planning on the four horsemen

4 Allied detchments with 1 Lord of each God with their most killy setup and Spawn

>> No.50507923

I did just wake up 5 minuts agao and can't really function without a bit of caffeine/sugar in the blood

>getting mad

>> No.50507927


That's pretty cool.

>> No.50507950

Sorry bruv it's not all directed at you I'm just really, really tired of everytime we get very specific leaks with obviously legit names that no random asshole would be able to come up with for trolling we still get people like "hurrrrrr how do we know this is real?"

Like when the TS decurion formation names were leaked with shit like "Sekhmet Conclave" and "Rehati War Sect" there were still retards like "lol no pics, fake".

>> No.50507960


1500 exactly as long as the Lords average out to 175

Chaos Lord (1) - 175pts

Chaos Lord (1) - 175pts

Chaos Lord (1) - 175pts

Chaos Lord (1) - 175pts

Chaos Cultists (10) - 70pts Mark of Khorne

Chaos Cultists (10) - 60pts Mark of Tzeentch

Chaos Cultists (10) - 70pts Mark of Nurgle

Chaos Cultists (10) - 60pts Mark of Slaanesh

Chaos Spawn (4) - 128pts Mark of Khorne

Chaos Spawn (4) - 136pts Mark of Tzeentch

Chaos Spawn (4) - 144pts Mark of Nurgle

Chaos Spawn (4) - 132pts Mark of Slaanesh

>> No.50507964

Wasnt sure where to put the magus desu either with neophytes or the sub uprising units
Should i buff up the acolytes or metamorphs in the sub uprising with the saved points from boneswords?

>> No.50507965

He's the best

>> No.50508007

That formation with some bikers and maulerfiends as support could be really nasty for getting stuck in quickly.

>> No.50508043

So do the legions need to fill out there detachemnts like the sons have to to get the rerolling 1s? Or are they just getting this shit for free?

>> No.50508054

2017 is year of the Admech b01z

Get in on the ground floor.

Tau is for fags that don't even paint their shit. Admech is for fine gentlemen of taste that love gorgeous models.

>> No.50508061

They could buff cultists for once you know, im not talking make them IG because that too good, maybe like a 6+ invuln, extra attacks, or whatever, maybe even make them fucking cheaper or able to hold better weapons

>> No.50508069

Free, TSons are the worst because of that requirement.

>> No.50508087

Cultists aren't meant to be good, they're meant to be cheap bodies to throw into the grinder.

>> No.50508098

Wrong. EC need the full 6 units of Noise Marines for the +1 S weapons, DG need the full 7 units of Plague Zombies for the -1 T plague flies aura.

>> No.50508103

That 2d6 move is pretty baller for helping Havocs get into a better mid-field position to hold objectives and punch the enemy's face in with bullets.

It's a shame they didn't let Helbrutes get all the "legionnaire" bonuses. Infiltrating Alpha Dread would've been great, as would World Eaters rage machines.

>> No.50508107

Fuck. That. 9 Scarab Occult bare is 2250 points. If thats fucking true...

>> No.50508112

For free, aside from Death Guard and Emperor's Children. They get their formation's bonus at max numbers.

Everyone else avoids it tho.

>> No.50508118

>4 Allied detchments
But then who was Lord of War?

>> No.50508120



Play 30k if you want fear to be useful.

>> No.50508122

Khorne Lord, obviously.

>> No.50508131


He meant Warlord since allied Detachments can't have Warlord in them.

>> No.50508135

Oh, right.

What slot are spawn?

>> No.50508138

Admech is a sad, bland Skaven.

>> No.50508152

The main bonus from that Formation is the +1 T, not the re-rolling 1's for saves.

Thank god that put that shit behind a huge pointswall. I don't want to be playing 1850 games against 45 fucking 2+/3++ re-rolling 1's T5 dudes, that would be literally retarded.

>> No.50508159

More like Skaven are a shitty, uncreative Ad Mech.


>> No.50508160

Now this is heresy.

>> No.50508186


>> No.50508190

I don't normally use Allied Detachments, never noticed that.
Maybe Nurgle Lord will take it slow and chill with a CAD of a billion fucking cultists instead of sprinting forward with spawn

>> No.50508205

Just remember if he joins the sub uprising that squad loses the 2d6 for ambush because the magus doesn't have it and for putting him with the neophytes he won''t be able to cast non-witchfire abilities out of the chimera so they'd have to pop out somewhere along the way to cast those juicy summoning spells. As for what to buff for the sub uprising metamorphs with whips/claws are always great. And along those lines with the 4 saws you have with leaders and icons that leaves you only really 2 models before you start losing someone important. Know if you have alot of heavy tanks in your meta those saws could pay off but against infantry and even light vehicles I would rather take 3 more guys in each squad than the rocksaw as it gives you more bodies and more rends to deal with those targets with. As I have been told many a times before boyz before toyz.

I'm going to attach a list I've been working with that I've actually been shifting between Broodcycle focused and Neophyte Cavalcade/Sub Uprising without too many changes mostly just dropping the acolyte ward if need be and changing the balance of acolyte to hybrid squads. I like the idea of keeping some dedicated transports even in sub uprising because then even if they don't get those juicy 6's they still have infiltrating transports 18" away from the enemy lines they can hop into if they got unfortunate rolls.

>> No.50508211

Look at these Kastelans!

>> No.50508215

You shut your whore mouth

>> No.50508223

I have kinda a stupid question, Do vanilla space marine dreadnoughts get six attacks or four?

I've been looking for the facebook FAQ and when I found it all that was mentioned was GK, blood angels, and space wolves.

>> No.50508230

I want to slap you

>> No.50508233

Four. The +2 to the other factions was giving them an equal number of attacks to the base SM codex.

>> No.50508234

Every game I have ever had has begun with a plasma cannon overheating.

>> No.50508242

They look like shitty ratfolk, like ninja turtle action figures from the 90's, instead of lethal war constructs... what is your point?

>having to compare ratshit to literally the worst model in the entire AdMech range by far and still failing to make a point

>> No.50508251

well I guess battlescribe needs an update then.

>> No.50508257

Maybe the dice gods are telling you to stop being shit.

>> No.50508267

Have you tried not firing it first?

>> No.50508277

Dang, son. Did the anon hurt your feewings?

>> No.50508279

>people use that shitty program instead of writing lists themselves

>> No.50508319

>being mad he got BTFO by like 6 anons

>> No.50508348

Rocksaws are for general AT unless mass rending and the other stuff i have is sufficient? Should i just axe the magus if he has nowhere good to be?

>> No.50508349

>I'm really looking forward to taking drugs.

>> No.50508353

Doesn't have to be Rob...everyone knows niggers and spics are stupid.

>> No.50508362

Who gives the best online discount in the USA?

At a 20% or so off the $170 the battleforces seem like actually good deals

>> No.50508369


base list for 4 Horsemen (On Bikes) with 30pt allowance for relic weapons.

>> No.50508375

Nah, sorry.

>> No.50508382

Death Guard termies get FNP too.
But as for Emperor's Children it's just an army wide 6+ unless you pay. 30 points. Per unit.
Doesn't work out.

>> No.50508445

Never ever axe the Magus. Just stick him with some Neophytes and disembark as soon as possible.

This is why I don't run a cavalcade, though.

>> No.50508448

Well for infantry you'll want to be able to hit first or at the same time which the saw prevents and if you are going against 5+ or 6+ saves like guard or tyranids or other cult members ap 5 on the rending claws will be just as effective. As for the Magus he can tag along with acolytes and hyrbids and be more assault oriented if you are feeling daring especially if you are giving him a crouchling and 2 familiars because that's 6 extra attacks with the possibility of rending that he has the chance of tearing someone up in a duel with and don't forget his force weapon. I like keeping the Magus around just for those extra 2 dice for denial or if you really need to get a power off from the Patriach.

>> No.50508467

Also for vehicles remember that rends are auto penetrating 10 and auto glancing 11 just with your basic acolytes.

>> No.50508504


Warlord Traits are actually pretty good and are fluffy. One of them let's you basically get a choice of boons on your gifts of mutation, another lets you give special rules to your troops since you're still a legion and have a chain of command.

15 point skull that makes you hate the Imperium especially the smurfs even more than ever
10 points for an extra Malefic Daemonology power(basically an auto-take on a marked or daemonology-using sorcerer)
15 points for a scroll that gives you +d6 power dice once per game(another really handy psyker support item)
15 points for some kind of cursed relic that makes you harder to charge and gives you pseudo-defensive grenades
30 points for a sigil of corruption that also grants adamantium will and fear, even a daemon prince can take it apparently if you want to do some good old Grimoire memery
35 points for an AP3 Crozius that gives you Preferred Enemy(Imperium)

Basically the legion tactics are bad but the army runs psyker heavy with good morale, but not forced into mono-tzeentch like the TSons.

>> No.50508507

01000001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01100111 01101100 01101111 01110010 01111001 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101111 01101101 01101110 01101001 01110011 01110011 01101001 01100001 01101000

>> No.50508516

Grumpiness of Maggie epub when?

>> No.50508523

OK, figured it wouldn't hurt to ask; I haven't seen him anywhere since.

I told him I was making a Black Templars army and the guy just bought me a Chaplain out of nowhere, saying I "needed a Grimaldus proxy".

I am pretty concerned about him, he mentioned something about him having gone to the doctor to see if his cancer had come back.

>> No.50508538

Aww damn. Maybe try the DFW 40k Meetup group on FB? There's like 500 of us in there.

>> No.50508567


If they really wanted to follow the fluff, you wouldn't need a damned sorcerer to summon daemons.

>> No.50508570


Yeah they're pretty good.

I wonder how long before Eldar start whining that there is now a MEQ army as tough as riptides and it hurts their scatterbikes' feelings.

>> No.50508575

I'll try that. Thanks!

>> No.50508583


There's a warlord trait that makes a non-sorcerer a psyker iirc.

But yeah, Dark Apostles in a Word Bearers should be ML1 psykers who roll on Malefic Daemonology.

>> No.50508587

does he have...metal eyebrows?

>> No.50508597

Is there a problem with that?

>> No.50508609

Hey, if your face was a gas mask, you'd need a method of expressing your emotions too.

>> No.50508630

Its just I never took the mechanicus as the type of group to care about aesthetics.

>> No.50508651

They literally made there main base a skull viewable from orbit.

>> No.50508654

>not a e s t h e t i c

Damn son you fucked up

>> No.50508676


Magos's are wierd. Some hate flesh. Some care alot about what little flesh they have. Some care alot about specific organs.

There was a 30k Magos that like fucking opera singers. So he had an organic face, skin etc etc.

He was also a traitor and a callidus murdered him in his bedroom. Good times

>> No.50508693

Can someone post a pdf of the 7e Dark Angels codex?

I'm thinking of starting a Dark Angels army, and my friend who lives a long ways away is actually doing it, since I bought him the Dark Vengeance set as a present, so I thought I'd do him another favor and get him and I the codex as well.

Unfortunately, I can't access the Mega due to being on mobile. Can any anons help me out, please?

>> No.50508703

Speaking of which, why in the fuck isn't
MECHANICUM ORDINATUS ULATOR available to the Space Marines of Slaanesh.
We need a 10" D Ignores Cover Instant Death Beam to satisfy our need for SOUND.

>> No.50508712

>There was a 30k Magos that like fucking opera singers.
Liked fucking opera singers, or fucking liked opera singers?
The difference is important.

>> No.50508713

I don't care what people say about the pariah with a daemon bonded to his skin.

The book about Assassins was fuckin' good.

They need to have one of them as a main character in at least one more damn book.

>> No.50508719

Just download the mega mobile app.

>> No.50508720

It's in the mega, just get on your pc if you want it.

>> No.50508724

How well do the HH boxes work as Chaos Marines?

>> No.50508727

Perhaps a vindicare assassin in a romance novel about love taking root in the warscape?

>> No.50508734


Perfectly, because Chaos Marines use older marks of armor extensively.

>> No.50508736

Arkhan Land himself has very few implants and cybernetics.

He also thought Mules were crabs, that crabs were insectile beasts of burden, and that monkeys had scorpion tails.

The head of Mars thought this was hilariously stupid and privately mocked him, iirc.

He also looks like a wizard!

Probably both. There are very eccentric is that the word I'm looking for? Magi out there!

Am interested too, currently at a hotel and forgot laptop like an idiot. Am wanting to browse every IoM codex like an autist.

>> No.50508740


Both actually. He would go to operas then have sex with the opera singers afterwards.

When he wasn't building super-capitals for traitor legions in Imperial shipyards.

>> No.50508741

I'm not saying they don't have style, just they I never took them as the sort to care about how they look. the skull is a symbol of humanity so it makes sense to make a star port in its image and the robes, limbs, and guns of the skitarii are more tradition than fashion statement.

>> No.50508751


>40k general packed with texans

No wonder it's shit.

>> No.50508759

But I don't want to download an app just for a single book, anon.

>tfw no pc right now because dumb friend did a thing
I hate my dumb friend.

>> No.50508773

I love this dude so much. I ally him and some other things into my Guard army and hilarity ensues. I get a tar pit Guard unit, then strike down the D3 orbital strike blast from Inquisitor Charismastikov straight on their heads, blowing up my men and theirs. Serves them right for trying to melee my little men.

I love goofy stuff like this. Even if I lose, if I managed to have a moment that makes my opponent go "Excuse me you're doing what?" I feel great.

>> No.50508792


Well, that's good. I just got a Calth box for $80, so I guess. I'm a CSM player now.

Now to decide what to actually play. It's a shame Thousand Sons are all overpriced, otherwise, I'd probably play them.

>> No.50508818

Oh shut up, they could easily work one in somewhere that makes sense. I don't read the whole series anyway.

>> No.50508828

So is there any actually overpowered csm builds out there thay can really fuck with tau or regular space marine?

>> No.50508859

Well, shit. Couldn't find him.

Those who frequent TTS or the Preston Ridge GW: has anyone heard from or seen a guy named Noah? I think he played Chaos Marines, among other armies.

I just want to know if he's OK.

>> No.50508895

>he thinks he can kick out America's team
>America's team
>who are one step removed from Mexicans

>> No.50508901

I wonder if they'll release Renegade Chapters book for:
>Crimson Slaughter
>Red Corsairs
>Flawless Host
>The Scourged
>Sons of Malice
>(fabius bile's warband)

I'm saying this not because there's any source suggesting they would do this right now, but because at the moment taking a Traitor Legion is a huge advantage, and there's no reason not to be one unless you're going Crimson Slaughter or you want to run Huron or Bile. And if you do that, you're basically missing out on free VotLW and some legion tactics that give out very powerful bonuses.

So having options for a renegade warband, especially a generic one like Red Corsairs, might be helpful. Anyone who started with Crimson Slaughter is definitely going to be begging for a decurion, that's for sure.

>> No.50508932

The GW has a FB page. Try there?

>> No.50508946


Well we are finally getting legion rules again, that look pretty good.

If they did something for them, some CSM players wouldn't have anything to complain about.

>> No.50508969

To be honest I'd rather see some love given to all those followers of Chaos that aren't just different flavours of Space Marines.

>> No.50508986

>Also apparently the entire design team things a plasma pistol is worth 15pts

>Be me
>fight an imperial knight for the first time 2 years ago.
>surround it with LRs and Las cannon sentinels
>my company commander is to the left of the kngiht
>everything whiffs or is blocked by ion shield
>company commander is last, fires with PLASMA PISTOL
>Hit (no shield, he used it for the front), Pen on 12 side armor, roll a 6 so d3 damage. roll another 6. Knight is kill. it comes crashing down, scatters off table so no damage to me.

>> No.50509025

If it were any cheaper, people would bring Plasma Pistols all the time.

>> No.50509029

So I just got a box of my very first miniatures. Three Space Marines, Ultramarines, no paint. Where do I go from here?

>> No.50509037


There must be a price between bringing every time and bringing none the time.

>> No.50509039


It's true, CSM are in a much better place now. They might not become god tier because they are still marines without access to grav, but they now have access to a huge variety of special rules and unique armories that make them fun, if nothing else.

Death Guard are obviously great. I think Iron Warriors and Alpha Legion can potentially be really powerful, since 2 wound terminator devastator tank hunter troops are no joke, and same with massive numbers of shrouded infiltrating veterans all with melta or combi-plasma. Night Lords and World Eaters are "fixed" if nothing else. Not sure about how good Emperor's Children are right now.

Even the legions that got the shorter straws(Black Legion, Word Bearers, Thousand Sons) still have some viable lists if played to their strengths.

>> No.50509048

This one time I rolled good.

>> No.50509050


>> No.50509056

Really anything.
Get a Start Collecting box
So you get a Herald, basic troops, and something for Incursion.
>Bloodcrushers aren't bad when they're free

>> No.50509061


IA13 has a "renegades and heretics" army that basically lets you play the scum of the galaxy.

>> No.50509063

Is that a bad thing? Considering they're almost entirely confined to sergeants and their equivalents, it's not like plasma pistol spam will redefine the meta.

I'm not convinced they'd be an auto-take anyway, even after a point drop. They're just a pistol weapon on units that are usually taken naked, which has a chance to kill that unit and remove the bonuses which it was taken for anyway (higher leadership, maybe some special rules).

>> No.50509066

Magnus The Red and 1200 points of anything else with psychic dice.

>> No.50509072


I am happy with them, I have my old 3.5 IW and WB force that I am looking forward to playing again.

If the cost is me having to shelve my Crimson Slaughter, I am OK with this.

>> No.50509085

There isn't with a Plasma Pistol. It's too good.

I feel like they would be. Some extra power to your little squads, since so many run small squads.

10 points might be a nice balance, but I don't know.

>> No.50509096


Too early to call. I could see Thousand Sons ripping riptide/stormsurge builds a new one with massive amounts of invuln saves, the seer's bane and deep striking psychic shrieks.

Thousand Sons may very well be horribly weak against Eldar though because they are just as vulnerable to scatter lasers as regular marines, but cost more points.

>> No.50509107

>a plasma pistol with soul blaze for 20 points

I swear to fucking god GW is trolling with this, "plasma pistol with soul blaze for 20 points" sounds like a shitpost from an anti-GW circlejerk thread

I'm not even mad, I'm actually amused. They actually did it, absolute madmen.

>> No.50509110


>tfw the rules are in [incomprehensible Eurofaggot language]

>> No.50509114


I know right?

There's also an AP3 Blast Bolt Pistol for 20 points in the Thousand Sons armory

>> No.50509119

I just go to my local comic/games shop. Owner is cool as fuck even though he doesn't normally stock 40K, he'll get stuff in for me and gives me 20-25% off.

>> No.50509128

The Emperor has finally become the god Lorgar wanted him to be
>"Sorry Chaos, this was just a rebound religon. Going back home to daddy."

>> No.50509164


Renegades and Heretics from IA13 is what you're looking for for human Heretics. Rumor has it AdMech books did so well that they might slate DarkMech for release.

>> No.50509188

I hate this "if plasma pistols were cheaper they would be broken" meme. Here's why you're dumb: so people will take plasma pistols more often . . . but that is why they exist? Let's say every sergeant has a plasma pistol now if they are 7 points. So fucking what?

For comparison, a meltagun is strictly better than a plasma pistol except in fringe cases where you lose your extra attack that came with pistol+CC. It's also 5 points cheaper. Are meltaguns broken? Fuck no. Are combi-meltas broken, which can already go on a sergeant? No. A lot of people don't even take combi-meltas on sergeants. And don't say >it's only one shot, because if you get two shots off with a space marine sergeant's 12" weapon then it's a good day. You can't depend on this to regularly effect games massively.

Plasma pistols should be 7 points, because they are just weaker meltaguns that can kill wielder. They are half as effective as plasma guns which are 15 points. 3 points cheaper than a meltagun feels fine. I think there is some weird psychological shit people have going on, where they've been abused by GW's terrible rules for so long that they have a sort of Stockholmesque mental block that says "no, you can't change this bad thing to be balanced and good because then . . . people would like it and use it!" Get counseling m8

>> No.50509201

Nigga's alright, we were up there today.

Who's asking?

>> No.50509218

Nice try, but no.

Weeeh Plasma Pistols should be 7 points because I think so!

>> No.50509231

>>Black Legion raptor talon
>>Jump pack warlord with talons gets DIMENSIONAL KEY
>>deep strike turn 1 for speartip with your catulan reaver bros and charge turn 1, killing some chump
>>the entire rest of your army is justaerin terminators in the annihilation force and they are comin in hot and they do not scatter


>> No.50509233

But I just explained why I think so, see meltaguns you faggot.

>> No.50509240

How would this actually look on the table-top? Assume metallic for the blue and green (looking at using the Artisan shades+silver thing that Duncan showed on the YT channel), with gold trim.

I've got a bunch of Black Legion that I "painted" back in High School that I've been thinking about stripping and redoing for a while now, and Traitor Legions is the perfect excuse.

>> No.50509250


Thanks for explaining it better than I could.

>> No.50509252

>metallic green and blue
would look like an alternate Alpha Legion scheme except for the gold trim

>> No.50509258

with bright green, and bright blue, it would look very weird. but thats why test mini's exist.

>> No.50509264

Yeah I did, no cigar. I will try joining the Meetup group and then asking if anyone has heard from him.

>> No.50509275


>> No.50509287

Hey man I'm doing fine, hows the black templares I was super excited to see a fresh black templar player. Come down to Texas Toy Soldier sometime. Tomorrow we are having a charity event there during an Apoc game. There is more about it on their website, come up.

>> No.50509298

Actually they're probably less than half as effective as plasma guns. Plasma guns fire twice as many shots at 12", but there's also that 24" range to consider; depending on how long an enemy is taking to close from 24" to 12" it could be the difference between 1 plasma shot or 3-4.

>> No.50509345

yeah I thought about this and it's why I leaned toward 7 versus 8 points for the pistol, generally plasma guns just aint gonna be all that amazing. maybe people are crying that it will be broken because they have PTSD from ye old space wolf spam

>> No.50509349


Awesome, glad to hear you are alright!

Army's doing alright, I have bought a fair amount since we met, such as the Prospero box and so forth.

I will see if I will be able to, I might be busy. After the eighth I am pretty much free though, since Fall semester ends then.

>> No.50509352


At least there's no gets hot?

>> No.50509363

Just someone who met him at a Gw a while back, but looks like I found him so all's well!

>> No.50509372

Dude mk3 armour nice, try to come up tomorrow if you can.

>> No.50509380

Anyone here in the Chicagoland area play anywhere? I'm looking to get back into 40k and I was wondering if I might ever cross paths with some of you.

>> No.50509381

*generally plasma pistols

>> No.50509394

Yeah Mk. III is definitely my favourite.

I'll see if I am able to make it tomorrow.

>> No.50509400


I'm probably going to make my MkIII into Thousand Sons, though idk if I'll be able to make that metallic red.

>> No.50509420


That's cool, I'd get into HH but given that I am still fairly new to the hobby I thought I would stick to just one army for the time being.

>> No.50509427


It's not for HH

>> No.50509439

MK. III Rubric Marines? Very nice.

>> No.50509503

so what do woofscoots have over regular space marine scouts?

>> No.50509516

They should probably be more than 7 just because of gunslinger.

>> No.50509518

>Alpha Legion detachment lets destroyed units of cultists return to ongoing reserves on a 4+
>Alpha Legion detachment can only take Cultists in a formation that already lets them return to ongoing reserves on a 4+
What did he mean by this?

>> No.50509535

>he doesn't want to live in a world where giving a character two plasma pistols is a viable option
Please leave and never return.

Seriously though, 2 Plasma shots at 12" for 14 points? That's almost the same as the cost of a Plasma Gun, which can also fire out at 24." You really should fuck off for good.

>> No.50509561

Being 16 points instead is hardly back breaking.

>> No.50509564


Yea. Should be cool.

Just need to figure out how to make them Rhubricy

>> No.50509566

acute senses

>> No.50509617

An external hard drive filled with furry porn

>> No.50509624

But then you're paying more for an option that's inferior to the plasma gun, and only manages to be still slightly inferior if the model has a rare special rule that allows both to be used at once.

>> No.50509638

new thread

>> No.50509644

It's still an extra plasma on a model that couldn't normally take it, as well as getting the extra attack a pistol gives you. Gunslinger is also a base rule, every model can fire two pistols.

>> No.50509660

A few Psychic Shriek Psykers to analblast any Fearless units should be a great addition to a Night Lords army.

I can totally see NL being the army that focuses on routing the enemy rather than utter destruction, which is fucking amazingly fluffy. Psychic Shriek ensures the "You cannot fight these beasts, flee for your lives or be destroyed in the most horrible mind-raping manner you can imagine" vibe.

Death Guard is totally going to become the new Chaos meta, with Emps Children close second with Night Lords third. Calling it now.

>> No.50509678

You can get respawning ObSec Cultists by taking them in a CAD.

>> No.50509730

none of that shit matters because the fact still stands

>2 plasma pistols on a character is not worth 16 fucking points

you're falling into the GW stockholme syndrome again

>> No.50509755

Yeah you're right. Combi's are 10, so dual pistols shouldn't cost more than that.

>> No.50509827

That's combi-plasma if plasma were Assault 2 and gave you a melee attack. On an expensive character who might actually win combat sometime it's just better.

>> No.50510043

Be quiet Dominique

>> No.50511162

>IW get Obits/Mutilators forced on them as their "it's fucking nothing" special rule
Called it.

In related news, how do these special rules work for Forge World units? Re-rolling scatter on conversion beamer rapiers would be nice.

>> No.50511201

No. The decurian gets that and you have to take 7 units of pm.

>> No.50511316

Title the next general fuck Texas edition
They shit up the whole thread with sports and racist bullshit
Nobody gives a fuck if you're from some podunk state

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