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Lush Lands of Niben Edition

>Tabletop/P&P RPGs
[UESRPG - P&P RPG] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pTgTN2aJUoY95JtquowagfUJLL7tCQYhzJKcCAcbvio/edit?usp=sharing
[Scrollhammer - Tabletop Wargame] http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Scrollhammer_2nd_Edition
Discussion in #Scrollhammer (irc.thisisnotatrueending.com (port 6667))

>Lore Resources
[The Imperial Library] http://www.imperial-library.info/
[/r/teslore] http://www.reddit.com/r/teslore/
[UESP/Lore] http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Main_Page
[Pocket Guide to the Lore] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AtsWXZKVqB4Q825_SwINY6z4_9NaGknXgeOknOCDuCU/edit
[Elder Lore Podcast] http://www.elderlore.wordpress.com/
[How to Become a Lore Buff] http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1112211-how-to-become-a-lore-buff/

>General Rules
This is NOT /tesg/ minus waifus, so behave properly.
Keep the squabbling to a minimum.

Previous Kalpa >>50416952

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First for horny bosmer

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Second for Imperial Legionnaires

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TES 4 should have been JUST the Imperial City, not the whole province of Cyrodiil. Imagine how awesome a city the size of a TES game would be.

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>no game in the style of dishonored with the entire Imperial City
>no murdering enemy agents as an Imperial nightblade for the glory of your emperor
Trainwiz I know you'll be here, make it happen Trainboy, suck off Todd if you have to.

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Oblivion really raped the Lore.

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>tfw wanted to be an legionary in Oblivion
>wanted to see Roman and east-Asian influences in Cyrodiil
>got generic fantasyland instead

never forgive, never forget

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You are able to choose one of the main 9 races to purge. Which do you pick?

>HARDMODE: not altmer

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I see were off to a great start

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Argonians in a second. worst race. Imperials second for being so boring

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>we will never have a spirit sword
When Ansei? I hope the next game is in Hammerfell.

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>cast Spirit Sword, cost: 100 magicka
no thank you

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Lemme post my theory on Nirn spacetime here.

Its northern hemisphere looks normal, but southern one is "in reverse", instead of coming together in one point, the meridians diverge into infinity. Nirn is still a finite ball of matter, but its spacetime itself is distorted in such a fashion.

Moreover, Space and Time coordinates are linked in such a way that the amount of time between the beginning and the end of each Kalpa depends on the length of the parallel you are on.

Travelers from Tamriel towards either of the poles experience time dilation.
At the North Pole, Time moves so fast that you can't reach it before the end of current kalpa, and to outside observer everything that goes there appears to be frozen in time.
Closer to the South Pole, on the other hand, time moves so slow there that you can walk for 4000 years and not reach it, but when you finally turn back and return, not much time has passed in Tamriel in the meantime.

Basically, the closer to the North Pole you get the less time you have before the end of the current Kalpa - your time gets "eaten away". Which leads me to believe that World Eater form of Alduin resides at the North Pole, perhaps in form of some weird black hole. If you reach the pole geographically, at some point your time left becomes less then the time until next perceivable moment and you experience the World End, slipping into Alduin's Maw.
Alduin eating Nirn at the end of each kalpa appears to me as the whole planet getting sucked into this Maw, parallels getting shrinked to zero to fit in, landmasses falling into the singularity that is his stomach.

So, in the end, you can never reach the North Pole - there's not enough time in the world for it.

The South Pole is unreachable too, but for the opposite reason - space around it is stretched so much it's essentially behind an event horizon.
Perhaps that's where Aldmeris is now.

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Tell me the bedtime story of how High Rock and Hammerfell sacked the Orsinium.

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thats.... actually pretty original idea...
I kinda like it. but i have to think aboiut it.

can you tell us more?

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fair to speculate about that since time essentially passes how akatosh wants it to pass

though what does this model really explain or where can things coherent with it be observed in the elder scrolls universe?
don't get me wrong, this is some neat theory, but how is it connected to what happens in other lore sources?
For instance, how does this model explain dragon breaks? What if someone uses teleportation magic to get to one of the poles?

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Such as?

Overall it's based on a certain post by Cuckbird:

>Tamriel is the present. It is literally the center of time.
>Akavir is the East and it is in the future.
>Hammerfell is to the West and is in the past.
>Traveling from west to east means more than taking time to sail, it means sailing across time.
>Atmora to the North is frozen in time. As such, it didn't really exist at all.
>Aldmeris to the South is outside of time. As such, it didn't really exist at all.
>The moons? Now they're really weird when it comes to time.

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Yes, albeit vaguely.

Things like how no one has ever been to Aldmeris (it's evaporating in time/just is Ald Tam RUGH!), why the Nords left Atmora, why and how (moving at strange angles, following the stars, whatever) the Yokudans left Yokuda, Cyrus having trouble sailing back to Yokuda and whatever emperor who invaded Akivir (the most interesting thing about all of this is that he was allegedly made of wood).

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I think I just came up with an interesting idea for my UESRPG game. Thanks anon!

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As >>50498302 said, the unavailability of Aldmeris for one.
Also, invading Tsaesci force probably passed Atmora on their way to Tamriel because pic related. And then they vowed to serve Dragonborn Reman and formed the Dragonguard. Coincidence? Maybe.
Also, according to legends Atmora froze over time, so in my interpretation Alduin just slowly ate the space that was separating him from this continent. Perhaps slowly gnawing on it in his sleep, perhaps in some bursts.
Nords, who are descended from Atmorans, are also the only culture that has a World-Eating Dragon in their pantheon (inb4 Redguards, these are different story).

But mostly this theory was just made up for the heck of it.

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Intriguing, it makes sense how you explain it, considering all the things concerning the poles
But I fail to see why Yokuda would be in the past and Akavir in the future
Do you have an explanation for that?

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The greatest ansei could split atoms.

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>atomos ≠ atoms

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Plus there's all the "eat it to become it" stuff, how Akavir mirrors Tamriel and their search for the Dragonborn and the "Chrome Device" (is that still a thing?) and how that all ties into Talos.

It's either: representative of the past/future (like a metaphor), actually a different kalpa/cycle, or both.

They just are because they are. Time zones. Tamriel is the center of the universe, there ain't any other places that matter.

This is so, so, so obvious that I don't know how everyone doesn't realize this, but the Far Shores ARE Tamriel.

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That makes no amount of sense.

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It makes some sense. That specific interpretation, I mean. Because all the underlying theory is absolutely true.

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And the greatest Yokudan kings got mpreg.

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The concept of temporal coordinates being tied to east-west spatial ones is not integrated in my model for now, although I did try to envision it in relation to multiple kalpas. Alas, this only resulted in SAN loss.

I think it has mostly metaphysical and allegorical meaning. Like Redguards emerging from the last Kalpa in the far West of current one, or Chimer leaving Sumurset in self-exile to the East.
You could also view it as a weird sort of timezone system.

So far, I can see Time slowly rotating on the North-South axis frow East to West in a sort of current (or, if you will, the World floating upon Time in the opposite direction). So, when you go West, it's as if you are being swept by Time to the past faster than usual, and if you go East you are basically running ahead of all the other World, to the Future.

The only way if affects the model is that during the World-Eating, Alduin would appear to come from northeast instead of just north.

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Put simply,
West = Anuic, East = Padomaic.

As you mentioned, the Velothi exodus exemplifies this. Just look at how every culture views Lorkhan, from west to east: hate, to indifference (Missing God), to reverence.

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Oh, yeah, and it's also the name of the ocean itself.


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Question: Why do people still debate the physical appearance of the Akavir people when in 2920 the Akavir are described as having tails and scaly skin?

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Huh, this makes some sense. Also, Eltheric Oncean -> Aetheric -> Aetherius -> Anuic?

2920 is historical fiction and Oblivion had human Akaviri ghosts.
Before Oblivion not a single fucking soul imagined Akaviri as anything but snek people.

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Nature of TES, unreliable narrators and contradicting sources. Essentially.

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Because 2920 is a work of historical fiction written many years after the fact.

Every source makes it weirder: how they are referred to as snakes, vampires, or shapeshifters, how they appear as literal snakes in multiple texts, how the snake imagery related to the Padomaics, their whole "eat it to become it" and egg philosophy, their relation to the Empire of Cyrodiil and the dragons, their relation to the men of Akavir (and the soldiers you can see in Oblivion), what might possibly be a totemic society, and the very nature, ambiguity and legend, of Akavir itself.

This is definitely intentional.

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Conflicting ideas and descriptions.

To be fair, 2920 is fiction, but that doesn't mean it's baseless:
>Carlovac Townway:
>There are very old warriors, survivors of Uriel V's ill-fated invasion, and they told me what they saw. I stand by my descriptions that the Akavir Potentates were serpentine, not only in temperament, but in physical appearance. Even if I did not have witnesses, there are too many descriptions of them as snakes to assume that all writers used the same metaphor. There is much in Redguard history which suggests ancient connections to the Tsaesci as well. Not only are many of the greatest heroes clearly influenced by Akaviri as well as Redguard culture - Gaiden Shinji, for example - But the whole cult of Satakal and the dungeon called Fang Lair... It is too coincidental. We are a rare generation in Tamriel, when few of us have seen any denizen of Akavir. I suspect that we're lucky in that.

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Oh, of course.All things considered, I do think they're actual snake people.

And Zurin is one of them.

>> No.50499199

>And Zurin is one of them.
The Pig is the greater mystery.

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>zenimax tries to establish tes as a huge flagship title
>trying to make it a franchise to compete with warcraft
>lending out the licence more freely
>making mmo, making card games, publishing books
>tes related official /tg/ material gets made
>it's elder scrolls: monopoly

>> No.50499268

>And Zurin is one of them
Zurin wuz actually black but them imperials went and wiped it from the history books
dont beleive me just look at the underkang he is clearly a brother

>> No.50499332

Fallout NV does a great job at scratching my 'slaughering giant insects' itch, here's hoping to more giant insects in the next Elder Scrolls.

>> No.50499381

It really is.

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I think tier lists that get posted all the time on your typical /v/ TES discussion are fucking cancer. Each race has good and bad bits, some have more bad bits and other have more good bits, some don't have that many bits at all. If you're a good writer you can make all 9 interesting for a game. Maybe not likeable, but definitely interesting.

To turn the race discussion into a more interesting one, what's untapped potential for Tamriel's races you want to see more?

>Argonian sub-races
>Colovian/Nibenese distinctions (something we won't shut the fuck up about, but for good reasons)
>Nords with more Bloodmoon and Skyrim concept art flavor

>> No.50499457

even deeper than pic related

>> No.50499674

These little shits.
Velothi underclass of Morrowind.

>> No.50499688

I get rump rustled by the blatant flanderization of Bretons

I think there's a lot of room for subspeices in Elder Scrolls, like Skaal as a sub-group of Nords, Reachmen for Bretons, Colovoians and Nibenese for Imperials. Would be a good way to introduce new races without having to to write in actual new races.

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What's some in-game autism you have, /tg/?

>eat at least twice a day
>try to sleep every 24 hours
>unequip helmet and shield when in towns
>only use black soul gems to enchant personal gear

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Nords should be broken up amongst distinct tribal groups and clans. Some of which are more just and some that have become more cultural distinctions and some that are still legit tribes.

Likewise Bretons should have their own distinctly recognizable ethnicities.
This gets posted entirely too often

>> No.50499788

Definitely. I think MK also mentioned regretting the fact that there are so many races and would rather have one race that's culturally broad and widened. Something you don't see that often in fantasy, weirdly enough.

>> No.50499830

One thing I love about Skyrim is how it seems to be moving closer to this model. It's a LOT harder to tell a redguard from a cyrodiil from a nord from a Breton in that game, and even some lines like Bosmer/Altmer are blurred. I want to see more of that in the future, with the distinct races only existing as official designations. In my mind, the idea of children taking on the race of the mother was only ever a legal distinction.

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Hey Seht (or anyone else tied to the new UESRPG edition), do you have any plans for the number of skills/talents governed by a certain characteristic?

Because right now, if you put down Agility and Intelligence as favoured characteristics, you just have good access to 18 of 28 skills (25 of 38 counting Sub-Professions). Compare that to something like going Strength and Endurance, which relate to just 4 skills. There's also some redundancy, where Endurance does nothing Strength doesn't do better, and Intelligence does everything Personalty does (except Charm).
Now, I'm not calling for complete equality, and I do realise that characteristics like Strength and Endurance have great usage outside of skills, but it still seems too heavy on one side, especially in terms of Intelligence.
It just feels like you're left with a lot more options if you get Intelligence and Agility.

It happens in Talents as well, where Endurance leaves you with 4 options, Personality with 7, Intelligence with 27, and Agility with 36.
You've done a good job with making Strength feel worthwhile in terms of talents though, as it leaves you with 19 options.
Might have miscounted, but you get the picture.

I mean, in the current situation Bosmer seem good, and I won't stand for that.

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There is nowhere in Skyrim or Cyrodiil that a Breton can call home, especially not Vvanderfall.

>> No.50500259

>the Realm of Apocrypha already contains all possible knowledge in the Universe
>the only reason Hermaeus Mora is seeking out more knowledge is to determine what parts of his are actually relevant and applicable and not just some random bullshit

>> No.50500309

>hate looting enemy corpses and draugr ruins because it's disrespectful to the dead and basically stealing
>feel guilty for killing animals or low level enemies

I don't know if I can play RPGs anymore because of this.

>> No.50500365

>Change out of armor or at least take off my helmet when in towns
>Wear my Amulet of Kynareth and prey at her shrines before under taking a great task or adventure
>Collect Mysteries of Talara and keep them near my bed away from other book shelves

>> No.50500474

Also, how come the Talent "Businessman" requires Intelligence specifically, when it's a direct boon to Commerce rolls, and Commerce as a skill is governed by both Intelligence and Personality?
The only Personality-based Commerce-related Talent is "Charlatan", where you just stop using Commerce and use Deceive instead. Admittedly, Charlatan is somewhat cheaper to get than Businessman, but Businessman seems to be much better, meaning a Int trader is probably just straight out better than a Per trader.

I'd also like to point out that unless you're a alchemist/enchanter, there's only one Crafting Talent that's worth getting, and that's "Efficient". And that really only applies to Smithing, though I guess you could argue it counts for Fletching, and maybe even Physical Craft or Engineer. That's up for the DM, I guess.
Either way, Alchemy has 6 related Talents, Enchanting has 6, Smithing has 1, and the seven other stock Professions don't have anything strictly related to them. So there's probably room there for something tied to Acting/Art, which gives a Personality-heavy character more options. Or maybe just open up "Efficient" to make it more general, so that someone with Seamanship can use it to sail faster or someone with Bureaucracy whenever some weirdo takes that skill can do paperwork faster or something.

Overall, I'm really stoked for more UESRPG, and I think it's looking great so far, but these things stood out to me.

>> No.50500539

>hate looting enemy corpses and draugr ruins because it's disrespectful to the dead and basically stealing

The scavenger encounters in Skyrim really make me question my character's life.

>> No.50500596

This image makes me wonder if there are half-dwemers around, and when they went all tonal did only half of them go or did they become like a tuning fork?

>> No.50500603

>one race that's culturally broad and widened

But how would that work? I suppose you could group together "Nedic" races (Bretons, Imperials, Nords) and Dominion Elves (Altmer, Bosmer) but the others are too distinct.

>Nords should be broken up among distinct tribal groups and clans

Maybe not necessarily in tribes and clans, but making the holds be more like medieval duchies, being their own states loosely united by a monarch and having a common Nordic culture but with varieties and different influences.
This could also work for the regions of Cyrodiil, and not just Colovians/Nibenesse, but the Golden Coast, West Weald, being distinct.

>> No.50500630

>Change into noble clothes in towns
>Continue to wear amulet of Talos and pray at his shrines (Sided with Imperials)
>Always give coins to beggars
>Always use the kindest responses when given multiple choices

>> No.50500677

but if you give coins to beggars after praying you lose your buff!

>> No.50500696

That was more about going back multiple steps of worldbuilding and re-doing it. Just an idea, thought, mind you. No beasts, men and mer. Just men or mer or beasts.

I don't know what he preferred, but I'll stick with men for the conversation's sake. Change all the races to men. Instead of using race as a major differentiating factor between the peoples; use culture, use religion, use mythology. Something.

>> No.50500702

And? I do it whatever order I want anyway. I don't let meta decisions get in the way of my choice.

>> No.50500714

>Maybe not necessarily in tribes and clans, but making the holds be more like medieval duchies
The Nords have always had a very tribal aspect to them. Prior to Skyrim their leaders were almost exclusively referred to as 'Chieftains.'
Though as I said, it would make the most sense that if with most groups, their tribal origins evolved to be more cultural distinctions, when I say this I'm thinking sort of along the lines of groups like the Franks.
Though there should still be a fair amount of actual tribal groups like the Skaal within Skyrim.

>> No.50500801

>remove helmet in town and walk instead of run
>sell loot at multiple shops instead of using the Dunmer from Battlehorn Castle addon
>collect all books that increase attributes because KNOWLEDGE
>litter half of my home with bones and the other half with flowers because Madgod

>> No.50501537

>>Wear my Amulet of Kynareth and prey at her shrines before under taking a great task or adventure

That's pretty kawaii, anon.

>> No.50501673

How did people of Tamriel realise that Tiber Septim became a God? Did he rise in a column of light to heaven? Did he come down and say hi?

>> No.50501702

One day something in the West goes BOOM and he was always a god.

>> No.50502082

What is cute about praying? Are you not a pious Knight of the Dragon in service to our King Gothryd?

>> No.50502252

Is there any precedent on traditional Redguard wedding customs?
Would one spouse unsatisfied with an arranged marriage challenging the other to a martial duel to prove their worth seem valid?

>> No.50503194

>look what i can do
>wow guess he's a god

>> No.50503424

Dragonbreak raped the lore. Talos' apotheosis was a mistake.

>> No.50504363

>> No.50504654

Well the Nords kind of thought him a god to begin with.

>> No.50504800

Are you me?

I do all that but I only change into civilian clothes when I'm not about to do something.

>> No.50505011

>Kindness and mercy to everyone
> Almost never commit crimes (If it's for the greater good like destroying the Dark Brotherhood or contributing to my other autism)
>Collect one of every lootable animal or monster parts (hides,body parts, fish or bugs in Skyrim, essence, etc)
>Not sure if autism because I'm sure everyone probably does it but collect any unique weapons and apperal and try to get full sets of faction armor, as long as I don't have to kill for it or steal it
>Collect all types of alcohol (for unique ones for misc quests like firebrand or dragonsbreath or argonian ale I will pickpocket it and then put it in a merchant's invetory to buy it back but I also put something valuable in the victims pocket)
>Collect all types of gems and any unique item really
>Always walk away if bandits beg or flee
>Really liked Hearthfire and Battlehorn castle

How autistic am I?

>> No.50505085


I wrote a thing.

>> No.50505278

That's actually the exact explanation I would have given

>> No.50505415

So here's the important question:

Ghost planet when?

>> No.50505438

is this a mod?

>> No.50505452


>> No.50505466

We need more ghosts for that.

>> No.50505517

If they made Colovians distinct from Nibenese in some way, which I doubt they ever will then I'd probably drop Nord as my main race

>> No.50505540

No Altmer? Hmm. Argonians, I resent how whiny Skyrim's writers portrayed them.

Argonians seemed less bitchy when they were slaves under the Dunmer than they seemed as workers under Nords.

>> No.50505569

>Always walk away if bandits beg or flee

>''I yield!''
>attacks again

And I would let the motherfuckers live too if they just walked away.

>> No.50506171

Shitmer, of course.

>> No.50506186

Same, I want to play as a northern Colovian

>> No.50506223

Well, actually that isnt even that strange
Most of the slaves in Morrowind were captured by House Dres
House Dres is infamous for how good they are at breaking the minds of their slaves

The Argonian workers in Skyrim arent mind broken to work like their enslaved counterparts
So its not that strange that they would complain more than mind broken Argonian slaves

>> No.50506232

>showing mercy to murderous thugs who will no doubt return to their murderous ways as soon as you are out of earshot
>this is what the divines actually teach

>> No.50506243

There's actually a mod for that, although you cant really talk to them and it never says a location is cleared.

>> No.50506297

>make deal with Clavicus Vile for all the mer pussy I can handle in exchange for my soul.
>mfw I forgot about the orsimer

>> No.50506318

Agility and Intelligence remain strong in this edition, but we've done some things that are going to shift power back into Strength and Willpower.

An example: Block is now far better for several reasons, giving Strength characters a defense that works in many cases better than Evade.

For Willpower, our damage spells now have the option to scale with WpB in some ways and Willpower also plays into magicka cost reduction in a neat way that can enable you to run a heavy Willpower focused mage and be successful with less Int.

Talents are getting entirely redone, and I think you're right that things are a bit lopsided, but at the end of the day Intelligence is still going to be the "skillmonkey" characteristic. Agility is going to take a hit for sure though, there's no way around that.

As for the specifics of current talents, don't worry too much about them. We're overhauling them and most of those attached systems (like all of crafting!)

I'm going to be doing a full rundown of the big 3e changes soon, and it'll start to make more sense then.

>> No.50506423

I do those first three.

>Visit family at least once every three to five days.
>Try to find ways to pay respects to my chosen deities. Usually Julianos and Azura.
>When at home, spend some time cooking to RP that I'm making food for family.

>> No.50506459

Oh, and I should also say that Endurance is really good now. We've implemented a meta point mechanic revolving around Stamina that gives pure physical fighter types some more cool shit to do in combat that makes having more End worth it for more than just having a lot of HP.

>> No.50506640

Every time I see artwork by Kirkbride I haven't seen before, I fall in love again. I wish I could draw like he does

>> No.50506788

I want the next Elder Scrolls game to take place during the fall/disappearance of the Dwemer. Their steam tech in its prime, the enslavement of their cousins because they are refugees, grossly huge Atmorans removing Mer, a world unlike any Elder Scrolls game, and so on...

>> No.50506801


>> No.50507284

It's not autism, anon, it's roleplaying. This is /tg/, where people pretend to be elves and dorfs and shitpost about it online.

Anyways, there's too many to count, so here are a few.
>Eat at least twice a day, sometimes have tea time in Morrowind using Trauma root.
>Sleep every night. Normally at home with the family.
>Have days where the character relaxes and trains, maybe smokes some moonsugar or drink a bit or spends time with the family,
>Always carry utensils, a bowl, and a saucepan to cook in.
>Carry a rag and Sloadsoap to wash.
>Carry robes and a pillow or two for camping. Bonus for pelts, the Extra Comfy Pillow, or Icecap to stay warm at night.
>Learn as many spells as possible for the sake of knowing them. e.g. Emasculate.
>Decorate my house(s) to suite my character, normally put some Telvanni Bug musk around to make the place smell nice.
>In Skyrim pray to the deities that I like.
>Collect all the skillbooks/books I really like (such as Chance's Folly) I pick up. In Skyrim I put them all on one shelf and put all my used Spellbooks on another shelf. I like to think my character is teaching his son magic and uses those books.
>Keep instruments around the house.
>Cast water walking instead of walking over a puddle or walking in the rain.
>Keep Alchemy items in their own lab instead of carrying them around everywhere.
>Name my horse
>When I live in a town, go out and meet the townspeople. Essentially do a quest that would increase their disposition and/or just use speechcraft.
>Keep pets, be it a pack rat or a Familiar.
>Keep a fishing rod to help spend my days off.
>Always choose the merciful/good option. Use Speech to solve things instead of violence.

>> No.50507290

Which Tribunal is Best Tribunal?

>> No.50507305

I like the new Tribunal more.

>> No.50508094

I /want/ to like khajiits. I really do.
I just hate them so fucking goddamn much.
Argonians are also kinda shit, but outside skyrim they're rather charming somehow.
I actually sort of like altmer
Why "I aint got to explain shit"?

>> No.50508178

that last one, yeah. Black soul gems are used on people who earn it.
I also aim to sleep more when my character is lower leveled.
also decorate house to fit my character, not necessarily what I myself would like.
I always talk to everyone in a town and walk around multiple routes before deciding to settle there.

>> No.50509416

Save the thread.

>> No.50509578

Play a khajiit Monk with two clubs or get a unarmed mod. Also skill restoration. Help innocent people and kick the shit out of baddies. Steal from the rich and give to the Poor.

>> No.50509752

Alduin's wall made by actual akaviri where Blades are depicted as human-like seems more credible.

>> No.50510747

I always go Nord that flat out supports empire, but I love Colovians as well, better than those greasy Nibenese

>> No.50510763

That's not MK art.

>> No.50510764

I hate everything skyrim did to the blades tbqh

>> No.50510881

From what i understand,in redguard religion,lorkhan is seen as a bad god or a trickster.Is it possible they will join with thalmor in wiping out man or do they hate elves more?
Also what happend to lefhanded elves?Are they maomer?

>> No.50510903

What makes you like a deity? I usually stick to lorkhan and Talos like a fly on shit and give is very interesting
In fact anyone that knows about or mentions the walking ways and mantling I try and hoard knowledge and books on

>> No.50510907

Vehk not give you fag phone

>> No.50510926

Not a chance in hell will they join the dominion considering they broke off from the empire because they refused to agree with the treaty, and carried on 'alone' (fighting with imperial trained and equipped veterans is not alone...) hopefully they'll be suppressed and bent back in to line when the empire rises again

>> No.50511014

The Empire is finished, fanboy. Even Talos knows this.

>> No.50511024

The empire hasn't been one smooth continues thing, it WILL rise again

>> No.50511038

Also presumably talking about wulf saying how good a bit of change would be pre oblivion crisis, and then the empire most certainly changes

>> No.50511046

All previous empires required a divine intervention to kickstart them. So unless we'll see somebody rivaling Talos/Reman/Akatosh the Empire's future is bleak as fuck.
inb4 Last Dragonborn

>> No.50511101

Tiber made the empire great again through sheer cuntishness alone until he started getting into some crazy shit with his buddies
Talos is still around and perfectly powerful, all we need is a single lorkhan loving character that is open to the power of love, well violence

>> No.50511295

so i thought about and i like it. especially the implications.
as your pic shows, norn is more less a world-on-the-inside. that would mean that moons and planets are on the inside of Mundus and so the mananauts do not have to travel through void to reach moons. also that explains why you can explore space in a moth ship which is basically an animal.

this also means that there is no mysterious barrier in the middle of space, but nirn itself is the barrier from aetherius.

now the sun and the stars would be a holes in the seas, right? then the sun m, magnus, can actually be lyg or aldmeris that you kind of can travel to.

im not a big fan of the time idea, but then perhaps the time travel is the way to escape the end of kalpa? redguards call it moving at strange angles, and so on. or maybe you cant travel beyond your own kalpa?

im not gonna roll with this idea, but still it was neat to think about

>> No.50511366

>as your pic shows, norn is more less a world-on-the-inside
Please elaborate.

>> No.50511431

resdaynia ain't free

>> No.50511440

look at tge pic i refered to. the world is a sphere but with life on the inside rather than outside. if dig long enough you will escape the nirn. ever wondered why adamantin tower is half buried? or why lorkhans heart was so deep underground? closer to aetherius, maybe

>> No.50511445

>join with thalmor

>> No.50511467

I don't understand where did you get "inside" from. In the pic it's outside.

>> No.50511487

The funny thing is that I always root humans, despise almalexia, and I really fucking hate the tribunal temple, I hate the daedra any and all, but I can't help respect and admire that hermaphroditic gold fucker, and despite everything I forgive him for sliding the truth into the sermons, and for shoving his milk spear down that cunt azura throat

>> No.50512130

Redguards hate the Thalmor, seeing as they went on to fight them for over five years after the Great War because they didnt want to be included in the Dominion

Also the Left Handed Elves were completely wiped out by the Redguards back in Yokuda

The Moarmer are Elves who were banished from Aldmeris and they went to Pyandonea
They love to raid the Summerset Isles, but ever since the Empire and the Altmer united and destroyed a huge fleet of the Moarmer

>> No.50512162

Well actually Tiber Septim needed divine powers to form his empire
The Tribunal gave him the Numidium which allowed Tiber to crush the Aldmeri Dominion AND eradicate those not loyal to him

>> No.50512167

look at how the plane of the world forms a sphere and then it bends up around it.

>> No.50512193

What's the problem?

>> No.50512194

So whats your opinion, was Talos worshiped as a god before The Warp in the West or was it instigated in one of the parallel universes that in the end conbined with singular universe after the dragon break?

>> No.50512200

This is not the actual shape of the plane(t), just a representation of how the space of it is distorted.

>> No.50512221


>> No.50512244

OMG Talos worship is indeed heretical.

How can i suppor Thalmor in Skyrim? How can i make it canon? Will C0DA help!>!>?

>> No.50512295

You can start by not typing like a retard.

>> No.50512351

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

>> No.50513200

>> No.50513903

Why were the Dwemer such cunts to the Falmer?
Was it because the Falmer were very religious which angered the fedora tipping Dwemer

>> No.50513944

because the Dwemer were such cunts to everybody
everybody but people able to fuck them up if they try funky shit. the tribunal for example

>> No.50513962

It was another facet in their attempts to reverse process of the subgradient.

They weren't just doing it to be jerks.

>> No.50513968

But to go as far as they went
They werent that cunts to the Nords nor the Chimer
The Tribunal didnt exist before the disappearance of the Dwemer btw

>> No.50513982


>> No.50514015

>The Tribunal didnt exist before the disappearance of the Dwemer btw
I thought they were cool with Kagrenac and rose through power with his help

>> No.50514081

>All creation is subgradient. First was Void, which became split by AE. Anu and Padomay came next and with their first brush came the Aurbis.


>> No.50514100

He means the Tribunal as god-kings.

>> No.50514401

>Sotha in Kars position
That can't be coincidence.

>> No.50514789

>They werent that cunts to the Nords nor the Chimer
That's because the neither the Nords or Chimer ever went to them saying, 'hey we just got fucked up, can we stay with you guys?'

>> No.50514792

how do bosmer reproduce? do they lay eggs?
I'd imagine that any bosmer female giving birth to a living bosmer baby would croak the instant its ugly face emerges, so eggs seem to make sense.

>> No.50514832

This gave me a good laugh.

>> No.50515028

Sadly, I think Sotha gets the Kars position because he's the only Tribunal commonly depicted with a mask.

>> No.50515034

Whats the lore behind some Bosmer having horns?

>> No.50515050

Their ugly is barely being contained behind an ounce of glamour and divine magic.

>> No.50516164

Updated Scrollhammer. Main change is the Witchmen of the Reach being added.

>> No.50516297

Sweet, I'll have a look at that as soon as I'm done playing Realms of Atlantasia.

>> No.50517220

I guess they're remnants from when they weren't elves, during the Dark Days of Yore.

>> No.50518010


>> No.50518058

>Kaludu: Two-Dimensional Strike. Does a null-width cut bleed?
>Mosedesi: Two-Dimensional Parry. That is debatable but there is no doubt I can block a null-width blade with my bare hand.
>Mosedesi effortlessly removes the sword from Kaludu's hand and returns it immediately.

>> No.50519141

Was the numidium sentient, or just a mindless golem with god powers? Also why did the tribunal need to give it to the empire to broker a peace deal? If vivec was powerful enough to skullfuck daedric princes wouldn't the 3 of them be powerful enough to fuck up a load of humans? idgi

>> No.50519295

they lay eggs in clutches stuck to the side of tree trunks which then hatch into the bosmer's larval form.

>> No.50519320

>TES VI has you use another Numidium to crush the Thalmor like Tiber Septim crushed the second Dominion
>Numidium controls exactly like a power armor suit from Fallout 4
post yfw

>> No.50519592

A friend and I started working on a Catholic reinterpretation of Elder Scrolls.
Why? Because it's fun. Also because it's time to end GNOSTIC interpretations of TES lore.

Not sure what kind of feedback I expect, but any thoughts on this so far?

I'm not on board with everything, but for simplicity's sake we threw out change completely and replaced it with chaos. This will need further examination.

>> No.50519636


>> No.50520227

It was supposed to be sentient, but wasn't until Landfall.

Vivec knew what the deal with Talos was. There's a whole segment in the Sermons where he hides from him before he even exists.

Is this Lorkhan a Satanic figure or not?

>> No.50520291

>Is this Lorkhan a Satanic figure or not
He's a being tainted by original sin and broken (as /pol/ would say "black pill"), but due to a shard of Memory (Nir - perfect creation), he started walking the path toward redemption. He constructs Mundus, a place of free will wherer when Amaranth (God's Love) comes, sins will be forgiven (think confession) and everyone judged whether they can go forward into endless Heavens outside "the dream".

This makes Lorkhan the first hero.

>> No.50520366

Is there a direct parallel to this in Catholicism (I can't think of any that fit all of that criteria), or is it more of a general tone?

>> No.50520412

Jesus is the meta-hero. Lorkhan is the ur-hero.

It's not really relevant or related to real world. However, TES world is one where hero is a metaphysical reality, so Lorkhan is an important figure in that way.
We're also mussing about daedra and aedra right now and aedra seem to be straight up angelic spirits while daedric Princes are outright demonic - no final decision about lesser daedra.

We've only established this framework of creation/universe map for now. We'll take our time to construct soul theory (boy, this'll be fun) and CHIM explanation.

>> No.50520482

Wouldn't that make Shezarrines something like Jesus?

>> No.50520512

More like propets, but we haven't yet explored all possibilities to say that for certain.

>> No.50521060

I think ESO notes that while the nubs like in Morrowind may be natural, the full blown antlers are magically grown.

>> No.50521090

What do yall think about this?


>> No.50521119


>> No.50521260

Good, if laid out a little oddly imho.

Still downloaded as a PDF for more perusing.

>> No.50521351


>> No.50521440


>> No.50521483


>> No.50521585


>> No.50521731

So I'm running a game for my mates and I just want to run their PCs past you guys to see if they are trying to pull a fast one on me. They're more familiar with the nitty gritty lore than I am, but I'm the only one competent enough to actually GM.

All the players are in a mercenary band running away from a pissed off a Telvanni magister, a Forsworn band, and a rival Merc band

>Argonian Veteran: From Bruma, fought in the Great War with the Legion. Favors the spear and the shield, nothing too crazy here. Party leader.

>Nord McNordicson: Son of a Headsman, from Eastmarch. Was a legion soldier with Scours-the-Marsh, but got wrapped up in the Markarth Incident. Defected from the Stormcloaks after he contracted Lycanthropy after a Werewolf attacked him while on patrol.

>Dickass Khajiit: Fairly convoluted back story, but the player is the best RPer in the group, so I gave it a pass. His family was caught up in a hostile takeover by a rival caravan, forcing his siblings, his only surviving family, to flee Elsweyr, scattering across Tamriel. He fled to Hammerfel, where he performed for coin with his lute and dance. Now scours Skyrim looking for his brother, where he contracted vampirism. The circumstances heavily imply that his brother is either studying vampires, or is a vampire himself. Uses Khajiit kung fu as he has forsaken blades after he killed his lover in a drug/blood thirst fueled rager. Party face and rouge. Cheeky bugger

>Orc Vigilant: Former Vigilant of Stendarr, who separated or was persecuted by the group after being mindbroken by Sheogorath and used by Herma Mora. Was a Vigilant scholar and archivist. Was studying how Dwemer dealt with the supernatural, and now studies them in an effort to win back his sanity for Mora by knowing everything about them. Is played like a Grandpa with alzheimers as opposed to LOL SO RANDUM crazy person.


>> No.50521795

>Thalmor Defector: Faggot Altmer Interrogator that fucked up hard enough on such a grand scale that he warranted a purging. Escaped his fate, changed his name, his face (which is just as handsome as it was before, he assures you) and hooked up with the first group to pay him for magic and not ask questions about his past. Is arrogant as piss, but has made the rest of the party Honorary Altmer. Healer and Fireballbot.

So would you give them a pass /tesg/?

>> No.50522005

What the FUCK are the races of Akavir? Are they races from another Kalpa like the Dreugh? Are they like the Hist and Argonians? Are they just more races of men/mer?

Speaking of, what the fuck are Khajiit? I thought they were relatives of the Bosmer, but I guess I was wrong.

>> No.50522069

the more TES lore I read, the less any of it makes sense

>> No.50522074

Nothing stands out as particularly bad.

They're a mirror of the next kalpa/dream/cycle/whatever.

You're not really wrong about the cats, both descend from the same group.

>> No.50522111

>Vivec assembles a spear from the bones of his armor.
>Vivec: "Here, this is Muatra. Guess what it represents."
>Vivec stuffs Muatra into Azura's mouth.

>> No.50522197

With Alduin otherwise indisposed, there is no 'next kalpa', is there? So what does that make Akavir now?

>> No.50522213

>They're a mirror of the next kalpa/dream/cycle/whatever.
Could you expand on this?

>> No.50522266

"The future."

Not really sure on the specifics, sorry. But, then again, no one is. It's one of the most mysterious things we actually do know a lot about.

Sure. It was talked about earlier in this thread if you want to read it.

Basically, it's like time zones. Yokuda is the past, Tamriel is the present (the starry heart aka the only place that matters) and Akavir is the future. When you go to, for example, Yokuda, you are traveling into the past.

It's really confusing, and we barely know the details.

>> No.50522316

What about Lyg?

>> No.50522328

alduin is gonna show up at the end of the kalpa at the behest of akatosh who is to lazy to actually do anything himself so he always has an avatar or minion do it.

>> No.50522332

Lyg is the coffee stain on the other side of the map. It's the Adjacent Place. It's in another kalpa. It's Bizzaro Tamriel.

>> No.50522344

We don't talk about lyg...

>> No.50522345

That was the plot of Skyrim.

>> No.50522369

Ooga booga where da Mer wimmin at?

>> No.50522382

Whoops, forgot my pic

>> No.50522398

I think the idea of Skyrim was that he jumped the gun on the whole consuming creation thing, so the LDB, as the incarnation of Alduin's timeboss, tells him to fuck off and do his job properly in 5 ages time or something.

>> No.50522424

No, alduin got thrust forward in time by an elder scroll. There was no proof that he was actually going to destroy the world at the time of skyrim. He hadn't during the time the dragon cult, and there was no signs he was doing anything but reasserting authority over the world. He was happy eating souls and ruling humans.
It was theorized by the greybeards that, not having his soul absorbed by the dragonborn meant he still had a chance of reforming at a later time.

>> No.50522465

Two words boitch.
Talos remade the land for his Red Legions, because he loves us.

>> No.50522490

Cat folk. End of discussion. They combine the worst parts of Arabs, Jews, Latinos, and Furries.

>> No.50522562

>Are they just more races of men/mer?
C'mon, not everything has to be men/mer. They are beastfolk races.

>> No.50522602




>> No.50522740

That's just imperial propaganda. White-Gold Tower is what changed Cyrodiil.

>> No.50522758

Could some of them be Ehlnofey that somehow didn't have their powers degenerate to the point that they were no longer sentient?

>> No.50522785

I was under the impression that Alduin had just up and decided he didn't want to consume the world, and instead wanted to rule over it as king?
Also, did the other provinces have dragons flying around during the events of Skyrim?

>> No.50522949

I bet you always play nords

>> No.50523084

I don't know, he was coming directly from the past, even. The fact that Akatosh wants to stop it isn't because it's too early, but rather that he now has a vested interest in prolonging the kalpa.

That he wanted to rule rather than eat is a theory that mostly came around because of inconsistencies.

>> No.50523466

So is Atmora a real place then?

>> No.50523519

Atmora is the opposite of lyg, same as akavir is the opposite of youkada.
>no one can debate this

>> No.50523525

Yeah, Atmora is a real place. They're all real places, just metaphysically significant.

So, for example, time is frozen in Atmora.

>> No.50523535

No, it's the opposite (sort of) of Aldmeris.

>> No.50524076

Noob here to the lore. Didn't they advance the plot into the future for this game? Also how has there not been a tabletop wargame made for this yet?

>> No.50524168

>Didn't they advance the plot into the future for this game?

Which game are you referring to? If it's Skyrim then yes. It's 400 some years into the future.

>Also how has there not been a tabletop wargame made for this yet?

There's one in the works but it's very much a WIP

>> No.50524194


Remember awhile ago they advanced the setting or something to the future. Like laser guns and shit.

>> No.50524225

>the author's name

The more I play ESO, the more I start to think there might be some people on the team trying to insert some proper lore that isn't total dogshit without getting caught.

>> No.50524393


>> No.50524427

You might want to check out Scrollhammer.

>> No.50524445

well you can blame their behavior on how the thalmor fucked them up.

They had no real Organisation and became what they are in Skyrim.

I agree they are too focused on killIng dragons than the worship of reman and talos

>> No.50524476

There is a khajiti quest in eso where you go to moon with mane

>> No.50524507

Is this hinted at in the lore or is it just your theory?
Because if it's just your theory I like it quiet a lot.

>> No.50524651


>> No.50524772

The first half is established, the second is conjecture

>> No.50524781

Wait, what?

Please tell me you do so after the Khajiti people stand atop each other's shoulders/backs.

>> No.50525132

This is essentially the concept behind Borges' Library of Babel. Seems fitting for Apocrypha.

>> No.50525196

i thought muatra was made from the pieces he chewed out of molag bal's spear

>> No.50525690

>Wulf and Bloodmoon hint at a big change in the empire
>Holy shit empire is gonna get BTFO!
>170 years
>Haha! Empire might've survived the oblivion crisis but I swear they're gonna get owned this time in the great war
>30 years later
>I-it's gonna collapse any time I swear, it hasn't recovered from the great war yet
Truly BTFO. Wulf totally wasn't simply foreshadowing the Oblivion Crisis, he actually predicted the Empire would crash with no survivors but he's been wrong for 200 years so far.

I'm not saying Wulf/Talos is an idiot, the people who interpret his sayings wrong are idiots.

>> No.50525706

>Aldmeris is in Nirn's center

>> No.50525714

Enlist with the Stormcloaks today to play divide and conquer for your elven overlords.

>> No.50525730

Redguards and or Argonians.

>> No.50525736

Where did this theory come from again?

>> No.50525784

As Hadvar said, "I hate giant spiders. What's next? Giant snakes?"

So the next game is a pick from:
Or the wildcart
>Somewher on Akavir

>> No.50525866

But the Empire DID get btfo after all. I get that Medes are supposed to be related to Reman Dynasty through Cuhlecain but it's not nearly enough to pull through. Not to mention some faggets in tights did kill the current emperor.
Morrowind is in ruins, Skyrim is in shambles, Argonians stopped giving a fuck long ago and Hammerfell fucked off. Shit's gonna get dark for the Empire whether you like it or not.

>> No.50525874

Aldmeris is not really on Nirn anymore.

>> No.50526325

Um....wasn't Aldmeris supposed to be more of an Elven myth, not a distinct landmass, but the ancient Nirn in the Dawn Era as it was seen by the ancestors of Elves.

>> No.50526386

There's also this interpretation, yes.
The important point is that you can't really go there anymore.

>> No.50526735

Just posting to say this is probably the best General OP i've seen in a while, pretty helpful.

>> No.50526918

Atmora is lost in time (cause it's all frozen and time stands still there)
Aldmeris is lost in space (cause we can't find it)

>> No.50527008

No, you dont go to Lleswer but a place the khajiit dont particulary like, its called the Lorkhajs Den and it is a dead black zone, from how i understand it it is the part of the moon that is covered in "shadows" so lunar lorkahns decay.

Some of ESOs lore is very good, just not the part by KFC guy (besides the Mananaut stuff, i guess KFC guy made the Mananauts canon again)

>> No.50527030

What's the pig from

>> No.50527578

Yeah, and it's filled to the brim with bullshit.

>> No.50527632

>Q: Why did Vivec+Nerevar visit A(l)tmora and not Aldmeris, if they're the Mannish/Merrish perspectives of proto Tamriel?
>MK: Aldmeris is not a real thing.

Nu-Mantia Intercept:
>The Aldmer began to split along cultural lines, on how best to spread creation and their parts in it. Each Tower that was built exemplified a separate accordance.
>This sundering of purpose is the myth of the "destruction of Aldmeris."

I think it's fairly certain that there was never such a place as Aldmeris.

>> No.50527661

Ah, but was it always never a thing?

>> No.50528373

Illusion magic my man.
As soon as you get to Farengar learn the middle, courage and calm spell.

>> No.50528521

I honestly think this is just do to Bethesda's unwillingness to bring actual change to the setting.
From Daggerfalls intro:
>Four hundred years after Tiber Septim's reign, the beginning will meet the end, and the bloody circle will close in the Empire of Tamriel
From Daggerfall's Manual:
>The civilization that Tiber Septim forced onto the subjects of his Empire has nearly fallen: as The Elder Scrolls predicted, the bloody wheel has nearly turned all the way back to anarchy.
The fall of the Empire was something planned for a long time, Bethesda just never had the balls to go along with it.
Given the foreshadowing that is provided in Morrowind, I would guess that it was originally planned that the Empire would fall after the events of Oblivion (especially seeing as Oblivion as a game had been planned since at least Battlespire).

>> No.50528616

Define "thing".

>> No.50528755

200 years.

There's been future era stuff for a while, but it's not the setting for the game (yet).

I'm pretty sure that's Kurt offscreen.

Maybe, but now it's his, just like CHIM.

Morrowind, mostly.


Mananauts were never not canon.

That's the question.

>> No.50528845

If you have any questions, we may be able to help you.

>> No.50529035

Reading through the thread, I always like reading about parties. Can you tell me more about your dude's characters?

>> No.50529038

Aldmeris was real in the sense that it was real to the Aldmer. It existed in the collective thought and ideal of the Aldmer, it was how they perceived and interacted with the world, their culture as a world I should say. Like a heaven to them.
It is not just a coincidence that 'Aldmeris' refers to both a land and a language.
>In no representation of Aldmeris are there any trees or life but the Aldmer themselves. It appears always as an endless city, built upon itself over and over again, until no nature remains at all
>Others claim that the elven homeland has left Mundus, and will only return when the races of mer are united as one
And suddenly the Thalmor begin to make a lot more sense.

>> No.50529053


>> No.50529091

It doesn't hurt anymore, I'm too numb from the liquor.

>> No.50529367

>Elder Scrolls Monopoly

I'd play it.

>> No.50529380

Only if it's set in the 9th era.

>> No.50529409


Overpowered Dex and Int builds are a problem in a lot of skill based rpgs, though.

>> No.50529426

If there was some sort of lorebeard convention, and someone brought it, I'd play the fuck out of it.

>> No.50529489

To be fair, high Int builds are pretty overpowered in real life as well. Even if it is intrinsically going to be better to have high intelligece, RPGs are about fun. Even if there never will be a perfect balance, as long as it's fun to play other things it should be fine.

>> No.50529600

Nah I like Bretons.
Just like Early Beard

>> No.50529850

Yeah, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to do something about it.
It's not a balance issue, it's more about the fact that ideally every type of character should feel like it has meaningful and fun options.

>> No.50529855

What are some good, creepy cults that I can have in a game I'm running? I could always go with the bog standard Forsworn, necromancers, or vampires, but I want something different.

>> No.50529910

Daedric cults can be pretty creepy.

>> No.50529941

Cult of Talos
Scholar-Warlocks of Hermaeus Mora
Trainwiz's Sybandisfags

>> No.50529948

Satakal Cultists.

>> No.50530053

I've yet to find anything inherently bad about Redguard lore
is there anything that sticks out as bad for them?

>> No.50530219

That's a large part of what we're working on. We've certainly taken some power away from Int and Agility, but a lot of the solution has just been buffing up other approaches.

>> No.50530235


Also: no, there isn't.

>> No.50530297

only thing I'm really missing is the life of the average Redguard, so if there's anything on that I'll need a link or something

>> No.50530322

Lifespans is TES are vague for almost everyone apart from imperials/nords. The only correct answer for the others is until they die.

>> No.50530393

I've read before that people have said Sotha Sil didn't really die, he just transfered his conciousness into the clockwork city. Is there any truth behind this?

>> No.50530494

>Here lies a member of a race of nirn
>From when he was alive - When he died

>> No.50530518

I'm talking about how the average redguard would live, like eating habits or shitting positions

>> No.50530589


>> No.50530647

Are there any Mountains of Madness-tier ruins in Atmora?

>> No.50530871


>> No.50530940

>Hammerfell fucked off.
Well, not entirely. Hammerfell is not officially part of the Empire anymore, but they're still secretly allies.

>> No.50530942

Yeah, I want some Redguard slice of life lore too.

>> No.50531039

I know that there isn't an answer, but whay do you think the Aedric spirits looked like before creation? I know they currently look like planets now but is that just the way a mortals brain can comprehend them?

>> No.50531133


>> No.50531138

Or rather, sapient mortals are Aedroids, unlike animals and shit.

>> No.50531141

Probably something beyond mortal comprehension, and I would assume they can take whatever form they choose if they present themselves to mortals, like the Daedra Princes.

Or this.

>> No.50531246

Oh, yeah sure. Let me get my notes

>> No.50531249

Now that I think of it, Hermaeus Mora was originally an Atmoran demon, from the time it was an elven kingdom called Altmora. So Atmoran ruins could potentially be absolutely rad.

Speaking of that, what would Altmoran elves look like? Falmer? Or maybe Dwemer?

>> No.50531327

Plus, everyone was bigger back then, so the ruins will be even more cyclopean.

No clue on the elves. That's getting into some weirdness right there.

>> No.50531493

Yeah, true.

Altmoran elves probably didn't share the culture/ancestry with other elven nations, because they didn't hail from Aldmeris:
>Auri-El led the original Aldmer against the armies of Lorkhan in mythic times, vanquishing that tyrant and establishing the first kingdoms of the Altmer, Altmora and Old Ehlnofey.
(Varieties of Faith in the Empire)

Which makes me think that Dwemer, being alien fucks they are, actually descended from Atmoran elves and not Sumurset settlers.

>> No.50531727

It's probably not as clear as contemporary myth would have it, with all the shenanigans about kalpas and dawn time going on. Like Atmora:Yokuda::Warrior Wave:The Return.

>> No.50531825

That ... that Atmora is a modified Imperial Seal, turned the other way and fattened up. Would that imply that they pulled the symbol out of their racial memory? You know, if it actually looked like that.

>> No.50531850

Imperial Drake Seal is Akaviri in origin.

>> No.50532041

I like these

>> No.50532055

Oh yeah, forgot about that. But still, it's kind of interesting how the Atmorans, who had such a Dragon focus, might have a homeland shaped like a dragon.

>> No.50532059


>> No.50532075


>> No.50532085

It's just art by some random dude.

>> No.50532095

>> No.50532303

>Altmoran elves
They would just be Aldmer, they got kicked out of Atmora anyways.

>> No.50533141

Anyone notice that they're aldmer before they kill lorkhan and altmer afterwards

>> No.50534910


>Scours-the-Marsh: The eldest hatchling to a family of warriors, his great grand sires having taken part in the sacking of Morrowind, and their sires before there were trapped in Oblivion after Dagon sealed the Black Marsh gates during the Argonian counter assault. As a young lizard he struck out on his own, joining a bandit group in Cyrodiil led by a charismatic, yet bloodthirsty, Argonian, Blade-Fangs. StM was his protégé and Lieutenant, enforcing discipline and meting out justice amongst the ranks. Eventually they caught the attention of the Legion after months of malingering and raiding in Bruma. StM was tasked by Blade-Fangs to assassinate the Imperial commander hunting them down, after introducing him to the organization's inner circle, a cult to Boethia. Uneasy with the revelation that the bandits where the militant arm to a Daedric cult, but unwilling to disobey his master's orders, he snuck into the Imperial camp to take out the Legate.

>What he didn't count on was being betrayed by a Boethian Cultist. The Legate's tent was empty, and when he exited the tent he was greeted by drawn bows and stacked shields. He was captured, the intended target informing him that an anonymous letter was left in his tent the night before warning him of his impending doom. Upon being shown the letter in question the Argonian recognized the penmanship of his master. It took little effort to convince him to show the Imperials the location of his camp. Scours-the-Marsh stood at the Legate's side during the assault, and after a great deal of negotiation was able to join in on exacting revenge against those who betrayed him. Upon his confrontation with Blade-Fangs it was revealed that he betrayed him simply before he was betrayed, his meteoric rise through the ranks and respect of the men threatened his position. Scours-the-Marsh wounded him and left him to burn in the ruins of the camp.

>> No.50535221

>He would later enlist in the Imperial legion under the command of the Legate that sparred his life. Despite all discrimination due to his past, he proved to be a ruthless soldier, tireless warrior, and later, efficient commander. Over his years of service he dedicated himself to the legion, and by the time he became Praefect the Great War had broken out. He fought in Hammerfel, then later in Cyrodiil during the siege of the Imperial City under Titus Mede. The climax of the Great War saw him become a Tribune. After the White Gold Concordat Scours-the-Marsh retired from the Legion, taking his savings and taking off to Skyrim, the farthest he could go from Alinor. In the Outbreak of the Civil War, StM wandered Skyrim gathering fighters into a flourishing mercenary band, many of whom were veterans that had served with him. The Outlanders, as they call themselves, take the fight to the Aldmeri Dominion were possible, protecting Imperial interests under the guise of Banditry and sellswordmanship.

>After a particularly nasty argument with his seconds in command spurred on by outside manipulation by House Telvanni and the Thalmor, Scours-the-Marsh left the Outlanders, disbanding them. One of his Lieutenants, an old friend and fellow Imperial Captain, filled the void in his absence, an Imperial by the name of Titus Aurelius Crucifixus, in an attempt to preserve the group should he return. His rival, an Alik'r warrior by the name of Yeshua, took many of the men and made his own band, the Hammers of Anvil, and actively hunts the grizzled Argonian.

>Scours-the-Marsh now leads a small band of adventurers and misfits, seeking to take out his enemies and fulfill his debts to his men and comrades, before retaking his Mercenary company and peacefully retiring in Argonia.

>> No.50535317


>Scours-the-Marsh himself is a lizard of few words, terse, straight forward, and bold. The first one into the breach and the last one out StM, or Marsh as his friends call him, is a frontlines leader, but can allow his vendettas to blind him, separating himself from his men so he can settle a score personally. This quiet fury has almost cost him his life, but his skill as a duelist is comparable to his skill as a rank and file fighter. Possessing a mind as mercantile as it is tactical, Marsh would rather intimidate his way through a negotiation than try and waste time appealing to the logic and common sense of another. However, knowing what to say and how to say it is just as vital when pressuring someone as it is when using a more silvered tongue.

>He greatly enjoys chunky stews and stiff ale, as well as grilled fish and dry wines. He prefers books on history and warfare, and would prefer a still silence broken by the steady thrum of wildlife than the babbling of a bard and a fire. Despite being Argonian he dislikes swimming, at least in his gear, after an a boating incident during his time in the Legion.

>> No.50538095


>> No.50539011

Depends on what you mean by bad. Bad as in quality or Bad as in a flaw?

For example, the fact that Bosmeri men are short and ugly is a flaw, but it's interesting.

>> No.50539156

Is there only one of each daedric artifact, or are there multiple ones, like, say, multiple rings of hircine?

>> No.50539191

Just one, but it keeps vanishing and reappearing to provinces that are about to get their shit fucked up by a hero.

>> No.50540040

Can one conjure food, eat it, and maintain nourishment from it?

>> No.50540382

what episodes of the podcast/places to start with are the best to start at if your general knowledge of elder scrolls lore is hovering somewhere in the negative?
I've always thought what pieces that I stumbled across were fascinating, but I remember things wrong a lot.

I've got a group that would probably love an elder scrolls tabletop campaign, but I want to actually know what I'm working with before I start putting ideas together, or even crack open the core book.

>> No.50540405


>> No.50540419


>> No.50540420


>> No.50540428


>> No.50540447


>> No.50540553

What do you lot think of the Craglorn story in ESO?

>> No.50540572

Nobody plays ESO.

>> No.50540701

Meh. The Orsinium story is better, mainly because it has nice characters and doesn't try to mess with the metaphysics in TES lore.

Same I guess can be said of the Theives Guild.

>> No.50540965

From one of the books in Craglorn, describing how the Mage tried to hide from the Serpent:

>Or could she—and I do not write this lightly—seek to hide herself behind a dragon—a broken dragon? To travel the line, and then cut it; wrapping herself in a context where no one could ever follow?

I feel like I almost understand this, but not quite. I think it means travelling into the future then altering the present so the timeline you are in cannot occur, but I thought timelines recombine after a dragon break?

>> No.50541158

With the East Empire Trading Company being loosely based on the British East India Company (in the sense that they abandon all morals to turn a profit)
Has the East Empire Company ever done anything as bad as the Opium wars?

>> No.50541688

I don't think there are any lore sources on this, but this is an interesting idea nonetheless. Give us your headcanon.

>> No.50541940

Well, lorewise, it hasn't happen, but it might actually happen. I doubt that Bethesda would actually do this, but one can hope
However it would depend on the outcome of Skyrim, I'd assume
What I'd think that could happen in such a case would be that the Empire wins the Civil War but sees that it cost them more than they expected and with the Aldmeri Dominion breathing down their neck again they need to focus their power someplace else
So to ensure that the Legion can stay where necessary they give the East Empire Trading Company an Imperial Charter for exploitation of one of the lost provinces (Black Marsh, Hammerfell or Morrowind, your pick)
From that point on it goes exactly like the East India companies of Europe; small tradeposts, building up monopolies, buying private armies, recruiting local nobles, and finally subjegating the more powerful nobles
Would actually be pretty cool if they based a game around this happening

>> No.50542310

Start at episode one, start reading wherever, ask a lot of question.

I don't.

>> No.50542739

I have a question
Before the Armistice, how was Vvardenfell governed?
Who lived there? Only the Ashlanders or just about everyone?

>> No.50542830

I'm about to start playing ESO, so I'll give you an answer eventually.

>> No.50542985

Goodbye Nibennium. Goodbye Ald Cyrod. The dream shall blossom once more.

The ending of the words is Tam!RUGH!

>> No.50543006

There were some Great House settlements, but overall the whole island was Temple territory.

Vivec had a summer house in Balmora in 1E.

>> No.50543109

what server?

Orsinium is far better, Craglorn wasnt created with Story in mind imo. Still the visual design of the celestials is fairly cool and fittingly weird. Especialy the mage which reminds me a lot of Kill Six Billion Demons

>pic related

>> No.50543277

>Take Centurion Spider for 8$
>Spend an additional 2$ to get Sparks
>Swap Sparks with Firebloom for Free
>MG4 Firebloom caster for 10$
>Take 8 Spiders with a cheap Saniu leader w/Firelance of Quality
>Light everything on fire

Also none of the Animunculi have Leadership.

>> No.50543279

>what server?
Not him, but I play on PC North America

>> No.50543557


PC EU here.

>> No.50543689

Carnius Magius is a huge cunt.

>> No.50543774

Whenever I get my hands on a system, I can't help but try to find the silliest thing you can do in it.
I present, the Amazing Flying Lizard Brothers:
>Standard board depicted in book is 36'', each inch presumably representing something like a yard or a meter
>Take two Naga Argonians
>Naga are a breed of Argonian that look like snakes, stand around seven feet tall
>Naga have SPD6, meaning they can move 6 inches or sprint 12 inches
>Buy mounts, moonsugar, and a scroll of far leap, and silvered weapons
>The Naga now have SPD10, and cost 50$ each
>Round 1, use scroll and move
>Naga now has SPD12 meaning they move 12 inches
>Spell gives them Leap, meaning they can jump the entirety of their sprint distance with no falling damage
>Round 2, two magical, drugged snake-Argonians on horses jump 24 inches until the opposite end of the battlefield
>If we assume inches represent meters, they jump 24 meters, at a height tall enough to surpass 6 meter tall objects
>Take no falling damage
>Get killed because they're only really good at jumping

>> No.50544641

the ending of the words

>> No.50544738

North America. Sorry, friend.

>> No.50545186

ALM can eat a dick

>> No.50545314

Say that in Mournhold n'wah not online and see what happens.

>> No.50545316

Ending! Words! ALMSIVI!

>> No.50545412


>> No.50545524

Ho ha ho.

>> No.50545622

Merry Potema Day.

>> No.50545663


Potema for empress 4E204!

>> No.50546048

Last for Peryton

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