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First for Dark Eldar!

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The Dark Eldar strike first and strike fast!

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Third for Cruddace can suck my dick.

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>negative numbers
Like the sales of Orks?

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Negative sales usually imply a refund

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Should I try making some female Genestealer cultists?

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8th for doubling Ork wounds and hit points is both fluffy and fixes the army

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And the autistic argument about invuln saves from last thread

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I might playtest that against my Ork playing friend and report back.

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>hit points

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>8th for doubling Ork wounds and hit points, as well as providing free global FNP and a 2++ save from MoT, because it is both fluffy and fixes the army

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comes 7th
i guess ork players are as autistic as orks themselves, especially if they think that orks as good in the current meta

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That's the wrong bingo board. This is the latest

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Anon means Hull afaik.

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No this is the latest

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T4 2W seems a bit much for 6 points. Maybe T3 2W.

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go fuck yourself with your shitty forced meme friend, although I know you will anyway since you actually think it's funny and actually take pride in having created something so autistic

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literal but incorrect
Was posted after.

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>6 Hull points on an Ork Trukk
That's fucking retarded.

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Thing is though, they're still just Orks even if they manage to close the distance. This change simply makes it so that they actually stand a chance of getting stuck in.


Yes well, shouldn't have rushed that. Meant hull points.

>Ramshackle 6 hull point Trukk careening across the battlefield with random trophies and bits of scrap being blown off it before a single missile blows it apart

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I swear to fucking god if you're forcing me to trip just to maintain the bingo board, while simultaneously popping one of the tabs for people. Let's not just maintain two shitty standards for bingo boards.

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yes please

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That would be the point.
>still gone after first pen desu.

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You mean that's fucking glorious.

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My bad.

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So when an Aspiring Sorcerer casts Force, does it count as a blessing affecting his unit for the +1 invuln?

Someone over on DakkaDakka doesn't think so, arguing that it needs to affect the entire unit.

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Anyone think having a move stat like in AoS/Fantasy would help 40k or make it worse?

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It's on the "Autist Bingo" for a reason
Just wait for a fucking faq and ignore it for now, no point bitching over it

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If the ruling for the O'ralai argument applies, then it would be the whole unit that needs to have the rule, or rule conveyed, to be effected.

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>Sigmarising 40k

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Does Mark of Tzeentch give me a 2++ save as a FMC doesn't count as a FMC in a 1001 point list?

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Ehh, would likely only make shit worse if they don't implement it surprisingly well.

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If you can make something a qt girl, you should always do so.

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And this is why >>50461661
is the better one

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I think the biggest thing that would help fix 40k is having AOS's turn order system. So that both players have to take turns 'activating' units, rather than "My entire army shoots yours, your remaining army then shoots back". And it lets much more strategy into the game.

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>Over use of the bait meme on something that isn't classified as bait

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If moving and shooting happens uninterrupted I wouldn't be opposed to that.

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Could you give me a rundown on that "activating" thing?

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Where are my felinids?

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>still gets a response

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Mark of Tzeentch is fine, Rubrics are TEQ in an army that has neither Land Raiders nor some Termies. For optimum strength, it's ruleset requires a gamble for a 1001 point list, which has a 1/3 chance to get your opponent to sperg out at you every single turn. Also requires the use of FMCs to maximize it's average invulnerable save - a good 1kSons player would know that some well supported Horror unit is a cheaper and arguably better source of anti infantry fire power than the other units. I've seen a couple of posts of people saying the 'improve' MoT option (to a maximum of 3++) can subtract. It actually doesn't. Twice as hard to pull off as naysayers claim.

In my experiences of playing with 1001 point lists, the FMCs was undoubtedly not MCs. They're just expendable meatshields. Having a whole army oriented around them would be incredibly boring. Also, you generally need to balance out every monstrous/gargantuan creature with some decent amounts of FMCs or you will eventually get worn down/shut down in the later parts of the game. Even in an army of rerollable 2++ Sorcerers, a "fun" army to play against is something that tries to bring all the neat units into the battle in a combined arms fashion. Not just spamming any one single unit.

But please, don't just take my word for it. Any time another non Tyranid player complains about "muh Flyrants or muh DPs", clear, empirical evidence is usually the best form of persuasion.

So I present to you a Frontline Gaming video, a supposedly "competitive" 1001 point list of the War Cabal and 2 MoT Sorcerers, getting basically TABLED by Flying Monstrous Creatures.


Are 1001 point lists too strong? Well, the evidence of this video conclusively proves they aren't. Quit bitching.

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You roll off for who goes first every game round and CC works by the active player choosing a squad to attack, then the other player picks a squad to attack, and then continuing back and for till all squads that can attack have attacked. There are no initiative values

Going first T1 is freakishly powerful unless you are null-deploying and most armies can't do that

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Hmm dare I say that sounds better?

>> No.50461817

Holy shit, yes, bring it back.

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Thank you for the well thought out answer

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Huh, that's pretty cool. I'm sure they could build on it by making some rule where models who are fluff-wise faster/more agile either get some "pre-emptive" preparation or action move of some sort if they pass a roll or something.

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holy shit, you guys are still going on with the 1001 points bs?

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So are you now, cockmaster

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Would it make sense for DA successors having Watchers in the Dark? Also, for DA sucessors, and the inevitability that the DA exclusive stuff like termies and vehicles having DA icons and stuff on it, would they still keep them? Or would they be different, as I'm considering doing a DA successor, but then I realized how much something like that could trigger my autism if there's no lore explanation.

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>just found out I'm getting a $2k check from my dead grandfather

What army should I blow my inheritance on?

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Death Guard CSM.

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Who even plays at 1001 points? A 1501 pt game let's you include so much more and doesn't even take much longer.

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DA successors are literally just Dark Angels. They are a Legion in disguise.

>> No.50461864

They're waiting for me to assemble the rest of them.

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Minotaurs chapter from Forge World
Don't listen to these other guys, they just don't want you to be cooler than them.

>> No.50461879

Oh Sunday Sport. Hiding news stories in stupid made up shit. Classic.

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The savage orcs in AoS all have 2 wounds now, even the hordey plebs.

Gretchin: 1 wound
Boy: 2 wounds
Nob/Big Mek/Painboy: 3 wounds
Warboss: 4 wounds
Ghazghull: 8 wounds

Seems about right.

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This is coming to 40k and soon me thinks.
Same with termies armour granting ±1 wound

>> No.50461899


Nevermind, the guy is saying Force does work because it technically affects the entire unit, it's stuff like (lol)Boon of Mutation which doesn't work because only one model.

>> No.50461902

That was meant to be a +, stupid Google pixel

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We've created some kind of meme black hole, now all the memes are combining into one turgid mass.

Soon we will enter the meme-void.

>> No.50461913


The Meme of Terror or the Eye of Memes? Or the Memestrom?

>> No.50461914

Don't fret, I knew what you meant guuuuuuuurl

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So now that the stupid debate about MoT capping your invul at 3++ is over I have another question.

The wording for BoT is kinda vague and it looks like to me you could argue that it stacks the +1 invul for each blessing you successfully cast on the target. What do you guys think?

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We need to stop before we create a Chaos God of Memes.

>> No.50461942

Can you post the wording of BoT so we can read it?

>> No.50461953

Memelal has always been here, waiting in the gap between realities.

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Yea, it's a very common mechanic, it's frankly a wonder GW didn't use it before.
Another cool addition would be to introduce reactions, for example, Overwatch counting as one, and thus consuming the unit's activation for that turn. Would go a long way to make things more tactical and make melee easier to pull off.

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>Minotaurs fag
Should I get a knight or a Leviathan?
No, you don't need to know the rest of my list, I just like cool units.

>> No.50461994


Sounds to me like it does stack. Though who knows what GW meant here, it is kinda vague.

Note that it would take 3 different blessings on one unit of rubricae to get it to 2++, for reasons mentioned last thread.

>> No.50461996

Join the Leviathan club!

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>> No.50462007

I think the intention is to only improve the save once, regardless of how many blessings are cast on the unit. If they had intended it to apply multiple times then the wording would've been closer to 'if a unit with VotLR is affected by a blessing, their invulnerable save is improved by 1 per blessing they are affected by until the start of your next Psychic phase."

However, that isn't 100% clear - they could've worded it to be explicit, eg. saying something like "a unit may only have its save improved once per phase in this way", but they didn't.

tl;dr: I think RAI is you only get the +1 once, but the wording isn't apparently clear either way.

>> No.50462014


Yes. Or it would have said "each time the unit is affected by a blessing"

>GW in charge of rules writing

>> No.50462017

Get a Leviathan, join the obvious "leviathan owners club". You get to swap stories about how your Leviathan either carried the entire game, or died like a bitch to like 50 something haywire shots, or the entirety of your opponent's army.

>> No.50462038

get a leviathan, a dreadnought drop pod and 2 cyclonic melta lances
cuck any super heavy you come across with 6 s9ap1 18" melta shots at bs5

>> No.50462057

Okay my dude, I will join the Leviathan club.
Now to paint my termies, contemptor, and marines, repaint my Spartan, finish assembling fire raptor and start assembling my sicaran first. Perfect timing for Christmas

>> No.50462080

What are those bits attached to the RG dread's legs?

>> No.50462086

I haven't played in years and I might be starting a new army soon. Skiitari and Genestealers look pretty cool. I'm also open to other non MEQ armies, preferably with a low body count. What are some good kits to get to 300pts fast.

>> No.50462089

They're tactical pouches, for carrying all sorts of things. Like ammo for his combi-bolter, when I finally get the damn arm from chinaman.

>> No.50462102

thats retarded raptors anon
he wouldnt be able to open the tiny little pouches with his GIGANTIC FUCKING POWER FIST

>> No.50462107

>Now to paint my termies, contemptor, and marines, repaint my Spartan, finish assembling fire raptor and start assembling my sicaran first. Perfect timing for Christmas

You can do it, I believe in you! baby{/spoiler]

>> No.50462109

That's why he stoops down to one of his meatsack buddies and asks them to help him field-reload his combi-bolter. Even venerable ancients run out of ammo!

Also if his aforementioned meatsack buddies run out of ammo, they can grab it off their contemptor buddy.

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>> No.50462143

Fuck yea tacticool. They from Anvil? Doesn't look like either SM or IG.

You should add on one of those small mechanical arms form the Kataphrons or the Kastelan datasmith. Nothing says bling operator operating operatively than a cybernetic tactical arm for automatic reloading.

>> No.50462146

He obviously uses magnets you goddamn heretic

>> No.50462159

what the fuck, how do those work

>> No.50462210

>in space marine armor

I don't know what side of me this bugs more, the Imperial Guard player seeing this used as a grenadier, or the space marine player seeing this be used as a Grenadier

>> No.50462227


Wow, I had no idea my idea had already been used by GW. Well then, here's hoping for 8th Edition!

That being said, even 10 HP Orkanauts would still be pretty bloody useless. On the other hand, 4 HP T5 Nob Bikers, and Tervigon_on_a_bike Warboss on Warbike would be amazing.

>> No.50462240

Raptors Anon is a pretty incredible genius. Only he could create something that's retarded on literally ever possible level.

>> No.50462243

It's for 30k. I also have snekgirl recon teams.

>> No.50462245



>> No.50462252

>raptors anon plays 30k
fucking vomit

>> No.50462258

You say this like it makes it better.

It does not make it better.

>> No.50462271

You're right. Obviously it only gets better with spidergirls hefting around heavy weapons.

>> No.50462279

>Raptors anon is somewhere in bongland RIGHT NOW
I want to leave this country and never come back

>> No.50462283

I'm waiting on the Custodes myself. Don't know why but I just want a force of those shiny spear-gun wielding jerks.

>> No.50462288



>> No.50462289


Just as I thought, those who stray from the emperors light have no understanding of the greater things in life. Makes me think we should start an outreach program and produce some kids books along the lines of "nobody poops but you" for your filthy kind

>> No.50462293

Christ, at least make them chaos something.

>> No.50462299

It's too late anon.
Never chaos. Loyalist monstergirl operators for the emperor.

>> No.50462301


You haven't thought this through, shes going to kill herself with the backblast at any angle other than horizontal, you fucking idiot

>> No.50462321


That's one spergy headcanon, anon.

>> No.50462332

The back of the missile launcher just clears over her abdomen. Also even if it didn't clear over, she would still be outside of the cone.

>> No.50462339

>you can literally see right through the waist join
fucking kek nice kitbash m8

>> No.50462352


She's not firing an m72 though is she. I stand by my original statement, she's either going to hit a leg or her abdomen, especially on a battlefield where she cant get placement correct. Extend the end of the tube or something.

>> No.50462361

>M72 back blast cone
>for a launcher at least the size of a panzershrek
Good luck friend.

>> No.50462367

>A loyal servant of the omnisiah died to make this abomination to the machine god

I'm torn between some sort of horrified admiration of what is clearly the most diabolical form of rusing I've ever seen and pure fucking rage

>> No.50462383

I wonder.. Is it possible that I'm doing this purely for the "Extreme shitposting" opportunities?

>> No.50462391

It has to be.

No human being is this fucking stupid by accident

>> No.50462406

Okay, so I'm a huge Magnus and Thousand Sons fan and I'm massively sperging out about the new releases (my first army was Necrons so I might just have an slow, tough Egyptian automaton fetish). Despite how fucking hyped I am for my beautiful Magnymagicson, I mostly play casual games and a 650 model might be seen as cheesy. So what I'm thinking is building up 1850ish points of Tzeentch stuff (the point value my group generally caps out at) and then adding Magnus on top of that for bigger games.

>What I have so far
10 Rubric marines, 5 scarab occult terminators, 10 Tzaangors (preordered at least), Kairos Fateweaver and 20 pink horrors. This gives me about 1150 points once the Thousand Sons get kitted out.

>How to expand from there?
So the sorcerer box seems like a mandatory purchase, besides me needing an HQ it gives me three models to work with so potentially like 500 points if I used all of them, but like all the TS stuff I worry about having too few units on the field.

>More Rubrics or Termies
Both boxes give me roughly 300 points of guys, but not a lot of bodies on the field so I'm a little wary. At most I think a second unit of Rubrics might be justified.

A second box sees like a good choice gameplay wise but my wallet cries a bit at the choice (worst dollar to point ratio in the army). I'm also wondering if they'd be best used in squads of ten to sit on objectives or group up twenty offensively (maybe led by a sorcerer for buffs?)

With one of the sorcerer options being the disc of Tzeentch, maybe build a hybrid screamerstar? Seems like a good buy if I already have the disc sorcerer.

No one seems to like this unit but I could see some fun with deep striking AP4 flamers. Plus they're kind of dirt cheap in points and $$$

>More Horrors
Seems like an excellent option, but kind of a boring one. 30$ for ten horrors ain't bad, but I'd need a lot to use blue horrors.


>> No.50462407

Well you see, I'm trying to blur the lines between extreme shitposting, and "serious army for serious people". Hence I even have wolfgirls crewing leman russes, centaur HWTs, beastmen levys... I've spent like 500$ so far on this army, and it's still in progress.

>> No.50462435

>I'm only pretending to be retarded
>I've wasted $500 pretending to be retarded
You might be the biggest autist /40kg/ has ever produced and for that I congratulate you.

>> No.50462441

>"serious army for serious people"


>> No.50462448

You do have to admit that the demographic for /tg/ hobbies includes a disproportionate amount of people that would do this kind of thing completely strait faced. This is the same crowd that will try to play 9000 year old loli vampires in low fantasy settings or otherwise cram their fetishes precisely where they aren't wanted or needed.

It's pretty easy to get replies when 95% of us know at least one guy in that catagory irl.

>> No.50462474

Any idea what the rules for alpha legion will be in traitor legions?

>> No.50462490

> Alpha Legion Tactics
At the start of the game, roll a d6.
> 1 - 5
Your entire army vanishes due to a lack of fluff.
> 6
You are alpharius, he is alpharius, everyone is alpharius, including the enemy army. Replace every model on the entire board with the Primarch Alpharius. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE

>> No.50462496

I don't think you are blurring anything. It is an impressive amount of customizing work to be sure but that's where it stops.

Monstergirl anything prevents even tongue-in-cheek humor with an otherwise "serious" army.

It would be no different if you were making an mlp or sonic themed army.

>> No.50462535

Holy shit don't remind me.
>know a faggot precisely like this
>he GMed a game of Pathfinder for my D&D group
>premise of the game was a high-powered party invading the abyss to save the king
>accosted by loli succubutts literally every session rolling to seduce us
>three sessions in (it was the first arc of several so it was over pretty quickly) we find him
>he's been cursed to take the form of a wolf which in this world means little wolfgirl
The campaign fell apart for unrelated reasons after that but I fucking swear to god I was this close to just walking out of the game. Luckily I was the Wizard so I could derail his fucking shit if he was a big enough cock.

To keep this on topic:
>start up a Dark Heresy game last month
>the same faggot asks to play a catgirl from Fenris (he only knows the absolute basics of 40k)
>mfw he strips off her disguise in an attempt to seduce the Puritan Hereticus Inquisitor I'd set up as the party's =][= rival
He actually didn't leave the game afterwards although he did throw a fucking bitchfit

>> No.50462539

Your plan sounds solid mang. The only thing I'd truly recommend is going over the formations again to see if there any in particular that you'd like to use.

I know hype and impulse buys are what this hobby runs on, however I'd also reccomend waiting on extra purchases till youve got the book in your hand and can really theory craft your army. Youre not going to go wrong with what youve got so paint that up whilst you plan and play friendlies with proxy stuff to get an idea.

Also depending on your local meta Magnus is going to be huge. Before you buy the $200 model playtest it and see how your group feels. This is from a gaming perspective. If its just for the model then go ahead. And make sure to use cyclops face because old lore best lore.

>> No.50462544

>More Horrors
For every 10 horrors, you need at least 20 more blue horrors and 20 brimstone horrors, if you want to temp fate and take that one exalted loci and doubles the splitting, then you need 40 blue horrors and 80 brimstone horrors for every 10 pink horrors you have.

Whenever I think to myself that GW is turning a new leaf they come up with new ways to remind me that they don't play their own games.

>> No.50462550

You should really commit suicide.

>> No.50462552

Are scions good footslogging through cover or camping in a gun line?

Or are they more useful in a Taurox/Chim/Valk?

>> No.50462562 [DELETED] 

And yet you keep replying. :>)

>> No.50462565

Because of the shorter than average range of their weapons they really benefit from transports.

>> No.50462571

>mfw he strips off her disguise in an attempt to seduce the Puritan Hereticus Inquisitor I'd set up as the party's =][= rival

>> No.50462581

Warning: Noobfag asking noobfag questions.

Assembling the Tyranid swarm box set, and I want to ask a few questions before I but glue to plastic. With termagaunts, what is best weapon for them? Do I want to split between two different kinds or just do all of them the same kind of weapon? Does it matter what kind of gun I glue on or can I just say "That group has fleshborers, and that group as devourers"

Thanks in advance!

>> No.50462607

I have no idea which weapon is better, but I can tell you that most people (including me) have no idea what tyranid weapons actually look like, so as long as you make sure you make the models visually consistent, I personally have no problem with you calling them whatever weapon you want.

>> No.50462636

40k used to have a move stat before it was dumbed down.

>> No.50462652

The meme goatsee.
A gaping hole of fleshy darnes from which shit flows freely in both directions.

>> No.50462719

Best weapon is the devourer but it costs a fair bit so many go half n half to let the shitty gaunts suck bullets while the devourer gaunts (or Deathgaunts) lays down fire.

>> No.50462768


Hey bud don't mind the haters, I love the monster girl army.

>> No.50462850


>>You roll off for who goes first every game round and CC works by the active player choosing a squad to attack, then the other player picks a squad to attack, and then continuing back and for till all squads that can attack have attacked. There are no initiative values

>Unironically advocating transferring to 40k the two things that make AoS borderline unplayable trash rather than merely a heavily simplified system

If you added initiative to AoS and made turn order consistent it'd actually function as a game.

>> No.50462871

give dark lances at 36"-48" a small blast template at s6 ap3 to represent the dark matter's containment field breaking down and exploding, same thing for blasters but at 18-24"

>> No.50462885


>> No.50462886

Is this instead of the 8/2/Lance shot? In addition to it?

>shredders are now completely useless

>> No.50462892

instead of at that range, which would nomrally be out of the range for them
make shredders s6 shred, but template weapons, or give them monofilament, or both

>> No.50462893

Decurions really need to stop including a HQ in the core detachment, and start making 1 command choice mandatory.

>> No.50462901

My brother and I are starting up a joint Astra Militarum army soonish, what would you folks recommend for getting started with it?

What's worth getting in general?

What are good early buys?

What's some fun stuff to do with Astra Militarum?

>> No.50462906

Would thousand sons compliment orks very well?

>> No.50462911

Core Formation*, anon, use the right terminology. And no, they include an HQ in the Core Formation because Formations can be taken on their own outside of Decurions and it would be unfluffy for someone to run one with no clear leader.

>> No.50462915


Only if Ahriman is impressed by Ghazkhul's abs.

>> No.50462921

No. No no no.

Instead all darklight weapons should have rule to represent that retina-slashing effect they cause if you observe the shot.

They all should have Blind. This would fit the general Dark Eldar strategy of "fuckery instead of raw power".

>> No.50462924

>Would thousand sons be complimented by orks?
Would anything by complimented by orks?

>> No.50462925

Not directly comparable since AoS no longer has toughness.

>> No.50462928

I notice no one else has remarked yet that the release of Traitor Legions/WoM appears to have added a whole new mechanic to list-building. This is like when Necrons first came out and the first Decurion was included - now, we have the first Subfaction Detachment with the Thousand Sons.

"Any Detachment with the Chaos Space Marines Faction can be from the Thousand Sons. A Thousand Sons Detachment retains the chaos Space Marines Faction and is treated in all ways as a Chaos Space Marines Detachment, with the following modifications:"

>List of Restrictions
>List of Benefits

This is something totally separate from the Decurion and can be used in tandem with it or to modify a CAD or other Detachment, but in any case, we could start seeing more of these crop up with future releases.

>> No.50462929

Well it kinda depends on what type of army you guys like - infantry hordes, armoured company, mix of dudes and tanks, etc.

The Start Collecting box saves you money, though you probably won't have much use for the commissar and the savings assume you're buying the HWT separately.

One fun thing I like to do is spam sentinels - they're not considered competitive, but I take them in an Emperor's Talon recon company, bring about 12 of them, and they seem to do alright.

>> No.50462935

They can work quite well with Tau actually.
>the I2 races mesh well together

>> No.50462938

>in system with to hit and to wound printed on datacard (or any kind of warscroll equivalent)

>> No.50462940


There's lots of formations that aren't particularly fluffy to run as your entire army.

Anyhow, it causes consistent mechanical issues, especially with most command choices feeling unjustifiable because you already have your mandatory HQ.

Started all the way back at the Royal Court: You gotta take an overlord, so if you take a royal court you now have two Overlords plus the other mandatory HQs put in.

>> No.50462942

Alrieady existed. Cadians, Farsight Enclave, to a lesser extent Black Legion.

>> No.50462951

Well yes. That comment was predicated on the assumption that the Strength and Toughness stats would still be around in 8ed.

>> No.50462954

That is pretty cool, I'm expecting something similar with all the other Traitor Legions.

hopefully DG get poisoned templates and cover saves for days

>> No.50462955

I've re-arranged the list quite a bit from yesterday.

>> No.50462962

>Core Formation*, anon, use the right terminology

Ha, there isn't any correct terminology here, people are calling these things Decurions specifically because they lack the basic competence to actually give the entire concept of these multi-detachment nested things an actual name.

But sure, be pedantic when communicating something the creators couldn't be assed to give terms for. Sword of autism, grant me autism beyond autism.

>> No.50462963

It's weird really, since the "totally-not-heretical-xenos-darklight-beamers" that the Admech use in 30k does have blind.

I'm pretty sure the IG kit bundles for GSC also has some decent savings, there's one with infantry and a heavy weapon and one with infantry and Chimera, all with a extra sprue for cultist bits.

>> No.50462977

Anyone have any experience with the Eldar Corsairs lists? Are they any good? Are they broken?

I'm kinda wanting to get into Eldar. I like the Dark Eldar models way more than the eldar line, but from what I understand Dark Eldar are screwed pretty hard right now. Thought I might start a corsair thing and just grab models from both to kitbash together.

>> No.50462982

>It's weird really, since the "totally-not-heretical-xenos-darklight-beamers" that the Admech use in 30k does have blind.
YES. Its like straight-said that they are darklight weapons so why the heck doesnt the real DL-weapons have that rule? Rrreeee!

I actually play 30k mechanicum as well as 40k mechanicus and I love my blinding weapons en-masse. Its nice to shave 1/4 of your enemys firepower off per turn.

>> No.50462996

It'd let them completely blow crons out of the water.

>> No.50463008

They are... weird. Broken? Nah. Good? Yes.

They are extremely fast and hit hard with multiple fun and great units. Its now as good list as CWE in raw power but very solid list in other ways due its many ways of doing all kind of fuckering things.

>> No.50463010

Why are Acolytes the most OP unit in the game?

>> No.50463019

If you want to play Dark Eldar, then play Dark Eldar. Since the FAQ bounced back, they're really not as bad as everyone makes them out to be.

Corsairs are good but they are paper-thin in a way DE could never be. You live and die by your maneuverability and alpha strike potential because you have nearly no staying power besides the turn you show up.

>> No.50463029

Not really. Played mechanicum against necrons. It helps against some of their shooting but you tend to fire your S8 ap2 weapons at vehicles and primary targets that dont really give fuck if they are blind or not (wraiths).

>> No.50463041

is there a book for Eldar Corsairs?

>> No.50463050

They're in IA11. Make sure you grab/are looking at the second edition since it's written for 7th whereas the old one was for 5th.

>> No.50463051

> what would you folks recommend for getting started with it?
The get started is pretty good actually. Some meatbags, a tank and a HQ. The meatbags can be built into a standard infantry platoon or a ccs, your choice. If there's a downside, it's that you get the battle tank kit though, so no punisher, executioner or the demolisher. A couple of boxes (or 3) would give you a good foundation and the models to take your army in either direction (meatbag or mech).

>What's worth getting in general?
It depends on how hard you want to go mech or meatbag. If you're going meatbags, definitely more infantry and heavy weapons teams. If you're going mech, you want 20-30 vets and chimeras to carry em. Then fill out your list with whatever tank you want. Either way, wyverns are good.

>What are good early buys?
The get started and a couple of wyverns.

>> No.50463054

That's a unit in 40k? What army has them?

>> No.50463056

What are space marine chapter tactics?

>> No.50463058

Being able to blind tomb blades would be a huge boost, as that's the only source of ignore cover DE have to worry about.

>> No.50463063

1) WHat changed in the FAQ that makes them better? I remember looking at them in 6th and thinking they were neat..and then when I saw the new codex I just got sad. It seems like they removed most of the toys.

2) Corsairs are even more glass-cannony than DE? how so?

>> No.50463067

Putzing around with the Black Crusade detachment. Can I declare my Favoured of Chaos formation as aCrimson Slaughter formation and reap the CS benefits? Is it illegal or just cheese-dick of me?

>> No.50463073

You're always going to need guardsmen, and guardsmen are always going to want special/heavy weapons. Doesn't matter if you go mech or infantry, you'll need a fair amount of dudes.

Figuring out where to get infantry and weapons without losing your mind is the hard part. If you have the option of playing at a store that allows the use of 3rd party models, I'd heavily encourage looking into making your own regiment. It makes it feel a lot more special in a "your dudes" kind of way and is almost always cheaper.

>> No.50463089

Except he wasn't talking about the Decurions, he was talking about the difference between a Formation and Detachment, which is explained in the main rulebook and is an actual thing, and being people stupid and mixing those up causes 90% of the confusion with people not knowing how to listbuild.

>> No.50463098

A special rule on units, which is not the same thing.

>> No.50463108

A couple of questions.

1. Why melta bombs on all your sargeants? Are you expecting them to close ranks and clamp bombs on tanks?

2. Why only one autocannon per infantry platoon? Are you planning on keeping the infantry platoon in separate units?

3. Why only one meltagun in the squad of vets? If you want them to hunt vehicles, get a.) max amount of melta guns your points will allow and b.) get another squad of melta vets. 1 squad of anything won't get you far in the long run.

>> No.50463111

Genestealer Cults has Acolyte Hybrids.
Inquisition has Acolytes.

Both are fun (Inquisition get discount plasma, as a matter of fact) but I wouldn't call them great.

The previous FAQ draft ruled that the passengers in a transport were forced to snap-shoot if the transport Jinked. This killed mechDE since they absolutely rely on Jink to survive, but now it's back to the way it should be this strategy can thrive once more. Mind you, the 7th edition book isn't fantastic, but it's at least playable now, plus all the support from Haemonculus Covens that made them somewhat decent.

I was kind of exaggerating, but the thing is, Corsairs are either
>T3 4+ dudes in MSU who rely on JSJ to break LoS and not get shot to death in the first place
>MSU Venoms, doing their best impression of DE but with different guns
>All in Falcons, being a less tanky but possibly harder-hitting version of Mech Craftworlds
All of those things rely on them being in units or transports that are paper-thin (Jetpack Corsairs will just die, Venoms are venoms even with the kinetic shroud, and the Falcon is alright but doesn't have a Serpent Shield) and if you lose a key unit before it does its job, you're fucked. They also hate regrouping, so you're up shit creek if you lose a couple of guys and then roll an 11. Oh, and their psychic powers can make or break their army in a single cast. Absolutely a good army, and effective, but requires a higher level of skill to play than Craftworlds then again Craftworlds is basically easy mode anyway

>> No.50463113

You mean crusaders.
Acolytes are shit.

>> No.50463124

So this will be my first game of 40k in a while, going up against Dark Angels bike force.

I'm normally a 30k player these days so had no idea what to bring.

Objective secured combined arms list.

Kharne the Betrayer.


5 Terminators, 5 combi melta, 4 power fist, 1 chain fist.

5 Terminators, 5 combi plasma, 4 power fist, 1 chain fist.


8 berserkers , champion with power fist.

10 marines,2 plasma guns, mark of nurgle, chaos rhino with Dozer Blades.

Heavy Support

Land raider , dozer blades, dirge caster.
Vindicator, dozer blade
Vindicator, dozer blade.

Plan is to set up the wall of tanks , Kharne and the boys go in the land raider and smash up any juicy targets rest provides fire support , marines secure objectives and Terminators deep strike in to take out units / tanks with combi weapons then stick around being annoying.


3 predator squadron, (

>> No.50463132

I was worried about being flanked, but I suppose I could live without the bombs.

The two platoons are meant to spread out, yeah. I didn't want to bunch everything up into a single unit mostly because I wanted to be able to go in two directions if needed.

If I drop the meltabombs I can get more meltaguns. I'll try that.

>> No.50463133

It's the same thing as the Tson detachment rules though.

- restrictions on special characters? check.
- provides buffs to certain units? check.

You also have to specify which chapter a detachment comes from. Now they are not all the same and where the Tson - and likely the rest of the traitor legions too - differ is that they have a couple of extra CSM specific restrictions like marks and veterans of the long war. But the idea and execution is similar to Space Marines' Chapter Tactics

>> No.50463144

Woops, add 3 model predator squadron with heavy bolter Sponsons to heavy support ! I think I can do this as part or the traitors hate supplement and still be objective secured.

>> No.50463158

So I'm just starting master of mankind and I guess its canon that Magnus actually delivered his warning again. Or that at least the Emperor read his mind during his arrival on Terra.

It was here that the primarch Magnus had led an ocean of daemons in his wake, in his quest to warn the
Emperor of Horus’ treachery. And it was here, with the naivety of a proud and wayward god-child, that
Magnus had set a sword to the throat of the Emperor’s dreams. The catacombs of Calastar led directly to
the Imperial Dungeon. If the Impossible City fell, Terra fell with it.

This is the thoughts of one of the Custodes about 5 years after the warning. So how does this now work with the fact that the warning arrived two years before Istvaan? If Magnus's warning got through why did the Emperor do nothing about it? Why does BL find it so hard to write about the events that surround Magnus?

>> No.50463163

My brother is ALL about infantry hordes, legit wants to see if can manage wins with just boots on the ground

I'm more interested in kinda versatile stuff, and mech vets as well as just fun junk

That is actually a smart buy! I hadn't considered the GSC kits at all.

I'm personally a fan of vets what's the typically load out for them these days?

I dig the your dudes aspect of things, though I'm not super knowledgable of third party stuff, though I doubt it's too hard to find stuff

>> No.50463179

Noted. Now, a couple of general tips.

1. Autocannons on infantry squads unless you plan on being mobile with them.

2. Chimeras for meatbags that want to move from point a to b.

3. Meltabombs are rarely ever worth it. Most times people pick it up to finish up that last five pts. Nothing more.

Finally, all of this is trimming the fat. Find out what you can live without and what you cannot live without. Make your list a lean mean fighting machine. We're here to help too.

>> No.50463182

Because Emps didn't believe him and got butthurt about Magnus fucking the webway project, so instead of doing anything to investigate Horus he sent Russ after Magnus and set about trying to fix Magnus' fuckup.

The warning never wasn't canon, it was an important plot point in Horus Rising.

>> No.50463187

>So I'm just starting master of mankind and I guess its canon that Magnus actually delivered his warning again. Or that at least the Emperor read his mind during his arrival on Terra.

It's been canon since Prosporo Burns where Russ talks about Magnus's message in which he names Horus as the traitor. Dude, you are a slowpoke. The editors made alterations to survival books to fix the timeline issue. I cannot give exact details since I don't give a damn about this because as the Emperor said in MoM "It is worthless lore".

>> No.50463194

several books*

>> No.50463204

Vets can be loaded out to do a lot of things. You want camping vets? Vets, those camo thingies and a lascannon or autocannon depending on your preferred target. You want anti tank? Max melta, chimera. You want anti elite infantry? Max plasma, chimera. You'll want at least 3 squads, 5 max depending on the other elements of your list.

>> No.50463206

I dont read a lot of the HH novels. A Thousand Sons definitely had him leaving before delivering his warning. Why did Russ then bomb Prospero in PB?

>The editors made alterations to survival books to fix the timeline issue.
What do you mean by this sorry.

>> No.50463231

Few tips from an old IG player

1. Vox casters are useless unless the ordered unit and the officer's unit has them. Your platoons for example would have no access to the vox reroll because only your platoon command squads have voxes. You would need voxes in your infantry platoon squads to get rerolls for them.

2. You REALLY should consider a company standard for the company command squad. Seriously, it's 15pts of pure gold. Never leave home without it if you have infantry on foot. Also, the master of Ordnance is 20 points for a slightly less accurate basilisk that can be ordered to ignore cover or get tank hunter. I've never had a game where he didn't earn his points back. He's so stupidly cheap for what he does and is an easy model to convert.

3. platoons do best blobbed up for the most part (aka combining the squads into large units) I would recommend blobbing them into 30 man units to start, they have good staying power while not being too big to properly move around. Keep each squad's loadout identical in the platoon. You should also AT LEAST be maxing out your heavy weapons in your infantry squads. Gives them long range firepower to contribute with, and I would still recommend special weapons as well, at least they're more important than melta bombs. Individual infantry squads aren't bad (and in fact are great little objective campers or entourages for IC's like pyskers) but they should be fielded in addition to infantry platoon blobs, not instead of.

4. Commissars are good. Seriously, commissars + blobs is like peanut butter and chocolate. Running any amount of infantry without them is madness. Especially since they give you LD 9, best fearless (you can go to ground) and even don't blam a guy unless you fail your company standard moral check twice.

>> No.50463232

Laurie Goulding and other editors realized that a fuck up was made concerning the warning and how it fit in the timeline. So they edited some of the older HH books to fix it.

If you buy the new reprints or re-download them, you will find that they either removed the offending text or changed it.

>> No.50463250

First, >>50463144 is not legal. You a.) don't have enough slots to run the predator unless you put the two vindicators into a unit and b.) there is no formation to take just predators from traitor's hate.

Next up. If it's Dark Angels bikes, you're going to face some problems. Your list lacks the speed to catch them outside of the land raider and Kharne. I'd drop the terminators and berserkers myself. Berserkers I'd swap out for ccw and bolt pistol CSM with mark of khorne. Cheaper and only slightly less killy. The terminators I'd swap for bikes or more marines in rhinos if bikes are not an option.

>> No.50463259

It'll be easiest to recommend 3rd party stuff if you tell us what kind of regiment look appeals to you.

For example, you can make some dirt cheap Valhallans out of WWII Winter Soviet kits by Warlord. Most sites sell a box of 40 models for under $40, and then all you need to do is a small bits orders of weapons to kit them out. Even with special ordering special/heavy weapons from fucking Australia, it's cheaper to make Valhallans this way than just buying from GW for example.

Also, straight infantry can work, but you're going to need huge amounts of infantry, as in 1850pts games will require over 200 infantry models to pull off.

>> No.50463268

>If you buy the new reprints or re-download them, you will find that they either removed the offending text or changed it.
Which book does this refer to? ATS and PB? Im happy to do that if I can find a source saying which book were edited. Thanks for the help mang cause I was pretty confused.

>> No.50463276

I'll try and fit a standard in.

I don't get what you're saying about the vox casters, though. The CCS, both platoons, and the veteran squad has one.

I could drop the command chimera to free up some points, which would give me room enough for a commissar for each platoon, and a master of ordnance.

>> No.50463282

>Vox casters are useless unless the ordered unit and the officer's unit has them.

Okay, this might sound really dumb, but I just started getting into the game and reading the codex and rules it seemed that it seemed that you can profit from the buff if you choose to deploy the platoon as a single unit. Maybe I read that wrong/don't understand shit.

>> No.50463288

That's what I thought too, which is why only the platoon squad has one.

>> No.50463293

I've fired an M72 from a position roughly like pic related and my legs are fine. How is she gonna blow her ass off exactly?

>> No.50463297

You will be better served asking in the HH thread. Like I said, I gave the whole thing little attention. Thousand Sons are just not my thing.

>> No.50463299

your infantry squads have to have the vox as well as the platoon command squad. If you blob however, only one squad needs it, as >>50463282 has just figured out.

When a platoon deploys, it is quite literally an army in your army. Imagine your platoon command squad (commonly called a PCS) is your HQ, with your platoon infantry squads as troops choices. Your PCS does not count for the infantry squads. So even though your PCS has a vox, it doesn't count for your infantry squads whatsoever. In order for an infantry squad to benefit, IT TOO must pay for a vox. Hence why commissars are good, they buff you to LD 9, which pretty much eliminates the need for vox altogether.

See here's the thing, the platoon command squad cannot join the infantry squads. Combining only works with basic 10 man infantry squads.

Continuing next post. Don't worry, platoons are very confusing for new players, I'll show you how this works

>> No.50463310

Ok cheers anyway for the start.

>> No.50463312

Only the infantry squads in a platoon can be deployed as a single unit (in any combination of squads, so, for example, 5 squads in a platoon can deploy as 1 and 4; 2 and 3; 1, 2 and 2, etc.) The command squad, conscripts, HW squads, etc. do not join this blob, only Infantry Squads. So give at least on Infantry Squad a vox-caster.

>> No.50463327

>When a platoon deploys, it is quite literally an army in your army.
> Don't worry, platoons are very confusing for new players, I'll show you how this works
Hence the "build your list while you build your list" joke on the wiki. It's a shame that list building for the IG is a tad more complicated than I expect, but painting all that infantry makes it all worth it for me!

Thanks for the protips by the way!

>> No.50463330

So what you're saying is, in order to benefit from the vox caster, I'd have to give a vox caster to one of the infantry squads in the platoon, as well as another vox caster to the platoon squad?

>> No.50463340

Any suggestions for successor marine chapters that I could potentially use?

Storm Wardens look pretty cool.

>> No.50463344

So, now that I've explained that, let me show you a "properly" built infantry platoon, built to make use of vox casters correctly, as well as other handy things to have

>Infantry platoon

>PCS: Officer with Bolter, x3 lasguns, Vox caster

>1st Squad: Autocannon, Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster

>2nd Squad: Autocannon, Grenade Launcher

>3rd Squad: Autocannon, Grenade Launcher

>30 conscripts


Ok so here is about as cut and dry of an infantry platoon as you could have. So, when you deploy at the start of the game, you have 5 units (technically 6 counting commissar, but he must be attached to something so we'll ignore that) At the start of the game, you will decide if you would like to combine platoon infantry squads (AND ONLY INFANTRY SQUADS) into combined squads. PCS's, Heavy weapons squads, conscripts, etc. cannot be combined, only the 10 man infantry squads.

This means your platoon could deploy in as little as 3 units (PCS, all 3 infantry squads blobbed together, and the conscripts as your 3rd) or up to 5, by deploying each squad independently. The PCS will always be seperate, as it cannot combine to the infantry squads, and from the moment you start deploying, it can deploy, move, and act independently. You can place them across the board from each other, it's completely kosher.

Now here's the beauty of the combined infantry rules. When you make a combined squad (which is usually reffered to as a blob) it counts as a single unit from there on. Doesn't matter if it's 20 guys (2 squads) or 50 (5 squads) it counts as a single unit for deployment, kill points, and most importantly, rules interactions. So if you have something like a commissar, that gives his unit LD 9, and you attach him to a 50 man blob, ALL 50 MEN HAVE LD 9 AND STUBBORN. This counts for Vox casters, pysker abilities, orders, and if you could figure out some way to get a medic into a blob, FNP as well.

>> No.50463360

So if I'm using two blobs, I need a vox caster for each platoon squad, and another vox caster for at least 1 infantry squad in both blobs, for a total of 4 vox casters across two blobs?

>> No.50463364

>Commissar, officer with boltgun, no special weapons on PCS and grenade launchers.

Yeah, nah. Thats bad and you know it. You dont use comissars, you use priests for a reason.

>> No.50463367

>"properly" built
>grenade launchers

>> No.50463371


>> No.50463374

Yes, now you've got it. Also, you would need one for the company command squad as well, if you'd like to benefit from the really kickass orders the senior officers get. Protip, you want this.

This is why commissars are good. They're LD 9, give stubborn, make your troops technically fearless with none of the drawbacks, and will count as ld 9 no matter where the order comes from. Since commissars are only 25pts, it means that he is literally worth his weight in vox casters just for orders alone, as he helps with orders but gives a bunch of other benefits as well. Now, if you really want orders to go off, nothing wrong with stacking voxes into the units with the commissar, but at that point it's a bit overkill.

Also keep in mind with >>50463344 in regards to blobs. You must have the squads combined to get these bonuses. If you don't combine them, only the 10 man unit with the vox will get the benefit. You can't deploy 3 infantry squads seperately, and then expect squad 1's vox caster to give rerolls to squad 2 that you deployed 36" away as a seperate unit.

Hope that makes sense. Platoons are the most complicated unit in the game at first. The best advice I can give you is to do as >>50463327 says

It is quite literally a force org in your force org. PCS is your HQ, Infantry squads are your troops, Heavy weapon squads are heavy choices, Special weapon squads are elites, and conscripts are walking cover saves.

Once you get that into your mind, you'll realize just how awesome platoons are and why they're so important to making IG work as an army, especially in 7th since tanks took a big hit.

>> No.50463375

>grenade launchers
>not the best shit

>> No.50463377

I dunno anon I don't think GLs are very good. Or autocannons considering theyll want to shoot something else and you don't want to waste the order on split fire so you can FRFSRF

>> No.50463379

I love what you do - fuck the begrudgers and keep posting.

>> No.50463381

I love it.

I was trying something similar a few years back, an Imp army where all the soldiers were xeno in disguise with the sole exception being an unsuspecting commander.
I lost interest a while back but after seeing this, I think I'll bring out all the bits and do some more work on it over Christmas.

>> No.50463382

Yes, they are not the best shit. What are you trying to prove?

>> No.50463389

>Grenade launchers

the guy is gonna be a noob. I'd prefer he use something else, but honestly all he's gonna have is grenade launchers, hence I just went ahead and did that

>lel commissars, just use priests

have fun going to ground and passing orders, oh wait.

Priests are only good for conscripts that are tarpitting. If you're running an infantry platoon blob, commissars are superior in every way. They make you fearless with the fact that execution autopasses morale now, but still allow you to go to ground and do other things that fearless prevents.

>> No.50463398

It's also good to mention that by blobbing your Squad, you get a single unit with a lot of Characters since each Sergant is a Character. That's good to protect your Commisar or Priest from duels.

>> No.50463413

Priests turn guard blobs into fierce close combat machines against everything they can wound

and then they get tarpitted by a singular sentinel for the rest of the game but still

>> No.50463414

I'm trying to improve you have shit taste m80.

>> No.50463416

I would not mind playing against your army, i do love originality and converted models!

(i mean, my last game was against an army with a baneblade with a indian style baldaquin with several eldar's chained to its huge dozer blade with a big white "jink this!" wrote over it

>> No.50463426

What would you put in there? Flamer and Melta are short ranged and wouldn't work with the autocannon. Plasma will just end up killing itself and is better used in suicide squads with several plasma guns. Now you got an option between a sniper and a grenade launcher.

>> No.50463431

Trigger warnings: not atia/veterannoob and an 8th ed rumour
Health warning: extreme high sodium content
Yoda warning: log had a baby

Rumours regarding the forthcoming 8th edition are once again circulating. Whoa we ain't even got sorted with the chaos legions and imperial agents yet! But anyhow here's what's being said, even if 50% is only accurate then it's once more interesting times ahead,

8th Edition starter is Astartes vs Chaos Marines.
Rulebook will be similar to Age of Sigmar’s General’s Handbook.
Campaign Books similar to the Realmgate Wars series.
Point costs and rules for Army construction will be in the “General’s Handbook” and future codex-like Books
Release date for 8th Edition is June
The new Edition will be set after Abaddons’s 13th Black Crusade
-Initial focus on factions will be on Imperium vs. Chaos
-There are brewing disagreement between the returning Primarchs
-Many are shocked and disagree the 40th Millennia Imperium’s religion and injustice.

>> No.50463432

Is a Stormtrooper/Tempestus force viable?
I was planning on doing a Stormy force but I've had both IG regulars at my local warn me that I'm pretty much shooting myself in the foot.

The plan was just use the Militarum Tempestus Codex, nothing else.

>> No.50463433

>close combat

what is this mad lad talking about

>> No.50463436

>Flamers for throwaway overwatch
>Flamers anyway because 24" isn't hot shit and 12" rapid fire isn't much different from ~9" template except with the grenade launcher you have a 50% chance of a miss
>Plasma in the PCS

>> No.50463440

flamer and no heavy weapons team
run at enemy and force them to choose between the russes, the blobs, or the meltavets/hellhounds

a guard blob with a commissar or priest and a bunch of flamers is nothing to take lightly, especially with psyker support

>> No.50463442

I don't either, I just know the guy is a noob and therefore won't have a pile of 15 plasmas/meltas in his case to use instead. Hell even snipers aren't too bad for 2pts. Its just we have to remember that GW kits fucking suck for options, so most players are limited to GL's and Flamers for the most part.

As for autocannons, they're perfect for early-mid game use. They can sit in the back as you move up and leave a daisy chain of guys back with them so they don't have to move to shoot. If I'm building a list, I usually have 2 autocannons to every 1 lascannon. With all the ways to reroll to hits, ignore cover, tank hunter, and just pure weight of fire, autocannons do a lot of work and I never regret bringing them. Also, usually if you're going to FRFSRF something, the autocannons are a welcome addition of firepower to that shot, and if you need to shoot at a vehicle and want to FRFSRF with one blob, odds are another unit has something that can pop the vehicle for you. That's why you put heavy weapons in as many units as you can. Plus with all the MC's out there, Autocannons help with things like riptides, which you're going to FRFSRF anyways.

>> No.50463444


So I can't use these to simply replace the option in the csm book? If so how do I use these entries ?

Advice on swapping out Terminators and berserkers makes sense, have no bikes but can add more csms.

>> No.50463452


It's possible, but not recommended. They're missing quite a lot of tools.

>> No.50463457


>> No.50463464

its kind of viable, i used them for kill team.

Sure you wont go playing in tournaments with them and so forth etc,if you want a stormtrooper list with a bit more option you should consider the krieg assault brigade as you can take 10 grenadiers (that are basically better scions with less expansive special weapons) squads for troops and load them in a juicy storm chimera.

>> No.50463469

>and then they get tarpitted by a singular sentinel for the rest of the game but still

And here is the flaw with priests. With a commissar he has enough braincells to rub together to say "gee, maybe I shouldnt be a retard and try to kill this knight with a shovel when there's more important shit to do."

Like I said, great for conscripts, who are meant to die anyways, but I would never waste my priests on infantry platoons. Commissars are just so much better there. Plus, priests only pass their warhymes about 60% of the time. That's not even remotely consistent enough to plan around, any guard player will know that. Commissars do their job 100% of the time without fail. I never have to wonder "Gee I wonder if his execution will go off", I know for a fact it will as long as something doesn't kill him.

Also, it's not 5th edition anymore. Trust me, I ran power blobs nonstop back then and loved it, but they just don't have the oomph anymore. Also, odds are you're only getting 1 close combat then dying. I'd much rather have a commissar who buffs my shooting over several turns, and still makes me fearless, allows me to go to ground, and even can carry power weapons, over some old guy who makes my guys forget what cover is and makes them want to hold off FRFSRF so they can charge wolf cavalry.

>Flamers for throwaway overwatch

Why the hell do you need throwaway overwatch? You're going to get something like 50 lasgun shots on overwatch anyways not to mention any special/heavy weapon shots you had. You'll use the flamers once. Any other weapon will get used more, even meltas, and at least meltas have a job as a melta hedge to try and scare away tanks and knights. Even a shitty weapon like the grenade launcher is going to get a couple of uses with a 24" range that gives it way more chances to do something useful.

>> No.50463480

You can but
1 lr
1 vindicator
1 vindicator
3 predators
that still comes to 4 Heavy support choices.

>> No.50463487

>grenade launcher you have a 50% chance of a miss

GL comes with a blast option.

But if you do take, say, autocannons, what special weapons would you put with them?

>> No.50463493

But then he'd have to mug his opponents and steal their stuff whenever and plant Communist Party membership cards on them whenever they turn their back.

>> No.50463494


>> No.50463505

>-Many are shocked and disagree the 40th Millennia Imperium’s religion and injustice.

>> No.50463506

>blast option
Small templates suck ass, and the flamer is directly superior to its blast mode in every way but range.

Probably snipers because they're just as generalized and almost as long-ranged as the ACs themselves. Anything else simply will not be in range and, barring expensive plasma, doesn't want to shoot what an AC would shoot anyway.

>apparently samefagging
I know those rumors were from an anonymous source on BoLS and since you're also anonymous that doesn't make them any more believable. Why are you trying this scare tactic again?

>> No.50463518

I dunno, I don't think I would take heavy weapons in the interest of fielding more of them. They're supposed to get shot at, I like to keep them as cheap as possible (maybe a flamer or two and 1 vox per blob). Leave the HWT for HWS sitting way in the back (to get effective orders/prescience for spot removal) or for CCS/budget veterans in chimeras.

>> No.50463532

So you immobilised the vehicle. That doesn't do damage to anyone

>> No.50463537

>Small templates suck ass

Still doesn't rely on BS to hit like sniper. And can score more than 1 hit.

>in every way but range

And if you have an autocannon, you'd most likely would want to keep the enemy at long range, so it's not the ideal options here. For a more mobile squad designed to push close, sure.

>Probably snipers

What happened to 50% chance of hitting? S6 has some advantages over 4+ to wound.

>> No.50463545

>every word from people that have already seen Traitor Legions is not to worry, it very thematic
So, Traitor Legions is dog shit. Hope everybody is ready for another six months of Chaos shitposting.

Once I do my Scarab Occult and Exalted's, I think I'm going to get a Tyranid swarm box and start chewing through that.

>> No.50463550

Not too fond of metallic schemes honestly.

>> No.50463554

There was another rumour going around that it'd be SoB vs Eldar.


>> No.50463557

>What happened to 50% chance of hitting?
2 points, that's what. Of course I would rather not take a special weapon at all, but if I was forced to I'd go for the cheapest and longest range option, especially since you advised shooting autocannons as Riptides.

>> No.50463560

>slightly less accurate
anon it always scatters 2d6 and 3d6 on a miss , it's a fun gimmick but you can't rely on it
also a priest is better in every way than a commissar unless you plan on going to ground

>> No.50463561

>forgetting to remove name
never change 4chan

>> No.50463562


>> No.50463563


Yeah my bad then. Vindicators are meant to be in a squadron too. That works right ?

>> No.50463569

Make a well rounded army.

Company Command Squad and pick up a Commissar for either a cool squad or a single model HQ choice

Get yourself most of a platoon (5 squads of guardsmen, 3 heavy weapon squads, get a few company command squads and an extra squad to make special weapons like plasmas or meltas etc.) You can always use the infantry squads as Veterans instead.

Get a 3-4 Chimeras for A) Transporting B) Cheap weapons platform (heavy bolter/multi laser etc)

Wyvern artillery tanks. is a favourite of mine and easily converted into Hydra flak tanks.

Cant go wrong with sentinels seeing as they are cheap and can give you a decent movable heavy weapon popping tanks or heavy infantry. Same goes with hellhounds, one of my personnel favourites in any of the varients for a great fast attack choice (Flamer, Melta, Poison template)

Never go wrong with A squadron of Leman Russ tanks in any varients (Battle cannon base is a great option)

Joining the ranks of the imperial leaves you with some many options but this base list gives you options for anything.

>> No.50463576


>> No.50463580

3pts. isn't massive savings. Just saying that if you're gonna take HWs in a platoon, it's be stupid not to throw something extra in there. Even a sniper is better than a regular lasgun. Why waste an opportunity?

>> No.50463584

the imperial truth is now considered heresy anon
they'dd probably be quite upset at that if nothing else

>> No.50463587

>-Many are shocked and disagree the 40th Millennia Imperium’s religion and injustice.
Perhaps this means the Ecclesiarchy is being pushed into more open warfare due to opposition to the Imperial Cult. Hence SoB book?

>> No.50463592

Priests give you less than a 2+ equivalent order pass rate (with vox) whereas commissar gives you a rerollable 2+ equivalent

and when frfsrf is netting you another 90-225 points of firepower that's not something I wanna leave to chance

>> No.50463599

Yeah, that makes the most sense. Some open Cult vs. Truth strife.

The "injustice" bit is kinda ripe though.

>> No.50463606

>it's a fun gimmick but you can't rely on it

But it'll keep the enemy on its toes. A basilisk shot is nothing to sneer at. It can hurt if it hits home, and I wouldn't be sticking my CCS near the front line anyway, so it's a good way to have them do something.

>> No.50463608

I was only planning 1000 points at the most, just a small force

>krieg assault brigade
I take it this is FW? Sounds interesting, where do I find it?

>> No.50463610

>I dunno, Id rather have my heavy weapons in heavy weapon squads in the back.

I remember making this mistake once.

Remember thats essentially 3 T3 models that can be instant deathed and have no ablative wounds, and on top of that are LD 7. There's a reason everyone uses heavy weapons in their blobs.

Heavy weapons in command squads ain't a bad idea though. Usually thwyre not doing much anyways and the heavy weapon gives them something to plink with.

Also remember that with blobs, heavy weapons do not have to move up with your grunts. Remember that a heavy weapon only counts as moving if it specifically moves. This means you could deploy your heavy weapons toward the front of the blob, have them stay still, and move the blob up around them as they stay still to shoot. As the blob moves up, you can Daisy chain scrubs or Sarge's back to maintain coherency, or use "forward for the emperor" to get free run moves and still shoot.

it's 20pts for an ordnance barrage that can ignore cover or get monster hunter. Even with those scatter rolls, you can use BS if you see the target. It can kill 2 marines and make its points back. Usually you shoot it at something big like a knight that you cant miss, or just pick a target in the middle of the enemy line, so that it can scatter wherever and still hit stuff.

Honestly half the reason I take them is as an extra wound for CCS's. The fact that it's a mini basilisk is just a bonus.

And the priest is better at what? He's ld 7 so he doesn't help with orders. He doesnt get a power weapon, unless you waste his faith ability on it. The faith ability he only get some of the time mind you. Honestly the only thing I see the priest being better at is tarpitting (which he is excellent for, again, I always have 1 or 2, they just stay with conscripts) Commissars are just way more utilitarian and help IG do what they need to do, namely shoot thing and stand their ground. Priests only help with one of those.

>> No.50463615

>40th milennia

>> No.50463620

means you wont be executing your soldiers, you have the added benefits of the prayer thingy, an invul save of 4+ and fearless
don't have my codex with me but doesn't the sarge have ld 9 as well ?
if we're talking about a conscript blob toss a commisar in there for sure

>> No.50463627

But then your CCS can't move or really use other weapons effectively

>> No.50463628

>I take it this is FW? Sounds interesting, where do I find it?

Imperial armory 12, they are basically scions with ws4 and as i said, cheaper special weapons, i usually play my scions with theyr rules, at least until i get enough money to buy some grenadiers

>> No.50463646

sarge's have Ld8. Also, priests have to use their ld of 7 for war hymes, which is why I never consider them guaranteed. Even if a lord commissar was nearby, priest checks on LD 7 if I remember right.

Also it's looking like we have something like 5 different guard players here, I'm having a hard time telling who's who.

I do love that with imperial guard, nothing touches a nerve like arguing what's most efficient for guardsmen to have. Funny to see us act pretty much in character for how our army is, seeing guardsmen as nothing more than numbers with legs.

>> No.50463651

What should I assemble my first unit of Skitarii as? Vanguard or Rangers?

>> No.50463662

Always vanguards.

>> No.50463669

what do you use yours for?

I run infantry and CCS's normally stay in the back with a standard and heavy weapon giving orders. Anytime I've tried getting CCS's in close it just gives the enemy free points.

I see a CCS's main jobs to be orders and morale. Master of Ordnance allows them to contribute with shooting without being near the fight. Sometimes the get a lascannon too but I'm leery of making them too Lilly, as it makes them a target. Best situation for me is where they're just contributing enough firepower to be useful, but literally any firepower an opponent devotes to killing them feels horribly wasted. Master of Ordnance is perfect for that in my opinion, though I wouldn't blame someone for preferring other stuff instead.

>> No.50463674

But heavy weapons teams are cheap, can be easily ordered if someone attaches to them (a roaming support IC [a primaris psyker]) , and will be sitting in cover the whole game. Shots at them are long range shots that wont be hitting your Wyverns, Chimeras, Russes, Sentinels, Command Squads, and otherwise more important units.

The lack of split fire, or the loss of FRFSRF, is the main detractor.

>> No.50463686

Where can i find the new rubric rules???

>> No.50463688

Thanks, I'll check it out.

>> No.50463705


You pay 45pts base for just the 6 guardsmen to crew the weapons, thats ignoring paying more for weapons. For light weapons like mortars, you pay 60pts for 3. 3 autocannons are 75. 3 lascannons are 105 (I think, I know I'm close)

At that point, you may as well buy sentinels.

I mainly just don't like how trivial it is to remove them. Anything S6 or higher will remove a weapon a wound, and there is a lot of >6 shooting out there these days.

Also most blobs won't have good lasgun volleys the first turn or two anyways. I don't see it as a waste personally to fire heavy weapons. But that's just me

>> No.50463707

In Wrath of Magnus

>> No.50463715

Is battlescribe missing Leviathan weapon options, or is there no Super claw/grav options in 40k?

>> No.50463717

Alright, what are we running thousand sons as instead of using their actual rules then?

Deathwatch? Easiest way to arrange specialist ammo troops certainly.

Or alternately, maybe a first company task force allied to a Librarius conclave? Sternguard, terminators and massed librarians.

No invulnerables for the "rubrics", but them's the breaks.

>> No.50463718

this desu, with the emperors recon talon allowing sentinels to recieve orders, any point spent on a HWT is a point wasted.

>> No.50463721

oh definetly , i always bring mine if i can spare the points
but i don't think he can reliably hit anything and if i do run short of points he's one of the first things to go

>> No.50463737

So I kind of want to start playing 40k as Tau Empire.

Everyone on /tg/ seems to hate them with abandon, so I'm wondering if there's a way to play them "fair"? I think they're the most appealing faction, so I think it's a bit sad nobody wants to play against them.

>> No.50463742

the siege claw/drill, as well as storm cannon/lance should be in for 40k, but the grav flux bombard and phosphex discharger isnt, as well as no volkite titties

>> No.50463747


Legion of the Damned and Cataphractii terminators?

>> No.50463750


It used to have individual move ranges in 2nd edition. That was part of why Eldar were so fast. Most of them were Movement base 5" (Which you doubled for running/charging).

>> No.50463753

that's what i love about the guard
so many ways to play

>> No.50463758

> a way to play them "fair"
Loadsa fire warriors

>> No.50463761


Please don't, there's no army more boring to play against than massed immobile gunline tau.

>> No.50463762

>I think they're the most appealing faction

>> No.50463767

they don't get any good orders though.

And unless you want them as squishy as HWT they're gonna be a good 50% more expensive.

Not to detract from them; I think sentinels are one of the cooler units. I wish I had 6. But not being able to receive pinning, ignores cover, or tank hunter is a bummer on BS3.

I'm mostly hoping HWT get buffed to either 2 separate models or T4 or 3+ or something though

>> No.50463774

Don't spam shit
Don't bring LoW
Don't use formations

>> No.50463782

Hurp deep sorry I see the claw there. How should one kit it out? Two claws In a pod?

>> No.50463788

That aint out for a week yet people have been complaining that the rules are still shit. Id just like to see for myself.

>> No.50463790

Krieg artillery regiment.

Litteraly immobile gunline.

>> No.50463800

That'd be fun to play against, because you'd be able to kill things without "lol 2+ cover" or "lol 3++"

>> No.50463813

3++ is just the riptide with novacharge which makes it shit at shooting and itsstill far more mobile that literally immobile artillery carriages.

No idea what tau gunline units you think have 2+ cover besides "lol stealthsuits"

>> No.50463827

all of them when they go to ground next to a tau ADL

>> No.50463838

So they snap fire?

Gunline solved.jpg

>> No.50463840

>makes it shit at shooting
man if only they had another weapon that could make it not shit at shooting

>> No.50463842

So I have to handicap myself and avoid the cool units like battlesuits?

>> No.50463844


>Running a 9 veteran squad with 4 heavy flamers and an attached librarian as rubrics
>Convert up a "mystical obelisk" as a drop pod
>Another unit attaches terminators with assault cannons as Soulreaper cannons
>Nihlilus as a rubric dreadnought
>Converting the rumoured assault rubrics up

Yes pls.

>> No.50463845

>boost themselves to bs4 anyway
Not really

>> No.50463854

No need to avoid just don't spam them.

But yes you asked how to play fair, that's what a handicap is in sports.

>> No.50463857


They're all good as long as you're not playing lame with them. get yourself some ghostkeels

>> No.50463870

>I remember making this mistake once.


Personally I only use HWS when it's thematic or fluff, otherwise I'd rather take a blow and put the guns in there. A PCS and 5 squads can carry as many weapons as two HW squads with way more survivability.

>> No.50463871

Markerlights have to hit too.
But sure if you have a dedicated markerlight units for each gunline units and then markerlights to markerlight for the markerlighters.

>> No.50463873

So I have money to blow thanks to christmas n' shit. Also my Grandpa died.


What would be a good start to an Admech army?

Should I get a Battleforce and a Start Collecting, Skitarii, or should I just double down on the battleforce? Or maybe some other combination?

>> No.50463879

Would nerfing markerlights fix Tau?

>> No.50463885

>Not SM
Oh come on. If you're going to make up shit, at least try to make it sound believable.

>> No.50463886

Battleforce is largely meh, better to double/triple on get started or two get started and one Battleforce

>> No.50463908

It'd break them so the mediocre units become shit and the spam of the best just becomes all the harder.

If markerlights are bad why bring anything but riptides or stormsurges at all.

>> No.50463916

Pic related is the Ultrasmurfs Fleet. I'm using UM for this since they're supposed to be the most Codex Compliant Chapter (Red Scorpions and other faggotry notwithstanding).

So we know that the UM have 3 Battle Barges and 8 Strike Cruisers.
We also know that they have 31 Thunderhawks (because in the grimderpness of 40k flying rape-busses are cheaper than Predators).

Furthermore, a Battle Barge's Flight Deck holds 3 Squadrons of Thunderhawks, while a Strike Cruiser's holds 2 Squadrons.

3x3+8x2=25 Squadrons of Thunderhawks.

31/25= 1.24 Thunderhawks to a Squadron.


A reasonable argument would be that BBs and SCs don't always carry a full complement, but this is GW, and since Chapter-level deployment is not unheard of, I'm more inclined to mark this as another instance of GW's guys having no fucking clue how reality works.

>> No.50463921

the ignore cover thing needs to be nerfed

>> No.50463930

Cover just needs unfucking.

>> No.50463938

because riptides and stormsurges rely on markerlights to be good

>> No.50463940

Or they also carry other shit like fighters, lighter landers and shit.

>> No.50463941

Yea, 3x get started is best, then you can field 1x2 Onagers with Neutron cannon or something, one with AA and three units of Vanguard. You'll want 3+ Skitarii boxes anyway and the Onagers are good too, so might as well pile up those boxes.
From the battleforce, you'll want multiple Kataphrons, 3+ dragoons and possibly double of the Infiltrators, but the Kastelans are too expensive to run in multiples and the electropriests are too shitty. Depending on the savings I guess you might want two of this as well, but focus on the Skitarii basics first.

Do we know the prices on these boxes yet anyway?

>> No.50463960

clearly there is 1 thunderhawk to a squadron, and then they have a bunch of spare parts :^)

>> No.50463962

Only the rarest and most powerful weapons should have ap2 AND ignores cover.

Ignores cover on demands, such as marker lights, IG orders and psychic powers need to go.

>> No.50463965

Current canon is that the Emperor knew that Horus was a traitor and was going to kill him long before the Heresy occurred. I believe it's Outcast Dead that mentions it.

The entire HH series is absolutely bugfuck retarded and should be ignored.

>> No.50463970

The Thunderhawks are supposed to be Fighters AND Landers, because derp.

Space Mehrines aren't supposed to have fighters and dedicated warships in general, so as to not encroach on Imperial Navy turf. Mostly they don't care, but things like the Nova Frigate HAVE caused friction with the Inquisition.

Mostly Mehrines deploy via Steehl Rehn, and are scooped up off the planet afterwards. Techmarines then use specialized craft to pick up the Drop Pods, like gym cleaners.

>> No.50463974


Also leftover Stormbirds, Caesti, Stormravens, etc.

>> No.50463979

>a Battle Barge's Flight Deck holds 3 Squadrons of Thunderhawks, while a Strike Cruiser's holds 2 Squadrons.

Where do you get these numbers?

>> No.50463980

That's what I like to think, because it seems ridiculous to have more flying land raiders than actual Land Raiders.

>> No.50463989

Think I'm gonna go 2 Getting Started, 1 Battleforce.

I still also need to buy paints and all the hobby supplies and shit, so that'll be enough money and models to last me for a long ass time. Will probably be a good $500 spent at the end of the day. Usually don't drop that kinda money on toys.

Th-thanks for the help /40kg/

>> No.50463993

Reducer or reroll cover only for non flamer/sonic weapons.

>> No.50463996

>The Thunderhawks are supposed to be Fighters AND Landers, because derp.

Space fighters. Fury Interceptors used by the Navy are over twice the size of a thunderhawk.

>> No.50464000

>the ignore cover thing needs to be nerfed

The Ignore Cover markerlight option is now replaced with "gives target unit -1 cover save"

Did I fix it.

>> No.50464003


>> No.50464007

I can just picture a squadron consisting of a Thunderhawk, and a couple of Techmarines riding in spess ontop of spare TH engines, shooting bolters at nearby enemy fighters.

>> No.50464009

Oh shit, you just fucked up now the thread is doomed.

>> No.50464019

Exactly, the IN already has the niche covered, and better. Since the absolute largest crew required for a Fury is 5 people, and it can go on mission with only 2.

>> No.50464054

Everything does

>> No.50464058

Ok, when I'm playing against our local GW stores cheese master Spess Muhreens player, and he runs Gravhammer, Conclave and Claudius, do I stand any chance at all with a War Convocation? I'd ask him to tone down his army, but he is both a dick and the son of the Blackshirt, so low odds on that.

Would have thought using+ reusing Shroudpsalm for the turn the Skyhammer comes in and the next one should blunt the alpha strike somewhat, and I'm betting I could find a use for Ruststalkers carving up some grav Cents.

I know SM cheese is top tier, but as a relative newfag (6 months of Admech collecting) is it at all possible to win?

>> No.50464076

Massed BS6 plasma and interceptor fire to blow his pods and gunts to slag.

>> No.50464095

null deploy and then table him with canticles

>> No.50464133

Plasma I can do. Interceptor, not so much. Might mix in Coteaz into a Kataphron unit and melt me some pods, but of course because of bloody drop pods he has mishapless point-accurate deepstrike that scatters Obsec vehicles with a huge footprint everywhere, AND he can pick what doors to open to avoid mishapping off a board edge.

Who the hell thought that pods should only be 35 pts?!
... Ok, rage over.

How do you do a proper null deployment with Admech? Just leave the Kataphron units in reserve? Not very experienced at this.

>> No.50464157

In general, follow this advice; >>50464076

What do you have to work with? You know the Onagers' AA suite is interceptor, right?

>> No.50464160

Onager with icarus array has interceptor no?

>> No.50464175

Building 2000 points of half-fluff Raven Guard. For casual murder each other games. I'll be using AoD formations and the like in the Talon Strikeforce detachment. So far my best ideas have been the Pinion battle company, so my scout sergeant can make 4 lascannons ignore cover for lulz, scouts sniping people left and right. INFILTRATION GALORE and maybe Vanguard Veteran squad coming down turn 1 and charging some poor unsuspecting marine/guard squad.

So suggestions anyone for fluffy that can hold its own?

>> No.50464191

as an ig player i agree
to some degree
i just think nothing but specialized weapons should have ignore cover
maybe hard cap it to a -2 maximum

>> No.50464192


>Chapter Master
>Swiftstrike and Murder
>Jump Pack
>Artificer Armour

You're welcome.

>> No.50464201


Dunecrawler autocannon has Interceptor, yeah, but also Skyfire, so I only have BS1. Also the rest of the DC weapons don't, so I then have a Skyfire Gatling rocket and Flakk missile that cant really do much.

I have 5 Ruststalkers, 5 Infiltrators, 10 plasma Vanguard, 10 basic Rangers, two Gravaphron units, some Kastelans, Dominus, 2 Dragoons, a Knight Warden and two Dunecrawlers.

I also have an Inquisitor, as well as Coteaz, 10 bolter Acolytes and a Chimera I can add it needed.

>> No.50464205

The flurry rule alone can be fucking hilarious

>> No.50464233

Someone could please post a scan of Arhiman's Exiles formation?

>> No.50464241


>Jump Pack
>Swiftstrike and Murder

It's literally throwing a blender at the enemy.

as for raw output the ChapterMaster can get more hits, but with a Chaplain, the average is higher. plus improves any accompanying Vanguard/assault unit.

>> No.50464274

So how do I open EPUB files?

>> No.50464290



>> No.50464300

Pc: Readium
iOS: Just buy it richfag

>> No.50464308

How's Shrike? Any good?

>> No.50464328


Pretty good. Makes a unit of Vanguard Vets actually work taking. Take a unit of 5, load them up for melee and jump packs, infiltrate them somewhere good, mulch any unit that gets close enough to charge.

>> No.50464340


>> No.50464366

What about the Nihilus relic, worth taking on a Veteran Scout sergeant?

>> No.50464378

For the Shadowstrike kill team, where Vanguard vets can come in and immediately assault out of reserve, if they have a IC with them can they still assault out of reserve and choose to come in whenever?

>> No.50464384


It's decent if you're already taking a vet scout sarge. I personally wouldn't, scouts in my experience don't really do enough to justify spending that amount.

>> No.50464394

No to both. The IC+Formation rules are totally fucked.

>> No.50464408

Usually yeah, but alot of the formations I'm thinking about make your scouts way more useful, plus the sniper rule can help against those annoying Nurgle CSM bikers if nothing else.

>> No.50464434

>Oh cool, Skitarii can take 3 special weapons in units of 10!
>one of each special weapon only in a skitarii box

why would the machine god do me like this

>> No.50464447

>oh cool my vets can take up to 3 special weapons
>only 1 of the usefull special weapons in a command squad kit

>> No.50464459

>oh cool, my jetbikes can take heavy weapons on every bike
>sprue has one of each heavy weapon for each bike

>> No.50464492

Most efficient way to kit out a Vanguard Veteran squad?

>> No.50464499


>Scourges can take 4 weapons
>sprue comes with one of each

>> No.50464502


>> No.50464530

>Just buy it rich fag

>> No.50464554

I've never used a skimmer and now I find myself in possession of one. What's a good tactic for using them and how do they work? I know they can jink and get 18 inch flat out.

>> No.50464557

Bladewing Assault Brotherhood formation, opinions?

>> No.50464578

Get a levithan. All the cool kids are

>> No.50464645

What's the best loadout? I've got my finger on the trigger but I'm not sure which guns to buy

>> No.50464667

Shit. Stellar example of a "Wow, it's fucking nothing" formation benefit.

>> No.50464672

And then there's these guys...

>> No.50464707

Yeah I was just hoping someone had figured out some cool shit to do with it. Too fluffy, what about the Shadow Force?

>> No.50464736

Personally I like the Destructors. Models are sexy as hell and since you'll rarely have more than one squad you don't have to remember what you gave each. Also the Graviton Imploders look really boring, so nice to have other weapons to paint as well.
3 can throw 12 BS5 preferred enemy Grav shots as well. That's a lot of dead terminators or even a Primarch.

>> No.50464843

who /blobguard/ here

>> No.50464852

>oh cool chaos Bikers can take 2 specials
>none on the sprue
>only arms provided can't hold weapons
>no weapons rack on the bikes

>> No.50464854


Go fast and shoot a bunch

>> No.50464910

>CSM Terminators
>Can take 5 combi-flamers/meltas/plasmas
>One flamer/melta inna box
>Can take 1 Reaper Autocannon or Heavy Flamer
>Ok fine they're there
>Can take 5 Chainfists, only 1
>Can take 5 powerfists, only 2
>Can take Power mauls, axes, lances, swords
>1 maul, 2 axes, no lances or swords
>Can take 5 sets of Lightning Claws
>Not a single fucking one
>lol mutated arm

Don't talk to me about this shit.

>> No.50464911

The only I thing I blob is Cultists as plague Zombies. And your mother.

>> No.50464929

>not muhreens

>> No.50464972

like anyone was taking them anyway
the lack of chainfists are what realy gets me

>> No.50465028

>he can't handle the 6 gorillion flashlights

>> No.50465035

Please tell me what those are, why they're not in the Admech army yet, and if there's a chance they'll be added in IA 16

>> No.50465065

myrmidon destructors, a subsect of the mechanicus that embody the machine god as the destroyer. probably wont be in IA16 because IA16 is about a forgeworld unleashing its forbidden/censured equipment to resist invasion - its most likely going to be thallax, vorax and the other automata rather then the tanks / priests themselves.

>> No.50465068

Mymradon destructors. basically psyco-techpresist who swap their arms for power fists and heavy guns
S 4 T5, 3+/5++ BS5 WS4, 2 wounds
about a millon points each

>> No.50465082

There's a single chainfist in the terminator lord kit!


>> No.50465088

Mate, I put that on my blood angels assault veterans.

s6 ap3 I5 attacks on the charge is real good shit, and lets be honest, I've got one combat round to win anyway.

>> No.50465090

Likely won't, one guy has a volkite weapon.

Annoyingly enough, they don't provide weapon options and it's against the rules to run them as coubts-as.

>> No.50465138

Anyone care to speculate on what Traitor Legions will bring, benefit-wise?

Here's my speculation:

Iron Warriors:
- tank hunters, can take a single unit of basilisks, can 'reinforce' one terrain piece a la techmarine

Death Guard:
- poisoned templates, improved FNP

Alpha Legion:
- I don't know what they should get

Anyone else care to make wild guesses?

>> No.50465162

Wait, since when was it illegal to counts-as the Destructors? Or are you playing in a REALLY strict tourney.

I think we might get some of the tanks in IA14, but of all the units we are probably least likely to get Myrmidons.

>> No.50465181

Why does GW hate fun?

The thallax and vorax don't match the thematics of 40k admech at all. These destructor guys are on point.

>> No.50465293

As long as Iron Warriors get basilisks I'll be happy.

>> No.50465299

How big are these guys?

Big enough to count-as Kastelans in friendly games?

>> No.50465317

I'll be honest, I'm not sure. It really depends on what role you want it to fulfill.
you'll want to make sure it always has one claw/drill, because this dreads appeal is in no small part it's ability to fuck shit up in melee. If you wanted a gun platform you'd buy the dedero.
I've had fun with the storm cannon, but I could see the appeal of the melta.

>> No.50465319

Check their rules in the Mechanicum book. Says so right there, same for World Eater Chainaxes.

>> No.50465329

>Why does GW hate fun?
FW you mean.

>> No.50465346

how would you buff Khorne Berzerkers?

>> No.50465393

23 attacks each one in the stats

>> No.50465394

>World Eaters
Some combination of rage, furious charge, extra attacks and rerolls on charge distance. GW ran out of ideas of how to make them more interesting a long time ago.

Maybe free chain axes like in 30k? (not that it matters much)

I'd personally like to see (not that this would ever happen) relentless on their CSM squads just so I can take bolters and still charge. Or maybe free cadre weapons from 30k for bezerkers (might actually make them worth taking).
>Death Guard
poisoned templates and bolters. Wouldn't be surprised if they nicked the dangerous terrain from template weapons from FW's the purge detatchment. Maybe SnP as well? Makes their havocs a bit better.

>Word Bearers
invuln saves a go-go probably. Improved cultists in some way I reckon. Maybe the ability to mix marks in squads? A rule making possessed have all 3 rolls on the table at once would be nice, or maybe just a new table to make them usable.

A dark chaplain (can't remember the name) squad sergeant upgrade would be pretty sweet as well.

>Emperor's Children
These guys will be a bit limited without new units and I can't see GW making a sonic dread replacement for FW.

Maybe bikes as troops and fleet or something? Either way I'm not expecting much for these guys.

>> No.50465413

Let them have the axes base, and give them AP3 or Rending, or make them hit (in CQC) better universally, something like they always hit/get hit on a 3+. They should at least feel like they do damage

>> No.50465444

Space Hulk Pre-orders have shipped early, fellow UKfags

>> No.50465461

Old WB rules stated that they couldn't take any marks at all.

>> No.50465497

Any CC unit worth a damn in the game is either fast, hits like a fucking truck or both. Mostly just fast though. I'd make them always charge 12", can run and charge on the same turn and give them move through cover. Just that ought to make them decently viable honestly, a 19-24" melee threat range at all times.

>> No.50465508

you guys think Thousand Sons will get a bit extra in the Traitor Legions codex or will it just be a reprint of WoM since they're already done?

>> No.50465513

I just wish they had three of every weapon. Hell, I wish they HAD every weapon.

I dunno, Myrmidons at least are still at large in 40k, if anything they'd be more likely than old Automata that they probably can't/aren't allowed to produce anymore.

Nah, 40mm bases, about the size of the 40k Magos.

It says absolutely nothing about counts-as, you can obviously do whatever you want.

>> No.50465530

Reprint of Thousand Sons but with a different formation (maybe). They probably aren't reprinting all the TS formations, since that would result in half the book being TS focused.

>> No.50465554

True enough. I really want them to include some form of TS-focused daemon engine or vehicle thing. Exalted Sorc and 1-2 Fiends/Preds for example, giving them a Tzeentchian marking for better guns or an invuln. Or some kind of detachment that turns anything with the Daemon rule in them as Tzeentchian for that sweet re-roll.

>> No.50465558


And why don't we give them Rage, Furious Charge and Zealot while we're at it.

With those rules you suggested, they'd be 30+pts a head.

A more reasonable change:

>Berzerkers charge D6+6"
>Run and Charge in same turn

Still good in assault, but not just "You better hope you wipe them out in a single turn of shooting otherwise they will charge you and they will win".

>> No.50465595

Does Dark Blue work better with grey highlights or Lighter Blue ones?
I'm trying to get a DE scheme in my head before i start spending

My Coven allies are Dark Green

>> No.50465598

Are there even any Tzeentchian daemon engines? FW does a lot of Khorne and Nurgle, but all Slaanesh and Tzeentch ever got as far as I recall were those stupidly expensive exalted DPs.

>> No.50465610

OwtowKeres was hilariously powerful.

>> No.50465615

GW stuff? Deceiver is a Tzeentch Defiler. There are some old fliers and superheavies.

Fantasy Flight details some Tzeentch daemon engines in the Tome of Fate.

>> No.50465659

Could do something more interactive as well, like a RIP AND TEAR related rule that boosts their move and charge range after they've wiped one unit. Then it's not really too OP as you have to play them cleverly and drop them on a weak unit first, but it still shouldn't be too hard to pull off.

If only flyers weren't so meh, the old Epic Tzeentch flyers would've been cool to see.

>> No.50465689


That'd work fine. There's already precident for stuff that gets more powerful with unit kills, on Dark Eldar and Skitarii.

Makes sense that Khorne units would get more powerful as the blood flows.

>> No.50465719

>Emperor's Children
The problem is that Noise Marines, the main unit, is extremely flexible.
What can you give to a Fearless CSM that can be assault, support, artillery or a generalist unit based on which weapons you gave them?

My personal guess is the ability to shoot and run, like Eldar.

>> No.50465727


>> No.50465732

so what's the best formation from WoM to make your rubric/Scarab sorcs cast better considering they harness on 4+ and have no access to a spell familiar?

At the very least the detachment can make you re-roll perils.

>> No.50465755

There's stuff in the Tome of Fate, like Mirrorfiends (giant chrome scarab that shows you your worst fears in it's reflections and is actually a prison for a Lord of Change) and Aether Rays (Giant versions of Discs of Tzeentch that breath warp fire and act as transports for Nobles and stuff).

>> No.50465764

I would guess Improvements to damage output, a la the sonic Dread or the psychic powers that target sonic.

>> No.50465810

Silver Tower of Tzeentch is also an apoc only super heavy skimmer, from epic there's the Fire lord and doomwing

>> No.50465974


>sudden timeskip ahead of 13th black crusade even though it's just started in the existing campaign books
>age of primarchs!

pls no

>> No.50466118

They need to his harder: chainaxes and +1 attack (and making chainaxes like FW ones, IE +1 str) would do a lot

>> No.50466346

Where are those snek bodies from? Those would be perfect for Sslyth conversions

>> No.50466624

Concerning playing an IG army:

Take 2 CCS with astropath and that cover-ignoring 5" pie plate for 25 pts. Lascannons or Sniperrifles.

Take 50 conscripts with 3 priests, Coteaz and and an Xenos Inquisitor with rad and psychostroke grenades. And an Techpriest for Meltabombs. Behind an Aegis.

The rest of the standart squads take Autocannons.

Take 3 acolyte squads with a psyker and a space monkey for lulz. And a lascannon/multimelta.

Take the Psyker Formation which casts everything, including summoning deamons, on a 2+ so you need only 4 dice.

Fill the rest with ratlings, wyverns and manticores.

You've now got an army which has a huge footprint and backfield control, hides behind an aegis für 2+ cover if you go to ground (which you always do, because you've got 2 HQ troops out of the enemys LOS which let them stand up again - though you need to keep the priests away from the conscripts until the enemy draws near), have lots of ignore cover Lascannons or Monsterhunter sniper rifles... and your 2+ cover Psykers cast 3 units of deamons every turn because you freaking start with 15 warpcharges.

Additionally I've never seen the consript unit loose a melee - not even against a charging iron hand psyker conclave with 2+ Reroll/ 2+ FNP. You're got so many psykers with DIvination inside this unit, you're bound to have 4++ with reroll or invisibility. And you've got 50 hitpoints.

You need an age to deploy, but from that point on only your demons need to move. And you create lots of them.

>> No.50467450

Some people are going to hate you for playing Tau no matter what, and some will have a bad opinion of WAAC Tau players that they have encountered. I've fought this by focusing on winning in a way that I find fun. In my case, that means spam deep striking crisis teams. Everyone talks about "battlesuit spam," but really if you aren't spamming stormsurges and riptides you will usually end up with a pretty fair list. If you like battlesuits, run the Dawn Blade contingent if the Farsight Enclaves supplement. If people complain, comparatively it's just shootier drop pod spam with a lower model count. As long as you aren't in a group that gets triggered every time they see "Tau," you'll be fine.

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