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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Maps edition

If you want build advice make sure to say what 3pp you can use, if any.

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/JTj1yEmU

Broken Shackles Playtest: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/59701/broken-shackles-test-play
Creation Handbook Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kitAB8sHgmuD3fvOMuI_KyV_dxpO2wrxQmbnCoRgglA/edit#
Avowed Playtest: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg
Malefex Playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3LrE8WyIxxYRr8d9dHsWioeUk_-HZaSMqVWRnzc9Fc/edit?usp=sharing

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Reposting because i need a relatively quick answer.
Can someone give me a quick rundown on what stats/feats etc i might want to look for for a jojo (avant gard) kineticist?

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Whoever had the bob ross sword idea, I thank you. Its now become the core of the character idea

i hope you're happy.

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CON is king, it even gives you your number of spare Magnum Opus per day, and works on craft sculptures too which is hilarious.

Other than that, while your astral construct (that's what it is... remember that for feats, I think there's a handful that help) is capable of melee attacks - I like to think of it as a Force unit - you're still a kineticist, and only the level 1 starting blast got replaced. Blast and wild ability improvements are still wanted as normal, but remember you now qualify for shit like empowered shots, psionic shot, etc etc because you're a psi entity.

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Posting again for the new thread. Looking for players around Sunday, 6pm PST for about 3-4 hours to play in a campaign that focuses on dungeon delving, inter-guild fighting, city politics, and lewdness.

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How harsh you guys are 3pps? I've only had games with Paizo-only DMs, so kinda curious.

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I want to make 4 ratfolk npcs using Rat Stack and Tunnel Rat feats. Which funny/interesting/effective combinations you can suggest, /pfg/?

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3PPs are for degenerates only

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Most 3pp is on par with Paizo material. Both hits and misses. Some companies put out consistently better stuff, which is why you see it around here.

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And this place is quite degenerate.

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I allow most DSP material and Radiance House spirit binding stuff. Anything else is on a case by case basis.

That said, I'm really not sure if I'll GM Pathfinder again.

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>Prepare for the anthro panther titty waifus

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Start with naming one A Tiny, Clever Commander

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"Little Creed"

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>I need to have a word with the leader of these backwater, no dock having motherfuckers.

Post the last words of your most recently dead party member.

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>I've tanked harder fighting drunk peasants!

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I don't even know why I'm still here, I haven't played Pathfinder in a year. But you guys are my people.


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Cool thanks, and i still get Gather Power right? Im a bit confused about that. So the general idea is rather than shooting a blast i get my astral construct to punch someone an extra time per turn?

Then at level 7 i expand my element and also get a blast to use when i feel like it?

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I want to make one of them drill sergeant fighter. I think, he is suitable for this role.

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yes you do (the gambler replaces it though, but then what doesn't it!)

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>"It's fine kids. You'll manage without me."

RIP team mom ;_;7

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Only War?

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Does an Augmented Blade that augments a ranged weapon fire ammo for it? It says it's augmented as if soulbolt, but that's probably in respect to what enchants you put on it.

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>working on magus stuff


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Repost since I posted this one too late.

So I got invited to a game and decided to play a Kensai Magus. Been in it 2 sessions now and we're all level 2, though this DM allows most 3rd party stuff, including spells from 1001 Spells.

So, is there major feats or spells in third party content deemed essential for a magus?

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I drew this up a minute ago glad someone might use it
Flood of Blades
4~6 man party
mininum 5th level
1 Ratfolk Cavalier+ X Ratfolk Rogues
Combat reflexes
Gang Up
Paired opportunists
>Rogue talents
Finesse rogue
Assault leader

Keen Rapiers
flood chains:
> Critical hit
> [Outflank] Gives AoO to the middle Ratfolk
> [paired opportunist] grants AoO to all other rogues
> [keen rapiers] 25% crit chance
> ~64% chance to repeat

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Well now I know what to make the next encounter for my players.

>> No.50432192

Feats you absolutely want:
>Augmented Elements
Get your utiliy talent back (this is mainly if you pick aether or really want the starter talent), and you also get a normal blast which may or may not be better than an extra punch, but is good for versatility and qualifying for composites down the line.
>Boost Construct
A huge permanent boost to your stand's power and versatility, this should be a very early choice, if not your first choice.

>Precise shot
Kineticists still need this if you're using your normal kinetic blasts. It's kind of sad. Hope your GM is sensible enough to homerule it out.
If you take blasts that target touch, you don't need it so much.

Feats that are nice to have:
>Advanced constructs
Optional. The new options it gives you aren't actually that good until the third tier, though even though you teleport your stand next to them, Reach is deceptively still useful if you want to do a lot of checking casters/ranged builds.
>Psicrystal Containment
You qualify for this feat. Always nice to have a scout.

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>Kensai/ZS warder for evil game is becoming a Sadomasochist

I've gone too far and I don't want to stop.

What do I do

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So I have an idea for a Shadow Oracle with the Blackened curse. I like the flavor and spells of Blackened but the penalty to weapons is a bit much, and I want to develop her as an avid follower of Desna. Since the penalty drops to -2 at level 10 to hit with Weapons, if at level 11 I took Divine Fighting Technique to get Cha to hit/dmg with a Starknife would that be alright? I plan on having a high Cha anyways for spells, spellcasting, spell DC's for my Shadow spells.

Also any other things I can do to sure up that -2? I'm not looking to optimize to the ends of the earth, just make it fun but functional. Also feat suggestions for doing cool stuff with a Starknife would be appreciated as well.

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Is the unsworn shaman really that bad compared to a vanilla one? I thought that the added versatity could make up for the delayed spirit ability but I've never played one and all the threads I found on pathfinder forum seems to conclude that is trash

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Can a creature that has normally only one Natural attack, do unarmed attacks on top of it if it gets Imp.Unarmed?
What if its like, a goat? Unarmed+Gore?

>> No.50432530


A creature with any number of natural attacks can make those natural attacks + any iterative weapon attacks they have (including unarmed attacks)

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Building a Psychic Armory for the first time, though I've never played a soulknife. Any advice on feats or traits, anons?

3PP allowed.

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Traits: Trick Shot (PsiAug Soulknives 2). Actual attack roll bonus and also best psionic talent.
Feats: Rapid shot, Psicrystal Affinity, and anything else you want; go to town.

Stacking archetypes:
-Be aware of the free gifted blade recommendation
-Warsoul stacks with PsyArm

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Is the avowed's Aether Pulse a spell-like or a spell outright?

I believe it's the former, but I'd rather make sure.

>> No.50432766

>Aether Pulse (Sp)
It's a spell-like.

Hell, the entire text of it makes a dozen references to the fact it's a SLA.

>> No.50432822

So, if one were multiclassed or gestalt - it would likely be compensated for by the much lower damage in the former case - and used a conductive weapon, it would be possible to use Aether Channel (swift), and on one of the channeled attacks, charge a target, and activate conductive to channel an Aether Lance into them on hit?

>> No.50432829

Okay i got Psionic Body as my first level feat, so ill get Augmented Elements at level 3.
Having Wild Talent + Psionic Talent meant Psibody gave me 6 hp, which seemed good.

>> No.50432871

For one thing, conductive melee weapons only work with abilities that are melee touch attacks, so aether lance is out no matter what.
Second, that falls under the rule that you can't use two different shapes per round.

>Psionic body
Holy fuck why, maybe it's useful at level 1 if your GM is going to shank you, but it's otherwise an awful option that pales in usefulness compared to what all those other feats could give you.
Do you even understand how your class abilities work if Boost Construct isn't on your priority list?

>> No.50432950

actually: You may only give one shape and modulation to a given aether pulse. The part that prevents the use anon asks about is that if you are using an ONGOING pulse, you cannot use any other different pulses "unless otherwise specified".

You can (here comes the exception) use Aether Shield despite other ongoing shapes being active, IF you have the Aether Armory feat.

However if you had an ability that lets you fire off a weapon attack as part of a pulse, and that weapon were conductive, then you could have it carry a second, entirely different pulse if you wish, so long as it fits the conductive rules.

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I allowed it a few times in 3.0, and I regret it. But, the player was a munchkin.

When I was running PF, I would have allowed DSP psionics and PoW, along with the Genius guides. When I run a game next year, I'll allow them also.

How often does Gelatinous Cube show up on the random encounter tables? I once ran a sewer adventure, and the Air-blooded Sorcerer and the Paladin almost died to one of them. The Magus who specialized in fire spells was sick that day.

>> No.50433121

hopy shit have you guys seen the pathetic "trove" 7chan is working with? https://mega.nz/#F!L0xjUZaI!iZBKT3WaZb6HxjQ2XEhXGA

>> No.50433129

GCs can be a character class now.
I so wanna play a borg cube...

>> No.50433190

>And thanks to the valiant efforts of.. uh...
>Is Futile. That's my last name.
>... And your first name?

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>> No.50433218

It's also a bloodline:


Resistance is futile. Suu is best girl.

>> No.50433227

Ah, the ever lovely QANON. You still have my eternal gratitude for taking the burden of trove upkeep off me.

>> No.50433240

QANON, where are you getting all these books from? With the way you pull extra ones out of nothing and all.

Is there a big pile that you only take the interesting ones from?

>> No.50433268

Probably how I got the books in my trove. Waiting for VH to clean stuff for us.

>> No.50433354

Posting the link to the Hammy/Lewd Hell's Vengeance.


>> No.50433449

Is the game time a lock or is there chance that the hours can be changed?

>> No.50433573

Money, money, money.
How do you manage characters' gp income when you create an adventure?

>> No.50433638

Need some help deciding on a chargen dilemma:
Gonna be playing a Fool's Errand focused character. Starting level 5. My lock DC is 18. Should I take Disc. Focus or is 18 high enough?

>> No.50433752

Hello dear Anon/ette/s,would any kind soul have a link for Strange Aeons vol.3?

>> No.50433983

Higher DCs are always better.
Also consider that since /everything/ is a discipline weapon for FE, it's also a flat +2 damage.

However if you don't have any other style feats I'd recommend Fool's Errand style as well; the no-save debuff works well with multi-hit attacks but the real benefit is free lock once per round.

>> No.50434126

One of the npcs is a Barber shop chorus bogeyman from Earth.

>> No.50434260

>Sure, enjoy getting infected with living crystal, mauled by a shoggoth then dumped onto another planet with no air.
>Tribes that warn explorers not to explore actually being right? who'da thunk

>> No.50434350

>mfw pfg isn't covered in kitsune fag ops lately

>> No.50434394


What's everyone making for this campaign? I'm more interested in hearing concept than class, and how does it fit into the raw, smutty 1980s exploitation theme they're going for?

>> No.50434471


I am debating between the psychopath who doesn't dwell in reality, probably CE or NE, something along the lines of The Kurgen and Sweeny Todd. Or something LE so I can be a Hellknight. Idk. I like the idea that my character would talk more to his weapon than actual people.

>> No.50434503


A chelish noblewoman with more money than sense, a dim and smiling girl who, while cruel as expected from a hereditary noble in Cheliax, is mostly harmless. She travels everywhere with her big, fluffy pet wolfhound, who she spoils viciously.


Vigilante is fun.

>> No.50434517


Dude, what if the "character" is the weapon: A blackblade's managed to possess a poor, strong local and is controlling him or her like a meat-puppet, indulging in every base pleasure and vice as it works towards it's own ends in service to House Thrune.

>> No.50434530

>Vigilante is fun.

tfw serial killer archetype

>> No.50434557


Is that the Magus archetype? I was looking at that to pair with Vigilante or Slayer.

>> No.50434579


Yuuuuup, it's a Magus archetype, and one of the better ones too! Pair it with Slayer and you've got a one "man" killing machine constantly ridiculing it's flesh-form's lack of finesse or magical aptitude, forcing the poor thing to endure every blow or shameful act as it talks with a different voice.

>> No.50434620


That is, in fact, the plan.

>> No.50434634


Psychopath. Butcher. Villain and Monster. Much and more has been said of Jack Cormac, the infamous Warrior of Westcrown, a man of prodigious size and an insatiable capacity for bloodshed and mayhem. After a Nirmathan mace left him with a lifetime of debilitating headaches that only increased his blood-rage and addiction to healing magic, Jack was forcibly "retired" to Longacre where he has earned the unfortunate reputation of being the local sour apple, a war-machine forced to waste away in peace.

Until House Thrune calls upon him and others to complete ONE. LAST. MISSION.

>> No.50434646 [SPOILER] 


>tfw you have no art for your character

>> No.50434666

Thank goodness you have a vigilante because that second book is very difficult without one.

>> No.50434669

that is a fucking beautiful hilt, my god. It even looks relatively well balanced.

>> No.50434678

So I'm in a vanilla Jade Regent game and due to my first character's untimely demise, my current character hasn't touched the magical seal yet.

I'm pondering seeing how long i can go without having them touching it, is this an awful idea? I've never played jade regent before.

>> No.50434705


You can go the entire campaign without touching it, senpai. Just means you won't be an Amatatsu scion.


>tfw I'm thinking of whipping out my equally cruel and brainless Chelish nobleman (a Henderthane, no less!) With a greater focus on haughty disregard for the lower classes and casual decadence.

>> No.50434739

Kyra Vales spent most of her life wishing she could escape; from her family, from her job, and from her life itself. The happiest day of her life was joining with the symbiote 'Missing Light', allowing herself to leave her life whenever she wanted, not caring what her symbiote did while it was in control. As long as she could live without consequence, she was fine with whatever the creature wanted to do.

Symbiotic Slayer/Dimensional Ripper

>> No.50434740


All you have to do is pick it up anon. Touch it. Caress it. Feel it grow warm in your hand. See how the edge smiles back at you. Listen, can you hear it whisper all the wonders you will do together?

>> No.50434753


>> No.50434800

Since i have no idea what that really entails yet and my backup character is a down on their luck mercenary from Sargava who got dragged into the party just outside of Kalsgard, I am okay with this.

They're in it for the money, the fights and the free food.

>> No.50434817


Them new high-tech firearms... Dat sniper rifle... Dat nanoweave...

>> No.50434971

>Sniper rifle
>4d6 damage
>Plus Scope V for sneak attacks at 1800 feet
Fuck, man. I've never wanted to play an assassin so badly.

How do you optimize sneak attacks?

>> No.50434991

>tfw Stargazer (trait) doesn't give Knowledge (Geography) as a class skill

I just want to know the road, map the stars and point out each celestial body as I discuss their folklore to a woman resting her head on my shoulder as we spend a tender moment atop a hill overlooking the town.

>> No.50435009

You don't, they're sneak attacks, things are immune to them.

You optimize the gun for Big. Already at Large that's 6d6. Huge 8d6. Gargantuan 12d6. Colossal 16d6. CII 24d6. CIII 32d6....

>> No.50435084

I just checked; Vital Strike works with this, so whatever number of dice you hit, you can double it (and eventually triple and quadruple it)

So, half-orc to take the mighty frame feat so you can just straight up have a large sniper rifle base, then you take a class that gives you EFlux so you can take that stance for, when you're in earth attunement, it makes your weapon count as a size larger (two sizes larger at level 10), then you slap on enlarge person at.

At level 11, assuming you've taken Improved Vital Strike, this thing deals 48d6 damage in a single shot.

Hopefully, you have a mage cast true strike on you so you can do a called shot to the head with little fanfare.

>> No.50435121

>Hopefully, you have a mage cast true strike on you so you can do a called shot to the head with little fanfare.
Called shots don't work with true strike for that very reason.

>> No.50435123


Can anyone review the Vampire Hunter class in this. Im interested in playing it

>> No.50435134

You're a Full BAB 4th Caster with loads of skill points.

It would honestly be a good class if the focus wasn't so narrow.

>> No.50435141

That's 168 DPR. Throw in the typical enchants and small amount of static bonuses you can get to it, say, at least dex to damage and a +3 weapon, and you're cleanly in the "is doing his damned job" range of primary attackers.

>> No.50435292

With single shots, at that. Nearly unprecedented in Pathfinder and associated systems.

Since you're an initiator (given you have that one EFlux stance) I wonder what boosts you can apply to this thing to make it crazier. I haven't really looked into ranged initiators before. Go with a Gunsmoke Mystic for free ammo and you're stylin.

Worth noting is that the sniper rifle can be crafted with gunsmithing, making it accessible even to characters without access to high tech labs and shit. That's an understated but extremely important benefit.

>> No.50435329


Mighty Frame feat? is that 1pp or 3pp, and what book is it from?

>> No.50435336

Issue with that is that Vital Strike doesn't work with Initiating.

>> No.50435412

Trust me, ranged initiators may not have the support the melees get but they truly can shine.

First, consider that the Warsoul's the only reasonable way to get use out of the tech energy weapons. Even though older firearms hit way harder, if you want to use these, well, that's the only way that isn't a gigantic trap.

Second, while many disciplines will have "melee attack" maneuvers you can't touch with a ranged weapon, many other maneuvers remain available and can even be a better trick at range. Prime among these is Silver Spiral Strike, which is just meh if you're using a greatsword, but will wipe an army off the map if used with a machinegun (that's a lot of attacks on a lot of enemies that just happen to fire out as lines...)

Finally, big guns get big boosts from big bigger; when your weapon deals damage as two sizes larger, and you were already wielding a large Hackbut, shit gets nasty fast.

But, don't just take my word for it.
Use Hunting Zephyr on a stalker who put his critical-multiplier-up onto his favorite gun, and remember to have boosted with phantom sunstorm first.

>> No.50435535

How is this for the evil campaign? Bladebound Magus and either Slayer or Vigilante for the gestalt. Not sure about names yet. I wanted something more cheery sounding or maybe ironic.


>> No.50435579

>Chelish woman with dog she may or may not fuck is already done
God damn it

>> No.50435605

>Not sure about names yet. I wanted something more cheery sounding or maybe ironic.

The host's name should be something mundane and vaguely pleasant, like Ned or William or Steven.

The sword's name should be pompous, over-the-top and edgy. Silverlight works really well, as would Blackflame or Icefire.


I'm sorry you can't play a dog-fucker, why not upgrade and play a lovely young knight that has an unhealthy relationship with her horse?

>> No.50435615

Common filth get out

>> No.50435640


Riddle me this, then.

What are some top-tier kinks and concepts I should try to use for a male character that will *probably* be some sort of martial?

I mean, there will absolutely be a character built around these, but the campaign's campy to begin with and designed to represent the worst (aka best) parts of exploitation films.

>> No.50435651

>The host's name should be something mundane and vaguely pleasant

I like Ned. Simple. I was going to go with Thaddeus Mynor and just cut it to the last name seeing as how the blade is running the show and his last name doesnt really matter anymore.

I will think more on simple and pleasant names. Thanks anon.

>> No.50435684



>> No.50435695

But I don't like horse fucking I like dog fucking. Maybe I'll just play a serial rapist instead or serial killer if that's too much.

>> No.50435704

>> No.50435715

What did he mean by this?

>> No.50435740

Am I the only one who thinks D4 HD should be a thing?

>> No.50435757


'Tis but an oath of victory, fulfilled only upon reaffirmation of a challenge, dear anon.


Yes. I believe you are.

>> No.50435782

>my ancient Steelfist Commando||Vigilante catfolk memebuild keeps bubbling to the forefront of my mind
>the concept of not dumping strength is too appealing to let go of
>start debating unironically building Fighter||Night Terror Vigilante instead

What am I fighting for

>> No.50435816

Make a Daring Hero and make Rance

>> No.50435819

i too wonder this

>> No.50435828

>Syrinx are 16 RP

>> No.50435830


>tfw the evil campaign is going to be full of Vigilante serial killers


>> No.50435831

No, no rape.

>> No.50435841

Hey hey! Shizuka isn't going to be a vigilante

She just kills people cause her sword tells her it'll be pretty!

>> No.50435861

>Another person named Shizuka

>> No.50435865

What? No, this wasn't for the evil campaign, just in general. Talking about builds and vigilante stuff just reminded me.

>> No.50435878

I dunno thats the name that came to mind for my evil campaign character

>> No.50435886


>not applying for the evil campaign

Dont lie to yourself.

>> No.50435891


Suuuuuure it is, "anon." I bet she's a modest librarian by day, eh?

>> No.50435897

>I was going to name mine Shazuki
What is happening?

>> No.50435907

No. She paints.

She paints at night too

>> No.50435908


Because flight is like, so overpowered! That's supposed to be a spell, not a racial feature!

>> No.50435923

But Strix are better in every way

>> No.50435928


You're giving me a serious urge to play a sharp-tongued Witchwolf Skinwalker that likes to hurt and be hurt by people, and if anyone wants to duo app he'd follow someone around like a lost puppy - or maybe he thinks you're his bitch, either angle works.

>> No.50435961


The potential dogfucker is going to be a serial killer too, anon. I'm sorry.

>> No.50435974

I have a player in a living campaign I used to be in that just used that very excuse to not roleplay because the player was very dull and uncreative.

The goal of the weapon was to protect every lizardfolks (something he kept secret), so the player wordlessly just started slaughtering other party members that were 4 level lower than he was when we had to invade a fortified swamp. Then he teleported away when everyone else was dead and that was it.

I'm kinda bitter about it.

>> No.50436004

Shizuka, a Bladebound Kensai Magus / Bushi ZS Warder who used to be a painter, and gradually became a sadomasochistic warrior who revels in bloodshed and pain. And sees a bunch fo beauty in blood and killing

She does still have a warped sense of honor, she's not likely to murder someone on the street. After all, the painting is so much more beautiful if its single combat.

>> No.50436052

Being the big tough wolfs bitch is exactly my fetish

>> No.50436074

You all make me an alcoholic.

>> No.50436077

but why

>> No.50436086

Are you reading the thread? That's why.

>> No.50436090

And we were doing good too.

>> No.50436117

well see just don't do that.

>> No.50436138


>> No.50436151

That's the wrong pic, oops.

>> No.50436154

>applying to an evil campaign with randoms

I like how everyone bitched the other game out until someone caved and made an IRC, and the void was immediately filled by this bullshit instead.

>> No.50436182

IRC is dead as a doorstop.

It may just be off hours though.

>> No.50436185


Want to work something out somewhere else, relationship and all? Or would you rather just apply separately and see what happens.

>> No.50436189

It's also monday so all the kids are in class :^)

or the adults are at work.

>> No.50436206

I'm trying to piece together Avowed (Self-Pact) and Living Legend now; Should have decent versatility and plenty of passives or toggles to live on.

This will make him relatively decent at talkiness, which is important in making those hammy 80s villain one-liners work.

>> No.50436209

It's both anon. All that's left are the losers like us who fit into neither category.

>> No.50436219

Hey I'm on lunch break right now!

>> No.50436239


Same here! I like to keep up with you guys before going back to being a certified "real human bean."

>> No.50436251

And look at where you're spending your lunch break. Go eat some food you freak, and leave the rest of us to wallow in this pit of misery.

>> No.50436262

Thaddeus Mynor, you give that to the sword (also minor reference; Thaddeus (slightly different spelling I think) was the name of the +13 sword in Hackmaster, so "thaddeus minor" is kinda like saying "zeus the diminished".

You're Ned, and your sword is Thaddeus Mynor. The scratched off middle name was 'the'

>> No.50436287

The Diviner girl fell!

>Check out her panties
>Rape her

>> No.50436295


I thought this thread was suppose to help people with character ideas and concepts?

>> No.50436314

Well, that's win win in my book

Two generations down the line, your king's a dragon.

>> No.50436317

No, apparently this thread is for rape, bestiality and other degeneracy.

>> No.50436320

I can eat and shitpost at the same time!

>> No.50436342

We had a whole bunch of that, and people bitched because it was themed around something. Now the Hot New Thing(tm) to theme your character around is a "campy evil campaign" where someone is literally a dogfucker. I know I joked about bestiality during the last run of characters, but that was because a PC was literally an animal and people were still making him a husbando.

>> No.50436345

Let's do it separately, I don't want to drag you down with my shitty writing and I like seeing relationships develop in game

>> No.50436354

It is, he's just a fucken babby.

>> No.50436380

And yet the actual threads for this are pretty much barren.

>> No.50436383

If you're looking for the ability to help others with their characters and concepts, I made a couple of posts late last night in the last thread that didn't get much response, probably due to the fact that it was like 3 in the morning.


Those are the posts I made about it, just looking to get some input from people that have DM-ed before or people who have played this style of game.

>> No.50436420

Guys I need to know the lewdest character concept you can think of that is slightly subtle.

No naked barbarians, nothing blatant.

Give me your best. Extra points for explaining specifically why you made it.

>> No.50436449

Just make a normal character for fucks sake.

>> No.50436456

I mean i'm not making a dogfucker thank god

But yeah. Its kinda fucked that thats what we're talking about

>> No.50436465

>Ablooo, someone has a different opinion than me!
If you don't like it don't look at it, its fucking spoilered and everything holy shit dude, beastiality isn't my fetish but I don't go around lynching people for having a different fetish than me

>> No.50436477

Dude, I say this as someone that has several gigs of NoName55 and StudioFOW stuff on his harddrive, there's a time and a place for that shit. Pathfinder General is not it.

>> No.50436487

You should go join Augunas for one of this bimboized panther rape games then.

>> No.50436500


You can literally make any fetish work if you build the character right, and by "right" I mean the same thing >>50436449 says, a normal goddamn character.

As long as the character itself is good you can have anything from a Lamashtu size queen to a normal-ass man that just so happens to be as endowed as some horses.

>> No.50436520

Well, I guess you're just as much a victim of the memes as everyone else. I guess that's just a side effect of saying you have an animal companion while you're on an anonymous Taiwanese Basketweaving forum?

>> No.50436528

... I'm thinking that might actually fit as a motivation. My character's got enough of an opinion of himself (though he can keep that under the surface with decent charisma) that only a being just as grandiose as that would be worthy of a leg-cling at his feet.

>> No.50436529

I'm not stealing the ideas or making a character, I wouldn't play a lewd character in a game

>> No.50436530

There's a point where the "lmao lewds LEWDS!" Joke stopped being funny and just stated to be disturbing.

We passed that a good two or so weeks ago.

>> No.50436548

It may be so

Thankfully I don't have an animal companion

Seriously now i wanna drink.

>> No.50436552

I blame the "lol THICC/Motherly" thing the fetishposters keep pushing.

>> No.50436553


>tfw we actually had some quality threads yesterday which, at worst, devolved into an adorable relationship between two characters

>> No.50436570

At this point I just wish people would start tackling different fucking characters. It's the same guys talking about the same characters almost every time.

>> No.50436572

Serial Killer Vigilante || Phantom Thief Rogue or Mastermind Inveatigator

The other idea was a Insinuator Antipaladin || Ravenlord Harbinger.

>> No.50436576

So to anyone that's played Hell's Vengeance, can you tell me a bit about Longacre or Cheliax in general? What should I know about the places if I'm making a character?

>> No.50436583

Probably because we made an RotJR IRC channel.

>> No.50436585

we're getting through this. We'll survive.

We've had good OPs

>> No.50436596

So ask them to go away instead of being passive aggressive about it?
This is you right now, if you don't like it ask them to take it to the Roll20 or some other place
Again, ask them to take it somewhere else or just ignore it, it was spoilered after all.

>> No.50436602

It's honestly the retards who just kept obsessing over that game, that's not even open for months, and who probably won't accept the any retard from here once they realize where most of the applicants are from.

It's just fucking pathetic, like /rk9/ levels of desperate for attention pathetic.

>> No.50436606

Thanks me too

>> No.50436625

>once they realize where most of the applicants are from.
You know the game was made by a /pfg/ anon, and first advertised to /pfg/ right?

The GM knew where they'd be from before he even made the roll20 game.

>> No.50436635

So what's the fall out of the RotJR game. One of the big ones I'm seeing is that people finally realized that depressed homebrewer is a piece of human garbage worse than 2hu.

>> No.50436651

>witchhunting already
It's too early for that shit today.

>> No.50436652

>TFW everyone thinks she's my fetish but she really isn't

>> No.50436654

So! How'd your weekend go, /pfg/? Do anything fun or exciting?

>> No.50436667

>Makes fetishbait
>but not for himself

>> No.50436675


>> No.50436677

>Characters from Golarion on Akiton gain John Carter-esque bonuses to ranged and movement due to lower gravity

Does this bonus apply to melee weapons too?

>> No.50436678

That's even more retarded.

>> No.50436679

And what, you're saying he isn't? Or are you DHB trying to save face?

>> No.50436695

Longacre is your standard small town with a gated wall to protect it from raids, also all of the guards are hilariously old and thus bad at their jobs.

Cheliax in general is not the /best/ place to live by any means, and the people that run it are completely fine with slavery, torture, and other generally evil-aligned practices. Essentially it's the kind of place where if you're a scrub you're gonna suffer, and if you're strong you're still gonna suffer but it won't be as much as the next guy, not if you can help it.

Also don't jack around too much and make a substandard character, when me and my friends played Vengeance we actually made the best characters we could and tried not to piss off the villagers as much as possible and we STILL got our faces handed to us quite often.

>> No.50436707

What the hell did he do that was so terrible beyond make an initial draft character that was kinda rapey.

>> No.50436709

I'm saying we could not witchhunt people.

>> No.50436719


I did, Fennec anon! I got my roommate introduced to Game of Thrones and he's utterly hooked, while last night I had a seriously good time celebrating my big brother's engagement! We might be going to Nashville, Gatlinburg or Asheville for the bachelor party (got any recommendations?)

>> No.50436721

>be gm
>trying to make new monster for players to fight
>the math is fucked
Is there actually some justification behind the numbers for the monsters in this game? It seems like evening is just made up.

Like... Why 12 natural armor? Why not 13 or 11? How much could i increase the natural armor before i should increase the CR?

>> No.50436722

>kinda rapey
Tbh, that's "I walk from the table" level of terrible. If you want to play someone kinda rapey, you make /damn sure/ that the entire group is 100% fine with it, or you don't do it.

>> No.50436729

She was an accident, she was just meant to be an average but nice and protective Wereboar and MILF is definitely not my fetish

>> No.50436736

Kick-started the NTR degeneracy which snowballed into this bestiality and rape shit.

>> No.50436755

Then don't make her a MILF, dummy.

>> No.50436756

>thinking this is "abloobloo different opinions"
>It's actually just "abloobloo people are doing the exact same shit they were bitching about people doing"

>man makes joke character based around stacking bonuses
>people lose their shit because he optimized around 1/day Diplomacy buffs

tbqh he dug his own grave and didn't expect people to bodycheck him into it, but he didn't exactly do anything wrong until people started spouting NTR.

>> No.50436762


>> No.50436765

The NTRmeme was out of his control. He's a bit of fag for indulging in it though, but we're all fags here.

>> No.50436770

Natural armor is just how thick the hide of the beasty is anon, there's no hard and fast rules for that kind of thing as far as I'm aware.

>> No.50436780


They're just on a hair trigger considering what is going on in the thread right now, anon. From what I recall that character's a real sweetheart, just work a bit more on that plague survivor backstory and I'll hope to see her in the campaign!

>> No.50436785

#RotJR on Rizon\

The issue is that optimizing for a 1/day diplomacy in a game that needs that roll for the relationship subsystem feels like a jerk move.

>> No.50436799

The table gives you target statistics for each CR.

>> No.50436801

See that's why he took people's advice and changed it because he didn't intend for it to come off that way? Like he said?

>> No.50436832

People keep saying he's once a day diplomacy. Check his sheet. He does all skills. He's just a skill monkey with like 4 higher diplomacy than his other skills. His bluff and stealth aren't far behind at all.

>> No.50436837

But I like her, she's one of my few good characters and seems fun
I've been working on it, but I haven't gotten much done due to the holiday stuff and my lack of back story writing skills.

>> No.50436839

Pretty sure he explicitly said "yea this part's a total joke, I just wanted to see if it could be done" and people refused to believe him. After that the one faggot that bitched about him kept baiting him into digging the hole deeper with loaded questions.

I don't remember her getting much development, but she was shaping up kek to be one of the better characters, at least backstory-wise.

>> No.50436845

It was a floating skill buff iirc, and it's only a "dick" move if he was in a party with someone else who was planning to go the Ameiko route. Which no sane person would do unless they wanted a shitstorm.

>> No.50436852

Is it just cybering?

I might come by to watch if it is.

>> No.50436857

>lel, guys it's fine. His monster 1/day diplomacy roll can actually be ANY skill.

>> No.50436868

It can be if you come!

>> No.50436870

He built a skill monkey. Then he even backed off of that because people bitched at him too hard and nerfed his character 3 times.

>> No.50436877


Couldn't say-haven't been out that way in years. Hope you all have a good time, though!

>> No.50436879

I recall backstory and build discussions sprinkled with "who the fuck is rigging that poll", and a dragonball powerlevel discussions when I was in there last night. Was surprisingly comfy, but I dunno if it'll stay that way.

>> No.50436880

And here's the part of the thread where we bitch about things we don't like.

>> No.50436890

>we bitch about things we don't like.

>> No.50436900


>> No.50436907

You mean like Augunas, Paizo, Pathfinder, Rape, Bestiality, PoW, PoW haters, and everything else in between?

>> No.50436919

Really? I thought she didn't have very much, it's only about 3ish paragraphs, even with all of my added stuff, which is mostly just fleshing out that was unintended her personality a bit more
Isn't it a whole bunch of 1/day boosts that he could theoretically blow all at once?

>> No.50436926

thats the joke

>> No.50436938

Good luck. I'd probably put it on the low end just to avoid imbalance (and encourage creativity on the players part) but you really shouldn't listen to me...

>> No.50436939

>where we bitch about things we don't like


>> No.50436943

So it's not now?

I mean, I'm not going to come in and ERP with you if that's what your asking.

I just wanted to watch.

>> No.50436960

Don't forget the other class is a Shaman, which is also Wis based

>> No.50436992

Fuck I didn't even notice, that just makes it even worse. My only rest comes from knowing that catfolk weren't the only ones getting dicked over by not getting any fun ARTs, but that just means the book failed to deliver on the CORE FUCKING CONCEPT OF GIVING YOU OPTIONS FOR THE RACES IN IT.

People play shamans? I thought it was just a pagefiller that wasn't meant to be used?

>> No.50437000

It never was!

It's a containment IRC for the containment thread on the containment board of the containment website!

If you wanna ERP, you bring it to PMs!

>> No.50437013


Ooh, that sounds fun!

how the heck do you suggest that without coming off as a weirdo?

>> No.50437027


We had a dwarven Possessed Bones Shaman in a previous game. Always grumpy on account of being surrounded by his family's spirits all the time, but very hard to rattle.

>> No.50437029

It's more that I really don't care if people think I'm weird. I've long stopped caring about my dignity. It's the opposite of self-confidence, really.

>> No.50437034

I like shamans...
Though admittedly it kinda got hurt due to having to rely on both Wis and Cha at once due to Paizuri no proofreading their spirit abilities.

>> No.50437045


>> No.50437053

Also if someone doesn't make a sundowner type character for the evil gestalt game i'm dissapointed.

>> No.50437061


Why is the brown elf sad?

>> No.50437065

Nothing about shaman looks like it was proofread. Everything I hear about it points to it being anywhere from a broken, unplayable mess on one end of the spectrum to a broken, overpowered mess on the other.

>> No.50437094

How would one even go about doing that? Just through making a str dual wielder with scissor mode or the actual philosophy behind him?

>> No.50437095


Which is yours? I'll have to give you a ping.

>> No.50437111

If I recall correctly because she was offered to hero as a "reward" and he turned her down.

>> No.50437130

>Not an open, public orgy of lewd


>> No.50437133

i think as long as its reminiscent of him its a good job


Because she's Mithral Current based, Shizuka is already Jetstream Sam

>> No.50437140

My water elemental now has PTSD. It just keeps screaming in aquatic and no one knows what he's saying. I'm assuming he's just screaming things about goblins in the trees.

What should he be saying.

>> No.50437164

I swapped Silvia to a Dex build so I could use Mithral Current and Riven Hourglass and become more "Now this is a fight!"

>> No.50437178

It's a combination of financial advice and QVC infomercials.

>> No.50437183

What I'm seeing is people said his first draft was rapey, so he changed it. People said his skill checks were too high, so he nerfed them, they said they were still too high, so he nerfed them again.

What's the problem now? If he was being an asshat about it I'd understand.

>> No.50437193


>> No.50437221


You forgot we live in a meme fueled hell.

>> No.50437236

the DNA of the soul.

>> No.50437242

Oh yeah I almost forgot.

>> No.50437245


>> No.50437275

Shizuka is definately like that, but is mostly Mithril Current with some Scarlet Throne for spice.

>> No.50437299

Why do we refer to Metal Gear Rising so often, /pfg/?

>> No.50437306

Because it's fucking great

>> No.50437314

It's in the rules.

>> No.50437317

Because it was all about the memes, and shit was hype, senpai.

Shit was hype.


>> No.50437332

I know that, but I just wonder what gives revengance a high correlation with pathfinder in particular.

>> No.50437338


Because it's made out of memes.

And memes are DNA of the soul.

>> No.50437339

Because its fucking great.


>> No.50437349

Because Raiden is basically a high level martial done right, I guess. It's something most people would aspire to be.

>> No.50437362

I think it was due to PoW being released, or at least tested, during the time in which MGR hype was still fresh for everyone.
Kinda the same reason why people kept mixing MGR and Kill La Kill when that show was still popular.

>> No.50437365


Are there other characters in the RotJR lineup that could translate really well into a Metal Gear Rising character?

>> No.50437369

wouldn't know, Shizuka is for the Hell's Vengance

>> No.50437376


Song Lilin is Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower, complete with bullshit fire powers.

Svana is giving me Dragonslayer Ornstein vibes.

Roku is Sir Alonne, easily.

>> No.50437392

Pretty much any full initiator that has a philosophy about why people fight would be in line for Revengance.

>> No.50437394

>Complete with bullshit firepowers.
It's been like, three versions since she had E Flux. Catch up man.

>> No.50437419

Nice. I´ve yet to murder Rasputin, so I´m not tired of real Earth cameos.

>> No.50437425

Its true.

Whose gonna make Monsoon

>> No.50437442

Can someone give me a list of all the current recruiting games that are /pfg/ affiliated in some way?

I know there is a WotR, RotJR, IG, and MM, but what else?

>> No.50437443

>Dragonslayer Ornstein
I don't know what this is, or what MGR characters are like at all

>> No.50437446

Ornstein is from fucking Dark Souls.

>> No.50437452


Monsoon would be a [Stalker / Monk] Tian from Bachuan, wouldn't he?

>> No.50437456

I think just this Hell's Vengance. https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/4300551/game-tone

>> No.50437467

I think you need to get the abberant bloodline or something so you get stretchy body parts.

>> No.50437474

Who is NToRacle?

>> No.50437485

Super late, but /pfg/ is in love with DSP, but DSP needs to have it's own campaign because it's pretty much broken when you allow it with anything core. Very game ruining for anyone who doesn't want to play a Psionic or PoW character, speaking as a GM.

>> No.50437488

Monsoon's body is the hardest thing to stat from MGR, in my opinion.

>> No.50437493

>I don't know what this is

Knight wearing heavy armor that wields a longspear, can jump really far and move really fast, and has zippy lightning powers.

Grab a longspear, get Elemental Flux and find some gold-plated armor custom-designed for Svana's generous figure, and you've got a more feminine Ornstein.



>> No.50437498

I've never played any Metal Gear games or Souls games, in fact I barely ever play video games and when I do it's usually just casual games with my friends, like CoD

>> No.50437513

You must be a shit DM.

>> No.50437530

Abberant Bloodline from Bloodrager or Sorc handles it imo.

>> No.50437537

He doesn't suffer THAT much, does he?

>> No.50437541

If you have time you should pick up Revengance, you can get it on steam pretty cheap, and you don't need to know shit about metal gear to enjoy it. Use a gamepad like a 360 controller if you can, it just feels better

>> No.50437544

With Veiled Moon probably, not sure what else.

A homebrewer who goes by DepressedHomebrewer, or DHB, made a character for RotJR and left his trip on. This was an incredibly focused build that centered on using an Inquisitor Inquisition and Archetype to get wisdom to diplomacy twice. That was NTRDwarf, because his stated goal was to use that huge diplomacy bonus to romance Ameiko.

Later he rebuilt it into an Oracle with a floating +40 or so to any skill a few times per day. That's NToRacle.

>> No.50437546

>broken in a game where vancian casting is allowed

I can accept that PoW can get kind of wonky, but psionics is flat-out weaker than arcane magic, outside specific niches(like self-buffing).

>> No.50437552

It's not just stretchy limbs though, he breaks apart his whole body and throws it at raiden.

>> No.50437562


He's branded with a foul mark and gets sickened whenever he's not making his retarded waifu happy.

>> No.50437564

Yeah you can't replicate that, but the YOU CAN'T CRIT ME shit replicates how annoying he is to hit.

>> No.50437565

>Elemental Flux
Isn't that a PoW thing? If so, is there a way to get those without taking a PoW class? And Svana might eventually get armor, but it would be light armor, she's a Barbarian/Ninja remember
I don't have a Steam account, I only ever play on 360

>> No.50437585

But what about that "super sweet crime spree"?

>> No.50437588

Good shit then, its a 360 game. You're set

>> No.50437592

>naming my character's black blade literally fucking weebwords

How awful am i?

>> No.50437601


That's the opposite of awful, anon.


Guts has a habit of running afoul with Literally Nothing Wrong after the Eclipse, doesn't he?

>> No.50437610


Martial Training combat line can get you maneuvers and stances.

>> No.50437615

I mean the entire character is from Tian Minkai is japan there right?

>> No.50437620

Yes, Minkai is not!Japan.

>> No.50437628

Outstanding my memes are going great then.

>> No.50437638

>is there a way to get those without taking a PoW class?

There sure is! Martial Training or taking a PoW archetype for your class (Barbarian has Primal Disciple, which gives you initiating which is full rather than partial for this campaign, if I remember correctly.)


>> No.50437664


Minkai is Not!Japan.

The Successor Kingdoms are Imperial China torn asunder with the collapse of the Celestial Empire barely a century ago.

Goka is Hong Kong and literally described as an equal to Absalom in size and splendor.

Hongal is Manchuria or, more roughly, Mongolia.

The Forest of Spirits is Princess Mononoke.

There's a weirdo weeaboo Elven kingdom that worships the Tree of Gondor.

Webm is Amanandar.

>> No.50437677

thats fine i just needed Minkai

>> No.50437716

I'll see if I can pick it up from Walmart or GameStop or something I suppose, or maybe just order it online
Not at all
I might end up taking that if I find a nice discipline for her
>Lose all of my rage powers except one
>Lose fast movement, bringing me down to 40' and making me lose a +4 bonus on Acrobatics
>Doesn't even stack with Superstitious
Well shit.

>> No.50437741

Ok, this is Shizuka's current backstory

>Was a painter with a husband in Minkai
>Had a heirloom sword of the family
>Sword is actually her black blade, it begins to awaken, whispering things to her
>She slowly gets corrupted by it, and her paintings grow more erratic and use a lot more... Red
>Eventually she snaps, takes the blade, and murders her husband, making him her first "painting" using her blade
>Goes on the run, and slowly awakens to her true hedonistic and sadomasochistic self, finds work doing ronin and mercenary shit and eventually ends up in Cheliax for the campaign.

How is this shit sounding.

>> No.50437752

>Lose fast movement, bringing me down to 40' and making me lose a +4 bonus on Acrobatics

Not trying to convince you or anything, but there's a 5th level Stance in Elemental Flux that gives you +4 Initiative and +30 movement!

>> No.50437758

Is this a different Shizuka from the bookworm one?

>> No.50437785

Yes, absolutely, different campaign and everything.

>> No.50437794


How does she get from Minkai to a sleepy soldier town in the middle of Cheliax? If you want the Tian angle and a healthy helping of isolationism that makes a lot more sense, maybe she's from the Jade Quarter in Kalsgard, an exile or the daughter of exiles.

>> No.50437805

What level do you get 5th level stances at?

>> No.50437811

that could work.

>> No.50437826

Level 9 if you are a full initiator or take advanced study.

>> No.50437848


No no, I meant it was a stance you get at level 5, it's a 3rd tier stance.

>> No.50437863


>Elemental Flux Stance
>Filling both your body and soul with the power of the elements, you open yourself up to new powers. While you maintain this stance, your attacks deal an additional 2d6 points of damage of your active element’s associated energy type, you gain energy resistance 15 to your active element’s associated energy type, and you gain one of the following effects, based on your active element:

>Air: Your speed and perception are heightened, granting you a +4 bonus on initiative checks and a +4 dodge bonus to your AC.

>Earth: The strength and durability of the earth suffuses your bones, granting you DR 5/adamantine.

>Fire: Your body is filled with warmth and healing light, granting you fast healing 1. In addition, you glow like a torch as if under the effect of a light spell.

>Water: Your body is inured against debilitating effects, granting you a +2 bonus on all saving throws.

>> No.50437910

Ah, ok. Still though, she doesn't really seem like an Elemental Flux kind of girl.

>> No.50437958


>Pic related is me when I realize the Stance that gives you +30 movement is, indeed, a 5th tier (and thus 9th level) maneuver.

Holy shit I'm dumb.


Speaking of slick bloodline powers, if you want you could become a Bloodrager; http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/hybrid-classes/bloodrager, it's basically everything you want out of a Barbarian (minus Rage powers, which you can get from an archetype) plus some abilities such as Elemental (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/hybrid-classes/bloodrager/bloodrager-bloodlines/paizo---bloodrager-bloodlines/elemental)

>At 8th level, you gain a special movement type or bonus based on your chosen element, as indicated on the above table.
>Fire is +30 land speed on top of your +10 from Fast Movement and +10 from race.
>By level 8 you're moving 80 feet per round

You can fluff it as the power of your blood literally burning away the infection that threatened to consume you as it did the village. Fire and life and all that stuff fits into the bloodline.

>> No.50437965

You must be close-minded and bias against something that is extremely easy to break with little to no effort.

>> No.50437979

> Vitalist healing
> Not broken


>> No.50437992

I am, that's why I'm against 9th level vancian casters.

>> No.50438042

Despite the fact that 9th level Maneuvers are pretty much of equal power? Except, better, since y'know you can do more maneuvers in a round than people can cast spells.

Not my fault you're dumber than a bag of rocks if you can't identify the fact that Path of War is incredibly easy to break. Casters are only good if they have a real martial with them, and only if you let them get out of hand. You can be level 3 and be broken as fuck with a Path of War character pretty easily.

You must just be a shit player.

>> No.50438058

>Dedicated healer class can actually do in-combat healing
>this is somehow more broken than a vancian caster throwing one spell and totally trivializing the entire fight


>> No.50438076

Stop what you're doing
Go to the store and buy a copy of Dark Souls 1 for 360, be sure to get the Prepare to Die edition to have the DLC.
Then play it IMMEDIATELY! and make sure to read all the item descriptions of every item you come across.

You'll thank me later.

>> No.50438079

I know I'm taking the bait, but this is still so much more refreshing than the earlier thread. Thank you for your effort!

>> No.50438091

>this is somehow more broken than a vancian caster throwing one spell and totally trivializing the entire fight
Name the spells that do this. No, Color Spray does not as it requires enemies to stand in tightly packed cones with no allies in them.

>> No.50438123

Literally not an argument.

How is Shattered Mirror's repeatable Trap the Soul more balanced than any 9th level spell? It is literally every round free trap the soul.

>> No.50438140

More, more. Just keep posting. Wash away the agony of the bestiality discussion.

>> No.50438151

>MFW if I did this Svana could have a +79 to Acrobatics at level 8 while investing nothing extra except for a skill point every level, allowing her to jump 44.5 feet straight up on a take 10
I don't really like vidya RPGs though, could I just watch a play through instead?

>> No.50438156

You have to be trolling if you can't even address what I am saying.

>> No.50438167


What's your favorite non-human or demi-human race, anon?

>> No.50438177

>every round free trap the soul
>when you have to recover maneuvers and can't use a maneuver on the round it's recovered
>meaning you're at best doing this every other round if you recover a maneuver every round
>9th level maneuvers still don't rape the world as hard as spells, they merely rape things in 1-on-1 combat
>something martials could already do


It's barely an RPG anon, it has RPG elements but is more like a hack-n-slash. There will be grinding, though, so if you absolutely HATE grinding I guess you could be excused.

>> No.50438208

I very much enjoy tieflings!

>> No.50438215

well i think i mostly finished Shizuka and her Bob Ross murdersword. Yay.

>> No.50438221


It gives her Great Fortitude and Lightning Reflexes as bonus feats too, making Boar Girl as hardy and quick as... Err, a Boar.

>> No.50438222

why can't we


>> No.50438234

A zealot can:
>use maneuver
>zeal to recover it
>use maneuver next round
>zeal to recover it

You recover it AFTER you use it.

>9th level maneuvers still don't rape the world as hard as spells, they merely rape things in 1-on-1 combat
Please tell me what "world raping" spells you are referring to outside Wish, Planar Binding and Simulacrum, spells that either don't work how /pfg/ memes them to or any sane GM bans (Wish doesn't work like how /pfg/ claims it does, Simulacrum/Planar Binding should be banned in any game).

Some spells, that should be banned, being broken does not excuse maneuvers being broken.

>> No.50438243

Anger and hatred are a necessary part of pathfinder. You only play if you hold anger and hatred in your heart for yourself.

>> No.50438254

>9th maneuvers as powerful as 9th spells

>> No.50438255


Same here! Same here! There's a lot of things I like about Tieflings; their attribute scores, their appearance and features, heck even their lil bonuses to stuff like skills and spells!

There's so many things I enjoy about them, I'd go so far as to say there's 2d10 reasons to love 'em!

>> No.50438257

>could I just watch a play through instead
Part of the joy of Dark Souls is the visceral pleasure and the sense of accomplishment from finally triumphing over that one point or boss that has killed you time and time again. It is the emotional shock of vicariously slipping yourself into the game world, experiencing the despair, loss, and rage your character does, and discovering the the great world and lore implications of your surroundings.

It is not something that one can just watch, otherwise there is no impact, and the game thrives on the impact felt personally by each player as they draw their own conclusions about the game.

Just fork the $30 and see for yourself.

but I suppose if you must, just watch PlagueofGripes Lets Plague Dark Souls

>> No.50438261


>> No.50438275

Here i stand beneath the warm and soothing rain

>> No.50438276

Ranged character.
Gestalt, and the three required stats as a result are Dex (as usual), Int, and Cha.

I need some ideas for race selection.

>> No.50438277


Gnolls. They're complete and utter bastards.

>> No.50438284

What 9th level spell is stronger than Septennial Seal?

>> No.50438285

I'd say they're more akin to 6th level spells at most desu.

>> No.50438287

Kitsune is dex/cha

>> No.50438291

Elf :^)

>> No.50438292

Black tentacles?
Color spray DOES triviliaze the fight, as it'll probably hit about atleast a sixth of the enemies.

>> No.50438297

I may not know much about PoW, but I can smell that something is wrong with what you're doing there. Anyone familiar with PoW want to confirm? I thought even zealot couldn't recover a maneuver it had just used on the same turn?

>> No.50438298


>> No.50438306

I do hate grinding, it's why I never played the Borderlands games with my brother even though he bought me all three of them with all the DLCs
Sorry to him too
Well shit, I guess I'm redoing her build. Never played a caster before anyway, this should be fun
I'll watch the play through and if it doesn't look too bad after the first few parts I'll buy the game

>> No.50438312

>Dex, Int, Cha
Ratfolk. Like, half the Tiefling variants. Musetouched Aasimar. Kitsune. Wayang. Elf.

>> No.50438316


Anon please, all I did was express my reasons for loving the same thing you do.

>> No.50438320

>It is literally every round free trap the soul.

Trap the soul doesn't even allow for a save if you use it right.

>> No.50438339

Trap the soul?
Planar Binding?
Eternal Apotheosis?
Permanent Demiplane?

>> No.50438342

secondary abilities might be of import then. anything particularly interesting any of them can do or build towards that the others could not?

>> No.50438344

The grinding doesn't really get to be classic RPG grinding unless you actively go for it, it's more a quite literal grind. Of your face against the world and bosses. If you want OPTIMAL SETUPS you'll grind for souls and items, but those get pretty trivial pretty quickly.

>> No.50438353

Eternal Apotheosis is a sixth level spell when you do it right.

>> No.50438355

>Never played a caster before anyway

Bloodrager is a caster in the same way a Paladin is a caster; sure you can do it, but most people just ignore the delicate hand motions in favor of swinging heavy shit around.

Doesn't Svana already have a 14 in Charisma? That's literally all you need to make a Bloodrager fully functional, heck you can get by with less.

>> No.50438356

honestly do what you want but i think Dark Souls is best experienced going into it just.. Totally blind.

>> No.50438365


>> No.50438367

It requires the create touch to accept the object. Anyone by that level should have Arcane Sight Permanancy'd. If it has Sympathy on it they can see it and get a save. If not it just has an Aura of Trap the Soul on it.

>> No.50438410

It really depends. For example, Kitsune are great at casting enchantment spells, and Wayang are similarly good when it comes to shadow spells, but that's not going to be relevant if you're not a spell caster.

>> No.50438412

Costs 25k a pop.

>Planar Binding?
I agree with you there, any sane GM bans this like they so Septennial Seal.

>Eternal Apotheosis?
You become a lich and get 2CR, big whoop.

Again, like Septennial this is on essentially the mandatory ban list.

>Permanent Demiplane?
How does this actually break games except your wizard fucking off and not leaving his Demiplane? That doesn't actually solve any of his problems. Even the double time one isn't exactly mind blowing.

>> No.50438413

Eh, grinding isn't that bad to be honest. If you're good enough, you can beat the game well enough while underleveled and equipped. Heck, people do trial runs of it all the time.
4 Kings boss may be a pain though
Also, if you do play it, these videos may be a good help for a simple guide

Also, don't feal bad about it being difficult in the first run, that's part of the experience. Even veterans still die a whole lot from time to time

Also, beware, PVP may fuck you hard up the anus with no lube for the first few rounds

>> No.50438438

Why do you guys do this to me,I'll buy it instead of watching I guess
If it gets any spells at all its a caster IMO I've never played a paladin after level 3 either
Yes, she has 14 Charisma, I wanted her to be good at using Intimidate
I like to play games on the hardest difficulty, I probably shouldn't do that for this though right?

>> No.50438450

because we care anon

>> No.50438451


Dark Souls does not have a difficulty setting.

>> No.50438459

Permanency on arcane sight is self-only. Which only serves to further demonstrate how badly initiators fare compared to casters.

>> No.50438473

Yes, because a character can't afford a scroll by that level. Or actual magic items that do it.

You don't have an argument here. Your argument is "cheap magic items/effects shouldn't factor in" which is pathfinder makes zero fucking sense because the system assumes you have access to these things AND use them.

>> No.50438474

>I like to play games on the hardest difficulty
Lucky for you, Dark Souls only comes in one difficulty setting: git gud
Though there is a New Game+ mechanic after you beat the game, which increases by various levels of "tear your anus open".

Still, really fun games though. My absolute favorite video game franchise of all
As long as you ignore Dark Souls 2

>> No.50438493

You sure don't care about my wallet
Wait I always heard that Dark Souls 2 was even better than Dark Souls?
Is 3 any good?

>> No.50438502

Hard Mode isn't a setting. It's a way of life. You don't kindle those bonfires, you always stay human so you get fucked by invaders constantly, you find a shitty meme weapon and excusively use it, and you make sure to NEVER touch any magic. NG+ (and the following + cycles) all make things toughed because fuck you.

Scholars edition of 2 is at least worth a playthrough. It's not a "good dark souls game", but it's still at least a pretty good game if you stop pretending it's a real DS game.

>> No.50438507


Dark Souls 3 > Dark Souls => Scholar of the First Sin > Dark Souls 2

>> No.50438515

Scribe's Binding (Gives a fort save though, so its kinda shit)
Polymorph Any Object (Same as above)
Maze of Madness and Suffering
Mage's Disjunction
Mage's Excellent Enclosure

>> No.50438532


Is it a sign of being gud when I was able to beat most Lords of Cinder on the first or second try, along with the DLC boss?

I'm careful with my sippies.

>> No.50438544

>Yes, because a character can't afford a scroll by that level.
It's more than 10% of the WBL for 17th level NPC, and can easily be dispelled.

>> No.50438549

>What is more powerful than killing this single target and trapping its soul if you manage to hit and don't get countered
Well if you wanna be specific to Septennial Seal the answers start aaaaaaallllllll the way back with Emergency Force Sphere.

But, let's take what it can do: On a hit (Melee only, requires hit, miss chance % may exist and apply, could be countered), Will save (nice and high, admittedly) or die (death type effect; some immunities may exist/apply), and if the save is made you instead take damage+13d6. Success takes out ONE target from the equation. So did shooting it in the face, so the only real advantage is the trap-the-soul effect (but with more limitations/restrictions and always allowing a save).

So... What's more of an impact on the adventure or a campaign as a whole? Anything at all that does more than *kill one guy real dead*.

True Seeing (available much earlier) is a start; it could help you unravel an entire mystery in seconds.

Teleport and Greater Teleport can allow you to skip not just one guy of an encounter but entire encounters or entire SERIES of encounters AND the travel time by simply skipping over travel. It's like when you're in the endgame in old console RPGs and simply cast Return to all the nearby cities and major dungeons to save yourself all the walking and random encounters every single time. One does not simply walk into mordor, but one CAN just telefrag the ring or have it and gollum pop right over the lava and be done with it.

Fabricate can instantly create large amounts of processed materials, which can save months or completely alter an entire encounter by turning an ambush into an ill-planned raid against your instant fortress.

Geas, Suggestions, Dominate, etc can all completely turn someone around; trap the soul traps the soul; these things make him work for you instead.

Limited Wish, motherfucker.




>> No.50438553

>Maze of Madness and Suffering
Effectiveness of this is really based on the int mod of the creature. A Harbinger is gonna be out in 2 rounds or so, as is a Warder. Other initiators are probably gonna need a take 20.

>> No.50438560

/pfg/ does anybody have a level 10 unchained summoner build on hand with a skill eidolon? I need one for the game I'm running tonight and won't be able to put it together properly myself.

>> No.50438568

Only thing, ONLY THING I dislike about Scholar is that they jacked up the repair price of the ring of life protection.

Yeah I'm a chump but it was relaxing, y'know?

>> No.50438571

Well then you use one of the save fort or lose spells

>> No.50438573

A magic item that casts detect magic is 1000gp. Literally pennies.

>> No.50438576

Actually the demiplanes can break things due to time control.

You can effectively go there, have it be filled with raw materials, and then craft for the next ten years, come back out to introduce your kids to the world, oh and they and you are all decked out in magic power-armor. Exactly one second has gone by.

>> No.50438582


Possibly, but I think most DS players measure gud by their choice of waifu.

>> No.50438586

Magic Aura is a first level spell.

>> No.50438592

You know, as much as I'd want to partake in the WotR shenanigans, I can't seem to make a well-developed character for the damn thing, and what I do have are kinda...lacking.

>It's literally Necalli the Bloodrager

>Life Channeler Elf who got all shades of fucked up by Fae and now wants to create a cult to share the truths he's seen by creating a hedonist cult with which he can empower himself while granting pleasure to his disciples. He also likes subjugating the powerful.

>> No.50438595

>Wait I always heard that Dark Souls 2
Its not. It has shitty writing, poorly designed enemies, the worst collection of bosses of the franchise, a story that makes less sense than normal for DS, the stupid "cycles and reincarnation" meme, and for the longest time had the shittiest game balance of all.
If you have to play it, buy the next gen version, as its slightly less shit.

DS3 is better in regards to story, gameplay, and feel as a souls game. Plus most of the bosses (except for about 2) Are really awesome and fun to fight. In terms of gameplay feels more like a more polished version of DS1, with a few DS2-isms. Some people like it, others don't, but its definitely less busted and 1000X cooler than out the gate than DS2 was out the gate. Plus the weebish Weapon Art mechanics are fun

Bloodborne is the best game of the franchise though

>> No.50438624


Every time someone brings these up I can't help but laugh. Do you really go around throwing 25k diamonds into the void?

>Geas, Suggestions, Dominate
Geas has a long casting time. Suggestion and Dominate are both mind effecting, one of the easiest things to get massive bonuses against. I can wear nipple piercings that make me highly resistant to them.

>Limited Wish, motherfucker.
Yes, it casts other spells. Woo. If we bring that up then why not the replicating manuvers ability Fool's Errand has.

Yes, you have a house to hide in. In no way does this solve the plot unless you're actually going to claim "hide away in my demiplane and ignore the plot" is a narrative option. I actually had a wizard say he was going to do that. I told him he succeeded and to make a new character to participate in the campaign.

>> No.50438631

Eh while I agree that DS3 is overall the better game, I think that DS2 had the better PvP.
At least every build was viable back then, not like in Quality Curved Sword 3.

>> No.50438648


Majula theme is still the best hub theme in the series.

Aldia is also the greatest NPC in the series, closely followed by Solaire.

>> No.50438662

All the souls games have shit parts of them, and those shit parts usually end up manifesting in different ways.

>DS1 needs like, 3 mods for the game to work properly on PC and in general is missing a fuckton of QoL stuff to make things feel less clunky. Also teleport backstabs and meme weapons like the cestus
>DS2/SotFS got fucked in the ass during development and the world is a patchwork funhouse, on top of soul memery and billions of cut features. Before SotFS and loads of balance passes balance was pretty whack, although some shit that happened is lame and questionable rip in piss Moonlight Greatsword, you used to be rad as fuck
>DS3 I hear has wonky as fuck balance, pandering out the ass, questionable DLC length-to-price, completely worthless-by-design weapons/items/features, and the usual growing pains of being the newest souls game

SotFS edition is at least a playable, pretty fun game now once you get past the hurdle of the Agility meme. It still feels like it's not a "real dark souls" sequel, but again, it can stand on its own feet. Even if it does so on shaky twig legs.

>> No.50438673


Emerald Herald is my waifu.

>> No.50438674

>failing saving throws
What planet do you live on?

You mean the "Timeless" quality? That's not how it works. It freezes your personal time, not time going on around you. In the 10 years you spend you do not age, but the world ages around you, and once you step out you age 10 years in one round.

Go read Timeless again.

Fuck it's like people don't actually read spells.

>> No.50438695

Emerald Herald a cunt, let me level up anywhere, goddamnit. Don't force me to sit through two loading screens and a-mash through her repeated babble every single goddamn time.

>> No.50438711

>MFW forgot that I can spend on ki point to increase Svanas speed by 20 feet, giving her +8 Acrobatics
This means her maximum (on a roll of 10) is 28.5 feet straight up, or 57 feet horizontally. At level 8 this will increase to 48.5 up or 97 horizontally, at level 10 it will become 99 up with no magic items or feats dedicated to it
So is it OK if I just get 3?
I guess I'll skip 2

>> No.50438723

It's pennies by the time you can cast that spell actually, if you use the rest of your repertoire.

Those material costs look incredibly huge at first glance, but there's quite a few.. tricks. Making money at high levels is beyond easy if your party has a crafter.

Ridiculously easy. We're talking "magic items at 7% cost" here.

>> No.50438724

Anyone has download links for HeroLab?

>> No.50438730

Play the first one first. You'll suffer once you have all the QoL stuff of the other games as part of your reflexes. Play 1, then 3, and if you REALLY want more souls get SotFS edition of 2.

>> No.50438736

Man, what's Svana's max speed up to, anyway?

>> No.50438751

And that GM actually allows such methods?

That's what I'm talking about. Not what is "possible", but what any sane person allows to see play. In this case I am saying that a lot of PoW material falls under the "no sane person allows see play" just like a ton of spells/traits/etc.

>> No.50438764

>At least every build was viable back then
Sorry, but excuse me while I have flashbacks of Hexer Spam, Resonant Weapon Dragon Curved Sword, Sanctum Crossbow blasting, Banana backstep parries, Katanas being muuch worse than the other titles and BEING BUFFED EVERY PATCH HOLY SHIT WHY, how fucking retarded riposting worked, Binocular Rushing, the Double Down/Pain Train, and the highest AR weapons in the game being a fucking catalyst and chime, while the Pilgrim Spontoon and similar weapons were trash and never used.
That's not including how stiff and floaty the gameplay just felt in general as well, and how the arenas essentially required you to invade to have enough items to use them. Overall, I fel there were just more busted options in DS2 and bore busted PVP in general than when DS3 came out, that most of the things people complained about were either system problems that were inhereted from 2, or were patched out much quicker than they were in 2

Dark Souls 2 was the 3.PF of the Soulsborne Franchise

Plus Carthus was nerfed. I've never seen it used since personally.

>> No.50438766

Can confirm the wonky as fuck balance. Curved swords and katana pokes are too fast and do too much damage for that speed.

>> No.50438781

>implying they weren't as bad, if not worse due to 3 meter long katana hitboxes, in DS2

>> No.50438794

Fuck, fine Ill get 1 and 3, maybe I'll get an Xbox One to go with them
50 naturally, 70 for 1 ki point, at level 8 it becomes 80 naturally, 100 for 1 ki point

>> No.50438836

The issue with balance in souls games is it takes literally the game's entire lifecycle before everything gets patched and "fixed", and even then you end up with either the team throwing up their hands and saying "good enough", and/or vestigial leftovers of people's bitching. Like the SotFS Moonlight Greatsword having gotten damage nerfs, stamina/swing speed nerfs, AND losing the ability to apply weapon buffs to it.

>> No.50438865

You're moving the goalposts. Plenty of answers as to what was more powerful or had greater effect than septennial seal were given, but you're choosing to harp only on the highest level ones and then dismissing the entire thing as your victory.

Emergency fucking Force Sphere already 'beats' that level 9 maneuver. As do quite a few teleport-type counters.

>> No.50438874

Holy crap svana is F A S T

>> No.50438879

>maybe I'll get an Xbox One to go with them
I'd suggest getting a PS4 instead, so you can get Bloodborne between 1 and 3.
Bloodborne was the game where they tested a lot of ideas for DS3, including the faster pace of the combat and movement. PLus its a must have if you love stuff like H.P. Lovecraft and Van Hellsing

Or don't, if you don't want to. Bloodborne is entirely optional really, even if it has some of the best bosses of the franchise in it, like pic related

>> No.50438898

I don't know why the argument for "X PoW thing isn't broken" is "here are things that casters can do that are more broken". Something else breaking the game should not be an argument for game breaking things.

We've discussed before, one of the biggest issues in PoW to normal character is a tier 3 character (Magus, Inquisitor, Alchemist, Bard) are completely left in the dust in combat, especially in terms of defense due to how counters are designed.

In games I have run this problem has become very apparent. One can not challenge the defense of the Bard and the Warder simultaneously, the Warder is many times more resilient (hell he is more resilient than tier 1 characters). If I do something to challenge his defense the Bard will simply die, if I challenge the Bard's defense the Warder doesn't feel a tickle.

This is a problem as it does not encourage mixed parties.

Heck, an initator can accomplish the following:
>General Support

The only things it can do is Battlefield Control and a lot of Out of Combat utility. This is a huge divide as in those four combat roles it severely outperforms tier 3 characters.

What does a Magus bring to the table that a Warlord does not do simply better?

>> No.50438919

>Emergency fucking Force Sphere already 'beats' that level 9 maneuver.
Emergency Force Sphere also blocks line of effect so the caster merely sits there and waits as the initiator has lot no opportunity cost. He can still use that maneuver again.

>> No.50438920

Now part of me's just wondering how goddamn fast she'd get with Transformation and Hybrid Transformation for Animalistic Transformation. Since it changes your base movespeed to 40 +20 per 5 levels

>> No.50438923


>VERY busty momma running at incredible hihg speed

>> No.50438970

What is she again? A monkbarian or something?

>> No.50439021

Alright i have no idea if the stuff i wrote for shizuka (Hells Vengance game) is any good, but can you guys look at and maybe help me out


>> No.50439101

Isn't that combination impossible with alignment restrictions?

>> No.50439109

>has no idea just how many spells are usable and available despite that loss of line of effect, temporary as it is...
"I can't aim a fireball through here" is little impediment at all

>> No.50439110

>Ivory skin
>Raven hair
>Purple eyes

Why hello Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Ravenway

>> No.50439119

You can go Martial Artist Monk, probably.

>> No.50439135

thanks senpai its an evil game and im trying to be edgy as fuck

>> No.50439151

Yes and no. A Barbarian that breaks alignment keeps all their abilities, but can no longer take levels.
Monks are the same way

>> No.50439178

Barbarians lose Rage if they break alignment.

>> No.50439188

Bloodragers can be Lawful without losing features, at least?

>> No.50439192

I've watched Bloodborne, it looks lame desu
That would make it
>Level 3: 60 feet (80 with ki)
>Level 8: 80 feet (100 with ki)
>Level 10: 100 feet (120 with ki)
Ninja/Bloodrager (Previously Ninja/Barbarian)

>> No.50439203

reminder that there's literally no reason not to be a Bloodrager because you can take the same amount of rage powers as a normal Barbarian anyways

>> No.50439225

I mean she's literally a fucking nip so the first two are ok, purple eyes are a little special snowflake but who the fuck cares this is Pathfinder

At least they're not red for no reason.

>> No.50439227

New thread >>50439221

>> No.50439229

What if I don't want to be Charisma based.
Or don't want a bloodline

>> No.50439237

Well, if you wanted to be a DR/- "tank" you kind of /HAVE/ to be a normal Barb. Or the ol' Urban/Invulnerable trick.

>> No.50439239

>I've watched Bloodborne, it looks lame desu
What part did you watch? Because its only lame for the first 10 minutes.

>> No.50439259

>"I can't aim a fireball through here" is little impediment at all
Tell me what spells do not require line of effect. Go on.

>> No.50439274

you can literally replace all powers but the 1st with rage powers, the rest is just a short feat list and some spells

There's no way I know of to change the casting of a Bloodrager, but i'm sure they will exist eventually. Afterall, they exist for a Sorc

>> No.50439277

It's a shit OP, but for the love of god don't fucking make a competing thread, faggots. Just suck it up and shitpost this one to bump limit.

>> No.50439303

Should I call the fetishposters, we'll knock this garbage to bump limit in a flash a bit

>> No.50439306

>Just suck it up and shitpost this one to bump limit.
How is that any different than normal posting on /pfg/? Or does it imply more posts just bitching about things than normal

>> No.50439529

Any spell that only requires line of sight, any spell that requires neither (whether teleports or otherwise), any spell capable of punching through the defense (it's already done its job anyways...)

If it doesn't trace a path, it can be done (fireball has to fire out to its location for example)

>> No.50439949

Do you have UMD?

Can you get a wand of Cheetah's Sprint?

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