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>What is Exalted?
An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-heroes in a world that turned on them.
Start here: http://theonyxpath.com/category/worlds/exalted/

>That sounds cool, how can I get into it?
Read the 3e core book (link below). For the basics of combat, read this tutorial. It'll get you familiar with most of the mechanics.

>How do I find a group?
Roll20 and the Game Finder General here on /tg/. With the new edition, though, chances are more games will crop up.

>What's with the slow release schedule?
Onyx Path is run by raksha who have only a vague concept of human time. Expect Sidereals in 2020.

Resources for Third Edition:

>Final 3E Core Release:
>Backer Charm Book:

>Frequently updated Character Sheet with Formulas and Autofill
>General Homebrew dumping folder:
>Collection of old 3e Materials, including comics and fiction anthologies:
>Charm Trees:
Solar Charms: https://imgur.com/a/q6Vbc
Martial Arts: https://imgur.com/a/mnQDe
Evocations: https://imgur.com/a/TYKE4

>Resources for Previous Editions:

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Does Integrity have the most boring Ability description of them all?

>The faerie queen’s eyes were pinpoints of light, colorful stars scattered carelessly across the swirling darkness of her countenance. These eyes surveyed Lance of Starfallen Justice as he entered her boudoir, with a polite nod to his salamander-headed guide. The warrior’s polished orichalcum hauberk was as splendid as his bearing, and the constellation of the queen’s eyes could see the tongues of fire that burnt in his soul—surely a man to be tempted by power and glory. With a wave she called up gossamer marvels from her treasure vaults: a mirror that whispered profound and terrible wisdoms; an ewer styled as a dragon’s head that held liquid immortality; a black diamond that could beckon forth countless hobgoblin servants. Lance of Starfallen Justice regarded her display politely, as he took a seat to negotiate for the souls of the villagers imprisoned in her palace. “No thank you, fair lady.”

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Would a beastman that Exalted as a Dragon-blood be allowed to enter Realm society, or would they be told to fuck off due to being Wyld-tainted?

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So what's the state of 3e? I haven't had a chance to try it but from what I've heard it's just as much of a cluster fuck as 2e was. Should I bother learning something other than 2.5?

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In fairness, it's kind of difficult to depict resisting an argument, offer or deal in a dramatic manner, especially in only 15 words.


Depends on how beastly they are and how pure their breeding is, those are likely to be inversely related anyway. More importantly, can any of the 11 houses make use of the beastman or take him in to deny other houses using him?


Leaps and bounds better than anything that came before it, but that's not a high bar to jump over. Check out combat, sorcerous workings, Martial Arts, and Evocations if you want to see some reasons to switch over. If you would rather have a reason to declare Ex3 as the worst edition ever and that no one should ever play it. Look at Craft.

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Ehhhhhh, personally I'm not of a mind that exalts needed even more options for what they can do, and I never crafted anything in 2.X, I never learned those rules, so I couldn't appreciate the difference.

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The worst problems are how the devs refuse to answer rules questions. We have to argue about them here and at the table. Here's one: if you and I act on the same tick and we attack each other, normally we'd Clash. Well, what if you use Iron Whirlwind and I make a single normal attack? What happens?

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I don't disagree with you about the issues with the devs, but what's ambiguous about that specific example? You resolve the attack on the same initiative as a Clash and the remainder as regular attacks at the initiatives chosen for Iron Whirlwind.

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Huh? That's not how Iron Whirlwind works. All the attacks occur at the same time, on the tick you act. The initiative you assign to them is only done for the damage they do. It doesn't change when the attacks happen.

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>just as much of a cluster fuck as 2e was

Not even remotely. Where'd you here this?

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The other person only gets one attack though, while the other one gets multiple. Hence, one clash attack, and then the rest as regular attacks vs. defense. It's not hard.

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That's your interpretation. The rules don't actually say they work that way. And with how wrong you were about Iron Whirlwind, if I were you I wouldn't trust myself.

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But I'm not the guy who posted >>50426161

Logically though, it makes sense and offers the simplest way of resolving the scenario. One guy gets three attacks, the other guy gets one. Thus, the second guy can only clash one attack with his single attack.

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Any news of Anathema?

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How should I go about transferring a Lunar to 3rd ed? Should I just rebuild him as a Solar (and redo everything I've played so far)?

I'm a ST playing with a solo player, and he's not so good with mechanics.

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There's a couple of Lunar homebrews around.

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I like her outfit.

>captain on the top
>harlot on the bottom

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Are there any Fair Folk 3e adaptations?

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At most they might get accepted into the Legions or the Immaculate Order and get sent off into the barbaric reaches of the Threshold to die glorious for the Realm.

They're not going to get any serious offers of marriage or be adopted into a House in any official capacity unless the beastman Dragon Blooded has an incredible record of successes and victories to his name, and even then he's never going to find true acceptance.

Remember than even normal, entirely human looking Outcastes who join the realm are usually treated like second-class Dragon Blooded.

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The way they wrote made sense, you just read it an odd way

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When you exalted as DB you're not gonna get refund for mutations unlike Celestial right?

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Exaltation purges whatever mutations the player wants purged, leaves the ones the player thinks are cool / wants to pay for.

Applies regardless of Exaltation-type.

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No, but the other chargen program being made "Anathema Reincarnated" or "Second Breath" is slated to come out before the years end.


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So I've just gotten the 3e rule book and am planning on running an exalted campaign as soon as our current D&D campaign is over. I'm planning to set it in the south and base it off of the Italian wars, but I was wondering what advice you might have for me seeing as this is my first try at the storyteller system and most of my experience is in D&D and warhammer RPGs.

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Well, first, player characters in Exalted are a lot more competent than characters in other systems. They will almost always succeed in an area they specialize in.

Your characters aren't generic adventurers and dungeon crawls should be minimal. What I like to do is put the players in the middle of an extremely tense situation or impending disaster and have them try to resolve it as best they can. Getting stuck in a city under siege that's comparable to the early days of the Trojan War for example, or dealing with a cartel of supernatural assassins targeting a ruling family or someone important to the PCs, for example.

Third, it's generally a given that the PCs derail the plot. Start with a strong beginning scenario and know who the major players are, but don't plan too far ahead. Improvising is pretty key.

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Can anyone give me a reason to pick Brawl over Melee as a sorceror?

Can anyone give me a reason to pick Brawl over melee as a Theumaturgist mortal?

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you want to punch things, or it lines up with your concept?

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It's a white wolf system.
Suddenly there is a loophole that makes one leagues better than the other by the simple virtue of existing as an option.

>Melee makes you able to use weapons.
>Weapons are better than fists
Am i wrong to assume Melee is simply better than Brawl?

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Fists have the stats of a mundane light melee weapon, which makes them as good as daggers that do Bashing damage.

So no, weapons are not intrinsically better than fists.

And brawl lets you pick one person and ruin their day.

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You thinking about grappling?
>And are there any ways of making improvised weapons good or better in terms of martial arts/merits/charms?

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So any tips on how to introduce a group of newish D&D players to exalted?

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Boils down to "just homebrew some charms slap them on an artifact". I really don't see how this is so very revolutionary, or why Holden and Morke get so much praise and cock sucking over it.

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Have them start as mortals at a boarding school for gifted snowflakes at the age of 15 or so.
Only give them half their bonus points and withold some of the attribute points.

Run 1 or 2 sessions of training, schooling and teenager plots where they get the rest of their attributes and bonus points with the potential of switching some of their points around giving them a chance to feel out their character before commiting to anything concrete.

Tried it and it's god damn immersive character creation for the entire party.
10/10 would reccomend again.

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Start off as mortals so they can get familiar with the system. Have them understand that while they are badasses, there are supernatural things even they do not want to tangle with. Then, once they are familiar with the base game and the setting, have a supernatural thing try to tangle with them to set up their Exaltations.

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I don't see any reason they can't just start off as full on mortal PCs and have some sword&sorcery style plots for a little bit before they get familiar with the setting and the system before shit gets real.

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Evocations let you be Iron Man, or a Heisei Kamen Rider.

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Wood Dragon claw is pretty good and not useable with Melee.

Sure, but did you see anyone even think of the idea before e3? Now people are even adding Evocations to e2.5 games. Sometimea an idea appears really simple and obvious in hindsight.

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Well. Neither do I.
I just wanted to reccomend one of the best char-gen and setting-introduction scenarioes I've personally tried myself.

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Just a technical point.
Mortals don't get sorcery.
They only have access to Thaumaturgy which is barely-supernatural mundane rituals at best.
Like excorcising ghosts and reading the future in tea-leaves.

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Mortals can get sorcery in 3e.

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Now I admit my knowledge in 3e is rather lacking, but I thought mortals didn't get access to Supernatural charms; having the Terrestial circle charm being the base condition for being a sorcerer.

Now, as I admit to the chance of being wrong, could you tell me where I can find information stating that mortals can be sorcerors?

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Page 465.

"mortals are only capable of initiating into the Terrestrial Circle"

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Oh, and also this:

Mortal sorcerers initiate into the Terrestrial Circle by mastering a shaping ritual, which they may purchase as a five-dot Merit that requires Occult 3. The first spell they learn becomes their control spell. Most mortal sorcerers only ever attain one ritual, but at the Storyteller’s discretion, they might be able to gain more from the same sorcerous archetype, or even different ones.

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Thanks dudes.

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Since I now know more than I did before, does being an innitiate of the Terrestial circle as a mortal make Thaumaturgy a bit excessive?

Is there any good reasons to have both?

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Storyteller Guide for Exalted



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3e also removes the 5 trials so it's easer to get into Sorcery

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Hey i kinda been ignoring Exalted since like the exact day we got our hands on the book has anything been released/leaked of dragonblooded?

>> No.50432335

Nothing much beyond it's being playtested

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And that it'll be out sometime 2018 at the earliest.

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Does Infernal have any anti-death, ghost, Shadowland and things like that charms?

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Easier mechanically, it should be noted. Not fluff-wise, not in the setting.

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Any suggestion? GSNF comes to mind

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Guys, hypothetically what would happen if someone added more Elemental Poles to Creation? Pole of Crystal, Pole of Giant Scorpion, Pole of Slood etc-just a couple dozen more of those things slotted somewhere?

I mean, Autocthon's got 6 to Creation's 5, I'm just wondering if there's any lore at all about whether there's an upper limit somehwere.

Infernals don't really erase death stuff like Solars. They tend to just happen to have a bunch of Charms that let them pave over other lands with the Yozis' aesthetics.


You mean like-stuff that hurts CoDs more? There's Ebby's Wickedness Beyond Life, which lets Ebby charms affect creatures of death and automata, and technically Cece's Rapacious Delicacy Summons can rape zombie armies with 3 levels of Agg damage through locust plagues, or slaps a 3B environmental hazard on other nearby creatures of death.


Exiled By Wicked Hate, from Ebby's RotSE statblock-also Malfeas' Radiant Fury Dissolution can motonise spirits.


The Malefactor anima banner power may or may not count, I forgot if land consecrated to the Yozis automatically overrides shadowlands. Cece's Dune-Drowned Oasis Ritual lets you generate demesnes aspected to her through cult assistance, I suppose. Other than that, SWLIHN's Principle Invoking Onslaught...technically counts? Good luck trying to use it on a whole Shadowland though, unless you an get another Infernal to helpfully set up a bunch of manses around it and you invested in her AoE screaming Charms.

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Even captains have needs, anon!

>> No.50435178

>what would happen if someone added more Elemental Poles to Creation?
Alarm goes off in Yushan and Fate Ninja try to shut it down before something breaks

>> No.50435258

Thanks, I thought the Yozi would have more charms against undead given that they hate those things, I think I can homebrew a GSNF that allows the GSP to burn away the Shadowland up Essence*2 yards

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I think lorewise they're kinda freaked out by death 'n shit and the Neverborn did turn all deathy because they thought too hard about death so they try not to do that too much when their thoughts becoming reality is a basica part of their nature. Heck, I think Neph confirmed that if an Infernal threatened to develop Charms that associated Cece with death he could effectively blackmail her.

Except for Ebby, who thinks of death as a frustrating rival to his title of Worst Thing Ever and thus also has a Charm that lets him transform into a Creature of Death so he can use the first two circles of Necromancy-at the cost of getting his shit fucked up hard by Oblivion. And of course, there's always Black Mirror Shintai.

And Oramus, who's chatting with the Neverborn for some reason too.

Yeah, homebrew based on purging with radiation-fire sounds legit

Humor me: Say some spontaneously appeared in Creation, what would likely happen?

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>Humor me: Say some spontaneously appeared in Creation, what would likely happen?

Does that mean an entirely new element becomes a part of Creation's very metaphysics now? That could happen, in theory. But because Poles are connected to elements and elements to Dragons, you'd need a new Dragon. And that means an entire new line of Dragon Blooded. It's a huuuuuge change with lots of consequences.

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>Say some spontaneously appeared in Creation, what would likely happen?
Yushan gets the alarm, the climate and terrain of that area change violently according to the element of the new pole, some new creatures might be born, an elemental dragon might be born, Sidereal squad is sent to investigate and to see if they can shut it down before the affected area becomes too huge
Others would try to see if they can harvest things from it

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Are there Panda-people in Exalted? Like, canon Panda-people. If so, you guys have any Pandas? My folder is woefully incomplete and I'm planning on playing a cheerful, athletic Panda Night Case next game.

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2e had the human-looking people with panda markings, but no panda people.

Panda Beastmen could be a thing, or a Lunar with a Panda totem.

>> No.50436142


There are Djala, which are just short, bald, humans with spots. If you're looking for a more furry bent, then there are theoretically beastfolk enclaves dotted all over Creation.

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I've seen Charms that let you be Kamen Rider, what Evocations do it?

>> No.50436365

New to Exalted, what are the 5 trials?

>> No.50436453

Humility, instruction, travel, fear, sacrifice. You have to do all those things to be a sorceror. Or you did.

>> No.50436543

Are these actual trials or just qualities you need to have? Because those names don't give me much indication. Sorry if I'm being annoying, I just want to know more and I don't know where to find information about it besides combing through 2E stuff, which I can't do at work.

>> No.50436714

You have to experience those things in your quest to gain magic in order to obtain it.

>> No.50437058

Cool. On a related note, did anybody make a style for 3rd edition that uses staff as a form-weapon? There's White Reaper but that one is very specific and I feel like using staff with it and not a scythe sort of dilutes it.

>> No.50437152

I like not having to shoehorn them in for every single circle for every PC interested in it.

>> No.50439439

If they scrap things halfway and start again, then yeah, probably.

Then again, I can't help but feel mixed about that. If scrapping it for something better results in a better overall product, shouldn't they always do that?

>> No.50440917

But anon surely they should only have good ideas, wholy formed and perfect that never need refining.

Like their superior brethren at SV.

>> No.50441202


Taking a shit and calling it perfect and never needing refinement may be true, but in the end its still a pile of shit.

>> No.50441215

>Then again, I can't help but feel mixed about that. If scrapping it for something better results in a better overall product, shouldn't they always do that?

In isolation, yes. But in the context of things like "supplying to mortal customers", sometimes perfectionist scrapping winds up contrary to other things you should also do like moving product.

>> No.50441352

They lose more than we do. It's their product that doesn't get moved, we just go with a longer time between supplements

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Does anyone else ever struggle to pick a combat style that fits with your characters personality? I currently have an idea for an Eclipse Caste black market broker that is also a manipulative con man that makes sure that anyone who's everyone owes him something, and for the life of me I can't think of what he'd do in a straight up fight. Tiger Style could demonstrate his ruthless aggression, but I can't imagine him being as strong as a typical practitioner of that style might be; Black Claw Style would demonstrate his ability to manipulate people, but he's not the kind of guy that'd want people to pity him or think he's helpless. In fact, where would he have learned a formal Martial Arts style in the first place?

Does anyone else ever get this problem?

>> No.50442589

I want someone who primarily fights with improvised weapons.

You guys got any tips?

>> No.50443535


If all else fails, Brawl and punch a bastard.

>> No.50443563

Just give him a bread and butter vanilla style like Melee or Brawl, picking up some decent utility charms. The reason he fights like that is because he's a pragmatic sort and he's really only picking up a combat style for basic self defense, yeah? Fits him.

>> No.50443632

No, but only because I'm super arbitrary with my combat abilities if I'm not playing a dedicated combatant.

>> No.50444477

What cool shit can you do with Supernal Socialize?

>> No.50444544

Multiple Personality Disorder.

>> No.50445104


I made one that turned you into a magical girl

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I've been reading Craft lately, and I'm actually kinda hype to make a character focused on it. I like fiddling with lots of points and stuff, and I'm looking forward to drowning creation in an endless tide of flawless thoughtful gifts.

I do think it's flawed, it has way more charms than are needed, and I can see how others would dislike the points system.

Is there anything in particular I should be looking out for in order to avoid wrecking my friend's game with a craft supernal? I'm running my own game now, but no one took any craft.

>> No.50446758

lie to everyone about everything, and never ever get caught.

>> No.50448727

>Is there anything in particular I should be looking out for in order to avoid wrecking my friend's game with a craft supernal?

See, here's the problem. Craft Charms are DESIGNED to wreck games. In more ways than one. Fore one thing, trust me, repeating at nauseum how you spend the morning and the evening crafting wooden statuettes to give them to the entire district worth of children like you're some kind of kung-fu Santa will quickly get tedious and you'll just automate the whole process and there's nothing cool you can do with those gifts- it's not like you can actually impact the story with them, you just craft those to get points so you can craft big things that WILL impact the story. For another, once you do get to make those big story-impacting things, you're de-comitioned for a month and then you return with a big thing and trivialize the session, by it's very nature the Charms make you uninterested in what's going on around you.

Best thing you can do is not bother with Craft.
Showering people with small gifts and trying to use crafting for problem-solving is a fun idea but it doesn't work, you can't really do that, because there's no way to impact the story with your crafting at all, unless the GM goes out of their way to let you do that and then you're just waiting time having a story none of you wanted, certainly the other players didn't want, because you wanted to take Craft.

>> No.50449467

Wood Dragon Claw is a spell that syngergises well with Brawl. A sorcerer that stacks it with Invulnerable Skin of Bronze and Brawl charms will wreck faces with style.

>> No.50449588

Pick a craft you feel confortable with, keep in mind you can use that same ability with a small penalty for anything somehow related (like making a pair of bracers with Craft (Weaponsmithing)). Be on the look-out for good minor project opportunities rather than trying to farm arrow shafts, and try to make your big projects as cool as possible, and you're golden.

Also remember a project can encompass multiple items (a Banquet is a Major project, and banquets aren't exactly a single dish).

If you pace yourself and get a good thing going socially (reputation is the most important thing in that line of work), you won't break the game and you'll bring a lot to the game.

How about you stop shitting in other people's soup?

>> No.50449615

How about you stop being an asshole? Refute his points if you think he's wrong. Don't just call him a faggot.

>> No.50449704

Yeah, 'cause another Craft debate is just what we need.

I don't think I'm being an asshole. First Anon doesn't have a problem with Craft and wants simple advice, Second Anon gets triggered at the mention of Craft and drops a wall of text right beside the point, I just think they're being a dick, I ask them to stop. Sorry for the shitting in the soup thing, I guess?

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Never do any dungeon crawling. It doesn't work. There is no real dungeon in Exalted.

The feel of the game is very Avatar TLA like, if you've seen the series. An evil empire looming at the horizon. Lots of small village under siege by supernatural forces. Most people are bronze-level of development, but then there is entire empires with a bigger level of development. There is dragons, gods and elementals scouring the countryside, but most can be argued with, or reasoned with. Faith is usually true. When people gather to pray to the spirit of the sun, there is usually a spirit of the sun somewhere in the picture.

Every character is a fully formed badass. They take charge and kick ass by virtue of having the biggest stick around. Do not railroad. Just pose a suitably impressive problem, and see how your players resolve it. And then it them in the face with the full consequence of their actions.

Large communities have uncomfortable or supernatural secrets. Fate ninja are abound. Cultures are incredibly diverse, because communication is difficult to do properly.

For your Italian wars, I would propose you go to the western south coast. The weather and cultural development of An-Teng and affiliate are perfect for the kind of things you want to do. An-Teng is a great and divided nation, nominally under Realm control, but trying desperately to break free. The Caul and its Lunar is not far, and neither are the demon-worshipping pirates.

>> No.50449831

>telling someone craft is fine
>I don't think I'm being an asshole.

>> No.50450161

>An evil empire looming at the horizon.
The reach of the Bull of the North doesn't extend quite that far.

>> No.50450265

>How about you stop shitting in other people's soup?

This is a public service. Best you can do is use Sanctaphrax's rewrite of Craft rules (I lost the link to it). It's solid.

>> No.50450559

Haha, Immaculate propaganda? More like I'm-not-articulate, amiright?

>> No.50450601

Bull's empire is as evil as any other empire, so it's not exactly just propaganda.

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Anyone mind helping with character art inspiration? I'm not quite finding what I want at the moment.

Zenith. Female. Resistance Supernal. Brawl Focus.
Grapples and throws enemies. Maybe rends them with claws as well (gauntlets or natural).
Flurries Seduction attempts in-combat, especially on grappled targets.
Flirts with everyone.
Strength 6+. Appearance 6+.

I want something that appears dangerously sexy and strong, but without looking like they're 90% muscles. Either that, or a cute girl that looks like she can grapple demigods.

Potentially Wyld-touched, mutations/whatever OK.

>> No.50451056

Use Yoruichi.

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File: 358 KB, 626x1100, Zenith caste.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Any projections on how long it'll be until Lunars and Sidereals are out?

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File: 64 KB, 1312x915, Rape Face Activated.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So basically the offspring of Black Widow and The Hulk

>> No.50451452

Well, that looks intimidating, but not sexy in any way.

>> No.50451479

>So basically the offspring of Black Widow and The Hulk

In how they do combat? Yes, absolutely.

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File: 682 KB, 810x1080, FemJecht.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50451539

FFX-0 when?

>> No.50451573

>them boobs
>them thiiiiiiiiic hips
>dat belly
>them legs
>them tattoos

>not sexy

Are you a faggot sempai?

>> No.50451605


It's not hard to spell this right

It's even a word filter, you can just type fa󠀀m if you want senpai

>> No.50451609

The visible knee has a baby trapped in it, the face is half castemark half actual-fucking-face, the foot has toes like a monkey, the ankles and wrists and hands are full of horrible deformation, and the lighting on the legs looks more like shitty pale stripe makeup than reflection.

>> No.50451629

The romaji for ~n is sometimes spelled as m you know.

>> No.50451638

Also even the individually sexy bits just don't fit together quite right. It just isn't hot at all.

>> No.50451673

This is because n+[bilabial] turns into m. It's a physiological thing, rather than anything to do with Japanese. So while it's still correct to spell it with an n, it ends up being pronounced with an m.

>> No.50451699

Can confirm, am Norwegian, where "crown prince" is written in a single word (kronprinsen) and everyone calls him "krompen".

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File: 1.10 MB, 850x1246, Berserker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since you posted Granblue Fantasy art, here's a Berserker.

>> No.50452396

Yang Xiao Long from RWBY,

>> No.50452499

As a fellow Norwegian, what the actual fuck are you going on about.
>Skam deg.

>> No.50452628

Thanks, but wasn't planning on introducing dungeon crawling, in fact even in D&D I try to keep dungeon crawling to a minimum.
Thanks for the advise on the setting, I was thinking about using the area around chiaroscuro but the southwest sounds even more suited to the campaign I am planning on running, just a question about lore but how much power to real. Satraps have? I was planning on using a dragon born immaculate order monk acting as the local satrap as a possible main villain, with him trying to increase the realms influence in he region and calling on one of the realms legions for support.

>> No.50452776


>Never do any dungeon crawling. It doesn't work. There is no real dungeon in Exalted.

What are First Age Tombs for 500 Alex.

>> No.50452995

also any primordial you as the story teller want to make up could be a whole mini dungeon dimension in Malfeas as you are walking in the body of a sleeping neverborn

>> No.50453013

They're ok, provided you emphasize traps and gimmicks over set monster encounters.

>> No.50453285

I saw a combat summary example and it had each character using a dozen charms and countercharms to resolve a single action.

>> No.50453371


>> No.50453893

A dozen each? I can't really see that happening. It's theoretically possible but otherwise not at all the norm.

>> No.50453908

Try looking at martial artist art from Blade & Soul.

>> No.50453909
File: 223 KB, 1024x1536, 7ce0eedaf24fe8d9c57c299239ea65c9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As much as you want it to have.

Satrapies work mainly by political, familial and dynastic connection, with the presence of the local Realm force factoring into consideration. A wealthy, well connected Satrap can probably get away with requesting Realm legions for support - Ang-Teng, being both an important and wealthy Satrapy, will probably have full Realm support in case things go really wrong.

You should read Compass of the South for Ang-Teng lore and change some interpretations to fit your Italian Campaign, but basically I'd go with Ang-Teng being a rich but divided nations of princes and merchants being forced to bow to the Realm, a powder keg waiting to explode. Also demon worship. And certainly Lunar interests in 3E.

Exalts trivialize dungeons. Because, in Exalted, power is found in people (exalts, spirit, ghosts, demons, whatev) rather than in traps, random mooks, or loot. It is very difficult to rationalize why 4 god kings bent on universal domination decided to go into a mine full of kobolds.

First Age Tombs are usually a one hour affair, with one exalt solving whatever problem is needed, getting some loot, then getting out. Any exalt game set in a dungeon is a disaster waiting to happen. I know, I've seen it.

The socialite character will ask in second why he can't simply brainwash the local kobold boss to do his binding. The perception character will trivialize any trap or encounter. The Sorcerer will simply blast his way into the central chamber of the dungeon, and then it's finished in three turns.

There is certainly very weird or dangerous place in Creation, like the labyrinth or Malfeas, but they aren't self-contained hack and slash dungeons like D&D gets it.

>> No.50453922

>sleeping neverborn
I think you mean sleeping yozi

>> No.50453966

You seem to know your shit.
Is there any way of setting a dungeon in the Wyld to impose some time-limits and "no straight way out" shenanigans without outright cocking up their exalts or the experience?

>> No.50454130

Maybe? I would say yes, but it has to be presented right. In other words, they have to know what they're getting themselves into, because if they don't, they'll just think you're messing with them and preventing them from using cool powers which, let's face it, are what they wanted.

So make it a challenge. Present it as an actual dungeon- they go there knowing full well that they can't cheat their way into victory.

>> No.50454134

Make it full of important people (Raksha), with factions, agendas, and an ongoing story-plot.

Upon which this isn't a dungeon any more, but simply a city.

The dungeon crawling experience, claustrophobic by nature, of entering into the unknown and being deprived of any agency is antithesis to Exalted's root. Solars have no need to crawl dungeons, the loot usually isn't worth. Solars can punch walls, fly, map a place with a look, and Solars are definitely not deprived of agency, ever. Conciliating those two visions is really difficult. If one has worked the magical solution, I'm all ears.

>> No.50454168
File: 646 KB, 800x1200, Seductive Martial Artist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Example. Sexy brawler, but the art doesn't show much muscle.

>> No.50454172

>The dungeon crawling experience, claustrophobic by nature, of entering into the unknown and being deprived of any agency is antithesis to Exalted's root.

I disagree. Being deprived of agency is the very definition of Limit Break. You're supposed to be deprived of agency at points.

>> No.50454180
File: 708 KB, 800x1200, Seductive Martial Artist 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alternate of the same art.

>> No.50454283


>First Age Tombs are usually a one hour affair, with one exalt solving whatever problem is needed, getting some loot, then getting out.

This just in! Places only have one problem they need to solve!

>I know, I've seen it.

And because one person's viewpoint is all the evidence one needs.

Dungeons can be done in Exalted. They've been written up before in 1e and 2e, not in the traditional sense but you do go underground and encounter some really nasty traps and things ready to kill you with a neat trinket at the end. To counter your example, our group had several encounters in first age tombs that were like dungeons. You need to think them through differently than DnD, but they're not impossible.

>> No.50454321
File: 450 KB, 900x900, alchieCommissionForum2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree, but then, it is an internal deprivation of agency. A character being limited because of himself, even though it is mechanically enforced.

>> No.50454370

nope Neverborn. Same thing though all primordials. I just used a neverborn as a example because they are usually the ones that are sleeping.

>> No.50454434

Neverborn aren't in Malfeas, they are in the Underworld

>> No.50454477

Well shit. I thought they where all in Malfeas and where dead like him that is why they where called malfeans in first edition. boy was I wrong.

>> No.50454557

I don't think that's relevant. In the end it's a character being unable to accomplish a goal easily or at all. In fact complete agency would completely nullify any conflict making the story completely vapid.

>> No.50454621

Malfeas isn't dead. Just tortured and pulled inside-out.

>> No.50454761

Given the current pace of development and publication, you'll be lucky to see lunars in 2022 at the earliest.

>> No.50454784

Fuck. That works. Thank you.

Now I just need a name for a seductive beauty who's spent too much time with the Fair Folk of the East.

>> No.50457237

Malfean was a holdover term from owod, which were used liberally in 1E

>> No.50457486

Exalted General I need titles for an Abyssal Songstress that uses Silver Voiced Nightingale MA.

>> No.50457510

Use this: http://orteil.dashnet.org/randomgen/?gen=http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=idbeAjts

>> No.50457638

Thank you!

>> No.50457655

Wow. That's actually pretty handy.

>> No.50459212


Weren't there more of these?

>> No.50462262

How do you actually prep and run an exalted session? I do not know how to handle a high power level

>> No.50462313

I too want to know this. I'm no good at GMing Exalted.

>> No.50462320


Most of my tactics were in the ST guide for Exalted here: >>50431448

Otherwise I learned the following:

- If you do not want an NPC to die/bad things happen to him, do not make him physically present. If you must, holograms or such things work.

- If you are using major NPC's and one dies, let it slide and stat up another NPC with roughly the same purpose (If you can asspull them coming back go for it, but stopping death is hard in Exalted)

- Many demons that have motes I don't even bother tracking. I just guess at around turn 3-4 they're out (And in my experience, it's usually true).

>> No.50462362

How do you compensate for e3e crafting being figurative shit? I want to take a stab at moving my group to 3e because I want to try out the combat system (admittedly, at least in part because I want to see if it falls apart as much as I suspect it will handling more than two actors), but my table really likes craft, and, well.

>> No.50462444

>- If you do not want an NPC to die/bad things happen to him, do not make him physically present. If you must, holograms or such things work.
Have you tried not playing with Murderhobos?

>> No.50462445


Craft is something that is blown out of proportion. It's bad yes, but you can still start cranking out artifacts with only a half dozen charms, eight at most.

That being said, I agree with everything in this topic


>> No.50462457


Never occurred to me

>> No.50462690

>If you really want a long-term cost, require motes to be committed long-term or go back to EX2-style exotic ingredients.
I think this is a weird disconnect in 3e. The example artifacts are made using exotic methods. Moonlit Huntress was "quenched it in the blood of a mighty beast hunted just for its making" every single day it was being worked on. Brilliant Sentinel was forged in the fire breath of an elemental fire dragon. Black Wind required the souls of a hundred murderers. Spring Razor is the most intensive, I'd say excessively.
Those are things that seem like they'd require an adventure to acquire. The disconnect is that Craft Charms let you churn out artifacts like a factory without much heed to these sorts of things. You're encouraged and empowered to rack up crafting points and spend them on artifacts for you and everyone you know.

>> No.50462810

I never thought about it before, but Vance says you can use Occult Charms to boost sorcerous attack spells. So you can use Ghost-Eating Technique on Flight of the Brilliant Raptor.


>> No.50462862

Presumably you could also use a few choice Charms that flat enhance attacks, no matter the ability, as well. For example if there still was that Celestial Spell that pours boiling quicksilver into your opponent with a touch, you could use Thunderbolt with it.

>> No.50462910

I would think so. It'll be a long time until we get a book of more spells.

>> No.50462987

Hey, is this still true? Are there more Lunars than Solars in 3e?

>The Unconquered Sun made 300 Solars. Luna made ~400 Lunars. There has never been more than 300 Exigents at once, and the actual number is probably far, far fewer than that. (John Morke)


>> No.50463119

IIRC, 3e is trying to move away from giving exact figures for shit like total number of celestial exalts. I'd keep it at 300ish Solars, with an equal number of Lunars. If you make a point of there being more Lunars, I'm sure Luna has a compelling reason to do so.
I'd still keep the total number of Sidereals at exactly 100 though, to emphasize how impossibly overworked they are.

>> No.50464190

One for each solar and sidereal. Which goes well with separating lunars and solars, and not making them silver solars any more.

It is certainly strange, and can seem weird for long time fan. Retrofit the number if it irks you.

>> No.50464627

Is there any list of minerals, metals or subtance that would likely appear when the GSP use their equivalent of Wyld shaping technique? I got brass, vitriol, gold, glass, basalt, obsidian. Since their charm doesn't allow them to create Wealth I want to know what kind of minerals I'm gonna get.

>> No.50465034

Are there any social perfect parry charms? If so how do they work as arguments if you have an audience?

>> No.50465076

iirc the standard dev answer is that exaltation burns away your mutations into xp(positive and negative) but that's boring

>> No.50465107

I like that the ff8 seed academy thing lets you get a little used to the system as you build your characters....but this sounds like a better setup for dragonbloods than solars

>> No.50466545

How accessible is exalted to a new player? And I mean new as in never played an rpg like this. I'm not new to role-playing, I play narrative Warhammer and the like, but I've never played a dice based rpg.

I did a quick search on roll 20 but found no games, do we host campaigns frequently or am I SOL?

I've read the tutorial in the IP although I'll admit I'm a bit shakey, I do typically learn fairly quick

>> No.50467500

If the Reclamation is a kill in 3rd ed, is there any indication of what happened to the scarlet empress?

>> No.50467545

She became my wife

>> No.50467628

You figure that wouldn't work on someone who was born a beastman instead of being made into one.

>> No.50467772
File: 28 KB, 200x200, 1401149053785.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.50468162

You would think so, but IIRC that was the specific example

>> No.50468230

Hello Anons, a new GM to Exalted here. I want to try a one shot style game for my group that can be tackled in roughly one session. I've followed Exalted for literally several years now. I got into it when I purchased the core rulebook for 2e at a half price books and then followed 3e's development. However dnd 5e came out and my group move to that. We actually still play that regularly but I want to give exalted a try and show my players how bad ass it can be. So I have a bunch of questions but some of my big ones to start.

3e is the system I should go with yes? From what i've seen this seems to be "obvious".

Are there any good pre-made adventures for the game that last roughly a session? if no, any tips on how to build one?

>> No.50468379


>Are there any good pre-made adventures for the game that last roughly a session?

Not in 3e

>if no, any tips on how to build one?

Locate one of the pre-mades for 2e and use those. Difficulty of skill rolls should be kept the same, but remake enemies.

If you need help then I'll be here. Assuming it isn't a "I NEED THIS YESTERDAY!!!1" type thing.

Also pre-made character sheets are nice, and if your players don't like chargen they're nice.

>> No.50468439

>Are there any good pre-made adventures for the game that last roughly a session? if no, any tips on how to build one?

The introductory adventure for 3E is almost done, but who knows how long until it'll actually come out.

>> No.50468443

Don't use 3E. Use this.

>> No.50468504

Even the guy who made that hack would roll his eyes at you, anon.

But yeah, if he's really into Cortex+ or Marvel Heroic Roleplaying he can give it a shot.

>> No.50468524

Just wing it my dude. Think up of a big big catastrohpic event and let them sort it out

>> No.50468612

Author here. I'm not rolling my eyes or anything. I would never do that to someone pushing my work. But I can agree that while it's lighter than EX3, it might not be the best choice for someone who's never played any Exalted at all before, since B&F is intended as an alternative for people who have fallen out of love with Exalted's system.

Go ahead of give EX3 a chance. There are things about it I like too! If you decide it's too heavy for you, Blood and Fire will always be there later.

>> No.50468654

>Humor me: Say some spontaneously appeared in Creation, what would likely happen?

There is a back-up, blank elemental pole in Gethamane. The North Compass book mentions it.

>> No.50468799

>Humor me: Say some spontaneously appeared in Creation, what would likely happen?
Creation changes immediately from a flat plane to a sphere since there are now enough full axes to support three-dimensional rendering, though at only six poles it's a spherical surface with no absolute center, creating a really weird planet.

Having five poles creates two axes of spatial rendering, with the axes crossing at the fifth pole. Having six poles allows for three axes with no central orientation point; seven poles creates a true three-axis system with an absolute point for spatial reference. If you go to eight or more poles, it becomes really fucking weird in a spatial relevance sense. The most stable relationships for normal physical space are a five-pole, two-axis system or a seven-pole, three-axis system.

>> No.50468809


>> No.50468860

do it then share

>> No.50469212

You are always samefagging when there is only one post you fool

>> No.50469399

Looking for thoughts on a n/a armor I am working on. Here is what I got so far


Orichalcum Articulated Plate
Needs 1 ambition 3 solar working and 2 celestial workings of ambition 2 and 1 respectively to created as well as 6 talents of orichalcum

Articulated Plate Soak +11 Hardness 10 Mobility Penalty -2 Attunement 6

3 Hearthstone slots
One one forehead two on the front shoulders near the chest

When heralds first evocation is in effect your armor suffers no mobility penalty is also considered buoyant and silent also Solars and Dragonblooded who attune to herald can see Herald at all times. She appears to solars as a golden diaphanous woman of extreme beauty and dragon blooded as the same but bronze. To Lunars who might don Herald see her rarely as a silver diaphanous woman in a veil rarely in direct line of sight. Sidereals who don the armor see her only if they call for her out loud and she always reacts like it is her first time meeting them she is also a diaphanous woman of a color depending on your maiden. Abyssals and Infernals and the like see her as a shadowy figure hiding from their presence always running out of line of sight this armor will not work for them unless they go through the process of corrupting the armor first. Other Exalted such as liminals will see her as a being of their aspect and Exigents as well as many gods and spirits will have unique forms of herald.

Herald prefers Solars and Dragonblooded and grants them access to her first evocation for free after their first time going full anima wearing the armor. She will encourage them to go all out until this takes place.

>> No.50469422

Song of Procession
Cost: -m; Mins:, Essence 1;
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Uniform
Duration: scene
Prerequisite Charms: None

When you reach full anima roll Join Battle for Herald she uses 16 dice or your charisma performance whichever is higher with half your essence successes min 1. After this whenever your anima is ever above dim Herald subverts it becoming it and appearing for all to see the user of the armor never visibly goes over glowing but is still at high levels and can be spent as though it is. How she appears depends on the level of anima and the type of essence user wielding her.

At Glowing she will become visible to all
At Burning She is not only visible to all but proceeds the exalted in every direction as a small army of her appears. At this and all levels above a low glowing mist the same color of Herald comes forth from the exalted reaching the furthest version of herald
At Bonfire/Iconic
For solars and Abyssals/infernals who have corrupted her she appears many of herselves in every direction for miles proceeding the exalt also she appears above the exalt as a giant form of herself rises into the sky visible for miles around. Others have a lesser effect only reaching out to long range but dragonblooded see her take on their elemental form and may spend 10m 1wp and 5 of heralds initiative to have herald bear their element at bonfire as though she was a dragonblooded

For the remainder of combat or the scene the solar may reflexively command Herald to make a inspire action affecting an individual for 1 of her initiative or all in her range for 3. She may not affect the same person twice this way in a round.

>> No.50471939

What's the best of the Brawl trees in 3E?

Is is different for a Dodge/Parry vs a Resistance defense character?

>> No.50472231


Resistance requires a bit of investment to work in my knowledge, but if you get it working you become stupidly durable to the point where enemies can almost never damage you.

>> No.50473351
File: 130 KB, 900x675, 1475335920208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If my character dual wields a War Fan and a Reaper Daiklave together, does that mean he can use Single Point and Crane Style charms? Obviously he can't combine the charms, but he could do the Crane style counterattack with his kicks and then switch back to his sword on his turn and hack people to bits, right?

>> No.50474056

Not in our lifetimes.

>> No.50474202



>> No.50474913

Yeah, but I was talking about the Brawl tree.

>> No.50474961

You do not want your first RPG to be Exalted. Go with D&D or Pathfinder or Shadowrun or a 40k RP game.

>> No.50475043

My first rpg was Exalted 2E

>> No.50475060

Not everyone is as much a baby as you anon. He can look with his own eyes and make a decision.

>> No.50475098

Aww, and you thought that was a good insult. Better luck next time champ.

>> No.50475122

how does a stomach bottle bug do it's thing? is it a shaping effect or something else? for example would lunar tattoos block one from functioning?

next question: could a stomach bottle bug be used to flashcraft things(adding mutations, working as genesis tools, etc)

and third question: could one be used to for example swim into somebody and fuck with their heart? or is that sort of thing outside their nature enough it wouldn't occur to them and/or becomes an unacceptable concept?

>> No.50475253

how does a stomach bottle bug do it's thing? is it a shaping effect or something else? for example would lunar tattoos block one from functioning?
No, it's just physically swimming through your flesh by magic, the same way an earth elemental might glide through soil.

>next question: could a stomach bottle bug be used to flashcraft things(adding mutations, working as genesis tools, etc)
It would require a special one that has intentionally refined its skills to that effect. A bottlebug's instincts are to heal--or, if pressed, to harm jaggedly--so the creativity and imagination necessary to modify is a bit outside their normal mindset.

>and third question: could one be used to for example swim into somebody and fuck with their heart? or is that sort of thing outside their nature enough it wouldn't occur to them and/or becomes an unacceptable concept?
It might not be an unacceptable order, but it would definitely stress one out, and it'd be very unhappy if you called it up solely/exclusively to do assassinations in that function, as mentioned above.

>> No.50475940

Eh, you replied. Good enough for me.

>> No.50476677


Not really. I typically pick a pair of abilities and mix them for effect - I've had a lot of fun with a bayoneted firewand combining Melee and Archery. Build initiative with ranged attacks and counterattack any motherfucker that gets close. It was surprisingly fun.

>> No.50478427

What's wrong with exalted as babbys first RPG? Is it more complex than others? I will admit combat is rather confusing

>> No.50478648

>What cool shit can you do with Supernal Socialize?
Know everyone's hope's, dreams, and fears at a glance. Be the guy who everyone goes to to get things done. Effortlessly blend in to a crowd. Perfectly dissect the social structure of a court. Suggest horrible but 'necessary' things and be praised for it. Make the wise speeches of your enemies sound like folly.

>> No.50478937

Exalted is definitely not rules-light, but the basics are fairly straightforward. You'll probably be fine. Most of the complexity is in the charms.

I've seen quite a few games appear on roll20 in recent months, so you're not SOL with a little patience.

>> No.50480235

Besides Stone-Flayer Touch and Godscorch Invective is there any way for GSP to kill incorporeal beings?

>> No.50481064

>There are ~100 Lunars who will forever be starved of Solar cock

Someone remind me what Lunars are good for other than being glorified yappy dogs again?

>yfw Red actually runs the Reclaimation because Temperance/Valor/Conviction 1 means Ebby gets nothing done all day, is too much of a bitch to actually convince people to do things for him and just gets bored so he posts on Twitter or whatever

>> No.50481136

>Someone remind me what Lunars are good for other than being glorified yappy dogs again?
Exceptional guards in case fae invades Creation in horde, or fending off hostile Primordial or an Ishvara
They're also kemomini waifu

>> No.50481791

How do 3e Solars compare to 2e Solar combatwise? No more infinite damage charms?

>fending off hostile Primordials/Ishvara

Anon pls, I'm already concerned they can't handle DBs if they team up


Yappy. Dogs.

>> No.50481838

I'd second this

>> No.50481863

No idea how Lunar work in 3e but 2e Lunar should be able to spam enough resources to build armies along with many artifact given 1000+ years, while some of them fuck the locals for mooks, those should be enough to deal with the Realms

>> No.50481947

I know you should be right in theory, but that doesn't explain how the Silver Pact has accomplished all of jack and shit.

>> No.50481952

All four of those games suck a big fat one. Like you think exalted is too complex so you suggest D&D3.5 and pathfider?

If you need to drive someone away from Exalted give them something fun to play at least.

There have been several groups on the OPP fourms who have started their RPG expierience with exalted. Take it slow, don't try to play with all the rules in the book at once, and you'll be fine. Maybe start with a few sessions as only mortals and add one subsystem in at a time. Post here or on the forums for help if you need any.

>> No.50481969

Yeah well, because they're too lazy to write up a Silver Age after the Golden Age

>> No.50482356

My preferred explanation for the Silver Pact not accomplishing shit is Silver Pact not existing. I prefer Lunars to mostly pursue their own individual goals and only occasionally team up when some common interests are involved. These occasions when Lunars do co-operate are the reason for Lunar dominions existing, the Realm not ruling the entire world and at least a part of the reason for why the Creation hasn't been overrun by the Fair Folk so far.

>> No.50482403

Would anybody be interested in running a newbie friendly game on roll20? I have decent availability and really want to get into the game.

>> No.50482682

I mostly agree; I run with the "Silver Pact" being little more than a communications network for favor-trading among the Lunars of the world, who have common interests, lots of time on their hands, and are few enough that they could be on a first name basis.

It's not a movers-and-shakers kind of organization, but it's awesome for getting advice, contacts and deals.

>> No.50482707


>> No.50485498

It said D&D, not 3.5e

>> No.50487866


Exalted is one of those games no one wants to ST.

Good luck!

>> No.50487952

I can send you an invitation to my roll20 ERP campaign, but it all depends if you can pass the test.

>> No.50488131

3e isn't going to be 2e, clearly. And the Lunars haven't been doing "nothing at all"

I recall a comment by one of the writers, quite a while ago, that apparently the #1 cause of death among Sidereals, this time around, is "fought with a Lunar".

>> No.50489555

So - new (Exalted) DM here. My plot of having the party chase a Lintha pirate who made off with a map to some ancient and forgotten (insert McGuffin here) across the Western sea and play One Piece along the way imploded on contact. They just didn't really give a fuck about the guy skinning a deserter in front of their eyes and repeated reports of his enslaving entire villages. Went to liberate Brightwork instead. Now I'm probably gonna DM for a different group and thinking of recycling the hook. Tips?

>> No.50489596

Does that test include rolling for anal circumference?

>> No.50489611

No, it involves him telling me what sort of character would he make. If he makes my penis feel funny, then he's in.

>> No.50489845
File: 51 KB, 651x794, campaign Mastercraft.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Don't make him cartoonishly evil by having him skin evil by having him skinning a deserter in front of their eyes. Don't tell them about shit that happened in places they'll never visit even if it's about his enslaving entire villages. Realize that DMing Exalted is like herding cats, the players will be expected to accomplish whatever they set their minds to, and if they've nothing on their minds and expect you to drag them along by the hair, the game is dead in the water.

Find out what the players and player characters want and value, and make story lines off of that. If not giving a fuck about your poorly made villain and you animu plot is the only reason for dropping them, then do so, they deserve a better ST anyway.

>> No.50489993



If you're gonna DM d00d, ask what the PC's want to do in the first place.

>> No.50490107

I should probably say that I dropped neither the group nor the campaign and ran with the PCs plan, as it was based on character motivations and served to bring out their strengths.
It's going alright, just in an entirely different direction than I expected

>> No.50490422

Honestly, I've always found that the best method of getting an Exalted game is to GM it yourself.

It's seriously been the best choice that I've ever made, even if I'm no longer as capable of enjoying a game I'm not running.

>> No.50491131

you're just trying to trick us into running a game you'll then join because we're all named anonymous so nobody'll know it was the same person

>> No.50491825

It also said Pathfinder, which is 3.5 but worse and by even bigger idiots.

>> No.50491928

Can anyone guesstimate what a 3e DB Limit Break will look like? I've looked at the 2e rules but I don't know the system and it refers to crap I don't understand and I don't want to have to fumble through the 2e system just to try to puzzle it out. If there's dev posts on it that'd be nice too.

>> No.50492178


No dev posts, but DBs have historically had a much weaker Limit Break than Solars.

It'll probably be something like "When a DB hits 10 Limit, they become effectively inspired towards some extreme emotion that makes sense, preferably one in line with their aspect's behavioral stereotype. This lasts until the end of the scene."

And then only have them gain Limit when going against Defining Intimacies, if you want a bigger difference.

>> No.50492222

What are some good beginning jumps that that give you some solid perks that are not OP? I don't want to work my way up the powerscale and not take the most OP Jump first.

>> No.50492258

Shit wrong thread. Sorry.

>> No.50493377


We are in the exalted general and no one wants to gm it? I'm a bit confused, I figured people would be hyped to play

>> No.50493415

Active GM here, I don't want to run a second game right now, the first one takes up enough thought and planning for what the PCs might do and the need to keep track of a large stable of NPCs.

>> No.50493491

I think it was supposed to be an extreme example but the way it was presented made the system seem WAY too complicated.

>> No.50493532
File: 113 KB, 600x800, Majestic Knight in Red Cape.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GMing Exalted is strange
It's like driving a car to the beach with a bunch of friends, everyone's super excited and ready to party, but you're going straight down a hill with no traction and a mach truck behind you.
It's really stressful really. Not to say I don't wish to run a game, but I'm working on my homebrew hack of it just . . . doing it takes the winds out of my sails.

>> No.50493879

No, I'm busy running my Exalted game on Wednesdays.

Most people are either in a game or don't want to run it online with anons.

>> No.50493889

Could you link it?

>> No.50494160

That's a bummer, finding a group to play with for almost any game has been quite a chore. There is a local group at my flgs where I play Warhammer but they are literally r9k tier, they refused to let me join because I'm a normie. I couldn't believe someone actually used that word in a sentence irl, threw me off a bit.

>> No.50494354

>I figured people would be hyped to play
They are, but not hyped to GM

>> No.50494378


>> No.50494454

When something says it can't be blocked or dodged "without a Charm", does that mean just 2 motes in an Excellency will let you block or dodge it? How about just 1 mote?

>> No.50494999

If someone decides to GM Exalted, then he can pick and chose his players. So most are going to go with good players they know ratger than random anons, especially if they're also new to the system.

>> No.50495924

Unless Lunar abilities are completely redefined, I consider this statement to be a rather ominous one about Sidereal incompetence.

>> No.50495952

We don't know about the mechanics of them, but as far as fiction goes, they're a lot more visibly active in Ex3 than they previously were.

>> No.50496017

>Realize that DMing Exalted is like herding cats, the players will be expected to accomplish whatever they set their minds to, and if they've nothing on their minds and expect you to drag them along by the hair, the game is dead in the water.
This is exactly what happened to the Exalted game my buddy was in. He was the only guy who had any defined character motivations, so the game very rapidly became him and his sidekicks.

>> No.50496658

Probably yes, but Exalted is notorious for being vague on this sort of thing in a way that we can't help you with.

An excellency is definitely a charm though.

>> No.50496945

>D&D or Pathfinder

The rules for D&D (pre-5e) are overdesigned, overcomplex, and incredibly hostile to new players. Pathfinder is worse.

Strange magical cyberpunk setting a lot of new players just don't like, or get.

>40 RP game
Actual good answer.

Exalted is fine for new players too. The setting is superficially simple and fun, the whole powertrip is simple to explain to new players, and the 3e rules are fine.

>> No.50497003

>The rules for D&D (pre-5e) are overdesigned, overcomplex, and incredibly hostile to new players.
>what is D&D Basic
It's like you aren't aware D&D existed before 2000.

>> No.50498665

>The rules for D&D (pre-5e) are overdesigned, overcomplex
No more than Exalted in both categories.
> incredibly hostile to new players
You're saying words but it's clear you have no idea what they mean. The most famous RPG for being babby's first is incredibly hostile to them? You're retarded.

>> No.50498796

>No more than Exalted in both categories.
Probably more, in that Exalted 3e gets a lot more RoI for its complexity (especially versus, say, 3.5).

>> No.50499095

I mean, based on the Lunar NPCs in the book, Shapeshifting is actually GOOD now.

>> No.50499295

What are Blood and Fire's points above Third Edition?

>> No.50499303

DnD is babby's first RPG because it's famous, not the other way around. It has managed to establish its name and position to a degree where a lot of people who aren't very familiar with role-playing games and therefore will play it first when getting into role-playing games.

>> No.50499525

Based on "A Tale of Visiting Flare", I'd say the writers are still stuck in the 1st and 2nd Ed. mentality of using Lunars as the designated bitches and jobbers to anyone that needs to prove their badass credentials by defeating a Celestial.

>> No.50499583

Faster combat, more flexible character creation, less fiddling about with mechanics and more jumping right into the action. It's designed for story over mechanical complexity, like most Cortex Plus games, but it's got enough depth to sink your teeth into if you really care about mechanical wonk. You don't need 300 pages of charms, which is a pure benefit in my opinion. The ebb and flow of the doom pool, motes, and character action is just fun to play with. And you can talk to the author without him throwing a shitfit because you disagree with him.

The downsides: Like any effects-based game, you have to add a bit of your own flavor to make the mechanics sparkle, but the book gives lots of ideas for that. It doesn't give much idea of what the setting is like, since it's intended as a replacement for the system, so you still need core Exalted books to understand Creation.

>> No.50499678

Could the projects mechanic be ported into Blood and Fire?

>> No.50500048

Author here. I don't see why not, though it would probably be overly complicated. You'd be better off making multi-stage projects covered by downtime and spending XP for appropriate Unlockables. Where EX3 tries to put the minutiae of "making stuff" front and center, Cortex Plus pushes that sort of stuff into the background to make way for the dramatically portentious stuff.

Could you give me an example of the sort of project you would want to undertake so that I could maybe take a shot at explaining how Cortex Plus would do that?

>> No.50500074

Lets say my project would be an invasion of a neighboring kingdom to cripple their industry potential

>> No.50500706

I actually wrote a system for nation-state type stuff in an official supplement for Cortex Plus (A Registry of Rules), and it's likely that a simplified version of that will make it into the Blood & Fire sourcebook I'm working on at the moment.

The basic gist of it is that any significantly person-like actor can be represented as a character. So I would pull in a "nation turns" style phase for interested participants, write up each acting kingdom as a character, and go from there.

This assumes that your whole group is interested in that approach. A more narratively interesting way to do it would be to just set "threshold goals" for direct PC action and then assume that the rest of the invasion went well if the main characters succeed at their tasks.

Example: Say that there are four main objectives for this industrial destruction. You decide that their thresholds are d6, d8, d8, and d10.

The planning of the invasion is a Transition Scene during which each PC can take a single action. PC1 uses his War Master d10 Specialty to make a d8 resource of "Overwhelming Attack by My Loyal Forces." PC2 uses his Covert Expert d8 Specialty to create a d6 resource of "Subtle Sabotage." PC3 uses his Occult Master d10 Specialty to create a d8 "Curse of Horrific Miasma" resource on the third location.

Those three are enough to overcome a d6 threshold and the d8 thresholds, but no one else in the group has sufficient skill to overcome the d10 threshold. That means a direct player character assault, possibly accompanied by a few allied mobs, is the only way to overcome that one. In just a few minutes, you've narratively overcome most of the problem while leaving the biggest, most dangerous piece of it for a big set-piece battle to put it front and center.

Honestly, talking it out like this, the threshold system is probably the one that will make it into the final version of the B&F sourcebook. So thanks for getting me to talk through it!

>> No.50500747

If you wanted more ambiguity to the outcome, you could instead make each PC's action a roll against the doom pool, like in an Exploration Scene. Instead of a success indicating finding your way somewhere or solving a mystery, a success indicates overcoming a particular threshold goal. It really just comes down to how much narrative import you want to hang on each chunk of the outcome. Honestly, you could use *both* versions of this system (Transition Scene resource-building and Exploration Scene style overcome actions) in the same campaign, depending on how much focus you want to give the events at any given time.

>> No.50503216

I've got a lunar who was tattooed with 5 points of limit which is just before they start showing signs of chimerism. part of his tell is going to be that his flesh shifts subconsciously in small ways that add up to his body being slightly cartoonish and exaggerated, since limit 6 is where you lose your true forms, so figured making his more idealized than realistic would show they were almost slipping away.... primarily by his emoting more like an anime character than a real human, not talking loonytunes but more subtle exaggerations beyond the human range. shit like this http://animeyume.com/blog_images/hayate_sweat_drop.jpg
qny sugestion to help me expand it with additional primary tell?

Thinking cuttlefish totem

>> No.50503255 [DELETED] 

kys desu

>> No.50503302


Don't post links to images on an image board, post images. Sweatdrops, crossveins and other things like that may not go down well depending on your group, it could just be written off as a weeb gimmick. You would probably be better off copying classic western cartoon effects such as hearts thumping in chest, eyes bulging out of heads and other such exaggerated features.

>> No.50503395

Brawl is really hurting for sustainable combat at lower essence levels. It would be great against terrifying stat blocks with limited powers, but a lot of its early oomph is cancelled by onslaught defenses.
Melee, on the other hand, is a fully rounded, nickel-and-dime combat strategy complete with real defense and unexciting, but powerful offense.

>> No.50504742 [SPOILER] 
File: 754 KB, 1034x1005, 1480727092389.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lightning Speed
>Increasing Strength Exercise
>Spider Foot Style
>Surprise Anticipation Method
>three Ox-Bodies
>think I'm playing an awesome ninja

>ST gives me artifact webshooters because that's what he thought I was doing

Kill me.

>> No.50504831


You have an awesome GM.

>> No.50504854

Did he check your Lore and Int?

>> No.50505070

it's basically making fun of the rest of my group being shameless weebs. I probably should have explained that part

>> No.50505114

But thanks for the suggestion. (in fact I HAD initially gotten there by considering playing that horny wolf from loonytunes if the st tried to make me somebody's werewolf wafu, get myself an anachronistic 1920s suit and big hat)

>> No.50505599
File: 129 KB, 459x1200, Zoot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Zoot suits are great, but be careful that the rest of your group don't end up unironically loving your character for being weebshit.

>> No.50506137

the description of 6 limit chemera says they lose their permanent shapes....but using their anima forces you into one...it seems to assume all lunars have dbt. so what happens to those who don't? do they just stay whatever shape they were when they flared doing away with that inconvenience? do they just turn into quivering flesh? what?

for all the importance the book said it'd have that whole "chymera" thing was just some badly written throwaway paragraph an st would have to rewrite yourself without even being clear on what could be easily salvaged

so...roundabout leadinto asking: anybody ever make a reasonable homebrew replacement for this mess?
Should we ignore everything but the reduced limit track (optionally supplemented with purely cosmetic rp stuff for the character)?

we've already bumped the half written chimera charms min limit up to 9 or 10 and increased their essence levels and made the ridiculous immortality charm npc only)

>> No.50507393

So uh, where do I send the character description to?

>> No.50507413

Here. It's part of the test.

>> No.50507488

>Based on "A Tale of Visiting Flare"

The what now?

>> No.50507562

3e short comic of a Solar seeing his past life and fighting off a minion of his Lunar's mate

>> No.50507880



Now start describing. If you can get us hard, you're in.

>> No.50509931

I'm trying to make a capstone for my MA style Reclining Squirrel Style to be the weakest man in all of Creation.

What do people think of this capstone?

Cost: All motes, all willpower; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: None
Duration: Five turns
Prerequisite Charms: Ineffectual Flailing Against Corn-and-Glue Feeder, Squrriel Covering Nuts Maneuver

Practing the ultimate technique, the martial artist lays down on his back and gives a mighty yawn before falling asleep in front of his opponents. Such as display is so pathetic that even the kindest of souls are compelled to grant the mercy of death to the character while fate strains heavily at his demise. Upon using this charm the character immediately crashes to -50i regardless of what his initiative was before while every enemy who can see the martial artist gains the initiative crash bonus. In exchange they are compelled to attack the martial artist. The cost of resisting this complusion is 5 willpower, and even after spending that its still not enough. Any decisive attack against the martial artist adds all threshold successes to its damage and turns (Martial Artist's Essence) dice into automatic successes, all of this damage is aggravated. The Martial Artist is inactive, so all attacks during this time period count as ambush attacks while sleeping.

>> No.50510085

I think it falls into "why would you do this" and "stop wasting my time".

>> No.50510226


Anon, its one thing to say that you want to be the greatest martial arts master of all time.

But saying you want to be the weakest, most pathetic person to ever step into a dojo? To make a claimed that the weakest leaper is able to make you cry for mercy?

That tells stories anon.

>> No.50510719

If you go to chargen by order, you pick charms before you get to raise skills to 5. Does this mean a starting hero cannot start with any charm with more than ability 3 prerequisite?

>> No.50510736

No, it just means that you have to make sure to meet the prerequisites of all your Charms by the time you're done with chargen.

>> No.50511542

>The most famous RPG for being babby's first is incredibly hostile to them?

That: >>50499303

D&D is baby first RPG because it is incredibly popular. 3.5 and Pathfinder also have one of the most incredibly hostile ruleset in any RPG, ever, for new players.

It is incredibly difficult to explain Pathfinder to a new player. Tons of rules and rules, often strange and esoteric, upon rules and rules, often archaic or historic.

Look at one, very basic question: http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2l9hq?Flat-footed-Touch-AC

Not the worst by any mean, pretty logical question if you don't know. Also (both question and full answer) absolutely incomprehensible for a beginner.

OSR games are fine, and indeed I'd advice to begin with good OSR games for beginners. Things like ACKS, with rules that can be explained in ten minutes and character that can be created in three.

>> No.50512127

Has the player who posted that considered reading the actual section on how to calculate them?

>> No.50512532

Mate, please.

WFRPG is a decent RPG for beginners. The rules are not as cluttered as the worst cases are. It can be explained in one hour to even the stupidest player. It is relatively easy to understand, even though percentage chances are mathematically stupid, because they are linear, and roll success should never be linear.

But 3.5 or Pathfinder? Good luck explaining the rules in one hour. Good luck making beginner even understand the finest point of attack of opportunities, flat-footed AC, caster-like levels, the various and incredibly convoluted interactions between ability, modifiers, saving throws, the numerous Feats (and which you should definitely choose if you are, say, a rogue), and how you should really master all the rules correctly if you do not want your character to be lackluster in comparison to the rest of the party.

ACKS has rules that can be explained in ten minutes, to moron.

WFRPG has rules that can be explained in one hour, to moron.

Pathfinder has rules that can be explained in ten full sessions, to people who are really interested in them.

Have you played with full beginners recently? Because what I'm saying is a fact to anybody who actually tried.

>> No.50512580

Just hallucinate that this post has a bait image attached, because it's not even worth it.

>> No.50512676

No.... it's just dumb

>> No.50514274


You're just jealous as its an amazing and original idea.

>> No.50516916

Unless the onslaught negator actually removes their onslaught penalty, all of Brawl's stuff still works. Dipping Swallow type stuff only ignores its effects on your defense, so all the other benefits Brawl gets still apply.

>> No.50517541

>If you can get us hard, you're in.
Is this a generally open offer?

>> No.50519653

Nooooo, I'll admit it is solar , but it's painful to look at

>> No.50520057
File: 60 KB, 600x600, 1438729624680.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dawn or Zenith?

>> No.50520794

Arguably Gilgamesh could be any
I would go with Zenith personally

>> No.50520982

>Arguably Gilgamesh could be any
He can't be a Night

>> No.50521573


I don't think he's diplomatic enough to be an Eclipse. Do you reckon he's smart enough to be a Twilight?

>> No.50521633

He can be a Twilight if he puts more dots into Int, Lore/Occult, but I doubt he would do since he'll pretty just order others to do it for him instead
Also Gil can't be a Dawn given that his combat ability is so mediocre

>> No.50521854

He's pretty much the exemplar of a Zenith Caste as far as I'm concerned.

>> No.50524478
File: 2.78 MB, 1920x1080, WorldMap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Building up a 3e game set on Remnant, the gay anime faggotry of exalted is a perfect fit. Any of you wanna join? Hail me on skype, look for bandit.of.dust if you're interested.

>> No.50524503
File: 57 KB, 564x729, 1480644146006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot to add newbies welcome, first time DMing Exalted so we can stumble over together.

>> No.50524670

That combat tutorial really makes me want to try Exalted, sounds like a lot of fun even if the guy writing it is autismus as hell with his waifus.

>> No.50525487


>> No.50528111


>> No.50528150

>set on Remnant
Before or after Season 3?

>> No.50528257

You better make that continent a sleeping dragon as the hidden boss in your campaign

>> No.50528365

I'm at least 80% certain that's what they have planned for RWBY.

>> No.50530516

how do i start with exalted?

>> No.50530774

You don't.

>> No.50531072
File: 78 KB, 487x489, what_you_hate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should first take a look through the links up top and read the rulebook for 3e, also get some friends. Or at least people who you don't hate and be ready to throw some dice and not give a fuck if it sounds odd

>> No.50532858

So how does the subtle tag work? You need to make a successful decisive atatck in order to poison someone, and subtle weapons can't do damage. Does that mean that you don't need to damage someone for a decisive attack to be successful?

>> No.50533380



A successful decisive attack is one that struck them. Doesn't matter if it dealt damage.

This is why post-hit decisive damage reducers are so nasty, because it means your opponent's init resets even though he didn't do jack to you.

>> No.50533447


But subtle and poisonable are two separate tags. Wouldn't it just be better to have a poisonable weapon that isn't subtle?

>> No.50533499


In an open combat context, maybe.

In a stealthy context, probably less so.

>> No.50533610

So, I'm using a Celestial Working to create a horse for my RDS-using Eclipse caste. However, this won't just be any old horse. This horse I'm calling Ifris, The Burning Wind. He's an intelligent horse with a fiery mane and hooves who can breath and eat fire and specializes in being incredibly fast. As per the Ambition descriptions, he's supposed to be on par with a 2nd Circle Demon. However, I'm not really satisfied with his stats yet, particularly his charms. He has to be in the same ballpark as a 2nd Circle Demon, but some of what I wrote down feels...well, I can't tell if some of them are too strong or two weak, and I feel like I should have more charms that fit the theme of being an incredibly fast, loyal mount, but I'm out of ideas that fit that description.

Besides breathing and eating fire, Ifris is also on-par with humans in intelligence, and can even speak. He also develops an unbreakable Defining Tie to his master (me), which can only be changed if his previous master is dead, and as such he instantly knows if his master ever dies. He's got a Speed bonus of +5, and has the Brutal Kick and Swift Hooved abilities since he's a horse.

(Continued cause character limit sucks)

>> No.50533635

Beyond that, I've given him charms that:

-Allow him to instantly arrive at his master's side
-Allow him to run outside combat at a rate of 200 mph for one hour, though it tires him out and makes him easier to track since he leaves fiery footprints in his wake.
-Move an additional range band in one turn as his combat action, but only if no enemies are within Short Range
-Circle around an enemy, creating a ring of fire that's treated as a Bonfire which the enemy must go through in order to move a range band.
-Principle of Motion
-Withering counterattack against an enemy that hits him with a Decisive within Close range, as the fires on his body leap to assault his attacker. Effectively lowers their damage pool on a Decisive.
-Convert extra dice he would normally get on an Intimidate roll from his Appearance into auto-successes. If he has a rider, his rider's intimidation rolls may get this benefit, using Ifris's Appearance if it's higher.
-Measure the Wind on anyone riding on his back.

So, what do you think /exg/? What should be cut, what needs tweaking, and any ideas for charms that fit the theme of a fast fire horse?

>> No.50533840

What's a worse idea? Assigning Zsofika to bodyguard duty, or send Octavian to perform a covert assassination?

>> No.50533956

Zsofika might be a pretty good bodyguard, depending on the circumstances. Probably not if you wnt your bodyduard to be cautious rather than overly eager, but still. Therefore, I'm going to say that sending Octavian to perform a covert assassination is the worse idea by far.

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