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Step right up and place your bets! Who's gonna win, come one, come all. The hideous monstrosity that breaths death and ash, or our gallant young hero?

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Knights > ugly monsters


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This ain't Undertale son, we don't do that unless there's an able writefag around.

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>I didn't see the monster. not at first. I traveled between villages, and weeks later i would hear tales of towns going silent. Not all of them. but the places which I cared about were ruined and wrecked, and I could never return.

>I was in a tavern a year after this all started when I first heard tell of the beast. Big as a house and black as the night, it emerged from nowhere and left no tracks. I took up my sword, and rallied a band of adventurers to hunt this monster which stalked my path.

>>the wizard was the first to go. It happened in the night. No sound, no scream. just a bloody mess in his bedroll, and boots with feet still within. the next night, we set a watch. after I went to sleep, I awoke to screams. The ranger was gone.

>>the knight started giving me long looks. the next night, the priest set up a magic circle around our camp. I was awoken before my shift to a sound like shrieking metal. The beast was right at the edge of the circle, trying to push its way in like a great hound.

>the priest was on his knees, chanting. The knight said "It's you."


>"This thing isn't just following you. It's part of you. That's how you've stayed safe this long. That's why we haven't been able to track it." He drew his sword. I stepped back. Out of the circle.

>I felt the beasts hot breath on my neck before I realized what i'd done. I strangled a scream. The knight lunged toward me. as his sword passed the circle, the blade melted like it was exposed to some immense heat.

>i turned to face the beast. It's teeth were larger than my arms. my trembling hands touched the beasts jaw.

>and we rode off into the night

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Ok, now you get a bump.

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